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Health together, the second step in correct health!


Health together, the second step in correct health!

Why do many health articles have nothing to do after watching them?

Because that is “grouping health”!

The 鈥渋ndividualization鈥?difference of crowded health supervisors!

For example, take 10,000 steps of health advice every day!

How many people go to shorten the scrap, varicose veins because they don’t understand the characteristics of their bodies!

How many steps you take each day varies from person to person.

Some people may need to walk 15,000 steps a day to achieve exercise results. Some people may take 5,000 steps.

There are also popular in recent years, get up early and mix with cold water!

Use this “healthy drinking water method”, which can be called cleansing the stomach, replacing blood, detoxifying and nourishing the skin, preventing diseases and treating diseases.

Many people who insist on this “healthy drinking water law” for a long time, all have chest tightness, upset, shortness of breath, fatigue, love sweating, frequent urination, women and menstrual disturbances, etc., the body’s internal organs are affected to varying degrees.s damage.

How many people have harmed this kind of group-based health care method that ignores the “individualization” of people!

What does the “individualization” difference of that person include?

The last time I said the correct first step in health care: find out your own life rhythm “together with health, correct health step!

“This is the second step in introducing correct health care: What is your physical fitness?”

Physique, that is, the quality of the body, refers to the intrinsic characteristics of the human body that inherits the innate (referring to parents) inheritance and is influenced by various factors of the day after tomorrow.

The physique reflects the particularity of the form of yin and yang movement in the body. This particularity is determined by the fading of the viscera and is based on qi and blood.

“Classification and Judgment of TCM Constitution” is the first document to guide and standardize the research and application of TCM constitution. It aims to provide a basis for physical identification and prevention, health care and health management of TCM-related diseases.And standardization.

The standard divides the constitution into nine types: peace, qi, yang, yin, phlegm, dampness, dampness, blood stasis, qi stagnation, and sputum.

The standard is instructive, universal and referential. It is suitable for TCM clinicians, researchers and related management personnel in military TCM constitution research. As an clinical practice, it is an important reference for determining norms and quality assessment.

The principles and methods of health of each constitution are different.

Among them, the constitution is the best, and the other constitutions will be improved through conditioning, and the sub-health status of the body will improve.

Yang deficiency constitution is easy to turn into a special constitution, which causes rhinitis!

Women’s yang physique, 3 parts must not be cold!

Women’s yang physique, safe and summer, these 4 health tea women Yang physique, must eat it!

Humidity is harmful to health, want to change less drinking!

Medical case: how to regulate the modern lifestyle, phlegm and physique, deterioration of phlegm and physique, “yang deficiency constitution”: the first major performance in the world is —— rhinitis!

“Dry wet constitution”: The first big performance is —— obesity!

To properly maintain health, the first step is to locate your own life rhythm. The second step is to position your body.

Through these two steps, you can find your own unique individualized health principles.

Then the third step is to follow the changes in the 24 solar terms according to the principle of individualized health to specifically health.

Those who do not consider your life rhythm, TCM constitution, and 24 solar terms are untargeted, ineffective, and even wrong.

Health is to do the right thing at the right time!

Health should follow the principle of individualized health, according to your life rhythm and TCM constitutional characteristics of “Heaven and Man” based on the characteristics of solar terms to health!

Men’s 8 life rhythms 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 88, women’s 7 life rhythms 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 77.

Chinese medicine 9 kinds of constitution: peace and quality, qi deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, phlegm and dampness, damp heat, blood sputum, qi stagnation, special enamel.

Click on the 鈥淩eading Finance鈥?self-test physique to get free health advice and health knowledge for your individual situation.

Sub-healthy, you can only find your own life rhythm and TCM physical fitness check-in, and follow 24 solar terms to maintain health.In order to properly maintain health.

Get healthy!

If you are healthy, the 3-month physique will change in the right direction. It is recommended that you retest your physique for 3 months.

The public name “Qi Tian Nian Life” has more life rhythms and TCM physiques to keep healthy with your friends.


Common tonic in summer, 7 kinds of ingredients are kept in the house, summer is not sick

Common “tonic” in summer, 7 kinds of ingredients are kept in the house, summer is not sick

In summer, there are climatic characteristics of 鈥渉ealth鈥?and 鈥渨et鈥? Due to the hot weather, people sweat more and consume more. They often have poor sleep, fatigue and fatigue. When these symptoms occur, they can also use daily routines.Diet to regulate.
These foods are common “tonic”, and there are 7 kinds of ingredients that are not sick in summer.
. Heat, appetizer, fire-breathing ingredients Mung bean is the most detoxifying Mung bean is cool and sweet, it can cool away heat and thirst, and it is summer heatstroke.
According to the “Diet in the Diet” record: “Mung bean is cool, boiled and cleans the stomach, relieves thirst, relieves urination, has diarrhea.
From the nutritional point of view, mung bean skin is rich in polyphenols, covered with lid and boiled, try to avoid exposure to oxygen, and the dissolved polyphenols have not been oxidized. At this time, the heat and detoxification effect is the strongest, especially suitable for polydipsia and throat.People who have swollen pain and yellow urine can drink it.
銆€銆€Mung beans are eaten in a variety of ways, such as mung bean porridge and mung bean cake.
銆€銆€The bitter gourd is the most diarrhea. Summer is hot, and the five internal organs are heart-wrenching. It is easy to make people upset, and the mouth is sore, which is what the common people often say.
“Southern Materia Medica” records: bitter gourd into the heart of the spleen and stomach, can diarrhea, heat, Qi, thirst.
銆€銆€From the perspective of nutrition, bitter gourd contains bitter gourd and bitterness, which can increase appetite, spleen appetite, and alleviate summer appetite loss.
It also has hypoglycemic effect, especially suitable for diabetic patients to eat in summer.
The cooking method is not too limited. It is good to stir fry, cold salad and soup.
However, bitter melon is cold, easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, especially pregnant women, children and poor physical fitness or cold, spleen and stomach debilitation, should not be excessive consumption.
銆€銆€The most appetizing vinegar Many people have no appetite as soon as they arrive in the summer. This is because the summer is prone to consumption of fluid, and the spleen is affected by the spleen and the spleen and stomach.
At this point, you can eat some vinegar properly.
Vinegar into the liver, stomach, can be appetizing, promote saliva and gastric juice secretion.
When cooking or mixing cold dishes, a few drops of vinegar or rice vinegar can not only improve the taste of the dishes, but also help digestion and absorption, and increase appetite.
Usually you can also eat some old vinegar fungus, old vinegar peanuts, old vinegar taro and other cold salad.
In summer, various microorganisms are easy to grow and multiply, and acetic acid also has a bacteriostatic effect, which can protect food well.
In the summer, when you eat supper, the intake of a lot of greasy food will also increase blood lipids. At this time, the kelp is cooked and shredded, and the vinegar or rice vinegar is added, and mixed with the cabbage, which is not only delicious, but also dehydrates.
銆€銆€The most nourishing duck meat is consumed in summer, and it should be properly tonic when it is clearing heat.
The duck waterfowl is not only rich in nutrients such as protein that people urgently need in the summer, but also the duck meat is not warm or hot, can be used to supplement the body fluid, diuretic swelling, suitable for summer easy to get angry.
However, due to the high fat content in the duck skin, it is best to remove the duck skin when eating.
銆€銆€Ginger is the most popular. Everyone knows that “winter eats radish and eats ginger in summer”.
In summer, many people are greedy to blow air conditioners, eat cold drinks, and are susceptible to wind and cold; alternating hot and cold may cause cold and cold, and low back and leg pain.
Ginger can relieve cold, warm lung and cough.
銆€銆€Gingerin in ginger stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, promotes digestion, and helps increase appetite.
In the morning, the gas in the stomach needs to be raised. At this time, you can eat ginger and strengthen your spleen and stomach.
You can drink ginger jujube soup or ginger in the morning.
Finally, remind everyone that in the summer, we must avoid the disease from the mouth, the diet should be light, modest, pay attention to add water, avoid eating cold, damage the spleen and stomach.
銆€銆€The most sterilized garlic Garlic is an indispensable food on the summer table.
Garlic is rich in iron, selenium and other trace elements and organic sulfides and other beneficial ingredients, which can be bactericidal and bacteriostatic.
In particular, the raw bactericidal effect is the best, and the effective substances such as alliin and garlic enzyme will contact each other to form an allicin having a health-care function.
Eat dumplings and add some garlic, add cold vegetables and add some minced garlic, stir-fried vegetables and some garlic, are very healthy to eat.
銆€銆€It should be noted that when cooking with garlic, the oil temperature should not be too high, and the cooking time should not be too long. It is recommended to reduce the damage of allicin by high temperature.