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Abba Valley.In fact, I love you Groundhog Day Winners

Abba Valley.In fact, I love the first time you see a word in the “Reader”, her father’s past life lover.So if you were reincarnated I want to be your daughter.This is the life I promise.Dear Abba Valley: I rarely call your father, I am really very little.Most of my photos are calling you boss or Abba Valley.A few days ago you promised me to accompany me to the future will be the Pamirs, make me laugh for a long time.About you, the two of us is the enemy.I had the knife means that you, not self-willed.I remember because the sheep run quickly led me to now running speed quickly.This will have the advantage every time you hit me after him, I ran a considerable speed in front of you always fail to recover in the back.It may only be limited to my childhood.In my eyes you are my God, you only junior high school when I was on the third day of every time I can not stand those damn math problems.Will you help me understand, though you will not solve the equation, but it will help me row equation.After high school, I go home once two weeks.You always pick me, one to the regiment, no matter how many people you’ll pick up my two turns.I was holding you, just like in the palm of your hand, like.I remember when I first learned to dance, you teach.I remember that we will always explore a lot of problems, because as we like.There are three people in this world call me baby, you, grandmother Valley, as well as sister.I know you are the only person in the world will not leave me.Your mother often quarreled, 19-year-old mother called me the night before, I hear you loud I’ve been crying at the other end.I called you on the phone, I cried and said I want you home.You say you can heartless mother, but you could not bear I cried and begged you.Sometimes think about it, I am very happy to have you.But I never said I love you for you.Every man who came to play, you drink to accompany them, but let me accompany them to drink more.On the third year, you know I feel bad.You always give me a message, but never punctuation, harm to myself every time I punctuate.But you will always be a touch of that many unfortunate people than I am, so I’m in a good state of mind to meet the college entrance examination.I tell you baby boys in our class I call him uncle, he always bully me.You smiled and said to me, you tell him next time he went to school bully you and me to pack him.Groundhog Day Winners And you still swagger said to me, you have to tell him your dad fight very powerful.You know I like the rain, the family hung his poster.Every one has heard from him you would say, your boyfriend came out of the baby Come.College, I alone in this.Groundhog Day Winners And you’re always afraid I do not take care of myself, so I feel bad for a person to get out.Tell you money, you give me.That day, you say baby I missed you.After you have finished with the phone kiss me.I find that you have no use for a long time your beard slag me.Your 40th birthday that year, I saved money to buy all of them for a long time charging razor.You took the box packaging, a luxury that I.But then my mother can tell you it baby.We are friends, you will see the boys and girls turned me then comment.Occasionally we have to discuss, and I’ve seen the bad guys is how to excel.You know I like Wu Dengyun, so you say you come with me to my home Pamirs.While you and I were born from my mother began to quarrel, fight.But one thing is the same as you, you love me.I asked you, I am your daughter you?You say which parents do not love their children.You give me growing sense, I always know.Finally, I said to myself Abba Valley, in fact, I really love you.Related Links:

A Dream Train of Remembrance

The Dream Train of Remembrance – Commemorating the First of the Fourth Anniversary Because it was a weekend, friends had dinner and slept well last night. The liver and heart that used to be unwell were no longer feeling strange, and they woke up occasionally in the middle of the night and were also safe.. In the gloom, the wife got up and heard her answer the phone again, probably at 7: 00 a.m.. She came over, she pushed the door and came in, but I was about unusual, not good. Sure enough, she woke me up and cried out, ” Xu, Xu, the Big Four are old.”. I sat up at once: ” Don’t panic. What’s the matter, slowly say. Fifty days ago, my wife said, isn’t your unit a tomb-sweeping day holiday, let’s go to Shanghai. I said what to do there? Because of the tomb-sweeping day in previous years, we mostly went to the countryside for a outing and also visited the western jade emperor ridge cemetery to sweep the mother’s grave.. In the rainy season, fresh soil game floats away in the same fresh wind, making people seem to have returned to their childhood and hometown. If it is a sunny day in Yuan Ye full of colourful rape and yellow flowers, it will make people laugh. But I don’t know why, this year, my wife wants Shanghai. Well, if I go to Shanghai, my fourth uncle who lives in Shanghai is not at home. I should only accompany you to the old place..     It is said to be the old place because the big four have settled in Shanghai for nearly 40 years. When I was young, I thought of studying abroad and went to Shanghai alone to find the big four who worked in Wujiaochang Changhai Hospital. When I was a child, I often led and rescued my big four from the cesspit after raining.. Forty years later, I went to see him. It was the first time I saw him. I stood in front of him and his prescription immediately fell to the ground. On the way home together, I knew that he had been wiping tears while riding in front, because the wind in the south was warm and not bitter. He held the car in one hand and held the wind in the other.     Later, when we got married, had children, celebrated the day, and even my heart was unhappy, we would come to him.. Fu had distant relatives in the mountains, and when he had a fortune of ten million yuan, he warned his hometown people not to go to Shanghai or meet him when he arrived.. I am the exception. My Big Four.     Today, my wife proposed to go to Shanghai, but she has not been there for many years.. But I didn’t think that the tomb-sweeping day would become a perpetual tactic.. I still remember clearly that he came down from the upstairs and I sprinted to embrace him. Remember when we parted, he was repeatedly urged by me to go upstairs and look back.     My Big Four. On that day, we went to the fair together, came back together and talked all the way. On that day, we tasted six or seven kinds of spirits and talked for forty years. On that day, we ate from noon until nearly seven o’clock in the evening. On that day, for fear of causing more trouble to our family, we had already booked a room outside and did not stay at home.. On that day, he reluctantly gave up. My big four, I remember clearly, when we parted, you looked back when I repeatedly urged you to go upstairs.. My Big Four.     I didn’t think of it. That difference turned out to be a perpetual tactic.     When I heard the news, I hurriedly got through to my eldest brother’s phone and went to the three big families to discuss how to deal with the matter. On the way, he learned that after dinner yesterday, he went out for a walk, suffered a heart attack and fell to the side of the road.. Passers – by helped him to rescue him in the long sea. He died at about midnight this morning.. According to local rules, a memorial service will be held next Tuesday. According to peers in my hometown, the funeral should be held as soon as possible when the wedding is late.. So we discussed taking a bus to Zhengzhou as soon as possible and then from Zheng to Shanghai. Booking tickets online by second brother’s daughter Xiaoya.     After deliberation, I hurried home to discuss with my wife, prepare more money and take 10,000 yuan. If Yudi in Beijing does not arrive, or if military affairs are present, I will pay for him.. At about 1: 00 p.m., eldest brother and second brother took a taxi and hurried to the east railway station.     The road was silent, as if I were the only one: ” The walk of the Big Four is a great loss to our family.”! Well, just as an important person is to the country, his departure is a great loss to our family.. In the meantime, I didn’t take into account my personal feelings.     The train in the distance, surging with huge and sharp breath, has already entered the station and everyone got on the bus in order. However, between trance, it seems that not a few brothers boarded the train, as if they boarded the bullet train. I was the only one who boarded the bullet train, not my body, but my soul..     2 Shanghai, 789 near Wujiaochang, Yingkou Road. This is a taxi coming out of the high-speed railway and Hongkou Airport. Half an hour’s journey, the buildings beside the viaduct, if bright and distant, are speeding by, and it is the way near midnight.. I didn’t expect it, or I don’t know who sent the wrong message. The four largest mourning halls are not in the funeral parlor. The funeral parlor has only his body. The mourning hall is located at home..     It was midnight and scurrying downstairs, the smell of candle fire in the hall floated out from the door of the open building. Later, cousin Hui, the fourth eldest son, said that the door should be opened, which is an old Shanghai rule. This is also the soul return of the central plains region? Or do you want to go home and have a look at the Big Four?     At midnight, only the hall of four people was left. Once upon a time, the balcony rang through the crack of the door, saying that the air was passing through the hall, but who was complaining and complaining?? Four big do you have anything to explain, can you say it to me.    A few people slept on the sofa, and I woke up several times after heavy sleep. After the first hour, he fell asleep, only being awakened twice by the sound of the great sad mantra of the undead, the sound of the great sad mantra of the tape recorder, and the sound of his cousin’s voice.. Also seems to have a dream, but deep, vaguely is the big four hall and his voice, a head of sweat woke up and knew he was in Shanghai and was in the hall.     When I woke up three hours later, it was more than six o’clock. Just four Niang had got up and got down from upstairs. I stood on the steps and watched her talking to my cousin.. Then, look for gaps and shout, ” Four Niangs.”! ‘ then go up and hug gently. She murmured, ” Xiao Xu met, met.”. She said that I gave wedding greetings to Hui Di 50 days ago, and at the same time, I looked forward to the last meeting of the Big Four, the last farewell.     Nowadays, people go to the building empty and want to take a look at his study more often. However, when I heard about the family affairs of Siniang and her cousin, I always felt wrong. I changed my shoes and walked out into the dense bush, walking in the bushes outside the house. Two mosquitoes raided me and were killed on my bare arms and stained with a few stars of my own blood.. I gently brushed away the bodies of the forest mosquito, the shattered bodies.     Back in the house, everyone was having breakfast. Four Niangs purposely asked me to sit beside her. I only said how my wife reported the bad news yesterday morning and how it was heart – pounding. I said calmly. In addition, I only had a bowl of porridge, and then I left the vegetarian meal and went to the balcony outside the hall to see the morning in the corner of Shanghai..     The sky was overcast and the dew or the water droplets left by the night rain fell gently and coldly between the branches and leaves that were stacked on top of each other..     Third, it should be from the disadvantage of a river bank to the southwest, through it and reach a village. I began to find out how far it is to borrow a bicycle from a family in the village in order to catch time.. There is no adult in the farm, a child who is at ease, a child who can’t remember his appearance, followed me. My bike took him across the street in the village and headed south, crossing an ancient road probably full of clean water pits, and came to the village..     This village does not have a specific appearance. I don’t know whether there is wind. There must be no rain or snow. The streets are deserted.. At that time, three people came out of his home. I asked him where he was, and he was in the house.. I used to, he was in the house, his thin face and low stature.     I was a little confused and did not know how to come out of the house with him. It turned out that the three members of the family were selling the tribute. He said, ” Don’t listen to them. What’s the use of a wick of incense?”? I don’t believe that. Why should I burn incense? Our family is clean and white, like a gently flowing river, believing in a wick of incense, does it not lead to customs?? Then, he said, ” The incense sticks they recommended are purely for selling money and for 2,000 yuan, I will give you money if you want.”. ‘ I hurriedly refuse.     I don’t know why, he said these words and went into the house himself. I looked at his residence, which is a three-story building with a high front and a low back, followed by two stories, and a quiet village house, arranged in an orderly way around, without wind, rain or snow.. The front door of the house faces east. I do not know whether there is a plaque for’ purple gas coming from the east’, but the door is closed and still closed. The two trees in front of the house are extremely tall and can’t see the branches. There are only some rattan leaves winding up sparsely..     I don’t know why, I detoured to the west of the house where a wall was missing and I looked at it and went to the south of the house. It was probably the Westinghouse in the main house with another south gate. I stole it and saw that there was a room in the door, a few tables in the room and a few old people there, as if they were nursing homes for the elderly and so on.. Several old men sat on the bed and looked at me coldly. A few old people.     I may have to go. He sent me. I said I probably mistook one for another. I didn’t say who you are. You don’t have the surname Cao, do you?. He said calmly that he did not. Then, I didn’t follow my children. My children and I rode back again, crossed several ancient roads full of clean water, returned to the village, and returned to their bicycles, thinking that there was still a long way to go in the north..     After such a long journey, when will I return to my hometown?? But in the midst of this doubt, I woke up suddenly in a dream and recalled that the person who said he was not surnamed Cao was my top four? So, in the green glow of the morning, my tears began to flow down. I checked the date, Saturday, June 8, and 21 days ago, Cao Guisheng, my fourth uncle and fourth uncle, passed away 21 days ago..     What is this for? On the train of my life.

If you are my grass

I smile in the dust, enjoy the warm, forget the fleeting Jinxi is what year.A decision moment, was actually a different outcome.As time rushing water, like the drip away, absently walking in muddy dirt road, people around come and go, they appeared, they hurried away, as if I was a truth in the church, who will not accompany you to the end – they are passing.    After all, it is to leave.    Watching the street tough grass, perhaps no one concerned about their existence, even trample the dignity of the human being.And finally immersed in the dust, if I can, I look back to you again and again, back to the frivolous rain tenderness you like the wind, and quietly to see through time.    I held a trace of rain, irrigation will you, will you raise narcissistic every day, either you soaring on the dirt roads.Frost sleeping, with your language fragrant, with the all my love to suck away all worldly point of view, by the sun to you every inch of nutritional supplements, left behind a heart of gold, I saw you kneeling lying.I exhausting, for you I, horizon, suddenly see your tears, as if Buddha-like instant solidification, like a poetic picture branded in my heart.I used to imprison all and vision, willing engraved blood pool for your Liuchang, I can not promise under oath, only under a pen with a bleeding heart seal your forced smile, I shuttle in space, the displaced season , did not dare to forget you wait for me at the other end of time.    Stack can not afford to miss the shutter doors, hand-held pole moral, after years of profligacy crazy Britain, love long road, mixed with you I take the wrong chord Flanagan.You to fill with tears met, I already forget that you are my heart that blades of grass, but also how to pull pull can not afford to own the whole world in the rain, just to be able to grow on me after you piece of dirt along the roadsides.My mind with the greatest in the decibel cry, but you turn a blind eye.Too noisy world, reality is so little, express delivery time is always so far away off his legs, but also not to miss the end of.Bowl, not so much crazy ruthless pier residual soul sigh.

Staring at your back

It is like to walk in your back, your back just to gaze.The warm wind, gently glide your hair, long hair fluttering brought up, my heart flows ignorant of happiness.    April is the spring season is also the time Acacia.That day you walked silently beside me, mouth smile always remain in the eyes, the sweet slowly overflow from the corner.You are willing to stay for me, my thoughts ever since rely.You gently bouncing pace, willowy exudes from behind you, involved with my eyes, reluctant to part with your steps.    Go behind your back, in order to enjoy the breeze light swing, that purple skirt swaying lightly instant style overflow of the heart, is to look at your weak want to hold the feeling of the wind in the attack and watch you smile at the moment, eclipsed spring moment, my heart happy quietly out of the wind.So okay?Staring at your back, just to leave your memories in the shadows, in the absence of the fall can be thin aftertaste.    April Rose’s full of gardens, flowers leaning against the front of your Fang-shiny red flowers, let your charming rose gently peeling shy, shy among that cluster slowly open.I gently hold your hand, my heart handle the situation fixed spread from the palm of your hand, you can understand I’m happy at the moment it.The original taste of love so sweet, as sweet brown southern, Qinru Heart, circulation of the body, the heart of the dumb overflow from the eyes, the way to love.    Staring at your back, dancing in the botanical gardens, are you happy.    Take a boat boat, light ubiquitous in East Lake Park Lake.Willow Dangzhuo painted green ripples in the water, Zhang Qing Dutch Sentimental smile, envious hot I’m proud.Rowing oars, standing on the bow looking at you, back in daylight unbridled deeply moved, faintly visible graceful slender legs straight, let me faint beauty between vertigo.You looked back at me, I heard scoff “fool, to see what it?”Rude pull off your hand, hold you in my arms, I look in your eyes that fanatical eyes, you Weibi eyes, whispering, asked:” What do you want?”Lips instantly intertwined, light your wonderful body trembling slightly, his hands between my neck Languo.After hurried kiss, I gently ask you: “Are you happy?”April came, but you gotta go.After breakfast, transfer you go, I watch your back far into the station, you insisted I accompany you into together, I do not want to, I’m afraid the separation of sad, though you just leave dozens of days, cough, think later I want a man two months spent worrying about the kind of thoughts I am afraid that a time alone, can not see your back I’ll be lonely.    So okay, you walk alone, I leave you back, at night, when lonely, can be painted memories of your back, you want to diffuse way, so good?    Watch your back boarded the car, I was hidden in the corner, wiping his eyes that tear.    All the way, I will always think of you.    Through the Botanical Garden, to see you back among the flowers dancing, not peach Xie, already full of roses.


A few days ago, was found opened a gorgeous little yellow flowers on land east corner of the yard, my eyes suddenly light up, because in the countryside, the fields of canola flower is removed, it is difficult to see bloom in April.These two days, inadvertently discovered the flower beds in the school also opened twelve such a small yellow flower, so I had to stop and simply enjoy it.    Rather, it is a kind of wild flowers, I could not utter its name, colleagues will say it is a flowering weed, called Bubu Ding, the old man said with its leaves soaked in water to drink to cure high blood pressure.Really, country fields, the ditch grow grass was actually carefully calculate a variety of herbs, but they are weeds growing out of their own, do not need to farm the farmer time and effort, carefully cultivated, we view it is gone, even frightened fight the nutrients of wheat, much less than its long time, and it will mercilessly pulled.    I began to pity those weeds from the same fate and the Bubu Ding.Some teachers fear that students readily naughty or unplug it.    It so happened, one day, my son to wear a cycle high school play, saw pit slope south of the village head of sporadic drove many Bubu Ding flowers, there are several flower even in the open next to the garbage heap.High slope there are many plastic bags, disposable chopsticks, disposable lunch boxes, but still did not stop these lovely flowers open in a dirty environment this soil, poor in texture, they open too obscure, bloom bright, bright, even though many people do not notice it’s there.    I suddenly thought, such a beautiful little yellow flowers, if you put them together, so that they open on the lawn of the town square, it is more the United States?    Bubu Ding made me think of those who have been forgotten teacher poor students and their teacher in a classroom seating arrangements are not people pay attention to the corner, even though their subject teachers “sideline”, but they still continue to silently efforts, they there have been advances have flash light, but because of forgotten, it was not found.I believe that many teachers have heard such a story: a psychologist came to a school, in a classroom, several students pointed out that these students are promising, promising students, so the teacher began to pay more attention to these students can imagine, the results of all students admitted to a prestigious university.These students actually just random psychologists point out.Visible, the teacher’s attention plays an important role in how a little child is growing!If we give those poor students in the preparation of his heart to leave a position, if we pay more attention to the so-called poor students, their inclusion in a good student, I believe they will be like those “rare flower” bloom wonderful!    Today, I checked the Internet a bit, we were called Bubu Ding grass has a very nice and original poetic name, it is called dandelion, is a vibrant yellow flowers, beautiful words as “Everlasting Love” .

A pool of water feelings

Spring has come, the ablation of snow quietly quietly, slowly accumulate at the low, gurgling from silent to sound, bit by bit to the converging flow.Life as a pool of water, let each of us has a crystal clear water, energy and water, the water of life!In the dry season they began jumping Pentium creek, he awakened the dormant trees, birds and insects.Trees are still worried about whether cold really been away, quietly stuck his numerous small green bud to look around, the body still shook birds and insects are howling, unsteadily silent silent, but has been slowly restored vitality, starting with sweet chirping, Yuchi fluttering sound of the silent trees suddenly bustle.Let’s open the embankment of the soul, into streams Pentium into the sea.Maybe we will become cloudy, maybe we hit the reef will be black and blue, but our lives will be surging, become an integral part of the sea.Among the mighty once again become clear, become broad and becomes wide boundless.    Life as a pool of water, needs to flow.Water can penetrate in the growth of every life, and then into a pool of water, give their lives again and again dream experience again and again surprise trip.Again and again, their lives will become part of the things in the world, always going.Stop the flow convergence, the team has grown, we work side by side regardless of whether the forward collision.An inattentive untenable, “Wow,” about the fall in the deep pools below the rock, perhaps anxious to run want to take a rest, obediently integrated into one, and nothing of the sound.Beech tree next to the lake have met with clear water, not quiet, they have the roots from the soil quietly reached into the water, sucking the sweet juice, water, nourish the lush greenery.In the sunshine, their lives will be further enhanced, as they may be rising clouds in the sky, fly freely in the sky, can be turned into rain, to dry land with green hope.    We carefree childhood, a brilliant smile, life is like a crystal-clear, without any bitter content.Rain in the mountains will come from time to time, whether it is heavy rain or drizzle, trees are always like body shook themselves in the rain.Moist fog sun tear layer, frantic race in the mountains prowl driven chill residue, slowly accumulating ablated in the trees, stone walls, and the humus layer of snow, it is frozen in the following It has been turned into a bright red patches of deciduous dark.Hidden under leaves little beetle still sleeping, I knew it, spring again.From spring to autumn, small streams trickling their way through the smooth pebbles gap, import lake gently, quietly squeeze out some of the earlier of lingering on the inside of the residence, like most beauty sleep with a sweet smile.With blowing shells that break the skin and touching face, tempting to want to get close to people.Life as a pool of water, there is no contamination at the source.    For the life of me sometimes like a raging sea, any heart in waves ups and downs of love, sometimes also deemed to fall behind boats sailing on the river, but after all, life is like calm rainy youthful.Pool Buyanbuyu tree, carrying little water falling from the tip, with an open heart and purifies receiving, always a pool of blue.Life as a pool of water, such as the surging water when we are young, do not want to subject to any outside interference, do not want the presence of the embankment, I do not want to have blocked water flow.We are eager to stop the flow of youth like water, flowing to its own direction, out of the arms of their parents, out of their own piece of the sea.Flow into his world of freedom to find their own life, to find the joy of life, the search for life in the pursuit of dreams, to pursue a career, life, find true love, flow together, spend a lifetime.Every morning, we the Hong clear water the tree next to the dresser who set the stage, they have to stretch the body, usually in the mirror of the water put the first Nongzi, showing their elegant, clear water and tree shadows side by side.When the sun is shining them after each other, provided with a quiet cool to each other.    Regardless of living in a secluded corner of the living or the like bustling marketplace, whether it is almost a full house or wants to come, have heart sank Things.Life as a pool of water, it will not flow rancid.After a fight against all kinds of setbacks, some people lost their dreams and courage, and have lost the passion and the pursuit of youth for the future.Mountain floated a cool breeze blowing on the open valley and lake, the lake shining in the deep blue light.Small boat alone pierced the quiet lake forward.Life as a pool of water, once thought of the world as we are clear, then plunge, only to find that wherever our imagination is not the same.Sometimes we are still able to maintain a pool of water feelings, although there are a lot of pain and confusion, but still retains a noble.Early in the morning, gave birth to the long puddles of several strains of large leaves of woody no longer wait any longer, she spits out a slender flower.Brilliant flowers open, the petals have condensed some glistening dew in the morning sun shine, reflects the light fantastic.After a few days after flowering, the petals are no longer tender lips, a piece of falling down helplessly, silently floating in the water, their last beautiful glow.

Dawn campus

Wipe the morning sun pierced the first night of darkness, all living things on earth have opened his eyes bleary, lazy and enjoy the warmth after a night of it.  The sun slowly rising, campus enveloped in a golden world, there are silk mystery.  It is said that the campus is the soul of the Pure Land, where students who accept its baptism, the soul becomes beautiful, elegant become.  Mobile phone ring tones in the ears, soft music is brought irritable mood, what should get up, my dorm mates a sad atmosphere.  I hurriedly finished washing sieve, dark eyes mist that finally had some spirited day of the.  Holding books out of the dormitory, the sun pierce my body still remained lazy, given me angry.  People line by line, or walked quickly and go, live strolling the line, or look brilliant, or helpless in the next, or Wanshou the line, or unmatched walk, dawn of the campus, a harbinger of a busy day atmosphere.  Trail edge of the trees rustling, yet also seemed to talk, yet also seemed thin whisper.Xu breeze, its branches and leaves blowing in the wind, like an enchanting dancers, for the arrival of the sun enjoy dancing.  Unknowingly, in front of the classroom, I was early yet?The surrounding silence.  Put down the book, once again out of the classroom, to the stone bench next to the grass, want to sit down, however, it is covered with dust, a perfect white Shayi, even if modest, but it was dust on its mind about, or that it is dust destination.  I can not bear, could not bear to break this morning’s warm, could not bear to break the stone benches and dust love each other that the slightest affection.At that moment I left, micro-wind blowing, the dust will be gone with the wind, leaving only the stone benches, lonely stay there.  However, stone benches but not a trace of anger, because it knows, dust to go looking for a wider world.Dust did not look back, no nostalgia, because it believes that until the middle of the night cold, it will still put on a stone bench for the beautiful Shayi.  Once again, I opened across the pace, gradually, to reach the small lake that one Cuiliu.  Breeze to whisk, glowing shimmering lake Yingying is so gentle, so harmonious, gently swaying reflection Cui Liu, adding a touch of anger to the lake.  I picked up a pebble and gently fling, the lake will Dangqi a circle of ripples, but also broke the early morning silence, several flower wild willow small side, even in the absence of wealth peony, lotus is not noble also there is no fragrance, but they are still beautiful.  Although no one knew them, but they witnessed with their own strong and unyielding.  Time flows slowly, blink of an eye gone, now, the classroom should break the silence.  I started walking back, suddenly slipped and almost to a close contact and grass, looked down, turned out to be a smooth pebble.  I look forward to it, do not, then it is lonely?It has a reddish marks on the smooth surface, do not, this is the teardrop when it alone?  Gently stroking it, pick it up and put down, perhaps, this is it the place to stay, even though lonely, but years of turning rings, maybe one day it will own the recovered some trace.  Dawn campus, how quiet!

Main stock index rose to close the bottom three with positive Hepu Pearl 3100 time shares led the gains strength

Stock index performance ups and downs today in early trading was to sell 3097.33 points, fell point integer mark 3100, 10:30 bottom rebound after the stock eventually closed up slightly 0.36% end of the day's trading to close at 3152.19 points, regained 3,100 points, Japan?Line to close the lower three Yang。Stock turnover moderate amplification, the total turnover of 520.9 billion yuan, the majority of industry sectors closed up, time shares led the gains strength。  For the afternoon broader market trend and operating strategies, institutions have to express their views。  Huafu Securities: In the short term, the index plunged after the early signs of stabilization in the decline slowed, and there is a subsequent power restoration rebound, but the current market risk appetite has suffered a serious setback, lack of investor confidence, or pre-holiday market is hard to change overall weak pattern。Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market is expected to show the trend of consolidation down。With the concept of safe male market rebounded slightly stabilized at 3100 points, if the short-term oversold stocks rebound, or will drive the index up, but the magnitude is expected to need to be lowered。Investors are advised to be cautious on the control positions, should not blind to cover short positions, and to guard against extreme downside risk stocks。  Galaxy Securities: As of the end of March, Beijing, Shanghai, Henan, Hubei, Guangxi, Yunnan, Shaanxi and other seven provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) government and the Social Security Fund Council signed a discretionary investment contract, the total contract amount of 360 billion yuan, of which 1370 billion yuan of funds have been credited into account and started to invest in other funds will be contracted by year, in batches in place。The current economy as a whole is more stable, continue to focus on thematic, structural opportunities。The market is still showing the structural market characteristics, continue to focus on national development strategies, supply-side reform, state-owned enterprises mergers and acquisitions and PPP and other topics。  Southwest Securities: disposal of illegal fund-raising office disclosed inter-ministerial meeting, in May this year, the national organization to carry out activities to prevent illegal fund-raising Awareness Month, fully integrated use of various promotional resources, carried out a series of high-level, high-impact promotional activities to create a wide range of propaganda, full mobilization of the vast momentum。July to September on suspicion of illegal fund-raising organization to carry out investigation and cleanup activities advertising news and information, advertising information on suspected illegal fund-raising all kinds of information carrier release dissemination conduct a comprehensive investigation, promptly investigate and deal with crimes clues, clean up the market environment。Straighten out the financial sector further escalation。Market or worried that some illegal withdrawal of private equity funds, cash pressure to form。  Chuan finance securities: financial deleveraging background, stick to short-term value of the end positions。Financial deleveraging on the one hand to increase the overall liquidity pressure, on the other hand, will increase the uplift pressure。In the short term, the value of blue-chip fund is expected to be favored; proposes a focus on benefiting from up-and high cash flow plate。Offensive still rely theme。From a market point of view, the recent good performance in order to benefit from the policy directions to promote the theme, and consumer organizations hold together for warmth。However, the configuration of the crowded consumer industry increased the risk sector。In the next period of time, there are still persistent policy theme catalysis, we can continue to focus。Male security force is still on the theme of space。Mixed Advancing the pilot began to accelerate, the pilot is expected to focus on the third installment。All the way to the summit along time approaching, public attention continued to improve, benefiting from the actual landing orders accelerated industry concern。Rank combination of operating cash incentives name 17.720,000 yuan 25.220,000 yuan 34.690,000 yuan 44.390,000 yuan 54.230,000 yuan Data Deadline: mid-2017 at 15 o'clock on April 26

Gently, I will leave you

Craving for a long time there has been no snow falling, only the roaring wind beating the old open window。The pedestrian streets of the city outside the window gradually gathered, businesses and stores headlong and green in the distance from time to time blew the train came, inadvertently, years, has sounded the clarion call。    You do hospitality of the Chinese New Year happens to be the busiest time, so we can not go home with the New Year and parents reunited。Tomorrow, I'm going to come home to set foot on the road, leaving you alone a man jealously guarding Konggui。Sigh sigh, along the way together far more than marriage, separation points from the always lovable and infinitely sad at heart can not bear, if I can, I will have all the warmth of tomorrow rub parting, you do not warm my share of chilly days。Not heartless, nor heartless, but since the family has father and mother dusk, waiting for my return date once a year, even if we have offer all kinds of sadness that I am still away from you。    To go, lazy time suddenly became tense, I feel a lot of things waiting to do。Before his departure have to go to the supermarket, grain vinegar sauce, hoarding groceries for you, your day till night, we did not have time to go shopping。Fridge for you to store the fish eggs, noodles, dumplings, fruits and vegetables, eat what they took out of cooking; sets of bed sheets, I have washed put into the ark, to go home when you just put on the line; I take your clothes dry-cleaning shop downstairs, single bar on the desk; your cotton slippers I have a good wash, drying on the balcony, watching the weather may not thirty-two days dry, you first wear my right ; wait a minute, I carefully clean the room again, remove all the garbage; what else?By the way, do not forget to go to the hospital a few days to review it and see your state of mind these days, I think it should be no big problem, and you like me to do pickled fish, I have practices and procedures written on paper , you shining on it; there are utilities, the net cost to get them what I can deliver, what else?Temporarily can not remember, a lot of unfinished issues you bear the responsibility of it。Previously these things are you doing personally, I was a walk away treasurer, his wife, you work hard, even though I do to a little rusty, but still let me in this time of departure you do something。    Perhaps the middle-aged, like nostalgia, I think of us first saw the time, I think of the years you pay for me bit by bit, although I am not good confession, but always filled my heart was touched。What a wonderful fate wanted to put you and I had a strange two people separated by thousands of miles away to pull together, others do not believe we can think between at it, because you and I are totally two worlds。You are a hotel manager, gallop battlefield in business, red wine in a toast to green light, effortless between joke, it was a noisy arena。And my house at home, sitting in front of screens every day, ears do not hear out of the window, beating the solitude of writing, only Shen sleep in their own joys and sorrows article, it is a lonely peaceful world。A static one move, your rivers and lakes are always waves everywhere wind Chung clouds moving, my world was calm and microwave not Lan, your style because of your rivers and lakes and the atmosphere bold, my character because my world and sentimental, you see more earthly utilitarian so see through this lofty Red, in the human predecessors ease, my world was only childish simplicity, emotions show on his face, coming and going of communication difficult, you go through rivers and lakes are too many variables , the storm hit, you always smiled to overcome this, I only own cocoon around itself in a romantic woven in, can not stand a little sign of trouble。    Two such different people together actually experienced the hardships of success, no wonder people are worrying for our marriage。In fact, not always the case, when the role you return from work, wash away Ukiyo Magnificence, his wife's back, you are still a woman one thousand kinds of tenderness, and I was your return, awakened from a dream in nothing, back to reality in the past。Get some food and wine, standing on the ride, slow the odd glass of discretion, you talk about today hotels have seen and heard, I wrote an article about a New works, wash finished, lying double bed, turn off the phone, no entertainment phone messages harassment, you play your Landlords, I have my chess and do not bother, though quiet but warm。This life we have traveled together three set, nothing spectacular, but in the dull days stay forever, do not ask too much, spend only hope, in plain truth, it is also a difficult repair of happiness。    Gently, I will leave you, write these parting is not some ramble?Tomorrow is heard whistle, cut through two of Acacia, respectively, perhaps in order to have a more permanent。Parting, can weaken the shallow emotions, parting also make deep and sincere feelings become more profound, a little regret, but not melancholy, a little disappointed, but not sad, after all, there is comfort in the hope of reunion in thoughts。    Not my day, you have to take care of yourself, hungry, eat, cold on more clothes, do not boil water when the hot hand, be careful when eating fish spines, the electric door gas fire, shut doors and windows before going to sleep, go to bed when tucked。Asked thousands exhorted million, it seems that still fit the heart, in short, please take care of your own, I will be in the latter days you will not remember。    Little are tears from the people, and let me show you wipe away your tears, your affectionate hug again, let love left between lips and teeth, so that the temperature of the warm each other in each other's body, to bring love and miss tomorrow Gone with me at a distance,。

Jiangsu cuisine recipes three ducks practice

Jiangsu cuisine is one of the four famous Chinese Han, Jiangsu cuisine approach relative to other cuisines, it Jiangsu cuisine good stew, braised, stewed, fried。 So today we went to study under three ducks in Jiangsu cuisine homemade practice it。 Material Ingredients: Duck a light fat 2500 g, a wild duck light 750 g, 250 g a light pigeon, 50 g water, mushrooms, cooked ham, 150 grams, 10 grams of bamboo shoots, 100 grams of Shaoxing wine, salt 10 g, Ginger 5 g, 10 g scallion。 1 approach, the light from the duck slaughter knife mouth neck bone will cut off, and the wings attached to the neck draw knife, cut duck, neck bone extraction, duck open hand, a knife cut edge side of broadcasting, so that family separation, cut up to the thigh end, cut off the bone joint of bones, to the leg, cut duck smell of urine, then flip duck, restitution。
Liver to bile, gizzard peeled dirty, and washed with duck, washed with boiled into the boiling pot。 2, ducks and pigeons by the method described above the whole of the bone, then wash。
3, wild duck pigeons duck abdominal incision into the sleeve, and 10 g of mushrooms, ham 50 g, 50 g bamboo shoots filled into the abdominal cavity of the duck, then the incision mallard duck a duck into the abdominal sleeve, and 15 g of mushrooms filled duck belly, ham 50 grams, 50 grams, bamboo shoots, the edge light duck duck Hao sets, into the boiling soup at a little pot。
Jiangsu cuisine recipes three ducks practice 4 sets of duck down abdomen, liver and gizzard into the casserole bamboo mat, add ginger, scallion, rice wine, filled with water, boiling over medium heat, skim Mo, cover disc, capped, low heat transfer simmer 3 hours, remove from heat, while turning the sleeve to be rotten duck, chest upwards, to scallion, ginger, bamboo mat, gizzard and liver remove, cut into pieces , with the remaining mushrooms, fire leg pieces, bamboo shoots duck who shop together, add salt, and then a small fire stew about half an hour Serve。