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.Cheng can say that winter is like a reunion after the improved version of the XIA away, keep them in the same class small piece of paper he’s doing time?It was not that he hated her willful ignorance of the peak of it?

  XIA away from sitting here for so long, a search of all the large trunk, and did not find the letter he personally wrote four thick, then those memories was young again with a different point of view to heart too again, you know what had happened in the end.
  Small cry from pack to touch the trunk to drive out of high school winter write notes and wrong title, one he lost another local, geological asked him angrily: “These useless things you keep, I believe it!”
  Cheng Dong scramble to pick, Cen wave destroyed him what he dared to go directly to fighting, XIA away ruined him what he would dare pick up only in the side, her soft voice was soft words roared, completely confused: “What letter?”
  XIA away left and right pick pick pick pick, the rest of the things, can not bear this painting, the painting also distressed, she had picked up on the next to hold over paper towels to wipe the tears of the package, get a flat generally hard hard hard to throw in the Chengdong Huai: “Xu Meng away is not like you!”
  ”Who?”She shouted Cheng Dong are ignorant, no first reaction

These constellations have no worries about money all their lives and are enviable for their fame and fortune.

Are there many people who dream of becoming rich overnight and the poor have only money left?? Money is not everything, but it is absolutely impossible without money.. Let’s look at the constellations that are enviable for not worrying about money, fame and fortune in life.?   Taurus Taurus people have an inseparable relationship with money all their lives, as if they were born with a financial mind.. The coffers of Qian Shengqian, Compound interest and Taurus always have considerable wealth because they can make money and know how to invest.. Taurus pays special attention to the quality of life, which needs to be improved with money and heart. A successful life winner is just around the corner..   Leo Leo is always the type of person who calls the wind and rain, and always takes a leading position in the team.. Natural wealth and benefits will not be less. Leo people are very generous to their friends, warm-hearted and kind at ordinary times.. However, Leo should be careful not to be too impulsive and think calmly about things related to money..   Cancer Cancer People Although they do not have a strong financial mind, they do not have the courage to take risks and invest.. However, the Cancer people are diligent and honest. The money they earn should not be spent indiscriminately, but they can take good care of their families in appropriateness.. On the one hand, it can save money, and on the other hand, it can take care of family harmony. inside and inside have good reputation both outside and inside. This is probably what fame and fortune are like..   Scorpio Scorpio, with its keen observation and magical sixth sense, has a better financial sense than the average person and performs well in investment.. Scorpio has a calm and unassuming personality, does not know like to envy, money, fame and glory, can prioritize things, and generally develops smoothly in the workplace.. Such a person will not worry about money all his life..   Capricorn’s enterprising Capricorn is diligent in all aspects and is highly appreciated by his superiors.. Capricorn’s character is mostly reserved and low-key, and he is good at thinking, so he has unique opinions on investment and financial management, and can save a lot of wealth at a young age.. No accident, a lifetime of money. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Aquarius is from what month to what month

Aquarius is the date of birth from January 20 to February 18. Aquarius is also known as Aquarius, Air signs, and is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.. Aquarius has an independent personality and likes to explore and observe.. Curiosity is strong and freedom is advocated. Because their ideas are often Alone thinking of a different way and subvert tradition, they will give people an odd impression, which makes them difficult to integrate into the crowd and give people the impression of being independent and inaccessible..   The basic characteristics of Aquarius are as follows: The sun is located in Aquarius. People pursue freedom, have unique personality and advanced ideas, are extremely innovative and are pioneers of new ideas.. He is intelligent and free from vulgarity. He does not like to go with the flow. He has never dealt according to his cards. He is calm, amiable to others, modest and polite..   Aquarius has the following specific characteristics: Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and Uranus dominates. Aquarius is ahead of time and full of pioneering spirit.. Personality friendly fraternity, creativity and foresight, good at observation and analysis. The sun falls on Aquarius. People don’t follow customs and don’t like The Conformist. They speak and do things with interest, have their own ideas, pursue a unique way of life, and emphasize spiritual and material enrichment.. Curiosity, good at rational analysis, often combine strong desire with independent spirit.. I like to make decisions with free thoughts and follow my inclinations..   Aquarius has the following physical characteristics: Aquarius is a natural clothes hanger, with uniform muscles in both hands and legs, and longer arms than the average person.. He has a well-proportioned figure and graceful lines.. What handsome men and beautiful women, the skin is generally good, looks very healthy, shapely, with a charm of amorous feelings.   Aquarius has the following style: Aquarius is very talented, likes creativity, is independent, does not like to dominate or be dominated, likes to use its own unique method to deal with problems.. The maverick style is easy to give people strange feeling, good at analyzing and planning, and willing to cooperate with others in work..   Aquarius personality blind spot the following content: Aquarius needs to pay attention to, sometimes too insist on your own opinion, will appear stubborn, easy to self-centered. Likes innovation, but pursues excessively is unusual, also easy to cause the contradiction. Too rational, easy to give the impression of indifference.   Aquarius summarizes the following contents: Aquarius is a constellation with strong individualism and intelligence. Its greatest characteristic is innovation. It pursues a unique lifestyle and advocates freedom.. Aquarius is the “star of friendship” in the constellation twelve. they are friendly to people and pay attention to privacy. they like to make friends with all kinds of friends, but it is really difficult to make friends with them. it takes a long time to really make friends with them.. They will appear aloof and distant from their families and will not be able to express their feelings towards them..

A piece of advice to twelve constellations in March 2018

The less hope, the less disappointment. Entering March means spring is coming and everything will have a new beginning.. Please accept a piece of advice to the twelve constellations in March 2018..   Aries: Think twice before you act. Your character is always impulsive, but impulsive is easy to cause trouble.. If you want to be steady, you must learn to think twice before you act.. Learn to control your emotions and not be too impulsive..   Taurus: Don’t let other people’s thoughts affect you. There are always many people around you who give you advice, but you must have your own thoughts and don’t let other people’s thoughts affect you.. Only you know what is best for you.   Gemini’s following content: To see the truth of the matter clearly, you can easily lose yourself in all kinds of people and things and can’t find your direction.. Therefore, you must learn to see the truth of the matter clearly in order to avoid going into trouble..   Cancer’s following content: You can’t miss your character if you take the initiative, but you are too passive and won’t fight for what you want, so it is easy to miss the opportunity.. It is necessary to take the initiative and pursue bravely..   Leo: Spend more time with your family. You are very competitive and always push yourself very hard.. But you must not forget that accompanying your family is also a very important part of your life.. Spend more time with your family and you will be happier..   Virgo’s following content: Respect other people’s work. You are always too picky and don’t know how to be grateful for other people’s efforts.. If you want to get along with everyone, you must respect others’ labor and efforts..   Libra’s following content: Face the reality bravely. You have very little courage and always want to escape in case of difficulties.. It is difficult to grow up if you always run away.. We should learn to face the reality bravely and go on bravely..   Scorpio: It’s time to change your environment. Your heart is often filled with insecurity and emptiness, which will make you feel less happy and happy.. It’s time to change the environment, change the mood and give yourself a holiday..   Sagittarius: Don’t always hesitate. You are no longer a child. You can’t leave everything to others to make decisions.. When confronted with a problem, one must make a quick decision to solve the problem. hesitation will only waste time..   Capricorn’s following content: keep self-confidence and you will succeed. you are not confident enough and always feel that you are not good enough. is there something wrong with you. This kind of mentality must be corrected, keep self-confidence, and with your diligence, you will succeed..   Aquarius: Believe in your own judgment. There may be various sounds in your ear, but you must learn to distinguish between good and bad. Believe in your judgment and obey your inner voice..   Pisces: Stop Thinking Sometimes, you need to stop thinking and calm down to Iko Iko’s own inner voice. To know what one really wants, one must pursue one’s inner dream.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.


Stone of the Chinese nation, originated in the loess, developed in the land.Therefore, the agricultural economy in the history of Chinese civilization occupies an important position.Thereby forming a land plot of the land and the peasants are inseparable.Especially after experiencing numerous times in the history of famine and war, famine and the worst is displaced, so that farmers for land has almost worshiped like a pious.    So, around the land of farming, farmers often inexhaustible energy left to build ancillary facilities, is one stone.Its role, I thought nothing more than just a few: Sheng manure, care, and even live.Nongyan that flower crops, thanks to fecal headed.People can not do without food, it is inseparable from manure crops.Some might say, without manure, fertilizer use.I said, but a manure fertilizer, and is not a.Farmers plow spring, the manure is dry dressing.This is also the base fertilizer.Spring plow land, mostly barren.From after New Year began, the farmers began to dig, Yi Tangtang planing, the hard-working farmers farming season is not wasted, every mountain, incidentally always pick manure.Manure can not get wet, and laid stone house storage.This is perhaps the first stone of a role.Spring planting harvest mature crops, and precious treasure, it is necessary to protect from theft, but also guard against the beast ruined.Green Mountain in the past often bite and badger, eating special spring stick, the night someone must care.Perhaps this is the second use of stone.In ancient times, the poor people, many can not afford to cover the house, next to a mountain home, a cabin with a stone base, shelter for the time being, can be considered home.This is not another useless stone, I can not say, can only guess.    I see the mountains Huijia.Early autumn, slowly approached the stone eighteen cliff top and nervous.I harbored feelings of pilgrimage, closer observation.Next, millet is not yet mature, green valley leaves such as slender fingers, is offering a gold rich ears of corn, is bowed toward the stone.Standing in front of the old stone house, the corn can only be regarded junior.Pepper has been picked, only small pepper leaf, exudes fragrance, needle guard, accompanied by the owner of the tree.Hawthorn, it had grown magnitude of the result, but the color has not changed, mostly green.Only a few naughty restless mountain fruit, toward the sun has begun to beg for a little rouge, cast his cheek.    Vegetation shade of stone, quietly sitting in the weir wall to.Stone structure, all caused by stones pure, with no soil and an adhesive applicator.Circle on the lower stone, in particular a roof, a laminated sheet made from thin slabs, this cone structure, appears to be simple, compact but in reality, efforts to embody the ancient wisdom.From afar, the whole stone such as mushroom-shaped stand, solemn without fail show, simple and contains generous.    On the walls, opened the door.For convenience, usually on one side facing the door open land.Down into the house, they found the house structure, simple and plain.Although low, but reasonable design, layout fine.A square stone house majority, Jie three walls and some windows, and some only one side.Against the wall, they tend to have smooth stone, looking like a stone kang.I guess to look after the crops of farmers, live in temporary.In the end is not to look after the crops, or have other kinds of uses, I guess.    Looked up at the roof, stone layers of departments and regions, tilt and spin, a quantum leap in the room space, for some reason does not feel cramped room.But mottled stone, but Zhao revealed traces of the years.Stone face, I do not know how much it has gone through ups and downs, I do not know how witnessed the vicissitudes of change?Its age, a century or millennium?Who can name it.In front of it, but people seem insignificant.    I’ve heard stories about the stone, but also joy and sorrow intermingled.Farmers uphill work, often encountered wind and rain, the mountain of stone, often used as a shelter from the rain, and sometimes unfortunately will follow.One summer, thunder and lightning, the village sheep for the production team of people, in the stone rain, killed by lightning.Heard about, the whole village all grief-stricken.There once, my mother said that my father had to rest in the stone house quail Liu, and again the next day when the stone has collapsed.God bless the mother said, and quickly burned incense and bowed to show their gratitude.    Once the stone house, begin with practical, along with the terraced fields and weir, carrying negative vicissitudes of history, desultory, moss covered, to show the people back a long past.Now the stone has become a landscape.Waterfalls in Mindanao village tourist area, I just saw the newly built stone house.From a distance, look like stone but a closer look is new, the base plate was really neat being, but there is no sense of the vicissitudes of history.    It seems, time is the real master.

Dew glistening children

[Editor’s note] seedlings strong rain moisture, dew covered grass, swaying contentment, collections of dew shining on glittering grass, grass when swung slightly, wherein a dew inclined stand firm, homeopathic embrace the other one, slide down along Caojian.This observation carefully, describing vividly.[Edit] Butterflies recommended reading even the height of summer, early morning is cool.    Nestled earth moon night, the day accumulated transpiration, turned into a depressed moisture, enjoy the noise outside the vent, filled with.So, between heaven and earth dim gradually, the moonlight suddenly shy now suddenly hidden among dense fog, moonlight mountains and the earth was intermittent scan, houses are becoming increasingly blurred shadows.Only earth doing deep breathing, soulful essence bathed in moonlight, the quiet things in heaven and earth to absorb the aura.After enjoying the warm moonlight night, when the morning twilight to cool a little hit, will come to an end.When Venus told things in the world, the sun is about to rise up, then mist hurry avoid the dilution of their own, scattered fade.    Eastern gray dawn slowly emerged, nostalgia complained that the moon faded stature, put bright daylight, driving mist, cozy warmth began doing my.Whenever mist kissed the place, leaving little trace of it, moist forests, flowers and stained clothing, damp earth, prostrate on the ground the bottom of the grass, small stature, the most feared baked in the sun, cool leafless Chezhu the fog would not let go.Grass and fog in his skin, so, cold heat alternating feedback occurs, the drops of dew on the grass hanging body, glistening dew appeared.    ”Dew thick, red sun”, which is summed up Nongyan people, is scheduled morning glow of splendor, it is assured a sunny day.Taking advantage of the sun has not angry, all starting at the hot flashes.Dew covered grass, swaying with contentment, says the seedlings strong rain moisture, the grass is not the case it ever?The ‘rain’ for the time being put aside, there are ‘exposed’ is enough of.Brilliant dew on the grass shining crystal, a close look, dew big and small distribution, no one who squeeze.When the grass slightly swung, wherein a dew inclined stand firm, homeopathic embraced one another, swells the dew Zheke.With inertia, collision between the dew, the volume swell increasingly, slide down to the ground along Caojian.Asylum others can not bear to leave the grass, quietly fall dead on the grass smb.This is good luck natural crystal, which is evaporated to leave bear dropwise Qinglei.    Diligent farmers began the day sunrise, sucking fresh morning, looking at the bright rays, holding the beloved cattle, walking in possession of a small road in the grass.Servitude cattle farm people know, even today, the water network shoals machinery all over the role of terraced fields, deep in the mountains, the cattle are not be replaced.Experienced farmers all know, the dewy grass, cattle is the most favorite, heat relieve inflammation can play a role in increasing fat flesh.The same is the livestock of sheep, grass with dew, is absolutely not to eat, otherwise it will have the opposite effect, not impatient, cute sheep, can only wait until the sun rises the dew volatile dining.    Grass brushed against the rancher’s trousers, even for a moment it was hit dew wet.Four cow leg hair stick tight, dark color, it can regardless, greedy roll down the food covered with dew in the grass, chewing vigorously, some Grasshoppers cheerful out of the bushes, stunned cow blink a blink of an eye, and then restore calm.The sun rose higher and higher, the dew was quickly transpiration, facing the sun looked, some see through, and some misty vast white skyrocket, which is the dew of the soul fly to heaven.Rise overlooking the horizon there is a cloud, ray of vast white cloud flew straight toward.Tomorrow may rain in years, maybe there is dew soul in it, yes, there must be.It drops down dew, is not it crystal dew?Awareness of heaven to get it, accept the curse is back, back.[Editor: Butterflies]

Bloody nostalgia

Childhood memories, the waves washed the years was sparse, however, there is one place in the home of a small river of things, but seared in the ring of life in. I was ten years of winter, particularly cold days, like 2007 winter snowstorm.North wind like to devour life, like, crazy roaring, extreme terror! The twelfth lunar month thirty in the evening, our family ate a hearty festive dinner, no TV’s in years, is preparing to stay up.A sudden burst of piercing screams and cries for help, like a sound of thunder, breaks the silence of the night sky, shook the town, shook people getting scared! What happened?After our family to wake up from the horror, dark night flock to open the door.Only to hear the bridge creek behind the house, call children call girl, the sound of Kudiehanniang, pierce the sky.We Jiben to a hundred meters away from the bridge, suddenly, a tragic car accident scene comes into view: a “The East is Red” tractor overturned in the river, dozens of people under pressure in the cabin, soaked in icy river , was about to be engulfed by the river. A sudden, the river on both sides of crunching all ages flock to the bridge, there are several voices shouting “fast save it!”Assault like to hear the horn, the men did not hesitate to jump into the icy water, salvage victims groping in the dark.Women, old people mention to the lantern (then the town has no lights), flashlight lighting.Little children screaming, “Here’s a man,” “fast, fast man sank.”Men are supported shivering legs, remove one drowning.When the driver pulled already swallowed air.A woman holding a baby, when death came suddenly, with the mother’s body to keep a patrol lifeblood.A sheet with a small river drift bright red blood.Blood stained the folks who wet cotton. All the victims were salvaged, no leadership arrangements commanded all those who are still alive on both sides of the river folks are duty-bound to his own home, our family also brought back a few people.A mass of people are busy at home, we hold together children and grandparents to set up a pile of fire wood in the court room, the flames disperse the cold.Mom and Dad are busy helping their wet coat off, come up with our large and small cotton trousers to wear them, they are long-winded cold body only gradually stopped shaking.Sitting in front of a fire nice and warm, ruddy face slowly restored.They grateful to say: “Thank you for saving us who you are really great guy friends!”Great people say,” For what ah, who can do nothing about it?”While the adults end to hot meals on the table, they ate a special festive dinner at our house.When they eat, adults to help them bake it dripping coat. The next day New Year’s Day, which was rescued by the farm workers, tears, reluctantly bid farewell to the folks on both sides of the river, eager to go back to my home town from the farm 8 miles with family reunited go. How many years have passed, footsteps away from the river of life has long been home, however, when I see today’s society indifferent sinister relationships, especially that year I heard capsize incident occurred lived in suburban New Year, hundreds of onlookers but no people to save water, some people want the driver to take people from the water to climb to the hospital, the driver said to me when people sent to hospital who pay me, I will deeply miss you – my simple folks, that bloodstained deep nostalgia.

Bloody chase heart

First, the bad news of the accident in July Pro Chongqing city, hot weather.Yang Sicheng luggage, walked toward the Yang Xiuyun’s home.See his sister’s door locked, even puzzled.How do you come back?Do not send send your sister.The speaker was Zhu Qiang, lived in the house next door to her sister.Sent to her sister?Her where to go?Yang Sicheng Zhengzhu.what?You do not know?Zhu Qiang very surprised, then sighed, alas!Buddy you want something.Zhu Qiang and Yang Sicheng grew up playing together, as general.After graduation, Zhu Qiang not admitted, then gold rose to a nightclub security guard and later became director of the Security Department.Your sister is dead, do you really do not know?Zhu Qiang said sadly.what?what did you say?!Your sister has died more than two months!Zhu Qiang voice croaked.How, how could Yang Sicheng eyed, open-mouthed, but then could not speak, appeared to be collapsed to the ground.Zhu Qiang quickly stepped forward to hold him.Two months ago, Yang Sicheng had received a sum of money last sister, it was his more than two months before graduation fee.Yang Sicheng After receiving the money, had to call my sister, Yu Weihua was her husband answered the phone, said her sister was at work and he would tell the.Two weeks later, Yang Sicheng and then call back, said her husband, her sister because of appendicitis attack, has been hospitalized surgery, told him not to worry.At that time Yang Sicheng think that this minor operation should not dangerous, so we did not go back to visit.Since then, Yang Sicheng and had called several times, each time her husband then, first said that some inflammation, appendicitis sister being treated after surgery, but there is no danger.Sister later said with a slight digestive disorders, still hospitalized, but soon will be able to leave hospital.Yang Sicheng have had to go back, but on the one hand repeatedly stressed that her husband does not have to go back, the other is his thesis preparation is at a critical moment, unusually busy, it has been unable to visit her sister.Zhu Qiang took the key, opened the door with Yang Sicheng’s sister.Yang Sicheng a door, he saw the photo of her sister posing for the table, above the two dressed in black veil.Yang Sicheng won the photo, was shaking, suddenly fell to his knees, issued a plaintive cry.Cried for a long time, Yang Sicheng suddenly stopped crying and asked: my sister in the end is how it happened?Zhu Qiang That the learned are told Yang Sicheng.That is what happened two months ago.May 13 evening, the night shift Xiuyun sister to come home from work until 10 pm.When she was crossing the street, it is a Toyota pickup truck hit.According to witnesses, a car ran a red light, gave the driver ran swiftly.See roadside pedestrian was injured, quickly call 120 for an ambulance, the ambulance has not arrived yet when available, from where there is a van passing.It so happened, that’s what Sister Xiuyun HTC pharmaceutical company car.See people in the car are factory workers were injured, she immediately loaded onto the van, went to workers.Later I heard a sister Xiuyun to hospital workers has been unconscious, it said to be the brain.As for the accident, and later abandoned the vehicle and ran away.The investigation learned that the car is stolen, it is impossible to find the perpetrators.Speaking of which, Zhu Qiang sigh, it seems to be hiding something.What would you tell me the whole!Yang Sicheng whispered.After you go back to school soon, I do not know how your husband started taking drugs.He started telling Xiuyun sister, and later openly suck up.Sister Xiuyun hard work overtime at the factory, live frugally saved all the money he sucked a little light up.Sister Xiuyun this hope you come back again try to get him drug treatment, but did not think something went wrong.After Xiuyun sister, immediately someone finds your husband, to say the higher price Xiuyun sister’s heart.Your husband a few days that money to buy drugs, drug addiction will come up uncomfortable was not, it was agreed immediately, so the heart Xiuyun sister to sell 20 million.He is now being held in an addiction treatment center in.Hearing this, Yang Sicheng feel all the blood all rushed to the forehead.His angry staring eyes, chest burning from the flames of hatred he wanted!My sister’s heart to whom the?Yang Sicheng’s voice is coming out from the crevices of the teeth.I do not know, I heard that the provincial capital to the people.That night, Yang Sicheng lying in bed, cried enough, and no sleep.This afternoon to hear everything, this is the second born of his nightmare.The first occurred in a nightmare 13 years ago.That year, suddenly a car accident, both passed away.Parents died in a car accident, and normally should get a sum of compensation.However, the owner is a self-employed who can not afford the huge compensation payments, fled immediately after hearing the news, from heard from since.Therefore, this suffering has not been deprived of remuneration.Since then, the younger sister will bear all home, the Yang Sicheng brought up, and then train to graduation.Next morning, Yang Sicheng With many doubts, to the outskirts of drug rehabilitation centers to find her husband Yu Weihua.He thought her husband was jobs, jobs, shortly after Chongqing Food Machinery Factory mechanic, no culture, but fairly simple and honest man, is usually her sister toe, is very unlikely Wife.In the center, the Yang Sicheng soon saw Yu Weihua.Yu Weihua changed, with a different person than before.His face pale and gaunt, kept his head down, like a sinner.Yang Sicheng did not speak, just looked at him in silence.It was so silent for a few minutes, or Yu Weihua spoke first.All my fault, you should not hide it.Yu Weihua head droop, eyes filled with tears.Yang Sicheng not get in a word, just looked at him bitterly.Your sister became a hit brain death, it is said, it could not have been restored, like the living dead as can only lie, but also the huge cost of a day from her heartbeat and breathing, I simply can not afford.In addition to treatment there any way to stop it?Moreover, I got hooked on drugs, in order to raise drug money, a moment of weakness put her heart sobbed sold Yu Weihua.How do you suck the poison of it?Yang Sicheng asked.That is what happened in March of this year,.It was the weekend, I go to the river as usual.Was also next to a man fishing, he chatted up, talk very speculative, he pulled out a cigarette offered me.To the evening, he was forcibly stuffed into a pack of cigarettes in my bag, said to be a cross.I think a pack of cigarettes only, not refuse, did not expect trouble, and later learned that the smoke narcotics.So, I slowly got hooked on addiction.What is the identity of the man, you know?He appeared in a total of three times at the local fishing.As for his identity, I did not know, but he regularly called to ask me to do something about the goods sister, you know what?After you hit sister, was immediately sent to hospital workers to rescue her company car, I arrived after 40 minutes.At that time, she was lying there in a coma, relying on a ventilator in the maintenance of breathing.Zhou Hu Yuanzhang, said hospital workers are not saved.Later, Hou your sister company security department brought big to me, said to be the heart of the provincial capital for someone to buy.I was just guilty of drug addiction, much deliberation, finally unbearable due to the drug addiction, put her heart sold.I should have under way!Speaking of which, Yu Weihua been crying.The sister to the hospital to open the van’s Who?Yang Sicheng asked, he is trying to sort things out.Hou is to get big, he was sitting on the car, but the driver who is I do not know.Sister heart is who bought it?I do not know, just say who is the provincial capital.I heard that the heart was immediately transported to the provincial hospital, implanted in the man’s body.Second, the painful fact that a few days later, Yang Sicheng came to the provincial capital, went straight to the provincial hospital to find Wangsi Qing.Wangsi Qing Yang Sicheng is high school, their relationship has been very good.After high school, he passed the Wangsi Qing, now the provincial hospital internship.Yang Sicheng three days ago had called Wangsi Qing, to understand him two months ago, the situation of a heart transplant operation performed in the Provincial Hospital.You are asking me a heart transplant has been checked, May 14 Provincial Hospital has indeed done a heart transplant surgery, the donor from Pro Chongqing City, a 28-year-old woman, the Department of brain death car accident.That heart is shipped by helicopter.Wangsi Qing said..Who underwent heart transplant?Yang Sicheng interrupted him.Her name is Chen Jingyi, also heard the Pro Chongqing City, who also heard that her family is very wealthy.Pro also hear people undergoing heart of the city of Chongqing, Yang Sicheng surprised.But his dry, continue to ask: is not just any human heart can be transplanted it?Of course, the conditions, the donor and recipient have very strict requirements.First, the two organizations must be compatible, above all, the ABO blood group compatible with the more important thing is to test the compatibility of lymphocytes; Second, what kind of donor hearts, there are other conditions are selected, but also by comparison both weight, low pulmonary vascular resistance body and the donor, but also compared to the heart through the chest X-ray projection.If the donor taken improperly, the possibility that the operation of large, people are likely to suffer transplant acute right heart failure, thus endangering.It sounds very complicated condition, then, the transplanted heart is the source of the information you provided Provincial Hospital?National systematic network in organ transplantation, therefore, the organ source of information is usually provided by the hospital.But this is very strange, is the information provided by the families of transplant recipients suffer, perhaps her family financially strong, gather intelligence about it everywhere.Until now you have not told me that you really want to do to investigate these things do?Because the donor heart transplant is my sister.Yang Sicheng Then, trickled straight out.Wangsi Qing woodenly, and suddenly feel all their own medical records you can sour the heart transplant gave me a copy of it?Yang Sicheng asked.Of course you can, do not you doubt that so far, there is only suspicion, but I will check into one of.Yang Sicheng said firmly..A few days later, Yang Sicheng returned from the provincial capital city of Chongqing Pro.Yang Sicheng thinking about all the recent events, trying to find a link between them.At that time, four events have occurred: her husband were lured into drug use, my sister was hit by a car, my sister’s first car taken away her sister, the heart was transplanted to the city of Chen Jingyi.He concluded that these are not isolated events, during which there must be contact.A few days later, Yang Sicheng investigation into, Chen Jingyi is the sister working HTC pharmaceutical companies.After obtaining this information, Yang Sicheng convinced that her sister was murdered man!Yang Sicheng his own investigation and analysis told her husband.Yu Weihua surprise, then burst into tears.He regrets his inability to!Now is not the time to cry, blood for blood, we must!Yang Sicheng said firmly..I was a yokel, you arrange it, I just homes but also their lives revenge!First, you have to completely quit drug addiction, otherwise, you are a basket case, but also to talk about revenge!They discuss the next course of action, we decided to start the car accident manpower.Although Toyota pickup truck that was stolen, the driver had fled, but the next day I heard that the police had found the car, and get fired several fingerprints from the door and the steering wheel.Yang Sicheng requested her husband to find comrades to help the vice squad after the kick the habit, the taking of fingerprints picture.And Yang Sicheng decided to infiltrate the HTC pharmaceutical companies, looking for the driver from the fingerprint staff.According to Yang Sicheng because of speculation, since my sister was a hit, then the driver must be trusted conspirators, he is probably someone within the company.In order to hide their true identity, Yang Sicheng warned Yu Weihua, the two do not meet again temporarily, in order to avoid perceived the other to their own identity, if necessary, can be contacted by Zhu Qiang.A month later, Yang Sicheng candidates according to plan to HTC Pharmaceutical Company.The company just after the R & D personnel, a few days, let them come to interview Yang Sicheng.Day of the interview, Yang Sicheng came early on, not to the interview, he paced in the hall.On both sides of the hall hung several pieces of landscape painting, it seems here have a special preference for landscape painting.Ying Yang Sicheng human eye is’ when fast snow and sunshine map “Huang Kung-wang, he could not help laughing, because he knows that this painting is the real thing hiding in the museum, but class treasures, in front of this piece is no doubt pastiche.Yang Sicheng found this picture of strokes, although immature, there are some vibrant feeling, especially that a red sun and a touch of glow, which contains a vision of hope and.I watched, he had to temporarily forget the pain, face emerges out.Do you like this picture?Yang Sicheng suddenly heard behind someone’s words, is a girl’s voice, that voice is not big, but very soft.He turned and looked, behold, it was about a two-year-old girl.Her fair-skinned, slim, wearing a blue dress and white squares, two big eyes Wink waves.She stared at the front with a smile Yang Sicheng.Today, such a dignified and elegant girl running out, Yang Sicheng suddenly felt eyes became clear.This picture is good, although the imitation goods, far less than the big buff of vigorous and effective, but do not have the joy of life.This author is probably at least have the skill or ten years it!Yang Sicheng said..Girl smiled, nodded slightly, but did not answer.Thus, Yang Sicheng asked: do you also come to apply?No, do not you come to apply the?She tilted his head asked.Yes, I just graduated from college this year, especially to candidates.Are you a company employee?Nor is it, I’m looking for people.It seems that you do has studied Chinese landscape painting!Not to mention research, it is only slightly covered.Yang Sicheng replied with a smile.At this time, the company receptionist came over to let Yang Sicheng to the Human Resources Department to interview.Yang Sicheng girl reached out and shook hands, Yang Sicheng holding her hand, there is a soft feeling without bone.Yang Sicheng into the human resources office, began the interview.The interviewer niece Hu Yuting, director of human resources, corporate bosses.Three days later, Yang Sicheng received a notification hiring the company, he became Hongda Pharmaceutical Company employees.Third, the encounter Yang Sicheng placed in R & D work.In order not to expose his true identity, he had moved out of her sister’s home, where not far away from the company rented an apartment.Yang Sicheng decided to first be familiar with the company’s business, the company achieved the upper and reused in the shortest possible time, so close to the company executives and even the core layer.Therefore, he go to work every day than other people active and serious.Suddenly three months has passed.After this world class, Yang Sicheng to Xinhua bookstore to find books.Yang Sicheng find a book, sit down and read it, the time unknowingly passed about 20 minutes, just listen to someone behind said: What book are you reading it?It was a voice, gentle, very soft.Yang Sicheng bookstore clerk thought it was too long to see him, so he replied without looking up: immediately Payment.The woman laughed.Yang Sicheng turned his head to look, is a girl, that Wink waves eyes seemed to know you from somewhere, think carefully, turned out to be three months to go Hongda Pharmaceutical company candidates, watching the landscape seen in the lobby the girl.Girl to the bookstore to buy books aspect, as it happens met Yang Sicheng, and one recognized him.You are now engaged in fine arts?Yang Sicheng read two books a girl’s hand, which is an “appreciation of Chinese art history,” the other is “Dong Qichang landscape painting”, so this speculation.There can be no professional, just loving it.Last time you see the photograph of “fast snow and sunshine when map” imitation goods, is my doodles, let you.The girl said, like a blush on the cheeks.It turned out to be your masterpiece!You are so young and has such deep skill, really simple ah!I originally thought it was everyone who does paintings!Yang Sicheng heartfelt flatter me.You can see who has studied landscape painting, if convenient to you, we went to the teahouse next door to a cup of tea, please?I would like to listen to the teachings of it!Thus, the two paid for the book and, out of the bookstore.Sure enough, there is a tea room next door, it was on Qingxin Tea Room.Seated, they chatted about painting.Nice to meet you, the girl has been very Yang Sicheng ability to understand the landscape of today’s words down, she is Yang Sicheng marveled.They talk very invested, they knew it, the night has come, should bid farewell.Can put your phone number to me?Listen to Jun’s words, read in ten years ah!Later I want to listen to the teachings of it.Girl said earnestly.Yang Sicheng out a business card handed in the past, it was printed for his company, phone number and his office number above.What girl reads a piece of paper and handed Yang Sicheng said: This is my phone number, my name is Chen, called Xiaomei, if idle, please call me, I would be very pleased to do!Out of the tearoom, Xiaomei seemed sorry to see her that a pair of eyes staring sweet touching Yang Sicheng’s eyes, her lips moved, it seems to say, but did not say anything, he turned to say good-bye.Since then, Yang Sicheng often think Xiaomei.He thought perhaps he had liked her right?Yang Sicheng want to give her a call, and feel a little abrupt, while he still has something important to do, when not yet reached their love.But after a few days, Xiaomei, took the call came, and wanted to see about Yang Sicheng.Yang Sicheng pondered a moment, then agreed.Night, Yang Sicheng punctual for appointments.Xiaomei wore a pale green sweater, with her white skin set off, even more fresh and beautiful.See Yang Sicheng to the party, she was very happy.Looked at Yang Sicheng, rippling her eye from a clear and moving, it seems to contain some kind of special things.Yang Sicheng was mesmerized staring eyes Xiaomei.Xiaomei only met three times with his own face, he did not know why her eyes for they have such a big attraction.Is this love at first sight?Xiaomei initiative held out his hand, holding his hand and went into the cinema.Yang Sicheng found himself falling in love with Xiaomei, he and restless as her head is full of her image.He has repeatedly told myself: large avenge, how can their love?But with little success.Yang Sicheng contain himself feeling, finally got Xiaomei phone, it was his first initiative to call her.You can hear from the phone, Xiaomei ecstatic when he received a phone.She tells him the past few days did not see him the reason, as she prepares to give his painting a picture.Yang Sicheng pleased to learn, they arranged to meet in the evening Qingxin tea room.Night, Yang Sicheng excitedly came to the Qingxin Tea Room.In a box, he saw the slim beauty child stood up early.Xiaomei looked at Yang Sicheng’s eyes, she seems aware of his change.His eyes once so full and calm, never before had such a spark of passion.She might have guessed what he would do, she did not, as usual, came took his arm, and just stood there silently, quickly flush covered her cheeks, she was shy and lowered his head.Yang Sicheng a stride rushed forward, threw his arms and took her man.Two rushing rapids brings together emotion, fierce hug instead of words, sweet kisses instead of words.This is not a dream, right?Yang Sicheng murmured.Xiaomei sent over fiery red lips, instead of the answer.Since then, Yang Sicheng and more frequent Xiaomei.Except in special cases, almost all of them together every night until late, respectively,.Curiously, Yang Sicheng repeatedly raised her home, but each time she refused, she was always alone ride home.Due to the ability to more prominent and hard-working, Yang Sicheng soon get department heads and company boss Chen HTC appreciation.This morning, Yang Sicheng Chen Hongda send the file to the general manager, general manager of the office a painting on the wall caught his attention, it is actually an “Autumn Wan Shan map”!Chen HTC is not, general manager Zhou Yang Sicheng asked: Excuse me, who is this painting?This is a painting of President Chen’s daughter.Miss Zhou replied, painted a good bar?She studied painting for five years time.The first floor hall of the photograph “fast snow and sunshine when the map” as well as her paintings.Yang Sicheng woodenly, and stared at that picture, did not say a word.How, what’s wrong with you?Miss Zhou surprised.President Chen had daughters?Yang Sicheng asked.Yeah it is a daughter.Miss Zhou increasingly feel strange.Chen Jingyi it is called, or called Xiaomei?Called Chen Jingyi Yeah, Xiaomei is her pet name.Miss Zhou explained.Yang Sicheng shocked!My God!There could be such a ridiculous thing!He just felt incredibly hard, do not know how he is back at the office.Yang Sicheng immediately took leave of absence, back to the apartment.He lay in bed, keep the Xiaomei, she can not wait to bite into pieces immediately.Fourth, the whole bloody day, Xiaomei Yang Sicheng to playing numerous phone calls, failed to contact him.The next morning, Xiaomei and beat Yang Sicheng phone is still shut down.He in the end how the?She decided to ask a company to understand.9:00 am, she came to work in the R & D department Yang Sicheng.Yang Sicheng in the end is how the?How did you come to work?She eagerly asked R & D director.How, you know Yang Sicheng?R & D director of surprise.He saw Ada did not answer, but her crimson complexion and eager eyes can judge, her relationship with Yang Sicheng is unusual.He came to work yesterday morning Shihai good, but then I let him send a information to you, came back to his face does not seem good, afford to sit for a while and said the body is not comfortable, leave to go back to rest.R & D director says.Xiaomei said thank you, walked Bianxiang office.A door, she asked Ms Chow: Have you seen it yesterday, Yang Sicheng?Are you saying that Yang Sicheng R & D department?Miss Zhou meet up, Xiaomei rushed like that, so she was a little surprised.Yes.According to research and development director, said yesterday morning that he had sent the file over, yet what happened next?Xiaomei then asked.He did send the file over, then I looked at the picture.Miss Zhou pointed to the wall of the photograph “Autumn Wan Shan map”, went on to say, I told him, this is your painting, and said that the photograph of the first floor hall “is fast snow and sunshine map” is you draw.He later asked your name, I told him.He stared for a moment, then left without a word, as if pensive look.What’s up with him?So, I understand.Xiaomei muttering, went straight into the cubicle Chen HTC.My daughter how it?What do you make of it sounded gloom?Hongda Chen laughed.Mei sat next to his father, saying nothing, his eyes tears flowers.How it happened?Tell me, maybe I can help you.Hongda Chen patted her hand, smiled and said.Dad, me.Xiaomei whispered, due shy, her head buried in his chest.Who is the other side of it?Hongda Chen asked.He is your subordinate, called Yang Sicheng.Xiaomei go all out, and finally uttered this name.Oh, it is the new big.I know this person, the ability to very serious. I admire him.My baby daughter a good eye ah!Hongda Chen said with a smile.In the apartment rental, the Yang Sicheng slept for two days.In the huge emotional gap in his soul he endured many shocks and whips.Until the next morning, Yang Sicheng just decided to get up, cleaned up after, went to work.Yang Sicheng arrived in office and sat down, the phone rang, the phone is Xiaomei.Hello.Yang Sicheng said calmly.You finally answer the phone choked Xiaomei.I’m sorry, these two days I did a bit uncomfortable.For two days, I made many calls to you, you ignored me!I heard Jiao Chen Xiaomei.I do not know what to say is not the case of Yang Sicheng.All my fault, I hide my identity, but I’m not malicious, I just want to interact with you as an equal, I want to show in front of you for the true self.But I did not think gave you bring harm.Now, I apologize to you please forgive me please?When I saw you the day before yesterday morning photograph “Autumn Wan Shan map” know your identity, then I do have a feeling of being fooled.But then think about it, I really love is this really you, what else can count it all?I figured out, these two days I did not care about you, I owe you an apology is it!I can not hear you crying out Xiaomei has a.Yang Sicheng heart was grieved, some choking throat feeling.Then he saw the two offices came forward, he whispered to comfort her: Well, do not be sad, and tonight I ask you, when you apologize for.That night, Yang Sicheng accompanied Xiaomei dinner in a small restaurant in the box Zuixiang ranking.After dinner, leaning his head Yangsi Cheng Xiaomei chest, motionless.He sentimental stroked her hair, threw himself bathed in the vision of the future and.Soon after, the new HTC Pharmaceutical company set up a special laboratory, let Yang Sicheng Chen Hongda when the director of the Research Office.After half a month of preparation, especially laboratory has been basically completed..With special laboratory on behalf of, any situation Yang Sicheng want to find out within the company a very convenient.Yu Weihua detoxification quite successful, this time leaving drug addiction treatment.He moved to grain machinery factory dormitory to live, because he can no longer live at home, a back there, you immediately think of the tragic death, feeling as uncomfortable as Oath.This morning, Zhu Qiang phoned Yu Weihua, asking him to two in the afternoon to night clubs that have important matters to discuss.Yu Weihua Zhu Qiang came to the office, Zhu Qiang was sitting on the sofa waiting for him.This morning, Yang Sicheng handed me a flash drive, she said on a photo of all personnel HTC Pharmaceutical Company.Yang Sicheng estimated lure that person your drug is likely to be this company’s internal staff, I would like to ask you to identify it.Zhu Qiang said..I also suspect that person is HTC pharmaceutical company insiders.I came out from the drug, who were in front of the headquarters of pharmaceutical company HTC, waiting a few days near the plant health products and pharmaceutical companies under the door, but never found the man’s sight.I have the weekend to go fishing at the river’s wandering, but also from not seen his shadow.Zhu Qiang turn on the computer, bring up a bundle of HTC pharmaceutical company employee photos, they look for a company headquarters, plant health products, pharmaceutical, hospital workers, garnered suspicious persons.Later, when searching the western suburbs of the resort’s security department, Yu Weihua suddenly discovered that his hated villain.It’s him!Yu Weihua shouted, fists on the table Bash.They read the transcripts under the photo.That great man named Hou, 35 years old, redneck Anyang, Henan 8 years ago by the company as a security guard, recently transferred from the company’s headquarters west of the resort.After he was originally HTC Pharmaceutical company headquarters security, tempt me drugs, may be afraid brought to light, he was transferred to the resort.No wonder I could not find him in the city!Yu Weihua said bitterly.How are you going to do?Zhu Qiang asked..I went to see him afterwards!Yu Weihua said angrily.Yang Sicheng repeatedly stressed, temporarily not to arouse his suspicions.Zhu Qiang discourage Road.Yu Weihua did not answer, he was an envelope out of his pocket, pay and Zhu Qiang, said: Here are fingerprints on the bike accident car doors and steering wheel, my copy of my comrades in the vice squad, please turn to杨思成 it.Zhu Qiang fingerprint images to quickly copy sent to the hands of Yang Sicheng.Next, Yang Sicheng going to find that person and the picture is consistent from within the company.However, before you act, Yang Sicheng must first master the two techniques, that is, fingerprints and fingerprint identification technology show technology.Yang Sicheng also considered whether the request can come forward to the police investigation Hongda Pharmaceutical Company employees, in order to find out what driver?But Yang Sicheng first to deny themselves this program.If arouse his suspicions, and that the driver would have caught on and fled, even when the driver can not catch, how can ferret out its mastermind behind it?Therefore, Yang Sicheng decided by themselves to find the driver.Company employees a total of 2620 people, Yang Sicheng decide manpower will be driving from the driver, the driver a total of 53 people, 53 people how to obtain this fingerprint it?Fortunately, Yang Sicheng now have the name of this particular laboratory, he can be a transaction as an excuse research company, this one by contacting 53 people, and try to extract their fingerprints.In the western suburbs of the city, there are not too high of a hill, called the West.Mountain resort that is the West beam, HTC pharmaceutical companies in the development of new industry four years ago.Liangshan in the hillside at the West, there is a small gazebo nestled in the dense pine forest.Recently a week to every three or four o’clock in the afternoon, there will be a burly man came to the pavilion, watching with a telescope toward Resort.This afternoon, he went to the pavilion, he intends to act today is the day.He is Yu Weihua.Ever since he learned a great identity Hou, you’ll be tempted to the hearts of anger.Although Zhu Qiang told him, Yang Sicheng hope he temporarily not to act, everything must be long-term perspective, but he decided to act alone.Yu Weihua go in a circle along the gym, he chose a tree.The tree close to the gym, and he was climbing on quickly to the second floor hallway.He tread carefully in the hallway, there came a light in the room door.He saw great positive Hou sitting on the couch watching TV.Yu Weihua a plunge into it, Hou much hair left hand, right hand with a knife in his neck stand.Hou much looked back and saw Yu Weihua, suddenly scared being smart, whole body shivering, and stammered: Do you want to do, what to do?Allowed sound, otherwise I rude to you!Yu Weihua cried softly.Yu Weihua quickly put the dagger to his left hand, still stand on the great neck Hou, Hou right hand grasp the right wrist great, the lift level straightened, then at great speed down exhausted body strength of a pressure, but suddenly lift the right knee aligned Hou much elbow hit to the lower edge, just listen to the sound of Kacha, Hou great uttered a shrill scream.Look at that arm hanging limply is already in there, did not move, it appears to be dislocated.Hou screamed great side, with the left hand while his right arm quickly to alleviate some of the.I beg you, let me, I did not treat you.Hou great pleaded.Little hiccup instigate!Get up, go with me!Yu Weihua whispered ordered.Hou great frustration, went downstairs at Yu Weihua coercion.Hou much was shaking, and asked: Where are you taking me?Do not kill me, I did not treat you, someone to tell me what key you.Yu Weihua silent, Hou left hand much of the left arm, right hand after a knife against his heart, walked to the door at the north wall of.Around empty, Hou much whispered, Yu Weihua begged him to let go, but still said nothing Yu Weihua.Soon, to the hillside pavilion.Hou Yu Weihua flashlight with a great pale face, with gloomy voice: are you caused my family broke.Today, you put the whole move everything out, otherwise, immediately kill you!Hou much already scared went to pieces, immediately knelt down and said: I did not treat you, we are a large company Hou Security Department to take the key you, everything I did was he ordered.Soon, Hou much put everything out confessions.It turned out that Hou Hou Montana is a great cousin, cousin eight years ago down here defected from Henan Township, Hou showed he arranged a large security job.He had lured by the drug Yu Weihua, Hou is a large holding arrangement, but for the purpose of luring Yu Weihua drug use, he does not know it.Hou at this time of great fear, tears and snot streaming out together.Yu Weihua disgust kneeling Hou great, I thought, Yang Sicheng speculation really good, he really is murdered sister.So blood feud, how can Qingrao?Moreover, if you put this person, he will report to Hou Montana, the other party would not have preparedness?This will not help with your next move Yang Sicheng.Not like a penny, in for a pound, this result of his life.Would kill for life, can Yu Weihua unable to manage so much, he thought of his wife’s tragic death, the thought that he foolishly sold his wife’s heart, the flame of hatred on the chest burning up.What’s more, because of his wife’s tragic death is the sky, if he did not do drugs, there will never be later sold the heart of the scandal that his wife, who would not have a wife to start.Today, the responsibility should be borne by the revenge of his own, he never let Yang Sicheng adventure for him, otherwise he would not face the memory of his late wife!However, this person is just a pawn of the enemy, the real enemy has not been punished, vengeance has just begun.Fifth, lover Zhu Qiang Yang Sicheng from there learned that her husband had to lure him to get rid of a great drug Hou, methods and take very clever, did not cause Hou Montana and the police suspect, on the surface, completely like a traffic accident.Now, you have to enter the company’s top and positions of influence.However, the driver has yet to be found.He repeatedly studied the driver fingerprints from Zhu Qiang got there, there are a lot of fingerprints that above, but only two of the most clear, preliminary judgment, it should be two fingerprints index and middle fingers.It has a total of 53 drivers, how to get their fingerprints do?Yang Sicheng came up with a way.His edge in his right palm, which is the thenar site posted a piece of glass tape, when he shook hands with others, just the other side of the forefinger and middle finger grip on that tape.Later he secretly tear tape, paste into a notebook and write down the person’s name next to.He has successfully collected 45 fingerprints, but have not yet found the driver.Ching Ming Festival is coming, Xiaomei Yang Sicheng proposed to weep with her to advance worship.This morning, Yang Sicheng go out early and drove to his unit is equipped with Audi connect Xiaomei, drove to the cemetery in the western suburbs.The western suburbs of the cemetery on a hill near the halfway point is a luxurious mountain cemetery, Xiaomei dead mother’s grave was there.The foothills area is the general civilian cemetery, Yang Sicheng’s sister is buried here.Yang Sicheng was in her sister’s grave and vowed to find the perpetrators as soon as possible, but so far, mutilation sister’s assailant remains at large!Thought of this, my heart aches Yang Sicheng.When passing civilian cemetery at the foothills, Yang Sicheng looked toward her sister’s grave, showing a trace of children imperceptible color of resentment.Sister buried there, but, inside her body but less heart.And that heart, now his side beating the woman body.Why!Why sister’s heart is no reason to take away others?Yang Sicheng eyes burning with flames of anger.He knew it slowed down.What happened to you?Xiaomei seemed to sense a change in his mood, tilted his head to ask.Oh, nothing..Just came to the cemetery, I suddenly remembered the deceased parents hesitated replied Yang Sicheng.Xiaomei looked at him pity, infinite tenderness around his.He deeply understood that he loved her.But if she really know very involved in the plot to seize the heart of how to do?He could not think that the consequences.It stands to reason, she is so pure, how will participate in the kind of dirty deeds?She must have been totally unaware of.However, even if she was completely excluded from that plot, and that her father must be a conspiracy that the angel, and the angel is as necessary to life for a life of.If they hand edge of its parent, how can he face his daughter?He never thought that he could even fall into such an awkward situation.But are unaware Xiaomei Yang Sicheng thoughts at the moment, her hands holding his right arm, his face filled with a sweet smile.This is the first time Yang Sicheng to worship with her dead mother, which is of extraordinary significance.Soon, they came to the cemetery Xiaomei.Yangsi Cheng Xiaomei flowers and tributes gracefully, respectfully bowed three bow to the gravestone.Ada taken from a cloth bag and carefully wiping the dust tombstone.Yang Sicheng around casually walk around.Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his right foot, looked down, a gray snake was wandering from his feet, and soon in the grass.The snake’s head is triangular, it shall be a serpent!He exclaimed: bad, snakes!Yang Sicheng quickly sit down and watch that wound.Wound over the outside of the right ankle, the processing must be quickly.Xiaomei see him look wrong, she immediately ran over, I heard that he had been bitten by poisonous snakes, suddenly scared to cry.Yang Sicheng hastened to comfort her, saying that as long as the process quickly, there should be no problem.Thus, Yangsi Cheng got fast rope, firmly tied at the upper right leg, in turn remove the knife on a key chain, the deep wound that crosses in a draw, then forced out to the local blood.However, that part of the absence of any muscle, squeeze two minutes what could not squeeze blood.How to do it?Not delay!Thus, Yang Sicheng grasp the right foot with both hands and tried to pull up his mouth to suck the poison on the wounds that.However, the wound in the leg outside his mouth out of reach!At this time, Xiaomei put his head in the past that would suck the wound.Yang Sicheng rushed to her head open, and said sternly: Absolutely not!That venom sucked into the mouth is very dangerous, it might die of laryngeal edema!Just at that time, fast.Xiaomei usually do not look feminine weakness, but this time do not know where the strength, her hands would suddenly Yang Sicheng a push to make him sit on the ground, then she turned and lying on his body, with his mouth desperately suck the wound venom on, every breath to spit immediately, and then suck.After more than a dozen suction mouth, she is exhausted, this stop there.Yang Sicheng understand, can not stay here, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible.He held Xiaomei stood up, ran under the two stumbled monastery.To the foot of the mountain, Xiaomei mouth had swollen up, I had some difficulty breathing.Yang Sicheng his right leg badly swollen although it has become blue black, and almost lost consciousness, but he also refused to take his side to comfort Xiaomei, rushed towards the side of the car to the nearest hospital.Finally reached the outskirts of the hospital, this time, Jie Xiaomei face lift has become a purple, almost can not breathe.Yang Sicheng lifted her side shouted for help, ran to the side limped to the emergency room.An older physicians look at symptoms of a Xiaomei, act decisively, took a scalpel, too late disinfection, the alignment of the trachea Xiaomei hand is the knife, and immediately her tracheotomy, and plug in a catheter.They both pushed into the ward, and quickly for their injection of antivenom and other drugs, this turned the corner.Half an hour later, Chen and Hu Yuting HTC and a pedestrian came to the hospital, this time Xiaomei asleep.HTC to see her daughter so frozen scene, unknowingly tears ,, once afraid to wake her daughter, so fighting back did not make a sound.He quietly sat on the bed, holding her daughter’s hand, quietly gazing at the beloved daughter.Hu Yuting see him this way, he quietly back out, he came to the Yang Sicheng ward.Yang Sicheng see is Hu Yuting, quickly got up and struggled to sit up, she quickly stepped forward to hold down his shoulders and let him lie down.Xiaomei how about?Yang Sicheng asked.Finally out of danger, but still, there remains inserted in the endotracheal tube, the doctor said, after laryngeal edema eliminate to wait until it removed.Hu Yuting Yang Sicheng looked right leg, and that leg is still badly swollen.Hu Yuting sighed and said: Big deal you mind, how would something like this!Now think about how dangerous what!And nearly his life will lose two!Who would have thought it?Perhaps this is the so-called impermanence of it.Yang Sicheng thoughtfully answer.N Speaking of which, Chen HTC came knocking.HTC came to Yang Sicheng Chen’s bed, Yang Sicheng thought he should blame himself, but he said not a word of reproach, he looked at Yang Sicheng injury, asked about the general situation, and finally asked: If you do not mind, I now I want to talk to you, okay?Well, I did not sleep a little now.Yang Sicheng replied.He thought, probably teach a child to begin.Hu Yuting Chen HTC pulled a chair up and let him sit down at the bedside, he quietly withdrew.Usually too busy, I have not talked with your homemade.With this opportunity today, and you want a good chat.Hongda Chen shifted his chair and forward, so a bit closer from Yang Sicheng.I want to talk about some of my own things before.Hongda Chen went on to say.Yang Sicheng noted that his face did not show a trace of resentment and angry, but full of pathos.Hongda Chen lit a cigarette and continued: first, despite my wife’s family strongly opposed, and I came together.We, suffered enough to finally turn for the better.However, an illness claimed her life!I had really wanted to commit suicide, end their lives with her.However, Xiaomei was only three years old, I how willing we were under common flesh?I gave up the idea of death, they must encourage their daughters to adulthood, it is the wife to stay in this world of flesh and blood, which is a continuation of the life of wife.It was in this state, I spent seventeen years.Now, you should understand my present, and should know that in my heart Xiaomei component of the.It can be said, Xiaomei are everything to me!I also know that my daughter loves you, she loves you even more than the love of her own.In my heart, I have you as my.I solemnly tell you, is your Xiaomei, HTC Pharmaceutical Company is also your.You do not give me any promises, I only hope you do, just do not live up to Xiaomei!Having these Hongda Chen, hands on the bed and stood up, while gazing Yang Sicheng, while very tenderly stroked his forehead, like a loving father touching his children in general.Yang Sicheng clearly see in his eyes full of tears, but he did not let the tears flow down, turned around and left in a hurry.Yang Sicheng quietly in bed, heart are suffering severe impact.He thought, if there was never a matter of the heart wins, Chen HTC deserves to be an outstanding entrepreneur, a loving father.Chen HTC is murdered sister’s enemy, but his daughter is his Fatal Love people, benefactor, Sister Is this the great hatred vanish?Sixth, in advance of the marriage after a week of treatment in hospital, Yang Sicheng finally recovered and were discharged.But Xiaomei still in hospital for some time, because of her weak constitution, throat Although the injury healed, but some inflammation in need of treatment.Moreover, perhaps due to the venom, and she occasionally has some heart arrhythmias, although temporarily not hurt, but for safety reasons, the doctor advised her to the hospital for observation for some time.HTC care Yang Sicheng Chen, Xiaomei continue during hospitalization, he would not have to go to work, it is best every day to the hospital to accompany Xiaomei.During this time, most pleased to count Xiaomei, because there is Yang Sicheng day to accompany the side.After half a month until the doctor finally said Xiaomei be discharged.After the Xiaomei back home, Hu Yuting Yang Sicheng out about the.Hu Yuting initiative to speak and said: I find you today, want to talk to you about your marriage and Xiaomei.marriage?Yang Sicheng petrified.Although he and Xiaomei exchanges have been for some time, and he loved her very much, but never thought of before.Ever since graduating from college to now, all he could think about was how my sister revenge, never thought about their own future and the future.He slightly pondered a moment and said: I am the cause of nowhere, and Xiaomei age is still light, now talk about marriage, I am afraid that mahogany box filled with, not just beloved Xiaomei Yang Sicheng, as well as her sister’s heart, as well as all the love in the world he.Now for him, but also hundreds of millions of family wealth worthless, only this is all his mahogany box.He had thought.However, suicide is a coward’s performance.I let go of the last enemy and committed suicide in heaven, how will the face of injustice sister dies?Yang Sicheng is sudden runaway, he told no one.No one knew where he went, what to do, when to come back.He did not bring only took Xiaomei casket and a small bag, bag filled with wool clothing that three and a half Xiaomei had knitted for him, that last half-piece or weave in bed.One morning a few months later, Hu Yuting in the temple Donghua chance to see Yang Sicheng, but he is shaved their heads, wearing a frock.Hu Yuting hurried through to call him, but he never seemed to hear, just keep cloud into the synagogue, and in his own bed and sat down to meditate Zen.Hu Yuting came up to him to call his name, he replied, eyes closed: There is no Yang Sicheng, only monks Jingyuan.Donor, you got the wrong person, right.Since then, both Hu Yuting say anything, he just turn a blind eye meditation, never saying a word.The next morning, Hongda Chen, Hu Yuting, who went to the temple Donghua again, but never found a trace of Yang Sicheng.According to the temple she said, was quiet early in the morning to go wandering far gone, disappeared.Chen HTC somewhat confused, said Hu Yuting: You will not do wrong people?How he will ignore How about you?How it will be wrong?I always catch up with this cloud from the entrance hall west campus-wide, he goes on Zen meditation in bed.I also saw the mahogany casket child squarely on his bed, there Xiaomei pictures on the box, how they will be wrong?Hongda Chen had complained about the son ran away from home, this would not be an irresponsible attitude?But he wanted to turn track, the son can view hundreds of millions of family property as Bilv, precisely because in his mind, only Xiaomei is the most precious ah!After a few months, the surrogate mother gave birth to a baby boy.He is genetically related Xiaomei and Yang Sicheng.

— Guangzhou Haizhu Square impression of seventy

I have not drunk.    Alcohol only accelerated the activity of brain cells, the feelings of the heavens and the earth is more intuitive.Out of the dungeon, from the floor to see the crevices squeezed out of the sky, like a block of tofu cut Debu rules, soft white white and tender, also braved the heat just pan.Here is the heart of the city, dozens of hundreds of high-rise buildings very sturdy to stand around and tore the north-south above the clouds.Those sun reflects off the windows, like a mythical nine days on the eyes, looking down at us as these small ants life.We build cities, has become our masters, toe air lifted to put us underfoot.    This building high-rise into the sky around, I just had it in the distance peep style, came to its feet, Aung lose his head, it can not see the waistband.Lying only to be Shui Yee.But I can not lie down, here it is the southern most prosperous of the lot.Pedestrians more than the Red Guards in front of the 1960’s Tiananmen Square, you squat tie their shoes, are likely to be stepped on black and blue.This building is not unattainable peaks, there will not make people into the nature of the kind of cozy.Although there are infinite beauty in excellent shape, but the temptation of filling with the smell and strange.Crowds of people, like moths to a flame poured into the wide door, poured into the elevator, the trade on each counter, check their position in the mortal world of.Or in various modes of courtesy and smile, to test your mental ability to accept.    Side of the pool without water, no wind wind crossing.Like the scene in front of the changing kaleidoscope, bustling, are all benefits to.None of the times, like today instant success, although Restraining Commerce tradition in history worth exploring, but the people doing business ethos not desirable.Today, standing businessman soaring, except career, has become the first of all trades.Young people a year out of school, regarded as a business over the life of.Li Ka-shing’s wealth of myths, the reality of thousands of times inside and outside the Great Wall copy, Bill Gates’s entrepreneurial legend, the interpretation of the dream of thousands of times north and south.Therefore, our fields barren, covered with golden wheat in the past, today overgrown with weeds; our machines are rusty past spit bright satin, today rodent their houses; our homes shuttered, floating past the family laughter, staying young and old today.People young and strong travel thousands of miles, want to dream in hypnotic waves of gold.    After all, the legendary land of gold, most people just to make a living.The southern most famous squares, over the years has been a misnomer, because the construction of various public works, is isolated to pieces.Many temporary walls, filled with construction materials to block the site, the top of the wall, revealing two three-quarters of activity.Some of the most bottom of the Argonauts, like chicken cage as markets, thus thoroughly squeeze in there.With the dream of getting rich, tinker with cement mortar daily.These towering buildings, these high-speed smooth subway, the trees, the flowers, all of them tinker with it.Blood and tears, there is laughter there are songs.Not far away there are several performers middle-aged men and women, a few years like a day in this square aisle regalia singing, and even then a difficult life, but also to cry on behalf of the song.    Great Liberation Monument right next to them, a common soldier, carrying a sack, armed with rifles and flowers.He certainly was a farm boy, eyed stare, where his loved ones, they also leave their homes yet?I asked him off the pedestal, to the middle of their loved ones, and like them, holding a bowl of floating dust lunch, while eating.Otherwise, a drink together.Quietly face of the Pearl River, where the aroma of hot spirits, thought we were flying together to explore the true meaning of liberation.    Rest assured, my mind was wide awake.

(Reprint) together moment after an absence of half a century

(Source: elegant curl original January 28, 2016 ○ Yi Er Sinian Bayue Ershi Wuri Xiawu Si Dian.    In Qiqihar City Hall navy camp in Sanshui Hills, held a special meeting.Front, on a red ribbon, writing a “normal school bud Keshan three classes 168th class reunion ceremony” Seventeen yellow characters hanging banners, banners below, a gray-haired old man, he loudly He said: “Keshan Teachers 168th ceremony of the opening of the three classes reunions!”His voice faded, the following burst into deafening applause, a closer look, lined up three round table, have a circle of people sitting around, these people are Nianyuhuajia hale and hearty men and women, all of them his face filled with a happy smile.    Announced the opening of the ceremony is He Dianyong students, then, is the old squad leader, party promoters Zhang Shicheng today’s speech: “Way past, handsome, old woman today became the old man, between forty-six years passed and today we party, but a unprecedented event, a gathering of half a century, meaning extraordinary, we would like to talk about classmate friendship, with breathtaking scenery Qiqihar, we have to talk about happy, happy playing!”Squad finished, the following three round table around old people again applauded all smile, excited!    Next, is the freedom of speech, ginger and students to speak first, he prepared a speech three sheets of paper, his speech, recalled the past three and a half Keshan Teachers classmate life, and talked about the party today he said: “time is like water, pronto, we are after 46 years today all Nianyuhuajia have been changed, but always changing them, retained the appearance of the year. “Ginger and finished, we all look at each other, is a forty-six years which do not, nearly half a century, life’s long road, rain several times, several times the Spring and Autumn, old young, today the deepening twilight: monitor, with eye projections, extra baggage fair; and ginger, black woo complexion, filled with energy; He Dianyong, dark pink, and still look good; Fu Guofan, thinning hair color white, man of few words; Yuan Ping, the former nose and eyes, chiseled; ZHOU Zhen first, petite, with funny face; Cartridge Igniter lean Gao, dignified rigorous; Zhang Yuyan, reddish face, white hair; high Lianfu, tall, thin cool and bright; Zhaoya Jing, neither fat nor thin, still beautiful; Wanggui Juan, eye candy, fashionably dressed; ban Shuxian, facial features still, energetic; Zhao Ruihua, diminutive, gray-haired; LI Li-mei, look like yesterday, elegant costumes; Wen-zhen, refined and elegant, gray-haired; Wang Shuzhen, little skinny, Facebook as before; Dai Guoying, dance style, mandibular scarce; Li Guihua, the appearance of the year, Mongolia flavor; the king will be colored, slightly thin, white like yesterday; Xu Xiuli, mature and stable, cents No love; that aromatic content, as before stable, free and easy style; Hsiao Movies, slightly fat, robust fullness; Pangyan Li, larger changes, strong spirit.    It finished reading each other, really monarch farewell unmarried, the children suddenly trip.Passage of time, old age rapidly to.Today, a Times, feeling a lot.No matter which one, this class classmates, all of them are the elite of the country, they are as great motherland and contribute their full energy.    Yung Fang was suffering from colorectal cancer, mental state is very open-minded, she invested issued a booklet with former classmate finder, and their several students gathered in Beijing, according to the above, there is also the year of graduation photo.Ceremony at the party, and that the aromatic content read her article on the front page of the brochure at their own expense, “classmate three and a half, the situation of life margin,” the article wrote affectionate, sincere and moving, end of the text writes: ” gate memory, once opened, the marshes, the passage of time, blew out, they are full of memories.Wiped away the students love, forget the friends of friendship.Yesterday, more and more, less and less tomorrow, hope you cherish partner today, enjoy life!”Middle ceremony in Beijing to seriously ill Hou Shuhua students went to the phone, she was very excited, said a lot of words sent to the heart, the center means that I wish every success reunions, asked Hello everyone, sorry can not own illness attend meetings.Hou Shuhua also funded a copy of the year all the students in the group photo of farm labor, a person.    Then, they speak up and speak the truth, inspirational, lively atmosphere, warm scene.That evening, freedom of movement, the vast majority of students have gone Sanshui Hills dance halls, meet after a long, passionate talk, really Reviewing the past, in their prime, pointing country, Jiyangwenzi, eventful years thick; see today, white gray hair, classmate friendship, day Heights regression, scenery is magnificent!    Before breakfast the next day, the squad leader Professor exercises were ten style: two head rejuvenation, Yumian rejuvenation, the passage of time, an epoch-making, yin and yang with mercy, Samsung moon, five gas Chaoyang, Liu Yong Jin, in all directions, the sky.Monitor while explaining edge demonstration, we follow the practice, very seriously.This monitor also has written a detailed explanation of the exercises, issued to a person.In the practice squad and health aspects, has studied, he thought the students physical and mental health problems, is indeed a leader.    After breakfast, we collectively take the bus to visit the city of Qiqihar Lonza Botanical Garden.Car traveling about forty minutes before the Lonza to the Botanical Garden.    Arrived Botanical Garden, that will be with you farewell Yung Fang, her relatives to take her back to Beijing, her physical condition can not always adhere to, do this, do not know when to meet again.    Lonza Botanical Garden, this tourist attraction, mainly to watch a variety of animals.We saw baboons, golden monkeys, foxes, tigers, wolves, dogs, lions, also saw the red-crowned crane, there is a bird, like himself red-crowned crane, overhead there like a peacock-like Clara, I do not know its name.    These animals, people looked, cool heart pleasing to the eye, animals and humans has always been a friend, peaceful coexistence, dotted with Earth this wonderful home together.    Then to the Botanical Garden, where the scenery is good to see, where everyone taking pictures, twenty three collective group photo, as well as photo and a small range of personal photographs, a total of three cameras, camera and camera Hedian Yong, Zhao Ruihua PC camera, Pangyan Li genuine camera.We enjoy taking pictures, leaving this beautiful moment, as an eternal remembrance.    At eleven o’clock to see the dolphin show.Dolphin body is very interesting, the whole body into the dark, naked, clapping their performances, jumping and swimming, it is wonderful, but to always give them meat, otherwise, they are not playing live, which is the difference between animals and humans place, but none of them can not afford early nature of human souls, or some similar to it?    At noon, the car came to the Red Star fishing village collective lunch.This lunch, most are delicious, Hu cooked sweet potatoes, potatoes, squash, eggplant, pure local color, everyone love to eat.There are other delicacies: fish stew noodles, chicken stew noodles, cold noodle dishes, etc., are all Northeast flavor, fresh and moist.    Afternoon, travel to the moon Island.Island to the moon, but also take the cable car to the depths of the island sightseeing.Came a white-washed walls and black tiles cover the premises, called Manor House.The sign that hung on the wall that read from during the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, there are Shoushan, etc. seventy-one generals once lived here, we did not go into the house to watch, as the inside of the structure and the furnishings are impossible to know, appearance point of view, it is normal, there is no specific place, simply because Seventy one of the generals and famous lived.Seventy-one general in smoke in the fire, through fire and water, for country and people, willing to shed blood spectrum of age, their heroic Biao handle Chiaki.    Then, we take the cable car traveling in the vast prairie, the wind blowing, whole body relaxed.Unknowingly, he came in front of an antique pavilion, the “Peony Pavilion” pavilion above the words.Pavilion eaves below the portrait of a tiger, it is said, whether you’re standing in any position around the pavilion to see the tiger, the tiger is a tiger face to face.A test, so, I do not know how such a clever artist who designed the.    Three in the afternoon, take a small boat to cross the river.Gurgling river, vast waves.In the cabin, we sit on both sides, full, Zhao Ruihua for everyone to take pictures, leaving this quiet serene moment.To the other side, we are free to take pictures, some on board, and some in the bushes on the shore, the arbitrary, their own entertainment.    Four points more minutes, returned to the station Sanshui Villa.    The Sanshui Hills, is the meaning of the resort.It is located in a rural area, the red tiles cover, white plaster, which used to brick.Front yard there is a meter high red brick wall, west wall of the upper end, long celery, eight inches tall, glistening green, exuberant flourish.The upper end of the east wall, are Thomas cauliflower, flowers have litter, are covered with pockets of seeds.    Middle of the yard, hanging like a horn melon-like plant, but not the angle melon.In this behind the plant, it is the son vine.Green, covered with exquisitely carved grapes.Front of the house, there are flower beds, there are a variety of flowers, tuberose best bloom, yellow flowers, fresh and bright, fragrant overflowing.    The east side of the house is the kitchen and dining room, dining room to the west, is the quarters, the east side of the door, a total of four cottages, thirteen points female students live there, the westernmost house is a big house, there is a big shop kang, eight boys slept in this shop kang.    Villa look ordinary, but good service attitude.It is He Dianyong friends Villa.    The first day of the dinner, feast Tau, dinner the next day that dog meat feast, there are four female students do not eat, Villa on two fried vegetables.Villa’s cooking is not excellent, but good service.    After dinner, the king will leave color and LI Li-mei ride home, they both have something of something, sick sick, stay for the inconvenience, do this, do not know what day meet again the.    After dinner, free activities, and had, I wanted to dance halls relax, but bad audio equipment, did not go, there are five female students playing poker, others casual chat Man.    On the third day, which is August 27, in the morning, a collective ride to visit Zhalong.To a nearby protected areas, they are waiting in the pavilion, and Dai Guoying I chat with He Dianyong.He Dianyong after retirement, there is a group of men, there are live on dry, he continues to pursue their careers, he said, one for pleasure, and second, also has income.    The endless prairie, there is a narrow board laying land route, lined with water, the water covered with reeds, how much one person, swaying, exuberant flourish.    Get off, walk in the boardwalk, I rushed to the red-crowned crane settlements, to watch dicey Flying beauty.    Crane fly to the place, there is a cement road, concrete road in front, and that is the post, the fields are green grass and vitality.This is dicey flying locations.The front edge of the concrete road has been full of many visitors, we are waiting for the eleven o’clock dicey flying.All of them are eagerly looking forward, anxious to watch that wonderful scene.    Finally, to the eleven o’clock solemn!After the hills, a man dressed in camouflage fatigues, his hands waving a red flag, he waved three times, a group of red-crowned crane flew from the grass, flying is not high, red-crowned cranes are each wings, legs straight , hovering in the air, only about twenty bar, covered with snow white, against the background of blue sky in the background, seem strangely white and vigorous.    Red-crowned cranes in the air, then fly in a circle, there thirty-five floor, no longer fly.Red-crowned crane landing, they leisurely stroll in plants where, further, their heads are straight forward every step, little by little, as if in welcome to watch their visitors.    And this was a dicey flying, chic spectacular, fantastic, but a bit too short, the whole morning of the time, ran tens of miles away, to see just an instant the moment, there is very full of regret but this wonderful wonderful moment, is enough to make people food for thought.    Noon, lunch at the farm private kitchens, meat and vegetables and white, colorful delicacies, or much more wonderful than Sanshui Hills.    This time, Li Xiuwen in the company of her husband, came to the farm private kitchens and we meet, she was moved to tears.Most recently, she was suffering from cerebral infarction, mobility, but she still stumble came, and after an absence of forty-six years to meet classmates side, this sense say that this is a major.Her face is already the market, the former small-cap long gone.    Afternoon, still travel to visit Crane Hot Springs.This place, it is said, a lot of people come in summer, and now, not so many people, the season has been to the Mid-Autumn Festival.We all go to hot springs, Yang Jun and I did not go on the bubble, we both sat on the couch to chat.    Yang Jun is very thin, she is three years older than me, she had insomnia, but also good mental state, her husband had cerebral infarction, only half self-care, or need care, she went to homecoming, let someone to replace her husband’s care.    Grapes and peaches on our side, and talk, and talk of a warm and friendly.After half an hour, ginger and came out, we greeted him, and he come and sit on the left side of the sofa, and we chatted up.    I said to Ginger and: “One year, I was in the newspaper, see your pictures and the story, where you are when leadership?”Jiang and a slight smile and said:” That was in 1984, when I was in Lindian County, is a model of party work report.”So, it tells the story of Jiang and his officer course, this is an unusual experience, around there is life, talent is completed.    Later, I asked: “You do not have to write a book?”Jiang and another smile, said:” I wrote some of them, and are “Northern Literature” published on a good result, I was sick, there is no published.”From his tone, it is possible to dialysis the heart of regret.    Ginger and added that he had lung cancer and skin cancer, it has been six or seven years, his chin in the middle there is a narrow ditch, there is an obvious surgical marks on the back, he is using the most advanced treatments treatment, the effect is good, but I do not remember the full name of this therapy, just remember “plant” word.    His treatment, a period of time, it is not long, you need to spend $ 30,000 but they are one hundred percent reimbursement.His pension more than seven thousand a month, the family has three buildings house, life is full of good.    Ginger and added that his classical poems will be published by the Hong Kong Press.    Half past three, the hot springs of the students are out, they all look very comfortable way, it can be concluded that: hot springs, but also a better enjoyment.    Sanshui returned to Villa after they held a party in the dorm where the meeting summary.Before the meeting, everyone signatures banners at the ceremony, unfortunately, this banner left lying in Sanshui Hill, left, forgetting to bring back, I do not know when, who will take it up again to save.    Summary will still presided over by He Dianyong, the squad leader to sum up: “We are the party, very successful, we talk about the happy, happy playing, friendship classmate, greatly deepened step, we wish everyone good health and longevity!”Squad leader’s voice down, immediately burst into waves of thunderous applause, emotions were intense, prolonged laughter!    After dinner, the dance hall Hills, held a variety show.    Party presided over by Wang Guijuan, she is literary committee of the year, the first squad is singing a song, his voice loud and generous, won warm applause.Next, is the high Lianfu, Wang Guijuan, and ginger, Xu Xiuli, Ban Shuxian, Zhaoya Jing, Zhang Yuyan, who’s singing, they sing some songs, some sing and dance duet, singing some opera excerpts, they all develop their voice, sounding sincere, applause everywhere, prolonged.    After the solo, chorus is a few people, these people are not so good at singing, Yuan Ping, Pang Yanli, Xiao Ying, Dai Guoying, Wang Shuzhen, Fu Guofan, etc., but they are singing mood, expression of feelings is.    During the concert everyone, Zhaoya Jing and Dai Guoying jump pas de deux, their whirling dance willowy, add luster to the whole party.    Subsequently, the performance is free, and some continue soloists, chorus and some few people, and some people sing along with, in short, casual, fun.    When U0 this free concert Ying Lian ostrich about dad glycosides cunning magpie Min’s long resistance rates Ai ge thatch u1CE?Intestinal worm slowly die of hunger?Na First Instance Zhun u1CE?Torr Wren Su Pangbiaotifu?Ne baking Yingtongyanshi?In his ears, the antics, there is really a boy crazy old lady talk, I am amused big brand-chu Hu Fu 3B6 hung from Badger drum used by peddlers Qian Hu wine basis?Whether sing good or bad, but all very invested, all with songs to express their excitement, to show their hearts for decades sentiment.    Ten o’clock, heavy night, art show was successful conclusion.    August 28 at breakfast, by the financial group of people spending announced.The party, start to finish with the participation of twenty-one, thirteen female students, male students eight people, per person $ 900 to participate in half of the three people, four hundred fifty yuan fee, that the aromatic content does not her fee income, total receivables are over eighteen thousand, one hundred yuan per person return.    Half past seven, I take the bus to the train station in Qiqihar, went their separate ways after a goodbye.    I’m going to Daqing West, driving time is twelve twenty.And then Wang Shuzhen, high Lianfu, Zhang Yuyan, Daiguo Ying, Li Guihua in Ruanxi waiting room waiting for the bus, half past eleven, Zhaoya Jing and Zhao Ruihua hastily arrived, they rushed out and gathering the photos ü disc over to me and Li Guihua.    More than twelve, and I Zhaoya Jing, high Lianfu, Zhao Ruihua boarded a train to the West of Daqing.    The forty-six years after an absence of class reunion, very formal, organized, leadership, planning, have plans, beginning and an end, rich in content and form, perfect.    March 2 ○ Yi four years living in the vicinity of Qiqihar and nine students, who gathered in Daqing West Zhaoya Jing home, we recommend squad leader to convene the class party, he has been planning for six months.    That year, after graduation, the students went their separate ways, and gradually lost contact early this year, several students near Qiqihar was contacted, they gather several small.After deciding the class party, when Xu Xiuli son by the police to help find the mother in the public security online students scattered around the country, we found a majority, and find ways also found a few, and finally, as well as Yao Jun, Chi Shuzhen, Ming Kai, Fu Liande, Hanshu Xia, Wang Qinglin seven students did not find.    Li Fuyuan has died, Guangyi gold, three students Jiang Jun, there are seriously ill can not be there Jiao Tiejun, Hou Shuhua, Wang Chen, Wang Shuqin four students, something did not come there Zhuxue Wu, Yang literature, Cai Wenhai, Shen fixed, Liu Xiulan, Wang Lijuan , Lixing Lan, Yan-Fen Zhang, Meng Qingzhen nine students.A total of twenty people did not come to the party, to the party a total of twenty-five (including intermediate come and go).    The party organization is: a leading group leader Zhang Shicheng is the squad leader, team members have a single text Jane, He Dianyong, Zhaoya Jing, high Lianfu, Wanggui Juan, Ban Shuxian, Xu Xiuli, Zhao Ruihua.Contact group leader Wen-zhen, crew Xu Xiuli, Ban Shuxian.Financial group, leader Zhao Ruihua, members Xu Xiuli, Zhaoya Jing.Style group, head Wanggui Juan, members of high Lianfu.Logistics group, leader Hedian Yong, Wang Guijuan members, Wen-zhen.    Schedule: 6:00 to get up, morning exercises 6: 00–7: 00, breakfast 7: 00–7: 30, 8:00 activity bus, sleeping 9:00 (night time).    Also, the release contacts, schedule meetings, work schedule, U disk.    Squad leader said, no longer organize such a large gathering of students, and are to a ripe old age, mobility, and even the squad leader to organize a large-scale gathering of students, and probably not up to twenty-five.    So, this forty-six years of reunions, that was the first and last time, is really unprecedented in the.Anyway classmate weight friendship, not afraid of the distance involved, go to town to spend money, everyone gathered in Sanshui Villa from all directions to see it one last time, and maybe that is the eternal side!    This after an absence of half a century, a moment of gathering together, misfortune, Yoshiya!