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Is there a conspiracy?Saudi Arabia coach: We still do not know why the plane caught fire

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 20: Russia's World Cup group stage opener, Saudi Arabia 0: 5 huge points difference lost to host Russia。But it is not worry about things beyond this defeat, Saudi Arabia ride to Rostov aircraft caught fire in mid-air, but fortunately the team without incident。In the second round group match against Uruguay before the conference, the Saudi coach leather Sarkozy said the plane caught fire on the team has not been informed of any relevant information。"About yesterday's events, you have seen these photos, they only defend himself。We do not know anything else, we have not received any information about the cause of the fire。"Qi skin response to a reporter at the press conference," We have no fear, we believe that the pilot and very cool。These photographs show the time of an emergency situation, but we do not fear the incident will not affect our performance。"At the same time, Saudi midfielder Xier – Ya Ximu at the press conference, said his teammates have put Moscow's defeat and the engine caught fire disregard, determined to re-establish confidence for the team's fans。"We arrived safely at the hotel, we all have forgotten what happened," Yaxi Mu said, "we focus on the game with Uruguay。Every player's goal is to change our image in this World Cup, because this is not the real strength of the Saudi football。"

What Bawei Bawei Magnolia pill prescription pills Magnolia

What is Ba Weiwan, Bawei Magnolia pill is a very famous traditional Chinese medicine, you can treat a wide variety, but many people do not know, what Bawei Magnolia pill was a small series and to see Magnolia Bawei What pill is introduced it!What Bawei Magnolia pill is [prescription] Magnolia (to bark, ginger Sunburn make purple) 2 2, Chen orange peel (soup dip to white, baking) 1 two, blame Lile (for meat, students use) 1 two, Gui (to rough skin, take the meat) 1 two, aconite (guns crack, peeled navel) 1 two, ginger (gun) 1 two, (to black) 1 two (Sunburn) two 1。
[Method] of the fine, so that uniform mixing, refining honey pills, such as large Firmianae。
[Indications] appetizer eating。 Main stomach empty, air-conditioning upside mediastinoscopy, triple burner is not adjusted, not eating, and eating Needless, less lean muscle force。
What Bawei Wan Bawei Magnolia pill is [prescription] dry (to black) 5 money, dogwood (wine mixed with moist, steamed soft to the core, take the meat drying) 5 money, (Jiuxi, drying) 5 money, (honey coated Sunburn Sunburn can Jiujin) 4 money, Cyathula (Jiuxi, baking) 4 money, moutan (to the heart, washing) 3 money, Poria (peeled) 3 money, Alisma 2 money。 [Method] on the drug file, baking, grind fine, refined honey pills, such as large Maren。
[Indications] deficiency in children endowment, kidney weakness, bone marrow depletion, the bulk of the skull seam irregularities, lean body language late, line step and more difficult, slow tooth Health。

Magic board 42 minutes lost rocket 0-1 home clippers Paul Griffin missed three pairs

  Ticker May 5, the first half behind the Clippers in the case of double-digit comeback, away to beat the Rockets 117-101, leading the Western Conference semifinals 1-0。
  - Chris Paul sidelined, Blake – Griffin another triple-double, 26 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists, Matt – Barnes 20 points, JJ- Redick 17 points, Austin – River Adams also scored 17 points, D'Andre – Jordan 10 points and 13 rebounds。
Off the bench Jamal – Jamal Crawford 21 points。
  Rockets lose home-court advantage。 Dwight – Howard 22 points and 10 rebounds and five blocked shots, James – Harden 20 points and 12 assists, Trevor – Trevor Ariza 17 points, Jason – Terry 10 points。
  Rockets full rest for six days, the former barely Clippers and Spurs finish seventh。
Rocket is playing at home, we can say is wait at Plaza。
  This is the rocket in mid-2009 for the first time since the second round, is the 13th in team history。 Clippers for two consecutive years come this far。   Clippers won the tie-break, but also pay a painful price – Chris Paul hit the winning goal, but a thigh injury, could not play today。   The Clippers had to use small rivers as the starting point guard, he and Paul is clearly not the same level of players, after playing seemed more jerky, poor state after opening the Clippers。   After playing the game one minute, both teams failed to score, but Howard is a nail plate large cap in mind to make the fans boiling。
When the first section there are 10 minutes and 36 seconds, Rivers hit a three-pointers, Terry immediately in front of him break layup, after which a person Ariza scored 5 points in the Rockets began to enter the state, to a 7-3 lead。
Ariza became the first rocket attack point of this section, the half after the holiday, his third hit twice, Harden in this section will be the end of the third succeeded, the Rockets 25-19 to gain advantage。   Inside the contest more exciting。
Section II as well as 10 minutes and 12 seconds, three-wire under rocket fast break, Ariza lifted the ball, Howard alley-oop dunks with both hands, jope Since then hit the third, the Rockets 34-21 to expand the advantage。
Clippers inside is not weak, this section there are 7 minutes and 43 seconds, Howard Johnson hit Jordan, shots after the turn, but capped Jordan。
After 1 minute, Jordan grabbed the offensive rebound, immediately attacked, but the ball shot by Howard palm shoot off。   Post player blocks another, and in this section the last moment, there was a "cross-cut"。 The Clippers took the lead on Smith foul, he hit one free throw。 Rockets were immediately on the spot foul on Jordan, he missed two free throws。
Rivers seeing bad, Jordan will be replaced, but they continue to foul Howard。
Halftime, the Rockets lost double-digit advantage, only to lead 50-46。
  The third quarter and 9 minutes and 42 seconds, Harden hit three-pointers, the Rockets still lead to 57-51。 After the rocket missed a row, and hit three Reddick, clippers even after 6 points, the score。 When more than half of this section, with Howard and Smith, the latter alley-oop dunks, leading the Rockets to 65-62。
The last time the Rockets are 68-66 lead, Rivers also to third, the Clippers played after a wave of 12-4, 78-72 in one fell swoop to exceed。
This section Clippers to 37-27 victory over the first three quarters to lead 83-77。   Grabbing rebounds for the Rockets is not active, the attack is also powerless, lost double-digit advantage did not say, hand behind a double-digit fourth quarter。
  Barnes and Crawford hit third in succession, the game there are 4 minutes and 24 seconds, Griffin grabbed the offensive rebound, Reddick shooting at approaching 24 seconds, leading the Clippers to 101-88 13 points。   Harden had launched rockets from the storm, he first hit a record third, then causing Barnes fouls on the perimeter, after two three free throws, the Rockets 93-101 behind。   The two teams began to "cut each other," Jordan hit two free throws after being replaced, while Howard missed two free throws。   Terry's three-pointers to narrow the gap to eight points to 97-105 backward, but After the rocket crash, Rivers and Redick have been hit three-pointers, hit a wave of 10-0, when there are seconds in the game, Clippers lead to 115-97, to seal the victory。 (Angkor)。

A small country in North America moved the world!Chong Tese tears can play the World Cup was amazing!

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 18: 0-3, Panama lost to world number three in Belgium, the race was not surprising, after all, a large gap between the two teams。But Panama captain Torres left tears in the game a prelude to the national anthem ceremony scene allows the fans to the team awe。Panama is an area of only 7.50,000 km2 in the North American small country, but in terms of football, but not behind Panama, who won the title in North America in mid-2009, but also the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2005 and 2013 runner-up。In the 2018 World Cup in Panama in North America to get third place, qualified for the World Cup in Russia, Panama and this is the first time the World Cup race。For a football player, the World Cup is the dream of a lifetime, but for small players like Panama, even more so。And the national anthem ceremony before the game in Belgium, Panama players excited。Team midfielder Godoy closed his eyes, big singing the national anthem, déjà vu when singing the national anthem there is a Buffon。The captain Torres is leaving tears of excitement。About sing the national anthem, before we served only Italy, but if you see the players sing the national anthem Panama scene, fans will certainly add the name of Panama。 Torres tearful scene that we can not help but think of the Korean players Chong Tese sing the national anthem that scene。Chong Tese cry from the bottom of the heart, and although not as Panama captain Torres Chong Tese, like tears, but the kind of restrained tears seem more representative of the kind of happy excitement of the World Cup。

Hyperlipidemia lipid-lowering health care fruit Four

Current Location: health care lowering blood fat body four fruit 2016-3-310: 41: 39 Source: REVIEW: hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) is common in the elderly, not treated not only cause serious health threat, but also very easy to cause other geriatric diseases, and the treatment of hyperlipidemia in addition to medication, you can eat more cholesterol-lowering foods。
……Health care: What hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) lowering fruits are common in the elderly, not treated not only poses a serious threat to health, but also very easy to cause other geriatric diseases, and the treatment of hyperlipidemia in addition to medication, but also lipid-lowering foods you can eat。
Lipid-lowering foods, fruits worthy of recommendation which it hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) is common in the elderly, not treated not only poses a serious threat to health, but also very easy to cause other geriatrics, and in addition to the treatment of hyperlipidemia medication can also eat more cholesterol-lowering foods。
Lipid-lowering foods, what to recommend it [blood fat fruit fruits: grapefruit grapefruit] In addition to containing protein, fat, sugar, cellulose, but also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, etc.。 Grapefruit because low fat (fat containing per 100 grams of grapefruit), high fiber, high vitamin?And other foods, along with its diuresis phlegm, it has a fat weight loss, lowering cholesterol and triglyceride role。
Suitable for high cholesterol patients eat。
1, grapefruit juice: a fresh grapefruit hole, Jiao Zhi taking back 1 day。
The product of high cholesterol, obesity has a good adjuvant therapy。
2, grapefruit cauliflower: 2 Fresh grapefruit, a pear, an appropriate amount of sugar, 600 ml of water, 8 garnet grains, pine nuts 25 g。
After the grapefruit tapered knife peeled, cut into four equal parts, to remove the core, then cut along the fiber direction, into sugar pickled; pears, peeled, two points, pitted, cut into thin slices, That pear and grapefruit wire cut into the same length of wire sizes。 After the pear grapefruit wire and the wire surface sequentially arranged in a fan-like code into the bowl, and then concentrated pomegranate grain pine and core stack is placed in the bowl, and finally, add sugar to water, boil, defoamers, let cool, poured into bowl , you can level。 This product is handsome in appearance, color, beautiful, cool and refreshing。
Suitable for high cholesterol patients eat。

Winter prepare pregnant ate these two particularly good recipe

Winter ate prepare pregnant?Some food preparation stage of pregnancy is particularly good to eat, you know winter prepared pregnant ate it?Following small to talk about what the winter with you prepare pregnant ate it。
Winter glutinous rice prepared pregnant Chishimehao material: rice 400 g, 100 g pork tenderloin, fresh mushrooms 70 g, 10 g of dry seaweed, 10 g shrimp, 5 g ginger, cooking wine 5 grams, 2 grams of salt, 5 g of sesame oil, soy sauce 5 grams, 20 grams of vegetable oil。
Practice: 1, after washing clean rice, soaked overnight, dry moisture, cage steam for about 40 minutes。
2, seaweed and shrimp soaked and cut into fine seaweed, mushrooms Diqie into filaments, ginger cut into fine shred。
3, pot put the oil pan, put ginger and shredded pork fried powder。 4, put shrimp, mushroom and seaweed, Stir the fragrance, with wine, soy sauce, salt and seasoning。
5, and finally into the rice and stir well。 Nutritional benefits: rice contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, Vit B2, niacin and starch, nutritious food to Wenbu Jiang strong; having deficiency Jiangpiyangrong stomach, sweating only the effect of the spleen and stomach, poor appetite, abdominal distension and diarrhea have a certain role in mitigation。 Mushrooms, shrimp, seaweed, pork delicious, high, can stomach qi, enhance immune function。 Mushrooms sticky rice is tonic to share。
Winter prepare pregnant ate Hashima Ginseng Ingredients: Hashima, rice wine, pure water, ginseng, ginger, sugar, white wine。 Practice: 1, after 4 hours Hashima bubble with wine, and then soaked in warm water to completely swollen, carefully picked with a toothpick or forceps impurities。
2, ginger and spirits mixed together, over Hashima to smell, standby。
3, the sliced ginseng, and Hashima, sugar, together with the water 4 hours can braising。 Tips: best to use casserole stew (pot is placed in a large pot, add water cauldron), followed by stainless steel pot, do not use the wok。
Hashima soak time should be more than 24 hours, when stew ginger can add a little more thoroughly remove the smell。
Nutritional benefits: Hashima is a good female tonic products, one of the main function is to effectively supplement the lack of estrogen in vivo, many pregnant mothers prepare to supplement the hormone progesterone use Hashima and enhanced, stew with ginseng, played Warming effect。

Dai Bin: lack of hotel structure "Internet +" inject new blood

Dai Bin: lack of hotel structure "Internet +" inject new blood || president of China Tourism Research Institute, Dai Bin overseas network studio guest。 (Xieming She) Overseas Network April 10 (Xinhua) China's domestic tourists in 2014 3.6 billion people in 2015 will be increased to 40 million passengers。
With such a huge tourist market, the carrying capacity of tourist hotels also usher in a new challenge。 April 10, Dai Bin, president of China Tourism Research Institute overseas network studio guest with us and asked, "hotel development" together。 Status of the hotel: the total surplus, lack of structure at present, China's tourism industry entered the popular stage of development, tourism has become the norm of the people of leisure。 2014, China's 3.6 billion domestic tourists trips, inbound tourists million people, outbound tourists reached a million people。
Recently, the China Tourism Research Institute released data, the number of visitors is expected in 2015 China will continue to grow, of which domestic tourists will reach 40 million passengers inbound tourists will reach million people。
With such a huge tourist market, said Dai Bin, China's hotel From the total amount is enough to receive this billions Guest。 He explained that China's current star hotel is approximately 14000, while we still have 320,000 residential institutions (eg such as home, Chinese courts Inns), and 1.5 million rural tourism reception areas (such as bed and breakfasts, farm music, etc.)。
From these figures, the number of tourists in our hotel is not a problem on。 However, the number is not representative meet "adequate carrying capacity"?Dai Bin, not entirely, structural problems also restrict the ability of an important factor in the hotel reception。 Dai Bin said that from the time point of view, our country paid leave system is still not perfect, people still can not flexibly deploy their holidays, travel tend to focus on a specific point in time。
This also makes the demand for hotel visitors reached a certain peak at a specific time。 He explained that due to the hotel's own characteristics, its decision to supply no matter what time remains the same, do not stay with the increase in people and increase, which carries the hotel reception had an impact。 From the point of view of space, Dai Bin, China has nearly 60% of visitors generated in four major cities and coastal areas of the eastern group, which may result in high-end hotels have enough to eat in the vast central and western regions, the budget hotel situation enough to eat。 In addition, the type of structure in the hotel, high-end hotels speeding expansion resulting in excess supply, coupled with our decline in inbound tourism, domestic tourism is no improvement in the high-end, where there are errors on tourism development (tourism development will build the hotel) and other issues are our country's hotel industry has shown a surplus of one kind of the total lack of structure condition。
"Internet +" inject new blood since the introduction of the government work report, "Internet +" has become all walks of life on transformational change for the hotel industry hot words。
In this regard, Dai Bin, said the hotel industry will also seek new breakthroughs in this era, ushered in technology and product innovation contest the mobile Internet era。
It is reported that since last year, the major hotel brand in the mobile Internet field will show a trend secretly rivalry。
Street Town last year, will be thrown open the door of the micro-channel selling point; Shangkeyou also proposed to create a localized service life marketing platform; the IU platinum Tao's new Internet hotel; Hua live is focusing on force APP, which was positioned as a comprehensive Hotels and consumer travel service platform。
" 'Internet +' era, hotel sales channels change," said Dai Bin。 Turning to product design, Dai Bin said, with the "Internet +" the arrival of tourists to the hotel will be more involved in the construction process。 For users, what they care about with their core demands, and this product will be designed in the future there will be more reflected in the hotel。
In the last interview, Dai Bin, China Tourism Academy in mid-2015 will continue to focus on research "hotel industry and market demand match" direction, given the appropriate advice and recommendations for tourist investment, operations, human resources, let the hotel industry more dynamic, more culture, more creative。 (Liu Yi Shan)。

Ten patients with diabetes will eat vegetables, eat more stable blood sugar

Location: body of diabetic patients must eat ten vegetables eat more stable blood sugar 2018-3-1216: 11:25 Source: Introduction: Diabetes diet diabetes treatment is five carriages of the most important horse。 The proportion of the diet with vegetables such as improving a meal of vegetables accounted for more than half, a good adjuvant therapy for diabetes diabetes control results, will be able to better control the heat, it is even more stable blood sugar, a lot of vegetables in terms of lowering blood sugar has a very good help, give us today recommended a basket of common "sugar control" vegetables……Diabetes diet diabetes treatment is five carriages of the most important horse。
The proportion of the diet with vegetables such as improving a meal of vegetables accounted for more than half, a good adjuvant therapy for diabetes diabetes control results, will be able to better control the heat, it is even more stable blood sugar, a lot of vegetables in terms of lowering blood sugar has a very good help, give us today recommended a basket of common "sugar control" vegetables。
Diabetes sugar control Required vegetables: bitter gourd are "plant insulin," said。
Pharmacological Test found, bitter gourd saponin contained in not only insulin-like effect, but also stimulate insulin release, it has a very significant hypoglycemic effect。
Some oral preparations of saponin Diabetes Ⅱ。 Therefore diabetic patients proper intake of bitter melon, help control blood sugar。
Diabetes sugar control Required vegetables: beans beans rich in dietary fiber, which can reduce postprandial blood glucose levels to a certain extent, more attractive is that it can prevent high blood pressure complications。
Diabetes sugar control Required vegetables: tomatoes, tomato is a doctor recommended for people with diabetes generation "fruit" dish, with thirst, stomach and digestion, detoxification, cooling Pinggan, blood nourishing and appetizing effect; lipid-lowering antihypertensive, diuretic and natriuretic vitamin C, rutin, lycopene and contain acid, can reduce blood cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease。
Containing a large amount of potassium and other alkaline minerals, can promote the discharge of the sodium salt of blood, blood pressure, diuretic, swelling effect, hypertension, kidney disease has a good adjuvant therapy。

102-year-old son are still learning Chiai: the secret of longevity is accompanied by the book

Daly at the old man of English notes。
  He must be a man of stylish English bar!  Yes!But who would have thought it, he is a 102-year-olds!  102-year-old Daly has been at the old man, has not learn how to do housework, go out do not know what to buy food, but to learn, but like his fun into the blood and bone marrow。
Even with a magnifying glass to read, write, and he never tired。   Daly at the old man said, to learn how much is not important, important is the attitude of life。
  30 silver dollars, planted the dream teachers dadukou new village streets locking mound communities, 102-year-old Daly towards the old residents of the。
  For Daly at the old man, his daily job is to go out to buy food。
Available so far, he still can not learn to do housework, not to buy food themselves。 "His wife said what to buy, I'll buy what。
"But for the door of the lively city of side dishes, but full of hope towards Daly。   "Carrot (carrot), onion (onion), spinach (spinach), which is the day I have to eat vegetables。
Lean meat and no less, an egg a day。
"English mixed with Chinese, in front of 102-year-old Daly at the old man of his voice, laughing, did not significantly twilight state。
No matter where he went, what to see, he'll be able to express in English。
  Daly at the old man said, in English and soon, is inseparable from the story of a 30 silver dollars。
  Daly toward the elderly when junior high school, the school will offer English lessons。
Then the teacher's salary is 30 silver, and had never been seen three meals a day, eat 3 prime meat 3 a month, and only as long as four silver dollars。
  "Because the teacher to take the salary envy, I fell in love with this subject," and then recite the text of a prize-winning, leaving Daly toward the firm as an English teacher's dream。
  "I remember high school English teacher is a graduate of Wuhan University, but then learn English, there is no condition now, we had no ability to dialogue, to recite the text, it has become the most common measure of the level of standard English。
"Since then, Daly and English as partners towards it, put it down。
With this goal, Daly feeling towards becoming a full and happy life。
  In mid-1940, he was admitted to the UN General Assembly, Northwest Normal University Department of Foreign Languages。
  Fun, working is 22 years in 1955, Daly returned to the big ferry towards engaged in cultural and educational work in Chongqing Iron and Steel Company。
  Daly said that North Korea, then, need to use a lot of steel-making blast outside the text, the engineers do not understand, ask him to help translate。
Later, Chongqing Iron and Steel Company has also set up an amateur high school, it is difficult to go to a professional English teachers, engineers, professors put Daly transferred towards the English class。   Daly towards learning and teaching methods is speaking, he summed up as "multi-channel collaborative memory", that is, in the learning process and mobilize all the senses that can be utilized, speaking and writing, continue to strengthen, and finally the formation of long-term memory。   For example, remember the words he used a piece of paper, write the Chinese side, written in English on one side, then on the pocket, leisure, pull it out and see, repeated several times after memorizing continuously consolidate enhance memory, fully grasp it a corollary。
  And when it comes to speaking practice, Daly way towards jokes that he is "not afraid of nonsense, is not afraid to say"。
For example, to see a thing, as soon as the English say, wrong does not matter, with proficiency in course of time, plus grammar, you can use freely。
  Realization childhood desire to become a true teacher, Daly toward the tired but happy。   Later, Daly toward transferred to the Chongqing Iron and Steel Company to teach school children the small South China Sea, the South China Sea to the new village at that time to walk to the large ferry railway station, train to sit "quarry" station, then climbing on the ridge, to get to the mine school, single journey often more than three hours, but Daly towards the old way, until retirement。
  "If you use a word to describe his father, and that is tireless in teaching。
"Daly Dai Shiyan towards younger son said he remembers children at home when there are five or six, my father would give each child set the table, stools, finishing a good learning materials……Hundred years old, still 'love' to learn if a teacher of the people, Daly is love and dedication towards love of English; then, after retirement he still enjoy it, because it is entirely implanted into the blood and bone marrow of love!  Get up in the morning, nothing to do, he will open the desk had yellow English textbooks, fancy short。
Older, eyes spent, but this does not hinder him to learn, he usually wear a pair of glasses 200 degrees, when learning to read, but also a chance to a pair of glasses 600 degrees。 Sometimes you have to use a magnifying glass。   Rice did a good job, he would look at a book; before going to bed, he would look at a book; not sleep at night, you will also get to see a book……Daly towards younger son Dai Shiyan remember, after his father retired, was hired English teacher did in the 108, worked as a teacher Dadukou union amateur school, it has also been a heavy steel old university English teacher。
Until 2012, his father 96 years old, he has repeatedly persuaded by his family, to leave the old university。
  In Daly toward the house, there is always the tuition to the children, neighbors want to learn English, old university student……Until a year, Daly hurry to walk towards the following two front teeth fell off, he ended tutor experience。 "Come tutor, mostly children, I fell off the front teeth to speak of air leakage, are not allowed to pronounce on the!"Daly said North Korea can not be delayed children。
  Accompanied with the book, the secret of longevity is not an English teacher when, toward Daly did not idle, but in his own way, enjoying the happiness brought about learning English。
  When the early morning, he and his dialogue in the Garden District's; When we go out, he used the English "translation" of life around; retired and sit, he was quiet in his beloved books; when joy, and he's happy to share their books……Some time ago, like to see the current news Daly at the old man is now a brainwave and decided to put some important terms of politics, through their own understanding, translated form in English, he translated 24 words socialist core values, not only translation, but also verbatim back out。   Daly said that North Korea, the translation was accurate or not, for him, is not important, important is the attitude to life, and timeless spirit of the times。
  Recently, Daly perspective towards the old man began to aim at the "two sessions"。
His favorite saying is do not forget the early heart side was always!Neverforgetwhyyoustared, andyourmissioncanbeaccomplished。
  Daishi Yan said, perhaps this is the secret of longevity father!  It seems the younger son Dai Shiyan, father no other hobbies, he does not watch TV, do not smoke, do not drink, but they love reading, relish, loved life。
Perhaps the reason reading, my father had a rough life, but open-minded optimism, not pleased, not to have compassion。
No matter where you are, always dedicated to pursue their love for the cause, concentrate on doing something you enjoy。
Father would not do housework, not even to buy food, only his English notes, stay organized, meticulous。 And nearly 90 years of persistent study, let him have a good memory。
  In addition, also because love reading, Daly at the old man attached great importance to health。 "He has to dietary requirements, every day a little lean meat, a little water, eat tamales, braised pork, eggs every day to ensure a。 "Apart from this, places mainly vegetarian, spinach, onion, carrot……Daily cup of wolfberry, red dates, walnuts together with milk, he has ten years Helehaoji。 Newspaper reporter Gu Xiaojuan。

Changzhou mobile booster "Internet + Tree" plant line online "Happy tree"

March 12 afternoon, the municipal green commissioned, sponsored by the city Bureau of Parks, Changzhou movement organized the "celebration of Arbor Day, won 'Happy Tree' 'activities in the city Bureau of Parks Yokoyama Bridge planting base in place, in addition to planting outside the line , online tree planting, adoption kinds of activities are carried out simultaneously recognize。
This year, the city as the province's "Internet + nationwide voluntary tree-planting" pilot cities, will carry out a number of interesting "Wisdom Tree" campaign。
In order to meet the 40th Arbor Day, innovation nationwide voluntary tree planting due diligence form, Changzhou City, the Green movement co-commissioned, jointly organized by the city Bureau of Parks "Internet + tree planting" campaign, the whole of society to carry out "online tree planting"。
Line activities three days attracted over 50,000 people involved, the novel "trees" in the form received by the public favorite。
By Changzhou City Bureau of Parks "Green Man Dragon" micro-channel public number, Jiangsu Mobile handheld operating room and other platforms, the public can enter the online trees page, the page the game reaches a certain points that have access to succulents, trees adoption eligibility, mobile province traffic and other prizes。
The "Internet + tree planting" campaign is "kind of good Changzhou happy tree, build an ecological garden city" one of the nationwide voluntary tree-planting series of public activities online activities, through the promotion of online interest form and offline entities involved to guide the general public the obligation to fulfill national obligations planting。
Since entering March, Qingfeng Park, Plum Park, People's Park, Jing Chuangong Park, Dongpo Park, parks and other green dike pier place tree planting activities have been carried out under the multi-field line, launched a total of 2.2 million square meters of green space, more than 1,000 of trees to carry out adoption, recognition kinds of activities to encourage people to put labor in the form of direct donations or do it on the title or title plants were responsible。 Changzhou Mobile also actively respond to the call, organized in groups of party members and volunteers to participate in tree planting, adoption activities, and carry out the Arbor Day theme painting, flower arranging, Culture training and other activities to promote environmental protection concepts to a variety of form。 The voluntary tree planting in conjunction with a series of activities and moving large data systems, Changzhou move will also participate in online and offline public tree planting activities to carry out "acts of green big data analysis", issued by the Changzhou public green low-carbon behavior report for the line late planting and tree planting activities under planning reference materials。 A series of "online + offline" integration of tree planting charity will give full play to the advantages of the Internet, the ecological civilization construction carried out, in which all participate in a good atmosphere in the city, enhance the public "urban environmental protection is everyone's responsibility." sense of responsibility。

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