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(Writer election issue 11) “Cliff funeral”

Speaking of Chinese funeral custom, historic and unique, and to address the mystery, there is no doubt who was undoubtedly Bo Gong County of Yibin City, Sichuan Province Cliff.  Gong County Su Ma Ma embankments and bay, two hundred wooden coffin lying on the cliffs, wedging the coffin holding stakes branch.Large head end of the coffin small, mostly whole wood, fixing tenons snap button and.Using buried back straight, linen Guoshi body, burial opposite sides of the foot, the amount of uncertainty, there are ceramics, wood and bamboo, a scrim, and iron, wherein up scrim, small amounts of silk.  Bo people how ancient these bulky coffin and funerary objects, brought ranging from 10 meters to 100 meters height cliff it?Zhuge Liang said to have thanked the Three Kingdoms Period.  A long time ago, Ma embankments of the Bo people living together.A home for the elderly after his death, Mr. Feng Shui chose White Rock as Ann buried the old man poised to home city.A home is in accordance with feng shui said, with a large piece of wood to make coffins, went to ask mason, holes in the white rock.That White Rock tall and steep, how to fight it?After much deliberation, only with Zhuge Liang teach them to use in fighting the winch frame under a rock, winch erecting high tower, and let stand on a high platform mason holes.Finally hit on the rock to the hole two sized thick, so to cave into two thick wood, then use a winch to lift up the coffin, laid across two thick wood, this is Bo coffin burial of origin.  Cliff burial history of thousands of years will therefore ancient, compared with the Bo people’s history is dwarfed.Bo ancient people, also known as Pu.King Wu of Zhou led the world eight hundred princes crusade against the tyrant Shang Zhou, Pu ancestors is one of eight hundred princes.However splendid civilization, ancient history, can not resist graver moments.  The Ming Dynasty, as the Bo people of the Arab family in the home, home three siblings Jubing A rebel.Sichuan Jianwu (now Xingwen County) nine silk city, said Wang Jianguo.  At that time the Ming Dynasty Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan provinces to mobilize the army surrounded the Bo people of cottage.So tens of thousands of people either surrender Ming Bo, or fight to the death in the end.According to historical records, at the time of surrender of the Bo people, the number of people massacred almost half of the total number of the tribe, Bo people of almost every family has a relative or friend killed.  Bo people after the siege, no one could go to hang the Cliff.Many years later, those coffin after another fall.It is said, breaking down in the coffin of those, there are gold, silver, jewelry, jade and other precious funerary.At that time, some greedy people to compete for those sacrificial lambs, however, no matter who, as long as a fight for the hand, these treasures will put his eyes thorn pain, eyes become dark, like a blind man as.The strange thing is, as long as the hands of a discarded treasure, eye pain will disappear, eyes still bright one.As a result, no one dared to those treasures, people have been thrown into the deep valleys to go.  In the course of history, we can only see from the Bo people disappearing back.We can only hope for civilization lamps, to illuminate the darkness that Cliff Lane.

(Original) leaving no pass book (serial) 27

When [REVIEW] Pro on board, taking into account the ship’s food is certainly expensive (this time we are wrong), at a supermarket on the edge of the pier, we bought open sandwiches, Danish cakes, local produce multi-layer bread, and milk and Danish cheese.  Here actually saw the Chinese restaurant, he led us in to say hello, boss rest of my life is to soak in the Danish overseas Chinese, very enthusiastic, apparently Mr. King’s friend, good meat, good wine to entertain, not a few pleasantries, and ran into the busy kitchen cooking.Years of struggle, having been rich, or like a spinning gyro not stop.Chinese nation is actually a very politicized nation in the Greater China region, even if it was a taxi driver, is keen commentators political and economic topics, in the sea and guests can chat feel their talent, on the people concerned about national affairs and familiarity, far from being comparable to the other alien.The strange thing is overseas is another landscape line, some say, overseas Chinese ears do not hear out of the window, as one got into the money eyes, beneath this kind of evaluation, too harsh, but went abroad, overnight, not great vision, not a lofty ideal, not the ideology of right and wrong, no impassioned fight, became downright economic animals, hard at work, when small business owners to earn foreign exchange, the more the better, but it is a lot of people.In poor countries, mercenary fashion, in Grant Thornton’s society, became unholy stink of money, a same thing, in different time and space, it is very different.Overseas Chinese in Europe, evident social marginalization, alienation from mainstream society, is the highest level of various expatriate communities in the nation, in addition to language and cultural differences in skin color is related to deep-seated reason than this.Chinese people from one extreme to another, because in the end is the modern history of the disorder perennial war, successive years of modern history sociocracy toss movements, extremes meet overkill, or are there other reasons, this is to ask sociologists to study the talk.    Mr. King is the overseas Chinese in the alternative, in addition to his boss than keen political or Danish Social Democratic Party cadres in charge of immigration party headquarters area of Copenhagen, Denmark unique Chinese political party.Danish Social Democratic Party was founded in the eighteenth century, is the second largest political party, had long alone or in combination with other ruling parties, advocates for Migration Policy Development and the welfare system open, endorsed by the European integration and globalization, actively participate in international cooperation.Speaking of the Danish Social Democrats, but Mr. King opened the Round Table.    He told us that in Taiwan, he is an anarchist, a very political apathy.As a child gate, he had a promising career background, but also see through Huanhaichenfu therefore, great sorrow than disheartened.KMT corruption is very serious, it intensified, only to join the party naked utilitarian purpose, although no one had believed that decorate the Three People’s Principles became the flagship of the facade, to seek selfish interests under the package, become an open secret, ranking the temple unscrupulous, who complain the opposition, the latter once replaced, did not hesitate even further, beyond, so depraved social phenomenon, disheartening.    Speaking of rampant corruption scheme Taiwanese society, Mr. King absolutely the deep evil and pain.Denmark has the world’s most corrupt civil service, there is no soil corrupt officials on this issue, Mr. King had to ask a professor of political science in Denmark, the answer is for two reasons, first, the property declaration system, equal treatment for all, each citizen can have access to public funds record; the second is no corruption in Denmark’s national cultural and historical traditions, the Danes have anti-genetic blood, the professor stressed that the latter is the main reason.Kim told us that he heard here, can not help but harm self, the backbone behind a chill Are we born with this evil?    Ten years ago, Mr. Kim came to northern Europe, Denmark set foot on land, can not help but refreshing.Wind people here, whether it is to join religious organizations, social groups or political parties, must be ran from the concept of faith, but not entirely the kind of trickery Taiwan’s political parties.Mr. King at work Social Democrats are to fulfill their obligations, I do not get paid, it is inconceivable in Taiwan, but it is then common in Denmark, however, in addition to entering the cabinet, and elected members of the party members and cadres, and the rest are part-time general of.If the motive with career and fortune, political parties in Northern Europe ecology must be disappointed.In addition to engaging in political activity or dedication dedication, no water and gray income, so those who join must be driven by a sincere ideals, does not allow for hypocrisy.For the political elite standards of ethical conduct of public figures, is generally higher than the general public on the society, is the consensus of the Nordic society, Nordic politicians hailed clear view their own lives is not surprising.    Kim laughed, “I grew up in Taiwan, because there are tired of social and political environment, went to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale world, like in the Nordic madding crowd quiet place, wash and soothe the soul, did not think that here in the future, but it became a political activist foreign country, interested in social work, but did not expect.Many of the year missed my friends, is now emerging in Taiwan’s political arena, urged me to return to development, they think a great career than local.It seems that I let them down.”During their stay in Copenhagen, Mr. King repeatedly told us,” You are still young, long way to go, there is life is what matters.”In order for our physical and mental relaxation of tension, Mr. King and Ms. Wei took a stroll around us.Danish forest coverage is very broad, Mr. Kim drove with us to “Deer Park”, which is opening up the royal gardens, we were surprised to see hordes of stag, without others come and go between the trees, here there are free bikes, we ride around in a walk through the deer park, the company of cheerful deer.    Many national holidays in Denmark, especially concentrated in the spring and summer, came bursts of holiday.Scandinavian Peninsula, near the North Pole, spring and summer season is often late, and very short, as long as the sun appeared, dressed in summer men and women competing to come celebrate gold season, although there are some steep early spring cold Nordic street wear full Huaqun woman, a distance as small groups of butterflies fluttering.    Kim said, after a period of time in Copenhagen International Jazz Festival, one of the world’s most famous music festival.By the time people boating shuttle in the canal, colorful flags fluttering, thunderous applause, while drinking beer, while enjoying top jazz performers from all over the West, through the night, when Her Majesty the Queen of the royal family arrived at the scene, with the public, the whole city immersed in the ocean of music.    Newport is a bar street in Copenhagen tourist must dos, canal-side bar street can be seen Scandinavian-style colored houses, colorful street around the block from the bar.Canal boats moored a variety of styles, including navigation ship more than a century ago, variegated and multi-masted sailing ship still weathering, is simply a water craft museum.    March 12, 1987 in the afternoon, we left for Norway.Good weather, sky and sea, Denmark’s national bird soaring lark tits in the cloud, the locals considered a symbol of happiness lark wonderful good fortune, we caught up with auspicious day, this is a good sign.    Temporary board, taking into account the ship’s food is certainly expensive (this time we are wrong), at a supermarket on the edge of the pier, we bought open sandwiches, Danish cakes, local produce multi-layer bread, cheese and milk, as well as Denmark these things very fresh and cheap.We ate half, the other half as forage.Leaving no regular border controls in Denmark.Later learned, ineffective border controls between the Nordic countries, in fact, once inside one country, you can pass unimpeded in the other Nordic countries.    From Copenhagen to Oslo ride is named “Scandinavia Crystal Palace” cruise ship.3 pm, at the farewell crowd cheered and waved the ship left the Anderson home, we went to the edge of the ship, and happily take friends along, the crowd on the pier constantly waved goodbye and prosperous Kingdom of Denmark.[Editor: Can children]

(Essay) speak

Talk, nothing more than to tell, talk, propaganda, speeches and communicate like, of course, chat and muttered to himself, thinking of personal expression and self-catharsis.    To speak, it is the easiest, mouth come.Talk is not easy, in order to express oneself well, to achieve the purpose of talking, but others can understand, but also like a bit difficult, it is not a person want to be able to do things.    Some people like to talk, and good talk, talked incessantly, creativeness Quan, well organized, accurate expression.There are some people born with relatively stiff, clumsy conversation, reticent, silent boring show, although it may be a diamond, and but just do not tell the General Assembly and to communicate in the language.People speak of style, characteristics, is different, vastly different, and some could go on, some talking, some match exactly, and some sloppy, some turn to over-complex, and some Cherishing such as gold, some sweetness and light, and some tricky mean, of course, nonsense, nonsense, wine words, nonsense, nonsense as well, insane and crazy language, etc..    How much talk, will speak about his close relationship with the personality, there are inherent factors.Deliberately Workout is also very important day after tomorrow, there is the process of learning exercise.A dedicated public speaking, it should be about learning to speak, is a science has a strong practical.Some Western politicians, because of the need elections, mostly orator, agitator, if voters can not clearly know politicians conduct and ideas, as well as eloquence, it is difficult to support.    There are “words basket”, “chatterbox” the saying goes, referring particularly like to talk, good talk, speaking on the endless friends.A lot to say, a set of so-called eloquent, endless.If clear ideas discussed in place, clear expression, should belong to a special class of people talking.I have seen many friends talk abnormal, ladies as much, speaking words, but just keep saying, a person that does not take into account the feeling of others, and others simply edgeways.If you describe such a friend, make an analogy, it can be counted as a madman to speak, for the words crazy.Jinan dialect of “long-winded” the saying goes, meaning to speak or discuss certain things, repeat it endlessly.Also known as nagging, complaining, talking long-winded, tedious, not simple, repeatedly said the same thing and issue a non-stop.It might even make a mistake, then chatter, and he may not have finished yet, others have long tired.    There is also the opposite case, I also know some special talkative friend, just do not like to talk, that is, few words, such as gold or even speak with.There is a very stiff friend, Special speak with few words, people talk, he most “Hey,” smile, never to interrupt, for some people despise him, said he was “three sticks not a fart “people.But he is a very wise friend, and a successful career, a successful businessman, especially economic-minded, there are tens of millions of assets.    Removal of normal speech communication, some of the distinctive human character, speaking of style is witty.    Know a friend or forty eighty-nine this year, men’s, seven meters tall, extra baggage, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, looks gentle.And because of worry about genetic hair has been sparse, almost bald, he surnamed Zhao.Mr. Zhao is a middle-level cadres, although a little literary talent, but because of the character and possible experience, is usually a man of few words, very quiet and good, decent people skills can be.Mr. Zhao Although few words, but occasionally there is more time to speak, and that is in the field of wine, in some places entertainment communication.Thirty-two wine you’ll feel, under the influence of alcohol, his face flushed it, and began high spirits up, as it seems like a new person, in particular, like to talk, and even quick-witted, courteous, the whole occasion , you can hear his hearty laughter and agile language, and is speaking to several times the amount of.    This should be an exceptional case.Many people, because of the mentality, character and habits, do not usually speak to crowded places, much less speak.    As long as speak, can not leave the topic.Muttering, also spoke, although it may be self-row can not be untied, is a personal thought, confused, puzzled, pressure kind of self-talk.Talk to each other, the topic is generally of interest to both aspects, except lectures, or what to listen to the speech, at least willing to listen to the other party.If a person by his own temper, without thinking, without scruple to the topic they are interested in blindly talking, or telling their own stories, regardless of each other’s feelings, I myself have been happy, but the other party may be reluctant to listen, even tired, because even seemingly polite listening, the mind may already flew away.    I have a good friend, fifty years of age, talk is very personal, obvious personality traits.He is a business unit of the early retirement of workers, stay at home, four or five thousand monthly salary, the children have been married, grandchildren are two years old, and nothing had.May be excessive idle, often meet, particularly fond of conversation, a talk about the past once the work is, once operational, the old can not forget.To work, because the work of the business unit, travel frequently, far apart, the unit created a lot of benefits, busy, fulfilling and full of achievements.He could not forget the past, I kept telling former glory.Because it is a friend, I’m still good at listening, let him continue to go on.As a result, I have basic business units and work for him, have a general understanding.    A person, if you like miss, miss the past years and have been better, it could have been old.    People like to talk about things they are familiar with, and interested in things deemed important things to talk about stubborn if they are not familiar, unfamiliar topic, it is revealing his own shortcomings, but it is difficult to talk about.Well-known aspects of their own, their profession, their preferences, often a topic of interest, so almost everyone.If both partners are favorite topics, is particularly easy to talk to, is real communication, it is easy to resonate, it will be cited as a friend.    I know a man who likes to talk about things they are familiar friends, especially interesting.    I once had a colleague, educational level is not high, has been transferred to another unit.He used to be a suburb of Jinan residents of villages, the mid-eighties, after his father retired, came to replace our unit.Although no longer a unit of work, but occasionally meet.Sunday some time ago, he suddenly remembered me and gave me a phone call, saying it was to meet at a marker at the near Jinan North Park, right next to his home.Long time no see, went to the lunchtime, we find a clean shop, eat vegetables North Park, two people drink a few glasses.    Nothing, that is pure gossip.He surnamed Guo, five short stature, in his fifties who, because of physical exertion, wrinkled, his face unshaven.Three glasses of wine you’ll feel his words to come up.He was also a particularly talkative person, that’s all they do now in Murai.Several cadres from the village to begin with, added to the Murai in enterprise management projects, the villagers benefits, then North Lake Jinan is about to start matters, has been the demolition of housing problems, people not satisfied, then that is his neighbors, his relatives, his seven regardless of eight aunt, sister of his brother’s niece, the western end of the village there is a widow surnamed Sun, not his brother-his wife and a cousin of the aunt’s brother relationship, Wait, wait, say a train.    I am a good listener who, fairly easy-going personality, the two of us spent two and a half hours, and drink a pound of white wine.Remove only ten minutes since the beginning, we both have some normal greeting interaction, the middle is also mixed with some “drinking” outside “eat” the word interludes, the rest is basically one of his own talking, in the narrative.    I did not get a word, only nodding in the negotiations, it seems to be said, “ah”, “ah”, “Yes”, “ho” a few interjections.He said those words and things, enough to become a novella material is mess.


Afternoon, I called Joe Smith.I said: I have to see you.Joe Smith asked: Why?I said: your wife came to see me he heard these words, anger got up, interrupted me to say: she was looking for you?This is me and her, you do not blending.I said: I do not want to tube, but she was my junior sister apprentice, you said I was in charge no matter?Joe Smith did not then, and later said: That line, in the evening meeting to speak.University, Joe Smith is a two-time high of our wit, we have to take him as an idol.He later married junior sister apprentice, we all feel good enough for his junior sister apprentice, but who did not dare say, junior sister apprentice goes mouth, much like a knife.City, everyone busy with their own, married, and from even less, until the day before junior sister apprentice suddenly came to me, I know, their marriage went wrong.Junior sister apprentice said, two months Joe Smith like a changed man, her sarcastic, forcing tight, but also Gengzhuobozi, clamoring to divorce.I say: Stay out of the chanting, the society I did not finish, junior sister apprentice took me kicking.Later, I promised to find Joe Smith to talk.In the evening, we met in the street a small hotel.Joe Smith some changes, with less hair than before, and looks a lot older.We drink together, talk about the students used to know, so who married a wealthy, so who gave birth to children, happy to talk, I forgot to why.In fact, I too embarrassed to ask for junior sister apprentice Why did Joe Smith.Junior sister apprentice temper, nothing seriously love to see Joe Smith like this, I guess the problem is the junior sister apprentice.Drank too much, then I would more.I asked: Joe Smith, you are not lovers of?Joe Smith laughed and asked: how do you think so?I said: guess chant.He smiled, did not speak, just shook his head.I am a little anxious, he said: do not install!You see you, talented, attractive, and money, and now the woman not to value these do?These are the truth, but say it feels a bit sour.He looked at me, put that glass, said: You do not quote, but then he looked up, deliberately elongated sound, and said: You are right, I really had so little idea of small.Joe Smith finished, staring at me: I can tell you, but you have to swear not to tell junior sister apprentice.I drank too much wine kept up, forthright and said: OK!As long as you tell the truth, I’m sure for you privacy.Joe Smith said, there was something a woman loved him dead, although he never bought her clothes, did not take her outside travel, holidays and even she had no way to accompany together since a few years ago when a Joe Smith after sales regional manager, his life is only one word: busy.Alcohol let Joe Smith more and more excited, he said: One time I went to Thailand on business, came back, the plane was delayed.And so we came down, before we know the front plane skidded off the runway, fire.At that time on the apron full of fire engines, that battle really scary.Waiting for me out of the airport, could not find her, I thought she did not come to something, go back to his taxi.On the road, she called me, I answer the phone she would howl Joe Smith looked at me and said: You say she was stupid not stupid, do not ask, I thought that aircraft accident aircraft.Joe Smith paused and said: I am also crazy that day, turn around and go out into the airport run, saw her, no matter how many people around, suddenly hugged her, and then did not want to let go.The next day, junior sister apprentice called me and asked me.I said: away from it, he was on the outside.Junior sister apprentice was on the phone crying out loud.I advise a few, forbearance and tolerance, not only the woman told her things.I say to junior sister apprentice: his heart with someone, you do not pay attention, and instead of this fight and trouble, as quickly divided.Junior sister apprentice scolded me, saying: How can you do, and advised people to divorce!I’m too lazy to say, holding a phone to listen to her anger reprove.The scenery outside the window is October, ginkgo leaves yellow, off the floor.To the spring, junior sister apprentice suddenly came to me.Before junior sister apprentice with me several times by phone, simply say divorce marriage from the very simply, Joe Smith cleanse the family.Junior sister apprentice came, I was in a meeting.From out of the venue, I saw a black junior sister apprentice, lined with plain white face haggard, swollen eyes, like a peach.I was surprised and asked her how she was.Junior sister apprentice hesitated for quite a while: he died.Her words made my body froze, I stammered: Joe Smith?When?Junior sister apprentice’s eyes were red, said: the day before yesterday.After I leaned against the hallway wall, shock is the body’s sense of powerlessness.Ear heard junior sister apprentice Q: That you see him, he said he did not get sick with something you do?I shook my head, junior sister apprentice asked: Really did not say?I said: really did not say.I turned to look at junior sister apprentice, her face full of doubts.I thought, and still do not have the heart to tell her that a woman.I said: that drink, he told me that he had only once a business trip, the aircraft encountered an accident at the airport like a plane on fire.Junior sister apprentice thought, nodded and said: Yes, I remember that accident, I was in the airport, began to think that he’s plane on fire junior sister apprentice sighed and said: Then, how much we love is ah.

Drink water

During recess, I sat at the classroom platform and looked at the students leisurely.. In fact, looking at them is like looking at the scenery. If the wind blows over the treetops, the leaves will vibrate and sing. If you look at the sun shining on the water, your eyes will be covered with a glimmer of thought and sparkling light in your heart..   Suddenly, I noticed that several students were drinking water at the drinking fountain. It may be that only one student in a group brought a cup today, so only one person can pick up a cup and then others can pick it up..   What I saw in particular was that there were men and women in this group, and each of them drank water in a’ chic’ way, lifting the cup as high as possible to the right place, lifting up the face, pursed up the mouth, and letting the cup mouth pour water at least three inches away from the lip.. Occasionally, water may overflow from the corners of the mouth or drip from the chin to the skirts of the clothes and onto the ground due to poor swallowing..   As if, this is not drinking water, but doing a kind of performance. However, I carefully look at these children, they are so natural, so completely casual and for. I am convinced that they are only drinking water in good faith and are not acting affectation at all..   This group of students is as beautiful as flowers and pure as the cleanest scenery. They are very good. I like them. Each of them has a sense of collectivity and fraternity. Even, I often see boys and girls holding each other’s hands and scribbling on the back of their hands and wrists during recess, which is so natural, so pure and so clear.. Think of our junior high school primary school drawing online on the desk, boys and girls at the same table will definitely not intentionally overstep it. ‘ Helpless flowers fall”,’ The deceased is like a husband.” Also.   There was no water dispenser in the classroom in that time. Some students who have ” enchanting” points have to drink water and go back to the classroom from home.. Most likely, he carried the bottle of water, most of which was always drunk by his classmates. Moreover, it must have been the appliance that took the water, that is, it was natural and natural to drink it by mouth.. Perhaps the lip prints are still in the mouth of the cup, but they do not prevent people from continuing to drink them..   Times are shaping people. Perhaps, to calculate, it is not difficult to know when we started to change the way we drink water..   It is said that Mr. Gu Hongming once refuted the criticism of polygamy. His example is that a man is like a teapot, a woman is like a teacup, and a teapot is often equipped with several teacups.. Mr koo is very interesting. if he lived to this day, he would be even more justified. Today, a teapot is usually not only equipped with a few cups, but often with a lot of disposable cups.. I don’t know what amazing language his old man’s house will utter, using these disposable cups words for example..   Suddenly, did I miss the time when I used cups instead of disposable cups to drink water?. When the guests arrive, the first one used the cup. Perhaps, the host only needs to rinse the cup symbolically at most and pour the cup onto the back end to the later ones.. Even, the cup is very big, the person in front is far from finished, and the person in the back may take it and drink it.. At that time, people often said that all tastes are the same. Now, people are paying attention to hygiene in their hearts.   I am a lazy person and never bother to spend any more time drinking water and drinking tea. If you are not thirsty, you will not drink; if you are thirsty, you will drink.. Because there is no habit of drinking tea, your breath is also brilliant. It has been almost 20 years since class began, and you never thought of bringing tea into the classroom.. However, occasionally, watching the students drink water, I really want to drink a jar of it, but for many years, I have been embarrassed to ask the students to drink water from their cups.. Because, I will be contradictory, do I just drink at the mouth or may I leave the lip marks on the mouth of the cup or just pout at the mouth to drink it? No matter what, it’s very troublesome. forget it, don’t drink it.   Most of the time, I was sitting in the office when a colleague came in: ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.   Well, yes.   There’s no cup.   Oh, no, there were a few left yesterday, all finished.   Colleagues had to look elsewhere for cups with a grudge.. In fact, my cup is at hand. I would like to say: Drink my cup. However, I can’t say. Because, perhaps, even if you have a medical certificate to show people, they still have feelings of sadness..   People, that may be the case. The more favorable the conditions, the more expensive they will be unconsciously. Isn’t it true that one day, when people are exposed to each other, they no longer express the support of adversity or the most reliable support, but when they think about it, they feel too unhygienic and want to vomit and vomit?.  Heard that, there are more exquisite families, the table has been used’ male chopsticks’.   Ha ha, just drink water, pull this off. With the development of human science and technology, the ego’s ability to resist viruses is definitely increasing. I don’t know if anyone has investigated it. I estimate that it should be weakening.. Because, judging from drinking water, people have more and more sealed themselves up.

Bird nest, crab, potato, leek

The village that gave birth to me and raised me will jump into my mind on a rainy autumn night like a rain flower between eaves..     There are always green and yellow thatched roads on the field roads, which are always tightly attached with glittering and translucent rain beads. The lush green curtains in the corn fields surround the whole mountain, and we live in the sea of corn stalks.. The village is not big and there are many people, but I can always find a place where no one can wander around..     Do you remember the big stone in the river beside Shanhou Primary School, which can hold three to five children to write on? After school, we came here carrying schoolbags, spread out the checkerboards and holding pencils to write. We lay there writing at ease, the sunset shining on our checkerboard, chasing our slow nib. Vaguely remember, there is sand adhered to our clothes.     After a long time of mixing, I like to explore around the river bank and drill through the bushes until I find a bird’s nest with a few small eggs in it.. We were excited, but we couldn’t bear to take them away, but since then we have formed the habit of drilling grass to find birds and eggs..     When he was a little older, he followed his brother and a younger brother to the river in the valley to make trouble.. Brother can climb up the big willow tree by the river very lightly, then pick out the slender leafy willow tree with a knife and throw it to us. We wound these wickers into a circle and formed willow hats, which we thought were very proud to wear on our heads..     Then he jumped into the river to fight for water, drenched with water and dried in the sun.. So summer began to cool down. Always remember to catch a few crabs under the stones to play and watch them stumble in the sand. A normal crab has a hard shell, while a drug crab’s shell is crushed by two fingers. We also ignored it and only caught normal crabs to play.     I also not only play, but also do some work for my mother. I like to pick up potatoes in the field with my mother best.. After the potatoes are harvested, they will leave some carelessly in the ground and will soon sprout seedlings again. We looked for seedlings in the field and pulled out a potato as soon as we pulled it out. Sometimes I can find the biggest one, and I’m as happy as I dug up the gold pieces..     Mother will cook the potatoes for me the next day. Big potatoes are peeled, cut into pieces, fried with oil, salted and steamed with rice, but they are delicious. My highest record was eating four white bowls at a time, and my father taught me a lesson, saying how to stay dead. All that is good is how many years I have eaten, but I still didn’t survive..     I also like to cut leeks in particular. Our leeks are planted under mulberry trees on the edge of the ground. They are thin due to lack of sunlight, but they are also fresh and tender.. The leek is a rare thing to pick up. It takes you half an hour to strip the yellow leaves and the old leaves one by one.. But I have to sit tight or I won’t be able to eat another delicious food.     In the evening, mother will make up flour, add leeks and make pancakes. The big iron pan in the house was well oiled, spread out into big pancakes, and then dried slowly. The leek leaves became finely divided jasper in the pancakes, and they had an appetite when they looked at them.. I have to eat two large sheets before I can sleep contentedly.     The village was finally submerged by deeper green, and those days suddenly occurred before they were gradually forgotten. I was always a child in that village, remembering the days when there were bird nests, crabs, potatoes and leeks..

A man is as old as a child

As old as a child, his father-in-law felt bad in his stomach and intestines and accompanied him to the 148 hospital of the garrison.. Find the director of the department and check carefully. Fortunately, there is no major obstacle, that is, gastrointestinal function is almost not serious. The doctor asked whether the medicine was still prescribed? I said, let’s open it up. The father-in-law also returned after prescribing more than 200 yuan of medicine. The next day, I called and said, OK.     Father – in – law’s stomach and intestines are not good, which has been an old problem for many years.. As the saying goes, stomach trouble is divided into three parts and seven parts. Fortunately, his life is very careful. He has paid attention to diet for decades. He did not eat cold and hard, but his stomach trouble has improved greatly in recent years.. But after the Spring Festival, he always felt dull pain in his abdomen. I can’t say exactly where the pain is. It’s just a feeling. I feel, like a heart disease again.     I think so, there is a basis. The father-in-law has a fine heart and a good temper. This is an advantage. Correspondingly, it is too sensitive.. Three years ago, when he was seventy, he always said his lips were dry. I accompanied him to the PLA hospital and looked for experts from acquaintances. I took them seriously.. Experts said there was nothing wrong with it. Drink plenty of water and eat and drink whenever you should.. Because he is an acquaintance, the doctor said very clearly: I will not prescribe any medicine for you, even if it is prescribed, it is also a nourishing medicine such as vitamins, and it will only cost money.. This should be very good, but he was even more suspicious: the doctor said that he should eat and drink if he should, and whether he had an incurable disease or not? I said, older, dry lips is a normal phenomenon. But he is still not at ease to look around. When I went to the provincial capital, my daughter-in-law’s mobile phone was stolen by thieves, but the daughter-in-law was reasonable and didn’t care about it.. He went to the city to watch the advertisement on TV. The Jianghu doctor prescribed only a few hundred yuan of medicine..     I didn’t feel normal at the time when he was so exciting and moving.. Ask your wife to call your mother – in – law. My mother-in-law said that when I was young, someone calculated the hexagrams for my father-in-law and said that he could live to be seventy years old. This year is just seventy years old. I always feel this afflictive and uncomfortable psychologically. I went there to see it..     Knowing the reason, we advised him that at that time, seventy was the birthday, and now living conditions are good and medical standards are high. At that time, seventy was at least over eighty, so you can rest assured.. So, finally better. Wait until you bring your grandson, and you forget to look at him.     In view of the last experience, I asked my mother-in-law again this time. It turned out that a colleague from the father-in-law unit had pancreatic cancer and could not come in three months from the Spring Festival.. Plus this year happened to be seventy – three, folk saying seventy-eight and eighty – four, Yan did not call himself to go. Under the psychological effect, father-in-law worried again.     I told the doctor about these factors. The doctor said he was relieved that the symptoms of pancreatic cancer came quickly, up to six months. Your color Doppler ultrasound showed that your pancreas is fine. The knot was untied, so I prescribed medicine and went back. I felt better the next day..     Compared with his father – in – law’s carefulness, his mother-in-law is generous and a little careless.. As for the old man’s illness, my opinion is that if he is ill, he should be treated and not too sensitive.. Her character is good for her health. A few years ago, I watched her lose weight and asked her to go to the hospital for examination. B ultrasound was performed in the local hospital and found a shadow on the abdomen, which was suspected to be a tumor at the time.. Father – in – law is extremely nervous, mother-in-law said, seven old eighty, love what is what. So careless don’t care. I came to the military hospital to find experts to examine it in detail. The experts confirmed that the abdomen was flooded and eliminated the tumor.. According to the water treatment for a period of time, he recovered and recovered.     Father, last year 73.The chronic cor pulmonale is especially serious. He has a stubborn temper and does not come to see a doctor. Always say that people are old, that’s all. See what. Rural medical insurance is basically not reliable. I know he is reluctant to spend money on his children. I went back to pick him up a few years ago and didn’t come. Daughter said, or call and say you are ill and let him come to see you, grandpa will certainly come. My daughter said that she was joking with me. I thought this girl must have watched more TV shows.. He couldn’t pick him up until a relative’s child got married and he had to come. After attending the wedding, I checked with him at the hospital, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and bad heart. I prescribed medicine and took it for a long time, which improved slightly.. This winter is especially cold, and pulmonary heart disease is even more serious. I can’t breathe. I can’t sleep when it’s serious.. I went home to take a look at it and quickly picked it up. My friends in the hospital helped take care of it, contacted experts, gave injections and took medicine before getting better..     Mother used to pinch and scrape, usually loathe to give up eating, loathe to give up seeing a doctor. I always work at leisure and often get tired and ill. I came home and was ill twice before I came to see a doctor.. One time she went to the mountain to order beans. Mountain remote, would not have let her grow, loathe to give up desolate, just take advantage of the rain to grow beans. As a result, the old sick man who came back tired spent six or seven hundred yuan to see a doctor.. The beans also weighed 5kg. This truth has been told to her countless times and there is no way out. Later, she coaxed and advised that her granddaughter missed her and should go and have a look, and so on, she was finally brought in for treatment.. Fortunately, years of old illness have gradually improved, feeling better than in previous years, and children are really pleased. Therefore, when dealing with the elderly, we can only coax and coax the elderly. If we should persuade, we should serve three-year-old children.!

Autumn Love

[REVIEW] like autumn, because it is a gentle season.Poignant silent leaves, Cecil strands of fragrance, everything will seem net US.In such a soft season, we can talk more quietly, quietly doing things peaceful night’s sleep..  Although you can swim in the summer, but in addition, I can not find another reason to love the summer.Leaving aside the hot weather, mosquitoes just that is enough to make you worry downright.    This fall seems to come earlier than in previous years, less than in October, has been clear and crisp, Delicate thin clouds, autumn abundant Though I’ve heard Indus rain, but rain, rain, wind, cool summer has declared all had to leave, fall sections from the Tage.    Like autumn, because this is a romantic season.The other half can pull the hand, do a lot of romantic things to go for a walk the night dim alley, go Across from the night market shopping, occasional autumn, standing or Xiang Wei Jie Yan, or embracing home run.In refreshing cold day, to see similar leaves, accompanied to spring products, dependent to see the sunrise and sunset, but also in the Mid-Autumn Festival night, climb the nearby hills, watching the autumn moon hanging empty, so that “there is yin month Partly moon, people have sorrow and joy, “the poem touched the hearts.    Like autumn, because it is a gentle season.Poignant silent leaves, Cecil strands of fragrance, everything will seem net US.In such a soft season, we can more calmly talking quietly do things quietly to sleep, gently say some sweet words of love, listen to some touching love songs, so summer Zaore core cooling, return to elegant manners, attitude and thought.    Like autumn, because her pure and simple, and the pursuit of spiritual fit, nourish open the Flower of Life, gorgeous and calm.[Editor · Yee children]

Walking on the road (2014,06,05)

Hill, where sitting quietly guarding their own beliefs, no matter how clouds teasing sun, she turned a blind eye.Two magpies and take care of each other from one hill to another mountainside fly.Where there are black bars Stella trees absorb ultraviolet light with a strong dark green canopy, creating a safe and harmonious home for birds and biological needs.Magpie contracted wings drill into it, and after several more shouting noise, mountains resumed normal.    Baiyun do not know from where, and where to go, go piece by piece, the blue sky was very beautiful painting, walking on the road a few times I stepped on a roadside bushes child’s, or do not want to look from where blue sky back, it feels that situation, it was plucked from the depths of the mountains but no one found a peerless beauty, eyes wander, there may be fleeting, no longer possible to have this beauty to enjoy the same.Baiyun flower, a rose would like, for a moment such as roses, there will be a gentle greenhouse flowers, while another wild delicate pure shy.White clouds as show girls, while that image is very reminiscent of awful dance in long-sleeved, while they like to see another kind of like pushing on a Li-yan obsequiousness when the drunken beauty, while the ups and downs and if the flowers fragrant waves volume Tao buried human Love me, from where I saw a lover of beauty, she took my feeling, let me into the long infatuation with her soft bosom.    Wind blowing from the woods behind the cool wet, over the bare arms and face, like a girl’s hand can touch, can not but exciting moment of the whole body soft, very comfortable.The wind is very light very soft, but the dancing Caojian shoots of leaves and undergrowth, such as silk, although almost noon, and occasionally a few pearls scattered deep into the body, feeling very cool.From the mental state of vegetation after the morning shower, although the hot sun a few days transpiration earth has been significantly dry phase, but they are drinking enough water it floated in the air, say the root system and its surroundings also have a lot of storage ShuiBuLai.Perhaps they are in the soil and return spring also ShuiBuLai, because the ecological space they are mutually compensated.    I know that wet cool wind will soon be deprived of the sun’s burning, but perhaps this is the difference between the humidity and temperature, air flow promote a variety of floating objects, so they created a constant for environmental restoration the conditions, but also to the woods vegetation ecological role and achievements the city has excess air exchange.    Maybe my children and share ideas with the mountains, Winsor Lane residents frequently waved to me and nodded, said Trinidad and Tobago terrifying thing in the world, I am afraid of what this mountain, that many fear vegetation what I am, why I went in front of them will be so comfortable, relaxed and happy, and refreshing, and are difficult to find appropriate words to describe the children, and a lot of people and I feel the same way, why do they still afraid to As people are and describe when some thing was said, for fear of a mile.What are they afraid of it, afraid of people set fire to burn them black and blue, with a large mechanical terrifying blink of an eye, let them have no place, for fear of cement solidified their music in their homes which, for fear of shouting ecological construction, but breach of trust uprising murder create suitable living conditions for their flora and fauna?I do not know why when we think of things would say about being a mile.    Hill, just as Maitreya, potbellied accommodate Pepsi attitudes of the world, you say good or the United States can do, she still is not anyone’s likes and dislikes of the move, stuck to their creed, that all want to do our best to in the mountains create the best conditions of life, you do not really want to go against the road, she just laugh at how you dig graves for themselves.    I want to understand my hill, thought and action in good faith to repent of my past, the ignorance and ignorance will be buried at the end of the road, deep in the mountains touch the corner of my sadness sunset, the warmth of the mountain cold nearly numb heart, bring back a man of conscience, cherish and enjoy all the mountains given.

A Fed rate hike the central bank raised the shares of highs 7-day reverse repo rate

  March 22 morning, the Fed announced that the federal funds rate target range by 25 basis points to% to% level。
This is the first time since the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this year, in line with the market had widely expected。   Affected Fed "interest rate", March 22, in the onshore RMB against the US dollar the official closing price reported, the official closing prices go over the previous day 103 points。
  A sector, the three major indices highs by the close on the 22nd, tumbled%, to close at points; Shenzhen Component Index fell percent, to close points; GEM fell percent, to close points。   The Fed chairman said the gradual rate hikes the Fed said most beneficial, improving US economic outlook as the main basis for rate hike。 At this time, the Fed believes interest rates will help moderate economic growth, the job market to maintain steady。
  The Fed released data show that US economic growth is expected this year and next to% and% respectively, compared with last December's forecast were raised percent and percentage points。 By the end of 2018, the US unemployment rate will fall to% less than in December last year predicted value per cent; by the end of 2019, the unemployment rate will be further reduced%, well below the long-term a reasonable level%。   The Fed is expected by the end of 2018, the US core inflation rate%, consistent with the December forecast。 By the end of 2019, the core inflation rate%, compared with December estimates by percentage points。
  With regard to interest rate expectations, the Fed estimates show average interest rates three times this year and next, by the end of 2020 the federal funds rate expected value% incremental rate hikes should continue to provide support to the economy。   Federal Reserve Chairman Powell believes, gradually raising interest rates will continue to support the economy, we will continue to try to avoid deviation from the inflation target, today's rate hikes raise interest rates gradually in line with the process of gradually raising interest rates next step to better achieve the Fed's objective, will constitute the economic risk is too slow to raise interest rates。   Powell said the Fed existing monetary policy framework is very effective; his personal opinion, there is no urgency to the Fed's regulatory framework; yet to decide whether to maintain the same framework in the longer term。
  CITIC Securities believes that the overall release of Powell's speech signal slightly hawkish, the market is expected to raise interest rates four times during the year to enhance。
Overall, the meeting released by a neutral signal to raise interest rates a bit more hawkish, though US Treasury yields and the dollar index down slightly, but the market interest rate four times during the year is expected to rise from the previous% to%。   The central bank raised the 7-day reverse repo bid rate by the Federal Reserve interest rate hike, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority 22 announced its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points, from% to 2%。
  March 22 morning, People's Bank of China also carried out the appropriate action, up seven days reverse repo open market bid rate to%, up slightly over the previous five basis points%。   The central bank open market operations room official said, the open market operations interest rates up slightly in line with market expectations, the market for the Fed to raise interest rates just a normal reaction。   "The open market operations, interest rates follow the market up slightly reflecting the supply and demand of funds, further narrowing the spread between the two, it is conducive to enhancing the role of conducting open market operations interest rate on the money market interest rates, but also conducive to the formation of a reasonable market players interest rate expectations, financing constraints irrational behavior, the stability of the macro-leverage may play a role。
"Agency believes that after the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, the level of China and the US benchmark spread narrowing。 From the point of view of interest rate parity, the presence of Chinese pressure on interest rates, interest rate levels in order to maintain stability and further stabilize international capital flows, exchange rate stability in order to achieve goals。   Jiang Chao Hai Tong Securities macroeconomic analyst believes that China is the world's second largest economy, enjoys an independent monetary policy, without having to follow the United States to adjust monetary policy。
This year the dollar continued to weaken against the dollar as a whole continues to appreciate, from the current level of appreciation to the vicinity of the yuan trend is too strong and not too weak, so no need for the central bank to raise interest rates and exchange rate stability maintenance。   Huatai Securities chief analyst Li Chao believes that China's central bank may raise interest rates again to follow。
He believes that the US interest rate with bond spreads continued to narrow, and has a 3% inflation in February the central bank to raise interest rates close to the threshold, the domestic economic performance than expected, creating space for the benchmark interest rate adjustment。   Guotai Junan that, from an economic momentum and inflation dimension, the need to raise interest rates will gradually increase, the central bank will follow the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates and a slight increase modestly over the open market interest rates, will follow throughout the year to raise interest rates 3-4 times。    – Market Reaction。