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Cupping for up to 15 minutes

Cupping for up to 15 minutes

Acupuncture experts say cupping is a traditional method of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

Because of its simple operation and convenience, it has become a common method for preventing and treating diseases in the folk.

  At present, the types of cans are mainly bamboo cans, glass cans, rubber cans and vacuum cans.

Because bamboo pots need to be boiled with traditional Chinese medicine liquid, they are more complicated and are replaced.

The glass jar is clinically toxic, and the skin condition can be observed in time.

Rubber cans are used in places that are not very flat, some joints, etc.

Vacuum tanks are generally suitable for domestic tanks.

  Hospital cupping generally uses tweezers to clamp a small ball of cotton balls, dipped in an appropriate amount of alcohol, tilt the mouth of the tank, ignite the cotton balls, reach into the bottom of the tank to bypass 1-3 circles, and then pull out.

Be careful not to let the burning cotton ball touch the mouth of the jar, so as not to burn your skin.

  Of course, it is easier to use a vacuum tank at home, and no burns will occur, but the effect of removing wind and cold is not as good as that of a fire tank.

  A disease suitable for cupping and cupping is commonly used to treat low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, rheumatic pain, falling pillows, colds, indigestion, insomnia and menopause syndrome.

However, Director Zhao believes that cupping at home can only be used as an adjuvant treatment, and it is best to go to the hospital for more serious conditions to avoid delaying treatment.

Director Zhao then introduced several home cupping treatments for common diseases.

  Low back pain: Cupping at the pain in the back and the middle point (center of the leg), 10-15 minutes, once a day.

  Frozen shoulder: cupping on shoulder pain, 10-15 minutes, once a day.

  Falling pillow: Look for tender points on the neck and back of the affected side, and cup for about 10 minutes.

  Do not pull out the jar when you pull it out at home. The mouth of the jar should be smooth and undamaged, and it should not be too thin to prevent cutting the skin.

At the same time, pay attention to the following issues during operation: 1.

Choose a suitable tank according to the area of the pulled part, such as a wide and muscular tail, and a large tank can be used at the thigh, but a small tank is convenient for the calf, arms, and neck and shoulders.


The retention time depends on the condition and location.

Generally, the tank is left for 10-15 minutes. The large tank has strong suction and extraction force, and the time can be appropriately extended, otherwise foaming may occur.

If the foaming is relatively small, it does not need special treatment and will usually subside on its own; it is best to go to the hospital for treatment when foaming and perforating, first disinfect it locally, then pierce it with a disinfection needle, and apply sterile gauze.


Do n’t pull down hard when you lift the jar. Hold the jar with one hand and press the skin next to it to let the air in. The jar will come down naturally. The purple spots on the skin usually disappear after two weeks.


Overeat, overwork, and should not be cupped when craving.


The distal, underarm and groin areas with large blood vessels, skin allergies, edema or ulcers should not be cupped; pregnant women’s lumbosacral region and abdomen are also prohibited to prevent abortion.

Doing Yoga to Perfect Your Body

Doing Yoga to Perfect Your Body

Soft as a girl’s body, beautiful slender waist, is the dream of every woman.

In fact, you don’t have to go to the gym to make a big jump, quietly cultivate your self-cultivation, and the traditional and ancient mysterious yoga can give you unexpected benefits.

  With the increase of work and life pressure, more and more modern urban people choose to practice yoga to relax.

Recently, the reporter visited Chengdu Memes International Fitness Club and learned from it that yoga is suitable for men, women and children alike, a natural and balanced health and fitness method.

Through exercises, it can adjust breathing and posture, stimulate autonomic nerves, promote metabolism, and thus achieve endurance, strength and gentle exercise.

In addition, for practicing yoga, good looks are secondary, and regulating breathing is the most important.

During the practice, the practitioner will gradually deepen their inner spirit, from outside to inside, from feeling to spirit, and then to consciousness, and finally grasp the integration of self and inner spirit into one.

Simple, insisting on practicing yoga, can also modify the body curve, achieve a slimming effect, not easy to rebound.

Yoga is a combination of three steps of posture, consciousness and breathing. It can eliminate the respiratory tract and mental waste. If the practitioner stops the posture due to busy work, it does not prevent daily abdominal breathing because the breathingExercises can help you massage the internal organs, and can also eliminate a small amount of the abdomen and achieve body shaping results.

In addition, the focus of yoga practice is on the process but not the results. When practicing, you should remove the belt, jewelry, glasses and other items, sit barefoot, lie down, kneel on a mat or carpet to complete the movement.
Forty minutes should be subtracted from general practice. If you are doing it continuously, don’t replace 20 minutes each time.

  After this, the yoga instructor suggested that yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach, and it is best not to eat for two hours before the exercise.

The best practice time is before breakfast and dinner.

If you feel particularly dry, or eat some snacks or (milk) half an hour before training.

For half an hour after the exercise, you should not eat or take a bath, so as to avoid the invasion of cold, which will affect the exercise effect and physical health.

In daily life, it is recommended to eat fresh vegetables, fruits and soy products, and eat as little meat as possible.

At the same time, it is more inappropriate to eat fried, grilled, irritating food.

Basically, the dress should also be based on ease and comfort. The armor is slender, lifted, and bent on the body.

4 weeks to create a perfect hip


4 weeks to create a perfect hip

One: The top golden ratio wants to create the perfect sexy buttocks. First, you must extend the golden ratio on the left side.

銆€銆€As shown in the figure: (1) measure shoulder width (distance between left and right ends), chest width (distance between the highest point of left and right breasts), waist width (distance between left and right waist), hipWide (distance between left and right sides).

銆€銆€(2) Re-measure the thickness between the highest point of the upper layer and the back, the thickness of the waist and the thickness of the buttocks from the front: based on the waist width, shoulder width: chest width: waist width: hip width = 1.



4 Viewed from the side: based on the thickness of the waist, the upper and lower thickness: waist thickness: side thickness = 1.


3 distance between the retina and the buttocks: the distance between the chest and the waist: the distance between the waist and the hip = 1:1:1.

2 2: Basically not perfect backend type: 1.

Square elbow: The top is square and very serious.


Hips sag: Sedentary or under-exercised causes the hip muscles to lose their elasticity and sagging.


Front-end coaxial: front-end coaxial, no stereoscopic and rounded.


The front end is prominent: the front end is obviously protruding.

銆€銆€Three: beautiful hip exercise A pelvic correction exercise (first two weeks) 1.

銆€銆€(1) Lying on your back, the upper body is close to the floor, hands are naturally placed up and down the body, legs are close together, and the song is held down.

銆€銆€(2) The upper body does not move, and will merge to the right side of the body until it touches the floor, and then dumps to the left side. Note that during the movement, the legs and feet are always close together and cannot be separated.

The left and right groups are 1 group, and the 4 groups are repeated.


銆€銆€(1) Raise your head and chest, with your legs crossed, your right leg behind your left leg, and your hands on the back of the pelvis.

Inhale, tighten the chest, while the two hands push the pelvis forward to the tibia, exhale, and then return to the placement position.

Repeat the previous action by placing your left leg behind your right leg.

Repeat 3 groups.


銆€銆€(1) The legs are opened, the distance is slightly wider than the shoulder width, a fist, the left leg is facing forward, the right leg is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees, and both hands are placed above the pelvis.

銆€銆€(2) The right leg is bent straight, the left leg is straight, and both hands push the pelvis to the right while moving forward and backward.

銆€銆€Repeat 5 times each side.


銆€銆€(1) Open both legs, shoulder width, keep the upper body straight, and palms against the waist.

Try to twist the waist like a hula hoop, and be careful not to bend.

5 times each side.


銆€銆€(1) Sitting on the floor, the legs are straight and straight, the upper body is in a straight line, the eyes are looking forward, and the hands are straight forward and level with the shoulders.

銆€銆€(2) The left hand and the left leg are stretched forward together, and then the right hand and the right leg are stretched forward together, so that the repetition is repeated for 10 minutes.

銆€銆€B strong gluteal muscle exercise (after two weeks) 1.

銆€銆€(1) Lying to the right, the abdomen and the thigh, the thigh and the calf must be at a right angle of 90 degrees, the right hand is straightened to the head, and the left hand is supported to maintain the body balance.
銆€銆€(2) The left leg slowly lifts up the height of about 2 fists, paying attention to maintain a 90 degree right angle between the thigh and the calf.
銆€銆€Repeat 10 times on each of the left and right sides.


銆€銆€(1) The four limbs touch the ground, contract and close together, the palms are shoulder-width apart, the abdomen and the thighs, and the thighs and calves are at a right angle of 90 degrees.


銆€銆€(2) Exhale, then lift the left knee, the gluteal muscles contract, tilt the left leg backwards, the toes are straight, while the right arm is straight forward, and the right leg is on a horizontal line, hold down for 5 seconds.

銆€銆€Repeat 5 times each side.

銆€銆€(1) Lying on your back, your hands are naturally placed on the sides of your body, and your legs are open to the same width as your hips.

銆€銆€(2) Support the body, tighten the anus, lift the tip up to the cheekbones, and hold for 5 seconds.

銆€銆€Repeat this group of actions 5 times.


銆€銆€(1) Lying on your back, hold the song, and press your hands and feet tightly.

銆€銆€(2) The toes are lifted up with force, and the top is moved up and down.

銆€銆€Repeat this group of actions 10 times.

How to protect your feet in the morning exercise

How to protect your feet in the morning exercise

Running posture should be scientific and reasonable.

Heels should be avoided before landing on the ground, and the forefoot should be used on the ground first to give full play to the elasticity of the arch of the foot, so as to facilitate buffering and reduce obstacles when landing.

  (1) The morning exercise runs as soft as possible. It is best to practice running on the running track in the sports field, and not to run on very hard ground.

  (2) Do not wear hard-soled shoes when running, try to wear softer and thicker shoes, it is best to wear sports shoes, rubber shoes, cloth shoes can be worn without rubber shoes, but do not wear hard-soled leather shoes, plastic shoes.

  (3) The running posture should be scientific and reasonable.

Heels should be avoided before landing on the ground, and the forefoot should be used on the ground first to give full play to the elasticity of the arch of the foot, so as to facilitate buffering and reduce obstacles when landing.

Stretch your legs back.

When your feet fall to the ground, you need to make good use of cushioning power, not too fierce. Running this way makes your feet feel light and flexible, and you can reduce the burden on your feet, which is durable and avoids injuries.

  (4) When running, the shoelace should not be tied too tightly, otherwise it will hinder the blood circulation of the feet.

Frequently use hot water to soak your feet. Wash your feet with hot water at least after each morning run and before going to bed each night. It can reduce the viscosity of the muscles in the lower limbs, strengthen the elasticity and contractility of joint ligaments, and preventInjury, this is good for morning exercises the next morning.

  (5) Before and after taking part in the morning run, you must do a good job of warming up and finishing activities, especially the lower limbs, knees, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

These are also very important for protecting your feet.

sanitary napkin!


This is only hygienic!

sanitary napkin!
This is only hygienic!

During MM menstruation, the resistance of the reproductive organs decreases, which is more fragile than usual. If substandard sanitary napkins are used, infection is particularly prone to occur.

銆€銆€The hygiene of MM menstrual supplies is especially important.

Because the pelvic cavity, uterus, uterus, cervix, vagina, and in vitro environment are all connected, such a structure makes the female reproductive system particularly vulnerable to external pathogenic agents, especially during menstruation, the resistance of the reproductive organs declines,It is more fragile than usual, and it is particularly prone to infection if substandard sanitary napkins are used.
Expert advice: Try to choose the products of the manufacturers with good reputation in the big shopping malls, and carefully check the health license number on the outer packaging, the anti-counterfeiting mark, the shelf life – just the most basic.
銆€銆€Constitution: Replacement, should also be more diligent experts say: “The menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, easy to become the ‘medium’ of the breeding of bacteria, so the sanitary napkins must be replaced diligently.

“There are two wrong ways: 1.

It is not necessary to use the same sanitary napkin continuously if a sanitary napkin with strong absorption and good protection function is used;

Forget to replace when the amount of menstrual blood is small.

銆€銆€There is a survey: Japanese women change their average of 6 times a day during menstruation, compared with 3 times for Chinese women.

The same as the Asian race, there should be no major differences in physical fitness, and the proportion of Chinese women using the court birth control ring is high, and the overall menstrual flow should be only marginal.

銆€銆€Remember to use when using sanitary napkins: 1.

Change every two hours; 2.

Use a sanitary napkin with caution to prevent allergies;

Wash your hands temporarily before disassembling the sanitary napkin;

Doing a five-finger health exercise together, no sick, no trouble


Doing a five-finger health exercise together, no sick, no trouble

The first section of the tiger mouth hit 36 times Description: combating the large intestine meridian / bone points Indications: prevention and treatment of facial parts of the disease such as blurred vision, rhinitis, stuttering pain, headache and prevent colds in the second quarter of the palm side hit 36 times Description: blowSmall intestine meridian / Houxi point indications: strong pain at the top of the head, relax the neck muscle group and prevent bone spurs, bone degeneration in the third quarter of the wrist intertwined 36 times Description: combating the heart and enveloping meridians / Daling points indications: prevention and treatment of heart disease,Chest pain, chest tightness, relieve tension.

The fourth section of the tiger mouth cross-interaction description: acupuncture points are the eight evil points indications: prevention and treatment of peripheral circulation, such as hand numbness, foot numbness and other peripheral circulation diseases.

The fifth section of the ten fingers cross-interaction 36 times Description: Acupoint is the eight evil points indications: prevention and treatment of peripheral circulation, such as hand numbness, foot numbness and other peripheral circulation diseases.

The sixth section of the left boxing right palm 36 times Description: Meridian is the heart and heart enveloping / labor in the acupoints: eliminate fatigue and refreshing effect Section 7 right boxing left palm 36 times Description: Meridian is the heart and heart envelope /Indications of Lloyd’s Point: Eliminating the effect of fatigue and refreshing The eighth section of the back of the hand slaps each other 36 times. Description: The three episodes of the three episodes/yangchi points are treated: adjustment of visceral function, prevention and treatment of diabetes, ninth clever36 times of ear description: acupuncture points of the ear lobe many indications: eye points, facial and chest position of the cycle of the tenth section of the palm of the hand friction rubbing each other 6 to micro-heat, light cover the eyes of the eye about 6 turns left and right, repeated 6 times to explain:Use the principle of Qigong to adjust the eye’s qi, prevent myopia, presbyopia and blurred vision.


Summer diet fire prevention strategy

Summer is the most vigorous season in the year. The symptoms of the body’s fire are also the most frequent in the summer. They often show dizziness, headache, loss of appetite, sore throat, swollen gums, general weakness, etc.It is a critical period for human body fire prevention.

There are many ways to prevent getting angry in the summer, and diet is an important aspect. The following are some of the types of food that you try to avoid in the summer.

銆€銆€First, eat warm fruits in the summer to eat more lychee, longan, apricot and other warm fruits, easy to cause excitement on the virtual fire.

Lychee contains hypoglycemic sugar, and when eaten, there will be a low sugar reaction.

For people with hot physique, because they are enough to be full, they are not easy to sleep at night, and the metabolic rate is high, so they can not eat warm fruits.

Moreover, children who are having a fever or an organ that is getting inflamed are also trying to avoid eating.

In addition to lychee and longan, peach, longan, guava, cherry, coconut, durian, apricot are also warm fruit, eat moderately in summer, do not overdo it.

銆€銆€Second, eat nuts and nuts, refers to a variety of seed foods above the oil, such as peanuts, walnuts, cashews, pine nuts, melon seeds, almonds, pistachios and so on.

Always keep the proper amount when eating nuts in summer.

Because the nuts contain very high amounts of traces, the conversion contained in 50 grams of melon seeds is equivalent to a large bowl of rice.

For the average person, eating about 30 grams of nuts a day is a more appropriate amount.

Nuts have the function of making the body heat, so it is better to eat in winter and less in summer.

銆€銆€Third, when the temperature of meat is less than 35 掳C, people have more sweat and increased blood viscosity, and they are restless and uneasy. At this time, eating meat and temper is worse.

Meat contains a lot of animal protein, which leads to a decrease in the content of tryptophan in the brain, which leads to a tendency of aggression, anxiety and aggressiveness.

In fact, the ratio of calcium in meat is not high. Eating more will cause the body’s calcium concentration to be too low, which will also increase the tendency of people to be irritable and violent.

Excessive meat can harden blood vessels and high blood pressure in high blood pressure.

Increased blood pressure is an important cause of emotional fluctuations.

銆€銆€Fourth, use less hot seasonings in summer, high temperature, use hot seasonings (such as star anise, fennel, cumin, cinnamon, pepper, white pepper, etc.), causing people to be intolerable, causing digestive tract and peeInfected with disease.

Eating hot seasoning can cause constipation, hemorrhoids, flatulence, oliguria, dysuria, kidney pain, etc., and can cause systemic diseases such as keratitis, pharyngitis, conjunctivitis, lice, heatstroke and so on.

The consumption of hot seasonings in people with chronic diseases can lead to aggravation of the condition.

Therefore, it is not advisable to use hot seasonings during summer cooking.