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Pickle 10 + 24 + 5 key goals missed Walker win Eagles at 2-2

  Ticker on April 27 morning, the Pacers away to 91-88 win over the Eagles, will always tie 2-2。   Pacers snatch home court advantage, Paul – George scored 24 points, 10 rebounds and five assists, but the last time he hit two free throws loss, almost lead to disaster。 David – West 18 points, George – Hill 15 points and five assists, Roy – Hibbert played only 25 minutes, 6 points and 3 rebounds。 Off the bench Evan – Turner 11 points。   - Paul Millsap scored 29 points for the Hawks and seven rebounds, Kyle – Kyle Korver 15 points and nine rebounds, Jeff – Teague 14 points and seven assists。   Pacers lost two previous three games, center Hibbert scapegoat。
In three games, he shot 7 of 25 in total, 18 points, also inaction on the defensive。 Sources said that the coach has decided to put him in the lineup。
  "As long as the coach thought to win, I'm willing to do," Hibbert said, "I know, I will play, but do not know whether to become the second team。 "Today after opening, Hibbert is still the starting lineup, the performance also improved, but the key moment he was not in court。   George and Stephenson have hit the third after the opening, the Pacers 8-0 start。
Game played nearly three minutes later, the Hawks only one-third of Millsap hit, Teague thereafter bottom line break, after George had a layup, but also quickly to 8-0, to level the score Eagles。 The two sides played inextricably, Millsap hit consecutive in the middle of this section, while Turner was the Pacers hit three balls。
This section last two minutes, the Eagles momentum of decline, scoreless after Walker scored seven points to lead 29-22。
  Hibbert dunk beginning in the second quarter, Turner and his team arranged the pre-holiday 8 points, but the Pacers hit rate has dropped, the pre-holiday 11 minutes only he and Turner shooting。
Hawks inside and outside the bloom, in order to gain an advantage 46-47。
This section last minute, West and Stephenson each hit a ball, it will lead into a pedestrian 42-48。   Hawks in the third quarter achieved double-digit advantage to 54-44, one West scored four points, the Pacers to fight back, and George Hill hit third in succession thereafter, play a wave of 12-0 to 56- 54 go-ahead。 The two teams began to tug of war, with several lead changes。 After three sessions, the Pacers 66-65 lead 1 minute。   In the fourth quarter the Eagles began to frequently hit the third, this section there are 7 minutes and 31 seconds, Teague hit the long shot, they lead to 80-74。
Pacers missed consecutive outside, this section there are 4 minutes and 15 seconds, before Hill hit three-pointers, they will score 81-83。
  Eagles lose key moment quasi-head, and the Pacers getting better, when the game 1 minute 32 seconds, and George West have hit the third, the Pacers 89-85 beyond。   After Korver for the Eagles throws three balls, only 1 point behind。 Stephenson not in the third, but George grabbed the offensive rebound, Hill forced break layup, the Pacers to 91-88 lead into the final minute。
  The two teams always have a mistake, the Eagles get the ball in the game there are 13 seconds, but Millsap close range shot, had to foul。   George even missed two free throws, giving the Eagles last chance, but not in the Antic pointer by the Cavaliers, Pacers poise。 [[] []] After the game, the two sides battle 2-2, the Pacers again grab home-court advantage。 (Angkor)。

Fans spinach balls to teach you how to make good food practices

Fans spinach balls how to do, I believe many of my friends have eaten spinach meatball fans, because it is not only tasty, but also very rich in nutrients, then the spinach how do fans meatball with spinach and small series introduces fans to see the ball how to do it!Fans spinach balls how to prepare material: spinach amount, the amount of fans, the amount of lean meat, onions amount, the amount of oil, salt, corn starch, soy sauce.1.First Wash spinach, filtered water into the dish standby.2.Fans then placed in water。
3.In the meat into a large bowl, placed sequentially pepper, salt, onion, soy sauce and placed in the cooking wine, sufficiently stirred poured into starch.4.After completion of stirring groups, groups in the shape of balls loading standby.Fives.Then put in the pot right amount of water, such as water into the open after the balls, the balls cooked, add a little Yanhua.6.Such as meatballs after floating up into the fans, then add spinach and fans。
Fans spinach balls how to do 7.Then add sesame oil and MSG, and finally add chopped green onion.Stir well after。 8.Delicious bowl of delicious spinach meatball soup fans will do the work。

Sensitive skin care routine can not care less how

How a skin type Sensitive Skin Care sensitive skin are more prone to skin allergies, and therefore is more annoying, with this skin, it may be a little attention there will be a skin allergy。
So in the end how to care for sensitive skin do the following small series to tell us something about how sensitive skin care, day care and no less oh!Sensitive skin care routine if you unfortunately become a sensitive skin, then in their daily lives must pay attention to maintenance, but it is very humble when some actions will stimulate your fragile skin, accelerates aging。
First, the wash water is preferably avoid too hot when using wash water, and heated with。 Washed, you can use a cold towel cold look。 Avoid using hot water。 Second, take a shower and separate bath wash too hot, simply not suitable to wash your face, like any other skin, not to mention the sensitive skin。 So be sure to wash separately。 Third, eat eat the same terms to pay more attention。 Must not eat barbecue, delicious, do not eat, sensitive skin will cause great damage to the skin severe water shortage。
To eat less fried, of course, it is best not to eat, whether it is the staple food or snacks。
Spicy but also wiser。
But also less alcohol。
How sensitive skin care Fourth, avoid sensitive skin to the absolute prohibition sauna sauna。
Whether dry steam or wet steam。
Fifth, avoid a long stay in a dry environment such as dryness of the desert air conditioner is ten times, so long in a dry environment, the recovery for sensitive skin very unfavorable。 So try to find ways to increase the degree of moisture in the air。
Six little massage。

Hong Kong SAR Government to push inland and overseas enterprises Summer Internship Pilot Project

  HONG KONG, March 16 (Xinhua) Hong Kong SAR Government announced the 16 mainland enterprises and overseas pilot summer internship program, a total of 16 large-scale enterprises to provide internship opportunities in the Mainland and overseas for local youth, the initial 250 places。
  Plan for studying second year bachelor's degree or above, there are Hong Kong permanent resident status of youth, to BOC Hong Kong, Bank of East Asia, Standard Chartered Bank, Swire Group, Sino Group, the gas company, MTR, Sun Hung Kai Properties and Wharf and other front-line companies, in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Zhongshan, Qingyuan and many other mainland cities, or to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Australia, for a period of 6-12 weeks internship。
The pilot program internship positions across the three major sections, including a large Bay Area Plan focus areas "along the way" along the country and the ASEAN countries。
  SAR Government Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Cheung said that this is the first government-led unite local corporations, concerned with youth development, hope to cultivate the concept of state youth, feelings and World Vision Hong Kong。 He said that participating companies will bear the main costs of students, including airfare, lodging, etc., in order to protect students with financial difficulties can still participate in the program。
  Mr Cheung described the plan is to "keep it plans", applicants can expect through internships, workplace culture to understand the country, employment prospects this summer, to broaden their horizons。

Chongqing tomb discovered "Sleeping Beauty" features beautiful rich life

Chongqing tomb discovered "Sleeping Beauty" features beautiful rich life。
Many archaeological team at the time there are archaeological find some tombs, and tombs there are a lot of special things oh。
Well, Chongqing tomb discovered "Sleeping Beauty" features beautiful rich life how it was, with a look and small series 6681!Chongqing tomb discovered "Sleeping Beauty" features beautiful rich life Shapingba District, West Wing Shan Tong Town Village, a room called Chow groove slopes。 Slope, dense stand of locals who heard everyone talking about the theme, unearthed within the cordon that "Sleeping Beauty"。 West Wing, director of cultural services in the town center Qi Huafu introduction, here is the quick completion of Chongqing railway construction site。 When mountain construction, the excavator to dig a hard object, and then the planing iron teeth — spill spark strikes hard stone cover tomb。
Next, the committee received a briefing the construction side, the town Geng to dispatch someone on duty day and night。
Fault inferred from the hillside, the tomb is located about 3 meters underground。
Tong Li Ping village committee members said good bridge, the villagers are on duty to participate in young adults during the day and three at night 6 people。
He also said that so much importance to the protection of cultural relics and responsive, with the bottom of the tomb was in the early 1970s, when the local quarry repair farms, dug dozens of respect for thirty or forty cm high figurines related。
Chongqing tomb discovered "Sleeping Beauty" features beautiful rich life 72-year-old local, the year witnessed these figurines Huangzai Rong memories, figurines realistic shape, there are people who take swords and guns, as well as horses and riding generals。
As a result, locals widely believed, inside the unearthed tombs, should also still like figurines。 Sand paper tubes to the scene to explore。 That afternoon, archaeologists from the tomb brought out a similar gift box rectangular box, the crowd of locals seeing raged: box, lay a three to four centimeters long, because a woman wrapped in mud caused barely visible material。

[Shenzhen, Guangdong Mission Hills Ozaki golf golf weather] Guangdong Shenzhen Mission Hills Ozaki golf golf weather forecast today, today, the weekend, the weather today, seven days, golf weather, golf courses one week weather forecast, weather forecast query Golf Course

About Ozaki Stadium Stadium aspect in between the mountains, the huge Avon, breathtaking waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and a unique identity of the cliff, constitute an incomparable landscape。
Many fairways create difficult ball through natural terrain, do now gods, so players often in the dead end, a way out of this joy。
9th and 18th hole green as a single entity, unprecedented; from 12 to 13 holes green tee, to pass through a tunnel 85 m, like into paradise, most players relish。
Stadium five-star hotel, serviced apartments, billiard room, fitness room, spa, indoor and outdoor badminton court, tennis court, swimming pool, golf academy and driving range, archery range, indoor and outdoor children's playground, foot reflexology, business meetings rooms, banquet space。

Trade war clouded the Dow plunged more than 400 points

(Tencent securities Qingfeng) Beijing March 22 evening, US stocks opened low on Thursday, a global trade war could erupt, and social giant Facebook data leak scandal led to market pressure。 In addition, investors are digesting the Fed's interest rate decision and policy statement。
As of press time, the Dow fell 350 points, after touching down over 400 points, the S & P 500 index fell%。 The Nasdaq Composite fell%。 According to Xinhua reports, recently it reported that the United States will soon announce the results of the survey and 301 in China may take restrictive measures against China。 US industry generally and concerns about the US unilateral action, there are 45 American Association clearly stated objections。
The news sparked concerns all walks of life for the "trade war"。
The Fed on Wednesday decided to raise the benchmark interest rate, but despite the bank made a more optimistic expectations for the US economy, still maintain in 2018 a total of three times to raise interest rates expected to remain unchanged。
In Wednesday's trading, the Dow, the S & P 500 index and the Nasdaq composite index ended down between% and%。
After the Fed's monetary policy statement, the three major indexes were mixed。
Market drivers: the overall trading this week, the US stock market is expected to fell, which is due to Facebook's entire technology sector leading the decline largely。 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) local time in the United States on Wednesday night to accept an interview with CNN, he apologized to CambridgeAnalytica data leak scandal period, and said it willing to testify before the US Congress。
This social media giant has suffered a "fire storm", its shares suffered heavy selling due to political data after reports that the company used 50 million in CambridgeAnalytica without permission of the user's personal Facebook data。 At the same time, investors are related to a global trade war may break out this week on concerns still lingering in the market。 UK Monetary Policy Committee meeting minutes shows that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to keep interest rates unchanged support 7-2, 9-0 to maintain the national debt is expected to buy the same size, in order to maintain the 9-0 corporate debt buy the same size, are In line with expectations。
Congressional leaders on Wednesday night reached an agreement on a spending bill, which will provide working capital for the federal government before October。
Now, lawmakers have two days for this bill up to 2232 were discussed and approved by them, in order to avoid the federal government in the United States Eastern Time Saturday 0:01 (12:01 pm GMT Saturday) was forced to close the door。
Strategist Comment: CityIndex analyst 肯奥德鲁加 (KenOdeluga) in a research report that adopt a "middle ground" in raising interest rates the Fed sent the information makes the market "at a loss"。 "After the Fed (this year) for the first time to raise interest rates, the market briefly relieved。
Under the leadership of the new Chairman Jerome Powell (JeromePowell), the (Federal Reserve made) little difference between the forecast and the market's best guess of speech。 "Odd Fallujah wrote in the report。 "But then the US stock market is mixed, fell slightly during Wednesday's close。
In the trading session in Asian markets, investors are also hesitant。
"Economic data: March 17 when US weekly initial jobless claims tens of thousands of people are expected million and the previous value Wan。
United States March 10 the week continued unemployment benefits tens of thousands of people are expected million and the previous value by a million compensated for the million。 US Markit manufacturing PMI in March, the highest since March 2015 high of expectations; 2 month-end value。
US March Markit services PMI initial value, expected 56; 2 month-end value。
US March Markit composite PMI initial value; 2 month-end value。 United States in January FHFA House Price Index MoM%,% expected, before the value of the revised%%。 US FHFA House Price Index in January year on year% before the value%。
US Conference Board leading indicators in February MoM%, expected percent, before correction of 1% to%。

In Spring Tips nine kinds of food Bunao brain

6, high-quality milk protein, riboflavin, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, vitamin d excellent source of these nutrients may be provided for a variety of nutrients to the brain。 7, one of the preferred food fish is to promote intellectual development。 Head contains a very rich, is an important source of human brain neurotransmitter, can enhance human memory, thinking and analytical skills, and can control the degradation of brain cells, anti-aging。 Fish is an excellent source of high quality protein and calcium, especially those containing large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, particularly important for the normal development of the brain and eyes。 8, the rich sunflower iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements and vitamin E, so that there is a certain sunflower brain brain function。 Practice has proved that: eating sunflower seeds, not only for skin rosy, delicate and agile brain thinking, good memory, speech orderly。 9, sesame sesame mash, add a little sugar and red open water to drink, or buy sesame biscuits and other products, each morning and evening to eat once, 7 day a course of treatment, after 5-6 months after treatment, can receive good brain health brain effect。

Champions League – Higuain mass shooting Diba La Juve lore reversed out of Tottenham

  Beijing at 3:45 on March 8 (UK local time at 19:45 on the 7th), the European Champions League 1/8 final, second leg match another two games, Juventus reversed 2 to 1 Tottenham Hotspur The total score of 4 to 8 in advance 3。
The first half, fell to the ground inside the restricted area Chiellini hand ball, Vail pass Hang Douglas seems to uprooting the restricted area – Costa, the referee no penalty。
Son Heung-Min opened the scoring。
The second half, Higuain to tie the game, then assists Di Bala Champions League this season to break the ball shortage。   Ewing first leg home 2 2 draw Tottenham, nearly seven Champions League away only a negative knockout (level 3-3)。 Higuain ankle back from injury, the Man Chu Keech did not travel with the team because of injury, Bernadette Chomsky and Cuadrado Also sidelined with injuries, physical condition did not reach 100% of Douglas – Costa as right wing。
In the right back position, Technip Leo Lichtsteiner and were not playing, Allegri chose Barzagli。   Tottenham Champions League this season is one of three unbeaten teams this season in the Champions League group stage three home victory, undefeated at Wembley 15 consecutive official games, nearly seven games unbeaten, the last 12 home games 8 second clean sheet。
In the history of the Champions League play-off first leg away 2 to 2 draw teams qualify probability of 83% (10/12)。 Right 后卫奥里耶 suspended, Terry Pierre starting for the first time in the Champions League, played Dembele get rid of injuries。
  Before the game one minute of silence for the Astori。
Opening 3 minutes, Spurs will first create a threat, goalkeeper Loris open Bigfoot, Kane turned to get rid of the middle assigned to the left, Son Heung-Min on the left into the restricted area away from the door 9 meters left foot low shot was Buffon closed out!The first 13 minutes of disputes, Erickson Road onrush pass, restricted the right ball was blocked Kane Chiellini, but Chiellini left arm ball fell to the ground, referee Maqiniya Poland g ignored。
  Ali right forward pass restricted area, Kane wading attack Buffon, in a small angle 8 meters in front scoop shot hit the side net!Juve almost 17 minutes to get a penalty, Douglas – Costa turned right into the restricted area to get rid of Vail pass Hang after being Vertonghen Hang uprooting the ground, 马齐尼亚克 still not sentenced。   Tottenham full advantage of occupying the scene。
Ali the ball, volley Eriksson is blocked at 14 meters in front, Terry Peel restricted the right pass, the dot pitch Son Heung-Min 8 meters door header was saved Buffon。
Kane right low pass, Dell closed arc left foot low shot was Buffon。 Dembele the forward pass, Son Heung-Min left shot into the restricted area Chiellini shovel the bottom line, the present – Davis left corner, Vail through the far post header Hang。
Eriksson transferred crossing to the left, Kane dipped beam passing 15 meters in front of。 This – Davis left forward pass, Son Heung-Min into the restricted area 12 meters away from the door far post low Shepian。
  Tottenham took the lead 39 minutes!Kane turned to the right forward pass, sending Eriksson restricted area, Tui Ali was blocked Barzagli, but Terry Pierce re-transmission right after Son Heung-Min dot pitch door 8 meters Tui no marked strength, but unconcioursly fool Chiellini and Buffon network, 1-0。 This is Juve nearly four Champions League first knockout away particle losses。 Pjanic hanging free kick into the penalty area on the left, Alex – Sandro header above。
Pjanic tipped Ali, was booked, if Juventus qualify, he will be suspended for one game。
  Spurs shot is the first half 5, and 3 shots Ewing 0 Shots。 The second half, Burnett Tia Ali foul was a yellow card, will be suspended for one game。 Chiellini knocked down Ali, also booked。 Eriksson timely transfer of the right, left the restricted area Son Heung-Min 12 meters away from the door far corner curve ball target。   Asamoah replaced Matuyidi。
Alex – Sandro cross from the left, Higuain 10 meters before the dot pitch door volley higher Dianshe。 Lichtsteiner replaced Tia Burnett。
Asamoah cross from the left, but before the point of rescue Sanchez hook to the rear point, Di Bala 12 meters in front of left foot volley wide of the left goal post oblique。

Afternoon Editorial: money market began to heat up effect

Early influenced by external stock market crash, the two cities index opened lower collective, the stock index within a narrow range to maintain the trend line near 3250, refers to a strong rebound in the GEM meteoric rise, after hitting 1800 highs turned green, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index 50 poor performance, both turned green, to today's midday closing stock index slightly turned green, the GEM refers to the meteoric rise, stock turnover volume than the day before。
  The disk, yesterday the outbreak of the climax of the industrial Internet sector continues strong, Kyland (300,353), Cambridge Technology (603083), Shenyang Machine Tool (000410), Hyderabad Control (002,184), Qiming Information (002232) limit, the UF network (600588 ) failed to open higher closure plate, plate sharp differentiation, and Jia shares (300,273) daily limit, cell therapy led to the concept of immunity among the biggest gainers, rising resource stocks intraday, Zhong Ke San Huan (000,970), Innuovo (000 795) limit , drive rare earth permanent magnet sector rose, the external stock market crash, risk aversion, gold stocks rebounded transaction, Koon Fook shares (002,102) led the gains。
Long-Nanjing (300644) opened sharply lower, hit sentiment sub-shares, Warburg shares shares (300,741) listed on the next day to open the daily limit。
Trump announced that the US will impose 25% tariffs on imported steel, aluminum levy on imports 10% tariff, it is expected next week to sign a formal decree。 Iron and steel sector collective slump in early trading。
  Hot plate Industrial Internet fast differentiation, East of soil science and technology, control of the sea, Qiming Information limit, Shenyang Machine Tool rose more than 9 percent, Cambridge Technology, the UF network rose more than 4 percent, Sichuan Instrument shares (603,100), NC Central (300161) rose by more than 2%。
  Rare earth permanent magnet concept among the biggest gainers, three rings, Innuovo limit, is the sea magnetics (300,224) rose more than 8%, Ningbo Yunsheng (600366) rose more than 5%, Galaxy magnet (300127), Advanced Technology (000969 ), Hengdian East magnetic (002,056) rose more than 4%。
Fall standings, steel, nobody retail, coal plate decreases。   "National Biotechnology Development Strategy Outline," the preparation of the Leading Group Message level 1, according to media reports, 28 of 16 ministries led by the Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other components of the first meeting。 Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang as the National Biotechnology Development Strategy preparation group leader。
This means that the "Outline" formally entered the preparation stage。
"Outline" to highlight the preparation of the national strategy will, long-term layout, ahead of the deployment plan, lead by leaps and bounds。 At the same time, to drive technological innovation and institutional innovation-wheeled, open integration and development。 2, reported that the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund (big fund) is in full swing in the second phase of fund-raising progress, the current program has been submitted to the State Council and approved。
Authoritative source close to the large funds, fund two large scale of funding more than one, in 1500-2000 one hundred million yuan。
  Investment advice nearly a week since, homemade chips, sensors, time shares, artificial intelligence, 5G topics such as the average rose nearly 10%。 From the theme wheeled perspective, the level of weekly tech theme has to be seen, but the first quarterly decline is still living, the right side of the tech theme features have been more obvious。 With the "Four new economy" continues to support policies have been put forward and landing technology, tech theme will continue to reflect the policy and technology is expected to fall。 Strongly bullish on tech topics, focusing on promising 5G, two major themes of the Internet industry, we propose a focus on new energy vehicles, smart city and other topics。

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