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(Writer election issue) how I met you in my most beautiful moment

Always listen to the silent gazing at, how fleeting wisp of white moon slide that I met you in my most beautiful moment in the context of thoughts had approached the bonds of that period, they will quietly listen to a blooming water Han Yancui the human mind as the ultimate hang around a bustling blooming Tumi, but the fragrance is still convinced that the soul is the induction of years no trace, there is the sound of the wind to be carried, but sleeves days to shortage, to be old but a dream, not tell me wake up, you are my fleeting it through the monsoon, who cited a tie for whom the rainy season came Acacia, who for whom keep a pool of light years beautiful and tempting, perhaps, to remember and perhaps had nothing, nothing do not forget the horizon, right close right close horizon how I met you in my most beautiful moment that I was in the water side, standing near the water ah woman carrying three thousand Yuet Wah, tread water for you every night and the song just waiting for you to love Allure, through the Mekong water gently taken away along with me, my gentle Red smile put pen to paper in 2012 QQ1285207538 15 Ri

(Writer election issue 10) that cause our lost youth

Although the youthful quietly burn but we still look forward to the past, although monochrome Xinyu perched in the branches leaves Delicate Brightness has long been filled with Red Flowers past the last ray of subtle fragrance also stay here To our lost youth that often sacrifice between heart right then and outspoken then suddenly shook moment of breathtaking simplicity tenderness can no longer be undone when the moment of sensibility beyond the rational tender sweet with the wind gradually falling in the end what is to save our lost youth that dream a irregular card quietly posted on the message board plain awaits you read howling voice cries out from the door of the rock song chant Looking back a dying era of fanaticism in the mortal world is ignorant and Yaran through the years, passing the beauty of youth that instant like smoke water hazy misty dies in 3000 will regret sometimes tragic life so tangled short and long after this went on, how to remember to cherish

(Fable verses) unscrupulous cat’s confession

Since I was promoted to the first soaring a good cat animal world there are numerous well-known began scrambling searching / early minimize harm my rabies vaccine had antibodies moist cat god bless the God of peace and harmony animals / cats all are striving to catch the mice is a good cat all unscrupulous uncle cat strikes unparalleled ability / La La ga ga Kaka corner angle has a cat “cat” resounded through the earth if one o’clock hear the cat has been called the bill fishing by others to do / I hurried out dancing bouncing things off Ningbo Whoever lives not harm the cat getting money like never withdraw troops cut throats / cat urine, cat feces stir together the plague rampant money worship vicious circle curl rising bills as long as I hand the world is great sages / Confucius, Mencius, Laozi and Zhuangzi which quickly thrown into the garbage pit dunghill all the money I have to run the bag and I do not starve a relationship Alex’s / early generations of my wife and kids eat emigration transformed Guizi Bing has already become the touch stone lift into the depths of the sea beast, who can only go to the dead, struggling to survive / Meng recently heard of a cat caught in a drug owls who want to be stupid stupid Class locked hands and feet and quickly ran desperately fled for fear of being caught in a typical criminal / Oh, this is my general can no longer normal cat by unscrupulous adults point poke the trick is extraordinary stunt I will try to conquer new territories every cool fighting repeatedly win / who died overseas seems only dwelling places is odds-on coaching his back to harm my body do anything really kill the cat quickly I also had the status of cats

(Documentary prose) “One of the children”, “fragmented memory” Cultural Revolution

China’s Cultural Revolution unscathed, just past history.Because of the Cultural Revolution, China mature!    The parties I’m not the Cultural Revolution, the Cultural Revolution is not a participant.When the Cultural Revolution began, I was five or six,.Now, I have some memories of the Cultural Revolution, are fragmented.This article, as an observer of young children, scattered and fragmentary memories of the Cultural Revolution some, but not complete.    However, because of this, a child’s memory may be objective.Here are some memories, passive, accidental experience or because of curiosity, or because the encounter, only that some of the fragments and stories.    Because it is their childhood, the memory of some things for the Cultural Revolution, not clear.The feeling of those years, that era, the world is full of red, green, gray, and Little Red Book, tweeter, hoarse, drawing huge crowds, then there’s no reason hatred, fanaticism, blind obedience, paranoia, agitation, fighting, hysteria, etc. Wait.    When the Cultural Revolution began, I did not go to school.Now, about the memoirs of the Cultural Revolution, read a lot, read a lot of books for the ins and outs of the Cultural Revolution, the Cultural Revolution for events and bizarre story, you may be familiar with.I write, is after mid-1967, when I was six until ten years old, the most chaotic period of the Cultural Revolution, a fragment of the Cultural Revolution movement of enterprises.This is a corner and a microcosm of society, and for the development of the whole matter is not clear.It’s the little things of the Cultural Revolution, too young, has been fuzzy memory, the sequence of events that may have reversed.    Year-old school, the Cultural Revolution has begun.School, school children Xiaoqing Maritime Board.Although it called the Maritime Board, but not authority, is a business.The school is located on the North Shore Huang Xiaoqing Taiwan and Hong Kong, a total of five or six classes, door south, in front of a narrow dirt road, rain and snow, especially in the muddy road.Further south embankment, is a small Qinghe.The school is an irregular, shabby courtyard, walls east, south, north and west, are classrooms and a teacher’s office, a total of less than twenty rooms.Base housing, with the Jinan Kitayama stone, dark gray, up, brick walls is gray, cottage.A door into the school, is a vine, fruit in the center of the yard, fall junction, sour.Because simple, no school playground.Xiaoqing school on the shore of higher ground.Walls of the east, is a stream, ditches deep depression continues, a large slope, local yellow brigade station, built a stone gate, because of disrepair, loss of function.Water from ponds and rice fields north of the stream, the clear, because there is a slope, flow down from the gate, rushing after impact, forming a small pool, frothy.Many fish are attracted, breathing the oxygen in the water game, and can often see some people catch fish.    Memory, a school, the first person to know, not our class, but our primary school principals.That was a worker, last name, forget.He is good Qiazhao waist, standing in front of the school, kept wandering.At that time, the working class is the leading class, he should be after the Cultural Revolution began, leading to the cause of education, enterprise workers’ propaganda team sent.It was a very tall man, forty years old, country-shaped face, thick eyebrows look, thick arms and legs, the work had weathered and tired, engraved on his face.He was always stern, wearing blue overalls, a look that is a simple, honest man.School, after school, he can see, he is like a mountain, like, every day, he stood firmly school gate, watched the students to and from school or tour.    School entrance, is a janitor, north school toilets.Before the toilet, there are a few trees, as if there pomegranate tree.Next to the tree, there is an open-air tank, a large water tank, there are two half-moon wooden cylinder head cover in the above, the water can hold a few hundred pounds, gray and black cylinder, every day full, clear water.Above, there are a tin ladle, to avoid sink, with a thin rope tied to the scoop, and then based on a curved wire, ride along on the cylinder.It was the students thirsty, drink water with.    That a working-class president, though he would be responsible for sounding the class, the class bell.It was a black bell, it has a rounded hammer.    Memory of the most popular, is to that period of verbal attacks Bue.XXX corresponding call, finished in the factory yard to open the swearing in ceremony, some young rebels who drove a truck, wearing the same color clothes neat, wearing a wicker hat, tied with red armbands, carrying a wooden child , chattering away went, as if to the revolutionary Committee of Shandong province, Jinan either the revolutionary Committee, or else go in series, to the revolution, went to the trouble.I have seen several times.    In the auditorium enterprise’s criticism Party Secretary XXX, I went to see excitement, as if in mid-spring of 1968, I once wrote in an essay in this matter.    It is an east-west direction of the hall, was originally workshop, you can see the middle of the wall, used as a cement beam crane flight.That auditorium, is one of the central stage of the Cultural Revolution movement Maritime Board.Hall, the east is the podium, a dozen huge red flags, decorative wall.A chair on the stage of the central, provincial secretary of the XXX sat, his face grim, silent, as if there are some puzzled and confused.Later I learned that he was a red devil, for the establishment of new China, made meritorious contributions.Several business secretary, in his standing on both sides, straight, head down, see their look.Workers Greatly excited, shouting slogans.造反派头头 presiding, sitting on the stage of the south, it is a few long table, covered with a green cloth above single, wearing a microphone on a piece of red silk.Because on that one microphone, so his loudest, most exciting mood.While I stood against the wall of the auditorium, he said some in the end what happened, I do not know, mostly did not understand, as if not to say some political campaigns who utter tamper with, confessed their crimes, they also let anything stand in.    I have a classmate’s father, standing above the stage, accompanied bucket, surnamed Jiang, it is one of the leaders when companies, possibly deputy.The workers fairly polite to the provincial party secretary, after all, is the provincial party secretary, there is a subtle Tiger.The business leaders is different, very familiar with each other, usually there may be complaints, the rebels, the workers are rude to them, almost all of the accusations, criticisms, they are rushed.They Shaikang forward, head down, as it stood upright, afraid to speak, not daring to move.    I have a deep memory, because the name of my classmates ginger.His father was later overthrown in school, he could not lift their heads, many high school students, are fourth and fifth grade of primary school students, young eleven who often bullied him.At that time, I was in first grade, or second grade, remember the afternoon clerking, three, four high school students in school, not to name the students march.Around him, he had to shout “Down with Jiang XX” slogan, out of school before they can go home.”Jiang XX” is his father’s name, he did not want to cry, but was afraid he could not, under a large crowd, had a tearful shouted several times “Down with Jiang XX”, high school students was put he.No one knows his young mind is what kind of world, he must be crying, sadly back home.    This is an experience, certainly deeply hurt my classmate surnamed Jiang of the.Last year, I have seen him.Now, he is a relatively depressed people may have more severe depression, is a level cadres of Jinan University.    Boy, there are some more or less worship of the military, because the military and war is a man’s career.In society, business has been very confusing, it has been basically out of control, has come to out of hand when the army propaganda team came.Green uniforms, red collar badges, strict discipline, to the buzz and color of a single enterprise, into a significant change and order.One day, I was young, suddenly I found a business’s doorstep, with some coming and going of the People’s Liberation Army, one is so spiritual, so amiable.Seems to be a welcome open the PLA General Assembly, the kids are going to watch, in the auditorium.Army propaganda team captain, is a refined captain, regiment level cadres, not tall, extra baggage, wide face, wearing a pair of glasses, a black border, surnamed Ji.He has a child the same age and we, boy, was interrupted briefly to our class to class.After the People’s Liberation Army task is completed, which a student, also followed his father is gone.    By the way, I have been a soldier.    Another army declared the players, I have only seen once, is a small road in the southern exterior wall of the courtyard of the enterprise.My father said, he was an even level cadres, and my father was a front-line ally in Fujian, one fought with the KMT in Taiwan troops, artillery.Because of his comrades, he met several times with my father, then, that it has to sit to my house, for unknown reasons, did not come.    Then there are filled with paste posters, posters and propaganda slogans, almost everywhere, are all eyeful.Because economic underdevelopment, when China’s paper, should be very tight.Because particularly intuitive, the most memorable, is that some of the posters, especially imaginative.If the painting is the workers, necessarily look tall and burly, rough, muscled arms, wearing a gray hat, wearing a gray frock, the right hand is a huge fist, down, tightly clutching a few clowns the same people, usually Brezhnev, Khrushchev and China’s XXX, XXX, left hand holding the striking, red book one, on his chest, books, sparkling.There is a direct vilify some of the leaders of the defeated posters, all hit, hit, hit the word, but also marked with a black insert, very straightforward, like comics.Some leaders, is drawn as Jianzuihousai look, like a fairy lady, has greatly exaggerated lips, wiping away the blood as lipstick; some of the leaders, is drawn into the way it was short, crowded small eyes, keep exaggerated crew cut.    Probably the first grade, when either the second grade, also participated in a show, chorus.Is a business organization, as is the company’s primary school children of employees, so people with a stage large enterprises.That show, I do not know what is in honor, or for what charges.Our song is called XXX hit song, sonorous, but with no sense of beauty.I still remember the first few sentences, “Down XXX, Down XXX, XXX is a villain and scabs..”.Because it is performed, the parents very seriously, and we excited, rehearsing for several days.In order not to delay the show, did not eat dinner.We use a charcoal black eyebrows, but also with gouache painted red face.The teacher asked us to be loud voice, singing, with melody can not twist, and stomping and hand movements, should be neat, strong.    The next show, is played by the workers.A tall uncle, the face painted white, the paper made a big nose, also white, also papered had a tall hat, drew a few stars.In the group angrily shouting slogans neatly the working class, scared, shivering and finally paralysis on the stage, the program would be finished.That’s my life, the first time that the United States, the Yankees and the Americans were white and tall is tall.Because we played out the program, he sat in the first row, next program the audience to see very clearly.    At the time, life was very poor, however, primary school, there are Yikusitian political education.I do not know a teacher or propaganda team of human tissues, seems to be in the fall, invited an old worker Huang of Taiwan and Hong Kong, very vicissitudes of a worker, surnamed Li seems, let him do the report, talk about the liberation of labor lives and experiences of people suffering.I remember very clearly, he said, he do heavy work every day, it is a stevedore, beaten by the police some of KMT, but also enough to eat.Now think about it, do not know, what he said was not true.Then, I do not know where to neighborhood some sweet potato leaves, mix some of the cornmeal, it seems to have sweet potato noodles, steamed steaming, and some willow bark, is relatively soft portion near the trunk.Seems to be after school, in the school yard, every class, have filled some, seems to use the enamel dish, some students eat up.I feel like I did not eat.    Four Olds stand four new experiences, memories are very deep.It seemed like a summer morning, the dorm room to look like a worker who, thin, thirty years old, face a long, dark skin, he should be a shipping clerk bureau publicity department, usually he is also seen.He took a broken pot, holding a stick, where he beat, then that is loudly show off, to the effect that, four new stand four olds, someone’s old books, old books, paintings, someone’s feudal superstitious stuff, all pay out.A half-hour show off how, finally, how many books there is no collection.Out of curiosity, to see a lot of children around, there are some adults, the watch.Finally received some books that, in the open space in front of the dormitory, lit some paper ash after burning debris, there were numerous to fly to the sky.    There are, in other places, something four olds stand when four new collection, and laid enterprises a warehouse, no one care.Tall doors, you can enter and leave the car.Door big that a child can dig into.I and a partner, we’ve been drilling.That some of the confiscated things, on the ground, full of some books, and some painting or something, do not know if I have valuable antiques.Because there is no culture, too, we just rolled his left, did not take, because it is not a toy.    It seems, the political struggle is really very cruel, businesses divided into two factions, including enterprise cadres and workers, both claim to this school, is among the most loyal XXX is the most revolutionary.As a result, the school won the company’s leading power and those who are, out of luck, on decentralization.Other cases I do not know, I only know that a neighbor is a factory of mechanical engineers, because accounting for the wrong team, his own faction, did not win power, we can not engage in the original technical work, and forced to work as a first-line labor workers, like Hong Kong and Taiwan to yellow when the stevedores, or pull dray sand transport work like.    Verbal attacks and Bue, vandalism incidents, I have seen it.Corporate factions, one loses power, it is not willing, then through the relationship, we find a high school teacher in Jinan ninth.This is a teacher, and he might be the school, or else his relatives.The teacher, led the hundreds of Jinan ninth middle school student, holding a red flag, mighty, came to the Xiaoqing River Maritime Board to revolution, to support the faction to faction and cadres, workers fight.The students in the name, is to defend the revolutionary line XXX.They raised a red flag, dashing high spirits, mighty, singing children, came.First, the impact of shipping bureau, did not find those in power, then north along the road, went to Huang Hong Kong and Taiwan, and no one found as a result, blurred confused fought like a cadre of older workers, like Wang, but the same faction.As a result, dozens of workers do not want to, and have to go forward hold, and they are unreasonable, students children, finally afraid, nothing had gone.    Boundlessly loyal XXX, during the Cultural Revolution almost everyone oath.Dorm, every family, to be in the most prominent place on the wall, affixed a big “loyalty” is generally below the portrait of Chairman Mao.Each glass windows, but also printed on the “loyalty” one by one, red paint, door, you can see out.This is a job, it may be business promotion division of people do.We sent two business people, door to door, with barley paper edition was engraved, printed on glass.At that time may be too young, I do not remember the word loyalty hop dance thing, for early referrals to late reporting of comedy or farce, and no impression.    At that time of frenzy, it is from the heart, people are really loyal, worship and revolution.In my memory of them, like the middle of the night, some of the rebels in power companies, led the part of workers, in the auditorium of the enterprise, open meetings, it may be an indication to the above, we are waiting, ready for the latest indication of the highest.Suddenly, the latest indication came, all the staff stood up, then, cheers.A person, took to the podium auditorium, excitedly read together, vigorous atmosphere, all of a sudden quiet down, ears, after listening, people and jubilant, cheering continues to.In fact, I would have sleepy.The latest indication that the highest, is a few words, or an article.    We can not forget history, not to mention just past history, not to mention our personal experiences.    Sometimes, I feel very puzzled.Now, there are many people, even miss those days, the gray, chaotic, manic times, that lawlessness, there is no order of age, that casually for a nominal nothingness, you can easily beat, kill time?If you’re hungry him for two days, or to send a few students or villains, no reason to beat his father meal as a teacher, said his father was a counterrevolutionary, said he was a pup, then arrested two years off, he not that poverty is a good memory, I will not say that the Cultural Revolution was wonderful yesterday.

Li Laizi Prodigal

Transfer instructions between Dynasty, Jiangxi Xinchang poor man named Li Jinwen scholar.His parents died early, come down, life is very shabby.  In this twelfth lunar month, seeing the Spring Festival approaching day by day, after some nagging wife Hu sighed: a few days is the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year if there is more than okay kilograms of pork!Yes ah, Li Jinwen nodded, meditation can be a thought, now home penniless, his neighbors on credit difficult to expect, only the cheek to go to their uncle opened a butcher’s shop to try to see if credit several kilograms of pork to the Chinese New Year.  New Year’s Eve this day, Li Jinwen bite the bullet and went to his uncle’s butcher shop, unfortunately uncle went out to close debts.Store folks struggling to stand up to his plea, because of the sensibilities 2 pounds pork chop let him take away.After his uncle back to the shop, listening to the matter said the barman, furious anger, angry nephew went home, after being insulted and called pot meal of meat forced to put back.Hu Seeing desolate scene, could not help but burst into tears, crying.Li Jinwen not angry, grinning, holding his wife’s hand to comfort the genteel way: A good wife does not have to tears Lian Lian, no meat soup Chinese New Year.One day during the operation, every moment is the New Year.Then, he braved the snow filled out the door.  Lijin Wen came to the south of the Temple, first, in order to hide debt, and second, to find prey.He first placed toward the temple of the Buddha one by one the size of worship, pray to Buddha bless himself turned the corner, grabbing power and money.After the prayer, he saw God on stage enshrines fruit cakes, suddenly put green eyes, could not help but hungry, see no one around, they arrested devour.After eating, so think of themselves embarrassment, can not help but smile shaking his head very sentimental, hopes of finding a charcoal, a little meditation, on a wall in the main hall of whizzing write a jingle: oil, salt and leading a poor sauce, vinegar, tea, everything in someone’s home.Although my house shall, swept away the snow to see the plum blossom.Finished the day after it was dark, he was general malaise, leaning against the corner short break, soon drowsiness slowly hit, unknowingly actually drowsy and fell asleep in his sleep, a vicious claiming to be a big kind Yan Wangye Duodao front of him, saying that he wrote a poem just read, although he praised the destitute, but open-minded, lofty realm, commendable.Told him not sad, lucky ghost secretly helped set the future, to keep him best of luck and enjoy the wealth and status the next day is the first day, the magistrate riding sedan chair with servants came to Temple, bow down and pay his respects finished, he looked up and saw a wall verse on, it was very interesting.Was about the emotions, suddenly found the corner there is a delicate features, but his face sallow young man curled up asleep, his servant to wake Li Jinwen.Questioning the situation, we know that he wrote this poem, his face not help revealing surprise color.After some conversation, the magistrate found him extraordinary ability and insight, a sudden and devastating love and affection.Back Yamen, the police immediately sent grain clothing, and arranged for him to co-host a number of county government official copy writing, not later when the aid to be.Li Jinwen family life slowly well up.  The next year, Li Jinwen participate in examinations, in the Scholars, the official in the capital.Because of his impartial, honest and upright, and soon promoted.A few years later, he went to court to reuse any of Chief Secretary governor of Yunnan Province.  Li Jinwen came to Yunnan office, in charge of the province’s taxation power, seen and heard at all levels of official corruption and bribery, extortion.Doubts nothing, afraid of the poor state of mind, he slowly becomes corrupt, began wantonly plundered money to retire and enjoy time in the future.  Li Zicheng uprising that year, Li Jinwen escorted several vessels should be turned over to the province’s tax tribute to Beijing, the Ming Dying way that, in the face of gold and silver boxes of his lust, greed big time, ordered the boat turned around against the current by Gan River along the Jinjiang River and then yeah, put a few gold and silver vessels of all shipped to the home.He bought a lot of land, forests, these gold and silver property, also to usury victims.He did not donate a penny for home construction, for poor villagers stingy.Not only that, he also Caimixinqiao, willow extreme, with gold and silver cast into a gold and a silver Buddha Buddha, not to worship, but occasionally ferocious beating, scolding them showed their baby lump too late.Li Jinwen beat Buddha’s voice shocked the palace of hell.Yan Wangye see so commit a sin, very angry that lucky ghost has helped him have money to burn, enjoy endless blessing, he is not only insatiable, but so blasphemous, really nasty, I decided to take his punishment.  Li Jinwen old age baby boy, the couple loved darling, named money, the meaning is obvious.Unfortunately, Lee born to money long haired bald head, though heavily chemists, still can not be cured.Villagers secretly called him Li Laizai.  Li Laizai very strange birth on the night crying, despite Hu and wet nurse to hold and coax and tease, are not silent, hired a doctor is not effective.Li Laizai fast one year old, one day house the guests, servants during the tea break inadvertently missed a fine cup, Li Jinwen was about to rap, but this time Li Laizi dancing in the arms of the wet nurse laughed.On another occasion, I invited a tailor made clothes, tailor with an iron ironing time, too easy, expensive fabrics in smoky iron, Li Laizi saw and laughing.Thereafter, whenever the home destroyed property damage, Li Laizai on laughing, a very happy look.Li Jinwen find a particular interest in his son, not sad, but had his servant from time to time to tear crack silk satin, smashing porcelain bowl fell to laugh son.  Li Laizai began to grow.For pleasure, he sprouted a weird, invited craftsmen, the gold bars, ingots labeled foil, it is carried on the wind turbine outside the top of the hill, a large amount of gold and silver foil piece in blow-down from the wind turbine.I saw glistening, shining white gold and silver foil piece danced, very bright, prompting Laiqiao with curious villagers scramble, beaten.Li Laizai looked at this piece of lively scene, clapping and laughing, Zhirang call: fun!Fun!  Li Jinwen see his son so nonsense, I began to worry.Even at home have Jinshan Silver Sea, so naughty continues, will soon complete toss.Seeing his son could not restrain the family business, the couple after a discussion Trustee matchmaker, married for Li Laizi a shrewd wife, hoping she can take control of his son, a good future in charge of the family business.Who knows Li Laizai vicious die hard, make a group of fair-weather friends, eat, drink all day.These people are insincere flattery Li Laizai, all sorts of instigating, Li Laizai persuade them to not listen to the wife of one, quick punches thrown, it was not fair-weather friends are encouraged to listen to a piece of paper off the book took her out of the house.Since then, despite Li Jinwen couple then how Trustee matchmaking, no one is willing to have his daughter when.  Li Jinwen to give her son does not suffer in the future, juggling, with huge amounts of money to buy a street in the provincial capital, there are 365 shops on the street.He entrusted a honest and reliable family, asked to say: we were later died, the family property if the money lost all light, you have to take him to the provincial capital 365 Main Street shop, a shop every day to live and eat, take turns working again It can be over a year.They live, long-term worries.Family mouthful promised to hear.  Two years later, Li Jinwen husband and wife have died.Li Laizai no one bundle, more boldly visit a prostitute gambling Happy, big spenders, no money to spend to sell land, sell land, sell mountain, sellers, less than three years time, enormously wealthy man really lost our shirts.The family had to tell him there are 365 shops in the provincial capital of thing, Li Laizai heard that there are large amounts of property, endless joy.  Accompanied Li Laizai family to the provincial capital, it turns accommodation in this 365 shop.Small club to visit, shop owner is naturally respectful reception.Some employers seek to profit, in addition to sweet talk touted Li Laizai in order to win favor, but also hosted a dinner Restaurant, into the theater to watch a movie, arrange Guangyao Zi Li Laizi momentary pleasure is often a whim, big Shi Ende, a generous gift to the shop giving.After the other boss know each other to emulate, Li Laizai on eleven gift shop.Bitter family persuasion, Li Laizai just ignore it, and two years later the shop was full while stocks.Family helpless, had sadly back to their home.  Li Laizai alone helpless, begging all the way back to the county.Home houses no longer had the bridge in Qiaoting Simon’s shelter, begging for a living.Soon, a serious illness paralyzed in Qiaoting, despite dying, but a few days may not expire.Villagers saw, talking, estimated him there must be something not lost light, a closer look, and sure enough on bad clothes also tied with a brass buttons.That day at midnight, a shadow drifted down.This is Yan Wangye sent pressing others.After the meal fumble it trembled in Li Laizi body, touch the brass buttons ripped forced into the river fling.Only to hear a pop sound, and Li Laizi screamed, feet Yi Deng, instant Qijueshenwang

forty years old

The day before yesterday, I stayed up all night. As a result, I haven’t recovered from the two days.. When I went to cheer volleyball in the morning, I was breathless, dizzy, palpitations and panic in less than half an hour. Everyone said I was extremely pale.. Point of view, is really old, forty years old, later have to go easy!     Today, I began to face up to my 40 – year – old age. When this thought comes out, I feel melancholy and bitter in autumn.. Ziyun: forty won’t be confused. Forty true can not be confused? In my opinion, only Confucius and other thinkers can do it? I had also expected me to be broad-minded and elegant at the age of 40, steady and steady, and without doubt. Can everything decent, vision; No longer melancholy, no longer expect; Happiness is to be mature and insipid, and peace of mind is to be trivial and mediocre. Since then, we have lived a life of crystal clear, calm and calm, with no confusion … Ah, however, our little woman has reached the age of doubt, but she still sighs, laments and confuses a lot.!     The wrinkles that started to appear on my face remind me that I am middle – aged, and I understand that no matter how much confusion I feel, I have to be proud and cool, frustrated and calm. Whether or not you are overwhelmed by old or small responsibilities, you have to be full of ambition and confidence.. When you feel depressed, you should learn to laugh at it. When you are at war, you should learn to endure like a bystander.     Some people say that middle age is a kind of mood, enjoying peace and peace after experience, deep and profound, open-minded and mature. Some people say that middle age is a kind of feelings, close to life, walk into the heart, care for relatives and coordinate personnel. Some people say that middle age is a kind of self – restraint, magnanimous, self-discipline and self – restraint, with everything in the sea and everything in the river. Some people say that middle age is a kind of temperament, elegant and generous, natural and unrestrained and calm, broad-minded in the depth, calm in the reserve, self-cultivation in the aplomb and modesty in the boldness. Some people say that middle age is a kind of happiness, joy and stir in experience, love and pain in emotion, insipid and trivial in life, warmth and care in family, pursuit and struggle in career, expectation and heavy trust in society, work and experience, fame and benefit, relief from laughter and bitter taste have all become songs of life in the life of forty years old and become wealth of the soul..     Alas, whether it’s confusion or regrets, whether the past years have been ignorant or frivolous, I have already traveled on the way to know my destiny. I am used to spring flowers and autumn moon, sunrise and sunset. Looking down on the clouds, rolling clouds, ebbing tides and rising tides have deepened the hearts of the world and warmed Leng Qing. However, the boat of the soul is still bumping in the emotional wave. After all, the red lotus is still in full bloom and the castle peak is still not old!

Don’t let one another become forever

In the morning, I was still in my sleep, but I was awakened by the sound of the other end of the phone. Like an electric shock, I stumbled over everything outside the window, without warm sunshine or flowing clouds passing through the lonely sky. Only the drizzle dripped like silk thread on people’s hair, and it seemed like a sad girl secretly crying in a corner..     Some people’s indifference not only makes people cold, but also makes an arc of heart spring thick with ice, which cannot be melted for a long time.! Even if you don’t practice for yourself, practice for your children! Life in the world is just a fleeting moment in the long river of time. No matter how elegant or down and out you are, you must live up to the fact that you have come to this world for a walk. To live, you must learn to love, love yourself, love relatives, love friends, and love everything you decree by destiny. That way, you can have a clear conscience and regret when you leave.! To be calm and safe!     I arranged everything with a heavy heart and set foot on the familiar and unfamiliar road with my family. Along the river, a bungalow with walls came into view. The familiar but unfamiliar feeling oppressed everyone in the car.. Finally arrived, the two cousins heard the firecrackers and hurried out to meet them. The two high-spirited appearance in their schooldays seemed to have been washed away by the years and decadent stood in front of me, calling each of us and leading us to the hall. I first led everyone to knock three heads to the uncle. The cousin said that we were coming at the right time and were preparing to get down the ice coffin. I looked at the hall where the uncle was parked, and four or five middle-aged men were talking and laughing. No one was crying, all without heart and lungs..     My cousin slipped past me with a basket of vegetables. I immediately realized what I was going to do and jumped into the kitchen, commanding my sisters and sisters and immediately becoming the core. I practiced bowls and spoons on the earthen hearth familiar with the music of banging and banging so calmly that my cousin used her less skilled technique to make the fire in the pot hole bigger for a while, bigger for a while, smaller for a while, scolded by me for adding firewood, and for a while I jumped up and down again by the iron pot. Maybe I was born..     My sister suddenly said behind my back that she had seen her sister-in-law and was lying in the side room. Well, I said I was busy and went to see her. Before I could finish, the two young men lifted a paralyzed but very dry woman out of the side room, with chaotic eyes and hoarse voice, struggling to drag her legs, which were extremely inconsistent with the upper body, closer to the ice coffin step by step. I opened my eyes like everyone else, couldn’t believe the facts in front of me, and shouted desperately: ” This is not my aunt.”. The woman wept alone there in her already hoarse voice, and immediately put the desolation to full play. The people in the yard couldn’t help sobbing and wiping tears. My voice seemed to be stuck by something. I hurriedly turned and went into the kitchen again, busy with the work I don’t know how to do, while the woman was dragged into the side room by two young men, and after a while, the atmosphere in the yard gradually eased. What should I do?.     I finished what I thought should be done, washed my oily hands, dragged heavy steps, and stepped into the side room step by step. My sister and cousin surrounded the woman side by side and said something about my uncle. I chose the corner of the head of a bed and sat down quietly, facing the yard, with their hearts aching if there is no pain, and closed my eyes to meditate.. All of a sudden, a pair of hands held me forcefully from behind and kept shouting my nickname in a hoarse voice. I couldn’t remember what she said in her mouth. Suddenly I cried tears like rain and cried out to my aunt. At the same time, I turned around and hugged her. Teary – eyed, I couldn’t see her eyes. I only knew that the bones on her cheeks were prominent, her eyes were extremely large, and the folds on her face seemed to be more than 20 years older than the real age. One pair of hands was swollen and black and blue. If it weren’t for hugging my warmth, I would try my best to break free, but at the moment, I just wanted to hold her warm hands tightly.. The crying in the room was not only for me and aunt, but also for the two sisters. aunt’s crying went on and on, and I was out of breath. I held her hands with my left hand and patted her chest with my right hand. my mouth highlighted the usual coaxing words: ” aunt strange, aunt obedient, have a good sleep.”. I repeat this time and again. In a short time, Sister – in – law stopped crying and slowly closed her eyes to rest. This is probably really crying tired..     The fragments of memory are like flying flowers all over the sky, unconsciously scattered in the corner of my mind and messy. I gently cover the quilt for aunt and walk outside the courtyard alone. the garden is still lush. the trees by the riverside are blossoming, purple and pink, and the honeysuckle flowers are yellow and white. the two flowers depend on each other. from a distance, they look like a group of dragonflies flying on the arbor flowers, a pair of natural painters.! Everything is still what I used to be familiar with. The wind blows my face and my thoughts are sorted out..     The second sister-in-law in my memory has always been a middle-aged peasant woman in her 40s. The outline on her face is that our family all have round, short hair with ears, and her eyes narrowed into a crack with laughter. She has never seen the second sister-in-law lose her temper to anyone or talk big to anyone. The memory she left me is the laughter of the young and bright.. I don’t know why, the family has rarely visited the aunt’s house, and the aunt always comes alone every time she returns to her family. Until the age of 11, I was taken by several uncles to pay New Year’s greetings to the aunt. For the first time, I stepped into the aunt’s house, wet my pantyhose with the water of the river, and was forced to stay at the aunt’s house, clamoring to go home at night. The aunt moved out all the snacks in the house to coax me and slept in my arms at night.. The next day, because I didn’t have any food to eat, I also fried eggs. I hated the smell of eggs and refused to eat them. My little cousin gave me a hard white look and told me that it was goose eggs. I didn’t know until I understood that I was not eating eggs, but goose eggs used by my sister-in-law to hatch geese. Those years were very hard, and raising geese could bring income to my family. I ate a few geese in a meal and it was not clear to me…     During the days she spent in her aunt’s house, she was busy working in the fields during the day, doing housework at night, and selling vegetables in the town more than a dozen miles away with a basket of vegetables. She did not forget to bring me snacks when she came back, which was the happiest and warmest memory of my childhood.. The second sister-in-law was illiterate, but she sent her two sons to college with painstaking efforts. She thought the children would graduate and her sufferings would end. Who knows that neither cousin has been assigned a suitable job, and all of a sudden her family’s confidence will fall to the bottom.. Since then, the two cousins have also recovered. If they are not high or low, what will they do or what will they not do?. That year has more than half a hundred aunt, the cocoon on her hand is thicker than silkworm chrysalis, mottled hair lines come and go against the curtain in the wind and rain..     Memories are like the torrent of summer, which opens the valve and can no longer control the trend. Those who have come to my life and given me warmth, I always carry a grateful heart, grateful for life, grateful for every kind person who passes by my life, are you who let me grow up, are you who have added wonderful things to my life, and are you who let me learn how to love.. Today on Mother’s Day, Sister – in – law does not have a daughter. Please allow me to pray to heaven tonight as a daughter: The dead are gone. May the dead rest in peace, the living be safe, and bless the good people in the world with less suffering and more warmth. Don’t let this be forever.!


The story of Zhang Liangqiao picking up shoes is well known. It not only shows the virtue of Zhang Liang’s respect for elders, diligence and kindness, and responsibility for the elderly, but also shows his comprehensive qualities such as being smart, quick and resourceful, capable of examining the extremely precious connotation of communication and communication, which is a precursor to his success, so Huang Gongcai trusted him like that.. Talent can also have a premonition not only in youth but also as a child.. xu teacher, a high school student who has a deep influence on me, has two men and four women, but every time he comes home from the classroom, only one daughter knows to move a stool for her. This is her third daughter, Xu Zhongyu. xu teacher said that when he was teaching at Luzhai Middle School, Zhongyu was only four or five years old and was just a toddler. Every time she saw me coming from the classroom, she moved a low stool for me and gave me a sweet shout, Dad – you sit down. Every time my heart was as sweet as honey, and the tiredness of telling a lesson was like being swept away, I thought at that time, how could the child be so sensible and lovely – and then her four sisters became national teachers on her own. Now retired, he is still growing in my mind like a lush poplar tree whose leaves are green and its branches are tender like the waist and arms of a beautiful woman.. That was in the seventies. At that time, the two rows of earth classrooms in the brigade primary school were washed down by the heavy rain, and our six teachers had to fight their own battles underground like the guerrillas who fought against Japan when the enemy was strong and the enemy was weak – each returned to the villages to run schools separately, fighting against ignorance and ignorance, which were even more tenacious and ruthless enemies than the Japanese devils.. I taught the first, second and fourth grade compound classes in the village’s two adobe houses. Because nearly toddlers came to school like gyroscopes twirling their wines.. His name is Liu Shichuang, a child of his cousin’s nephew, and he is only five years old and has also come. Once class was over, the humble classroom did not even have a bench. I was standing at the door of the classroom. Liu shichuang moved his small stool to my front and cried with milk and milk. big ye, sit down. I pushed him away and he shoved the bench under my leg’s rear butt, still calling sweetly, big ye, you sit down. I picked him up and sat down. I held him in my arms and kissed him with his plump, round, angelic face. It was lovely.! At that time, there were more than 40 students in the class. Among the boys and girls studying at night, there were already 15 or 16 years old. He was the only one who knew how to respect the teacher and give convenience to others.. The child will grow up to be intelligent, clever and good at communication and will handle affairs. I only passed by in my heart, but I didn’t know it was a precursor to his success. Now the grandson has changed his name to Liu Jie, and he has come out of our abandoned village and lived in the provincial capital Hefei.. After more than 30 years of teaching, I did not realize until I retired now that talents, especially those who can achieve great success, will have a premonition as if they were dizzy from the sun and dizzy from the rain and the moon in their childhood.. In 2012. 8. 24

Be a gourmet goblin woman

The goblin has no age. Being a goblin – like woman has its unique charm at any age! A woman is about to be a’ goblin’ like a woman and a’ gourmet goblin woman’, which is my greatest wish and goal in this life.! If not in this life, then, in the next life, I must also become a’ goblin woman’! – Wen: Women who have fallen behind the fence must practice themselves first. Don’t be afraid of not being loved by men. Women should love themselves. When it comes to’ goblins’, there may be a lot of people who have the same picture in their mind: make – up, posing, flirting and twirling.. In fact, this kind of woman is not a’ goblin’, but can only be called a monster!     Demons can become refined, indicating that they have learned to practice. The demon became a monster, but it was the kind of monster that was neither fish nor fowl and was harmful to the human world.. It’s like taking part in the goblins in the regulations on journey to the west. Those goblins are too turbid and can’t be said. So, at best, they are just monsters. The goblin I want to say is a perfect goblin, the ultimate’ goblin woman’. This kind of woman is rare among women.     The goblin woman is not necessarily a’ bad woman’; Don’t have to make up, scratch your head and pose; You don’t have to release the depravity to your heart’s content. Such a woman is not a goblin, but a monster! Between’ goblins’ and’ monsters’, there is a big difference, even a big difference, although only one word is different..     The goblin woman I want to be is a kind of demon in cultivation and connotation, and none of these can be changed or accomplished overnight. The real’ goblins’ are a kind of realm. Not to say how many charms you have and how many devils you have. But a kind of taste, a kind of amorous feelings, a kind of temperament, a kind of accomplishment!     Why is it that as a woman, she can always feel happy and share happiness? But she is full of complaints, complaining all day long? This is the difference between’ goblin woman’ and ordinary ordinary woman. She is happy, because she can let go, she understands tolerance and the way of doing things for others.. The biggest reason for this is that she is a ” goblin woman” who has cultivated her talents.!     She doesn’t need to look beautiful, but she certainly knows how to play the woman.. Being a coquetry woman is always more feminine than not being coquetry. Between raising your hands and throwing your feet, men will always be tempted by it.     ‘ gourmet goblin woman” certainly won’t run wild, more won’t have nothing to do, because she knows that men are tired. However, she must be gentle. She is not only a good wife and mother, but also a working girl. She got up in the hall and down in the kitchen. No matter where she goes, she can be calm, calm and comfortable.     ‘ Acura Woman” Her maturity, her temperament, such as a cup of tea, is fragrant and refreshing after being brewed.. She can make impulsive men rational and violent men quiet. And’ goblin woman’ her coquettish and intelligent heart is like a good book, so you can read it again and not get tired of it thousands of times . Ah, she will make tired men relaxed and relaxed. She can make a man the happiest man in the world.     ‘ goblin woman” she has amorous feelings, but not coquettish; She is very gentle, but not weak; She is intelligent, but does not make public. She depends on you, but she won’t embarrass you. Because she knows how to advance and retreat and prioritize. She knows how to control her emotions and knows the most important meaning of respect, sacrifice and giving.     With such a goblin woman, you will feel like a real man, a loved man, a respected and valued man.. This kind of woman will give men a complete sense of security and belonging.     There is a more important point: goblin women know how to love themselves! They know that no man is worth his life to please. Again crazy thing, experience once is enough, if experience the second time, then not crazy woman is silly treasure. If a man starts snubbing you, he must know how to leave. I don’t know the man who cherishes you, what else is worth your doing? You know, even if you pay more tender feelings for such a man, it’s no use crying over spilt milk. It’s only you who are sad..     Those immature young women may bring a thrilling love to men. However, when you run out of energy, you will find that everything around you has been messed up. But’ the best goblin woman’ is a meaningful scenery and a sincere and peaceful scenery in the heart of this noisy world.. Is also ignored by people, but also precisely the lack of a landscape.

Suffering is the old wine

At the winter solstice, a long-lost snow came unexpectedly, and in a flash, the yellow river mouth where I lived was already covered with silver and jade and became a glittering and translucent world..     As usual, I sat bored in a warm room, sipping a cup of tea and casually browsing the gossip posts and interesting articles in the Jianghu on the Internet.. At this moment, a gust of wind roar outside stirred my stillness like dead water, and I went to the window irritably.. Oh, I was shocked by the sight: under the eaves not far away, a string of ice skates hung neatly, and the transparent body was glowing with cold light, which reminds me of the soldiers who were about to go out in ancient times and the spear and halberd held by the soldiers.. Looking up, the grey sky was filled with snowflakes. The snowflakes, like oil paper umbrellas, danced wildly in the sky. They played and chased each other and cuddled and cuddled each other … Ah, like naughty teenagers playing and kissing each other.! They seem to have forgotten what cold ling is and what fatigue is, just enjoying their own short happy time!     The wine was sold, the wine was sold, pure sorghum wine was strong, delicious and intoxicating! ‘ A burst of shouts of ” no anger, no fire” roused me from my wonderful imagination. I looked inside and saw an old man plodding along the snow-covered path with rickets pushing a tricycle. The tricycle has piled up thick snow so that the outline of the jars can be identified with care.. The old man is already a complete snowman. He is covered from head to foot with thick snow. Only when his knees and elbows are light green can he see that he is wearing a shabby military coat..     ‘ so much age, why not sell wine in this heavy snow day? ‘ The old man opposite me made my heart murmur! I don’t know whether it’s pity or curiosity, but I pushed the door and went out involuntarily. Just a few steps away, my back was swishing and cold, my cheeks were stinging and my eyes were narrowed by the swirling snowflakes.. I was fighting all over. I couldn’t help but wrap up my fur coat and came to the old man like a whirlwind.. The old man told me that his family name is Chen, he is a native and he is 62 years old this year. His family has a wife who has been in bed for a long time, and the only daughter is married out of town.     Seeing that I was a little confused about selling wine on this snowy day, the old man explained that it’s nothing, and that if you don’t sell wine, you’ll lose one day’s income, and if you don’t, you won’t have the money to cure your wife, and you won’t be able to guarantee three meals a day.. While you can still walk, earn one more point is one point! The old man paused for a moment and went on to say that Leng Xue Tianjiu actually sells better. First, there are more people at home than usual. First, the people who drink this wine are more fond of drinking it as the weather gets colder and colder.. I don’t care if I get tired and bitter, as long as I can sell wine! The old man stamped his feet, shook himself and rubbed his hands with hot air. The old man’s words seemed like a stream of heat pouring into my heart, and I felt warm all over. The old man’s words are a sword, poking me in awe. I looked at him carefully: the wrinkled cheeks were purple and blue, the gray eyebrows hung with water drops, and the messy stubble was cracked with a big mouth lacking a front tooth … Ah, the old man begged for my eyes and smiled at me with all his might.. I read his mind, my mind flitted through a trace of sadness and sadness, and there was a rush of warmth in my eyes … ” I bought 10kg of wine and gave me 10kg of wine.. ‘ My voice did not fall, with the shouts of’ Good Come’, the old man has skillfully handed me a plastic bucket of wine.. The old man took the money, pushed up the tricycle and shouted as he walked. I stood there, seeming to forget the wind and snow. I kept chewing on the old man’s words and staring at the old man’s fading back … Ah yes, ” I don’t care if I get tired of it, as long as I can sell wine.! ‘ The old man was right. In fact, suffering is a great wealth. Only those who have experienced suffering will have a better life, and only those who have suffered will know how to cherish it more.! Napoleon didn’t also say,’ People grow up from suffering. Only by striving optimistically can we continue to thrive; otherwise, it will be easy to bury and remain silent for a lifetime.. Thought, I walked into the house and poured a cup of neck in impatience.. Oh, the wine was so strong, so strong and so strong that I was a little dizzy in the blink of an eye.! I’m thinking, in fact, suffering is the old wine. The older it is in the cellar of time and space, the softer and sweeter our memories are and the longer we have a lingering aftertaste. Ah, contact email DSM 5633 @ 163.. Communications company