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Winds sing the song of life

Life breeze singing songs Wang Shangtong the middle of winter, cold.Snow filled the air like a butterfly-like dance.Suddenly, the northwest wind just blew the Assembly in general, to roll like an avalanche, between heaven and earth Shashi snowing and fog, a great “launched into Yulong three million, Zhou Tian Han Toru upsets” of the situation.Xieguo cold wind blowing snow patches of thorn forest, snow tired and fell on thorns thorn trees, piece by piece, gradually turned into a flower, blossoming snow, like white flowers, decorated full of thorns, comfortably located branches and never looked as partners with the wind, feel the suffering of the displaced, while the wind was brave enough to cross the thorns, listen sharp whistle sounded triumphant roaring, flaunt life Smart and vitality.Life wind, life Cantabile.This is an ancient metaphor.Look at the cold wind blowing, easy come, easy go, Not a trace.Only clear to wind, regardless of the body with a tear fractured bone pain, desperate through barbed thorns Lin.Remember Dickinson to portray life inside and outside the fence, we have layer after layer climb.In fact, this fence encrusted layers of thorns, when we pass, often black and blue, both physically and mentally destroyed.At this point, you see, I am one thousand Ying pleated in the wall, gamely roaring past, the air condenses at the spectacular traces.The face of fierce winds blowing more, understanding the true meaning of life like the wind.Thoreau said: “Here you can hear the noise of the sound of the river.Those who have lost the ancient name of the wind, blowing our whispering woods.”Do not ask immemorial down to find a life wind answers yet?Su saw the wind.The once-great writer because Huangzhou poem begins abjection, living on the Quartet and, after no security.Chibi moonlight, he saw “the breeze on the river, mountains of the moon”, such as the cold wind blowing in the face of frustration, hear the wind whistling in the mountains, circled through the thorn forest pleasure.Suddenly, pent-up despair anguish wind and scattered.Frustration, pain, only to forget.Life on the run in the journey of life, hesitant in the rough, where Nirvana in frustration, sadness strapped to the body, a pain to float in the air.The face of the storm, in the face Feishazoudan, although the body scars, still as cold as, rushed through the patches of thorny jungle.Our time, the emergence of many heroes, with their lives, write a one after another like wind Cantabile gorgeous music.The most beautiful mother Wu Juping, face falls girl, bravely stretched out his arms to save young lives; driver Wu Bin hero at the last moment of life, for the life of a car, the bus safely parked in the street; aviation serve the country the model worker Luo Yang, to achieve a clank oath “born fighter, died as a fighter,” and the life forever left on his favorite carrier-based aircraft, scientists Huang Danian, the father of “eye in the sky” south of benevolence East, these heroes with their lives and blood interpretation of the life of the wind, the true meaning of life Cantabile.Listen to the wind passing clumps of thorn forest silence, watching curled up in snow on branches.That was blocked thorns wind roar emitted angry.Break through resistance, courage forward, despite all its branches cut swagger body.We sincerely praise: for the Warriors cold, snow is a coward.Boundless, mortal beings, to learn from heroes.Like the wind as life and enjoy singing, encourages life with the wind whistling.Contempt for all frustration, make the pain disappear, so happy life journey speckled!

Hometown of dead trees

Deep in my memory, as well as the home of the dead trees have withered, but also still standing.Always remember that time, I like a man quietly sitting in the window, silently looking at the dead tree, dead tree branches also draped on the nest.After a night of wind and rain, up the next morning, I saw the dead trees still standing, dead trees of life so I thought: not a breath of life, why also still standing tall and straight?    In those days no sun, I always to support those with strong life, ride one lonely and painful night.From that time also, I know that tears are weak, tears can only be painful to express, no power to stand strong, it can only lie down in tears, sometimes, while I shed tears, while working, because I know, not labor, tears can not create life.    Home of dead trees, so I learned to be strong, not breathing dead trees are still standing still, I live life, why not stand it?Whenever I was in the days of wind and rain, I have always thought of dead trees, do not give up standing posture.    Many years later, the dead trees also long gone, but my heart dead tree, still did not fall, which in the past stood in my heart, my mind is now also standing, and the future will always be in my heart station with, it is the pillar of my life, my heart tumbler.    Suffering, temper, will make people stronger, just like home, like dead trees, honed strong life in the rain, even if there is no breathing, it will not easily fall in the rain.Tonight hometown of dead trees, inspired me deeper, the rise of independent life, not only is life, standing dead still life, bone is hard Roots.

Eel pain

REVIEW mother gave birth to me when she could see the face of her children, she was arrested significantly less brutally taken away, without the mother’s care, many brothers and sisters to leave prematurely, with a natural gift the sun, I was able to rebirth.    Tonight, no rain, moonlight like quicksilver poured on the field.Faint moonlight, I could hear the distant hustle and bustle of the village, in front of me, a piece of green rice fields, glistening dew hanging on the tip of the green seedlings, sleepless worms, happily playing among the Miao, a single teardrop, splashes slight wave, what a wonderful night!But my heart was shrouded in lingering sadness, perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow, my life is doomed missed a night like this.    Last night, hunger and loneliness drove me out of the dark, dank home for the first time this year, the hole hidden in the narrow crevice in my heart many times but disgust deeply attached home.I gently wandering in the water, and constantly remind ourselves, can not go too far.Migration of insects, loach, all my taste, very strange, I only tasted the taste of a few bugs, and how can it fill his belly which?I was wondering, suddenly, I saw the belly of a drum Loach floating on the water, a surge of hungry stench and to.It was dead, evidently for several days, since the expression of pain, I know, it could be in the drug.This season, it is the farmers’ fertilizer spraying time.I continue to swim forward, a sight that shocked me, one, two, three, a large, moonlight turned up on their belly, white, dismal, there would only bullfrog legs in the air before his death, however painful it!    I think I have no longer able to bear the weight of the mood, then slowly return home.I did not encounter brothers and sisters, whether they are also getting?  I sat quietly in the door, gently flowing water evoke memories, memories like a little wave, a circle as they watch, farther and farther, gradually disappeared ,,,,,, mother gave birth to me, not in her when enough time to see the face of her children, was arrested significantly less brutally taken away, without the mother’s care, many prematurely departed brothers and sisters, with the natural gift of the sun, I was able to rebirth.Lonely life, gave me a strong will, from an inch to a foot long, day after day, year after year, ups and downs, I live to this day.How many times, I pass the poison, how many times, fishermen current will stun me, from a paddy field to another piece of paddy fields, many times I lived in the home.Body large and small scars, witnessed my growth, that I will never forget the pain.    Yes, I grew up, wounds more, but also conceal my beautiful body, yellowish skin, strong muscles, more important is the wise mind.I always believe that with wisdom, I can beat all those caught are significantly less.This is true, my home most hidden, and I built a number of channels, even if the temptation is filled with information of the opposite sex irresistible in the air, I can Zuohuaibuluan, I believe I’m cool, low-key lifestyle, in this dangerous environment, is to overcome all difficulties opponents.    Last year, I was arrested hook eel’s hooked on its own strength and wisdom, I am struggling, finally, my mouth in a contest of strength, the torn a long hole stained with blood of the house, who had to catch eel dejected, empty-handed.I also tortured pain and hunger, and for a long time did not dare to touch the mouth of the food.    One year later, I have the wounds to heal.I can live free, I am still cautious, low-key, when the impulse, mouth scars remind me: Be careful.Nocturnal life, even in this food is abundant summer, I often located under the poverty line, I’m hungry, hungry like a demon, drove me to take risks, drove me irrational, sometimes I can not control can not help myself, slipped out during the day will go to eat.    I often think: If no hooks, no seductive earthworms wriggling on the hook, no poison, no fishing, and no current terrible, my life would be like what?How many times I woke up the dream of the bloody scene will continue to do?    My pain, who can understand?My pain, who will comfort?My pain will ever do?

Bloom (outside the two)

I did not come before you have been lonely bloom I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time to wait for me to meet with the most gorgeous moments of your life your best Yan Rong 2010.08.20 I seek you follow your shadow foot deep shallow kick your way leading to a drive rain wind me a ride I only Thorn Birds just for you to find Flanagan’s longest spines toward the river bank along the years you do not hesitate for anything else you love warm 2010.08.Before the advent of rain 20 a turbaned woman quickly ran wind blew up her dress from flying across the road Man 2010.8.15 [Editor: Yi children]

Bloody literati (a)

All along, the writers of this title in my mind occupy an extraordinary position, it can become a real scholar, but also my goal and dream for many years.Came Loudi, my soul and still insist on the continuation of this wonderful afar.Loudi approached, two literati image in my mind gradually became clear, they sway the vehement sum in the history of history, but also let Loudi City, Hunan small number of this full a bit of fantasy.Throughout the ages, the sacred land will certainly nurtured outstanding talent, and outstanding talent comes out of the moral ideal and glory, in turn enhance this land of heritage and boldness, gives it a unique heavy sense of history.This is the most ideal man and the land dependent state.Loudi course of history, our memory does not need to travel too far, when we stop to look a little empire in the nineteenth century Ji Daqing, you will find pregnant with beauty and outstanding reputation in Loudi head does not seem out of place.Zeng, Chen Tianhua, the two native man Loudi, Loudi they bring glory enough to make it to get enough respect.19th century Chinese nation is also the author’s bloody two Loudi rendered unusually bright.    Zeng’s life is inseparable with the suppression of the Taiping Rebellion.The most prominent military commanders late Qing Confucian “self regulating the family ﹑﹑﹑ rule the world,” the doctrine of interpretation to the extreme.But my first impression of Zeng has come from a junior high school history textbook illustrations, Tseng’s Hunan Ground is defeated in Hukou, angrily jumping into a river to commit suicide Zeng want to be followers desperately pulling.This illustration irony is self-evident, Zeng poor shape to do the painting phase, utterly shameless, hilarious endless.If this abort my studies, so I left the impression that Zeng probably similar to the junior high school textbooks – the defenders of the landlord class, the feudal rule minions.Imagine, like me, had been misled history books, and a minority of people.Admittedly, Zeng is indeed a political opportunist under a particular regime, relying on years of studying hard towards this literati officialdom, eager to practice the local armed forces, he served as a ruthless suppression of the Taiping Rebellion of the executioner, which he left to history most can not be denied excuse.But thin elegant up, Hong Xiuquan Taiping impact of the Qing regime is not advanced, “the emperor turns sitting”, and in the past, like the peasant uprising, the Taiping Rebellion ultimate ideal of no more than that.Hong Xiuquan, imperial abjection, Centered Around and not, this has become the most direct his power against the Qing rule.If Xianfeng also awarded him a Hanlin, I’m afraid he will be like Kong Shangren, “the student experience, consciously presumptuous; pleasures repay, not all of the teeth”, the same feel grateful to the Qing rulers.”When I opened myself to take the world Section disabilities”, “heaven and earth rage right hand,” occupy everything “He is the Yushi,” “I have owned the world Wanbao” and so on, these early outspoken ambition, also shows the Hong Xiuquan “took the revolutionary road” in mind.In the case of foreign aggression constant, Hong set off civil strife undoubtedly contributed to the arrogance of the Western invaders.Hong insurgency, counter-insurgency Zeng, if the survival of the nation as a balance, I tend to Zeng.    Despite the Taiping Rebellion, we can really recognize this particular historical figure Zeng.Zeng had written a lot, but “Zeng Letter” most widespread and influential.Open “Zeng Letter”, between the lines flowing of virtue notes, it makes you yearn for Health issued a home in the quiet of the night, think fondly of their loved ones, you can feel more deeply a scholar, wandering soul deep at moderate, generosity.In this serene atmosphere, you will forget all his rage air, savor its shining light of humanity.As Konglao saint, Zeng can be described as the world Jesus Christ, his disciples such as Li, Zuo, etc. are useful to our late Qing Dynasty; Liangren Gong called “modern Qiwei, cover not ever see of twelve adults also; Qiwei China, the suppression of the world does not see the twelve adults has “such praise, extraordinary; even one pair of lovers of modern society life and death of Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek, there are different ways to his respected.Later the great man so respected Tseng is not unfounded, he’s on the road of scholarship by holding tutoring son of the surgery, the battlefield of competing fighting skills, life skills to make friends, self-cultivation tactics, making it a near-perfect.Ancient and modern saints, is difficult to practice life was so “full”, mostly Western sages somewhat lacking in terms of both their own lives and families, Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Byron, Van Gogh, Rembrandt , Rodin and so on in their daily lives have varying degrees of defects, or family disharmony, or self-will too depressed or too extreme ideology can not achieve inner peace.Zeng Bo and its whole meaning of life and character of ancient and modern makes it the connotation of the few “perfect”.    In many quality Zeng, I most appreciate his spiritual reading.”Old and three years of fine Bi, five nights solitary eye evergreen”, his rich knowledge derived not a day, but after a long accumulation is made, it is very ordinary sense, but really we could do that a few people?Contemporary youth is most lacking this quality, what are the taste is just encountered a little setback will be daunting, so higher education is also the emergence of a common impulsiveness, this time, gentle honest Zeng whether as a this textbook Midas touch it?There is no absolute golden rule in this world, but there will never fade brilliant mind and thought.    I want Zeng biggest regret in this life is not achieved, “Qin little far,” the ambition, and “destroy hair twist” make him leave the scorn.He hated foreigners, but also has the determination to resist foreign humiliation.He actively learn from the West, look for the wealthy and powerful way.But history does not fulfill his long-cherished wish, he died Tongzhi 11 years (1872), the following decades, the Chinese nation after another beating, disaster deepened, so look quite different, is not it more meaningful history Zeng and pay homage to one kind of miss it?    Tso on Tseng’s elegiac couplet wrote: Zhirenzhiming, seeking country loyalty, shame yuan secondary; if concentric gold, stone work if wrong, no negative phase of his life.Zeng’s life is glorious, and he did a lot of ancient Chinese literati did not do the things he’s honest and gentle soul, clearly exudes a spirit, a bloody cavity.It shares the author’s hero of the gas, not only enriches the era belong to him, but will last forever shine.

— Kaifeng travel concept twenty-ninth Juzhan

November first set foot on the train bound for Kaifeng.A foot on the land of Kaifeng smelt refreshing chrysanthemum tea, along the road, outside the store, all kinds of chrysanthemums on tall billboards, red, yellow, purple, white, green..Shapes and sizes, large peony larger than the small, such as the stars.Kaifeng Juzhan with Chairman Mao’s “CaiSangZi.Double Ninth Festival “in the annual autumn fresh, not spring, is worth a pound of spring, thousands of miles Liaoguo Jiang day cream, to describe the most appropriate.  Shop along the road covered with a variety Bian embroidery, peony, plum blossom, chrysanthemum, bamboo, characters everything, especially the painting even more precious, but the real painting, which is stored at the National Museum.I fly and visit again, did not buy.Lit night market, a variety of snacks, there are all kinds of trading.Our nearby in the street eating a bowl of wonton plus a jelly.  The next stop is the first tour Riverside, we spent the whole in the day, slowly stroll tour.We also caught up with the opening welcome visitors to the show, more than nine a few soldiers dressed in ancient armor riding a tall horse rushed out, followed by ladies dancing, nine emperors lined up, one by one introduce his personal life.I squeeze them carrying pictures.  Enter the park, head of rows of chrysanthemums with open arms to greet us, and ultimately, their photo, I am happy to go to various colors of chrysanthemums captured on camera, not by the praise: “So beautiful, so huge, more than peony larger.”She also could not help but lie on the olfactory scent.  Enter the park there “once entered Hanamaki, day dreams of the millennium.”a feeling of.Millennium City is built in accordance with painting, using to create a French Song, combined with modern construction methods, it embodies the original shopping landscape and folk customs.Park stall and shop staff are dressed in ancient costumes.Over there Nianpan ancient, stone, single wheel carts, roadside there is a load of firewood ready to sell.Wu Dalang Chuibing shop, stood in front of the burden of Wu Dalang, Pan’s teahouse, Wu beat Ximen restaurant word swing.Old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage carrying you can take a stroll throughout the garden, I did not sit.There are all kinds of programs come to see what what.Wang Yuanwai front attic is for her daughter to get married, Raise the Red Lantern, Miss maidservants slowly Midon the pace, Miss lot of thought thrown Hydrangea, is a tourist caught, the next to say is scheduled, I look like the young man’s face still flushed it only.Upstairs steward beckoned the young man up, the young man put the groom costume, complete worship heaven and earth, into the bridal chamber, the family also sprinkled with candy, I also picked up a.Watching acrobatics, walk a few steps in front of the monkey was playing beat of the night watches, when I saw a small, just walked into the crowd, then suddenly see just Hydrangea groom, I smiled the young man said: “You do not just groom?”The young man and his wife laughed, raised her hand costume photo call me.This is his reward was hit Hydrangea.  Millennium City is a 1: 1 ratio to the famous Song Dynasty painter zhangzeduan masterpiece “painting” recovery reproduction of large Song Dynasty cultural theme park, the park covers an area of 500 acres, of which 150 acres of water surface, with the size of ancient More than 50 vessels and more than 400 various Song houses, forming the largest of the Central Plains region of the Song Dynasty magnificent ancient buildings, the whole scenic grasses and ancient sound linger, bells and drums bursts, forming a school of “silk willow For blowing, waves reflected Yinfan antiquity charm scale, show Jiuqi wind, such as sedan cars cotton chain “lifelike.  Once into the garden, rather like the dreams of the millennium.Small boats around the stone paths, over bridges, through downtown, Tang pavilion, listening to opera, watching shadow play, fighting cock fighting, inadvertently let your dreams of Song, faintly across the course of history.  Looking ahead, the whole, reflect the city near the river winds, row upon row of buildings.Outside area bridges, willow blowing; the city area Yanyu Lou Taiwan, bustling gaudy.Taverns restaurants, small farm house, spread entertainer, pawn shop, both are milling around, or business or entertainer or dancing or drinking, a bustling good views!  Millennium City in addition to visitors, the area within the staff are dressed in the Song Dynasty costumes, language, manners are filling the Song Dynasty style.Kaifeng embroidered official porcelain, woodblock New Year pictures, tea, snacks, textiles now made and sold in the Song Dynasty, acrobatics, juggling, puppets, shadow puppets, cock fighting, dog fighting, hundreds of water play, God lesson fortune, gambling and other daily into the heads both yes, briefcase, Wu Yang, Liangshan heroes, five Seven Chivalrous justice and other popular historical stories are staged against time here, walking one, rather like time flowing back into the Song Dynasty.The most large-scale song and dance evening is not to be missed, the essence of the artistic style of music, dance, costumes and other best of the Song Dynasty, people intoxicated.I did not see a little tired.    Then the next day tour Pan Yang Lake Park, from the north towards the Meridian Gate Dragon Pavilion Park, there is a north-south road separating the two Great Lakes.East Lake Road, Lake called the Pan family, called Yang Lake Road West Lake, which is the most famous historical lake Kaifeng.Produced many beautiful and moving legend around the two lakes Pan Yang.There are two lakes interlinked waterways, but not muddy, East Lake, West Lake clear water rut, according to folklore, it is because East Lake was originally a residential Song Taishi Pan Renmei, and Pan Song is crafty, calumny harm the country, and therefore PAN lake turbidity; former West Song Yang is a famous residential sector, and over the door Yang Zhongliang, Chidan to defend the country, therefore the lake Yang Qing, despite the waterways in lakes linked, but a loyalty a rape, Jingwei Komeito, the lake and connected to different water quality.There are many legends such as these, traced, because of the different lakes location.  Today’s Pan and Yang Lake is the second largest after the Kaifeng City Wall within the area of Lake Bao.Hubei and Hunan ring puzzle neat Shidi, Yang lake there are beautiful elegant stone arch bridge and pavilion.Panjia lake has covered rockery shade, there are ripples of the yacht, and now the water is the same clear lakes, broken light dripping, goldfish jump.Park Ju-xiang tangy, butterflies fluttering, hard-working bee busy among the flowers.I am close to them to take pictures.Huge beautiful and diverse varieties of chrysanthemums, rows, piles of various shapes.Kaifeng flower water the United States, is the Flower City is Kaifeng Watertown.Flowers and water in the atmosphere can not tell the feelings of joy, light photo shoot more than two hundred sheets.The next day tour of four parks, the parks are ultimately water and flowers, people walking in flowers, shadow in the water line.  Dragon Pavilion is the most worth, as the Six Palace Dragon Pavilion, covers an area of 1038 acres, water area (including Yang, Fan two lakes) 710 acres of scenic Dragon Pavilion will certainly have its meaning.Park is surrounded by water, beautiful scenery, both north of the palace vigorous spirit, and the charming and beautiful southern garden, is a national AAAA level scenic spots (points), and is based Dragon Pavilion Dragon Pavilion Lake Scenic Area by the Central Civilization Office , the Ministry of construction, the national Tourism Administration named national demonstration civilized tourist area.Rich in human and natural resources the famous Dragon Pavilion.Pan Yang two beautiful lakes, known as the Wax Museum Song “our country’s first” scenery, known as “Central Plains a must,” the reputation of modeling plant garden, Meiyuan, explore the ancient garden and other attractions, such as the spread Zhongxingpengyue around the hall.”Nine Emperor welcome”, “杯酒释兵权”, “Young eight sister Spring Outing”, “Li Shishi advise you” and other programs with strong cultural characteristics palace Song, a strong cultural atmosphere of the court people often dreams of the millennium, imagination.  Dragon Pavilion is the main venue for next year, China Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Flower whenever October, the park on the formation of spectacular crowd of flowers.Magnificent, bright colors and Dragon Pavilion lantern is a beautiful landscape, has become the best place for people to celebrate the festive season.The contents of beautiful scenery, distinctive, so that visitors wandering around the meantime a sudden and devastating “tour of the Royal Garden, the past appreciation of the court, reading dynasty rise and fall” feeling.”Kaifeng, Longting must visit”.Press the clear layout built the Palace in the ancient building groups, from south to north by the Meridian Gate (scenic southern gate), Jade Belt Bridge, extol, towards the door, things at the room, screen wall, Dragon Pavilion hall, Wax Museum Song, things Chuihua door and campus-wide thing, the Northern Song Dynasty City and tokyo Imperial model, the Northern Song Dynasty Imperial Gong Chen door ruins, “Five Sacred Mountains true shape monument” square pavilion, the north gate, and other components Dongbianmen.Another plant style garden, bonsai garden, plum, landscape, etc..Dragon Pavilion Scenic surrounded by water, beautiful scenery, plus an annual event chrysanthemums main venue located here, it has become a symbol of Dragon Pavilion Kaifeng, Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Flower as the famous main venue, the magnificent Dragon Pavilion Scenic arrangement, the number of one thousand kinds of characteristics of species of chrysanthemum contests, Xiaoying domestic and foreign tourists.  Kaifeng Dragon Pavilion is the largest scenic park area of 83.13 hectares, of which more than half of the water.Dragon Pavilion area as early as the Tang dynasty a thousand years ago was the seat of the Government Office of Xuanwu Jiedushi, alterations to the palace when the back rest, the name of Jianchang Palace.Hou Jin, Han, Later Zhou Dynasty capital of Kaifeng is still here when the palace was renamed the Daning Palace.When the Northern Song Dynasty palace in this building big, make it into the history zenith.Jin Dynasty, where once again the Palace Court ban.By the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Di, the fifth son of the emperor’s palace built in this week, to keep a lasting trend.Later, because of yellow water flooding, become Meishan built on the ruins of a “Longevity Palace”, equipped with the emperor tablets, civil and military officials on a regular basis thanks to this Asaga away, later renamed “Dragon Pavilion”.I also watched the Dragon Pavilion in several exhibitions, really worthwhile trip.  Tower is a must, Kaifeng Tower world first tower just say, “This tower almost a thousand years, the tower is very strong, experienced flooding, earthquakes and other disasters still standing.Japanese invasion of China in mid-1938 when devils, no boom down with shelling.”Guide’s introduction gave iron Tamang on the veil of mystery, so I have this ‘best in the world tower’ reputation even more fascinating.  A door into the park, it is much to see in the vast fog stand tall tower, a total of thirteen, about 55 meters high, quite impressive.Quintana puzzle over when approached to see color glazed tiles, which I was very surprised, so this is not a veritable Tower imagination, but it looks brown glass mosaic tiles, iron approximate distance, color, and with our own strong anomalies, like cast-iron, so called “tower”.Before I think I heard all sorts of Tower experience, can not help but said absolutely extraordinary for the construction of the ancient art.Tower Park Xiangju tipsy, even more glamorous shy, so I never get tired, drunk in the arms of flowers.I clearly heard the cry of the cuckoo, I was surprised how late autumn it will cuckoo?It should be only in some wheat harvest.  Along the way people listen to old folk explains: Tower as a stupa, instead of experiencing the collapse of so many disasters are the result of by Buddha bless.Buddhism believes III cycle, so the local Buddhist devotees elderly often tell tourists, if you are around three times around the tower left and right three times around, the Buddha will bless your life safe.  Tower external wall mosaic pattern tiles fifty types, including flying patterns, Dragon, unicorn, seated Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, lions, Music and Dancing, flowers, elegant, subtle and vivid, with a distinctive artistic style of the Song Dynasty.  Iron Tacitus hundred meters, is a double eaves Wei Ge, paint buildings painted beams of the hall, called “Jieyin Dian”.Twenty-four around supported by pillars, railings bluestone.Wang columns carved with different patterns ninety-six lion.  Hall stands a tall stand of the Buddha of compassion, he is the leader of the Western Paradise of Amitabha, the Buddha known as escorts.This tall statue of Buddha escorts, Song and Yuan Dynasties is a full copper casting, height 5.4 meters, weighs 12 tons and standing barefoot, chest cast million words symbolic of good luck.Clouds landscapes wear pattern robe Regalia.Meditation in his left chest, right hand refers to droop, expressed the desire to meet beings, creatures great and small to reach the Western Pure Land bliss.The top has a “bright immeasurable,” the plaque.Write around four pillars have two couplets: one for the “evil and cease to pursue the public good, the Tathagata has real meaning; this empty four, five aggregates And without, for Paramita Heart”.One for “forty-eight & P is willing to group machines, Wan repair people decided to go; twenty-five students have the same faith, when an idea as to fit.”Buddha temple wall surrounding a large mural drawing ‘Western Paradise Paradise map’ statues seventy bottles on the figure, there are Buddha kindly, graceful woman of color, Satisfy faceplate Regard, dancing light flying, etc. , silk clothing wide belt, sash color every now and then, farewell melody, crane dance Deer with one warm and harmonious Visions of paradise.  Tower attraction has always been the Mystics chanted.Yuan had composed a poem singing Mid Tower Research in Native Lotus Lantern spectacular: “Cloud Atlas a column hinder low, breaking with the sun and the moon Qi Gong dark.Midnight dragon plowing axis, the ladder Plus astrology.Shake light glittering spider mussels rule, according to the water drop shadow Cangming rhinoceros, high flame pressing lofty, put down to the air-mentioned stylus.”After the founding of New China, October 30, 1952, after Chairman Mao visited the Yellow River, has visited Kaifeng Tower, was then wrecked the Japanese Tower has not been repaired, is Chairman Mao Zedong personally approved the tower restoration project.Tower has been turned around in mid-1958 Tower Park, covers an area of 51.24 hectares land area 41.62 hectares, lake area 9.62 ha.March 4, 1961, the tower was approved by the State Council as the first batch of key cultural relics protection units.Now, the Eiffel Tower and the greenery of the surrounding buildings more beautiful, in addition to the Eiffel Tower and escorts permitted, there is a large botanical garden, Tower Lake, outside the area where the tree-lined, lush grass, clear water waves, boats shuttle.While we appreciate the beauty of scenic spots, but also appreciate the diligence and wisdom of the ancient working people.  Two days can be really a bit tired, do not want to look, do not spend it all?I think so.I trudged forward with Temple and the memorial temple.With Temple in the even more beautiful chrysanthemum, a round, clusters, bees busy collecting nectar.Butterflies dancing.Great Temple is a famous Buddhist temple.For thousands of years, many wonderful legends and drama, rendering the novel to make it famous, with more Messire woman, Thousand Goddess of Mercy, Lu Chuiyangliu deep pull down the story, making it more legendary.With Temple has a long history, it is one of our famous ancient Buddhist center.Tang and Song dynasties heyday with Temple of.Especially in the Northern Song Dynasty, with Temple frequently upgrading, become the country’s largest Buddhist temple, the temple covers an area of 500 acres, jurisdiction 64 Temple, law school, raising monks more than 1,000 people, the building of the magnificent splendor, the “Golden shine, the clouds loss of capacity, “said.At the same time, with Temple presided over by the emperor Conferring.Emperor inspecting weekdays, praying, thank Christine Chin as well as more than a title also held here.So with Temple, also known as the “Royal Temple”.After the demise of the Northern Song Dynasty, with Temple was severely damaged after generations of repeated aggravated repair, when Prime Time decay.The monastery is now the main buildings are relics of the Qing Dynasty, layout, temples Chong Li, tall and spacious, majestic and impressive, indeed worthy of the prestigious temple pagoda.  Enter Sokokuji, flowers blowing, I was mad and took photos after a pass slowly watch.Now listen to the talk I discovered that behind the tour, with Temple in the Tang Dynasty, is a place of cultural exchange.Japan was Kukai who study abroad, had lived in Sokokuji.He specializes in studying Buddhism and Chinese characters, which he had used Chinese characters in cursive radicals create a named Japanese hiragana alphabet, still in use, the development of Japanese culture played a major role.Song, with Temple has been called royal temple, the famous temple monks have also received the honor Emperor Conferring No..Song Sokokuji temple five times a month, merchants of thousand people, in addition to acrobatics, drama, storytelling, performers and other cultural activities, very busy.At that time people with Temple is described as “magnificent, clouds loss of capacity.”.Now the great Temple, covering 30 acres, save the King Hall, Main Hall, octagonal glass temple, temples and other monuments Canon House.Presented by the Singapore Lingshan Buddha Mami relic, in mid-1993 in an Feng temple.Esteeming each temple statues magnificent, well-made, are the treasures of Buddhist Sculptures.Octagonal glass temple pavilion center of a ginkgo wood carving, Thousand Avalokitesvara, is renowned at home and abroad.The statue of up to 7 meters, like the four points on each side of four tiers, each carved arm one thousand, extremely fine, carving in the Qianlong period.Octagonal glass temple, also known as Rohan Hall, rebuilt for the Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty thirty-one years building, Kit Kat, very beautiful, very unique, rare for the Han Buddhist temple in ancient buildings.Very magical, a large temple town of Temple treasure with the country.    Temple layout 1, gate great Temple gate, formerly the Qing Emperor Qianlong year of construction, when the liberation of Kaifeng, was destroyed by fire, after the liberation, the government built a brick archway gate to do.Today temple-style gate, is now abbot monk heart and the heart of the majority of the construction, plaque for the former president of the China Buddhist Association Buddhist inscription.    2, two floor bells and drums 3, 4 King Hall, the main hall – the main hall after King Hall, Chongyanxieshan magnificent building, is the great Temple main hall Main Hall, the temple was built in the Qing Dynasty Junji years, Miankuo 7 , deep into the five, about 13 meters high, its magnificent ancient buildings worthy gem, known as the “Central Plains first temple”.    5, the third Buddha on the octagonal glass temple axis called Rohan Palace, octagonal shape, commonly known as “octagonal glass temple”, its unique shape, can be described as unique in Chinese Buddhist temple.The Hall of Qing Emperor Qianlong year of construction, covers an area of 828 square meters, consists of three parts temple veranda, patio homes and the composition of the central pavilion.  Rohan octagonal temple stands in the center, surrounded by a worship Guanyin Bodhisattva, Thousand.This Zunxiang a complete line of ginkgo tree carved from the Qianlong period is unknown folk artists with a 58-year effort to complete the works of art.Like 3 meters high, weighs about 2000 kg, the same shape on all sides, each side have six big hand and the little hand fan-shaped three to four layers, each palm are engraved with a total of one thousand and forty-eight eye, folk commonly known as “one thousand Thousand Hands Buddha”, one disguised as the Goddess of Mercy thirty-two.This material is not only precious statues, carving is more delicate, described as gods., Is very magical, a large temple town of Temple treasure with the country.    6, Canon House last floor of a tall building is “Tripitaka floor”, Canon House suggests that it is to save the monastery, where the collection of Buddhist scriptures.Great Temple between Canon House was built before Kangxi years, it covers an area of 680 square meters, Miankuo 5, depth of 5 meters, 20 meters high.The building Chongyanxieshan, building tall, vertical ridges pick angle, ridge lions decorated with glass, wind chimes hanging at an angle, micro-wind blowing, the tinkle, it is refreshing.Ming Jing Lou Seal between eaves hanging plaque, black and white, pen Bold, according to legend, the Qing Dynasty calligraphy Sun Xingyan Manuscripts.    7, master Church Canon House on the west side is the master of the Church, namely air, sea master Memorial.Now stand empty sea front is the statue of master completed monument, and a pair of rare stone six teeth like.Available hall dedicated to the sea and the statue of master masters life story photo exhibition.2 master high bronze statue.5 m and weighs 3000 pounds, giving Japan a friend.Today’s great Temple broad and deep courtyard, temples glory, glory in Utah.Every fall season, Temple full of yellow, full of fragrant city, more cream bell percussion, voice broadcast Octagon ancient Buddhist temple new life in a new era.About 4 meters high giant bell in the bell tower, weighing over jin, cast in the thirty-three years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1768).It is said that whenever the clear autumn frosty when hit hit the bell, the sound travels far, the “relative to the country cream bell” famous, became one of the eight Kaifeng.  The last stop, the memorial temple: the ups and downs landscaped area rockery, waterfall, bridges gurgling water, koi Xixi Shiba.Park odd ancient rocks, stone carving beautiful, lush garden, green grass.Yuan Dynasty poet Wang Yun poetry praise Day: “wipe Canbei view Dehui, see Millennium package Fan questions remain.Jing Wu Bo turns of the atrium, still fear frost Wei did not dare habitat.”Bao Yang and Fan are flooded parts of Sidley and Wal-Mart shine through the ages, the greedy palace officials likened nasty crow, even thousands of years, reflected in its two public monument like to see the man, still extremely understanding and fear, not dare stay near.Visible “Justice Bao” well-deserved reputation; what exhibition places the house in the form of illustrations to show the legend of Bao anecdotes, historical stories, especially the East Hall of the group Wax “guillotine US case” with the same life-size, bright, and spirit all equipment, scratching all now, lifelike, much praised Chinese and foreign tourists.Memorial temple of chrysanthemum is colorful, clear Jun elegant, it shows she was afraid of cold, towering stand in the temple, it is a symbol of Bao.  Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Flower Show as one of China’s top ten traditional flowers, visitors flocked to the formation of flowers such as the sea, spectacular waves of people, people enjoy the taste of the unique cultural charm chrysanthemum.    Very magical, a large temple town of Temple treasure with the country.

Bloodstains on leaves

That summer, I did not.Then just a terrible thing happened: I Chen Ying falls to death.Clearly, Chen Ying before his death, he had suffered a violent attack.Therefore, Chen Ying’s death is not an accident, but the victim died.It happened at my alma mater.At that time, I was reading a master’s degree Department.That summer, I did not go home.Then just a terrible thing happened: my friend Chen Ying falls to death.Chen Ying is upside down and fell on the ground, to the right temple site ground first, the damage mainly in the right side of the right face and body.Chen Ying past that dignified appearance has been replaced by the nose and mouth askew face.Chen Ying goes looking distorted face, my heart indescribably uncomfortable.Eight years, including five years in the same class, we can say that in daily life, as close as.Later, three-year graduate student, though we were in different professions, there is no more opportunity ate together, but ultimately, I still often go to disrupt her life.Buttons on the clothes out to find Chen Ying; zipper on the bad, find Chen Ying; foreign language translation of the information does not come out, to find Chen Ying; air flow, made a fire and no place to find Chen Ying case from site survey point of view, when Chen Ying like Cabo, an inattentive Caikong fell downstairs of his death.Clean the windows in a piece of cloth on the right side, leaving Chen Ying bright as a mirror on the window glass fingerprint, Chen Ying traces left foot on the windowsill.Chen Ying slippers, a thrown downstairs, left on a windowsill.Chen Ying is so in love with the girl, to what will become of her hands spotless.I always said she was a slave life.Someday you’ll be exhausted alive!This is what I often say to her.Does she really died on the finicky of life?Suddenly, I found a trail of blood on a leaf tree out into three floors downstairs window of the plane trees!Soon, this is positively identified suspicious stains: human blood; nasal bleeding site; Chen Ying identical with the blood.From the point of view of the autopsy, blood vessel rupture the nose, is not caused by an external force acting directly on the nose.Why else it can lead to nasal bleeding?By the way, when the external force in a short time in the neck, causing superficial jugular vein in the neck compression, while the carotid artery in the neck deep still flow, can lead to pressure in the head and face increased capillary Suddenly , the height of the capillary dilatation and congestion, nasal bleeding will be.I immediately use the knowledge learned, above bloodstain was measured staleness, confirmed that they leave the body less than 24 hours.Now, everything is clear, Chen Ying upstairs before the ground, who are charged with internal injuries have been.Clearly, Chen Ying before his death, he had suffered a violent attack.Therefore, Chen Ying’s death is not an accident, but the victim died.After inspection, we found that Chen Ying Si Qianzeng had sexual relations with a blood type A2 happen to men.From the point of view autopsy, Chen Ying is sexual relations with the man in a completely voluntary basis.Needless to say, certainly that’s, what is Feng Liang.Chen Ying Feng ever pay this good, I have not had a fight with her small frame.The Feng Liang, one look is not a good thing, a pair of long poles restless eyes did not say, but also actually dare the outsiders in the face, just like Chen Ying fell out at every turn.Chen Ying also, in the face of Feng Liang, an entire doormat, punching bag.I do not understand, a dignified graduate students, and why should this photo better!Autopsy found Chen Yingsheng front of the neck by violent oppression.It seems quite cunning murderer, he must be afraid to leave marks on the surface Chen Ying, so at the time of manual strangulation, the gasket on the soft goods.Soon, in the left parietal occipital Chen Ying corpse’s head, I found bleeding under the scalp of a.Obviously, this place is not a high fall injury hurt.According to a feature of the damage, we determined the top left occipital damage Ying-compliance blunt contusion larger plane acting on the head portion formed by Chen Ying.Chen Ying quarters head impact wall, which may be formed at a head impact injury Chen Ying.After inspection, identification falls before Chen Ying, Chen Ying and the man sexual relations, it is good Feng.Night assault trial conducted.Feng good account of the following offenses.It turned out that there is a Feng Liang abroad.Originally, he was ready and the wife of.But wait until his wife returned from abroad, he was surprised to find that the original slightly rustic wife suddenly became like a noble now.He became even more impressed that, people also from abroad to bring him back a considerable sum of money.He knew Chen Ying loved him to death to live, he also knows that Chen Ying has had his stomach.According to the original plan for two, and then more than a month, get our hands on a master’s degree in Chen Ying, you can be married up.But now he has changed his mind, he wants to sever the relationship with Chen Ying, with his wife to start a new life again.That day, he was downright irritable, filled with anger, the desire to do last-ditch Chen Ying.Chen Ying is Cabo on the windowsill, I saw Feng Liang excitedly jumped off the windowsill.At this time, crashed into the downstairs window cleaning cloth from the hands of Chen Ying.Moved by the occasion, Feng good mind immediately flashed an evil thoughts.Feng Liang will be taking advantage of phoney Chen Ying into her arms and then, they went to bed.Everything seems so logical.At this point, Chen Ying has been completely immersed in the sea of love.Suddenly, Pingliang Shun soft hand grabbed around that piece of underwear, white as snow Chen Yingjie liner in the neck with both hands evil force strangling the throat Chen Ying, Chen Ying, then turn to head violently hit the wall go with.Chen Ying, even the move did not move a muscle, it was out the window Feng Liang.But he did not think how, the drop of blood stains on the leaves lying to his life.

(Prose) once Qinghe: shrimp

There are vendors selling shrimp on the road facing the street, probably the shrimp people, wearing rain pants, fluffy hair, covered with dust.Piece of plastic sheeting spread on the ground, jump small shrimp piled up, flashing silver, in order to keep it fresh, not from time to time will sprinkle clean water shrimp heap.  Shrimp, grown to the pond and lake has texture with glass, crystal clear, little, three, four centimeters in length.See this, often buy some to take home, picking out doping in the grass shrimp segment and impurities, dig clean, put a fried egg fried, or fried with a fried, nutrient-rich, distinctive flavor.  See hawkers selling shrimp, shallots to remember the teenage years, it was the sixties and seventies of the last century, the food is poor and difficult period of life.  At that time, Jinan Xiaoqing, although there have been some muddy, but not yet completely contaminated.Black Tiger from Baotu Springs Springs overflow and spring, after the collection of large near Lake, number of ditches along the north stream, Ganlie clear, Xuaner name, happily injection Xiaoqinghe.Because of the higher-lying ditch, rushing spring water trickles on the shore bluestone base’s gate, splashes of white foam on the water is rich in oxygen, attracted a large number of fish together, carefree breathing , ran up and down, sparking a piece of corrugated.  Xiaoqing also has shrimp, large shrimp, found only, where the water is relatively clear in the vicinity of the upstream gate five willow.Shrimp a bundle of long, slender as peeing green color, transparent shell, crab claws, stiff, shrimp body can be seen clearly in the lines, in particular solid shrimp, fried later, bright red color, a trace of attractive sheen.Ditches on both sides of rivers and ponds, is a supplementary source Xiaoqing, or springs in Jinan, collection, or water seepage volume of the Yellow River, water quality, weed rich, rich in organic matter and plankton, a large number of fish conservation, river shrimp is everywhere, people often see shrimp.  I am also one of shrimp people, that time was a teenager, teens.  Because shrimp species, large and small, shrimp There are several ways to use the tools also have their own characteristics.  Deceive shrimp, it is the easiest way.  First of all, it is to produce deceive shrimp nets, very simple.At that time, unlike now, to the market to buy a swindle shrimp cage on the line, they are short, have to do it yourself.To find a little rough wire, bent into a circle about one meter, then firmly, to find an eye plastic screens or cloth masks and the like, suture on hoops, this is a swindle shrimp nets.And then find a one-meter long pole, strong kind, with three strings of about one meter, equidistant tied to the network side of the hoop shrimp, and then plug in the ends of the sticks, shrimp deceive net will do the work.  Muddy little river shrimp, because it is difficult to survive.Xiaoqing River North, with many of the Bay pond, the water quality is especially good.Bay pond that is both local farmers Outian, but also fish ponds, also can be used as reservoirs.Not far away now Alexandra Road west, there is a huge pond, there are several acres, deep inside the fish in groups, the leaves dense, people can be seen fishing day.Connected to a creek pond, nestled in the tall reeds and willow trees low child, the wriggling toward Xiaoqing.We affectionately call it Grand Bay, and that is our childhood swim, catch fish and play in the park, leaving us countless Sentimental teenage years.  Grand Bay, you can catch fish, shrimp is the best place to deceive.In early autumn Sunday morning, together with small hair, or a person, expectant mood, wore warm sunshine along the south coast westward to the Xiaoqing.In the last owner of the bridge which is now the Alexandra Bridge north, go to the north shore, west, along the river is Jinan Kitayama stone fortified the dam, there is a mile long enough.Dam along the narrow trail, then west, vision suddenly see the light up everywhere are vast farmlands and wetlands.Maturing rice, the heavy head low, slightly in the autumn, the cheerful heaving, glowing golden waves, a Olga.  Near the small gate, covered with one high reeds along the creek trail to the north, it is the Grand Bay.  Autumn Grand Bay, forest, tall, lush lotus leaf lotus leaf, the Grand Bay was full cover, revealing the deep green.White egrets, carrying a foot tall in the shallows, his eyes stared fish in the water, from time to time attack.Pretty wild ducks, neck and head with a green feather, “quack, quack,” cried, draw a circle on the water water marks.There Ji Ling kingfisher, standing nervously on the edge of the Gulf of dry willow, comb get the feathers, warily patrolled the water.The most attractive is floating in the water water chicken, a small figure, brown and yellow, “Goo, goo” sounds, rapid and high-pitched, across the lake, drifting into deep clear sky.  Grand Bay’s north shore, is the side of the slope, shallow water, the leaves are less, just to deceive shrimp.Find a Jacuzzi the bay side, put a few brought sheep bones in the mesh, and then, to the next willow, branches off a stick-shaped, net for supporting the wood, the lush plants interstices, slowly net into the water, you can deceive shrimp.In order to avoid loess slope dirty clothes, you can readily pinch a lotus leaf, spread under the Ding, it has become cushions.  Grand Bay water is turquoise blue, clear and deep.Swimming fish, also crept shrimp, because smell the fragrance of the bones gradually gathered around the net.Hold your breath, see a few large shrimp into the net, black figure, like an elf only.Slowly lift the net, yeah, just do several gathered in the middle of the net sinking, struggling to jump.Quickly caught shrimp, into the string bag, then carefully string bag and then into the water, the top-line rope tied a stick, inserted in the bay along, reliable.  Re nets into the water, and then was quietly waiting.As long as patience, every time do not mention net fall, and occasionally there will be twelve small fish into the net, but too small.Must be a lot of concentration, his eyes staring at the water, as long as the network with a few shrimp, it is necessary to lift immediately, otherwise the shrimp children who will be cruising to the external network.Repeat this operation, put net, catching shrimp, lift net, catching shrimp, hearts filled with joy and happiness harvest, because the harvest represents the improvement lunch or dinner, no longer just a pickle.  Good luck, you can catch a morning two, thirty.It is mature shrimp season, there are only twenty pound, can be filled with a dozen.Back home, some of the shrimp still alive, turning the body, struggling, into a wash basin enamel, immediately happily swim.That’s, in oil and salt, no seasoning, but how do all delicious.The shrimp wash, under the pot, put a little salt and cook, on the line.It was really delicious, mouthful of freshwater fishes, eat once, never forget.  Catch shrimp is a deliberate operation, is incidental harvest.Normally, mainly fishing with lift net fishing and the sea, or the harpoon, the most commonly used is the net, the only way people are able to eat the whole family.Generally along the Xiaoqing River towards the west, there is sparsely populated, and has a large number of the flow of this river of living water.Xiaoqing River where the fish too much, variety, grass carp, carp, crucian carp, silver carp fat head, as well as ferocious snakehead, covered with mucus yellow and black catfish, and sometimes hairy, especially a large one enough to have half a catty.  Also shrimp fishing, that is when there is no swindle of shrimp nets.Shrimp fishing quite simple, with respect to fishing, and even much more easier, there is a small earthworm on the line.First, is the production of hooks, with a pin, bent into the shape of hooks, smaller, to find a thin bamboo pole, then take the piece of cotton string from home, it.Of course, it is best nylon rope, strong, but then there is no.Shrimp fishing, can only go to Grand Bay, Xiaoqing was not, because the river was too muddy.Or to the north bank of the small clearing, ditch south of the years, there have clear water, as well as bushy plants, Lumphini Park shrimp and plankton life.Sometimes small fish to be caught, and that some shallow-water fish, channeling silver carp and crucian carp like son.  To have a rich harvest, only rake shrimp.However, because the rake is too long and heavy, require strength, children did very difficult.  Shrimp rake, rake is yet to grow into the shrimp, as people living in the weeds, we call grass shrimp.Autumn walked mature footsteps came, in ditches, in rivers and ponds, is also the breeding ground for shrimp when the river burst.Shrimp rake shape filled with beauty, a long wooden handle, a half-moon front end of the fixed frame of mind, about fifty centimeters, and the timber is fixed by the two half-moon wooden frame wood, and fine mesh net it is tied to the wooden frame of the half-moon front portion.When used, the shrimp rake the shore toward the river, then pulled to the arms, if there are shrimp, they rake in a net rake.There are some who rake shrimp, in order to increase the range and scope of the rake shrimp, but also to a rope, and more so you can throw some distance ahead on the wooden end of the bolt, scope rake shrimp correspondingly increased.  We can not rake in the Xiaoqing River in shrimp, full of mud, no water plants, and water turbidity.Only tributary streams gurgling in the ditch water gracefully, in the lotus pond near the south bank of the North Park, North Shore criss-crossing the Bay.A rake down, slowly pulled up, the network is crowded yard, jump shrimp, and then carefully put the shrimp incorporated into portable bucket.  May be the limitations of the times, or else the concept of the problem, it may not have the time, though poor, although malnutrition, when the people, for the fish in the river is not very interested in.You can see the river group of a group of carp and silver carp sub-channeling, looked up, breathing in hard, dense mass, that is, very few people catch.  Although very hard, but the rake is considerable achievements shrimp.A few hours, you can harvest good kilos, you can eat a few days.Just rake to pick up the shrimp is very troublesome, it is necessary to pick out the roots and plants, as well as some of doping in shrimp wriggling aquatic larvae.In cooking when cooking, put a little salt in the shrimp, then mixed with a bit of flour, an egg or a put, Guo Lifang a little oil, fry, became red shrimp cake, crisp and delicious.Now some of the restaurant, there is still a specialty, “pancakes with shrimp”, with fried, exciting moment, but also accompanied by onion adorned, special delicious.  But eating, be careful, it might, hard, sharp front-end hook nose shrimp, put the tongue, cheeks or tie bleeding, pain.

(New Year special) New Year’s Eve celebration of childhood

Each season has its own unique flavor, the taste of the most unique winter than the “festive”.Mention “New Year” festive childhood always quickly filled nose, accidentally, actually seems to dip too thick mouthful that are full of firecrackers taste and smell of candy between breathing.Dim, as if returned to those years.Childhood, the year’s most anticipated is the Chinese New Year.About a month ago, the big people to begin preparation stocking, especially busy every day after the twelfth lunar month, “Twenty-three children Tanggua stick; XXIV sweep room day; XXV, fried tofu; XXVI, stewed white meat; xxvii, slaughtered rooster; xxviii, the surface hair; XXIX steamed buns; .”Eldest row full to the brim, but these days of celebration in the minds of children is far less than the New Year’s Eve that day important.Because there was a children’s festival that night – “free wine”.    To a New Year’s Eve, I am always kept urging them behind their parents ass from the red couplets posted as soon as possible, as soon as possible in order to allow the mother to me carefully freshen up, then great joy can not wait to dig from the bottom put out early on New Year bought clothes.In front of the mirror around and looked smug after a while my grandfather went to let the baby out of the closet to find a small jug and small jug is very simple, it is an empty bottle, but a lot smaller than the average, very delicate.Drilling an extra hole on the cap, to insert the straw a straw when.Only once a year at New Year’s Eve night, just became my entire childhood treasures.Small jug ready, I put my father specifically for this “festival” to buy liquor poured in, filling the full.He began contentedly waiting for partners to call my departure.    Custom home is the first fireworks night before New Year’s Eve to eat dumplings, dumplings.After the mother cooked dumplings, my father would go to the yard to put a long string of firecrackers, crackling, festivity surrounded by the sound of firecrackers out of a place in the red auspicious weather, the release of the new year strong taste.At the same time, the village clear, crisp sound of firecrackers will be heard, bustling!This is a signal to let the kids cheered, the more excited firecrackers explained more people cooked dumplings, eating dumplings can go, “free wine” of the!Festival finally kicked off, the happiest moment of the year is coming, and finally to the!After a few small partner appointment to complete the set, “send wine army” will joyfully off.    We began to send first from the village, everyone rushed into the house after the bounce to their small jug Pengdao host and hostess of mouth, “Uncle, aunt, we come to you to send wine!”Regardless Shu Shen really sucked his wine, his eyes began to search the table of candy, waiting for us to distribute aunt.A child likes to buy clothes bought in a large cloth bag, the reason is that the time to send wine can hold more candy too, and often carry additional installed a big, heavy bag.Wait until the cloth bag filled with good clothes on the “victories” transfer in, transfer and this activity will quietly in the corner of the door, because we see people worried about the big pocket full of candy will give us a little more fitted, so always make a “cash-strapped” look.Now think of it is very heart-warming thing is whether rich or poor, every household will put delicious all out to put on a plate full basket full of wine to send the children to prepare.We will enter every house gets two or three pieces of candy and twelve peanut seeds, and some will give home made cake sugar bun and even some particularly rare delicious, rarity these children always makes us happy to jump, “carried away”.Little friends would go door to door delivery, never miss a chance to get candy.Along the way will encounter different people to send wine to dial out a few teams, we will happily exchange about “fighting”.Hit the naughty boys, they always throw quickly cover your ears quickly ran away after a few rejection gun, hid in a distance girl joke.New Year’s Eve often snowy night, we wear new shoes to step on the snow, it creaked, like a merry tune after another.Carefully occasionally smoke a few mouthfuls of wine or a partner’s own wine, spicy tongue out.    Wait until the last one sent out of the wine, it was found running all night long face red with cold, numb with cold feet.Then there is the last of the processes – than candy.Partners put their candy all out to see who’s the most total, most children who rarity.This is the most worthy of showing off childhood victories.Finally, we are happily back home, and start looking forward to the next New Year’s Eve.This time send wine to get candy can open the river to eat goose.    Growing up, whenever I hear the footsteps of the New Year, I always think of those New Year’s Eve to send the wine, the taste of that candy aftertaste.

(Diary of two) how the word of a drunk

A diary of how two drunk a word of September 11.    Love worry depressive, how to say the king.I am not, nor awake after the lunch break, look at Mr. Ze thick “history”, and Dianqi “poetry anthology”, an overview of hundred lines, will not be able to find it because of the loss can not speak sorrowful.Fu to give up poetry, song, and then after Bin wine will remain at the time of writing, the hovering between guest bedroom, with no distraction, but no railing: “return to dream every wolf river, the river has been sound mashed ,,,,,, Ju Hong Lei Yuqing early, hide this Double Ninth day.Looking cool cloud evening leaf, dusk consider unlimited.”Last night at midnight does not rest, meditation countless dirty like blur, not some perception, the students speak versa boredom, anxiety and heart hate, but can not face weak swept forcing life” Phantom Magic Health.”Go to bed on the occasion, tossing and turning, as if a few set, I dreamed a dream, who are charged with murder sin; wake up and not wake, excited and nervous and frightened.Imagine a better suggestion, to appease the soul of the victim, to lead the Americans to call the situation between life in order to appease the best memories past, but always “sober place, is the willow shore, there are cold moon.”I am pessimistic injury Qi.    Such ups and downs of the struggle, in view of past memories of the morning, the recurring, about life and death, joy and sorrow concern, alternating infected me how life and nature?I am a patient of hysteria, or another pioneer?I sing poems and paid my dissolute and uninhibited, as well as quiet and Yue Ning, that even if we have thousands of customs, but talking with people and?    How can the tiles can be all day, the word of a drunk.    Heartbroken people in the horizon September 12 has also been “grass embankment, near the Mid-Autumn, a little wind but no color,” as if the poet in the journal, write poetry microblogging number first, and I feel strong, meaningful, infinitely touching; also been “my brother, late blessing ah, ah how fine you!”SMS, full of times past, fantasy Chuxiu, how much better, between the night, in the cups, comforted each other, but who knows sadness?And this morning, Yuning choke; sunny window, Autumn has been dyed, who is worthy mess?    From yesterday to say good face this state of mind and tragic; said yesterday must look good from poetry poetry, Su Shi Yi An Liuyong and Nalan, curtain westerly, thinner than flowers; now we say good meet, look each other in phase, sparkling stars, those who can not forget the night.Poor moment, no one understand the lonely mind, even his wife and children brothers, what railings, as well as the so-called confidante take over?Even Mother rebirth, Nirvana elegance, golden land, rain drop millet, Dongsheng Murakami, summer injustice Xuefei, how can the lotus thought, open your heart.    At this time, getting to the morning, some water sprinkled in several strains of plants and flowers on the balcony, whereby release doubts worry, storm drain junction section; be subjected in the field of wau size, can laugh.Status arrogant child sleep, let him calm feeling clean, as if Tori Nanshan, water springs, Westerly Road, Xuguang tomb grass, compassion and swagger of our lives my mother —–.My life, my mother, and so heartbroken people in the horizon, now at this time, but can not speak sorrowful smile and depressed, helpless.    Quefei positive energy, SORRY.