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Health advice for middle-aged web chat fans

Health advice for middle-aged web chat fans

Middle-aged people are the mainstay of society, and pressure from work, family, society, etc. often weighs them down.

So some middle-aged people chose to vent their inner pressures and contradictions in the form of web chat.

However, some senior psychological counselors said that moderate web chats for middle-aged people can help relieve stress, but if they are over-obsessed, in addition to taking up a lot of time and energy, they may also cause mental health problems.

  Middle-aged people relieve stress. Online chat is not the only way. A well-known senior psychological consultant who has many years of experience in psychological counseling, combined with his case analysis, shows that the middle-aged person’s obsession with the Internet caused physical health problems can be expressed as emotional disorders and behaviorObstacles may lead to conflicts with others. Grasping “degrees” is a problem that middle-aged people who often chat online can take seriously.

  The main way to get out of the network is to replace the original imaginary goal with a new goal or activity, so that the original self tension can be truly satisfied, so as to release the pressure and release your own mind.Continue to maintain a happy, happy and healthy life.

  Senior counselors fully understand themselves about the mental health of middle-aged friends.

Middle-aged friends must realize that after middle age, people are not only a period of achievement and a stable family, but also a special period of life’s burden. They must go beyond waste through self-adjustment.

  Good at work, learn to relax, and relax.

Middle-aged friends can use holidays or weekends to spend vacations with colleagues and family in the suburbs, so that they can naturally integrate with the crowd, into nature, and relieve psychological stress.

  Solve the boredom of years of marriage.

Couples may wish to try the “halo effect”, which is to consciously regard each other as the best and most perfect person in the world of themselves. After marriage, continue to develop love and communicate with each other in three aspects of sex, affection and heart.

  Improve self-regulation consciousness, realize your desire through sublimation, and satisfy your psychological needs.

For example, by writing blog posts to express your beautiful wishes and emotions, you can also express yourself through cultural activities such as singing and dancing.

Can dried flower tea really supplement vitamins?

Can dried flower tea really supplement vitamins?

Dried lemon, green tea powder, dried lotus seeds, dried petals . Recently, a variety of bagged or canned flower and fruit teas have become popular in the market.

Dried flower and fruit tea is affordable, easy to buy and carry, and many office workers love it.

  So, how different is the nutritional value of dried flower fruit tea and fresh flower fruit?

Professor Jiang Microwave, College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, said that after one drying and one heat, the nutritional value of flowers and fruits will definitely be lost, among which the antioxidants are the most lost, vitamin C is basically left, and anthocyanins are also lost a considerable part; After the dried fruits, such as lemons, which are known to increase vitamin C, even the rest of the sour taste, the main nutrients are destroyed.

In addition, there are other health hazards that may be caused by using peels such as rinds. The most typical is spraying pesticides. Fat-soluble toxic ingredients can be dissolved in the peel, and the pulp will not be contaminated.

  Some people may mutter in their hearts that black tea and green tea have also undergone a drying process. Will the nutrition “disappear”?

For this reason, Shen Hong, a national-level tea appraiser, said that dried tea leaves are dried to remove moisture, which makes them easier to preserve and more fragrant. The nutrition is almost unchanged compared to new tea.

Speaking of green tea powder, Shen Hong believes that the grinding process only increases the concentration of tea, is easy to absorb and taste, and there is no obvious loss of nutritional ingredients.

  Therefore, to give full play to the health effects of flower and fruit tea, you should eat freshly squeezed lemon juice as much as possible, and eat less flower and fruit tea with skin.

Goji Berries

Goji Berries

[Source]Folk recipe[Raw materials]5 eggs, 30 grams of wolfberry, peanuts, pork, 10 grams of Ophiopogon, salt, starch, and MSG[producing]1.

Fry the peanut rice; Wash the wolfberry and simmer it in boiling water; Wash the oatmeal, cook it in boiling water, and chop it into pieces; cut the pork into thin pieces; beat the eggs in a bowl, add a small amount of salt, beat wellPour the eggs into another bowl (oiled on the wall of the bowl) and steam over the water. After cooling, cut the eggs into granules.


Put the peanut oil on the wok, stir-fry the pork, then pour in the egg, medlar, chopped oats, stir-fry, season with salt and wet starch.


Finally, put the right amount of MSG, and spread the crispy peanut rice on top.

  [Usage]2 times a day, with meals.

  [Efficacy]nourish liver and kidney.

Suitable for chronic hepatitis, early cirrhosis, etc.

Healthy people can strengthen their constitution and prevent disease

How to properly scrape and scrape some effects

How to properly scrape and scrape some effects

Scraping is one of the traditional natural remedies in China. It is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine skin and scrapes with skin (horn, jade, hot pot) and other parts on the skin to clear the meridians and promote blood circulation.

So what are the benefits of scraping?

Should also pay attention to some matters . Analgesic and dredge effects head, neck, shoulder, waist, leg pain, rheumatic pain, abdominal pain, stomach pain, neuralgia and other symptoms, is the best method, the effect is fast.

  It is also the first magic weapon for scrape treatment and health care for diseases.

  The role of enhancing immunity is often fatigue fatigue, neurasthenia, dizziness, low blood pressure, long-term cold caused by decreased resistance, various unknown low fevers and fever, and so on.

  Adhering to health rehabilitation, its own physiological functions gradually reached a healthy level.

  Improved appearance, healthy skin and beautiful women. At different times, using scraping treatment or beauty treatment can achieve extraordinary results, acne is gone; dark circles are gone; skin is elastic; pores are reduced; freckle effect; wrinkle removal effect is obvious; yellowThe face turned rosy and healthy.

  It mainly strengthens the metabolism of the face, activates the cells, and quickly replenishes nutrients and moisture to prevent skin aging.

  Adjust the function of the body’s secretory glands to regulate the balance of the pituitary gland, lymph, gastrointestinal secretion glands, male and female gonads, starch, and adrenal glands.

  Shujing Tongluo Our human body muscle tissue often causes muscle tension and soft tissue injury such as joint capsule, ligament, fascia injury caused by different life work.

  Improve the operation of qi, blood and fluid of the lesions by clearing the channels and channels.

Such as: bones and joints scratched, muscle aches.

  Regulates blood and activates air, activates cells, and excretes toxins. It can timely produce metabolic “garbage” scrapings of qi and blood in the body to the surface of the skin and tissue space, so that blood in the body can flow and restore natural metabolic vitality.

  Adjusting the brain’s consciousness and body movement coordination function Scrubbing the acupuncture points and reflex areas of the hands and feet can greatly improve your brain blood supply and consciousness function as well as movement coordination.

  Such as stroke, dizziness, swelling, and high fever.

Summer flaming diet


Summer flaming diet

Heart fire is divided into realities.

The virtual fire mainly has low heat, night sweats, upset, dry mouth, etc., can drink lotus seed rice porridge, or use raw land, Ophiopogon and other tea to drink; real fire is repeated oral ulcers, dry mouth, short urine, and upsetIf you are angry, you can take a red or Niuhuangqingxin pill to reduce the fire.

銆€銆€Lung fire dry cough without sputum or sputum and sticky, hot flashes, night sweats, cold hands and feet, insomnia, red tongue.

You can use lily, red dates, rice to eat porridge, or use sand winter, wheat winter tea.

銆€銆€Stomach fire and stomach fire are also divided into real and real, the actual fire is characterized by upper abdominal discomfort, dry mouth and bitterness, dry stool, dry, can be used to drink tea with light bamboo leaves.

The virtual fire manifests as a mild cough, a small amount of food, constipation, bloating, red tongue, little moss, and can eat some pear juice, sugar cane, honey, etc. that nourish the stomach and yin.

銆€銆€Liver fire often manifests as headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, bitter and bad breath, two rib pain, can be oral Longdan Xiegan Pill or Longdan Xiegan Decoction.

銆€銆€Kidney fire has kidney fire often dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, teeth loose prematurely, five upset, waist and leg pain, can be used commonly for scorpion, ground bone skin tea or oral Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Zhibai Dihuang Wan.

Chinese medicine tells you 15 tips for longevity


Chinese medicine tells you 15 tips for longevity

Life is getting better and better, and people are becoming more and more aware of their health.

Then do you want to live longer?

Let Chinese medicine tell you 15 tips for longevity!

銆€銆€1, when you fall to the ground when your mother is still very young, the University of Chicago study found that when the mother was born less than 25 years old, their chances of living to 100 years old are a pair of mothers over the age of 25 when they were born.

Because older women’s eggs are more prone to defects, leading to chromosomal chromosome malformations.

銆€銆€2, you love to drink tea A study of more than 40,000 people show that people who drink at least 5 cups of tea a day have the lowest chance of dying from heart disease and stroke.

The natural component of tea, catechol, also prevents the accumulation of harmful proteins, protects brain cells, and maintains brain cognitive ability.

Unlike caffeine in coffee, the caffeine in tea contains the natural protein theanine.

The natural protein theanine prevents the substitution of caffeine, such as elevated blood pressure, headache and fatigue.

銆€銆€3, walk for half an hour every day A new study shows that people who walk for about 30 minutes a day, no matter how high the amount of feces in their body, their longevity is four times that of those who walk 30 minutes a day.

After lunch, do not hinder walking and take a walk, or take a subway or bus less after work, get off and walk home in advance.

銆€銆€4, quit carbonated drinks American scientists found that drinking a bottle of Coke every day may make you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases double the risk.

If you really want to drink a few drinks, you may wish to squeeze the juice yourself.

A recent study in the UK also showed that some carbonated beverages can cause serious damage to human cells.

Experts believe that a common preservative in carbonated beverages can destroy some important areas of human DNA and pose a serious threat to human health.

This kind of human injury caused by drinking carbonated drinks is generally associated with aging and alcohol abuse, which eventually leads to diseases such as cirrhosis and Parkinson’s disease.

銆€銆€5, the more colorful, more fresh, more natural food, the more antioxidant, help the body fight free radicals, delay aging.

A new study shows that purple grapes, blueberries and red wines can be polyphenols, which can reduce cardiovascular risk and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

US researchers say that red sandalwood granules made from blueberries and grapes can not only be used to treat diabetes infections, but also lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and prevent type 2 diabetes. 6. Adolescents and young researchers study 137 people.A follow-up survey of their birth from 28 to 28 found that overweight at age 14 increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in adulthood.

銆€銆€7. A study by Harvard Medical School at the University found that people who had been educated for more than 12 years had a longer life span than those who were relatively educated for 18 months.

And beyond education, the possibility of smoking is smaller.

According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control, about 10% of adults with higher education smoke, and about 35% of those with secondary or secondary education smoke.

銆€銆€8, eat less red meat American Cancer Institute title, if the weekly correction of more than 500 grams of red meat, will increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

Taking 100 grams of processed meat (such as bacon and ham) daily will increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 42%.

Carcinogenic nitrites are produced by the processing of meat on barbecue, smoked, marinated or preservatives such as nitrates.

銆€銆€9, good relationship, good interpersonal relationship is a syringe to deal with stress.

Long-term stress can weaken the immune system and accelerate cell aging, ultimately reducing lifespan by 4 to 8 years.

銆€銆€10, friends are healthy If the weight of friends increases, the same thing will happen to you will increase by 57%.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should interact with people who have the same life goals.

For example, attend a club for weight loss fitness, or develop a friend who can walk with you for a long time.

銆€銆€11, living to the old, learned a study at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, USA, found that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in people who frequently perform brain activities (visiting museums, guessing puzzles, listening to music) is reduced by more than half.
銆€銆€12, adopting pets often caressing or approaching those cute little things helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate.

A study has shown that the annual survival rate of cardiovascular patients with pets is six times that of those without pets.

銆€銆€13, a reasonable study of life, research shows that those who think that life is overcoming, more self-disciplined people live longer, and their chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are 89% lower than those who do not have their hard work.

銆€銆€14, you are a diligent person using a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the stairs or cleaning the window for more than an hour, can make the average person burn about 285 calories, while reducing the risk of death by 30%.

銆€銆€15, a cheerful “Psychologist” study said that people with more active personality are healthier than those who are dull.

Summer diet should pay attention, cold food is not right, it hurts the body very much.


Summer diet should pay attention, cold food is not right, it hurts the body very much.

Summer cold food is delicious, eat more unfavorable, doctor: These things can reduce the physical damage to the summer, and the first thing that people face is the heatstroke prevention problem.

In addition to avoiding high temperature operation, blowing air conditioners and fans, many of them are drinking water to relieve heat, but many people like to drink frozen cold drinks, fruits and so on to relieve heat.The frozen cold drink, although the melon fruit can quickly cool down physically, the damage caused by improper eating is very large, let’s take a look.

First, the doctor is very jealous of cold food Chinese medicine concentrated frozen food is not suitable for female friends to eat, will hurt the dirty, endangering women’s health, and cold is easy to cause dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, etc., the temptation of frozen food in summer is very large,Needless to say, men can’t resist the class, and some women can’t control their mouths. When they see the cold food, they forget the original pain.

Cold foods will have a rich taste, and women are naturally curious, and they must appreciate the feeling of chilling stimulation, so it is unlikely that doctors should not eat cold foods.


Second, reduce the cold body food damage to the body.

Try to drink some water and beverages at room temperature, and slowly get used to water and beverages at room temperature. For a long time, you will feel that the temperature is just as good and adapt to them.

Many times, hot drinks are more intense than the aroma of cold drinks. Try to taste and slowly enjoy.

When eating ice cream, try to wait for it to melt in the mouth, do not let the cold to the abdomen, to reduce the direct impact of ice on the body.

2.Fruits Many female friends like to eat fruits, especially watermelons. In the summer, many female friends put fruits in the refrigerator. The purpose is not to keep fresh, but to wait until the fruit is cold and then take it out. I don’t know if it will increase the burden on the uterus.

In addition, most fruits are cold, especially nowadays, drinking fruit and vegetable juices, but ignoring the cold and cold foods eating too much will hurt your health.

Suggestion: The fresh-keeping fruit in the refrigerator should be put into the room and warmed up after being taken out from the refrigerator. Chew slowly and avoid swallowing it when it is cold. In particular, pay attention to the first bite and wait for the stomach.Adaptation can be accelerated as appropriate.

3.Cold dishes should also pay attention to the cold dishes we bought at the supermarket. Most of the jelly is iced.

The taste is very good, you like it, you can not eat too much at one time, but also have a lot of cold, such as cold bamboo shoots, soaked cabbage, soaked radish, cucumber, cold bracken, etc., when eating these vegetables, you canAdding onions, ginger, garlic and other hot foods can neutralize the cold and heat properties of food to a certain extent, and should not eat such cold dishes during the physiological period.

However, such as cucumber fried meat, cabbage stew, etc., stir-fry with oil, add meat and chopped to reduce the coolness of the twist.

Third, for your own body, cold, fried to eat less dating of Western food, some female friends fell in love with fried chicken, cola, ice cream, enjoy delicious while forgetting their own health, you know, fried, icedFor the “murderer” who causes phlegm and cold constitution, the continuous eating of such food has a great impact on health, which will cause acne and will lead to obesity.

Female friends eat well, eat right, and keep their body long.

Eat every day, and make sure you eat happily, and make a smooth, healthy meal for yourself.

Try to avoid eating outside, or take a takeaway, it is best to eat natural, non-toxic foods, so as not to increase the burden on the body.