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All dreams will blossom

All dreams are flowering text / Lin Ke Yi Miaonv she is a native of Hunan.Because his family was poor, can not afford the tuition, up to high school, they drop out came to Shenzhen, a waitress at the hotel along with cousin.  Holding a junior high school diploma, four hundred thirty-seven dollars, several sets of clothes, a pair of leather shoes, more than a dozen books.In addition, she had nothing.  Sick, standing in the doorway of the hospital, but did not dare go in; on the bus, when the bus telephone IC card IC card but do not draw money; drool looking at snack in the supermarket; walk from the East Gate to Huaqiang North , just to save two dollars away.Even at a young age girls love beauty, she never bought a more than one hundred yuan of clothes, all clothes Amoy two thirty in the stalls.Cosmetics can not afford it instead of soap cleanser with the exception of mites, after washing, the orange juice when squeezed in your hand lotion pat.  Distress than substance, more frightening is that dignity is trampled.Because engaged in the service industry, so be sure to deal with all sorts of people and.She was not high quality of some of the people picked through thorn even he has been wronged someone else had stolen diamond ring.She has had many such gas, more to herself did not want to remember, do not want to say, do not want to cry any more.She finally realized that complaining will not change the world, but since it can not change the world, only to change their.  She no skills, and no diploma is concerned, to change the fate of a minimum threshold of only writing this road.  At that time she lived in a dormitory eight people, because inconsistent work time, so the dorm is always someone sleeping or talking.At that time the computer is very extravagant things, attendants are not, are they dare she thought about owning a computer.She did not desk, only a communal table, piled on top of food and daily necessities, want to write only climb on his bed, pulled down the curtains open on a small table lamp yourself sitting there writing.  And she still can not make the same quarters knew what he was doing, because it must be laughed at.At the time, she had appeared in magazines stall, saw some magazines theft of her article, is to buy back his colleagues on the bed, but she did not say she was afraid people would think she was crazy.  Because she had been subjected to such humiliation.She often took a small book, as long as free, even if it is at work in the lobby, she will write something on it.Because of her work every day to stand full nine hours, as well as the edge of colleagues.But she insisted to write thousands of words a day.There are ideas, there is a sentence, there is description.Gradually, more and more of her little book, many years later, she is still a small yard material accumulated knowledge and writing these.  She quietly persisted.Every day after work, she would go black bars in the village, the idea of a day to write articles breath.  Because at that time she was very poor, if typing a little unhappy, wasted network costs, so a thousand words thirty-four article, she was only an hour to finish the.  In fact, just the beginning of writing, she’s very general level, typos talk, no rhetoric, no skills, no main line.  But she did not have no mortal perseverance.Is one such cafe writing, she wrote wrote five or six years.All her time is spent on writing.When people playing the game when she was writing; when people fall in love, she was writing; when people visit shopping street, her writing; when people chat on QQ chat network was in full swing when she writing; when people travel in her writing; when people live in a time of negative complaints, she had about five years in the writing, the writing she did not earn a penny before, but she has been doing this one thing.  Many talented people than she, had excited the network literature who ultimately do not write, and quietly withdrew.And she has persevered.Because she knew qualification flat, there is no elegant aid, the only rely on only their tireless efforts and hard work.  When she finally wrote fame on the network, and there are many editors asked him to when she made the decision to resign, to buy a computer, back home full-time writing.  From a network of self-transformation to text can be replaced royalties magazine article, she took great pains.  Text because the market never had any contact, in order to write the magazine, she was riding a bike every day to go to the library, read a magazine copy magazine.Sit for one day bring their own lunch to eat at noon.She looked about three months, a copy of Big Ben a few notes on what is known about the magazine article for what clearly.  So watch and write, because a good foundation, but also willing to listen to the words of editor, editor unconditionally any amendments put forward, after six months, have been able to draft Each magazine.She often got writing to be edited when it is put a big pigeon editing, editing writing quickly find people to immediately write this column.Edit middle of the night wake deadlines, blankets around him, his eyes half-amused start typing.Because of her faith, and gradually we have the reputation and contacts in circles.Naturally, many people have begun to help her.  Finally, in mid-2006 her first novel was published.Get the book the day happens to be her 24th birthday.  Since then, she at an annual average rate of four novel book.Each novel, there is the traditional version, as well as several foreign version.For such a result, but it is her own evaluation I have nothing to do ah, that is very attentive to write something every day.  For her achievements, many people have expressed envy.But she says, to this day, I still think they are not good enough, not good enough, a lot of people are very good, so I have to work harder.I’m not a capable woman, I just mark their choice with a single line, persistence and hard work.  Her name is Yao Di, pseudonym red lady, known as the Queen thriller.Her seven-color horror fiction, the reader China has become must reading horror fiction.Works “black hair” listed in the 2008 top ten suspense novels, 16 essays so far has published novels, a collection of seven.His works are exported to Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam.  Her story is very inspirational, as she puts it: the city, there are many industries, I think, as long as people specialization like to pay a lot, there will always return.May every city a striver Do not be discouraged, many people do not know where you are and what you like efforts, all your dreams will blossom. Even a stone can blossom can fly again humble dream will bloom all efforts blossom you do not know the success of text / Zhang Jianzhong Gary Dahl was originally the name of advertising agency executives.April 1975, he was with friends in a bar when the party occasionally hear people complain about their pets.He was friends say, should be the perfect pet rock, no feeding, no bath, not sick, not dead.  Initially it was just a joke, but Dahl was excited about their ideas, and then I decided to put into practice their ideas, which came into pet rock.Like a real pet in general, mounted on a stone pet pets paper box, accompanied by a pet training guide.To ensure a comfortable pet rock, the carton also placed straw with vent openings.  Each pet rock priced 3.$ 95 net profit of $ 3.The first half was only put into the market, pet stone will bring $ 15 million in revenue for Darfur.  Gates is known as the second Mark Zuckerberg launched his first exclusive yearbook when the Facebook virtual, some people told him that this stuff is too weird, and useless.Surprisingly, Facebook just opened on a blockbuster, within a few weeks, more than half of Harvard students are enrolled member, the initiative to provide their most intimate personal data such as name, address, hobbies and photos.The students take advantage of this free platform to grasp the latest developments friend, talking with friends, search for new friends.  Soon, Facebook will be extended to major US college campuses, young people across North America, including Canada, have interest on this site.Now, in the university campus Britain, Australia and other countries are also popular.According to estimates of Yahoo, Facebook to mid-2015 registered users in the US will reach 52.5 million, 60% of students and young people will use Facebook, far higher than 8% in 2005 and 18% last year.Yahoo is expected that by 2015, revenue is expected to reach 18 Facebook.$ 600 million, most advertising revenue from ads, Facebook could reach 10 billion US dollars is huge.  Jeff Bezos on July 16, 1995 the creation of Amazon, its basic nature is an online bookstore.Bezos saw the potential and characteristics of the network.Many people want a virtual bookstore, if you are at home wearing pajamas can bookstore, who will go to the outside?  Amazon’s original plan was originally developed after 4-5 years began to profit, the 2000 dot-com bubble resulted in Amazon steady growth, becoming the stories unique, there are quite a few Internet companies rapid growth in the 1990s, when the shareholders of Amazon’s stop complaining about Bezos business strategy is too conservative and slow, and the Internet bubble, those who fast-growing Internet companies have close of business, only the Amazon there are profits.The fourth quarter of 2002, Amazon’s net profit of about 500 million US dollars.In mid-2004 to grow to more than 300 million US dollars.  Colonel Sanders after retirement, relying on meager pensions to live thrifty life.One day, he whim, holding a delicate fried chicken recipe to a restaurant every lobbied cooperation developed this recipe, but when he knocked on every door in a restaurant almost all of them mocking tone I told him: that age, and there would be no big act, not to mention the restaurant would not accompany him to the adventure, however, Colonel Sanders was not discouraged, so basically he has traveled all over every small town a restaurant, he tells everyone he meets his idea, and finally tell after almost a thousand times, someone took his idea to the people of Colonel Sanders, try holding the attitude and cooperation of Colonel Sanders opened a chicken restaurant, which is now all over the world Kentucky fried chicken store, and Colonel Sanders has become a millionaire.  In the long history of enterprise development, many startups are exciting project from the start, and some creative ideas quite crazy, but after arduous efforts, attempts, there have been many of them winners.If you have a strange idea, can not be understood by others, please do not be afraid, we must adhere to, confident.God everyone is equal, Mark Zuckerberg, Sanders, Jeff Bezos, before these people succeed, but also experienced many failures, but they stuck with it, have been working hard, so they were successful.We’re looking at the same time they succeed, we must also see failures they have experienced, the only way you will truly understand the meaning of success. Insights on life: that you do not know the event that you do not know your life has quietly changed the event at that time, I do not know how much suffering they abduct is curved so that dream realized on paper / Kong Xiangfeng June 2014, a microblogging Polish cleaning woman turned professional model of news caused a particular concern of the majority of users in just a few hours, this microblogging is forwarded to twenty thousand times, people are very curious about this in the end is how Cinderella gorgeous turn of the counter-attack.  2013, 26-year-old Alexandra graduated from a vocational college in Poland, although she received a master’s degree in education, you can easily find a job related to education, but because they have always had a dream: to be a model, on the stage enjoy showing their beauty, so after graduation, Alexandra turned down the invitation of a number of schools, carries the dream of celibacy to become a supermodel Bristol City.  Let she did not expect was that she ran a lot of home model company, and shows various models stills public activities at school, or no one willing to receive her modeling agency.After hitting the wall several times, her life in trouble, even the basic room and board have become a problem.Finally, she came only a local services company, looking for a teacher working families can food, accommodation, room and board to solve the problem of.  A few days later, she called to let the afternoon services company to sign a contract, said there are several families very satisfied with her condition, she was willing to hire.That afternoon, she was more than an hour to advance, as she carefully watching several employer information when a man rushed in from the outside, come in, it is anxious to let the staff immediately to help him find a evening will be able to work cleaners.  When the staff to explain to him to find the cleaners need to make reservations ahead of time, the man is more anxious, he round and round the room, Alexandra can not help but curiously looked at him, she suddenly found this man a little familiar, as if what Seen.As she puzzled, then he whispered in the man himself: Charlotte home tomorrow morning, tonight if people can not find how to do it can clean up?  Charlotte?Poland famous fashion designer!She suddenly remembered that this person is Charlotte’s agent.  In man disappointed intend to leave, Alexandra forward to stop him, she said he is willing to do cleaning, and go now, and make sure to put good tonight Cleaning Service.Men’s ecstatic to hear, aside services company staff listened Mangquan her and said cleaners do a week salary is only 250 pounds, which is not only much lower wages than her tutor when, but also much hard.Who knows Alexandra smiled and did not say much on the man signed a contract and.  Alexandra with their diligence and careful quickly gained recognition and trust Charlotte, finished cleaning every day, she secretly practicing walking in the room.If you encounter a model company for visiting and some supermodel, she would stay quietly in the living room and listened to their conversation and Charlotte, slowly, her understanding and knowledge of a lot of their own did not know before about the walk?Taiwan and a model of knowledge.  One night, she finished cleaning, Charlotte found slouched on the couch, out of courtesy, but because she and Charlotte usually a good relationship, she came up care to ask how the Charlotte, there is no they can help.Charlotte told her chagrin, their own specially designed as a supermodel recently a series of summer clothing, I did not expect the final, the supermodel but because the pay issue and the organizers in a conflict, the unilateral breach of contract, do not want to participate in the next day fashion show.  That sets the dress Alexandra read, many times Charlotte was not at home, she also secretly touch too, if you can imagine yourself wearing these clothes took?Taiwan be nice.Alexandra bold enough to say that they had previously participated in costume model contest at school, can you let her try.After listening to her words, Charlotte opened wide his eyes, he kept saying this fashion show success NO, is directly related to their ability to quickly open the clothing market, the model of which plays an important role, not downtown a play.  Alexandra was not discouraged, she agreed to Charlotte to be worried, but after all, now is not the right person, can you give yourself a chance, and now look at him go again.() Charlotte Alexandra looked skeptical, and finally nodded and promised.  A few minutes later, when Charlotte Alexandra wearing that sets pay for several months of work effort, walked the catwalk standard came out, Charlotte could not believe my eyes, because not only those clothes Alexandra who like to wear tailored in the same.Alexandra typhoons and walking with professional models are not any different from.Although there are some small flaws, but with a little guidance of fully qualified for the fashion show.  The next day, Charlotte Alexandra excited to recommend to the organizers, as the last time when Alexandra finale appearance, the audience everyone was shocked by her charm, after whispering to each other but found no one knew the same good, short hair, height 1.8-meter model.After the conference, it was learned that her identity turned out to be a cleaner.  A cleaner became a model, became the biggest news of the day, a number of model companies thrown an olive branch to her, she eventually chose London-based modeling agency.Alexandra currently has become a series of advertising and catwalk star, appearance fees of up to £ 2000. Do not let this discourage you four things the youth realize their dreams is to struggle, the ideal is to achieve a dream or have, in case it achieved?

[Buckle fingers hand hard knot]

[Hand] hard knot fingers clasp text: wandering frost on a photo of ancient and modern, ink Fu sadness sing millennium, blood soaked every word, sentence tears, how!Several people come to know their true meaning? By the window lift eye, look at the leaves wind volume, thin smoke emanation Sleeves about dip cold, dull looking north, actually prompting cheeks covered trickle dropwise lapel.- a lapel feelings to whom?At this time every night, two lines of nostalgia hanging Shuangsai, Unspoken, want to say no one come to know, this situation worries people were emaciated.Resentment Zhiyuan, hand printed hard fingers buckle, according to the perennial solitary exile floor.When Si Yi Sheng pole, have a cup with two square plot to eliminate the worry heart!    Long night, endure bitter dawn, shadow flickering candle, to accompany me on the West.Noisy noisy sound, such as boiling water to penetrate people’s eardrums, the bleary-eyed and slightly weary people now, once again driven out of that cast reinforced concrete pouring extra square.At this point, meaning the baby’s crying, laughter primary school students, adults of sound wrist and hurried footsteps, banging pots and pans, gas car horns, the cries breakfast, one after another, ears let the dust precipitation night, once again rising boil Yang. I also dragged the body tired, import the flow of people, for basic necessities, such as a module running in the annual law standard three-point line to go in labor.For this situation, I have looked very numb, no passion at all, let alone what love and fun, just to seek life tariff, we had to repeat the operation of such mechanical inertia.Because this life, there is no self at all, as long as you like computers, respect the others can be programmed management.Everything you do, others are in application to monitor and control settings, you only need to operate according to instructions, can not crash, but can not enter self operation and trouble-free standby mode, all the time must also be shielded variety strange viruses and spam to dip attack, otherwise, your movement will occur due to the negative crash type crash too much garbage! I dragged his exhausted empty shell, import flow of people coming and going in a hurry, toward the cage seek life tariff.Road, people look tired under the night to call home (B & B) in time, there has not been alleviated through the night to rest people sleepy, are rushing toward the destination streets away!Pupil of the eye into the scene, people within the pupil of the eye is full of dark colors, reflects the atmosphere people feel very dull and depressing, dull and even the air seemed thin, slightly difficult when people are breathing!Only small groups that kid actor who, carrying bags of different colors, different taste eating breakfast, chattering, laughing and joking with the frivolity to school.However, on this road like the dawn sun, that ripped the mask dark shades in front of my eyes, my mind went to swing the dull haze, let me focus Magic issued passion for life! Then there is the probe Tanqian snacks, street corner, bus stations, printed with both hands, fingers interlocking couples, all his face was glowing with the joy of happiness, or bounce walking to work, or from time to time Looking forward to waiting for the bus, or standing in both the selection of the breakfast snack Tanqian, no matter what the scene, they always infatuated love strong holding hands, fingers clasp knot.Clasp fingers, fingers buckle, interlocking fingers of one mind, to clasp to tie the knot of the vows, the future held hostage better vision and hope, happiness held hostage, held hostage unyielding of life, pain and held hostage to challenge the secular unwavering love. However, things change, the fortunes of dependency.In the corner, a couple holding fingers buckle, walking on the zebra crossing, was directly hit by a speeding car from Audi unconscious.Until rescue personnel arrived, they did not release the clasp fingers too, and even health care workers do not have the heart to separate them in Heart interlocking hands, both directly carried to an ambulance together!After oral colleague, Audi owners, because of the time with friends at night to drink too much, get up in the morning or until the unconscious, due to rush to work, had to bite the bullet and drove the company to catch up.That thought, that he was not sober, creating a direct others coma.Hey panoramic view heart is one kind of withdrawal Grilled rib-like bone pain, a sense of helplessness only after more than lament, saying that forever, track what Japan, longer, death only in the moment.Helpless, only silently pray, pray for the injured a speedy recovery, holding that coveted fingers buckle, the street people to come into the field of view again! Apart from meditation, you snap my fingers once again surfaced in my mind.When we double Flying resting place, after I wash off work, according to oblique implantation always like reading books, playing games or oblique according to the article code on the sofa.You are always in my sit, closely link with my left hand.At first, I really not used to, Johnson thought it was love, your hands are always Shuaikai.However, every time your baby stand up trouble.Slowly I got used interlocking fingers dependent, if not the day I grabbed your hands linked together, really makes my heart feel empty, it is not used, always feel like what was lacking, and he was not at ease. But said things change really unpredictable, original vow with interlocking fingers away, the heart of India two fingers never buckle, to today’s two difficult to pull the hand from across the sea.That sigh get good luck really helpless, I withhold your heart, but could not buckle your body, hard to force ruthless life will drag you in his hometown, the harsh reality of living my wandering exile forced on the ground on the cusp.Think your thoughts, every night I scrambled, often waving empty, apart awakened sigh softly! Deserted room to rent, very few people come to your hospitality, empty and lonely thoughts unusual activity, recalling the past thought the future, is very anxious people irritable.In order to dissipate boredom calm thoughts, I often a person walking alone in our interlocking fingers to wander through the streets, into the eye of the scenery has not changed, still the familiar layout, but less your company, mind always think empty the limbo land, so I can not always peaceful!   If life really began to take forever to stay in, there would be so many, the trip scattered and unpredictable Indian life to death to the pain, there will be more time and loved interlocking fingers printed form, regardless of leave, let him rotate sun and the moon and no sorrow!Affiliated with each other in accordance with, though he squandered the fleeting sun and the moon turn, but each accompanied overwhelmed in and watch the water floating leaves, fold a laugh red makeup Yan. If available, you look at my pear tree flower rain, wind load an elegant, but also a ray of Su Chen Xi Xianghun fall close to a basket, and research into light ink Fu verse, chorus on the mantle, Yu Zhi Lan, buckle live fingers heart of India.Even to, Xin wind screens add fun dance, drunk fans mind soul, Xiao Sheng Nianqi a blow, blowing wake Yilianyoumeng blame the wind is wrong, and wrong wind, the wind is wrong, missed the pear tree Shu sleeves, He missed the light ink to music singing, missed the first floor, in accordance with fingers interlocked.Acacia cheeks flow drops, drop two drops of dozens of drops, are to be cold cemented worry!Yangtianchangtan final mistake and missed! Missed the!QQ: 2651794183 (Yun Ningkang)

Ignition lamp

These days my heart is grey, and I have been in the office for ten years, and I am still a material worker in the office holding my nose.. What kind of promotion, evaluation, and evaluation of professional titles are good things that I can’t get along with. What is exasperating is that the leaders have to give me the materials of these people to polish them, saying that it is a bit like selling me and counting them with a smile..     The heavy fog wrapped the earth. I went to the morning shift and walked to the corner of the narrow alley. My bike suddenly bounced and I flipped over.. The glasses also fell off. I felt for half a day in the potholed ground and only felt the glasses frame. People are unlucky enough to drink cold water and plug their teeth! I had to take a leave to go to the hospital because I had to spend more than 100 yuan with a mirror.. Waiting, queuing, optometry, grinding lenses . Ah, I spent half a day in the hospital.     The sky is not beautiful, and the dark days for a long time finally shed tears. I went back to my office in the rain and buried myself in a computer. Dinner was dealt with with with two loaves of bread, and all the materials were not finished until 11 o’clock at night. It is not yet known whether they can pass smoothly in front of the leaders tomorrow.. After all, it will take me a few miles to go back by bike with an umbrella – to walk the narrow alley again. The alley is dark. Go to the corner. Hey, what’s the matter? What about the light that lights up every night? How did it happen that the rain was gone? I got off the bus. Suddenly the light in front of me lit up. No, it was a flashlight. The light swept towards me and followed the road in front of me all the time.. I wonder, then loudly ask, who is it? Children, be careful, the rain is deep in the corner, you don’t ride a bike. It was the voice of an old woman. Under the light, the potholes became a muddy sea.. Under the lights, I carried my car smoothly through the sea. I said gratefully, grandma, you go back to sleep! Where is the lamp on your window? The old woman waved the light, broke it and broke the cable. I took off my bike, granny, and I’ll set you an electric light tomorrow. The feeling is good, walk slowly! Children! Grandma’s voice was full of smiles.     At noon the next day, I came to grandma’s house. This is a few low-rise old houses, which are not in harmony with the tall buildings around them.. I knocked at the door, granny. I’m coming. Oh, come in! I haven’t bought a line yet! I have. Where is your switch? There! I followed the direction of grandma’s fingers and saw the switch box. I unscrewed the lid and soon secured the cable. I wanted to check all the old man’s wire switches, but I didn’t see the wires. Only a light bulb was installed on the window of the three rooms.. Grandma, why is there only one light bulb in your home? Son, I don’t need it. I’m blind! I just looked at granny: fold the faces of the buildings and the eyes are deeply sunken. Oh, the lamp on the window was lit by the old man for others. It was the old man’s heart lamp!     The old man told me that over the years she has sent away her wife, son and daughter – in – law, and now she and her granddaughter are the only ones in the family studying in Beijing.. I sincerely sigh with emotion, grandma, you are too unfortunate. Children, don’t say that. I have any difficulties with the government, and everyone has helped me solve them..My grandson is very filial and will soon take me to Beijing. I live happily.. People will always encounter some gullies and ridges when they live. You have to find a way to get past them! You said so, didn’t you?     In the evening, I passed the hutong again, and I saw the lamp far away. Come near, I’m standing under the light, grandma, do you see it? The light is on again! Hey, I drove it. Can I not see it? Children can see everything as long as their hearts are clear.     Yes, as long as my heart is clear, I can see everything. My heart suddenly brightens.

Butterfly catch every moment of the soul

The eleven green pots go outdoor, slight cloud, sounds of wind, the blades gently fibrillation, heart buffered at the moment.Easily finally Kenwan Proceedings of Zhejiang University scholar River Flow, “the text of the flesh,” although I read heavy, but very light at the moment, there is a long journey after.These two days I walk through the heart of the classic East and West, and to watch Liu Xie, Lu Ji, Du Fu, Zhou Muslim, ginger Whitehead, Hu Shi, Li Jianwu, Xu Zhimo, Wen Yiduo, Bian Zhilin, Qifang, Feng Zhi, Dai Wangshu, Mu Dan, Fei Ming…Look Kipling, Valery, Eliot, Lorca, Eluard, Rilke…I list them so patiently, because they are the stars shine in my mind at the moment.I do not revel in the comparison between Eastern and Western, but their work and soul make me more in awe, I can not do Du Fu words “water does not mind competing, cloud care about all late”, but that can live in the literature, but also What resentment What distressed it.    Originally thought decade sword, after all, to be an explanation, and who explain it, I wanted to prove himself, to whom prove ourselves.Each of yesterday are today’s past, yesterday careful about Ji Wenlin see the background and his way up, his father and warned his sister’s tears, those poor, those hard-working, those who pay are the river flows.So no matter where you are, when you are in, do not forget to pay a departure exhort parents and loved ones.So I wish to pray silently, all in the way you and I struggle, treasure, treasure.    And any child to the “Paladin” convergence of the TV series “Qi Tan,” I know this also from for the game, I still can not fully understand the child’s state of mind, nothing can stop me, this not just the generation gap, but I want to learn to accept Kind of reality.Not to say that there is reasonable?Although I do not like the stuff of fantasy, but I think there must also have a profound humanity.Children this age obsessed with fantasy just like when we fascination Qiong Yao Jin Yong and Gu Long and bar.    People are slowly growing, such as water in general, can only step by step, make the best use.Andy already beginning to look Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, she said, is to see the children, thinking she had so infatuated with them, I feel happy together, this is a quiet transfer, qing clouds: The sun it has legs ah, gently quietly edging away.He said that the passage of time is silent, every moment of the passage of time in the past, but we have not learned to ask yourself: Did I make the mind more full.    I still have Taoyuan and Zhongnan of the concept, but I am not going forward, and will not like Li Shutong Tiger Temple practice, I can only silent walk their own thoughts and feelings, even if thorns and distressed.Whether good times and bad, for you are the balance within the universe.Like now, I call out these plants, I began to let them breathe for a free wind.    ”The book sun and the moon long”, I think the writer Zhang Wei, and I because “you plateau,” and admire his voluminous grand masterpiece, but can not appreciate him, I even collection of essays, and even last year’s book fair to buy his “On the simple life.” We have not yet finished, it was said that he explored between humanity and divinity, even though he is a painstaking writer, even though he is a thinking type writer.But in my mind, at least for now, his influence on me is also not worth the “things on the earth” a reed shore.Faith is the beacon, it is the spirit and wisdom of crystallization in the works.    I wrote this, I went to see Andy play the zither, she played in “Qin Sang Song”, and the “war Typhoon” not the same genre, it’s sad sad sad melody, plaintive and moving it there power.I went to the Baidu search the next: “Qin Sang Song” is based on undistributed A poetry of Li Bai “Spring thinking”: “Yan grass as Bess, Qin Sang low Greenwood.When the king Huai return date, is heartbroken when concubine.Spring did not know, what is going into Luo Wei?”The content creation zither solo.Yan, the ancient names, including today’s northern Hebei Province and Liaoning Province in the southwest.Qin, also old names, the approximate location in this area of Shaanxi.Yan for Yukio location, Qin for Yukio home location.Yan to cold, warm Qin, Yan grass also like black hair in general, Qin Sang already have flourished the falls.This poem describes the contents of two couples ^ sub-offices in different places, although two different spring comes sooner or later, but Blanc is the real places alike.As long as a wife that her husband hit a breath of spring, think of returning home will have a eager mood.It is women hope so trust her husband, like her husband hope, so she does not even let the spring breeze blowing Luo Wei, because she never met and spring.Poem mean, you go where the grass was green like long black hair, like just take out of our home in the lush mulberry already have the falls.When you see the fields are green and feel the breath of spring miss their loved ones hope to go home, what I miss you and see Mulberry heartbroken when.Spring ah, you and I know, and what do you do to get into my account curtain “.    Writer of the contents of Li Bai’s poem demonstrates, using traditional techniques zither, the integration of local local music, and added innovative zither expression, describes a young and beautiful woman greatly missed distant husband, and her husband look forward to an early reunion eagerness.The entire song from the first person point of view, that is the perspective of women hope to deepen the theme music through the complete portray its image.Content “Qin Sang Song” can be used to summarize four poems: “Qin Jun Sang falls pondering, sleepless night of tears stained towel.Luo drapery floating into the spring, the suspect is the husband wiping away his tears mark.”Beautiful song melody, music vivid, Adagio endured, Beibeiqieqie, tear-jerking, Allegro intense, hastily honestly, fully demonstrated the women hope Siv looked forward to reunion mood.”I hope women Siv sad cut, a ‘Qin Sang’ tear million lines.”.The song since its inception welcomed by the masses, with a greater impact.The song has been identified as Chinese zither music, person to be elected “Chinese zither music meets West” and “Chinese zither Grading tutorial”, Zheng and accounted for as an excellent teaching repertoire, elected to the “Zheng approach”.    I know Andy can only pop it in the melody, but can not understand it outpouring of emotion, I do not want to communicate with her these, the total still need time to grow.The reason I put quotation on here, I think she grew up that day will know the art are interlinked, and it is able to express understanding of art in words, that she might be more calm in the face of their own spiritual Journey.    A few months ago Andy have the opportunity to make Shanghai Chinese Orchestra guzheng virtuoso He Xiaotong teacher guided the technique, her father was a master Mr. Zheng He Baoquan, a professor on the tone of this year has just passed away June 6, where the teacher is still in grief in children they kept the original zither artistic affection, which makes it is moved, an artist must be a mild-mannered fellow, full of love and distressed people, a persistent and industrious person, only this way can the arts go farther on.Study art but also to learn to be, no matter can not engage in the arts, as long as the heart, in the arts heritage, in any environment can ease off peace.    Andy looked at the focus of the play, I Taking stock silently, their memories once, almost a poverty-stricken childhood of their own, in addition to the woods goofed and listen to the birds without any artistic consciousness can attend, but fortunately that time the mountains are green, the water is clear, the air is fresh, which makes their own way adrift still maintained the original simple.Do what you can do, not ambitious, diligent work only land their souls.Mother likes to say, “alive dry, dead count.”.This is almost one of my motto, mother and those simple words revolutionaries say that life is more than endless struggle actually is a meaning.Slowly start thinking about life and death, will fear, will be fragile, but never thought to retreat and give up, the reading has been long established yourself a spiritual system, humble in victory by defeat, hard thinking, not like Hai Zi then pull off, then the index finger does not believe in the future as a slogan.I asked myself, go for so long, have not you tired?Tired, but I will not stay, I will not be waiting, just as his own heart hewn Dujiangyan water.    People in this life, is a bold state, is also a state of graceful, but no one is always only one form, more people hovering between bold and graceful.Andy recite a few days ago to let Yue Fei’s “Azolla” She gets one kind of vehement passion, today let her recite the Song Dynasty poet Weng volume of “Village of April”: former Green all over the mountain white full Sichuan, cuckoo sound in the rain to smoke.April little village idlers, only the sericulture and Rubus.Now the rainy season, so she alternately in both languages in the mood, she also hopes that one day she can understand that sentence Ye Jiaying: learning classical poetry biggest benefit is to let our hearts die.We travel needs indomitable spirit and courage as well as a buffer, such either dared not country, can Dan Bo Ming Envision.    This is not a design, but a possible efforts, the world is full of variables thing, but if they work hard, and success or failure is not so important, just like this morning of Belgium and Costa Rica, although they lost the battle, but they were enough pride, sometimes victory is not just you win, but you break yourself, make yourself better than ever.    Children now go to school zither and dance, and also take part in some Grading game, let her learn to sharpen their own, able to withstand the pressure and slowly fail.Slowly Zhang Qifan mind, so that the days of impressive young fast, so that in future when the voyage, it may be a little less fear.People in this life, if there is no oil peddler and Paodingjieniu life accomplishment like that, you want to get a winning easier said than done?    Returned to his reading and writing, if there is no concept of one thousand sword then know to operate your 1000 and then the sound of the dawn efforts, how can make your own text can pass through the mountains and across the water?

And the line and thinking

Every day in their leisure time, I always want to write some words to the perception of life!    This may be one of their own habit of it?I did not want to live focussed on life.Because life is too cruel and harsh words.As long as we are a normal person will not escape, as we live in love, marriage and education, even once collisions oil, salt and soy sauce, are living.People learn to live, not live to control, there is a word in life is to enjoy; without the person’s life, it becomes the efforts of life, it can only be called livelihoods!A content livelihood that is part of life, at some point they belong to a way of life.    Since Into June, with the land of China ushered in a time of college entrance exam, final exam, etc., education is like a loud word appears in people’s lives, people also feel in my heart education to bring their own feelings.    Since time was, because his son participate in the examination of things and feeling very irritable.The face of high tension son, I always comfort him and encourage him.Examination is a brutal competition, if there is the slightest negligence in this exam, in terms of the current situation of a person’s life, a family will have a direct impact.So, to say that a ruthless examination of elimination can not be overemphasized.However, we must accept it!This is life.    When it comes to education, we will always have their own understanding.From the point of view of education intention is to allow a natural person from becoming a social person, it is a process of enlightenment of the people.However, when the imperial examination system to produce for our Chinese education, whether at home or a state and nation, have a direct impact on people’s thinking.Yes, we can not question a number of people, so long as the college entrance examination does not change, our Chinese-style education can not be changed!As an educator, how can we dare to be neglect?    Learning is a personal matter, but a person’s education is our common action and results.The family is part of education, family education can now completely out of tune, and even some families to send their children as a learning machine, completely ignored the self-development of a person’s personality, most children would have let this kind of become numb, indifferent, or even ruthless.As a result, some parents when they pay for their children’s memories will complain that our children grow up but do not know Thanksgiving, in fact, why such a responsibility to our children to bear?As a member of the family, in education, we want to truly understand their child’s demands, and even his emotions.Education for a family, is a process of growing, if from this point of understanding, our family education activities may be more exciting some of the.    After the test results were announced, I have tried to take the exam had contact with some of the parents, especially lower scores one class of family parents, they have several common characteristics: blame, blame themselves first, they simply neglect their children and themselves management; one is blaming the child they simply fun, and deserved today’s result; she then is to blame schools and teachers, schools loose tube, low levels of teacher.After complaining is memories, memories of his outstanding achievements in primary school, the color of life.After the recall, it is a dazed and helpless, as well as seek, as an educator, in the face of these conditions, the heart is pain.Because of the pain I can not solve these puzzles parents and children.Yes, no exams, what can we figure out a better way to open our window of education for thousands of years, and let the whole society of people whom happy, I am afraid that now can not be found.    Everyone does not want their children to lose at the starting line, but more like ours mood to bring pressure on our children, even more would undermine morale in the child’s learning some kind of spirit.So, I still have to speak out, the more current in this competitive era, the more we give our children burdens, our children learning and education as a kind of normal life, I think we are competitive in their children the growth of life will have more and more pressure-resistant, if we prematurely this pressure will give them, in their affordable range will collapse.Education is to help people to adapt to social development, education in the exam and do not let our children become overwhelmed by the last straw of life, it is worth thinking about things.    Education is a part of life, yet the ancients advocate entertaining, music in the knowledge, but why do we give so much pressure on our children?We worry about the future because children and deprived them of their childhood, this is what a terrible thing?    In the test results revealed the night before, I sat quietly in the yard for a long time, a very quiet night, and even his own heartbeat could hear the melody of real.Blinked at the stars in the sky, like a student makes a mistake in my eyes sneak peek.This is one sleepless night, for the family to take the exam for.My wife, my children, all this seems to choking atmosphere of waiting, because this score determines the direction of school children in the future.    Time in a single minute of walking, sometimes want it to go fast, but sometimes they want to stay forever where.To tell the truth, then, that night, his son has always been optimistic, I also suddenly a little shaken, because I was always too believe that all the results are good.But this is not deceiving yourself it?    However, as an educator, I first chose to believe his son, believe in yourself.This is what I want to say, as a child of parents, we need at a critical time as they rely on.Failure is not terrible, terrible thing is that we as human children can not become the most trusted and rely on their children, abandoned children last forever, I would say this is as an educator, then, and must concern.    Into our children in the way they grow, we have to do a real educator, this is a responsibility!    2015.7.27

HKEx announcement millet listed on the first day Shortable!The introduction of futures and options millet black market has dropped 5%

HKEx 4 have the latest announcement – millet listed on the first day included in the list short sales of securities, which are rare in HKEx。  4 night, HKEx announcement that will provide a number of products to selected investors millet listing date (July 9): 1, 2 futures and options millet, millet DW 3, into the designated securities for short selling list of millet millet listed on the first day it launched futures and options, which is not common in Hong Kong stock market!  South Financial Group senior strategist Cen Zhiyong In an interview with Chinese reporters, said the broker, because short selling involves borrowing, if you can start a short selling, investors need to buy in advance or corresponding shares as soon as possible, in order to lend to others for short selling。This arrangement will make the issuer actively buying shares in the listing。  It is noteworthy that, of the four previously known as Hong Kong stocks read the text of the Unicorn Group, Zhong An online, Xin Yi Group, Ping good doctor, futures options were not introduced in the first day of its listing。  Millet listed on the first launch futures and options on the 4th evening, HKEx announced that its first listed in a different voting rights architecture in the new listed company in Hong Kong mechanism millet Group (stock code: 1810) shares, 2018 July 9 trading in Hong Kong and (HKEx) market traded clearing Limited。Millet listing date will be selected to provide a number of products to investors: 1, millet millet futures and options futures and options will be available in Japan July 9, 2018 with the launch of millet。  2, millet Warrant Hong Kong Stock Exchange has notified the publisher, may on July 9 from the derivative warrants listed shares traded millet。Five publishers was June 29 launched a total of 18 warrants, scheduled for July 9 millet shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and began trading market day。  HKEx said that after the millet market shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, will be included in the list of designated securities for short selling on the same day。  Millet listed on the first day it launched futures and options, which is not common in Hong Kong stock market。  Cen Zhiyong told reporters brokerage China launched futures options aim it is to facilitate investors achieve hedge, and the achievement of operating with a different option strategy can operate bullish bearish。However, the first day of IPO had opened derivatives is still relatively rare。  Millet dark disk fell 5 percent, according to the Hong Kong Economic Times reported that large institutions July 3 shares have been traded in the OTC millet。However, market sentiment weak, millet in large dark disk price is only 16.HK $ 15, HK $ 17 lower than the IPO price of 5%, the transaction amounted to $ 28 million。  Here briefly explain the dark Hong Kong trading: dark disc is the OTC market in Hong Kong are generally used for pre-IPO transactions carried out in the first few days after the IPO, closed。Not dark trading through the exchange system, but rather offer brokered by the internal system of some large brokerage。"Dark disk" trading port development in recent years, also, it is only within the system brokerage, providing dark trading by a particular broker, not all brokerage firms can provide dark trading。  A Hong Kong said, by the recent fall in market conditions, Komaki first day of listing below the offering price of the probability of a larger, but investors do not have to worry too much, as long as the market does not continue to deteriorate, there will be some price support at HK $ 15。  Earlier, the State Securities analyst Karagawa not optimistic about millet trend, although as the "rice", he still gave millet gives underweight rating, 12-month target price of HK $ 16。  Lei Jun funding does not recognize "new species" listed before the millet, Lei Jun has said, "Millet is unique in the world can do both hardware, they can do a new retail, you can also do the 'new species' Internet services。"For the 'new species' Lei Jun, the market does not seem to buy it。  Millet final set at the lower limit of the price range of HK $ –17 / share, located in HK $ 17 to HK $ 22 price range of most low-end。In fact, since the beginning of the prospectus millet June 25, the market response is not as expected hot。As of the end of the 28th prospectus, millet public offering was oversubscribed more than eight times the amount of money frozen HK $ 23 billion, to subscribe for the number of 110,000, the good doctor is not ideal and peaceful compared to 650 times subscribed。  According to the issue price of HK $ 17, millet is currently valued at approximately $ 54 billion。This is since the spread of the market valuation of millet $ 100 billion, fell to $ 75 billion, and then fell to $ 55 billion final figure。It is worth noting that the $ 45 billion valuation of the fifth round of financing valuation of millet and not far from the end of 2014。  It is worth noting that the Hong Kong IPO millet were introduced seven cornerstone investors, to subscribe for a total of 5.$ 4.8 billion (about 42.HK $ 7.4 billion) of shares。Which CICFHEntertainmen subscribe 1.$ 9.2 billion; China Mobile, Qualcomm each buy $ 100 million; CDBPrivateEquit subscribed $ 66 million; Poly Group to subscribe for $ 32 million; SF and China Merchants Group to subscribe for $ 30 million and $ 28 million addition, Li Ka-shing invested $ 30 million to subscribe for confirmation millet stocks, Ma, Ma to personally identifiable under a single subscription, the amount ranging from millet IPO Adds a fire in the tens of millions to billions of dollars。  Related reports

After the establishment of the State Council Hebei District of Shenzhen male security Pudong New Area, the third state-level

Recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a circular, decided to establish Hebei。This is a major strategic choice Comrade Xi Jinping as the historic core of the CPC Central Committee, is a new area after Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area, another national importance, the Millennium plans, national issues。  New security plan covering male Xiong County, Hebei Province, Rongcheng, 3 Anxin County and the surrounding area section, located in Beijing, Tianjin, Baoding hinterland, location advantages, traffic smooth and convenient, good ecological environment, strong resources and environment carrying capacity low current level of development, ample space for development, with development and construction in high standard basic conditions。Male security planning and development in a particular area to the starting area previously developed starting area of about 100 square kilometers, medium-term development area of about 200 square kilometers, long-term control area of about 2000 square kilometers。  New male security establishment, is at the core of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping to further promote the deployment of a major decision made by the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin, Beijing to ease focus on non-capital function, to explore the development of new models to optimize economic densely population areas, adjust and optimize Beijing urban layout and spatial structure of Tianjin and Hebei, foster innovation and drive the development of new engines, it is of great realistic significance and far-reaching historical significance。  Since the party's eighteen, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping made several trips to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, inspections, investigations, several times hosted the Politburo Standing Committee, Politburo meeting, decided to research and deploy Beijing, Tianjin and the implementation of joint development strategy。Xi Jinping clear instructions to focus on building capital Beijing non-functional centralized ease carrying, in Hebei suitable for modern planning and construction of a new urban area with new ideas to lead the development of。February 23 this year, Xi Jinping made a special trip to the Anxin County, Hebei Province, site visits, chaired a forum on the construction of safe male Hebei district plan。Xi Jinping stressed that the planning and construction of new district male security to be under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, insisted the general tone of the work while maintaining stability, firmly establish and implement the new development concept, to lead the economic development to adapt to grasp new normal, in order to promote the supply side structural reforms the main line, adhere to a global vision, international standards, with Chinese characteristics, high positioning, adhere to ecological priority, green development, adhere to the people-centered, attention to protect and improve people's livelihood, adhere to promote the protection of fine traditional Chinese culture, the continuation of the historical context, the construction of green livable new city, leading innovation-driven development zone, the coordinated development of the demonstration area, open the first area of development, strive to build a new development concept to implement innovative model of development。  Xi pointed out that, planning and construction of new district should focus on key male security mission seven aspects: First, build green wisdom Metro, built a world-class, green, modern, smart city。The second is to create a beautiful ecological environment, building a blue-green intertwined, fresh and bright, Watertown communion eco-city。Third, the development of high-tech industry to actively attract and gather innovative elements of resources, cultivate new momentum。The fourth is to provide quality public services and building quality public facilities, creating a new model for urban management。Fifth, build fast and efficient transportation network, to create a green transportation system。Sixth, promote the reform of institutional mechanisms to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market and better play the role of government to stimulate market activity。Seven is to expand all-round opening-up, to create a new platform to expand foreign cooperation and open new heights。  State Council Circular requires that all localities and departments to earnestly implement the important instructions of Xi Jinping, the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy, unity of thinking, raise awareness, and enhance the "four consciousness" to jointly promote the development of male security planning and development of jobs。Hebei Province to be proactive as to strengthen the organization and leadership to fulfill the main responsibility。Insist on moving the plan, leading the planning, urban design, engineering construction benchmark with the most advanced concepts and world-class standards, to create a model for urban construction。To maintain patient history, respect for the principles of urban construction, a reasonable grasp the rhythm of development。To enhance the overall planning controls on male New security and surrounding areas, to avoid excessive expansion of city size, and surrounding cities to promote the integration and development。To all concerned in accordance with the division of functions, in close cooperation, to be creative, work together to promote male security planning and development, make new and greater contributions to the realization of "two hundred years" and the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream。  Analyzing and interpreting the stock market affect Introduction appointment and removal area (original title: the CPC Central Committee, the State Council decided to establish safe male Hebei District) (Editor: DF142)

"1.400 million Chinese man can not be a "do not clearly Changshan Pharmaceutical executives have cash in 80 million

Changshan Pharmaceutical operate this wave of God!  In the May 15 announcement that the Chinese men with erectile dysfunction (ED) patients about 1.400 million people a hot topic, after the stock soared the daily limit for two consecutive days (May 16, May 17 rose 9.6%), the company today (May 17) announced that the high SOAR High will Xia, Ding Jianwen, Huang Guosheng, etc. Today, four executives a total reduction of 1008 million shares, reducing the amount of over 87.64 million yuan。  According to 2017 Annual Report, tree Huawei Changshan Pharmaceutical Company's controlling shareholder, actual controller, and served as chairman and general manager, holds 36.41% of the shares of the company。As director Ding Jianwen, deputy general manager, Huang Guosheng, deputy general manager for the company, the high will Xia is one of the founders of the company。  Every time there was Xiao Bian noted that after the announcement caused heated discussion on social media, it Changshan Pharmaceutical stocks, many investors questioned said that a story is to Changshan Pharmaceutical executives pulled holdings。  It is worth noting that last October 28, Changshan Pharmaceutical's announcement that the controlling shareholder of the high Shuhua, director Chen Xi, director Ding Jianwen, senior management Huang Guosheng, senior management Zhiying proposed within ten on October 28, 2017 within six months fell by nearly 30 million shares after five days。Today is the last day of the six-month period。  Meanwhile, Changshan Pharmaceutical 17th night announcement that: the company's stock for two consecutive days (May 16, 2018, 17) closing price deviation from the cumulative value of more than 20%, according to the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is case of abnormal fluctuations in stock。  Changshan Pharmaceutical said that although the company has now achieved a relevant approval documents required for the production of sildenafil citrate, but the product production, sales require a certain time and not immediately realize sales in the short term on the company results will not cause a significant impact。New products market size, market share and promote progress and may be lower than expected, future product sales have greater uncertainty。Current market sildenafil citrate manufacturers including Pfizer, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain and Jiangsu Yabang, which Pfizer still holds the major market share。In addition, there are a number of domestic manufacturers ready to produce sildenafil citrate, the product of post-market competition intensified at risk。  In recent years has been to expand the "Viagra" business May 15 evening, Changshan Pharmaceutical (300 255.SZ) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of a treatment for ED tablet product obtained GMP certificate, the products can be marketed。The company said in a statement, 1.400 million Chinese people suffer from ED, broad market。    Public information, also known as sildenafil citrate, Viagra, Chinese referred to as "Viagra"。"Viagra" is the English transliteration of Viagra, a drug originally by the US Pfizer (Pfizer Company) pharmaceutical companies to develop and produce a treatment for angina。  In clinical trials, it was found that the effect of its general treatment of angina pectoris, but then treat impotence with special effects。This unexpected discovery prompted manufacturers to drug therapy altogether declaration of impotence。March 27, 1997, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally approved the drug as a dedicated drug treatment for impotence。  Since May 2014 Pfizer's Viagra patent expires in China, more than 20 domestic manufacturers have to fight domestic "Viagra" approval of generic drugs, hoping to win a share of the market。  Daily News reporter noted that in recent years, Hebei Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (listed company that is Changshan Pharmaceutical) has been continuously expanding such products business。  May 2017, Changshan Pharmaceutical announced that for the good of sildenafil products preparatory work for listing, to better meet customer and market demand, decided to establish sildenafil sales division in the company's sales men, with overall responsibility for the West sildenafil product sales。  In October 2017, which said, Hebei Province received Food and Drug Administration issued a "drug GMP certificates", certifications range of pharmaceutical raw materials。Obtain the certificate, indicating Changshan Pharmaceutical sildenafil citrate raw material drug production quality management system in line with the "Good Manufacturing Practice", it can be formally put into production and on sale。  ▲ Changshan Pharmaceutical official website screenshot According to the latest announcement, the wholly owned subsidiary of Changshan medicine was "Drug GMP Certificate" certified workshop is a solid preparation workshop, the production of varieties of sildenafil citrate tablets。This means that, Changshan medicine can officially put into operation and sale of "Viagra" products, from raw material medicine "evolution" into a tablet。  (Note: the drug, by chemical synthesis, or a plant extract prepared biotechnologies powder used as the pharmaceutically acceptable, crystalline, extract and the like, the patient can not be taken directly, a substance needed for further processing; the formulation, such as tablets, capsules and the like, are under Pharmacopoeia standards pharmaceutical formulation prescribed norms, or extracts made after processing has a certain size, it can be used directly in the prophylactic treatment of a class of drugs。) Reporter Administration Food and Drug Administration official website to retrieve in the country "sildenafil citrate" found that the current total of 16 "Zhunzi" approval number of the product record, involving a total of 10 companies, pharmaceutical raw materials and dosage form is divided into different specifications of the tablet。  ▲ Source: National Food Drug Administration official website of the company relations point of view, Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Changshan medicine; Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yabang Epson Pharmaceutical Ltd. belong to Jiangsu Yabang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. subsidiary。  1.400 million people suffer from ED, fly it?  Changshan Pharmaceutical said in a statement, according to statistics, the number of patients about domestic ED 1.400 million people, which assume 30% of the treatment, the number will reach 42 million, ED patients receiving treatment can assume multiple use drugs each year, the future of China's potential market size is expected to reach ten billion yuan level, the market is vast。  According to the National Bureau of Statistics published data show that the year 2016, the total number of male population of about 7.0800000000。If this is the case of the base, according to the statement Changshan medicine, almost every five men there is one person suffering from ED– this is not excluded in juvenile males。  Some users questioned the data in Shares。  In this regard, Daily Economic News reporters Jin Ri and Zhi Diangai Securities Department, the official said, the data from the State Securities two years ago。It said the company also saw a number of other data sources, generally are similar。For example, once disclosed Baiyun Mountain 1.2.7 billion people suffer from ED data, so the company believes 1.There are still 400 million data reliability。  Reporters combed found that in September 2017, a Dongxing Securities research reported, China 20-70 year old male in ED prevalence rate of about 26%, the number of patients 1.About 300 million。  ▲ Source: Dongxing Securities in February 2017, a Soochow Securities research reported on Baiyun Mountain, the number of ED patients in China about 1.2.7 billion。  ▲ Source: 2015 Soochow Securities, Ping An Securities in a research report claimed that the number of Chinese patients with ED 8000 million。  ▲ Source: Ping An Securities But others hold more conservative views。November 14, 2016, Guangsheng appear (300436.SZ) issued a bulletin to get sildenafil citrate clinical documents relating to point out, ED patients a conservative estimate, about 100 million people worldwide, of which the number of patients in China is about 20 million。

What to eat to lose weight they help you burn calories

What to eat to lose weight lose weight has always been a topic of endless discussion, about the way to lose weight is also very much, then what to eat to lose weight can do the following small series to talk about what to eat to lose weight, they help you burn calories!10 kinds of food to help you burn calories 1.Grapefruit Grapefruit can speed up metabolism and help burn more calories。
This fruit may be extended digestion time, increase satiety。
Grapefruit is rich in fiber, help stabilize blood sugar levels。
An American study found that eating grapefruit has its unique effect of weight loss。
2.Calorie celery Celery contains a small amount of calories, when we enjoyed a delicious celery, the body in burning calories, and calories burned is much greater than celery provided。 In addition, celery can stimulate peristalsis。
Celery is rich in water and fiber, it is an excellent choice for a balanced diet。
However, if the body is not getting enough nutrients or minerals, choose celery will need to consider carefully, preferably with food and other food。
3.Studies have shown that whole grain cereals, whole grain cereals healthier than finishing grain, it can reduce the risk of chronic disease。
Digest whole grains require more time and therefore prolong satiety。 Whole grains low in fat, but rich in minerals and carbohydrates, healthy。 4.Green tea can well enhance metabolism, remove grease greasy。
This is very common hot, but healthy。 Green tea is rich in antioxidants, can speed up metabolism and help lose weight, is a good choice for ladies。
So, regardless of work or spare time, can be a cup of green tea, quietly enjoy its fragrance。 What to eat to lose weight 5.-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids scientifically proven, -3 is a metabolic regulator regulator。
Such -3 fatty acids, affect hormone leptin, leptin controls the burning rate of fat。
Because the body can not produce -3, so only through food intake, edible fish (tuna, herring, salmon) or -3 supplements。

15 shares of social security funds coming out of 4 New Shares (list) | Social Security Fund

    Annual disclosure period, institutional latest trends in exposure positions!Social Security Fund Awkwardness change what happened?  15 shares of social security funds coming out of 4 New Shares are currently more than 100 companies released the 2017 Annual Report, the top ten shareholders of circulation data reveals the whereabouts of institutions。
Statistics show that Social Security Fund has appeared in 15 stocks, trends in terms of transfer positions, at the end of last year the Social Security Fund New, overweight, underweight stocks have four, while three stocks remained unchanged Social Security Fund float。
  From stake accounts for the outstanding shares of view, is the social security fund stake highest stocks, late last year a total of four social security funds coming out list of the top ten shareholders of circulation, the total shareholding 5296 million shares, representing outstanding shares%; Secondly, the social security fund to% stake; the remaining stocks held by the proportion of social security funds are below 5%。   New Social Security Fund of four stocks are ,,,, stake late last year were at more than 10 million shares。 National Social Security Fund portfolio at the end of last year four hundred twelve Nanshan Aluminum ranked seventh largest shareholder, the number of holdings to 3438 shares, the number of New Shares Up。
National Social Security Fund 102 Portfolio, the National Social Security Fund, one hundred and ten combinations of the collective large steel top ten tradable shareholders list for new parties, the total amount of 1360 million shares。   Social security funds get together hold stock data treasure statistics show that the current social security funds stocks appeared in a total of more than 5 stocks have two social security funds collectively held, Mount Emei A, Selen Science & Technology has four social security funds appear in the first ten circulation list of shareholders, not the total float past the end of the chain is a by one by; Fangda Special steel ,, there are two social security funds hold at the same time。
  4 Social Security Fund Awkwardness double the performance of the social security fund has always been known for sound investment, from the performance perspective, the current social security fund holds 15 stocks in 2017 to achieve full profitability, the growth rate, in addition to a slight decline in net profit, the rest net profit growth in both stocks appear ,, Fangda Special steel, Selen Science & Technology, Jiangnan high fiber and other four stocks net profit rose by more than 100% ;, Shen Tianma A, Changchun High-tech and other net profit also increased by more than 30%。   Market performance, the social security fund holds stocks rose an average of 15% during the year, outperforming the market each core index rose。
But the stock performance is more differentiation, Fangda Special Steel continued strong this year, the cumulative gain of more than 50% increase; Linefan medical cumulative increase over three percent ,, Nanjing Iron & Steel, and other rose more than one percent。 Poor Shen Tianma A, Changchun High-tech ,, Selen Science & Technology, such as performance, this year, the cumulative drop of more than one percent。   (Data Po)。