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By put money into it.

  Suzi Han hastily glanced inside the box, in appearance not see any difference, he points to the third row of the second random, “how C2?”
  An Qian shook his head, “F8, looked pleasing to the eye point.”
  Suzai Han glanced C2, points F8, F8 machine will immediately push down box.Mouth and said do not believe this, Ann Qian is inevitably curious, immediately squat down, he reaches into the box and took out.
  Open look with great expectations, “cut”
  A charging treasure, the packaging charging treasure before someone gave too modest security, storage amount is usually small, ultra-low cost.
  ”I had any brains, businesses do not lose money trading.”He was disappointed to close the box,” we buy tea bar.”
  ”Try it again, I think my luck usually is good.”Suzi Han did not give up and stuffed into 20 dollars.
  ”How C2?”Suzi Han mouth as if to seek safety modest opinion, but the hands have to press down.
  Qian will be used to install the wind blows, and instantly noticed Suzi Han on this perseverance C2, he eyeball a turn, “No, D7, and I like this number.”
  Suzi Han pupil flashed an anxious look, bite the bullet, “Well, D7 D7 on it

And How about you, except for those things that stole abduction, fraud, deception is the twenty-year-old making progress, do not give you the opportunity to take advantage of, say you are mud on the wall does not help me to see you all high!”

  ”East Brother birthday you qualify for it?East Brother birthday cake, you are eligible to eat it?”
  ”You give me down!”
  Along with Xue Dalin’s roar, suddenly the whole room lights all dimmed.
  Immediately, the entire restaurant sounded a melodious song, is the classic Happy Birthday.
  Xue Dalin face changed, and he tried to drive down the leaves white, it may have been full of people around the.
  Jishihaoren through the front door and the back door after another came in, everyone hands are holding a candle.
  Despite the extremely dim lighting, but he was able to under the faint light from the candles that illuminated, look at these people’s faces.
  South River are all static pool of you big brother, the giant industries.
  A lot of people Xue Dalin only seen on television, think of all gathered here today, this is the strength of the East Columbia ah!
  After the birthday song finished, the hilltop above the dark, suddenly sounded several more firecrackers ring.
  Bang bang bang!
  Foot of the hill outside the house, extremely numerous road

The Three Constellations with Strong Appearance and Super Weak Heart

How many people are used to pretending to be strong and to pretend that they are doing well, but they are not happy at all.? We can no longer lose our temper at will, and we can no longer escape from it.. Let’s see who are the three constellations that are strong in appearance and weak in heart.?   Aries: In fact, Aries, who is always impetuous, is easily injured. She always likes to be in front when doing things, giving people a particularly brave feeling.. But is Aries really so fearless? In fact, Aries is always the first person to eat crabs, and the damage is not small. If Aries has negative emotions, she will drink with friends, or sing to vent, or even cry a lot.. However, tomorrow is another energetic Aries. It can only be said that Aries still needs a lot of protection and love in her heart..   Scorpio’s following content: High cold only protects its shell. Many people say Scorpio looks very high cold and is not easy to approach.. In fact, it is very cold, but Scorpio protects its shell.. Scorpio knows that one cannot pour one’s heart out to others, place one’s hopes on others, and only oneself is disappointed in the end.. Therefore, Scorpio does not have many friends all the time, some of them are special friends..   Capricorn’s following contents: What is Capricorn’s heart like when a child eager to be loved always shows a stable and mature image? If you know Capricorn, you will find that his inner world is not as mature as his outer appearance.. Thanks to flour, who is also childlike, he longs to be loved and someone can shield him from the rain for thanks.. A person is very tired after being strong for a long time.. Capricorn especially hopes that individuals can rely on each other and know how to thank the kindness and weakness in their hearts.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What kind of experience is it to fall in love with these scumbag constellations??

I want to know what it is like to fall in love with these scumbag constellations.? When it comes to scum, it cannot be separated from cheating, cheating and cheating.. Let’s take a look at what it is like to fall in love with Zodiac!   The Libra entertainment circle reported several cases of libra male stars cheating this year, while their wives almost all chose patience and tolerance.. To be honest, libra men do all look like a man of striking appearance and be talented in letters and unconventional in life, but men who pay so much attention to appearance are easily seduced by those coquettish bitches.. Can’t control your libra man, will you get Yagodka lyubvi??   Sagittarius Sagittarius men have always been called prodigals, giving the impression that they are less serious.. With Sagittarius, you will find that Sagittarius really loves to play and will ignore many things because of his strong playing heart.. Girls may think that the shooter male does not pay enough attention to the teaching assistants and is very upset to be outside Crazy Sex all day long..   Because of their romantic talents, Pisces boys are doomed not to be honest and kind.. He is especially good at pleasing girls, so women are also very good, always surrounded by many Yingying Yan Yan. Girls will mind boys who are so flirtatious, but many Pisces men have taken this life as normal, and can only say that things change and nature cannot change.. Everyone is still Do and Chrish! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Hydrangea bloom butterfly

Hydrangea bloom butterfly to school typing pool, a pot of hydrangeas in full bloom butterfly appealing to the eye.Petals with purple powder, just as a side branch butterflies fly, flapping its beautiful wings, dancing.To the typing pool who praised it would open too complex, brilliant bloom, bloom of spring!    In fact, the envy of his colleagues in its beauty, but also an often bring home some of the transplanted carefully keep up, but hear is: I uploaded a long flowering not only leaves.Leaves grown very numerous, but they do not bloom!    I also went to spring transplanted a home reared, twigs bit monotonous, but it turned bright flowers bloom.    We’re talking about this with my family potted plant growing on common ancestry ancestors when flowers are talking about the question: Blooming plants are placed in a cold place.I know that the lower the temperature of the typing pool all year round, especially in winter, people stay where time is cold could not stay.My family is also growing on the winter, I place it in the shade on stage, Heating leading female table is a glass partition door, I almost gave it not a winter watering, bare of leaves Jiyu I want to provoke too it abandoned.Fortunately, I always see it, does not hinder people’s eyes, due to laziness, not to root it out yet.I did not expect when the warmth of spring, the top branches buds burst on the scene, I poured some water, removed the sticks and dry leaves, it is also the spirit of the day by day fade.Occasionally one day catches the eye of a cluster of butterfly-shaped flowers make me wonder, excitement!    So I move it to the sunny living room, it has plenty of light, the right temperature.A few days later, clusters of butterfly flower bloom, the foliage from time to time there are pregnant bud sporting power, brilliance open about the room, the guests came to our house was full of praise!    Butterflies Hydrangea flower experience has taught me awareness: To life bursting out of its tender and beautiful and brilliant, must undergo some suffering.SNSD no risk of want, extremely poor material life, is bound to make some people in the ordeal inspirational, against all odds, his life is set to push the peak bloom bright!

Birds who can not forget friends

Birds who can not forget friends village houses are mostly stone cottage, bounce up and down is up to the roof Sparrow.Home called Jiaque.Lot number Jiaque childhood, heap twitter in the trees, a fall is a large.At that time no awareness of animal protection, but tried various ways to catch it.Tree with a slingshot to play, in the eaves on Taomo, shine a flashlight at night fall perched on treetops, the winter snow with Pa basket support on the ground cover, and now want very sorry for them.However, due to the child’s trick or innocence of naughty, as people think big, even more amazing.The house sparrow has called “home thief”, but also as one of the “four evils”, and the killing of a large scale, severe in some places even to the point of near-extinction of sparrows.The reason is believed sparrows eat the crops, and see them play more food eaten by pests.It seems the ancient people treat the sparrow be a little better, although not as big rush to kill, says, “sparrow know that the swan,” the sparrow as a symbol of the lack of ambition.As everyone knows, people without ambition who would not crammed, not to mention a little sparrow?Only to see other people’s weaknesses, but can not see from a shortage, which is one of human tragedy.    I like “black hemp spoon”.It looks like a magpie, but unlike the magpie as black and white plumage, but the same color shine Heiyou.Put bright dawn every day, it stood in the branches “Diliu crunch” cried, better than the rooster crows.At that time farmers often like to keep hens, roosters do not want to raise.Raising hens in order to lay eggs, make money, the supply of daily necessities at home, and the children’s school fees, for many years known as the “chicken Ding eye bank”.Rooster eat much, do not lay eggs, when the date is not so much food to feed it white.For this reason, crows early task falls on the black linen spoon who always urged people to get up early to work, so people say it is the cry of “Di Liu Ding lighting crunch”.Hear a spoon called black hemp, if not get up to go to work, will be called the big lazy cheap, is to be “lighting Ding,” the.School children heard it called, they have to quickly get up to go to school.In the courtyard of the old elm grandmother, middle branches of tall black linen spoon nest.During that time I just sleep in the grandmother at home, and is busy reviewing test to learn when to get up early every day to stay up late in the chirping of black linen spoon inside, sit nervously review.    Ma spoon with black companion is the “water drops child” and “Xia Xia child” on the tree.Drops of water sub-head is much smaller than the black hemp spoon, and only about the size of a sparrow, but the sparrow than a long tail, gray body feathers are white, even more small and exquisite, lovable.Xia Xia child’s nest resting on the trees, swaying in the wind, floated here, I was worried would not fall.Xia Xia child small, flexible, drilling drilled from the nest, sounds crisp, live happy happy, I was envious of it free, but is now rarely seen this smart and lively elf.    The mountains outside the village, is the world cuckoo, turtledove, ruthless tiger and the like, although around less, but often hear sounds.Cuckoo’s great reputation, particularly sounds, it sounds due to different places, but there are a variety of “translated” version.In my hometown it is known as the “Valley News Valley News – Weeding hoe and then pull out.”.Because often cuckoo chirping at the time of sowing of the spring, as if to remind farmers need to sow millet a “pull out seedlings”, and pull out and tell people seedlings essentials are: pull out pull out first, and then hoe.Visible north cuckoo, no sorrow south cuckoo, but have become more relaxed and tranquil rural life.And understanding of different cuckoo, ruthless tiger sounds on terror more.Uphill, you’re down to work, suddenly came the “call hum – hum call” sound, you must think in the elderly cough, looking back, no one.Asked adults found out, this is the ruthless tiger cry.Start, judging from its sounds, I think the tiger is a ruthless beast.A long time know that this is a bird.But now I have not seen it, “hosting the Games.”.Real “only heard and not seen, man”, it seems ruthless tiger is the “world outside expert” bird in!    For the doves, I was guilty of some.This is the reason I know it’s an injury.Childhood home quail Liu opposite, I found a turtledove nest, which has a turtledove eggs.This child is extremely exciting thing.I did not dare tell anyone.Every few days or collecting firewood excuse uphill fight ragweed to secretly scout.Doves nest resting halfway up the cypress tree in the dense cypress.When time went by, the little turtle dove eggs hatch and continue to grow, who see it begin to grow thin hair, then I’m afraid Assembly fly away, he got a thin line foreskin of a turtledove leg leash, the other end tied to a tree.I think this little doves fly not only walk, but also to feed the big doves, until after the flight touched home reared play.As a result of such a “thorough” measures, and my heart at ease, less the number of times I went to look at the.Wait until once again time to climb up the trunk, see little doves lying motionless in bed, reaching for look, doves stiff body already dead.I inventorying and found a lot of small turtledove Tuicu, turned out to be deeply tied to the legs of Le thin line into the flesh, doves swelling and inflammation, it seems that I became a murderer to kill doves!Since then, I heard doves “Cuckoo.Cooing “sounds, my heart just filled with deep remorse, silently talking about,” little turtledove, sorry!”Owls usually live in the mountains, sometimes at night will come to the village.Rural saying goes, “night owl into the house, do not come without incident.”There’s ‘something’ is not a good thing, people do not like a night owl, that it would bring bad luck.Especially do not like it sounds, night owl “Cuckoo – meow, cuckoo – meow” to call, much like the sound of someone sneer.A child often heard adults say, this is a night owl laugh, laughter is a night owl to tell someone to die.Now I can not tell what is a night owl laugh, which is a night owl cry.But as a child, I heard adults say all sorts, still very afraid.Uphill to see the owl, and my heart was pounding scared, quietly talking about you quickly fly away!After school I know owl is an owl, or beneficial birds, voles eat special, it sounds nothing to human life and death, but it is nothing more innocent local people.Armed with this knowledge, he is no longer afraid slowly.    As with the owl’s just the opposite attitude, like wild people, especially Alice, that is, magpies.People in the village to see the magpie is considered a sign of good luck.Children sing “magpie called Cha, happy event come home!”Is it really come true, who do not know, but it looks like they have a good look magpie.Black and white feathers smooth and bright, it looks clean, plus it jumping, “Cha Cha” cried, it seems even the kids, and very likable.Home yard old Shu Chashang Alice wild nest there, looking up from under a pile of twigs stick mess, when the wind blows often worry about it, no matter how much wind fortunately, did not always scrape the nest.Magpies look similar and there Cyanopica.It should be grateful to the famous song sung songs everywhere: “Lang long tail, long tail, marry a wife forget your mother.”I always feel wronged gray magpies, magpie people how to educate their children as disobedient negative example?Still remember the full lyrics: “.Mother put back into the hillside, the wife back to the white picket fence, roll cake, burning soup, wife wife you to taste, I went to the southern slope back Zanniang.”Wild old carving, and good spinner on a cliff, it is easy to make people think it’s brave.But this does not feel strange, because have been taught to know the eagle could it be otherwise.Old eagle left me most impressed, or is the most puzzling question, it is not often seen floating in the sky stared motionless, when the fly is too fast, but motionless wings.This fee can not let the little children wondering, of course, no matter how a child pondering not realize the truth to.A piece of sky, quack cried crows, incited a dense mass, circling back and forth.Locals said the group will Laogua a white lead.So I looked up to see crows group looking for, but never seen white crows, they found a large group of crows which does have a magpie, magpie hire is not the crows come when the “chieftains” I do not know.    Alas, these lovely birds are rarely seen nowadays.Flocks of crows have been hard to find, the head of the old cliff carving rarely seen in the village in the morning no longer hear the “Ding polish” sounds.I really miss them, these had a friend!

Bloody lessons once white slope falls elementary school accident

White school lesson slope of a fall in blood accident July 19 in the morning, there was a white slope falls elementary school accident.According to the causes of conversations with “Student Dream” practice team members know what happened in.7:40 am in the second grade in elementary school classrooms white slope, a student outside the school with three school sophomore put together a school sophomore boys lifted and then fell off, causing injuries that boys.When team members arrived at the practice, the boys have been injured lying on the ground, weeping, shouting.According to the injured after the boy’s parents to say, when it was the boys fell, he cried himself invisible, but other students thought he was pretending, no matter, continue slapstick.When students recruited teachers, things have been more serious, even the boys are sitting Zuobu Qi, only lying down, moving about are sore; other students aware of the seriousness of the matter, but can only stand by and watch , cried.Practice team members came after, but also understand the seriousness of the matter, two players crouched beside the boy, a boy who helped check the injury, a man comforting a boy; a player rushed to inform the boy’s parents; three players in control of things the other four participating students; the rest of the team responsible for the evacuation of students, student settle.Parents rushed to the scene rushed the boy after the boy sent to the People’s Hospital of Xuwen County.Captain and leader of the security group practice team rushed to contact parents and school principals of four things participants, informing them of school or come directly to the hospital, the other volunteer teachers responsible for student settled, continue their lessons.As for the temporary treatment that four students are: foreign students is to get home, three of our students will continue to attend class.Soon, a matter of participating students and parents came to the school principal, the parents of two students is directly go to the hospital, but there can not contact the parents of a student.In consideration of the seriousness of the situation, while the captain decided to continue to contact the parents, while sitting president’s car go to the hospital.9:48, captain, security team leader, principals, parents and a crew of a newsgroup from the president’s home to Xuwen People’s Hospital.Period, the captain confessed in detail to the principal causes of things, after, after listening to the president, but also understand the serious things, pointed out the “Student Dream” team practice prior ill-prepared, ill-considered, the most important point is the lack of experience; recommended practices team in the morning at 7:30 to open the door, and increase morning Reading morning exercises or.Conversation was also informed that the practice team responsible for primary school teachers will arrive in 23 white slope, coaching players, teams and practice of research group to study the town publicity.10:13 arrived at the hospital, the boy was lying on a hospital bed, ready to do CT (MRI) examination.The boy went in, several people sitting in the examination room door worried, anxious waiting, the parents are more restless.While, the boy was sent out that afternoon to get to the inspection report.Then the boy sent to the 13th floor of the orthopedic ward, the mother holding a child’s hand has been during other people is also a look of sad.”Student Dream” practice team members who have returned to school, the captain decided to go to the hospital tomorrow to accompany their children, while asking the child’s situation.Tonight practice team also met on the handling of the issue of child.Writer / Photography Zhang / Zhang Jing Contributed by: Student Dream Team of practice: Zhang Jing

— motherland written on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of

Flag October sun’s rays to dump everything in its power across the mountains across the river at its brightest Republic every inch of the land side of the flag fluttering in the wind flapping in the wind in the east of the world enjoy spreading the five thousand years of trials and vicissitudes of five hearts cohesion into a national totem shine bright sky republic after the wind after the rain after the injury experienced too much pain after suffering the vicissitudes of China has finally embarked on a road side stand in the world and that the banner of the East regardless of blood in the fire no matter in the water the ice are a common belief has never been down that side when the vast suffering and cry in the years to penetrate the edge of life and death through the fluttering banner fluttering in the wind picking up through the hail of bullets you fall I fought in casually looking on the ancient land of the Republic of a local firm can be inserted down a nation of faith flag flags your spine straight whistling in the Orient stands looking into a nation of highly October when the sun shines through your youthful style I use make life blood oath forever and ever and you watch National anthem sang the song for the first time in my life the first singing She is a teacher in a charity that rustic cabins face the vicissitudes of history just like the old man’s eyes and his determination to lead the singing enthusiasm we indulge in “with our flesh and blood of our new Great Wall…”Sonorous melody Endeavor notes surging my teenage feelings from this is not the old song has been loud and clear course I was growing up over and over again the passion of singing, I know that a national anthem is a national concentration of historical note is that a nation bitter blood and tears so I’ve been singing the same melody and because of this it inspiring horn deep love for the old country anthem a majestic melody through five thousand years of vicissitudes regardless of where and when Chinese people are due to this sonorous notes of five thousand years of wind and rain infiltration straight spine pain What kind What kind of pain for the nation has five thousand years of culture thick and 9.6 million square broad mind to stand up after the fall play wave goodbye to the pain of yesterday’s beating the drums of war levy reminder century full of pride embark on a new Long march forward forward into.      Emblem October autumn winds from the Republic of plump slowly blowing across the land recently harvested fields breath of fresh food filled with happiness and joy grain rice and wheat farmers to leave the warmth of sickle thousands of years, chinking sound has been busy with fireworks and rice-head this land of their low volt head shining sun shine in China’s east or north or smoke?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / plus / Search.PHP?kwtype = 0 & keyword = +% C1% F4 ‘target = “_ blank’> Tartar reluctant Chennai?Br /> as the food they are fed with simple and solid nature of a nation’s strength of character so when they look in a height onto the bright parts of the republic from the world’s eyes will be deeply traction [Editor this totem landscape : Butterflies]

Bloody Cross

Recent everywhere homicide occurred in succession, four people were brutally murdered.  And by-case analysis, high Interpol team captain Caroline conclude the case is the same person or the same group of committed, because this four cases strikingly similar: surgeon killed all the city hospitals, and the like are the scalpel class of weapon killed and postmortem field.  For a time the doctor of the city on edge, do not know the day the nightmare will come to his head.  One thing the tall hill is very puzzling, is the scene in the wilderness inaccessible.The doctor who killed Why would obediently went to the field with the murderer?Crime scene no signs of struggle, why not against doctors?It is enchanted?  Speaking of doctors, high hill there is little goodwill.A year ago, his wife pain in the lower abdomen suddenly felt a cold night, but this time high hill was away pursuit of criminals, his wife had their teeth alone to the hospital.  Who would have thought that the doctor on duty was busy in an online chat with the opposite sex, give her a shot analgesics hastily after busy on the Internet, the result of his wife and the pain very tough battle.  When the doctor found something wrong, it was too late, and the final autopsy results are: the wife is only perforated appendix.  At noon home, he pushed his son Gao’s room and saw his son not at home, Recently, difficult to see the shadow of his son.There is a photo on the desk, Gao tall and handsome in the photo, athletic, and his face was exceptionally gloomy, whereas previously son is how bright and sunny.  A closer look at his photos, the son lips with hairy mustache, and even have the Adam’s apple, a strong sense of strangeness suddenly hit, and when his son grow up?Large even I do not recognize it.  Alas, months and years busy with the case, investigators or overnight travel has become commonplace in the office, he said it is not a father and son how long the?Even this year’s festival with no time to accompany his son to his mother’s grave, remember son was cast a glance over the implied meaning high hill resentment heavy heart, but also readily son looking through the books on the shelves, they discovered that there are a lot homicide detective like, my heart suddenly surprised to see him do these books?  While inadvertently drawn a map from the shelves, high hill suddenly wide like a pair of eyes as big as eggs.  It was a city map, you can see his son carefully painted red pen several laps, Hill instantly recognizable to those high circles it is worked out of the hospital, and then his son and red pen to circle those all together, red as a result became cross blood crooked!  High Hill heart suddenly tightening up, like a hand yank down a handful.  Are these cases is the son of a dry?Son has long been planned well, to all doctors on the cross on track to start?  High Hill suddenly thought of something, leaned closer look, finally found the end of the most bloody cross within a circle there is no murder had occurred, and this hospital is the wife of the tragic death of his son that the hospital is far sure of a serial killer, he wanted his mother caused the tragic death of the doctor left to the last kill!  Mom makes son’s tragic death is heart pain, but also because they can not communicate often and father, can not resolve the pain inside, and finally cardiac drastic change, this had the doctor’s idea of revenge!  High Hill mind a time set off a storm, the entire people have almost collapsed, suddenly found a map on one side there is a line of small print, were written: 1,2l, 42,64.  What does it mean?High Hill frowned, pondering for a long time, suddenly open minded, busy to write down the date that the murder occurred everywhere on paper, if the first time since the murder as the first day, then three cases is just behind 21 days, 42 days, 64 days, and this in turn four numbers separated by 20 days, 21 days, 22 days!  The fourth day of the murder from happening today just 23 days, that is the fifth murder happened today!  You must immediately stop the son of a continuing offense!High Hill to call his son’s mobile phone with trembling hands, pass, but after only a cry rang off, call back, but could not.Why did he shut down?Is busy start it?  High Hill shortness of breath, immediately called the hospital, the command: a matter of life and death, immediately check if there is a doctor just out of the hospital!  Soon the outcome: 10 minutes ago, the doctor said there was something out, has yet to come back, not on the phone.  Hearing the doctor’s name, high-Hill understand everything, is the reason that Internet chat doctors misdiagnosed his wife!  The doctor must have been taken away by his son, how can he be willing to go with his son?Did not you hear the doctor murder case series?  High Hill a time cold hands and feet, which doctors hateful, crime can not die, and now time is life, you must find his son immediately to stop this cruel revenge killings!Where can it son?

(Writer election issue 11) “Cliff funeral”

Speaking of Chinese funeral custom, historic and unique, and to address the mystery, there is no doubt who was undoubtedly Bo Gong County of Yibin City, Sichuan Province Cliff.  Gong County Su Ma Ma embankments and bay, two hundred wooden coffin lying on the cliffs, wedging the coffin holding stakes branch.Large head end of the coffin small, mostly whole wood, fixing tenons snap button and.Using buried back straight, linen Guoshi body, burial opposite sides of the foot, the amount of uncertainty, there are ceramics, wood and bamboo, a scrim, and iron, wherein up scrim, small amounts of silk.  Bo people how ancient these bulky coffin and funerary objects, brought ranging from 10 meters to 100 meters height cliff it?Zhuge Liang said to have thanked the Three Kingdoms Period.  A long time ago, Ma embankments of the Bo people living together.A home for the elderly after his death, Mr. Feng Shui chose White Rock as Ann buried the old man poised to home city.A home is in accordance with feng shui said, with a large piece of wood to make coffins, went to ask mason, holes in the white rock.That White Rock tall and steep, how to fight it?After much deliberation, only with Zhuge Liang teach them to use in fighting the winch frame under a rock, winch erecting high tower, and let stand on a high platform mason holes.Finally hit on the rock to the hole two sized thick, so to cave into two thick wood, then use a winch to lift up the coffin, laid across two thick wood, this is Bo coffin burial of origin.  Cliff burial history of thousands of years will therefore ancient, compared with the Bo people’s history is dwarfed.Bo ancient people, also known as Pu.King Wu of Zhou led the world eight hundred princes crusade against the tyrant Shang Zhou, Pu ancestors is one of eight hundred princes.However splendid civilization, ancient history, can not resist graver moments.  The Ming Dynasty, as the Bo people of the Arab family in the home, home three siblings Jubing A rebel.Sichuan Jianwu (now Xingwen County) nine silk city, said Wang Jianguo.  At that time the Ming Dynasty Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan provinces to mobilize the army surrounded the Bo people of cottage.So tens of thousands of people either surrender Ming Bo, or fight to the death in the end.According to historical records, at the time of surrender of the Bo people, the number of people massacred almost half of the total number of the tribe, Bo people of almost every family has a relative or friend killed.  Bo people after the siege, no one could go to hang the Cliff.Many years later, those coffin after another fall.It is said, breaking down in the coffin of those, there are gold, silver, jewelry, jade and other precious funerary.At that time, some greedy people to compete for those sacrificial lambs, however, no matter who, as long as a fight for the hand, these treasures will put his eyes thorn pain, eyes become dark, like a blind man as.The strange thing is, as long as the hands of a discarded treasure, eye pain will disappear, eyes still bright one.As a result, no one dared to those treasures, people have been thrown into the deep valleys to go.  In the course of history, we can only see from the Bo people disappearing back.We can only hope for civilization lamps, to illuminate the darkness that Cliff Lane.