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Blood-stained wedding dress

Who pulled your hair loose under lights your hair floating into the sky black flag covered with sad eyes who destroyed your beauty cry in the silence of the night you looked indifferent pale face, blood-red lips bleak world frightened vigil lights white wedding dress drift into a mask of tears turned into laughter sing Phantom Lover echoed echoed mind is a world longing for the invisible distance you walked the pace of light walk through the tunnel of death in the night’s no nostalgia, no hesitation which is a window stuck in a moment of light and shadow lively with something more to say against the words of blessing into the whole wedding wine fans coming down the center of the intersection of the groom’s mouth early in the morning many people around them at the ground – a bloody red next to the white wedding dress, a red heart with open eyes [editor: men tree]

(Prose) Let the good feelings in the world of mind

(Prose) Let the good feelings in the world in mind – yes ah, in the world, how many, after all, many of those marks into a romantic trip in, breathe with me and those good and evil you are looking for, in on a common road, with many battles of honor.Yes, quietly walked into your side, all warm and have become one spring, in that period of twists and turns, the crush.In those long and arduous journey in the journey, convinced that the truth.Yes ah, cloak bath, one lonely youth.How many ups and downs and gains and losses astringent, day and night.You walked into, distinguish right from wrong at the end of a road in the beauty and ugliness, sensing the well-being of life in the big smiling eyes, flying kites in the mind of your song go.Gossip really matter, on the road of love I have determined, no matter ends of the earth, on the road of life I sail taut, pulp lamplight of sound mind vast, flat Zeze my poems to the one that you desire.

(Original) footprints pass book (cont’d) 18

REVIEW dawn, we struggled to a high-rise building, dragging a heavy body, take the elevator to the ninth floor automatically.We exhausted, install radiator building aisle nice and warm, he sat on the floor in the hallway, who shake off the snow four weeks..  Because it is hotel fees include breakfast the next morning we eat eat eat buffet restaurant is the two of us, empty, carry us away some bread eggs, to prepare against natural disasters, there is one kind of thief’s guilt, and although no one cares.At noon we train, went to the southern city of Freiburg, West Germany.We are going to visit the settlement where Professor Xia.    All Western European cities have rail links, it will become the network, the platform no staff between countries, cities and urban, but not the conductor compartment opening.Out of the station, on and off and even car doors are self.Try to save manpower, in addition to efficiency, but also the European labor expensive sake, but does not affect its effective and efficient.In Western Europe by train is a treat, very comfortable.The people here are so few, pets, bicycles, and no amount of baggage can be more than a car, or population factors.Fold in the train to the south of Stuttgart, Freiburg destination is already 23:00.    When we moved the luggage platform, outside dark sky is falling snow goose feather, already covered with a thick layer of snow on the ground.Waiting hall, empty, such a small city, even though there is public transport late at night must also suspended, and take a taxi, expensive, of course prohibitive Moreover, in the case without first informing the owner, midnight visit too rude.We decided to simply live a night at the station until dawn and then as a theory.Approximately two hundred square waiting room, the lights dim, warm and quiet, and the stormy outdoors compared undoubtedly safe temporary shelter.We moved to the corner of the luggage, sitting on the corner, Dacheng soon came bursts of snoring, although I have elective seats of the disease, but the bumps along the way, will soon fall into dreamland.    I do not know how long sleep, we wake up, the gloom seen standing in front of two West German policeman, and we are talking, but could not understand what.Come to a crossing, work in Alaska, home leave, speaks American English, translation Road, where only a small local station, the last train has passed, close to closing time, so you can not stay.The police asked us to do Freiburg?We answer, intend visiting professor so and so, I am afraid to disturb the night inconvenience.Enthusiastic people who want to address, immediately at the station payphone kiosks, professor of inquiries to help us a phone number, ask for a long time, OFTA hotline to answer can not be found.As a result, the police let us leave their luggage in the automatic luggage lockers, when we did not know coins can be cast immediately help us change a bit from place to taxi drivers.    Out of the station, we shudder, the police did not require the production of a passport, or there will be trouble, we twenty-four hours transit visa expiration date has passed.    We have a hotel for a map at the station side, the night shift of a middle-aged woman, patiently to the top marked where we’re going.Half a foot tall in the snow, one foot high kick continued to drop for an hour, cold and hungry, we got into a roadside bar, each for a cup of cappuccino, coffee cold at night, especially concentrated Yu mellow.Did not last long, not for a while, the waiter said, pubs out of business, we had to back on the journey, this time is the middle of the night two points, we can only like a ghost wandering in Freiburg until dawn.    Sign snow harder and harder, in addition to our footprints on the road, as if there is no other life activities.Freiburg fairy-tale beauty, full of the bride like a sunny house, quiet street full of parked cars of different colors, and continual snow, outline the contours and sharp geometric lines.We have the urge to drill into the car shelters, try this futile soon give up, door lock and key motionless.Pure and noble in this world, only to continue moving forward, otherwise there is a danger of freezing.In order to replenish the energy and strength of consumption, we often hid in a public telephone booth, eating a few mouthfuls of cold hard bread and eggs, which was brought from Munich.But must not stay too long, the phone booth is full field of transparent glass building, bright lights, ride all the way to the police will be able to find two tramps, very eye-catching.So, generally not more than five minutes, even so, is a bumbling call, another wolf hurry to avoid being suspected.On several occasions went to the outskirts of Freiburg is located in the famous scenic Black Forest, close to France and Switzerland, we are afraid strayed border, hurriedly turned back.In this way, a night traveled to every corner of Freiburg.    At dawn, we struggled to a high-rise building, dragging a heavy body, take the elevator to the ninth floor automatically.We exhausted, install radiator building aisle nice and warm, sat on the floor in the hallway, who shake off the snow around the spotless floor deceives wet, and no one wanted to stand up.At eight, we rang the bell, no response.It is also expected, the owner woke up, something always had to dress up before welcoming.Quite a while, the door opened, the emergence of a silver-haired woman in Germany, although the look of wrinkles, it is the spirit.She spoke German, I suddenly remembered Mrs. Professor Xia is of German origin.At this time, the hostess saw were two young Chinese, immediately switch to a very pure Chinese, kindly asked, “Are you just came from China do?”I will open the door, so we went into the living room.When we sat down on the sofa, Professor Xia pajamas, slippers Slop ran out of the bedroom, can not wait to see Chinese students from afar.    That we are “Chimes at Midnight to passenger cars, snow traces Freiburg,” the owner was surprised.They told us, OFTA is registered in the name of Mrs. Professor Xia, is not found in nature.Professor Xia immediately said, “Nothing That aside, is the first to solve the problem of hunger.”Ms. Xia put on his coat to go out to buy food, we both start with a professor in the busy open kitchen, storage room there is actually his sausages, Guangdong, China, West Germany, the family is generally used electric stove, coupled with the pan, use up really a bit awkward.Here’s a round-bottomed pot China is not useful here.[Editor: Can children]

(cloud.expensive.Chuan) Travels

(Preamble) in mid-May this Fangfei, her husband’s colleague and friend, is very brothers.We have five pairs of similar travel companion.Is actually the first time in my life with so many friends go hand in hand, the beautiful scenery of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, this way, the vicissitudes of life, panoramic view, make me want to stay, unforgettable.  My husband is in the pedestrian brother, so we all unanimously recommended him as head of the management of the economy, all the way to take care of chores.I do, of course, beside the lady’s husband ten days the head of addiction, ha ha, Miya, Yoshiya, happy indeed.  I do not understand why every time traveling to a strange city, but why are the evening.  Just as the parting with people, always inexplicable Everywhere the sky from time to time some of the falling raindrops.Perhaps God arranged in such a way that we welcome the arrival of these strange friends.Perhaps, the only rain farewell love, will leave memories that strands of thoughts, perhaps, only the night comes the rain city, will cover up the long journey tired.  When night comes, stroll in the dim light, stroll in the drizzle, quietly listening to the rain beat the clock years, breathing the fresh air, looking for a good time, leaving a beautiful memory.  In the evening, make a panicky mind quiet, let the day’s fatigue get in safely after sunset dusk, then sit around and wait for tomorrow’s joy, swim in the mountains, where the drunk, the body and mind into the nature.  To Xikou, the evening; Guizhou Anshun, evening; to Kunming, the evening; to Xishuangbanna, also in the evening; to Pu’er, also in the evening; or in the evening to Dali; Lijiang, is still in the evening, to Xichang, still in the evening.  Not deliberately, not arrange, if not as if the evening as a guide, the scenery tomorrow will this recession, will not hehe brilliance.  [Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan] Travels (a) (1) at 6:00 on the 17th, the king of mine, Guo Dong, Zheng, Dong Tang, Zheng heads of his wife and two specially hired driver, a line of 12 people altogether Xikou three cars traveling by car from the city of Guang’an, I Chuaizhuo happiness, carrying peace, carrying a curious, with a bit of joy and his wife Liu Jing Wang mine on the couple’s car Guo Dong, Dong Guo either our driver made a special trip, my husband and mine Wang, Dong Tang, Zheng on the total car because they did not forget the time revolutionary duty “Landlords” on the go.Gu Zheng’s wife and sister had to Tang Tang Dong Dong car exchange position, Wu Dragon is designed to engage the driver, this is the only way Zheng Fu Jia, another special hire driver Dong Tang Gu Bin driving the car, Tang Dong wife is Fujia.Along the way, inside the windows far apart laugh, out the window fame, still beautiful, via Chongqing evening arrival Anshun City, Guizhou Province.  (2) Anshun is in the heart of the ancient Yelang, located in the central and western Guizhou Province, known as “the belly of Guizhou and Yunnan throat,” said.Anshun City, has a long history, rich in culture.Qing Dynasty Tongzhi year, Taiping Yi Wang Ground here annihilated.In mid-May 1935, when the Red Army, Yang Shangkun, Deng Yingchao has guided through Anshun, spraying the seeds of the next revolution, the Red Army force a crossing Dadu success in this.  When the car slowly stopped walking in the sunset, stay behind the car waiting for our friends, friends Zhouzong Fu Zheng Dong wife warm reception us, took us to book in advance for our good hotel, dinner, friends toasted, the light laugh, laughing, eating delicious meals, drinking Guizhou specialty, as we introduce Guizhou ethnic customs.Zhou hospitality so I did not feel this strange city, but everyone’s nice and warm heart.The man in front, this city is to give people the feeling is so familiar and friendly.  After dinner, we packed trip package, with the crowd, standing on the road white oil, wore dim the lights, walked with light pace, with the brothers and sisters walk in the street corner, the night wind Anshun City, Guizhou Province blowing, it is so fresh, so natural, so intoxicated.This night, off to live in Anshun “Harborside Hotel” clean, warm, comfortable environment, makes good night’s sleep.  (3) 18, Anshun City, the first morning, the day hanging high, the sun is so bright, and the wind is so gorgeous, everyone’s face is crammed smile, it seems certain today’s journey very harmonious and happy, and sure enough, all the way to laughter.  Our destination is the Huangguoshu Falls area, we came to the ticket office, a total of three Huangguoshu scenic area, Great Falls, Star Cave, Dragon Palace, the three spots fare is 180 yuan (Pass).My husband bought tickets, we combine our views, we will go three scenic Star Cave Scenic Spot.  Star scenic drive the car straight outside, a carved stone character fascinated me, “the bridge over there a beautiful place, good landscape of the country do not know how many went to the office, should have failed to think there is such a beautiful place ? like the stone above text, like text color.When I was with our pistachios Liu Jing still lingering outside scenery smug, they are long past the wicket, we had to slow to catch hot pursuit with the inside.  (4) Star resorts are full of rock, water hills, winding stone path, walking through walls, stone trench, crevice, until thoroughly on top of bonsai curb, and that the green water along the trail, along the road tour , the rise is the King, the King is down, all around, everywhere you into the scene, as if into a fairyland in the sky.That trickling sound of water, listening to special comfortable, more special or beautiful roadside tree.We enjoy walking in nature to the beauty, leisurely way to take pictures, as long as that memorable place, Liu Jing and I will give each other a preserve memories.Hey, there is a way to Gao Village, Journey to the West also had heard the shooting here, dear friends, men, if you give a chance, you’ll like it a pig brother?  We stayed for a while in Gao Village, my husband and my friends sitting there smoking rest, but I slipped out alone Gao Village Hawthorn side took a few pictures, leaving Hawthorn side of the beautiful moment I also keep sinking sprout heart, I feel it is the year of the pig brother style, hee hee.Then, we are happy to continue the course, along the way as well: Star Pavilion, tianxingqiao, Sky, risk pools, stone, etc. Looking back.Water Stone Forest scenic area in the lower section, walk along the Star Cave area is down a long stone staircase path, the path built along the river, has a plank and drop water, the natural beauty of the way people dreamlike, like paradise.  (5) on both sides of the road there are many natural banyan tree bonsai, Stone Forest also long between large and small cactus bushes and a variety of flowers, shady green point.Rattan spectacle, a three trees, ficus roots king group gathering, tianxingqiao Clint forest, water and other stone forest, which one called “Yung beauty”, “beauty Yung” is a banyan tree branches entwined, Zhayi look, like a upside down naked girls just out of the bath, in order to avoid the eyes of visitors, shyly hands covering his face, not allowing people to see her true colors.  He walked beside a tiny stream, six Hmong girls swarm around my husband mouth kept shouting; “guy, come on and take a picture of the beauty of it.”.Some even grabbed my husband, saw the girl for the money, inconsiderate those frivolous action again makes me a little angry, embarrassed refused again and again to see the old guy like me feel funny, I have to say out loud,; “you shine it , according to the photo is white, is not money “, this sentence is very effective, all the girls suddenly let go of my husband.Money is really more important than what you?I do not like it, I’m not tired, I is not jealous, but I do not like this way, as frivolous rude inconsiderate action, people have looked at my heart unspeakable taste of shares, giving its uncomfortable feel.In retrospect they Renjunbuzhu, ha ha ha, along the way friends are always subject to ridicule from time to time to take my husband, of course, I am no exception.  (6) change the subject, pack a good mood, play continued, looking wrinkly white-haired old man, dark-skinned young children on the roadside selling home-grown cucumbers, eggs cooked soil, is not the same fruit, etc. , stop selling, watching their beseeching eyes, suddenly a kind of little people do not buy what they can not bear to leave it feeling.  Silver pendant Lake Falls gorge and waterfall were also star in the left and right sides of the water Stone.Huangguoshu waterfall group, it is neither high win, not based on large amazing, I love the silver pendant Lake, I believe it is the most touching.The above falls into the funnel-shaped, groove-like bottom is dissolved Lake, Lake along the surface of the stone ridge of the package, such as a picture of the cover of the lotus, even interleaving ride, the water spread evenly on each one foliage overflow indulge , as large and small silver chain 10 million, contracted to the center, sometimes sinking to the ground, sometimes rushed Okawa.  Leaping from the ground baishuihe risk pool, like a dragon-like roll, rushed all the way forward Dan Fenyong hit a tree, suddenly encountered a huge consumer tunnel, a huge water tank with a potential return of Kazuma, scrambling to fall in Lake dissolved, disappeared forever in the ground.Tianxingqiao waterfall; some sonic booms like thunder, some drift silent, some clouds turn fog roll, some light silk swirls, attitude thousands, instrumentation scene, really look around without ya, every Falls has a beautiful legend.  (7) each spot, each piece of stone lettering I filmed, I saw a lot of visitors took a stone, and some stopped and looked at me, maybe people think I’m weird, like my age still so curious, these beat East What does it mean East?In fact, I just want to take home to appreciate slowly above explanation.No matter where I go all like to watch engraved text stuff, want to know their culture.Perhaps, I deliberately, perhaps, people will say I contrived, Haha Anyway, anyway, I like, like its own way.Although I do not have a high culture, but I like the culture, hobby culture.  A pedestrian holding a happy, laughing and joking, back and forth, unconsciously come to the middle of the Star area, Star Cave is the main landscape here, it is to take on the bank next to the pool.Into the hole, as if exposure to the world outside, nature’s amazing, uncanny workmanship amazing, fun to watch, inside the hall and form a number of side halls, each hall has its own features.Among the colorful, constantly changing Qifengyishi, 4 flowers Root sky straight pillars, each of the pillars in a height of at least 20 meters high, stone column green flowers, such as Diaolong carved phoenix, beautiful color, beautiful many wonders and intricate cave is not seen in the other cave.  (8) passing tianxingqiao, when you are standing on the bridge, when suddenly, knocking, sweet pure heart, that the Valley’s response to a wonderful play of light music, but also like a ‘Moonlit Night’ is so elegant, so clear and sweet, mesmerizing, do not wish to leave.  If it were not ruthless cableway will send us to the end, I am willing to spend for years in the beauty.  (9) out of the cableway, reluctantly out of the area, between lips and teeth, seems to have covered the taste of the Star scenic, durable ghost.Turn a blind eye, are landscapes.Eyes open, the landscape is beautiful.Upward, blue sky and white clouds, bow, green grass lined.  (10) days too soon to noon, we ate lunch in the scenic area outside the Star, drive straight on to the famed Huangguoshu Falls.  Looking at the roadside plants, to enjoy the natural beauty of nature in the Huangguoshu Waterfall is located 37 kilometers of Zhenning, Guanling Buyi and Miao Autonomous County at the junction, beautiful, Qifeng stack up, mighty Whitewater River, between plummeted from the cliff, forming nine Falls.  Huangguoshu Waterfall is the most magnificent waterfalls in a heard rising water season, such as the dragon writhed, spray flying, flying drops of water; dry season, like a waterfall Wanlv silver armor, gentle scene, is another round wind-induced.Standing in the distance you can feel the sky rain falls from the positive direction to impinge upon you cool and comfortable.Here we all fit together and a piece of film, leaving a magical waterfall, but also to keep us happy moment, perhaps after years will remember.Luxuriant trees around Huangguoshu waterfall, rock phosphate Xun, caves vary, there is a mysterious Longtan Xing Luo Hongyan obscure monument, ancient post and other places of interest on Guansuo collar, people could attend, (11) In addition to Huangguoshu Waterfall, White Water River also brings together a number of 10 waterfalls, there are snail waterfalls, high, large, multi, odd, beautiful drop waterfall pool, as well as steep pond waterfall and umbrella-shaped tianxingqiao waterfall; some thunderous sonic booms some drift silent, some clouds turn fog roll, some light silk swirls, attitude thousands, instrumentation scene, really look around without ya.Luxuriant trees around Huangguoshu waterfall, rock phosphate Xun, caves vary, there is a mysterious Longtan Xing Luo Hongyan obscure monument, ancient post and other places of interest on Guansuo collar, people overwhelmed.    Huangguoshu waterfall behind the curtain hiding the shuiliandong a hundred meters long, but we do not feel, listen to all the way along to take pictures of Big Brother, said; in addition to the strange cave stalactites, as well as Dongting, window hole and Cave Springs, is the essence of the hidden Tempo.Wherein the outer extension touch like waterfall station a few meters, the front end standing reach and touch the waterfall station palpable waterfall is a waterfall curtain, people feel noisy sounds in the earth with pulse Falls.  (12) walking on the ancient post, tree-lined blocks out the sun, birds chirp, stroll from the tour, nice leisurely.”Chunhua Road sing millennium fever, river song Wan Fu Chang Yin”.In short, to the scenic Huangguoshu Falls, the trip worthwhile.  Returns the scenic front, is already four in the afternoon, the next scenic underwater heard only one attraction, we chose to give up, common opinion, proceed to the next stop, Kunming.

Love, quiet, if only snow; such as Hong Mei Xin (original author: misty clouds)

Love, quiet, if only snow; such as Hong Mei Xin original author: misty clouds QQ 1660469412 individual micro letter GYR197927 * pick a fleeting shadow over the broken wheel flipped Juyi Peng snow glimmering white illuminate the thoughts of sleep * hundred thousand turn back the dream ah you faint now snow white wins now holding a flute, personable me in Rainy time of journeying journeying to watch you * you are my life the most beautiful page in colorful bright colors and I want it binding make it into a book is not old by the time of the transfer * along the trail quietly, quietly read you read you that a ray of warmth lingering Yin you that I, talented Smirnov * so quietly quietly hide you in mind the softest place to cherish for life and never forget themselves * miss Shiba filled Mouguang Oh my tears fell just drop it all through the life of a read like that * still recite the brightest stars at the zenith affectionate poems month child leaning on the arms of clouds lingering infatuation * winter night, the quiet silence silence silence is an elegant mood is a passion of love * love, quiet, if only the snow so quietly and quietly make love to float in the air so quietly, quiet Let love * love flying, such as Hong Mei Xin so quietly, quietly bloom so quietly, quietly fragrance * (misty clouds original)

Flower fall

The feeling of emptiness.   I used to like wandering, thinking it was a free life, thinking that I could start a new world in a strange place and how good I am.. Later, after so many times of tossing and turning, I discovered that I was so helpless.   After getting tired, I want to have a shoulder to lean on. Tired, can have a warm embrace; A group of friends were happy. If a person is wandering and wants to know so many people, it’s not bad to have too many friends, but it won’t be long before he wants to be separated. How can he really treat his friends who are not talkative??   Season after season. How many feelings are no longer so obvious. Very not easy to fall in love with a person who is good to oneself, so don’t want to let go. Very not easy to let oneself get used to different treatment, so love dearly. Very not easy, walk so long. How many more years will stand the burden of the heart, but it is better to get used to it?   Being a light person is so difficult. The complicated procedure of bearing, walking and stopping, stopping and walking, when can we truly be safe? The experience without turning point will not be understood. I don’t say anything about your life. I don’t say anything about my life. Everyone cried and everyone understood it.. There is no qualification to talk about who and who. Also have no qualification to complain, only blame yourself for not being well.   How I hope my parents will be healthy and safe, how I hope to have a loved one to accompany me for the rest of my life, how I hope to have a good friend to embrace me, and how I hope everyone can be safe and happy..   I love only one person all my life. I can always have a person to accompany me. No matter how far away, I won’t be lonely..   Flowers fall, water accompany wandering more safely; Flowers fall, so wither how quiet; Flowers fall, season after season, and so on until death. Not greedy, not extravagant, she regrets not having that heart, but I think she is so beautiful as that.   At this age, in addition to parents, no one has been accommodating to who, no one has been accompanying who. I don’t think that’s realistic. But have you ever thought that if you can accompany a person, feel young, old and true with him, share joys and sorrows like family members, have joys and sorrows, and have ups and downs, it is unusual and wonderful!   But . ah, the fallen petal is intentional and the flowing water is merciless.

Change is eternal

I finally woke up. I shouldn’t believe that pure love is eternal, and change is eternal..   Once the pain, it is a kind of deep – rooted, tore heart crack lung-like pain, stirring and cutting my injured heart.   Once upon a time, I was troubled by the so-called eternal concept of good infatuation, and my infatuation can love a person I shouldn’t love without complaint or regret..   I should have woken up, but I have been immersed in smog, confusion, ignorance and emptiness, unable to extricate myself and deeply trapped.. I am like a wounded deer, I don’t know if I have lost my way. My love is pure and clear. This love is like clear spring and morning dew, like clear river water and mountain stream..   I missed the embrace of true love in my life. I was confused by the concept of true love. However, my heart is full of longing and dreams for love. I felt completely new about true love, and the incomparable creative feeling made me immersed in the drunkenness I brewed. The fake love existing under the system is not the true love of human life, it is a kind of distorted love, stupid love, even a kind of confused love of jungle law.. However, in real society, this kind of love is spread all over plains and hills, plateau valleys, urban villages, factories and mines, streets and alleys, unit organizations and other occasions.. The jungle law of status, money, rank, and interest is like a spider’s web in people’s cerebral cortex.. Their subjective consciousness and thinking are occupied, caught and restrained, and they do not have the slightest free world’s vivid thinking initiative.. They are besieged, troubled, coerced and henpecked by these fly-like autocratic views of love.. They have no freedom, no courage, no confidence or even no anger like a living dead man.   I sat on the clean and smooth subway seat and looked at the red men and green women who came and went in a hurry.. All of them are brought by youth, which seems to be featured as a beautiful scenery line in the carriage. Youth is capital, and people always have their youth. Young people living in this age are like wind, fog and rain.. Whether or not they can struggle out of this twisted vortex of love and get real happy love is hard to jump to conclusions..   People living in the world actually walk in constant vividness as long as they are not distorted. Even if the material life is not rich, it is also happy, as long as two people really love each other.   Yesterday evening, the sky was decorated with colorful sunset glow, and the western sky was radiant with a glow, which was the dedication of the natural universe.. All this shows that tomorrow will be another sunny day. I looked at the Western Heaven as if I had a fascination with nature. The charming splendor hanging on the awning is like a demonstration by a young girl in her spring, which makes her debut and blurs me for a while.. My thoughts rose to time tunnel with the unlimited extension of nature’s beauty.. In the twinkling of an eye, the moon flickered, half covered and half covered, covering shame and shame, and quietly climbed up the treetops. The moonlight, the fluorescence, like shy, like a mirror; Sometimes cloudy, sometimes full moon; Sometimes beautiful, sometimes beautiful; Sometimes tactfully, sometimes quiet; Sometimes like crying, sometimes like smiling; Sometimes it seems to be telling a story, sometimes it seems to be listening to a story. That is the changing moon, moonlight, change is eternal.   People who write like thinking about problems and touching with words, so they will be mistaken for mental illness or mental illness.. I was alone in the big bed of the room, staring at the ceiling with my eyes wide open.. I am still thinking about the vivid changes of eternal words. This sentence should be the true meaning of the world. All plants, animals and creatures in the world live forever, and the changes in life are eternal. It, she and they live from life to life, from life to death, and the changes are eternal. Industry is changing forever, and virtual is also changing forever. Friendship, affection and love are changing forever. The moon has a cloudy moon, stars have jinx falling into space, and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Change is eternal. I am awake from the fog. I have a new understanding and understanding of the concept of eternity. I am no longer carried away by eternal feelings like vows of eternal love. My mind has self-control and quick changes..   I walked in the Yuan Ye with red flowers and green grass, white flowers and green leaves, pink flowers and red leaves. It was a world of flowers and a sea of colors. I was intoxicated with spring colors, immersed in ripples and obsessed with splendor..   The prairie is flat and broad, with Ma Benteng, majestic and capricious. Big snow mountain silver flashing, white and innocent, the four seasons change, the mountains become beautiful; The big forest is dark and silent, the sun penetrates, the rare animals spread their wings and leap. The ocean is deep, blue, boundless, broad – minded, and forever changing.   Once the love went away forever, I saw my own eternity, eternal upward, tireless upward from disappointment, that is the best eternity. I have self – esteem, self – love, self-reliance and self – improvement. I don’t rely on any man. I have an eternity of excellent changes. I am proud of it.. I hate women who are ignorant, chicken – bellied, selfish and narrow – minded. They will always suppress men’s wives.   I walked out of the void, I was freed from illusion, I stood up from absurdity, I woke up from change, I reflected from the boundless, I rose up from eternity. Before the eternal let me know again, change is eternal. The new understanding that this system has brought to me has made me more aware of the substantive things. There is no eternity in this society, and change is eternal, including all people and things.. But a kind person will not change a kind heart, even if the change is eternal. I still wish those who are far away a happy and happy life. That is the changing eternity. I am happy and happy in the changing eternity. This is the only thing I can do for the person I think about..   I also said: My love is always beautiful, and this beautiful change is eternal.

Are you tired?? Just take a break

Life is too tired! ‘ is the cry of many people in hard work today. In this high-speed era, all walks of life must open up’ high – speed roads’ and’ high – speed railways’ for business, or you will soon be left behind and hard to catch up with.. Therefore, ” life is too tired.”! ‘ has become the cry of today’s generation.     God knew all the busyness of today’s generation from the beginning, so he made a day for people to rest called the sabbath day. ‘ heaven and earth all things are made together. On the seventh day, when the work of God’s creation was finished, he rested all his work on the seventh day. God blessed the seventh day and made it a holy day, because on this day God rested from all his creative work. ‘ Seven days a week, six days of hard work, wealth creation and a day of rest. ‘ Six days to work, the seventh day is a holy sabbath; When there is a holy convocation, you cannot do any work. This is the sabbath that you keep to the Lord in all your dwellings. However, those people who are busy all day have no rest time at all, exhausting the whole people’s labor, and they are all suffering from illness and heart disease. They are exhausted and ill. This is why they have to take a break.? In modern society, the pace of work and life is too fast and competition is very fierce. If people do not pay attention to adjusting their mentality, they will easily feel physically and mentally fatigued and even regret for a long time, which is what people often call’ I live very tired’. These are all the reasons for not observing the days and times set by God to rest. Although, today, the state also stipulates that there will be a two-day rest every week, basically no one will have a rest.. Instead of taking a good rest and adjusting your physical and mental health during the one-to-two weekend, you will be busier, more tired and more laborious while taking advantage of the two-day weekend.. alas! . Ah, people live in the world and leave this beautiful world for decades. Why are you so tired?? Why not arrange enough time to enjoy the beauty of the world? Why not have fun and talk to the world? Why not embrace God’s beautiful nature with open arms?? How useful is it to live so tired, to live so hard, to work so busy? You have earned all over the world in the past few decades, but in the end you have left empty – handed?     There was an entrepreneur who was suddenly physically and mentally very tired and even gradually declined, so he was in a hurry to see a doctor.. The doctor saw that the cause of his illness was caused by overwork.. Therefore, he was advised to rest more and recover his health soon.. But the entrepreneur protested with great anger, because his workload is really too much and too much. There is really no way to work during the day and handle a lot of documents at night.! As a result, he refused the suggestion of rest. The doctor had to give him a prescription so that he could follow it. When he got the prescription, he went home to read it: ” Walk for two hours every day and take half a day to the cemetery every week.”. Why should I go to the cemetery? He went to the doctor to explain, and he realized that all those who had already lived in the graveyard were as busy, tired and sick as they were when they were still living in the world.. I don’t know which day I will soon join them, so why should I be so tired today? The Bible says, ” What good is a man’s labor, that is, his labor under the sun?”? The preacher said, ” I have devoted myself to searching for all the things that the world has done with wisdom, but I know that God has taught the world a great deal of labor.”. I saw that everything I did under the sun was vanity and catching wind. ‘ You are too tired to rest. Don’t block your way forward for the so-called secular, give yourself some time and space to rest! Go out for a walk to relax your bones and muscles, breathe fresh air to nourish your spleen and lungs, see flowers and plants full of eyes and happiness, listen to birds chirping and open your heart, smell flowers and taste delicious food, sing and dance, and enjoy the greatness of the Creator. The preacher said, ” Don’t wait until the sun, the light, the moon and the stars turn dark and the whole person bends down forcefully before thinking of going out to bask in the sun. There is no point in that.”. Are you tired? Just take a break! Life is too short. Learning to relax and give yourself a little time to rest after hard work is the only way to enjoy life.. Tired, of course, I want to rest for a while. I hope all the people will learn to treat themselves well, maintain themselves, bless themselves and beautiful themselves, leaving footprints for every rest.!

A Autumn Rain and a Sorrow

In winter, some people who have always been beautiful just want to look far away and dare not use it. You can only wrap yourself layer by layer with clothes to cover up your inner thriller and love and hate.!       Spring, like seed of love, Luo skirt light solution, to meet also rejected the girl. Ice and snow melt, the body is liberated from clothes, the seeds struggle out of the soil, everything recovers, the school is bright, and the fields are full of fragrance everywhere.       Summer is undoubtedly a mature woman from the whole country and absolute beauty. She can’t wear expensive clothes and clothes, and her face doesn’t need to be lightly dressed with heavy makeup. She is full, convex and concave, and enthusiastic and unrestrained..       When you’re tired of Leng Yan’s extraordinary winter, its icy heart, its plump and fat summer, and its sweet sweat, the autumn rain will plunge you into the half-wall of autumn..       Autumn in the eyes of literati, always with a hint of sadness, endless bleak.       Only Liu Yuxi’s’ since ancient times, when autumn is sad and lonely, I said autumn wins spring. On the clear sky, a crane row of clouds led poetry to Bi Xiao”, and Chairman Mao’s” Independent Cold Autumn, Xiangjiang River to the north, orange island. Look at all the mountains are red and all the forests are dyed. The river is full of water, and the river is full of water.. Eagle strikes the sky, fish flies to the bottom, and all kinds of frost are free to compete.. The feeling is sparse, ask the boundless earth, who is in charge of ups and downs? Bring hundreds of couples to have a trip and remember the past eventful years.. Just as the students were young, they were in their prime. Scholar spirit, waved at Fang Qiu. Pointing out the country, stirring up words, mucking up Wan Huhou in those days. Have you ever remembered that when you hit the water in midstream, the waves stopped the boat from flying?? ‘ let a person shine at the moment, my heart a shock.       Of all the words related to autumn, what I love most is’ hope to pass through autumn waters’ and’ autumn waters’ and of course what I like is not the meaning explained in modern Chinese.       What I like is another kind of artistic conception and reverie that these two words often bring to me.       The frosted colchicine is like a mirror, crystal clear, noble and clean. An ancient costume beauty, with deep feeling and style and attire, stands on the shore. Sometimes Yu Yu walks and looks forward to her appearance, and sometimes stops to frown and pity herself..       Desire is ashamed to say, love is pure and beautiful. In the long period of youth, there is always such a picture in young people’s mind full of love and desire that they can’t go away without calling..       I can’t remember how many love starts in autumn and ends in autumn.       I remember only one woman who wept in her arms late in the autumn night because someone was cruel and would rather make her sad at this time than regret it in the future..       I remember only one woman who wept at the bank of the rolling river in autumn because she didn’t want his fate to continue in the next generation..       Today, the rain is falling in the rain, making people think about the past and remember the sea..       A autumn rain and a sorrow, sorrow and sorrow are not free.       Shang Ruo Yuxi is alive and the chairman is reborn. I don’t know what kind of autumn poems will be written in order to astonish the earth, cry ghosts and gods and shake everything..

Ebb Tide, what is gold?

Has put together over a poem, “To the text Cultivator” in this sentence: how many articles Lang Tao Sha, Time flies out of real gold.Now, I think another problem: Ebb Tide, what is gold?  True gold fears fire, but can not stand the test of beautiful legends.  Lama, a mysterious beautiful name, a premature death Lama, the world’s most beautiful lover, the most beautiful snow-covered plateau Gesang.Long days, I do not know touched the hearts of many people, I do not know how many men of letters went to his story.About his love poems and stories about him, and the book has been translated numerous poems.Mr. Yu Quan Road, from the beginning, about his poetry and books can be said to have been swept.A variety of versions, each with its own statement, but only a large definition, he is a Lover.I have been moved, about his book “live Tathagata live Qing”, I think the more he read the more magical.  When a “anthem Lama set” before me, filled with hope to turn, turned over page after page, I was dumbfounded, I could not find Lama.He suddenly fallen, is no longer a Lover.  Accidentally saw a familiar poem was vulgar: To break people heart and desire, fear will lose this life to Buddhism.  To practice seclusion in the mountains, the women turn away from the heart.  This book is the only one to give me the impression of poetry.Faced with this book, I can only silent.Easily tossed aside, his hands hold his forehead.Was secretly cursed: This is also called it poetry?Now the business to make money really does not blink ah!I do not like angry, so try to think about some good things.Unconsciously, what the brain flash, oh, a seal had translated his poetry: sentimental loss was considered holy life, into the mountains and do not fear Allure.  Andhra queen world law, live Tathagata live Qing.  Yeah!More comfortable.Read this poem, simply a pleasure.  At that moment, a few words on the title page of the collision just took down my eyes, “Long winter translated”.Suddenly I exceedingly strange, I remember I had read point his “Heyuan Sketches” is the great charm of the article ah.I took this point the only curiosity reading this book again.  When still in order, let some text I was scared, very bad.  ”Translating Poetry by far the most loyal Lama, eliminate misunderstanding, but also a true Lama.”This comment is undoubtedly his place at risk.When I carefully read the preface, I understand, Mr. Long Dong as a Chinese and Tibetan translator to make this book.Really wanted to shame.  When the mystery is no longer so mysterious, legendary not so legendary, so when no longer Lover Lover, which will be scouring the gold.This is true, Mr. Long Dong also said, the poetry of heaven and earth.  Of course, Mr. Long winter may also hope that he is a Lover.Ebb Tide many years, he finally opened a little mysterious veil.Looking for centuries, finally winnowed out some gold to.So, the previous efforts of so many people what count?  I think, no matter who translated, written, people are not favored by fake.True or false, after all, everything about him is sustenance, but also later sustenance of all people.Lama, just a beautiful and charming scenery, is God, the good hearts of the people forever.  A cultural works, whether good, is valuable, that it something inside, rather than what authority.The vast ocean Culture, Ebb Tide.Amoy real gold is one thing, gold is another matter.As long as it has its value, even if it is a grain of sand, but also gold.