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First coming autumn, air flow [tears from the people。San final]

Text / tobacco; the song Ma Zhiyuan, "Tian Jing Sha.Autumn Thoughts "is often read junior high school years, do not know is because of their age or because the teacher is not careful, always never felt the kind of Italian territory, the teacher said it was recalling the tragic wandering when Ma Zhiyuan wrote, not Do not say this“passionate”From ancient times to remain constant or to spread to this day。    Boundless heart was ideal, it was still higher than set a joke, but never thought to the later happens passionate can not stand that would be ups and downs, and gradually grew eldest。After seeing so many circulation landscape, slowly we would know Ma Zhiyuan said the heartbroken people in the End of the World。    I still do not always understand。Why would a person in just twenty eight words, you can put a clear description of such deep autumn tracing out。Write but is so pale。    It looks, like muddy——casual。    Withered vine, old trees faint crow, bridges, water, people, Road westerly, skinny horse, sunset, from the people。It is not unusual during a season, but see the scenery everywhere, is identified in the aisle just a farm, it can also recognize that, but also tells herself。But what could they see these unusual scene to his hands, it would not pass the Aura, transformed into a dragon of it?    Twenty eight characters will also direct teaching those who write books, strange enough, the chance to read to pass some of the rustling Famous, time-consuming and distracting。Might as well the phrase: sunset a few, heartbroken people in the horizon, just a few words on this, not only add a wave of bleak chill of the air, but also by more than a minute reverie of the room。  In the gathering dusk, a down and frustrated, helpless melancholy, lonely scholar before coming autumn, air flow of tears, as he usually rode emaciated horses, away from home, walking in the desolate road, against the autumn wind, heard the old trees uploaded to the sound of crow sings, hobbled away…….      I often read that sentence Xiaoling mind will emerge when this one also to the scene so good a memory, it seems like I'm just like him, a few sun sets, heartbroken people in the career。If from the people, road endless horizon, the sun almost dusk, haven yet I do not know where, how was through, trees jackdaws force pro, I heard people get Shengjiao.Scared Menghan。Long road touched the hearts of nostalgia, heavy footsteps of heartbroken people, how can safety return。    Was how young boy, Cemayangbian, thought ambitions all in the distance, that alone is an hot chest, will be able to succeed。Marie does not know that the hero is not the only flower of this world。Opening defeat to wither, new flowers to replace its own time。A good man thought differentiate themselves with life in Gods!Extra weight than others。But all ambition had worn away in a long time journey, we were compelled to realize that, maybe me, but an ordinary man; then think of those evening light, such as beans, warm soup, warm mother's hand, Xu Xu told。Those warm survival, once it is so held no weight。    Things are always uncertain, if not impossible to predict who's going to break the road, I would have voted down to fate, and man at the time of loss will go pick up unusual good, young people experience some ups and downs if not, how can willing to dull his home。Greedy people。Or is the pursuit, just as that of the open sky, is never satisfied。    Even that drama interpretation of the story are revealed between faint sad thinking。Who has the burden of Everlasting Love, now re-discovered Acacia。The more experience, the more thought。Pen and ink that are Zaibu Dong mountain sea of sadness。The sun sets。The gaunt ruin his life。The song heartbroken people in the horizon, although not with the autumn, late autumn night shift faint desolate bleak write to make。Although not Tisi shift away from heavy sadness and worries people most vividly written。    And, even now I am in the winning child and eliminating the cruel reality, nothing but a displaced person。Although not and heartbroken people in the horizon, but also from the people's journey ended in failure。Just when things change, the renovation of the personnel of the time, except I do not want to wake up and become a day live in the memories of people。Like it seems to validate once said of; Youth Song flying, parting tears have been hurt people……. 。 As mourning his late wife Su Shi general words; ten years between life and death, does not consider, since the memorable。Trinidad solitary graves, Nowhere bleak。Even meet should not know, while sounded, coming from the frost。  You Meng night comes suddenly return home, Hsiao Hsuan window, is dressing。Care for silence, only tears of a thousand lines。Material was heartbroken at mid-moon nights, short Songgang。    This is the first poem, I do not know where to see it, but think it is also really Song, but then recalled expect, although he is ten years between life and death, but there is a solitary graves, being evil, know wife Yan bone the burial。And I could not even he did not know where you are now, but remember at Jue; You Meng night comes suddenly return home, Hsiao Hsuan window, is dressing。Care for silence, only tears of a thousand lines。Have mercy on me, a few could not sleep a wink all night, not even pull off the look is her dream。    When I Shaohua negative Sheng away from me, although in Union Hill, the situation has become empty, gloomy down and eventually became frustrated, helpless melancholy, love is very short bleak。As with the disappearance of the fire, that laughter Ji Cantabile charming woman simply disappear in the journey of life, life is not too complex。    After a long time, now, every time I have traveled to recall or think of you。Perishable lights, but you will not reproduce。Not everyone, when the idea of what can see the see the dim light of that person。    We are just the roots of fate that time, back and forth on earth。And not for the flowers bloom, what other, perhaps waiting for the flowers to persons of a mouth praise。But after all, I had to decline, which did not dry the leaves, which did not withered flowers, no more the same commitment。For a moment, trance that, in the end life is like drama, drama is like life or……    Things sometimes seem cruel, over and think, it is a kind of mercy……..

Want more womanly?It would have to be a woman will flirt

Flirting is not a man's patent, a woman will flirt more lovable。
Use flirting skills to ease their own relationships to attract you like to keep people's attention and emotional exchange between lovers, after all, a wise。As long as the face of different people on different occasions, flirting master a variety of skills, you can also become a hot mature woman's。….. "Flirting" the term it is not strange, in people's habits and the impression that it is not a good word, there is no serious attitude, provocative and frivolous means。
Because it is often associated with unhealthy and contrary to the moral standards of storylines in contact with literary works, such as "Water Margin" in the Pan deliberately hold the stick out of the window at Ximen head, sort of。
Thus life when people use it is very cautious。
"Exotic" much more elegant word, say a person has mood, in fact, to suggest someone is a rich delight of life of people, there is an affinity, a sense of humor, suave and easy, artsy, etc.。
1.Long-term character a bit cowardly Flirt if you can not maintain self-confidence in social situations, then the "long-term" Flirting is more appropriate for you, that is to say, for a "romantic strangers" remotely, be fleeting uttered a sigh。Sometimes you will encounter such "long-term" flirting。Its most basic type is someone shouting to you: "Oh, ah Beauty Queen"。
The man some distance away from you, so that you do not feel offended, just was very interesting, this practice never tired truckers。
"Long-term" flirting very popular because it does not require great courage, the risk factor is very small。Do not flirt rude rude when your aim is to make people start smiling lips, instead of getting scared, I do not think that this practice is dedicated man, now lady is not as before, can often take such action Lightning。

TCM regimen foot diseases disappear completely

Reflexology is a traditional Chinese medicine makes you sick do not care what methods can play a foot health care and disease prevention head to foot because there are many related to human health points。 The entire portion of the body in the foot region are reflected on this reflective region of said foot, that is, the whole structure body is reflected projected down to a certain part。 That head, internal organs, muscles and so on, all the organs of the body and feet are closely related, and in some parts of the left and right feet are partially reflective (corresponding to) the。
Chinese medicine foot health has two characteristics: one is anyone can implement anytime, anywhere, press twist and percussion methods are easy to grasp, not much time-consuming。 The second is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory and clinical experience is based on scientific and operational。
Specific methods are as follows: Chinese foot diseases totally disappeared regimen every night before going to a tapping foot tapping foot with his fist, you can eliminate fatigue day。
By tapping the appropriate stimulation to the soles of the feet to promote the body's blood circulation, visceral functions can be enhanced and restore energy as soon as possible。
The method is based on the right foot as the center of percussion, rhythm to the surrounding radiation carried out to a little pain for the degree。
May sit cross-legged on the bed or chair, feet on the other side of the leg of the knee, it is easier to tap。
Each foot were knocked about 100 times, not excessive force。

Despite international creditors against the Greek parliament to force through "pro-poor bill"

Remittance Network March 19 hearing – Greek lawmakers on Wednesday (March 18) by a "pro-poor bill", the country intends to grant more aid low-income funds, though, this bill and related expenses It is not recognized by the international creditors。This also means that the country After further negotiations with international creditors on matters recipient will face more twists and turns。  Congress 300 seats in the vast majority of lawmakers voted in favor of the bill, which is also the country's left-wing government came to power since the election period by 1 header bill。The bill provides free electricity and "food stamps" to low-income families to offset the impact of 240 billion euros to rescue Greece ($ 254) debt imposed by austerity measures to bring。  The policy is expected to cost 200 million euros, while the Greek government said this part of the money will be cut each sector spending and adopt a more transparent system of government procurement contracts to fill。  Greece has ordered all departments accounting cost savings, but the new award of the procurement contract system is still in the revised system of government which, at present does not determine how much cost savings can be achieved expenditure。  At present, the international creditor "troika", namely the European Central Bank [microblogging] (ECB) and International Monetary Fund [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]) and representatives of the European Commission, the progress of the Greek aid program under review。Previously, the "troika" of Greece to hold all the voting bill alleged financial issues in order to assess the proportion of their share of the budget。  In his speech before the vote, Prime Minister Qipulasi (Alex bars) announced to lawmakers, the bill represents the interests of the entire country, Greece will continue to advance other initiatives it is not approved by international creditors, including the reopening of the national broadcaster。Mr Tsipras said that this was the first five years, "but not from the people giving back to people," the bill。  In order to find a political solution, after the EU summit in Brussels, Mr Tsipras will meet on Thursday (March 19) later, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel), French President Hollande (Olang Germany), European Central Bank President Mario Draghi (Mario Draghi), and President of the European Commission (Xigu Ke) and the Eurogroup main Xidiseer Bloom (Jereon Dijsselbloem)。

Middle-aged men how a healthy diet regimen?

From the diet, with particular attention to control total calories to avoid obesity。To strictly control the fat intake, reducing intake of saturated fatty acids, no more than 50 grams per day。
The amount of added protein, general intake of 70 grams a day?100 g, wherein at least 1/3 of high-quality protein, such as meat, fish, eggs, milk and other。Not too much sugar, too much sugar is not only likely to be obese, but also increase the burden on the pancreas。To eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, to ensure adequate vitamins and fiber supplements。To more into calcium-rich milk, shrimp, seaweed, etc., to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis embolism。
To salt and no more than 8 grams per day, so as not to cause high blood pressure and cerebrovascular disease。
In addition, middle-aged diet should be moderate, regular meals, so as not to cause digestive disorders and damage to health, to quit smoking, which is induced by the culprit of many diseases。If you drink, in moderation。Middle-aged diet, in addition to scientific arrangements for three meals a day, and pay attention to a balanced diet, we must also appropriate complementary foods with anti-aging effects。
Japanese scientists found that, although the Department of worker bees and Queen Bee born with the mother, but the worker bees only live for six months, while the Queen bee can live five years, the reason is: the former and the latter eat food honey royal jelly。
Royal jelly can stimulate the pituitary and adrenal glands, and promote tissue of oxygen and blood circulation, thus revitalizing life。
It is said that Napoleon extraordinary energetic, but also because it is the royal jelly Jiufu。
Information has been confirmed, sesame seeds are rich in anti-aging ingredients vitamin E, can promote cell division, delay the aging of cells, eat inhibit the accumulation of material aging free radicals within the cell, thereby delaying the onset of aging。
Fish contain more unsaturated fatty acids, have the effect of anti-arteriosclerosis; black fungus coagulation substance containing a hindrance, prevent the occurrence of cerebrovascular disease eat。Radish can enhance macrophage in vivo cancer cells have the ability swallowed。
Mushrooms and other foods containing plant sterols substances, has anti-cancer effects。Natural foods are more ideal health food products against premature aging, middle-aged people should eat regular election。

Beijing today, the highest temperature of 22 ℃ will hit a new high this year

China Weather Reuters expected, today (24th) Beijing weather is fine, the maximum temperature of 22 ℃, the temperature will hit a new high this year。
Yesterday, Beijing appeared more heavily polluted。
But the beginning of the night, with the cold air arrives, atmospheric dispersion conditions turn for the better。 Temperatures aspects, monitoring shows that around 16 pm yesterday, the temperature rose to the southern suburbs of Observatory ℃。 This morning, Beijing began to clear。
In addition, today's temperatures continue to rise。
6:24 Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued weather forecast: Today white sunny, morning light fog south, turn north southerly twenty-three four, the maximum temperature of 22 ℃; night, sunny, south turn north twelve, the lowest temperature 5 ℃。
Morning fog will dissipate。
Beijing weather forecast for the next 7 days。 Expected, managing to 28, Beijing maximum temperature will be 5 consecutive days maintained at above 20 ℃, spring thick。 Today the temperature will refresh a new high this year, tomorrow, or even a new high。 CMA courtyard, open bloom。 The so-called spring, outing is the time。
According to the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, Beijing may formally Ruchun on March 22 or 23, compared with the annual average (1981-2010 years) Ruchun time March 30 for a week in advance。 Weather experts have warned that Beijing will be mostly sunny the next three days, the temperature slowly increased, but the larger temperature difference between day and night, the public need for timely adjustment of the dress, beware of cold; so dry, moistening and pay attention to fire safety。
This year's World Meteorological Day theme was "meteorological wisdom", the China Meteorological Administration, China Meteorological Institute organized free and open to the public to carry out a series of science activities in Beijing today, the Meteorological Department。 Taking advantage of good weather, the weather turned Come journey!。

Chinese guy in sandals marathon win money to buy luxury Africa

Ou Chen (left) and his athletes。 November 17 electricity provided by the respondents Recently, an interesting maxed major networks: the Songshan Shaolin International Marathon held last month, Ethiopian guy Amogne in 2 hours 28 minutes 02 seconds to score to win the whole man champion。 Shockingly, the champion of "boots" was actually a pair of sandals, which also broke a shoe buckle。 Someone asked Amogne, why wearing sandals can win, it can be tailor-made sandals?He pointed to the "wounding" shoes laugh, the answer is self-evident。
Also from ear to ear as well as Kenyans Obed– responsible for helping Amogne Contact Marathon Chinese business broker。 Let's talk about Amogne, Obaid call "incredible" because he has won more than once seen wearing sandals Amogne。
A few weeks ago, Amogne only after Obey Duluth pull strings, the first time to fly to China。
Amogne need to transfer to the race in Shanghai, Lanzhou, but the plane he was ignorant, he does not speak English better understand Chinese, dazed look around, I do not know who to turn to, do not know where to go, simply lying on the couch airport I slept on。
This may not worry the Russian bad。 He found at the airport for several hours, almost alarm, and the results inadvertently found asleep in a corner of the couch Amogne。 Dumbfounding Obeid quickly put Amogne wake up, give him a ticket now。
Fear of language problems, Obey Duluth specifically to find two Chinese people are waiting the next, please help them take care of Amogne, asked thousands exhorted million, managed to secure sent to the scene Amogne Lanzhou Jingyuan marathon。 After the storm the airport, Obey Duluth to Amogne race results do not have any hope, however, and the result Obey Duluth surprise –Amogne even wearing a pair of sandals overwhelmingly won the championship men's half of the project。
In El Obeid to help pull strings, like this Amogne first left the African continent, "ran" There are many Chinese marathoner。 They both fame and fortune, also witnessed the development process of China Marathon from scratch。
Ou Chen spectacular to see the mother river – the Yellow River, to experience ethnic characteristics。
"Participant" in 2011 Beijing Marathon 30000 Marathon grand places China in the first six days of starting the registration reluctantly full report。 Passage of time, now wants to get the number of entrants Beijing marathon, difficulty comparable to the spring time to buy a train ticket back to 2011, when, in the Chinese Athletics Association registered marathon only 22 games。 Runway often dissatisfied with the station, to see more than the people who run。
Kenya guy Obey Duluth, in the first two months came to China after the Shanghai University study, one of which was caught up。 Like running since childhood, he took part in the half marathon in Shanghai, easy to get second place, also took a million in prize money。
This is the first time in his life a marathon, he also got first prize pen。
2011 World University Games Europe Chen (second from left) at that time, Obey Duluth would never have thought this a casual run, it will completely change the trajectory of his later life。
6 years, his present 名奥贝德卢 used less and less, teachers and students prefer to call him "European e"。 He did not know the meaning of these two characters, just I think there is a Chinese name to better integrate China。 It is in these six years, the marathon everywhere in China。 The busiest time of year there are more than 500 marathons, more than 10 million people participating, along the related industry revenue hundred billion。
2015 Beijing Olympic marathon, a total of more than 6 million people to participate in the lottery, competition for 30,000 full marathon ended, the success rate of less than 50%。
This spectacular event also gave birth to the "cattle" – According to the official charges, "half horse" entry fee $ 50, "Malaysia" $ 60, but these "cattle" in the hands of the trumpets is to spend 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan, at least 60 times more expensive。
A "cattle" with emotion: "Now sell marathon places than selling iPhone also earn faster, more money。
"Some people asked why, he said:" Now the local tyrant are popular marathon。
"There are a set of data can be corroborated in the end how popular marathon in China: the first places in mid-2015, Nanjing marathon, at some sites the price up to 1999 yuan, is 20 times the original registration fee; ten thousand in 2014 Shanghai Marathon places were looted within four hours, even during peak hours queuing equal sign routed number more than 700 million, almost equal to the difficulty of places to grab grab Shanghai license plates; 2013 China's top ten sports news, "run Marathon to exercise new fashion" among them, the year's Beijing marathon revenue of over 30 million yuan, setting a record the history of Chinese sports, "the most expensive day,"。….2011 Beijing Marathon of 30,000 places, in the first six days of starting the registration reluctantly full report。
Passage of time, now wants to get the number of entrants Beijing marathon, difficulty comparable to the spring to buy tickets。 Six years ago muddle "run" into China's Chen Europe, not just a witness, but also a participant: He is China's most famous marathon circle of "foreign intermediary", just a few years time, he hands marathon has more than 300 athletes from different countries, who participated in more than 100 large and small marathon every year, almost every time the competition will get a medal。 European e (in) athletes winning "You foreigners do," he went out the basic body without cash, only holding a cell phone, made a few from time to time with a micro-channel voice, wherever she is the direct use of mobile phones' a sweep sweep 'checkout。
He may even school and in front of the black truck driver bargain – people still live longer than China, "China" and the majority of Kenyans choose to go to Europe to study in the United States or different, European e outset determined to come to China to develop。
Her friends do not understand: "not as developed countries, the United States, why go to China too," Ou Chen explained: "Although China is a developing country, but the good momentum of development。
America really good, but I think as a participant, together with China。 "Starting in 2011 and moved to China to college now, Ou Chen is now a graduate student at the School of Economics of Shanghai University, can speak fluent Chinese and authentic。
Let Chinese students headache "Macroeconomics", he will be able to easily test 80 extra points; junior year, the European e breakthrough in 2500 among the candidates, admitted to the Shanghai University College of the most powerful talent; he also received security research opportunities, and to get a full scholarship – which is the highest level of Shanghai college scholarships, school only 10 places, in addition to the European e, others are doctoral students……Her friends surprised at his powerful ability to learn, called him "learn tyrants," but he always smiled and waved, very "Chinese Fan child," he said: "Shucks。 "He went out the basic body without cash, only holding a cell phone, made a few from time to time with a micro-channel voice, wherever she is directly using a mobile phone" sweep the "checkout。 He may even school and in front of the black truck driver bargain – people still live longer than China, "China"。
A lot of friends wondering: "Ou Chen, you still do foreigners" Ou Chen (middle) and Chinese friends, "Shanghai is my second home。
"Time has been living in Shanghai in 2056, the European e feel that Shanghai this and people meet here, changed his way of life。
And go out to dinner with friends, Ou Chen will take the initiative to pay ", because it allows the other side very comfortable。
"He asked a lot of people eat, including running a marathon with friends, marathon sponsors and operators。
We sat on a table, the European e older than he let people get to sit, more honorable man sitting position inside。
With the leadership drink, the cup can not be more than the other, "This is the kind of respect。 "In the past, he was eating a AA system with his foreign friends。 But after coming to China is not the same, "I told you to eat with us, it means that I invite you to dinner, I will pay。 "" These are Chinese customs observed when I eat with people。
I have now very much like a Chinese person。
"These experiences allow European e learned early on that some of the rules of Chinese society, but also to tell him that this was a 'relationship' countries。 Marathon in a foreign country, contact the organizers very simple, but in China, this process is very delicate。 Europe, Chen started doing marathon broker in 2014, because the fourth year, who do not know, can only start with some small start of the game。
He'd call contact the organizers and asked them or need of foreign athletes。
"Like all foreigners, I started very direct。
The organizers asked me, how much will cost the invitation, I said ten thousand yuan, will not say too much detail。 Organizers said, too expensive, sorry, we have collaborated and another one。
" 'Hitting the wall' several times, Chen Europe do not understand, find a friend chat, friend to help him analyze, it is not because they refuse to be too direct speak later, the European e try to learn to talk like that, like Chinese people," and then they Q. how much do I need to invite time-consuming, I no longer directly reported a number, but will tell them how much you think it should, you said it wants。
"Sure enough, the organizers will not refuse him, Ou Chen was relieved。
The original Chinese people are like dealing。 "In other countries, not necessarily friends to cooperate, but not the same in China, first with him to talk about feelings, then do something。 For example, some would say the organizers, the European e ah, maybe this time we can not give what conditions, but you can not help to find one or two players, I will send people to, so that our relations will get better and better。 "Ou Chen (right) and his players 'No, no, what I will do that ah' When Ou Chen witnessed some of marathon athletes training hard throughout the year, but the game suffers from lack of opportunity, he thought: Why not let the these people come to China to participate in the competition here it was said that all the world's marathon prize almost all such athletes Amogne led away。
This case is no exception in China。 There are many foreign athletes participating perennial flounder around China, relying marathon boom of the past few years China blowout earn pours。 These athletes, especially the most prominent Kenyans。 Many people are curious as to why so many Kenyans run in Kenya, there are more than 10,000 people to run for a living, Chen came from Europe where the nation's fastest – Karen Kim family。
"Our ancestors were nomadic, hunting for a living year-round by running, we all have inherited a pair of great legs。
Coupled with living in the highlands, our lungs is greater than the average person, it is especially good at running a marathon, most of the world marathon winners are from ethnic Karen gold。
"Ou Chen childhood grandmother in rural parents big, walked three kilometers to school every day, but also run home for lunch at noon, meal ran back to school in the afternoon to go home after school to run again。 The day, run 12 km。 Such as Europe, Chen, run a lot of good athletes, are relatively far from the school because the family, has been running since childhood has been running out of practice。
And generally do not wear shoes when they run, which would allow the feet and legs will become stronger。
Many people think Kenya is very hot, in fact, just the opposite。 Kenya is very cool, a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius, the highest 28 degrees Celsius all year round, all day long for running。 So, running for Kenyans who, like table tennis in China。
In Kenya, running has become a fast way to become rich。 Those who want to get rich by running players, as "raw material" in general, one by one, children embark on a marathon pros water "production line", waiting to be picked, to the worldwide commercial brokers from various quarters Marathon。
However, in Kenya, running very competitive。
Only a dozen games a year marathon, every game is almost 1000 professional athletes, but in the end only six people can get bonus。
When Ou Chen witnessed some of marathon athletes training hard throughout the year, but could not get the game of chance, he thought: Why not let these people come to China to participate in the competition it that time, he was just thinking to help them book flights, arrange food places, because the Chinese saying goes, well help them communicate with the organizers。
Those who come into contact with European e athletes all have confidence in him。 Over time, some people do what they proposed to make European e brokers。
Europe, Chen heard quickly scared to say, "No, no, what I will do that ah。 "Slowly, hear more, also experienced a lot of tournament experience, Ou Chen began to seriously consider this matter。
Thought over a year later, the European e try holding the mentality, to start a marathon broker。
Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

"New business new thinking" 2017 China (Shenzhen Longhua ·) venture capital leaders summit

Nearly two years of venture capital circles, talk of endless winter capital。
Despite national efforts to promote "double hit", and to give policy support to innovative entrepreneurs, but the impact of the economic downward pressure, entrepreneurs venture capital financing is still the norm ring。 And with the development of the network, the first generation of Internet companies in the demographic dividend, dividend flow, dividends technical advantages are gradually lost, while the traditional enterprise and urgent restructuring, the plight of enterprises under the new situation facing the more distress。 So, entrepreneurs how to tap new opportunities in the depressed market environment, to break new ground?How to improve business thinking to solve the financing problem?How to integrate business resources in the new economic situation and achieve win-win cooperation it?"New Thinking ? New business" venture capital summit sail start!September 9, 2017, "New Thinking ? New Business" China (Shenzhen), Shenzhen Venture Capital Investment Leadership Summit and the First Financial docking Exchange Exhibition, will be held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Shenzhen Futian China。 The summit won by the Shenzhen Century Management Consultants Co., Ltd., Longhua New Area Science and Technology Innovation Agency co-sponsored by the Shenzhen heard about the new media, Chinese youth angels, co-sponsored community college thinking。 Chinese leaders polymerization field of venture capital, investment top coffee big, well-known investment institutions, elite entrepreneurs, to create a venture capital of South China's exchange event。 It is reported that the summit will invite 50 large investment and coffee active front line, to provide business entrepreneurs thinking, management of actual combat experience, and future investment trends and business outlets, to conduct a comprehensive analysis and interpretation。
At the same time, on-site as well as 150 institutional investors with large capital coffee, will direct contact with entrepreneurs, and in-depth exchanges on the project。 So the summit, called an entrepreneur and investor networking event。 In addition, the Greek gull net, maker culture cat, hunting cloud network, venture capital Times billion euros net, pencils Road, fixed focus the media, the business network, the China Times, president of Network, China Business Network, shorthand state, three thousand krypton, FPEC financial circles, three thousand krypton, OFweek nearly 20 well-known media summit will also be interview reports。 Organizers heard about the new media founder Song Zemin said, "This summit will be the entrepreneurs and investors exchange event, our aim is to create new knowledge, new business for the theme of the corporate ecosystem, and through high-value knowledge sharing, analytical mode, multi-channel to enhance the ability of learning and thinking skills to solve problems。 "Entrepreneurs will reap what?It is reported that the summit will be a keynote speech, project guidance, contracting and other topics in the form of direct investment and expansion, offer a feast for entrepreneurs。 On-site interactive sessions, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet face to face with the top 50 investors, listening to the truth and guidance on investment of large coffee。
In addition, the joint summit more than 100 institutional investors, and set up their own booths for them on the sidelines。
Entrepreneurs can live according to your business, free choice of investment institutions or investors match, face to face communication。 This new model of venture capital, entrepreneurs can quickly dock and investors, enlarge the value of the two sides to achieve venture capital, corporate win-win situation。 Overall, through this summit, the entrepreneur will have four major benefits: first, knowledge。
Learn to invest large coffee covers 50 to 10 different investment themes and content of value to share thinking and dry。 Second, the opportunity。 Provide networking opportunities and projects to achieve zero distance of 50 large investment and coffee and 150 investment institutions。
Third, financing。
100 projects to provide high-quality referrals, have access to investors interested in investing ten billion。 Fourth, resources。 More than 5,000 enterprises friends to get to know the field, exchange knowledge, perception of the future development opportunities, docked ten million business resources。 In the economic downturn, difficult winter capital, the transformation of today, the summit for entrepreneurs, will be a rare opportunity to learn, financing opportunities, networking opportunities。
In the wave of "Internet +", and entrepreneurship is "0", "1" game, hard to catch up with missed opportunities。 In this summit, every dream will be sincerely treat, so the time for action has come, seize the opportunity, from this moment!。

40 broker performance report released: CITIC Securities net profit of ten billion | brokerage

  Through "tighter regulatory policies, financial leverage to accelerate, A-share market continued to shock adjustment" in 2017, 2017 annual performance ranking brokerage and friends are most concerned about (part of) a positive freshly baked!  Brokerage Chinese reporters combing data showed that more than 40 securities companies announced the 2017 annual results of operations Financial data (release contains "2017 annual results Letters," the 14 A-share listed brokerage, seven three new board listing broker)。
  In this 40 brokerage (hereinafter the same caliber), balanced revenue structure, the comprehensive strength of the industry leading brokerages in 2017 to grow steadily,,,, and the most profitable securities, net profit last year, the top five, and both to achieve positive growth year on year。   CITIC Securities revenue, net profit topped the list were, CITIC Securities in 2017 operating income billion yuan, an increase of% compared with 2016; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent billion yuan, an increase of% compared with 2016。 CITIC Securities is the only one broker over ten billion net profit。
Guotai Junan Securities billion net profit in second place。 Huatai Securities billion won net profit "third overall" of the place。   CITIC monarch's most profitable brokerage Huatai China correspondent statistics based on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, shares of the national currency transfer system and the Chinese network announced that as of February 18, a total of 40 brokerage firms published 2017 annual performance data (unaudited)。 This 40 brokerages accumulated annual net profit last year billion yuan, accounting for 79% of the total net profit of the industry, nearly 80%。   In these brokerage, it includes 14 A-share listed brokerage, seven three new board listed securities, 19 securities issued "2017 annual unaudited financial statements" in China Money。 Last year, the leading broker of financial data has been released in the domestic securities industry performance echelon mid-2017 features more obvious: Hengqiang, performance differentiation。   Net profit from the data, CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan Securities and Huatai Securities will be the most profitable, it has a firm three industries。 CITIC Securities billions leader in the industry, topped the list。   Net profit ranked second Guotai Junan Securities, in mid-2017 net profit reached billion, up% from 2016。 Guotai Junan Securities said that after discounting the effect of the transfer of equity securities occasion of the sea caused by non-recurring gains and losses on the 2016 performance, the company's operating income and attributable to an increase of% and% respectively in net profit to shareholders of listed companies。
  The top three of Huatai Securities, year after year 2017 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit yuan, an increase compared with 2016%。
Huatai Securities, said the 2017 total profit, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, compared with basic earnings per share for 2016, an increase of more than 30%, mainly due to Huatai Securities changed the accounting method of accounting for equity investments, resulting in non-operating gains from changes in the larger, is expected to increase in 2017 net profit of about one hundred million yuan every year。   Haitong Securities and GF Securities, respectively, billion, million yuan net profit in fourth, fifth。
GF Securities, said the face of strict regulatory environment and complex market environment, GF Securities adhere to the principle of financial services the real economy, comply with industry trends, strengthen compliance risk control management, and promote business transformation。 In a market share-based turnover, the situation brokerage commission rate has dropped and the number of homes and a substantial increase IPO IPO financing amount of effort to optimize the allocation of resources, improving the revenue structure。
  In 2017 net profit of more than 1 billion yuan in ,,, brokerage Ping An Securities, Haitong Securities, GF Securities and other brokerage firms net profit growth front, an increase interval ranging from 7-54%。
And the entire securities industry net profit of one hundred million yuan last year, down percent。   Many securities analysts said the brokerage company executives Chinese reporters, industry leading brokerage cost control is better, except to seize the self-investment, IPO speed, stock pledge business opportunities and other factors, because the Chinese version IFRS9 (ie, "International Financial Reporting guideline No. 9: financial instruments ") implemented in 2018, 10 A + H listing broker cash return on investment at the end of 2017, the release of profit。   In the three new board listed seven brokerage announced 2017 financial data (unaudited data, some of which consolidated basis), the highest increase in net profit for the Donghai Securities。 2017, Donghai Securities operating income billion yuan, an increase of%; 2017, net profit billion yuan, an increase of%。   Securities Association data show that in mid-2017 securities brokerage, investment banking two main business revenue fell significantly, substantial growth in business income Principal Investment。
131 companies total operating income billion yuan, down percent。
  In the 40 brokerages above the published 2017 annual financial data, there are eight brokerage business income of over 10 billion yuan。
  Among them, CITIC Securities to operating income billion industry leader。 Haitong Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, Huatai Securities and GF Securities revenues last year were more than 20 billion yuan。
This five brokerage Huatai Securities% revenue growth, year on year increase% CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan Securities% decrease YoY。   2017 annual revenues of over ten billion there Securities and Orient Securities。 And Societe Generale Securities to 2017 full-year operating income billion, one hundred million yuan, respectively, located on 9, 10。   China and Thailand, GF 2017. ROE over 10% last year to look at Which brokerage strong profitability, take a look at the weighted average return on equity (ROE) index。
  From the A-share listing broker 14 can check the data point of view, Huatai Securities 2017 Weighted average ROE%, in the first place, increased percentage points; followed by GF Securities, the weighted average annual 2017 ROE%, an increase of one percentage point。   Basic earnings per share from the index point of view, Huatai Securities 2017 basic earnings per share higher than the other 13 A-share listed brokerage, still in the first place, an increase of%; 2017 basic earnings per share yuan bit GF Securities second row, an increase of%; Orient Securities 2017 basic earnings per share yuan, an increase of%。
  From the total assets of indicators by the end of 2017, total assets of CITIC Securities billion yuan, more than 600 billion yuan。 Hai Tong Securities total assets billion yuan, ranking second。 Guotai Junan Securities of millions of dollars in third。   Ping An Securities: Annual 2017 operating income of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, net income from securities trading agency business billion, net income securities underwriting business billion, entrusted client asset management business net income of 400 million yuan, one hundred million yuan investment income。   China and Thailand Securities: 2017 annual operating income billion, net profit of one hundred million yuan。
Net fee income brokerage million, net fee income from investment banking billion, one hundred million yuan investment income。
  Huarong Securities: 2017 annual revenues of one hundred million yuan。
Among them, the asset management business net income billion public fund management business net income (including a large collection) million; net income of one hundred million yuan investment banking – which, underwriting net income billion, net income of financial advisory services yuan; investment one hundred million yuan profit。
  Great Wall Securities: 2017 annual revenues of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, the brokerage business net income of million, investment banking net income billion asset management business net income billion, net interest income billion, one hundred million yuan investment income。   CDB Securities: 2017 annual revenues billion yuan, realized investment gains billion, one hundred million yuan Payroll。 Real wind data, as of the end of last year, a total of 2017 CDB securities underwriting a portfolio of 121.4 billion yuan, ranking 11th among the industry, enhance the two。   BOCI Securities: Employee benefits billion; funds tripartite depository cost 14.68 million yuan, 55.41 million yuan compensation expense securities broker, securities brokerage internal marketing staff payroll one hundred million yuan。
  2017 operating income of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, the securities brokerage business net income of million, investment banking net income of million, one hundred million yuan investment income。
  Jianghai Securities: 2017 annual investment income billion yuan, an increase of%。
Brokerage business net fee income billion, down% year on year; net fee income from asset management business billion yuan, an increase of%; operating expenses billion yuan, an increase of%。   Shanghai Securities: Annual 2017 operating income of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, 500 million yuan brokerage business net fee income, net interest income billion, one hundred million yuan investment income。   Caida Securities: Annual 2017 operating income of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, realized net income from securities trading agency business billion yuan, accounting for 45% of revenue; net interest income billion yuan, accounting for 30% of revenue; investment income billion yuan, accounting%。
  Minmetals Securities: 2017 annual revenue of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, realized investment gains billion annual investment income accounted for around seventy percent of operating revenue。
  Bohai Securities: 2017 annual revenues of billion, of which one hundred million yuan realized investment gains。
  UBS Securities: 2017 annual revenues of billion, net profit of ten thousand yuan。
Securities brokerage business net income of million, investment banking net income billion; 2017 operating income billion, one hundred million yuan Payroll。   Capital Securities: 2017 annual revenues of one hundred million yuan。
Among them, investment income billion, one hundred million yuan net income securities brokerage business。

What is the reason for divorce, which has several personalities most likely to divorce

A man from acquaintance to marriage is always a really good thing, but yet why so many people divorce.?There are many reasons, but more because of lack of understanding before marriage, following small for everyone to understand, the character who is most likely to divorce。 These types of personalities likely to divorce the importance of marriage for women is very large, but the business of marriage seventeen eighty percentile is done by a woman。 This shows that the quality of married life for a woman of influence is great。 This time depends on the character of a woman, let's look at four kinds of divorce-type character do you have it。
Obey your parents type of psychological immaturity, when the marriage of any fluctuations, first of all seek support and instructions to their parents, but not with a partner to discuss ways to solve the problem。 Thus losing the trust between husband and wife。
Female-majority, it is often the little things in life sentimental, slightly physical discomfort have continued to imaginary illness complain complain, to attract attention and care partners, often self-defeating, causing boredom partner broke up。 What is the reason for divorce, which has several personalities most likely to divorce romantic fantasy of marriage that married life will always remain as in love as when filled with fantastic passion。 But marriage by no means as they imagine, but to stir up the burden of building the family, pay the greatest efforts and the sacrifices necessary for the common well-being。 Once the dream can not be met in real life, there will be friction conflict。

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