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  [Okay not washing powder?Really rude front]
  [Blue butterfly is not dedicated to the female officer who on television make-up of the national team makeup artist yet????]
  [I go I go I go!!!!!!]
  [You say this, really ah!!!!!!]
  【My goodness!!!!!]
  [Stylist is so small fairy goddess Queen stylist????]
  [This fact is really shocking to me!!!!]
  [Palace of Eternal Youth in the end what is backing ah?]
  [Really no one would dare to talk about it?Insider simmering it so, it is interesting?]

Chapter 215 Beauty
  Particularly interesting it ~~~~~ []
  [Front like Miu Miu trumpet.]
  [Blue butterfly in colorful Chardonnay?The amount of information a big ah.]
  ”So Lan teacher popularity so high, ah, I said why she has not let me live it she gave me makeup.It was only me that good looking and high degree of difficulty, in order to please the dynamic Lan teacher ah? ~ ~ ~ “Lu seventy-one be little blue butterfly child face, honest,” having said that, this sublease, in fact, I thought, but because this is entirely personal behavior, I have no way to prevent it , but the good news is that when cattle account owner, not two hands.Sublet money to help the owner of the account is good.”
  Lu seventy-one Speaking of which, naughty pick pick brow, “Do you think I had any brains would be so?Oh Oh, God punished the horse, not my kind of

It is good for me?”

  ”In fact, I am very grateful aunt.”
  Yang Wei softly: “She put my early training as it is today, has given me the ability to choose life.I’m glad to help you do, do not feel their hard work.If one day I can not do anything, only anxious to tears when you crash, I will feel particularly sad.”
  Song Zhe, sighed: “You have to value your life.”
  She paid so much, she was all the way to learn, struggle, effort, only to never marry a man.
  She was for myself, not for an individual.Who she does not need her hold up one day, she is one day.
  When love to her and complement each other, love can leave her windward independent.
  ”But I always thought, everything I can do the best for you.”Song Zhe smiled,” not because I think you can not, you are the possessor, but I hope you all your life can smoothly, there is no need to worry about where the worries.”
  Collins drove in front of some did not go, interrupted them and said: “Sir, you do not want to sleep, then, on the home.”
  Gao Lin also realized, Yang Wei little embarrassed, but it is not half Song Zhe

These little sheep constellation women love male chauvinism best.

Male chauvinism is not welcome in a modern society that emphasizes equality between men and women. However, it is these little sheep constellation women who love male chauvinism most. How powerful is male chauvinism? Leo female lion is a seemingly awe-inspiring but actually a gentle big meow meow. As long as they grasp the point of meow meow, they are very easy to coax. The inner softness of the lion female needs a strong backing beside her. The lion female can firmly rely on the lion female when she unloads the bravado Behind the Mask. The queen is also tired, not to mention the powerful lion female?   The libra girl, who is tangled and tangled by the libra woman, is due to her inner fear of imperfection. The libra woman who can’t make a decision how much she wants a strong boy to make a decision for herself, so she can get rid of allodoxaphobia. It’s amazing. Male chauvinism in the eyes of the libra woman is completely the embodiment of Boyfriend force.!   The Pisces woman said that the Pisces woman is a little girl who hopes she will never grow up. No one will object, will they? Pisces women are eager to be held in the palm of their other half, inside, so they will also be brothers and sisters. The protection of male chauvinism makes Pisces women feel completely safe. They like male chauvinism.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Who is the hardest of the twelve constellations?? Who is the softest?

The twelve constellations differ greatly in personality, some are strong and some are like soft persimmons.. So who is the softest of the twelve constellations?? Let’s have a look!   Top 12: Leo big lion’s violent temper is not soft at all. the lion’s temper is very hard. don’t think the lion is a good-natured master. if you accidentally offend Leo, the lion will not let you go easily..   TOP11: Aries is also an impetuous person. Any emotion will be shown directly and will not suppress his temper at all.. Once there is a conflict with Aries, Aries can say anything ugly..   Top 10: Scorpio in Scorpio Tsundere is not a troublesome person either. Everyone knows Scorpio people hold grudges, so be careful. If you do anything wrong to Scorpio, you must admit your mistake earlier, otherwise Scorpio will not let you go..   TOP9: Sagittarius Sagittarius has a good temper. He is careless and doesn’t take anything to heart. He is a kind of person who is easy to talk about. If he has anything to say, he will have no problem..   TOP8: Virgo’s temperament is very strong. Virgo often detours himself into a dead end, inside. When others want to take him out, he still cannot come out, as if the whole world is enemies with him..   TOP7: Gemini Gemini’s character is changeable, sometimes soft and sometimes hard, and his temper depends entirely on Gemini’s mood at that time. As long as Gemini is in a good mood, it is easy to talk. A bad mood is a time bomb..   TOP6: Aquarius is a relatively easy-going constellation. Most of them like to immerse themselves in their own world, inside. No matter what happens outside depoliticization, Aquarius does not bother to compete with anyone, because none of you can take it away, and it is useless not to rob you..   TOP5: Capricorn looks like a kind of person with a good temper and tolerable. Capricorn really knows how to control his emotions all the time, but Capricorn also has something he insists on, which cannot be compromised..   TOP4: Taurus honest Taurus has a bull temper, stubborn is a little stubborn, but usually small things are mainly soft, as long as you don’t take advantage of him, Taurus are easy to talk about, there will be no opinion.   TOP3: Libra belongs to the people of peace star, and its greatest wish is world peace. If there is any dispute or contradiction, Libra will only get things done hastily, and it doesn’t matter to eat some losses..   TOP2: Pisces Soft Pisces speaks softly, has a soft voice, and has a soft character. Pisces people are made of water. They are gentle like water and have a kind heart, just like a little angel..   TOP1: Cancer’s character is as soft as water. The universe is unbeatable and extremely accommodating. Cancer will help others when they are in trouble. Cancer will unconditionally forgive others for what they have done wrong.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Yan’er fly

From school to school to work, from the countryside to the city, along the way, I met with many people in the name of “Yan” word.But I never put him (her) who is associated with the natural world swallows flying south, heading north of.Yesterday a 5 years did not meet, called “Chunyan” female colleagues suddenly gave me the phone: “Brother, my family Xiaoyan Offer, and the commentary on the national level actors!”Xiaoyan was her only daughter, she had a gift for singing since childhood.She is daughter to create the best conditions for art, or the best voice teacher tutoring, learning to famous art college, was hired after graduation successfully City Song and Dance Ensemble.However, hope that their daughter to become a mainstay of the regiment have been slow to realize the aspirations.For this reason she moved to her city of residence.  She waited for five years, finally got his wish, phone her joy was palpable.I could not help but heart is warm gush of emotion.I suddenly realized that our nation for generations to why the children like to use named “Yan” word.In fact, one of many virtues, can be found in small swallows him.  As a child, I learned first children’s songs is “Yan’er fly”.”Little Swallow really smart, pointed tails like scissors, flying mud to build nests, whisper whisper singing a new tune.”How many years have passed, but this song always linger in my heart.  Swallow life in the fly, fly, is it life is the most backbreaking work.In the tireless flight, swallow thrive achieved great mission.  Spring Swallows year to the second great migration, the Northeast home of the swallows fly the farthest distance, harder.Winter to Guangxi, Yunnan, Taiwan, Hainan and other provinces in the tropics, and even Southeast Asia, Oceania winter, spring and then return to the northeast, thousands of miles distant, all the way thousands of miles, risky.It is different from the large-bodied, long wings, migratory birds fly high, fly during the day, rest at night.Its small size, fly low, in order to avoid predators, but to rest during the day foraging, migratory flight night.Although there is no sun to navigate at night, can not see the ground reference identify the direction, swallows still accurately return home, find the time to leave their “old home”.  Swallows flying north, all the way around to bring the breath of spring, it passes through Liu Di, bare swaying willow, will soon be out of light yellow buds, making Tsui Liu Ruyan; it swept wilderness, wilderness will wheat roll, boundless expanse of blue; it flew over the river, it will thaw the frozen river, gurgling streams sang a cheerful song; it flew back to the farm, one of the allotment will drive away the winter chill, imbued with spring the bright.A more vigorous Hiei, he heard the sound of singing whisper, bringing bursts of laughter, sent a warm Unit.A vibrant, beautiful picture of spring, but it was beautiful swallow one go.”How beautiful the spring was as promised, only swallow clever tailoring”.  Swallow is a hard-working, intelligent architect.It was built nest material is mud with disabilities, after selected nest site, the couple began a pair of swallows build their small homes.With the mouth title to the mud with disabilities, with spittle and good, bit by bit to Dali base.Po Chu in his “Spring Lake Qiantang line” in this way to praise swallow: “Orioles fight back warm tree, Yan someone new pecking Chun Ni.”How many a mouth mud nest need, how much the couple swallows fly trip, we can not know, that spirit alone is enough to make people move.  Swallows are loving parents.After completion love nest, they began having children complete given the nature of the sacred mission.After Yan female egg, wings flip on time every day with, and used his body to warm eggs.Xiong Yan availed stood sentry beside it, for it sent confidence and encouragement.When the female Yan hungry or too tired, the male Yan will not hesitate to jump into the love nest, hatch duty on its behalf.Yan then hand it over to glimpse female sentimental, look at the activities aching body, then shook the wings to go into the fields to feed.After careful hatch dozens of days and nights, finally swallow pecking broken eggshell born.Swallow born just two bare red and tender body, open mouth, twitter barking.Children cry vexation parents happy, they busy in the fields all day shuttle camel pond, capture mosquitoes feed children.Under the meticulous care of their parents, little Swallow grew up, who is also covered with beautiful feathers.At this time, parents with children who will fly out of the nest, to teach them how to feed, how to leap mountains, snow how to fight, ready to take them to the southern wintering.Swallow Aiko heart, how inferior human parents!  Wear light swallows flying posture, which makes clear implication in another life, all its praise, that is, with love and joyous, as between heaven and earth to stay peaceful picture depicting reproduction of the original life of this world and really pure rhythm!  Chunyan received a phone of the moment, actually reminds me of the significance of the flight of birds.In fact, human beings, so, too?Those figures come and gone, those who throw home unemployed parents to read with their children around, those exhausting, into the city for the children of married parents to buy property., Not that migratory swallow, juggling, paving the way for the well-being of their children, for the pursuit of new hope, no regrets, in fighting wind and rain, will you brave front!


In the northwest desert country, rapids, canyons, ravine, adult drought, the sun has scorched, raging winds of frost, but it can splendens lives in these formidable wild, barren place with lush grow in bunches, Li Ting clusters, branches Jian Ye soft, open a string of fine spikes of purple flowers seem beautiful and pure, like one neotenous children so adorable.It simply does not care about the growth in harsh environments, posture-soft swaying in the wind, I really like trained dancers, regardless of the length of their own lives, the bright green foliage dotted with secluded mountain wasteland, for food grass animal sacrifice a rich food.    In the ancient Gobi desert south of Xinjiang, in the north, a heart splendens, arm in arm, hand in hand, to grow luxuriantly, presented to the green wilderness, making it a piece of vitality oasis, which is natural pasture, pastoralists raise livestock and wild animals living in the park, however, the first human in our beautiful oasis, but was greedy people blindly reclamation into farmland, poor splendens is dig out the roots, it was on fire, was Tanabe pushed to the edge of a farm, the body buried deep in the earth, can not see the light of day.But the fearless splendens, before long, they must firmly grasp the root of the soil and sprout new seedlings sprout, then grow into Zhu Zhu, bunches lonely figure, still live so proudly, beautiful.It slender body anemia, although the loss of the same kind of pull guard, shivering in the gusts, but quietly endured the wilderness of purgatory.    It stared resolutely want to live a poor attitude about it and lovely style, so I think the desire of all creatures to survive, it is hard to come by in this life.Only experienced wind snow and rain, day and night of Uplifting, will have a calm, brilliant, it is no longer the desolate wilderness, silence.    Splendens being abandoned to the bad situation in which relentlessly tenacious struggle, which allow themselves to be a strong ideal suitor, let yourself become a wonderful and rare herbs in a dream, Razor be honored to dedicate a nature unique charm of romantic poetry.In the dream it when pondering the family together thriving, bustling, how it wants to be able to restore the original scene, do not abide by the old belief.    Life Cantabile.In that particular era ridiculous, I was forced to the border, and finally settled in an oasis south of the Tianshan Mountains, this oasis is almost entirely made up splendens, lush splendens that covers hundreds of square kilometers of natural pasture, into millions of cattle and sheep on the group to splendens staple food, but Biaofeitizhuang each of the animals, and I Mongolian friend riding a tall horse, come and go every day in the vast grazing splendens, I fell in love with that magnificent scenery.But now no longer see splendens not see into the film, only to see a bunch of East and West a slender splendens, I think it had a huge family here dominate, pondering its life experience, feel feel sorrowful , and felt infinite mystery.Splendens independent vast, windy lonely, lonely, has a profound meaning, and it put his precious truth of thick friendship dedicated to the world, it is noble to the United States, it is a hot spot for nostalgia’s paean to life.    In numerous, messy world of mortals, people why not a little less selfishness, greed, from a broader perspective to look at life?People should be as selfless as splendens themselves masters of their own destiny, to integrate themselves into nature, love ordinary life, cherish precious lives, ignite the passion of life, the release of their maximum energy, to create their own brilliant life!

China’s coffin

China, the ceremonies, about the coffin of culture is also a long history.    Since ancient times, Chinese people have a heavy coffin Complex.    People who die abroad, often traveled all the way or the coffin back home, buried in graves in the grave, at the human, material and financial resources.    Chinese people respect for the body, not as the Egyptian mummy of Pharaoh as to permanent preservation, but also want to maintain a full corpse.Now policy requires Hiratsuka push monument, cremation, there are still a lot of people looking for ways to protect the dead body care.This policy is for the living dead indisputable site, but some atheists would rather sacrifice their own interests but also to keep the corpse of the deceased and sites, not to mention the theist.    China since ancient times, pay attention to the coffin.The coffin was used for preparation of the body, but also the superstitious people of the underworld’s house.    ”The Analects of Confucius?Advanced, “says Confucius hole carp son’s death,” there is no coffin coffin.”Coffin, coffin outside is primarily used to protect the coffin.Tomb of ancient aristocratic ruling classes in most of the coffin there, some as much weight as much as thirty-four.The coffin better the more heavy texture.The more powerful the more heavy coffin, like how can the status of the deceased renowned high and more prominent.As early as the Spring and Autumn Period Confucius had talked to different status of the deceased, coffin different standards.Carp hole coffin after death without the coffin, the coffin is not visible to the average person can have.Field archaeological discovery of the Warring States tomb has a coffin coffin of the two structures.However, the prevailing buried a couple of things are after the Western Han Dynasty.”Motherhood,” said: “Both seek buried, buried near Huashan, something planted pine and cypress, sycamore planted about.”This custom spread for a long time.But because Hiratsuka push monument, the cemetery has been rare in the countryside for “grave knowledge” of the pine and cypress Indus.    After the death of “burial” ceremony “Little Undertaker” and “Funeral”.”Small burial” is to give the bodies wrapped in quilt tops, the more the more ancient nobility, clothes quilt.”Funeral” is to put into a coffin corpse.Now is the mortuary for cremation after 1-7 days, some of the ashes directly sown in the coffin, the coffin put together some with casket.    After encoffining, stop mourning until the funeral called “funeral”.”Funeral” is the coffin to the burial place.The heavy coffins if that is designed for four to sixty four or more people bicker and made.In rural areas, one dead people, the village labor force will have to carry the coffin.Usually in the village and his very smelly people, his family dead people, the village no one to carry the coffin to the situation not uncommon.It is dedicated to the rule that family members “to rub the eye”, that is, to let his family disgrace, embarrass him.Usually no grace to others, do not even say hello, people who are willing to help you ah?Now some of his family was not very good people there do not have the coffin, direct burial urn.This is not to find people bicker, directly by the dutiful son hold the graves buried on trouble.Although the little urn exquisite beauty, luxury compared with that heavy coffin, always seemed shabby many feel to the living is miserable death.    Elegy was originally said to pull bier people sing.There are many local customs, the funeral that day to ask, “speaker”, is also called out the team, play music off for the dead; the rich and the powerful will of the people called two team, a rival show, that is the lively battle map.Post elegiac dirge probably also a heritage of.    Dongchangfu Shandong Province Li Tong Village is playing coffin professional village.The village is located on both sides of chat Xin Road, where after, we often see foreign cars to wholesale casket.Simple coffin was gently thin, looked very shabby little box, about half a meter high; the complex is carved flowers heavy pragmatic and large coffin, the coffin is about two meters ahead.Cringe humble small box next to coffins, like high-rise buildings next to the small hut.After death of the gap between rich and poor abode had also so obvious.    The old days, like storage of some of the more affluent life in the time necessities like people alive is ready shroud coffin, covered live on their own after the death of the house, probably based on a rainy day, but also to lift the worries; always say One day will need it.In the past many literary works often read similar content.Martial arts often have to live in the coffin of the living story, suddenly drilled out, scary jump.    I understand prepare for his funeral in human psychology, but Thinking again, they looked at themselves after the death of supplies, would not be happy to have a bleak?If I looked at every day a small room of his death, we will certainly give birth to a heavy feel oppressed, and will be greatly shortened by.To imagine to live as Ba Jin and Bing century old, it should not be as worried about it after death?Say: people without thought, he must worry about.I think, too far into account, must be close at hand.    Now people have money, no worries about the funeral, ready-made coffin and shroud can be bought at any time, at home, for many years in advance ready shroud and coffin is running out.Big living tomb built atmosphere has prevailed in some places up, and more to build more luxury, but repeated.These people alive to have China ranks, have died Hao tomb.So, buy alive and good design his life back garden.    The old man had told me: coffin is good omen dream is to win promotion and get rich.I’d dreamed coffin several times, but did not promotion, nor had made a fortune.Since that is a good sign, there will be no dark coffin dream of a knot.    Today, more and more tense city hall cemetery and ashes, forced many people to abandon the use of coffins.Chinese people used to display status and complex ritual procedures coffin, I do not know how long it will continue?

Bloom again cuckoo sings

I heard my breathing / increasingly weak / lights finally went out / I went into the darkroom / no longer dependent on the beam around / leaving only sound / voice echoed spread pure / I hear my voice / Kanai Indus lock / Meng Xiaodong, a gust of wind to sigh with empty dying emperor legendary winter of 1939 a thin cold spring evening.Beijing turned out, a pear dispute so that the foot of the ten-mile Chang’an Avenue Imperial hot air.Chang’an Grand Theater, Qi Cheng Theravada.This hotel in West Chang’an Avenue, the stage is being staged at this time, “Mulberry foster parents” end of days is called the Tan Yu Shuyan of pies; table is Northern and Southern hurried retreat, human well-being.Home broken dead brother Deng Bo Road eyeful desolate: Taiwan sad eyes looking at the solitary graves unbearable desolation loud, whispering under fancier field: Tan boss this time it can be hard.But the lights anti-war, unveiled in four major Republican XuSheng Tan Fuying immediate, but it is rare for many years for art he dilemma: only seventy percent of seats.The New Theater, with another in the West Chang’an Avenue and nearby theater seat without open space.Opening drums, big axis “Hung sheep hole”.Yang Yanzhao will love the death of vomiting blood, the stars fall, two old army newspaper in Hong sheep killed hole, I lost my left arm is difficult to sand fly Ruqirusu throat just right, a female without sound, thundering applause at field , no one even throw a towel, the Yanzhao, Peter Deng pressure off road go!The worthies let Yang Yanzhao actor, is Meng Xiaodong.But to say that Tan Fuying is pressed, nor appropriate.In fact, when newly hatched Meng Xiaodong teacher Yu Shuyan, momentum is flourishing.Old fans evaluation: the biggest names in opera, long-short mutual.Today, Tan Fuying Taiwan Meng Xiaodong, while a large double axis “will pick Ying” finale “Mulberry foster parents” is a big reunion drama, while “Hung sheep hole”, the pendulum is bleak and magnificent Kingdoms.A Sipi, two yellow one, the play is more than pie, this fight should be flowers Jing Fang, benefit listeners.In general, fans are really old first-Chang, listen Tan Fuying of “Mulberry foster parents”, to listen to new new Meng Xiaodong “Hung sheep hole”.But you know Meng Xiaodong infirm, not easy to play, but also the personal teaching of the Queen Yu Shuyan, therefore, today’s first-curtain so the audience new new, sold-out cards until hang out, buy tickets, only a few people stroll to Chang’an.Meng Xiaodong, there are no seats it had to listen to Tan Fuying!Even these temporary visitors, including accident, Qi Cheng Chang sell seat.The late theater critic spawned Sui Ping recalled the case.However, the victory of Taiwan fruit stage a chance, let Meng Xiaodong established the identity of the man in the opera world, also won its rightful place on the opera stage for women older students.Earlier men and women accept not pro, women can not join, although after the Xinhai actress to sing opera has become popular, but has not get into the theater big.Meng Xiaodong rise, so actresses who gradually and proud, therefore, all the newspapers praised the Beijing-Tianjin deep, sandy winds over the “Tianjin winds newspaper” Wong praise it for the winter.Yi Ling legendary mid-193 810 21, follow the older students master Meng Xiaodong Yu Shuyan studies.On this day, her life became a rare warm day, but decided after the fate of her art and life.Opera circles, a generation famous actor Yu Shuyan is legendary in the legend.I only remaining world record of eighteen and a half, it is like a treasure for the Peking Opera, which is equivalent to the status of “Orchid Pavilion” of calligraphy.Wangpei Yu said: Yu Shuyan in the history of Chinese opera is a master of the past and, although he was 10 years to 12 years in a brief stage career, has never compiled a new play, but he wants to know Tanpai for the development of the performing arts has no substitution effect.He is the tone early years alone high door, very loud singing it for the United States wants to know, developed into a fine art delicate lyric.Of course, Yu Shuyan strange temper, the same as its artistic reputation he rarely Shoutu.Later recalled, said Yu Shuyan giving the play, just like Sun worship Buddha ancestors, like monkeys, to wait for his good mood and high spirits, even late at night at midnight, smoke opium foot, only to be pointing.Meanwhile, Yu Shuyan teach drama and delicate, not completely learned, he will not continue to teach down.Not determined Tiechu grinding, and did not become law.But the apprentice process, but the twists and turns.Meng Xiaodong because the relationship with Mei Lanfang, once the Yu Shuyan took her as only some concerns.However, Yu Shuyan to do very much appreciate Meng Xiaodong.In 1935, he was introduced to a powerful Shanghai Yu Shuyan fancier worship as a teacher, I flatly refused: Some people teach religion is white, only costs effort.So I asked a friend: So today’s world, who better arrangement?Yu Shuyan A: Currently close to my road show, created and worthy of only one person Meng Xiaodong!After the hand-eye agility when Yu Shuyan will Xiaodong received as a close disciple, individualized, to dig pit of the stomach of stuff, “Hung sheep hole”, “search alone save Gu” in both unreservedly out the.Peking Opera has recalled veteran, Meng Xiaodong school play slower, not special aura, people often learn a twice to become the show, she wanted to learn a five times to ten times before.Because of this, she learned to play is more solid than others.Meng Xiaodong Long quasi students have bright eyes, Jian Mei Star project, dignified and refined, courtly typhoon, Toshihaya chic, people have to pay with a gentleman, as Yi Yi also feel more a fan of the Lord of the WAGs.And Meng Xiaodong, a unique place, she has a good voice.Pentameter taste, tones are prepared, bore sound generous, the most unusual is that no female voice, which is rare.After worship while they practice out of sand tones, and are better improve.Meng Yao Meng Xiaodong commented in “Chinese Opera History” in: self-worship t rock, the day will be to more than hard, cold and heat Departed.Over five years, dozens of school play, are the only people I send get really Biography mantle of.Meng Xiaodong, followed by performances in Peking, played ten games a year at most.Someone asked: Since popular, why not sing, more money is not good?But the old fancier know: is not really sing.The first is not good Meng Xiaodong constitution, the most critical is that she was on the stage, faithful to the art, a word, a bit careful, like a lion risk Botu, all with full.For example rocker panels opera [], [] dispersion plate, no rhythm, are generally actors often glosses over a table and.Do you not know, is the most difficult [rocker panel], [rubato], which is set for the role and lyrical, insensitive, too unpleasant nature.Therefore, the audience heart steelyard: listen to the actors sing, if rubato [], [] rocker panels, Ken remarked, very carefully, elegant and delicate, often off-color, it must be the corner child actor in the future; on the contrary, life can not be red Mei Tan high horse, nothing so.Meng Xiaodong here in the effort, compared to the senior expert, not much.She sang an opera, to use three others sing opera energy, over and over game, you can not be tired branch.This show exactly the same style and Yu Shuyan.Because the pursuit of art, so she is very optimistic about the Yu Shuyan, purse.Wangpei Yu is known as Huang Xiaodong, then skip it from Pingtan rookie to opera, because after listening to the voice of Meng Xiaodong, she recalls: I was twelve years old Meng Xiaodong heard in mid-1947 “search alone save Gu” live version , was instantly attracted, it is old-fashioned tape recorder cadence of voice, she (Xiaodong) each bright throat, is Shan Hu tsunami of applause, this grand theater warm gas field shocking, memory is still fresh.Yu Shuyan’s disciples, such as Li Shaochun eventually become a party princes, each tree banner; it should be said, Xiaodong is the most intact of them more than all the performing arts school.Meng Xiaodong carefully study his life than singing school, the value and find themselves singing from the soul destination.I think the reason why today, people do not think Xiaodong face of the old, legacy forever, because of her own voice.”Meng Xiaodong,” commented writer Wang Meng Xiaodong pray.Life experience legendary soul Review May 26 each year, there are always different people Jia Shan Buddhist cemetery next to the net to Taipei Temple to pay homage enemies law.Here stands a tombstone calm, but turns comic picture of the owner’s last 10 years of his life trajectory.Tombstone reads: Du mother Ms. Meng Tai Tomb.People are awe-inspiring inscription: Queen dry.This place is always quiet, but through the shade, wide vision, good scenery.It was not until Meng Xiaodong passed away two days ago, she nodded approved design Cemetery.This is a Dong Meng Xiaodong Hankou daughter’s family, the name of the orchid, a total of five sisters.Parents to pack food to the then actress Hankou full spring tea of living.In the first year, the opera star Meng seven performances with his family in Hankou, just contracted out catering accommodation Dong.Meng Meng Hong, fourth son of seven groups were not married, they show it with Dong Ruolan around to play, the way to teach her to sing a few mouthfuls, who knows the child, although only 7 years old, but in good condition voice.Later, when Meng left the class, parents will simply let the orchid recognize the group as a godfather Hong Meng, a mountebank Suiban.Meng used to call her Dong, Dong Dong with similar pronunciation, and finally he simply changed his name to the Xiaodong.9-year-old to study drama, 12-year-old debut in the Wuxi New World Theater, 14-year-old universe at the Shanghai Grand Theater.But these rings can not compensate for a girl lonely heart.In time than school play, so Meng Xiaodong appreciate the long-lost family.Yuhui Qing Yu Shuyan daughter recalled: Meng Xiaodong man is smart, he knows respect for teachers dedication of the road, and it will treat people in terms of life skills.I study drama into the door to five, came on time, on time away, school play very hard, and very hard.In addition to study drama, treat her as Yu Shuyan serve parents as a couple, and two junior sister apprentice (Yu Shuyan have two daughters) also like sisters.She proficient sophisticated, sophistication favor, when there are gifts to the maid, servant, so excellent Miss Meng Tai in more than popularity.Because of these exceptionally cherish the hard-won feelings, Meng Xiaodong easier to use straightforward way to fight back all kinds of sharp insincere flattery.In mid-1938 December 24, Meng Xiaodong, “Hung sheep hole” beginning to sing.Before the performance, a powerful holding intends to Mr. Huang Dong, the better the seat in front of the whole package down to dinner, to show to show off, and the promise of many benefits to the steward of the people.But that way, long-term fixed to the seat of the old fans, there is no.Some old fans had no choice but to tell Meng Xiaodong.Miss Meng Da flew into a passion, the steward of the people got: My show is for those who understand the drama of the old appreciate the audience.It was going to take my ticket to keep up appearances do treat the face, do not intend to!You are making ticket back to the garden, spit back the money.Otherwise, you today not for a speech class!This makes it really embarrassing intend to join Mr..Because bird of passage, although the Kun Ling Meng Xiaodong, but not good at communication, media lone man.Ding Bing carp once recalled: a sold-out theater, I am afraid there is not necessarily more than 1,000 people in 10 units beneath know her.It is said that in the last 10 years in life, his back to the visitors, the face of the musician, Qianyindichang, becoming her only life attitude, the same as the Buddhist spiritual practice singing: I sing my play, the pursuit of pure sound.She Communication Arts insistence, almost callous, not allowed to record, refused to Guan Changpian, not people listen even Diaosang Zi.That time, no air conditioning, even on a hot day, she should close all doors and windows.Once, the family put the recorder under the bed steal record, after she was found, directly to the recorder fell downstairs.Meng Xiaodong disciple very strict selection, only talented, strong-minded and obsessed with the art of personnel qualified to do her student.It is famous fancier, had a guest in Hong Kong thanks to Meng Xiaodong SEF chairman Koo Chen-fu before the sects memories, Meng Xiaodong door very few professional artists, are fancier, before agreeing pointing or two.She teaches drama is a one to teach, sing a sing every word, delicate, serious.She teaches his disciples is very strict, and even that without her permission and can not Diaosang Zi on the outside, but are not allowed to sing yet skillful play.Had a prospective disciple, I glimpse garde art avenue, do all to sing up to a certain level, consider themselves skilled, please repeat performances.But Meng Xiaodong thought he was doing on the table with an air of infection, is not perfect, do not always agree.Therefore, the National Master Min Zhang Xiaodong dry Poetry gifts, money, said everyone, not because Xiaodong also good at painting, nor Meng Xiaodong older students are the brightest and best actress, but respect for Meng Xiaodong.Women’s revered ancient times for everyone (ie Aunt), Yu Xiaodong Yu Shuyan was the Queen, to compare writing “Han” Ban Zhao.In mid-1967, Xijinqianhua Meng Xiaodong finally went to Taipei.Most disease in Taipei decades, Meng Xiaodong is self-ridicule of the language, but not without the truth.Such celebrities came to Taipei, naturally aroused enthusiastic attention.But Meng Xiaodong, reclusive, almost no dealings with the outside world.Her biggest hobby is watching TV, the family put two TVs, ready for her turn to see the festival.Accompanying left and right dog is 9.It is said that, when there is hot dignitaries to visit Meng Xiaodong, she did not even eyelid lift down, just looked out the window, silent.She did not want to say anything to the world.Meng Xiaodong life is doomed, but things have nothing to do with the hustle and bustle bustling everything with her peers.Winter is not the title of emperor Meng Xiaodong rejoicing, even somewhat offensive.Taiwan famous essayist Qiu Yan Xi (Qiunan Sheng) comes Liyuan Meng Xiaodong era: the stage is cold, the audience is merciless.Today you sing well, the stage is paradise, the audience is a friend; you sing well tomorrow, the stage is Oliver, the audience is the enemy.The inconstancy of human relationships, can not be such a high emotional intelligence and sensitive woman brings exquisite bird of passage feelings for Meng Xiaodong.Year after year by the end of 1976, Meng Xiaodong virtual age 70, his disciples friends for her birthday party, which lasted for two days.After this rare feast, Meng Xiaodong unfortunately had a bad cold.At this time, Xiaodong, refuse treatment.A friend recommended prescription, she said: I am by your rule did not effect another way, I was emphysema, can not rule.She was clearly.May 26, 1977, Meng Xiaodong gone through 70 years of bustling vicissitudes, life stage curtain finally dropped slowly, leaving future generations, her 20-year cappella Diaosang Zi set of tapes “Ninghui left sound”.

Bloody shoe prints

Years ago, Haining Yanguan outside with a surname rich families, due to fall ill died in the field when the official master Zhang Cheng-ming and come down.Zhang Cheng Ming’s wife also did not take long gone by grief.Zhang left with a son named Zhang Jin, Mr. teaching daily in alone to do just to get by.One day, Zhang Jin a person reading late into the night, I heard someone tapping out his window, a low for the voice said in the window: Zhang Gongzi, please open the door, let me know one thing!Zhang Jin doubts among up to open the door, a man entered the hut sideways.The old man stood still, whispered: Zhang Gongzi decrepit Luo also recognize it?I kid you hold off How about you?Zhang Jin closer look, turned out to be the home of Luo Luo old housekeeper, he was about to speak, Luo has hinted he will not talk, walk past the windows firmly shut, mysteriously he said: let you tell my wife home three days later at night to Romania after the home garden outside waiting to clap for number three, when you open the door from someone.Lady wants to see you, but also give you something to help you as soon as she promised dowry to marry Miss get married, so dark and dreary original, Sheng Zhang Jiading old at the time, worked with silk warehouse boss Luo Renqing home north of the city laid down a marriage.Miss Luo Luo Xi Xi this year has reached marriageable age and.Because Zhang decline, Zhang Jin powerless under the dowry, therefore marriage has been dragging.Luo Renqing has been let out, said Zhang Xiapin do not come, they will Tuiqin the.Zhang Jin really do not believe there is such a good thing, and he can not explain Luo, so much a burden from off his back, which is a set of good clothes on, so try to wear Zhang Jin, he said: but Miss this stitch is sewn son.Zhang Jin heard this, warmth rises from the bottom of my heart.Luo also said: You just too old shoes, some do not deserve.Well, my son amount to a size, so do the shoemaker, to give you over.Zhang Jin bowed low, and said: Lo housekeeper, you have labor.Luo smiled and said: son temporarily not quiet, I’m afraid Loose lips sink ships.Then, he got out and disappeared into the vast darkness.A flash that is over three days, that night, the night dark, rainy day.Zhang Jin dressed and just Luo sent new boots still have not seen, Zhang Jin helpless, had picked out an old pair of shoes to wear.He propped an umbrella alone go north Luo.He came to the garden gate, according to the contract clap three times ZhangJin.Door creaks open, a home child out sideways, said: is Zhang Gongzi, Miss Lady has been waiting a long, fast with me.Zhang Jin led the children at home in the garden winding street, finally we came to a small building in front of the remote.Children at home and clap three times, a servant girl out to go pick Zhang Jin.Zhang Jin Luo has for some years do not come home, have become a stranger here.Came to a room, Zhang Jin met a rich woman sitting in the classroom, hurried salute.Mrs. stepped forward to lift, said: seen for many years, has changed the appearance of children.Syria is too homely, his wife took out a packet, opened it, there is a lot of silver and more than a dozen pieces of jewelry.Lady said: Xianxu, this is our Nianger Liang multiyear down their own money, you take it, come quickly come Xiapin.Zhang Jin Faced with such good intentions, and even claims to be the only.Mrs. account is completed, he turned and said: Son, you come out of it to meet their own spouses!There should be a cry, Miss Luo from the inside out, he came to Zhang joined the front-Hail.She only scream loudly Zhang Gongzi, I could not continue.Miss Zhang Jinyu Luo only seen in childhood surface, an adult this is the first meet, he just felt graceful Miss Luo, people can not tell the sympathy and affection, like his wife wanted him to stay for a two alone will, first quietly back out.Say for a moment, then got up and Miss Luo said shyly: Zhanglang, your old shoes.Luo day before the housekeeper give you a new pair of boots, put me here, you wear it back.Zhang Jin put on new boots, refused to take old shoes, happily back his wife with gifts wrapped and Miss parting.He disappeared down the stairs after his wife and her maid, and Buganshengzhang, went straight to the garden gate.I do not want the garden gate was locked, Zhang Jin had to climb a tree, and go over the wall.Outside the wall, a man Dageng coldly looked for a moment staring at Zhang Jin.Zhang Jin trot back home, fell down to sleep.The second day, Zhang Jin still asleep, was suddenly awakened by a burst of deafening knock on the door.Open the door, a group of tolerance a rush, chaos everywhere search.Then a man walked in front of Zhang Jin, said: that he!Dageng villain last night, saw him panic and rush through the garden wall of the Luo family.At this point it has been the seizure of a large package of more than a dozen pieces of jewelry from silver and Zhang Jin’s bedroom.Led by Detective snapped: Zhang Jin, stolen goods and was now, what you have to say?Arrested, taken away!Yan Bi, a pair of heavy chains have been set in the neck on Zhang Jin, Zhang Jin screaming injustice all the way.Magistrate Liu Yuanpu already leaving office, awaiting a new magistrate took office, I do not want to receive major.Above the lobby, the viewer like clouds.Liu magistrate Zhang Jin and public hearing began, he shot a gavel, shouted: bold Zhang Jin, you away from home last night in Rome staff theft, murder, arson, you know the crime?Zhang Jin heard, like a bolt from the blue.He knelt on the ground, say Luo rumors, his wife with gifts, and to meet with Ms. things.Liu came magistrate Luo, Luo this time bandaged, his face traces of multiple burns, he stepped forward to deny that there is a messaging regarding appointment, and say for sure: Last night was dark and rainy night ride sneak into Luo workers outside study in the theft, did not want to be spotted by Luo outside, even brutally knocked out Romanian workers outside, come to be afraid of getting caught, they put a fire in the room, Luo workers outside the misfortune of being burned in the fire.Later, the family found a two-edged umbrella, identified as Zhang Jin thing, then think Tuiqin things, most likely murderer Zhang Jin.Zhang Jin heard the more scared, grew more and more bizarre, he suddenly thought of his wife and Miss fond of, it should be fair to say that for him, so he asked his wife, Miss testify in court.Liu magistrate agreed.Soon, Mrs., Miss chair came to the county government, the body slowly out of two women wearing Zhongxiao from the inside.They came to kneel classroom.Lady said: Please sky great master of our grievances!Zhang Jin called back with them face to face, can not help playing the chills.It turned out in front of his wife, Miss Lady has a non-last night, Miss evidence, Zhang Jin under torture, had to confess his mark.Zhang Jin Liu magistrate put into prison, only to be autumn behead.Liu magistrate old, full term.He saw himself before leaving office also broke a major, and I feel very happy.A few days later, the arrival of a new magistrate Xu Lian.Liu Xu Lian magistrate and when the transfer of the official, Zhang Jin inadvertently talked about the case, Xu Lian listened and found a lot of doubts.Zhang Jin scholar, how we will make it so the arson of things to come?Moreover, even if he wanted to do, why would they choose fire on a rainy night?Afterwards, how would an umbrella to stay in Luo?Xu Lian decided Night Audit Zhang Jin, Zhang Jin see new adults intervene again took the case, can not help tears Cross, the event has exactly say it again, Xu Lian called to hear all recorded instruments.In order to verify the authenticity, Luo Xu Lian decided to go home were born.Xu Lian Luo came home with a few people, only to hear a wail inside.Luo coffin outside member being stopped at the house.Mrs. and Miss crying in the side.Xu Lian Luo look at a lot of companionship, and finally came to study outside the Luo member.Walked into the library, I saw the ruins, an strong burnt smell nostrils.Luo said: Liu magistrate ordered the site to be retained, it has not been cleaned.That said master sitting in the window reading, get out a few tears in his eyes.Xu Lian Luo member outside in the study looked for a long time back and forth, and commanded them to clean quickly, then went back to the Yamen.A few days down the investigation, Xu Lian Luo members recently learned that business is bad outside, but also owe a lot of debt, he also found banks in Romania shortly before the members outside the 300,000 taels of silver, she dialed the strange account of a man named Wu Yuncheng neighboring counties on.One day, Xu Lian and Liu magistrate Yamen is talking outside Hubao housekeeper asked to see Luo, Xu Lian let him in.Luo said: When I was cleaning the den and found a dark red bloody shoe prints on the windowsill outside.Also found in the flowers downstairs in a pair of old shoes, I suspect that this pair of shoes is Zhang Jin accidentally stay the night in the garden, please check out adult.Then, the old shoes Luo goes to adhesion of blood.Xu Lian listened again quickly came to study with people outside the Luo member.He saw which has been cleaned up, surrounded by charred walls.Xu Lian Luo came along before the window sill of the invited countries keep a bloody shoeprint.Xu Lian shoes with buckles on it, even exactly right, he turned to face the side wall of the study looked for a long time, then he came back and forth by hand hit the wall.Suddenly, Xu Lian stop, and said: here, Come on, give me open!Several followers came up with a knife to pry open the wall, quickly, revealing a big hole.It turned out that there turned out to be a secret room.Xu Lian loudly: Lo members outside, come out.Otherwise, I’m really going to put a fire in here, you burn in it.A long time, which slowly come out of a man, his face pale, whole body quivered, Luo outside members fiercely to ask: how do you know I’m hiding inside?Xu Lian said: You have been perfectly arranged, Zhang Jin appears to be doomed.Even though I know there are doubts in this case, but still can not find a gap, it can only ZhangJin first instance for retrial, its purpose is to try to make you make a point of something, and give himself away from.Today, finally let me wait, Luo said that the housekeeper found a bloody shoe prints, the last time I came to look at the study, did not find any traces on the windowsill.Is Zhang Jin in jail out of it deliberately step up?Having turned to look at Xu Lian Luo butler, housekeeper and cry Luo said: Sir, all I killed you.Xu Lian also said: I am the last to study found significantly thicker than the other walls have walls, but then I checked your number recently not to do business, you owe a lot of debt, yet shortly before 300,000 two silver transferred to neighboring districts called Wu Yuncheng name of the person, and this person does not exist.It seems that you want to wait after his family relocated to quell the matter, so I make sure that you are still alive!In order to dodge huge debts, Cheat Death is not, you need to do marriage bait framed by Zhang Jin, I just do not understand, who met Mrs. and Miss Zhang Jin in the end is?Luo members outside the hollow laugh or two, said: deal with this kid, just go to the brothel called old mother and a small woman on it.Xu Lian shook his head, sighed: Final harm to others, and now I’m afraid you really want the bereaved!

Bloody Cross

Recent everywhere homicide occurred in succession, four people were brutally murdered.  And by-case analysis, high Interpol team captain Caroline conclude the case is the same person or the same group of committed, because this four cases strikingly similar: surgeon killed all the city hospitals, and the like are the scalpel class of weapon killed and postmortem field.  For a time the doctor of the city on edge, do not know the day the nightmare will come to his head.  One thing the tall hill is very puzzling, is the scene in the wilderness inaccessible.The doctor who killed Why would obediently went to the field with the murderer?Crime scene no signs of struggle, why not against doctors?It is enchanted?  Speaking of doctors, high hill there is little goodwill.A year ago, his wife pain in the lower abdomen suddenly felt a cold night, but this time high hill was away pursuit of criminals, his wife had their teeth alone to the hospital.  Who would have thought that the doctor on duty was busy in an online chat with the opposite sex, give her a shot analgesics hastily after busy on the Internet, the result of his wife and the pain very tough battle.  When the doctor found something wrong, it was too late, and the final autopsy results are: the wife is only perforated appendix.  At noon home, he pushed his son Gao’s room and saw his son not at home, Recently, difficult to see the shadow of his son.There is a photo on the desk, Gao tall and handsome in the photo, athletic, and his face was exceptionally gloomy, whereas previously son is how bright and sunny.  A closer look at his photos, the son lips with hairy mustache, and even have the Adam’s apple, a strong sense of strangeness suddenly hit, and when his son grow up?Large even I do not recognize it.  Alas, months and years busy with the case, investigators or overnight travel has become commonplace in the office, he said it is not a father and son how long the?Even this year’s festival with no time to accompany his son to his mother’s grave, remember son was cast a glance over the implied meaning high hill resentment heavy heart, but also readily son looking through the books on the shelves, they discovered that there are a lot homicide detective like, my heart suddenly surprised to see him do these books?  While inadvertently drawn a map from the shelves, high hill suddenly wide like a pair of eyes as big as eggs.  It was a city map, you can see his son carefully painted red pen several laps, Hill instantly recognizable to those high circles it is worked out of the hospital, and then his son and red pen to circle those all together, red as a result became cross blood crooked!  High Hill heart suddenly tightening up, like a hand yank down a handful.  Are these cases is the son of a dry?Son has long been planned well, to all doctors on the cross on track to start?  High Hill suddenly thought of something, leaned closer look, finally found the end of the most bloody cross within a circle there is no murder had occurred, and this hospital is the wife of the tragic death of his son that the hospital is far sure of a serial killer, he wanted his mother caused the tragic death of the doctor left to the last kill!  Mom makes son’s tragic death is heart pain, but also because they can not communicate often and father, can not resolve the pain inside, and finally cardiac drastic change, this had the doctor’s idea of revenge!  High Hill mind a time set off a storm, the entire people have almost collapsed, suddenly found a map on one side there is a line of small print, were written: 1,2l, 42,64.  What does it mean?High Hill frowned, pondering for a long time, suddenly open minded, busy to write down the date that the murder occurred everywhere on paper, if the first time since the murder as the first day, then three cases is just behind 21 days, 42 days, 64 days, and this in turn four numbers separated by 20 days, 21 days, 22 days!  The fourth day of the murder from happening today just 23 days, that is the fifth murder happened today!  You must immediately stop the son of a continuing offense!High Hill to call his son’s mobile phone with trembling hands, pass, but after only a cry rang off, call back, but could not.Why did he shut down?Is busy start it?  High Hill shortness of breath, immediately called the hospital, the command: a matter of life and death, immediately check if there is a doctor just out of the hospital!  Soon the outcome: 10 minutes ago, the doctor said there was something out, has yet to come back, not on the phone.  Hearing the doctor’s name, high-Hill understand everything, is the reason that Internet chat doctors misdiagnosed his wife!  The doctor must have been taken away by his son, how can he be willing to go with his son?Did not you hear the doctor murder case series?  High Hill a time cold hands and feet, which doctors hateful, crime can not die, and now time is life, you must find his son immediately to stop this cruel revenge killings!Where can it son?  Just then, his cell phone rang, and was actually the son of a text message: you want to know the final result?Speed to the west of the dugout, date is not waiting!  The son of a strange tone, terribly cold, chill run up a high hill from the back, which is the son of the police is to openly challenge him!  He was back in the past, but the phone off.  He called the bureau phone, quickly jumped in the car after a brief report on the case, to the west of the dugout like maneuvering away.  The air-raid shelter had abandoned, desolate terrible, it is a great place to kill a charnel.  In the dugout mouth, high-Hill jumped into it without hesitation drill.  I do not know how far away, in front suddenly sounded intense sound of fighting, turned the corner, he saw his son and a skinny but full strength as people fight to the death.Blink of an eye, tall and robust son prevailed, shining coldness of the hands of a knife stab Zuoshi Yu, it is a two-edged knife sharp scalpel!  Bang of a gunshot, and a high hill in the hands of gun smoke, huge deafening gunfire in the dugout, his eyes like a sharp sword, no one knows his heart in the blood.  Son is his father’s arm to hold a knife to open shooting the positive, you know high hill is the city’s public security system one of the best sharpshooter.  Great pain makes him yell crashing to the ground, that had almost become a ghost of the sword of the doctor stunned, and then react immediately, picked up the knife fall to the ground.  High Hill pains, go step by step in the past, has come next to his son, at this moment, he saw there a man.  Because the view is obstructed, just did not see the man wearing a white lab coat, she is terrified lying on the cold ground, bound hand and foot mouth blocked, who was full of blood, how is this going?  Son fell to the ground in pain clutching his bleeding arm, cried: Dad, you have the wrong, he is the serial killer!  High Hill surprised a moment, just to react, too late, that does not squeak loudly doctor suddenly a knife stab, a flash, the doctor’s grim countenance nearby!  Is a gunshot, doctors look of disbelief was knocked to the ground, turned off the high hill, is his comrades arrived, a sniper opened fire moments hairbreadth.  In the hospital, his son put all that out: So, I heard that after the murder of a doctor this series, already have a strong interest in Holmes he decided to be a supernumerary Interpol.  He has been silent attention, analysis, and finally one day the inspiration came, opened a two mystery killer committed the crime: First regular time, were separated by 20 days, 21 days, 22 days; the second is to bring the perpetrators of the crime in hospital after marked on the map, just form a cross shape.As a result, he concluded that the next target and time murderer to commit crimes.  Son want this result tell Dad, can also feel speechless with their father.  The tragic death of their loved ones so that the two men restrained estrangement of the community, has always been proud of my father certainly say that he was a child, so he was determined to do it yourself Xingaoqiao catch criminals, to show off in front of a good father to prove himself, this With today’s desperate struggle.  As for the scalpel, the Son of grab from the hands of the murderer came, as to why not take his father’s phone, because when he was tracking the killer, I am afraid to be aware of the killer.  High Hill confirmed the arrest of the killer mouth from injuries all this, this guy’s son was ill surgery, but he did not know the rules give red envelopes, intentionally or unintentionally, the result of disgruntled doctors sided blade, causing severe disability of his son, but this of serious malpractice and finally nothing, because the records have been tampered with.  He unassisted being blocked over time and eventually became a psycho killer.He is a belief in God, and once inadvertently, he found that some hospitals in the city actually constitute a crooked cross when connected into line, I believe this is God’s will for him that God wanted him to evil slayer!  High Hill murderer last question: Why do doctors who will obediently follow him?  A murderer, eyes full of angry contempt of light, said: This is too simple, I make a phone call to them, I say family members of patients, ask them to look out, my car waiting for them at the door, to give red envelopes the meaning of meaning, and they invariably come out.Drove to a secluded spot, I was drugged with a handkerchief sprinkled their uniforms, to the wild way he has applied Bishen solve them with a scalpel!  The trial was also informed that the last murder murderer reason that the doctor caused the tragic death of his wife high hill, just because that hospital in the last position it high Bloody Cross Hill and son chatted with, so they are not a long time, high-Hill said: Son, Dad extended leave, and these days I’m not going anywhere, just to do two things: first of all, with your mother’s grave, I want her to worry, you grow up, she raised a good son, is indeed the son of the police no, my father is also worse than his police.Secondly, we find a father and son scenic look good fun, good?Son, gunshot wounds still hurt you?Blame my father, but who told you look like on the picture too much like the murderer, and is called a cold.  Perfectionist son grinned, a flash ward was full of the smell of sun, he said: it is not called apathy, and what is cool!