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Bloodthirsty mystery clouds

First, the serial murder boarded buses back to school, back to People’s Hospital, looked An Liwei go away, frowned.  Her cousin in the middle of the night the day before the school was attacked, captured the hearts of the murderer after her, tied her wrists in a three-pin vein.This is?The third case occurred acupuncture treatment from big this month.  An Liwei furiously clenched his fists.  Just visit cousin when informed that the three cases occurred in?Large acupuncture treatment cases the victims were female students, the modus operandi is very similar to the killer, estimated to be the same person.Killer at night quiet place with ether captured the hearts of the single girls, but not looting of property, nor acts of violence and sexual assault, after a medical examination confirmed that they are not inject drugs, there is no infectious disease, who only wound wrist is sporadic eye of a needle.  Overall, this metamorphosis had been attacked the girls, the body does not suffer any major injuries, but mentally stimulated, in need of psychological treatment for some time.  Really frenzied scum!An Liwei cursed, and she took out a “criminal psychology” from the bag, it was her tomorrow to test subjects, it seems, as if this subject was given a special meaning.  She opened the familiar textbook, thrown my heart that somehow irritability.As a?A good big student Department of Psychology, An Liwei always confident of their own, but until she found today, even if courses Geek score, in the face of actual cases, it is only able to say a few vague cliches, and want to further explore the truth of the case, she still lack a lot of things.  Maybe I should borrow the teacher had recommended that the “Criminal Profiling” to look at?A thought flashed, her eyes lit up: Tonight Take the case may wish to practice the practical application of psychological analysis of crime, death endorsement that much more interesting than the vapid!  An Liwei jumped off the bus when it was already dark.5aigushi.COM from the station to the school there are two paths: one is brightly lit streets bustling, but around farther; one is behind the building waiting for demolition Street and Lane, dark cramped, but close.An Liwei usually approached the road, and today is no exception, she unthinkingly taking the steps toward the alley.  Perhaps because of the forthcoming holiday, coupled with the impact of the event acupuncture treatment, particularly small alleys of the people, not to 7:30 has been deserted.The only source of lighting street corner, a group of moths are at the moment under flickering tirelessly swat.An Liwei while walking, while TV drama thinking about the book until slipped and she was suddenly answered a God.  He did not quality, littering things!As she cried angrily, while stopped View.It was a straw sticking out of a plastic bag, as if installed some dark drink before being thrown away, so a cold winter night in a layer of thin ice knot, she almost slipped.  An Liwei looked and looked, those big wall read Chaizi dilapidated bungalow had evacuated, become increasingly lifeless in the cold night, a sense of foreboding in her heart spread out.  An Liwei quickly pick up the pace, trot past in the direction of the school, but his growing sense of unease but.Deep in the dark, as if a pair of eyes was watching her coldly.

,, We afterlife together again

that time..Perhaps this is with us in heaven now, we can not be together forever..  She met with him, it is so beautiful.And I, as a spectator, where narrative of their acquaintance, friend, I love a scarecrow.  It was an ancient village, the sun through the leaves, mottled, people can not breathe and then, the entire air inside is full of sorrow have called taste..  I can not understand, then I just feel sick ,, Well, tell the sad, I do not know why she called the ban, a very strange name, she loved to laugh, that smile, that can infect the world All the people on that smile as bright as the stars of the girl he called wantonly, he is an unusual man ,, resolute face above, you can always see a pair of eyes of God, of course, but more than that I have no more words to modify his gorgeous, I’m just a scarecrow it was a hot afternoon, the sun burning in the air swallowing water on this land I remember, even the family dog a sprinkling ban also listless, Oh, a sprinkling ban is picked up from I do not know which corner., Often forbidden to pick something back from the outside, although the ban is a good girl, but I have to admit, sometimes really silly hat ban, she even considered an angel, oh, what a silly child in the world.  But after a long, long time, I have to admit she was right, but she met the devil!  That evening, a ban dragged back from the outside painted red pigment of the man, he seemed asleep.  Ban put him on the bed, his body with a cloth to wipe paint a little bit, and then help with white cloth tied up the man, I know, that is called dressing.  A few days later, the man woke up, he used his beautiful eyes staring ban, shoved his hand, just live neck of the ban, who you are?  Tone without a trace of temperature, his eyes did not float to the surface trace of waves My name is forbidden, How about you?Ban said with a smile the man froze a moment, probably not seen such a clean, bright smile, right, a time forgotten how to answer.  Uh, you do not say it does not matter I go and prepare a little you eat, you must be hungry after that, she would open the door to go out, shop.what?  My name is wantonly.  Ban secretly laughed, really awkward guy I hate the ban and that man, he always is so cold, occasionally, his eyes would flash of brutal atmosphere that he is a dangerous man.  But the ban and he liked to stick together, even in spite of her full La Saige advice.  La Saige is a village full of our village, he is a respected man, said to have more than two hundred years old..From the day of my existence, full of La Saige pull in, and, of course, you can not expect a scarecrow there are more than two hundred years old now I always thought so quiet stable life will last forever.I can see the ban happily, watching the village board with a face lessons steal corn children every day, to see young men and women flirting, watching the village peasant woman over and over again such and such a mess chewing my tongue bitterly thought: if there is no man, that this is all so beautiful ah!

(Three), “with the mind”

(Three), “with the mind” at 22:30 on July 2014 Ri 36 points when their dignity will get more.    Sometimes I think: when their dignity, the others get is more despised; what are the side effects of it on the other side.    People, life, work; still have to learn mildly, flexible; want to be a perfect person is absolutely impossible.    He is no perfect person, the history of a man is according to his credit is greater than the fault evaluated.    When your achievements outweigh you are right.    Real life short remote communication can not always grasp and hold the faults of others, sometimes just because of a little thing on the downtown break off, leaving never in contact with, it is a misconception.    And people understand the feelings of a person, not half past one will be able to set up; requires long running.    Among friends because when a trifle of a dispute, this time should be put down your face.    Need is communication between friends, talked about, so there is no hatred can not be resolved.    No one is perfect, when people have no friends, that is one out of a soul.Youngest

(Lyrics) My North

My North – North has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, here’s the Great Northern Wilderness spring neck so short ye here ye that long winter here it’s rainy day children ye so much snow here so ye ah la la thief my bright northern North has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, my Great Northern Wilderness north – north has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, ah ye plains of the Great Northern Wilderness here so extensive here rice child gnaw fragrant specialty here so that ye are so many mechanized so here is a quick thief la rang my northern North has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, my Great Northern Wilderness north – north there is a loud name is called great Northern Wilderness, the great Northern Wilderness, ah, we have the first northern great Northern Wilderness rice northern North East has a large modern agriculture we have our big barn northern mountains around the world have let my urban and rural areas north – north has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness Great Northern Wilderness ah, the Great Northern Wilderness my North, my plain of the Great Northern Wilderness

( “Writers election issue” 11) spring memories

South seasons people to feel a little awkward, especially entered in March, is likely to be the cold weather yesterday, and today already is spring breeze was blowing.Although it is a night shift, but were more genial, were less chill.The arrival of spring is more like a liberation, the Laolaoxiaoxiao released from detention in the cold winter, enjoy nature this affection.Old people often get together to tell the old stories, a solution of returning to the lonely.For children, spring is probably better from the beginning of the kite.    Unlimited spring weekend, on the front lawn of a large can often see some parents carrying children sensational kite, of course, some of these are looking for childhood shadow of “big kids”.A few days ago, chatting with friends in leisure kite flying out the window, she let me strange kite some accidents.Because in my mind, a child kite is irreplaceable toy.But she also put me in conversation from time to time to “kite” as the “kite” jokingly “pedantic”.I gazed out the window that the wizard-like confusion of things, seems to have thoughts with the cord in the air rambling put more away, eyes looming out of my first kite – I can not always into the same tower “kite” even though they are completely the same concept.    Front of the screen become increasingly clear, grandfather holding a kite to run in front, but also from time to time look back to back holding the spool followed me.Earn a wind, a turn, it would only be able to be under the wizard’s remote control grandfather jumped up and flung into the air.Compared to other kites in the air, my only kite is always the brightest – not only because it was on the eagle-like skeletons and two wings strong and characters – “kite”, but that it is for me personally grandfather made.I vaguely remember when between very naughty, always ranging from grandfather after school to pick it with small partners to field frolic, grandfather often anxious round and round.One day after school, I followed them to Tasaka, which also took out a small partner to play with the kite up, I see this naughty toy never played naturally have stepped forward to join in the fun, when I find my grandfather, and I was a few people grab a kite.Grandpa pulled me, pick me go, “grab what other people’s stuff?What to say and grandfather “.”I want to kite,” I almost blurted out.Grandpa took me to the village only supermarket to buy a kite, very clever, and no kite out of stock.Naturally naughty I refused to give up, crying to the kite.”I’ll do, I’ll do!”Grandpa Today these words still fresh, although at that time I was very suspicious of his commitment.    The next day after school, my grandfather stood in front of the school early, took the hands of a red and green “Eagle”, came out to see me, he said to me: “Go, go we put the kite!”That’s resonant voice and his hands would only come alive ‘Eagle’, so I instantly catches among others envy.I only took me almost as high as the “Eagle”, carefully playing up.”Grandpa, why is there this word above ah?Others are not. “.”This is the word ‘kite’, in ancient times people just called it.”Grandpa said, laughing.Then I remember my grandfather and asked a lot of questions, such as “What is the ancient times ah?”” Why is it called kite?”Wait, there are so many child seems to ask why the endless.He came to the open field, the spool grandfather to me, holding out his own kite running purely by hand in front of my grandfather in front of me naturally want to make every effort to put it into the air, but the wind is not very big day grandfather ran for a long time barely let it fly, so young I naturally from behind urging: “Grandpa run, run grandfather!”Later, every spring, a grandfather always took my hand and holding a kite, take me to enjoy the arrival of spring share the unique joy.Later, my grandfather suddenly gone, according to the original custom home, spent all his lifetime thing to be burnt to ashes, yet it would only my favorite grandmother stayed kite.But since my grandfather left, I never go to Played bird kite.A few years ago my grandmother the old house renovation, finishing among the objects dug out old bird painted gray layer “Eagle”, I wiped it after my grandmother kept saying: “stand still, stand still!”Yes ah, so many years, not at all aliasing!They gradually learned from the mouth of the grandmother, grandfather grew up in the school of Fine Art, and later go for the livelihood of a special fan factory when the painter, responsible for painting on a folding fan, so it would only draw for kite grandfather, it should be a piece of cake.”Probably later was older, he finished every time you want to put the kite back pain always came back a few days to call!”Grandma whispered, tore me suddenly shocked from the memories, tears blurred his eyes.    Grandpa was gone for many years now, his memory gradually blurred.But each time in the spring, to see this spring, the air is almost the only wizard – kite figure, put the kite together and grandfather of time to stand up Ma Minglang.Kite flying high out of the window, leaving only the point that looming.Suddenly, the doctor “line down”, that point disappeared into the field of vision, hands still tightly grabbed the spool, put out the other end of the line blowing in the wind.I think it’s like between me and Grandpa, Grandpa is gone though, can no longer be affecting that line.But as long as the spool, and the man who will be able to remember it with the kite, and that part of the good memories of my grandfather.    About the author: Chen Hongjiang, male, Shaoxing, Zhejiang.Personally favorite prose, poetry, in recent years, his works have been published in the “Ningbo University newspaper”, “Shandong youth”, “Shaoxing County newspaper supplement”, “New Youth” and other newspapers, magazines, cooperation with others published essay “Fruitful “.


Qing Emperor Kangxi, the government of Hangzhou has a man named Zhu Xi of the mountain, he grew up poor family, and later because the city looks handsome handsome fancy business Sun rich man, do door-law Chia.Sun home only a rich man called Sun Xiu Ling’s daughter, looks not very outstanding, but because his family was wealthy, home of many Qiuqin.Sun only child outside the rich man did not want to marry, this find Zhu Xi Shan people do this all alone door-law.After marriage, SUN Xiu Ling Zhu Xi Shan and courteous, life is nothing exciting, but two had been no children.SUN Xiu Ling Zhu Xi Shan that the wife is infertile, but he dared not divorce his wife, did not dare to put forward concubines, because it is a door-law, everything is his wife, he only endured, from dawn to dusk every day to follow old man on people learn to do business, I hope one day they can separate portal wings hard time marry concubines.Entertainment business will inevitably eat and drink, often Zhu Xi Shan to contact customers and others to brothel drinking, long time, he met a man named Zi Yan brothel singer.SUN Xiu Ling Ziyan not as high above her obedience of Zhu Xi Shan, Zhu Xi Shan increasingly inseparable from her, always looking for an excuse not to go home and Ziyan overnight.One day, Zhu Xi Shan Zi Yan again to find the brothel, and intended to continue her night stand, but told him she was pregnant Ziyan.Zhu Xi Shan was surprised to hear, he was afraid of his wife knew the family was swept out to make their own ability has not been a separate portal, but their children can not do, Zhu Xi Shan frowning start thinking countermeasures.Mind panic Zhu Xi Shan long time thought out idea, Ziyan look impatient, she patted the shoulders of Zhu Xi Shan said with a smile: you see that kind of counseling, even the ass for a long time did not collapse out, or I you want to give an idea of it!Zhu Xi Shan seemed to see in the dark a little glory, he stared at Ziyan ask: how, you have an idea?Fast, say to listen.Ziyan a turn sitting on a mountain of Zhu Xi thigh, with a proud smile on her face and said: You go to the tailor shop where clothes do that Sun Xiu Ling, and so do the clothes, you have to spend money to hire a man to dress SUN Xiu Ling sent to the front, he said, afraid of inappropriate clothes, let her try it on right away, and so she was ready to try undressed when she let the men rushed over to hug, then broke again to go unto you, even if she contends, but she rags of a man and cuddle with you always have a place to live, that time you open your mouth concubinage, she certainly would not object.Zhu Xi Shan listened then said: But, but my family always around about the lady accompanied by her maid, how could easily close to the strange man?Zi Yan stood up and continued: This simple, you find an excuse to advance her personal maidservants out of work is not on the line, taking advantage of the maid is not the time to go to send her clothes, absolutely not unexpected.Zhu Xi Shan hear nodded: Well, it is a way to let me look POW!A few days later, Sun Xiu Zhu Xi Shan to tailor shops in accordance with the spirit of the size given a dress, and then he went outside the city to spend money to hire a cow called two brawny, this person will be kung fu, Zhu Xi Shan told him to wait and went in unto the time for him to flee in disarray, do not get caught, things are after would give him some money.Everything is ready, Zhu Xi Shan very happy, thinking soon be able to have children of their own sense of the word, he could not help prepare a feast and celebrate in advance Ziyan.Early evening, Zhu Xi Shan dragged himself back home drunk, SUN Xiu Ling sent him to wash after the two had together on the bed.Sleep at night, drunken Zhu Xi Shan actually talking about the drunk words.Haha, we are ready, well..SUN Xiu Ling Zhu Xi Shan Xunde of alcohol can not sleep, just to hear Zhu Xi Shan said drunk, she would think it was funny just take the words: everything well prepared to die?Zhu Xi Shan replied: send clothes guys ready, when I personally unto them, I will certainly be ashamed that lady, I can concubinage, Oh


The blare of the blare whistle broke the quiet night of the coal town. In this bustling night market, several places are enjoying themselves? Several sorrows? Several trips? A few romantic places? The train from the direction of the capital raced into the platform, which will take me down the road to my hometown to bid farewell to this dark land and gray sky and bid farewell to this quiet night in April.. Don’t, all right! Don’t, all right! I don’t want to indulge in your rotten soft arms any more. Three years of rose-like youth here have been abandoned by Iraq.. I can’t forget to weave the dream of overpass again and again. I can’t forget the deep alleys of Chen Jiagang. I can’t forget the dog barking in the middle of the night in the alley. I can’t forget the funny scenes in the cinema. I can’t forget the morning when white shoe polish was used as toothpaste.. That’s the rotten part of my youth. It’s really fallen to its peak! What rich and precious knowledge, know a few professional terms, what gentle and beautiful girlfriend, even few heterosexual friends, take away lest only half a hundred books that have not been read in the luggage with heavy notes. Sitting in front of the beauty salon was a beautifully dressed morden girl with her legs crossed, unforgettable! Seeing her can arouse my strong sexual desire. White tender skin, red and fleshy lips, soft and open breasts, if they are closer, they seem to smell the plumes of fragrance evaporating from her nakedness. If she leans over and you stand on tiptoe again, you can see her heady cleavage, the big tits without bra.. My god! If you can give me such an Yifu as nakedness and flattery, so that her soul and body will be completely owned by me and I will die 18 times. No place to vent youth anguish in the cold and lonely bed so stored one, one, and another spring. Look at the decadent and old appearance in the mirror, what pure love, what burning sensual desires, that’s all! Just now! I love myself, I love myself!     Coming to see me off are L Jun, who has long curly hair and is quite artistic, and H Jun, who is addicted to the Internet all day long. Earlier, several classmates who insisted on giving me a ride were declined by me one by one. I don’t like the solemn and stirring separation, and I don’t want to indulge my clear tears in front of all the gentlemen.. On the bus, I took the luggage that L Jun and H Jun had brought to me in Midian, but it has not been put properly, and the car body has moved forward slowly in unconsciousness.. I ran to the window, but forgot that it was a dark night. Ladies and gentlemen, take good care of yourself! Wishing you all the best in your future life. I stacked my bags by a door that wouldn’t open at the end of the flash and looked inside along the trunk. There weren’t many people.. On the car chair, there were half – squinting people sitting, whole bodies lying down, some with bare fingers and feet, and a few empty places.. Sir, is there anyone here? ‘ I’m like a beggar begging along the street, hoping to get a favor from my master. Looking at the expression of my fellow countrymen dying and dying, listening to a’ yes’ word they squeezed out of their yellow teeth for half a day, I was really desperate like death. Sleeping compatriots, rest assured and sleep well! I will never burst your sweet Eden dream or the gold rush dream, in which you continue to say, ” Oh, yes.”! My baby, how nice! very good! ‘ I dragged my tired and floating body back to the sky of my own. On the other side of the door, there was a barking foreign dog crouching in front of the door. Oh, my God! The damned beast actually turned that into a toilet, and soon shook his tail despondently to find his faithful master.. The stench evaporated from the excrement of foreign dogs mixed with the foul smell flowing out of the toilet is the most effective emetic. I really want to apply for a patent in the Patent Office, maybe I can get a commendable royalty. ” Where is the fresh oxygen? Give me fresh oxygen! Dear compatriots! Compatriot! I owe all my misery to you now. Human civilization is manifested in you. Your noble qualities and sentiments have really reached the peak of the mountain.. Just now! Just now! I don’t think I will die before dawn.    From the half-open window, gusts of night wind blew in. The wind before dawn in April was still full of biting tenderness. Eyes against the wind, through the window, no mountain, no building, only a few stars faint lights outside. Suddenly, I wanted to be a scholar like Xu Zhimo and Yu Dafu and write some sober and gorgeous poems for this night. But what else can I write besides some sentences that have a deep and unwritten style? Just now! Just now! I don’t write to intimate lovers or close friends. I write to myself and myself.! Many years later, in the broken words, I was able to support a long bamboo pole and take a small boat to the Dream Garden to look for the old dream I had left when I was young.. Sitting on the luggage and leaning back on the car body, he fell asleep.     When I woke up, the car had reached the end and the sky was bright. Out of the station, hit the motorcycle, got on the China – Pakistan bus, got off the three rounds, and got home in the evening when it was getting dark.. The village woman who has been standing at the village gate for a long time is my mother who is over half a hundred years old.

Affection and Love

On the desk lay the family happiness, the only family happiness. This was taken at the beginning of this year and is what parents always wanted. I took it to Hainan, a remote place. I’ve been carrying it with me before, but now I’ve put it where I can see it best. Watching every day, I always told myself to love my family, which is my eternal root and the destination of my fate..     Yes, I can’t forget that moth who conceived in octobe, who cultivated my father with her, and who raised my grandpa and grandma, and who told me not to forget the kindness of raise, and my favorite brother and sister who was very kind to me.. The family I grew up in for 20 years, but why should I stay at home as a reward? Why should I choose between affection and love? How should I choose these two immeasurable feelings?     I thought today was grandpa’s 81st birthday. I sent a text message to my father and uncle early in the morning asking them to say happy birthday to grandpa on my behalf, but it was only later that I found it was tomorrow. I was so confused that I didn’t even know what day it was today. I hurriedly sent a message to uncle saying it was tomorrow.. After a long time, my uncle sent me a message and said, ” Grandpa said,” As long as you have a grandfather’s birthday in your heart, it shows that they have paid off their efforts. This is a feeling of gratitude. I am happy that you can do this. Grandpa has eight children and then has so many grandchildren, all grandchildren, only you. This is commendable. ”. I remember everyone’s birthday at home, the size of your clothes, the size of your shoes and what you like to eat. All this is because I care about you. I love this family. However, over the years, I have not been happy in this home because we seldom talk and lack communication. As long as everyone asks me if I will stay at home, my mother will cry if I don’t give an answer.. If you give a vague answer, you will cry. If you give a positive answer, you will cry even if you don’t stay at home, and even think of drinking pesticides.. How sad is it for me?     Mother said that because she gave birth to two daughters, she suffered a lot and her sister married again, she suffered a lot of injustice and would cry when she was ok, fearing that others would know, she had to cry secretly.. What about me?? Who should I tell about my grievance? When I was still in high school, you had been instilling ideas in my mind. I didn’t sleep at ease all night and I would cry, especially when I was in the middle of the night hiding in the quilt..     At the end of last year, when you asked me to go on a blind date, I went on a blind date. When you asked me to give up my studies and come to him, I gave up my studies and came to him. I tried my best to treat him well, but he ignored me. When you asked me to give up, I gave up.. Now he finds out that I am well. If you want to look back, you will ask me to look back and ask me to take him home and start a family and career.. I should go home? For a moment I said I should have self-esteem and for a moment I would listen to my parents. I… Really tired, very tired.     I fell in love with a soldier. You said you didn’t understand him, but you didn’t even give you a chance to understand him. Just’ slap him and kill him. Uncle said that soldiers are not bad, but most of them are bad. They are cheating on their feelings. You should not go to the wrong way.. Don’t you believe that I found a good man in that small part? I believe he is good. Although we have only been together for four months today, I have seen his inner kindness and the soul of a soldier who is fighting for the country and training hard.. There is a country where there is a home, and there is love where there is a home. Why do you deny a soldier who defends the country, a soldier who can give his daughter love? Just because he can’t be our door-to-door son – in – law? Just because the daughter will marry for him?     These days, you have been calling me, texting, chatting about QQ, uncle, father, mother, sister and brother… You are all urging me to go back. Advise me not to leave the house. Dad said the biggest mistake in my life was not teaching me how to be a person. Uncle said, if I don’t go home and start a family and career, my mother will drink pesticide. My uncle also said that I was going to marry out, and he and all his family would not go to my wedding…. How cool are these words to me?     Mom and dad, my closest and dearest family. Is the daughter’s happiness to grow up in a cage? And that cage is your attached rural feudal thought, and I am the prison slave inside. Am I doomed not to have my own love? What am I going to do?     I’m tired, tears.

Horse who has a dark secret which

What are the secrets of people unknown?Every character has some hidden in the face, then you know what dark secret horse who have it?Following small to talk about what dark secret with you people really do have a horse。 Horse who has a dark secret which is a horse who is not confident the police Si and strong, often giving the impression of a superior, and he is always full of confidence, wherever leaders like to do。
In fact, it can be said to be a horse person a kind of arrogance or self-confidence, because he was not confident, but eager to be the most powerful, so always ask others to obey their own。
Therefore, the horse people and the secret is the fact that he was not confident, just as there is such a word, we can appease people very well, but to his own lost their footing, horse who is so, perhaps he can others say good, but met their own time but do not know how to do, as though on the surface, but the heart does have a bit of confidence?In fact, it is very confident。
Horses have innate extravagance, and they attract the opposite sex who have a special charm, while they themselves are also good to communicate with the opposite sex, so they are generally more exuberant peach blossom。
In their careers, their lack of play, easy to choose retreat in the face of difficulties, their mental capacity is weak, can not stand too big blow, a major setback can not afford enough for them to pick up。 In love, they advocate freedom and do not want them to give themselves too many requirements, which often make each other feel that they lack a sense of responsibility, unreliable and choose to leave。 Horse who has a dark secret who is a horse of unknown quirks: manufacturing must do their own little thing was comfortable, obviously sometimes buy things very cheap and very practical, but the horse who still and then modified it will feel comfortable, is the need to enjoy the pleasure of those who made the job。
Full of energy naughty Chinese traditional culture inside of a person's life have such a description, when people just born, the most exuberant vitality, and when the latter, the gradual loss of vitality, to a ripe old age, there will be no more energy, we see the old people always look feeble, so probably that is the reason?However, we still many children from an early age to sleep so long, I feel the children's energy is not so abundant it!However, this situation, for the horse who is not Jiang Zi, they were trained to show extraordinary Manner, in childhood, all kinds of naughty, do not want to go to bed early variety, all kinds of disturbance in the middle of the night their sleep is really enough!。

Dandong: no swing to confrontation, "the house is not used for live fry"

Dandong City to maintain the healthy development of the real estate market conference stressed: unswervingly adhere to the "house is to live, not for speculation."。  June 11, Dandong City, held to maintain the healthy development of the real estate market conference, designed to implement the national and provincial government decision-making related to deployment, correctly handle the relationship to the stock and housing prices stable, tightly grasp the regulation goal is not to relax, to maintain the healthy development of the city's real estate market。Mayor hao attended the meeting。  The meeting pointed out, to improve the political stations, real estate regulation work effectively strengthen their sense of responsibility and sense of urgency。From the high politics, firmly establish the "four consciousness", unswervingly adhere to the "house is to live, not to fry" positioning, unswervingly adhere to the real estate market regulation goal, and unswervingly maintain the continuity and stability control policies, really good job in the real estate market regulation and stability control prices, to ensure stable and healthy development of real estate market。  The meeting stressed the need to plan ahead, do a good job of real estate regulation of emergency preparedness。District governments, especially the cooperation Zone, to effectively assume the region's real estate market regulation, stability control prices first responsibility is the main responsibility。After the city's meeting should be organized immediately convened within the jurisdiction of developing enterprise stability control prices conference, informed the central, provincial and municipal regulatory requirements for real estate development companies to work。To collective interviews even interviewed one by one in the area of enterprise development, to quickly organize all area businesses to develop jointly issued a "do not wind the price initiatives"。Participants of real estate development enterprises should play a "leading pack" role and social responsibility, consistent with the spirit of the central, consistent with the deployment of the provincial government and municipal government requirements, respond positively to the initiative and participate in the city's real estate development enterprises in set an example, jointly safeguard the city's real estate market。To work out a new policy reserves。  The meeting urged all localities, departments and units must fulfill their duties, the rapid formation of the real estate market stability control force。Housing construction departments should give full play to the role of coordinating organization, classification statistics on the real estate commodity housing prices, strict examination, focused their attention on market dynamics, update contingency plans; county (city) District Government and co Zone, to be highly concerned about this the real estate market dynamic region, will live with all the urban construction department to conduct a comprehensive and careful examinations in the sale of property, violation of the provisions disturb the market order must be severely punished; commodity price departments should strengthen the housing price record management; statistics departments should focus on homogeneity real estate prices rose by the survey, a true reflection of the city's housing prices rose the actual situation; publicity, public security departments should pay close attention to public opinion trends affect the price fluctuations of the city, do online media management, active voice, to create a good atmosphere for public opinion。To implement the classification regulation to ensure that real estate inventories remain at a reasonable level。  Meeting informed the city's real estate market operation and regulation of the work, the county (city) district, related to the development of enterprises to make a position statement。(Original title: "The house is for living, not for speculation!"This will further Dandong sound) (Editor: DF142)