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What to eat the best seafood with a reasonable mix of high nutrition

What to eat seafood with better believe we all know, with them each food will have different effects, some will be more nutritious food with rich, what to eat seafood with the best night together and network to see what to eat seafood with most a good introduction to it!What is best to eat a seafood distribution, seafood, dairy products, seafood and vegetables with a "high-purine" and was highly acidic foods, excessive intake can cause metabolic disorders, increased blood uric acid concentration, initiator。
If you eat seafood, eat more vegetables, drink, these alkaline foods can neutralize uric acid concentration, in favor of uric acid excretion, greatly reduce the risk of gout。
Purine can neutralize alkaline foods are: ,, ,, lettuce celery, lettuce, radish, etc.。
Low purine food for milk and dairy products, a variety of staple foods, vegetables, fruits, etc.。Second, with seaweed tofu nutritious, saponin-containing component, can inhibit the fat absorption, promote lipolysis, prevent arteriosclerosis generating peroxisome。
However, saponins can cause a lack of iodine in the body, and kelp rich in essential iodine (iodine per 100 Ridge with 24 g)。
Since the multi-iodine kelp, may induce goiter, both with the food, so that more saponin tofu little excretion, the body can be in equilibrium iodine。What to eat seafood with the best but be noted that, kelp cold, stomach Deficiency were cut。
Patients with hyperthyroidism do not eat kelp。, Nursing mothers should not eat more kelp, because of Iodine can be with the blood circulation into the tire (infants) children body, causing fetal (baby) child thyroid dysfunction。Third, corn with peas。

Spring season appropriate exercise your body good

What are the appropriate exercise in spring after entering the spring temperatures begin to warm gradually, and this time is very suitable for some sports activities, and appropriate exercise can not only make people better health, but also help release stress。So what are the movement in the spring it is suitable for the following night network come to you recommend some suitable movement of the spring, give your body a good season!Raiders Raiders a spring movement should be gradual, because persons who wish to prepare activities before exercise to prevent injury。After a winter sports such "low tide", human muscle relaxation, central nervous system, internal organs function than in summer and autumn poor, hard ligaments, prone to injury。Therefore, at this time to grasp the principle of gradual exercise to restore bodily functions as the main purpose, not for the sake of "Crash" and blindly increase the amount of exercise, or easily cause unnecessary damage to the body。In addition, should the person who should fitness, exercise intensity should be 170 minus the age values in the heart rate after exercise is appropriate。Raiders two attention to warm cold, fitness time selectable from 14:00 to 20:00。Studies have shown that 14: After 00, body functions start to rise, 17:00 to 19:00 best for exercise。
Morning can, but you must choose a good local air environment, early spring recovery of all things, the air has a lot of beneficial negative ions the human body, easily absorbed。But sooner or later, early spring is still cold and changeable climate, outdoor sports should therefore keep warm, avoid cold cold。Raiders three spring appropriate exercise for fitness and select your favorite items, long-term adherence。
Many fitness are "three minutes", but the fitness effect is not obvious。
Therefore, a reasonable choice of fitness programs, so that they can hold a very important long-term。
In addition to spacious, well-ventilated fitness facility, a treadmill, equipment, aerobics and other exercise, because the gym there is a kind of common fitness of a good atmosphere, can help you stick to it。
Raiders more than four water moisture holding body。The current temperature is still low, tend to ignore the importance of drinking water when people exercise。
In fact, relatively dry spring, the movement but also a lot of sweat, so in this case exercise should pay attention to replenish moisture。

Aubameyang: refuse France and Spain for his father was the captain of Gabon

  According to the "London late flag" report, Aubameyang said, because I wanted to follow his father's footsteps, he chose the representative of Gabon national team rather than France or Spain。
  It is reported that, Aubameyang was born in France of Laval, his mother is Spanish。
However, after he rejected the offer and the two teams of Italy U19。
In the case where he has represented France U21 played, and ultimately he chose to team effectiveness Gabon。   If he represents more than three national team, he will get regular international competition opportunities, but Gabon can not participate in the World Cup, he had also represent Gabon in the African Nations Cup group qualifying game over 1。 It is reported that the father of Pierre Aubameyang, Gabon national team after the captain, and played in 80 games for the national team。
  Aubameyang said: "I was very young when I decided, players often take a long time to do the selection, and then make the right decision, but for me, my choice is clear。
I want to follow my father's footsteps, he is a former captain of the national team of Gabon。 "(From the Stanford football off)。

Vaginal discharge is why it is important female winter health

What is the reason vaginal discharge?Women's vaginal discharge will reflect a lot of problems, you know what is the reason it is vaginal discharge?Following small to talk about how women with vaginal discharge and more is what you do。 Leucorrhea more what the reasons are 1, vaginal discharge and more cases of fungal vaginitis lady appears, may be related to fungal vaginitis, fungal vaginitis caused if, in addition to the performance of the symptoms of vaginal discharge outside, there will be residue samples or curd-like vaginal discharge, and associated symptoms and odor。 2, trichomonas vaginitis trichomonas vaginitis is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis infection, increased vaginal discharge if it is caused by Trichomonas vaginitis, there will be foam-like odor vaginal discharge, and accompanied by genital itching。
This requires both men and women Tongzhi vaginitis, so as not to lead to cross-infection。 3, senile vaginitis vaginitis is mainly because the vagina reduce resistance to the outside world due to。 Leucorrhea more what the reasons are well known, after menopause, the ovaries of female friends will also decline, estrogen levels will be reduced, this time will be reduced vaginal discharge, vaginal acidic environment will be destroyed so easily lead to inflammation of the vagina。 4, chronic cervicitis chronic cervicitis will be more vaginal discharge occurs, and vaginal discharge yellowish color rendering, even with bloodshot eyes。
If the vaginal discharge is caused by chronic cervicitis and more, there will be a more obvious symptom is contact bleeding, generally occurs after sex, women want to be able to pay attention to a friend。

What Herbal Treatment methods qi qi physique physique eat better

The reason qi physical and mental state of people about, leading to qi physique, there are many, from the external and internal reasons。
But qi physical person is always very anxious, like a lot of things, not any way to express it every day, long-term so bad for the liver。
So today small to share some physical conditioning methods qi。
Qi physical Herbal Treatment Act 1.Liver qi stagnation, should Shugan, qi, stagnation, it is appropriate Shuganyin Chaihushugan drink [source] "Jing Yue Quan Shu"。 [Integral] Bupleurum, product shell, red peony 15 grams, 5 grams, 25 grams, g, Amomum 5 grams of dry white ginseng 15 grams, 10 grams, 25 grams ,, semi Shack, 10 grams Zhimu , Polyporus, Alisma, Magnolia, skullcap, 15 grams, 5 g ginger, turmeric g。 What Herbal Treatment methods qi qi physique physique eat better [usage] decoction, one day。 Sooner or later, after serving food。 [Effect] liver qi, qi, diuresis。 Suitable qi stagnation, Shu Lee triple burner missing post, made for ascites。
2.Yu Qi stagnation sputum, should phlegm, qi, stagnation, it is appropriate Banxiahoupu [source] "Golden hide Chamber"。
[Integral] Pinellia 12 grams, Magnolia 9 g, Poria 12 grams, 15 grams of ginger, sage 6 g。 [Usage] water simmer in water。
Magnolia and sage when boiling water to soak for half an hour, and then boiled for 15 minutes, not too long。 [Effect] Qi Sanjie, phlegm Jiangni。 The woman applies if Sunburn skinny pharynx; joy, anger, sadness, anxiety, sorrow, fear, surprise phlegm gas form, like a broken floc, or such as globus between the throat, not slightly, swallow, this is also the seven gas; or abdominal fullness, gas and discomfort fast, or phlegm dampness, the asthma emergency, or because the knot phlegm, vomiting and nausea, tongue white and moist or greasy, pulse string slow or slippery。 What Herbal Treatment methods qi qi physique physique better to eat 3.Mind dystrophy, should uneasiness of mind, it is appropriate Ganmai Dazao。 Ganmai Dazao [source] "Golden Chamber"。 [Composition] Zhigancao 10 grams, 30 grams of wheat, jujube 5。
Usage [3] on the taste amount of water, a small fire boiling, the decoction taken twice, mix。
[Effect] the raising of Anshen, spleen and dry dirty, common in syndrome。 Where the lack of other mental disorders like dirty yin and Hot dry disturb those who can use and reference。

Men do not secretly troubled, seven small coup to make you more "durable"!

  Man is very focused on health care, resulting in decreased physical fitness, even the "bed movement" can not make their own satisfaction, how to do it?7 small coup teach you today, so that men are more "durable"。
  1, the control excitability reaction process divided into four stages: excitement phase, duration, peak period, involuting。 For a more lasting strong, the key is to recognize the emotional upheaval of the whole process of sex, his own state into an exciting period of 1-10 grades, do not let yourself get too excited, excitement can be maintained at around 7。
  2, regulation of breathing, to reduce the level of pressure he could tell before the climax came, try to do deep breathing slow and big amplitude, psychologically closed emotion, to reduce the level of some of the pressure。 If short-term repeat this procedure in the process of sexual intercourse, two on the habit?3 minutes of intercourse will extend 2?3 times longer。   3, a less sensitive penis more practical approach is to use the higher quality but the texture thicker condoms。
Thicker condoms help to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis。 Another method of reducing the sensitivity of the head of the penis using a dedicated ointment。
The effect of this ointment is the head of the penis numb, so that the penis strong, longer sex time。
Such ointment can be purchased at regular sex shop。
  4, strong "resistance" movement to strengthen the control ejaculation muscles, interrupting the outflow of urine or allows you to perceive where these muscles when to hold back, then take the "Kegel exercises" to exercise these parts, namely the buttocks and pelvic floor contraction muscles for 10 seconds and then relax, repeated several times。
  5, cooling with cold water before making love to the scrotum, scrotum to help him with cold water (ice water better) wet look, so that the shrinkage reaction occurs, be careful not to wet the penis during sex you will feel whether his hardness or duration has improved significantly。 In addition, sexual intercourse during the pause, and out of the penis slightly relieve inflammation 1?2 seconds, whether man or woman will generate more sense of anticipation。   6, pressing the urethra when you find your own body's responses during sexual intercourse too quickly, a "hot" state, try pressing the bottom of the penis, to some pressure on the urethra, this small pipes at the back on the penis。
Doing so can reduce blood in the penis, allowing rapid ejaculation is suppressed desire。   7, specific self-training method: to let you stick to 15 minutes masturbation。 The purpose of this masturbation is not simply to get yourself pleasure, but to the other side while the fantasy of how to have an orgasm in my mind。

Asian investment bank was formally established next year the first batch of medium-term loans or settled

   4. Alina Cho after a whole year of ups and downs, anticipation and waiting, (referred to as "Asian investment bank" under) by the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was finally established。
This is just a new beginning, in 2016, the first loan, the first projects, the department is looking forward to the follow-up recruitment so。
  According to the Chinese Ministry of Finance, as of December 25, including 17 founding members of intent China, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore have been approved "AIIB Agreement" and submit the ratification, the shares of the total share%, reaching entry into force of the provisions of the "Asian investment bank agreement" that no less than 10 "AIIB agreement" approved by the signatories, and the initial signatories of the total share capital subscribed by not less than 50% of the total subscribed share capital。
So far, the Asian investment bank as a legal person status of the multilateral development banks to formalize。 Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei at December 25 answered reporters' questions revealed that Asian investment bank opening ceremony of the inaugural meeting of the Council and the Board of Directors will be held in Beijing 2016 Nian January 16 to 18。
  Currently, the Asian investment bank before five shareholders were: China, India, Russia, Germany, South Korea, Australia (of which South Korea and Australia tied for fifth)。
China% of total voting rights voting rights, have veto power (vetopower), with the constant addition of new members, the proportion of shares and voting rights of Chinese and other founding members will be gradually diluted。   Opening ceremony early next year will start at the opening ceremony held in early 2016, the Council and the Board has established a General Assembly will elect AIIB President and constituencies directors to consider the adoption of important policy documents aspects of banking, finance, personnel, etc., as AIIB officially put into operation the foundation。   "The past six months, we are with the intention of founding members to push for Asian investment bank multilateral interim secretariat for the opening of Asian investment bank made careful preparations: First, establish and improve the Asian investment bank organizational structure, recruitment start, good organization operational readiness; two is to develop and improve various operational policies to prepare for the early conduct loan business; Third, with the intention of founding member states to do the project selection and reserves, and with (the "Bank"), the Asian development Bank ( "the ADB ") and other multilateral development banks to explore co-financing opportunities。 "Said Lou Jiwei。
  Recalling the "two years" Asian investment bank, since October 2013 put forward the initiative to build AIIB President Xi Jinping, received a positive response in many countries and continues to make significant progress。
October 2014, the first batch of intent within 22 founding members signed the "Memorandum build AIIB" in Beijing。
Subsequently, the Asian investment bank to build into the multilateral phase, the focus is to proceed with the intention of founding members and recruiting new negotiations "AIIB Agreement" two jobs。
  March 12 this year, the British Application Jia Ruya investment banks, became the first European country to apply Jia Ruya investment banking, after European countries have responded。 Currently, the Group of Seven (G7), only the United States and Japan have not yet done。
As of March 31, the total number of founding members of intent Asian investment bank reached 57, covering Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Latin America and other continents; May 22, after a meeting of four chief negotiator fruitful consultations 57 the intention of founding members mutually agreed high-quality text, "AIIB Agreement" in Singapore; June 29, the signing ceremony of "Asian investment bank agreement" was successfully held in Beijing; in August 2015, the parties to the election by consensus nominations China, Asia investment bank multilateral interim Secretary-General of the Secretariat for the Asian investment bank Jin Liqun President designate。
  Positioning mid-next year or the implementation of the first batch of loans to Asian investment bank is "bank", while Jin Liqun said Asian investment bank is to be profitable, so the next stage, lending and implementation of the project is a priority。   Jin Liqun said that the primary objective of the Asian investment bank set up the first project is to start in the second quarter of next year, of which we own independent assessment and project financing, there are projects with the World Bank and other multilateral development banks and other joint financing。
The loan amount is expected next year could reach 1.5 billion?$ 2 billion。
"Under normal circumstances, with registered capital of $ 100 billion, I would expect the first 5?6 years, it may lend 10 billion per year?$ 15 billion。 "In this regard, some analysts believe that the Asian investment bank's first year of operations, audit and lending limit for the project will have a tentative tightening, with the mature operation mechanism, the lending limit will increase year by year。 According to the world's major development banks subscribed capital and the proportion of annual lending, ANZ chief economist for Greater Liu Ligang previously estimated, beginning AIIB average annual lending ceiling of around $ 30 billion。
  And Asian investment banking model is most similar to the ADB, Asia had opened behavioral support infrastructure development in the region, planned since 2017, the year the amount of financing will be expanded to the current times, to $ 20 billion。 According to ADB estimates, 2010?By 2020, the region needs infrastructure investment of up to $ 750 billion per year, Asian domestic infrastructure totaling about $ 8 trillion。
Visible, ADB and Asian investment banks by no means competition, but to fill the gap partner Asian Infrastructure。   On operating currency, the dollar is still the preferred Asian investment bank。
However, to further promote the international use of the yuan by China-led Asian investment banks no doubt highly anticipated。 Jin Liqun said that with the renminbi successfully entered the SDR (Special Drawing Rights), the status of the renminbi in international payments will be significantly improved, future financing needs will also consider the yuan。   As for financing the initial focus areas of Asian investment bank, Jin Liqun said it will include energy and power, transportation and telecommunications, agriculture and rural infrastructure, water supply and sewage treatment, environmental protection, urban development and logistics and other industries。 "Asian investment bank will hold a board meeting to discuss the establishment of banks' lending policies, including project finance standards。 Relevant policy documents will be announced after the approval of the Board of Directors。
"" Asian investment bank to support the project must be sustainable in the financial, environmental and social。 "Jin Liqun said that the Secretariat has been actively working to make the project reserves, and with the World Bank, ADB, EBRD, the European Investment Bank and other multilateral development agencies on project co-financing to maintain close communication。   As an intense recruitment has 57 founding members, the future will continue to attract new members in the multilateral institutions, recruitment can be described as a top priority。 And July this year, officially opened the New Development Bank (NDB) is similar to the official website of Asian investment bank also () announced specific jobs。
  According to "First Financial Daily" correspondent finishing, such as Vice President, Investment Operations Officer, policy strategy officer, head of human resources, risk managers and other departments of the executive positions are already on December 21, 2015 ending the recruitment, this part primarily by Member States and international headhunters recommend digging; and positions as senior financial analyst, senior environmental Specialist, senior Social development Specialist, senior purchasing officer, High Commissioner for budget management, financial officer, the High Commissioner and other IT recruitment is still open, as time for the January 8, 2016。   As for recruitment requirements, "according to AIIB lean, efficient principles set the internal organization, according to an open, transparent and merit-based principles of recruiting bank employees。 "Jin Liqun said the proposed three basic conditions – have a good work ethic, good character, honest and upright; there must be a high level of professional competence and good performance; there must be professionalism, passion for the development of the cause, loyal to AIIB。
  "AIIB no country restrictions, any nationality may apply for the competition for Asian investment banking professional positions; AIIB no iron rice bowl, the contract system for all positions (including one year trial period), those standards can be renewed。
"Jin Liqun said that all job applications must be made through a unified platform for Asian investment bank's personnel department。 For professional jobs, Asian investment bank to develop a rigorous hiring principles and procedures, applicants to pass a test。

Former US Ambassador to Japan, Japan Student Dialogue: Okinawa most important to the US-Japan security system

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Huan], former US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy local time on March 19 in New York, and participate in activities of the Japanese Foreign Ministry dispatched visit Okinawa high school and college students a total of 20 talks。 She US military base in Okinawa to seek to understand that Okinawa for US-Japan security system is the most important place。   According to Japan's Kyodo News reported March 20, Caroline stressed that during the talks the US-Japan alliance is the world's most important ally。 She served as ambassador to Japan regarding the review called it one of the greatest honors of my life, and that in the future will also be committed to further strengthen bilateral relations。
  As a student at the beginning of the talks on behalf of Mr Chong Kadena well-known foreign language school freshman Jia Fei said: For our generation, to build a good Japan-US relations are very important。 We hope to establish a positive relationship forward。 It discloses only the beginning of the talks to the media section。   Prior to this, the students listened to the United Nations in New York, president of the Japanese staff will introduce small Shigeki Matsubara United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in charge of African affairs assistance related to the work of the United Nations。
Japanese Foreign Ministry plans to send next year a group of approximately Okinawa students to the United States。

China Waldi!Crack from B to AFC Jeonbuk he gone for 10 years

  Beijing on March 14, the AFC Champions group match to continue, the right to health revenge Jeonbuk 4-2 home, back to back in the contest with the South Korean league Banba, the humble backs Zhang Cheng in a row to score for him say, this is a can not be copied inspirational story。   Zhang Cheng is a native of Tianjin, grew up in the east of the stadium to practice, 10 years ago, Zhang Cheng came to the locomotive workout, but it was not in as "China Ajax," the locomotive to leave, then he was removed to TEDA workout, still locked out, in this case, Zhang Cheng once wanted to give up, "let me do anything, did not want to play football。
"But Zhang Cheng's father insisted, he took Zhang Cheng came to the newly established Songjiang workout, the final buzzer left the team, so, Zhang Cheng started working in 2008 in Songjiang, even he did not think, this adherence can exchange for today's success。
  10 years, the team from B to AFC, Songjiang change from right to health, but only one person Zhang Cheng stuck with it, he was from the "right to health weakest link" to today's main iron, whether it is Cana Navarro was Sosa, they are all hard, trying to play Zhang Cheng extra sure。
  Pato, Witsel and other talented stars are in the minority, more or like Zhang Cheng this extraordinary perseverance and the pursuit of dreams, no matter who you are, as long as you love life, as the goal of struggle, after all, have a way out day。
  (One punch man)。

Kobe Bryant 19 points wins the match point Lakers victory over the Hornets lost by two pairs of Paul King Mountain

  After the opening, the Lakers Bynum and Pau Gasol strong play basket succeeded, but has since been shot, Ariza hit third, the Lakers to 4-7 behind。 The Lakers also started outside attack, Derek Fisher and Ron Artest have third succeeded in a minute, they exceed 10-9。 Ariza continued to make life difficult with former team, more than half of the first section, he first hit the third, then break layup, but the Hornets the lead。
Hornets end a wave of 13-4 in this section, in one fell swoop to 32-23 dominant。   Lakers start chasing points off the bench in the second quarter, Brown shortly after the beginning of this section third consecutive hit, they start this section with a wave of 10-0 to 33-32 go-ahead。
Ariza third thirds vote, this section there are 3 minutes and 50 seconds, with a fine cast he scored 3 points, wasps to exceed 44-40。
Bryant was enraged, sudden strong basket ball, just over the foul line on the take-off, one-handed dunks after gliding Okafor in the head, after which he was driving layup, the Lakers 6-0, lead again。
Lakers to 31-19 win in this section, to 54-51 in the first half got the upper hand。
  In the third quarter began shortly after Bryant staged a dunk again。
This section there are 8 minutes 22 seconds, his ball from the right break, quickly pulling away from two defenders, then to the left hand raging ring, the Lakers to 65-55 double-digit advantage。 Hornets began to fight back from the outside, in the middle of this section Belinelli third consecutive hit, Ariza at the end of this section will also vote twice in the third, the Hornets chasing the score 71-76。
After three sessions, the Lakers only to lead 79-72。
  The Hornets shot a sharp decline in the fourth quarter played five minutes they just hit a ball, the Lakers 10-2 start this section, in order to obtain 15-point advantage 89-74。 In this section there are 6 minutes and 59 seconds, just by the Hornets Belinelli hit the second ball, but Blake immediately also to third, the Lakers continue to maintain our edge。   After the Hornets unable to narrow the gap to single digits, the Lakers finally cross the border。
After Since mid-1969, seven-game series, 2-2, the Lakers have successfully promoted after winning the fifth。   Lakers starting lineup: – Kobe Bryant, Derek – Derek Fisher, Andrew – Andrew Bynum, Paul – Gasol and Ron – Ron Artest。   Hornets starting lineup: – Chris Paul, Marco – Marco Belinelli, Emeka – Okafor, Trevor – Trevor Ariza and Carl – Landry。
  [] [] [] [] [] (Angkor)。

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