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March 2018

Digital currency trading platform 5 billion annual trade deficit: the risk of embezzlement difficult to control | digital currency

      When we talk about the block chain, what we are talking about?Is a decentralized, distributed peer tamperproof books, coins or underlying technology bit?Is based on a White Paper will be able to misappropriating $ 1 billion of ICO, or people dazzling variety of tokens?One can not ignore the fact that some had been buried technology projects have begun to issue their own tokens in the form of initial token issuance (ICO) of。 Once clear distinction "chain circle" and "circle currency", the distinction is increasingly blurred。
  Currently active in the block chain in the world, not the traditional Internet companies or financial institutions, but many start-up companies。 These companies survive to raise funds in the form of ICO, issued tokens in the on-line trading platform, but also spawned a large and complex digital currency in the secondary market。 Project side, investment funds, trading platform, investors and other interests constitute a complete ecological chain, all kinds of capital market rules everything here, once the chaos is also prevalent here。
After the Securities Times reporter multi-understood, trying some of the details and all points of view, showing a corner of the world。
  5 billion annual trade deficit with the trading platform trading platform is the digital money interests of the chain's most important ring。
It is connected to a secondary market block chain investment, but also connected to the project parties and ordinary investors。
September 2017 after the domestic trading platform is sorted out, digital currency trading was sluggish。
Thereafter, in order to continue trading business, each platform to sea, off-exchange transactions, etc., playing cat and mouse with regulators。   "We are not on the NASDAQ, and NASDAQ we are competing。 "A source close to the fire coins at a party on the block chain such currency quoted by the fire executives words。   This may not fantasy。
In mid-2017, after regulatory pressure of domestic digital currency trading platform, through the "sea", etc., which greatly accelerated the pace of development。
The number of users, transaction size, cost and speed on the currency, were increased more than one level。
At the same time, because the tightening of domestic policy, these trading platforms to explore more in the game kind of development path and supervision in various ways to "walking a fine line", and this continued in the "decentralization" as the slogan of the World the central feature of Exchange。   Not "money circle" who is hard to imagine the profit margins which。   Fee is the main source of profit trading platform, most of the trading platform fee rate of about%, much higher than the brokerage commission rates in the secondary market transactions, profits from it is shocking。   According to figures big data platform of non-monetary data trumpet, January 21, Ann currency turnover ranked third in the world, 24 hours total turnover billion, according to their published% fee, the daily trading commissions that is only income of 17.6 million yuan。
If you keep this level, only the fee income will more than 6.4 billion yuan。
Ranked fourth day of OKEX24 hours total turnover of billion RMB fire pro ranks sixth turnover of one hundred million yuan。   The reality is that the profitability of these platforms will exceed expectation。 An order currency for example, the current currency security of users has exceeded six million, and still high growth。 The number of users and even caused a surge in website operation pressure, January 5, coins An Fagong been suspended new user registration, January 8th from time to time limited registration open。
According to overseas media reports, daily security currency 250,000 new subscribers, Coinbase every day 100,000 registered users, siren every day 50,000 new users registered。
If on the date of 50,000 new users to conservative estimates, the monthly exchange of new user registrations amounted to at least 1.5 million。
  More unimaginable and confidence is now ranked the world's top three trading volume, profitability such huge money safe, established only six months。   Secondly, the project requires a certain cost to the line on the platform, which is a large part of the cost flexible space。 A senior investor told the Securities Times reporters, particularly popular item, the platform will grasp on the basic charge; general project, received 1 million?1% of the five million dollars, or on behalf of the total amount of money?5%; if the ecosystem is home to a collection of some symbolic。
  In addition, some industry insiders told the Securities Times reporter, the high cost of currency Bitcoin requires 100; reporters were told in an interview with the founder of a project, the current token projects in line on a platform to be 10 million yuan。
The above-mentioned investors believe that close to 10 million of the project is absolutely boycott。   Project tokens on-line trading platform, the equivalent of initial public offerings。
However, due to the current lack of regulation of the block chain project, the decision on whether or not to fully grasp the trading platform by the platform, and if the line of well-known exchange projects, obtain endorsement potential, and increase turnover。 Wherein the operating space can be imagined。
  Although each platform have indicated in public statements on-line project went through a rigorous review, an obvious fact is that many poor reputation of items such as wave field, also landed on the currency, including security, fire, including the well-known currency trading platform, and on currency trading platform in speed much faster。   In addition to the conventional way of profit line transaction fees and expenses of the tokens, "currency platform," the new play is the current hot spot, even though the platform "innovative" out of all sorts in the name, but you can not get rid of "disguised ICO" questioned。
  "Fire coins universal integration" (referred to as HT) is the currency of fire introduced points system block chain distribution and management-based, can be used in multi-scene and circulation, the total amount of 500 million, promised never to issuance, not only to send sell, quarterly fire coins Pro will devote 20% of the profits to repurchase。
  HT will fire coins are defined as "private, not the ICO, only send not to sell" in the official announcement and propaganda points, but "only send not to sell" is not a free gift to the user, but through pre-existing purchase fee Package will receive a card。 In addition, the platform will be open HT / USDT, HT / BTC and HT / ETH trading, which means that, HT Like other digital currency can be traded in the trading platform and distribution。   Release similar platforms coins, currency is not the first fire。
  Last July 14, the placement of digital asset trading platform for currency line。 On the front lines, currency security issued the white paper were raised ICO coins。
According to the white paper, currency platform security tokens for the implementation of BNB, the total amount of 200 million, issued by ICO number is 100 million, exchange rules 1ETH exchange 2700BNB, 1BTC exchange 20000BNB, July 15 trading on line。   BNB's ICO start on June 24, according to the prevailing price of ETH and BTC, currently, BNB's price is the price of ICO 100 times。   Some industry analysts believe the platform to launch its own tokens or credits, the main purpose is not to make money, but to attract and retain customers, build their own communities and ecosystems platform。
  And regulatory walking a fine line in the block chain "to the center" of the world, but trading platform acts as a "center" of, there had been thefts trading platform, not only allowing users to suffer serious losses, but also lead digital currency prices plummeted. in addition, the trading platform because the business very opaque, often involved in insider trading, market manipulation and other joint Zuozhuang where the risk can not be ignored。
  January 28, the Japanese digital currency trading platform on Coincheck 5 one hundred million Mei NEM (worth about billion dollars) was stolen by hackers involving 26 million users, following the 2014 event, the largest in the history of virtual currency is one of theft, then Coincheck pause encryption currency withdrawals on platforms other than Bitcoin, money market Pudie。
  Many industry insiders told the Securities Times reporter, a well-known trading platform embezzlement is well known, on the one hand to profit by manipulating the prices in the secondary market, on the other hand by manipulating the levers trading profits, the platform provides up to 10 times leverage, and digital currency fluctuations themselves greatly, up more than 20% decline is very common, when currency price fluctuations, the amplitude of the platform significantly much higher than other platforms, so that users can easily burst positions, the platform can be leveraged transactions get good returns。 On this statement, the reporter in the multi-confirmation have received a positive reply, and all point the finger of blame with a trading platform。   According to September 2017 related to regulatory policy, domestic trading platform is prohibited to provide services lifting charge of legal tender and digital currency, digital currency transactions suffered a brief recession。 To continue related businesses, each platform made in overseas layout and avoid a lot of regulatory design, on the one hand, to provide digital currency trading services through more twists and subtle way OTC, coins currency trading; on the other hand, will be registered to move overseas, to avoid the risk of domestic policy。   In addressing the respective currency exchange transaction method of digital currency, each platform is connected OTC currency and currency trading by USDT tokens。 That is, first by OTC currency exchange as the law USDT, USDT and then through a variety of digital currency exchange。   Only this process will be a lot of hidden risks。 First of all, OTC, the parties to the transaction is usually carried out financial transactions directly through Paypal, micro-letters, bank transfer and other cards, security can not be guaranteed。
  Secondly, with regard USDT, insiders told the Securities Times reporter said it could be a time bomb, once detonated, create a systemic risk money market figures。
  USDT tether issued by the company, announced that it will strictly abide by the 1: 1 dollar reserves guarantee。
At the same time, including the risks identified in the company, the company as a centralized storage of all parties pledged assets, may have escaped bankruptcy or running away, the company opened an account in the bank may go bankrupt or the freezing of funds, the risk of re-centralization of the entire system may be paralyzed。
  In addition, according to Securities Times reporter, in addition to the public risk, the risk of hidden USDT the following areas。
First, the user has no legal way to honor King tether query the adequacy of bank accounts; the second is to ensure that the tether does not promise to honor, in its disclaimer, but also mentioned exempt under any conditions (including when the company went bankrupt liquidation) payment responsibility legal tender; third is the controlling factor USDT circulation not disclosed, whether its destruction mechanism actually run also can not be verified。

Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation study visit to Sichuan

  Sichuan Daily News (Reporter Fu Zhen Qing) September 16 afternoon, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture People's Hospital anesthesiology British measures presented hada to the visiting fellow。 The same day, in the Central United Front Work organization arrangements, the Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation delegation arrived in Sichuan, to carry out a three-day inspection visit。
  According to the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, responsible person, the delegation to Sichuan, mainly for ethnic minority cadres and representatives had participated in those trainees organized by the Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation study return visit。   It is understood that the Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation since its establishment in mid-1982 to focus on high-quality personnel training, has funded in the Mainland, organized or co-organized more than 600 items。 According to incomplete statistics, since 2010, participated in the Sichuan minority governor economic management seminars, economic management training ethnic minority cadres at the county level, representatives of ethnic minorities who seminars and other training programs, more than 40 representatives of ethnic minority cadres and people won training。
Editor: Shao Yuxiang。

Asian investment bank was formally established next year the first batch of medium-term loans or settled

   4. Alina Cho after a whole year of ups and downs, anticipation and waiting, (referred to as "Asian investment bank" under) by the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was finally established。
This is just a new beginning, in 2016, the first loan, the first projects, the department is looking forward to the follow-up recruitment so。
  According to the Chinese Ministry of Finance, as of December 25, including 17 founding members of intent China, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore have been approved "AIIB Agreement" and submit the ratification, the shares of the total share%, reaching entry into force of the provisions of the "Asian investment bank agreement" that no less than 10 "AIIB agreement" approved by the signatories, and the initial signatories of the total share capital subscribed by not less than 50% of the total subscribed share capital。
So far, the Asian investment bank as a legal person status of the multilateral development banks to formalize。 Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei at December 25 answered reporters' questions revealed that Asian investment bank opening ceremony of the inaugural meeting of the Council and the Board of Directors will be held in Beijing 2016 Nian January 16 to 18。
  Currently, the Asian investment bank before five shareholders were: China, India, Russia, Germany, South Korea, Australia (of which South Korea and Australia tied for fifth)。
China% of total voting rights voting rights, have veto power (vetopower), with the constant addition of new members, the proportion of shares and voting rights of Chinese and other founding members will be gradually diluted。   Opening ceremony early next year will start at the opening ceremony held in early 2016, the Council and the Board has established a General Assembly will elect AIIB President and constituencies directors to consider the adoption of important policy documents aspects of banking, finance, personnel, etc., as AIIB officially put into operation the foundation。   "The past six months, we are with the intention of founding members to push for Asian investment bank multilateral interim secretariat for the opening of Asian investment bank made careful preparations: First, establish and improve the Asian investment bank organizational structure, recruitment start, good organization operational readiness; two is to develop and improve various operational policies to prepare for the early conduct loan business; Third, with the intention of founding member states to do the project selection and reserves, and with (the "Bank"), the Asian development Bank ( "the ADB ") and other multilateral development banks to explore co-financing opportunities。 "Said Lou Jiwei。
  Recalling the "two years" Asian investment bank, since October 2013 put forward the initiative to build AIIB President Xi Jinping, received a positive response in many countries and continues to make significant progress。
October 2014, the first batch of intent within 22 founding members signed the "Memorandum build AIIB" in Beijing。
Subsequently, the Asian investment bank to build into the multilateral phase, the focus is to proceed with the intention of founding members and recruiting new negotiations "AIIB Agreement" two jobs。
  March 12 this year, the British Application Jia Ruya investment banks, became the first European country to apply Jia Ruya investment banking, after European countries have responded。 Currently, the Group of Seven (G7), only the United States and Japan have not yet done。
As of March 31, the total number of founding members of intent Asian investment bank reached 57, covering Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Latin America and other continents; May 22, after a meeting of four chief negotiator fruitful consultations 57 the intention of founding members mutually agreed high-quality text, "AIIB Agreement" in Singapore; June 29, the signing ceremony of "Asian investment bank agreement" was successfully held in Beijing; in August 2015, the parties to the election by consensus nominations China, Asia investment bank multilateral interim Secretary-General of the Secretariat for the Asian investment bank Jin Liqun President designate。
  Positioning mid-next year or the implementation of the first batch of loans to Asian investment bank is "bank", while Jin Liqun said Asian investment bank is to be profitable, so the next stage, lending and implementation of the project is a priority。   Jin Liqun said that the primary objective of the Asian investment bank set up the first project is to start in the second quarter of next year, of which we own independent assessment and project financing, there are projects with the World Bank and other multilateral development banks and other joint financing。
The loan amount is expected next year could reach 1.5 billion?$ 2 billion。
"Under normal circumstances, with registered capital of $ 100 billion, I would expect the first 5?6 years, it may lend 10 billion per year?$ 15 billion。 "In this regard, some analysts believe that the Asian investment bank's first year of operations, audit and lending limit for the project will have a tentative tightening, with the mature operation mechanism, the lending limit will increase year by year。 According to the world's major development banks subscribed capital and the proportion of annual lending, ANZ chief economist for Greater Liu Ligang previously estimated, beginning AIIB average annual lending ceiling of around $ 30 billion。
  And Asian investment banking model is most similar to the ADB, Asia had opened behavioral support infrastructure development in the region, planned since 2017, the year the amount of financing will be expanded to the current times, to $ 20 billion。 According to ADB estimates, 2010?By 2020, the region needs infrastructure investment of up to $ 750 billion per year, Asian domestic infrastructure totaling about $ 8 trillion。
Visible, ADB and Asian investment banks by no means competition, but to fill the gap partner Asian Infrastructure。   On operating currency, the dollar is still the preferred Asian investment bank。
However, to further promote the international use of the yuan by China-led Asian investment banks no doubt highly anticipated。 Jin Liqun said that with the renminbi successfully entered the SDR (Special Drawing Rights), the status of the renminbi in international payments will be significantly improved, future financing needs will also consider the yuan。   As for financing the initial focus areas of Asian investment bank, Jin Liqun said it will include energy and power, transportation and telecommunications, agriculture and rural infrastructure, water supply and sewage treatment, environmental protection, urban development and logistics and other industries。 "Asian investment bank will hold a board meeting to discuss the establishment of banks' lending policies, including project finance standards。 Relevant policy documents will be announced after the approval of the Board of Directors。
"" Asian investment bank to support the project must be sustainable in the financial, environmental and social。 "Jin Liqun said that the Secretariat has been actively working to make the project reserves, and with the World Bank, ADB, EBRD, the European Investment Bank and other multilateral development agencies on project co-financing to maintain close communication。   As an intense recruitment has 57 founding members, the future will continue to attract new members in the multilateral institutions, recruitment can be described as a top priority。 And July this year, officially opened the New Development Bank (NDB) is similar to the official website of Asian investment bank also () announced specific jobs。
  According to "First Financial Daily" correspondent finishing, such as Vice President, Investment Operations Officer, policy strategy officer, head of human resources, risk managers and other departments of the executive positions are already on December 21, 2015 ending the recruitment, this part primarily by Member States and international headhunters recommend digging; and positions as senior financial analyst, senior environmental Specialist, senior Social development Specialist, senior purchasing officer, High Commissioner for budget management, financial officer, the High Commissioner and other IT recruitment is still open, as time for the January 8, 2016。   As for recruitment requirements, "according to AIIB lean, efficient principles set the internal organization, according to an open, transparent and merit-based principles of recruiting bank employees。 "Jin Liqun said the proposed three basic conditions – have a good work ethic, good character, honest and upright; there must be a high level of professional competence and good performance; there must be professionalism, passion for the development of the cause, loyal to AIIB。
  "AIIB no country restrictions, any nationality may apply for the competition for Asian investment banking professional positions; AIIB no iron rice bowl, the contract system for all positions (including one year trial period), those standards can be renewed。
"Jin Liqun said that all job applications must be made through a unified platform for Asian investment bank's personnel department。 For professional jobs, Asian investment bank to develop a rigorous hiring principles and procedures, applicants to pass a test。

Former US Ambassador to Japan, Japan Student Dialogue: Okinawa most important to the US-Japan security system

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Huan], former US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy local time on March 19 in New York, and participate in activities of the Japanese Foreign Ministry dispatched visit Okinawa high school and college students a total of 20 talks。 She US military base in Okinawa to seek to understand that Okinawa for US-Japan security system is the most important place。   According to Japan's Kyodo News reported March 20, Caroline stressed that during the talks the US-Japan alliance is the world's most important ally。 She served as ambassador to Japan regarding the review called it one of the greatest honors of my life, and that in the future will also be committed to further strengthen bilateral relations。
  As a student at the beginning of the talks on behalf of Mr Chong Kadena well-known foreign language school freshman Jia Fei said: For our generation, to build a good Japan-US relations are very important。 We hope to establish a positive relationship forward。 It discloses only the beginning of the talks to the media section。   Prior to this, the students listened to the United Nations in New York, president of the Japanese staff will introduce small Shigeki Matsubara United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in charge of African affairs assistance related to the work of the United Nations。
Japanese Foreign Ministry plans to send next year a group of approximately Okinawa students to the United States。

Hong Kong SAR Government to push inland and overseas enterprises Summer Internship Pilot Project

  HONG KONG, March 16 (Xinhua) Hong Kong SAR Government announced the 16 mainland enterprises and overseas pilot summer internship program, a total of 16 large-scale enterprises to provide internship opportunities in the Mainland and overseas for local youth, the initial 250 places。
  Plan for studying second year bachelor's degree or above, there are Hong Kong permanent resident status of youth, to BOC Hong Kong, Bank of East Asia, Standard Chartered Bank, Swire Group, Sino Group, the gas company, MTR, Sun Hung Kai Properties and Wharf and other front-line companies, in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Zhongshan, Qingyuan and many other mainland cities, or to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Australia, for a period of 6-12 weeks internship。
The pilot program internship positions across the three major sections, including a large Bay Area Plan focus areas "along the way" along the country and the ASEAN countries。
  SAR Government Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Cheung said that this is the first government-led unite local corporations, concerned with youth development, hope to cultivate the concept of state youth, feelings and World Vision Hong Kong。 He said that participating companies will bear the main costs of students, including airfare, lodging, etc., in order to protect students with financial difficulties can still participate in the program。
  Mr Cheung described the plan is to "keep it plans", applicants can expect through internships, workplace culture to understand the country, employment prospects this summer, to broaden their horizons。

102-year-old son are still learning Chiai: the secret of longevity is accompanied by the book

Daly at the old man of English notes。
  He must be a man of stylish English bar!  Yes!But who would have thought it, he is a 102-year-olds!  102-year-old Daly has been at the old man, has not learn how to do housework, go out do not know what to buy food, but to learn, but like his fun into the blood and bone marrow。
Even with a magnifying glass to read, write, and he never tired。   Daly at the old man said, to learn how much is not important, important is the attitude of life。
  30 silver dollars, planted the dream teachers dadukou new village streets locking mound communities, 102-year-old Daly towards the old residents of the。
  For Daly at the old man, his daily job is to go out to buy food。
Available so far, he still can not learn to do housework, not to buy food themselves。 "His wife said what to buy, I'll buy what。
"But for the door of the lively city of side dishes, but full of hope towards Daly。   "Carrot (carrot), onion (onion), spinach (spinach), which is the day I have to eat vegetables。
Lean meat and no less, an egg a day。
"English mixed with Chinese, in front of 102-year-old Daly at the old man of his voice, laughing, did not significantly twilight state。
No matter where he went, what to see, he'll be able to express in English。
  Daly at the old man said, in English and soon, is inseparable from the story of a 30 silver dollars。
  Daly toward the elderly when junior high school, the school will offer English lessons。
Then the teacher's salary is 30 silver, and had never been seen three meals a day, eat 3 prime meat 3 a month, and only as long as four silver dollars。
  "Because the teacher to take the salary envy, I fell in love with this subject," and then recite the text of a prize-winning, leaving Daly toward the firm as an English teacher's dream。
  "I remember high school English teacher is a graduate of Wuhan University, but then learn English, there is no condition now, we had no ability to dialogue, to recite the text, it has become the most common measure of the level of standard English。
"Since then, Daly and English as partners towards it, put it down。
With this goal, Daly feeling towards becoming a full and happy life。
  In mid-1940, he was admitted to the UN General Assembly, Northwest Normal University Department of Foreign Languages。
  Fun, working is 22 years in 1955, Daly returned to the big ferry towards engaged in cultural and educational work in Chongqing Iron and Steel Company。
  Daly said that North Korea, then, need to use a lot of steel-making blast outside the text, the engineers do not understand, ask him to help translate。
Later, Chongqing Iron and Steel Company has also set up an amateur high school, it is difficult to go to a professional English teachers, engineers, professors put Daly transferred towards the English class。   Daly towards learning and teaching methods is speaking, he summed up as "multi-channel collaborative memory", that is, in the learning process and mobilize all the senses that can be utilized, speaking and writing, continue to strengthen, and finally the formation of long-term memory。   For example, remember the words he used a piece of paper, write the Chinese side, written in English on one side, then on the pocket, leisure, pull it out and see, repeated several times after memorizing continuously consolidate enhance memory, fully grasp it a corollary。
  And when it comes to speaking practice, Daly way towards jokes that he is "not afraid of nonsense, is not afraid to say"。
For example, to see a thing, as soon as the English say, wrong does not matter, with proficiency in course of time, plus grammar, you can use freely。
  Realization childhood desire to become a true teacher, Daly toward the tired but happy。   Later, Daly toward transferred to the Chongqing Iron and Steel Company to teach school children the small South China Sea, the South China Sea to the new village at that time to walk to the large ferry railway station, train to sit "quarry" station, then climbing on the ridge, to get to the mine school, single journey often more than three hours, but Daly towards the old way, until retirement。
  "If you use a word to describe his father, and that is tireless in teaching。
"Daly Dai Shiyan towards younger son said he remembers children at home when there are five or six, my father would give each child set the table, stools, finishing a good learning materials……Hundred years old, still 'love' to learn if a teacher of the people, Daly is love and dedication towards love of English; then, after retirement he still enjoy it, because it is entirely implanted into the blood and bone marrow of love!  Get up in the morning, nothing to do, he will open the desk had yellow English textbooks, fancy short。
Older, eyes spent, but this does not hinder him to learn, he usually wear a pair of glasses 200 degrees, when learning to read, but also a chance to a pair of glasses 600 degrees。 Sometimes you have to use a magnifying glass。   Rice did a good job, he would look at a book; before going to bed, he would look at a book; not sleep at night, you will also get to see a book……Daly towards younger son Dai Shiyan remember, after his father retired, was hired English teacher did in the 108, worked as a teacher Dadukou union amateur school, it has also been a heavy steel old university English teacher。
Until 2012, his father 96 years old, he has repeatedly persuaded by his family, to leave the old university。
  In Daly toward the house, there is always the tuition to the children, neighbors want to learn English, old university student……Until a year, Daly hurry to walk towards the following two front teeth fell off, he ended tutor experience。 "Come tutor, mostly children, I fell off the front teeth to speak of air leakage, are not allowed to pronounce on the!"Daly said North Korea can not be delayed children。
  Accompanied with the book, the secret of longevity is not an English teacher when, toward Daly did not idle, but in his own way, enjoying the happiness brought about learning English。
  When the early morning, he and his dialogue in the Garden District's; When we go out, he used the English "translation" of life around; retired and sit, he was quiet in his beloved books; when joy, and he's happy to share their books……Some time ago, like to see the current news Daly at the old man is now a brainwave and decided to put some important terms of politics, through their own understanding, translated form in English, he translated 24 words socialist core values, not only translation, but also verbatim back out。   Daly said that North Korea, the translation was accurate or not, for him, is not important, important is the attitude to life, and timeless spirit of the times。
  Recently, Daly perspective towards the old man began to aim at the "two sessions"。
His favorite saying is do not forget the early heart side was always!Neverforgetwhyyoustared, andyourmissioncanbeaccomplished。
  Daishi Yan said, perhaps this is the secret of longevity father!  It seems the younger son Dai Shiyan, father no other hobbies, he does not watch TV, do not smoke, do not drink, but they love reading, relish, loved life。
Perhaps the reason reading, my father had a rough life, but open-minded optimism, not pleased, not to have compassion。
No matter where you are, always dedicated to pursue their love for the cause, concentrate on doing something you enjoy。
Father would not do housework, not even to buy food, only his English notes, stay organized, meticulous。 And nearly 90 years of persistent study, let him have a good memory。
  In addition, also because love reading, Daly at the old man attached great importance to health。 "He has to dietary requirements, every day a little lean meat, a little water, eat tamales, braised pork, eggs every day to ensure a。 "Apart from this, places mainly vegetarian, spinach, onion, carrot……Daily cup of wolfberry, red dates, walnuts together with milk, he has ten years Helehaoji。 Newspaper reporter Gu Xiaojuan。

City University of Hong Kong was allocated over HK $ 40 million study of high-speed rail safety system

According to Hong Kong "Ming Pao" report, the City University of Hong Kong said on Tuesday, won the Research Grants Council of HK $ 40 million set aside to study high-speed rail system to enhance the security of the platform。 Five-year research program, entitled "Safety, reliability and emergency management research high-speed rail and rail systems."。
Principal Investigator Project, City of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Department XU Guoliang said that although the study was not safe system to Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail based research, but it has a certain reference value, will help improve the complex rail network。 Key research projects include engineering systems, flow and capacity management system。
Engineering systems, researchers through fault diagnosis and reliability degradation models, check the tracks and cables and other components, and the development of the maintenance program。
The crowd and system capacity management, team against fire and other emergency situations, develop contingency plans for crowd dispersal, and adjust the frequency, vehicles and staff rearranged so as to speed up recovery service。

China Waldi!Crack from B to AFC Jeonbuk he gone for 10 years

  Beijing on March 14, the AFC Champions group match to continue, the right to health revenge Jeonbuk 4-2 home, back to back in the contest with the South Korean league Banba, the humble backs Zhang Cheng in a row to score for him say, this is a can not be copied inspirational story。   Zhang Cheng is a native of Tianjin, grew up in the east of the stadium to practice, 10 years ago, Zhang Cheng came to the locomotive workout, but it was not in as "China Ajax," the locomotive to leave, then he was removed to TEDA workout, still locked out, in this case, Zhang Cheng once wanted to give up, "let me do anything, did not want to play football。
"But Zhang Cheng's father insisted, he took Zhang Cheng came to the newly established Songjiang workout, the final buzzer left the team, so, Zhang Cheng started working in 2008 in Songjiang, even he did not think, this adherence can exchange for today's success。
  10 years, the team from B to AFC, Songjiang change from right to health, but only one person Zhang Cheng stuck with it, he was from the "right to health weakest link" to today's main iron, whether it is Cana Navarro was Sosa, they are all hard, trying to play Zhang Cheng extra sure。
  Pato, Witsel and other talented stars are in the minority, more or like Zhang Cheng this extraordinary perseverance and the pursuit of dreams, no matter who you are, as long as you love life, as the goal of struggle, after all, have a way out day。
  (One punch man)。

State Drug Administration Food: unqualified 88 batches of hair cosmetics

  March 21, according to the State Food and Drug Administration Web site message, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Food and Drug test, etc., labeled as Amy Adams Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu and other 40 companies produced 88 batches of substandard hair cosmetics。
   Involving labeled with the production company, substandard products are: Amy Adams Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu production of multi-color hair cream love (purple grape), Zhejiang Huabao Jian Zhang Hairdressing Industry Co., Ltd. Zhang Hua of a smear Hot Oil N (natural black ), wild mud-day peak of hair oil treatment, Zhang Hua Ayanokusa baking oil hair cream (30) deep-sea charm black-natural black, Zhang Hua ecological baking oil hair cream () dark brown (durable), Zhang Hua ecological baking oil hair cream () deep coffee (durable), 3DColor three-dimensional color Zhang Hua touch of brown baking oil ethyl touch of brown (chestnut brown), Zhang Hua of a smear baking oil H (plant care type), peak days hair Hot oil (brown-black), Tianfeng hair baking oil (grape red ), Zhang Hua Yi Kou-day peak of baking oil hair, silk essence baked hair cream (21) and baked sea algae rooted dye cream (42), Cathy cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou City of Hongruikaixi hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou City of God Choi cosmetics Co. five Kaiko a black wash, Li-chen Guangzhou fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Li-chen of hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Baiyun District Li-dimensional fine her Factory production of black hair Wang perfume allergy black hair cream, Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou-day production times soft black hair cream nutrition, Guangzhou Mido Cosmetics Co., Ltd. production of color hair down film (Mido hair cream), Guangzhou jackin cosmetics Co., Ltd. Hans hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Cai Yun cosmetics Co., Ltd. to produce fine batik Sheng Caiyuan (Sheng Caiyuan hair cream), Nanhai District of Foshan City, Choi cosmetics Co., Ltd. of Japan color hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Xuan Yi biotechnology Co., Ltd. announced the production of really black hair cream Yap (natural black), Guangzhou Chu Chu Yan Yan cosmetics Co., Ltd. of professional hair oil treatment, Zhaoqing Di Choi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. of Di color hair cream (brown), Guangzhou Baiyun District irbesartan poetry cosmetics factory producing thousands of fine love hair cream (natural black), Li-chen Guangzhou fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Li-chen of hair cream, Guangzhou Qian Yasi fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (trust Party: hair color Guangdong Heber biotech Co., Ltd.) production of hair cream, Guangzhou fine chemical Plant Health Victoria she Lai Color hair down film production, Guangzhou City, Van Gogh Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. of active charcoal black oil repair yuan, Zhongshan Jiali Cosmetics Co., Ltd. of BONYHAIR hair cream, Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou true knowledge Lai Lai true knowledge of hair cream Guangzhou City cosmetics Co., Ltd. Donghui Donghui production of hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Baiyun District Ishii song Lisi cosmetics factory produced song Li Siao Code of hair cream (golden yellow), Zhaoqing City Capgemini technology Co., Ltd. Capgemini plant a mild cream (mahogany red), Baiyun District, Guangzhou Sheng Diya cosmetics factory production benefits Rong Tang hair cream (natural black) and Yi Rong Tang hair cream, hair Sir Guangzhou fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Sir hair color cream avocado and black crystal batik, Bonnie Guangzhou fine Chemical Co. of BONYHAIR BONYHAIR hair cream and hair cream, Guangzhou Yin Jia fine Chemical Co., Ltd. of Perth, hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Hanbang cosmetics Co., Ltd. production Changyi parti care hair cream (chestnut brown) and Masayoshi parti hair cream (natural black ), Guangzhou dollars honor Cosmetics Co., Ltd. of honor hair cream – red and pearl protein honor ammonia-free dye (flax brown), Zhongshan Celie Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Celie series Rangao (brown) and Zhongshan Celie series Rangao 7/43, Guangzhou cosmetics Co., Ltd. of genteel gentle and genteel hair Hot oil Hot oil hair ripples mining 6CB, Guangzhou City Royal mining Tong cosmetic Co., Ltd. Han Jin Liang water black hair gel (black), Royal mining Church hair cream (natural black) and Royal Cottage a comb black hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou, Wei Niya cosmetics Co.'s Toni & Guy brightly colored hair cream and hair cream Jinzhu Tang, Guangzhou, Li Ning Company Limited production of cosmetics Li Ti hair cream (amber copper brown), Li Ti hair cream and Li Ti hair cream (natural black), Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, small Shiro cosmetics factory production of small Shiro hair cream (LightGoldenYellow) and small Shiro hair cream, limited Guangzhou handsome shadow cosmetics produced by handsome shadow hair cream (red), handsome shadow hair cream (natural black) and handsome shadow hair cream (chestnut brown), wide City KendleWits production Geer Shi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. [five Kaiko pure milk +] ecological protection dye cream, KendleWits hair cream (brown) and KendleWits hair cream (natural black), Dong Sheng Weina Fine Chemicals Limited production of Shengwei Na colored baking oil (brown), Shengwei Na colored baking oil (red wine), hair color code Shengwei Na Hot oil (brown), Shengwei Na colored baking oil (red) and Shengwei Na colored baking oil ( purple), Guangdong Tiggo fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Tiggo a wash of black dyeing shampoo (black), Tiggo dye faster hair cream (brown), Tiggo dye fast hair cream and military doctors Tiggo dye faster hair cream (chestnut brown )。   Which, by the manufacturer is located on-site verification of food and drug regulatory authorities, and confirmed by the manufacturer, marked Zhejiang Huabao Jian Zhang Hairdressing Industry Co., Ltd. of wild mud-day peak of baking oil hair counterfeit goods。   China Food and Drug Administration noted that the above products and related businesses in violation of the provisions of "cosmetics Health Supervision", "cosmetic labeling regulations" and other related laws and regulations。
China Food and Drug Administration requirements, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong Province to urge the Food and Drug Administration to verify the law-related enterprises to take timely measures to recall and other related products have been marketed, to initiate an investigation, according to the law dealt with severely; only to identify non-compliance products, and ordered to make corrections after the relevant manufacturers can continue to go on sale。
Requirements Anhui, Gansu, Guangxi, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Jilin, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shanghai, Sichuan, Tianjin, Tibet, Xinjiang, Zhejiang province (autonomous regions and municipalities) Food and Drug Administration ordered the relevant business shelf units to take immediate measures to control the risk of suspected counterfeit products, to get to the bottom of its purchase channels deep investigation of illegal activities to be investigated according to law, suspected of a crime to the public security organs according to law。

[Expedited] Federal Reserve to raise interest rates as scheduled brokerage rushed Comments: whether China's central bank will follow up?

  Beijing on March 22 morning, hiked interest rates by 25 basis points to% -%, and is expected in the coming months inflation will accelerate。
This is the first time the Fed to raise interest rates this year, Powell also served as chairman of the Fed's first rate hike since。
In addition to the Fed's 2018 median annual interest rate forecast has not changed, suggesting interest rates will still be three times。 But its statement show that from 2019 to 2020 will be even more steeply in mid-hike。
  Federal Reserve monetary policy after the end of the day regular meeting issued a statement saying the US job market has continued to strengthen, economic activity has been on steady rise。 In recent months, employment growth has been very strong, the unemployment rate has remained at low。   Since the start of the current round of Fed tightening cycle in December 2015, it has been raising interest rates six times。 Last October, the Fed also began to shrink their balance sheets。
  After the interest rate decision announcement, US stocks lower, the S & P 500 was down%; Dow fell%; down%。   US 10-year rose%, down slightly%;% rise; rose over 3% (,) Xie Yaxuan that the US economic fundamentals is the main support for the better interest rate, especially the CPI has 6 consecutive months at 2 % or more, the core PCE has for three consecutive months remained at%。 The recent re-adjustment of stocks and shares land through inflows may have been significantly reduced its specific performance。 In addition, Sino-US trade war is expected to continue warming may also affect the level of inflation in the United States。 The news came from the US point of view, the Trump trade protection policy may no longer be a simple "show" particular concern "301 investigation" of intellectual property protection, which China exports to the US accounted for a relatively one of the high electronic chips, high mechanical and electrical correlation, if the final results are not conducive to China, the United States itself inflation may also play a role in lifting, which may also be the year the number of variables。   Tianfeng Securities fixed income Sun Binbin that, while the current position is still the year to raise interest rates three times, but late last year and compare this bitmaps interest rate situation, there are clearly more of its members support raising interest rates four times, basically forming a flat rate three times to raise interest rates to support, so the Fed to raise interest rates overall attitude tends to be "partial Hawk"。
  Whether China will follow?  Since this clinches Fed rate hike, the market focus focus to the Chinese central bank body, the central bank open market interest rates at the tune it?  "We see China's monetary policy is mainly based and financial situation, we have to carry out comprehensive consideration。
"Yi Gang Central Bank press conference in the national 'two sessions' held in response to the case。 Yi Gang was March 19 to take over as central bank governor。
  (,): China's central bank to raise interest rates is not the necessity to follow, even if the impact is limited to follow。
  We believe that the current China's central bank necessity to follow the Fed rate hike is not too great。 On the one hand, the economy is a big country, enjoys an independent monetary policy, the United States last year following the major concerns in the open market to raise interest rates in the devaluation, interest rates to stabilize the exchange rate。
However, the current sharp depreciation of the dollar, the RMB exchange rate appreciation, without the need to stabilize the exchange rate and interest rates。
Second, from the domestic economy, inflation trend, although coincident indicators of investment growth rebounded, but the agency leading indicator of financial growth fell sharply, inflation expectations fell to two-year low, inflation is down subsequent economic pressures, the central bank raised interest rates lack of necessity。
Even if China's central bank last raised the selected interest rates open market operations, we believe the rates are very limited, the official central bank interest rates are still much lower than market rates, it is difficult to have a substantial impact on market interest rates。
  (,) Fixed income, principal analyst clearly: OMO central bank will raise the interest rates or CITIC Securities research team obviously think, from the point of view abroad, the Fed in March to raise interest rates in line with market expectations the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in March as scheduled reflects the US economy faith is increased。 The market had been expected to raise interest rates four times did not really fall, but this rate hike bitmap view, the possibility of raising interest rates four times higher than the previous increase a lot。
From a domestic perspective, the fundamentals stabilized, deleveraging continued to advance, or the central bank will raise interest rates OMO operations。
In terms of our support for the first half of this year, the central bank may raise benchmark deposit and lending rates, the asymmetric rate hikes may be one of the options the central bank operations。
In terms of international policy cycle, the economic cycle and interest rate distortions, China's bond market is still under pressure。
Therefore, we insist on the recent 10-year bond yield to maturity will remain%?4% range, and it is expected to gradually rise to 4% of the judgment hub。
  (,) Chief Analyst: China's central bank might set the official benchmark interest rate hike following the Huatai Securities chief analyst Li Chao believes that China's central bank may raise interest rates on benchmark interest rates following a given official。 He believes that the US interest rate with bond spreads continued to narrow, and has a 3% inflation in February the central bank to raise interest rates close to the threshold, the domestic economic performance than expected, creating space for the official set the benchmark interest rate adjustment。 From a technical point of view, this week, the central bank increase the amount due MLF sequel, it means that next week a high probability renounce the use of MLF rate hikes operation。
(,): The Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in order to feed our "new rate hike" follow 5-10bp concerns about whether the country's central bank will raise interest rates to follow。 Overall, the new adjustment OMO interest rate hike will replace the old interest rates adjusted deposit and lending rates, while the Fed rate hike the central bank will provide a better window of time, the new year is still room to raise interest rates 15-20bp, and to follow the style of the times to raise interest rates slightly。 This year the dynamic combination of US debt and the dollar as the key, up-than-expected US yields, the dollar stronger-than-expected combination may be the largest interest rates up the risks。
: Ways to strengthen capital controls to maintain stability if China's central bank to raise interest rates to follow up, there will be two risks: first, the market is prone to burst the bubble, a direct threat to the stability of the financial system, easily lead to systemic risk。 Second, small and medium enterprises as the representative of the real economy, credit availability and cost of capital will rise further, hit the real economy。
  If you do not follow China's central bank to raise interest rates, due to changes in interest rate levels led to capital outflows, devaluation。
Interest rates and exchange rates will adjust passive, there will be a certain degree of volatility, affecting the real economy and financial markets。
  In the current Chinese economic transformation and foster new momentum in the background, the best goal is to keep interest rates and exchange rate stability。 Then there is China's central bank to deal with two tools: first, in the unlikely triangle high probability to sacrifice free movement of capital in return for interest rates and exchange rate stability, to strengthen the level of capital controls。 Second, in the financial markets through targeted operations, under the conditions of maintaining the overall monetary policy neutral, increase the cost of capital outflows。   From the overall market, the Fed rate hike will affect the long end up interest rates, thus limiting the height of the global valuation of risky assets。
From the point of view, if we adopt ways to strengthen capital controls to maintain stability, the smaller A-share market have been hit。
  From the industry perspective, there is the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates lead to upward pressure on the dollar, US dollar revenues for the benefit of export-oriented industries and large holdings of dollar assets industry, otherwise damaged。 There is the opportunity to electronics, textile clothing, overseas project, the state of large banks and other industries, and other industries there is pressure。
  Chief Yuping Kang: China will not take the initiative to follow the pace of US interest rates Yangtze chief economist pension Yuping Kang believes that smaller Fed rate hike impact on the Chinese economy。
From a domestic perspective, if not a series of policy measures to financial regulators intensive introduction of domestic monetary policy should be consistent with the United States。 But the current domestic policy with the United States in the reverse state, especially domestic financing rates remain high; the country does not want a huge loss of foreign exchange reserves resulting impact on the economic and financial security, therefore, China will not take the initiative to follow the footsteps of the United States to raise interest rates。
  : Fed to raise interest rates or increase the likelihood of the central bank to raise the benchmark interest rate Yang Delong believes the Fed to raise interest rates for China's economy faces little effect, may increase the likelihood the central bank raised the benchmark interest rate。 The current domestic economic data show that China's import and export, industrial added value and other data surpassed expectations, inflation rose slightly。
For A shares, the Fed rate hike has little effect, remain at the level of range-bound, while the consumer sector and the White Horse shares may form wheel drive, bring structural market。   China rate hike impact on the market 1, the stock market investment securities Xieya Xuan pointed out that the interest rate for the United States as well as in terms of equity assets are likely to bring a significant negative impact, the recent re-adjustment of stocks and shares land through inflows may have been significantly reduced the specific performance。
  From the historical data, Fed rate hike impact on A shares is not very clear, A shares are still run by its own laws。 Take a look at previous Fed rate hike before and after the A-share trend: 2, Kyushu securities Deng Haiqing bond market that the Fed rate hike, China OMO interest rates may increase or may not increase, but whether or not transfer shall not affect the bond market bullish tone; possible increase may not increase, it will raise short-term impact on the bond market, but because of money market interest rates are much higher than deposit rates and lending rates comparable, and therefore deposit interest rates will not change the pattern of long-term debt cow 2018。   3, the RMB exchange rate in terms of the RMB exchange rate, (,) division Li Liu Yang said that the People's Bank may be raised slightly as the open market as interest rates after the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in December, so the Fed rate hike may not change the shock consolidation pattern。
  Securities executive director Zhang Jun said, whether it is three or four times to raise interest rates hike is within market expectations, the economy and the market will not have too great an impact。 Fed rate hike will not significantly improve long-term debt interest rates and the dollar index, so little effect on the exchange rate, expected during the year, while the Federal Reserve continued to raise interest rates will not have a significant devaluation pressure。   4, the property market mortgage interest rates expected to rise E-House Real Estate Research Institute Yang Hongxu that: At present, the country's first suite of lending rates climbed to an average of%, equivalent to the benchmark interest rate times。   Above the level of interest of the whole society, as well as taking into account the accelerated pace of the Fed raising interest rates, then the 2018 first mortgage interest rates will continue to rise。
  Even product yields in excess of 5% of the bank to the buyers issuing% or less in mortgage interest rates, became Kuibenmaimai。   As for the two sets of mortgage interest rates go up more space on。