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(Writer election issue) how I met you in my most beautiful moment

Always listen to the silent gazing at, how fleeting wisp of white moon slide that I met you in my most beautiful moment in the context of thoughts had approached the bonds of that period, they will quietly listen to a blooming water Han Yancui the human mind as the ultimate hang around a bustling blooming Tumi, but the fragrance is still convinced that the soul is the induction of years no trace, there is the sound of the wind to be carried, but sleeves days to shortage, to be old but a dream, not tell me wake up, you are my fleeting it through the monsoon, who cited a tie for whom the rainy season came Acacia, who for whom keep a pool of light years beautiful and tempting, perhaps, to remember and perhaps had nothing, nothing do not forget the horizon, right close right close horizon how I met you in my most beautiful moment that I was in the water side, standing near the water ah woman carrying three thousand Yuet Wah, tread water for you every night and the song just waiting for you to love Allure, through the Mekong water gently taken away along with me, my gentle Red smile put pen to paper in 2012 QQ1285207538 15 Ri

Blood-stained flag

Inscription: Whenever I hear “phone-rolling singing hero, surrounded by green and hearken.Why battle flag after the United States and picturesque, the hero of her blood red “, I could not help but think of the red flag is red with the blood of countless communists, which also has anti-Japanese hero DU Yong blood.  A This is a true story, when I was often heard the mother talk.I have a grandmother in the village anti-Japanese hero named Yong Du, a communist, a traitor later team (puppet) caught killed, died very staunch.Growing up I heard a lot of mouth and from the masses on the legend of Yong Du, gradually, many Duyong Ying Xiong image of the piece in my heart even became a magnificent picture.  Two DU Yong Pei Mita is a village, because his family was poor childhood to the landlord Zhou Wei pigs sheep water, not warm enough to wear, it was often beaten landlord po.DU Yong 15 years old, because he could endure bullying landlord, ran away from home, participated in the anti-Japanese guerrillas Weishan.After the army, he studied hard, masses, bold but cautious, often alone a traitor who broke into the home of despotic landlord or warn them not allowed to harm the people, not dead set on doing things for the Japanese.Awed by the power of the guerrillas, who often deal with the Japanese surface, secretly work for the guerrillas.18 years old, he joined the Communist Party Yong Du.After his party greatly increased awareness, fighting bravely, resourceful, and fail to build credit.Shortly after Wei born guerrilla leader redeployment, he served Weishan anti-Japanese guerrilla leader.He led guerrillas, active in the Weishan Lake area, Dagui Zi, fighting puppet, elusive, afraid of the Puppet.He also hated enemy, Zaozhuang puppet army commander Wang Lei 1 thousand dollars reward for the capture of DU Yong.  Early winter’s day, the earth’s crop net income, and few pedestrians on the road.And guards Liu Yong Du pushed his car, a pair of dress farmers into the city to sell the radish, pumpkin.Went to a cemetery before, They slowed down, suddenly drilled a few armed people from the cemetery monument They blocked the way ..DU Yong looked bad situation, immediately threw the car a push forward, then lie down with the enemy to shoot up.After the end result outnumbered, he and Liu both captured.It turned out that before the departure of the guerrillas hiding in the spy Wu, Yong Du departure time, route leaked to the garrison headquarters Pei puppet, puppet army ambush in advance through the cemetery Yong Du, Du Yong two were therefore catch.  Three puppet Diao Shan and Xu Yong Du and Liu will be tied up to Peixian escort the night puppet army garrison headquarters.Garrison commander Zhang Yang overjoyed, thinking that as long as the forced open DU Yong mouth, you can eliminate the guerrillas just around the corner.  Zhang Yong Du and Liu Yang saw, puppet scold Diao Shan: “Do not hurry to untie Du captain!”Sounded Duixiao and said:” Mr. Du frightened of!Sit down, sit down.”DU Yong dismissive, sitting on a bench.Zhang Yang immediately fetched a glass of water to Yong Du, Du Yong twist her face did not take cup.Zhang Yang does not care, still politely said: “I know Mr. Du forthright, as long as I am willing to cooperate with Mr. Du, I guarantee you when Weishan Guard captain, you send acres of farmland.If you do not want an official, it can also be home farming.”DU Yong said:” I grew up farming, there is no official life, you have to let me go home, I welcome.”Having started to leave immediately.Zhang Yang hastily stopped him and said: “busy, busy!Something good thing to discuss.”Zhang Yang saw with money, status could not move DU Yong’s heart, shirk, said:” Daw go to rest, and then proposed some things tomorrow, tomorrow Reconsideration.”Zhang Yong Du and Liu Yang will be held for three days, pull out the stops covered, nor set any news about the guerrillas from the mouth of DU Yong.Enemies angry, on the right and Liu Yong Du torture.Flogging with a whole variety of times, Yong Du did not say.The enemy DU Yong played raw and the ambiguous flesh, but he rather die than surrender.He glared at the enemy and said firmly: “You can break my flesh, never open my heart, I want to betray the guerrillas, that’s wishful thinking!”Zhang Yang really did not get his way, he asked the puppet army commander Zaozhuang Wang Lei, and finally ordered by the Japanese army Colonel in Zaozhuang: lynching DU Yong.  Four execution ground is located in the north of the Golden Water Bridge River Pei.The weather was cold, dark clouds, the north wind blowing, no pedestrians on the road, only a few crows in the trees rattle tweet.Zhang Yang heavily armed, came to a jail term of fainthearted, came to force a group of people standing around woebegone execution ground.The executioner Hufei Wei Yong Du body coat stripped, tied to stakes on pre-prepared, Liu tied to a tree near accompany punishment.Before the provisional sentence, puppet army commander Zhang Yang once again questioned: “Yong Du, as long as you say guerrilla activities in place, you can avoid a dead!”DU Yong angry staring eyes, snapped:” kill to cut up to you to tell me the location of guerrilla activities, delusions!”Zhang Yang angry, howling said:” Kill him!Kill him!Execution!”The Executioner Hu Feiwei Shouchijiandao walked in front of DU Yong, leash, a knife inserted in the thigh Yong Du, a surge of bright red blood along the thigh in surge Yong Du, Du Yong bite the bullet does not utter a word.Mass disturbances around a while, shivering scared, close your eyes and slowly retreat.Inhuman Hufei Wei Yong Du knife flesh spin-down piece by piece, DU Yong undaunted, still endless curse.Liu younger, was scared fainted, the crowd burst into cries.Yong Du masses looked at, said loudly: “folks, do not be sad.I am a farmer’s son, to make the enemy tremble with fear, I die value, folks to remember for my revenge!”He rebuked Hu Xi Wei:” You bunch of animals, your doom is coming!I have looked at you perish in hell!”Hu Feiwei angry, break apart by hand Yong Du mouth cut off his tongue, but with the tip of his blind eyes poked.DU Yong opened his mouth, “pop” sound, the bloody spit in the face of Hu Feiwei.Hu Feiwei in cold blood with a knife stabbing the heart of DU Yong.A Communist, anti-Japanese hero stopped breathing so.Later, Du Yong cut off the enemy’s head, hanging in a tree north of the city for public display.The next day, the hero’s head mysteriously disappeared.  After five enemy killed Yong Du, the local people risked their lives overnight convergence of the DU Yong’s body, buried secretly shipped Tamura Weishan West Bank.  Although DU Yong was killing the enemy, but his immortal spirit.Hometown youth group after group participated in Weishan guerrilla, guerrilla team even stronger, the people of his hometown vowed to revenge DU Yong.Inspired by the spirit of the Yong Du, guerrillas bravely fighting the enemy.This heroic anti-Japanese guerrillas, the guerrillas Zaozhuang Railway and North Jiangsu closely with the New Fourth Army, attacked the enemy everywhere, playing Japanese troops fled in panic, rout Zaozhuang dare to go out.August 15, 1945, the Emperor of Japan announced its unconditional surrender to the world, Weishan people rejoice, to celebrate the victory in tears.Communists, anti-Japanese hero DU Yong oath desire to Japanese devils out of China finally realized.  After six Japanese surrender, the executioner Hufei Wei suddenly became a company commander of the military.After the liberation, he was incognito, a worker in a factory.One day he was in a pub drinking, drunk people to boast: “I vowed to eat the heart of a total of 10 troops to courage, I have spent a total of 7 hearts troops present food and wine, my breath with a knife hoe hoe died 5 Communist army!”His words were heard in the presence of the masses, report to the local police station, public security departments will soon bring him to justice.Under questioning, that he was killed by the Communists, anti-Japanese hero Yong Du murderer Hu Feiwei.In August 1950, the county’s General Assembly in Pei County Public Security Bureau held Kosei Tamura, sentencing and execution rallies murderer Hufei Wei, Du Yong revenge for the martyrs.Peixian people singing and dancing to celebrate following the Japs off, and overthrew the Chiang dynasty, became the master of the people really believe Duyong Lie disabilities souls in the nether world will smile.  End today, as we mark the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China on the occasion, I miss Communist, anti-Japanese hero Yong Du, is the blood of countless communists and he will red flag, the flag flying high.Now the world is not peaceful, in order to build socialism with Chinese characteristics, be not afraid of bloodshed, as we like Yong Du, is life, fight forever, and strive to achieve a harmonious world!

(Original) leaving no pass book (serial) 3

[REVIEW] from Monday to Thursday, two people possessed like restlessness, food is not sweet taste, sleepless nights, wistfully, as if lost soul off the soul.What is it the soul?Is our passport.    Visa application forms small country, mimeographed paper made with inferior texture.Above were printed with the national language and English, illegible, so many projects, in order to fill in under the guidance of Mr. Li.One column was asked who apply for a tourist visa, how many dollars going to spend during their stay in the country.After deliberations in private, we bite the bullet and fill, “one hundred and fifty dollars.”In fact, we do not have is the money, dollars are still flying in the sky it.Mr. Li passed and said “No, not poor countries is also welcome pauper, remember.Into five hundred dollars, less write, Consul will be rejected.”As one of the sponsors of the Non-Aligned Movement trumpet country, the Indian subcontinent and other countries unbearable poverty, tourism is a way for the country’s foreign exchange.There is a one of the difficulties, we are nonsensical, but unfortunately in too awkward a great country nationals.    Pro Finally, still photos so unpleasant questions, Mr. Li told us, in the embassy district of the Friendship Store will have a snapshot of the service, Lidengkequ.We are aware that the city is looking for previous studio is folly.We hurried to the Friendship Store took a snapshot, although three in the afternoon can get photos the photography club house, but the safe side, even a little ahead of time is good.Later, what happened, just it proved our hunch.    Embassy usually lunchtime.2:00 pm we catch the end of the lunch break, took the lead back to the joy of State B embassy.Or with a guard, yet this time we block out, he said, the morning let’s get into the embassy, it has been a big mistake.Just a blow, we were almost hit Mongolia.The rural areas to the soldiers, and he could not understand, in a small watchtower shake the phone, trot over a minute later a military officer, he explained to our road, because we entered the B embassy in the morning, it was reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, foreign Ministry notification, you must have a visa to visit the country before they can enter other foreign embassies.We say that a visa has been approved, and now only pay photograph, if you can bend the rules.His affable, sympathetic, Shuangshouyitan, said: “Sorry, we only obey the command of the army’s sake.”Pipedream a dream, cooked ducks fly, Dayton time, the two like a broken kite line, from the sky fell to the ground, completely bulk of the aircraft.Sad to leave this false starts, he trudged, not the target.Since it is the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of the outpost then all are bound to notice, there should be no exceptions.However, it decided, to date, only the “dead horse a living horse medicine” to trumpet embassy to try his luck, there is hope the guards also did not get the message.Abduction of a few blocks, we are uneasy, came to the small embassy gate, the guards all the way to greet us: “The two in the morning not been yet?”We explained:” This afternoon sent the photo to a.”He waved, release the.Really like a survivor, we slipped into the embassy just as two slip through the net.What happened next is even more incredible.We saw, Mr. Li said something frightening words: “It seems that you very rich, is not it?You are also going to West Africa, what is this country called again?”We are almost paralyzed in their seats, feel like and make life difficult for windmills Don Quixote’s long, stupid and tragic.In front of the machine powerful country, look how weak and insignificant.Sheng Dacheng a physical defect stuttering, this time, he was stuttering was not say a word.I am pretending to be calm, “yes ah, yes State B, but we also intend to look to Africa.”Mr. Li smoke all the time, leaned over to sit on a chair, he patted the thigh, set right angle, said to us:” Yes, the West African country B, and you really can toss.”He opened the drawer of his desk, which drew a pistol and if two handcuffs, we will not be surprised.We have come up with a stack of completed forms in the morning, he has always been able tone, “Well, put your passport photos and visa fee to me.”And tell us, the morning after three days, let us in the door, he would take us out into the embassy passport and visa.We looked at each other, but also joy and worry is, when we discuss with him the possibility to obtain a visa the same day.He decisively said, “Now the consul assumed office soon, alternately very busy, did not immediately go through may, I have taken good care of you, do not say, or I will not help the.”We are left only many thanks, respectfully withdraw the copies.    From the embassy area, it was getting late, we went to the park, sitting on a small river absent-minded daze.”Slanting crosswise water clean and shallow, subtle fragrance floating on the evening” with one of the pleasant scenery, the mood is a mess.Sheng Dacheng and I are not the same, usually never smoked, the first time today lit one, crouched there silent, looked like a “Camel”.Our heads full of strings of question marks, but why at this point, the Foreign Ministry issued such a notice, it seems that for both of us, do we have so important to you?Especially puzzling is that Mr. S embassy chestnut, actually on our activities in State B embassy well aware.Experience a variety of social movements, especially the Cultural Revolution of the Chinese people, are accustomed sensitive to everything going on around, linked to that, this is a unique reflex.Natural inference is that our move is monitored security sector.However, Mr S embassy chestnut has accepted our visa application, does in some behest, planted bureaus, in order to detain our documents.If you want to go by this train of thought, or mad, or simply surrender.But sober analysis, we are perfectly legal, since Chinese passports valid for all states of the world, the bearer would have the right to enter a foreign embassy to apply for a visa.We mixed state of mind, just as the ancient capital of the alley as complex.We already see the dawn, but a passport or visa has not yet arrived, still uncertain days.    From Monday to Thursday, two people possessed like restlessness, food is not sweet taste, sleepless nights, wistfully, as if lost soul off the soul.What is it the soul?Is our passport.Today’s China, it is difficult to understand our past era, that is full of helplessness, frustration, despair and longing thoughts, once regain passport stamped with a visa to enter the ecstatic peak condition, the memory is still fresh.During the visa, the Catholic Church in Beijing before the altar, I silently prayed to God.A few years later, talking about a female college student in Vienna in the country when her parents grew up eating chicken wings, hope in the future can only child wings fly away, the listener can not help but Suanbi.    [Editor: Min Min]

(New Year special) Spring Festival

A year on the occasion of spring, spring fortune particularly optimistic about this year drew to a close – the crowd, such as weaving, surging under the bright sun or wind Yin Yu started falling, the spring weave depicting beautiful, beauty picture.Festive atmosphere, it was constantly picked on earth this festive rendered strong fragrance.    Spa people eager to go home, all participated in the spring, to embrace the spring tide, bathing season.Happy home is a piece of mind of habitat has not changed and the accent wrapped around wrapped around the family, always involve your body and mind living on rivers and lakes attributed to peace.All the lintel, are available at “always new replace the old character” in a new life, shiny; all the faces, all in the hope of recovery may sound sound, full of confidence.    Coachman owners have big boom throttle heart, seize the golden season of the year, as far as possible pockets bulging round.The car, still can not meet the needs of customers exchanges.Watching the surging waves of the crowd, they give birth to superhuman powers anxious overnight, buy a few one hundred thousand horsepower luxury bus, making a fortune in a few days.To us to “Happy Encounter” moments, we will not hesitate to “revolutionary capital”, the passenger finally in sight, the smell of sweat eat cocky taste spittle.Neck ache also purchase tickets vain, legs and feet soft still not back field.After all, our small place, people have private cars are rare.    But before the New Year’s Eve, we were granted a decree must hurry home.Fortunately, we met a driver, he returned to the camp as a difficult proud like a fugitive to save the group, as we engage in a three fare ticket, let us be grateful family of three.We are lucky enough to hit the road, you feel the taste of the year in the window – also see out the window some “Labo” who, because of bad human side of the road is still dawdle.They are scattered locks of a landscape, not a vehicle carrying away taste, but put up loosely straightened natural step frame.They are determined to catch the “bicycle”, the road to go around in small groups, or invite solicitation stroll about the country road, safe and all the way to the spring tour.Their faces showing joy, because in no way obstruct the road to stop walking ahead of.Their love of family, friends and relatives of friendship, of a spring intoxicated at the vast Sky, sleepy enough to withstand the physical and emotional burnout.    Outside the car has such a moving scene: the mother to bring her son into the city, the brakes may place some distance away from them.The two young men carrying the old man leaning on chasing the past, saw the car already overcrowded.Daughter-in-law had stopped in her tracks, they gave up the ride.At this time, the old man has been out of breath.I saw the son wiping the sweat two, then crouch down to the old man accidentally back up, step by step to go in the direction the county.Daughter while guarding the side of the mother’s back, while all the parcels on their shoulders.Stooped old man’s body up a little, as far as possible to save some power-law.Membership of the vigor and vitality of spring, warm and peaceful holiday, someone playing the “joy of making money” idea.They danced dragon, lion screw around with lights, lights bull playing, singing flower lantern, said Ji Lizi highway invited to discuss cross-section of the vehicle to pass.”Light weight Choi Choi went to” put your heart itch, you can remain indifferent to it?Even if you hate crowds of people that Bobo’s making trouble, but you dare not open curse or say no good thing – because you are descendants of the Chinese nation broad and profound body of flowing blood simple yet profound, long bones peace and prosperity is always good luck!Folklore Ji Lizi exactly is your intimate posted lung comfort, you have to have patience and pretend to be generous point, spend a small fortune turned away to the other side.We make a fortune Well, think about it, as long as you a safe journey home so what what will, what is not worth it?In addition to these people grabbed virtuous people, vehicles and pedestrians hold, they will jump from the countryside into the cities, from the start of each store, find Kuanye money bitch bleeding, and even some units to congratulate the New Year.The cruel when they are cruel, they let go when the TIPS.A month down, their business is booming surprise, it became generous, envy the human eye, really easy to have fun flies moisture!

(Essay) the ultimate small business

The purpose of doing business is to make money.No one is doing business to lose money, unless the charity, or lack of mental.    Register a company operating in a project that is my dream, but because there was no spare time and opportunities, has not been achieved.  The sale of some small, some big business is big business, I have a few friends doing big business, large scale, has accumulated hundreds of millions of assets.  To want to do good business, there are light money, desire, passion and hard work will not do, but also favorable factors, but also good management, operation, and even take some luck and opportunity, especially ultimately contacts.Cell door along the street west of head room, is a nice house, two floors, good location, six years, seven wave boss has changed, all the restaurant business.Each time, it must pay hundreds of thousands, in order to stop, and had to beat a hasty retreat, the disk out of trouble.  Studied business management friends all know that business strategy is a very complex issue, improve the business, in addition to market-oriented, creative and resourceful, but also the distinctive needs.In actual operations, it is more complex, especially for the self-employed, small businesses, because small-scale, high costs, weak competitiveness, poor business environment and conditions, accidentally sea capsize, resulting in down the drain.  A small business can be done very well, even dry to the extreme, like big business, has become big business.Dry trading dry to the extreme, the sale is the best mood and taste, which are figured and artistic place.  Several small business operators know friends, did a good job, have their own characteristics.  A friend, surnamed Zhang, the couple was originally a textile factory workers in Jinan, factory because of poor efficiency, together laid off.There is no way you can die, only to fend for themselves, then opened a shop, stem from the hardware business, there are already a dozen years.  His shop, of a total of a dozen square, near Alexandra Road in Jinan.Husband and wife, plus a man.Hardware rare breed, mainly wire and nails, plus some construction materials.  After the Spring Festival together, made an appointment to meet at seven o’clock in the evening at the hotel, he was busy, fast eight only to.During the meeting talked about the future of his business, Spring Festival more than a month, because the market is better, light nails and wire, went out more than two thousand tons, is expected to reach annual sales of thousands of tons, day!  It is a small family-run shop, small business, hardware.      Jinan breakfast spot, everywhere, the city people do not want to dry.Roadside stall, then there are numerous street shop, selling the dumplings, fritters, biscuits, porridge and bean curd like, working in this area, mostly foreign workers to economy, and therefore to feed a a large number of new people into the city, the city also brings convenience to people’s lives.  There are people doing.  Near Jinan North Park, there is a breakfast shop, selling rice cooked rice handle the meat, the food is simple, a total of several varieties, handle the meat, fried eggs, boiled eggs, fried tofu, chili, gluten.The house has twenty or thirty seats, the door also has twenty or thirty seats, white long table made of tin, was short, Mazar child.Open every day, from 6 to 9 am, three hours or so.  Really like water flow, light line buy lunch there about twenty people.Seven to eight to go, not even a seat, you have to wait before a wave of guests left, to sit down and mixed with air.Eat quickly, a group of fifteen minutes, fifty or sixty seats, one hour almost two hundred people, more than three hours is six hundred people, but also mixed with some bought home to eat breakfast.Average meals twelve yuan terms, the daily turnover of between 8000-10000.  Breakfast is busy for a total of four or five people, and perhaps a mom and pop.      East district, there is a clinic, a couple of open.The couple a total of two doctors, a nurse there twenty-three.Husband and wife are students, male doctors are foreigners, after graduating from medical school, followed in order to love Valentine came to Jinan.  Work is not forthcoming, how do?In order to survive, after the wedding, the couple stem from the clinic, starting from a dozen dilapidated rented house a square, anchored to a community, went to work, Flash is more than a decade.  Now the couple, is to buy their own street door of the first house, nearly three hundred square feet, seven in the morning to open the door nine at night closed, breakfast, dinner to eat at the clinic.Year profit may reach 1.5 million.The steady stream of patients, only every day, busy, no time to rest, male doctors also pick 2 or 3 unused grown children to school.When the Spring Festival every year, in order to rest for two or three days, to visit that far away in the home of the parents, then quickly come back, continue to the next year’s business.  West of the Washington area over three hundred meters at, is a larger community, there is also a health room, deserted, many patients often bypassed, specifically to the clinic to see a doctor.  People say, hostess clinic school is pediatrics, medicine is particularly high, and the attitude of male doctors, particularly affable.

Resurrection body of a woman

Serial voir dire to the office, the door was open, Ai Jia and do not care, I thought: who do so early today?Mandy or wavelet?Opened the door, she knew that non-yellow, yellow big leader.Ai Jia scalp a tight, I’m afraid to send a punitive expedition, Look look look grumpy.Surprisingly smooth hearing the case, Chen Qing and Li Lin is happy to admit that the ghouls Yang Wen event, but when others are silent about, until asked relics theft Northwest, began to hum and haw, Chen green fairly calm, but Li Lin may head cold sweat, because in his residence found a two precious relics of the Ming Dynasty, one is in the Ming Dynasty vase, one is exquisitely later period incense burner.Well, these two artifacts are from where?Ai Jia unhurried, after taking the basic do’s case, she has always been so, like a cat catching mice.Yes, yes hometown village in Sanxiang Schenectady is not, is to help a friend take.He says, what friends to help take?Who is he?What is your name?I do not know, but he is the boss of ours, we call him God Biao, but I never saw him, he passed the oral hearing as people, the way we come to arrange the evacuation of Li Lin Cheer up, evidently will not leave.Hearing temporarily come to an end, non-yellowing and walked toward the corner office.Ai Jia is still only brains, wondering: Homestead Village Sanxiang on the 10th, a familiar place names.By the way, is it not the residence of the deceased Yang Wen you?Ai Jia shines, intuition told her it was not out of the ordinary relics theft, but what is the mystery of it?Mysterious woman in the case was allocated to a non-yellowing, non-yellowing looked elated look, Ai Jia have been thinking, this is now the 10th Sanxiang hometown village who actually lived it?But, strange to say, Wen Yang from the accident so far, Ai Jia Wen Yang’s parents have not seen, in the end is an important business in a foreign country, or the daughter of an important?Human nature is sometimes really confusing.Throwing daughter was not supposed daughter accident, at least parents should also look at the back of.Ai Jia little understood why Yang Wen will choose to commit suicide.Ai Jia in Homestead Village Sanxiang size ten non same happened to come across a yellow to investigators, after all, the cases are also relics of this old house and has a relationship.Huang non a breath, it seems that this place really simple.Huang and his colleagues in the same group of non-not out of the door, Li Ying parents lovingly took Ai good hands: Ai police officers, and they tell you, we really did not sell the artifacts, it is people say, early release that is, just ask them to take, how do we know that relics ah, we did not even open seen.Perhaps not the same state of mind, and compared to the last meeting, more than a calm tone of voice.Something which is on the?Ai Jia asked.Asked the second floor of a grocery.Inside are some tools, the package is placed in the innermost, the caller said very detailed.This looks very familiar.What kind of a woman’s voice?Before you hear it too?Very hoarse, as if deliberately speak like that.Also he coughed several times, but the sound is very crisp, unlike the original voice speaking.By the way, how did you live in this?Yang Wen’s father called to let us live in it, by the way for them to see the house, and said how much money a month to give us something, how dare we want to do, what not to say Eiji a settled, I do not believe Wener would do such a thing, she really is a good girl, than Eiji also filial piety, she should not have to go so early.If the woman call again, must promptly notify us please?Ai Jia looked around, let me see them both in the room do?Yes, but the old man would like to say no.

Complaining can only add to your troubles

We live in this world. Most people will have such experiences. One thing, one person, can make us worry for a long time and make us feel annoyed and sad.. Especially when the person who troubles us is still a person who does not understand others and does not reflect on himself, the situation will be even worse.     There is such an old fable, which may give us some enlightenment. A young farmer rowed a boat to transport his own agricultural products to the residents of another village.. It was a very hot day, and the farmer was sweating like a pig and suffering terribly.. He rowed the boat anxiously, hoping to finish the transportation task quickly so that he could get home before dark. Suddenly the farmer found a boat coming down the river in front of him and seeing that the two boats were about to hit each other. The boat had no intention of avoiding it and seemed to be interested in hitting it by itself..     Although the farmer shouted angrily at the boat almost to the point of anger, the boat did not mean to avoid it, but when the farmer glared at the boat, he found that there was no one over the boat but an empty boat drifting along the river..     In most cases, when you complain and shout, you may only be facing an empty boat. The person who has repeatedly angered you will never change his direction because of your complaints..     Of course, you don’t have to curry favor with that person at all, nor do you need to reach an agreement with him. But you must know that you can’t let his troubles become your troubles, no matter how angry you are, he won’t suffer from insomnia because of you.. If you fall into a ruthlessness because of his fault, you will become a real victim.     As the saying goes, ” Life is not always as good as it should be.”. ‘ Some people often complain when they are unhappy, complaining about the weather and making themselves unhappy and grouchy all day long.. However, some people do not fret, complain, treat calmly and try to change when they are not satisfied, so his heart is often full of hope..     Written on June 18, 2012

After the rain

The feeling of light summer rain is really good!   I didn’t have time to experience it carefully before. It happened that I wanted to run this Sunday morning, but there was a lot of water on the ground, so I had to walk and see the scenery with special charm.!     One grass, one flower, one leaf are all fresh colors. What kind of freshness is the same feeling as the clear water at the bottom! With cool, oily light lining the ground color and touching gently, it is a smooth hand.     The night’s rain reduced the scorching heat and brought the expected coolness. This is a joy from the bottom of my heart. The temperature has risen since the summer, and the spring is short, even before I could ponder it, the summer’s hurried pace has arrived. I can’t help but you’re not a little depressed.. Few people will really like the heat of summer, besides, they are really experiencing it, so they don’t want the spring festival to be full of fun.!     The night rain washed away the noisy air, just like Ming Che now, breathing feels much easier, and the joy of refreshing the heart and moistening the lungs cannot help praising the nature’s magic. People who get up in the morning are really lucky. Such enjoyment is rare! I haven’t seen the rain for a long time. I need water everywhere for such a long time. What a timely rain this is! Think about the joy of hearing thunder last night, and now I still feel the corners of the mouth smile is endless.     Looking around, the landscape trees in the square also seemed to have a lot of spirits, with the slight wind blowing, and the leaves flashing like smiling eyes: the branches of the trees on both sides drooped, and the wind passing through them was soft and washed with water.. Green spreads in the eyes. what kind of green is this? enter the eyes, follow one’s inclinations and stir up your spirit somewhere! That’s the color of life, the color of vitality!     Isn’t it, on such an early morning, these aren’t giving you a glow of youth??!

Spring daydream – thoughts on rereading Zhu Ziqing’s participation in the spring regulations

Spring daydream – rereading Zhu Ziqing’s prose to attend the coming of spring regulations” looking forward to, looking forward to, the east wind is coming, and the pace of spring is approaching.     Everything looks like it was just waking up. I opened my eyes happily.. The mountain became moist, the water grew, and the sun blushed.     The grass crept out of the soil, tender and green. In the garden, in the field, look, a large one is full. . Ah . A year’s plan is spring; Just start, have a plenty of time, have a plenty of hope. Spring is like a newly born doll. It is new from head to foot and it grows. Spring is like a little girl, beautifully dressed, smiling and walking. Spring is like a strong young man with iron arms and waist and feet. He leads us forward. ” & not; From Zhu Ziqing’s participation in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, which has just passed, the firecrackers are still ringing from time to time, the severe winter at the end of the Year of the Rat has not cleared out, the sky is still empty, and the earth is still dying of that cold, cold chill. We are already waiting for the arrival of the Spring of the Year of the Ox…..     Spring is the first season of the year. With her arrival, the grass green warbler flies, the willow blows the dike, and the breeze is warm. Spring is also the warmest season of the year. She awakens all things in the earth and moistens things like cakes with her thin little rain. Spring is also the most beautiful season of the year. She is so beautiful and colorful that she dances everywhere. Spring is the most enjoyable season of the year. You can see that she is green with water, red with rain, white clouds floating in the blue sky, and the earth sprouts new green. She also sweeps up her warm breeze from time to time, gently blowing your face and making your heart flutter..     Yes, it was spring that revived the earth and awakened the verdure. she brought us the best talk of the year with warmth, brightness and freshness.! The poem monk Zhinan in the Southern Song Dynasty chanted the spring with such a quatrain: the ancient wood was covered with a short awning in the shade, and the cane helped me across the bridge east.. With clothes to wet apricot blossoms and rain, the wind blows on the face with a shudder from the willows and willows..     The breath of spring is warm and moist. You can touch her fresh and moist hair with a touch of your hand. When you close your eyes and hold your breath, you will immediately feel her warm breath. She is like a pure girl who brings warmth and beauty to the world without complaint or regret.. But when you go to savor and feel the whole spring carefully, you will find that the early spring, the middle spring and the late spring are different, although they are so warm and warm, so beautiful and colorful, so warm and fresh, the meaning and connotation left to people are different aftertaste..     Early spring is beautiful. She came so lightly and quietly that she never seemed to have the heart to wake the grass that was sleeping soundly.. But she is still in your casual time, everywhere is sprouting vegetation, misty rain, peach blossoms in full bloom, willow trees spitting green; At this moment, there are more kites in the sky and more smiling faces of the children. The songs and laughter will reverberate and linger in the spring breeze for a long time.! At this moment, it is full of buds and flowers. However, who actually acted as the herald of spring? When you are still searching hard, you will suddenly find and hear the news of this spring by casual surprise. It is these peach blossoms everywhere, spring ducks in the sparkling rivers and lakes, swallows holding mud to build nests, sprouting green shoots, and the noise of buzzing birds..     Zhongchun is beautiful. She came so warmly, refreshing and intoxicating. Lift up your eyes and look around. The sun is shining everywhere, warm wind is blowing gently, the flowers are bright and the willows are tender. Those still bare branches in early spring are now covered with tender yellow leaves and buds. Yuan Ye, originally empty, is now full of flowers, all purple and all red. The earth’s buildings are green and full of vitality. At this moment, you will truly feel: what is meant by vitality and what is meant by spring scenery.     Late spring is always let a person feel aftertaste. At this moment, smoke and rain are everywhere, catkins are dancing, green fruits are full of branches, falling into the sky. However, she is the season that most easily awakens people’s hearts, the season that people’s thoughts surge, and the season of exuberant life.. After all, although spring is beautiful, she is very short, just as she came to us quietly and left us silently, although she has brought us an exciting surprise, she has left us some endless aftertaste and slight melancholy..     Spring is always short, she is fleeting. If you catch her, she will belong to you. However, when you can’t hold her, she will quickly and quietly pass away from your fingers, leaving you with only one constant hope and expectation for the coming year.. So, always in those still cold winter days, we can’t help looking forward to spring, the warm sun in spring, the warm fresh breeze, the bright yellow green sprouting, the gorgeous, gentle and graceful willow, the flying catkins, and even the endless vitality displayed in spring..     ( written on mid-spring night in April 2009 ) )

Good communication, mother-in-law less trouble

One day, a middle-aged sister was deeply moved when she read the article I wrote about participating in good communication and how husband and wife should worry less.. She said, ” Can you tell me again how to get along with the old woman and daughter – in – law?”? I think it’s too difficult to get along with the old woman and daughter – in – law. Her question made me think deeply. How can I answer it? Because the relationship between the two women and daughter-in-law is really very tense. I just said it, can she accept my statement again? Can she do it? . Ah, looking at her mood of begging me to answer questions, I still said, ” It is mainly caused by the lack of communication between you two.”. ‘ The reason for the disharmony between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is that they cannot communicate with each other in a frank and direct manner and often do not know how to look at problems from the standpoint of each other and do not think of each other.. In particular, the age and thought gap between the young and the old is large, and the background of the times and the way of life are also different. Therefore, there is a great gap between the old woman and daughter – in – law.. Slowly, there will be a psychological barrier and a psychological gap that should not exist between two people..     The biggest enemy of a happy family is the lack of communication and communication between mother-in-law and daughter – in – law. If we can spend some time talking, I believe all the problems will be solved one by one.. As a daughter-in-law you are relatively young, so you must put down your shelf and have a good communication with your mother – in – law. The Bible says, ” Stand up in front of the white-haired ( mother – in – law ) people. Also respect the elderly ( elders ) and fear your God.. ‘ You can talk about the feelings of family life, your views on some things, your reasonable needs, and your opinions on family improvement, so as to get closer to distance and increase your feelings..     Due to the lack of communication, the various pressures and troubles in daily life, and the fact that they grew up in different cultures, education, backgrounds, habits and so on, there will certainly be a certain gap when they suddenly gather together to live together today, which is inevitable.. As long as there is good communication, all problems can be eliminated and a good relationship can be established..     The way to communicate and get along with the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is one of the most popular books in the Bible, which is to participate in the Luddite Regulations. This volume records the feelings between a woman and daughter-in-law who moved people’s hearts. There was a man who had left his home to live in a different place. The daughter-in-law married by both sons soon died one after another when they had no children, leaving only the widowed mother-in-law and the two daughters – in – law.. Later, the eldest daughter-in-law also remarried, but kannika nimtragol must return to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law in order to show filial piety to her mother – in – law.. Later, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law returned to their families and lived a life of hard work and plain living.. The test of the day and the testimony of life touched the neighbors and all took them as the example for the old woman and daughter – in – law to get along with.. Later, Ruth was looked upon by Boaz, a good and rich man, and she was married. Since then, they have been living a happy family..     How to get along with the old woman and daughter-in-law to be happy and happy?     1.. Patience to listen: The mother-in-law has words in her heart and tries to let her finish. The daughter-in-law should listen with utmost patience.. What’s more, the old people have rich life experience, which is more or less enlightening to the young people..     2.. Appropriate guidance: Ask questions at the right time and guide her mother-in-law to talk about what she wants to hear, so that these questions will arouse her mother-in-law’s interest, and her daughter-in-law will benefit from them and get on well with the relationship..     3.. Sincere consolation: When her mother-in-law sometimes feels too nagging herself, her daughter-in-law can say, ” It doesn’t matter.”. Her mother-in-law saw that her daughter-in-law liked to listen to her, but her nagging and boring words would be reduced instead.     4.. Ask for advice modestly: Her mother-in-law is very good at calculating expenses, ostensibly ” picking” but actually managing the family well.. For this, the daughter-in-law might as well ask for advice modestly: ” Mom, you can always arrange your money well every day. How do you calculate it?”! ‘ In this way, instead, she reassured you to start taking care of the money because she trusted you as a” stick catcher.”.     5.. Circulate out: If her mother-in-law is ” stingy” due to conservative thinking, she can be slowly guided to show a little love to care for those in need..     In fact, in any case, the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law does not have much problem, because of the lack of communication between the two people.. With less communication, mutual suspicion will ensue, and some of them will add salt and vinegar to the old woman and daughter – in – law, adding fuel to the fire.. As long as the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can sit down and try to communicate well, everything’ cold war’ will calm down. In the end, we have to focus on a word ” love” to solve all the problems.     The Bible says, ” Love can solve many problems.”. Only love can maintain the only bond between mother-in-law and daughter – in – law!