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wild fruit

Wild fruits, “Adelaide, my crickets!Adelaide, I had the raspberry.”The teacher read the text being lead.Rather abruptly, I came out one: “What is the raspberry?”The teacher although there is resentment surface color, or answered my question:” Mr. Lu Xun wrote raspberry is actually our mountain Toto disk!” ‘Oh -‘ teacher, then just export, the students cheered.    Raspberry say no one understands, Toto disk to be talking about, not the home of the children do not know.This tiny wild fruit, mountains everywhere.Vine long, sharp thorns, round leaves, but better than that red fruit.Sour, sweet, so you could not help but want to eat.Then, after the next school, uphill mowing, chopping wood, playing ragweed.Forget that Toto disk.Toto disk became wild fruit in my eyes no.1.    And Toto disk also similar to wild strawberries.It is much smaller than the strawberries, also red, round, body covered with small spots, ingest, sweet and sour, deeply loved children.There just is not a good name, called Ding chicken eye.Is not really similar to the chicken and ass eye, I do not have the experience.However, when eating chicken Ding total reminiscent of the eye and upsetting.    Red plum is a small shrub, Du plum tree is.Both berries and a small one large, one red and one purple, a sweet and a sour, complement each other.I know there are only three places red plums: seal the hills behind my house, eighteen cliff slope opposite the village quail.It prefers long ramp on the root weir, into the film growth, but less mature fruit.Due to the roadside, it is not easy to stay just one or two sparse.In contrast, Du plums can grow into a tree, the fruit also more.But if there is not supervised, it will not make it uphill the rest of the children.    Begonia is another mountain wild fruit.Of course not flower Begonia.Begonia flowers are famous northern green trees, Nanhai Xi Hua Ting Begonia House West, has become a symbol of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao character and love.Mountain Begonia fruit is a berry.Begonia fruit is very beautiful.Has a long shank, the round shank small fruit smooth and delicate, or yellow, or white, or purple, or red, rouge like, such as Zinfandel, first gives a visual impact, with crisp taste, sour and sweet, very likable.    Wild grape, local people commonly known as rouge tears.It really grows in the wild mountains and slopes in.And grapes look like climbing vine tendrils, leafy trees, fruits strings, purple near Brown.It can be eaten raw, wine better.Presentation on “Zibo Relics and Legends” There is rouge tears wine.Unfortunately, the number of rare wild, I have not seen tears rouge wine.If so, that is the real wild wine.A few years ago the rage of Jilin wild wine country has long been banned and shoddy products.    Red girl child, like a miniature type of yarn lanterns.Four corners of the mantle, wrapped inside a red circle fruit.It likes to grow corn or sorghum, which belongs to a class of berries.Red girl child only ripe when it turns red, not only delicious but also good-looking, otherwise the taste is astringent.The other is the little red girl child.So not exactly call.Because its fruit is purple, I think more accurately called purple girl.People call it the little red girl child just because they are very similar to fruit.Similar eggplant fruit also called, is long in the corn, purple fruit knot a string, and looking only delicious.    In the wild jujube berries is the most common form of.Shiraz is the spine of mountains and plains jujube tree.Spring small Zaohua landed, they grow into Thriving Autumn numerous jujube fruit.Red and green intermingled, sweet and sour affordable, roadside slope wild, cute.I always think of think of jujube, a small hawthorn.Because of its appearance and taste similar to wild jujube.Dashanzha face spot birds, such as small children hawthorn the smooth surface.The difference is that jujube tastes crisp, sweet face and a small taste of hawthorn.I’ve always seen this small hawthorn berries, although it is not wild.    July August walnut pear, persimmon chaos go to the market in September.Walnuts, pears and persimmons are real fruits, are economically fruit, can not be regarded as wild fruit.But my mind is a landscape: After frost, wandering everywhere, trees persimmon tree stands on the mountain.Sparse in red persimmon trees, standing lonely in winter.Aloof kind of feeling, as every world outside the fairy, compared to wild fruits and closer into the natural, late autumn is simply one of the most beautiful views of the.Because it is not wild fruits, berries worth.

Sparrow perception

The frost.    A gust of wind blowing, the tree leaves flapping in the wind off the floor, the grass under the trees reluctantly supports the weight of the original high above the foliage, leaves increasing in number increasing in thick, gradually Earthly shocked eight of the grass Alice Cover up.The temperature difference between day and night, beyond the Great Wall is so large, only one night effort to put the remaining leaves quite cold, although the leaves still green, but the tree has the dubious.Another burst of wind hit Joseph, suddenly the leaves fall off sharply, with increasing intensity trunk of a clear outline of bare branches.    More desolate countryside.View of the way to see a sudden, without overlooking the masking extends to the peaks of the mountains alopecia areata.Full of red and yellow color.Land bare yellow, brown the bottom of the trash, farm uncut dry straw yellow, black and gray with touches thorns and branches of trees contrast with the sparse field of the same color, lightly rustic tranquility of the earth return.    A north-south ridge hundred meters long and two meters tall, stacked on top of the gravel Jitu date Gezhen covered with dense, a little dry yellow leaves of date, there are many dry red jujube hanging from a tree.You can see these varieties of jujube trees between child growing healthy and strong, is grafted off between home dates jujube.This soil ridge sunrise leeward, even in deep winter snow and very few remnants, each time through it, very far apart will hear the twitter of sound, a closer Xiqiao, jujube trees fell on top of the sub sparrow thousands.Slightly disturbed, dense mass of dancing, the sound of crashing off that sound really is a different kind of wilderness audiovisual.    Accustomed to seeing strange watching, do not know these sparrows come from, why the focus here, where they are feeding, nest at night to places where, for me, like the Four Seasons in country Liu Waner people who see every day there is a trace of a curious group of sparrows to explore this frolic rather, a pleasure to meet.    Remember, the grass prosperous, they saw flocks of sparrows nest in the grass naughty, wave off wave of land, each circulating alarmed countenance grass insect jump, you tend to catch my mutual benefit, small stuffed beak children full grasshopper Insects, of course, that’s sparrow breeding season.To the millet mature, farmers will plug a lot of dummies in the ground, colorful, it is to get something for nothing these scare sparrows.But Sparrow is not going to care about these bluff, then, to see some impatient drive farmers off firecrackers in the valley where the bird, but with little success.As the saying ‘good year birds are not afraid of bombs’ rhetoric, but also greedy mouth child Jiabu Zhu bird populations.As for the fall, the earth spilled food particles and seeds is enough to make them a living, the most difficult is when the winter snows, have seen flocks of sparrows away with the snow, struggling to fill its belly pecking roots.Snow white sprinkled with black dirt away with, and tender roots exposed, winged sparrow joy, this is no way to approach it is they depend for survival secrets.As their nest need not worry, the wild wells room, not far from the old building of farm stalls, all of them settle down the.    I could not help but think of the sparrows in the city.The neighborhood where there are a lot of sparrows, deliberately observed, most of these sparrows have got into the building reserved for people in air-conditioned Yaner.Practice makes perfect really, flew backwards body got into the hole, a gray head soil brain only get almost wiped out its own identity sparrow.Finch to breeding time is abnormal hard, only upright drill into, out of the back.Morning, early will be across the window glass twitter households, the nearest convenient stained black and white bird droppings left the household air conditioning dyed find any day.Say eating that nourish more than a wild sparrow.Street stalls early edge when the avenue is limited, sometimes beer stalls orders, the hotel side of the road iron sewer grate on the wide square mouth, flocks of sparrows flying to bouncing between them.Have personally appear, the avenue of trees down with sparrows, tree arrayed breakfast spread, saw a sparrow fall to the ground residue leftovers immediately flew down, people are not afraid to throw off the crop with fierce pecking, more daring who bounced dishwashing the water bucket edge, stall bombers, was bitterly of little interest to fly to a tree, a scene that ends harmony.    It seems that the little sparrow highly adaptive, no matter what the conditions are exploring their own survival Road.They may be pressing natural way to survive, you can also explore new living environment, natural selection, tolerance is a virtue, and perhaps realize what we can learn from the.

A vegetable

Name a vegetable cabbage (BrassicaoleraceaL as cabbage, scientific name.VAR.capitataL.), Cruciferous (Brassicaceae), Brassica.Brassica (BrassicaoleraceaL.) Variants.Shanghai people are generally referred to as cabbage, cabbage called Zhejiang.Also known as cabbage (north), cabbage (south), white lotus (Shanxi and Shaanxi), gray, and white Xianggu.Originated in the Mediterranean coast, the 16th century began to spread to China.Cabbage with a cold, disease resistance, adaptability, easy storage resistance movement, high yield, good quality and so on, now widely cultivated all over the country, northeast, northwest, north, south and other parts of spring, summer and fall of major vegetables One.    Cabbage has both nutritional value, but also the effect of physical fitness, and have a significant role in treatment efficacy: For 1.Enhance the immune function 2.Spleen and stomach, pain 3.Anti-cancer 4.Promote blood circulation and child development 5.Detoxification 6.Beauty cream, etc. have a good effect.    World Health Organization recommended best food, the most important vegetables as sweet potatoes (sweet potato), potato rich in vitamins, but also anti-cancer experts, followed by the asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, carrots, cabbage ranked third.There are three basic ecotype cabbage, into pointed, round, flat head type three.Tip type of cabbage such as large snail slippery as sharp, vivid; round type of cabbage such as thick brawny, Zhuangzhuang Hanshi; flat type of cabbage such as hot-water bottle is flat, like pops, adorable.God the human appetite for vegetable crops have created a bright color, four-color plainer yellow and red flashes in the meantime, is again lively, but the show.    The so-called cabbage, according to popular understanding, this dish is the layers of leaves rolled up, wrapped in cabbage, Shanghai people call it cabbage is quite vivid, Zhejiang also aptly call it cabbage of.    A child from the mother’s mouth always hear things like, “You Dad (Shanghai people call it the grandfather dad) is very difficult to serve Chike, he likes to eat seafood, vegetables pumpkin, eggplant, sweet potato, radish , cabbage, he is definitely not Dongkuai head with a hobby born rich.Although it is authentic petty class, but from being spoiled environment in a three-bedroom-one son, to develop the clothing to hand out food to mouth full of young master style, habits.What food do not eat, someone is sure to say his heart, or his great master habits is inevitable outbreak.So grandfather not and will not eat these types of vegetables is in my childhood mind very impressed with memory.Grandfather with these vegetables is not affectionate origin; but I was with these vegetables, cabbage representative for the significance of the bond has a good laugh.    I grew up pampered by their parents, it has also become unruly wayward personality, although my personality a bit like a grandfather, but I do not partial eclipse, grandfather never eat several vegetables, I was completely and every time you diet devour with relish.    Grandfather, great grandmother Anthurium young man does not love his wife, and two grandmother love each other dearly.Parents Meishuozhiyan in his grandfather’s generation is absolutely fair and square, and mistress cohabitation, Soong also have the ability to man’s freedom.Grandfather then confidently told us, “At the time of our marriage law marriage is old, we have to resist, you can not learn like.”For the marriage of children and grandchildren, he is feudal too serious, especially for her daughter, granddaughter of marriage, he is the man to make contact with the feudal Debu his daughter and granddaughter, once the limit has been exceeded, not seriously, he is born the man, his death is a ghost, must exiled married, regardless of love and not love.Girls can not have happened deviant behavior, there are not allowed to get married after the divorce phenomenon became visible in this home.    As a symbol of love stems and leaves of this cabbage wrapped in layers of cabbage root thick stems, steaming bag tightly, snuggle, warm, spoiled, become a very beautiful image of ecology.However, the modern political movements have been tied stems and leaves of love, hands and feet, tossing and suffering to death in the tomb of marriage.    In the countryside’s, farm vegetable varieties are stereotyped eggplant, spinach, cabbage, eggplant and cabbage to eat but I was never tire of eating the gall to get that taste.Labor end, holding a rice bowl, rice co refreshing color cabbage into the mouth, it is our educated youth age only “loss of enjoyment,” was only cabbage chewing in the mouth, pharynx in the throat, through the intestine, taste children fresh fresh, throat feeling soft, smooth feel bowel Chang.That was helpless happiness, a sense of loss after the madness of youth labor force can not wait to give birth to devour the goodwill of the United States.That era has passed, or memorable, dislike of water spinach is then formed, he met with spinach nausea.However, this eggplant and cabbage, but did not scare me as a conditioned reflex, until now, I actually love to eat vegetables, eggplant and cabbage both, simply incredible.    Vaguely remember that time in my cabbage feel delicious taste, the soft Shu; now the cabbage was unpalatable kind of feeling stiff in my consciousness.Maybe I’m a big their age, and now I feel that cooking cabbage leaves and stems are difficult to swallow the hard.So delicious oil, salt, hard dry completely removed, and features cooking method, like placing two kinds of sweet and sour condiments, well-built, made dishes such as hot and sour dishes like yellow-white; or a few potatoes cooked tomato floating on shoes Bang colored leaves of cabbage borscht, may well be a characteristic flavor of soup nutrition.This is live in the present mood of self-regulation, self rack their brains to provoke a relief from happy taste “new life”.

Bloom (outside the two)

I did not come before you have been lonely bloom I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time to wait for me to meet with the most gorgeous moments of your life your best Yan Rong 2010.08.20 I seek you follow your shadow foot deep shallow kick your way leading to a drive rain wind me a ride I only Thorn Birds just for you to find Flanagan’s longest spines toward the river bank along the years you do not hesitate for anything else you love warm 2010.08.Before the advent of rain 20 a turbaned woman quickly ran wind blew up her dress from flying across the road Man 2010.8.15 [Editor: Yi children]

Bloody scholar (b)

Zeng after the death of the third year, and a bloody scholar born in Loudi on this land of youth, he is moved by God Chau Qing Dynasty national hero Chen Tianhua.If you draw a hero profile on the map, people will be surprised to find that, in the Chinese territory, whether it is revolutionary hero during the war, or the moral hero of peace-building period, it is located in the corner of Loudi in Hunan, in history the river has left an indelible mark.Chen Tianhua, Luo Shengjiao, Eddie Wong, Tan Jingyu so a series of famous names, so that the spirit world is startled, they bring glory Loudi, Hunan small enough to make this city the greatest of respect.Chen Tianhua greatest historical significance is that he represents the Chinese nation five thousand to unyielding noble quality, the combination of traditional Chinese literati bloody ancient, enhance the connotation of national spirit, he prove to the world: slavery, bullying, oppression, and not let a national real yield, imperialist global expansion is just wishful thinking, one day submerged in the era of big waves.Chen Tianhua’s death, the real interpretation of the dignity of a nation.    In all fairness, many philosophers, ancient and modern life are often the starting point is very low, but after years of experience with the life of sharpening, they eventually immortal thoughts and unique value of life at the history of the highest standing.Beginning and end of life, sigh control has become a very.Walking street wear Lane, basket selling, Chen Tianhua has become one of the epitome of early life.Precocious, harbor ambitions, “national anxiety, I do not marry,” compared with Zeng, Chen Tianhua mind and the pursuit of clearly much more simply, he does not know the so-called golden mean, do not understand things out so-called hole, get rid of foreign enemies rejuvenating the Chinese nation is the ultimate pursuit of its life.Foreign invasion, times of hardship, the nation is a child out of the country from Loudi, can escape the connotation was so thorough understanding of the motherland, to see the world situation is so clear and bright, the future of the motherland so distraught, the fate of the people of so deep concern for those living in the capital of corrupt nobles bear, this is a culmination of ironic analogy.History has chosen the lonely lonely soul, he is destined to ditch in rough times, against the background of bright red blood in a nation in waves.    And Zeng, like Chen Tianhua is associated with a particular historical events together, and contrast is that the world of Chen Tianhua bloody and heroism without any dispute.The early twentieth century, Russia’s effort to seize the three northeastern provinces, Russia refused to initiate movement, the country is at sovereignty and the horrendous situation, Chen Tianhua bite your finger in blood Send show Hunan each school.Hunan Provincial Governor Zhao Xun also moved, visit each school to read, and published in the official newspaper, also ordered each government, state, county set up military preparations institute, Hunan province refused to make Russia a more high morale movement.A man ignited the anger of a nation.    His life is glorious, “a word of warning bell”, “fierce back” demonstrates his bloody, at the same time, he is also one of the most prominent sponsors of the League.”One for the books with a word of warning, the other the opportunity to be the event of the death of the death of the” death to serve the country, Chen Tianhua is a lifelong aspiration, it sounds a bit foolish, but compared with many of that era who talk to serve the country, Chen Tianhua dead like Tarzan.When Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” attack Chinese people lack of unity force, said Chinese students are “despicable indulgence” group, when to protest Chen Tianhua.December 7, 1905 morning, a grief figure leap in Japan Tokyo Grand Sennheiser Bay, in history at this moment freeze, Pentium and shock jump waves emit the most solemn of glory, full of bloody literati, with their lives made a final memorial to the sea the other side of the country.    Change treaty, the complex regime, completely independent; national humiliation, flooding alien, I re-sang crown.When thousands of years, people listen to these deafening cries echo in history, those who will think this cowardly nation fight off?

Bloody Daze

Daze towering mountains, surging river gum.In Pingdu this glorious tradition and received through the baptism of blood and fire red land, had the famous battle of liberation Pingdu City, Jiao River Battle, etc. happen, it happened Yang tragedy, Mage Zhuang massacre, New River a dozen bridge massacre massacre, etc..Red blood of the martyrs of this land, there have been 5016 martyrs for the benefit of the people of the motherland and the bloody battlefield.There are survivors of wars, they also went to the battlefield, heroic enemy, saved his narrow escape in this life in.The war veterans are nearly 90 years old now, in order to save the red gene, City Lao Ganju visited war veterans organized activities, I was fortunate to participate, marching this piece of land stained with blood, villages and households, interviewed war veterans, their shaking, ZZZZZZZZZ heroic feat deeply touched me, to write this text.  Shrapnel left in his head for 70 years war veterans SUN training 88-year-old, his head a piece of shrapnel scored 1947 and has yet to be taken out, has resided 70 years in his head the.Speaking of the old piece of shrapnel to do, he can not help but brought back memories of the past.  July 3, 1928, SUN Xun was born in the town of Pingdu Katherine Chia Hui village of a poor peasant family.In mid-1938, after the Japanese invasion of roughness, near his village Liujiazhuang, Da Nang have set up a stronghold in the local migrant kidnapping, robbery, sparked a deep-seated hatred of juvenile SUN training, he was determined to join the army and defend the motherland.To be able to go to the army, SUN training since childhood adults learn to fight soil guns, young age, he learned first-hand good marksmanship, is by virtue of this hand good marksmanship in 1943, just 15 years old, SUN training, has become a “Little Eight “three camps in Communist China Sea Command, first as a bodyguard to the battalion commander, and soon served as a squad leader communication.  Anti-Japanese War, the Eighth Route Army in the northern and southern parts of roughness has created Dazeshan base and the river sets of bases, SUN training camp where three sets of base areas in the river, in seven, eight, nine three companies, SUN training with troops battle of the liberation of the city of Pingdu, Jimo also participated in combat support, and high-density plastic County anti-Japanese armed.He recalled: “hit the big battle encounter, every day there are small battle.”Speaking to fight the Japanese devils, now 88-year-old SUN motto boldly proudly say:” I was trained in good marksmanship is, a shot to fight the Japanese devils, killing Japs less there are eight or ten of.”Mid-autumn 1944, a battle supported the anti-Japanese armed glue County, let him unforgettable.  Once, military commanders command three battalions to support the anti-Japanese armed SUN glue county where the training must be rushed back to the County glue down before dawn ambush a dam, blocking the Japanese troops attack.Battalion arrived on standby.To the morning, we found the enemy.The battalion commander: no command, not allowed to shoot.Other Japanese puppet troops approached, battalion commander “pit, pit” Robbery, then shouted: “Comrades, fight!”Join hands Japanese troops opened fire, the two sides played very intense.This time, SUN training has been a communications squad and communications, often braving enemy gunfire running around, very dangerous, SUN training with accurate marksmanship, killed four Japs.Being played inextricably, and coming from the southeast direction of the Japanese troops reinforcements, has set up three machine guns began to fire, a stronger enemy, the enemy hit more, outnumbered, our weapons would not work, simply play live.Battalion commander saw not, the command immediately: the cover of the Nine, Seven, Eighth retreat.The campaign, Nine made tremendous sacrifices, only one person survive.After the battle, loss of soldiers off three camps in southern Dazeshan once again suffered a pioneer of the Japanese attack, Eighth and losses, only one survived correspondent and deputy commander.Sun Hong Xun participated in and witnessed the fierce fighting and heavy, said: “I had thought the war would come back alive, watched three people even got left a company, really Cana!”Three days of the first lunar month in mid-1946, SUN training with combat troops to participate in Jimo East Cape, Xu Shiyou sent two army field artillery, field artillery toward the two bunkers Kuomintang troops and equipment in the fire here, a one shot, put the bunker overthrown, SUN training and his comrades in the vicinity concealed, watching the enemy where to go, where to punch it, chasing play.SUN Training recalled: “About midnight, suddenly, the enemy cannonball fight over, can not see anything, and I fumbled, when the finger has been knocked out two, did not feel pain, had already hurt numb.”He pointed his right hand had been knocked out of the empty ring finger, he said:” It was right here, left a light skin, and all of a sudden I put that down to earn attached to the skin, and then fainted, do not know anything up, wake up, it is found to be swarmed down from the battlefield.”In this battle is fierce, SUN training was interrupted by the right middle finger, ring finger, the other fingers curled together, has been stretched straight, inseparable, also was shot on the left arm, head and right a forehead side and have been injured and an elastic piece is left in the skull.SUN wounded after training, was sent to a village called Village of water and recuperate after a member of the complex from the army, it was assessed as Grade 2B and disability.In this way, SUN training hands with disability, with a shrapnel head back home.He went to the PLA eighty-nine Branch and other major hospitals have been to try to remove the shrapnel experts, because of life-threatening dared to take, so this piece of shrapnel has been left in the inside of the skull SUN training.  When the SUN training for the elderly participated in the war, was wounded, the blood flows through, not ever stand over power, received awards, and asked what his medal, he said that only a “70 anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army Victory Medal,” he said: “At that time just want to fight the Japanese devils, no meritorious service spectrum fight, no fight alive spectrum.”He still is the case until later, when back to the village branch secretary for seven years, in the spirit of the war continue to follow him, he is so personal: to maintain the spirit of war.Life regrets, willing unsung heroes and see the true nature of a war veteran from him.  At the end of the interview, SUN training our oral history interviews with elderly members of the group to the door, solemnly raised his right hand to his disability would only salute us, we accept the veterans of war Zhuang Yanjun Li, filled with admiration, grief, more exciting!  In an interview with veteran Fan Fan Shun Shun years, when really feel, the 89-year-old war veteran is “carry a gun Anti-Japanese War, the liberation war to fight Chiang Kai-shek, the Korean transport rations,” the old man.He has served as logistics soldiers during the war years, she is now deaf, walking instability, but the mind is still clear, talking about his war experiences to a rich, full flight, from him seem to see the famous “Three shadow of a great war “.  February 12, 1927, Fan Shun was born in Pingdu Cui town Xifan village of a poor peasant family, his father was dying, when Japanese troops beaten, told Fan Shun years brother Sa: “You have to go to three be a soldier.”Then, he closed his eyes, Fan Shun years this scene to heart.In order to revenge for his father, in March 1944, Fan Shun years to follow his brother to join the Eighth Route Army, first to the head of the Polygonum 10 squadron when correspondent, with Japanese troops guerrilla side, constantly deal.Fan Shun years recalled: “At that time my brother took me, in a team, the team is a small branch, a total of 60 people, weapons and it is not, in Polygonum area and Japan ghosts, guerrilla traitor, traitor beat, Japan ghost, then, my brother in the back Cui Du Village is set Japs killed, I said goodbye to my brother, a person continue to fight, to avenge his father, brother.”Fan Shun years and participated in the battle to fight the battle of liberation of the city of Pingdu Polygonum Lan.  In mid-1946, in the liberation war, Fan Shun years, first he took part in the establishment of Polygonum “Ping County independent battalion,” the KMT military operations.Fan Shun years vividly recalled: “It was under the command of the Kuomintang, the eight thrust into the East China Sea to drink sea water.We were forced to move to the next stationed Mountain, would like to battle with the KMT after the Mountain, did not fight.Later, the night arrived Haiyang, deal with the KMT, this has been a guerrilla Zhou Xuan, did not play a major battle.”Fan Shun years has served as armorer, wood grain member, as a logistical soldiers, he was always the first to troops fought in Shandong country, fought in roughness, Mountain, Haiyang, Laiyang other places, and the KMT war.May 1948, Fan Shun years with the South China Sea, an independent group prepared for the Shandong Military frontline command belongs 6th Division, 1945, in late August, compiled for the East China Field Army 13th column, in October, and with the Shandong Military Region in Green (Island), that is, (ink) regional blockades and monitoring the Kuomintang army.In December, retaliated against Qingdao, Jimo a committed Nationalist army, a group that most of the F.February 1949, the Central Military Commission in accordance with uniform numbers, 6th Division Fan Shun years where adapted for the People’s Liberation Army 32 Army 94 division, under the Shandong Military Region.In late April, while in the battles of Qingdao, Jimo region Kuomintang army attack, wiped out more than 2200 people, also he served as a guard mission in Qingdao.May 11, 1950 began the liberation of Dongshan Island.Fan Shun years, he said: “also played a large Kinmen and Little Kinmen, did not play down the emergency troops to withdraw to the north, then thought better of Shandong ingredients, come back to defend Chairman Mao, to know to participate in the Korean Tai’an.  In November 1950, Fan Shun years where 32 Army 94 division redeploy the 27th Army establishment, participated in the Korean War, the US military.Speaking of wars he experienced, the 89-year-old is still as excited about the vicissitudes of his face filled with pride, then, Fan Shun years hard about his experiences in the Korean War: “The entry into the time was in November in Changping, the wearing of coats and the people’s Army are the same, then the ears are particularly cold, was frozen raw so stiff with cold, and later frozen numb.Across the river when approaching minus 20 degrees, are icy, only the middle of the river due to urgent water, no ice, dripping with water in the past, over, shoes, socks froze feet, almost frozen, and also not dug snow cave, not an ambush during the day and can not move in such a difficult hostile environment, I even hit a row of a US military attack are not down.Later, the five-day rations to eat clean, and was surrounded blocked off, like a rain of shells like the US call, a dozen is a few hundred doors, we made shells not useful, we managed to escape the US the fire blocked, transferred to the east of the mountains, only temporarily to fight the.”Fan Shun years recalled the scene vividly, revealing the true feelings of the person to hear such territory.  Fan Shun years also recalled: “to participate in the Korean War a year and a half, spank, North Korea is small, a white light, through the gun hit, the aircraft also deep-fried, and very dangerous.So, when military commanders afraid to expose, not to play during the day, take advantage of a surprise attack at night.Combat is also extremely difficult time in Changping in the ravine, the road is very narrow, in some places even the roads are not, our anti-aircraft guns very long, can not pull in, then jammed into the ravine, but also blocked the march route, which when the destination is still far away, no way, asked the commander Peng, how do?Peng command said the car advancing the ravine, but also make the road out of the way.When the troops arrived at the mountain to the south, has not yet begun to fight, it was the US military discovered, and then go out into rounds here, we have no time to consult on the counterattack, the anti-aircraft guns also play, that also hit, 17 anti-aircraft guns laid 13 aircraft, US military aircraft can not outcrop, and saw our anti-aircraft guns got away with it, this battle played really happy.”To the wartime on regardless logistics soldiers not logistics soldiers, and Fan Shun annual deliveries of ammunition, food at the same time, also participated in the battle, his life has undergone several well-known war, in January 1949, the East China military awarded him” Huaihai battle Memorial “badge; in April 1949, he was awarded the ‘cross the river victory badge’; in October 1953, Chinese people DPRK goodwill mission to give him ‘the Korean War Memorial’ badge; his honor as well as a box “Sino-Japanese War victory 70th anniversary of People’s Liberation Army” badge.  After the Korean War, Fan Shun years back home, worked as instruments, secretary, president of the Korean War, and, behold, the smoke of the battlefield test of experienced veterans, but also experienced a smokeless “War in the” Cultural Revolution ” “the test, to be labeled as ‘those in power’, suffer criticism, but his stubborn character, still as warriors on the battlefield, so he looked down, he was determined not to low, so that he pleaded guilty, he was determined not to recognize, strong enough from the” Cultural Revolution “the ordeal came out, out of the way of life perfect.  Fan Shun-year war veterans is not only war veterans, veterans of the liberation war, the Korean War veterans, or veterans overcome social hardships, the veteran always unyielding that chest bulging.Firm and unyielding, unyielding upright!  Picking up a life of Wang Xuetai November 1944, Pingdu White River village street Zhong Gezhuang poor peasant child Wang Xuetai just turned 17 years old, joined the Eighth Route Army in Pingdu County Battalion when correspondent, during the Liberation War, the South China Sea in Shandong army partition independent group re-elected messenger spy, communications platoon leader; after participating in the Korean war, the 27 army 81 division 241 group four with three rows of the 2nd battalion platoon leader.Had participated in Jimo, Sanheshan, the liberation of Pingdu City, Zhang Zhou, Wei County, Jinan, Menglianggu, Huaihai, cross the river, Shanghai, Korea and other emerging dozen times in battle, fighting hundreds of times the size participate, where he group became known as the “hero Wei County group”, he awarded a third-class military exploits, and glorious wounded in battle emerging in North Korea.  Anti-Japanese War, Wang Xuetai participated in the fight, Da Nang, Pingdu City and other liberation battle, he recalled: “When liberation Pingdu City, lived in Pingdu City is the big traitor Wang Jingwei troops live a brigade commander called phase Tie.We, as local forces, combined with the play, at that time, our troops are five brigades Thirteen Regiment of the first open Simon, South China Sea, an independent group plus a spy camp and then open the East Gate, very difficult to open the gates roughness battle had been fought fight very tragic, casualties on both sides are great.”Speaking of the war experience, Wang Xuetai recalled some story caught the devils officer:” The mid-spring of 1945, one night before eight in the village lived in Pingdu, dawn, Pingdu City Devils found out, pull out troops a focus on the riverside, then our weapons can not, county brigade only 200 light machine gun rounds, did not dare to fight a long time, playing for a while, beat the Japanese, quickly evacuated.Once in incense shop, troops gone, he was a judge in the back, holding dogs, four people chasing him, yelling: “caught alive.”He looked bad, the dogs throw, throw handle holsters, I thought he threw the gun, or else grabbed him, at this critical time delay.”Wang Xuetai said this, his face seems to reveal a little sorry.  During the liberation war, in 1948, the battle against Shandong Wei County, where 27 troops Wangxue Tai Army 81 division 241 regiment, the first breakthrough in the West, to wipe out the enemy troops, to seize victory in the battle to make an important contribution to the battle to fight because Weihsien well, the same year on May 8, won the East China Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the East China Field army awarded the “Wei County group” title, becoming one of the “ten Tigers group” army.Memories of the war after, Wang Xuetai mostly forgotten, but he did remember the experience in the army when correspondent, he recalled: “Every campaign are braving the enemy’s gunfire, running around, roll, climb, to avoid the foot of the wall, through the blockade, send information to convey the head of the command.Only to be bold, but also witty, when you hear of intense enemy fire, on the first stop enemy when changing the shuttle quickly through the past, and even then, also suffered several life-threatening bullet “whizzing” in close contact with the scalp fly, any time of danger, really narrow escape ah!”It has been 90-year-old Wang Xuetai can still clearly remember that year ordered him to convey: ‘notice of the second battalion, immediately attack; notice a camp, the machine attack, attack not too far away.’His voice still convey orders altogether loud and clear, as the current year, also seems to be with the smell of gunpowder war, asked him to participate in major battles, he vividly recite them: “South hemp, Linqu, Sanheshan, up and down first by , salty son Bay. “Wang Xuetai recalled:” Korean War in October 1950, I went very early, train troops to Anton, opened cadres, said the four sentences: the first sentence: Comrades, we have to send troops; the second sentence: Chairman Mao all arrangements have been made, please rest assured; the third sentence: the cap badge, collar close up; the fourth sentence: Caqiang back, wiping the gun, ready to fight.”Wang Xuetai loud talking four sentences, Exposure to this, such as visit the battlefield general.  Because Wang Xuetai where troops are a main force, specifically to fight US and coalition troops ace elite troops, in North Korea 90 years into the evening, ready to hit the “Anglo-Australian Tour 27” is the co-editor of the British and Australian Army Brigade 27 , is an elite troops arrived there rushed to empty, scared away the enemy.North Korea’s troops then returns along the East China Sea along the south to fight emerging, the US military stationed here Marine division, was well-known during World War II.Fighting started the day 21:00, the next day morning organizations to break out big things down a ravine rushed to the emerging, the cover of the infantry with tanks break through.Wangxue Tai said: “I was wounded there, I was a second battalion of 241 group four with three rows of long lines, when to break out, I found a black American soldier out reconnaissance, then he hid in rock crevices, I after kneeling on one leg, standing on one leg toward that grenade, due to low-lying north, knees hit favorable, I threw five or six grenades, he did not look at the name, he suddenly did not know where to emerge from the ‘bang’ bang, I hit the shot, all right, just rub some skin, and then they hit a shot, hit my legs would not move, and I west I looked, tanks, soldiers cover from the west came up again, to quickly get on the ground, face down and play dead, then, enemy tanks and soldiers on the cover of the past from the side, really dangerous.Until about 21:00 was discovered, lift down, the Korean people with a sledge took me to the rescue forces hospitals, has been insisting that the 11 hours in the snow, then a long time, there is no fate.”Wang Xuetai said, still lying in the hands infer about 10 cm thick snow blanket, he said in the Korean War is really picking up a life.  Wang Xuetai experienced and narrow escape, made a great sacrifice, the Party and the people did not forget him, awarded him “to commemorate the Huaihai Campaign” badge, “cross the river Victory” badge, “Korean War Memorial” badge, “Chinese people People’s Liberation Army to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory “badge.  After down from the battlefield, Wang Xuetai was sent to “Shandong demobilized troops crash school” learning, work distribution Juxian grain management for eight years, he asked to return home to build a new countryside, became a secretary for six years, and has been for the party the cause of the people work diligently with.Chenzi Zhen Chen Zizhen year war disability 87 years old, hale and hearty, the body is still in good health, just limp, he asked his Tuiji I discovered that, although not on the battlefield enemy was beaten, but Information is sent to the harsh elements were left disabled in the war, his disability has been accompanied by a full 69 years.Pull the experience he took part in the war which limped in from Chen Zizhen.  February 7, 1929, Chen Zizhen was born in the town Cui Chen Village a poor peasant family, he was very young, they heard and saw the Japanese devils in the vicinity of Polygonum, Tingkou, Tacitus slope area shot plunder the people of the atrocities, he was very angry.So, to mid-June 1944, just turned 15-year-old Chen Zizhen joined the Eighth Route Army, pick squadron River in Pingnan when correspondent.Chen Zizhen recalled: “I was 16 years old to participate in the war, was a ‘small eight-way’, they followed the Great Wall Dagui Zi Ji ‘glue on a flat road Fab Five will be’ one of Hanyang day carrying a German-made rifle, two hand grenade, played Tingkou, Polygonum, Tacitus slope, Jiang Chong Wai.At that time, the Japanese devils, traitors all repair Wai, we hit Wai.I remember playing Tacitus slope around midnight, I was still very young, also followed the child to climb around the city, our class only seven or eight soldiers, around the house there is a traitor entrenched even, because we are raid, quickly opened the curtain most traitor was eliminated, only a few escaped.”Chen Zizhen said this, it seems also reveals a sense of elan year.  Chen Zizhen war time, every day is relying on two legs, walked on foot to go to war, so after the battle go, night stay at the people at home the next day and then walked on foot to go to war, that area of Chen Temple, Wang, covered, Yin Temple villages have traveled, but also a hot topic, a small battle to fight every day, turns to hit the big battle.Are very tired every day, but the thought of playing a traitor, and he was in high spirits.  Chen Zizhen asked how the legs are left disabled, he Oh cry, and then said again: “In early 1947, Pingnan county government located in the white port, the squadron area where I have tens of miles away from where Lu Yuan. One day, instructor Chen Fengming suddenly Jihan me, let me go to Pingnan county sent an urgent intelligence, I said nothing, get information on the departure, because of the distance involved, rushed to the county when it is too tired to die, then put down the information and then back in time, faced with such a long way, too tired even adults, let alone a teenager, he walked about to fall asleep, halfway when the step is not not move, and then plunged into the damp ground, then get some sleep before you go, can lie down to sleep, a sleep on until dawn, woke up, I felt two legs to lose control, it seems not his own, and already can not stand up, but fortunately was discovered in time, push back home, was in the vicinity of the clinics can not find even one, has been paralyzed for a year, after making inquiries, finally found a hospital , the doctor said, because in those days serious floods, caused by the excessive moisture, after a period of treatment, supported by a leg barely able to walk, you can leave a leg disability, I have to go squadron instructor Chen Fengming, said I want to return , Chen Fengming replied, and other leg is completely healed, write evidence, you can back to his unit, but this leg has not been recovered, and nothing I will go.”In this way, Chen Zizhen with disability retired from the army, and a lifetime of disability dragging legs struggling to live, even so, the elderly have no regrets, always holding a party utter devotion.  When asked about the elderly still remember the year when the songs do not remember the war, he said, just remember the “sword to cut off the head of the Japanese devils” and “Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention”; When asked what the old man shout the slogan year war?He replied without hesitation: Down with Japanese imperialism!I asked the old man: It was just a teenager, afraid to fight?The old man replied: time on the battlefield, what do not want, not afraid of anything, there is no want to come back alive, just know to follow to go forward, do not go back in time, nor been defeated, because the rear of the support of the people.  Chen Zizhen retired after the brigade has served as custodian, until retirement.Period, he also looked for relevant departments to apply for the pension, can wait until 1981 before accomplishing, then 8 dollars per month to receive subsidies.Listening to the old man’s grief narrative, asked the old man now living, the old man said with emotion: “It had a very good, pensions also increased, a person lived six houses, also installed air conditioning.”Watching Chen Zizhen elderly live the life, the family, finishing clean and tidy, and in a small courtyard planted with vegetables, mostly exposed buds, which makes clear his later life incomparably beautiful.  The interview is about to end, Chen Zizhen old man stretched out his right hand, prepared on good props in Lao Ganju, press on the red, clear fingerprints, look at these hands, is no longer the age of 16 that young hands , calloused hands recorded the vicissitudes of history, carved deep veins mottled years, it is this pair of mottled vicissitudes hands, thrown grenades, holding a gun, fought the Japanese devils, this is the countless pairs hand and China step by step toward victory, toward a better tomorrow!  Chen Zizhen and the elderly farewell, he reluctantly, step by step on crutches us out the door, to the car, which was a 87-year-old war veterans watched the earnest expectation of future generations.Lee Jin-young pioneers party’s underground rock 90 years old, deaf ears, the eyes can not see, walking is also shaky, to participate in the experience of the war has not remember, all the medals that year could not find.The only way to prove that he was in the military is a historical archives.And we found an unexpected gain from this archive in: Li Jin Shi was the party’s underground Young Pioneers.  In mid-1926, Li Jin Shi was born in Pingdu White River Street office Lee stockade village of a poor peasant family.1938 –1939, Li into the stone in the neighboring village Zhong stockade Murakami hours, taught by our Party underground party Comrade Zhao Trinidad in 1939, 13-year-old Lee Jin-stone in the introduction Zhao thousands of miles away, secretly joined the party’s underground Young Pioneers.In mobilize guide Zhao thousands of miles away, Li Jin stone from an early age began to accept the revolutionary education and actively fight against Japanese invaders, secret participate in the Young Pioneers meeting, by Comrade Zhao miles commissioned him as a student as a cover, do the party’s underground organization some communication links work his young age, disregarding personal safety of life, often went to Da Nang, and Li Zhong stockade stockade Township, village, escaped the secret surveillance of the enemy, messengers to the underground party members, send information, met with German body clock , Zhong Chuan Bao, Zhong Chuanxin, Lida Xiang, Liu Chengxian and so on more than a dozen underground party members to get in touch and establish a united front, growing underground organization, has made an important contribution to the party’s underground work.Li Jin Shi recalled: “I was out very early, very small when it joined the revolution at that time when very few of eight, I was responsible for the underground party members sent messengers with intelligence.”At the time of Li Jin stone or children are attending school, he had a great mind to participate in the initiation of the war.  February 1944, Li Jin Shi With deep-seated hatred of the Japanese invaders, the 18-year-old joined the Eighth Route Army in the South China Sea when a group of messengers, often through enemy lines, braving the enemy’s gunfire, the transmission of information to convey the head of the combat command , do not head in the waistband, at any time may sacrifice.In the play, Da Nang, the liberation campaign in Pingdu City, Li Shi served nine groups into the machine gun squad leader.He said: “to fight the Japanese devils, I is a good time, then good marksmanship, always in the forefront pursuit, had killed three or four Japanese ghost, traitor.”I say those words, his face filled with pride.  In the liberation war, Li Jin Shi served as a machine gun squad leader, platoon sergeant, at the time of the attack the battle Sanheshan, Li Jin Shi recalled: “When the attack Sanheshan, the Kuomintang troops Moriyama, we attack the mountain, I was as deputy platoon leader, sometimes brothers led several small shuttle in a hail of bullets send information, sometimes also involved in the fighting, the battle that killed more than a dozen enemy.”1949?In June, Li Jin Shi also took part in the battle that is green, this is a major battle in the Shandong Military Region and East China Field Army Central Military Commission’s command, in Qingdao, Jimo area carried out.When attack Jimo City, Li Jin Shi responsible for transporting explosives, and once, explosive, powerful explosives him explode into the water, the local people found all thought he was dead, fortunately, he was in a coma for a week and then woke up over, after three months of treatment in Qingzhou Army hospital because of serious brain injury, it left its mark.  After the liberation, Li Jin Ping Shi worked in the East District, the three District, eleven District, nine District work, continue to carry forward the fighting style of the war years, work diligently for the party.During the “Cultural Revolution”, Li Jin stone has been treated unfairly, but he has always been convinced that the leadership of the Communist Party, the party have a firm conviction, insisted survived from the extremely difficult.He served as deputy head of Da Nang rehabilitated area, guest houses in the city after work to retirement.  Speaking of happy life, Li Jin old stone meet, he said: “organization treatment given to retired and now food to eat, clothes to wear, the family are taken care of the organization, thanks to the Communist Party, thanked the President Xi!”Talking about the support the party’s leader, Li Jin Shi said excitedly:” The best of the Communist Party, the party of us who have a special feeling, no matter what, should firmly support the leadership of the Communist Party.”Going from Li Jin Shi elderly, there is also always a spirit touched, and that is the spirit of war, rousing spirit, the elderly from 13 years old to join the underground Young Pioneers, they planted red seeds in the young mind; to participate in the war, resolutely against the Japanese invaders; participated in the liberation war, the Chinese usher in a new dawn; into place, work diligently for the party; the more commendable is that he has been treated unfairly in the “Cultural Revolution”, still no grudges regret, convinced that the party’s leadership, this is a great mind war veterans, retired cadres!  There are many stories of war veterans, many here do not see them here, these few veterans of the war story has deeply touched me, interviewed them, I have always been struck by their spiritual war!They then left their homes and defending the country, with blood and lives of our happy life today.I was also impressed by their dedication!Them down from the battlefield, and some physical disability, never to party conditions to credit; some returned to the countryside, in the quiet rural life, no regrets, do unsung heroes.What kind of spirit?What kind of state?From war veterans who I see a lot, and I think a lot, I learned a lot, a lot.Qiaoxian De

(Writer election issue) how I met you in my most beautiful moment

Always listen to the silent gazing at, how fleeting wisp of white moon slide that I met you in my most beautiful moment in the context of thoughts had approached the bonds of that period, they will quietly listen to a blooming water Han Yancui the human mind as the ultimate hang around a bustling blooming Tumi, but the fragrance is still convinced that the soul is the induction of years no trace, there is the sound of the wind to be carried, but sleeves days to shortage, to be old but a dream, not tell me wake up, you are my fleeting it through the monsoon, who cited a tie for whom the rainy season came Acacia, who for whom keep a pool of light years beautiful and tempting, perhaps, to remember and perhaps had nothing, nothing do not forget the horizon, right close right close horizon how I met you in my most beautiful moment that I was in the water side, standing near the water ah woman carrying three thousand Yuet Wah, tread water for you every night and the song just waiting for you to love Allure, through the Mekong water gently taken away along with me, my gentle Red smile put pen to paper in 2012 QQ1285207538 15 Ri

(Writer election issue 10) that cause our lost youth

Although the youthful quietly burn but we still look forward to the past, although monochrome Xinyu perched in the branches leaves Delicate Brightness has long been filled with Red Flowers past the last ray of subtle fragrance also stay here To our lost youth that often sacrifice between heart right then and outspoken then suddenly shook moment of breathtaking simplicity tenderness can no longer be undone when the moment of sensibility beyond the rational tender sweet with the wind gradually falling in the end what is to save our lost youth that dream a irregular card quietly posted on the message board plain awaits you read howling voice cries out from the door of the rock song chant Looking back a dying era of fanaticism in the mortal world is ignorant and Yaran through the years, passing the beauty of youth that instant like smoke water hazy misty dies in 3000 will regret sometimes tragic life so tangled short and long after this went on, how to remember to cherish

(Fable verses) unscrupulous cat’s confession

Since I was promoted to the first soaring a good cat animal world there are numerous well-known began scrambling searching / early minimize harm my rabies vaccine had antibodies moist cat god bless the God of peace and harmony animals / cats all are striving to catch the mice is a good cat all unscrupulous uncle cat strikes unparalleled ability / La La ga ga Kaka corner angle has a cat “cat” resounded through the earth if one o’clock hear the cat has been called the bill fishing by others to do / I hurried out dancing bouncing things off Ningbo Whoever lives not harm the cat getting money like never withdraw troops cut throats / cat urine, cat feces stir together the plague rampant money worship vicious circle curl rising bills as long as I hand the world is great sages / Confucius, Mencius, Laozi and Zhuangzi which quickly thrown into the garbage pit dunghill all the money I have to run the bag and I do not starve a relationship Alex’s / early generations of my wife and kids eat emigration transformed Guizi Bing has already become the touch stone lift into the depths of the sea beast, who can only go to the dead, struggling to survive / Meng recently heard of a cat caught in a drug owls who want to be stupid stupid Class locked hands and feet and quickly ran desperately fled for fear of being caught in a typical criminal / Oh, this is my general can no longer normal cat by unscrupulous adults point poke the trick is extraordinary stunt I will try to conquer new territories every cool fighting repeatedly win / who died overseas seems only dwelling places is odds-on coaching his back to harm my body do anything really kill the cat quickly I also had the status of cats

(Documentary prose) “One of the children”, “fragmented memory” Cultural Revolution

China’s Cultural Revolution unscathed, just past history.Because of the Cultural Revolution, China mature!    The parties I’m not the Cultural Revolution, the Cultural Revolution is not a participant.When the Cultural Revolution began, I was five or six,.Now, I have some memories of the Cultural Revolution, are fragmented.This article, as an observer of young children, scattered and fragmentary memories of the Cultural Revolution some, but not complete.    However, because of this, a child’s memory may be objective.Here are some memories, passive, accidental experience or because of curiosity, or because the encounter, only that some of the fragments and stories.    Because it is their childhood, the memory of some things for the Cultural Revolution, not clear.The feeling of those years, that era, the world is full of red, green, gray, and Little Red Book, tweeter, hoarse, drawing huge crowds, then there’s no reason hatred, fanaticism, blind obedience, paranoia, agitation, fighting, hysteria, etc. Wait.    When the Cultural Revolution began, I did not go to school.Now, about the memoirs of the Cultural Revolution, read a lot, read a lot of books for the ins and outs of the Cultural Revolution, the Cultural Revolution for events and bizarre story, you may be familiar with.I write, is after mid-1967, when I was six until ten years old, the most chaotic period of the Cultural Revolution, a fragment of the Cultural Revolution movement of enterprises.This is a corner and a microcosm of society, and for the development of the whole matter is not clear.It’s the little things of the Cultural Revolution, too young, has been fuzzy memory, the sequence of events that may have reversed.    Year-old school, the Cultural Revolution has begun.School, school children Xiaoqing Maritime Board.Although it called the Maritime Board, but not authority, is a business.The school is located on the North Shore Huang Xiaoqing Taiwan and Hong Kong, a total of five or six classes, door south, in front of a narrow dirt road, rain and snow, especially in the muddy road.Further south embankment, is a small Qinghe.The school is an irregular, shabby courtyard, walls east, south, north and west, are classrooms and a teacher’s office, a total of less than twenty rooms.Base housing, with the Jinan Kitayama stone, dark gray, up, brick walls is gray, cottage.A door into the school, is a vine, fruit in the center of the yard, fall junction, sour.Because simple, no school playground.Xiaoqing school on the shore of higher ground.Walls of the east, is a stream, ditches deep depression continues, a large slope, local yellow brigade station, built a stone gate, because of disrepair, loss of function.Water from ponds and rice fields north of the stream, the clear, because there is a slope, flow down from the gate, rushing after impact, forming a small pool, frothy.Many fish are attracted, breathing the oxygen in the water game, and can often see some people catch fish.    Memory, a school, the first person to know, not our class, but our primary school principals.That was a worker, last name, forget.He is good Qiazhao waist, standing in front of the school, kept wandering.At that time, the working class is the leading class, he should be after the Cultural Revolution began, leading to the cause of education, enterprise workers’ propaganda team sent.It was a very tall man, forty years old, country-shaped face, thick eyebrows look, thick arms and legs, the work had weathered and tired, engraved on his face.He was always stern, wearing blue overalls, a look that is a simple, honest man.School, after school, he can see, he is like a mountain, like, every day, he stood firmly school gate, watched the students to and from school or tour.    School entrance, is a janitor, north school toilets.Before the toilet, there are a few trees, as if there pomegranate tree.Next to the tree, there is an open-air tank, a large water tank, there are two half-moon wooden cylinder head cover in the above, the water can hold a few hundred pounds, gray and black cylinder, every day full, clear water.Above, there are a tin ladle, to avoid sink, with a thin rope tied to the scoop, and then based on a curved wire, ride along on the cylinder.It was the students thirsty, drink water with.    That a working-class president, though he would be responsible for sounding the class, the class bell.It was a black bell, it has a rounded hammer.    Memory of the most popular, is to that period of verbal attacks Bue.XXX corresponding call, finished in the factory yard to open the swearing in ceremony, some young rebels who drove a truck, wearing the same color clothes neat, wearing a wicker hat, tied with red armbands, carrying a wooden child , chattering away went, as if to the revolutionary Committee of Shandong province, Jinan either the revolutionary Committee, or else go in series, to the revolution, went to the trouble.I have seen several times.    In the auditorium enterprise’s criticism Party Secretary XXX, I went to see excitement, as if in mid-spring of 1968, I once wrote in an essay in this matter.    It is an east-west direction of the hall, was originally workshop, you can see the middle of the wall, used as a cement beam crane flight.That auditorium, is one of the central stage of the Cultural Revolution movement Maritime Board.Hall, the east is the podium, a dozen huge red flags, decorative wall.A chair on the stage of the central, provincial secretary of the XXX sat, his face grim, silent, as if there are some puzzled and confused.Later I learned that he was a red devil, for the establishment of new China, made meritorious contributions.Several business secretary, in his standing on both sides, straight, head down, see their look.Workers Greatly excited, shouting slogans.造反派头头 presiding, sitting on the stage of the south, it is a few long table, covered with a green cloth above single, wearing a microphone on a piece of red silk.Because on that one microphone, so his loudest, most exciting mood.While I stood against the wall of the auditorium, he said some in the end what happened, I do not know, mostly did not understand, as if not to say some political campaigns who utter tamper with, confessed their crimes, they also let anything stand in.    I have a classmate’s father, standing above the stage, accompanied bucket, surnamed Jiang, it is one of the leaders when companies, possibly deputy.The workers fairly polite to the provincial party secretary, after all, is the provincial party secretary, there is a subtle Tiger.The business leaders is different, very familiar with each other, usually there may be complaints, the rebels, the workers are rude to them, almost all of the accusations, criticisms, they are rushed.They Shaikang forward, head down, as it stood upright, afraid to speak, not daring to move.    I have a deep memory, because the name of my classmates ginger.His father was later overthrown in school, he could not lift their heads, many high school students, are fourth and fifth grade of primary school students, young eleven who often bullied him.At that time, I was in first grade, or second grade, remember the afternoon clerking, three, four high school students in school, not to name the students march.Around him, he had to shout “Down with Jiang XX” slogan, out of school before they can go home.”Jiang XX” is his father’s name, he did not want to cry, but was afraid he could not, under a large crowd, had a tearful shouted several times “Down with Jiang XX”, high school students was put he.No one knows his young mind is what kind of world, he must be crying, sadly back home.    This is an experience, certainly deeply hurt my classmate surnamed Jiang of the.Last year, I have seen him.Now, he is a relatively depressed people may have more severe depression, is a level cadres of Jinan University.    Boy, there are some more or less worship of the military, because the military and war is a man’s career.In society, business has been very confusing, it has been basically out of control, has come to out of hand when the army propaganda team came.Green uniforms, red collar badges, strict discipline, to the buzz and color of a single enterprise, into a significant change and order.One day, I was young, suddenly I found a business’s doorstep, with some coming and going of the People’s Liberation Army, one is so spiritual, so amiable.Seems to be a welcome open the PLA General Assembly, the kids are going to watch, in the auditorium.Army propaganda team captain, is a refined captain, regiment level cadres, not tall, extra baggage, wide face, wearing a pair of glasses, a black border, surnamed Ji.He has a child the same age and we, boy, was interrupted briefly to our class to class.After the People’s Liberation Army task is completed, which a student, also followed his father is gone.    By the way, I have been a soldier.    Another army declared the players, I have only seen once, is a small road in the southern exterior wall of the courtyard of the enterprise.My father said, he was an even level cadres, and my father was a front-line ally in Fujian, one fought with the KMT in Taiwan troops, artillery.Because of his comrades, he met several times with my father, then, that it has to sit to my house, for unknown reasons, did not come.    Then there are filled with paste posters, posters and propaganda slogans, almost everywhere, are all eyeful.Because economic underdevelopment, when China’s paper, should be very tight.Because particularly intuitive, the most memorable, is that some of the posters, especially imaginative.If the painting is the workers, necessarily look tall and burly, rough, muscled arms, wearing a gray hat, wearing a gray frock, the right hand is a huge fist, down, tightly clutching a few clowns the same people, usually Brezhnev, Khrushchev and China’s XXX, XXX, left hand holding the striking, red book one, on his chest, books, sparkling.There is a direct vilify some of the leaders of the defeated posters, all hit, hit, hit the word, but also marked with a black insert, very straightforward, like comics.Some leaders, is drawn as Jianzuihousai look, like a fairy lady, has greatly exaggerated lips, wiping away the blood as lipstick; some of the leaders, is drawn into the way it was short, crowded small eyes, keep exaggerated crew cut.    Probably the first grade, when either the second grade, also participated in a show, chorus.Is a business organization, as is the company’s primary school children of employees, so people with a stage large enterprises.That show, I do not know what is in honor, or for what charges.Our song is called XXX hit song, sonorous, but with no sense of beauty.I still remember the first few sentences, “Down XXX, Down XXX, XXX is a villain and scabs..”.Because it is performed, the parents very seriously, and we excited, rehearsing for several days.In order not to delay the show, did not eat dinner.We use a charcoal black eyebrows, but also with gouache painted red face.The teacher asked us to be loud voice, singing, with melody can not twist, and stomping and hand movements, should be neat, strong.    The next show, is played by the workers.A tall uncle, the face painted white, the paper made a big nose, also white, also papered had a tall hat, drew a few stars.In the group angrily shouting slogans neatly the working class, scared, shivering and finally paralysis on the stage, the program would be finished.That’s my life, the first time that the United States, the Yankees and the Americans were white and tall is tall.Because we played out the program, he sat in the first row, next program the audience to see very clearly.    At the time, life was very poor, however, primary school, there are Yikusitian political education.I do not know a teacher or propaganda team of human tissues, seems to be in the fall, invited an old worker Huang of Taiwan and Hong Kong, very vicissitudes of a worker, surnamed Li seems, let him do the report, talk about the liberation of labor lives and experiences of people suffering.I remember very clearly, he said, he do heavy work every day, it is a stevedore, beaten by the police some of KMT, but also enough to eat.Now think about it, do not know, what he said was not true.Then, I do not know where to neighborhood some sweet potato leaves, mix some of the cornmeal, it seems to have sweet potato noodles, steamed steaming, and some willow bark, is relatively soft portion near the trunk.Seems to be after school, in the school yard, every class, have filled some, seems to use the enamel dish, some students eat up.I feel like I did not eat.    Four Olds stand four new experiences, memories are very deep.It seemed like a summer morning, the dorm room to look like a worker who, thin, thirty years old, face a long, dark skin, he should be a shipping clerk bureau publicity department, usually he is also seen.He took a broken pot, holding a stick, where he beat, then that is loudly show off, to the effect that, four new stand four olds, someone’s old books, old books, paintings, someone’s feudal superstitious stuff, all pay out.A half-hour show off how, finally, how many books there is no collection.Out of curiosity, to see a lot of children around, there are some adults, the watch.Finally received some books that, in the open space in front of the dormitory, lit some paper ash after burning debris, there were numerous to fly to the sky.    There are, in other places, something four olds stand when four new collection, and laid enterprises a warehouse, no one care.Tall doors, you can enter and leave the car.Door big that a child can dig into.I and a partner, we’ve been drilling.That some of the confiscated things, on the ground, full of some books, and some painting or something, do not know if I have valuable antiques.Because there is no culture, too, we just rolled his left, did not take, because it is not a toy.    It seems, the political struggle is really very cruel, businesses divided into two factions, including enterprise cadres and workers, both claim to this school, is among the most loyal XXX is the most revolutionary.As a result, the school won the company’s leading power and those who are, out of luck, on decentralization.Other cases I do not know, I only know that a neighbor is a factory of mechanical engineers, because accounting for the wrong team, his own faction, did not win power, we can not engage in the original technical work, and forced to work as a first-line labor workers, like Hong Kong and Taiwan to yellow when the stevedores, or pull dray sand transport work like.    Verbal attacks and Bue, vandalism incidents, I have seen it.Corporate factions, one loses power, it is not willing, then through the relationship, we find a high school teacher in Jinan ninth.This is a teacher, and he might be the school, or else his relatives.The teacher, led the hundreds of Jinan ninth middle school student, holding a red flag, mighty, came to the Xiaoqing River Maritime Board to revolution, to support the faction to faction and cadres, workers fight.The students in the name, is to defend the revolutionary line XXX.They raised a red flag, dashing high spirits, mighty, singing children, came.First, the impact of shipping bureau, did not find those in power, then north along the road, went to Huang Hong Kong and Taiwan, and no one found as a result, blurred confused fought like a cadre of older workers, like Wang, but the same faction.As a result, dozens of workers do not want to, and have to go forward hold, and they are unreasonable, students children, finally afraid, nothing had gone.    Boundlessly loyal XXX, during the Cultural Revolution almost everyone oath.Dorm, every family, to be in the most prominent place on the wall, affixed a big “loyalty” is generally below the portrait of Chairman Mao.Each glass windows, but also printed on the “loyalty” one by one, red paint, door, you can see out.This is a job, it may be business promotion division of people do.We sent two business people, door to door, with barley paper edition was engraved, printed on glass.At that time may be too young, I do not remember the word loyalty hop dance thing, for early referrals to late reporting of comedy or farce, and no impression.    At that time of frenzy, it is from the heart, people are really loyal, worship and revolution.In my memory of them, like the middle of the night, some of the rebels in power companies, led the part of workers, in the auditorium of the enterprise, open meetings, it may be an indication to the above, we are waiting, ready for the latest indication of the highest.Suddenly, the latest indication came, all the staff stood up, then, cheers.A person, took to the podium auditorium, excitedly read together, vigorous atmosphere, all of a sudden quiet down, ears, after listening, people and jubilant, cheering continues to.In fact, I would have sleepy.The latest indication that the highest, is a few words, or an article.    We can not forget history, not to mention just past history, not to mention our personal experiences.    Sometimes, I feel very puzzled.Now, there are many people, even miss those days, the gray, chaotic, manic times, that lawlessness, there is no order of age, that casually for a nominal nothingness, you can easily beat, kill time?If you’re hungry him for two days, or to send a few students or villains, no reason to beat his father meal as a teacher, said his father was a counterrevolutionary, said he was a pup, then arrested two years off, he not that poverty is a good memory, I will not say that the Cultural Revolution was wonderful yesterday.