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Here’s who called Yueshu Yan was arrested, he confessed the other two, your broker before you hate to be high Mei Ling and Li Lu plagiarism.Lu Mei Ling and Li are high in the country and I am already walking program transnational arrested.”

  Sheng Joe’s look is not surprising.
  Qiao Yu said: “Yes,.You can also check out a broker there, a few months ago you received death threats Yueshu Yan is also indicated, he confessed to produce evidence.”
  Horch aside frown: “Death threats?When did this happen?”
  Before “: Sheng Joe Gordon a long time before whispered.”
  Horch eye color somewhat heavy, but did not say anything.Qiao Yu went on to say: “Do not worry about these, good rest and recuperation, I have a few friends that do specifically kidnapping, reputation is very loud, they have to run, and then a big background it will not be a good.”
  Sheng Joe gently nodded his head, “Thank you, ah, Qiao Yu.”
  He smiled: “When better the call back to the parents, they almost worried sick.”
  Sheng Joe quickly to touch the phone, “I give them a fight.”
  Phone is connected to the mother of Joe, Joe Sheng heard the voice on the other end suddenly choked up, that she was all right at ease, and let her take account of recuperate attention to the body, waiting for her to return home they would see her.
  Qiao Yu in there, on the legal thing she is not worried, the next time is to keep the body good.
  Group work program

This person sounds even smaller: “No, I do not know.But Miss Moody out of there with a foreign old man.”

  Foreign?The old man??
  Author has to say: I actually studied hypnosis.
  Come, you close your eyes, and I silently together: This is two more, which is two more, which is two more.
  Is not it becomes two more friends?[Face] to the point

Chapter 108
  Class performance sports car driving on the way to Bristol Court Hotel.
  Cheng double all the way to comfort myself, even if the hotel there are many things you can do, and certainly more than one kind of open house.
  Like her, occasionally meeting at the hotel.And foreign stars will be out of the hotel with the old man there is definitely down to business.
  Can process double what the stars did not come out Xiangponaodai down to business needs without telling her.
  The more reason to want to help Muslim child star excuse, the heavier twin Cheng hearts of grievances.
  She has a point which can not compare with the foreign old man?
  There are Yan, and rich, she also dead set single-minded, Is it not attracted to her old foreign?
  From the suburbs to the city center open for nearly an hour, despite the run around all day, Cheng double did not feel how tired.The closer from the hotel, but the more the spirit.
  We parked the car and drive straight to the hotel double, and tracking the stars the man in

Please cherish the girl who meets Libra

Please cherish the girl who meets Libra. Libra girls are intellectually elegant. You must not know how they need to be treasured. Come with Xiao Bian and have a look. Libra girls with outstanding temperament and high emotional intelligence tend to behave gracefully. You can see them at a glance in the crowd of inside.. If you understand and appreciate them, you will find that they are quite attractive when speaking. They are good at analyzing things from various angles and finding an objective conclusion.. Their high EQ enables them to be exquisite in interpersonal communication and gain good popularity.. At the same time, they also attach great importance to their identified friends. Even if they are willing to light a cigarette or open a bottle of wine alone in the dead of night, they will think until morning.. But in the crowd is more willing to accompany friends, enjoy the joy of life.   The considerate little angel Libra girls attach great importance to feelings and are willing to pay for those they like, whether it is family or love.. They are willing to think for you from your point of view. They are very understanding and will not make trouble with you. This is probably the uniqueness of Libra. Many girls will become unreasonable after falling in love, but libra women are very rational, probably because they know that noise is useless, so they will not do such useless things..   I need to be sure to cherish this Libra woman. Although Libra women always get along well with their friends, they are very insecure and often underestimate themselves.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The harder it is, the more it loves the three constellations.

Without fear of changes in the world, love is in hot water. What are the three constellations that are more difficult and more loving?? Meet these constellations, don’t give up, happy life depends on them ~ Cancer Cancer’s love view is the pursuit of trust and gentle love, they are very tolerant of the lovers around them, but also willing to sacrifice their own interests in order to safeguard the lovers, is a very kind constellation, is also very worthy of deep friendship, they are also very serious about feelings, even if they are not afraid of all risks..   Aries didn’t think of it? The Aries, who are neither true nor fettered, actually pursue a stable life. They have a calm attitude towards life. They are not mad or anxious at all. They are single-mindedly running their stable life. They want to give lovers such a day at the same time. Therefore, it is not easy to meet a person who is the same as them through three perspectives. Aries will not let go easily..   Sagittarius loves simple love and is pure.. They often have a fever of three minutes. They never have to be loyal to their lover. The mentality of the game leads to the shooter being misunderstood as a flower heart turnip. In fact, Sagittarius has been waiting for a really right person to let them willingly abandon the whole forest to maintain this hard-won love.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

With that kind of foolishness rural baby from knitting bamboo basket to open restaurant

I called Peter (Peter) it, we all so called, used.It was his only requirement in the interview, also opening!As you know, Peter, there is a way you will immediately understand the true meaning of the phrase immortal line.Peter, born in 1981, the original name of Luo Zonghua.One from the mud house out of farmers wanderers, but good at creating a romantic South American style in the heart of the city; a hand too long bamboo players calluses, was able to find rural flavor of a foreigner in a foreign country cook authentic authentic Western food; a living wage earners at the bottom of society, with the real thing from a home run paradise for foreigners.Life, he retains some flavor of farm: 24 years of marriage, 26 years old, a son, a full first few years than city people; to rent housing, transportation by walking, some of the advanced life support and is somewhat similar to wage earners.Such is life, there is no thought of those extravagant enjoyment.Peter’s life simple, simple, honest, passionate.Career, he leaped beyond the field of urban irritability, his sense of foreign taste refined and sincere: TheTex-mexBurrito, Ambassador carbonne Taco, Taco, France Hey tower (name of the dish) play in his hands with Zhang degree, for the Sichuan people never improved sense of taste only authentic Western flavor; actually speaking fluent English sentence is hard to tell that he was a farm boy children drop out of school the first day, just like fellow-like dialogue with foreigners affectionate.By chance, he cautiously asked: Do you think I stammered?Reporter A: You speak English fluently comparable to many Chinese.He smiled, looked down sadly said: my wife had this to say to the success of Peter’s explanation is simple, just weather, geography, and.Maybe he does not understand, and now society is no longer the era of hereditary wealth, is a civilian era, is a wise man who really era, but the era of Hero.From this point of view, his naive and ignorant smile validate a new definition of this era.It turns out difficult years in conversation with Peter, he although when the statement is off, the AC is not smooth, it certainly will from time to time give some classic insights on life.If you have been engaged in sweeping work, for many years as one day, you will not feel how hard the sweeping.Only with the change, the recollection of the past to know that period of time is hard.12-year-old dropped out of school knitting bamboo basket make money in my hometown Ziyang, I had only started to drop out, and parents work together, mainly to do bamboo processing.Peter Ziyang home in rural, poor family, after reading a junior high school grades, dropping out of school because of inability to pay.Peter was 12 years old at the time, wanted to go out to work but not old enough, and like parents, like farming, it was very hard and not making money, the flexibility of Peter attention around which neighbors flies better, what they do is.Soon, he noticed compiled watercress baskets to sell to make money, then secretly went to see others learn basketry craft, two months later, he fumbled made up the first basket watercress, after selling the first ever earned money.Knitting bamboo basket bitter, Peter’s hands are bloody day, instead of being scratched bamboo, is to be scratched blade, but with craft day long, basketry faster and faster, a few months later, a small he has to earn more than the parents money.In Peter mobilization, the family began knitting bamboo basket, with the improvement of life conditions, the locals called him capable, the family embarked on a broad road.Peter some time to plan for their own future is, to be a good bamboo Carpenter.Borrowed 50 yuan battles Chengdu sometimes I ‘gas’ parents do not live up to expectations, why do you always poorer than fellow man.Peter discourse is a love-hate relationship.Get the ID card, he angrily left the family, relying on borrowed 50 yuan to Chengdu.From mid-1996 onwards, Peter began a career wage earners.As he puts it, there is a change just think life is a hard country, since after all, in his view all kinds of little happiness, he always practical hard.Borrowed tens of dollars can only fare, he went through hard floors in the living Jiuyanqiao.The first job was washing dishes in a Chinese restaurant, a full stop to wash more than ten hours a day, there is a monthly net income of $ 200 Baochibaozhu.Peter thought a kind of satisfaction, but the body does not live up to expectations.Less than a week, he could not stop nosebleeds every day, some fear the boss, asked him to stop to go to see a doctor.Since then, chickens, keep the shop, he worked as a waiter and both did, after seven or eight jobs, but also quietly changed the fate of exotic acquaintance that is located within a small Sichuan restaurant, Peter was introduced to this start doing in the kitchen.Suddenly into the world utterly, he was a bit confused, some curious, some excitement.Chinese food here is not as Houchu, the whirring black smoke billowing in the stove fire, replaced by a different oven, microwave, bowl bowl of chili, onion, garlic and been replaced by neat rows of Western-style seasoning.The lobby is no longer the noisy sound of dishes more than a reminder, here the foreigners are always talking in English waiting in a small space.Learn to do while working side salad dressing is easy to imagine the excitement of Peter.And when his cherished only because no sleep that night greasy table, with separate staff room, a bath tub in the sink of cold water is no longer used, but the Sichuan bathing room enjoying plenty of showers.Opportunities are often not only need to cherish, Peter was crazy Western learning in essential salad dressing, each time in the final due to inability to figure out a good raw material components, fall short.The week, looking at the pots of costly materials such wasted, the boss has dismissed the idea of Peter.Could you show me the opportunity to do a week?I lose something with wages will waste.Peter eager eyes revealing the desire to ascertain the Western.Proprietress understanding smile, this guy has a child with a serious and strong unskilled laborer different.Kitchen help learning English side edge Since then, Peter swim in a world of spoon and fork, he sometimes cooks in the kitchen to help the side, while carefully studying Western techniques; but when he went to the lobby, wrapped around big brother big sister to be a translation bridge, and foreigners who come to dine chat.Something when he intentions to help cook, when retired and sit, he will be holding a junior high school English textbooks sent from the home of her sister, Tu Tu painting plus Guikulanghao fortune hit benefactor That was in mid-1997, Chengdu’s restaurant is not yet a larger scale, that tiny little restaurant then became a base in Chengdu working foreigners.One was a little fat, smiling grandmother was a frequent visitor to the restaurant, she comes from Texas in Chengdu Branch Branch when foreign teachers, full name MeredithElizabethDunton (Meredith Elizabeth Denton), we called her Mary ( Mary).In Houchu help Peter always looked far older Mary sitting on the seat, point the TV drama a few familiar home cooking.Mary always warm-hearted, to put forward the views of the dishes into the kitchen after a meal subsequent guidance from the chef to learn new dishes after dinner started, from the furnishings to the guidance of the store employees professor of English.Mary Mary out to finance his study Western acquaintance with Peter, the passionate wife gave him the name Peter, although later a colleague in front of his name plus a small print – small Peter– but the name still in use.Mary want to let all foreigners can enjoy authentic western food in Chengdu, inviting restaurant where the chef to her house to learn, Peter with sincerity and hard work in exchange for the opportunity to accompany the.Wow imagine, Mary’s house only Western there are dozens of spices!Today, Peter laments Western once gave him shock.Peter greed and diligently learn with, look in the eyes of Mary in mind.One day, Mary called to Peter, he said to send him to study western Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine cooking, pay full tuition by her.Peter moved agreed and vowed to learn.Mid-1999, Peter began to enter the cooking specialized, systematic training, his technology has made rapid progress.Especially the Mexican technical Mary is more to China few people know purse.After a year of learning, Peter Mexican dishes and steaks have been very famous in the industry, many students are seeking food to him.20,000 yuan and technology in exchange for shares in the restaurant early 2000, Peter the end of the study, and recognize Mary did godmother.One investor to open a restaurant in Chengdu, Mary and Peter the technology, the latter investment.I have always wanted to own a restaurant.In early 2000, Peter thought it was just a dream.He only wanted to change a little $ 20,000 shares.Then Peter gingerly the idea to investors after several months finally got 2% of the shares.Good, so I will have to participate in management matters in addition to cooking, although there is no absolute right, but at least you can look up.From the stove Mexican restaurant opened in December 2003, he resigned from paying remuneration, in their own way to create a North Branch Peter Western, with good Mexican food and steaks for the main.Peter while doing technology known chef, while learning management.He has been working with staff commensurate with the brothers, so there is little Peter Western employees to leave.Peter and partners to adhere personally trained staff, restaurant chefs are his disciples.Authentic flavor quickly attracted many foreign customers come here especially, some people even have to patronize every day.Peter recognized a total of four foreign godmother, the other three godmother is a frequent visitor to the restaurant.US Ambassador Randt during a tour to Chengdu, but also to specify Peter’s restaurant to enjoy Mexican cuisine.Looking under the direction of Peter laments station, I was such a person, in others that good old time wanted to do more things.The restaurant opened in Shanghai in fact, he really has been done more things.Together in the 1980s in rural poverty reduction efforts and fathers in the 1990s and with the tide of migrant workers spent working life, but also in the 21st century has become a typical stand up to call the shots.Today, the 27-year-old Peter is about to run Peter’sTex-MexGrill (Peter Western) extends to the international metropolis Shanghai.Boomer, born into prosperity, everything for him a matter of course, but also meaningful.Compared with many of his peers, Peter’s experience really shameful.When city people reading his work; when working for others, he call the shots.City people fashion, he is creating an atmosphere; fashion people sought after feeling that he is already feeling the part of.Sometimes I think, like Peter Waterlilies, but is not appropriate.He dishwasher, chickens Aberdeen, kitchen to start, who to create a romantic Western food, delicious manufacturer in South America, can not be said to be reborn, but also step by step sublimation.Peter is the cultural contradictions of daily bus commute, chewing Sichuan staff meals, but my brain is American melody, whether marmalade authentic, how to create an exotic atmosphere in the restaurant.The restaurant is open as to realize the value of one of the owners Peter’sTex-MexGrill, and Peter do not have much idea of self, drive fancy cars, live in houses, so what, do not look to others.Peter firmly rejected everything he can bring success now enjoy.I am from the countryside grew up in the kind of mud huts, afraid of what hardships.At this time, Peter and some dancing, excitedly ask, you can imagine it, is the kind of spider web environment for many years will be Chen Ji.I nodded..He tried hard to make people understand his pursuit: now in Chengdu, Beijing’s four stores are set up with its nature, did not say let Peter’sTex-MexGrill done more than most strong, the future will naturally go on like this always think it should go on like Peter began to stammer, unable to express his sustenance restaurant.Implementation of a value it?Reporters asked softly.Yes, that value.Peter is like suddenly realized, loudly and firmly affirmed.Travel time, Peter happened to meet the US Consulate Marines friends to dinner, his fluent English and his chat to arrange the next meeting of the club in Peter’sTex-MexGrill.Research Peter and Mary made with homemade ice cream has Marymoo’sIceCream OTC, its taste may be sweet to the hearts of Mary and everyone else.Character sketch is the kind of child doggedness into the Peter’sTex-MexGrill, imagine that there is such an operator.Peter’sTex-MexGrill like a bunch of daisies Mexico, casually exudes a fiery passion of the Americas.Many foreigners come here often, feel the local flavor of Mexico.Store left wall was covered with a huge painting, carefully written in Mexico tell bustling trade sale of the previous two centuries to the people.Dining table and chairs are reclaiming wood, natural wood grain showing yearning for nature.Tablecloths and many more colorful stripes and plaid-based, soft, thick texture create a casual feel at home.I have seen the moment of Peter, a kind of illusion, his cordial such as students, as workers simple, Shagen children like most of the film “A World Without Thieves” in the.Next to the table outside the restaurant outside leisure Bide Xi, wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans regressed Peter always smiling, crooked eyes, mouth always has shares rose innocence.When the end of the interview, I expressed the manuscript will be published on Tuesday, he asked suddenly sit up straight: ah!It is not a weekend in English, I hope more foreigners know me.He asked in surprise, pointing to my business card, this card it is not in English?I am positive Chinese version for you, but you have to see is the opposite, in English.I gently say.Oh!is it?Peter and exposed his customary smile, a bit embarrassed Momo Tou.Reporter’s notes sincere exchange for the opportunity for success is this my people.Peter always said that in my opinion he exudes a unique charm, just as Peter complain about their parents, they always put down the things to help others, I do not care about their own crops to harvest.In fact, he is it not.As noon that day, he looked at me share blueberry cake tasting in general, kept looking at the happiness of others and happy in the next.For success, said Peter is an opportunity, somewhat difficult to explain.If I gave up the chance at a restaurant, do not fight for themselves; or not encountered godmother; godmother or no funding; or to the hotel to work; or the courage to go it alone, and then he comes down so good opportunities.In fact, Peter’s success is easy to explain: Should he not sincerely work, the boss will not let him stay in the restaurant; should the knowledge that he is not sincere, Mary will not be singled him in single people she knew to finance.His opportunity is sincere exchange of.

Wall highway

It is a belt of mountains, those intermittent holes or whether the window is on the belt of a flower corsage.    This is my hello ladder to board the visual impression it stood on the mountain opposite generated, hanging in the mountainside transparent window that allows you to breed a wide variety of imagination, you can think of it as an inter-mountain Meidai a mole, or think of it as unfathomable cave, but if you do not know in advance, either you how fanciful reverie, are not linked to the highway, but the miracle often overturned the people’s subjective, as it hung road on the cliffs.    Its appearance is a miracle!Those who have never been out of the mountains Pushan Min-sun of wisdom and perseverance of crystallization, it is the witness of mankind over nature, it is the most vivid interpretation of the spirit of the Foolish Old Man.    Nature with its ghost ax Shen Dao colorful carved to the earth, such as flat Sichuan, convex mound, strange stone forest, meandering circling mountains, towering cliffs more.    Nature is great!It is greater than the natural person!    This Pingshun Jing by the end of the village in Shanxi Pingshun hanging wall of the road leading to it in the end how long, I do not know; it is standing on top of the hill opposite, my eyes can not measure the length of it.I know its width, it is able to pass two cars in the distance.Repair it for fifteen years, I know.As for how much cost, how much the crowd how much sweat, I figured that in mind, it is impossible to calculate the weight.Mountain people are looking forward position, eager eyes are burning parked over in my mind.The bustling abandoned lonely, lonely intercepted by civilization, as well as frogs yearning for the vast sky, I know.These are spawned it appears, from this point of view, it appears inevitable.Foolish Old Man relies on help boast E’s two God could remove the “literal-minded and out of the” red tape, and cloud volley fly drive this road did not depend on God cents every now and then just in the clouds, say that it is a miracle.    Wall highway has given me many firsts: the first Qinling its Fang-ming, the first witness its presence, first pro road riding it for the first time to breed a different kind of feeling to walk.    ”Wall Road” is just the name itself you can make it dangerous to touch, it is natural to put it with the “Tin Road”, “Ladder” These words are tied to a far from Earth, in the air would imagine would walk What a feeling, that one can not help but think of cars were wrapped in mountain shuttle which inevitably less but the wind and rain, the mountain is bound to taste infected, or it itself is a picturesque scene, flow the United States is now hidden when those through the window, causing hazy beauty visual.    It is not smooth and symmetrical tunnels, although there are similarities in form, such as dome-shaped or cave-like.Tunnel regardless of the length or width, all symmetrical quite satisfactory, but it adherent and hanging, the mountain side, cutting large and small side windows in the layer of transparent space more aesthetic, but also obviates the many lights.Speaking of dome-shaped wall, potholes, the ups and downs of the skin of the mountain, the mountain makes it easier to think of their power and heavy mountain.Hand to touch, not smooth to the touch, rough, or even put your slender fingers tenderness, but not modified has always been the character of the mountains, unspoiled mountain bare what makes you feel the nature up close, the body in which he is compatible with the mountain, the mountain became part of.Head out the window, looking upward: blue sky surprisingly, it is not part of the color of downtown, close to the cloud on your head a flower wandering the earth, even as the eye can distinguish the texture of its petals.No name group of a group of birds flying over your eyes, the string of a string of crisp sent to your ears.Man is on the nose breath of mountain wave upon wave of taste trees, fragrant flowers, grass astringent, sense of smell can not tell, but know their common name fresh.Distance: Hill Hill, the wall against the wall, winding stretches, the level of scattered vegetation, sometimes lush, sometimes Xixishushu, time is now hidden in the mist shrouded body down the mountain, this time to become a shy girl, deeply moved since your unlimited imagination.Bow: bottomless, curved ditch with the mountain, the mountain ridge with the extension, he wanted those covered with a piece of green ditch the vegetable garden or a farm crops, farmhouse just can not see, can not see hoe the line silhouette, more invisible flocks of sheep.The tunnel through a mountain and over with its hanging wall was built, the decision on the length of the gap between them.Inspired by the long road, wrong wrong yo hand on the mountain in foggy channeling shuttle, this feeling, I am afraid only the gods will have, now let me genuineness experience a return, that would be nice from the eyes to the heart.Along with the long winding mountain road hanging wall walk, stop, look, do not worry about time, regardless of miscellaneous things, then walk, walk, really want to time it so slow down.    It is no asphalt road flat, smooth, but less than the broad highway.Without them it’s fun, even lonely, lonely existence but really this was sketched became quiet.Its unique structure, it’s a different kind of fall back on that shuttle in the clouds, winds in the mountainside,.In this sense, it appears not only in the form of road.What also seems to be a little, as to what those who hope in their eyes the mountains to understand, understand the meaning of its name people understand, it stepped on the road of people understand, seen as a barrier to those who understand the cliffs.    I think now I understand.    Mr. Lu said: no way in this world, people walk more, they will become a road.But I think: There is some road Or appear not need to stop and then walk so simple, in the eyes of ordinary people is ridiculous, but everything can not ultimately as possible forms, say that this is a miracle, and to create this miracle are those honest not much ink mountain.At this point, I really understand, “Nothing is impossible, only the unexpected” meaning.    Leave it at that moment, I look back at it again, I seem to see Yingying sweat shining light of wisdom.

Akiba no tears

Yellow River basin of the Yellow River south of children, now is late autumn, under the action of abscisic acid, autumn leaves have emerged inherent characteristics.Had famously described as “Look million Eagles storied dye,” “parking Fenglin love to sit late, Leaves red flowers in February,” the fact that you looked to the field, not all text as written, in almost all describe has a preference for meaning, people not only do not pursue the matter, and have actually recognized such exaggerated.After all, now the world peace and prosperity, peacefulness everywhere, almost no one not to focus on the natural curiosity of, where have I heard that rare may look, all flock to the bird, those who come to enjoy to cool mood.Especially when the autumn leaves, the real natural beauty, captured the hearts of a lot of rich old Kuoshao siege, with the crowd turned out to describe the heart of the advocate will not be excessive, I heard that Beijing on the way to the ridge of the eight are filled with dealings car.Eight Ridge course may never dominate, but where from the political, economic and cultural center near celebrity can lead to media attention it.Do the three provinces in the hinterland or the scenery that there is no place for it?Say no worse of it, but look carefully to see that no one came, no one care or on, the young go out to work, or busy with the crops alive, who thought that every year there are today, to taste trees reincarnation of it.”Look million Eagles storied dye,” as if Mr. Mao Runzhi describe it in Changsha, Hunan boundaries child, “Shi Jing Han Shan on the far white people have to go to the Health Department, parking Fenglin love to sit late, Red Leaves flowers in February, “is written by Du Mu Tang, specifically in what place to get inspiration, check out bad, but not necessarily Beijing eight Ridge.Akiba although the United States, as “sunset is magnificent, it is almost dusk”.The sun will fall out, Akiba went to, like, this is a cycle, there is such a cycle will be room for the existence of life.Look Akiba should be enlightened, truly enlightened person, the face of autumn leaves, autumn leaves space in which the face should have mixed feelings.We go to Akiba, is to go back bolstering Akiba, or to elegy for the Sadness of autumn leaves, autumn leaves looked more hope next year while unpredictable, or to allow economic growth to continue Akiba retreated to the mountains deep office?Beijing haze pollution serious, I do not know what the scene is a pair of leaves, no one to compare statistics.If the leaves are surrounded between tall buildings, but also as to climb from the middle of the night just before dawn suffer traffic jams yet?He says that the haze and smell of it will find another place it.Policy direction has changed, urbanization in the future to focus low-carbon life, finally there is a direction, how to be a low-carbon Yeah, I am afraid a lot of people know this then I do not know why, the most direct popular understanding is to reduce the use of fossil fuels amount, but it can become it, regardless of one thousand yuan is now only arrived eight years ago five hundred seventy-six yuan use, people’s hearts is what it feels like, but you now allow civil servants to try to reduce the income, and the world will inevitably raw waves, so who did not dare to do so.Some green leaves or multi-bar, agricultural experts say, green leaves absorb carbon can increase dry matter accumulation.Although they are unlikely to have an immediate effect, may also experience economic growth and fight the reality of space, but they can reduce oxygen to make carbon haze hide away in one fell swoop a few too, why not do it.I do not have the mountain view autumn leaves, do not like, but too harsh, but also know to go back to Xi, you can always feel a mournful presence, but for that marriage is so colorful like a bride imposing lively, Akiba is for conscientious captive how much space is harmful residue, and the hardships of life by secretion, filled to how much space ecologically virtuous cycle of ingredients, fear is already prepared a mournful cry hard.I love that spring exhibition season before the leaves, looking at the blue sky laughing chase figure, listening to the story is woven deep in the foliage, the smell of the TV drama can not know where floated intoxicating fragrance, imagining has not changed the dream into reality, I really like the fruition of the same.But Akiba tears, in the flow between the red.I see them crying tears dry, the wind thrust forward running around on the ground, looking like a child at home.Then sand seem to have a bridle, did her best, indulging in wanton middle leaves not off Gaudy, not just the ravages of rape is wrong, that battle did not just want to drill a few leaves of body hole, get destroyed, even Akiba who want to get to the ends of the earth, in retaliation for the spring and summer and early autumn, the leaves are to its service bundles.Fortunately, the wind sensible, child stopped at the lake, meaning here is to make Akiba salvation to the nearest reincarnation clean slate here committed sins.The mountains there’s strength of character, Lake Lake tenderness, after all, these are the aspirations of carrying place.I think Akiba is in poetry, with a given temperature difference gorgeous, with sun giving solemn, with the body giving Lake, giving a thinking person’s inspiration.It should clear mind, fed love, only to paint a beautiful world.

Bloody ransom

I sat in the office, a cigarette dangling from his mouth.Moist air everything wet, I did not point the point several times, and I feel very depressed.I piled in front of a pile of broken or bent draw a match stick, which might not mean that I am eager to nicotine.Right now, no portrait I am so eager to want to smoke a cigarette on the.However, this is more with the weather, with this the fifth consecutive years of rain-related.Rain from the ocean around Gladstone.It’s all here are infected with gray color.I hate this constant splashing of rain, always made my clothes breathable, made me feel wet and cold, cold through the heart, and lingering.This is rain, rain Gladstone, with the change of season comes, it seems never really stopped.  Elmo.I say presumably a bit sudden, my partner was shocked.Put your fire lend me, will you?  After listening to my words, Elmo the black face was wrinkled up, show an anxious look.He stood up from his chair, a cold hand into his pocket, took out a lighter.I shook my head, gesturing in the light.  OK, OK.I caught at him, handing me the lighter, then in Notepad curled above my desk for several minutes, trying to put the damn lighter lit, like a cave man in a fire by rubbing sticks funny.Finally, until my hands get cold and wet cigarette, I stopped down.  I put Elmo lighters back to him, I saw his eyes turned a bit, showing a trace of desperate look.  I am sorry.I said, and then got into the chair.I’m going to my office to find bottles out and started performing opera prelude drunken clown.  At this time, the phone rang.Hello there.Here is Wilder Crohn detective firm.  In the other end of the phone speaker was a man, his words seemed a bit hesitant.Hello, I have one thing you want to entrust.  My stomach a little pain, wanted to smoke a cigarette.please say.  He seemed to be speaking with a handkerchief muzzled.I would like to ask you to help me send something.No problem, right?  no problem.I replied..My partner Elmo aside overheard from his face seem to see a glimmer of hope.However, how to send, we’ll have to discuss it further.  The man lowered his voice and said: This is not want you to do something illegal.From his words, I felt his mood a little excited.  It is natural.From his tone, I hear the legal implications of his inclusion in the discourse.Why do not you come over here, we can talk face to face.  The man’s voice trailed down.Mr. Ritchie Javier immediately went to your office.Thank you, Mr. Wilder Crohn.  I hung up the phone, looked nervous in Elmo, could not help laughing.For a full minute, I did not ask the obvious question: Since asked me to transmit a trip, why do not you go put something surrender?  Missing wife to tell the truth, Mr. Javier Rich’s not how clever way to hide from the moment he walked into my office, I saw through him this set.I saw his hands hanging awkwardly side Lile tall coat collar and visor.Some years ago, I knew Javier Ridge.That time, I was in the investigation of a case headless body of a woman with him at the crime scene ran into the.On that occasion, he walked out before coming, also played the collar and a hat trick from the deceased’s house.  My name is Javier Ridge.He first shook my hand and exchanged a few words, then presented his Jing Guanzheng.His face was looked shiny black, covered with a wrinkles on the forehead, and the emergence of common when middle-aged double chin, shadows revealing a big nose, eyes flickering in the dark.  I pointed across the guest seat, sit down, Mr. Javier Ridge.What do you want me to do?I came around the desk towards him, then sat leaning on the windowsill.  One thing I would like you to send it.Javier Ricky looked a little nervous, but you have to first of all for me because as confidential.  I nodded..of course.This is something that only days to know to know, between you and me, do not let other people know.I did not produce a business license to him, did not recite those confidentiality provisions written on the license.I opened the firm, on behalf of my client confidentiality is the basic criteria.  He took off his hat, revealing strands of thinning hair.Then he slowly spoke up.Three days ago, my wife was kidnapped.I would like to ask you to send ransom.  I reached out and pulled out a box of cigarettes from the table, and then looked at him spoke slowly.Why do not you report it?  He lowered eyelids, reluctantly sigh: Well, I’m me I can not.  I do not like beating around the bush with people, then straight to the point and asked: I remember that you are the police.How, you now quit the police?Or allow them to kick up?  His face twitched.No, I was in the police station, but I would not alarm this it makes me feel very embarrassed.If everyone knows so much noise, and then I finished.  I see much more of this thing, so do not feel how strange.Oh.What happened?I ask.  He paused, looked at me, rub a little hands hat.I want to testify in a drug dealer kidnapped her.He makes Fangchuhualai, asked me to remain silent in court.I think it’d be no problem, so I was immediately promised him.After all, my wife Anna in his hands.Maybe I had promised too fast, too much altogether, and also told me that he should ask for a ransom of twelve thousand US dollars.  I could not help but it?Are you sure it involves nothing.  He was silent for a minute full.Well, to date, that I told you to say it straight.He and I have had dealings before, from where he has also been some ill-gotten gains.At the station, now many such things are.But this guy intensified, becoming more and more greedy, I feel like quitting, I can not get out.I think he is kidnapped by Anna showed me that he was able to control my.He wanted me to remain silent, lest my conscience day.

(Writer election issue) how I met you in my most beautiful moment

Always listen to the silent gazing at, how fleeting wisp of white moon slide that I met you in my most beautiful moment in the context of thoughts had approached the bonds of that period, they will quietly listen to a blooming water Han Yancui the human mind as the ultimate hang around a bustling blooming Tumi, but the fragrance is still convinced that the soul is the induction of years no trace, there is the sound of the wind to be carried, but sleeves days to shortage, to be old but a dream, not tell me wake up, you are my fleeting it through the monsoon, who cited a tie for whom the rainy season came Acacia, who for whom keep a pool of light years beautiful and tempting, perhaps, to remember and perhaps had nothing, nothing do not forget the horizon, right close right close horizon how I met you in my most beautiful moment that I was in the water side, standing near the water ah woman carrying three thousand Yuet Wah, tread water for you every night and the song just waiting for you to love Allure, through the Mekong water gently taken away along with me, my gentle Red smile put pen to paper in 2012 QQ1285207538 15 Ri

Blood-stained flag

Inscription: Whenever I hear “phone-rolling singing hero, surrounded by green and hearken.Why battle flag after the United States and picturesque, the hero of her blood red “, I could not help but think of the red flag is red with the blood of countless communists, which also has anti-Japanese hero DU Yong blood.  A This is a true story, when I was often heard the mother talk.I have a grandmother in the village anti-Japanese hero named Yong Du, a communist, a traitor later team (puppet) caught killed, died very staunch.Growing up I heard a lot of mouth and from the masses on the legend of Yong Du, gradually, many Duyong Ying Xiong image of the piece in my heart even became a magnificent picture.  Two DU Yong Pei Mita is a village, because his family was poor childhood to the landlord Zhou Wei pigs sheep water, not warm enough to wear, it was often beaten landlord po.DU Yong 15 years old, because he could endure bullying landlord, ran away from home, participated in the anti-Japanese guerrillas Weishan.After the army, he studied hard, masses, bold but cautious, often alone a traitor who broke into the home of despotic landlord or warn them not allowed to harm the people, not dead set on doing things for the Japanese.Awed by the power of the guerrillas, who often deal with the Japanese surface, secretly work for the guerrillas.18 years old, he joined the Communist Party Yong Du.After his party greatly increased awareness, fighting bravely, resourceful, and fail to build credit.Shortly after Wei born guerrilla leader redeployment, he served Weishan anti-Japanese guerrilla leader.He led guerrillas, active in the Weishan Lake area, Dagui Zi, fighting puppet, elusive, afraid of the Puppet.He also hated enemy, Zaozhuang puppet army commander Wang Lei 1 thousand dollars reward for the capture of DU Yong.  Early winter’s day, the earth’s crop net income, and few pedestrians on the road.And guards Liu Yong Du pushed his car, a pair of dress farmers into the city to sell the radish, pumpkin.Went to a cemetery before, They slowed down, suddenly drilled a few armed people from the cemetery monument They blocked the way ..DU Yong looked bad situation, immediately threw the car a push forward, then lie down with the enemy to shoot up.After the end result outnumbered, he and Liu both captured.It turned out that before the departure of the guerrillas hiding in the spy Wu, Yong Du departure time, route leaked to the garrison headquarters Pei puppet, puppet army ambush in advance through the cemetery Yong Du, Du Yong two were therefore catch.  Three puppet Diao Shan and Xu Yong Du and Liu will be tied up to Peixian escort the night puppet army garrison headquarters.Garrison commander Zhang Yang overjoyed, thinking that as long as the forced open DU Yong mouth, you can eliminate the guerrillas just around the corner.  Zhang Yong Du and Liu Yang saw, puppet scold Diao Shan: “Do not hurry to untie Du captain!”Sounded Duixiao and said:” Mr. Du frightened of!Sit down, sit down.”DU Yong dismissive, sitting on a bench.Zhang Yang immediately fetched a glass of water to Yong Du, Du Yong twist her face did not take cup.Zhang Yang does not care, still politely said: “I know Mr. Du forthright, as long as I am willing to cooperate with Mr. Du, I guarantee you when Weishan Guard captain, you send acres of farmland.If you do not want an official, it can also be home farming.”DU Yong said:” I grew up farming, there is no official life, you have to let me go home, I welcome.”Having started to leave immediately.Zhang Yang hastily stopped him and said: “busy, busy!Something good thing to discuss.”Zhang Yang saw with money, status could not move DU Yong’s heart, shirk, said:” Daw go to rest, and then proposed some things tomorrow, tomorrow Reconsideration.”Zhang Yong Du and Liu Yang will be held for three days, pull out the stops covered, nor set any news about the guerrillas from the mouth of DU Yong.Enemies angry, on the right and Liu Yong Du torture.Flogging with a whole variety of times, Yong Du did not say.The enemy DU Yong played raw and the ambiguous flesh, but he rather die than surrender.He glared at the enemy and said firmly: “You can break my flesh, never open my heart, I want to betray the guerrillas, that’s wishful thinking!”Zhang Yang really did not get his way, he asked the puppet army commander Zaozhuang Wang Lei, and finally ordered by the Japanese army Colonel in Zaozhuang: lynching DU Yong.  Four execution ground is located in the north of the Golden Water Bridge River Pei.The weather was cold, dark clouds, the north wind blowing, no pedestrians on the road, only a few crows in the trees rattle tweet.Zhang Yang heavily armed, came to a jail term of fainthearted, came to force a group of people standing around woebegone execution ground.The executioner Hufei Wei Yong Du body coat stripped, tied to stakes on pre-prepared, Liu tied to a tree near accompany punishment.Before the provisional sentence, puppet army commander Zhang Yang once again questioned: “Yong Du, as long as you say guerrilla activities in place, you can avoid a dead!”DU Yong angry staring eyes, snapped:” kill to cut up to you to tell me the location of guerrilla activities, delusions!”Zhang Yang angry, howling said:” Kill him!Kill him!Execution!”The Executioner Hu Feiwei Shouchijiandao walked in front of DU Yong, leash, a knife inserted in the thigh Yong Du, a surge of bright red blood along the thigh in surge Yong Du, Du Yong bite the bullet does not utter a word.Mass disturbances around a while, shivering scared, close your eyes and slowly retreat.Inhuman Hufei Wei Yong Du knife flesh spin-down piece by piece, DU Yong undaunted, still endless curse.Liu younger, was scared fainted, the crowd burst into cries.Yong Du masses looked at, said loudly: “folks, do not be sad.I am a farmer’s son, to make the enemy tremble with fear, I die value, folks to remember for my revenge!”He rebuked Hu Xi Wei:” You bunch of animals, your doom is coming!I have looked at you perish in hell!”Hu Feiwei angry, break apart by hand Yong Du mouth cut off his tongue, but with the tip of his blind eyes poked.DU Yong opened his mouth, “pop” sound, the bloody spit in the face of Hu Feiwei.Hu Feiwei in cold blood with a knife stabbing the heart of DU Yong.A Communist, anti-Japanese hero stopped breathing so.Later, Du Yong cut off the enemy’s head, hanging in a tree north of the city for public display.The next day, the hero’s head mysteriously disappeared.  After five enemy killed Yong Du, the local people risked their lives overnight convergence of the DU Yong’s body, buried secretly shipped Tamura Weishan West Bank.  Although DU Yong was killing the enemy, but his immortal spirit.Hometown youth group after group participated in Weishan guerrilla, guerrilla team even stronger, the people of his hometown vowed to revenge DU Yong.Inspired by the spirit of the Yong Du, guerrillas bravely fighting the enemy.This heroic anti-Japanese guerrillas, the guerrillas Zaozhuang Railway and North Jiangsu closely with the New Fourth Army, attacked the enemy everywhere, playing Japanese troops fled in panic, rout Zaozhuang dare to go out.August 15, 1945, the Emperor of Japan announced its unconditional surrender to the world, Weishan people rejoice, to celebrate the victory in tears.Communists, anti-Japanese hero DU Yong oath desire to Japanese devils out of China finally realized.  After six Japanese surrender, the executioner Hufei Wei suddenly became a company commander of the military.After the liberation, he was incognito, a worker in a factory.One day he was in a pub drinking, drunk people to boast: “I vowed to eat the heart of a total of 10 troops to courage, I have spent a total of 7 hearts troops present food and wine, my breath with a knife hoe hoe died 5 Communist army!”His words were heard in the presence of the masses, report to the local police station, public security departments will soon bring him to justice.Under questioning, that he was killed by the Communists, anti-Japanese hero Yong Du murderer Hu Feiwei.In August 1950, the county’s General Assembly in Pei County Public Security Bureau held Kosei Tamura, sentencing and execution rallies murderer Hufei Wei, Du Yong revenge for the martyrs.Peixian people singing and dancing to celebrate following the Japs off, and overthrew the Chiang dynasty, became the master of the people really believe Duyong Lie disabilities souls in the nether world will smile.  End today, as we mark the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China on the occasion, I miss Communist, anti-Japanese hero Yong Du, is the blood of countless communists and he will red flag, the flag flying high.Now the world is not peaceful, in order to build socialism with Chinese characteristics, be not afraid of bloodshed, as we like Yong Du, is life, fight forever, and strive to achieve a harmonious world!