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April 2018

The risk of short-term good start behind

Free morning trading stocks: Tianhua Institute, the Strait of shares, stone technology limit。
Daily Dish before to give everyone shares is public, free!Only add micro signal (et7612), which can free a day before receiving tray。
A premarket want to ambush the daily limit on share please add!Today the two cities opened sharply higher, I believe this is everyone can foresee, because the external market fell after experiencing a wave of rebound are also have。
Today's Highlights: colored: Molybdenum Co., Peng Yan resources, Hurray cobalt industry, Han Rui cobalt industry, Grammy。 Cement: Jidong Cement, Han Jian rivers and mountains, BBMG。 Software: UFIDA network, linking wing of the new morning science and technology, Tin Chak information。 Media: Jin Yi Film, Enlight Media, happiness Blue Ocean, Chinese movies, Hengdian。
Chemical: blue dawn Technology, Stone and Technology, Division of thunder, Jacques Technology。 Chip: Purple Guoxin, A stone hit, shift of communication。
Block chain: new morning science and technology, the UF network, Lawton, easy to see shares, Anne shares, four gold record。 Market Analysis: From today's disk, the index trend is still very strong, but the stocks rose, and there is not much advantage occurs, the disk overall rise, there is no undue prominence in the sector, seems powerless temporary successor。 Generally there will be rapid rebound after Powei crash a short time, but after the rebound, the high probability there will again decline after the shock disk。 So these two days we have to be a small rebound quickly some positions too heavy or difficult, but the operation still have, we must wait after observation, the operation or in rapid short-term profit-oriented。 Tip again: Today premarket free stocks: Tianhua Institute, the Strait of shares, stone technology limit。 Daily Dish before to give everyone shares is public, free!Only add micro signal (et7612), which can free a day before receiving tray。
A premarket want to ambush the daily limit on share please add!。

Fans spinach balls to teach you how to make good food practices

Fans spinach balls how to do, I believe many of my friends have eaten spinach meatball fans, because it is not only tasty, but also very rich in nutrients, then the spinach how do fans meatball with spinach and small series introduces fans to see the ball how to do it!Fans spinach balls how to prepare material: spinach amount, the amount of fans, the amount of lean meat, onions amount, the amount of oil, salt, corn starch, soy sauce.1.First Wash spinach, filtered water into the dish standby.2.Fans then placed in water。
3.In the meat into a large bowl, placed sequentially pepper, salt, onion, soy sauce and placed in the cooking wine, sufficiently stirred poured into starch.4.After completion of stirring groups, groups in the shape of balls loading standby.Fives.Then put in the pot right amount of water, such as water into the open after the balls, the balls cooked, add a little Yanhua.6.Such as meatballs after floating up into the fans, then add spinach and fans。
Fans spinach balls how to do 7.Then add sesame oil and MSG, and finally add chopped green onion.Stir well after。 8.Delicious bowl of delicious spinach meatball soup fans will do the work。

Forbearance urine does not discharge harmful and more careful urethritis

Endure the urine can not be excluded What are the dangers lot of people have to endure the urine can not be excluded when, sometimes forced by the situation of their own lazy sometimes, for whatever reason, does not tolerate the urine discharge will cause harm to the body。
So, endure the urine can not be excluded harm in the end are what it following on with small series together to look into the urine endure it no harm row。
If you often endure the urine can not be excluded, even though they have to be anxious to drop out, you have to fight back, then you should watch out。 Temporary forbearance may harm your life, this is not alarmist, because the tolerance of urinary tract infection can easily occur can not be excluded, if not treated in time, it will become chronic persistent, causing recurrent inflammation, and even lifelong。 Clinically hold back because of frequent suffering from urethritis, cystitis, or countless male friends。 Why endure urine is not so great harm row Let it come under analysis。 Urine does not tolerate row hazards: 1, tolerate the urine can not be excluded, if a long time holding back urine, bladder pressure will be filling Peng urine, the bladder wall thinning, poor blood flow, causing inability to urinate, increased risk of urinary tract infections and have a chance to cause incontinence。
2, urine does not tolerate row, in severe cases, can lead to urine in the bladder back into the kidneys。 In this case, it is possible to trigger a series of male inflammation, such as renal pelvis and ureter go far。 If these men and inflammation have not been active and effective treatment, pathogenic bacteria will slowly spread to the patient resulting in unpredictable consequences friend。
Forbearance urine is not more than three rows of harm, urine does not tolerate row, it will directly lead to physical and psychological tension。
Endure the urine can not be excluded, can cause high blood pressure, heart rate, the cardiac arrhythmia, or even cause angina: patients and patients with high blood pressure should not tolerate the urine can not be excluded。 In addition, patients with enlarged prostate if the urine does not tolerate row, it will increase the symptoms of enlarged prostate。 To reduce urethritis, prostatitis and the incidence of cystitis is not difficult, the key is being willing with male friends, if everyone can be strict with themselves, life is not lazy and do routine preventive work, then It is possible to shut out those genital infection inflammation, please to give yourself confidence, not to be taken lightly in life。

What Herbal Treatment methods qi qi physique physique eat better

The reason qi physical and mental state of people about, leading to qi physique, there are many, from the external and internal reasons。
But qi physical person is always very anxious, like a lot of things, not any way to express it every day, long-term so bad for the liver。
So today small to share some physical conditioning methods qi。
Qi physical Herbal Treatment Act 1.Liver qi stagnation, should Shugan, qi, stagnation, it is appropriate Shuganyin Chaihushugan drink [source] "Jing Yue Quan Shu"。 [Integral] Bupleurum, product shell, red peony 15 grams, 5 grams, 25 grams, g, Amomum 5 grams of dry white ginseng 15 grams, 10 grams, 25 grams ,, semi Shack, 10 grams Zhimu , Polyporus, Alisma, Magnolia, skullcap, 15 grams, 5 g ginger, turmeric g。 What Herbal Treatment methods qi qi physique physique eat better [usage] decoction, one day。 Sooner or later, after serving food。 [Effect] liver qi, qi, diuresis。 Suitable qi stagnation, Shu Lee triple burner missing post, made for ascites。
2.Yu Qi stagnation sputum, should phlegm, qi, stagnation, it is appropriate Banxiahoupu [source] "Golden hide Chamber"。
[Integral] Pinellia 12 grams, Magnolia 9 g, Poria 12 grams, 15 grams of ginger, sage 6 g。 [Usage] water simmer in water。
Magnolia and sage when boiling water to soak for half an hour, and then boiled for 15 minutes, not too long。 [Effect] Qi Sanjie, phlegm Jiangni。 The woman applies if Sunburn skinny pharynx; joy, anger, sadness, anxiety, sorrow, fear, surprise phlegm gas form, like a broken floc, or such as globus between the throat, not slightly, swallow, this is also the seven gas; or abdominal fullness, gas and discomfort fast, or phlegm dampness, the asthma emergency, or because the knot phlegm, vomiting and nausea, tongue white and moist or greasy, pulse string slow or slippery。 What Herbal Treatment methods qi qi physique physique better to eat 3.Mind dystrophy, should uneasiness of mind, it is appropriate Ganmai Dazao。 Ganmai Dazao [source] "Golden Chamber"。 [Composition] Zhigancao 10 grams, 30 grams of wheat, jujube 5。
Usage [3] on the taste amount of water, a small fire boiling, the decoction taken twice, mix。
[Effect] the raising of Anshen, spleen and dry dirty, common in syndrome。 Where the lack of other mental disorders like dirty yin and Hot dry disturb those who can use and reference。

Beijing team Fangshuo: missed the ball lore will not affect the mood series

Fangshuo contribution has been more than enough photography / reporter Huang Liang Fang Shuo in the interview after the game, he said: "The last ball that I just lost the game cast a large number of balls, that is, an ordinary shooting。 "" Will affect the game behind it?"A reporter asked him to continue。
"I do not think so, because in a series race we have experienced this situation, this series is far from over, so it will not affect our emotions。
"Fang Shuo been in this game 23 points, very long shot hit rate Fangshuo in the third quarter, but down a little when he shot a final。
  "This game can only say that it is a pity, but it is so, this is the game of basketball。 "Chang Lin said。 Comments Yannis coach after the game: "I think the game our overall defense is still possible, because we are a defensive team。
At the same time we have to do better on execution, such as when to use the other dislocation defense our offense, and then like a defense on Hudson。
"Defender foreign aid Jackson said:" We just lost a match, this series will continue, we have a lot of opportunity, we will maintain a high confidence。
We expect to do better in two away。 "In another game, the Guangdong team away to 130 victory over Xinjiang than 114。

French Prime Minister announced the anti-racism plan to be combat online hate speech

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Lilan] According to the French European Times quoted March 19 Agence France-Presse reported that French Prime Minister Philip announced new anti-racism and anti-Semitism planned local time March 19, is intended to more effectively combat banning hate speech on the internet, they shoulder their responsibility to curb online hate spilling turbidity by forcing the platform。
  After January 2015 and November terrorist attack occurs, the whole law anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic remarks surge behavior, in this context, the French government launched the first set of plans。
Philip wanted to show the government's mobilization efforts on anti-racism issues, he led eight Minister of Immigration Museum in Paris announced a second set of plans covering the years 2018 to 2020。   Phillips pointed out, the hatred of racism in France in mid-2017 words and deeds the second consecutive year。
Despite the overall drop in the number, but the number of racist violence has increased, but these statistics are not put in every day spilling into account online hate speech。 Phillips said the government intends to strive to promote the EU adopted a new law to strengthen accountability Internet platform, the government will proceed to amend French law。
  Reported that the French government will follow the example of Germany, forced to delete all the major social networks hate speech on the platform within 24 hours, otherwise impose fines, penalties may be up to 50 million euros (about RMB 100 million), the French government will For this purpose the establishment of a supervision and inspection agencies。 Philip stressed that social networking is not outside the space frontier。
France announced on the Internet space and dissemination of information, publication and dissemination of information is on French territory, it must comply with French law。   Since combat online hate words and deeds need to increase the human and material resources, the French government will inform the platform management unit increase in staffing at the Internet illegal content, it will be conferred on the Association informed the task of hate speech。

Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note

Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note?Some 20-year-old young women often feel abdominal pain, backache, after doctors diagnosed to be afflicted with uterine fibroids, and this disease occurs in young women who may be caused by long-term weight-loss drugs were caused, then the way to prevent uterine fibroids What then, let's take a look at: 1, not eat spicy, wine, frozen and other foods, these foods should be avoided in women, which is one method of prevention of uterine fibroids。 2, many women do not pay attention in the diet, eat two meals a day eating disorders, eating lunch, no dinner may eat。
For women, the diet should be regular quantitative, not overeating。
Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note 3, eat more whole grains such as corn, beans, etc., a lot of people overlook the importance of whole grains to prevent uterine fibroids, in fact, these very helpful for the prevention of uterine fibroids。 4, adhere to a low-fat diet, eat more lean meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits, etc.。 5, to prevent uterine fibroids should also eat nutritious dried foods, such as peanuts, sesame seeds, melon seeds, etc.。 These are the methods of prevention of uterine fibroids, women want in life can do a good prevention work, make healthy woman。

Men do not secretly troubled, seven small coup to make you more "durable"!

  Man is very focused on health care, resulting in decreased physical fitness, even the "bed movement" can not make their own satisfaction, how to do it?7 small coup teach you today, so that men are more "durable"。
  1, the control excitability reaction process divided into four stages: excitement phase, duration, peak period, involuting。 For a more lasting strong, the key is to recognize the emotional upheaval of the whole process of sex, his own state into an exciting period of 1-10 grades, do not let yourself get too excited, excitement can be maintained at around 7。
  2, regulation of breathing, to reduce the level of pressure he could tell before the climax came, try to do deep breathing slow and big amplitude, psychologically closed emotion, to reduce the level of some of the pressure。 If short-term repeat this procedure in the process of sexual intercourse, two on the habit?3 minutes of intercourse will extend 2?3 times longer。   3, a less sensitive penis more practical approach is to use the higher quality but the texture thicker condoms。
Thicker condoms help to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis。 Another method of reducing the sensitivity of the head of the penis using a dedicated ointment。
The effect of this ointment is the head of the penis numb, so that the penis strong, longer sex time。
Such ointment can be purchased at regular sex shop。
  4, strong "resistance" movement to strengthen the control ejaculation muscles, interrupting the outflow of urine or allows you to perceive where these muscles when to hold back, then take the "Kegel exercises" to exercise these parts, namely the buttocks and pelvic floor contraction muscles for 10 seconds and then relax, repeated several times。
  5, cooling with cold water before making love to the scrotum, scrotum to help him with cold water (ice water better) wet look, so that the shrinkage reaction occurs, be careful not to wet the penis during sex you will feel whether his hardness or duration has improved significantly。 In addition, sexual intercourse during the pause, and out of the penis slightly relieve inflammation 1?2 seconds, whether man or woman will generate more sense of anticipation。   6, pressing the urethra when you find your own body's responses during sexual intercourse too quickly, a "hot" state, try pressing the bottom of the penis, to some pressure on the urethra, this small pipes at the back on the penis。
Doing so can reduce blood in the penis, allowing rapid ejaculation is suppressed desire。   7, specific self-training method: to let you stick to 15 minutes masturbation。 The purpose of this masturbation is not simply to get yourself pleasure, but to the other side while the fantasy of how to have an orgasm in my mind。

The dragon man October 2016 Detailed fortune

Dragon people in October 2016 fortune how do valiant October autumn is imminent, regardless of fortune in September, almost passed, and the advent of October fortune is the key。
Zodiac fortune in October of love, work, career and studies are not the same, together with the small series now go and see October fortune dragon human right。 The dragon who in October 2016 as a whole fortune into October, the dragon and the cause of human competition is heating up, many personnel changes, infighting between peers should be a lot of walking, to ensure the flow of information。
Couple further intensify contradictions, may wish to temporarily separate, or physically and mentally fatigued。 There are early investment losses, but stick with it, after the first was lost。 Good health, but should watch out, Mo Tomorrow is going to place。 This month the dragon who crises, if not handled carefully easily into a hopeless situation, suggestion or home office business is booming [put] reconcile feng shui ornaments to enhance the dragon people whole fortune, business is booming, resolve conflicts, feelings of beauty and good luck , everything goes。
Long who belong October 2016 LOVE the dragon who in October 2016 Detailed fortune into October, when the dragon is a month of LOVE is not good, especially between couples, there may be a contradiction in all aspects, long distance relationship that sort of thing also occurred。 However, single people because the dragon [] star of Hung Luen, might be the enthusiasm of love becomes higher, are more likely to find what you want love。 There will be a sweet ending after the end of the month。

Ten patients with diabetes will eat vegetables, eat more stable blood sugar

Location: body of diabetic patients must eat ten vegetables eat more stable blood sugar 2018-3-1216: 11:25 Source: Introduction: Diabetes diet diabetes treatment is five carriages of the most important horse。 The proportion of the diet with vegetables such as improving a meal of vegetables accounted for more than half, a good adjuvant therapy for diabetes diabetes control results, will be able to better control the heat, it is even more stable blood sugar, a lot of vegetables in terms of lowering blood sugar has a very good help, give us today recommended a basket of common "sugar control" vegetables……Diabetes diet diabetes treatment is five carriages of the most important horse。
The proportion of the diet with vegetables such as improving a meal of vegetables accounted for more than half, a good adjuvant therapy for diabetes diabetes control results, will be able to better control the heat, it is even more stable blood sugar, a lot of vegetables in terms of lowering blood sugar has a very good help, give us today recommended a basket of common "sugar control" vegetables。
Diabetes sugar control Required vegetables: bitter gourd are "plant insulin," said。
Pharmacological Test found, bitter gourd saponin contained in not only insulin-like effect, but also stimulate insulin release, it has a very significant hypoglycemic effect。
Some oral preparations of saponin Diabetes Ⅱ。 Therefore diabetic patients proper intake of bitter melon, help control blood sugar。
Diabetes sugar control Required vegetables: beans beans rich in dietary fiber, which can reduce postprandial blood glucose levels to a certain extent, more attractive is that it can prevent high blood pressure complications。
Diabetes sugar control Required vegetables: tomatoes, tomato is a doctor recommended for people with diabetes generation "fruit" dish, with thirst, stomach and digestion, detoxification, cooling Pinggan, blood nourishing and appetizing effect; lipid-lowering antihypertensive, diuretic and natriuretic vitamin C, rutin, lycopene and contain acid, can reduce blood cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease。
Containing a large amount of potassium and other alkaline minerals, can promote the discharge of the sodium salt of blood, blood pressure, diuretic, swelling effect, hypertension, kidney disease has a good adjuvant therapy。

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