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(Writer election issue 10) thoughts of love (prose)

Various Artists turn back north, over Melaleuca Ridge, the thousand mountains, my thoughts whether it would be brought to your side?It brings tears breeze, trickling water, snow crystal, and whether it would be my thoughts drifted in front of you?    Around the raindrops window, the breakdown of autumn leaves, yet countless days and nights thinking of you.    When Wake up, tears pillow, it is my dream to your deep thoughts.Miss in the evening, the thoughts in Brightness, missing in the deep off the flower on the path.    Glowing night, I alone according to the window, turned over and over again looking at your photos, mind could not help thinking waves, warm years you and I remember the past, may have long warp.Now, no matter how far I go alone, but you always forget the wind shadow, exhort the rain, whisper in front of flowers, it garrulous, in sunny days enjoy falling under the moon, at sunset drunk in the evening sunset view..    Past wind, like a song.Thoughts such as wine, food for thought.The missing Rose, smell.Miss notes on my heartstrings lonely, long time actively, mildly sweet.After losing you, and eventually understand that only you can make me laugh the most true love is the deepest.    The night was dark, my strong thoughts of love, can you can feel?Refreshing cool breeze, I love this monologue, can you can hear?If the moon heart, I hope to lead me fall asleep every night, come with you!

(Orchids Qing Yun series of three) Spiritual longing elegant fresh fragrance

Quiet night, on children lovingly, he struck me long build emotions.This water, moon countenance, with a dream-like thin mist, once again into the blue, a different kind of taste of her beauty, whisper I love her eternity.Heart hazy, soft and poetic, exudes a soul looking for a follow, a blessing, a detached, and the penetration of the body Xinchan.Lan, one of China’s top ten flowers, which open in the Valley, aloof from the world, no reward but still only release their fragrance, is a flower gentleman.Lan to the highest mountains, with its noble character Yat course, people love.Lanna fragrance with the sultry and mysterious, clean and quiet, I would often obsessed with, let me reveries.That fragrance, from time to time, and disappeared the next, strong light, the time far past.Floating in the valley, free in this world, I feel fresh and pleasant.Sensory world of a soft, a beauty, a warm, a feeling, light, smell visual sensation, into the illusion of feeling.    Painting Lai Ying refers to the sky, a goodly dignified picturesque Cong.  Amidst the busy watching the Red thing, too narcissistic calm.    Lanting night hazy fog Man, Hong Yang Liu Suifeng brush off.  Glen floral listening to soft words, Penglai dream into poetry.    ”Knot over blue lapel.May shallow depth of lights, where can I find a dream clouds return?”I’m pleased to feel the beauty of the whole body.Unconsciously, my impetuous lightly filtered, so that the endless fragrance round my soul, wash my soul.I seem to have become a leaf lightweight boat, ferry, filled with the fruit of peace and harmony, swimming in poetic romantic drift of blue ocean, I’m happy weaving poems.    I do not like the hustle and bustle of the bustling city, people do not like the feeling of romance, I do not like the so-called world of swords.I only like you, end Zhuang Suya, endure loneliness, vivid products you high!You ethereal, elegant, Wyse, a sight to behold, it is a realm of unparalleled, a kind of beauty, eternal, only the United States.You make my heart eternal love to find you in the seasonal cycle, with tenderness.I think turned into a leaf, wrapped around you, habitat, quiet, detached, forget everything in life the pain and hard work, heavy work and Worry, to maintain a pure and true, casual and freedom of heart, dedication a love no regrets.This life, your mouth, my life, my love, my love, knowing each other in a dream.    Liujiang left a dream not dim, diffuse honestly ask deliberately playing piano.  Dark rhyme flow with the water to go, quiet secluded mountain valley and railing.    Wai Man wind blowing fragrance, is led by Susan Yee Lan.  Buju ravine earthly far, welcome home favorite flick ink.    Kicked off history, you, as if a young woman, light dance spearmint, gentle, graceful, long way, with ancient poems, lure and confuse my heart, you enjoy the elegant grace, charm and refined.Su Shi’s “Chunlan, such as beauty, not taken from silent shame.The most fragrant wind exposed when the wind is not deep Ai Peng.Dan and true color, to be mounted from Sao pass.As for the Lingjun, Yan did not dare to wear the crown.”Qu Yuan” Hu and Jiang from the provision of Chih Xi, Ren Qiu-lan that wear; warm warm when it will strike Come, knot orchids and delay queue; households with surplus clothes to Ai Xi, that orchids can not wear it; Lanzhi Fang Xi does not change, but as of Tsuen Wai Mao; “Kangxi” graceful flower posture Maple leaf long, hard hidden valley fragrant wind.”.I am drunk, drunk gentle, quiet drunk, drunk in your Shenpan, drunk in your poems in praise.Long for waves, heart relieved unique and wonderful feelings overflow to a brilliant smile, magnanimous face of life, quiet Zhiyuan.See the world with new eyes, the interpretation of your beauty, relying on life and rediscover long-lost cozy.Lan, you are my most beautiful encounter Sansei III.Smile transport breeze fragrance, Doujiu one hundred dance drunk Lan.  Law Yayun earth rang clear, mountain stream as Seoul shells.    Aria hazy hazy Italy, who lead Morrowind drunk Orchids.  Forest green charge people a song, poem fragrant long overflow Seitan.    Flying thoughts, through time and space, Chewu my confusion.Quan, listen to my simple and beautiful love, loneliness reread your vivid and Qing Fang, Shu Zhan my heart.Because of you, my sky is not lonely, because you, my heart beautiful picturesque garden.    Close your eyes, listen to “and orchids together,” admire your fresh fragrance and elegant, love your quiet atmosphere, and the heart of Hong stealing, ink meter to fill the gap as it notes, bubbling flow.

(1) Red Fairy

Secretary-General, good morning.    The past few days, I miss you, this morning to see, already very happy.    I was the day before yesterday, we know you have a reputation of red fairy, you are in your own poetry, said: “I do not envy the red fairy, farming men and women weave human Mu.More hi Flying leaves butterfly, beat of my heart forever hand in hand.”You do not admire, more pleasant ah, good sense and is in line with your image and character.    As a result, I think, “Everlasting Regret”, the “wind sleeve of a robe fluttering fairy move,” “pear a spring rain,” “smile hundred pro-life,” Yang Yuhuan, and what your style talent?I do not know that poetry magic old old age, how fancy the height of five meters, and partial fat Young woman, put a good word gave her, the old emperor Li Sanlang obsessed with Yang Yuhuan, results, Empress and the Warriors do lose, and he plummeted, alone and die.    This Po Chu, is our ancestors, if our big brother like myself, if he saw you this modern beauty, a certain regret not cope, in vain the word that a lot of the United States gave Quotes disastrous, and Joseph was tinkling Wang Song of the life of the fat ring.Yes, there is the poet Li Bai, also joined in the fun, drunk as, and also wrote “Qingpingdiao chapters” and what “Lu Hongyan, a fragrant,” “two-phase flowers dumping country Huan “, he dumped the body in Yang’s words of praise, not at less than Po Chu.    Red fairy, but I like you this call, I think that this reputation in your body, is more appropriate than.    Last year, we old school after an absence of 46 years in Qiqihar party, I got off the train, the first thing you see is what you and the old squad leader Zhang Shicheng, Xiaohua Wang Guijuan to pick me up.You wearing a red shirt, I suddenly think of your four-six years ago, and I’m in front of you, comparable to the results, I think you still so curl Nana, force is not changed, the style is still.    You like the name of it, the name, gives a young, beautiful, pure, lovely feeling.Since the party, you gave me the feeling that this red fairy charm, shadows dancing, Ping Ping Ting Ting.That Yang, said she was four ancient beauties of shame to spend, Li old man also had the fans have to die to live, I see her beauty as you.    She in front of you, is very inferior: you, tall, an inch high, will be high; an inch shorter, on shorter.You slim and a little more, you fat; curbing, they lost, so, you’re not high not short, neither fat nor thin, just right.Your face, adorable: like white non-white, non-powder-like powder.Eyes, sort of a small, non-rotten everyone to sing the eyelid, but as Magnificence of light tracing prime painted, unique, graceful.Intraocular, spring water such as lakes, to give pure transparent, filled with quiet, virtuous and tenderness.Yang with you than too sexy Nong Li Huang spent the human eye, she and “Dream of Red Mansions” in Wang Xifeng, like, covered filled with jewels, vulgar.    People, not the most beautiful appearance, but the not it?That “Notre Dame de Paris” in the Quasimodo, though ugly, but he was very gentle, very kind, and finally, he is not and the beautiful Esmeralda one lying in the dust, which is the beauty of the soul and that appearance the integration of the United States, and you, just so it.    Yang, her narrow-minded, Jixianduneng, voluptuous, had come to “Jun Yi pet Jiaotai, Jun pity no right and wrong,” “Spring Spring Night from special night”, “in a much-beloved”, and that nickname Ah Li Sanlang hiding, but nostalgic whim, went to Mei Fei palace, she sang a good show, “the Drunken Beauty”, has been sung today Yugang.And How about you, good-natured, approachable, and often is – always has been, to this day after 46 years, you have to Mona Lisa’s smile, the face of each individual, but also on who is humble, generous , plain, warm.    So, you are the eyes of our old classmates fairy, emissary, with your appearance, everything is so beautiful, days, blue;, it is also green, harmony everywhere, everywhere joyous.    Red fairy, you not only beautiful, you’re still an outstanding organizer, it will be a quite competent, a pioneer enamored of unity and harmony.    Before last year’s party, a focal point of your capacity, to find old classmates contact details of each call, all using your own cell phone.And you actively involved in the planning and execution of party affairs in the party program, never tired, tired do not know, music is not he.And, very organized place, our “after an absence of half a century, the moment together,” the students, and it was not very successful?Although all the genes that success, you can not say that a person is, of course, there are a dozen, but you played a significant role.    But Yang does, she does not do a little something for anyone, not only that, even her own things, are done by someone else, to “invite people Fu powder, not from the Troy,” “brothers and sisters are column soil, poor luster Health portal ‘,’ hot trend exquisite ‘point.    Red fairy, angel still love you, with your presence, the world will become a better human.I still clearly remember last year during the party, I do not have a bathing suit, I really do not want the next bubble spa, you mobilize me into the water several times, you also quietly called her daughter sent.Every day, the end of the event, everyone is at rest, but you have kept so many apples, pears, grapes and fragrant orange, washed clean one by one, into the hands of every student.You willing to benefit others instead of themselves wide range of things, really too much.    So, you’re everyone who cares, you are a gentleman of the cardinal principles of the overall situation, in my feeling, let’s old school gang, are very like your.This is your behavior to old classmates the impression that the premise.    This year, those of us old school Keshan Teachers, most of them on the micro-channel group, very good.You also an active advocate, liaison and organizer.You apart from a lot of force, every day, you can see the net, beating the drums, cheer stations, but also personally transcribed the students of poetry, spread to the Internet.Therefore, the Secretary-General’s classmates called you, I heard the title, it is very approval and support, so every time I see you, so I call you, I jokingly said: “His Excellency the Secretary-General, is also down, giving you the greeting.”But you replied:” kill off also Laoshen.”Ha ha ha, how funny Son.    Every day in the morning, open the old school as long as a group of micro letter, at first glance, I saw: you’re wearing red shirt, with open arms, softly he said: “Students, Good morning..”You’re still so quiet, loving, happy, like a stream Cong, nourishing the students thirst, but also like a ray of spring, blowing warm the chilly students, you really fairy fluttering down, our old school group holy Land, the atmosphere on a warm, refreshing, our group, more prosperity, and almost everyone happy music.    And that fat ring it, she do not do good things, serious things, but she did her best, Hu Mei Yan whine, not only seduce the old emperor dig rake, chaotic London, still unexamined, indulge in wine and women, ignoring affairs of state, from Mingzhe a wise monarch became a commonplace headed, no way, resulting in a large Tang Dingsheng brilliant governance of Kaiyuan, drew “Yuyang Pigu move to come”, “reverberates Crescent horse before death”, flapping in the wind pour House , the country home destroyed death, in Yang’s body, but confirms the woman is the source of trouble this irrefutable truth.Yo, so to speak, inaccurate, against too broad, and those of my fellow women, not my big mouth tore yet?Oh, damn, Zhangzui!Say, a handful of fox, is the troubles.    Red fairy Yeah, you’re the fresh air, cool and sweet, nourishing people’s hearts.You are the bright moon, shed light Ling Ling, lit up the dark night.That you still blooming plum, fragrant with the gentle fragrance, to bring spring, summer brought, you are you, a red fairies, and since Yao Chi Sendai came to earth, gently graceful, Durian, sprinkle under the gentle, he threw joy, well-being sown.Heaven and Earth, is cool and bright and warm, harmonious; the world, is a paradise of love, happiness of heaven!    You, red fairy – Wen-zhen, you more than just a beautiful soul and instrument integration beauty boutique, and that you are today hundreds of thousands of beautiful women microcosm of our country, that the ancient Yang, and even spread through the ages beautiful women, and what can be?Or his old Chairman Mao’s brilliant phrase wisdom says: “few heroes, but also see today.”!

Couplet provoked by the tragedy of the bridal chamber

Ming Jiajing, Funing County, Jiangsu Province, north chenzhuang have a last name Chen old scholar, often because the test does not give in career blocked, coupled with poor farming, life is very poor, thirty-five just married wife.However, even the rain leaking every boat broke and had met with head winds, wife of the door soon suffer from heart disease, died in less than six months after the rule is not to give him a daughter.More than old scholar grief, day night to do a father mother, devoted themselves to raising her daughter.The girl, named his blessing children, daughter hope everything is good luck, happy life, so unlike their own ill-fated miserable.In order not to let his daughter wronged, then he did not remarry, and in the home run from the private school, earn some money to put her daughter to eat well.Days spent in day by day toil old scholar’s daughter grew up in the care of the old scholar’s day by day, and shortly eighteen summers past, her daughter come out as flowers, coupled born intelligent, they have old missionary scholar, Fuqin painting , stonewalls omnipotent, a time fame, many rich families sent the media door, wants to marry his daughter refused, were old scholar, he saw his star pupil Liu Ming.Liu Ming Liu, who lives forty miles outside the village, because of the distance involved, the inconvenience to come and go, let the old scholar, who lives in self-reading.Liu Ming family originally regarded as well-off well-off, because suddenly the year before the fire, burned not only consist in run-down houses, and parents both died in the fire.Originally Liu Ming is no money to continue studying, the old scholar to see him extremely intelligent and studious is a good block of material, could not bear to let him halfway abandoned, they let him free on-campus.Seeing Liu Ming grow fast day, the old scholar determined to move his wife’s family, they put a mind to say to his daughter, his daughter without hesitation they agreed, because she has long love for Liu Ming.Liu Ming said the old scholar but also to find and intention, Liu Ming listening that is promised, because he also has long been admired for blessing children, just ashamed not afford to dream.  Ye love, flower intentionally, the old scholar overjoyed, immediately fix a day for them, married.  Wedding night, to individual seats, drum music interest rate convergence, a pair of daily life, but gracious mutual friend Mu-long love new people in the bridal chamber intended to cut cotton, embracing language.However, when Liu Ming Fu children undress urge to sleep, to say the blessing children to look at the moon tonight outside the plane-tree is not to celebrate the marriage and brighter They.Sentence caught Liu Mingxing cause infinite, immediately carrying blessing child’s hand out of the door.Outside, bright, clean bright as a mirror, they moved a chair against the Indus look up to the moon, hearts Dangqi happy ripples.Suddenly, blessing children smiled and said: Liu brother, you see, so bright tonight on children, indicating that we were originally marry God, little sister moved by the occasion, come up with a joint, I wonder if you would be willing to second line?Liu Ming confident: willing.Fu children laughed: not on how to do?Liu Ming asked: how do you say?Fu children say: do not you are not allowed on Jin Dongfang, when to feed on when, how?Liu Ming thought and said: Well, you out with it.Fu children blurted out: move with chair leaning Tong month view.When he finished, got up and ran laughing Jin Dongfang, snapped shut the door, the door says: You have to pair up, I open the door.Liu Ming smiles confidently: Well, you wait.Then they use their brains wondering second line.However, I kept thinking, Liu Ming will feel this together is not so simple and easy way, because homonym with the Department in this together is very clever, but also a lot of action linked, like a long time should have failed to come up with a satisfactory second line.Seeing the bride in the room waiting for him, Liu Ming was so anxious, but can not throw in the towel, the case must resolve to a second line, he paced side edge thinking, unknowingly came to live in their original houses.This room is between a Chase, the old scholar dedicated to cover up for auditorium use, but then another student Liu Ming and Qin East because the way is to stay away, the old scholar will take the attic in the house, let them live at the top.At this point, Qin Donggang lights asleep, listening to the footsteps outside the door, asked: Who?Liu Ming quickly replied: I.Qin East exceedingly strange, and asked him: today is a good day to you, not to accompany the bride and the bridal chamber, on here doing?Liu Ming and Qin East with the division and school, with room door, from morning till evening, love as brothers, they hide from the Qin East, said: You open the door, I met a problem.Qin East will be lit at the attic door, Liu Ming climb the attic bride put him out with things against us the truth.Qin Dong laughed: children is really a blessing, this time also thinking trouble funny, childish.He also moving from the brain to help Liu Ming, also holding the book to rummage lamp, Liu Ming also followed the book to reveal.At this point, Liu Ming had an idea, blurted out: move with chair leaning Tong Guan Yue, lighting kicking Court attack each book, the second line is this!Is this!Qin East contemplate a little one, immediately applauded: every word relative, and words of interlocking, perfect match, with good!Good of!As he applauded, while urging Liu Jin Dongfang see bright bride.Liu Ming Qin Dong Bring to have to drink to celebrate him, and said to the second line of his mind at this time of joy has been better than recent marriage.Qin East can not, out of the bed begins wine (They usually always drink and poetry), both me a glass cup you, have unwittingly drunk, then fell asleep each.To be woke up, Liu Ming found himself not in the bridal chamber, the bride immediately think of something out of it, and quickly returned to the attic and down the bridal chamber.Bridal chamber door ajar, the bride had fallen asleep, he went to the bed in the dark, the bride leaned ear: blessing children, I’m back, I’m out of your pair of second line.The bride surprised to wake up, asked him: What did you say?Liu Ming said: I am your pair of the second line: the shift chair leaning with Tong Guan Yue, lighting kicking attack each book Club.The bride sat up steeply: fishes you out, just came back?He said: I have returned.The bride said: You did not lie to me?He said: I do not lie to you, really, I slept in Qindong there, do not believe you asked him tomorrow.That just the bride paused, silently lie down.Liu Ming hurriedly asked: blessing children, how are you, my second line right or wrong?The bride say: you very well, yes, I am a little uncomfortable.Liu Ming distressed and said: That you go to sleep, I sleep.Having said fell down to sleep.The next morning, Liu Ming woke up, did not see the bed blessing children, was surprised to find his pillow with a letterhead, won a look, shocked.It turned out that the letter is a blessing child wrote: Liu brother, sister sorry for you, I should not give you the wedding night out with unseated against you, I regret closing soon, and tell you that you have not opened the door parasol tree , closing doors and so you have to.Who knows bad guys advantage of the loophole, he Chenxi forward, and learn your voice and remembered second line: lighting pedal House attack each book, go to bed around my.I was at that time you will be forced to leave, the hearts of guilt, inconvenience to say, everything will be according to his brother Liu, the young girl I’m sorry you, little sister go first, take care of hope.  Liu Ming as lightning top, and quickly find out, just go on the plane-tree stunned, blessing children had been hanged in a tree Indus, Liu Ming of tears.It was quickly told that the old scholar, the old scholar came hastily, seeing this, despair pole, crashed into a sycamore tree, suddenly crack into the brains to go along with daughter.

The beginning of autumn

Today, beginning of autumn.     How fast ah, hot summer is about to pass in an instant. Even so, it is estimated that it will take some days to heat up. Hometown people often say: After beginning of autumn’s Olympic fever, it will last 1 8. days.. The autumn tiger started to threaten, sometimes very badly. Maybe it will be cooler sooner or later.     After dinner, it was still not completely dark, and a man walked south along the road to the door. On both sides of the road are tall and strong corn, which is spitting. The tassels that are all brushed together have become a different scenery.. People walk over and can smell a faint sweet smell in the air. This feeling of deja vu, perhaps, has not been felt for some time. Remember when I was a child, every time I came to this season, I went down all day and mowed grass to help my family. At that time, everything in the field was common. It can be said that the summer vacation was tiring and happy for the children in the countryside at that time.. Sometimes, when I am tired of working, a few friends will secretly walk to the vegetable field next to me to steal tomatoes to eat.. The act of stealing vegetables is exciting and breathtaking. Compared with stealing vegetables on the Internet now, it is really worse than before.. However, now the rural people are rarely mowing grass. Once the herbicide is finished, they are no longer busy with weeds in the field all day long.. In the distance, cicadas can still be heard, and their enthusiasm remains unchanged, indicating that summer is not far away. Further on, it was a piece of bean land, green, some with scattered small white flowers and some with pods. At the moment, suddenly remembered when I was a child, I followed my mother and caught bean worms in the bean fields. I don’t know whether there is still the big fat green worm now.. Maybe, it’s already gone. In my impression, the bean worms are green in color, some of them are yellow, about four or five inches long, the thickness of the index finger, hidden under the bean leaves, and are masters of disguise.. The caught bean worm took it home and cut it with scissors to feed the chicken. To be honest, the bean worm’s skin is hard and thick, so it’s hard to trample it to death at once. Ah, happy childhood and unforgettable rural life are gone forever.     It was getting dark, so I had to retrace my steps. There seems to be a wind blowing, somewhat coolly, ” July’s fire” is sure to happen.. The village in the distance is becoming more and more vague, just can’t see the long-lost smoke curling up, perhaps the poetic scene can only be traced from yesterday’s memory. Ah, autumn is the harvest season, and it is also the season I expected, as if I had seen the fruitful results.. Walking thinking, unconsciously came to the door.     – I can reach the other side without stopping!     2011.8. 8 in the beginning of autumn

A cup of green tea

[ Guide ]: The unfolding tea leaves release warmth, beautiful chrysanthemums and relax bones and muscles. I have got nectar and jade, and I am grateful for the dedication of tea and chrysanthemums.. Their fragrance erased impetuosity and brought Ningyi’s night sky and stars.   Spacious full-bodied balcony, light night outside the window, a wisp of upward ethereal cigarettes between fingers, glittering and translucent tall glasses, a few dry tea leaves, a few cool chrysanthemum flowers, and boiling water that rushed into the cup, I bent over to smell the upward transpiration of water mist, and couldn’t help closing my eyes to absorb the penetrating fragrance. The computer made a slight buzzing sound. Maybe the teacup was too close to the computer. The waft of water mist naughty intimacy disturbed the screen’s face. When I was preparing to get up and wipe it, I found that the blur had receded quietly. The screen was still that way and inadvertently saw the naughty of water vapor..     The tea in the cup gradually stretched its waist, the chrysanthemum in the cup slowly opened its bud, and the water in the cup slowly changed its color.     I couldn’t help but look at it. I couldn’t help thinking about it. I’ve seen tea trees in tea gardens and chrysanthemums growing in Yuan Ye, and that’s what they really look like. Green tea, white chrysanthemum, after soaking in water, has restored its color, but has no natural luster. Tea and flowers, floating quietly in the cup, tea needles, beautiful stand up, float up and sink, chrysanthemum, floating still on the cup surface, moving and static beauty.     The tea leaves are moving. Is it missing its home garden? I think so. The spring breeze blowing green, the tea garden full of mountains and slopes, the tender green buds, bathed in spring breeze, tender buds, enjoying sunshine and rain, but how much time passes by and how much sadness unavoidably exists. My thoughts seemed to see the hands of tea pluckers flying up and down, the work of picking rhymes from left to right, the fruits of labor, and the joy of harvest in the tea soup..     Chrysanthemum is quietly thinking about its own beauty, the moment of butterfly flying bee dance, and its autumn chrysanthemum finale of’ flowers bloom and flowers kill’.     The tea soup has been colored. Alas, gently shake, leisurely shake, thin taste, tea fragrance, fragrance of flowers, and lingering fragrance of lips and teeth. Tea is moving, it knows its dedication, its flowers are on the table, it knows its own dedication, the thick tea soup is the essence of tea and flowers, and it is the precious jade liquid that they offer to people..     Pieces of unfolding tea release warmth, beautiful chrysanthemums and relax bones and muscles. I have got nectar and jade, and I am grateful for the dedication of tea and chrysanthemums.. Their fragrance erased impetuosity and brought Ningyi’s night sky and stars. With a little water, the fragrance of tea and flowers is more intense. My thoughts couldn’t help flying to Hainan. Remember, in a demonstration of observing the tea ceremony, the tea ceremony teacher said this, the exquisite tea drinker will spill the first tea, and the taste of the second tea is the best. I’m not really a tea drinker, but I like the taste of tea, like to enjoy tea and add chrysanthemum to it, which is more interesting.     The green tea, the green chrysanthemum tray, and the pan-green tea soup are full of vitality under the illumination of the lights. Oh, how did it become the color of Jiangnan Water Village, which is evergreen all the year round? Yes, tea itself grew up in the south. It still remembers the color of its hometown in its bones, shows the charm of its hometown, consciously brings the green meaning of life to thousands of families, reminds people of the south when they drink tea, and reads the smoke and rain of the south in their leisure time..     After several times of water, the white chrysanthemums sank and hung in the water. Maybe it’s because I say there are too many tea leaves. You, chrysanthemum, can be drunk and used as medicine. Don’t be jealous too much.. Tao Yuanming, the leader of the Eastern Jin Dynasty’s pastoral life and the ancestor of the famous pastoral poet, has raised you to the level of eternal fame by saying’ picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and seeing Nanshan in a leisurely manner’.     Tea is light and clear. With tea and flowers, looking at the flowers and tea, the computer screen has already formed a text. What’s the name? Call for a cup of tea.[ Responsibility Editor: Yuet Hua[ Original ]


The memory of the guest is as beautiful as summer flowers. Its rich and warm love is so perfect and beautiful. The ticking clock has taken away my old innocence and simplicity. The passing years have gone with the pink dress and the sky-blue curtain has replaced Winnie the Pooh..     Gradually, I grew up. When I grew up, I didn’t have the sensible person that adults expected. Instead, I was replaced by a few silks of rebellion..     At the age of 18, I grew up, but I was not mature and sensible. Eighteen – year – old I learned to decorate and pack. At the age of 18, I stopped telling my father what was on my mind as before and replaced it with a thick password notebook.     I don’t know what estranged me from him, nor what prevented me from talking to him as usual..     Every time I go home and see his happy and expectant eyes, I laugh again. In fact, in my heart, I want to speak with him in my heart. I don’t know why, the words were swallowed in my mouth again. I think I’m not a good boy in his heart, am I! I think, he has no hope for me any more!     However, I was wrong! No matter how rebellious I am and how capricious I am, he always embraces me and loves me deeply..     On my 18th birthday, I thought it would be another plain day. I thought there would be no more things that touched me.. When I walked home in the rain with reluctant steps and passed a small bookstore nearby, I suddenly saw a familiar figure standing in front of me. The dark skin did not hide his soft eyes, and the wrinkles on his face witnessed his vicissitudes of life, but still could not obliterate his tall and strong character..     Here, your mother said you didn’t have an umbrella. Said, handing me my favorite light blue rain umbrella.     I took the umbrella in surprise, but a warm current gushed out from my heart. I thought with a smile: It was my mother who gave the umbrella to me, my silly dad!     Along the way, father and daughter walked side by side in the rain like this, and I seemed to hear his even breathing. And in that casual look up, I saw so many white hairs hidden in the originally black hair.. Heart suddenly hurt between.     I don’t know how many times I haven’t spoken to him seriously, and I don’t know how many times I haven’t studied him carefully.. I regard his love for me as a profligate capital, and what capital do I have to make him love me so much??     His love is pure and heavy, his love is ordinary but great, and his love makes me unable to repay it.     Thank God for giving me a beating soul and for giving me a safe life. I will repay his kindness in a lifetime..     He, who has been the oarsman in my life, is willing to spend his whole life for me. And I, very much hope, he can give me an oar and let me ferry with him!

Charming Love, after years

Thoughts like a fly, light if the dream, lost in the fog, disconsolate dancing.Song all the way, all the way to chant: charming Love, who fell fingertips?Removed years, who’s confused eyes?    (A) a group of people that the sky seems to be long, long time ago, the hourglass of time has slowly lost yesterday’s story, people gradually learned to memory.  Memory, a group of people laugh heartless, wanton talk aimlessly running.We are like publicity child.But, years later, but unfortunately also a good time to throw off far, far away.Always thought, the youth is our greatest capital, have youth, we run became a banner in the wind.It is like closing ceremony will be staged in fantasy always distant horizon.So, for the reality, we are always casual.  How many broken-hearted when the literati ink with disabilities a sense of aphorisms, in my opinion, disease-free and always seemed to groan.Why, so sad, so fine?Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves, why not wander youth in happy, wipe away the youth in the text of moisture and rain?  Youth, so long, so long and wanted to rush forward grabbed the clothes of youth.After looking forward to a few years, a group of people, the light laugh, wine and song; looking at the footprints left behind, or sad or happy, or deep or shallow; look back once brilliant flowers, all the way to let us endless nostalgia.The day a group of people, one of the blue sky.Interlocking fingers, promised naive promises.    (B) a person who defined sharp edges, the end is polished by years to become not assertive, no noise.Once upon a time, I was already languishing.  Always like a person walking alone, under the warm afternoon sun; always like a person quietly listening to the throbbing of the heart, in after going to night classes under weak lights; always like a man imagination, in fanciful dreams.The afternoon sun, watching the pairs figure, looking at the throngs of people, occasionally, my heart will give birth to a sense of sad.A person, the original really lonely.Silent, do not tell, he is used to find a quiet place, looking for a soft grass, his hands clutching his knees to sit down, his head buried legs.This position is the safest way, but also our initial posture of the mother’s body.  Under weak lights, I grabbed plagioclase shadow of fear that they lost their way.Shadow told me that I am not a person walking, from beginning to end, in the shadow with me.Looking at the water generally slanting moonlight spilled on the ground, I seem to be able to clearly see a woman dressed wearing a veil, light and water in the central Manwu.Shadow told me that it was not my lonely lonely heart beating.  Abstract dream, to open the baggage of memories, my mind transitory man, struggling to ask: in the earth, there is no reincarnation millennium?Samsara, there is not a sad girl like me to wait?Unfortunately, no trace of her thousands of Baidu, when I look back, she does not dim the lights.    (C) a person, and song, and a line of people, tidy up all along the way, only to find that he really quiet.Time off is washed vanity sink into the bottom of my heart, there is only one person to chew, a person aftertaste.  Love scenery, the end is slipped fingertips; years removed, the end is confused eyes.Words, the story, too much has gone before.From a group of people to a man, my youth gradually passing away, my thoughts even more insolent.A person, group of people living definition.  A person, although all alone, however, the process of growing up, a person must be able to endure loneliness.  A man, Dead Poets Society, so messy thoughts into words, as the years exile in the sand; a man, take the provisional far, the youth chewing, the dream of flying in the blue sky.A person, I let the moment of lost youth awakens blurred in the future on the road, basking under a sun.

Blossoms wet with rain rouge

[A] busy reading poetry and literature, occasional Tu Fu “Lin spent the rain rouge wet, water Nymphoides led wind Tsui with a long” sentence, romantic chic, subtle and refined, in case of beauty, quality Exotic, feel distracted ecstatic, hoping to teach in the mouth, in her arms.My heart has long been a spring in February, full of a peach tree that flowers in the misty rain.    Heart like a lotus not stained dust, static sealing means, such as no waves.When the static force, when the movable actuator, a pen-down sections, two or three lines of text books, and send peach.Suddenly rumors Huaxinling, Jiao Hong juvenile green, this is my style.Heart like a mirror, as only the lower, when the air flow is a teenager, meditation is monk.    I’m not a poet, nor do the monks, only in this poem liquor Love Lane, comfortable opening defeat.Fences, grass track, breeze.Bridges, small waves, gate.Red fence small courtyard, a peach tree, like fire, bright pink bloom as.This is an elegant, in the mortal body, but also outside the Red.Zen, the Senate is a heart.In the non-dust to dust, do not dye in the dye, the most beautiful, is the most lonely.All I want is a brilliant lonely heart.    Daiwa expanse, the blue sky, a mountain, a river, a road leading to the outside world.I like to lie above the clouds, to sleep.Feel awake, peach to grow in the bone, but also with the taste of spring sunshine.The past is wet, it’s a tear, is the most beautiful, and that was the love.I like to put a flower into his mouth, chewing eat flowers Rui, it seems a bit cruel, but very cute.Love is a kind of self-abuse, eating flowers, love is like eating.    Curtain Dongfeng, if someone, I like to see those hands shutter of a lifetime, can not have a pair of soft hands, I want to touch, even for once.The kind of soft feel, kind of soft.If no one, I hope Dongfeng, intentionally or unintentionally, flipping it graceful curtains, there is also a “Nowata Unmanned horizontal” Zen Fun.    Lying on a chair on the balcony, holding a book, Yu, and did not see a word, on the abdomen, just for this scholarly, this taste.I do not like reading books, just like the book to hold sleep.Warm sun, I let myself be achieved without me, in this state, the sun can pass through the body, free access.Sleep quietly as if Perishable.I thought I was already dead, but the existence of a phantom, phantom better ah, a lot less to tie him down, the body can no longer imprisoned soul, and I was really comfortable in her.    In a dream to listen to the voices of flowers, listen to the sound of the leaves, listening to the breeze soft hair, the sun ethereal wings, raindrops quiver, soul dancing laughter.Quietly, listening to the birds, listen to the flowers, listening to music beautiful and sad nature.    Winter so short, not enough time to see, we must hurry to leave.Warm wind moving the curtains, garden vegetables soul, it has long been Splendor Orioles, Spring in February.    [Two] spring, wrapped in dough petals, to be approached, hand Qing Yang, in the air and drew a shallow arc, warm air, the fragrance, the drunk body, crisp heart, stagnant time.Eyes slightly together, listen carefully, hear me?River ice cracked clicking sound, the sound of frogs dens lazy yawn, the new green twigs in the passionate sound of marching.Warm season comes, thriving season is here, verdant season is here.Like fairy spring, come so amazing; like a spring urchin Xianlian, click on the jump to the front.Yesterday was still feeling some long winter, the snow was still lamenting some less, still Resentment time reminders old face, but now, my heart warm water, flower blossoms blossoms, clear air, a Xinxinran.Is spring, his hands clasped together, make a wish one by one, a string of blessing.    Poetic spring, leisurely approaching, listen, who crooned spring hymn, switchgrass is awake, or swallows of spring?Painting generally in the spring, slowly spreading, watching, who Huihaopomo outline the spring, the river is warm comfortable fish, or Smart kite in blue sky?    York Wind Comb incense, dressed in cheongsam, who was charming in spring.Lonely heart, always the most delicate, brilliant and lonely.Open into a flower, make a warm person, destined for the people, to carry a message of a branch of peach.Sprout, bud fight, to open itself as a spring, to give you.One after another, clusters, thin petals, thin core, a name called the flower of it, just waiting for you to put me in the mouth.    Spring most suitable for painting, the veteran cadres loneliness, new bonus thin, as you draw a plum it.Painting a peach or, if you prefer, there is snow only elegant plum, peach does not matter, a little frivolous, a little wave, which does not matter, I love these enchanting, youth has always been used to the fallen, is fallen to love extreme.    [Three] if rain can buy like, I buy a rain curtain, south of rain, gave the North a friend and earn a tenderness, as one lovestruck tears.Perhaps you will laugh at me..I always fantastic, in the final analysis, I am a romantic person, at least in the mind, it is a rambling man.There are always heterosexual friends to ask my age, I answer: forget.In fact, remember that age, is torment of his biggest.If you really want to ask the age, I am very sincere answer your emotional intelligence age 18, the age of 0 years old IQ.”South no all, talk presented Spray of Spring,” who I will give it spring?    Buy a curtain rain, rain and more style.A bow, spring circulation dark, wet slowly, as if a dream has just come out of buds in the misty rain.Time came from the window, sparse, scattered.I just listen to the rain the window, like.Spring should be smoking a brilliant lonely woman, dispensable smoke, optional rain, dispensable Xianchou.Rain flower, sell or spring.This is a soft afternoon, the sun is a little decadent, I will be in this a decadent out shoots.    Shortly after the beginning of spring, it is warm.If suddenly pushed open a heavy door, across the plain white, run red, Lily’s a pretty spring garden.This state of mind, and just right, very quiet, such as plain white paper, which can draw complicated season flowers in full bloom, and then complicated, is clean.This is the right of Zen.    ”There is no day, you and I, side by side enjoying the same one day.Trace of rain, tapped the umbrella; the sound of laughter, full of love.Heart jumping foot spray splashing; Feelings eye, pull the wet hair tip.Bluestone lanes, drifted away and disappeared in a cloud of edge.”Read of their own space to talk about this period, as if himself through time and space, with a man, holding hands, publicity, luxury sway youth, this is the spring bar, plenty of time, plenty of dreams.    Smell the flowers of spring, there is still breath grass, the smell of earth, I want to stand up, immediate action to grow their own in the spring.Rooting, budding, jointing, growth, open into a tree flowers, a poem, Yan Yan, cold.Painting with, not whom, just for this spring.    Wen: Sex Like chrysanthemum QQ: 171918223


Last month, willow, willow shadow among so ethereal, light falls hui gray stone on the road.Stone road before dark street lamp light, dark and light in the middle of the night vertical hui some melodious v..Insect sound and wind noise was very hot, weak voice echoed in the ears, straight into the heart.    Elegant bitterness, suddenly recalling landscapes corner of wooden flutes, should the shallow blowing a flute and blending this scene, do not is a Kiyomi!    He turned back to the house, to find a long absence, wooden flutes.Wooden flutes solitary larvae of reclined in the corner, a layer of dust stuck fast to the flute body, wooden flutes have been gathering dust a dash of cold, now I actually feel dejected.Wipe away those heavy dust, portable flute out.    For whistle blow, even a little rusty, but also failed to stop the drift beep, beep at four rhythmic jumping.    Moonlight quiet, soft starlight.Blowing wooden flutes, late at night looking at the distant Yousui.Qingchan flute hooked fragment past, fragments keep replaying those dull sadness.Sad played repeatedly in the segment, the sad singer just like a sad, sad song in a deep singing.    Recall the past.Memories indifferent eyes of each other; the memories of each other farewell sound chamber; parting memories back to each other; leaving only an uncomfortable pain.    Recall more than.Memories of rain and snow chaos; memories of raging wind SA; tears Yu Xiaoxiao memories; memories of pain is difficult to…    Tear beep, beep fly with tears.Memories so cold, people in pain sadness.Perhaps the pain to the extreme, can there be indifferent qualifications.Even ice tears still flow, it is also a very calm and tears.These tears, no ice, no heat, no temperature.    Hui soft, oblique spilled on me.Dressed in white “clothes”, I was still blowing whistle.    Wind fluttering sound, a burst of melody dancing.Chong Sheng low, silently crack wounded heart.    Beep pause, put down a wooden flute.I do not know how, perhaps because of the situation at this time is strong, actually sang Jay singing “East Wind Breaks”, “a sadness alone standing at the window who I pretend you did not go as revisit old ground behind the door.”The song hovered, accompanied by flute has not yet dissipated with flying until Trinidad.