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Blood-stained wedding dress

Who pulled your hair loose under lights your hair floating into the sky black flag covered with sad eyes who destroyed your beauty cry in the silence of the night you looked indifferent pale face, blood-red lips bleak world frightened vigil lights white wedding dress drift into a mask of tears turned into laughter sing Phantom Lover echoed echoed mind is a world longing for the invisible distance you walked the pace of light walk through the tunnel of death in the night’s no nostalgia, no hesitation which is a window stuck in a moment of light and shadow lively with something more to say against the words of blessing into the whole wedding wine fans coming down the center of the intersection of the groom’s mouth early in the morning many people around them at the ground – a bloody red next to the white wedding dress, a red heart with open eyes [editor: men tree]

(Writer election issue of) his father’s “money root”

In our case, the elders just before his death, always within its power to a younger generation who call it “money root” red envelopes.He became elders before his death, with one of the younger generation hope of sustenance.”Money is the root” and no matter how small, represents a means to show that you are his roots, and he has never pulled constantly intertwined roots.    I remember before his father died, he has been weak too difficult to speak.Mother listened to his father’s mouth for a long time, came to realize that his father calling upon the sons and daughters to his side.Several Xunji our brothers and sisters came to his father’s side, his father opened his eyes screwed up for several days, with only a faint almost swim gas, shaking his hand, wanted nothing out from the pocket of the shirt, the mother along father’s hand, took out five red paper.It turned out to be “the root of money”.Father, mother schematically distributed to us.At this point we understand more than anything, the Father and us goodbye, and that he left us, “Qian root”.We all saw at his side, we have seen clutching his “money root”, the father seem so calm and serene, smiled slightly, unable to put down the hand, as if to a faraway place like home Like calm.It was a little over a minute early autumn afternoon, in the afternoon, the weather is still hot, father Hanxiaojiuquan, completed his 71-year-old way of life.    Father of “Money root” package, thin, thin as a kind of Grottoes, unlike other people’s elders thick as hundreds of thousands of.Five each of his children.Palm back of the hand are his meat.But I do not know his father when the money is put into the inside pocket of his.Because we all know, my father never in charge of the home economy.After his father fell seriously ill from say, he has not left his bed.    End the evening to take care of his father’s funeral, we got together a few brothers, recalled his father’s last days and talk about their father again took took from the father to the “root of money”.Much money, are each two ten-dollar.We were surprised to find, it has faded red color on paper was more than half.On each one’s money, they are dying before his father’s pain that shed sweat soaked red with red.This shows that the father of the “root of money,” he had installed in his close-fitting underwear pocket.    I would like to know the money in the Father “Money root ‘came from.Shortly after his father died, my mother inquired tentatively, only that it was aware of his father after a serious illness before he could walk, he kept holding his two female goats, walking in the road more than a dozen find a seller, sold the goat.He told my mother that these money to keep it by him, as he later left the children’s “money root”.About the money later mother forgot, but do not know what time his father put into his coat pocket.    His father had died 14 years.Father of “Money root” still in my drawer locked intact, I have often turned out to gently caress a few.But I have sworn: no matter how poor, no money again, I would not have to spend money in the father that “money root”.Because on that “money root” of red paper and paper money, will never leave my father’s fingerprints and perspiration, leaving my father’s life gene, that is how much money to take will not lead to a real “root”.(1023 words) written in the evening of November 14 2014 Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province Yongfeng powered by Mail: 225 744 Su Baoda

(Original) Raising obsession beans and rice

Parents gave my first life, is you let me in despair reborn.  - Inscription I love you in the past.  You love my wounds.  Have you seen all of my files, I understand all the feelings.You as a loved one, in the text hear me cry smile, I see loneliness as injury.I became a kind of childish in your eyes, in your opinion, my unrequited love is gentle.  If you love someone, including love him (her) wounds of the past and, however noble such love!  You would not let me be lonely.  You would not let me fall.  You say that I am so young, should not be a lonely person, two people to properly communicate, get along, there is no inextricable knot.  What do you say to give up and not give up hope.Do not give up on themselves.Set goals, to change the environment, or from out of despair.  You make me strong.  You make me Prospects.  No matter what I do, you always support.I tell you there is hope as long as the firm struggles.The material is the basis for a happy life, we must work hard still young.  You taught me to learn to choose.  You taught me how to rise.  Put down something you say will not get something else, it is always a dilemma always fail to reach an aspiration.To know how to choose life, that you can not do both ways, but you can have a clear conscience.  You let me find a job, good to enrich themselves, not wasted youth, not upset Love.In your encouragement, I am in this July, and finally the rise in the decadent days.  During the day you accompany me to soak up the sun.  I reproach you with the stars at night.  Every morning, he wakes up to receive your information, but also than the alarm clock on time, never stopped six months.  Your information every day, the morning of my first record Sunshine.What kind of haze can not cover up the glimmer of hope; how bitter can not dilute the share sweet.  I was naive smile – how happy someone to love!  I remember the first night shift one day, you accompany me in the distance sleepless night.I do not know that such a love to be repaired several world to come?  True love will not degenerate.  The truth will never fade.  It is said that pure friendship between men and women, is that you change this common practice.Your love has turned into a family, never degenerate.Pure, no purpose of love, to such a long time, so clean,.  You love a person love her all the hope she flies happy, happiness, and not have obtained.  Since I met you and be reborn.My truth will never fade.  We have this love, nothing to do with love.  do not leave.  Love has into the heart.  Night is too short, too long to miss.  Read and see become a habit.  In this increasingly cold earth, with sincere phase pull.  Whose heart through the vicissitudes of life, who had tears Huan life?  Finally, the Xing Xing Xing Xing Xi.  Earth too thin cold, because of you warm.  This is how the world has such a good man?I can not believe.Dream like magic also deemed true.I hold, and what you warm, kind of tenderness, how sincere?  I am drunk, this life after life, my brother did not go.Accompany me until the end of life.  (Postscript: I would like this document to Mr. Liu Zhengbing.Long wanted to write an article for you, for various reasons, delays to today.And you, like a day for four months, helped me stick to push the novel circles every day.I want to say thank you!Also thank you to my blog Friends of Friends, for you are not lonely, as small as.)


I would like to dedicate this post: graduating towards the posts society who xiaonianqing.<活>How a live Zile.You will live it?Do you know how to live it?Do you know what it is to live?.Wants to live must live, these words do you understand me?.Because live so live, phrase it; you can understand?.That survival activities, Life is flexible.There are live live live live there.Those are the words, the meaning of the different.Though you alive, but you really live it?Carefully taste it.Live, covering all things.Live, namely; sensitive, understanding, modifications, perception, knowledge of the time in a harmony.Someone said: regret in life is that (insisted should adhere to; to give up should not give up), who listened to this sentence is very classic, very reasonable; but the problem is, who can tell you how to confirm What is the stick, which is the abandoned; this is the essence, that is,<活>The soul.Sometimes stick when young dream, grew up after that is so ignorant.Want to live, you must be flexible.The results are struggles and dreams of a happy life, but the road is not the only one; you have to constantly track amendment of life, to change the original half-baked ideas; find a shortcut to success, there may be a direction to success; it You do not have to come in a black trail.Visionary, determined course and grasp the current, apply their knowledge, learn by analogy, pragmatic innovation; you can be happy living in the moment.Again, in order to live – must live.

(After XVI shot) Gunfire sounded

Sixteen, after gunshots April 6 in the morning 5:10, Shangyu Police Station Pavilion at the foot of Xiangshan, White Horse Lake last captured a suspect Xiaolin Ming.The same time was taken to the police station, Yiting Town, Shangyu Public Security Bureau, after some police interrogation, Xiangtan task force at 23 o’clock that night, three days ago by the Guangzhou to Ningbo 410 train departure from Zhuzhou railway station, Xiaolin Ming He was escorted back to Hunan Xiangtan awaiting trial.  410 train is still as usual, across the Hunan, Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces, calmly back and forth between Zhuzhou and Ningbo, passengers still come and gone, he went on his journey.Can anyone know?Just two days before from dozens of large and small sites are among the Ningbo to Zhuzhou has received an urgent notice, a group of extremely brutal criminals carrying firearms and explosives being boarded the train tour 410, a serious threat almost two thousand passengers on board the safety of life and property.  And countless people along the railway guards, police heard moving, vigilant.  Since the beginning of 2000, Xiangtan City Yue Tong area have a group of criminal gangs Yang Liangshun, Yangwei Bing led by two brothers, a gun, a knife murder, robbery, damage, theft, evil.Members of the criminal gang have been arrested, except that the three main members were unable to capture.  At 23:03 on April days, Yang Liangshun, Yangwei Bing, Xiaolin Ming other three people go by train from the territory of Zhejiang, Zhuzhou.Front of the car, in Zhuzhou, Hunan police had intended to arrest the train station, but taking into account more than the people in the train station, can easily cause accidental injury, he was forced to abandon the original plan.Zhejiang Public Security Bureau after receiving the report, quickly set up a joint command, mobilized along the railway line 11 cities and counties thousand police and police officers entered the war.  At 10:00 on April 4 am, 410 times the trains entering the territory Zhejiang.The first train will go through the country town of squadrons of riot squad, has been quietly lurking to the country railway station set cabo control; 10:58, Quzhou detachment of armed police officers and emergency unit of embattled train station in the city of Quzhou.In Zhejiang, thousands of miles along the railway line, police officers and police officers who have done all the emergency preparedness.6:30 that night, 410 train route Shangyu train station stops.While the moment the train started, three suspects get off suddenly fled, the police quickly attack in Shangyu station, after two days and nights of continuous raids and eventually killed resisting arrest two suspects, arrested a man and seized three revolvers, bullet 28 hair.  The suspect Yang Liangshun, born in 1959, on suspicion of robbery in Xiangtan, Hunan, murder, assaulting a police officer and other major cases, resulting in two deaths and eight people wounded, fled the negative case to Shangyu, Zhejiang, was killed by police.  Suspect Yangwei Bing, Yang Liangshun brother, Xiangtan in Hunan suspicion of robbery, murder, assaulting a police officer and other major cases, resulting in two deaths and eight people wounded, fled the negative case to Shangyu, Zhejiang, was killed by police.  Xiaolin Ming suspects, many involved in criminal acts of the Yang brothers, fled the negative case to Shangyu, Zhejiang, was arrested, transferred to the court for trial.  At this point, a manhunt across Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, three provinces came to an end.  2000 June 7 morning, the Zhejiang provincial government held a celebration of the General Assembly in Shangyu, in recognition of units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the disposal of Hunan Province in gun homicide cases criminal gangs.  Shangyu, Shaoxing municipal government and the municipal government were awarded the prize to the Public Security Bureau and Shenzhen 500,000 yuan.  Minister of Public Security Jia Chunwang was read out to the signing of Zhejiang public security organs to arrest gunmen battle group in mind a first class, awarded Shangyu City Public Security Bureau police Lu Jiming two heroes title to the Public Security Bureau deputy director of Zhejiang Yong should remember personal second in command.  Zhejiang Provincial Government Order awards also a war of all police officers and police officers.  .

$ 25,000 an idea

Priorities whose work matters, working together will be handy.    In the 1930s, the Great Depression, many businesses have closed down.A steel company in trouble, President Ivan Lee invited management experts, to explore policy of salvation.    President and straight to the point: Please do not tell me how tube, just tell me how to do, we urgently need are better ways of working.If you can provide a good way, I will do as you say.How much you want to pay, as long as reasonable, I will give you.    Ivan Lee said: I’ll come up at least 50 percent more efficient approach to within 20 minutes.Then, President handed a piece of paper and said to him: Please write down the six most important things you have to do tomorrow on the paper.President of thought, done as required with a time of less than 4 minutes.    Ivan Lee, president and handed a piece of paper, said: follow this 6 matter of importance, from the important to the secondary reorder.President and took less than four minutes obeyed.    Then, Ivan Lee re-written this paper to reorder items returned president, and he said: Now, this piece of paper in your briefcase, first thing in the morning it out, take a look at the first, the first thing to do to start.After the first thing done, do the second part, the third element, and so on.Until the end of the day.He paused, he went on to say: every weekday insist on doing so, after seeing the effect, let your employees also try to do so.If you like, give it a try.After the trial finished, do you think gave me the idea worth how much money it.    Within half an hour, Ivan Lee got up to leave the.    After a few weeks, to President Ivan Lee sent a check for a $ 25,000, along with a letter.The letter said: Your idea of the effect is significant, thank you for giving me a lesson on.Your lecture of my life is the most valuable lesson, but also makes me the most profitable lesson.    Five years later, Ivan Lee’s idea to let this little-known company has become one of the world’s most famous steel companies.    Successful intention, creating success every day; success every day, creating a successful life.


The rice you eat at noon hurts your stomach in the afternoon and is in a bad mood. Abdominal pain, hot flashes, sweating, and inexplicable pressure made me unable to support myself. My head fell down and softly fell on the table. My body trembled slightly and my brain was in chaos.. I think there is depression. Next year’s son’s college entrance exam, the second half of the year’s exam for teachers’ certificate, and the disharmonious family relationship, triggered by abdominal pain, have been committed intermittently with depression.. There is no place to solve, no place to solve, no book to read, no book to read,,,,,, severe stomach pain, this damn rice . ah, college entrance exam . ah, listen to the heart sutra for a while, seems to be some relief. Suddenly thought of a female colleague, aged 61, who had just detected lymphoma in the first half of the year and was now undergoing chemotherapy for the fourth time in the affiliated hospital of Peking University. The colleague has just retired and has been hired back to continue his class. Her character is gentle and kind. She has been a teacher all her life and she has got the disease all over the world. Her students have come from all directions to donate money to her. In just a few days, she has raised more than 40,000 yuan.. The colleague’s fate was bumpy. When the child was young, he divorced. He raised his son by himself and later married. Now the husband has his own child. She suffers from the disease, regardless of her. His son is in his thirties. He works with his mother in the same unit. His son is not in the spirit and has not had a girlfriend yet. Colleagues all say that she only grew up with the disease because of her son’s sorrow.. My ex-husband was in the same unit, but he refused to lend a helping hand. Think about my colleague, who has had a rough life, why not let people sigh? Compared with the bad luck she encountered, what is this depression in front of her? What other reason do I have for depression? What reason is there not to work hard? I met our teacher this morning. I remember she asked me last winter, what are you busy with? I said prepare papers. I met her today and asked me again. I said I would take an examination of the teacher’s certificate. Let’s start our association here and meet our teacher next year. I’ll say, prepare for class. . Ah, over the years, I have set goals for myself every year, and these goals will be achieved by the end of the year.. I really feel my progress and strength. There is still a long way to go, full of ups and downs, ditches and ridges, and tens of millions of times more efforts are needed.. It’s just that my child’s entrance examination will make me depressed enough. But think about my colleague, what is this? To be alive is to suffer and be affected. It is difficult to survive, but it is also difficult to survive.. Writer Yang Mo said that people suffer because they think too much and read too little. It seems that only in the book can I find a way to redeem myself. After writing these words, I seem to have calmed down a lot, and depression has also passed me by..

A tangled heart language

Past events, such as animal and plant specimens, although dried in the air, will last forever. Once touched, the past will rush toward us, so real and so familiar. Past events, such as landscape paintings, those once beautiful, embedded in the depths of memory, cannot be waved away, wiped out, life is endless, time goes by, but they have been renewed for a long time and enjoy an endless aftertaste.. The past, such as a cup of plain boiled water, accompanied us by birth and growth until we get old, may have passed without looking back, but it is, after all, the course of our life. Or, the lost years no longer exist, but, after all, we once had. The past is also like a cup of strong liquor. In the past years, we have pursued vigorously and had our ideal of prosperity.. The past, because of you, we have become strong, firm, past, because of you, we have laughter and tears in our journey of life, success and failure, pride and frustration … Ah, I often hear people say: I am living a life of living and envy how natural and unrestrained it is.. Talking with friends, I also said I was a gangster, but he praised me, and it was not easy to get along with me. I knew literally: Jianghu is dangerous and there are still two swords under the word ” day”. Then understand, mix also have mixed difficulties! Mix also want to have mixed’ capital’! Perhaps more is to have mixed skills. Otherwise, why is there a’ natural selection of things and survival of the fittest’.     Busy? Mang?? Blind??? Yes, every day, from morning till night, we repeat the 2: 1 pattern, home, company, work and work. Busy?? At a loss! Or is it blind?! Seemingly busy, it is busy doing nothing, with a slim future, or with a confused status quo.? Is it unwilling to follow blindly, or blind to do it alone? Amazing at the dream scene: under the boundless sky, busy people live blindly, in the boundless sea of people, busy you, I blindly look for …….     If life is like chess, I am willing to be a pawn and go forward step by step! Straight ahead. Why? Is to protect the call ” handsome”, but my ” handsome” who is it? Parents, brothers, lovers and children are still bosses, friends, classmates and colleagues? I’m just a pawn, face object, horse, car, what do I take to protect you – my’ handsome’? In addition to life, what else do I have? So think about it, life is really fragile, vulnerable, even just a decoration.     Sometimes, I really feel that my soul and body are out of place. I am looking for and wandering around to miss a good relationship, hesitating and foolishly missing a good opportunity, drifting off and disorienting my conscience. Is it true that I have lost myself?? Sometimes, I don’t know whether I am fragile like a hedgehog or aloof like a rose, and I always hurt myself unconsciously.! Sometimes, knowing that people should not only endure loneliness, but also endure monotony and mediocrity, they must have a heart that is unwilling to be lonely and ordinary, exhausted, when they are black and blue all over, or when they return, they will become ordinary. Or forget, such as moths.     Life is a line segment or a circle? If it is a line segment, why does winter go to spring and flowers bloom and fall, we can’t find out where it comes from and where it goes? If it is a circle, year after year, year after year, then what is its center and radius? I don’t know, I don’t understand: At the beginning, I came to the world in a muddle, and when I left the world clean. Past lives, who am I, this life, who am I? Past lives, who promised who? In this world, who failed to live up to who? The afterlife, who repaid who? unknown. The ancients made herringbone so simple, who made the heart so complicated? A person came to the world alone, experiencing all his joys and sorrows, success and failure, even if birth, death and illness seemed doomed, and finally he left the world alone.. In this way, a person’s life is just a passer-by with nothing to bring or take away from the world.. Many people say that they will understand many things when they die, such as worry, pain, money, righteousness, affection and friendship. I think it is just a guess for the living, just as we can’t understand what kind of thoughts they will have when they were born. If they must say yes, I think it should be fear of the known and the unknown..     In the world, people and people, people and animals, people and nature are all connected with each other. What love is? How much grief and resentment, how much delusion and anger, how much love and hatred, accompany our life. Love is like a net, we are all prey it catches, accidentally falling into it, entangling, unable to dial.Love is like a double-edged sword, once touched, it will eventually be wounded. In the world of mortals, we who eat human fireworks go there to borrow a pair of eye – catching, to make love and hate clear and clear.?     Those who like the net name ” smoke” may be due to their deep understanding of smoke: smoke, when in a good mood, it is fireworks, like poetry and paintings, and Ana is colorful; When the mood is bad, it is smoke and mist, illusory, like a demon. Whether far or near, thick or light, it always comes and goes without a trace. He took it up, thought he had grasped it, spread out his hands, and there was nothing left.. Things are generally so, everything is like passing clouds, everything is gone, everything is gone.     A colleague resigned, and I wrote a parting blessing for him in space: I hope you will go there with ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, and ease! Longitudinal is a laundry list of nonsense, how can I express my heart’s endless love for children and helplessness, and the banquet will be held all over the world. Acquaintance is an edge, but separation is also an edge. The edge gathers and disperses, the origin, the edge falls, the edge lives and the edge dies. Who can grasp it, who can see through it, and who can put it down?

A little bit in the journey of Bo Pu

What is the little happiness in the journey of Bo Pu? Happiness is a small surprise in life.    Unconsciously, today is my eighth day in Wuchuan. What I feel these days is’ pain and happiness’. The so-called’ pain’ is to go to bed late and get up early, and go to buy vegetables at 3pm in the sun. The so-called ” happiness” is, of course, the little happiness I feel here! Although it is hard to go to the countryside, happiness is always more than hard work! In fact, to be honest, this teaching is not hard, because the environment in our base and its vicinity is already very good compared with those in the backward small mountainous areas.. Ha ha, if someone asks me if I am tired of cooking and cooking every day, I will certainly not hesitate to say that I am tired, but I feel very happy because I am full of special motivation and joy for my work every day..    Every day there are many things that touch a little heart, and today is no exception. For me, the most happy thing that makes me feel today is when I am hungry, someone gives me something to eat. Someone will ask me in time whether I am hungry or not. In fact, I also admire myself very much. As a logistics team, I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone every day and cook dishes every day. I am actually hungry and really hungry..    When a person is hungry, the first thing he thinks of is food without exception.. Of course, so do I. whenever I am hungry, I especially want to eat. after getting up this morning, before breakfast is ready, I am already very hungry and especially want to eat. I asked my good roommate, Zhang Ran Duo, if he had anything to eat. I was very hungry. I didn’t expect her to say anything but ask me to go to her bed and get something to eat.. I said I ate her two buns and the rain would stop in a minute. I’m going to work on the logistics team.. As soon as I finished speaking to her on WeChat, I chewed steamed stuffed bun and went to work. I’ve been busy. I’m not free until noon today. At noon today, when I returned to the classroom where I was staying, I turned on my mobile phone to read WeChat. Wow, so moved, however, students left a message to me on WeChat: Eat, eat, don’t be hungry, there’s milk in that bag, you drink it with it, or you’ll get thirsty if you only eat bread..    Although this is a very simple thing, although it may not be worth mentioning in others’ eyes, it may be just a small and negligible thing, but it can touch me. Well moved, happiness is not far away. Happiness is right beside us. Happiness is to have something to eat when you are hungry.. Thank you, classmate Ran Duo. I’m so moved.    There are still many things that moved me during this period of teaching. For example, I’m afraid of the dark, and when I wash clothes at night, someone will accompany me and so on. I will cherish the drops I met, and thank you for meeting you!          Writing: Yao Huadi’s Review: Source of Qiu Min: Lingnan Normal University’s ” Dream Burning Together” Social Practice Team

Alley Night “writer fifth election issue.”

About the author: Gu Zheng Yu, who Bijie, Bijie City National High School, graduated from high school, now studying PLA University of Technology.More than learning, like reading and writing, he has published essays on “Bijie Daily”, “Guizhou Nation” and other publications.   These days my heart was quite calm.Want to live in a new place, some time, and the nearby streets are wide, very clean.Few sunny face hit the dust, rain nor mud covered with a foot of.This day seems quiet a lot, some lazy life together.Think life is full of vitality, there bump, there are ripples of fireworks in the pieces, is splendid.    Suddenly become stiff pace, do not want to lift your feet forward, watching the sunset, almost dusk, the clouds from the horizon sneak out of the twilight, the sky on a recent mosaic, the most beautiful glow, some all the way, have a date with the city, gradually, gradually illuminate the dream.Quickly turn back in the past, toward the place previously lived, walked and walked.    Night quietly drenched streets, not far from you can still see a few can move shop, a few familiar selling snacks, is that several ladies, familiar faces.The alley is not very wide, but there are a lot of people out early, come back a day early, here is their homeland bridge to happiness.Some simply here to eat a bowl of dumplings or noodles, plus some Lucai RELISH, eat sweet.    A few steps, the faint light through the shop, the optical sight elongated landed on the high convex uneven gravel.Parked next several excavators, thoughts like me into a couple of days ago, there certainly vigorously split-off, those original facade bustling can not see, are hidden into the moonlight too busy to even touch the rocks.Moonlight here’ve been hiding for several days, perhaps the past people did not want to see too many passing under rubble.Night, everything is the same, all to be found in front of the light.    Perhaps God’s blessing, the clouds gradually sparse up, anxious corner began to stir, to polish the eyes of the stars, in straight sets down, fell this somewhat sad alley.Former potholes still, my feet in the night the tentative forward, but also to find the feeling of the past, stepping on the original beat, looked simple and happy smile, listening to the cries of selling, simple and true.I think tonight so looking, looking like dew non-exposed face of the moon, returning to hug and happy atmosphere alley.    Late at night tonight, there are several lights in the brightly lit, tomorrow it will be so busy?Whistling wind debris on the gravel, blowing Luanxiang tomorrow tree summer shade trees, might fall.Another glance, the first time I walked the streets, I feel warm too alley, give me encouragement through the streets, so that memories forever in my heart alley.Maybe, maybe one day, here is the high-rise buildings, however, there is also once in memory, erase warm.    The city of lights, the clouds seem to focus on the journey, among bare branches, Lang Lang streaks, no one is interested in lazy according to the wasteland, the alley seemed clearer, here’s dream is also in clear rivers and lakes stand up.