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Best time to lose weight with hula hoop, 99% of people are wrong

Best time to lose weight with hula hoop, 99% of people are wrong

Hula hoop before meals or after meals There is no compulsory requirement for hula hoop meals before or after meals, and generally should be acceptable.

Just be careful not to switch hula hoop just after eating.

However, taking into account various factors, it is still the best time to turn the hula hoop 1 hour after a meal.

The following will give you a more detailed description: 1. Do n’t change the hula hoop just after eating, do n’t turn the hula hoop just after eating, otherwise it will affect the digestion of the stomach and cause stomach pain and other conditions.

  2. Turning hula hoop before meals is more conducive to weight loss Generally speaking, there is no limit to turning hula hoop before meals. On the contrary, turning hula hoop before meals should be more beneficial for weight loss.

  3, fasting to hula hoop will also increase the sense of obesity when fasting to hula hoop before meals, it is indeed more conducive to weight loss.

But let’s be clear.

Turning the hula hoop before meals will increase the sense of obesity and easily increase appetite, resulting in increased eating later.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight better, it is better not to eat immediately after turning the hula hoop. It does not prevent you from drinking a cup of warm water to pad your belly first, and it is advisable to wait until the hunger subsides a little before eating.

  4. Turning 1 hour after a meal is the best. Fasting to a hula hoop before meals may inadvertently result in an increase in subsequent eating and abandon your previous achievements.

(Of course, if you can control the diet after turning around the hula hoop, then it is still good to choose turning around before meals, and the weight loss effect is doubled.

) However, just after eating, the stomach is more supportive, and the blood is mostly moving in the stomach. At this time, turning the hula hoop affects digestion and is not conducive to weight loss. It also causes stomach problems.

Therefore, if you turn after meals, it is best to choose one hour after meals, which is a relatively optimal time, because the food is almost digested in the stomach, and exercise can accelerate the slight burning in the body.

  How long does it take to turn to hula hoop to lose weight? Hula hula is a whole-body exercise that can achieve the effect of weight loss, but the duration of exercise must be long enough.

Because the hula hoop’s exercise intensity is not very strong, only the prolonged exercise time and continuous exercise reach the stage of aerobic exercise, so you can consume the unfortunate stored in the body and excessive heat.

How long should I shake to achieve fitness results?

May wish to refer to the “three three three” campaign promoted by the National Sports Commission, exercise three times a week, every 30 minutes, a heartbeat of 130 beats.

Because the hula hoop is not strong enough, it is necessary to increase the speed of shaking if you want to increase the heart rate.

  The heavier the hula hoop, the better?

  Actually, it doesn’t have to be as heavy as possible.

Maybe the heavier hula hoop at the beginning, it takes spline strength to shake it, but then it becomes a kind of inertial movement. The focus is on the movement time must be long enough, otherwise the short and short movement only belongs to anaerobic.Exercise will only exchange muscle soreness and will not consume extra displacement.

In addition, when the hula hoop is shaken, it will hit the tibia, the internal organs (such as kidneys) inside the tail, and the relative impact of the too heavy hula hoop is also overcome. There may be a risk of injury to the viscera.Right!

  Not suitable for those with lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency. Not suitable for those with lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency. Because the hula hoop mainly depends on the waist, it has fully exercised the lumbar muscles, abdominal muscles, and lateral lumbar muscles.Waist effect.

However, it should be reminded that people with lumbar muscle strain, spine injuries, osteoporosis patients, and the elderly are not suitable for exercise.

In addition, before shaking the hula hoop, do some expansion exercises to shrink the ligaments and avoid sprains.

  Exercise is not a day or two, and too much is not caused by a day or two. Regardless of how your army moves, remember to grasp one principle: continuous and continuous, a little bit of panting without too much panting.

I believe that soon you will be a member of the Dai family.

Children with galactosemia cannot eat milk

Children with galactosemia cannot eat milk

After a baby is born, it grows up on breast milk or milk.

However, some infants will suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, irritability, gradual yellowing of the skin, and enlargement of the liver and spleen after breastfeeding. Critical symptoms such as cataracts, ascites, smoking, and generalized edema will develop later, resulting in systemic failureAnd death.

Why can’t this kind of child feed?

It turned out they had a type of galactosemia.

The child with this genetic disease in the body, a galactose-1-phosphate uropicrobutyl transferase (GALT) synthesized in the body, can not help to absorb galactose broken down in milk, causing galactose in various tissues and organs in the body.Normal accumulation, so a series of expectations mentioned above appeared.

Therefore, once the baby is definitely diagnosed with galactosemia, stop eating breastmilk, milk and all dairy products, and switch to legumes, sugars, cereals, and fruit foods in order to change the situation.

In addition, eating this kind of diet must be maintained for at least 3 years to “overcome difficulties.”

How to choose the safest lamp

How to choose the safest lamp

In 2000, energy-saving lamps quickly entered millions of households in China due to their low power consumption and long life. By 2009, the penetration rate had reached 90%.

Is such a widely used energy-saving lamp really a carcinogen that lurks around someone?

  Ultraviolet radiation is the cause of carcinogens to achieve the same lighting effect. The energy consumption of energy-saving lamps is only 1/5 of that of ordinary incandescent lamps, but the life is 6 times that.

Because of this advantage, energy-saving lamps are being popularized worldwide.

But discussions about its security have never stopped.

  In January of this year, an article in Scientific Life in the United States stated that researchers at the State University of New York discovered through experiments that energy-saving lamps have stronger ultraviolet radiation than incandescent lamps.

Researchers first tested the UV emissions and phosphorescent layers of energy-saving lamps, and then compared the effects of energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps on human skin cells.

It was found that the skin cells affected by the ultraviolet radiation of the energy-saving lamp were severely damaged, but the skin cells exposed to the incandescent lamp were not harmed.

Researchers say that the ultraviolet radiation emitted by energy-saving lamps can damage human skin cells, cause premature aging, and even lead to fatal skin cancer.

  Not only that, the British “Daily Telegraph” reported that scientists at the Alab laboratory in Berlin, Germany, recently researched and found that when energy-saving lamps work, they can release a variety of carcinogenic chemicals, including phenol, naphthalene and styrene.toxin.

Researchers believe that long-term use of energy-saving lamps or close contact increases the risk of cancer.

Experts from the German Federation of Engineers said that the electronic smoke emitted by energy-saving lamps is also a threat to health.

  There is no need to panic about the limited amount of radiation. There are many opinions from experts at home and abroad on whether energy-saving lamps cause cancer.

Zhang Jie, an associate professor of the Department of Physics at Jinan University, said that traditional incandescent lamps use tungsten filaments to emit light. When the current passes through the tungsten filaments, the filaments will illuminate, and the energy-saving lamps emit light differently.

After the energy-saving lamp is powered on, the mercury atoms in the lamp tube emit ultraviolet rays that are invisible to the human eye, and the ultraviolet rays hit the phosphor coating on the inner wall of the lamp body and are converted into visible white light.

Researchers at the State University of New York believe that once the phosphor layer is broken, the ultraviolet light will “flee” out of the lamp, threatening people’s health, and the spiral energy-saving lamp is as much as possible.

  Experts from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and the North American Lighting Engineering Association have stated that the ultraviolet content emitted by energy-saving lamps is very low, within the range that people can afford.

  ”Ultraviolet has confirmed a certain degree of damage to skin cells, but it must be high-intensity, close-range, continuous irradiation.

“Lin Yandan, associate professor of the Department of Light Source and Lighting Engineering at Fudan University, told the Life Times reporter that in general, as long as it is a qualified energy-saving lamp, it will meet the” Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems “standard and control the amount of ultraviolet radiationWithin safe range.

The light wave radiation will attenuate with the increase of distance when transmitting, so the distance between the human body and the energy-saving lamp is critical.

With luminaires with a cover, a part of the ultraviolet radiation is filtered out, so there is no need to panic too much.

Lin Ruozi, an authoritative optical expert at the Institute of Building Physics of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, also said that the intensity of ultraviolet light emitted by energy-saving lamps is limited, and there is little problem in daily use.

  How to choose the safest lamp for the lamp From the analysis of the experts, we are not serious that the key to the safety of the energy saving lamp is the amount of radiation. Therefore, strict quality assurance is especially important.

However, the previous highest rate of quality supervision and random inspection of energy-saving lamp products generally exceeded, and the overall national qualification rate was only 39.

3%, which can’t help but be worrying.

Fundamentally, experts suggest that the existing recommended national standards should be upgraded to mandatory standards and merged into the CCC certification standards for lighting fixtures to ensure the quality of energy-saving products.

  Three or four dollars of low-quality energy-saving lamps are best not to buy.

“When consumers buy energy-saving lamps, they must choose products with CCC certification in the store.

Lin Yandan is outstanding.

The reporter learned in the survey that the market for high-quality energy-saving lamps of large brands is generally tens of yuan or more, while low-quality energy-saving lamps only sell for three or four yuan.

Consumers do not want to be cheap, so as not to buy inferior products.

  There are tips for choosing high-quality energy-saving lamps.

The staff of the Jilin Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce introduced that high-quality energy-saving lamps have a smooth appearance, fine workmanship, and no air bubbles. The phosphor coating in the lamp tube should be delicate, no particles, uniform white, and no blackening;There is no sound of slag slag inside; the connection between the lamp holder and the lamp body should be solid, and it can be repeatedly installed on a lamp holder, and the lamp holder is loosened and replaced again;

  Keep a distance of 30 cm from energy-saving lamps.

According to a study published by the British Health Protection Agency, when energy-saving lamps are kept at a distance of 2 cm from the human body, their UV intensity can reach the level of summer sun exposure, which may be harmful to health.

Therefore, Lin Yandan recommends that when using energy-saving lamps daily, it is best to maintain a distance of more than 30 cm, or install a glass lampshade to isolate ultraviolet radiation, and the daily use time should not exceed 8 hours.

Incompletely developed infants and young children should reduce the use or use of energy-saving lamps; bedside lamps and table lamps and other lamps that require close and continuous use, it is best not to use energy-saving lamps.
  Avoid direct contact with broken energy-saving lamps.
If you accidentally break the energy-saving lamp, do not directly touch the debris with your hands. Wear rubber gloves to pick it up, replace it with a plastic bag, and keep the room ventilated for more than 15 minutes.

  Establish a recycling treatment mechanism as soon as possible.

Lin Yandan said that mercury pollution in energy-saving lamps caused great pollution.

It is a toxic substance that the human body absorbs more than 2 at a time.

5 grams can cause death, and there is currently no complete set of recycling methods.

It is recommended to establish a reasonable recycling mechanism as soon as possible to reduce its environmental pollution.

Five actions to test your mental abnormality

Five actions to test your mental abnormality

Mental health is very important, it is directly related to a person’s physical health.

The following five small actions can reflect your “perverted psychology”, let’s see which ones you have.

  Question 1: Are the following 5 small actions included in TA?


The face often flutters unconsciously, blinking alternately.


Slightly bow your head while talking, covering your mouth with your fingers.


Always peek at you when you aren’t paying attention, and quickly restart your sight, maintain a cool posture, and ignore your opposite sex.


Love owns one or two things the same as his boss, certain tie clips, lighters, mobile phones and so on.


Men who like to talk to girls and teenagers.

  Psychological analysis: Answer A has obvious dissatisfaction. Most of these people are disappointed. Of course, most of the time they have to deliberately cover up their shortcomings, so the facial actions are repeated.

  Answer B always thinks that such a woman is very classic. Most of the big beauties in period costumes are in the situation. In Korean dramas that have become popular on the screen in recent years, many ladies also love to bow their heads and talk, which is really as shy as lotus.

But this kind of action just reveals the agility of the woman’s heart. Most of the women who do this action want to attract the attention of the other person. To put it plainly: they want to seduce a man.

  A man (woman) like answer C is a typical manifestation of excessive sexual desire. Don’t be fooled by their appearance like an iceberg!

  Answer D. Be a boss. Pay attention to it. If there is such an employee nearby, it proves that he has enough hatred for you. These same items are your subconscious manifestation: I will replace you one day!

As a boss, you must quickly neglect the relationship between subordinates!

  The answer is yes, because he wants to attack his own body. When a man points at a car, his subconscious desire for “sex”, and a woman who can get a car, shows that he wants to “go to bed” and have a relationship!

During the National Day Golden Week, I went to Chongqing to gradually step on the tip of China.


During the National Day Golden Week, I went to Chongqing to gradually step on the tip of China.

Chongqing, is a fog is a mountain city is an 8D magic city, but also a hot food capital.

As the soul of urban culture, food directly reflects the face of a city and becomes the gentle and slow rhythm of Chengdu, thus the light health of the Jiangnan area.

The people of Chongqing directly express their passion for life and strong personality color on food, and the hot ones directly belong to the taste of Chongqing.

“China on the tip of the tongue” is a very authoritative gourmet film in China. It introduces the specialties from all over the world in terms of culture and ingredients. It is almost a wide-scale gourmet feast.

The city of Chongqing, in an extremely strong personality, accounts for a large proportion of China on the tip of the tongue.

Today, the National Day Golden Week is just around the corner, and countless tourists are ready to head to Chongqing for an 8D magic city tour.

As a good mouth in Chongqing, today Xiaobian will take you to explore Chongqing in the “China on the tip of the tongue”. The National Day holiday allows us to follow the footsteps of “Tip Tips” to experience the deliciousness of Chongqing.

One: Hot pot to Chongqing does not eat hot pot, it is equivalent to white.

Spicy and delicious is the taste of Chongqing people’s tongue. Countless foreigners are in the name of Chongqing hot pot capital. It is an activity that must be punched in Chongqing to eat hot pot.

Chongqing hot pot is a delicious food that can’t be resisted by people who are not spicy.

As the old hot pot that opened in Chongqing for 20 years, the scene of Zhang Wei, the boss of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, who manually stir-fry the hot pot bottom in the alley was meticulously recorded by “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”.

The fragrance of the hot pot bottom mixed with pepper, pepper and butter is like the fragrance that seems to drift across the screen to the audience, evoking the majority of the audience’s yearning for Chongqing hot pot.

“Tip Tip 2” when introducing Chongqing hot pot, mainly from the perspective of ingredients.

Use butter to highlight the taste of pepper and pepper. This is the secret weapon of Chongqing Hot Pot.

Yan Wei Xiaoyu has adopted top-grade ingredients in both the frying of hot pot ingredients and the selection of dishes, so it has become a representative hot pot in Chongqing.

Recommended dishes: rice field hairy belly, fried fried meat, gourmet goose intestine, kungfu beef liver Address: No. 86, Lushan Zhengjie (next to Minjian Building) Traffic Guide: Take Metro Line 1 to Qixinggang Station, from No. 2Walking out of the station 560m 2: Chongqing Xiaomian facet is the only commonly accepted pasta for Chongqing residents who are southerners.

Chongqing people love Chongqing Xiaobian as much as hot pot, and the intimacy is even worse.

Sprinkle a layer of secret scorpion on the crystal clear, full-bodied noodles, and then pour a spoonful of bright red, spicy and not too dry chili oil. A bowl of standard Chongqing noodles is served.

鈥淭he uniqueness of Chongqing Xiaobian lies in the variety of spices.

“In the tip of the tongue 2”, Qin Yun, the boss of the old woman’s stall, said this.

The seasoning is the soul of Chongqing Xiaobian. For Qin Yun, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the ingredients to make a bowl of good noodles.

The old Taipo spreads the noodles with chili, red oil, pepper oil, soy sauce and other 12-flavored materials. The fragrant chili noodles and unique frying means, their faces represent the highest level of Chongqing facets.There is no exaggerated appearance, but in addition to the real feelings of the boss, it is the taste of the small noodles that are exclusively for Chongqing people.

Recommended dishes: small noodles, beef noodles, noodles, peas noodles Address: Xiejiawan Zhengjie Huarun 24th City Vientiane City Vientiane Food Street (opposite China Resources Primary School) Traffic Guide: Take Metro Line 2 to XiejiawanStation, from the B station outbound walk 810m In general, whether it is the Xiaowei Xiaoyu hot pot or the old woman’s stall, they have not forgotten the essence of the ingredients, they all carry the taste of Chongqing under the help of the top ingredients, soThis part is also the National Day holiday, the best choice for the delicious mouth to go to Chongqing.

Enjoy slim delicious Chinese food 8 food tips

Enjoy “slim” delicious Chinese food 8 food tips

8 small methods, let you not care about what will eat long meat when eating Chinese food.
Losing weight is as simple as that!
Chinese food has always been deeply rooted in the image of oily and greasy, even if the color and flavor are full, it will also make the dieters deterred.
However, in order to lose weight, eating Western food always feels uncomfortable. I will tell you some key tips. This will enable you to eat delicious Chinese food without losing weight.
Strictly control the amount of food, even the rare foods in the world can not be measured.
Please choose the cooking method of steaming, boiling, cold-mixing, roasting and stewing with less oil.
I couldn’t help but clip a piece of fried golden meat, so be sure to peel it and eat it.
Don’t be cheated, the beautiful appearance of sweet and sour cheated, the inside of the bag is heavy oil!
Unknown meat products from all walks of life must not be eaten. God knows there are hundreds of different kinds of heat inside.
Eat more green vegetables to help digestion, if you can pass the tea before use, it is better to remove greasy.
Fried rice and fried noodles have a large amount of oil absorption, and there are few types of vegetables, and it is better to eat less.
Thick soup and clear soup, smart weight loss family absolutely choose clear soup, and pick up the upper layer of oil.