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The efficacy and role broth intestines to dry good effect

The efficacy and role broth broth which I am sure you all know what it is, it can do a variety of food, but you know what are you broth of efficacy following small series to tell us something about the efficacy and role of broth, intestines go dry Ay effect!Efficacy and effect broth broth cold, sweet; the intestines, the wind power to the heat retaining effect of the number of urine。 With broth treatment of colorectal lesions, intestines dry cure, tune bloody diarrhea dirty drug effect, ancient medical homely for hemorrhoids, bloody stool or bloody diarrhea。 Even shell balls dirty swine pill as "Jen Jai at the party" and "miraculous remedy" in the "Ben Cao Meng Quan" in, are all used in the treatment of rectal lesions in the name of party, which are used in broth。
Food governance ": pig intestines hole, the main tunnel intestinal bleeding are quite Anhui People's Armed Police Corps Hospital psoriasis can cure it。
Tang Shen Yu: a main virtual thirst。
Urine deposited。
"The sketches by": the main hot wind large intestine。 "Compendium of Materia Medica": governance intestines dry。
"With the interest rate spectrum of home eating": exogenous unclear, spleen slip diarrhea who were bogey。
The efficacy and role of broth broth how do eat pig intestines can cook, roast, fried, fried, stewed, steamed, rinse, or used to make cold dishes, soups, etc.。
Do pig intestine flavoring preparation is very important, many places in China have the custom of cooking with pig intestine。 Broth tofu stew Ingredients: 250 grams of pig intestine 250 g dried tofu。

4 love tenderness

Sexual impulse is so haunted me from time to time。I often have dreams awakened, it is a frantic obsession and seduction。Sometimes wake up the body is Rehan。Often use cold water to make their own evil mind calm down the chaos。There are so few nights I really can not sleep, it was missing, not to be a person, more for her seductive beauty。I was like a ghost walk in all sleeping in the park。  Burning flames burn until the last point of self-control, it may be beyond the child at that age like most brutal and primitive sexual impulses, so that my mind and body can be sublimated to a higher stage。The flashy young person's life may be the most luxuries。  One night we shop in department stores do activities, a day off because of activities。Someone must take care of something like there is no way back。I especially suffering a kind of hobby, the more misery the more I love。This is due to the character, I always feel bitter thing people say is I think the most enjoyable thing。  Some messy outdoor equipment stacked in a small tent, the support of a simple bed。Lingling bed is for my shop, very thick quilt。But still can not stop the wind that Unit。I freeze the huddled, shivering hand "Love of Life" at the pleasure of enjoying the countless tempered wolf to freedom of。The cold wind blowing outside tents whining voice, sounds a bit like howl。There is a special excitement。I wished I become a lone wolf on the snow fields that。That is to stimulate another life of love can be compared with the。It is completely free to release the thrill of the soul, it is the vitality of extreme pleasure。I forgot that I was in the human world。Just as I was thinking extremely wild enjoying the bizarre idea of when。A cold little hand into bed with me。Followed by a soft fleshy beauty drilled in fast speed。Perhaps the novel too charming, I did not hear footsteps, let alone her coat off the voice。She hugged me from behind, he said:“It was filled with really like, do not know beauty to accompany ah!”  Girl, you're crazy, right!If out on the street I do not know how to do madman came。If you come at the point of wisdom for something, you let me do the authors widow。The city is small, but the people you and I know a lot of oh!  You do not know what time ah, what people ah!  Now is not the point of it to ten!  Good for you, now little more than a。  Why not go to bed, go here suffer ah。I did not expect the girl still blush when。  I turned around to hug her。Although there have been several times before this embracing, but this situation is, after all, the first time I saw her face goes crimson。The fun is coming。  Come on, people just miss you too can not sleep, afraid of the cold you to take some warm to you。In saying this is not too suffer ah。  Well, you say how I thank How about you, so be it!I put my left twenty years first kiss for you, you see how ah!  Rogue, if you dare, but I go oh!Johnson's love of her small mouth muster。  Again, I held her tightly, her head buried in my chest。His arms tightly around my waist。She asked me:“This also cool it?”  Much better, even if you are there in the snow, not cold。  Really slick, tell me, are there any other girl you such a good ah!  There ah!I am so romantic prodigal talent was so outstanding, but also the arts rookie, how could it not point the Red cause for rejoicing, for that from my youth ah!  Roll, I ignore you。I pushed open and she put。Bed itself is small, I almost did not fall, but pretended to fall look。He quickly I pulled up again。I still stood a fun and provocative look。She probably realized that I deliberately。But still filled with angry ask me。  Tell me that that woman is, what is his name, how you going with her。  Nor how will back on the men and women that something。I love her ah, every night think she recently wanted to sleep could not sleep, I want to kiss her to come forward, but she always refused, still call me a rogue, really poor, but her long can be beautiful。  “Tell me long-sawed ah!”She began charming smile。Also with some self-confidence and pride。This time she was totally hear it。  Eyes big, juicy, long hair。Small mouth and sexy will speak, see the best of her……。I deliberately paused。  what!Say it?  Yes……Yes……  Come on, bungy!  I can not say……  Well, I do not know what rare!You rascal, you know bully weak woman people see you as!Cold with a little monkey-like, is not that the point quickly absorb heat under the care of this lady, you know talkative。  I'm happy with a smile。  She said:“Since you and my heart still thinking about a girl, the lady that I do not really bother you, I'm gone。”She said really throw me ready to go。  Ling-Ling, what are you doing。It also seriously!  Of course。She said solemnly。  Well, I tell you who she is right, you avoid jealous。Leave me alone Lover。  Lean right, lean right, I have you look good in poor。She said as she prepared to open a quilt。  Well, I say I say it wants。Lingling called good, is my life first love, I'll certainly be her husband。  I did not expect my name like people。So tell her not to Hello!She asked with a smile nasty。  She told me Yeah, these days,。I took care of her all I've done from start to finish to say it again。I usually remember a person's name needs to ask to live five or six times to remember, do not know why she did to me, I have not forgotten one。  Well, it seems you this girl is actually quite humane, the lady on her behalf in accordance with the you。  My music. He is very gentle to her glanced。She pulled her arms, the mouth stretched her lips。Her hands blocking my Zuiba。Look at me like that Huoji, nasty smiled and said:“I mean, the lady according to you tonight, I did not let people come across the little face to kiss you, want it to go。”  Not surely, you want to play dead you head home this handsome Zhu!  No, ah, people want to contentment always happy, you always taught me ah。She learned my tone said,。  Really good memory, remember those words tell you I'm talking about the。  There is what you say without my permission will not get nearly inch ruler。  Ok!I lost。Really smart girl。  Not smart, not smart so long ago to some devious rogue bully。Fortunately, however, you teach Oh well!  At that time my face is really milking the Bulls, good and angry, funny。She looked at me ha ha smile, laugh until tears almost down。  I was angry, funny, he said:“Girl, you're happy now, sooner or later you will be my people。”  That is what happened after, good, it's that the bar tonight!Sleep fast。  I was suddenly in her little face bitter Qinliaoyikou。  This time I was a happy laugh。To see her angry, I hasten to say:“Girl, this is your permission, are not allowed to get angry。”  Her face horse emerges a kind of a cute face and said:“I'm not mad ah!You see that kind of timid。”  I smile and hold her, she said:“Little liar, you really can become an actor, I love you!Sleep!”  Er er, I listen!  I hugged her, she fell asleep, I listened to her breathing slightly, that Zhang Ningjing and beautiful face, happy smile, shed tears of happiness。I want this life with her, I have nothing to do dissatisfaction!I finally understand why some people say:“We have roots heart, several country value silver?”Feeling!  I looked at her tranquil and there is a slight smile in the face, and dreamed of better days smile。Approached dreamland!I dream appeared most beautiful ideal life photo。  In a quiet mountain base, we have a little in the house, there is a small yard。In front of a small river flowing down from the mountains with quiet。The yard has a number of oil floating green lawns and fragrant roses comfortable driving。Two little white rabbit basking in the sun on a lazy。I sat on top of a bamboo chair love to write some articles。Sometimes I'll watch out from the wall of apricot。The pigeons flying in the air。Hedge Lingling small river to wash clothes, sometimes stop loving look at me, I told him wide-eyed grimace。She would have also come back to me a more lovely grimace。So when I wrote her a cup of tea tired to say a few thoughtful words。Block also take on a bamboo chair on a book to your favorite, or do needlework cross show like this, we talk about some interesting things。Or put Chopin's music, or Beethoven piano。The busy eye or enjoy the tranquil world of wild storms。  To dinner time, we will go to grow their own vegetable garden to dig some food, where there are a variety of her favorite vegetable。I go home to cook her vegetables。After dinner she was washing dishes and punch bowls。Everything is ideal world love life, only two people's lives。  Such as the sun is not too hot in the afternoon, we will go hand in hand to walk between the bamboo forest。Take those stepping foot stone。There are a variety of small animals bamboo pleasure, Cha magpie children cried on the big elm。Cop wife flew from under our feet。She stooped to pick up a beautiful pebble。Thrown inside bamboo forest, fly up to see groups of unknown birds。Her cheerful smile ran, looked back at me with eyes seduce, Qunjiao flying up I took her dancing a dance of speculation beauty, graceful figure and beauty Mutual, that I would be most blessed of people。  Tired went to the foot of the mountain flowers leaves stopover to see the color of the drug through the Montagnards。Things outside and we talk about the old man of the mountain thing, the World。The old man gave her a beautiful orchids。She giggled and pulled Choi medicine man asking questions to our home to a cup of tea。Like the old man very happy to admire her beautiful and virtuous。  Shrill sound of a car horn woke me a better life。I opened my eyes, I saw a pair of beautiful eyes looking at me, look good in reading a book or listening to a master of landscape。  I said:“See Shane?Not do not recognize!”  I hate, appreciate, I do not understand how you would do so ugly pig world!  you…………  Haha。  She smiled and took my clothes to take over。Treat me as a child I put on a coat。I let her mercy。Quite enjoy。I like this place two cold but very warm cold nights。

Dai Bin: lack of hotel structure "Internet +" inject new blood

Dai Bin: lack of hotel structure "Internet +" inject new blood || president of China Tourism Research Institute, Dai Bin overseas network studio guest。 (Xieming She) Overseas Network April 10 (Xinhua) China's domestic tourists in 2014 3.6 billion people in 2015 will be increased to 40 million passengers。
With such a huge tourist market, the carrying capacity of tourist hotels also usher in a new challenge。 April 10, Dai Bin, president of China Tourism Research Institute overseas network studio guest with us and asked, "hotel development" together。 Status of the hotel: the total surplus, lack of structure at present, China's tourism industry entered the popular stage of development, tourism has become the norm of the people of leisure。 2014, China's 3.6 billion domestic tourists trips, inbound tourists million people, outbound tourists reached a million people。
Recently, the China Tourism Research Institute released data, the number of visitors is expected in 2015 China will continue to grow, of which domestic tourists will reach 40 million passengers inbound tourists will reach million people。
With such a huge tourist market, said Dai Bin, China's hotel From the total amount is enough to receive this billions Guest。 He explained that China's current star hotel is approximately 14000, while we still have 320,000 residential institutions (eg such as home, Chinese courts Inns), and 1.5 million rural tourism reception areas (such as bed and breakfasts, farm music, etc.)。
From these figures, the number of tourists in our hotel is not a problem on。 However, the number is not representative meet "adequate carrying capacity"?Dai Bin, not entirely, structural problems also restrict the ability of an important factor in the hotel reception。 Dai Bin said that from the time point of view, our country paid leave system is still not perfect, people still can not flexibly deploy their holidays, travel tend to focus on a specific point in time。
This also makes the demand for hotel visitors reached a certain peak at a specific time。 He explained that due to the hotel's own characteristics, its decision to supply no matter what time remains the same, do not stay with the increase in people and increase, which carries the hotel reception had an impact。 From the point of view of space, Dai Bin, China has nearly 60% of visitors generated in four major cities and coastal areas of the eastern group, which may result in high-end hotels have enough to eat in the vast central and western regions, the budget hotel situation enough to eat。 In addition, the type of structure in the hotel, high-end hotels speeding expansion resulting in excess supply, coupled with our decline in inbound tourism, domestic tourism is no improvement in the high-end, where there are errors on tourism development (tourism development will build the hotel) and other issues are our country's hotel industry has shown a surplus of one kind of the total lack of structure condition。
"Internet +" inject new blood since the introduction of the government work report, "Internet +" has become all walks of life on transformational change for the hotel industry hot words。
In this regard, Dai Bin, said the hotel industry will also seek new breakthroughs in this era, ushered in technology and product innovation contest the mobile Internet era。
It is reported that since last year, the major hotel brand in the mobile Internet field will show a trend secretly rivalry。
Street Town last year, will be thrown open the door of the micro-channel selling point; Shangkeyou also proposed to create a localized service life marketing platform; the IU platinum Tao's new Internet hotel; Hua live is focusing on force APP, which was positioned as a comprehensive Hotels and consumer travel service platform。
" 'Internet +' era, hotel sales channels change," said Dai Bin。 Turning to product design, Dai Bin said, with the "Internet +" the arrival of tourists to the hotel will be more involved in the construction process。 For users, what they care about with their core demands, and this product will be designed in the future there will be more reflected in the hotel。
In the last interview, Dai Bin, China Tourism Academy in mid-2015 will continue to focus on research "hotel industry and market demand match" direction, given the appropriate advice and recommendations for tourist investment, operations, human resources, let the hotel industry more dynamic, more culture, more creative。 (Liu Yi Shan)。

Middle East is planning to do along the way: Kuwait to build 130 billion Silk City | Middle East | along the way

  [Global Network News "Global Times" Global Network reporter Xue Yue reports] March 31 morning, Chong Institute of Finance, Renmin University of China invited the former Middle East envoy, senior diplomats, Congress Chong Senior Fellow Wu Sike on '' along the way ": the view from the Middle East" in a keynote speech。
He said some countries in the Middle East, there have been "Silk Road" of the complex, after that "along the way" strategic concept in China, they are very positive responses, put forward some concrete plans。
  Ambassador Wu said that March 14 to 21, I Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, four for a visit, I deliberately understand their views on "along the way", I feel they "along the way" are very grateful interest。
Kuwait plans to build a "Silk City", it is now the eldest son of the Emir of Kuwait Mohammed Sabah 纳什尔穆罕 design ideas。
This is a grand strategic plan, he was ready with $ 130 billion to build a new town in the northern coastal areas of Kuwait, named as "Silk City", planned to be completed in 2035, will become the new Silk Road linking China with Europe's important strategic hub。
  Ambassador Wu said that the Secretary-General and Omani Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs when I visited in Oman have discussed the problem of how to cooperate in the "area all the way," framework, introduced me to concentrate on the other two planning。 Du Kumu is a special economic zone。
This is part of central Oman, DC Province Du Kumu state, is the center point of the northeast coast of Oman, opposite the Indian Ocean, it is in the heart of the hub of East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Europe voyage lines, after shipping from here will Bihuoermu Sri Lanka Straits risk is smaller, the advantage is very unique, permanent population here is now less than 5,000 people。
Oman planning the SAR, including eight blocks port, industrial, logistics, fisheries, commercial, leisure, tourism, education, and this is a very majestic planning, Alfonso very much hope that China's participation。
Another plan is, in the port of Salalah build Zheng Memorial Park。 When Zheng He's voyages have been here three times。
Oman government planning where to build a memorial park Zheng, including Zheng monuments, culture and leisure area, restaurants, both to commemorate Zheng He, also attract tourists from China and around the world。   Ambassador Wu said that, I talked about "all the way along the" problem in Qatar, they will introduce Qatar to build a "new Doha Port."。 Doha Port is not enough now to be expanded, which is a large campus construction projects。 Qatar aspect also introduced the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council "planned rail links"。 Doha Newport construction planning, in addition to the expansion of the port, railway connectivity is also an important consideration。 Qatar also hope that Chinese enterprises to actively participate in。   Ambassador Wu believes, from Kuwait's "Silk City" to Oman, "Du Kumu economic zone", and then to Qatar's "New Doha Port" have shown ambition to take advantage of a number of countries in the Middle East "along the way" strategic plan for economic development。 Along the way China does not solo, ensemble but China and Arab countries and the world。 China should take advantage of this opportunity and strengthen their cooperation, including cooperation with Egypt and other Arab and Mediterranean countries, to achieve "interoperability, cooperation and win-win" and Middle Eastern countries, and produce a wide range of radiation effects, narrowing the development gap between regions, reaching cool promote regional hotspot issues, accelerate the regional integration process。

Yunnan Nationalities regional representatives proposed revitalization of rural road: industry "shaping" culture "casting the soul"

  (Two sessions review) proposed on behalf of rural areas of Yunnan minorities Zhenxing Road: industry "shaping" culture "casting the soul" Beijing March 18 (Reporter Hu voyage) the government work report this year suggested that "to adhere to the socialist countryside with Chinese characteristics revitalization of the road, accelerate the modernization of rural agriculture "。 How to ethnic minority areas to achieve rural revitalization?Yunnan delegation on behalf of a number of Weapon, to take a "competitive industries' shaping national culture 'casting the soul'" features Zhenxing Road。
  "Rural revitalization of industry is a pillar。
"National People's Congress, deputy director of the Yunnan Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee Luyong Yao believes, like ethnic minorities in Yunnan province, country to revive, first of all development of the industry。 The industry shall rise, you have to lay special cards。
  "In fact, Yunnan are relying on resources, vigorously develop the plateau characteristics of modern agriculture, tourism, national pharmaceutical and other special industries。
"NPC deputy mayor of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province Guo forward with endemic plateau Apple unveiled 'is the channel'。 He Zhaotong as an example, local experience, namely by developing apples, pepper, Tianma and other special industries, led many villagers to become rich。   In the National People's Congress, Yunnan Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture Governor Luo Ping view, ethnic minority areas to achieve the revitalization of the countryside, rural tourism plays a very important role。 Yunnan diverse natural landscape, rich national culture, the development characteristics of rural tourism, not only can improve the infrastructure, but also to stimulate the vitality and show out。   Luo Ping suggested that the development of rural tourism, to fight the "soil, wild, vulgar" three special cards: "soil" is the local flavor, "wild" is the original ecosystem, "vulgar" is the customs。 On the one hand conjunction with good ideas and standards to operate rural tourism, led the villagers to become rich。
On the other hand, we must strive to guide the villagers to support the agricultural characteristics of rural tourism development。
  Who has participated in the world's cultural heritage – the 15 representatives of Honghe Hani terraced traditional village style harnessing and development of the National People's Congress, Yunnan Construction Engineering Design Institute chief architect Du Xiaoguang believes that there is no cultural revitalization, there is no rural revitalization。 "Multi-ethnic province is the most valuable national culture of this wealth."。

Benefits for the elderly long tour is the best way to relax tourism

What are the benefits for the elderly long tour?Now people are getting better and better living conditions, tourism has become a lot of people about the event, while the elderly elderly long tourism has many advantages, then what the elderly long travel benefits and more, what does。 Benefits for the elderly long tour relax: travel can mold character, relax。
Since more than a beautiful resort, stunning views of the beautiful scenery, flowers, mountains and rivers are not only a glance, but also so as to stretch the feelings, it is refreshing, open minded, people strive in the United States enjoy in。 Relaxation, mental relaxation mentality, blood pressure, blood sugar and some subtle changes, there is some relief for some chronic conditions, salutary nursed back to health。
Exercise: Tourism can workout for health。 Whether long or short-term trips are by car, walking combined ,, visiting attractions and other modes of travel, consume more than the average consumption of physical fitness。
When visiting spirits, trouble, depressed vanished, when the rest of the muscle tension into relaxation, sleep, eat incense, have a good role in promoting good health。 Relieve loneliness: usually children to work, the elderly stay at home alone compare, both through tourism and with the family, friends go hand in hand, to learn more about each other, but also to get to know many new friends in the tourism process。 Old friend new friends together through good times, can make older people feel more comfortable, contact with the outside world, a more open mind and vision; out of the narrow monotonous life, increase the fun, healthy and natural is good for body and mind, but also the elderly can stimulate strong effort。
Old long tourism benefits more contact with society: the elderly after retirement and fear of social isolation, fear of being forgotten era, their desire to integrate into the community, social contacts, tourism and travel, has become their communication and social channels。
Usually the elderly living in the city, especially after retirement, reduce interpersonal often feel lonely。 Traveling with your family, like-minded friends and family go hand in hand, they can take care of each other, but also a mutual exchange of feelings, enhance friendship opportunities。 In addition, on the road or in a residence hotel in the tourist spots but also get to know many new friends。
This will enable elderly tourists feel more comfortable, happy。 The elimination of the lonely elderly character quite good, is conducive to enhancing the psychological health of the elderly。

Western Valentine's Day Valentine's Day custom ate

Western custom of Valentine's Day Valentine's Day in the West, which is also Well, then, what is the custom of Western Valentine's Day, what to eat valentine day it together and take a look at small series 6681 Western custom of Valentine's Day what it!Western custom of Valentine's Day every year, "Valentine's Day", also known as "Valentine's Day" February 14 is a day need to be careful – for single people and people who particularly romantic。
"Valentine's Day" you ought to get up early in the morning to spy out through the keyhole。
According to legend records, if the first person you see is the lone, then you will be celibate; if you see two or more persons traveling together, then you will certainly be the year to find a lover; if you look to a rooster and a hen, then you will be in the "Christmas" before marriage。 But now there are various patio has rarely rooster hen infested, there will be no trace of chickens on urban open space, so if we see a pair of doves or a pair of sparrows also have wonderful co-workers of。
Bachelors of the first personal encounter "Valentine's Day" morning special attention, because if you are unmarried and are looking for a partner, you are destined to be the first person to February 14 saw the marriage, at least this one will It plays an important role in your life。
If you're not shy, you can give your loved one to call early in the morning, take the other side of the car to work requirements。 Or behind closed doors, to go out at noon, it is also a good countermeasure。
"Valentine's Day" is one of the oldest festivals, dating back to before Christianity, but "Valentine's Day" is the recent statement。
According to legend records, Valentine was a bishop of the Roman two of the same name, both of whom were killed in 270 AD。 They were killed before the last thing to do is to write a love letter to his wife (at the time of the priest can get married), then, "Valentine's Day" is the name applied to the earlier ritual。
According to the same legend records, "Valentine's Day" the day the birds in pairs, dual habitat Flying bees, people, too。 Different age, marital predict when "Valentine's Day" to attract lovers are not the same。
From ancient Rome to Victorian times, people with two half-open flowers to predict the state of marriage。
Unmarried men and women planted two half-open flowers, the first letter of the nickname to the first letter of each name with the same。
If the two-phase open flower delivery, presages a happy marital life; if the two spent contrary to the open, presages the couple will split; if the flowers in full bloom, it means that future family flourishing population; If there is a flower or wither death situation, it means that the couple will have a party before the other and untimely death。 Western custom of Valentine's Day if you do not want to fate, you can try an old method from Buckinghamshire: that in "Valentine's Day" night lit a candle, two needles at the bottom of the bar, to ensure that the needle through the wick, side bar and saying: I do not just tie a candle, I want to penetrate the heart ××× is, whether he is asleep or awake, I have to talk to him to come with me, but be careful you want to choose the actual number of dreams, do not expect not make the characters。 It is said that to be a candle burning needle, your lover will open the door came to you。
The second way is in the "Valentine's Day" every night during the week before the right foot to the left foot wear socks while murmuring: "dream of living rather than the devil, this is the young man, I want to with marriage。 "After talking to remain silent to wake up the next day。 A third way is to put the left foot before going to bed socks tied around the neck。
Be careful not too tight, if strangled himself, and that it may miss the event。
Unmarried women believe that if put into the shoes?Font under the bed, and the open window, then it will dream of their sweethearts or found him standing in the bed。
This success rate is higher in rural areas, because of her suitors and could see from the window specially put shoes。
Although since the Victorian era, "Valentine's Day" fading for over 100 years。 Today, the festival has been increasing in popularity。 "Valentine's Day" is a holiday about love, romance and flowers, chocolates, cards, our hearts are invaluable。

In Spring will eat diet these essential

Ready jujube 50 grams, peanuts 80 grams, 50 grams of sugar。 Red dates, peanuts washed sand with the release pot, add some water, after the fire to boil, cook until peanuts Shulan low heat, add sugar and then boil for a moment, you can eat。
With spleen and stomach, nourishing and bleeding effect。 5, 100 grams of rice gruel Semen, Semen 15 g, sugar 10 grams。
Semen Guochao the dry yellow alternate end mill。 Panning clean, soak for half an hour into the pot, into about 1000 ml of cold water, dried boiling low heat boil。 Semen was added when the end of the thick porridge, continued boil into a porridge, add sugar and seasoning, should fasting food。 Anshen。 For heart palpitations, insomnia, upset crowd。 Chinese medicine, spring Xingan should increase, decrease acid。
In other words, spring is not suitable for healthy people eating acidic foods, if eat will strengthen liver function, so that the already partial Kang liver even more vigorously, this will hurt the spleen and stomach。 Meanwhile convergence of acidic foods are not conducive to liver catharsis, can lead to liver qi stagnation。
Often sullen, two threatening pain, chest tightness and other people qi stagnation, if consumption of acidic foods can aggravate symptoms。
Spleen and sweet food, can benefit temper, it can eat a little, such as jujube, yam。

Pickle 10 + 24 + 5 key goals missed Walker win Eagles at 2-2

  Ticker on April 27 morning, the Pacers away to 91-88 win over the Eagles, will always tie 2-2。   Pacers snatch home court advantage, Paul – George scored 24 points, 10 rebounds and five assists, but the last time he hit two free throws loss, almost lead to disaster。 David – West 18 points, George – Hill 15 points and five assists, Roy – Hibbert played only 25 minutes, 6 points and 3 rebounds。 Off the bench Evan – Turner 11 points。   - Paul Millsap scored 29 points for the Hawks and seven rebounds, Kyle – Kyle Korver 15 points and nine rebounds, Jeff – Teague 14 points and seven assists。   Pacers lost two previous three games, center Hibbert scapegoat。
In three games, he shot 7 of 25 in total, 18 points, also inaction on the defensive。 Sources said that the coach has decided to put him in the lineup。
  "As long as the coach thought to win, I'm willing to do," Hibbert said, "I know, I will play, but do not know whether to become the second team。 "Today after opening, Hibbert is still the starting lineup, the performance also improved, but the key moment he was not in court。   George and Stephenson have hit the third after the opening, the Pacers 8-0 start。
Game played nearly three minutes later, the Hawks only one-third of Millsap hit, Teague thereafter bottom line break, after George had a layup, but also quickly to 8-0, to level the score Eagles。 The two sides played inextricably, Millsap hit consecutive in the middle of this section, while Turner was the Pacers hit three balls。
This section last two minutes, the Eagles momentum of decline, scoreless after Walker scored seven points to lead 29-22。
  Hibbert dunk beginning in the second quarter, Turner and his team arranged the pre-holiday 8 points, but the Pacers hit rate has dropped, the pre-holiday 11 minutes only he and Turner shooting。
Hawks inside and outside the bloom, in order to gain an advantage 46-47。
This section last minute, West and Stephenson each hit a ball, it will lead into a pedestrian 42-48。   Hawks in the third quarter achieved double-digit advantage to 54-44, one West scored four points, the Pacers to fight back, and George Hill hit third in succession thereafter, play a wave of 12-0 to 56- 54 go-ahead。 The two teams began to tug of war, with several lead changes。 After three sessions, the Pacers 66-65 lead 1 minute。   In the fourth quarter the Eagles began to frequently hit the third, this section there are 7 minutes and 31 seconds, Teague hit the long shot, they lead to 80-74。
Pacers missed consecutive outside, this section there are 4 minutes and 15 seconds, before Hill hit three-pointers, they will score 81-83。
  Eagles lose key moment quasi-head, and the Pacers getting better, when the game 1 minute 32 seconds, and George West have hit the third, the Pacers 89-85 beyond。   After Korver for the Eagles throws three balls, only 1 point behind。 Stephenson not in the third, but George grabbed the offensive rebound, Hill forced break layup, the Pacers to 91-88 lead into the final minute。
  The two teams always have a mistake, the Eagles get the ball in the game there are 13 seconds, but Millsap close range shot, had to foul。   George even missed two free throws, giving the Eagles last chance, but not in the Antic pointer by the Cavaliers, Pacers poise。 [[] []] After the game, the two sides battle 2-2, the Pacers again grab home-court advantage。 (Angkor)。

Anti-aging tonic wine, red and white but there are differences (1)

  A nourishing and anti-aging action, wine contains sugars, amino acids, vitamins, minerals。These nutrients are essential for the body。
It can not go through pre-digested, absorbed by the body directly。Especially for the infirm, regular moderate drinking of wine, good for recovery。
Wine phenolics and Oliver multi-element, having the function of engaging the oxidant, the reaction can be prevented from oxygen generated in the body during metabolism damage the human body (e.g., damage to cell DNA and RNA), these injuries leading to a number of degenerative diseases, such as one of cataracts, cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, aging factors。
Therefore, regular moderate drinking of wine has anti-aging, longevity effect。
But red wine and there is a certain difference。
    Antioxidant Grape antioxidant fruits themselves are in the process of brewing, the pulp is fermented with the grape, antioxidant matter content belongs to a relatively high, can effectively alleviate the effect of cell oxidation, it is very beneficial to the body drinks。
    For women, is a beauty drinks, white wine has inflated blood circulation effect, after the women drank, make the skin rosy smooth and elastic。
  Improve sleep quality red wine University of Milan found in all alcoholic beverages, red wine contains most of melatonin。Melatonin can effectively help people regulate sleep, improve sleep quality and melatonin in the human body easily reached the highest value at night, so drink a glass of red wine before going to bed can help sleep very。  Weight loss studies found that drinking red wine a day to thin people do not drink more than people, and people who drink red wine compared with people drinking beer waist thinner, and fewer abdominal fat。  A scientific experiment of the University of Virginia Cancer Prevention showed that the antioxidant resveratrol in red wine can kill cancer cells, so moderate drinking of red wine can reduce the chance of cancer。
  Red wine in pursuit of complex, full, full-bodied taste, and even more refreshing with high acid and endearing。To achieve this purpose, the vast majority of red wine will be malic acid – lactic fermentation, the wine in order to reduce the sharp acidity, and aging in oak barrels will be used to add to the flavor of wine。As for white wine, stainless steel fermentation may well keep the wine fruity and high acid, malic acid – lactic fermentation and oak are rarely used。