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Division office, is one of New York’s oldest law firm, founded in the 18th century, more than two hundred years of history.Cody.Zeller McLaughlin as senior partner of the law firm and stern, proficient in business mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property litigation.Just a deal in the history of the largest US merger, DuPont acquisition of ConocoPhillips, is a Cody.Zeller team provides legal support!

  This is the “USA Today” reported on ACON hire lawyers respondent groups.ACON responded very quickly, bring an action against IBM in New York court on the third day immediately make up has been hailed as the most luxurious in the history of American newspapers lawyer litigation group, to respond to allegations of IBM.ACON company not just to deal with a legal case, but to have it playing a classic crisis of Marketing.
  Meanwhile, under the ACON’s efforts to guide and research, the focus of the media once again focused the company’s competitive IBM and ACON up.Various experts have commented, this analysis to intellectual property disputes that may arise in the future.According to the defense material complaint material provided by IBM, and ACON company at a press conference held later show.
  Computer experts generally agreed that, even if the company ACON infringement problem is not serious.Even though they lost.Compensation will not exceed $ 10 million.And IBM wants the court to prohibit ABC series computers sold in the US request, almost a fairy tale.
  ACON company as an emerging new force to promote the industrial revolution, the tyranny suffered on behalf of the conservative ruling class

Silent comedy, even if it is not clear that such films can still succeed released, even if the release of the box office will not be too good, or do you want to try.

  Su Yuan Xi is thin do not know how to convince Gujiu An, in short Gujiu An after reading the script, filming the spot to be finalized this movie.
  I heard a lot of stars Gujiu An comeback, volunteered offered to low pay is participating, just want to learn about acting with Gujiu An experience, a thin seal willing matter of course, but the actor finalized, was originally supposed to be invested by the investors because the movie the company some problems, the temporary divestment.
  Oh, the thin seal anxious.
  The book is not the movie, Su Yuan did not know after the film is released flutter is explosive, but the film is far-reaching, she gritted his teeth and decided to come up fee investment in the film, I do not know how this thing was Fu needy know, Fu raw cold silent on invested fifty million, or wait until after the official start of the film, known only Su Yuan.
  ”I think this movie is very likely flutter.”Su Yuan Fu generous to the needy was very hard to understand,” You’re a businessman, you should have a professional risk assessment team, you do not refer to their views?”
  Fu raw cold faint smile: “Last time I invested in a thin film of lead” crazy escape, “earned pours

Please cherish the girl who meets Capricorn

Please cherish the girl who meets Capricorn. Zodiac Series: Capricorn Makeover’s stubbornness often makes people feel that they are indifferent. How should they be treasured?. Let’s take a look at it together with Xiao Bian. Please cherish the girl who met Capricorn unremittingly.. Capricorn girls are stubborn, which also makes them especially affectionate when facing their feelings. It can even be said that one track minded, their love is from beginning to end, and they will not give up this kind of persistence until they finally can’t see hope.. In the face of work affairs, they can do the same simple thing as others one day for ten years and feel fun. Such perseverance is unimaginable to other constellations..   Understand that Viva Capricorn is a child in need of protection. Capricorn women under Saturn’s protection are usually not very optimistic. Their subconscious inside is insecure and insecure, making them easy to think too much.. Capricorn girls are very sincere to their friends. They hope someone can understand them and understand them..   In fact, I’m not indifferent. Capricorn girls don’t like to bother others, so they don’t easily confide their thoughts to others, and they don’t often take the initiative to fight for those they like. Besides, they lack the ability to express themselves, which leads others to think that they are indifferent and heartless. However, after understanding them, they will find out that they are actually enthusiastic people.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What constellation is Danson Tang

What constellation is Danson Tang? Danson Tang is an introverted big boy, no matter when talking about bitter past or achievements, his face is always a calm expression, he is kind like the big brother of his neighbor. Let’s take a look at his constellations today.!   Virgo’s Danson Tang (Danson Tang) was born on September 2, 1984 in Keelung, Taiwan Province. He is a male singer, movie actor and program host of Taiwan pop music in China.. In 2003, Danson Tang signed a contract with eight major TV stations and starred in his first TV series “Pool Boy” the following year.. On July 9, 2007, Danson Tang signed AI Hui Records and released his first music album “Love Me” on August 17 of the same year. With this album, he also won the third KKBOX Music Awards New Player of the Year award.. In 2009, Danson Tang released his second music album “D” New Attraction “and won the kiDulty Prize in” 2009 Modern Shanghai Brilliant Award in Woe ” . In 2010, he starred in his first movie “Armor hero Emperor.”. In 2011, Danson Tang released three solo albums “Travel to Tomorrow” and won the Taiwan Outstanding Young Singer Award for the 8th Golden Melody Awards with the single of the same name[4] . In 2013, she starred in the love drama “Love in Time”. In 2016, he starred in the urban suspense TV series “The Adventure for Love” and sang the episode of the same name..   Virgo’s luck is good in 2016.! The career vision has been improved, the environment has been changed at will, the performance has been improved, the growth of financial reports has gradually become normal, and the work efficiency and Quality Control have gradually been affirmed.. There is a wave of short career and academic climax.. Sudden increase in unexpected wealth. Love is a matter of care. Come on, Danson Tang! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

“Flea Princess” making money Chen Tao

Six years ago, a 16-year-old from clouds of girls in rural areas, because to spend 50 yuan to buy a 900 yuan worth of MP3, discover business opportunities little girl decided to resign shop, selling used digital products Shimonoseki Newbridge farmers market six years later, she became a leading digital fashion flea Dali Princess, created the day to sell 23 notebook miracle.A second-hand MP3 she saw a new industry prospects Chen clouds from the next village to the next working off the Windy City that year only 16 years old, a happy little girl in rural areas, a waiter in the restaurant, to the furniture store promoters do, since earlier than roosters, sleep later than dogs, pigs and dogs eat the food, every month 300 ocean finally a support themselves!With little sisters own a work of its own MP3, wearing a pair of small ear, it all looks cool and fashionable.Chen Hong in a supermarket to see a Samsung digital MP3, the price of more than 900, an MP3 spend their own hard-earned money for three months, in spite of love, or not willing to Chen consumption.Then the new bridge (now called the United States Gordon Bridge) reconstruction, the opening day alone out to watch Chen Hong, inadvertently walked bridge, northbound to the flea market, Chen started to follow from secondhand MP3, and said it happened, Chen Hong really saw the money she has long been admired Samsung MP3, the other asking price star anise (Shimonoseki slang refers to 80 yuan), Chen thought it was 800 yuan, said the new and sold more than 900, boss laughed: more than 900 new aircraft I just want you 80 yuan you still Xiangui?Chen listened to feel very affordable, through bargaining, she spent the Pentagon (50 yuan) to buy this almost new Samsung MP3!The same is MP3, the sound quality that feel that, little sisters spend several hundred dollars to buy a new MP3 with Chen Honggang had to buy this one to throw away!Chen decided to start his own business!She quit her job promoters furniture store, only 6 square meters of shops flea market in the next room disk, digital products, specializing in selling second-hand.For bargains, she traveled almost all of the flea market in Yunnan once the right choice so that she became a star with frequent flea purchase, the biggest flea market in Yunnan – Kunming Zhangguanying flea market bosses have become Chen’s supplier, were much appreciated this little woman is not simple, they are scrambling to her supplier.In 2009, Zhangguanying Flea Market demolition, before the new owners of the store did not regard the inventory process to find consignment Chen, Chen took the opportunity to Dali flea market and set down a larger pavement.Kunming a computer company boss Wang Chen commented: This is a small woman business refined, shipped very often, in Kunming do we know this line of business profits are very thin with her, but we are willing to work with her, playing money is very timely, good faith, Yunnan flea market Liran Ran growing a rising star!People do not know this famous flea star of the secondary market in Kunming!Weekend, the author Chen Dali new northbound farmers market (folk called Dali flea market) Taobao stroll computer digital line, a couplet on the door attracted the author, the Alliance West batches of excellent dental armed Ku, the second line Hopkins Shield potbellied Hey, I see this kind of combination of Chinese and foreign couplet once, feeling very interesting.A look into the store, happened to meet an old friend of Dali photographer Luo, Luo said, he used a Nikon SLR digital camera Chen’s go for a used laptop, barter, what they need, and said that in recent years he and a friend introduced Chen to do with tens of thousands of dollars of business, which age is not a small woman, very fine business, second-hand high-end digital products she can buy almost here!By Luo teacher, author and Chen Hongcheng friends, on the same day at a price of 2,800 yuan in cash to buy a Luo down for SLR digital cameras, Luo said, this small number of his Nikon digital cameras due to son they have bought better SLR, just missing his own a laptop, it brought a change of.There are a good way of making money cheaper goods flea Princess Chen Chen of the red, according to the flea market business for many years Mr. Lee, Chen had a day to sell 23 second-hand laptop, reached a new record Dali flea market sales of notebook computers, I then Chen Xiao Yang, where the staff has been confirmed, so I was surprised.Chen said: If you identify what treasure, buy cheap, buy only those who are brain-dead cliches of it!In 2009, Kunming Zhangguanying Flea Market demolition had never been seen, where the owners sell digital products, digital products processing a lot to me, those digital fine they charge very low, due to the temporary pavement can not be found, are at a loss to deal with me, finally I definitely have to benefit consumers and the Dali!February 28, 2010, the weekend, to coincide with the Lunar New Year, Newbridge flea market surging poll, Chen busy in her Taobao digital computer line, the new and old customers to patronize from time to time, quipped: Chen the red!Chen smiled: I will always be happy to do a flea!

(Essay), “China’s dynastic history card: ancient coins” (a)

Because like the collection, occasionally dabbled in ancient coins, are gorgeous and profound Chinese Ancient Coins of heavy, fascinated, to extricate themselves. Ancient coins, bearing the heavy story of thousands of years of Chinese history and situation of the United States movement, remember the history, culture, character evolution and history of calligraphy of the Chinese nation, the Chinese dynastic history card. The history of China’s currency, up to four or five thousand years.In ancient times, our ancestors ignorant, vaguely exploring the dawn of civilization, in the way of barter exchange can not meet the needs of social life, began to use natural currency, commodity exchanges, such as Bei.Henan Yangshao shell ornaments unearthed, it is about this, about 7,000 years, since the loved baby, you’ve got the original meaning of money.With the frequent exchange of commodities, shells often in short supply, so have the different textures of stone shell, jade shell, bone, shell and other imitation shell money.Bronze shell money, it was the coin of development and representatives peak, opened the first of its kind of metal coins.Due to the size of the copper shell, quality, value more unified, and thus it has a natural Bei incomparable superiority, gradually recognized by society as a whole, traffic up.Later, the development trend of the evolution of currency, the evolution of the clutter shape to form a unified, unified by the Mint to the central place of disorder coins evolved from the era of the reign of the weight of the instrument, gold coins evolved from metal currency to paper money “to pay child “Evolution ‘pay money’ monetary, increasingly reveals the proper function, have completely matured. Chinese ancient regime, whether orthodox dynasty, or the mountains and the minority regime, whether separatist rebel warlord, was short-lived peasant rebel army, as a symbol of the founding, as a rule required, and thus demonstrate national prestige, imperial power and orthodoxy, both cast coins, almost without exception,.Chinese ancient coins varieties, vast, probably have several kinds of it, they are the original shell money, is the ancient Warring States Period cloth coins, knives coins, two semi-Qin Dynasty, Tang Dynasty and the Han Dynasty five baht of Kaiyuan, is complicated period of the Five Dynasties and ten Kingdoms frequent wars, rare yuan reign coins, there are precious relics Liao Jin Xixia coins minority regime. Ancient coins, because the amount of dynastic history of stable and survive in the world of time, and the dynasty was intentional and special circumstances, to survive in the world that is not the same.Yes, currently only found one, later also difficult for them to have, because at that time cast test samples; some may be more than ten million, because after several dynasties, casting long time.It contains a collection of coins, how much more in order to survive in the world of theory, this makes sense, the only significant precious little.However, the stock of the world’s precious ancient coins, after all, very few.These ancient coins, most people simply can not even see the need collections opportunity, even China Numismatic Museum Numismatic Museum and some specialized collections did not, in the auction market, the hundreds of millions, millions of dollars.They exist in the ancient Spring and Autumn Period, exists in the national Five Dynasties short, and short-lived dynasty Rare coins regime remains present in many minority rule, not even the history, not the record, not even unearthed Find.Many precious coins, since the national “occupies an especially important position in the history of the development of Chinese coins, particularly important value of ancient coins, Coin and banknote version of” relics grading standards for national-level cultural relics. Ancient coins, the solidification history, condensed dynastic history, the culture of an era microfilm, showing the ultimate Chinese calligraphy of a period when the idea of carrying historical figures.A small coin, in our eyes, is in our hands.We hand history, even with our history and historical figures, as the direct dialogue, appreciate the vicissitudes of history, perceived moment of history, review of historical figures heartbeat, look at the history of God with the king as the quality and. Money instrument body coin Chinese dynasties, we can say that the history of the evolution of Chinese characters and a Chinese calligraphy history.Quaint characters and the art of calligraphy on coins, and the latest incarnation is a direct evolution of the carrier at the time of the development of Chinese characters.Ancient coins calligraphy, distinct characteristics.Mint Western Han Wang Mang Qian, the use of “hanging needle seal,” Two Birds “goods cloth” coins, fonts narrow, neat strokes slender, needle hanging Zhuangruo, party-run quaint and strange .Northern and Southern Dynasties, Zhou generic “cloth spring”, “five large cloth” and “Wing nations’ coins, the” King of tendons Seal, “especially thick Ya Zhuopu, strokes deep and powerful, Wan round and smooth, ages recognized said France must work to seal.There Huizong of Song Yu Shu coins, sonorous skinny body strong, memorable people, Jin pregnant British Taihe party coin Seal of heavy and elegant, is the pinnacle of Chinese seal character of ancient coins, no one beyond backwards.Research, learning words, the art of calligraphy on ancient coins, for us to develop the art of calligraphy, has important reference.Mr. calligraphy everyone Shandong Jiangwei Song, is a leader in calligraphy inscriptions.We can intuitively feel the inscriptions on the cloth knife coins and currency, and that is our ancestors written in beautiful Seal, vigorous and effective, dash.You can also try to figure out two semi-Qin and Han five baht fine Xiaozhuan, that art really charming, it is the ultimate architecture and lines.There are official script atmosphere and Zhuopu, the book really dignified and rigorous, regular script delicate and specifications.Chinese characters, has been immersed in our blood, Chinese characters, is our thought, Chinese characters, is our own. That old coins cloth three holes, cast in disorder, late Warring States period melee endlessly around the 3rd century BC, special shapes, very dilute stock, specific shape, its two feet each have a header and a circular perforation obtained by mysterious name.That era, human evolutionary development or peak era of world thought, civilization highlighted, even insurmountable.Has a profound impact on our human thought, behavior of giant thought, such as the Lao Tzu, Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, there are many important thinkers in the history of the world, are living in a period that.The three-hole cloth, is the pre-Qin currencies legendary coin, oddly shaped, mysterious style.Has been found in three holes cloth, in addition to “Mou” word in about 10 money, the rest were less than 10, many of them only see the solitary value of its collection, will, over time, become more value-added.2010 Jia Dechun beat, a “Wu-Yang” back “two” three holes cloth, the price of 352.80,000 yuan; first half of 2013, net Chinese ancient spring, also auctioned a three-hole layout, but also solitary, the price is around 2.6 million.China Numismatic Society researcher Huang Xi whole, is an expert in terms of money cloth three holes, three-hole layout for more than a unique study.Solitary, is the only world. Precious knife coins, also on behalf of Chinese ancient coins.Qi knife, casting Qi Shandong native country, mainly in circulation today in Shandong Peninsula.Qilu, is now said on behalf of Shandong.Knife coins, Qi, Yan and Zhao Spring and Autumn Period, multi-casting, money thick body, beautiful, large and small, the basic shape is the first tip, the back arc, the end of a concave blade, knife ring there, face back with the text or Microhyla.Now been discovered and cataloging of Qi knife, the “amalgamation” and “Let the law” and “Anyang law” and “Toner Save the law” and “bamboo mat state law” and “Qijian Bang Chang-fa of “other.Qian “Toner Save”, “Anyang”, “Qi” and so are the names, “Toner” now the Shandong Jimo region, “Anyang” now the Shandong Cao County area, “Qi” refers to the capital Qi Linzi.Special needs is a law of the sixth Qijian Bang long knife coins, is China’s first commemorative coins, handed down very little, very precious, the price of one million.Qijian Bang Long method of coins, world coins originator, has allowed scholars to learn remembered World Coins.That era, many countries in the world, money is still in the Mongolian cultural shortage period, it is still barter trade, even writing had not been invented. Chinese cloth coins, thinking knife coins invention is evolved from the daily production tools and weapons of war made, a spade, a knife.Since that time, tool and cutter, is the fundamental guarantee of life, survival and triumph, the former circulation in the Spring and Autumn Period of Shanxi two weeks regions, the latter is Qi, Yan and Zhao territory.Many types, there are Qi knife, knife Jimo, Anyang knife, needle Knife, Sharp Knife, knife first round and clear cut, and many more have been cast more mature, thick strokes fat inscriptions.Spring and Autumn Period, because different production conditions in various regions of the natural environment, resulting in a different monetary system.Nations fragmented, self-contained economy, coins casting confusion, cloth coins, knives coins, money won and ant nose money in circulation each other, are not mutually exclusive.

Outside the aquarium, aquarium

Living room coffee table placed in a fishbowl, three goldfish in a beautiful little girl enthusiastically travel outside inside, he saw the fish tank, happily straight smile, revealing two cute dimples.  The little girl to put a few grains of aquarium fish food to go.White Goldfish first discovered, turned towards swimming fish food, fish food Zhangkaixiaozui swallow.Red and yellow goldfish goldfish behind followed up, only to see empty water.The little girl has cast a fresh, two newcomers also have to eat, but then the first Eater to heart, so trailing behind with white fish, white fish is on the chase is crowded.Whitefish can not, can only be resorted to large market in the swimming pool trained Dafa, hard swim forward.Upon seeing the little girl, around tank clapping, shouting for my mother, my mother, my mother, Come, my weight loss exercise fish after cooking, they dance together!  Aquarium actually is conducting a struggle for survival.  The little girl’s mother took a wash of white stones, put them gently into the fish tank.Stones quickly sink to the bottom of the tank, to the monotonous world made a small beautification.Fish are seen, they try to open our mouths underwater arch stones, trying to give their own ability to find a suitable place to nest, put their eggs in the sand when the river’s fish breeding.They are so hard to find, the stones have come up with a sound.Mom heard, the little girl smiled and said the children you listen, the fish they will knock it Percussion.  Aquarium breeders but can not find a suitable for the spawning worry.  Weather suddenly hot up.The little girl’s father fishing some of the plants from the pond in the aquarium, the fish are said to be increased to increase oxygen.This little world is more beautiful, white stones, green plants, as well as three beautiful goldfish, pleasing.The family felt a goldfish tank in the living room is really the most beautiful embellishment.Tomorrow I depend on small goldfish dancing.At night, the little girl said to her mother before going to sleep to get enough.Okay, baby, goldfish swim will do to your dreams.  The little girl also remember sleep.The next morning, she ran to the living room, rushed to the edge of the tank, but “ah” uttered a cry.How a child.Mom and Dad anxiously ran to see what had happened, they found aquarium plants have to eat goldfish only had a few dry stalks, leaving only two aquarium goldfish, goldfish piece of white stiffly lying on the ground outside the living room fish tank, has died.


Since work outside the home, I do not feel at home.After work, people ask me when I go home, I am always surprised carefully, I repeatedly to correct them, it is just a rental, not a home.Up to be a post.  Rental is someone else, you can always take away.Although I am living in it, but it does not qualify my heart into it as home.  At a minimum, there should be at home more than two people warm plus the desired stability.Stubbornly believe that parents where, where my home is.Now my parents thousands of miles away.I looked up and found that the distant home.  I am now living in dorms are farmers house, typical handshake building, building and building capacity pitch only three can be had all year round from morning to night rare encounter sunlight, turn on the lights during the day and if not, it is eerie.I spare the people most of the time stay in the company.Come back at night, a door is open TV.TV can not see, but can not open, so the room sound is the key.Soap opera which came to speak or listen to the sound of a fight, so the sound unique smoke flavor, makes me feel that they are not living in a vacuum on the good.  Before going to sleep shut the TV, the radio will open.Radio usually on my pillow, close to the side of the ear, you can hear the volume is turned down so far, said the compere, despite what she said, whether it was all her personal taste thing.Let the radio people kept whispering to me, put me to sleep this is a top priority.As it sings when to give up, this depends on the depth of my sleep.It is often made only a hum until dawn, it is common.Sometimes woke up this morning and found that radio is still there, crying, heart can not bear, let it grays busy working my outrageous, I think it will forgive me alone in a foreign land alone and helpless it.  Although rental TV and radio companion, but it seemed to lack what point.  A day in the evening, plus complete classes dormitory.Fu went to the intersection, far to see an old man standing on the roadside, alone as a skinny old trees.At that time windy road in addition to the old man, almost did not see the others.Approached only to find him filled with all sorts of different sizes, all kinds of fish tank, tank, there are a lot of different colors of Big Red.I always like to fish, not daring to raise.I’m afraid they are dead, I can not afford to lose their pain.  Before raising once, within a month, annihilated.Only to find fish brings not only joy, but also bring the hidden and long-lasting pain.  Cold day, dark night, and an old man.So late, cold, still waiting for someone to go through, it can buy fish.Just big here, he is not a place to stop the flow of people downtown who would buy his fish?I said, grandfather, you still go to North Huaqiang sell, people will be more, here too biased, without shelter stopped, strange cold.He said, urban management control is tight, would not say his tank overturned Moreover, this small business, they were caught, but even this money back, but also heavy penalties.He said he works during the day, according to a company, not empty out the night before selling vacant pits.He and his wife are like fish, raising a total of more than three hundred pieces.His wife is now confined to bed, but for the anxious waiting for the money, raised these fish are decidedly reluctant to come out.Raise their own fish, just like their own biological child, from small to large to take care of them and watch them grow up under the eyes of one, sold to someone else, especially when they plaything of man, how could you not feel bad?He said they sell is like selling their old life.  I clearly saw drops of tears, multiple wrinkles from the old rolling across the cheeks at.My heart suddenly quivering with what he said was choked, it sounds like winter leaves whimpering in the cold wind.So I did not hesitate bought two goldfish, one red and one black, plus a transparent fish tank, spent a total of fifteen dollars.I came back, I was eager to put the fish tank placed on the desk.I’m happy to watch them constantly gilded blisters, round and round, almost spit a dozen laps, and then gradually turn these blisters burst in their chase and play in.A fish will float, while they sink to the bottom.From top to bottom, a moment prodigiously, just do not know what tired.Seven every morning I go to the company to work on time, before they come back to see ten p.m..The old man asked me not to change the water every day to give the goldfish a week to change it once.Each fish one day to eat a foodstuff is enough, and more may not be indispensable.Due to time off work late, I’m afraid they are hungry, so each fish in the morning to feed two.I want to move with their good characteristics, food should not be a problem digesting two ant-sized, will not allow them too much support.Their vitality melted my heart Aimless it townships, with their participation, my rental more unexpected vitality, they helped me resolve the inextricable nostalgia.Lonely heart as they are happy and excited.I look forward, I hope they grow up quickly; I seem like a dormitory, I’m afraid they have to wait for me and so anxious.  Night came back, the first thing is something important and ran towards the table, look on at them again, rather than rush to open the TV.Little fish seem to know when its owner to come back like, very informed one outstretched head, tilted his mouth, he looked at me.I refused to eat dinner, began a cordial conversation with them.I say brothers, hungry, I’m away, but the old thinking of you, you have no want me ah?This time, I deliberately put two-time foodstuffs, and let every foodstuff very close, want to wait and see how they compete for food to go.Such a long time, do not even try to steal, very friendly.So I put the two diets separated by a small wooden stick, especially the one around the mouth of the redfish, really obedient to eat according to my meaning.After a look at it, I fear that big redfish heads, it will be the first one and then the greedy.He deliberately into the water, swam to the blackfish, informing it went to eat.Blackfish possible at this time to know the meaning of redfish, and quickly swam to the direction of the food, it’s easy to put one to eat the cleaners.They help each other commendable, to my silent proven their precious friendship.They touched me, I won every one of them, on the palm of the hand, love to watch them, for fear of bruising their body scales, carefully took a warm bath for them, sent did not put shower gel, fear they are affected by cold cold, wash immediately back into the aquarium.They talk to say, you are my good partners and good brothers, good friends, you are very lovely and great enough, I want you to accompany me to the old!Heart Song when I talk with them, hostel much unspeakable warmth; each other and common understanding of the day, it gradually with the taste of home rental.  Chinese New Year holiday, I am worried that no one care two fish.I do not know to whom, like a long time, decided to entrust to a long-lost brother of fellow Young.Before he bought to see some flowers planted in pots, a very professional attentive, very good care of these young lives.Presumably he might like fish.He should listen to me to take care of goldfish to him for some time, said nothing, the afternoon will take more than an hour’s car came to take fish.In fact, this is far from the price of two fish add up to one of his travel expenses.He took the time to spend energy to take over the fish, which shows that he also cherish life, I know the value of the fish is priceless.He took the fish tank, pledged that this fish is my friend, he will try to look like their friends, they take good care.  I said to the fish, say goodbye to a few days, now take care of you by my good friend, you had better listen to him, good fun.I looked at Yang brother hands holding tank, solemnly, disturb the slightest fear, timid of the state.Tears actually unconscious drip face.  Vacation is over, I returned home from work in Shenzhen, Yang brother told me, redfish went to the “West”.I do not know how to say to him,.Like last time, but also a month, I went.This black day!I most want to hear the news once again I was covered in a kind of cold can not be isolated.I had expected this day would come sooner or later, but did not expect such a bolt from the blue, as was thunderstruck as restless.After Yang brother personally came to tell me that he would find a companion exactly the same with the original redfish with blackfish, back to me.I said forget it, do not sent!I say it three times in a row do not, do for him, do not.  I’m afraid the other one black fish is also facing the same fate, although I do not know it could survive long in this world.  Knowing the pain ever, but simply wanted to stubbornly think they will and peace, life will be stationed, it will be with me for a long time.Blackfish afraid to see again, think of the departed redfish.Love to heartbreak grief, love to flee, I really do not know how to face.I just want to make life and death has occurred of pain has not occurred to reprint Yang brother, but whether he would be willing to accept, it is my sad place.He knows I ever lingering feelings for the fish, but it is for me the most fatal blow.I know that the other fish, it was waiting for me, so I pick it back, so I fed him food to eat, so I am happy and glad for it.It requires my attention, I need my attention, but I’m afraid.  Who knows, personally tending out of life, emotional effort spent trained, until conceding, no opportunity to save their time, what will be painful to me?!  Happy, forgetting the potential dangers once the crisis comes, it can not be changed overwhelmed.I persuade myself, long life, no matter how pleasurable and memorable came to this world, after all, have to leave one day.You have to accept that this is a fact!I rented, and they wanted me in the new year, with the upgrade to be able to have a warm home in a foreign land, but my other half, my brother before I a.My dorm room cold, my world began to keep snow.Big snow goose feather, the siege drown me, I never see my companion, my fish.Heart to cry, tears have dried.Their message is that I can not knowingly Past.

Bloody wall

Oh shit!Cunt!I worked so hard to go out to make money, even food that did not come back!The couple next door and got into a fight, threw things around the sound is not stopped.Ji Gong Ru tune the TV sound loudest, watching TV thought of his stepfather, her parents divorced early, his mother married his stepfather, stepfather often would not let her eat.Sometimes the mother would cook burned his late mother beat her, reading her mother would bathe absence.She now leads a shower door Shihai always felt a pair of eyes staring at her leaks.Just three years ago, her mother died, and stepfather a few days also disappeared, she thought to eat their own bitter finally coming to an end.After a loud door slamming next door quiet, Ji Gong Ru sighed, turned off the TV to enter a deep sleep in bed.The next morning ah?A scream came from next door woke Ji Gong Ru, Ru Gong Ji put on his coat to go out to see what had happened.Wei aunt, how the?Ru Ji Gong looked pale and glassy-eyed woman said.Women did not speak, pointing to the room of their home with a shaking hand, Ji Gong Ru quickly ran over and just walked into the thick smell of blood rushing.Ji Gong Ru heart thumped, suppressed a panic and went in, blood everywhere, some have been splashed on the wall, open the closet inside man of the house’s body was cut open!Ji Gong Ru could bear muzzled went to his room, pick up the phone to feed!Well police!10 9 floor safe area where someone dies!Come!Ji Gong Ru complete police report to Wei aunt called me into his house, and comfort: Wei aunt, drink some water to calm down, for a while the police arrived.Wei aunt nodded sluggish, it seems to be scared not light.Not long after police arrived, checked the scene did not find the murder weapon, and they find Ji Wei Gong Ru aunt informed.Police officer was just the door Gong Ru Kyi’s house TV backdrop of red blood drawn: it’s very pretty face paint.Ru Gong Ji smiled and said: I think so too.Well, get to the bar!Police officers to serious.Ru Gong Ji Wei aunt went to sit down beside him, police began asking: Will Miss Wei, you and your husband what happened yesterday it?Wei aunt nodded his head: Yesterday I cook at home a bit late, my husband scolded me out to go home, things at home also fell, probably arguing for two hours, I felt wronged and ran to her parents.What about when out?There are probably eight or nine at the bar!Police officer nodded and asked to: Ms. Gong, How about you?Yesterday did not hear any sound?Ji Gong Ru thought: Yesterday I was at home watching TV, I heard next door got into a fight, and threw things around the sound, after a long time to hear a lot of slamming doors, quiet after I fell asleep, did not listen to another voice.Ms. Wei came back it?Police officer turned around and inquired.No, I slept in her parents.Then you get back to doing today?Wei aunt rubbed his hands twice said: This morning I want to go home that baggage, with his divorce, Ms. Wei knows who is doing the work?Police officer looked up and asked,.I had no job, housewives.Ms. Gong that it?Ji Gong Ru faint said: I am a cartoonist supernatural.Police officer got up and looked around and said: Well, right here, I went to the adjustment to the corridor camera.See police officers called away by another person in the next view, Ru Gong Ji Wei aunt said: Wei aunt, you do not think about, these days you’re the first in her family to live is good.Wei aunt nodded, not to say, as no soul like walked into the elevator.Wei aunt watched into the elevator, Ru Gong Ji went next door to observe a moment, there are several police officers in search of the true site.She thought, Wei aunt is also a poor man, doing housework all day, but also beaten the man, now regarded as a relief.In the next station will be, just not long before the two police officers came back, his brow wrinkled, with Ji Gong Ru nodded, being recorded against police officers said: Xu Jinglei ah!We considered the case stand sits a tall order.That police officer Xu asked: how the?How difficult task ah?I went to see the video, in addition to the hostess that time have never been out who came in or went out.The officer Seriously.Xu police officer raised an eyebrow: it will not be ghosts!What do you think?Hurry things right!Ji Gong Ru home continues painted manuscript, the police officers did not take long to go back.Xu police officers to the downstairs looked at the building said: Look weeks old, the balcony is definitely good to see here.Just Gong Ru Ji their investigation officer looked nod.A few days later the police officers still have not the slightest clue, but also received another tragedy together.More die foolish people, dead after being drawn and quartered put into bags, the killer took it to the woods, a few days after a report found the body had been badly mutilated wild dog bites.Week they received a report on police officers quickly arrived on the scene look, the investigation found that the case and the previous cases have in common.The same is not between husband and wife and also the day of the deceased and his wife quarrel, the same is to be drawn and quartered, the police quickly judge is the same murderer.Police officer, what happened here yet?Then there are the familiar voice interrupted thoughts officer week, Zhou police officers look closely Ji Gong Ru?How are you this ah?Zhou officer strange question to.Ji Gong Ru lift shopping bags in hand, said: I buy something to eat.Ah, where there was a dead cut into pieces.Officer circumferential frowned.In the end who is so heartless.Ji Gong Ru sigh of.Yes!Zhou sergeant nod.Go bye.Ji Gong Ru I do not know how the cold face, there is no sudden enthusiasm for weeks before police officers.Zhou police officers confused, back to the police station he grew more and more wrong.Against the police officer asked Xu: Xu Jinglei, if a person would have told you the good, the next second they are indifferent to you, like a stranger, do you think she will not be a split personality?Xu police officers gasped: You mean just the woman?Zhou police officers stood up and took the coat: go, we go to see safe area!Zhou police officers to the scene began to study the distance between the balcony, think before Ji Gong Ru said she was drawn supernatural comics, draw comics there should be a variety of supernatural killing methods.Looked across the building, go there immediately and Xu police officers transferred out of the video, finally confirmed his idea right, the murderer is her!Zhou Xu police officers and police officers rushed into the floor where Ji Gong Ru, knocked on her door, Ji Gong Ru face with a strange smile: Oh, it was discovered?Zhou police puzzled and said: Why do you want to do?why?You can understand a little girl watched her mother being beaten stepfather mood it?Can you see a girl peep bathing mood you own stepfather?I can not forbear down, and finally one day I killed him!He likes to play my mother I put his hand cut off to bury him in my mother that!He likes to watch me bathe me his eyes out in the bathroom to let him see your fill!I want him to look at how I tortured those who like him, so I took his blood painted on the wall that side!Ji Gong Ru mouth hanging smile creepy.Zhou police officers they were surprised to utter a word, such a family will little by little the young girls crazy, I feel sorry.Finally, after verification, Ji Gong Ru really have a split personality, even if they know who the killer is, he could get no justice

Bloody Road House

First, Baosong Jing town of the original town hospital Yan Chai Road, there is a hospital, the hospital has two treasures of the town’s hospital, two pieces of gold and silver is not a baby, but two centuries-old Taoist classics.  A winter morning in mid-1939, the monastery abbot Yuqing long road with little apprentice pure finish early lessons, all of a sudden burst of rapid Zhuangmen sound broke the quiet of the monastery, Yuqing Road, Long was surprised.  Song Jing town since the Japanese occupation, burning and looting the town of evil invading Japanese army happen every day, Yuqing Road, Long heart clench, he was not worried for his life and safety, worried about the hidden courtyard first division left two Taoist collection, this is Splendors of Imperial China, we must not fall into the hands of devils!In order to make long-term plans to adhere to, he has dismissed monastery in Xianzarenyuan make their own escape, leaving only himself and two disciples innocence and pure trio.A few days ago, Yuqing Road, Long found the wind tighter and tighter, the Japanese patrol inspections several times a day around the monastery, it seems, they are about to start on the road homes.Road yard just at this time food will do, so he sent a large apprentice innocence discharged, a buy grain, two looking for a safe place, ready to be transferred out Bao Ji.Today innocence did not return, but the door to uninvited guests, it seems that the Japanese devils to hands!  Sure enough, the door opened, rushed five or six heavily armed Japanese soldiers, led by captain is the pig.In fact, this guy called consultative Doutai Lang, sinister and ruthless, a long nose overturned on a round head, two small eyes, plus a jug ears, behind the town’s people gave him the nickname Captain pig.At this point, the captain of pig hand behind the soldier a bar, foot step, as though gentle grin: Long Road Good morning, men rude to bother you!  Yuqing a head in the chest with both hands Baoquan line had a Taoist ceremony, neither overbearing nor replied: I do not know the captain arrived and beneath much welcome, Pindao offended.Do not let the passengers inside talking.  Pig captain met, it would not get angry, but find their own level laughed, said his visit, a verification at the courtyard of staff, issuance of clearance certificate; two know backyard food difficult, specially sent some beef, ocean.Yuqing Road, Long answer, said the yard left a total of three people, only large pure discharged buy food has not been returned; gift of beef, did not dare to close off the ocean, do not eat beef Taoist four things, on behalf of filial piety of the faithful, must can not mess up, and the other Taoists used to eat rice, the ocean is no Fu Xiaoshou.Actually, I’m the captain of pig feed given to hard, just hum ha ha come full circle back and forth in the yard after the road is gone.  After closing the courtyard and so pure, pure Yuqing long road immediately called in the room, Yuqing Road, a long sip after sip of tea spoke: disciples, national crisis, Bao Ji dangerous master waved a long road continued, pig captain today to aim very clear that he is to get an actual situation, and we must be ready.Said lowered his voice and whispered orders up.  It was at this same time, the pig back to the team captain part arranged sergeant men, Yan Chai Road House in front of the road, set up three checkpoints before the membership did not get the two treasure monastery, a person not allowed by.Devils this arrangement, Yuqing long road still in the dark, he was still in the middle courtyard of his great disciple innocence come back to that night mentoring three planned transfer of membership treasure it!  Second, the layout of each winter days are short, the day soon dark, pure and some contain himself: Master, it seems to catch his brother is not coming back, or taking advantage of the dark, I’ll cover you treasure your old holding membership He left the monastery!  Yuqing Road, Long looked out the window of a night sky, shook his head and said: No, when pure, and I told him whether or not enlisted safe place, must return to the hospital within five days, today is the fifth day, he will be back.Besides not find a proper place for the collection, it was reckless treasure membership will transfer the hospital, this is not more in the Qiaoshanzhenhu captain of the pig count it?Master pure feel are right, and again stole to the door of the monastery, while waiting for the return of the brothers, while Couzhuo the courtyard door, looking out of the movement.  Yuqing Road, a long time also stood up from the futon, he calmly opened the bookcase against the wall, from the inside is offering a flat mahogany box, they find a yellow cloth, carefully wrapped up, and then took it to the next possession of a good clean bedroom.Just then, pure impatient hurriedly ran in, gasped: Master, Master, the bad, the road in front of the hospital blocked by the Japanese devils, I see their flashlight, hear the sound of their passwords the!Yuqing Road, Long mouth and said: Do not worry, do not worry, flustered mess things up.My heart can not help but surprised that he had to understand the reasons why now is not innocence back, and devils Yiba road foreclosed, he had originally intended by him tonight and pure cover, let’s come back with a pure treasure membership overnight the program has been transferred does not work, he can only think of the law.  Suddenly, the night sky came a crackling sound, long windows on the back wall of the grid no wind from the open, followed by a shadow floating in the air from the window into the room with a loud master, Yuqing look, big apprentice in his innocence has been established in front of.  Originally, pure daytime rush back, it was found in front of the hospital has been blocked road, had begun to get dark outside, changes from the back swing Tashui Mile Road House come over the wall.Fortunately, Tai-young age I learned a dodge, Shiyu Zhang tread water and over the water, only wet shoes and socks silver cloth.Yuqing Road, has long refused to take a small trip through the disciples asked, just opening: Bao Ji Favorite place may have been seeking proper?Pure nodded: Master ease, my disciples, found a safe place, as long as tomorrow will treasure the seat belt debut membership hospital, will be able to foolproof.Yuqing listened to my heart relieved, nodded hello two disciples came together to discuss it.  Mentoring three after half an hour to discuss the decision today, one night, after dawn tomorrow, if the Devils in front of the blockade will not be dismantled, only to wait until the dead of night, so pure swing back the treasure membership from behind Seven Mile Road House Tashui out.In order to recharge your batteries ready for tomorrow’s action, said long commanded two disciples go to bed earlier, a man himself sitting on the futon, eyes start to the evening classes.  Besides, the Ministry of Town gate Japanese occupation army captain in the pig did not sleep at the moment.He got the order will shortly redeployment.He was stationed in the town of Pine Jing year and a half, people were killed, house burned also, the people of gold and silver property also grab almost, but treasures of the town of Yan Chai Hospital Road House is still not forthcoming.Although he looks pig dog face, China’s traditional culture can understand a lot, he knows the value of these two Taoist classics, things have not yet arrived, he Zenken give up.He knew that insists that the long road is certainly not handing over; strong search that house dozens of Tao Yuan, where to search out?So today he was under the guise of good card verification personnel, into the monastery come full circle, intended Qiaoshanzhenhu to give way after a long frightened Bao Ji transferred discharged, he can set up card to intercept, who knows waiting for a long time, seen a head count in he could not stand it, I decided to seize the moment a move Zaishi.So, the men called the sergeant, told rumble with some Japanese words, cobia Hayi Hayi kicked away.  Third, the Bounty treasures soon, is meditation Yuqing Road, Long was a gust of Zhuangmen sound stunned and stood up, he immediately shouted: pure, pure, Come!Hardly ever cry, two disciples had arrived before him.Road, Long Lueyisisuo said: bad!Devils night they come to kill, and innocence, you have not let things go the hospital devils know, quickly hid behind the plaque of the beam, no matter what happened next, are not allowed to show his face!We know to keep your treasure is the sole responsibility of membership, pure and I deal with devil.Innocence Zhang of the mouth, he bursts out: Master, I Yuqing would not let him go, he pushed a handful of innocence: brisk walking!Pure frustration, jump leapt up, the whole body has been steadily falling beams.At this point it seems a long road suddenly think of the issue to hand, he grabbed his futon sitting, waved his hand, shabu, futon dancing, the beam of pure hand catch, a reduction body, hidden in the back of the plaque.  Before the courtyard outside pure open seven or eight devils have been break-ins, like the vicious long road mentoring Jia Zhu, Cao Cao’s army, led by the blunt long road in front of Chinese words shouted: your listening , quickly put the possession of two books handed!It does not pay to stab stab friends!All houses have burned!Yuqing Road, a long pale with anger, coldly replied: I do not understand your words!The sergeant took the torch from the hands of soldiers in front of a head a few Huang Huang continued threat and said: do not understand?fake!Two books do not pay, you both put to death!Long road still deadpan replied: burned me, and still do not understand your words!Angry sergeant to scrape together the torch to a head on clothes.  At this critical juncture, suddenly wearing a Japanese kimono pig captain from behind to take out, he pushed in front of an open General Cao: Do not be rude to a head!Then turned to his men roared: polite not speak, you all go away to the door, no command, not allowed to come in!That sergeant and six or seven heavily armed soldiers have retreated outside the gate.Sounded Duixiao pig captain left hand holding his right hand, Bao Quan Road, a long line had to teach ceremony: Long Road frightened, I apologize to you!Then, like magic, like out in the large pot of tea kimono sleeves, long road, this is your Celestial’s ‘Tippy’ great good tea!I want to drink alone pot of tea these days?Speaking single word, with the accent on one side, eyes on one side of a small pair of standing behind a head pure.Long road to understand the meaning of the pig, smiled, back orders pure: waited outside the door.  They left the house, the air seemed to ease a lot of.However, two of their heart was nervously wondering.Pig captain thought in mind are: carrot and stick tonight going to make sure that the long road to membership treasure that pay out.Yuqing Road, Long thought was: this evening, breaking the death of innocence and let the treasure safe transfer of membership was discharged he thought of this mind set, it is down to tea pig captain’s words and said: captain in the mood for, serve Pindao.Talking out Yixing tea set, and is offering a three-year old can of snow, he lit the charcoal, the snow boil, taking a dip in a pot of Tippy tea, pour two cups, a hand so that, say : captain, please!  Pig captain sly smile, picked up the cup in front of a head, collected in the mouth and other channels first long drink, do not care about long Yuqing Road, put in front of each other’s cup drained.Pig captain relieved, but also gusto products from tea.Next, the team long-term pig around in circles, tea comes from Lung Fu Shan, comes from Lung Fu Shan Taoism, Taoist talked about and from the Yan Chai Hospital Road, and finally see Figure poor dagger, long routes to the hospital two Tibetan nationality treasure out offer: a long road, you know, the current Chinese hurried retreat, these two big treasure membership only allows us to safely retained custody of the Japanese Imperial Army future generations, think how long Road?  Yuqing Road, a long sip of tea replied: admire the captain of the Chinese Taoist culture to understand it as deep!But these two books is our treasure Taoism is China’s treasure, it can only stay in Taoism, stay in China!It does not bother outsiders labor!  A head not listen to advice, then I’ll have to say tonight is ‘pay to keep people book, the book does not pay to keep people’!Then, the captain of two little pig eyes staring at the long road, observe each other’s reactions.  Yuqing long road in no hurry to answer, he got up and went before cabinet, open the cabinet, took out a small porcelain vase, with a steak the size of the ear spoon, scoop out a spoonful of orange-red powder, poured himself a cup of drink inside, picked up the teapot, the piping hot tea spilled into the cup, with the heat Jumping, a surge of fragrance floated curl.Long Road Duanqichabei like to enjoy a sip: tea!  Pig captain, pointing to a small porcelain vase on the table and asked: What is this?  Road, Long replied: captain not understand?This is called ‘tea cited’, tea cited tea into the third bubble, this is the highest level of tea!  Pig captain was fascinated by the long road of tea, and all of a sudden goes as far as to ask for Bao Ji had come aside: Well, I have to point!Said yourself, learn to look long road to themselves scoop spoon tea lead, then followed the long road that fragrant tea drink into the belly.  He said that at that moment, less than a minute’s time, dude captain suddenly felt pain in the belly, his hands trembling, repeatedly said: Oh, well, come Yeah toxic!Waiting outside heard the sergeant and the soldiers rushed in, hold your nose bloody pig’s head on one side, the side of the road long Jiazhu.A head laughed, broke away Jiazhu his Japanese soldiers, hand wipe the blood of mouth, word by word and said: You do not say ‘do not pay the book is not to keep people’ do?Ha, ‘do not pay the book, not keep people’!Tuer brisk walking his way slowly sat down also at this time, pure carrying a yellow bag and rushed out from the bedroom next door, and went straight road ran from the hospital door.See a sergeant, captain and hurried down the dead pig, while shooting, while the pure chase.  Taking advantage of this juncture, the beam of pure jump, squatted in front of the master, the tears will master cast with open eyes, and my heart cried: Good Young!He threw his master hidden treasure membership futon carefully tied clothes, jump out of the back wall plaid long window, toward Seven Mile swing, disappeared in the darkness.  A head and pure dead, Yan Chai Hospital Road burned, and that membership has stayed two treasure, it is now said to be relevant collection of Taoist classics.