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How to break the scalp and acne in summer hair care_1

How to break the scalp in summer hair care tips

Summer Hair Care Tips How to break the scalp and acne in the middle of summer.  The hot sunlight and high temperature bring great pressure to the skin, oily, large pores, and sunburn.

However, while we are giving sun care to the skin, haven’t we neglected that the scalp hair will also be affected by ultraviolet rays and high temperature, which will cause various problems?


The scalp is swollen and acne. Scalp acne is not necessarily excessive oil secretion, but may also be a sensitive response to external stimuli. In this case, you should choose a soothing and sterilizing cleaning product, such as a product containing tea tree oil and kaolin.At the same time, it has the effect of sterilizing and eliminating oil.


Hair becomes oily quickly. Hair oil is not oily depending on your scalp oil secretion.

To improve the scalp’s greasiness, we must first avoid greasy and spicy foods from diet and other issues.

In addition to avoiding irritation of the scalp by the elderly, it is recommended to appropriately increase the frequency of shampooing, use targeted oil balance products, and maintain a good scalp oil balance.

The frequency of shampooing should not be too high, at most twice a day.


Hair becomes frizzy. In the summer sun, hair is very easy to become dry.

Changes in age, the external environment and work and rest can directly lead to the condition of the hair, maybe your scalp condition begins to change.

Of course, it is recommended to apply some essential oil products before going out in summer, and the smooth and shiny hair can still resist the sun to a certain extent.

Either a breathable hat or a headscarf is also stylish and practical!


The severe repair of split ends of hair needs to start from the hair core, supplemented with amino acids and keratin are the first choice, choose a professional product with repair function, and pay attention to diet and rest.


Serious hair loss is related to many factors. Stress is one of them, which directly causes the hair follicles to harden at the root of the hair, so the hair growth space is squeezed instead. Pay attention to sleep and rationalize using professional products to soften the hair follicles.Roots make room for growth.


For girls with long hair injured by a hair dryer, the hair dryer is necessary after washing the hair. It is recommended to gently press the scalp hair with a towel, pay attention to it, and then use the hair dryer to evenly dry the part of the hair. Be sure to avoid local excess.In this way, the hair damage to the hair dryer is negligible.

In addition, conditional girls can use hair essential oil products before hair blowing, an extra layer of isolation reduces hair injury and is more at ease.

Facial yoga round face becomes sunflower seed face

Facial yoga round face becomes sunflower seed face

If you have the habit of regularly exercising your body, why not try to exercise your face?

Just relax your hands and you can DIY a facial yoga class, strengthen the blood circulation of the face, improve the contours of the face, and act quickly!

  In addition to the special facial massage cream for 5 minutes, the facial cream is a little thicker and smoother. The night cream also works well with facial yoga. It not only exercises facial muscles, but also promotes the absorption of nutrients by the facial skin.

In addition, facial yoga classes are best performed after cleansing the face and hands, and first apply cream and massage cream to the hands.

Special remind women who keep nails, it is best to trim the nails to the appropriate length, so as not to hinder facial movement or scratch the skin.

  Stretching between the eyebrow lines for 1 minute is caused by the frontal muscles, eyebrow descending muscles, and orbicularis oris muscles.

These initial wrinkled figures between the eyebrows always seemed to be thinking.

Learn to remove the wrinkles between the eyebrows, you can easily drive away the wrinkles.

  Step1 massage, soothes the eyebrows acupoints: Lizhu acupoint, Yuyao acupoint, silk bamboo leaves are the three major acupoints gathered in the eyebrow.

Qiongzhu acupoint is located in a slightly shallow depression between the eyebrows, Yuyao acupoint is in the depression of the eyebrow center, and the slightly depressed part of the brow tail is a silk bamboo pole.

Massaging these acupuncture points can alleviate the effect of reducing eyebrow lines by promoting blood circulation.

The massage method is to use the corresponding acupoints on both sides of the eyebrows on the abdomen of the middle finger and the ring finger, and then push and knead together, while pressing, rubbing, doing small circular movements, counting to 10, relaxing, and then massage, repeat 5 times.

  Step2 pulling, flattening the eyebrow muscles: Press the temples on each side with the roots of two hands, put your fingers together on the forehead, and hold them smoothly. At this time, you can try to pull the forehead to the upper hairline.Then pull on both eyes.

Each part can be held for 10 seconds and repeated 5 times.

Then step on the temple with one hand, and go around the head with the other hand, and place the temple with the middle finger at the same time. Use both hands to squeeze the muscles between the eyebrows toward the temples on both sides, trying to flatten the lines between the eyebrows., Repeated 5 times.

  Note: These two actions are mainly aimed at the muscles around the orbits. Do not squint when you exercise, otherwise it is easy to cause crow’s feet.

Tighten your cheeks for 1 minute in the warm sun in winter. With delicate makeup, you pick up the mirror beautifully, and your front is very beautiful.

But what if you look at it at 45 degrees and 90 degrees from the side?

If you want to be a 360-degree beauty, you must also refine the face contours.

  Step1 bounce the hair on the cheek: Inhale, bulge your two jaws, separate your four fingers, gently step on the two jaws in a spring manner, exhale and relax after 5 seconds, repeat several times, and change to the other side.

  Step2 horizontal lift: Use only one side to smile. At the beginning, the mouth corner of the right face rises. Use your left hand to lift from the right corner of the mouth to the side of the face and stop. The right hand gently pulls the extra muscles of the face to the right.Temple, pay attention to the local stretching towards the temple, keep it for 30 seconds, then change to the other side.

  Precautions: To avoid sagging sides and gradually blur the contours of the face, always develop a good habit: do not hold your face; do not sleep on your side or side; keep your mood cheerful; do not drink water before going to bed.

  One minute of straight nose bridge has data to show that because the spine is supported by muscles, the nose composed of the spine is prone to aging and longer due to the influence of gravity, and some people may also become distorted.

In order to maintain a straight nose bridge and prevent nose distortion, it is important to exercise the muscles of the nose.

  Step1 lift up: insert both hands above the forehead, two index fingers make a V shape, and then insert the middle finger into the nose, lift the nose wings, hold for 10 seconds, and return to nature.

  Step2 sliding massage: Use both middle and ring fingers to gently massage upwards from the tip of the nose to the forehead. Gently pull the muscles of the tip of the nose during the massage. Keep it for 10 seconds after the forehead.

  Note: These two actions are to exercise the upper lip and nasal levator muscles. Do not absorb the strength of the nose during exercise, but rely entirely on the muscles of the hands.

  Tighten your cheeks for 1 minute in the warm sun in winter. With delicate makeup, you pick up the mirror beautifully, and your front is very beautiful.

But what if you look at it at 45 degrees and 90 degrees from the side?

If you want to be a 360-degree beauty, you must also refine the face contours.

  Step1 bounce the hair on the cheek: Inhale, bulge your two jaws, separate your four fingers, gently step on the two jaws in a spring manner, exhale and relax after 5 seconds, repeat several times, and change to the other side.

  Step2 horizontal lift: Use only one side to smile. At the beginning, the mouth corner of the right face rises. Use your left hand to lift from the right corner of the mouth to the side of the face and stop. The right hand gently pulls the extra muscles of the face to the right.Temple, pay attention to the local stretching towards the temple, keep it for 30 seconds, then change to the other side.

  Precautions: To avoid sagging sides and gradually blur the contours of the face, always develop a good habit: do not hold your face; do not sleep on your side or side; keep your mood cheerful; do not drink water before going to bed.

  Raising the chin for 1 minute experiences an increase in age, and it is easy to accumulate uncles at the chin position, forming serious double chin or sinking muscles.

Learn to use the face lifting action to increase the ability of skin muscles and elasticity of skin tissues, which can prevent the occurrence of double chins and delay the appearance of aging.

  step1 thumb lift: insert four fingers under the jaw, close to the chin and align the muscles.

Use your thumbs on both hands to adjust the jaw muscles to both sides and push them far up. Feel the muscles of the jaw are tightened.

Relax, gently return your fingers to their original positions, and then lift again.  Step2 loop ascension: without moving the front, step on the Dicang acupoint in the center of the chin with the middle finger and ring finger of the left hand, slide the clockwise direction with the middle finger and ring finger of the right hand to the middle point of the lips, hold for 6 seconds, and then slowlySlide the middle and ring fingers of your right hand counterclockwise to the initial position.

After repeating 5 times, change to the other side.

  Note: At the moment when each action alternates, it is recommended to take a deep breath, between one close and one release, one tight and one loose, to promote the firmness of the jaw muscles and to enhance the function of lymphatic circulation.

  Pushing the neck up for a minute Many beauty-loving women spend a lot of time on face care, but often aim at the right care. This is wrong.

Symptoms of the skin are very thin, and the skin tissue is very fragile. In addition, some skin is not supported, and it is prone to sagging. In addition, it is often rubbed by clothes. If you neglect maintenance, a loose neck will make the age disappear, then hurry up.Come and learn to massage.

  Twist around step1: Support the forehead with the thumb of the right hand, drive the twist to twist up, down, left and right, to fully stretch and move the muscles, 8?
10 times.

  step2 Four-finger push up: Straighten the four fingers of both hands together, first stroke the left hand from top to bottom of the ear to the neck and back to the ear, then massage the right side with the right hand in the same way.

Repeatedly 10?
20 times, pay attention not to force too much during the process.

Finally, pat the cortex of the neck with all fingers of both hands, taking care not to apply too much force, and repeatedly pat for half a minute.

  Note: In addition to developing good weight-loss massage habits, pay special attention to sleeping postures in life. Try not to sleep with pillows that are too high. Align the high pillows with bending and bending to produce wrinkles. Allow the pillows to be flat.

What is calories?


What is calories?

Q: I want to gain weight. I often see that I want to increase my calories. What does it mean to have calories?

銆€銆€A: Calorie is an energy unit and is still widely used in nutrition measurement and fitness manuals.

The energy unit of the international standard is joule.

Generally speaking, calories are also divided into two types: large cards, also recorded as capital C, the most common food labeling, equivalent to the energy required to raise 1 kilogram of 15 seconds of water at a standard atmospheric pressure., 1 big card = 4.

185 joules of small cards, also recorded as calibration, rarely seen in scientific research documents, 1000 calories = 1 calorie and basal metabolic consumption In general, adults need at least 1500 calories per day to maintain body function, this isBecause until you are lying still, your body still needs to be able to maintain body temperature, heart and lung function and brain function.

The basal metabolic consumption will vary depending on the height, weight, age, and gender of the individual.

銆€銆€Here are the daily intakes and proportions of the various ingredients: (where 9 calories per gram of conversion; 4 calories per gram of crystallization; 4 calories per gram of protein) slightly more than 65 grams 585 calories lowAt 30% Carbohydrate 300g 1200 Calories 60% Protein 47g 188 Calories 9.

4% other 27 calories 2.

6% control adult intake is an indispensable part of the human body.

Adults are divided into saturated adults and unsaturated adults. The problem with saturated adults is that they stimulate the body to increase plasma production; unsaturated adults can reduce cholesterol in the blood.

More fat beef, pork, whole-fat dairy products contain a lot of saturated fatty acids; corn oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, olive oil and vegetable oil contain unsaturated fatty acids.

The recommended daily micro-intake of the experts is 65 grams, which is equivalent to a piece of meat in the size of a cigarette case.

銆€銆€Adding the right amount of vitamin vegetables, the fruit contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, which is essential for supplementing body energy.

If you eat 6-11 servings of carbohydrates per day (each serving is a piece of bread), then you should eat at least 3-5 servings of vegetables (each serving in a pot of lettuce) and 2-4 servings of fruit (eachThe equivalent of a medium-sized apple).

Five anti-aging habits are late for 10 years


Five anti-aging habits are late for 10 years

There is no woman in the world who wants to see wrinkles in her body, but whether you want it or not, it will be uninvited.

All we can do is let it come later.

If you can see wrinkles in your body later, it is the most concerned issue for women.

After reading a lot of anti-aging methods, I summed up a set of “anti-aging five habits” program, as long as you develop these habits from now on, wrinkles will be 10 years later than their peers!

銆€銆€Habit 1: Lifetime is in the morning when a person begins to age, the first part of aging is internal, and the most direct problem brought by indirect aging is constipation.

銆€銆€You need to: get up in the morning, drink a cup of warm boiled water, not only can add water, but also can be used to clear the toxins.

銆€銆€Be sure to have breakfast.

In the case of three meals, the body will naturally produce a phenomenon of gastric colon reflex, which is beneficial to the body to detoxification; on the contrary, if you do not eat breakfast into habit, it may cause gastric colon reflex disorder, resulting in constipation.

Over time, it will lead to dry skin, wrinkles and anemia, etc., accelerate the aging of the human body, and will cause nutritional deficiencies in severe cases.

銆€銆€Recommended breakfast: a cup of fresh yogurt + two slices of whole wheat bread + a tomato yogurt and tomatoes have a very high vitamin A content.

The main functions of Vitamin A are to promote skin cell renewal, increase the speed of deep cells in the skin, strengthen the connection between cells, make the skin elastic, and regulate the process of skin cell keratinization.

銆€銆€In addition, it is recommended to consume high fiber food 2-3 times a week.

The highest content of precipitated fiber in rice bran and wheat bran can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, change the time of food staying in the large intestine, insert constipation, and make it like a sponge, adsorbing internal toxic substances, and excreting in time, reducingThe absorption of waste toxic substances by intermediates.

銆€銆€Habit 2: Facial Massage, 3 minutes a day This is a simple facial exercise that promotes blood circulation in the face and relieves muscle tension.

銆€銆€Relieve facial muscle tension 1

Facing the mirror, stand upright.

The feet are naturally parallel.


Hold the two jaws with your back.


Naturally laugh, making the muscles under the face slightly nervous.


Lift your two elbows to the sides while taking a deep breath.

Use your fingers and back of your hand to gently press 棰?and slowly raise it.


When both elbows and hands are fully leveled, use the pressure of the hand to hold the lower jaw until the head is slightly raised, then move 4 and continue to take a deep breath.

The first time lasts 5 seconds.

銆€銆€Restore the muscles of the falling muscles 1.

Sitting, lying, and standing can all be carried out.


Set the center of the upper lip and lower lip again.

The mouth opens slightly and the set point is replaced by the mouth.

On the whole, the lips are rolled inward, and the mouth is slightly open and elliptical.


The index finger is placed at the front end of the two humerus.


After the action is taken, the action of slowly lifting the corner of the mouth and then relaxing is repeated.

Use your index finger to feel the muscles around the tibia and hang up in the embedded direction.

This action is repeated 10-20 times.

Use the time of about 5 seconds to breathe back to the original position, and use the weight of the lower jaw to gently press the back of the hand.


After the action is proficient, the time to protect the knee is gradually extended to 5 seconds, 8 seconds, 10 seconds. the more the number of times, the better.

銆€銆€Habit 3: Forever young food secrets “Diet is the foundation of health.

“Control your diet, you control at least half the chance of wrinkles.”

銆€銆€Diet Secrets 1. Eat more fruits and vegetables Vegetables and fruits are very important in the diet.

They are all large amounts of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant fibers.

銆€銆€Vitamins and minerals are key to human health.

Because if your body contains the nutrients necessary for the body, then your body is equal to having a “health tool” for self-treatment.

銆€銆€Diet Secrets 2, Eat more Antioxidant Foods We know that free radicals are the biggest cause of human aging.

Once the free radicals in the body are excessive, they will produce strong oxidation and invade the cells in the body, causing aging, skin dark spots, allergies and cardiovascular diseases.

銆€銆€Antioxidants protect us from free atomic groups.

One of the most important roles of vegetables and fruits is to provide antioxidants to our bodies.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and trace elements such as selenium and zinc are antioxidants.

銆€銆€More than these ingredients, mainly included in the following foods: vitamin A – yellow fruits such as oranges; carrots, pumpkins and other vegetables; fish and so on.

銆€銆€Vitamin C – fruits (especially citrus fruits); green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, etc.; starches such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.; and potatoes and sweet potatoes.

銆€銆€Vitamin E – nuts, seeds, avocados, vegetable oils, fish oils, etc.

銆€銆€Selenium, Brazilian fruit, tuna, cabbage, etc.

銆€銆€Zinc – pumpkin, sunflower seeds, fish, almonds, etc.

銆€銆€Diet secret 3.

Eating more carbohydrates containing complex carbohydrates can provide energy to the body, and the amount of energy absorbed depends entirely on the form of the carbohydrate food you eat.

銆€銆€Simple glucose (except fruits) is a refined food.

The difference between complex carbohydrates and simple fluoride is very significant for the human body.

The former can prevent human fatigue, balance the body’s blood sugar concentration, and lower cholesterol and help balance the secretion of human hormones.

銆€銆€Recommended food: oatmeal, cornflakes, whole wheat bread, fresh organic yogurt, salted fish, etc.

銆€銆€Habit 4: Choose the underwear that suits you in the body aging list, the second is the skirt.

Female blacks generally age from the age of 25.

銆€銆€With the increase of age, of course, there is also the influence of gravity, the sagging will begin slowly in the short term, and if you do not pay attention to the health of the retina, you may also suffer from breast hyperplasia, pathology and other diseases.

Choosing a suitable underwear is something every woman must do.

銆€銆€Susan Nesero, author of The Underwear Manifesto: Fiction and Fact, believes that good underwear can make women feel full and protected.

銆€銆€Expert advice: 1.

Good underwear can lift the highest point of your chest.

First of all, this should be in the middle of the retina to the elbow joint.

When the weight increases or decreases significantly, the bust should be measured in time to change the size of the underwear.


Always remember that breast cancer is the most vulnerable part of a woman, and even when he is in harmony with him, he can’t tolerate his rough treatment of your breasts.

Give birth to a child, at the right time.

Because when you have your first child, it means that your chances of developing diabetes are reduced by 7%, and if you choose breastmilk replacement, you can reduce it by another 4.


Appropriate use of breasts, firming breasts and breast cream.

銆€銆€Habit 5: Beautiful woman, more cherished that she wants to stay young and start from the little habits of life.

銆€銆€Smoking cessation studies have shown that in the eyes of smokers, a lot of wrinkles appear in the mouth and the face is darker.

Although many people are troubled by things, it is not necessarily only smoke that allows us to relax.

If you quit smoking, you may want to exercise.

銆€銆€Laughing happily people are used to calling the sluggish, powerless smile a sign of “old age”. The sallow teeth are exposed from the lips, and the stiff corners of the mouth are strips of fine lines, while at the same time being infinitely magnified.

However, if it is a laugh from the heart, it will infect the people around it, and even erase the age label.

銆€銆€2-3 pleasant sexual life studies per week confirmed that middle-aged people with sexual life older than the previous (three times a week) seem to be 12 years younger than other 鈥渟exless鈥?peers.

Because the former has less wrinkles, the skin is smoother and more delicate.

Researchers say the brain secretes a hormone during sex.

It relieves stress and makes “time reversal.”

In addition, the pleasant sex life can make people sleep more sweet, and the skin is naturally whiter and smoother.

銆€銆€Five minutes of complete relaxation When a person is completely relaxed, the body does not produce anti-stress hormones, which will feel comfortable and pleasant.

In this relaxed state, the nervous emotions are released, and the stressed skin also gets a sense of rest.

So, remind yourself to relax for 5 minutes every day!

銆€銆€There are many ways to make the body younger, but it is important to stick to it.

Let us be together to be a beautiful little woman!

Breathe in your dreams to delay skin aging


Breathe in your dreams to delay skin aging

As more and more people realize the importance of the golden maintenance cycle, night maintenance has turned from the original “maintenance blind spot” into a new maintenance “scenic spot”.

If you have never tried the magic of “dreaming, maintaining”, then decrypt the breathing magic!

  Decrypting the skin breathing magic The human body needs oxygen for each breath, and free radicals are also generated during breathing. Under normal circumstances, free radicals are broken down into water and oxygen and discharged from the body.

However, with age, more and more free radicals cannot be automatically decomposed, and instead attack cells, causing damage and aging.

  The causes of free radicals are external and internal.

External factors such as pollution from ultraviolet rays, second-hand smoke, and electrical appliances will irritate the body to produce excessive free radicals; internal psychological pressure, staying up late and other bad schedules, and colds and illnesses will also produce a lot of free radicals.The more free radicals there are, the more likely they cannot be broken down, stay in the body, and oxidize cells.

Therefore, if you want to have delicate and touching skin, let the skin “breath” freely.

  Eye Care Article-There is a “memory” of regenerating skin cells in sleep. If the skin is in a state of fatigue and displacement for a long time, the aging speed will increase and wrinkles will increase over time.

“Hypoxia” is the biggest problem that the skin faces at night, and the nighttime eye mask can make the skin relaxed due to fatigue firm, keep the skin elastic at all times, and bring moisturizing and repairing effects.

What’s more important is to ensure that nutrients are released completely into the skin.

Over time, wrinkles will not climb so easily on your face.

  Moisturizing articles-Let the skin drink all night. Plant essential oils are natural molecules extracted from plants, which are smaller than the molecules of ordinary vegetable oils. They diffuse and penetrate faster and are easily absorbed by the skin.

High-quality night creams often contain plant essential oil ingredients. In addition to the vegetable oil forming a water-blocking layer on the skin surface, oil-soluble ingredients can quickly penetrate into the skin to keep the skin moisturized inside and outside.

  Whitening article-24-hour whitening without snoring Maybe many people don’t know that sleep at night is the peak period of skin moisture loss.

Because the cell metabolism at night is more active than during the day, the skin is also transformed from the main attack during the day to defend against external aggressions, and is mainly placed in repair, restores the cells during the day, helps to rebuild the protective barrier, and restores functional balance.

Therefore, at this time, it is most suitable for whitening and repairing the skin. When waking up, the skin appears exquisite and fair.

What is an oral ulcer?

What is an oral ulcer?


What is an oral ulcer?

銆€銆€Oral ulcers are superficial ulcers that occur on the oral mucosa. They can range in size from wheat grains to soybeans. They are round or oval in shape, and the ulcer surface is concave. The surrounding is congested and can cause pain due to irritating food. Generally one to two.You can heal yourself in a week.

Oral ulcers occur repeatedly in the long-term, medically known as “recurrent oral ulcers.”

It can occur once a year or a year, or it can occur once a month, and even new and old replacements appear alternately.


Why is there an old ulcer in your mouth?

銆€銆€Is it often associated with a disease in other parts of the body?

銆€銆€If a person’s mouth is always repetitively rounded to the size of a soybean, a round or oval ulcer, and each ulcer is 1-2 weeks old, we say that he has “repeated oral ulcers”.
The disease may be related to the following factors: mental factors such as tension, digestive diseases such as dry stools, endocrine factors such as menstrual cramps, immune dysfunction, and genetic factors.

It is very painful to get a “recurrent oral ulcer”, but the ulcer is benign and does not turn into cancer.

銆€銆€In addition to the frequent ulceration of the oral mucosa, some patients also have damage to the external genitalia and the eye. This disease is called “Beth’s syndrome.”

The shape of the external genital ulcer is similar to that of the oral ulcer. It can be better after l-2 weeks.

The eye may have a conjunctival ulcer.

In addition, the skin often has a morphological change of the pustule, such as scorpion, the needle eye after the injection is pustule; the joint is sore and inflamed; in severe cases, it can affect the nervous system.


What kind of oral ulcers will become cancerous?

銆€銆€Some oral mucosal ulcers can become cancerous, and it often occurs in elderly patients.

The diameter of this ulcer is usually more than 1 cm, like a “crater”, the edge is raised, not uniform, the central depression, the surface of the depression has granular small defects, and the hard block can be felt around the ulcer and the base.

Early pain in the affected area is not obvious, but the development is very rapid, and should be diagnosed immediately after the discovery.


How to treat oral ulcers?

銆€銆€Because the cause of oral ulcers is more complicated and cannot be unified, clinical treatment should be based on different incentives and targeted treatments in order to obtain good curative effect.

Such as: relieve stress, calm, sleep, quit smoking, alcohol, etc.; have gastrointestinal disorders to treat the corresponding diseases, increase the body’s resistance, for local ulcers, local application of rubbing pain, anti-inflammatory, promote healingdrug.

Such as: cod liver oil paste, strong pine paste, nourishing Yin Shengshen powder, ulcer cream, etc., or local rubbing local anesthetic before eating to relieve pain.