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Complaining can only add to your troubles

We live in this world. Most people will have such experiences. One thing, one person, can make us worry for a long time and make us feel annoyed and sad.. Especially when the person who troubles us is still a person who does not understand others and does not reflect on himself, the situation will be even worse.     There is such an old fable, which may give us some enlightenment. A young farmer rowed a boat to transport his own agricultural products to the residents of another village.. It was a very hot day, and the farmer was sweating like a pig and suffering terribly.. He rowed the boat anxiously, hoping to finish the transportation task quickly so that he could get home before dark. Suddenly the farmer found a boat coming down the river in front of him and seeing that the two boats were about to hit each other. The boat had no intention of avoiding it and seemed to be interested in hitting it by itself..     Although the farmer shouted angrily at the boat almost to the point of anger, the boat did not mean to avoid it, but when the farmer glared at the boat, he found that there was no one over the boat but an empty boat drifting along the river..     In most cases, when you complain and shout, you may only be facing an empty boat. The person who has repeatedly angered you will never change his direction because of your complaints..     Of course, you don’t have to curry favor with that person at all, nor do you need to reach an agreement with him. But you must know that you can’t let his troubles become your troubles, no matter how angry you are, he won’t suffer from insomnia because of you.. If you fall into a ruthlessness because of his fault, you will become a real victim.     As the saying goes, ” Life is not always as good as it should be.”. ‘ Some people often complain when they are unhappy, complaining about the weather and making themselves unhappy and grouchy all day long.. However, some people do not fret, complain, treat calmly and try to change when they are not satisfied, so his heart is often full of hope..     Written on June 18, 2012

After the rain

The feeling of light summer rain is really good!   I didn’t have time to experience it carefully before. It happened that I wanted to run this Sunday morning, but there was a lot of water on the ground, so I had to walk and see the scenery with special charm.!     One grass, one flower, one leaf are all fresh colors. What kind of freshness is the same feeling as the clear water at the bottom! With cool, oily light lining the ground color and touching gently, it is a smooth hand.     The night’s rain reduced the scorching heat and brought the expected coolness. This is a joy from the bottom of my heart. The temperature has risen since the summer, and the spring is short, even before I could ponder it, the summer’s hurried pace has arrived. I can’t help but you’re not a little depressed.. Few people will really like the heat of summer, besides, they are really experiencing it, so they don’t want the spring festival to be full of fun.!     The night rain washed away the noisy air, just like Ming Che now, breathing feels much easier, and the joy of refreshing the heart and moistening the lungs cannot help praising the nature’s magic. People who get up in the morning are really lucky. Such enjoyment is rare! I haven’t seen the rain for a long time. I need water everywhere for such a long time. What a timely rain this is! Think about the joy of hearing thunder last night, and now I still feel the corners of the mouth smile is endless.     Looking around, the landscape trees in the square also seemed to have a lot of spirits, with the slight wind blowing, and the leaves flashing like smiling eyes: the branches of the trees on both sides drooped, and the wind passing through them was soft and washed with water.. Green spreads in the eyes. what kind of green is this? enter the eyes, follow one’s inclinations and stir up your spirit somewhere! That’s the color of life, the color of vitality!     Isn’t it, on such an early morning, these aren’t giving you a glow of youth??!

Spring daydream – thoughts on rereading Zhu Ziqing’s participation in the spring regulations

Spring daydream – rereading Zhu Ziqing’s prose to attend the coming of spring regulations” looking forward to, looking forward to, the east wind is coming, and the pace of spring is approaching.     Everything looks like it was just waking up. I opened my eyes happily.. The mountain became moist, the water grew, and the sun blushed.     The grass crept out of the soil, tender and green. In the garden, in the field, look, a large one is full. . Ah . A year’s plan is spring; Just start, have a plenty of time, have a plenty of hope. Spring is like a newly born doll. It is new from head to foot and it grows. Spring is like a little girl, beautifully dressed, smiling and walking. Spring is like a strong young man with iron arms and waist and feet. He leads us forward. ” & not; From Zhu Ziqing’s participation in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, which has just passed, the firecrackers are still ringing from time to time, the severe winter at the end of the Year of the Rat has not cleared out, the sky is still empty, and the earth is still dying of that cold, cold chill. We are already waiting for the arrival of the Spring of the Year of the Ox…..     Spring is the first season of the year. With her arrival, the grass green warbler flies, the willow blows the dike, and the breeze is warm. Spring is also the warmest season of the year. She awakens all things in the earth and moistens things like cakes with her thin little rain. Spring is also the most beautiful season of the year. She is so beautiful and colorful that she dances everywhere. Spring is the most enjoyable season of the year. You can see that she is green with water, red with rain, white clouds floating in the blue sky, and the earth sprouts new green. She also sweeps up her warm breeze from time to time, gently blowing your face and making your heart flutter..     Yes, it was spring that revived the earth and awakened the verdure. she brought us the best talk of the year with warmth, brightness and freshness.! The poem monk Zhinan in the Southern Song Dynasty chanted the spring with such a quatrain: the ancient wood was covered with a short awning in the shade, and the cane helped me across the bridge east.. With clothes to wet apricot blossoms and rain, the wind blows on the face with a shudder from the willows and willows..     The breath of spring is warm and moist. You can touch her fresh and moist hair with a touch of your hand. When you close your eyes and hold your breath, you will immediately feel her warm breath. She is like a pure girl who brings warmth and beauty to the world without complaint or regret.. But when you go to savor and feel the whole spring carefully, you will find that the early spring, the middle spring and the late spring are different, although they are so warm and warm, so beautiful and colorful, so warm and fresh, the meaning and connotation left to people are different aftertaste..     Early spring is beautiful. She came so lightly and quietly that she never seemed to have the heart to wake the grass that was sleeping soundly.. But she is still in your casual time, everywhere is sprouting vegetation, misty rain, peach blossoms in full bloom, willow trees spitting green; At this moment, there are more kites in the sky and more smiling faces of the children. The songs and laughter will reverberate and linger in the spring breeze for a long time.! At this moment, it is full of buds and flowers. However, who actually acted as the herald of spring? When you are still searching hard, you will suddenly find and hear the news of this spring by casual surprise. It is these peach blossoms everywhere, spring ducks in the sparkling rivers and lakes, swallows holding mud to build nests, sprouting green shoots, and the noise of buzzing birds..     Zhongchun is beautiful. She came so warmly, refreshing and intoxicating. Lift up your eyes and look around. The sun is shining everywhere, warm wind is blowing gently, the flowers are bright and the willows are tender. Those still bare branches in early spring are now covered with tender yellow leaves and buds. Yuan Ye, originally empty, is now full of flowers, all purple and all red. The earth’s buildings are green and full of vitality. At this moment, you will truly feel: what is meant by vitality and what is meant by spring scenery.     Late spring is always let a person feel aftertaste. At this moment, smoke and rain are everywhere, catkins are dancing, green fruits are full of branches, falling into the sky. However, she is the season that most easily awakens people’s hearts, the season that people’s thoughts surge, and the season of exuberant life.. After all, although spring is beautiful, she is very short, just as she came to us quietly and left us silently, although she has brought us an exciting surprise, she has left us some endless aftertaste and slight melancholy..     Spring is always short, she is fleeting. If you catch her, she will belong to you. However, when you can’t hold her, she will quickly and quietly pass away from your fingers, leaving you with only one constant hope and expectation for the coming year.. So, always in those still cold winter days, we can’t help looking forward to spring, the warm sun in spring, the warm fresh breeze, the bright yellow green sprouting, the gorgeous, gentle and graceful willow, the flying catkins, and even the endless vitality displayed in spring..     ( written on mid-spring night in April 2009 ) )

Good communication, mother-in-law less trouble

One day, a middle-aged sister was deeply moved when she read the article I wrote about participating in good communication and how husband and wife should worry less.. She said, ” Can you tell me again how to get along with the old woman and daughter – in – law?”? I think it’s too difficult to get along with the old woman and daughter – in – law. Her question made me think deeply. How can I answer it? Because the relationship between the two women and daughter-in-law is really very tense. I just said it, can she accept my statement again? Can she do it? . Ah, looking at her mood of begging me to answer questions, I still said, ” It is mainly caused by the lack of communication between you two.”. ‘ The reason for the disharmony between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is that they cannot communicate with each other in a frank and direct manner and often do not know how to look at problems from the standpoint of each other and do not think of each other.. In particular, the age and thought gap between the young and the old is large, and the background of the times and the way of life are also different. Therefore, there is a great gap between the old woman and daughter – in – law.. Slowly, there will be a psychological barrier and a psychological gap that should not exist between two people..     The biggest enemy of a happy family is the lack of communication and communication between mother-in-law and daughter – in – law. If we can spend some time talking, I believe all the problems will be solved one by one.. As a daughter-in-law you are relatively young, so you must put down your shelf and have a good communication with your mother – in – law. The Bible says, ” Stand up in front of the white-haired ( mother – in – law ) people. Also respect the elderly ( elders ) and fear your God.. ‘ You can talk about the feelings of family life, your views on some things, your reasonable needs, and your opinions on family improvement, so as to get closer to distance and increase your feelings..     Due to the lack of communication, the various pressures and troubles in daily life, and the fact that they grew up in different cultures, education, backgrounds, habits and so on, there will certainly be a certain gap when they suddenly gather together to live together today, which is inevitable.. As long as there is good communication, all problems can be eliminated and a good relationship can be established..     The way to communicate and get along with the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is one of the most popular books in the Bible, which is to participate in the Luddite Regulations. This volume records the feelings between a woman and daughter-in-law who moved people’s hearts. There was a man who had left his home to live in a different place. The daughter-in-law married by both sons soon died one after another when they had no children, leaving only the widowed mother-in-law and the two daughters – in – law.. Later, the eldest daughter-in-law also remarried, but kannika nimtragol must return to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law in order to show filial piety to her mother – in – law.. Later, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law returned to their families and lived a life of hard work and plain living.. The test of the day and the testimony of life touched the neighbors and all took them as the example for the old woman and daughter – in – law to get along with.. Later, Ruth was looked upon by Boaz, a good and rich man, and she was married. Since then, they have been living a happy family..     How to get along with the old woman and daughter-in-law to be happy and happy?     1.. Patience to listen: The mother-in-law has words in her heart and tries to let her finish. The daughter-in-law should listen with utmost patience.. What’s more, the old people have rich life experience, which is more or less enlightening to the young people..     2.. Appropriate guidance: Ask questions at the right time and guide her mother-in-law to talk about what she wants to hear, so that these questions will arouse her mother-in-law’s interest, and her daughter-in-law will benefit from them and get on well with the relationship..     3.. Sincere consolation: When her mother-in-law sometimes feels too nagging herself, her daughter-in-law can say, ” It doesn’t matter.”. Her mother-in-law saw that her daughter-in-law liked to listen to her, but her nagging and boring words would be reduced instead.     4.. Ask for advice modestly: Her mother-in-law is very good at calculating expenses, ostensibly ” picking” but actually managing the family well.. For this, the daughter-in-law might as well ask for advice modestly: ” Mom, you can always arrange your money well every day. How do you calculate it?”! ‘ In this way, instead, she reassured you to start taking care of the money because she trusted you as a” stick catcher.”.     5.. Circulate out: If her mother-in-law is ” stingy” due to conservative thinking, she can be slowly guided to show a little love to care for those in need..     In fact, in any case, the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law does not have much problem, because of the lack of communication between the two people.. With less communication, mutual suspicion will ensue, and some of them will add salt and vinegar to the old woman and daughter – in – law, adding fuel to the fire.. As long as the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can sit down and try to communicate well, everything’ cold war’ will calm down. In the end, we have to focus on a word ” love” to solve all the problems.     The Bible says, ” Love can solve many problems.”. Only love can maintain the only bond between mother-in-law and daughter – in – law!


Yellowing doors bits and pieces of the most beautiful landscapes scarred printed once owned, low red brick of the old house always brought back those memories touch of sadness.This is the old hospital where my grandparents had lived, although unoccupied for several years, after wind and rain erosion of withered relentless years of throwing, still the same is quaint and quiet, is endless Pinza principle and interest of life and philosophy of life.    I heard the door squeak open, clean, clean relic cleaned the hospital as.The well Indus grandfather planted have grown up, it has a calm passion, there is a quiet and imaginative.Cross on the roof of yellow-green, yellow grass complaint about the story yesterday, doing the spring dream, dark green grass positive laughing slapstick.Hanging on the wall of the old house still keep traces of sickle, red brick exterior wall has turned into the soil under the ridge-like formation of a hillock in the wall to get the red.My most memorable is that of a vegetable plot in the wall, it’s like a profound book I intensive, like a classic song let me finish, he saw a lot of people a lot of things that I will pour spread clear and distant dream.  Grandpa was a hard-working people, hard working life, obscure, late in life can not do the heavy work, but satisfied with the old.In his yard opened up a vegetable plot, the family did not want him to do, bitter persuasion, can grandfather said: Renna, can not forget our roots, get busy, or else the man was still alive doing.Grandpa said the family had no choice so good with him.  There are several children of his own grandfather worry about food or clothing, but it happens to the whole piece of land, do not help the family, which makes clean, neat, like a work of art.Once, a neighbor walked from the front, he said: “Father, you still vegetable ah!Quickly go back and rest, do not tired, that it enjoy good fortune.” I’m fine, veteran cadres to live to old ah ‘grandfather said then laughed.  Grandfather of vegetable is very in love.Lay Dying, it vegetable grandfather pointing to the negative entrusted to his family.Soon, the grandfather laughed and gone, and his smile was fixed on the vegetable garden.  Grandpa has always been a hard-working person.According to her mother recalled, when she first came to my home village elders have heard talk about my grandfather very capable.  Grandpa was gone, the family often come to the old hospital.Clean the yard, full vegetable, then that is standing there quietly looking at the vegetable garden, silent for a moment then quietly leave.  Dad always wanted me to look at the old hospital, in fact, do not call me dad, I would have to see it, because I often dream of my grandfather, we can see the vegetable garden to see Grandpa, Grandpa is watching the vegetable to go, and I have to walk on the vegetable to jump on him.  Now, the vegetable garden has a covered fruit, more brilliant in the autumn.

Back to reality

The loneliness of the winter sun streaming into the house bright breezy mood touch my hand it felt warm realistic nor so beautiful I have some mixed feelings.People are always fascinated to the genius and beauty of drawing near, after reading to know inconstancy of human relationships, etc., can really have a period of a few people have a romantic plot?Share a dream after all, is a warm, touch broken, broken into appalling, broken Debu leaving any traces, waking only muttered Yin read “Where beauty?Trinidad moon “.Dreams are dreams, different from the reality, the dream is always good, the reality is not always better.    On the “life” of this stage, we all play different roles, frequently staged tragedy, comedy, farce.Tasting “real” glass of wine, taste the offer all kinds of taste, thousands of style.It was too persistent, persistent have to make yourself old, was so persistent worry about yourself, why not look for a secluded place, let the mind rest of it?Man with the outer space Yunjuanyunshu busy watching Pretrial blossom, then you will epiphany, will see the window frames the sky was edited into thin light blue small plaid, the horizon is still beautiful clouds, floating out of a Fan realm, the realm of the sky, but also the heart of the realm.Read bustling, see everything vicissitudes, years quietly slip through your fingers, leaving a trace of your reverie, you know, after all, in the past in the past reverie, only to suddenly see the reality of the beautiful and precious.Product puddle of water in the heart of reality, you will find that the heart is so clarity, that is the heart of the character, but in the past often been surrounded by emptiness, by the proliferation of dirty swallow.Retired from the hourglass of years, we could do nothing but watch it fade away, and then alone, heart-breaking, unable to retain the years, failed to keep the fingers like sand slipping.Sometimes dwell on the past, lose myself; sometimes fantasy in the future, Wang Yang ignorance.    Chinese oil burnout year, it was clear he would just run out of lives in hope, suffered pain in disappointment, wasted his life, almost sad!Let geese flying south to take away your cares and sorrows, the coming year Chunyan send along a letter for you, whispering “real struggle”.In the cracks of our time, just drop in the ocean, life is short, why play it to indulge in dreams?Wake up, do not be afraid reality, because you are you, that this style of live, live the charm!

First coming autumn, air flow [tears from the people。San final]

Text / tobacco; the song Ma Zhiyuan, "Tian Jing Sha.Autumn Thoughts "is often read junior high school years, do not know is because of their age or because the teacher is not careful, always never felt the kind of Italian territory, the teacher said it was recalling the tragic wandering when Ma Zhiyuan wrote, not Do not say this“passionate”From ancient times to remain constant or to spread to this day。    Boundless heart was ideal, it was still higher than set a joke, but never thought to the later happens passionate can not stand that would be ups and downs, and gradually grew eldest。After seeing so many circulation landscape, slowly we would know Ma Zhiyuan said the heartbroken people in the End of the World。    I still do not always understand。Why would a person in just twenty eight words, you can put a clear description of such deep autumn tracing out。Write but is so pale。    It looks, like muddy——casual。    Withered vine, old trees faint crow, bridges, water, people, Road westerly, skinny horse, sunset, from the people。It is not unusual during a season, but see the scenery everywhere, is identified in the aisle just a farm, it can also recognize that, but also tells herself。But what could they see these unusual scene to his hands, it would not pass the Aura, transformed into a dragon of it?    Twenty eight characters will also direct teaching those who write books, strange enough, the chance to read to pass some of the rustling Famous, time-consuming and distracting。Might as well the phrase: sunset a few, heartbroken people in the horizon, just a few words on this, not only add a wave of bleak chill of the air, but also by more than a minute reverie of the room。  In the gathering dusk, a down and frustrated, helpless melancholy, lonely scholar before coming autumn, air flow of tears, as he usually rode emaciated horses, away from home, walking in the desolate road, against the autumn wind, heard the old trees uploaded to the sound of crow sings, hobbled away…….      I often read that sentence Xiaoling mind will emerge when this one also to the scene so good a memory, it seems like I'm just like him, a few sun sets, heartbroken people in the career。If from the people, road endless horizon, the sun almost dusk, haven yet I do not know where, how was through, trees jackdaws force pro, I heard people get Shengjiao.Scared Menghan。Long road touched the hearts of nostalgia, heavy footsteps of heartbroken people, how can safety return。    Was how young boy, Cemayangbian, thought ambitions all in the distance, that alone is an hot chest, will be able to succeed。Marie does not know that the hero is not the only flower of this world。Opening defeat to wither, new flowers to replace its own time。A good man thought differentiate themselves with life in Gods!Extra weight than others。But all ambition had worn away in a long time journey, we were compelled to realize that, maybe me, but an ordinary man; then think of those evening light, such as beans, warm soup, warm mother's hand, Xu Xu told。Those warm survival, once it is so held no weight。    Things are always uncertain, if not impossible to predict who's going to break the road, I would have voted down to fate, and man at the time of loss will go pick up unusual good, young people experience some ups and downs if not, how can willing to dull his home。Greedy people。Or is the pursuit, just as that of the open sky, is never satisfied。    Even that drama interpretation of the story are revealed between faint sad thinking。Who has the burden of Everlasting Love, now re-discovered Acacia。The more experience, the more thought。Pen and ink that are Zaibu Dong mountain sea of sadness。The sun sets。The gaunt ruin his life。The song heartbroken people in the horizon, although not with the autumn, late autumn night shift faint desolate bleak write to make。Although not Tisi shift away from heavy sadness and worries people most vividly written。    And, even now I am in the winning child and eliminating the cruel reality, nothing but a displaced person。Although not and heartbroken people in the horizon, but also from the people's journey ended in failure。Just when things change, the renovation of the personnel of the time, except I do not want to wake up and become a day live in the memories of people。Like it seems to validate once said of; Youth Song flying, parting tears have been hurt people……. 。 As mourning his late wife Su Shi general words; ten years between life and death, does not consider, since the memorable。Trinidad solitary graves, Nowhere bleak。Even meet should not know, while sounded, coming from the frost。  You Meng night comes suddenly return home, Hsiao Hsuan window, is dressing。Care for silence, only tears of a thousand lines。Material was heartbroken at mid-moon nights, short Songgang。    This is the first poem, I do not know where to see it, but think it is also really Song, but then recalled expect, although he is ten years between life and death, but there is a solitary graves, being evil, know wife Yan bone the burial。And I could not even he did not know where you are now, but remember at Jue; You Meng night comes suddenly return home, Hsiao Hsuan window, is dressing。Care for silence, only tears of a thousand lines。Have mercy on me, a few could not sleep a wink all night, not even pull off the look is her dream。    When I Shaohua negative Sheng away from me, although in Union Hill, the situation has become empty, gloomy down and eventually became frustrated, helpless melancholy, love is very short bleak。As with the disappearance of the fire, that laughter Ji Cantabile charming woman simply disappear in the journey of life, life is not too complex。    After a long time, now, every time I have traveled to recall or think of you。Perishable lights, but you will not reproduce。Not everyone, when the idea of what can see the see the dim light of that person。    We are just the roots of fate that time, back and forth on earth。And not for the flowers bloom, what other, perhaps waiting for the flowers to persons of a mouth praise。But after all, I had to decline, which did not dry the leaves, which did not withered flowers, no more the same commitment。For a moment, trance that, in the end life is like drama, drama is like life or……    Things sometimes seem cruel, over and think, it is a kind of mercy……..

Want more womanly?It would have to be a woman will flirt

Flirting is not a man's patent, a woman will flirt more lovable。
Use flirting skills to ease their own relationships to attract you like to keep people's attention and emotional exchange between lovers, after all, a wise。As long as the face of different people on different occasions, flirting master a variety of skills, you can also become a hot mature woman's。….. "Flirting" the term it is not strange, in people's habits and the impression that it is not a good word, there is no serious attitude, provocative and frivolous means。
Because it is often associated with unhealthy and contrary to the moral standards of storylines in contact with literary works, such as "Water Margin" in the Pan deliberately hold the stick out of the window at Ximen head, sort of。
Thus life when people use it is very cautious。
"Exotic" much more elegant word, say a person has mood, in fact, to suggest someone is a rich delight of life of people, there is an affinity, a sense of humor, suave and easy, artsy, etc.。
1.Long-term character a bit cowardly Flirt if you can not maintain self-confidence in social situations, then the "long-term" Flirting is more appropriate for you, that is to say, for a "romantic strangers" remotely, be fleeting uttered a sigh。Sometimes you will encounter such "long-term" flirting。Its most basic type is someone shouting to you: "Oh, ah Beauty Queen"。
The man some distance away from you, so that you do not feel offended, just was very interesting, this practice never tired truckers。
"Long-term" flirting very popular because it does not require great courage, the risk factor is very small。Do not flirt rude rude when your aim is to make people start smiling lips, instead of getting scared, I do not think that this practice is dedicated man, now lady is not as before, can often take such action Lightning。

TCM regimen foot diseases disappear completely

Reflexology is a traditional Chinese medicine makes you sick do not care what methods can play a foot health care and disease prevention head to foot because there are many related to human health points。 The entire portion of the body in the foot region are reflected on this reflective region of said foot, that is, the whole structure body is reflected projected down to a certain part。 That head, internal organs, muscles and so on, all the organs of the body and feet are closely related, and in some parts of the left and right feet are partially reflective (corresponding to) the。
Chinese medicine foot health has two characteristics: one is anyone can implement anytime, anywhere, press twist and percussion methods are easy to grasp, not much time-consuming。 The second is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory and clinical experience is based on scientific and operational。
Specific methods are as follows: Chinese foot diseases totally disappeared regimen every night before going to a tapping foot tapping foot with his fist, you can eliminate fatigue day。
By tapping the appropriate stimulation to the soles of the feet to promote the body's blood circulation, visceral functions can be enhanced and restore energy as soon as possible。
The method is based on the right foot as the center of percussion, rhythm to the surrounding radiation carried out to a little pain for the degree。
May sit cross-legged on the bed or chair, feet on the other side of the leg of the knee, it is easier to tap。
Each foot were knocked about 100 times, not excessive force。

Despite international creditors against the Greek parliament to force through "pro-poor bill"

Remittance Network March 19 hearing – Greek lawmakers on Wednesday (March 18) by a "pro-poor bill", the country intends to grant more aid low-income funds, though, this bill and related expenses It is not recognized by the international creditors。This also means that the country After further negotiations with international creditors on matters recipient will face more twists and turns。  Congress 300 seats in the vast majority of lawmakers voted in favor of the bill, which is also the country's left-wing government came to power since the election period by 1 header bill。The bill provides free electricity and "food stamps" to low-income families to offset the impact of 240 billion euros to rescue Greece ($ 254) debt imposed by austerity measures to bring。  The policy is expected to cost 200 million euros, while the Greek government said this part of the money will be cut each sector spending and adopt a more transparent system of government procurement contracts to fill。  Greece has ordered all departments accounting cost savings, but the new award of the procurement contract system is still in the revised system of government which, at present does not determine how much cost savings can be achieved expenditure。  At present, the international creditor "troika", namely the European Central Bank [microblogging] (ECB) and International Monetary Fund [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]) and representatives of the European Commission, the progress of the Greek aid program under review。Previously, the "troika" of Greece to hold all the voting bill alleged financial issues in order to assess the proportion of their share of the budget。  In his speech before the vote, Prime Minister Qipulasi (Alex bars) announced to lawmakers, the bill represents the interests of the entire country, Greece will continue to advance other initiatives it is not approved by international creditors, including the reopening of the national broadcaster。Mr Tsipras said that this was the first five years, "but not from the people giving back to people," the bill。  In order to find a political solution, after the EU summit in Brussels, Mr Tsipras will meet on Thursday (March 19) later, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel), French President Hollande (Olang Germany), European Central Bank President Mario Draghi (Mario Draghi), and President of the European Commission (Xigu Ke) and the Eurogroup main Xidiseer Bloom (Jereon Dijsselbloem)。

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