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2014 Spring Snow Ramblings

Wen \ breeze Orchids a hope, mixing the whole winter.    Unspoken.This season frequented the haze, increasingly show off the snow stingy.    Cold wind, coerced mind one after another, constantly wandering in the streets of the city, shouting, rendering the copy or in darker thoughts, spread to the depths of people’s hearts.    Surprisingly, the “spring” of the season is over, a late snow will be waving to the!This Huang Wu, before the original of that field like non-rain rain, like fog non fog snow weather turned out to be a prelude to it, drizzling rain, the messenger is not the snow it?    Spring Snow, long overdue, but consistent quality, clean Trinidad, flawless.It is somewhere by a certain call, or the remnants of past life memories?It drift from the distant sky, singing all the way, searching, gentle Manwu from, Qi Wang found his soul to the ownership of the totem.    Snow into the mortal world, such as the Red Walk.A forgiving heart, inclusive of all things, the once beautiful.On the roof, grass, tree branches and even bloom Plum.It has its presence everywhere, much like the beautiful scenes together again, knowing bright, warm each other, even if only mortal hurry moment dies.    Snow Qing Yang, dancing lightly.It is light and agile poems, it is through the window overlooking the thoughts of people Fen Yang.Can not help but think of that story, “Shi” was recorded – Xie have encountered a poem a day heavy snow, Xie first chant: “What have the snow like?”The nephew Xie Lang Yin:” The difference may be intended air Salt.”The last chant niece Xie Tao Yun said:” If not because of the wind catkins.”This amazing match millennium, a time for his brother’s wife, and spread so far.Since then, the world remember the Jin Dynasty talented woman who vomit Lotus.    Throughout the ages, how much snow gives people inspiration, how many people due to snow hygiene conditions, as snow poems.Han Yu “Spring snow was too late, so wear Tingshu for fly.”Flash in the pan so that as spring snow romantic, beautiful and full of spirituality; Nalanrongruo of ‘do not have a bud, not human wealth to spend’ the high absolute talent, ideas, of course, a manifestation of the vicissitudes of it’s own.    Gentle scattered snow, sparsely lined with underground.Snow in size but the United States.    Disappeared the sun.Xue Wu of the sun, wandering Ruxu.This wandering, but also beautiful.The graceful beauty, to the United States reserved style, like “long-awaited, still holds partly concealed” born beauty.    This time, for holding a cup of weak tea, look at the crystal overlooking experience the quiet beauty of heaven and earth, either a light touch their hearts, thoughts cavity with a dash.I thought to myself, from time to time on the snow flew in front of the window pane, like in are constantly around, even for a moment it turned into a crystal drops, that is the essence of the soul of snow.Out the window, it has long been innocent child innocent laughter came, yes ah, between heaven and earth to witness this in a swirl of visual feast, who is not excited about it?Let alone children.    As night fell, under the lights in snow dance more joy.Suddenly For a moment, bustling about in the house’s hand stopped the action, a trace Qiannian driven involuntarily went to the window, Xianlian wait and see – wow!Scream disturbed the family.Looking out the window, the floor had a surprise!Deep snow, heavy joy.That was “powder makeup jade puzzle”, “snow” of, and even greater than the scenery outside the window?Any thing, only into the head, into the heart in order.Each snow days, always forget their age, childlike laughter, dance and snow, snow and song.Perhaps, deep down there will always be a complex, lingering in a love that is flawless pear-like, orchid-like elegance, there is no clear proud stained earth.This, which is the soul of the snow, right.    Heart, tinged fantasy, as if he is a snowflake, stretch the beautiful posture, light, comfortable, in between the vast world, graceful dance.

Economists predict amazing: US stocks may cut

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, July 10 message, Renaissance Capital (Renaissance Capital) Charles Robertson, global chief economist do amazing prediction, saying that Greece and China as well as factors that may cause the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates US stocks plunged around 50%。  He stressed that in 2008, seven years after the financial crisis in the past, the global economy is still very fragile。  He said: "Now we have seen the global economy in the face of the Greek crisis how fragile。The second risk comes from China, it is likely to be some kind of serious deterioration of the situation。A third risk comes from the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates。"For the Fed to raise interest rates, he believes may have 'consequences can not be estimated in advance people'。  Robertson was first predicted stocks would fall by 50%, says history shows this year, the S & P 500 will begin to slow down in January 2015。Currently located at 2046 S & P 500 points, while Robertson predicted in March 2016 will drop to 1100 points, the US economy will fall into recession。  But he also pointed out that once the stock market was cut will bring "tremendous buying opportunity."。So far this year the S & P 500 index fell 0.6%。  However, not all market participants are so pessimistic。  Laith Khalaf, senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown wrote in the report: "For long-term investors, they should resist the urge to cash in stock。If you each time the bad news to sell, buy it back after the situation improved, so selling one to buy you may lose money。"Jim McCaughan Asset Management Group Principal Global Investors chief executive said he is looking for buying opportunities the global market。He said: "The situation in China belong to a closed system of excess liquidity caused by extreme volatility。China's stock market is still not cheap, so the market is still a dangerous。But I will continue to buy US stocks at the time the callback。"(Shofu compilation)

Beijing Festival for the first time the site now sell unsold housing prices are no longer the urge to get to

Yesterday (February 28), after the Spring Festival Beijing market for the first time to sell two plots of land。Among them, from the Miyun limit room block before the shooting, because there is no sign the final unsold housing prices。Another case, Yongding Town, Mentougou comprehensive commercial financial services land only after the first offer, then the upset win by the West Beijing Financial Street + Landmark of the Commonwealth, premium rate 0。  In fact, this is just a microcosm of the recent Beijing earth beat market is clearly cooling。Statistical data from Centaline Property Research Center data show that as of now, the 2018 Beijing land transactions average premium rate was 12%, compared to 2017 24.33% significantly reduced, land unsold phenomenon is not the first occurrence。Guo Yi, director of marketing for Asian high on the "Daily Economic News" correspondent analysis pointed out that the market side, unsold land and overall performance of the industry changes in the market, suggesting that real estate developers face the difficulties and to the speed of tight cash flow problems。  Beijing land market, land unsold significant cooling at the end of it occur, by mid-2017 beat the market more soil is ending Liupai。  "A lot of land (to sell), the government agreed to a number of conditions very clearly, we will count your account balance。"Shimao Group and vice president Liu Hui, president of the North China region to" frankly Daily Economic News "reporter。  "Daily News" reporter combing found that the unsold land for the price of Miyun land, the land area of 5690.628 square meters, ground floor area of 13,658 square meters provisions, which also built free to move back to room 5684.19 m2。This means that only about 7974 square meters of residential real estate, housing sales price is not more than 21,215 yuan / square meter, the highest sales price shall not more than 22,276 yuan / square meter。  Centaline Dawei, chief analysts believe that the main reason for the unsold plots of land are small and also supporting the construction of which a large area of housing prices is the "cost" very low land。  It is noteworthy that, statistics from Centaline Property Research Center data show that, since 2018 (as of February 28th), Beijing soil beat market has four residential plots unsold。  For example, this year January 30 Beijing to sell three plots limit room, Fengtai District, a starting high as 63 billion involving home land by claiming no registration and the final unsold housing prices。The public sale of commercial land Mentougou also defines a 50% proportion of self-sustaining, the final upset win + WAB Street opposite Commonwealth, premium rate 0。  Centaline Property Research Center statistics show that from the premium rate, the Beijing land market in mid-2017 average premium rate of 24.33%。2018 average premium of land transactions was significantly lower, only 12% of。  There are indications that Beijing land market heat significant cooling。Dawei said that in 2018, Beijing has earth Homestead beat the market overall premium rate back to single digits, unsold residential land appeared four。And in the Beijing residential soil beat history, a total of 2018 there have been only 31 unsold residential plots。Current land property complex, as all comprehensive land price, housing price, total property room, etc.。  Housing prices are no longer blind to get to "last year began to increase land supply, housing prices also decision logic completely different。"Guo Yi analysis, said two years ago brand enterprises in Beijing to get to logic is there to compete for, at the time of acceptance of the premium is very high, then each take a piece of land to determine the brand of housing prices in the capital can not be We have the opportunity and space for sustainable development。  According to statistics, in 2017 Beijing land market annual turnover of 104 land, turnover of about 279.6 billion yuan, an increase of up to 225%。Among them, the residential land 71, a significant increase in land supply。Guo Yi pointed out some shortcomings of reserve land developer has received a lot of land reserves, sufficient land reserves in the status quo, to get to the power gradually weakened, developers began thinking about how to return the cash。Coupled with housing prices in recent years show a continued decline in the average profit margin status, increasing financial pressure。  From the financing point of view, 2018 is the most significant funds into the real estate trust to tighten。Dawei analysis pointed out that the trust funds into real estate suffered the impact of strict control under financial pressure housing prices began to emerge from the "930 Deal" began, the country's second-tier cities is tightly regulated。In this case, housing prices increasing financial pressure, although overall sales are still high, but let's use financial pressure to gradually increase, reduced the enthusiasm for non-premium plots。  For housing prices, financing costs increase, to lengthen the period of increased marketing costs, etc., are required to make at the time to get to the market value of the land precisely determine, once the market outlook is not optimistic, and get to develop cycle costs for various aspects of the capital chain housing prices will generate a lot of pressure。  "Because now Beijing already low profit margin development, coupled with the unsold land conditions may be slightly worse, certainly (difficult), but if you count this account to come, to do this, then。"Liu Hui in view, each a piece of land on the market must be determined by a series of estimates is worth attention。(Original title: low price after the holiday for the first time Beijing is now unsold land) (Editor: DF370)

Crush, in this Allure

Buddha said: There is no Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror。I had no one, where dye dust。    Buddhist high and lofty spiritual realm is: There seems to be a non, like real non-real, it seems like to think non。    Life hastily decades, how many clutch misery。There are always some things, some people always linger in our hearts, the slightest ripple Dangqi。Once upon a time, that the southern town of dim misty rain, and that's tragic Saibei desert sky, and that the vast grassland plains of Northern Fortress……I have to tie him down heart。Person's life there are a lot of passing, also owned peek into the beautiful mistake。It is to play it away, or buried in my heart?Some people, no modification beyond recognition, without rhetoric dress。Unconsciously, has entered my mind, under the stars, rain, love, sweet and bitter。However, at the crossroads of life, we do not wander, do not hesitate。Choose to forget or into eternity。At that moment, we do not know who。    I traveled south to play in the season that face, etc., such as Lotus litter。    Spring is not blowing, March Spring Quarters without covering your heart, such as small casement tight cover。    I Dada Horseshoe is a beautiful mistake。    I am not owned by people, is a traveler。    That Encounter is a beautiful mistake, wrong time to meet the person, it was said: Secret Love is a beautiful and exotic kiwi, not pro is easy to try it。I would like to be packaged memory, long buried it。    Gently you go, as you gently to。

BMW recalls in China 5.30000 imported X3

BEIJING, April 8 electric Recently, BMW [microblogging] (China) Automotive Trading Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan to the Administration of Quality Supervision, will be from April 13, 2015, to recall some of the imported X3 xDrive 20i, the X3's xDrive 28I, X3 xDrive35i cars, the production date of October 1, 2011 to December 1, 2013, according to the company's statistics, mainland China involving a total of 53 317。  The vehicle within the scope of the recall, the pressure on the fuel delivery unit and the power supply harness electric fuel pump control valve may be an interference in the vehicle during use, can cause damage to the wire harness, under certain circumstances, an internal short circuit may be generated。When a defect occurs, resulting in decreased engine power, jitter, it turns off the vehicle does not rule out the possibility of a security risk。BMW (China) Automotive Trading Co., Ltd. will recall the vehicles within the scope of the inspection, there is a problem of vehicle repair or replacement of fuel delivery unit, to eliminate safety concerns。  BMW (China) Automotive Trading Co., Ltd. will take the initiative to contact the owners through an authorized dealer, arrange for service。Users can call BMW customer service hotline 400-800-6666 for consultation。Users can also visit the website of AQSIQ Import and Export Commodity Inspection section (jyjgs.AQSIQ.GOV.CN), AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center Web site (WWW.DPAC.GOV.CN) and a micro-channel public concern number (AQSIQDPAC) for more information。In addition you can also call AQSIQ defective product management center hotline: 010-59799616 or local entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities of quality hotline: Questions 12,365 (turn key No. 2) is reflected in the implementation process of the recall activities or submit a defect clues。

Bad news!The famous actor watching the World Cup sudden stroke to save died

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Nanfang Daily News (reporter / gold Zhu Xi) 17, Beijing time, according to the Egyptian news media, the Egyptian actor Mach Essam sudden stroke while watching the match Egypt and Uruguay, was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead on June 17 death。It is reported that there had been Essam stroke occurred in April 2014, and in a coma for several weeks。Essam is a famous Egyptian actress, according to friends description, he often practical action interpretation of "Style, regardless of family", that is, and whenever he would watch the football game。Egyptian team with the Uruguay game was the Egyptian team after a lapse of 28 years to return to the World Cup finals, Essam would not want to miss this event。However, the Egyptian team suffered in the match Uruguay lore, let Essam bit emotional, his friends, also Egyptian actor Idris said that when watching, Essam often violent reaction of the field he let the game too excited, so that abnormal physical condition。Although previously he escaped, but this time, Lady Luck did not favor Essam。After the incident, Essam was sent to the hospital, then the situation deteriorated, he was transferred to a specialist hospital。Two days later, after died Essam。It is reported that there had been Essam stroke occurred in April 2014, and in a coma for several weeks, this should stroke recurrence and emotional about his volatility。Idris took over the social platform accounts Essam, who spoke remind those who suffer from health problems on the social networking careful consideration to watch a football match, in order to avoid violent mood swings, leading to increased health risks。 Uncertainty football match fitness so many vulnerable people find it difficult to accept a lot of good physical condition often fans to watch the game online ridicule need JiuXinWan。Essam examples are not uncommon during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil also had the tragedy, a 69-year-old Brazilian fans watching the game at de Orville birthday scene that day, but shortly after the start of the game, Orville de la suddenly felt chest some pain, at halftime, he was the ambulance crew rushed to a local hospital, when arrived at the hospital, his heart had stopped, after she died。Also during the last World Cup, a young 25-year-old Suzhou because after several days stay up late watching lead to sudden death。Medical experts have warned that poor physical health people, especially those with heart disease, hypertension and other diseases, should try to avoid watching the fierce confrontation sports, in order to avoid excessive stimulation collapse。After all, the World Cup and then exciting, not as his own precious life。

Air China will open Beijing – Houston – Panama City route

  June 2017, "People's Republic of China and the Republic of Panama, a joint communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations," the official signing, the two countries established diplomatic relations, thus opening a new era in bilateral exchanges。
China is Panama's second largest trading partner worldwide, but also the second largest user of the Panama Canal; Panama is China's important trade partners in Central America。
2017, bilateral trade volume between China and Pakistan nearly $ 6.7 billion in annual two-way passenger traffic between the two countries more than 4 million people, an increase of nearly 30%。
  Panama City is a Central American mountains and the sea, mountains and picturesque seaport town, with world-famous Panama Canal。
In addition, Panama obvious geographical advantages, is considered an important undertaking "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" natural extension to Latin America in "all the way along the" construction, playing a pivotal role。
  Air China official says, Air China opened in Beijing – Houston – Panama City route not only to inject new vitality into the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries, but also for the people of the two exchanges to provide more convenient services, will further promote bilateral business in public and extensive cooperation in areas such as cultural tourism。
  One of the measures launched in Panama City route, Air China also continue to strengthen the capacity of American investment – the responsible person, in recent years, Air China continued to build with Beijing as its hub of global route network layout, route network covering six continents, Beijing – Houston。
Currently, Air China has been in the Americas New York (JFK, Newark), Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Hawaii, Vancouver, Montreal, Havana, Sao Paulo 12 navigation points, more than 200 weekly flights for passengers。   Beijing – Houston – Panama City airline, flight number CA885 / 6, 4/7 twice weekly, outbound flight took off 7:40 GMT, local time 8:20 arrived in Houston, Houston took off at 10:50 local time, Panama 14:30 local time to arrive; return flights to Panama to take off at 16:30 local time, arriving in Houston at 20:15 local time, 01:00 local time in Houston to take off, arrive Beijing is the third day 450。
The route enabled Boeing 777-300ER to fly。

A paper fleeting, similar dash

Different seasons, different encounter。But only one season for you。  When I think of the good spring, spring is over。So I wait for the arrival of summer。But the summer was a late child, I do not understand。So I look forward to the arrival of autumn, autumn is a sentimental girl, she comforted me feel very tired。But I still believe in love, so I started looking hard winter, but when I find her, only to find that she was too cold, she said, a big crowd, who it is who's savior?Everyone is not who's who。  I still do not go into her heart, can not melt her indifference。  Sadly in the night sky, I began to miss spring beauty, her tenderness, her romance, her vivacity, her talent。But the flying snow told me that everything can not go back。  To many years later I came to understand。The original Spring is my first love, first love only beautiful to miss, but it is difficult to co-renewal of their acquaintance……  So we should meet Thanksgiving, thankful way is to love each other with the most original love。Because, you might accidentally miss and you do not take life join together to east flow partner, it would be a kind of regret?  Do not easily believe in reincarnation at a leading edge continued burning energy, because the cycle itself is a sad vocabulary。If your heart really met the man in a big crowd, please do not easily rub shoulders。Because superficial, rather than passing eventually become subsumed。  If you meet the right people at the right time, please cherish each other, not because of quarrel and angry, not because of Sheng and impulse。Do not be overbearing to your party changes to your ideal appearance, not because of your dedication, let the other compromises。He died transitory man, who is not your darling stomach, how can you predict emotions?  If you meet the right person at the wrong time, please do not easily give up, to accompany the section of the road from each other, let each other less lonely, the next intersection, maybe understand that you expect that person is standing firm guard across from you。You are so persistent it was no easy time water。  Love does not need to sublimate, in the flat it seems great。  If true love to a dead end, do not hate each other because TA has been unknown to accompany you through a little rough。All have their own grief swallowed, do not apply to the other side of life left jade-like defects。  The most beautiful side to leave each other, the most elegant turn left to each other, and the last will leave a blessing to each other。Tranquil years, your memories will have fame or fortune。  This beautiful as if no time limit, at the time, but also outside of time。This is the most beautiful interpretation of love and sentiment to light hidden in the scenery attitude shallow become eternal history of the title page。  Even if fate dictates, finally we had to come to an end, I hope still bustling downtown after each other。  In the memories have not forgotten the occasion as also shown signs is so like the gentle, but also for how many years Minchun each other laugh。  But how many people complain crazy, how many people are hating on rivers and lakes?  As everyone knows who Regret, a total of Love, because love is born love, because love and hate, love to the depths party is crazy, love to the depths side to hate。  November 1, 2013 QQ: 1696361003

Yunnan Nationalities regional representatives proposed revitalization of rural road: industry "shaping" culture "casting the soul"

  (Two sessions review) proposed on behalf of rural areas of Yunnan minorities Zhenxing Road: industry "shaping" culture "casting the soul" Beijing March 18 (Reporter Hu voyage) the government work report this year suggested that "to adhere to the socialist countryside with Chinese characteristics revitalization of the road, accelerate the modernization of rural agriculture "。 How to ethnic minority areas to achieve rural revitalization?Yunnan delegation on behalf of a number of Weapon, to take a "competitive industries' shaping national culture 'casting the soul'" features Zhenxing Road。
  "Rural revitalization of industry is a pillar。
"National People's Congress, deputy director of the Yunnan Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee Luyong Yao believes, like ethnic minorities in Yunnan province, country to revive, first of all development of the industry。 The industry shall rise, you have to lay special cards。
  "In fact, Yunnan are relying on resources, vigorously develop the plateau characteristics of modern agriculture, tourism, national pharmaceutical and other special industries。
"NPC deputy mayor of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province Guo forward with endemic plateau Apple unveiled 'is the channel'。 He Zhaotong as an example, local experience, namely by developing apples, pepper, Tianma and other special industries, led many villagers to become rich。   In the National People's Congress, Yunnan Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture Governor Luo Ping view, ethnic minority areas to achieve the revitalization of the countryside, rural tourism plays a very important role。 Yunnan diverse natural landscape, rich national culture, the development characteristics of rural tourism, not only can improve the infrastructure, but also to stimulate the vitality and show out。   Luo Ping suggested that the development of rural tourism, to fight the "soil, wild, vulgar" three special cards: "soil" is the local flavor, "wild" is the original ecosystem, "vulgar" is the customs。 On the one hand conjunction with good ideas and standards to operate rural tourism, led the villagers to become rich。
On the other hand, we must strive to guide the villagers to support the agricultural characteristics of rural tourism development。
  Who has participated in the world's cultural heritage – the 15 representatives of Honghe Hani terraced traditional village style harnessing and development of the National People's Congress, Yunnan Construction Engineering Design Institute chief architect Du Xiaoguang believes that there is no cultural revitalization, there is no rural revitalization。 "Multi-ethnic province is the most valuable national culture of this wealth."。

Japan's trade minister: the United States has repeatedly requested tariff exemptions Japan

  Japan's trade minister Hiroshige Sekō (data plan) Japan's trade minister Hiroshige Sekō Friday (March 23), told reporters in Tokyo, the United States decided Metal impose tariffs on Japanese exports is a very unfortunate thing, but in Japan the retaliation could lead to free trade system crashes。 Japan has repeatedly asked the US exemption of customs duties, and will continue to do so。   Hiroshige Sekō said, know the US Trade Representative Lighthizer going to decide the final tariffs before the end of April and the exemption policy。 American industry is seeking exemptions for specific products, Japanese products have no alternatives, a high possibility of Japanese goods exempted。   Hiroshige Sekō said, do not think that will have much impact in Japan。 Japan will comply with World Trade Organization (WTO) provisions and will respond within the WTO framework remains unchanged。
  Hiroshige Sekō not say whether he had exchanges with Lighthizer today。

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