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Zhibuding whoever fainted on the road, and that time the situation more worse, it can only wait and see.

  ”The rest of the children do?”These police, but are also good people mixed with a few special investigation team.After because of staff shortage, they took the four children and no waiting at the door, but returned to the second floor.
  They saw three men down, the rush came and asked, shaking his head but only got a response.
  Where the consultant who seems to have ignited a glimpse of a ghost character, she saw Xu Hong, eyes unconsciously showing little aversion.
  ”Nothing to do with him.”Qin Bo Where would see each other’s eyes what it means.
  But now is not the time to say this, and if they really let their heart crevices, for the situation at hand more harm than good.
  ”What do you mean?”That teacher adviser before they ask the child’s mother rushed up.
  His father happens to be one of those people unconscious, which makes the other party was very distraught, but she saw other people’s children are all back, special investigation team of people and she did not say anything else, so she did not think, just thought it was still looking, you can now see their expressions, it is clearly a big deal looks like.
  ”My children do?I’m going to sue you,

“Yu Ze filming did not you see him in” Grand Theft Auto show “in the still get all the praise.”

  Bai Yalin silent.
  Zhao Jian said earnestly: “You think about it, I Shoudexia only you an artist, do you also do harm?Of course Hello, I can Well!I said is heart and soul, specializing in a particular industry is gone, now pay attention everywhere, which is not what artists now have a little dip?”
  See he did not speak, Zhao Jian said: “After years of big IP to open casting, if you want to clear just told me earlier, I find someone to give you a good look at the operation, do not wait, come and nothing to regret, that when too late.”
  Zhao Jian got up from the couch, picked up the bag and left the studio.
  After leaving Zhao Jian, the huge room became very quiet about, Bai Yalin got up and went tuning stage, silently looked at the stage of numerous buttons and switches.
  When we build the studio of his ambition to be here to write songs popular song after another, the reality is, this is more than two years, he had time to stay in the studio composer wrote the lyrics of the few opportunities.
  Popularity brought him wealth and fame not only, as well as spare any doubt, he would not understand, Yu Ze year is how to do all over

These constellations are irretrievable after their hearts have died out.

As the saying goes, trust is like a piece of paper, and when it is crumpled, its appearance will be restored. After heartbreak after heartbreak, these constellations with a dead heart will be irretrievable. Please overdraw your credit carefully.!   Cancer, a warm-hearted constellation, is usually as lovely as a warm-hearted baby. It takes care of your needs 360 degrees. You can give it to you when you casually say that you like something. Maybe Cancer gives you not only gifts but also their hearts. After seriously injuring Cancer, Cancer babies dare not give any more. They will refuse to touch you. You have already been removed from the list by Cancer..   Libra Libra can give you many pertinent and feasible opinions in life. Under the guidance of Libra’s love, it is not a problem to reach the peak of life. If you have to die to ruin your friendship with Libra, then the gentle and lovely Libra will turn against each other, and Minutes will turn into a hooligan. He thinks you are impatient and have a very new attitude and try to come to The end of friendship with black face..   Capricorn’s way of caring about people is to think about each other and help each other solve problems. Capricorn, who is still silent, will become even more cold and will not even give time to meet. For workaholic Capricorn, time is money and cannot be wasted on boring people, things and things.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What is the sexiest thing for a girl to wear in the eyes of a man in the twelve constellations??

Do you want to attract the attention of the man you like?? In fact, every man cares very much about his sister’s clothes. Some clothes can make her feel especially sexual. So let’s look at what is the sexiest thing for a girl in the eyes of twelve constellations men.!   The following contents of Aries: Most of the time, the Aries men who think with their lower bodies in Décolletage can’t control most is that girls wear low-cut clothes, and a pair of proud white double peaks are half covered and half covered to ensure that the eyes of the Aries men can see straight nosebleeds..   Taurus: Taurus men like to watch girls show their white, tender and long thighs, which makes them extremely sexy. As the hip-wrapped skirt goes down, the appearance of underpants looms and makes people want to hold them from behind..   Gemini: Gemini men like to admire girls’ flat lower abdomen and beautiful navel, so showing slim waist and flat and beautiful lower abdomen is very attractive to Gemini men and looks very sexy..   Cancer’s following content: apron-type home cancer men like the feeling of being at home very much. They think that girls wearing skirts and aprons look very feminine. They especially want to marry and go home. If they can support naked aprons, cancer men will probably be killed to the death..   Leo’s following content: his white shirt lion man is very strong, very fond of his Girlfriend just after taking a bath, wearing underwear and then wearing his big white shirt, looks particularly petite and sexy, the large white skin exposed from the messy neckline almost want to severely grow strawberries.   Virgo’s following content: Virgo men with shoulder-revealing clothes are more reserved, revealing their chests and thighs is too tacky, revealing their shoulders is not only elegant but also colorful, and girls show their beautiful collarbones, which makes people think about the following parts infinitely..   The following contents of Libra: Libra men in Slip dress are fascinated by the simple style of Slip dress that girls wear. If it is white, it is better and looks very slim and pure. The natural feeling that people cannot bear to profane is actually sexy..   Scorpio’s following contents: Sexy Sleeping Skirt in Perspective Scorpio men like stimulation very much. Wearing sexy sleeping skirt in perspective is the best option to seduce Scorpio men. Light and thin cloth can reveal wonderful ketone body with a slight pull, ensuring Scorpio men can sleep hot and dry all night..   Sagittarius: Bikini Sagittarius Men Like Girls’ Healthy Body Shape and Skin Color, Various Bikini Can Show Women’s Tight and Beautiful Body to the Maximum, Bikini Is the First Choice to Show Sagittarius Men Sexiness.   Capricorn’s following content: uniform temptation is always a face of rigid Capricorn men at work. Actually, Capricorn men are special in Man show. Uniform temptation can make their blood boil most. Normally, a formal uniform will make Capricorn men more sexually excited when used in sexual situations..   Aquarius: Designing Sexy Role-playing Clothes Aquarius Men don’t like ordinary clothes. Designing sexy role-playing clothes is special and unique. The sexy and unique flavor is something that everyday clothes can’t show. brain hole’s neat Aquarius men like this kind of clothes..   The following contents of Pisces: Vintage Themed Wedding Skirt Pisces men also have a dream of chivalry in their hearts, hoping to marry their own princess. Therefore, the most romantic Pisces man’s clothes are Vintage Themed Wedding Skirt. Girls wear pure and noble clothes, even better with childlike baby faces.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

How are the twelve constellations jealous?

How are the twelve constellations jealous? People who are more possessive are very jealous, and if they see their other half associate with other members of the opposite sex, they will be very unhappy.. Let’s look at the jealousy of the twelve constellations.?   Aries has the following content: direct anger Aries is very direct in mood. seeing what intimate contact her object has with other members of the opposite sex, she will get angry directly. it is possible to even hit people. Aries is really irritable in this respect..   Taurus: Taurus, who deliberately dates the opposite sex in Man show, will not show it directly even if he is upset when he is jealous. Instead, they will go on a date with the opposite sex to let you know and see how you perform..   Gemini: You are forbidden to associate with the opposite sex. Gemini is actually jealous of your other half. If Gemini sees you associate with the opposite sex, Gemini will directly ask you not to have another one or break up..   Cancer’s following: paranoid and sensitive cancer is psychologically prepared for this kind of thing, but it can’t help being paranoid. they can’t help doubting the other half. if there is evidence, they will start crying..   Leo: volcanic eruption Leo people are very possessive and jealous. they cannot accept their other half to associate with the opposite sex. if they see a volcanic eruption, they will have a big fight until they concede..   Virgo’s following content: Cold War Virgo is easy to think too much. Starting from a little thing, the brain fills up a lot of pictures. The more he thinks about it, the more horrible he is. He always feels that the other party has changed his mind, is unreliable, and his attitude has become cold. He even hides from meeting again..   Libra’s following content: Libra is not too concerned about being an experienced lover. Libra is always very open to emotional matters and will not be jealous for small things.. As long as you don’t encounter problems of principle, everything else is easy to say..   Scorpio has the following contents: Scorpio who has evidence and reason will not forget to leave evidence even when he is jealous. when the time comes, dump the evidence and see how you can explain it. if the explanation is reasonable, it can be discussed. if it cannot be explained, it can only be bye-bye..   Sagittarius has the following content: Hold on to an outburst. Although Sagittarius laughing heartily is jealous all day long, in fact, Sagittarius will not hold on to these things all day long. They will hold on to their anger and erupt together..   Capricorn’s Words Become Bitter and Sour If one day you find that his speech has become strange and he still doesn’t like Away from Her, then you must be jealous and angry. Capricorn won’t say it directly. At such times, you should apologize at once..   Aquarius: Aquarius in Tsundere will pretend as if nothing has happened when he is jealous, and even pretend to inquire about each other’s information. If he feels that he is not equal to himself, he will cut the Gordian knot if his opponent is strong..   The following is what Pisces says: Cry and make a fuss. Pisces’ feelings cannot tolerate any flaws. When jealous, they will cry and make a fuss, and even die and live. Making the other half feel distressed is the purpose of Pisces.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

wild fruit

Wild fruits, “Adelaide, my crickets!Adelaide, I had the raspberry.”The teacher read the text being lead.Rather abruptly, I came out one: “What is the raspberry?”The teacher although there is resentment surface color, or answered my question:” Mr. Lu Xun wrote raspberry is actually our mountain Toto disk!” ‘Oh -‘ teacher, then just export, the students cheered.    Raspberry say no one understands, Toto disk to be talking about, not the home of the children do not know.This tiny wild fruit, mountains everywhere.Vine long, sharp thorns, round leaves, but better than that red fruit.Sour, sweet, so you could not help but want to eat.Then, after the next school, uphill mowing, chopping wood, playing ragweed.Forget that Toto disk.Toto disk became wild fruit in my eyes no.1.    And Toto disk also similar to wild strawberries.It is much smaller than the strawberries, also red, round, body covered with small spots, ingest, sweet and sour, deeply loved children.There just is not a good name, called Ding chicken eye.Is not really similar to the chicken and ass eye, I do not have the experience.However, when eating chicken Ding total reminiscent of the eye and upsetting.    Red plum is a small shrub, Du plum tree is.Both berries and a small one large, one red and one purple, a sweet and a sour, complement each other.I know there are only three places red plums: seal the hills behind my house, eighteen cliff slope opposite the village quail.It prefers long ramp on the root weir, into the film growth, but less mature fruit.Due to the roadside, it is not easy to stay just one or two sparse.In contrast, Du plums can grow into a tree, the fruit also more.But if there is not supervised, it will not make it uphill the rest of the children.    Begonia is another mountain wild fruit.Of course not flower Begonia.Begonia flowers are famous northern green trees, Nanhai Xi Hua Ting Begonia House West, has become a symbol of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao character and love.Mountain Begonia fruit is a berry.Begonia fruit is very beautiful.Has a long shank, the round shank small fruit smooth and delicate, or yellow, or white, or purple, or red, rouge like, such as Zinfandel, first gives a visual impact, with crisp taste, sour and sweet, very likable.    Wild grape, local people commonly known as rouge tears.It really grows in the wild mountains and slopes in.And grapes look like climbing vine tendrils, leafy trees, fruits strings, purple near Brown.It can be eaten raw, wine better.Presentation on “Zibo Relics and Legends” There is rouge tears wine.Unfortunately, the number of rare wild, I have not seen tears rouge wine.If so, that is the real wild wine.A few years ago the rage of Jilin wild wine country has long been banned and shoddy products.    Red girl child, like a miniature type of yarn lanterns.Four corners of the mantle, wrapped inside a red circle fruit.It likes to grow corn or sorghum, which belongs to a class of berries.Red girl child only ripe when it turns red, not only delicious but also good-looking, otherwise the taste is astringent.The other is the little red girl child.So not exactly call.Because its fruit is purple, I think more accurately called purple girl.People call it the little red girl child just because they are very similar to fruit.Similar eggplant fruit also called, is long in the corn, purple fruit knot a string, and looking only delicious.    In the wild jujube berries is the most common form of.Shiraz is the spine of mountains and plains jujube tree.Spring small Zaohua landed, they grow into Thriving Autumn numerous jujube fruit.Red and green intermingled, sweet and sour affordable, roadside slope wild, cute.I always think of think of jujube, a small hawthorn.Because of its appearance and taste similar to wild jujube.Dashanzha face spot birds, such as small children hawthorn the smooth surface.The difference is that jujube tastes crisp, sweet face and a small taste of hawthorn.I’ve always seen this small hawthorn berries, although it is not wild.    July August walnut pear, persimmon chaos go to the market in September.Walnuts, pears and persimmons are real fruits, are economically fruit, can not be regarded as wild fruit.But my mind is a landscape: After frost, wandering everywhere, trees persimmon tree stands on the mountain.Sparse in red persimmon trees, standing lonely in winter.Aloof kind of feeling, as every world outside the fairy, compared to wild fruits and closer into the natural, late autumn is simply one of the most beautiful views of the.Because it is not wild fruits, berries worth.

Sparrow perception

The frost.    A gust of wind blowing, the tree leaves flapping in the wind off the floor, the grass under the trees reluctantly supports the weight of the original high above the foliage, leaves increasing in number increasing in thick, gradually Earthly shocked eight of the grass Alice Cover up.The temperature difference between day and night, beyond the Great Wall is so large, only one night effort to put the remaining leaves quite cold, although the leaves still green, but the tree has the dubious.Another burst of wind hit Joseph, suddenly the leaves fall off sharply, with increasing intensity trunk of a clear outline of bare branches.    More desolate countryside.View of the way to see a sudden, without overlooking the masking extends to the peaks of the mountains alopecia areata.Full of red and yellow color.Land bare yellow, brown the bottom of the trash, farm uncut dry straw yellow, black and gray with touches thorns and branches of trees contrast with the sparse field of the same color, lightly rustic tranquility of the earth return.    A north-south ridge hundred meters long and two meters tall, stacked on top of the gravel Jitu date Gezhen covered with dense, a little dry yellow leaves of date, there are many dry red jujube hanging from a tree.You can see these varieties of jujube trees between child growing healthy and strong, is grafted off between home dates jujube.This soil ridge sunrise leeward, even in deep winter snow and very few remnants, each time through it, very far apart will hear the twitter of sound, a closer Xiqiao, jujube trees fell on top of the sub sparrow thousands.Slightly disturbed, dense mass of dancing, the sound of crashing off that sound really is a different kind of wilderness audiovisual.    Accustomed to seeing strange watching, do not know these sparrows come from, why the focus here, where they are feeding, nest at night to places where, for me, like the Four Seasons in country Liu Waner people who see every day there is a trace of a curious group of sparrows to explore this frolic rather, a pleasure to meet.    Remember, the grass prosperous, they saw flocks of sparrows nest in the grass naughty, wave off wave of land, each circulating alarmed countenance grass insect jump, you tend to catch my mutual benefit, small stuffed beak children full grasshopper Insects, of course, that’s sparrow breeding season.To the millet mature, farmers will plug a lot of dummies in the ground, colorful, it is to get something for nothing these scare sparrows.But Sparrow is not going to care about these bluff, then, to see some impatient drive farmers off firecrackers in the valley where the bird, but with little success.As the saying ‘good year birds are not afraid of bombs’ rhetoric, but also greedy mouth child Jiabu Zhu bird populations.As for the fall, the earth spilled food particles and seeds is enough to make them a living, the most difficult is when the winter snows, have seen flocks of sparrows away with the snow, struggling to fill its belly pecking roots.Snow white sprinkled with black dirt away with, and tender roots exposed, winged sparrow joy, this is no way to approach it is they depend for survival secrets.As their nest need not worry, the wild wells room, not far from the old building of farm stalls, all of them settle down the.    I could not help but think of the sparrows in the city.The neighborhood where there are a lot of sparrows, deliberately observed, most of these sparrows have got into the building reserved for people in air-conditioned Yaner.Practice makes perfect really, flew backwards body got into the hole, a gray head soil brain only get almost wiped out its own identity sparrow.Finch to breeding time is abnormal hard, only upright drill into, out of the back.Morning, early will be across the window glass twitter households, the nearest convenient stained black and white bird droppings left the household air conditioning dyed find any day.Say eating that nourish more than a wild sparrow.Street stalls early edge when the avenue is limited, sometimes beer stalls orders, the hotel side of the road iron sewer grate on the wide square mouth, flocks of sparrows flying to bouncing between them.Have personally appear, the avenue of trees down with sparrows, tree arrayed breakfast spread, saw a sparrow fall to the ground residue leftovers immediately flew down, people are not afraid to throw off the crop with fierce pecking, more daring who bounced dishwashing the water bucket edge, stall bombers, was bitterly of little interest to fly to a tree, a scene that ends harmony.    It seems that the little sparrow highly adaptive, no matter what the conditions are exploring their own survival Road.They may be pressing natural way to survive, you can also explore new living environment, natural selection, tolerance is a virtue, and perhaps realize what we can learn from the.

A vegetable

Name a vegetable cabbage (BrassicaoleraceaL as cabbage, scientific name.VAR.capitataL.), Cruciferous (Brassicaceae), Brassica.Brassica (BrassicaoleraceaL.) Variants.Shanghai people are generally referred to as cabbage, cabbage called Zhejiang.Also known as cabbage (north), cabbage (south), white lotus (Shanxi and Shaanxi), gray, and white Xianggu.Originated in the Mediterranean coast, the 16th century began to spread to China.Cabbage with a cold, disease resistance, adaptability, easy storage resistance movement, high yield, good quality and so on, now widely cultivated all over the country, northeast, northwest, north, south and other parts of spring, summer and fall of major vegetables One.    Cabbage has both nutritional value, but also the effect of physical fitness, and have a significant role in treatment efficacy: For 1.Enhance the immune function 2.Spleen and stomach, pain 3.Anti-cancer 4.Promote blood circulation and child development 5.Detoxification 6.Beauty cream, etc. have a good effect.    World Health Organization recommended best food, the most important vegetables as sweet potatoes (sweet potato), potato rich in vitamins, but also anti-cancer experts, followed by the asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, carrots, cabbage ranked third.There are three basic ecotype cabbage, into pointed, round, flat head type three.Tip type of cabbage such as large snail slippery as sharp, vivid; round type of cabbage such as thick brawny, Zhuangzhuang Hanshi; flat type of cabbage such as hot-water bottle is flat, like pops, adorable.God the human appetite for vegetable crops have created a bright color, four-color plainer yellow and red flashes in the meantime, is again lively, but the show.    The so-called cabbage, according to popular understanding, this dish is the layers of leaves rolled up, wrapped in cabbage, Shanghai people call it cabbage is quite vivid, Zhejiang also aptly call it cabbage of.    A child from the mother’s mouth always hear things like, “You Dad (Shanghai people call it the grandfather dad) is very difficult to serve Chike, he likes to eat seafood, vegetables pumpkin, eggplant, sweet potato, radish , cabbage, he is definitely not Dongkuai head with a hobby born rich.Although it is authentic petty class, but from being spoiled environment in a three-bedroom-one son, to develop the clothing to hand out food to mouth full of young master style, habits.What food do not eat, someone is sure to say his heart, or his great master habits is inevitable outbreak.So grandfather not and will not eat these types of vegetables is in my childhood mind very impressed with memory.Grandfather with these vegetables is not affectionate origin; but I was with these vegetables, cabbage representative for the significance of the bond has a good laugh.    I grew up pampered by their parents, it has also become unruly wayward personality, although my personality a bit like a grandfather, but I do not partial eclipse, grandfather never eat several vegetables, I was completely and every time you diet devour with relish.    Grandfather, great grandmother Anthurium young man does not love his wife, and two grandmother love each other dearly.Parents Meishuozhiyan in his grandfather’s generation is absolutely fair and square, and mistress cohabitation, Soong also have the ability to man’s freedom.Grandfather then confidently told us, “At the time of our marriage law marriage is old, we have to resist, you can not learn like.”For the marriage of children and grandchildren, he is feudal too serious, especially for her daughter, granddaughter of marriage, he is the man to make contact with the feudal Debu his daughter and granddaughter, once the limit has been exceeded, not seriously, he is born the man, his death is a ghost, must exiled married, regardless of love and not love.Girls can not have happened deviant behavior, there are not allowed to get married after the divorce phenomenon became visible in this home.    As a symbol of love stems and leaves of this cabbage wrapped in layers of cabbage root thick stems, steaming bag tightly, snuggle, warm, spoiled, become a very beautiful image of ecology.However, the modern political movements have been tied stems and leaves of love, hands and feet, tossing and suffering to death in the tomb of marriage.    In the countryside’s, farm vegetable varieties are stereotyped eggplant, spinach, cabbage, eggplant and cabbage to eat but I was never tire of eating the gall to get that taste.Labor end, holding a rice bowl, rice co refreshing color cabbage into the mouth, it is our educated youth age only “loss of enjoyment,” was only cabbage chewing in the mouth, pharynx in the throat, through the intestine, taste children fresh fresh, throat feeling soft, smooth feel bowel Chang.That was helpless happiness, a sense of loss after the madness of youth labor force can not wait to give birth to devour the goodwill of the United States.That era has passed, or memorable, dislike of water spinach is then formed, he met with spinach nausea.However, this eggplant and cabbage, but did not scare me as a conditioned reflex, until now, I actually love to eat vegetables, eggplant and cabbage both, simply incredible.    Vaguely remember that time in my cabbage feel delicious taste, the soft Shu; now the cabbage was unpalatable kind of feeling stiff in my consciousness.Maybe I’m a big their age, and now I feel that cooking cabbage leaves and stems are difficult to swallow the hard.So delicious oil, salt, hard dry completely removed, and features cooking method, like placing two kinds of sweet and sour condiments, well-built, made dishes such as hot and sour dishes like yellow-white; or a few potatoes cooked tomato floating on shoes Bang colored leaves of cabbage borscht, may well be a characteristic flavor of soup nutrition.This is live in the present mood of self-regulation, self rack their brains to provoke a relief from happy taste “new life”.

Bloom (outside the two)

I did not come before you have been lonely bloom I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time to wait for me to meet with the most gorgeous moments of your life your best Yan Rong 2010.08.20 I seek you follow your shadow foot deep shallow kick your way leading to a drive rain wind me a ride I only Thorn Birds just for you to find Flanagan’s longest spines toward the river bank along the years you do not hesitate for anything else you love warm 2010.08.Before the advent of rain 20 a turbaned woman quickly ran wind blew up her dress from flying across the road Man 2010.8.15 [Editor: Yi children]

Bloody scholar (b)

Zeng after the death of the third year, and a bloody scholar born in Loudi on this land of youth, he is moved by God Chau Qing Dynasty national hero Chen Tianhua.If you draw a hero profile on the map, people will be surprised to find that, in the Chinese territory, whether it is revolutionary hero during the war, or the moral hero of peace-building period, it is located in the corner of Loudi in Hunan, in history the river has left an indelible mark.Chen Tianhua, Luo Shengjiao, Eddie Wong, Tan Jingyu so a series of famous names, so that the spirit world is startled, they bring glory Loudi, Hunan small enough to make this city the greatest of respect.Chen Tianhua greatest historical significance is that he represents the Chinese nation five thousand to unyielding noble quality, the combination of traditional Chinese literati bloody ancient, enhance the connotation of national spirit, he prove to the world: slavery, bullying, oppression, and not let a national real yield, imperialist global expansion is just wishful thinking, one day submerged in the era of big waves.Chen Tianhua’s death, the real interpretation of the dignity of a nation.    In all fairness, many philosophers, ancient and modern life are often the starting point is very low, but after years of experience with the life of sharpening, they eventually immortal thoughts and unique value of life at the history of the highest standing.Beginning and end of life, sigh control has become a very.Walking street wear Lane, basket selling, Chen Tianhua has become one of the epitome of early life.Precocious, harbor ambitions, “national anxiety, I do not marry,” compared with Zeng, Chen Tianhua mind and the pursuit of clearly much more simply, he does not know the so-called golden mean, do not understand things out so-called hole, get rid of foreign enemies rejuvenating the Chinese nation is the ultimate pursuit of its life.Foreign invasion, times of hardship, the nation is a child out of the country from Loudi, can escape the connotation was so thorough understanding of the motherland, to see the world situation is so clear and bright, the future of the motherland so distraught, the fate of the people of so deep concern for those living in the capital of corrupt nobles bear, this is a culmination of ironic analogy.History has chosen the lonely lonely soul, he is destined to ditch in rough times, against the background of bright red blood in a nation in waves.    And Zeng, like Chen Tianhua is associated with a particular historical events together, and contrast is that the world of Chen Tianhua bloody and heroism without any dispute.The early twentieth century, Russia’s effort to seize the three northeastern provinces, Russia refused to initiate movement, the country is at sovereignty and the horrendous situation, Chen Tianhua bite your finger in blood Send show Hunan each school.Hunan Provincial Governor Zhao Xun also moved, visit each school to read, and published in the official newspaper, also ordered each government, state, county set up military preparations institute, Hunan province refused to make Russia a more high morale movement.A man ignited the anger of a nation.    His life is glorious, “a word of warning bell”, “fierce back” demonstrates his bloody, at the same time, he is also one of the most prominent sponsors of the League.”One for the books with a word of warning, the other the opportunity to be the event of the death of the death of the” death to serve the country, Chen Tianhua is a lifelong aspiration, it sounds a bit foolish, but compared with many of that era who talk to serve the country, Chen Tianhua dead like Tarzan.When Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” attack Chinese people lack of unity force, said Chinese students are “despicable indulgence” group, when to protest Chen Tianhua.December 7, 1905 morning, a grief figure leap in Japan Tokyo Grand Sennheiser Bay, in history at this moment freeze, Pentium and shock jump waves emit the most solemn of glory, full of bloody literati, with their lives made a final memorial to the sea the other side of the country.    Change treaty, the complex regime, completely independent; national humiliation, flooding alien, I re-sang crown.When thousands of years, people listen to these deafening cries echo in history, those who will think this cowardly nation fight off?