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Flower fall

The feeling of emptiness.   I used to like wandering, thinking it was a free life, thinking that I could start a new world in a strange place and how good I am.. Later, after so many times of tossing and turning, I discovered that I was so helpless.   After getting tired, I want to have a shoulder to lean on. Tired, can have a warm embrace; A group of friends were happy. If a person is wandering and wants to know so many people, it’s not bad to have too many friends, but it won’t be long before he wants to be separated. How can he really treat his friends who are not talkative??   Season after season. How many feelings are no longer so obvious. Very not easy to fall in love with a person who is good to oneself, so don’t want to let go. Very not easy to let oneself get used to different treatment, so love dearly. Very not easy, walk so long. How many more years will stand the burden of the heart, but it is better to get used to it?   Being a light person is so difficult. The complicated procedure of bearing, walking and stopping, stopping and walking, when can we truly be safe? The experience without turning point will not be understood. I don’t say anything about your life. I don’t say anything about my life. Everyone cried and everyone understood it.. There is no qualification to talk about who and who. Also have no qualification to complain, only blame yourself for not being well.   How I hope my parents will be healthy and safe, how I hope to have a loved one to accompany me for the rest of my life, how I hope to have a good friend to embrace me, and how I hope everyone can be safe and happy..   I love only one person all my life. I can always have a person to accompany me. No matter how far away, I won’t be lonely..   Flowers fall, water accompany wandering more safely; Flowers fall, so wither how quiet; Flowers fall, season after season, and so on until death. Not greedy, not extravagant, she regrets not having that heart, but I think she is so beautiful as that.   At this age, in addition to parents, no one has been accommodating to who, no one has been accompanying who. I don’t think that’s realistic. But have you ever thought that if you can accompany a person, feel young, old and true with him, share joys and sorrows like family members, have joys and sorrows, and have ups and downs, it is unusual and wonderful!   But . ah, the fallen petal is intentional and the flowing water is merciless.

Change is eternal

I finally woke up. I shouldn’t believe that pure love is eternal, and change is eternal..   Once the pain, it is a kind of deep – rooted, tore heart crack lung-like pain, stirring and cutting my injured heart.   Once upon a time, I was troubled by the so-called eternal concept of good infatuation, and my infatuation can love a person I shouldn’t love without complaint or regret..   I should have woken up, but I have been immersed in smog, confusion, ignorance and emptiness, unable to extricate myself and deeply trapped.. I am like a wounded deer, I don’t know if I have lost my way. My love is pure and clear. This love is like clear spring and morning dew, like clear river water and mountain stream..   I missed the embrace of true love in my life. I was confused by the concept of true love. However, my heart is full of longing and dreams for love. I felt completely new about true love, and the incomparable creative feeling made me immersed in the drunkenness I brewed. The fake love existing under the system is not the true love of human life, it is a kind of distorted love, stupid love, even a kind of confused love of jungle law.. However, in real society, this kind of love is spread all over plains and hills, plateau valleys, urban villages, factories and mines, streets and alleys, unit organizations and other occasions.. The jungle law of status, money, rank, and interest is like a spider’s web in people’s cerebral cortex.. Their subjective consciousness and thinking are occupied, caught and restrained, and they do not have the slightest free world’s vivid thinking initiative.. They are besieged, troubled, coerced and henpecked by these fly-like autocratic views of love.. They have no freedom, no courage, no confidence or even no anger like a living dead man.   I sat on the clean and smooth subway seat and looked at the red men and green women who came and went in a hurry.. All of them are brought by youth, which seems to be featured as a beautiful scenery line in the carriage. Youth is capital, and people always have their youth. Young people living in this age are like wind, fog and rain.. Whether or not they can struggle out of this twisted vortex of love and get real happy love is hard to jump to conclusions..   People living in the world actually walk in constant vividness as long as they are not distorted. Even if the material life is not rich, it is also happy, as long as two people really love each other.   Yesterday evening, the sky was decorated with colorful sunset glow, and the western sky was radiant with a glow, which was the dedication of the natural universe.. All this shows that tomorrow will be another sunny day. I looked at the Western Heaven as if I had a fascination with nature. The charming splendor hanging on the awning is like a demonstration by a young girl in her spring, which makes her debut and blurs me for a while.. My thoughts rose to time tunnel with the unlimited extension of nature’s beauty.. In the twinkling of an eye, the moon flickered, half covered and half covered, covering shame and shame, and quietly climbed up the treetops. The moonlight, the fluorescence, like shy, like a mirror; Sometimes cloudy, sometimes full moon; Sometimes beautiful, sometimes beautiful; Sometimes tactfully, sometimes quiet; Sometimes like crying, sometimes like smiling; Sometimes it seems to be telling a story, sometimes it seems to be listening to a story. That is the changing moon, moonlight, change is eternal.   People who write like thinking about problems and touching with words, so they will be mistaken for mental illness or mental illness.. I was alone in the big bed of the room, staring at the ceiling with my eyes wide open.. I am still thinking about the vivid changes of eternal words. This sentence should be the true meaning of the world. All plants, animals and creatures in the world live forever, and the changes in life are eternal. It, she and they live from life to life, from life to death, and the changes are eternal. Industry is changing forever, and virtual is also changing forever. Friendship, affection and love are changing forever. The moon has a cloudy moon, stars have jinx falling into space, and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Change is eternal. I am awake from the fog. I have a new understanding and understanding of the concept of eternity. I am no longer carried away by eternal feelings like vows of eternal love. My mind has self-control and quick changes..   I walked in the Yuan Ye with red flowers and green grass, white flowers and green leaves, pink flowers and red leaves. It was a world of flowers and a sea of colors. I was intoxicated with spring colors, immersed in ripples and obsessed with splendor..   The prairie is flat and broad, with Ma Benteng, majestic and capricious. Big snow mountain silver flashing, white and innocent, the four seasons change, the mountains become beautiful; The big forest is dark and silent, the sun penetrates, the rare animals spread their wings and leap. The ocean is deep, blue, boundless, broad – minded, and forever changing.   Once the love went away forever, I saw my own eternity, eternal upward, tireless upward from disappointment, that is the best eternity. I have self – esteem, self – love, self-reliance and self – improvement. I don’t rely on any man. I have an eternity of excellent changes. I am proud of it.. I hate women who are ignorant, chicken – bellied, selfish and narrow – minded. They will always suppress men’s wives.   I walked out of the void, I was freed from illusion, I stood up from absurdity, I woke up from change, I reflected from the boundless, I rose up from eternity. Before the eternal let me know again, change is eternal. The new understanding that this system has brought to me has made me more aware of the substantive things. There is no eternity in this society, and change is eternal, including all people and things.. But a kind person will not change a kind heart, even if the change is eternal. I still wish those who are far away a happy and happy life. That is the changing eternity. I am happy and happy in the changing eternity. This is the only thing I can do for the person I think about..   I also said: My love is always beautiful, and this beautiful change is eternal.

Are you tired?? Just take a break

Life is too tired! ‘ is the cry of many people in hard work today. In this high-speed era, all walks of life must open up’ high – speed roads’ and’ high – speed railways’ for business, or you will soon be left behind and hard to catch up with.. Therefore, ” life is too tired.”! ‘ has become the cry of today’s generation.     God knew all the busyness of today’s generation from the beginning, so he made a day for people to rest called the sabbath day. ‘ heaven and earth all things are made together. On the seventh day, when the work of God’s creation was finished, he rested all his work on the seventh day. God blessed the seventh day and made it a holy day, because on this day God rested from all his creative work. ‘ Seven days a week, six days of hard work, wealth creation and a day of rest. ‘ Six days to work, the seventh day is a holy sabbath; When there is a holy convocation, you cannot do any work. This is the sabbath that you keep to the Lord in all your dwellings. However, those people who are busy all day have no rest time at all, exhausting the whole people’s labor, and they are all suffering from illness and heart disease. They are exhausted and ill. This is why they have to take a break.? In modern society, the pace of work and life is too fast and competition is very fierce. If people do not pay attention to adjusting their mentality, they will easily feel physically and mentally fatigued and even regret for a long time, which is what people often call’ I live very tired’. These are all the reasons for not observing the days and times set by God to rest. Although, today, the state also stipulates that there will be a two-day rest every week, basically no one will have a rest.. Instead of taking a good rest and adjusting your physical and mental health during the one-to-two weekend, you will be busier, more tired and more laborious while taking advantage of the two-day weekend.. alas! . Ah, people live in the world and leave this beautiful world for decades. Why are you so tired?? Why not arrange enough time to enjoy the beauty of the world? Why not have fun and talk to the world? Why not embrace God’s beautiful nature with open arms?? How useful is it to live so tired, to live so hard, to work so busy? You have earned all over the world in the past few decades, but in the end you have left empty – handed?     There was an entrepreneur who was suddenly physically and mentally very tired and even gradually declined, so he was in a hurry to see a doctor.. The doctor saw that the cause of his illness was caused by overwork.. Therefore, he was advised to rest more and recover his health soon.. But the entrepreneur protested with great anger, because his workload is really too much and too much. There is really no way to work during the day and handle a lot of documents at night.! As a result, he refused the suggestion of rest. The doctor had to give him a prescription so that he could follow it. When he got the prescription, he went home to read it: ” Walk for two hours every day and take half a day to the cemetery every week.”. Why should I go to the cemetery? He went to the doctor to explain, and he realized that all those who had already lived in the graveyard were as busy, tired and sick as they were when they were still living in the world.. I don’t know which day I will soon join them, so why should I be so tired today? The Bible says, ” What good is a man’s labor, that is, his labor under the sun?”? The preacher said, ” I have devoted myself to searching for all the things that the world has done with wisdom, but I know that God has taught the world a great deal of labor.”. I saw that everything I did under the sun was vanity and catching wind. ‘ You are too tired to rest. Don’t block your way forward for the so-called secular, give yourself some time and space to rest! Go out for a walk to relax your bones and muscles, breathe fresh air to nourish your spleen and lungs, see flowers and plants full of eyes and happiness, listen to birds chirping and open your heart, smell flowers and taste delicious food, sing and dance, and enjoy the greatness of the Creator. The preacher said, ” Don’t wait until the sun, the light, the moon and the stars turn dark and the whole person bends down forcefully before thinking of going out to bask in the sun. There is no point in that.”. Are you tired? Just take a break! Life is too short. Learning to relax and give yourself a little time to rest after hard work is the only way to enjoy life.. Tired, of course, I want to rest for a while. I hope all the people will learn to treat themselves well, maintain themselves, bless themselves and beautiful themselves, leaving footprints for every rest.!

A Autumn Rain and a Sorrow

In winter, some people who have always been beautiful just want to look far away and dare not use it. You can only wrap yourself layer by layer with clothes to cover up your inner thriller and love and hate.!       Spring, like seed of love, Luo skirt light solution, to meet also rejected the girl. Ice and snow melt, the body is liberated from clothes, the seeds struggle out of the soil, everything recovers, the school is bright, and the fields are full of fragrance everywhere.       Summer is undoubtedly a mature woman from the whole country and absolute beauty. She can’t wear expensive clothes and clothes, and her face doesn’t need to be lightly dressed with heavy makeup. She is full, convex and concave, and enthusiastic and unrestrained..       When you’re tired of Leng Yan’s extraordinary winter, its icy heart, its plump and fat summer, and its sweet sweat, the autumn rain will plunge you into the half-wall of autumn..       Autumn in the eyes of literati, always with a hint of sadness, endless bleak.       Only Liu Yuxi’s’ since ancient times, when autumn is sad and lonely, I said autumn wins spring. On the clear sky, a crane row of clouds led poetry to Bi Xiao”, and Chairman Mao’s” Independent Cold Autumn, Xiangjiang River to the north, orange island. Look at all the mountains are red and all the forests are dyed. The river is full of water, and the river is full of water.. Eagle strikes the sky, fish flies to the bottom, and all kinds of frost are free to compete.. The feeling is sparse, ask the boundless earth, who is in charge of ups and downs? Bring hundreds of couples to have a trip and remember the past eventful years.. Just as the students were young, they were in their prime. Scholar spirit, waved at Fang Qiu. Pointing out the country, stirring up words, mucking up Wan Huhou in those days. Have you ever remembered that when you hit the water in midstream, the waves stopped the boat from flying?? ‘ let a person shine at the moment, my heart a shock.       Of all the words related to autumn, what I love most is’ hope to pass through autumn waters’ and’ autumn waters’ and of course what I like is not the meaning explained in modern Chinese.       What I like is another kind of artistic conception and reverie that these two words often bring to me.       The frosted colchicine is like a mirror, crystal clear, noble and clean. An ancient costume beauty, with deep feeling and style and attire, stands on the shore. Sometimes Yu Yu walks and looks forward to her appearance, and sometimes stops to frown and pity herself..       Desire is ashamed to say, love is pure and beautiful. In the long period of youth, there is always such a picture in young people’s mind full of love and desire that they can’t go away without calling..       I can’t remember how many love starts in autumn and ends in autumn.       I remember only one woman who wept in her arms late in the autumn night because someone was cruel and would rather make her sad at this time than regret it in the future..       I remember only one woman who wept at the bank of the rolling river in autumn because she didn’t want his fate to continue in the next generation..       Today, the rain is falling in the rain, making people think about the past and remember the sea..       A autumn rain and a sorrow, sorrow and sorrow are not free.       Shang Ruo Yuxi is alive and the chairman is reborn. I don’t know what kind of autumn poems will be written in order to astonish the earth, cry ghosts and gods and shake everything..

Ebb Tide, what is gold?

Has put together over a poem, “To the text Cultivator” in this sentence: how many articles Lang Tao Sha, Time flies out of real gold.Now, I think another problem: Ebb Tide, what is gold?  True gold fears fire, but can not stand the test of beautiful legends.  Lama, a mysterious beautiful name, a premature death Lama, the world’s most beautiful lover, the most beautiful snow-covered plateau Gesang.Long days, I do not know touched the hearts of many people, I do not know how many men of letters went to his story.About his love poems and stories about him, and the book has been translated numerous poems.Mr. Yu Quan Road, from the beginning, about his poetry and books can be said to have been swept.A variety of versions, each with its own statement, but only a large definition, he is a Lover.I have been moved, about his book “live Tathagata live Qing”, I think the more he read the more magical.  When a “anthem Lama set” before me, filled with hope to turn, turned over page after page, I was dumbfounded, I could not find Lama.He suddenly fallen, is no longer a Lover.  Accidentally saw a familiar poem was vulgar: To break people heart and desire, fear will lose this life to Buddhism.  To practice seclusion in the mountains, the women turn away from the heart.  This book is the only one to give me the impression of poetry.Faced with this book, I can only silent.Easily tossed aside, his hands hold his forehead.Was secretly cursed: This is also called it poetry?Now the business to make money really does not blink ah!I do not like angry, so try to think about some good things.Unconsciously, what the brain flash, oh, a seal had translated his poetry: sentimental loss was considered holy life, into the mountains and do not fear Allure.  Andhra queen world law, live Tathagata live Qing.  Yeah!More comfortable.Read this poem, simply a pleasure.  At that moment, a few words on the title page of the collision just took down my eyes, “Long winter translated”.Suddenly I exceedingly strange, I remember I had read point his “Heyuan Sketches” is the great charm of the article ah.I took this point the only curiosity reading this book again.  When still in order, let some text I was scared, very bad.  ”Translating Poetry by far the most loyal Lama, eliminate misunderstanding, but also a true Lama.”This comment is undoubtedly his place at risk.When I carefully read the preface, I understand, Mr. Long Dong as a Chinese and Tibetan translator to make this book.Really wanted to shame.  When the mystery is no longer so mysterious, legendary not so legendary, so when no longer Lover Lover, which will be scouring the gold.This is true, Mr. Long Dong also said, the poetry of heaven and earth.  Of course, Mr. Long winter may also hope that he is a Lover.Ebb Tide many years, he finally opened a little mysterious veil.Looking for centuries, finally winnowed out some gold to.So, the previous efforts of so many people what count?  I think, no matter who translated, written, people are not favored by fake.True or false, after all, everything about him is sustenance, but also later sustenance of all people.Lama, just a beautiful and charming scenery, is God, the good hearts of the people forever.  A cultural works, whether good, is valuable, that it something inside, rather than what authority.The vast ocean Culture, Ebb Tide.Amoy real gold is one thing, gold is another matter.As long as it has its value, even if it is a grain of sand, but also gold.

Concentrated dye cream Xi autumn breeze

Looking back, bleak streets lush becoming infected.Sigh, lingering over, the time has quietly slipped through our fingers, without a trace, between the invisible splashes thoughts, placid, like a twilight sky was filled with ink clouds, the sunset is hard to find the shadow of the years, it would seem Yang was poured in a sparkling sea, dazzling, bright and perhaps a little sad. Wind, crumple season and some of the United States, like testimonies, wants ruler.Take away the heat, passing fresh rustling mixed with a little cold.Blue sky is just like a starched, like, mindful of the sun through the gap leaves, gentle, she is shy. Late autumn twilight, a golden tree, unfortunately moonlight vent in the trees, the leaves of Ilex less shiny bright.Although sunny morning outside the window, the office may have been a bit chilly, twenty dollars a small hair dryer squeak shilly swaying on the round table near the window, but fortunately, it is still a ray of warm air.Sitting at the computer for a long time, I got up and stood at the window lookout distant mountains stretch, stretch, layer upon layer, high-voltage wire hanging wire on top of the tower from afar, terrifying the few, not like dried vermicelli.On top of the hill like a big white windmill did not eat, hard to be dragged out of ox-drawn mill, and not be slow, there is a tie not a tie turning circle children.Gradually the mind is led back to that era, back to yellow patch of barren land, Autumn is getting stronger, garden bright red apple, on a week of school carries us hungry to drive home, that piece of orchards on the plateau south ditch far from looking, most people more than saliva, “eventful years,” especially in the face of even the wheat bread is not insured. Autumn twilight, stone Nianpan around over the edges of the total child.Thick cream, heavy fog (that’s the word haze has not yet popular), put several strains hanging in the branches not had time to fully red peppers, gave ravaged listless, can come off, put a few are weasel bite the apple cut after the wash, sprinkle some salt, pepper and put down the wet, put on animals, on the crushed stone Nianzishan caught in the hot bread to eat, and that spicy cool, that taste is never Laoganma substitution and beyond, fly gradually fragrance children, with two children to put bread wind filled half of the village, in the finished chili grind stone roller is on the ground into thin pieces children and chili sauce children Agariishi grind left, fusion crushing chili sauce evenly one, take on a lightly on the mouth, the taste of that child, chanting incense, even in retrospect buds on the tongue can not help but swallow a few mouthfuls of saliva.From the time the parents moved to the city, that the village, where the house, hanging like a black and white movie in the memory, there are the years of the United States also have little regret; I regret there is little miss, miss that call home distance. Early in the morning, a man accustomed to running along the corner under gray skies, clean asphalt road, looking at the foot of the road into the distance, getting further away wide, distant white zebra crossing, bright lights, exchanges of vehicles, in this season, in the morning breeze, the quiet, the silence, like a space embedded in photos.Breathe freely and cool air, either back out after crushing sweat beads, while running side of reverie, his thoughts sometimes and sometimes flying all the way on the side turning circle, his wife always said I was busy eating eat a brace, then cold days children, sleep enough sleep, there are thoughts running?A person stuck to insist on their own, may not enjoy the process of running but running, let the thoughts out of prison. Mom, Dad, near the university put the food stalls, mainly to do Shaanxi features pasta, not to mention how delicious just simple rice farmers, making sincere conscience sale, small Boli.One morning my morning run along the road, his father drove three electric car with his mother, two thin body wrapped in thick clothes in this season, from afar, fat.Father shouted at me, the running time to put his arm up, his mother smiled and also how to do arm movements, passed by me.Most people are familiar with the most familiar of which was how to meet, how should I say, looking at the elderly parents also worked hard to make a living, that moment suddenly become more finely slight wind sand.Autumn, depleted.Perhaps it will be too late to say goodbye annihilation in the cold wind, or maybe it is doomed to sorrow; take away that piece of green; disperse scorching hot; to usher in a beautiful tree, a beautiful crimson or copper leaf or yellow, can be beautiful it is so short.Howling autumn, leaves fall, leaving sigh sigh Merry talent is rhetorical exercise. Twilight sky, a cloud day, minced, secretive, shy little face up in the red, as he burned the rosy plate, inlaid in the sky, hurry through the clouds, even as anxious mai, blink of an eye kung fu, half of the body has disappeared in the end of the sea.Car carrying a half-year-old son, he happily singing, we travel the way home.Difficult to understand is this guy a half years old when he no longer wet the bed, let alone wet his pants, available on a kindergarten, a surprising urine twice.I asked him: “Tiger (son’s pet name).”.”Ok!”” Why are you wet his pants ah?”” Why did you let me go to school ah?”After listening to his answer, in the late autumn season really makes tears.Meng Meng expression, cute, can always stubborn mouth, starting this fall, the way to work we become a gold partner.Sometimes I think when I was younger so naughty he would like it, who knows, maybe.The memory of their own small time like never went to kindergarten, it seems, this season, yellowy pink of ripe persimmon, covered with branches like a small lantern light, beckon jujube, round yo cute, holding one has its own half as tall wooden stool, a move a walk, go to the preschool. Looking at the table inside the glass of chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum small unfolds, Da Zhezhuan children, some water and some suspension sunk bottom of the cup, perhaps sometimes I think life is a journey without a purpose, right, left years the scenery is just like this season, like, beautiful, short, of course, there will be countless happy and not, as is very anxious to go to the bathroom on the train when it was crowded with people next to. Autumn is getting stronger, dye cream twilight.Leaves fall, according to cold.Yesterday, today, not like an unfinished picture.Wen / Ma Li Bin

Is there a conspiracy?Saudi Arabia coach: We still do not know why the plane caught fire

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 20: Russia's World Cup group stage opener, Saudi Arabia 0: 5 huge points difference lost to host Russia。But it is not worry about things beyond this defeat, Saudi Arabia ride to Rostov aircraft caught fire in mid-air, but fortunately the team without incident。In the second round group match against Uruguay before the conference, the Saudi coach leather Sarkozy said the plane caught fire on the team has not been informed of any relevant information。"About yesterday's events, you have seen these photos, they only defend himself。We do not know anything else, we have not received any information about the cause of the fire。"Qi skin response to a reporter at the press conference," We have no fear, we believe that the pilot and very cool。These photographs show the time of an emergency situation, but we do not fear the incident will not affect our performance。"At the same time, Saudi midfielder Xier – Ya Ximu at the press conference, said his teammates have put Moscow's defeat and the engine caught fire disregard, determined to re-establish confidence for the team's fans。"We arrived safely at the hotel, we all have forgotten what happened," Yaxi Mu said, "we focus on the game with Uruguay。Every player's goal is to change our image in this World Cup, because this is not the real strength of the Saudi football。"

What Bawei Bawei Magnolia pill prescription pills Magnolia

What is Ba Weiwan, Bawei Magnolia pill is a very famous traditional Chinese medicine, you can treat a wide variety, but many people do not know, what Bawei Magnolia pill was a small series and to see Magnolia Bawei What pill is introduced it!What Bawei Magnolia pill is [prescription] Magnolia (to bark, ginger Sunburn make purple) 2 2, Chen orange peel (soup dip to white, baking) 1 two, blame Lile (for meat, students use) 1 two, Gui (to rough skin, take the meat) 1 two, aconite (guns crack, peeled navel) 1 two, ginger (gun) 1 two, (to black) 1 two (Sunburn) two 1。
[Method] of the fine, so that uniform mixing, refining honey pills, such as large Firmianae。
[Indications] appetizer eating。 Main stomach empty, air-conditioning upside mediastinoscopy, triple burner is not adjusted, not eating, and eating Needless, less lean muscle force。
What Bawei Wan Bawei Magnolia pill is [prescription] dry (to black) 5 money, dogwood (wine mixed with moist, steamed soft to the core, take the meat drying) 5 money, (Jiuxi, drying) 5 money, (honey coated Sunburn Sunburn can Jiujin) 4 money, Cyathula (Jiuxi, baking) 4 money, moutan (to the heart, washing) 3 money, Poria (peeled) 3 money, Alisma 2 money。 [Method] on the drug file, baking, grind fine, refined honey pills, such as large Maren。
[Indications] deficiency in children endowment, kidney weakness, bone marrow depletion, the bulk of the skull seam irregularities, lean body language late, line step and more difficult, slow tooth Health。

Magic board 42 minutes lost rocket 0-1 home clippers Paul Griffin missed three pairs

  Ticker May 5, the first half behind the Clippers in the case of double-digit comeback, away to beat the Rockets 117-101, leading the Western Conference semifinals 1-0。
  - Chris Paul sidelined, Blake – Griffin another triple-double, 26 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists, Matt – Barnes 20 points, JJ- Redick 17 points, Austin – River Adams also scored 17 points, D'Andre – Jordan 10 points and 13 rebounds。
Off the bench Jamal – Jamal Crawford 21 points。
  Rockets lose home-court advantage。 Dwight – Howard 22 points and 10 rebounds and five blocked shots, James – Harden 20 points and 12 assists, Trevor – Trevor Ariza 17 points, Jason – Terry 10 points。
  Rockets full rest for six days, the former barely Clippers and Spurs finish seventh。
Rocket is playing at home, we can say is wait at Plaza。
  This is the rocket in mid-2009 for the first time since the second round, is the 13th in team history。 Clippers for two consecutive years come this far。   Clippers won the tie-break, but also pay a painful price – Chris Paul hit the winning goal, but a thigh injury, could not play today。   The Clippers had to use small rivers as the starting point guard, he and Paul is clearly not the same level of players, after playing seemed more jerky, poor state after opening the Clippers。   After playing the game one minute, both teams failed to score, but Howard is a nail plate large cap in mind to make the fans boiling。
When the first section there are 10 minutes and 36 seconds, Rivers hit a three-pointers, Terry immediately in front of him break layup, after which a person Ariza scored 5 points in the Rockets began to enter the state, to a 7-3 lead。
Ariza became the first rocket attack point of this section, the half after the holiday, his third hit twice, Harden in this section will be the end of the third succeeded, the Rockets 25-19 to gain advantage。   Inside the contest more exciting。
Section II as well as 10 minutes and 12 seconds, three-wire under rocket fast break, Ariza lifted the ball, Howard alley-oop dunks with both hands, jope Since then hit the third, the Rockets 34-21 to expand the advantage。
Clippers inside is not weak, this section there are 7 minutes and 43 seconds, Howard Johnson hit Jordan, shots after the turn, but capped Jordan。
After 1 minute, Jordan grabbed the offensive rebound, immediately attacked, but the ball shot by Howard palm shoot off。   Post player blocks another, and in this section the last moment, there was a "cross-cut"。 The Clippers took the lead on Smith foul, he hit one free throw。 Rockets were immediately on the spot foul on Jordan, he missed two free throws。
Rivers seeing bad, Jordan will be replaced, but they continue to foul Howard。
Halftime, the Rockets lost double-digit advantage, only to lead 50-46。
  The third quarter and 9 minutes and 42 seconds, Harden hit three-pointers, the Rockets still lead to 57-51。 After the rocket missed a row, and hit three Reddick, clippers even after 6 points, the score。 When more than half of this section, with Howard and Smith, the latter alley-oop dunks, leading the Rockets to 65-62。
The last time the Rockets are 68-66 lead, Rivers also to third, the Clippers played after a wave of 12-4, 78-72 in one fell swoop to exceed。
This section Clippers to 37-27 victory over the first three quarters to lead 83-77。   Grabbing rebounds for the Rockets is not active, the attack is also powerless, lost double-digit advantage did not say, hand behind a double-digit fourth quarter。
  Barnes and Crawford hit third in succession, the game there are 4 minutes and 24 seconds, Griffin grabbed the offensive rebound, Reddick shooting at approaching 24 seconds, leading the Clippers to 101-88 13 points。   Harden had launched rockets from the storm, he first hit a record third, then causing Barnes fouls on the perimeter, after two three free throws, the Rockets 93-101 behind。   The two teams began to "cut each other," Jordan hit two free throws after being replaced, while Howard missed two free throws。   Terry's three-pointers to narrow the gap to eight points to 97-105 backward, but After the rocket crash, Rivers and Redick have been hit three-pointers, hit a wave of 10-0, when there are seconds in the game, Clippers lead to 115-97, to seal the victory。 (Angkor)。

A small country in North America moved the world!Chong Tese tears can play the World Cup was amazing!

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 18: 0-3, Panama lost to world number three in Belgium, the race was not surprising, after all, a large gap between the two teams。But Panama captain Torres left tears in the game a prelude to the national anthem ceremony scene allows the fans to the team awe。Panama is an area of only 7.50,000 km2 in the North American small country, but in terms of football, but not behind Panama, who won the title in North America in mid-2009, but also the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2005 and 2013 runner-up。In the 2018 World Cup in Panama in North America to get third place, qualified for the World Cup in Russia, Panama and this is the first time the World Cup race。For a football player, the World Cup is the dream of a lifetime, but for small players like Panama, even more so。And the national anthem ceremony before the game in Belgium, Panama players excited。Team midfielder Godoy closed his eyes, big singing the national anthem, déjà vu when singing the national anthem there is a Buffon。The captain Torres is leaving tears of excitement。About sing the national anthem, before we served only Italy, but if you see the players sing the national anthem Panama scene, fans will certainly add the name of Panama。 Torres tearful scene that we can not help but think of the Korean players Chong Tese sing the national anthem that scene。Chong Tese cry from the bottom of the heart, and although not as Panama captain Torres Chong Tese, like tears, but the kind of restrained tears seem more representative of the kind of happy excitement of the World Cup。

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