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The rice you eat at noon hurts your stomach in the afternoon and is in a bad mood. Abdominal pain, hot flashes, sweating, and inexplicable pressure made me unable to support myself. My head fell down and softly fell on the table. My body trembled slightly and my brain was in chaos.. I think there is depression. Next year’s son’s college entrance exam, the second half of the year’s exam for teachers’ certificate, and the disharmonious family relationship, triggered by abdominal pain, have been committed intermittently with depression.. There is no place to solve, no place to solve, no book to read, no book to read,,,,,, severe stomach pain, this damn rice . ah, college entrance exam . ah, listen to the heart sutra for a while, seems to be some relief. Suddenly thought of a female colleague, aged 61, who had just detected lymphoma in the first half of the year and was now undergoing chemotherapy for the fourth time in the affiliated hospital of Peking University. The colleague has just retired and has been hired back to continue his class. Her character is gentle and kind. She has been a teacher all her life and she has got the disease all over the world. Her students have come from all directions to donate money to her. In just a few days, she has raised more than 40,000 yuan.. The colleague’s fate was bumpy. When the child was young, he divorced. He raised his son by himself and later married. Now the husband has his own child. She suffers from the disease, regardless of her. His son is in his thirties. He works with his mother in the same unit. His son is not in the spirit and has not had a girlfriend yet. Colleagues all say that she only grew up with the disease because of her son’s sorrow.. My ex-husband was in the same unit, but he refused to lend a helping hand. Think about my colleague, who has had a rough life, why not let people sigh? Compared with the bad luck she encountered, what is this depression in front of her? What other reason do I have for depression? What reason is there not to work hard? I met our teacher this morning. I remember she asked me last winter, what are you busy with? I said prepare papers. I met her today and asked me again. I said I would take an examination of the teacher’s certificate. Let’s start our association here and meet our teacher next year. I’ll say, prepare for class. . Ah, over the years, I have set goals for myself every year, and these goals will be achieved by the end of the year.. I really feel my progress and strength. There is still a long way to go, full of ups and downs, ditches and ridges, and tens of millions of times more efforts are needed.. It’s just that my child’s entrance examination will make me depressed enough. But think about my colleague, what is this? To be alive is to suffer and be affected. It is difficult to survive, but it is also difficult to survive.. Writer Yang Mo said that people suffer because they think too much and read too little. It seems that only in the book can I find a way to redeem myself. After writing these words, I seem to have calmed down a lot, and depression has also passed me by..

A tangled heart language

Past events, such as animal and plant specimens, although dried in the air, will last forever. Once touched, the past will rush toward us, so real and so familiar. Past events, such as landscape paintings, those once beautiful, embedded in the depths of memory, cannot be waved away, wiped out, life is endless, time goes by, but they have been renewed for a long time and enjoy an endless aftertaste.. The past, such as a cup of plain boiled water, accompanied us by birth and growth until we get old, may have passed without looking back, but it is, after all, the course of our life. Or, the lost years no longer exist, but, after all, we once had. The past is also like a cup of strong liquor. In the past years, we have pursued vigorously and had our ideal of prosperity.. The past, because of you, we have become strong, firm, past, because of you, we have laughter and tears in our journey of life, success and failure, pride and frustration … Ah, I often hear people say: I am living a life of living and envy how natural and unrestrained it is.. Talking with friends, I also said I was a gangster, but he praised me, and it was not easy to get along with me. I knew literally: Jianghu is dangerous and there are still two swords under the word ” day”. Then understand, mix also have mixed difficulties! Mix also want to have mixed’ capital’! Perhaps more is to have mixed skills. Otherwise, why is there a’ natural selection of things and survival of the fittest’.     Busy? Mang?? Blind??? Yes, every day, from morning till night, we repeat the 2: 1 pattern, home, company, work and work. Busy?? At a loss! Or is it blind?! Seemingly busy, it is busy doing nothing, with a slim future, or with a confused status quo.? Is it unwilling to follow blindly, or blind to do it alone? Amazing at the dream scene: under the boundless sky, busy people live blindly, in the boundless sea of people, busy you, I blindly look for …….     If life is like chess, I am willing to be a pawn and go forward step by step! Straight ahead. Why? Is to protect the call ” handsome”, but my ” handsome” who is it? Parents, brothers, lovers and children are still bosses, friends, classmates and colleagues? I’m just a pawn, face object, horse, car, what do I take to protect you – my’ handsome’? In addition to life, what else do I have? So think about it, life is really fragile, vulnerable, even just a decoration.     Sometimes, I really feel that my soul and body are out of place. I am looking for and wandering around to miss a good relationship, hesitating and foolishly missing a good opportunity, drifting off and disorienting my conscience. Is it true that I have lost myself?? Sometimes, I don’t know whether I am fragile like a hedgehog or aloof like a rose, and I always hurt myself unconsciously.! Sometimes, knowing that people should not only endure loneliness, but also endure monotony and mediocrity, they must have a heart that is unwilling to be lonely and ordinary, exhausted, when they are black and blue all over, or when they return, they will become ordinary. Or forget, such as moths.     Life is a line segment or a circle? If it is a line segment, why does winter go to spring and flowers bloom and fall, we can’t find out where it comes from and where it goes? If it is a circle, year after year, year after year, then what is its center and radius? I don’t know, I don’t understand: At the beginning, I came to the world in a muddle, and when I left the world clean. Past lives, who am I, this life, who am I? Past lives, who promised who? In this world, who failed to live up to who? The afterlife, who repaid who? unknown. The ancients made herringbone so simple, who made the heart so complicated? A person came to the world alone, experiencing all his joys and sorrows, success and failure, even if birth, death and illness seemed doomed, and finally he left the world alone.. In this way, a person’s life is just a passer-by with nothing to bring or take away from the world.. Many people say that they will understand many things when they die, such as worry, pain, money, righteousness, affection and friendship. I think it is just a guess for the living, just as we can’t understand what kind of thoughts they will have when they were born. If they must say yes, I think it should be fear of the known and the unknown..     In the world, people and people, people and animals, people and nature are all connected with each other. What love is? How much grief and resentment, how much delusion and anger, how much love and hatred, accompany our life. Love is like a net, we are all prey it catches, accidentally falling into it, entangling, unable to dial.Love is like a double-edged sword, once touched, it will eventually be wounded. In the world of mortals, we who eat human fireworks go there to borrow a pair of eye – catching, to make love and hate clear and clear.?     Those who like the net name ” smoke” may be due to their deep understanding of smoke: smoke, when in a good mood, it is fireworks, like poetry and paintings, and Ana is colorful; When the mood is bad, it is smoke and mist, illusory, like a demon. Whether far or near, thick or light, it always comes and goes without a trace. He took it up, thought he had grasped it, spread out his hands, and there was nothing left.. Things are generally so, everything is like passing clouds, everything is gone, everything is gone.     A colleague resigned, and I wrote a parting blessing for him in space: I hope you will go there with ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, and ease! Longitudinal is a laundry list of nonsense, how can I express my heart’s endless love for children and helplessness, and the banquet will be held all over the world. Acquaintance is an edge, but separation is also an edge. The edge gathers and disperses, the origin, the edge falls, the edge lives and the edge dies. Who can grasp it, who can see through it, and who can put it down?

A little bit in the journey of Bo Pu

What is the little happiness in the journey of Bo Pu? Happiness is a small surprise in life.    Unconsciously, today is my eighth day in Wuchuan. What I feel these days is’ pain and happiness’. The so-called’ pain’ is to go to bed late and get up early, and go to buy vegetables at 3pm in the sun. The so-called ” happiness” is, of course, the little happiness I feel here! Although it is hard to go to the countryside, happiness is always more than hard work! In fact, to be honest, this teaching is not hard, because the environment in our base and its vicinity is already very good compared with those in the backward small mountainous areas.. Ha ha, if someone asks me if I am tired of cooking and cooking every day, I will certainly not hesitate to say that I am tired, but I feel very happy because I am full of special motivation and joy for my work every day..    Every day there are many things that touch a little heart, and today is no exception. For me, the most happy thing that makes me feel today is when I am hungry, someone gives me something to eat. Someone will ask me in time whether I am hungry or not. In fact, I also admire myself very much. As a logistics team, I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone every day and cook dishes every day. I am actually hungry and really hungry..    When a person is hungry, the first thing he thinks of is food without exception.. Of course, so do I. whenever I am hungry, I especially want to eat. after getting up this morning, before breakfast is ready, I am already very hungry and especially want to eat. I asked my good roommate, Zhang Ran Duo, if he had anything to eat. I was very hungry. I didn’t expect her to say anything but ask me to go to her bed and get something to eat.. I said I ate her two buns and the rain would stop in a minute. I’m going to work on the logistics team.. As soon as I finished speaking to her on WeChat, I chewed steamed stuffed bun and went to work. I’ve been busy. I’m not free until noon today. At noon today, when I returned to the classroom where I was staying, I turned on my mobile phone to read WeChat. Wow, so moved, however, students left a message to me on WeChat: Eat, eat, don’t be hungry, there’s milk in that bag, you drink it with it, or you’ll get thirsty if you only eat bread..    Although this is a very simple thing, although it may not be worth mentioning in others’ eyes, it may be just a small and negligible thing, but it can touch me. Well moved, happiness is not far away. Happiness is right beside us. Happiness is to have something to eat when you are hungry.. Thank you, classmate Ran Duo. I’m so moved.    There are still many things that moved me during this period of teaching. For example, I’m afraid of the dark, and when I wash clothes at night, someone will accompany me and so on. I will cherish the drops I met, and thank you for meeting you!          Writing: Yao Huadi’s Review: Source of Qiu Min: Lingnan Normal University’s ” Dream Burning Together” Social Practice Team

Alley Night “writer fifth election issue.”

About the author: Gu Zheng Yu, who Bijie, Bijie City National High School, graduated from high school, now studying PLA University of Technology.More than learning, like reading and writing, he has published essays on “Bijie Daily”, “Guizhou Nation” and other publications.   These days my heart was quite calm.Want to live in a new place, some time, and the nearby streets are wide, very clean.Few sunny face hit the dust, rain nor mud covered with a foot of.This day seems quiet a lot, some lazy life together.Think life is full of vitality, there bump, there are ripples of fireworks in the pieces, is splendid.    Suddenly become stiff pace, do not want to lift your feet forward, watching the sunset, almost dusk, the clouds from the horizon sneak out of the twilight, the sky on a recent mosaic, the most beautiful glow, some all the way, have a date with the city, gradually, gradually illuminate the dream.Quickly turn back in the past, toward the place previously lived, walked and walked.    Night quietly drenched streets, not far from you can still see a few can move shop, a few familiar selling snacks, is that several ladies, familiar faces.The alley is not very wide, but there are a lot of people out early, come back a day early, here is their homeland bridge to happiness.Some simply here to eat a bowl of dumplings or noodles, plus some Lucai RELISH, eat sweet.    A few steps, the faint light through the shop, the optical sight elongated landed on the high convex uneven gravel.Parked next several excavators, thoughts like me into a couple of days ago, there certainly vigorously split-off, those original facade bustling can not see, are hidden into the moonlight too busy to even touch the rocks.Moonlight here’ve been hiding for several days, perhaps the past people did not want to see too many passing under rubble.Night, everything is the same, all to be found in front of the light.    Perhaps God’s blessing, the clouds gradually sparse up, anxious corner began to stir, to polish the eyes of the stars, in straight sets down, fell this somewhat sad alley.Former potholes still, my feet in the night the tentative forward, but also to find the feeling of the past, stepping on the original beat, looked simple and happy smile, listening to the cries of selling, simple and true.I think tonight so looking, looking like dew non-exposed face of the moon, returning to hug and happy atmosphere alley.    Late at night tonight, there are several lights in the brightly lit, tomorrow it will be so busy?Whistling wind debris on the gravel, blowing Luanxiang tomorrow tree summer shade trees, might fall.Another glance, the first time I walked the streets, I feel warm too alley, give me encouragement through the streets, so that memories forever in my heart alley.Maybe, maybe one day, here is the high-rise buildings, however, there is also once in memory, erase warm.    The city of lights, the clouds seem to focus on the journey, among bare branches, Lang Lang streaks, no one is interested in lazy according to the wasteland, the alley seemed clearer, here’s dream is also in clear rivers and lakes stand up.

About a romantic past

[REVIEW] That night we drink until late back to school, she was drunk, because late without a car, I carried her on foot for an hour before returning to school.Fortunately, she can still remember her dorm, or I really do not know how to do.  That morning after the last day of class after class, I went to the canteen from the school building, because people of Trinidad and Tobago lunch time, I had no desire to go with them line up, went herbs plantation between the classroom building and cafeteria to see, because it is lunch time, I am a person walking in the school of medicine plantation, medicinal plants usually look at those rare, driving some unusual flowers, quietly thinking, Chinese medicine is so mysterious, in experience learn from the best, to obtain some of the effects of certain plants, whereby for the prevention and treatment of disease, how our predecessors wisdom.I head down while walking, a crisp female voice in my ear and asked: “Students, do you know a school where you have supermarkets?”I looked up to see the past, wearing a lavender skirt woman standing in front of me, holding the hands of a stack of books, a flowing long hair until the waist.I adjusted her glasses, to see her very worried look, I easily pointed his finger to the left, he said: “there is a supermarket behind the army for student apartments.”See she said ‘Thank you’ and walked after hastily swept up.I shook my head, but also a late student, because we have to report to the school learning time will be September 10th, today is the thirteenth, only to find the supermarket holding the book, certainly nothing prepared.After half an hour I came to the canteen, you do not need to line up, it seems the students for dinner enthusiasm is very high, I ordered a rice and a green pepper pork in the window, looking for a piece in a corner table to sit down, buried ate.Soon, the opposite to a person sit down, and when I looked up, the man was surprised and said: “So it’s you!”So is that girl just asked me the way, I saw her dishes, only a small portion of rice and a vegetable.It seems now the girls want to lose weight.In because at the same table, very close, to see her face, oval face, big eyes, face reveals a warm, look around about twenty four years old.She was very talkative, sat down and saw that I had been asking questions, she asked me why I would be a solemn face?I Puchi laugh about, really difficult to answer this question, because I was born this way an expression, I told her that the body is innate, I am not to be cool, then when it comes to her own, she said, she the first half was graduated from school, assigned to the other side of a Ganzi County Hospital, this also places get over education, because to do some formalities in the unit arrived late on.She picked up a collection of essays on the table looked at me and said to me that she liked prose and asked if I could lend her the book to look at it?Eat while I nodded, she smiled and put her pile of books on the book inside.Then quietly ate.When I got up to put the dishes after dinner, she said, how do I return the book to?I said I was training a group of you into our classroom’ll find me, and then leave quickly.I wanted to escape.Because her voice is so sweet, I fear that they will be attracted to.    Afternoon I advance to the classroom, because of poor eyesight caused me to find a more forward position, in fact, I know, most of us are participating in the work of many years, it is difficult to stop and lectures, many students are come and collect credits, are punctual attendance every day school is basically its own way, only a few old professor’s class they want to behave yourself.So the first few rows of very few people to sit, have to go after the 34 rows.I sat there, watching some of the morning to do some notes, ear, someone asked me free this afternoon?My heart burst of agitation, is that familiar voice, I looked up at her, see her eyes reveal a trace of hope in the eyes, I quietly asked her, what is it you?She said, because they have a few people over there after the sign back in school does not have a familiar person, near the school and no fair, I hope the afternoon after school could take her to a nearby town to buy something.I am looking forward to be able to accompany her in the heart, they will be afraid and therefore her closer and closer to the time unable to extricate themselves, I still dizzy agreed to her request, she said to me the joy of his face, school after waiting for me downstairs.    That afternoon I had been by her side, but she is not a shopaholic, not how like shopping, just bought some items have life, when she put things under one roof, I say back to school.!She insisted to invite me to dinner, I could take her to thank.I also began to bear in mind and so she left, we sat down at a barbecue shop, ordered a fish and a few vegetables.She was coming a few beers, I was a little surprised, and asked her, do you like to drink?She said to accompany me to drink a little, I rely on the main task, which I listened to a little silly.She opened two bottles of drink to me that in this place there is no atmosphere to drink from a cup, and starting drinking bottle!I’m just dumbfounded, this is the girl you?How so heroic!I said to myself in my heart, I can not throw in the towel.So I picked up the bottle and clink her, she only needs a bottle of beer or two to drink, but I saw her eyes have a single teardrop.I do not know why, my heart a little pain.I comforted her, what do unhappy things?If you like this time I can accompany you.With these words, I suddenly do not understand why I would say, do I really tempted yet?    That night we drink until late back to school, she was drunk, because late without a car, I carried her on foot for an hour before returning to school.Fortunately, she can still remember her dorm, or I really do not know how to do, in her quarters downstairs, she was by the wall, he looked at me and asked my phone number, I took her phone in her bag and, the presence inside my number.Turned to leave, she hugged me from behind, my backhand patted her head, her hands apart, while leaving aside and said I wanted to give me a call.    Later, every afternoon she would me go downstairs for dinner, then walk together on campus.The weekend will go to town with the nearby school shopping, or the coachman to the city to play.So spent the entire semester training, leaving that night, I went back with her first visit to the house grill drink, she was drunk, or I carried her back to school in her dormitory the next, she rushed in my arms, after long, long time, I held her shoulders, on her forehead and gently kissed it, and said to her, forget me!I will miss you in my heart!Then he turned away, heard her crying, my heart waves of pain.Let the tears fall, I did not dare to cry, call out, pull out the card number, thrown into the wind, the mind or her figure, her ears still that sweet sound![Editor: Can children]

2014 Spring Snow Ramblings

Wen \ breeze Orchids a hope, mixing the whole winter.    Unspoken.This season frequented the haze, increasingly show off the snow stingy.    Cold wind, coerced mind one after another, constantly wandering in the streets of the city, shouting, rendering the copy or in darker thoughts, spread to the depths of people’s hearts.    Surprisingly, the “spring” of the season is over, a late snow will be waving to the!This Huang Wu, before the original of that field like non-rain rain, like fog non fog snow weather turned out to be a prelude to it, drizzling rain, the messenger is not the snow it?    Spring Snow, long overdue, but consistent quality, clean Trinidad, flawless.It is somewhere by a certain call, or the remnants of past life memories?It drift from the distant sky, singing all the way, searching, gentle Manwu from, Qi Wang found his soul to the ownership of the totem.    Snow into the mortal world, such as the Red Walk.A forgiving heart, inclusive of all things, the once beautiful.On the roof, grass, tree branches and even bloom Plum.It has its presence everywhere, much like the beautiful scenes together again, knowing bright, warm each other, even if only mortal hurry moment dies.    Snow Qing Yang, dancing lightly.It is light and agile poems, it is through the window overlooking the thoughts of people Fen Yang.Can not help but think of that story, “Shi” was recorded – Xie have encountered a poem a day heavy snow, Xie first chant: “What have the snow like?”The nephew Xie Lang Yin:” The difference may be intended air Salt.”The last chant niece Xie Tao Yun said:” If not because of the wind catkins.”This amazing match millennium, a time for his brother’s wife, and spread so far.Since then, the world remember the Jin Dynasty talented woman who vomit Lotus.    Throughout the ages, how much snow gives people inspiration, how many people due to snow hygiene conditions, as snow poems.Han Yu “Spring snow was too late, so wear Tingshu for fly.”Flash in the pan so that as spring snow romantic, beautiful and full of spirituality; Nalanrongruo of ‘do not have a bud, not human wealth to spend’ the high absolute talent, ideas, of course, a manifestation of the vicissitudes of it’s own.    Gentle scattered snow, sparsely lined with underground.Snow in size but the United States.    Disappeared the sun.Xue Wu of the sun, wandering Ruxu.This wandering, but also beautiful.The graceful beauty, to the United States reserved style, like “long-awaited, still holds partly concealed” born beauty.    This time, for holding a cup of weak tea, look at the crystal overlooking experience the quiet beauty of heaven and earth, either a light touch their hearts, thoughts cavity with a dash.I thought to myself, from time to time on the snow flew in front of the window pane, like in are constantly around, even for a moment it turned into a crystal drops, that is the essence of the soul of snow.Out the window, it has long been innocent child innocent laughter came, yes ah, between heaven and earth to witness this in a swirl of visual feast, who is not excited about it?Let alone children.    As night fell, under the lights in snow dance more joy.Suddenly For a moment, bustling about in the house’s hand stopped the action, a trace Qiannian driven involuntarily went to the window, Xianlian wait and see – wow!Scream disturbed the family.Looking out the window, the floor had a surprise!Deep snow, heavy joy.That was “powder makeup jade puzzle”, “snow” of, and even greater than the scenery outside the window?Any thing, only into the head, into the heart in order.Each snow days, always forget their age, childlike laughter, dance and snow, snow and song.Perhaps, deep down there will always be a complex, lingering in a love that is flawless pear-like, orchid-like elegance, there is no clear proud stained earth.This, which is the soul of the snow, right.    Heart, tinged fantasy, as if he is a snowflake, stretch the beautiful posture, light, comfortable, in between the vast world, graceful dance.

Economists predict amazing: US stocks may cut

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, July 10 message, Renaissance Capital (Renaissance Capital) Charles Robertson, global chief economist do amazing prediction, saying that Greece and China as well as factors that may cause the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates US stocks plunged around 50%。  He stressed that in 2008, seven years after the financial crisis in the past, the global economy is still very fragile。  He said: "Now we have seen the global economy in the face of the Greek crisis how fragile。The second risk comes from China, it is likely to be some kind of serious deterioration of the situation。A third risk comes from the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates。"For the Fed to raise interest rates, he believes may have 'consequences can not be estimated in advance people'。  Robertson was first predicted stocks would fall by 50%, says history shows this year, the S & P 500 will begin to slow down in January 2015。Currently located at 2046 S & P 500 points, while Robertson predicted in March 2016 will drop to 1100 points, the US economy will fall into recession。  But he also pointed out that once the stock market was cut will bring "tremendous buying opportunity."。So far this year the S & P 500 index fell 0.6%。  However, not all market participants are so pessimistic。  Laith Khalaf, senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown wrote in the report: "For long-term investors, they should resist the urge to cash in stock。If you each time the bad news to sell, buy it back after the situation improved, so selling one to buy you may lose money。"Jim McCaughan Asset Management Group Principal Global Investors chief executive said he is looking for buying opportunities the global market。He said: "The situation in China belong to a closed system of excess liquidity caused by extreme volatility。China's stock market is still not cheap, so the market is still a dangerous。But I will continue to buy US stocks at the time the callback。"(Shofu compilation)

Beijing Festival for the first time the site now sell unsold housing prices are no longer the urge to get to

Yesterday (February 28), after the Spring Festival Beijing market for the first time to sell two plots of land。Among them, from the Miyun limit room block before the shooting, because there is no sign the final unsold housing prices。Another case, Yongding Town, Mentougou comprehensive commercial financial services land only after the first offer, then the upset win by the West Beijing Financial Street + Landmark of the Commonwealth, premium rate 0。  In fact, this is just a microcosm of the recent Beijing earth beat market is clearly cooling。Statistical data from Centaline Property Research Center data show that as of now, the 2018 Beijing land transactions average premium rate was 12%, compared to 2017 24.33% significantly reduced, land unsold phenomenon is not the first occurrence。Guo Yi, director of marketing for Asian high on the "Daily Economic News" correspondent analysis pointed out that the market side, unsold land and overall performance of the industry changes in the market, suggesting that real estate developers face the difficulties and to the speed of tight cash flow problems。  Beijing land market, land unsold significant cooling at the end of it occur, by mid-2017 beat the market more soil is ending Liupai。  "A lot of land (to sell), the government agreed to a number of conditions very clearly, we will count your account balance。"Shimao Group and vice president Liu Hui, president of the North China region to" frankly Daily Economic News "reporter。  "Daily News" reporter combing found that the unsold land for the price of Miyun land, the land area of 5690.628 square meters, ground floor area of 13,658 square meters provisions, which also built free to move back to room 5684.19 m2。This means that only about 7974 square meters of residential real estate, housing sales price is not more than 21,215 yuan / square meter, the highest sales price shall not more than 22,276 yuan / square meter。  Centaline Dawei, chief analysts believe that the main reason for the unsold plots of land are small and also supporting the construction of which a large area of housing prices is the "cost" very low land。  It is noteworthy that, statistics from Centaline Property Research Center data show that, since 2018 (as of February 28th), Beijing soil beat market has four residential plots unsold。  For example, this year January 30 Beijing to sell three plots limit room, Fengtai District, a starting high as 63 billion involving home land by claiming no registration and the final unsold housing prices。The public sale of commercial land Mentougou also defines a 50% proportion of self-sustaining, the final upset win + WAB Street opposite Commonwealth, premium rate 0。  Centaline Property Research Center statistics show that from the premium rate, the Beijing land market in mid-2017 average premium rate of 24.33%。2018 average premium of land transactions was significantly lower, only 12% of。  There are indications that Beijing land market heat significant cooling。Dawei said that in 2018, Beijing has earth Homestead beat the market overall premium rate back to single digits, unsold residential land appeared four。And in the Beijing residential soil beat history, a total of 2018 there have been only 31 unsold residential plots。Current land property complex, as all comprehensive land price, housing price, total property room, etc.。  Housing prices are no longer blind to get to "last year began to increase land supply, housing prices also decision logic completely different。"Guo Yi analysis, said two years ago brand enterprises in Beijing to get to logic is there to compete for, at the time of acceptance of the premium is very high, then each take a piece of land to determine the brand of housing prices in the capital can not be We have the opportunity and space for sustainable development。  According to statistics, in 2017 Beijing land market annual turnover of 104 land, turnover of about 279.6 billion yuan, an increase of up to 225%。Among them, the residential land 71, a significant increase in land supply。Guo Yi pointed out some shortcomings of reserve land developer has received a lot of land reserves, sufficient land reserves in the status quo, to get to the power gradually weakened, developers began thinking about how to return the cash。Coupled with housing prices in recent years show a continued decline in the average profit margin status, increasing financial pressure。  From the financing point of view, 2018 is the most significant funds into the real estate trust to tighten。Dawei analysis pointed out that the trust funds into real estate suffered the impact of strict control under financial pressure housing prices began to emerge from the "930 Deal" began, the country's second-tier cities is tightly regulated。In this case, housing prices increasing financial pressure, although overall sales are still high, but let's use financial pressure to gradually increase, reduced the enthusiasm for non-premium plots。  For housing prices, financing costs increase, to lengthen the period of increased marketing costs, etc., are required to make at the time to get to the market value of the land precisely determine, once the market outlook is not optimistic, and get to develop cycle costs for various aspects of the capital chain housing prices will generate a lot of pressure。  "Because now Beijing already low profit margin development, coupled with the unsold land conditions may be slightly worse, certainly (difficult), but if you count this account to come, to do this, then。"Liu Hui in view, each a piece of land on the market must be determined by a series of estimates is worth attention。(Original title: low price after the holiday for the first time Beijing is now unsold land) (Editor: DF370)

Crush, in this Allure

Buddha said: There is no Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror。I had no one, where dye dust。    Buddhist high and lofty spiritual realm is: There seems to be a non, like real non-real, it seems like to think non。    Life hastily decades, how many clutch misery。There are always some things, some people always linger in our hearts, the slightest ripple Dangqi。Once upon a time, that the southern town of dim misty rain, and that's tragic Saibei desert sky, and that the vast grassland plains of Northern Fortress……I have to tie him down heart。Person's life there are a lot of passing, also owned peek into the beautiful mistake。It is to play it away, or buried in my heart?Some people, no modification beyond recognition, without rhetoric dress。Unconsciously, has entered my mind, under the stars, rain, love, sweet and bitter。However, at the crossroads of life, we do not wander, do not hesitate。Choose to forget or into eternity。At that moment, we do not know who。    I traveled south to play in the season that face, etc., such as Lotus litter。    Spring is not blowing, March Spring Quarters without covering your heart, such as small casement tight cover。    I Dada Horseshoe is a beautiful mistake。    I am not owned by people, is a traveler。    That Encounter is a beautiful mistake, wrong time to meet the person, it was said: Secret Love is a beautiful and exotic kiwi, not pro is easy to try it。I would like to be packaged memory, long buried it。    Gently you go, as you gently to。

BMW recalls in China 5.30000 imported X3

BEIJING, April 8 electric Recently, BMW [microblogging] (China) Automotive Trading Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan to the Administration of Quality Supervision, will be from April 13, 2015, to recall some of the imported X3 xDrive 20i, the X3's xDrive 28I, X3 xDrive35i cars, the production date of October 1, 2011 to December 1, 2013, according to the company's statistics, mainland China involving a total of 53 317。  The vehicle within the scope of the recall, the pressure on the fuel delivery unit and the power supply harness electric fuel pump control valve may be an interference in the vehicle during use, can cause damage to the wire harness, under certain circumstances, an internal short circuit may be generated。When a defect occurs, resulting in decreased engine power, jitter, it turns off the vehicle does not rule out the possibility of a security risk。BMW (China) Automotive Trading Co., Ltd. will recall the vehicles within the scope of the inspection, there is a problem of vehicle repair or replacement of fuel delivery unit, to eliminate safety concerns。  BMW (China) Automotive Trading Co., Ltd. will take the initiative to contact the owners through an authorized dealer, arrange for service。Users can call BMW customer service hotline 400-800-6666 for consultation。Users can also visit the website of AQSIQ Import and Export Commodity Inspection section (jyjgs.AQSIQ.GOV.CN), AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center Web site (WWW.DPAC.GOV.CN) and a micro-channel public concern number (AQSIQDPAC) for more information。In addition you can also call AQSIQ defective product management center hotline: 010-59799616 or local entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities of quality hotline: Questions 12,365 (turn key No. 2) is reflected in the implementation process of the recall activities or submit a defect clues。