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June 20, 2018

Tillerson was dismissed Trump lost the work of female subordinates "blessing in disguise" soaring as Under Secretary of State

  [World Wide Web Roundup] US Secretary of State Tillerson was sacked last week without warning President Trump, but he has not reuse the US State Department spokeswoman Heather·Nolte was a curse and a blessing Yindilesen。
According to the Associated Press reported on the 19th, as the State Department spokesman last week, less than a year Nolte Trump was appointed as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, which former Fox anchor from the media complete in just one year people to shining transformational diplomacy senior officials。   The Associated Press said that Nolte is already the No. 4 US State Department figures, the number one Tillerson and Undersecretary of State Nicholas Goldstein have all been fired on the occasion, the State Department Nolte become a rising star, she At the same time together with the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Li black woman to become heavyweight rare in diplomatic circles Trump government。   Nolte in April last year before entering the US Department of State。 She had been engaged in media work, especially as a female anchor in Trump's favorite Fox, done fast。
The Associated Press quoted unnamed sources disclosed that, in fact, before the entry Nolte, candidates for the posts Tillerson heart belongs to another, but eventually agreed to Nolte office。
After taking office, Nolte has been unable to integrate into the diplomatic core circle around Tillerson。
Tillerson visit always bring Nolte, even she has no way to an important meeting to attend。
As a spokesman, Nolte have to time to maintain sound Tillerson。
Just after Trump announced the dismissal decision Tillerson, Nolte emergency shorten the trip in Israel, handling processing domestic crisis。 Nolte is superior alienated so deeply unhappy, she has repeatedly said they want to quit on the side。
But before she resigned, but Tillerson Xiandiu work。   Tillerson weekdays alienate the media, but Nolte without being discouraged from special still orderly conduct of their work。
Last year, she has toured Bangladesh and Myanmar Rohingya issue to understand, recently visited Israel。 Nolte also launched a social media section of the US State Department, interviewed by her as a host of senior officials on major diplomatic issues。 In addition, Nolte has been harmonious relationship with the White House, the White House press office director Sanders Pingjiapogao to her, said she was good at collaboration team members, it is important for the government Trump。   Trump is said to have been very much appreciate Nolte, after Goldstein support Tillerson was sacked, Nolte was promoted seem to take for granted。 Nolte said she was surprised at first appointed by the president, a start had also recommended his colleague served as Under Secretary of State, but insist on seeing the White House, she accepted the new job。
(Chen Xiang)。