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Wall Street analysts view large summary: the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates affect the geometry on the market?

Tencent Securities News reported, according to Reuters, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates on Wednesday, and is expected to raise interest rates in 2018 will be at least twice, indicating that confidence in the US tax cuts and government spending growing, they believe will boost the economy and inflation and lead to a more aggressive tightening policy in the future。
Policy makers expect next year will raise interest rates three times in 2020 will increase by 2 times, which further demonstrates confidence in the economy。 The following is a summary of Wall Street analysts reviews: San Francisco general manager of brokerage Wedbush Securities Company Directors StephenMassocca: "the market is still below its peak。
The 30-year bond yields are also lower than its high point。
I do not think there are any new messages。
This only increases the time basis points this year we want to raise a total of 3 times。 I do not know why anyone would be surprised。 If some really strong economic data, such as employment or inflation, then this year may raise interest rates four times。 I think this will not happen。 My view is that they will raise interest rates to 2% to% and see what reaction there will be。 "If we get 3-4% inflation report 2-3 times, then the Fed will take more aggressive action。 "Utah AlbionFinancial chief investment officer JasonWare:" the market worried that the Fed will be more hawkish stance in the short term, but this equilibrium is, look to the future, 2019 and 2020 may enter a steeper hike road。 The market is trying to maintain balance during short and long, but in the stock market, the short-term is more important than long-term。
2019 and 2020 things to know when they could。
"Russell, general manager of global markets research director of New York-rich AlecYoung:" Investors' attention focused on the pace of the Fed's latest monetary policy and the prospects for future rate hikes。 Prior to today's decision, many investors are worried that based on the latest tax policy to bring fiscal stimulus, rising inflation and global economic growth will lead the Fed to commit synchronization excessive tightening of policy errors。
The Fed's latest economic outlook is not as hawkish as feared, which led to the release of the rebound in the stock market, because the market reduced expectations for sustained economic growth and a gradual increase of interest rates。 Overall, while the Federal Reserve investors still have confidence in the fact that economic expansion willingness to continue to gradually raise interest rates endorse attitude is not extreme, a degree of relaxation。 "Santa Clara, California Silicon Valley Bank, a senior foreign exchange dealer MinhTrang:" While the overall economic outlook for the Fed is hawkish, but it looks a bit disappointing because the dollar reaction to this disappointing。
I still think this is a long-term hawkish tone style, which is good news for the dollar。 Enter 2018, there are many factors bearish dollar。 "Exhibition Center Capital Global Asset Allocation department portfolio manager CandiceBangsund:" statement has a new message, that basically admitted that the economic outlook has improved in recent months, which is obviously the development of a more hawkish。
At the same time the Fed also acknowledged that some of the data in the first quarter of this year has eased after strong fourth quarter。
We look forward to the new Chairman of the Fed's Yellen and conditions of the same age。 Although he was slightly dovish semi-annual Congressional testimony, but Powell admitted that his personal view has been strengthened。
He is not afraid to speak their expectations or opinions。
Neutral statement given us more of the status quo, let us gradually adapt to the normalization of the market, which is why the market will react as。 But not particularly significant accidents。 "Fort Lauderdale, Florida, chief global strategist at MarkGrant: Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) policy statement is consistent with the overall expectations。
In addition to the stock market, no market reaction to this more intense, because the market is finally more than three times the rate hike will not occur and a relief。 The statement on the US economy grew the most optimistic attitude, seem to ignore the Atlanta Fed's gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of data currently only%。 Currently a member of the Federal Open Market Committee is expected that the US GDP will grow by%% higher than last December's forecast。 I think the stock market is expected to react to growth。 US Treasury prices fell, but only slightly lower。 Overall, no big surprises, but it will continue Yellen policy。 "Atlanta, Georgia GlobaltInvestments senior portfolio manager ThomasMartin:" Everyone is expected to raise interest rates, but to raise interest rates three times or four times is a problem。
So far, the Fed is expected to keep three times。
The reason is that the Fed said that economic activity since the last meeting have been slowing。
Moderate economic growth, so they will not put it to raise interest rates is expected to increase to 4 times。 All in all, the reason the information is passed to the market and S & P 500 index rose that economic growth is still good, and the 2019 and 2020 economic growth is likely to be more lasting than people think。
But in the long run, you better keep expectations modest, it is good for stocks,。
"Senior economist at Ameriprise Minneapolis RussellPrice:" I still think the most likely to raise interest rates three times this year。 They do doves and hawks forecast for fine-tuning。 The unemployment rate is expected to be slightly adjusted, fell by a percentage point。 But for long-term federal funds rate expectations were also raised points。 In other words, they point out that the unemployment rate may decline slightly, without generating additional inflationary pressures。
This is conducive to the economy maintained a good growth rate, it will not generate a lot of inflation。
This shows that they are still waiting to see whether this year's fiscal stimulus measures to make the economy from overheating。 They might give yourself some leeway to stay, considering that despite the increase in stimulus measures to make the economy this year may perform well, but if the tariff situation continues to deteriorate, economic growth could be weaker。 Like everyone else, the Fed would like to see what happens。 "JohnHancock investment market strategist MattMiskin:" guide to future rate hike is more hawkish than initially expected。 We expect 2019 will accelerate the pace of rate hikes。
This year, the situation may be similar。 The tone adopted by the new Fed chairman at the start of his leadership positions a bit tougher。 On stock, we have to focus on how it is reacting because the initial reaction is not entirely good。 Financial stocks led the gains I would not be surprised。 As long as economic growth can support the stock market, the stock market can withstand a faster rate hikes, the Fed's point of view but also from the forecast, GDP will be enough to support the stock market in a more tightening cycle。 "New York BMO Capital Markets interest rate strategist AaronKohli:" I think the Fed has done quite well in the process of raising interest rates, which is a well-designed long journey, and everyone convey good information。 Compared with the situation I expected, this is a very dovish。
See Powell in the context of the market reaction would be to say something very interesting。 The important point of this meeting is that unlike in the past is that this is not a concern, but the market reaction to the Fed's reaction to the Fed's market。
Actually, the key is the market reaction to Powell。
Whether he wishes to Bernanke way to guide the market, or will it make the same statement speak for itself like Yellen?Given the market reaction was, perhaps he may not need to come forward to explain。 But if the markets react strongly, right or wrong is very important to judge the market。 "Vice president of Austin, Texas CharlesSchwab company and trade derivative products RandyFrederick:" There's nothing really shocking。
I think the market's surge and decline is a normal phenomenon。 We often see the market respond quickly, and often wrong。 Powell said that if the possibility of any reason that the market is strong, it may be more rate hikes of 4。 So the market may be some degree of decline。 But I do not think there will be a substantial decline。
"Global interest rate strategy at Credit Suisse in New York PraveenKorapaty:" This is expected to be milder than some of our economists。 Overall, however, if it is to separate the expected point of view, I do not think too hard nor too soft。
We continue to believe that, even if the value of the point does not move, they will continue to raise interest rates four times this year。
I think the point hike in value from 2018, four times worse 1:00。
So I think four times the rate hike should be reasonable。
"Washington TempusConsulting senior currency trader and strategist JuanPerez:" The most important thing is that the Fed adhere to the original plan to raise interest rates three times。 If it is more of a hike a bit too much。
Any faster increase in borrowing costs will affect the economy。
I believe that the current pace of rate hikes is quite good。
Some people think that we will raise interest rates four times this year。
Another thing is that the economic outlook has been enhanced, which is a good thing。 Powell told Congress that the situation is very consistent。
They really think the economy strong enough, it is possible to further raise borrowing costs。
Charles Schwab Center for Financial Research, chief fixed-income strategist KathyJones: "I think a little bit hawkish bias。
If again a point of change, four times the rate hike is expected to occur this year, so they are very close to this direction。
They upgraded the assessment of the economy, I think it is very important。
I think this shows that they are considering the impact of tax cuts and spending increases。 All this shows that they stand a little tough。 I'm surprised the market did not react to this, but I think it shows that the market for this feeling has begun to greatly reduced。 "Huntersville, North Carolina cornerstone of wealth management partner JeffCarbone:" to raise interest rates is not surprising。
For interest rate increase in 2018, which is indeed reassuring, no changes occur。 This is the event that we are concerned about。 Inflation is still the focus of their concern。 Continue to reduce unemployment is good。
It is believed that the economy is strong。
We may be in the latter part of the business cycle, but in the latter part of the early stages of the business cycle。
This means that the market is certainly still there is more space to run。 Boston 3edge Asset Management chief investment strategist FritzFolts: "At present, the stock market is holding their breath, no matter what the meeting passed a confidence, will bring a very big impact on the stock market。
I do not understand how you can say the Fed is not a risk。
The Fed is certainly a risk, I do not think you can discount this。 The problem is that you have a Fed unknown person。 We have not, and he held more than three times the press conference, we do not know how to interpret what he said。
Our reaction to this the stock market is not a very radical am very happy, because it may promote Send a market moving in different directions。 The reason press release no surprising news, which is a good thing, and this is a positive market response: "CFRAResearch investment strategist LindseyBell"。
The Fed is still expected to raise interest rates three times this year。
2019 and 2020 they increased by 1 and 2。
I think this market is expected。
At the press conference, they increase the expected economic growth and reduce the unemployment rate expectations, but almost no change in inflation expectations。 Therefore, we need to see more explanation, because in this environment, inflation will rise in some of the。 Minneapolis LeutholdGroup chief investment strategist JimPaulsen: "The Fed is really good for the economy is expected, not only for this year but also for next year, because they are very dovish on interest rates expected in 2019 and 2020。
And they're just one vote from raising interest rates four times in 2018。
This tells you that in 2018, four times the rate hike is likely to be considered。 The stock market's initial reaction was to rise, because the Fed seems to show confidence in the economy。
However, with rising bond yields, expected future there will be more rate hikes, this case once again scared stock market。
This is the dilemma faced by the market。
Good economic growth could also mean higher inflation and higher bond yields。 Today's market performance is a microcosm of the overall performance of the year。 It follows news of economic growth and rising interest rates to follow the news and fell。
LibertyviewCapitalManagement president of Jersey City's RickMeckler: "There is no doubt that the actual interest rate increase is not surprising。 Positive factor in the market is the reason for the necessity of future rate hikes seem to have a strong focus on the Fed's expectations of economic conditions, rather than to prevent excessive inflation。 If the economy can grow, while inflation remain moderate, it is certainly willing to see the stock market。 This suggests that this year will continue to raise interest rates, and it looks like next year will continue to raise interest rates, which will bring more competition in the stock market。 So I think, as investors tried to take advantage of higher interest rates to invest in fixed-income products to balance the forces of economic growth, which will bring the stock market problems。

Gelatin is good but these people do not eat (1)

  Who can not eat gelatin 1, digestive dysfunction crowd that is spleen crowd, although there is no provision spleen can not eat donkey-hide gelatin, gelatin viscous texture but easily hamper the spleen and stomach function, especially in patients with spleen qi stagnation eat less abdominal distension is not fit to eat。
  PS: not a day to produce gastrointestinal problems, but long-term bad habits caused, it is recommended to start from the diet, such as drink millet gruel, etc.。  2, Yang Yang and people taking the crowd, there will be loss of appetite, stomach fullness, digestive dysfunction and other symptoms。
  Recommendation: Angelica ginger mutton boiled extremely weak effect on women significantly。  3, the fire fell in love with the crowd of people fall in love with fire if only donkey-hide gelatin, there will be virtual free fill of the situation, the fire will grow。
  Recommendation: do not eat chili lit up, down as beneficial can eat food, such as: liver, lotus seeds, mung beans, etc.。  4, the wound population gelatin is the blood, so if there is a wound can not eat immediately, wound scarring and the like, eat, or is not wound up junction。
  Recommendation: First, there is the wound of the crowd, not infected, do not touch water; once again, to avoid spicy, like dessert cakes also eat, do not eat things like hair like parsley, of course, do not drink the wine。  5, the body weight of the dampness population can be expressed as dry mouth bitter sticky, fatigue, dizziness or confused head, stomach swelling, bad feces, the most important is thick greasy tongue, white or yellow or。
  Recommendation: To moisture evil, first of all should be cereal-based diet, weight, eat more fruits and vegetables and potatoes, can often drink red bean porridge barley spleen dampness; secondly, the more physical the more lazy to move, in order to facilitate eliminate the wet evil; again, in moderation sweating, damp evil in order to give a way out。
  6, the body there is congestion crowd dark dark complexion, pigmentation, easy bruising, dark lips, tongue, tongue or with petechia, sublingual collaterals dark purple or thickening, pulse astringent。Menstruation women often poor, usually delayed, blood clots, stomach ache, color black, short time to be in the body and so on!  Recommendation: a small amount of drinking some red wine can be blood circulation, the other can eat hawthorn, leeks, brown sugar, vinegar and the like。
Eat some mushrooms, small kumquat, black fungus, ginger, carrot, safflower, apricot, cinnamon, prunes and other salty, drink some E-Jiao Mei take note: First, when the general amount of pharmaceutical gelatin 3?9 grams, should be taken before meals, the specific amount to be determined according to the individual physical condition。
  Second, because the relatively peaceful nature of the donkey-hide gelatin, and food and medicine, a tonic for steady long-term use, "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" there are donkey-hide gelatin "Jiufu light Qi," saying, so long as taking after feeling no obvious discomfort, perennial taking gelatin product is a good health habits。  Third, pay attention when taking donkey-hide gelatin, not to take a cold, do not drink tea at the same time with water and red radish。
  Fourth, such as by taking the amount of change occurs stop taking or reduction taking women during menstruation, according to decide whether to take the changes。
  Fifth, when drugs traits changed to prohibit taking。
  Six pregnant women, high blood pressure, diabetes taken under the guidance of the physician。

Experts: in June the central bank to raise interest rates is a rate things were expected to remain there about RRR operations during the year

In June the central bank will continue to follow a high probability the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, but the impact on the market or limited, need to focus on impact of financial market volatility may have on specific policies landing point in time。During the year there will still be expected to drop registration operation, the operation will continue while the MLF。  Recent policy intensive guidance to improve and increase the efficiency of the transmission mechanism of liquidity, liquidity delamination problem is more structural performance under the central bank "stress tests"。  With the new information management regulations, regulatory policies have been all kinds of floor for money market investment vehicles will have a structural impact。For interbank deposits, the term structure of expected future releases tilted to the accounting for three months or more, or take the period of interest rate spread; and bill business, the bill is not necessarily a "qualified high-quality liquid assets", but there is still room bill repo market。May 2018 maintained a reasonably stable liquidity, current market expectations for future monetary policy relatively optimistic。  Interest rates and RRR are available in June the central bank may still raise interest rates to follow。June 14 is about to announce the latest resolutions of the Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates, from the current market expectations the Federal Reserve and the CME observed, the Fed rate hike almost a foregone conclusion。I believe that China's central bank will still be a slight increase following the reverse repo rate, because the central bank has been explicitly mentioned in the May 11 release of "2018 first quarter monetary policy report" in the "since 2017, money market interest rates continued the interest rate is higher than the open market operations since 2018, despite the narrowing of spreads, but still not a small, open market operations and the interest rates can be further narrowed slightly upward both spreads and boosting interest rates on money market operations open conduction of market interest rates, but also conducive to the formation of market players expected a reasonable interest rate, financing constraints irrational behavior, the stability of the macro-leverage may play a role. "。While the medium and long term, structural policy shift to deleveraging, continued to tighten policy period has ended, liquidity is expected to generally stable; although the economy and corporate earnings may decline slightly, but will continue to optimize the economic structure, the risk will be stable release。Therefore, large changes in the external environment for China's capital market will not happen, basically have to continue stable operation of the power basis of structural deleveraging and development of direct financing。However, financial market volatility may affect the implementation of specific policies point in time。  During the year there will RRR operation。April 17, the central bank unexpectedly announced directional pay standards, and formally implemented in April 25。At the same time according to data released by the central bank official, since April 25, reducing the amount of funds directed at prospective release of 1.About 3 trillion yuan, of which 900 billion yuan for the replacement of MLF, 4000 Yiyuan release most of the remaining firms to the city and county non-agricultural firms, mainly used to serve small and micro business loans。Directional drop quasi similar operation will continue during the year。Reduce the cost of financing small and micro enterprises have been given specific timetable, to a certain extent with the need to drop the quasi-directional operation。Since late April, the frequent incidents of credit default market panic increased, the central bank has passed the daily operations to create a stable market liquidity conditions on the open market operations。On the one hand, a net funds rate coordination between the central and the month monthly credit debt financing: When credit debt financing more difficult, due to lower funds rate to create a favorable environment for the mobility issue credit debt。On the other hand, the central bank mainly through the daily open market operations to ensure reasonable and stable liquidity: When the funds rate up significantly, reverse repo net amount invested will enlarge; on the contrary, part of the funds from the market return。But at the necessary time, if the "wave of defaults" is expected to bring over systemic risk, the central bank may also help lower quasi stronger policy tools to ensure the stability of the market。Moreover, from the point of view MLF replacement, according to the information the central bank's official website announced June 1, even considering 900 billion yuan MLF has completed the replacement of the remaining stock of MLF still have 4.017 trillion yuan。In the process of transformation of the way the central bank base money, it may also be partially replaced by MLF quasi-way directional drop, thereby reducing dependence on financial institutions for the financing of wholesale。MLF will continue to operate, but does not affect the operation of RRR。But concern is that the need for both the amount of (interim funding gap supplement), or in terms of price (mid-term policy rates) point of view, MLF has its existence, the future will continue operating MLF。  Smooth flow stratification leading questions marginal improvement in liquidity transmission mechanism, under the stress test will show。Since 2018, not including the April-than-expected tense period of time, in fact hierarchical mobility problems compared to 2017, there have been marginal improvement。The rapid surge in April spreads are actually layered structural funds rate seen in the central bank "stress tests": appears to have had no prominent stratification liquidity problems at the time of tightening the money again exposure to non-default silver as the main institutions。When the interest rate market funds tight, the vulnerability of highly leveraged institutions are also the strongest, natural easily lead to huge differences in the cost of capital。  Policy guidance liquidity smoother transmission mechanism。This year to ease the liquidity problems of layered what is temporary, or policy level guidance trend?I believe that the greater probability of the latter。First, according to the central bank's official website news, in March 2018, the central bank introduced a new dealer Evaluation Index System open market operations primary, in which respect for the investigation, "the transmission of monetary policy" including the "Liquidity stratification conduction situation." the evaluation indicators, designed to ensure greater inter-agency mobility conduction efficiency。Secondly, May 26, silver China Insurance Regulatory Commission officially issued "commercial bank liquidity risk management approach" (hereinafter referred to as "new liquidity rules")。Among them, the liquidity matching ratio (LMR) of the "weighted funds" item (denominator) in comparison to the draft released in December last year, will be less than seven days out of short-term interbank financing (including deposit within 7 days industry, placements with banks and reverse repurchase agreements of) the discount rate to 0%, update the content can help organizations liquidity matching rate of compliance。More importantly, such a provision will help ease liquidity problems among financial institutions stratification, and thus play a role in stabilizing markets, to ensure the smooth conduct of inter-agency mobility。  Differentiation between market investment vehicles and related business money April 27, "information management new rules" after landing, related regulatory policies and rules have been put forward for the future of this money market investment vehicles and related business will generate structural influences。Specifically: first, NCD issued for a period preferences or lengthen the term spreads are expected to widen。Has been six months and three months period NCD maintained at a relatively low interest rate, cross-quarter point in time there will be significant upside down。But with the formal implementation of the new liquidity rules, although a limited impact in the short term, but long-term issue such a structure may change。This means that if the need to improve the liquidity index matching rate, it must be issued at least three months varieties。After the pre-draft introduced, the market view that liquidity matching rate is one of the larger standard indicators difficulty, because of this, this transition period will LMR formal draft of the new regulations liquidity extended to January 1, 2020 day, before being used as monitoring indicators。Therefore, the margin point of view, in order to standards, the term structure of future NCD issue will gradually increase the proportion of six months, corresponding to the issue of interest rates or the term spreads widened NCD。  Second, the bill is not necessarily a "qualified high-quality liquid assets", but there is still room bill repo market。  Bills not necessarily be "qualified high-quality liquid assets"。The adequacy assessment for the liquidity coverage ratio 200 billion yuan more than the size of the bank, as well as high-quality liquid assets 200 billion yuan or less the size of the bank's assessment, the first step are qualified high-quality liquid assets identified。Under supervision of qualified high-quality liquid assets and assets of an asset two configuration, wherein two of the assets and the assets 2A and 2B constituting assets。A principal assets include cash, central bank reserves and other sovereign debt and central bank bonds, notes do not belong to the category。2A, at stated the assets, the explicit reference to "final repayment obligations not borne by the financial institution or its affiliates."。In the paper market structure of China among the major bank commercial paper acceptances based, which means hidden behind a bank credit, it can not be incorporated into the corresponding assets 2A。But some commercial paper, can refer to requirements "corporate bonds and covered bonds", and was included in 2A or 2B qualified high-quality liquid assets。Figure 2A to assets, for example, commercial paper to meet the following conditions or can be incorporated 2A assets: first, not issued by a financial institution or its subsidiary bodies corporate bonds; second, not issued by the Bank or its affiliates guarantee bonds; third, long-term credit rating given by qualified external credit rating agency recognized by the banking regulatory agency at least AA-; or if the lack of long-term credit ratings, have the same short-term credit rating; or lack of external credit ratings when, according to the same probability of default and the external credit rating of AA- more than the corresponding probability of default derived from the bank's internal credit rating and; fourth, in large scale, with market depth, trading activity and low concentration of market trading; fifth, history records show that in a market stress scenario is still a reliable source of liquidity, in severe liquidity pressure period, the bonds within 30 days prices fell more than 10% increase in the discount rate or repo no more than 10 percentage points。  Thus, the conditions are relatively stringent, requiring strong liquidity, not all could be included in commercial paper 2A qualified high-quality liquid assets。Overall, not all bills can be included in a qualified high-quality liquid assets category。  Notes repurchase is still room。In the calculation of the liquidity coverage ratio illustrates part of the transaction, in particular the emphasis on "qualified high-quality liquid assets arrived (pledged) financing transactions (such as repurchase) provided to the counterparty should be deducted from the molecular portion" of a portion of the bill can not be included in a qualified high-quality liquid assets does not mean that entirely a bad thing, but will help to improve the bill repo market activity, pledged bills can not be deducted from a molecule, it helps to improve indicators。  (Ho Jin-Jin Department of Industrial Research Fellow, Department of Industrial Bank Lu political commissar, Huafu Securities chief economist) Related reports

Hilton customer credit card information was hacked or stolen | credit card | hacker attacks

  United States Hilton hotel chain giant said the 24th, part of the point of sale computer system attacked by hackers, who try to steal information via malicious software。
  Hilton did not say whether the data was leaked, it is recommended that any and customers between April 21, 2015 to July 27 date in Hilton hotels worldwide credit card in 2014 November 18 to December 5 pay attention to their credit card or borrow note card account if there is unusual activity。   Hilton Hotels Corporation announced that hackers use malicious code intrusion hotel registration system, steal information may include the cardholder's name, card number, expiration date and password。
Allegedly, the hackers did not get the customer's address or ID number。
  Hilton is not the only target for hackers。 About 4 days ago, owns brands such as Sheraton and Westin hotels Starwood Hotels Group, said hackers attacked some of the hotel's payment systems, may steal customer credit card information。 Forensic experts confirmed after investigation, found that malicious software in the hotel's restaurants, gift shops and other points of sale computer system。 Trump Hotel Group have a similar burst of hacker attacks。   Expert network threats Brian Krebs said, these are only part of a series of hacking incidents and steal credit card information for hotel brands, restaurants and retail stores。 He believes that one cause of these problems is that American action in the payment card magnetic stripe replaced with more secure encryption chips too slow。 (Liliang Yong)。

Folliculitis of the onset of symptoms, what does?What is the performance of early folliculitis?

Folliculitis is a relatively common skin disease in daily life disease, mostly due to the early onset of pruritus caused, mainly in the scalp, limbs and other parts, not only affects the appearance of the patient, for the patient's daily life also have an impact。
So, folliculitis specific initial symptoms, what does we take a brief look。
Folliculitis folliculitis early onset symptoms when the disease mostly occur in batches, it manifested as red papules enrichment, after the rapid development into a papular abscess, which shows dry skin lesion scab, scab off after but not leaving no trace。
General disease 5?7 days can be dissipated cure, but some patients tend to stretch the course of several weeks to several months, or even longer some。
Specific features of the disease: 1, local lesions redness, swelling, heat, pain summary, a circular cone, the continued development of inflammation, nodules increases, increased pain。
2, there will be a future incidence abscess, induration softened, pain relief, most self-rupture central pus, pus discharge, inflammation subsided and recovery。
3, if the patient's blood flow occurred in the rich area, and when the body resistance weakened, can cause discomfort, chills, fever, headache and anorexia and other symptoms of sepsis。
4, the part will appear serious facial swelling, may be associated with chills, fever, headache and other infectious cavernous sinus thrombosis。
Notes 1 scalp folliculitis, try to wash with water activity hair, dirt and water pressure will make the hair follicle squeezed out, and must be completely clean, do not leave sticky substance。2, do not like hair conditioner to the scalp, try to cut touch, containing moist on dry hair used, the shape of goods, commodities must identify scalp care and hair care goods。3, if there is pain and itching of the scalp pustule that inflammation of hair follicles performance, remember not hand to scratch。
Measures have to co-ordinate treatment table, a number of topical anti-inflammatory ointment to the affected area, a thin layer can, connotation adhere to light diet, do not eat a heavy emphasis on taste things may be appropriate to make up for some vitamins。related suggestion。

How to eat lunch with the best nutrition so

How can I eat lunch nutrition lunch I believe many people are very familiar with, because no time to cook can eat lunch, but because of convenience, often neglect their own health, then how can we eat lunch together and nutritious lunch to see small series how to eat nutritious introduce it!How can I eat lunch nutrition cabbage stew frozen tofu materials cabbage, mushrooms, noodles, onion ginger garlic, salt, pepper noodles。
Practice 1.Wash the cabbage leaves separated from the outer leaves, and cut, washed and shredded fungus, fans cold water soak。
2.Wok put the oil, put onion ginger garlic until fragrant, put cabbage silk, silk fungus fried pour heated water, put frozen tofu, cover the lid, turn a small fire to boil and simmer 10 minutes。 3.In addition cabbage leaves filaments, fans, salt, pepper surface, cover, stew 3?4 minutes on it, pan sprinkle with green onion and red pepper rings。
Maize burning material ribs ribs 300 grams, 2 corn, oil amount, amount of salt, ginger amount, amount of onion, crystal sugar, soy sauce amount, amount of wine, amount anise, cinnamon amount, peanuts 1。
How can I eat lunch nutrition practice 1.Prepared food。
2.Corn cut into pieces, ribs cut into pieces, light blue and cut into sections, ginger slices。
3.Half pot of water into a small pot, into the ribs, add ginger, Linru amount wine, cover, after bleeding boiled water, remove。 4.Into the oil pan, add two spoonfuls of sugar, fry until melted down into the ribs, the stir the fragrance, into the amount of water, preferably flush with the ribs。

TCM analysis of causes of nocturnal emission wet dream of what prescription

Analysis of the cause of Chinese medicine, nocturnal emission is most guys have experienced things that a lot of people just the beginning very shy embarrassed to say, the cause of Chinese medicine analysis of semen which together with the small series to see traditional Chinese medicine cause of semen analysis the introduction of it!Etiology emission TCM 1, where Auntie too emotional disorders, too much trouble, the heart yang alone Kang, Yin heart is burning, Firelight can not pay under the kidney, renal water can not be on the economy in mind, heart and kidney do not pay , water loss Huo, fine disturbance emission chamber。
In addition there thinking too much, injury Heart, leading to temper subsidence, refined gas is not taken, resulting in emission。
2, fail desire young and fit, in the situation moving, heart or crushes, desired fail, or long Masao Kuang, smoothies lust, Jieling heart Shenyao, Huo Jun phase, and emission chamber disturbed fine。
3, wine Atsumi improper diet, spleen injury, endogenous heat, Yun and heat, heat refined chamber disturbance or depression in the liver and gallbladder, force can be caused by emission fine tumble。 4, hither and indulgence TCM emission analysis of causes of youth early marriage, excessive sexual intercourse, or juvenile ignorance, frequent masturbation, drunk into the room or rooms, excessive indulgence, day off on kidney essence, or with fine room fire disturbances, kidney or not is the Gujing into a nocturnal emission。 Pathological nature pathogenesis of emission are not the actual situation, and more false is mixed。 Due to the phase Huo Jun, damp, disturbed fine room, fine off Without a solid and left were mostly true; kidney loss, sealing possession of dereliction of duty, fine off Without a solid and vent are mostly false。 Because in the beginning and more Huo, hot and humid, evidence-based, chronic illness with the fire, heat burns yin, kidney yin deficiency caused, even sinister and yang from yin and yang, kidney failure and other exhausted deficiency。
Wang and often appear in the pathological process of evolution, Yin heat and other evidence of the actual situation inclusions。

Belated dream

My heart has a dream, like a first beautiful tune, often at night after falling clouds, the moonlight gently bounce, knocking the story of youth——    Fourteen years ago, it was an autumn night, going to night classes at the school, I did not rush back to the bedroom, but did not move the original sit, come up with borrowed "pop" book, copying Angus Tung's "stay the root live ", a burning passion but sentimental songs, very touching, moving plume of heart and soul, is also the reason the three places of popular song at the time。    After that, I was just taking the other side of the dormitory touching songs floated, walk the stairs, gradually drifted to listen, really, "I love" feeling:“My dreams have a lock, my heart is a river, waiting for someone to open the crossing was……Under the Moon came alone to meet the old place, lost in the cloud of dust speckled with spit, perhaps only one person can understand it all……”Singing detail, crisp and Yue Yuen, meaning thread floating in the air, as if the flower appointments, and so on, said the pace to stay, afraid after a“Florescence”; Pleases, it seems to have faded music, singing in vain。    I went to the first floor door was heard behind“Fellow”He stopped, looking back look, turned out to be“Ame”,she says:“Fellow!Someone looking for you, we are here for a moment, you see, she would go first, and told me to tell you……”We passed through the forest, side by side forward, the path whisper, went to the dormitory, though I ask her, in the end who is looking for me, but she said are some of the riddles, like a couplet like, with the Union is no second line。    Under the playground slowly, until Huai month, villagers said:“You wait a minute, I went to the bedroom to call her……”Heart guess and wait for a short stay, as if we should be immediate。Soon,“Boom, boom, boom”, Both the sound of shoes through the playground, playing music to my ears, constantly sucking guess the mind, unaware of the shadow of oblique light elongated pull short, one high and one low, decreasing the distance。I step around the place, a circle, a vague, a little early to judge, walking in front of that girl must be her。That's when the new school, and in recognition of the villagers have to know her, and“Ame”The same bedroom……Near to the eyes, it is true。    I played hello, solidification silence, bowed his head, blushing either on the face, blossoming lotus in full bloom, burning autumn leaves。While, by the dim light I sneak into each other in shallow feeling reflected in the glow of the rising sun is like。    I think, just between us understanding each other, usually no exchanges, in the end I have to find something?Silence echoed in the moonlight, waiting and retreat mutual embarrassment, hoping to break the silence……Villagers have already seen, so the first to say:“You go away for a while, and I back to the bedroom doing homework。”I asked her to go all the way, but she……    Rabbit tie word, poetry red autumn。Our small step breezes whisk hand Salvinia implied, from the gate, into the long asphalt road, quiet put any yellow leaves Scholar, slowly move behind the falls silent, as if pedestrians can not find the shoulder, it makes Yiyi docking。At this point, all I guess, like a spring of water, some tide rush and panic, just keep moving slowly walked aimlessly, good body uncomfortable……When approached the door of a restaurant, I was suddenly the wall lamp, locked the pace of progress, asked her to prepare supper。    The supper table, I did not sit down quietly, from the base three or four times, and that less than three feet of the desktop, like a huge arena, the next step will be how to make moves, is really no way to call the shots。I picked up rice, without any explanation, a trip to the effort to eat soup is not left, so he stood in the doorway waiting, listening to TV to sing Mao Amin "desire" theme song, under heavy idea, I do not know but it is now deliberately stepped on, let panic into blame, secretly, said:“Before you say something to me, now, why do not you say, do not lie to me?”    On the way back, I fell on her back, and a half words do not say, hoping she could tell me——what is the problem?But until into the school, or no words, simply leisurely pace of the foot, and white once again distant from each other, so that through the moonlight between acacia trees, shed silent tell——Although Salvinia autumn when the river to spend the non-fishing boat, moon phases send affectionate bitter, Chang E down to earth who know?Hydrangea roll chrysanthemum, red Ye Langtao in just one night, moonlight fade in my heart, I disappear in the late love。    The following year, I will face graduation。Previously, the school gave each made a message book, she wrote me above this message:“——Hello, Friend!Jinjiang sky blue, warm love, this acquaintance, a lifetime。You know, my life's honor and happiness of my life。Normally, I would like to hear you speak, and you that sweet smile, a intoxicating words, a beautiful note, in my heart filled with towering waves, all the happiness and joy, all sweetness and longing It can only be turned into a dream of the future!Last year, the ripples of moonlight night, you accompany me with silence, they walked together for a long walk, then I never want to moonlight shining on me, and do not change the foot of the far away, go on unlimited……At that time, I would like to express their heart, but has the courage……Later, I returned to the bedroom, middle of the night without sleep, let the silence centrifugal distance between us。Gambhir moon, autumn laugh, but it is unclaimed, maybe not fate between us, I wish you only the future brilliant career, love, sweet, happy family!”    The day before leaving school at night, since I was busy cleaning days, lying on the bed, inadvertently turn her message, repeated a closer look, and suddenly is——Last year, in the moonlight night, she said something to me, it seems, really do not lie to me, do not blame me understand the meaning of which, has allowed a“Single thought”Appointments, turned into love regrets。    At that time, I was very excited, immediately stood up, think back to the past, many ran to tell her apology, confession enjoy themselves, they unconsciously went to the window, look at it, but the hour is late I only dissolved in the thick darkness, try to fly all the emotions, the imagination constantly dormitory floor, imagine that night, imagine……Since then, I regret it is repeated, they blame themselves for not seize the opportunity, remember that moonlight night of regret, and I blame her——How do you say that earlier, actually I always thought you……Even for a long time still blame you, you said something to me, but clearly nothing……Now I understand, it was a test of love, how do you use this way to test me?I managed to get anything, turned out to be“Zero”You let me“Makeup examination”It?Now I know the answer, be sure to test ninety eight and 99 percent, even out, OK?So one night turn test, the test has to dawn, the train finally admitted to leaving campus。    Later, I returned to my home to work, my heart is always hard to forget that moonlit night, every moonlit night comes, I will think of her, go look she gave me a message, one secondary, always want the heads off on a journey, Fen Swagger hoof recover once lost, but it was so far away from the road, from where to start?As it is often said:“Love is talking to, not want to come。”Now, even if sincere send away, too far from reality, to mention only a moonlight night, but sometimes I think maybe she hates me understand her heart……As a result, that original blame for the gradual understanding and loving thoughts, thought to want to, empty pigeon flying south, year after year elapsed time, diffuse set for the diary of the soul, go postal“Single Love”Spring breeze, look at the message, unfortunately, had, felt——No one knows Huai autumn fall, led by a month do not ever recall。    In the living green bitter water, on the road twists and turns of love, often frustrated mood, inevitably return to the past under the moonlight, followed by read her message, no people looking, thinking there next month, but for the breeze again Send a miss and blessing!    2006 spring because the network connection, inadvertently in the vast network of sea met her, and suddenly I could not suppress his excitement, opened QQ chat day, she said:“Why do after leaving school, not even a written reply?In fact, I've been waiting for you, so you nearly two years, but a long wait but it is no news, joking flower disabled……”Really!Do not say no regret, getting more and more regret, a regret then regret, measures miss, left a dream come——Yi month old Salvinia fly, Wanxiang now leaves the keyboard; water is difficult to drip off flower language, a character asks the hearts of the Spring and Autumn things。I worked tirelessly successive nights, they made fourteen spring and thoughts of beating, with full a week, only to a spiritual diary thick copy finished, packaged mail in the past。After she received, give me a reply, wrote a letter at the end of——    Brother; thank you for the many years I wrote a diary, this is a belated dream!    July 15, 2006 in Xiaojing

Why China valued G20 anti-corruption international cooperation?

Reading on the previous G20 summit, China to strengthen international cooperation against corruption from behind, to actively promote substantive cooperation, contribute to the gradual cooperation, "China Program" for the international anti-corruption。
Why is so dear to international cooperation against corruption G20?Southern reporter learned that, not only because of corruption directly affects economic development, corruption has become a national "public enemy", but also with the problems facing China's current anti-corruption has a direct relationship。
One hundred personnel through red Qi Cheng fled to 85% G20 G20 countries, although only 20 member states, but the population in 20 countries thirds of the world's population, accounts for the total GDP of global GDP。
Beijing Normal University Professor Huang Feng told reporters the South, due to the G20 countries, most developed countries, economic conditions, the natural environment is better, with a strong appeal from the perspective of overseas migration。
At the same time, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries in a relatively relaxed immigration policy, there are some countries for investment immigration policies, many flight personnel also like to take this "shortcut" escaped and fled overseas, "flight staff also valued in the fight against Chinese judiciary pursuit, repatriation request, these countries can make use of a number of legal provisions 'account for cheap'。
"Last year Interpol China National Central Bureau focused to the public of 'one hundred personnel through red' for the analysis of samples run, 100 flight personnel 76 people fled from G20 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.。
Data show that one hundred workers in red on the United States as a 40-person flight destinations to Canada as the destination of 26 people to Australia as a destination of 10 people。
Overseas pursuit Dilemma need multilateral cooperation due to the different national judicial systems, it is difficult to sign extradition agreements with the reasons for all countries, China in pursuit stolen goods abroad also faced practical difficulties。 After last year's "100 red links" list published, there are already 33 people have been recovered, 20 of whom are recovering from G20 countries。 Has not yet recovered 67 flight personnel, 50 people are still hiding in G20 countries。
This means that in the next overseas in pursuit of stolen goods, with the crucial G20 countries to work together, China actively with other countries in urgent need to conclude treaties on extradition, mutual legal assistance treaty simultaneously and broaden multilateral cooperation channels。
Huang Feng told reporters the South, to countries that have not concluded an extradition treaty, in the cross-border pursuit, with the relevant provisions of international multilateral channels of cooperation concluded will also play a role。 In addition, co-sanctioned multinational promote a particular principle in international multilateral cooperation, then continue to refine between the two countries under the principles of cooperation, the establishment of relevant cooperation mechanism, is also very helpful for。
Chinese People's Public Security University Law School professor Zhijun also suspect fled Jian-Jun Qiao and his ex-wife sued the US Justice Department's case is an example: According to the indictment is "United Nations Convention against Corruption," with China and the US is a party to the Convention, in China international criminal case raised a request for assistance to the United States, the United States must fulfill its treaty obligations。 G20 anti-corruption international cooperation to "pragmatic" and the birth of "G20" was first used to solve the international economic development issues。
Discussion on development issues in the economy, the problems related to corruption go hand in hand: 2008 subprime crisis, when the first meeting of the Group of 20 summit, will "promote financial market integrity, preventing illegal market manipulation and deceit and power Summit Declaration written abuse "and so on。 Thereafter, the international anti-corruption cooperation under the framework of the G20, a step toward "pragmatic"。
Pittsburgh Summit held in mid-2009, began to be devoted to the issue of anti-corruption; decided to set up anti-corruption working group is committed to international cooperation on anti-corruption summit in Toronto in 2010, anti-corruption supervision of the operations of the G20 member states。
The landmark 2014 summit, approved by mid-2015 to 2016 anti-corruption action plan, agreed to build a network of anti-corruption cooperation within the framework of the G20, the return of corrupt assets among members, refused to provide harbor avoid sin as corrupt officials。
Step by step progression of the G20 in the international anti-corruption cooperation, Chahar Institute researcher and static observation Jun believes that together form the G20, so that the group had previously been known as "asylum paradise" feel to some extent the Member States recognized that "collective action" against corruption of the importance and effectiveness of pressure, an increasing number of Member States。
With awareness, G20 anti-corruption collective action from the original mainly for corporate crime, access to domestic and cross-border anti-economic crime in all its forms, and to carry out the greatest degree of cooperation in the pursuit of concerted action of stolen goods。
Written: Southern Reporter intern Cheng Shu Wen Nan Qin Yujie off (except for signature outside)。

Massage adaptation and contraindications take you through massage

(5) patients with bleeding tendency or blood diseases may cause local subcutaneous bleeding, it is not appropriate massage therapy。 (6) applied in part to avoid damage approach。
However, light is applied around the bedsore techniques improve local blood circulation, ischemic necrosis of the wound can heal gradually。
It was accidentally discovered in the 1970s when treating patients with traumatic paraplegia。 (7) more than 3 months pregnant woman's abdomen, buttocks, lumbosacral region, in order to prevent, should not be applied to the way in these parts。
(8) should not massage therapy when the patient or psychological stress。
Massage is not suitable for people to follow health massage is increasingly becoming a fashion, wrong patients with massage and disease is also increasing, and some sprained foot, and some pain worse, some even paralysis。 Experts point out that if there is a certain first to the hospital treatment, rather than blindly thinking "relax" in the massage room。
Massage trick health massage conform crowd。
You can go to massage tired muscles corrupt, but there are some cases of inappropriate massage。 ,, such as severe osteoporosis patients, skin diseases, infectious diseases are not appropriate to do the trick massage massage。 If the neck pain, massage should select stable, preferably holding the X-ray doctor to massage created in the future, then the received massage。 Do not fed, do massage massage trick when hunger。 The elderly, the infirm children, women best not to massage。
Adaptation and contraindications of massage massage severity varies。 At the moment many people to massage a misunderstanding: the better the more severe consequences that efforts。 It Otherwise, the massage shall be feel a little sore, but the full strength may be the best time to suffer, do not feel palpitation, dizziness, nausea, etc.。
Especially for heart disease, high blood pressure patients, but also may be due to massage spend large force caused by disease recurrence。 Manipulation requirements。