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Male Eccentricity Index of Twelve Constellations

Some people say that men are always be fond of the new and tired of the old. Today, let’s look at the 12 constellations male index of change of heart and see which constellation is the highest.?   Aries: 80% impulsive Aries are equally impulsive in their feelings. They will fall in love with a person very quickly and leave the person very quickly. Aries men are easily changed and cannot always like a person for a long time..   Taurus: 20% Taurus belongs to the kind of person who is very persistent and cannot be easily changed if one is identified.. Therefore, Taurus has a relatively low index of emotional change. They can be faithful to husband till death.   Gemini: 50% Gemini has always been considered as a constellation with some flower hearts, probably because Gemini is fickle and has many peach blossoms nearby, so the index of heart changes for Gemini men is still relatively high..   Cancer: 30% Mr. Haohao Cancer has a good temper, is good for girls, and is extremely family-friendly. If cancer men like a girl, they would like to marry her home early. Two people, Mission Sex Control,Jal sarabose, are as simple as that..   Leo: Although 20% of the big lions are sometimes overbearing, they are not very flirtatious emotionally. Lions will only spoil one person and won’t let other girls all go to Yu Lu Jun Zhan. This is still very specific..   Virgo: 30% Virgo is a very organized person, one is one, two is two, emotional things should be clearly separated, absolutely nothing will go wrong, as for the change of heart, it is a very small probability of things.   Libra: 90% of Libras with good conditions in all aspects are probably the most popular among the twelve constellations. There are many people who pursue Libra, which is very tempting. Libra’s index of change of heart goes up..   Scorpio: If 30% of Scorpios in Tsundere like someone, it must have been observed for a long time, and basically they won’t see the wrong person.. Therefore, Scorpio will not change his mind and will continue to spend time with this person..   Sagittarius: The prodigal son attribute of 50% striker men determines that the archer’s index of change of heart is still relatively high.. However, if the archer can meet a soul mate, he can basically settle down and will not wander again..   Capricorn: 20% Many Capricorn people are workaholics and it is difficult to find a partner, let alone change their mind.. Therefore, most Capricorn people will cherish their partner very much, treat her very well, and will not and dare not have any other thoughts..   Aquarius: 50% Aquarius has a unique taste and likes small things.. It is not easy to find someone who has the same topic with Aquarius, but Aquarius is easy to get tangled up in, think about it or forget it, that’s how you change your mind..   Pisces: The 60% romantic Pisces brain inside always has a lot of unrealistic ideas and will not settle down very early. They like vigorous feelings and are full of variables, which is more interesting. Therefore, Pisces’ index of change of heart is still relatively high.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

(Essay), “China’s dynastic history card: ancient coins” (under)

Qin, the Chinese nation is a relatively unified country first.After the First Emperor unified the implementation of the “book with the text” policy, coins text also “book with the text,” the range, the whole country Xiaozhuan common culture, shellfish, knife, cloth and other original currency shall be abolished.Qin Chaocheng phase, statesman, calligrapher Li Si, with a writing style slender body Xiaozhuan, Emotion powerful “two half” and “two steroids” Qian coins, creating a calligraphy writing Qian precedent, so we are now able to get a glimpse of two thousand years ago Reese calligraphy, it can be a valuable. Qin half two coins, a coin circular square hole, the performance of our simple ancestors of the universe, and that is the doctrine of the hemispherical dome.Two half money as a milestone in the history of coins, this coin marking the velvet glove, in the shape from fixed, and for the ancient lineage, until the Qing Dynasty.Thereafter, prosperity, money system commercial activities of the Han Dynasty has also been significant reforms.Emperoryuan hunting for five years, that is, 118 years BC, began casting five baht money, coins severity appropriate, its size, shape, has been used to Sui.Five baht money and coins of the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan reign of the invention is pioneering China, and the world monetary history of his country’s national time being, has not completely civilized, coins culture, yet perfect.Monetary system was abolished two baht, coins began Po Man era, is a concept of a leap, because of the emergence Po Man coin, is the prototype of the kind of credit currency.Jiaozi, is the originator of modern paper money, one that began in the Tang Dynasty of the flying money, the line in the first year of North Song day Saint (1023), as well as Wang Jin Hailing Wanyanliang Zhenyuan years (1154) notes a similar post. Coin Wang Mang period, is exquisite, full of imagination, the casting of one gold coin wrongly, the knife coins above plus a square hole circle of money, money on a round gold inlaid “sword” word, the blade cast of “level five thousand” in the name, for special shapes, like today we use the key, also known as wrongly Han dynasties love for people. Zhang Heng “Four worry Poetry,” said: “Beauty gives me the wrong knife, why the British newspaper Qiong Yao.”Well known, that at least is a beautiful love story, let us more than a daydream.Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, also has its praise “the wrong bag only Hope, silver Hujiu and easy credit,” the poem. Historically frequent wars, political turmoil of the period and dynasties, often born of some rare precious coins today, because the warlord, regime change frequently, such as fleeting dynasty, had eyes that is dead.For example, Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period, the size of the country, there are dozens of political power, there is some short-lived dynasty of only a few years, the line is often unsustainable cast coins, or even just try casting, has been devoid of dynasty.The famous Dayan reign, reign Qi big, big Shu Tong Bao Tong Bao coin and Qingtai, are diluted Jane coins, or even survive in the world only twelve, is the rare Chinese ancient coins products, precious anomaly. Song is a Chinese coin casting peak, a huge number, variety, sophisticated technology, magnificent calligraphy.Taizong Yushu money, and money reign of money to open the book and institutionalized, there are future achievements.China Taiping reign official script there is heavy coins Monetary History of the important Outline of coins, Schumann elegance and aestheticism amplifier architecture, the solitary and peaceful reign grade large treasure of ancient coins Seal, there Dunhua ingot, numerous Shido gold coins gorgeous trisomy , colorful.There Ren-day trip towards San ingot casting, Ming ingot, ingot and Edwin Wong Song reign, are true, Seal of money, harmony and symmetry, so far addictive.Grand Huizong reign of Yu Shu, iron picture hooks of silver, handsome Plaza show, erythema unique patina, a unique feast for the eyes, sing the perfect unity of Chinese calligraphy art and coins, it is the peak of the art world party empty coin. Yuanyou reign Ancestor Yuanyou Between casting line is also beautiful Yiping, especially coins money instruments law, for the culmination.It is involved in the famous cultural, literary giants in Chinese history are inseparable, and this complement each other, each other against the background glow.It was some of the history of China’s famous politician, writer and calligrapher, are we still familiar, durable memorable people, such as light and Sima Sushi masterpiece.I have a collection of Yuanyou reign coins, paper money spin to read, but money instrument body, even “Yuanyou” running script, “Bao” is the Seal!A coin two books body, unheard Zhennai!”Yuanyou” word, as Su Shi body of the book, cloud water line, or flutter Zongyue, vigorous and diverse; and “reign” is the word Seal, who do not know the book, but soothing and elegant, beautiful soft.Sima Guang and calligraphy, the atmosphere is so thick, density decent, full of a sense of Enron, there are rock solid momentum.Sima Guang, but a peak Chinese culture and history, he presided over the compilation of China’s first chronological history “Mirror”, who do not know, who does not read.As well as its personality, the charm of humanity, has brilliant flashes, Wenliang Qian Gong, upright, called a model under Confucianism in traditional Chinese culture.There are chic, bold Sushi, knowledgeable, extremely talented, poetry and painting are fine, famous wit scholar on Chinese history.Its culture, sea of unrestrained, and Ouyang Xiu saying O’Sullivan, as “one of the Tang and Song”; his poems, fresh-ho, make good use of rhetoric, Su Huang and Huang Ting saying; its words, Pentium uninhibited, have on future generations a huge impact, with Jinan and said Su Xin Xin; calligraphy, good line, Kai, create their own new, separate faction, and Huang Tingjian, Mi Fu, Cai Xiang, adding that four Song.The world is another who does not know the “three Su” mean?Three Cao and three Su, is no longer there exist ancient. Jin Dynasty coins, almost all fine, originated in the Central Plains, the implementation of the northern half of China, is dedicated to the wonderful world Jurchen ethnic culture of coins.That fine cast, that’s totally natural layout, Darby rhyme full text of the money, telling the harmony of culture and civilization.Tianjuan reign really the book money, Jinxi Zong Tianjuan years (1138 AD — 1141) casting line, casting its exquisite, handsome calligraphy, its regular flawless, second to none.Gold coins were all reign, it is also absolutely gorgeous show, Ming Chang gold coins regular script, regular script calligraphy Emotion, suspected Gold were pregnant or Party of the British book, calligraphy attainments, not lost in the history of the Chinese people in any one regular script.Seal ingot Ming Chang, who do not know the book, suspected pregnant British Party brush, Juan Yong Su, charming and elegant, delicate strokes, such as the subtle beauty like Kinds.There were heavy and elegant chapter Taihe coins, Seal Qian, a famous calligrapher Jin was pregnant with Britain Party of the book, there is a sense of Majestic, reveals a deep sense of old-fashioned, is still learning seal script calligraphy copy of this mold and post . Gold were Wan Yan Jing, pass the Han descent, grew up in the golden age of King Sejong the ruling “Dading Governance”, a child of military expertise grandfather slightly monasteries, combined with mastery of Confucian culture, Daxing County School, advocated Confucianism, Law book Huizong skinny body, almost like genuine, high attainments.During the reign of the Han further use of ceremonial dress, promote Jurchen and Han intermarriage, to promote the integration of the Chinese nation.Jin Dynasty coins Dading reign, Sejong imitation Zhao Ji is a skinny body of the book, concise style, elegant appearance, exquisite level comparable to Grand reign, unique style. There Liao coin unique style and unique character, with national grasslands rough, unrestrained and sloppy, with eight characters, pens unadorned, although a small number, but there are varieties of accommodating thousands of coins, it is China a bonanza of ancient coins, to be further explored. Nationalities in China since ancient times to live together in this vast land, flesh and blood, harmony.Mongolian, are our brothers, descendants of Liao nation; Manchu, are our brothers, descendants of the Jurchen.Moreover, because of hard work, because the heroic, because the Bing Biao heroes through the ages, have historically been dominant over the country and the Chinese dynasties, governance Excellence.The casting of ancient coins, learn from each other because each has its advantages, and the gorgeous infinity, then came together to form the mainstream of Chinese coins culture. Ancient coins, itself a historical memory and the presence of fragments, remains of a Chinese dynastic history, business cards tangible and material.If you love Chinese ancient coins, you will never betray, even obsessed difficult to return.

Sweet melons

Another year grass green, fragrant fruit season is.    Burn crisp melon, melon sweet silver lion dock Apricot Akira eye.Home proverb (of course, I now compiled) revealed the fruits of sweet home.Lion dock is a village south of the valley of apricot, apricot hillsides sexy style, hidden among the leaves of apricots is to provoke our group of children and teenagers.So to steal to eat apricots.    Lion dock to steal apricots, you can not take the bottom of the road.Because of the high slope side of the road, long look at the slope of the people.Although it is old, but because occupy a favorable terrain, a small sitting Mazar, condescending, it is hard to escape their sight.Only circuitous combat, climb from the dock next to the lion quail Liu, first occupied the high ground, slowly from the top of the hill overlooking touch down, went straight to the good fruit has already reconnaissance biggest “Apricot” tree, quickly climb, hands neatly pick a pocket full of – sometimes in order to save time and maximize the loading booty, often directly trace the apricots into headlong into the vest’s pants.Wait until vest bulging, it is spilling over, or be seen Poe found the old man, shouted “little bastard!”This hurriedly slipped down the tree, fled in panic – do not forget still have to run to the top of the hill – although run faster, can expel the old man from the foot up, could not catch.Until the top of the mountain, he had stopped looking at the mountain slope to see who will be a prank chanting: “Yeah have the ability to come up!”Lion dock Liu apricot, pear quail Liu.July August pear walnut.Walnut hit before stealing pears.Very smooth walnut tree, walnut and often grow on trees, so it is difficult to pick.This feature is similar with pear, walnuts and pears can only steal so by playing.Playing walnut need to associate head.Side of the tree with a stone most convenient, but the effect is not good.Stones too small, could not beat the stone is too large, do not move throw.Someone to cut wood stick at home, good length, foot length, not thick not thin, aiming to throw up the trees, hit rate, hit big face, about to lay several to.To retrieve the walnuts in the river stones rub, rub off the skin, breaking open or eat walnuts, or play.But always on hand to leave a mark, that is, hands are blackened, walnut skin that is caused in the juice, take a long time to slowly remove.    Eating walnuts and pears, on the fall.Students to put fake autumn, led by the teacher to participate in productive labor force.The most hope is to pick up pomegranate, hawthorn is picking up.Not because labor of love, but can scenting a hawthorn.    The teacher Hawthorn beat down from the tree, pick up students under the tree.At this time, while the pick up, pull the hole in the ground on one side, the sly one teacher, while the teacher was not looking, cut out a square on the floor of the pit, hawthorn secretly buried in, with a small sheet cover, stone sprinkle a layer of soil, then a top mark – this is the hawthorn scenting up – naturally these activities do not let the teacher found.Wait until the weekend, taking advantage of the opportunity to block the pomegranate, then Hawthorn house cellar dug up.Of course there are confused when – not finding the exact location of the sub-cellar, Hawthorn has long been someone else is taken away.    Now that I think, somewhat bad idea meant to do so.But sneaky stimulation is very attractive, as people always bored.    In addition to group activities, my favorite is to see watermelon.Watermelon in the mountain slope.Watermelon like adobe, to Xinken the best out of the mountain.Father pulls out new soil on the slopes, weir wall on the base, a long ramp on the sub-Guang watermelon in there.Guayang climb the slope toward the room, weir head planted with beans and tomatoes.Oblique edge of the triangular pyramid erected melon house.Cypress dry sized thick as purlins, yellow straw watts, which is arranged in two large thin stone bed.A lantern to pick out in the roof of cypress branches.Guawujiugai become.    Guapeng sit down, look at bees and butterflies flying, listening to Insects singing, smell the fragrance of cypress.Such ease the sultry scenery, reading is particularly sweet.Fancy for a while, feeling sour eye.Looked up the opposite hillside, is slowly herd of goats eating grass.Big Jie Bleater called twice, I do not want to say which of the endless love words “beauty”, has attracted sheep old man “pop” a stone, exactly knock on a curved horns.This old man, really and sea!I thought to myself.Because the hand is holding a White Snake, I’m looking at four Chinese folklore.    More than a month of summer (when rural school holidays are not just summer vacation, there are autumn wheat false false) this is the best way to spend spend.Before leaving, asked the teacher to do the staff, back home a big bag book.I deliberately add the Red House and the Three.Because of this tome usually do not have time to see.So this summer for the first time to read through the Dream of Red Mansions.If counting from primary school, this is the fourth time to see the Red House.The first three together, but also saw one-third.    It seems, watermelon cool and refreshing, thirst-quenching not only sunstroke, is an important food for thought ah.So until now, always memorable when the fruit fragrance!


REVIEW: each member, before death are almost the same, first frail to keep up with population then was outnumbered, and then is death, which is the final destination of life, but remember it is emotional animals, who then , all kinds of spectacular scenes, without leaving a shadow in the sky. Dawn color of the sky, was beginning to fade, nocturnal animals have been normalized slot.It also has been tired rhino.Lion, also woke up from a dream, he did not know to what happened in the end, in this turbulent prairie, fighting, killings, looting, everything can happen at any time, for several days, did not eat anything, and hunger He began to threaten the lives of a.Lion, think of it, before going to sleep he struggled to chase, had a bison.And failed, tried to Lion moved his body, he found, had stand up, his deep knowledge that has been close to death, everything can happen at any time, slowly, into a deep Lion memories, stories, of course, can only start with lions.Lion remembered, twenty years ago, lions siege scenes of bison, so that his most memorable. Bison that look before his death, to know that this herd, but the devil, he is so arrogant, he was under siege lions, gradually lost the ability to resist, when cattle king fell, unable to move, he lost the ability to resist, he could only with your eyes keeping a close eye, one by one, to his life lion in his eyes, contains, resentment, memories, sadness, relief, in his view, perhaps this is nature’s primitive, lives must die, people have hunted when, inevitably someone else kill you, it can not be changed, there is no eternal life, there is no eternal winner, is born short, death is eternal, Lion is now considered to understand the prevailing mood cattle king, to understand the complex expression of his eyes, and now to their own, and each member, before death are almost the same, first frail to keep up with population, then that is outnumbered, and then is death, which is the final destination of life, but remember it is an animal emotions, those at the time, all kinds of spectacle, without leaving a shadow in the sky Wang, thought of this, the heart, often even easy to calm, the flesh may be destroyed, or encroach spirit is forever.I believe that solitary lion, Xue Xiaochun, the next life, or so, earth-shattering, mighty to death hundreds, love lions, rebuilding Lion Spirit.[Editor: Tianshao Yu]

Bloom (outside the two)

I did not come before you have been lonely bloom I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time to wait for me to meet with the most gorgeous moments of your life your best Yan Rong 2010.08.20 I seek you follow your shadow foot deep shallow kick your way leading to a drive rain wind me a ride I only Thorn Birds just for you to find Flanagan’s longest spines toward the river bank along the years you do not hesitate for anything else you love warm 2010.08.Before the advent of rain 20 a turbaned woman quickly ran wind blew up her dress from flying across the road Man 2010.8.15 [Editor: Yi children]

Bloody handprints

Jason is a driver for a construction company owner Mark drive.Jason’s wife Jane is a kind of beautiful woman, but she was very unfortunate that people think.Because Jason is a narrow-minded, sensitive, suspicious man, especially in recent years, he always suspected his wife was having an affair and owner Mark, often drunk wife beating.  One day, Jason came home from work and told Jane that he keep boss Mark to travel west a month, so she did not have contact with his.Jenny asked, why go out for so long?  Jason sneer up: Who knows, maybe Mark will be a lover, perhaps is a commercial secret, I can not ask.How, who worried about you?  Jenny knew his temper, did not contradict him, quietly walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner.Suddenly, Jenny heard Jason said to himself: This always feel something is wrong, like a walk to come back, I went to buy their own insurance policy tomorrow.Jenny heard, back again in an inexplicable chill.  Jason had gone, Jenny felt life a lot easier.She can do their own favorite dishes are free, free to go out for a walk with his girlfriend, to learn cooking, flower arrangement, no longer endure her husband’s verbal abuse and beatings.Her husband is not the day, she seemed back to the carefree adolescent.  Instant weeks later.One morning, the postman delivered a newspaper.Jenny sat on the sofa, sipping tea, while flipping through the newspaper.Suddenly, a news greet the eye: early this morning, the West took place car explosion case, difficult to identify the dead, according to ID the deceased named Mark, forty years old, is a construction company owner.Preliminary investigation, is a vicious one case because of commercial disputes arising.  Jenny poured out of the hands of tea, she recognized the picture bike seriously damaged car is Jason opened the car.But the news said, only one dead, boss Mark, Jason do so?He is dead or alive, why does he not in the car?Is this related cases and Jason?Jenny felt a chill, although Jason himself poor, but after all, is her husband, but now live but not dead but not dead.  Jenny was unable to do anything, she suddenly received a phone call from the police station in western.Call the police officer told Jane, her husband Jason and now security.According to Jason memories, what has happened is this: After coming west, owner Mark Jason ordered to stay in a small hotel, just not allowed to go out, while he drives his own car to move around, but also not allowed to say in their own Jason whereabouts.The day before yesterday, Mark car accident while small hotel bombings also occurred, apparently good plan might be to cure Mark’s enemies to kill him, not sparing even the driver Jason.Fortunately, Jason was outside, so just suffered facial abrasions, throat being hit by explosion debris, do a little surgery, can go home soon.  Jenny relieved at the same time, but also some sense of loss in my heart.Jason is about to come back, she will return to life in the dark.Jenny thought of Mark, was slightly shocked, and a little sad.She had seen several times Mark, Mark and her husband the same age, it is also tall, but he is a gentleman, polite, and see Jenny when the eyes has to do with some kind of affair.This is also the reason Jason jealous, he finds that owner Mark seduce his wife, so it several times to his wife violence.Jane lit a white candle for Mark went to heaven to pray.  Soon, Jason is back.His face more than a few scars, looks a little twisted terrible, throat still wrapped in gauze, his voice was hoarse.His voice thick with Janet said: Honey, I’m home.After listening to Jenny, actually oozing eyes with tears, how many years did not have Jason said to himself these three words of the beloved.  Probably experienced a narrow escape, Jason towards his wife became a gentle.It makes Jenny very pleasant surprise.Jason said, Mark’s company owes a lot of debt, but he died, these accounts become bad debts, deal with the aftermath of company these days, few days going bankrupt.And Jason few days but also for the company’s services, unemployment will be looking for another job.Jenny soothe husband said, as long as good people, you can find other work.  Night, Jason said: Come dear, lying in my arms.Jenny first reaction is fear, fear of Jason as before, he grabbed his head hit the bed toward the bar.But Jason was reaching over to hug his wife, his hand gently stroking her hair.Jenny felt the warmth and security of a long absence, she unwittingly relaxed mood, enjoying the gentle husband.  Jason said softly: Jenny, I asked you a question, please?  Jenny nodded.  Jason said: Mark is dead, what do you feel?  Jenny whole body taut nerves were suddenly, she lifted her body from the arms of Jason, he watched in horror.Jason’s face was very relaxed, with a trace of a smile, he raised his wife’s chin, eyes shining with light: how jealousy I will do with a dead man, tell me that you love him?He died a very sad you are not?Ok?  Jenny looked at her husband’s face scars, it does not seem to know him like.Suddenly, like a flash of light, Jenny heart out of a terrible idea, chill Qinru bone marrow, her trembling Q: You’re not Jason, it is not?who are you?  Jason smiled slightly and stared at Jenny’s eyes and said: What are you talking?I am not Jason, you want to who I am?  After a few seconds, the neighbors heard the shrill screams of fear Jenny, is particularly harsh in the quiet of the night.But they know that Jason regularly beaten his wife, and only shook his head, sighed.  The next day, Jenny crazy.Jason Jenny put away the.He looked sadly told the president, his wife’s lover died, she could not stand to stimulate insane.He left a sum of money and said he would not normally look at Jenny, enough money spent her treatment.Dean felt sorry for what happened to him, hugging his shoulders, he said he understood the pain.  Construction company liquidation also coming to an end, Jason services for the company as long as another day, he would restore the freedom of the body.  Night, Jason returned to the room, lying comfortably on the couch, poured himself a glass of cocktail.A long while, he went into the bathroom, enjoying his face in the mirror.He touched it with a finger with a few scars face, he said to himself: You’re amazing, Mark!When he finished, he sent a hysterical laughter.What a thrilling perfect plan!  Jason, no, the fact is that Mark, proudly recall the course of events.The man standing in front of a mirror, look at Jason, Mark is wrapped body and soul, to be precise, he is cosmetic to Jason Mark.  It turned out that a year ago, mark the start of construction companies owe a huge debt, Mark began to imagine how to climb down.One day, he found the driver Jason and his own appearance and stature are similar, had a wonderful plan.His first huge property secretly transferred to foreign banks, but losses within the company.He let himself go with Jason sparsely populated western trip a month, avoid the eyes and ears of everyone.After arrived, he ordered Jason to stay in a small hotel stand by, while they had to contact a good private surgeons and threw their whole became Jason.After a successful plastic surgery, he called Jason, let him go to a place to work.The car had good cloth identification of explosives and Mark.Explosion Houjie Sen completely different, completely unable to identify who is, according to police evidence in the car, Mark is found dead.In order to deceive the public, in a small inn Mark also planted explosives, it exploded, disguised himself slightly injured Jason.Since throat surgery done, so the sound has changed, so have no doubt Jenny.

Bloodthirsty mystery clouds

First, the serial murder boarded buses back to school, back to People’s Hospital, looked An Liwei go away, frowned.  Her cousin in the middle of the night the day before the school was attacked, captured the hearts of the murderer after her, tied her wrists in a three-pin vein.This is?The third case occurred acupuncture treatment from big this month.  An Liwei furiously clenched his fists.  Just visit cousin when informed that the three cases occurred in?Large acupuncture treatment cases the victims were female students, the modus operandi is very similar to the killer, estimated to be the same person.Killer at night quiet place with ether captured the hearts of the single girls, but not looting of property, nor acts of violence and sexual assault, after a medical examination confirmed that they are not inject drugs, there is no infectious disease, who only wound wrist is sporadic eye of a needle.  Overall, this metamorphosis had been attacked the girls, the body does not suffer any major injuries, but mentally stimulated, in need of psychological treatment for some time.  Really frenzied scum!An Liwei cursed, and she took out a “criminal psychology” from the bag, it was her tomorrow to test subjects, it seems, as if this subject was given a special meaning.  She opened the familiar textbook, thrown my heart that somehow irritability.As a?A good big student Department of Psychology, An Liwei always confident of their own, but until she found today, even if courses Geek score, in the face of actual cases, it is only able to say a few vague cliches, and want to further explore the truth of the case, she still lack a lot of things.  Maybe I should borrow the teacher had recommended that the “Criminal Profiling” to look at?A thought flashed, her eyes lit up: Tonight Take the case may wish to practice the practical application of psychological analysis of crime, death endorsement that much more interesting than the vapid!  An Liwei jumped off the bus when it was already dark.5aigushi.COM from the station to the school there are two paths: one is brightly lit streets bustling, but around farther; one is behind the building waiting for demolition Street and Lane, dark cramped, but close.An Liwei usually approached the road, and today is no exception, she unthinkingly taking the steps toward the alley.  Perhaps because of the forthcoming holiday, coupled with the impact of the event acupuncture treatment, particularly small alleys of the people, not to 7:30 has been deserted.The only source of lighting street corner, a group of moths are at the moment under flickering tirelessly swat.An Liwei while walking, while TV drama thinking about the book until slipped and she was suddenly answered a God.  He did not quality, littering things!As she cried angrily, while stopped View.It was a straw sticking out of a plastic bag, as if installed some dark drink before being thrown away, so a cold winter night in a layer of thin ice knot, she almost slipped.  An Liwei looked and looked, those big wall read Chaizi dilapidated bungalow had evacuated, become increasingly lifeless in the cold night, a sense of foreboding in her heart spread out.  An Liwei quickly pick up the pace, trot past in the direction of the school, but his growing sense of unease but.Deep in the dark, as if a pair of eyes was watching her coldly.

,, We afterlife together again

that time..Perhaps this is with us in heaven now, we can not be together forever..  She met with him, it is so beautiful.And I, as a spectator, where narrative of their acquaintance, friend, I love a scarecrow.  It was an ancient village, the sun through the leaves, mottled, people can not breathe and then, the entire air inside is full of sorrow have called taste..  I can not understand, then I just feel sick ,, Well, tell the sad, I do not know why she called the ban, a very strange name, she loved to laugh, that smile, that can infect the world All the people on that smile as bright as the stars of the girl he called wantonly, he is an unusual man ,, resolute face above, you can always see a pair of eyes of God, of course, but more than that I have no more words to modify his gorgeous, I’m just a scarecrow it was a hot afternoon, the sun burning in the air swallowing water on this land I remember, even the family dog a sprinkling ban also listless, Oh, a sprinkling ban is picked up from I do not know which corner., Often forbidden to pick something back from the outside, although the ban is a good girl, but I have to admit, sometimes really silly hat ban, she even considered an angel, oh, what a silly child in the world.  But after a long, long time, I have to admit she was right, but she met the devil!  That evening, a ban dragged back from the outside painted red pigment of the man, he seemed asleep.  Ban put him on the bed, his body with a cloth to wipe paint a little bit, and then help with white cloth tied up the man, I know, that is called dressing.  A few days later, the man woke up, he used his beautiful eyes staring ban, shoved his hand, just live neck of the ban, who you are?  Tone without a trace of temperature, his eyes did not float to the surface trace of waves My name is forbidden, How about you?Ban said with a smile the man froze a moment, probably not seen such a clean, bright smile, right, a time forgotten how to answer.  Uh, you do not say it does not matter I go and prepare a little you eat, you must be hungry after that, she would open the door to go out, shop.what?  My name is wantonly.  Ban secretly laughed, really awkward guy I hate the ban and that man, he always is so cold, occasionally, his eyes would flash of brutal atmosphere that he is a dangerous man.  But the ban and he liked to stick together, even in spite of her full La Saige advice.  La Saige is a village full of our village, he is a respected man, said to have more than two hundred years old..From the day of my existence, full of La Saige pull in, and, of course, you can not expect a scarecrow there are more than two hundred years old now I always thought so quiet stable life will last forever.I can see the ban happily, watching the village board with a face lessons steal corn children every day, to see young men and women flirting, watching the village peasant woman over and over again such and such a mess chewing my tongue bitterly thought: if there is no man, that this is all so beautiful ah!

(Three), “with the mind”

(Three), “with the mind” at 22:30 on July 2014 Ri 36 points when their dignity will get more.    Sometimes I think: when their dignity, the others get is more despised; what are the side effects of it on the other side.    People, life, work; still have to learn mildly, flexible; want to be a perfect person is absolutely impossible.    He is no perfect person, the history of a man is according to his credit is greater than the fault evaluated.    When your achievements outweigh you are right.    Real life short remote communication can not always grasp and hold the faults of others, sometimes just because of a little thing on the downtown break off, leaving never in contact with, it is a misconception.    And people understand the feelings of a person, not half past one will be able to set up; requires long running.    Among friends because when a trifle of a dispute, this time should be put down your face.    Need is communication between friends, talked about, so there is no hatred can not be resolved.    No one is perfect, when people have no friends, that is one out of a soul.Youngest

(Lyrics) My North

My North – North has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, here’s the Great Northern Wilderness spring neck so short ye here ye that long winter here it’s rainy day children ye so much snow here so ye ah la la thief my bright northern North has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, my Great Northern Wilderness north – north has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, ah ye plains of the Great Northern Wilderness here so extensive here rice child gnaw fragrant specialty here so that ye are so many mechanized so here is a quick thief la rang my northern North has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, my Great Northern Wilderness north – north there is a loud name is called great Northern Wilderness, the great Northern Wilderness, ah, we have the first northern great Northern Wilderness rice northern North East has a large modern agriculture we have our big barn northern mountains around the world have let my urban and rural areas north – north has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness Great Northern Wilderness ah, the Great Northern Wilderness my North, my plain of the Great Northern Wilderness