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Japan's trade minister: the United States has repeatedly requested tariff exemptions Japan

  Japan's trade minister Hiroshige Sekō (data plan) Japan's trade minister Hiroshige Sekō Friday (March 23), told reporters in Tokyo, the United States decided Metal impose tariffs on Japanese exports is a very unfortunate thing, but in Japan the retaliation could lead to free trade system crashes。 Japan has repeatedly asked the US exemption of customs duties, and will continue to do so。   Hiroshige Sekō said, know the US Trade Representative Lighthizer going to decide the final tariffs before the end of April and the exemption policy。 American industry is seeking exemptions for specific products, Japanese products have no alternatives, a high possibility of Japanese goods exempted。   Hiroshige Sekō said, do not think that will have much impact in Japan。 Japan will comply with World Trade Organization (WTO) provisions and will respond within the WTO framework remains unchanged。
  Hiroshige Sekō not say whether he had exchanges with Lighthizer today。

Bicycle unsolved dilemma, Morocco thanks to a shared car can go far?

Since December 29, 2017, Morgan Stanley announced that thanks to car-sharing project, which has not yet been shared car territory expansion, according to news reports, the project is still in trial operation stage。
In comparison, Mount thanks to the shared bicycle actually was a violent expansion trends, such as March 8, Mount cycling thanks also announced the formal launch in foreign bicycle in Santiago, Chile。
Up to now, Morocco has entered cycling thanks to more than 200 cities worldwide, the amount of over 200 million registered users, operating more than nine million bicycles。
Both sides must demonstrate the speed of the bicycle share from Mount worship and sharing the car layout, it seems that thanks to the friction CEO Wang Xiaofeng said ideal "Mount thanks to the establishment of an integrated three-dimensional model of green intelligent transportation" still some distance。 On the surface, friction thanks to frequent cycling operations overseas to show his face seemed to reflect the Mount worship vitality and innovation, but thanks to Mount bike market has started to share very different from the initial appearance。
We can say that thanks to Morocco's business is in a shared bicycle consume a lot of mental and physical tug of war。
Mount worship cycling dilemma: Passing, strategic risks related to recently shared bicycle big news is the price changes。 Share bicycle trip thanks to giant Morgan Stanley bicycle cancel preferential monthly card, monthly card recharge becomes from 1 yuan or 2 yuan per month and $ 20 per month package of 240 yuan。
The OFO also been a competitor at the end of 2017 on the abolition of free monthly card, monthly card price will be adjusted to 20 yuan。
Also from last year, OFO and Morocco have transferred funds thanks to the pressure causes the deposit is not returned in a timely manner of negative news。 Although rumors did not come true, but have been adjusted from the monthly card recharge amount this action point of view, today's high cost of operating industry has become a reality, thanks to friction and OFO must put a focus on profitability rather than seize on the market。 It also gives the outside world to convey a message, worship and Mount OFO has two default give up money-losing battle。 But even changing the operating strategy, Morocco thanks to now still unknown to many and challenges across。
First of all, we got hit long-term status quo。 Today in Morocco thanks to a shared bicycle industry is in the best position possible unstable period。
On the one hand, just won billion dollars to finance the old rivals OFO crazy expansion overseas, forming confront potential friction and worship, and even slightly better。 According to (Cheetah global think tank) released the "shared bicycle Global Development Report" shows that in the Chinese market, OFO week live% penetration rate; thanks to cycling to Mount%, OFO Overseas apply the latest week active penetration rate of% Mo Baihai outside version is%。
Although bigger overseas market development space, but thanks to friction with the OFO are in a foreign country is still facing a similar situation with the domestic, that is, from bicycle parking management and policy challenges of adaptation, such as man-made damage to the bike's behavior is still very common, thanks to Morocco OFO and brought great confusion。
On the other hand, the domestic form is fickle。
Unlike OFO, Morocco thanks to a return to normal ride price is still in the form of a Haro bike month discount card, the price advantage and Alipay blessing Harrow bicycle, although the industry is the youngest, and the friction worship, OFO is still a gap, but subsequent force might be better than the two predecessors。
Harrow recently announced the imminent launch of national free bet of news is a ripple, not to mention already on the user free of charge thanks to Morocco and OFO will not be loss of customers, but if Harrow continue to expand their territorial limits, then alone will lower prices and faster away from OFO domestic market share thanks to the hands and rub。
Secondly, there is the risk of the strategy。
Share bicycle to the present, has come to the platform and users are willing quiet trading, rather than price is king of the stage, chill of the air seems to have long dissipated without a trace, which makes friction thanks to firm up their own development strategies。 On the one hand, Moldova worship in the country is still optimistic about their own country, and OFO, Harrow, etc. expand User foster competition; on the other hand, thanks to Mount actively to sea, appeared to seek new opportunities。 In this seemingly perfect operating strategy, there are still some friction thanks to the possible risks。
First, transferred back to the regular price of friction worship, can you promise to customer loyalty?Mount worship before adjusting back to normal prices, certainly have not forgotten the other still take the preferential treatment of opponents and consider the behavior of users possible。 But the history of the struggle shared bicycle past the point of view, price and deposits are two very big factors。
Therefore, users switch to other platforms is what must happen, but the question of how much, but how much rub worship prepared for this negative pressure there?Secondly, burn out to sea to avoid the same problems as do domestic?In January this year, thanks to the latest round of financing Morocco took $ 1 billion。
Mount worship from the corporate philosophy point of view, the sea is a must, but fortunately there are also financial support, can not avoid burn。
But in fact, foreign competition environment is more complex, one shared by outsiders localization challenges, such as differences in cycling culture; the second is a shared bicycle policy variables across the foreign countries。 In China, Morocco worship were being interviewed and regulatory corny, for now, many countries still shared bicycle Luantingluanfang problem, thanks to friction but also provide a good solution yet?All in all, experienced Sheng Sijie shared bicycle market has not had to look like a gold rush, perhaps the Mount thanks to car-sharing into one of the key factors。

Fried kidney teach you how to do make authentic Jiangsu cuisine

Fried kidney kidney when it comes to how to do that, we all know that it is a very common food, hard to believe that people like to eat it because it is very tender and nutritious, then fried kidney how to do it together and go small series look at the introduction fried kidney how to do it!Fried kidney how to do Ingredients: pork kidney accessories 🙁 Green, tip) red pepper seasoning: soy sauce, vinegar, salad oil salt pepper starch cooking wine pepper nutrition cookbook calories 96 grams of fat grams carbohydrates, protein card g Cholesterol 354 mg of calcium 12 phosphorus mg 217 mg potassium 215 mg sodium 22 mg magnesium mg Fe mg mg mg of zinc selenide microgram manganese copper production methods 1 mg.Kidney washed, cut into small pieces, a quarter of an hour with wine soaking fried kidney how to do 2.Kidney and then soaked wash, then brine, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, pepper, dry starch grasp uniform 3.After wok oil, into the kidney fast duplicating off after birth dish 4.After Guo Lifang a little oil, pepper, soy pan, add chili stir fry, fry pan then pour the kidney after making a few tips。

Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation study visit to Sichuan

  Sichuan Daily News (Reporter Fu Zhen Qing) September 16 afternoon, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture People's Hospital anesthesiology British measures presented hada to the visiting fellow。 The same day, in the Central United Front Work organization arrangements, the Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation delegation arrived in Sichuan, to carry out a three-day inspection visit。
  According to the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, responsible person, the delegation to Sichuan, mainly for ethnic minority cadres and representatives had participated in those trainees organized by the Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation study return visit。   It is understood that the Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation since its establishment in mid-1982 to focus on high-quality personnel training, has funded in the Mainland, organized or co-organized more than 600 items。 According to incomplete statistics, since 2010, participated in the Sichuan minority governor economic management seminars, economic management training ethnic minority cadres at the county level, representatives of ethnic minorities who seminars and other training programs, more than 40 representatives of ethnic minority cadres and people won training。
Editor: Shao Yuxiang。

City University of Hong Kong was allocated over HK $ 40 million study of high-speed rail safety system

According to Hong Kong "Ming Pao" report, the City University of Hong Kong said on Tuesday, won the Research Grants Council of HK $ 40 million set aside to study high-speed rail system to enhance the security of the platform。 Five-year research program, entitled "Safety, reliability and emergency management research high-speed rail and rail systems."。
Principal Investigator Project, City of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Department XU Guoliang said that although the study was not safe system to Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail based research, but it has a certain reference value, will help improve the complex rail network。 Key research projects include engineering systems, flow and capacity management system。
Engineering systems, researchers through fault diagnosis and reliability degradation models, check the tracks and cables and other components, and the development of the maintenance program。
The crowd and system capacity management, team against fire and other emergency situations, develop contingency plans for crowd dispersal, and adjust the frequency, vehicles and staff rearranged so as to speed up recovery service。

State Drug Administration Food: unqualified 88 batches of hair cosmetics

  March 21, according to the State Food and Drug Administration Web site message, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Food and Drug test, etc., labeled as Amy Adams Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu and other 40 companies produced 88 batches of substandard hair cosmetics。
   Involving labeled with the production company, substandard products are: Amy Adams Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu production of multi-color hair cream love (purple grape), Zhejiang Huabao Jian Zhang Hairdressing Industry Co., Ltd. Zhang Hua of a smear Hot Oil N (natural black ), wild mud-day peak of hair oil treatment, Zhang Hua Ayanokusa baking oil hair cream (30) deep-sea charm black-natural black, Zhang Hua ecological baking oil hair cream () dark brown (durable), Zhang Hua ecological baking oil hair cream () deep coffee (durable), 3DColor three-dimensional color Zhang Hua touch of brown baking oil ethyl touch of brown (chestnut brown), Zhang Hua of a smear baking oil H (plant care type), peak days hair Hot oil (brown-black), Tianfeng hair baking oil (grape red ), Zhang Hua Yi Kou-day peak of baking oil hair, silk essence baked hair cream (21) and baked sea algae rooted dye cream (42), Cathy cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou City of Hongruikaixi hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou City of God Choi cosmetics Co. five Kaiko a black wash, Li-chen Guangzhou fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Li-chen of hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Baiyun District Li-dimensional fine her Factory production of black hair Wang perfume allergy black hair cream, Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou-day production times soft black hair cream nutrition, Guangzhou Mido Cosmetics Co., Ltd. production of color hair down film (Mido hair cream), Guangzhou jackin cosmetics Co., Ltd. Hans hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Cai Yun cosmetics Co., Ltd. to produce fine batik Sheng Caiyuan (Sheng Caiyuan hair cream), Nanhai District of Foshan City, Choi cosmetics Co., Ltd. of Japan color hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Xuan Yi biotechnology Co., Ltd. announced the production of really black hair cream Yap (natural black), Guangzhou Chu Chu Yan Yan cosmetics Co., Ltd. of professional hair oil treatment, Zhaoqing Di Choi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. of Di color hair cream (brown), Guangzhou Baiyun District irbesartan poetry cosmetics factory producing thousands of fine love hair cream (natural black), Li-chen Guangzhou fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Li-chen of hair cream, Guangzhou Qian Yasi fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (trust Party: hair color Guangdong Heber biotech Co., Ltd.) production of hair cream, Guangzhou fine chemical Plant Health Victoria she Lai Color hair down film production, Guangzhou City, Van Gogh Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. of active charcoal black oil repair yuan, Zhongshan Jiali Cosmetics Co., Ltd. of BONYHAIR hair cream, Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou true knowledge Lai Lai true knowledge of hair cream Guangzhou City cosmetics Co., Ltd. Donghui Donghui production of hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Baiyun District Ishii song Lisi cosmetics factory produced song Li Siao Code of hair cream (golden yellow), Zhaoqing City Capgemini technology Co., Ltd. Capgemini plant a mild cream (mahogany red), Baiyun District, Guangzhou Sheng Diya cosmetics factory production benefits Rong Tang hair cream (natural black) and Yi Rong Tang hair cream, hair Sir Guangzhou fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Sir hair color cream avocado and black crystal batik, Bonnie Guangzhou fine Chemical Co. of BONYHAIR BONYHAIR hair cream and hair cream, Guangzhou Yin Jia fine Chemical Co., Ltd. of Perth, hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Hanbang cosmetics Co., Ltd. production Changyi parti care hair cream (chestnut brown) and Masayoshi parti hair cream (natural black ), Guangzhou dollars honor Cosmetics Co., Ltd. of honor hair cream – red and pearl protein honor ammonia-free dye (flax brown), Zhongshan Celie Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Celie series Rangao (brown) and Zhongshan Celie series Rangao 7/43, Guangzhou cosmetics Co., Ltd. of genteel gentle and genteel hair Hot oil Hot oil hair ripples mining 6CB, Guangzhou City Royal mining Tong cosmetic Co., Ltd. Han Jin Liang water black hair gel (black), Royal mining Church hair cream (natural black) and Royal Cottage a comb black hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou, Wei Niya cosmetics Co.'s Toni & Guy brightly colored hair cream and hair cream Jinzhu Tang, Guangzhou, Li Ning Company Limited production of cosmetics Li Ti hair cream (amber copper brown), Li Ti hair cream and Li Ti hair cream (natural black), Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, small Shiro cosmetics factory production of small Shiro hair cream (LightGoldenYellow) and small Shiro hair cream, limited Guangzhou handsome shadow cosmetics produced by handsome shadow hair cream (red), handsome shadow hair cream (natural black) and handsome shadow hair cream (chestnut brown), wide City KendleWits production Geer Shi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. [five Kaiko pure milk +] ecological protection dye cream, KendleWits hair cream (brown) and KendleWits hair cream (natural black), Dong Sheng Weina Fine Chemicals Limited production of Shengwei Na colored baking oil (brown), Shengwei Na colored baking oil (red wine), hair color code Shengwei Na Hot oil (brown), Shengwei Na colored baking oil (red) and Shengwei Na colored baking oil ( purple), Guangdong Tiggo fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Tiggo a wash of black dyeing shampoo (black), Tiggo dye faster hair cream (brown), Tiggo dye fast hair cream and military doctors Tiggo dye faster hair cream (chestnut brown )。   Which, by the manufacturer is located on-site verification of food and drug regulatory authorities, and confirmed by the manufacturer, marked Zhejiang Huabao Jian Zhang Hairdressing Industry Co., Ltd. of wild mud-day peak of baking oil hair counterfeit goods。   China Food and Drug Administration noted that the above products and related businesses in violation of the provisions of "cosmetics Health Supervision", "cosmetic labeling regulations" and other related laws and regulations。
China Food and Drug Administration requirements, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong Province to urge the Food and Drug Administration to verify the law-related enterprises to take timely measures to recall and other related products have been marketed, to initiate an investigation, according to the law dealt with severely; only to identify non-compliance products, and ordered to make corrections after the relevant manufacturers can continue to go on sale。
Requirements Anhui, Gansu, Guangxi, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Jilin, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shanghai, Sichuan, Tianjin, Tibet, Xinjiang, Zhejiang province (autonomous regions and municipalities) Food and Drug Administration ordered the relevant business shelf units to take immediate measures to control the risk of suspected counterfeit products, to get to the bottom of its purchase channels deep investigation of illegal activities to be investigated according to law, suspected of a crime to the public security organs according to law。

Different parts of the makeup remover correct steps healthier

Step with the different parts of what make-up has gradually become female friends have to do something every day after cleansing has become a very important thing, I believe many people know that if you do not take makeup, then the residual cosmetics pair is has a lot of injuries。 So different parts of the face are how to do makeup remover following small steps bring you to different parts of the correct makeup healthier oh!Different parts of the eye makeup remover step program full face skin eye skin is the most vulnerable place, it must take care, otherwise it is prone to problems such as aging ,,。
If you are a regular eye makeup, must use special eye liquid emulsion remover products remove eye makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara, do not let cosmetic pigment penetrate into the eyelid, otherwise the eyes with a black circle。 Cleansing Key: Eyeliner, waterproof mascara and eyeshadow steps STEP1 to play with the middle small circle gesture, gently rub the eyelid Makeup Remover portion, or with two cotton dipped Remover dab on the eyelids 5 seconds, it has sufficient time to dissolve eyelashes, waterproof eyeliner on ingredients。
By wiping eyelid texture from inside to outside, should not force to pull the skin。 Cleansing step STEP2 different parts of the folded piece of cotton large type, travel down from five seconds after the cleaned root of lashes, not too hard to avoid eyelashes off。 The lower eyelashes and the liner dipped gently wiping with a cotton pad Eye Makeup Remover outwardly from the bases of the eyelashes, right clockwise, counterclockwise left。 STEP3 then discharged again some eye shadow, repeat the first step, the excess fluid with a clean cotton pad remover pat dry。

# # Division title on December announcement is deleted Member

Member since December have registered machine, can not stop, resulting in a lot of invalid account registered a robot, because we really do not accidentally delete members in the removal process, because the only registered account is fixed, and can not be deleted after back, resulting in a lot of accounts could not land, to deleted members to apologize, and please trouble re-registered, re-registered after the original nor the new account, and was re-issued a document, for their support and understanding, thank you!!If you have not landed a friend, please contact 1208474687 inquire whether their account is deleted, as always, thank you for support!!!                          (Prose editor: south wind)。

10 years have not been up prices of 9 things

China's stock market HTTP: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_19 / 77908_5041799_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041799_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041799_ On May 13 14: 11 "two years of ups and downs vast, tough job faced, since the memorable。 It turned into empty, Nowhere bleak。 Even Goodbye, should not know, two thousand points, the relative look。 Gao Gang on a dream night comes, six thousand one hundred, good scenery。 The stock market there lies the small, only two lines of tears。
Material was not expected this year, looked forward to the year prices fell, shares soaring。
"A version of the stock market," Jiang Chengzi "Road to make a 10-year stock market's frustration。 5,041,799 lottery HTTP: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_19 / 77908_5041800_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041800_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041800_ On May 13 14: 12 many people also asked: "2 yuan lottery did not rise, and quickly buy some lottery tickets。
"But someone immediately retorted: Although the lottery did not rise, but in 500 million now, deduction tax payment in a city barely buy a better three-bedroom, cups ah。 5041800 Newspaper: 1 yuan a heavier and heavier http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_19 / 77908_5041801_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041801_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041801_ in at 14:13 on May 13 with the paper price increases, some newspapers began to adjust prices。 But there are many newspapers 10 years as one day, still 1 yuan / copies。
5041801 bus: take more than can be discounted http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_19 / 77908_5041802_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041802_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041802_ on 13 May 1413 the bus when there is no price, has become the consensus of the people around。
5041802 park: a growing number of free parks http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_19 / 77908_5041803_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041803_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041803 _ on may 13 14: 1410 years ago, only a few free park; now, pay park handful 5041803 food: bag vinegar is still a dollar http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_19 / 77908_5041805_ : / // DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041805_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041805_ in at 14:14 on May 13 with 10 years ago, or about 1?Yuan per bag; of course, such as lollipops or NOYOKI yuan a small raccoon snack noodle has been 1 per 1 bag Haibi soft drinks a few years like a day of 1 yuan a bottle…… 5041805 electronic products: prices getting flat http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_19 / 77908_5041809_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041809_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041809 _ in at 14:15 on May 13 computers, cameras, mobile phones and other electronic products in the past 10 years the price is very powerful, many people have strong feelings。
5041809 telephone Internet access fees: at least save half http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_19 / 77908_5041814_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041814_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041814 _ on May 13 14: 1510 years ago, calls not only high, but also two-way charging; and now will cancel the current overlay local calls charged per minute call charges to reduce the yuan yuan or even lower。 10 years ago, Internet cafes 1 hour to 4 yuan, and now some of the cheapest bars as long as the yuan 1 hour。
Now, the monthly Internet access at home only seventy to eighty million。 5041814 car: Take the homes of ordinary people http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_19 / 77908_5041819_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041819_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_19 / 77908_5041819_ on May 13 14: 1610 years ago, the car was known as the "luxury"; 10 years later, into the homes of ordinary people。
Source: Private in a row 5041819。

Female common mental habit seen little psychological

He needs to: always focus on the things you care about, such as the recent hit drama, concerts and other stars, he may not be interested, but can not understand, between the two men is not a common topic is very important for you。
How psychology and read minds understand a woman's heart often hear some men say, the heart of woman, sea needle; a woman's heart, misty cloud。
This means that a woman's heart unpredictable, elusive。
In fact, this is a big misunderstanding of a woman。 Woman's heart, if you read carefully, you will find "Harbor needle" shining brilliantly, "misty cloud" so beautiful。
Nagging woman, her home is run。 In most families, women love a nagging problem。 A reminder of her husband's, children's education, the financial situation of fear, even just for a meal consult meals, all accompanied by the hardships of expression with endless tongue to complete。
In fact, women are responsible for their family's endless chatter, this is their family business, the guardian of the family's emotional release。 If a man can fathom a woman's rebuke and the occasional unruly, very nice selection Echo。
Seemingly endlessly nagging Wang Wang would like springs Qinru Heart。 Women love to buy clothes, new is good。
Many men with emotion, the woman always buy clothes, but always complain about not any decent clothes, in fact, a woman said he did not have any decent clothes, not really expensive to buy, but only want to buy new of。 In their view, the new is good, can use the same money to buy more new clothes is more good news。
Easily jealous woman, full expression of love。
Once a woman married to his most beloved man, will wholeheartedly, to join together, through thick and thin love。 Their men can not love another woman dealings, not in front of her praise another woman, let alone enthusiasm for another woman。
As a man, if a woman is good to his friends, and that is to give yourself a long face。
The woman is not the same, exactly the opposite of their ideas, you are good to another woman, she will think you are interesting to them, and in this regard, women are most likely to be jealous of。 Common psychological wronged woman angry woman, men need to understand。 The face of pressure, need to think men and women need to talk。 Elsewhere a woman wronged, is bound to go home to talk to the man, complained。 Because only their men can understand and accept her unconditionally。 Then the man grabbed her talking points will give an appropriate response, let her feel your understanding of her sad and upset with her, she had a feeling of being understood。
Similarly, women have pressure disgruntled man to do is to learn to listen, you just quietly listening to her tell, listen to her cry, watching her smile through tears, things will be solved。 Do not remain indifferent, or make a woman more and more irritable, more and more dissatisfied with men, more and more frequently provoke war home。
Every family in the war, is on the woman's chest cut on the knife, then back and forth several times, women would severely injured, lost confidence in man。 In the eyes of a woman, a good man is not necessarily smart, handsome, does not necessarily have a lot of money, a good man is that you actually know her heart, and conscientiously for her sake。
A woman, even if you gave her a good physical condition, but the lack of understand her heart, she felt imperfect。
Many times, women do not need a whole lot of rich material conditions, they are more concerned about communication and spiritual comfort。 As a cup of coffee, even if it's valuable raw material again, but the lack of coffee mate, it will not be sweet。
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