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Cupping this summer dampness in addition to chronic illness

Summer is the peak season cupping, and compared to other seasons, Xia Jiyang gas exuberant, the body's blood and most filling, smooth meridians of the gas, more sensitive skin points, and therefore is the best time to treat chronic intractable diseases。Coupled with high summer temperatures, rain, humidity, moisture can easily accumulate in the human body, not only this season cupping prescription for warming yang, enhance physical fitness, but also received a cold dampness, qi meridians, promoting blood circulation and other treatment。
Cupping can treat many diseases, rapid relief of symptoms, but there are some indications, such as back pain is generally most suitable for cupping, cupping the back cough, asthma, chronic gastritis, dyspepsia more effective。Cupping method is divided into left common tank, cupping, and flash cupping four tanks, each with its targeted。Retention tank is adsorbed on the can surface after fixing indwelling 5?10 minutes, this method is used for the treatment of arthralgia wind cold, neck and back pain such as。Cupping is applied Guankou million to spend oil, the tank is adsorbed to the surface, holding tank bottom, back and forth several times to move the sliding surface of the skin to skin flushing, back and other areas suitable for large, lucrative parts muscles , used for the treatment of colds, coughs, etc.。Flash tank after the can pull live, began immediately, suction pulling repeated several times, to the skin flushing, often this method treatment of facial paralysis。Cupping is to use needles or lancets plum Tapping local or skin prick bleeding, then adsorbed on the canister body, pull blood 3?5 ml, used for treatment of acne and other skin diseases。Shu distributed along each bladder back (as shown) and internal organs are closely related to each week in a cupping pulling back, very useful for regulating physiological function of internal organs, the people will feel a lot more comfortable。
After the summer for several common diseases, we have the following skills cupping method, can operate their own home。
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Beijing team Fangshuo: missed the ball lore will not affect the mood series

Fangshuo contribution has been more than enough photography / reporter Huang Liang Fang Shuo in the interview after the game, he said: "The last ball that I just lost the game cast a large number of balls, that is, an ordinary shooting。 "" Will affect the game behind it?"A reporter asked him to continue。
"I do not think so, because in a series race we have experienced this situation, this series is far from over, so it will not affect our emotions。
"Fang Shuo been in this game 23 points, very long shot hit rate Fangshuo in the third quarter, but down a little when he shot a final。
  "This game can only say that it is a pity, but it is so, this is the game of basketball。 "Chang Lin said。 Comments Yannis coach after the game: "I think the game our overall defense is still possible, because we are a defensive team。
At the same time we have to do better on execution, such as when to use the other dislocation defense our offense, and then like a defense on Hudson。
"Defender foreign aid Jackson said:" We just lost a match, this series will continue, we have a lot of opportunity, we will maintain a high confidence。
We expect to do better in two away。 "In another game, the Guangdong team away to 130 victory over Xinjiang than 114。

Men's life is inseparable from the eight most health food

A man's life is inseparable from the eight most healthy foods, the following small series details for you。
With the accelerated pace of life, tough guy who suffer, especially the 30-50 year-old male from a wide range of loads career and family, got the idea susceptible to diseases such as cerebrovascular。
Experts advise that men should be stocking effort in the fall by a reasonable scientific diet, rest, exercise and stay healthy。 Sleep: disease prevention early hours can be just entering the job market graduates Xiao Wu took advantage of the holidays passed a harsh game addiction, continuous stay up all night fighting。
Several days later, the face of acne, accompanied by bad breath, and made particular aversion girlfriend。 Men's life is inseparable from the eight most health food Chinese medicine believes that autumn yang nature tend to converge by the catharsis, closed Tibet, living routines should be adjusted accordingly。 As early as lying to comply with the sex fluid collection, in order to keep close air; get up early, Shu long to adapt to the yang of the lung to stretch, to prevent the fall of great benefit to respiratory diseases。
Early appropriate, also reduce the chance of thrombosis。 Get up before the proper lazy bed a few minutes, stretch activities about the body, to prevent thrombosis is also important。 Note that autumn is the season of all things began to slump, people's emotions are often easy to sad, then ran into some if something goes wrong, easily induced depression of mood。
In addition, the fall is depression and schizophrenia and other diseases easily high season。
Therefore, in everyday life, people should pay attention to psychological adjustment, self-learn the correct enlighten, to feel comfortable。

Japanese group show "John Rabe": forget history means betrayal

The picture shows the film "John Rabe" stills。
Information December 10, warm sun shining on the earth Tokyo, many Japanese are enjoying the pleasant weekend time。
However, more than 100 Japanese did not do so, they are more important purpose to gather in a large conference room in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, viewed by the United States such as France and Germany to shoot the film "John Rabe"。
Show half an hour away, in front of waiting in long lines, both white-haired elderly, there are young people in their prime。
After watching the film, they have said that the Nanjing Massacre evidence, can not be altered hope the Japanese government can learn from history, to avoid tragedy。
"Forget history means betrayal", "the Japanese army to do bad things too much, indeed too numerous to mention。
So sad!"Over eighty iron lady after watching this movie, filled with indignation to watch the movie again and again to tell their feelings with friends。
This iron was born in the Korean peninsula during World War II, though still a little girl, but then the crimes committed by the Japanese army left her lifelong indelible impression。 Iron this reporter said, "show" John Rabe "so meaningful。 Every Japanese should take a look。 Including the Nanjing massacre, including the massacre evidence, can not be tampered。
Not only China, Japan also should mourn the victims of the Nanjing Massacre, not forgetting the war, in order to maintain peace。
" 'Forget history means betrayal', in order to view" John Rabe ", who lives in Kanagawa Prefecture rice paddies sit a half hour car came to Tokyo。
Paddy said that he was a mediocre Japanese, very interested in history, to deny a part of the Japanese war of aggression acts furious。
Although the Nanjing Massacre occurred 80 years ago, but it should not be forgotten, but should always be borne in mind, only learn from history in order to create the future。
As a father of two rice fields very worried, told reporters that Japan is now the ruling party wants to amend the Constitution Article IX, which is terrible。 Hope that the Japanese government learned the painful lessons of history, do not let the kids go through a tragic war。
Remember history, not to perpetuate hatred but to common warning。 "Look a" John Rabe ", read in ten years", who lives in Tokyo Yoshino arrived early at the venue before the film screening。 Having over sixties Yoshino was only heard of the "Nanjing Massacre" is the word, but the Nanjing Massacre in the end how it is, is not clear at all, that the film "John Rabe" message, she signed up early name。
Yoshino said, "John Rabe" It's a good movie, I want to recommend it to friends and relatives around, so that they get to know the Nanjing Massacre, learn from this history, put an end to historical tragedies。
Although "John Rabe" for up to 134 minutes, but no one halfway through, everyone is glued to the screen, afraid to miss any detail。
"It was a good movie, I really hope that more Japanese public screening of a movie theater," "history of the Nanjing Massacre is so sad," "I hope more Japanese young people to understand this history." ……After completion of the film screenings, the audience eager fear to express their feelings after。
In the meeting show, each audience received information on a 16-page, introduces the history of the Nanjing Massacre in the form of illustrations。 "John Rabe" After the show finished, the Nanjing Massacre researchers implanted Songqing children also presented their research results。
Uematsu said that many Japanese right-wing denied the existence of the Nanjing Massacre, but the Nanjing Massacre true, evidence, and even Japan's own archives are also a large number of records。
Uematsu told this reporter, "I hope that the" John Rabe, "a show that allows more Japanese people to understand the history of Japan's war of aggression, including the Nanjing Massacre, etc.,。
" 'Past experience guide for the future' day show" John Rabe "by Japanese civic groups 'constitutional thinking of the movie will be' held。
The citizen's group from the beginning of 2013, the monthly show a film, as an opportunity to re-let the Japanese people know the importance of the Japanese constitution for Japan。 War is a mirror can make people a better understanding of the precious peace。
Civic groups "think the Constitution of the movie will be" responsible person spend Qi Zhe, told reporters, "In the survey in May of this year," John Rabe "is our most want to watch the movie。
In Japan ruling party attempts to amend the Constitution Article IX of the background of the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre occasion, the film "John Rabe" meaning then how can not be overstated。
"" I hope you can contact us, in their own lives in the area show "John Rabe"。 Ms. Arakawa "Japanese civic groups 'Nanking guardian facts Film Festival Committee on the' staff of more than 100 spectators to the initiative of the scene。 Arakawa told this reporter, understand and bearing in mind the history of the Nanjing Massacre, the Japanese are very important, so we set up in mid-2009, "the historical facts of the Nanjing-guard Film Festival implementation committee", by screening "Nanjing!Nanjing!"" John Rabe "and other movies," so that more Japanese people have the opportunity to learn more about the Nanjing Massacre, past experience guide for the future。
"It is reported that," John Rabe "is the 'guardian of the facts Film Festival in Nanjing · Implementation Committee' staff to scrape together more than one million yen theatrical rights to buy。
For various reasons, "John Rabe" has not been publicly released in Japanese theaters, but as of now, citizens' groups in Japan country including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, etc., organized a number of screenings in Japan, more than 10,000 people watched the movie。
Visible Prior to the incident, Ti Ti descendants。
"In order to let more Japanese people to watch" John Rabe, "we want to make unremitting efforts。
We feel the heavy responsibility, because whether or learn about the history of the Nanjing Massacre, the relationship between the Japanese can really learn from history, the relationship between Asia and the world peace。 "Arakawa told this reporter。
( "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (10th edition December 12, 2017) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

Private Message: woman in the end how to look at married life

  Women's inner world always holds many secrets of their own, even gazing at her husband, it is difficult to completely open the window of the soul of his wife。 Especially on the more serious sexual problems, their soul forever hidden security is almost impossible to discern the secrets, but from the point of view of medical psychology, women during sex is often consciously or unconsciously exhibit common features the psychological phenomenon。
  First, the overall sense of sex。 Sex men having sex now concentrated on the surface, once they hold a strong libido difficult biggest wish is often the most pressing sex。 In their view, it seems that only sex is the best way to transfer emotion, while women are not, their sex requirement is an overall feeling。
Sex is just one of the more important part of。 Someone once said that: "A woman's biggest wish is to be loved。
"Here's the connotation of love far beyond sex。
Usually treat her husband's behavior, attitude, her husband's position in the eyes, are an integral part of the whole experience。
So after marriage her husband intentionally or unintentionally, indifference, alienation, and hurtful words and deeds, will greatly affect the positive response to his wife during sexual intercourse, you know, women tend to put their lives every thing in contact with each other together, this is their overall sense of sex。   Second, the motivating factor sex。
Women often worry about losing the charm in front of her husband, thus losing the love。
Therefore, the husband of caring is the best comfort, they can taste from a caring husband's love to warm, to prove his charm has not disappeared。 So, if successful, the husband presented a bouquet of flowers; when lost, the husband brought one seat comfort; when happy, to share with her husband; when sorrow, with her husband divided, then she will dedicate all his own husbands as a reward, and look forward to spending a life with her husband in that moment of shock people。   In addition, for women, sincere conversation also makes them loved, that's even more important than sex。 Careless husband tend to ignore it。 As everyone knows, talk before sexual intercourse, more to stimulate their sexual desire, they want to feel the love of her husband in the words of sweetness, pleasant conversation and comfortable but also enhance sexual consequent share。
Especially busy with work, housework and childless women, and talk to her husband is a real sexual satisfaction。   Third, the location of sex。
Throughout the process of sex, sexual intercourse is a stimulant。 When they get care caress from her husband, will be unrestrained passion, this time as a natural sexual intercourse inject a stimulant, will climax hot sex, so women often want a husband more romantic, tender or warm hugging, touching, kissing can speed up the arrival of the climax of sexual intercourse。 But after orgasm, men may lack the power to fine tired whirring to sleep, but Yu not women。 Sexual pleasure because it is a slow steady disappearance。
They want to continue to caress and tenderness husband。
It should be understood as a husband wife, not his wife at home in solitude and alone fall asleep soundly。   Due to physiological mature women in general than men about two years earlier, so the emergence and development of their consciousness also earlier。
With the female menstrual cramps and body feminization of development, they themselves feel is not a naive child, and felt himself more and more obvious difference with men。
Its psychological performance mainly in the following three aspects: 1, the pursuit of knowledge due to the way sexual maturity and knowledge of the emergence of interest in sex, is the inevitable outcome of adolescent psychology。 In the women's pursuit of sexual knowledge than men open more strong。 Most sources of their knowledge from the classroom come, they often talk about sex with friends and mother。
When you enter puberty, the mother of a greater dependence increases with age, they are more willing to read about their own books, in order to understand the nature of knowledge。
  2, longing for each other between boys and girls love and the pursuit of the opposite sex is a normal stage of development of their sexual physiology。
Women enter puberty, the beginning of an anxiety often have emotions, and behave shy, shy in front of people, full of inner experience。
With the further development of consciousness, alienated from the period between the close of the opposite sex into the opposite sex, they begin to feel attracted to the opposite sex, resulting in a nearly opposite sex emotional needs。 At this time, women began to expand the circle of friendship with the opposite sex or shift from homosexual friend。
They like to have characteristics, such as learning good, smart, with a sense of humor, brains capable of the opposite sex, etc.。
They have a certain rationality in the choice of the opposite sex。
In dealings with the opposite sex, women experience feelings quite rich, performed extremely delicate。 They began to pay attention to modify their appearance, with the United States to shape their own。 In front of the opposite sex to show quiet, dignified, generous appearance。 Intercourse between men and women during this period is not necessarily true love。 They interact with the opposite sex is mostly psychological needs。 Less than men, as they focus on the appearance of the opposite sex。
This is the female sexual psychology than men mature early performance。 Once those who find love, some girls will go for him, like all his, and sees it as part of their own, that is, pay all the feelings。
  3, adolescent sexual desire after puberty, sexual desire and sexual impulses, is a normal physiological phenomenon developing and psychological phenomena。
Women in heterosexual intercourse, the beginning and not linked to sexual desire。
They manifestations of consciousness is subtle, and its development is gradual, slow process, experience deep feelings, and sexual desire is not urgent。
During love, women pay more attention to the exchange of psychological and emotional contact with both sexes。
  Women on the physical relationship about gender in general are more careful, most especially value their virginity。 However, due to women's deep emotional investment is very strong, while other sexual demands, and often out of affection for her boyfriend, the individual will not persist in the end, yield to the other party。   Research shows that women in the absence of sexual experience, sexual desire is not obvious。
Once you have had sexual experiences, sexual desire becomes very strong。 In addition, the age of sexual maturity sooner women, the more intense their sexual awareness, sexual life begins earlier, their sexual experiences, the less influenced by social norms。

Chen Kun Lin Chi-ling shoot Sex in the large-scale passion play racket inventory fear the dew point of the actress

  Chen Kun on the first day into the group that is deliberately get drunk ling sex scenes in "the amount of happiness", the Lin Chi-ling respectively with ordinary honest "fiance" Liao Fan, "handsome men more than gold," Tony Yang and Chen Kun three sportsman staged love scene, can be described as deep, "the four corners of Love", he reveals the ultimate creative Lin Chi-ling Chen Kun was married。 Chen Kun in fact only exposes himself into the group for two days, others are shot for several days, the first day just like Lin Chi-ling Sex in play, he does not feel stage fright, but rather deliberately put himself drunk Lin Chi-ling, a little tipsy like to play this scene。 Lin Chi-ling said this explanation, because drinking is so charming Edward's eyes, their own electricity to fear, "or out of focus state is better."。   Chen Kun said with a smile, Lin Chi-ling was barefoot, her feet wrapped himself helped her put her on the bed with a blanket, a process that he was sweating profusely。
Is it because the media asked Lin Chi-ling tall good hold, Chen Kun replied that just because they are too tight。
Editor: Qiaofei Xiang。

A few grains of small, can escape anticancer down three high!

  A lot of dried fruit has its trick promote human health, and nutrients are even more amazed that make nutritionists。 Raisins known as "berry case", is one of the oldest of fruit。
So, what wonders have raisins in the end it?  1, blood gas studies found that the iron content is 15 times the fresh grapes, raisins further additionally contain a variety of minerals, vitamins and amino acids。 Every day is recommended to eat a handful of raisins, about 30-40 grams, last 15 days, you can prevent the symptoms of low blood sugar reactions, dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, etc.。   2, contains large amounts of glucose to prevent coronary heart disease, myocardial nutritional role, help the rehabilitation of patients with coronary heart disease。
However, raisins high sugar content, diabetics should not eat。
  3, relieve neurasthenia also contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, amino acids, eat better tonic effect on neurasthenia and fatigue were, or women's diseases diet quality goods。   4, lower cholesterol also helps protect the cardiovascular。
Studies have shown that raisins can lower cholesterol, prevent thrombosis, prevention of cardiovascular disease。
If the feeding is equivalent to 400 calories per day raisins, can effectively reduce blood cholesterol, while suppressing the oxidation of bad cholesterol in blood。
  5, bowel care can improve the health of the rectum, because raisins contain fiber and tartaric acid, allowing rapid excretion through the rectum, reducing the time dirt stays in the gut。
  6, anti-tumor anti-cancer effects particularly pronounced cancer。
Studies have shown that those who grow grapes and grapes in the number of population, the incidence of cancer was significantly reduced。
This is because it contains white Li Lu alcohol, which can effectively prevent or inhibit the growth of dividing cells cancerous malignancy, leukemia cells and prevents。   7, prevent heart disease studies have shown that the elderly eat can reduce the probability of occurrence of heart disease。 This is because the raisins contains a variety of antioxidants, they play for the body to absorb cholesterol interference, thereby preventing the occurrence of heart disease。   8, bactericidal anti-inflammatory lot of people think it is sweets, eat will definitely eat bad teeth。
In fact lead to oral disease is the sucrose sugar, raisins and sugar is fructose and glucose。 So not only does not lead to eating raisins oral diseases, but also has bactericidal anti-inflammatory role Glister。
This is because the compound raisins can effectively inhibit the growth of various oral bacteria, these bacteria is the primary cause of tooth decay and periodontitis。   9, detoxification, promote digestion and promote the role of digestion。
Raisins contains tartaric acid, can help gastrointestinal digestion。 Raisins in dietary fiber, can adsorb toxins intestinal wall, promote detoxification。
  In addition, long-term smokers can eat raisins can help lung cell detoxification, but also has expectorant effect, can relieve inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by smoking, itching and other symptoms。
  Purchase skills 1, tablets, sturdy, soft waxy taste were of varying。
  2, there is a certain gap between the particles, there should be no phenomenon of molasses, hand touch feeling of dryness, and then walk away clutching look down, preferred particles can rapidly spread quality。 If the particle surfaces raisins quality sugar, oil, or pinching of inferior particles breakable。   3, the look white slightly lack in claim frosting, icing to lick the green transparent color crystal。
Red currants slightly frosted appearance is also required, to lick translucent purple frosting。   4, fresh, dense taste sweet, not sour astringent。

VR Spectators "virtual reality" Secret high-tech on the Winter Olympics Beijing

The picture shows the audience experience the products in the 2017 Winter Olympics Technology Forum。 Xinhua News Agency issued the "brush face" pit stop, trip planning, wireless network coverage……For the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, Zhang high-speed rail service will connect not only Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou three Division, will transform into all kinds of intelligent integrated services "Olympic train", the popular look forward to the outside world。 Experts said that regardless of transportation, venue construction or event security, scientific training, scientific and technological innovation will play an important and leading role in supporting the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games organizing process。 "Olympic train" at anytime for the special needs of Beijing Olympic Winter Games events, Zhang Jing high-speed rail trains designed a variety of customized services, highlighting the features and smart technology Olympics。 For example, the train set up a special doping region, winter sports equipment storage area, and for persons with human seating area, with the wheelchair securing means, the SOS button and a folding table plate intimate design。 In addition, the train full sense of science and technology as well as dedicated media box, not only can watch live matches in real time through smart displays, media reporters covering the whole car can feel free to use the wireless network system to send event reports editor。
Zhang Jing high-speed rail will be completed by the end of 2019, when Beijing to Zhangjiakou, the fastest train running time will be shortened from the current more than three hours to 1 hour。
It is worth mentioning that, due to the weather and climate conditions of the two Beijing-Zhangjiakou, Beijing, Zhang has become the world's first high-speed rail a design speed of 350 km of alpine, large sand high-speed railway。
"Cold and snow during the Beijing Olympic Winter Games will not affect the normal operation of the high-speed rail, to ensure passengers under cold winter conditions can also reach the destination on time。
"Relevant person in charge。
"Olympic train" three Division connectivity, public transportation systems in all arenas of the series from the surrounding areas。
Clean and environmentally friendly new energy buses will debut。
China developed by the lithium-ion battery, at minus 30 degrees Celsius temperature environment, it can be only tens of seconds to raise the temperature above 0 degrees Celsius, powerful。
"China develops intelligent unmanned buses will also serve the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games。 "Tsinghua University mechanical engineering vice president Yang Diange said, just open the phone, through the system issued a directive, intelligent buses will be able to perceive the car needs of people, it will stop when the station with passengers, and this is a smart car the new design, compared with the current vehicle, no steering wheel and no brakes, throttle。 In addition, operating in a complex environment intelligent unmanned logistics vehicles may also be used in the Beijing Olympic Winter Games。 VR Spectators "there" to enrich the audience experience, Beijing Olympic Winter Games will open the "intelligence spectator" mode, even if not on the scene, but also to "virtual reality"。 Industry experts said that with the continuous development of Chinese sports industry and technological innovation accelerating, artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), 5G Communications, 360 degree playback, unmanned aerial vehicles and other advanced technologies will be integrated use in the Beijing Olympic Winter Games。 Where VR technology is increasingly being used in live matches and other fields, especially in the field of demanding sports such as skiing, this promising technology。
In addition, 360-degree playback technology by dozens of tiny camera captures full-court image and seamlessly connect all screens, all in slow motion a 360 degree rotation can be played back to the audience with rich, stunning spectators experience。
In addition, artificial intelligence, VR technology can also simulate and optimize the game scene, breaking the site, weather restrictions, assisted training system for athletes to achieve, to help athletes improve the competitive level and overall quality。
Experts said that regardless of the high-tech trend of daily training or race, sports equipment have become increasingly evident, advanced sports equipment to help improve the performance of scientific training stadium and athletes。 Built-in sensor tech sportswear which is preparing for Beijing Olympic Winter Games is a major R & D focus。
"Sensor can sense and track the activities of muscle fibers inside the athlete, the status of each part of the muscle through the application reports。 "Researchers say this could help athletes targeted for training。
Assured quality drinking water to drink Beijing Olympic Winter Games events will be located seven major items of 102 small items, of which two-thirds of the projects are held outdoors, including skiing and other outdoor weather issues, including the issue became research emphasis。 "Without the support of science and technology, there is no modern Olympic Movement。
"Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter overall planning department expressed former Minister Xu Da, safe, reliable, low-cost technology is the soul of the Olympic Games。
In addition to meteorological science and technology research, timing systems, new materials, water recycling and so on key scientific and technological needs。
In terms of protection arena, the venue for the Winter Olympics to ensure high quality safe water, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, launched a drinking water project Chongli Olympics, Beijing Institute of Technology developed the use of drinking water treatment technology, water and urban residents treated to ensure water quality to meet international drinking water standards。
By then, the Winter Olympics venues and you could be assured of safe drinking water to drink。 According to reports, this processing technology through innovative disinfection methods, the lifting of the traditional process by "chlorine" secondary damage caused by the human body, and solve network of secondary pollution problems, to achieve 100 percent qualified residents water supply。 Experts said, the ministry has developed a "technology Winter Olympics 2022 Action Plan", with the advance of Beijing Olympic Winter Games preparations, technological innovation will permeate every aspect of people's production and life。 Winter Olympics venue to introduce advanced water treatment technology will benefit people's livelihood。 Currently, Zhangjiakou Huailai County has been the first to achieve high-quality drinking water to the home, daily water supply capacity of 30,000 tons of benefiting a population of about 20 million people。 According to the plan, Zhangjiakou City, the full realization of the drinking water public service。
( "People's Daily Overseas Edition" 11th edition (December 12, 2017)。