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June 15, 2018

Study: Trump campaign rally in the city where violence occurs more frequently

  [World Wide Web Roundup] According to the Russian satellite network reported March 18, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that during the 2016 election, US President Donald Trump's campaign rally in the city and urban violence have a certain Correlation。   The first author of the study, Christopher Morrison, 16, told the "New York Times", which seems to be Trump campaign rally in unique phenomenon。
Investigators Trump during the election campaign of 31 times and 38 times the frequency of violent incidents during the campaign rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's happening assessed, they found that Trump held during the rally, violence average increase from the day, but Hillary violence during the speech were not significantly increased。
  It is reported that in 2016 a normal period, a daily average of US cities will take place from violence。 During the lecture, held a rally in Trump, from an average daily。
  20 violent incidents were survey, from October 2015 to June 2016, was held during a campaign rally at Trump。 Three of these cases initiated by opponents Trump, 14 cases initiated by its supporters。
  The researchers said that Trump and his supporters during a campaign rally in show of aggressive emotions is an important cause of violent incidents。 In addition, it increased the number of police during the election campaign has also led to increased violence。
(Internship compilation: Sun Yi He Reviewer: Tian Ruizhe)。