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July 2018

Economists predict amazing: US stocks may cut

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, July 10 message, Renaissance Capital (Renaissance Capital) Charles Robertson, global chief economist do amazing prediction, saying that Greece and China as well as factors that may cause the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates US stocks plunged around 50%。  He stressed that in 2008, seven years after the financial crisis in the past, the global economy is still very fragile。  He said: "Now we have seen the global economy in the face of the Greek crisis how fragile。The second risk comes from China, it is likely to be some kind of serious deterioration of the situation。A third risk comes from the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates。"For the Fed to raise interest rates, he believes may have 'consequences can not be estimated in advance people'。  Robertson was first predicted stocks would fall by 50%, says history shows this year, the S & P 500 will begin to slow down in January 2015。Currently located at 2046 S & P 500 points, while Robertson predicted in March 2016 will drop to 1100 points, the US economy will fall into recession。  But he also pointed out that once the stock market was cut will bring "tremendous buying opportunity."。So far this year the S & P 500 index fell 0.6%。  However, not all market participants are so pessimistic。  Laith Khalaf, senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown wrote in the report: "For long-term investors, they should resist the urge to cash in stock。If you each time the bad news to sell, buy it back after the situation improved, so selling one to buy you may lose money。"Jim McCaughan Asset Management Group Principal Global Investors chief executive said he is looking for buying opportunities the global market。He said: "The situation in China belong to a closed system of excess liquidity caused by extreme volatility。China's stock market is still not cheap, so the market is still a dangerous。But I will continue to buy US stocks at the time the callback。"(Shofu compilation)

TCM regimen foot diseases disappear completely

Reflexology is a traditional Chinese medicine makes you sick do not care what methods can play a foot health care and disease prevention head to foot because there are many related to human health points。 The entire portion of the body in the foot region are reflected on this reflective region of said foot, that is, the whole structure body is reflected projected down to a certain part。 That head, internal organs, muscles and so on, all the organs of the body and feet are closely related, and in some parts of the left and right feet are partially reflective (corresponding to) the。
Chinese medicine foot health has two characteristics: one is anyone can implement anytime, anywhere, press twist and percussion methods are easy to grasp, not much time-consuming。 The second is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory and clinical experience is based on scientific and operational。
Specific methods are as follows: Chinese foot diseases totally disappeared regimen every night before going to a tapping foot tapping foot with his fist, you can eliminate fatigue day。
By tapping the appropriate stimulation to the soles of the feet to promote the body's blood circulation, visceral functions can be enhanced and restore energy as soon as possible。
The method is based on the right foot as the center of percussion, rhythm to the surrounding radiation carried out to a little pain for the degree。
May sit cross-legged on the bed or chair, feet on the other side of the leg of the knee, it is easier to tap。
Each foot were knocked about 100 times, not excessive force。

China media: China to boost educational development of overseas Chinese took to the fast lane

December 20, according to news report, the Fourth World Chinese Conference on Education held in Beijing on the 19th。
Nearly 600 Chinese education sector representatives from around the world 55 countries and regions participating。 The participants learn from each other experience in education, help achieve better development of Chinese education。 Chinese education has developed into the deepest, the most extensive coverage in the overseas rooted, the most effective form of education of Chinese language and culture, about 20,000 Chinese schools scattered around the world。
With China's comprehensive national strength gradually increase influence in the world is growing, overseas Chinese education has also ushered in more opportunities for development。
Especially after Chinese fever swept the world, Chinese has become a "hot", more and more countries to adopt Chinese acceptance, promotion policy。 British parents but as the Chinese prefer their children to learn a foreign language。
Chinese culture is recognized and sought after by overseas community, so that the development of Chinese education to get a good opportunity。
With the Chinese out of education, integration with local mainstream education system, overseas Chinese education will be more standardization, specialization。
The past shortcomings of teachers, teaching materials old, from local and other circumstances will with the development of Chinese education and get changed。 Especially with the continuous progress "along the way" building enthusiasm for participating countries along rising project。 This requires a lot of talents who are proficient in Chinese language and understand the local language, while Chinese education can serve as a base for nurturing talent, provide their own power to the local community development。
Under the new era, Chinese language education overseas Chinese children for the past service, to undertake the responsibility of national cultural heritage language learners will change with the change of ethnic identity occurs。 Adding a large number of local people, Chinese education will take more social responsibility and mission。 This will help Chinese education to get more recognition, but also to allow more people to accept, experience Chinese culture。 Chinese education participants from around the world to communicate with each other to learn from experience, will be able to promote Chinese language education in the right direction。
And more help from China will boost the development of overseas Chinese education embarked on the fast lane。
Whether teachers, teaching materials and teaching ideas, or inter-governmental negotiations, cooperation, which can provide better conditions and atmosphere for the development of overseas Chinese education。
Development of overseas Chinese education is inseparable from overseas Chinese living overseas, it is their tireless efforts, only to let the Chinese cultural tradition and orderly, and successfully take root overseas。 With the gradual normalization of Chinese education, standardization, specialization, its impact will be more and more, which will contribute to the dissemination of Chinese culture, so that the essence of traditional culture from China can be for more people to understand, identity。
Editor: Lirui Chen, Xu snow。

A Fed rate hike the central bank raised the shares of highs 7-day reverse repo rate

  March 22 morning, the Fed announced that the federal funds rate target range by 25 basis points to% to% level。
This is the first time since the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this year, in line with the market had widely expected。   Affected Fed "interest rate", March 22, in the onshore RMB against the US dollar the official closing price reported, the official closing prices go over the previous day 103 points。
  A sector, the three major indices highs by the close on the 22nd, tumbled%, to close at points; Shenzhen Component Index fell percent, to close points; GEM fell percent, to close points。   The Fed chairman said the gradual rate hikes the Fed said most beneficial, improving US economic outlook as the main basis for rate hike。 At this time, the Fed believes interest rates will help moderate economic growth, the job market to maintain steady。
  The Fed released data show that US economic growth is expected this year and next to% and% respectively, compared with last December's forecast were raised percent and percentage points。 By the end of 2018, the US unemployment rate will fall to% less than in December last year predicted value per cent; by the end of 2019, the unemployment rate will be further reduced%, well below the long-term a reasonable level%。   The Fed is expected by the end of 2018, the US core inflation rate%, consistent with the December forecast。 By the end of 2019, the core inflation rate%, compared with December estimates by percentage points。
  With regard to interest rate expectations, the Fed estimates show average interest rates three times this year and next, by the end of 2020 the federal funds rate expected value% incremental rate hikes should continue to provide support to the economy。   Federal Reserve Chairman Powell believes, gradually raising interest rates will continue to support the economy, we will continue to try to avoid deviation from the inflation target, today's rate hikes raise interest rates gradually in line with the process of gradually raising interest rates next step to better achieve the Fed's objective, will constitute the economic risk is too slow to raise interest rates。   Powell said the Fed existing monetary policy framework is very effective; his personal opinion, there is no urgency to the Fed's regulatory framework; yet to decide whether to maintain the same framework in the longer term。
  CITIC Securities believes that the overall release of Powell's speech signal slightly hawkish, the market is expected to raise interest rates four times during the year to enhance。
Overall, the meeting released by a neutral signal to raise interest rates a bit more hawkish, though US Treasury yields and the dollar index down slightly, but the market interest rate four times during the year is expected to rise from the previous% to%。   The central bank raised the 7-day reverse repo bid rate by the Federal Reserve interest rate hike, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority 22 announced its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points, from% to 2%。
  March 22 morning, People's Bank of China also carried out the appropriate action, up seven days reverse repo open market bid rate to%, up slightly over the previous five basis points%。   The central bank open market operations room official said, the open market operations interest rates up slightly in line with market expectations, the market for the Fed to raise interest rates just a normal reaction。   "The open market operations, interest rates follow the market up slightly reflecting the supply and demand of funds, further narrowing the spread between the two, it is conducive to enhancing the role of conducting open market operations interest rate on the money market interest rates, but also conducive to the formation of a reasonable market players interest rate expectations, financing constraints irrational behavior, the stability of the macro-leverage may play a role。
"Agency believes that after the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, the level of China and the US benchmark spread narrowing。 From the point of view of interest rate parity, the presence of Chinese pressure on interest rates, interest rate levels in order to maintain stability and further stabilize international capital flows, exchange rate stability in order to achieve goals。   Jiang Chao Hai Tong Securities macroeconomic analyst believes that China is the world's second largest economy, enjoys an independent monetary policy, without having to follow the United States to adjust monetary policy。
This year the dollar continued to weaken against the dollar as a whole continues to appreciate, from the current level of appreciation to the vicinity of the yuan trend is too strong and not too weak, so no need for the central bank to raise interest rates and exchange rate stability maintenance。   Huatai Securities chief analyst Li Chao believes that China's central bank may raise interest rates again to follow。
He believes that the US interest rate with bond spreads continued to narrow, and has a 3% inflation in February the central bank to raise interest rates close to the threshold, the domestic economic performance than expected, creating space for the benchmark interest rate adjustment。   Guotai Junan that, from an economic momentum and inflation dimension, the need to raise interest rates will gradually increase, the central bank will follow the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates and a slight increase modestly over the open market interest rates, will follow throughout the year to raise interest rates 3-4 times。    – Market Reaction。

Psychological changes they understand the gender life more enjoyable

Psychological changes gender life is kind of how gender life is a very important part of our lives, gender and harmonious family life to make peace。 Then you know that psychological change gender in life is how to do the following small series to tell us something about the psychological changes bisexual life, to understand them so that you will enjoy!Psychological changes Daquan gender intercourse intercourse of the sexes is the best way to meet the most direct libido。 Gender occurred during intercourse is difficult to describe the psychological experience of this experience very subtle, magical, had the first experience, we look forward to the second, which led to gender intercourse always has an irresistible charm, to make sex life last long, and often do often new。 This experience gives the coitus brings satisfaction, happy, well-being, promote the further development of sex。 In the whole process of coitus, with the physiological changes, there will be a corresponding psychological changes。 Each physiological changes of sexual partners is different, so there may be different degrees of psychological experience, some bland, some enervating, ecstatic Drunken Master, this sexuality, sexual experience and sexual feelings of a great relationship。
Intercourse at different stages of psychological experience。 1, the excitement of having the two sides after a variety of stimuli can not stop the desire to reach the point where burning desires, full of tension, involuntary movement, both sides have a strong genital contact sexual intercourse psychological preparation of desire, two intersecting Huan, a matter of course。 2, psychological changes plateau gender life friction with the penis in the vagina, with the flesh brings psychological euphoria, the two sides very close and dependent on, wished he could blend。
With the psychological experience physiological changes and continue to strengthen。
To enhance and extend this psychological experience, a lot of sexual experience will use a variety of techniques to achieve this purpose。 With the enhancement of psychological experience, the movement becomes involuntary sexual intercourse, indicating imminent orgasm。 The two sides will act in harmony through a variety of different ways to show the climax coming to other infections, common to achieve orgasm, share life's most wonderful moments and feel。

"Business Week": Al build the US medical drugs Botox Botox is Born | Business Week | El build | Botox

  Botox anti-wrinkle has a magical effect of birth and manufacturing process。
Botox based on the scientific community one of the most toxic substances known botulinum manufacturing, global sales expected to reach $ 4.0 billion in 2020。
  El build Irvine, Calif Botox into the laboratory is not good, not easy to go out into the once。 But first it is to sign a disclaimer: in entering these heavily guarded laboratories 18-36 hours, visitors may have double vision, speech difficulties, limb weakness and eventually paralysis of the respiratory system。
But do not worry。   If you sign a disclaimer go inside, the beginning of the entrance is a key input password to open the door, then the door is more password。
Only a few people at work or walk。 Go inside very far behind the double windows are still more cut off, and finally came to the table with a metal enclosed。 Everything here is subject to video surveillance。
All activities record each monitor。 Security watched the coming and going from the room with a shield wall of people。   Such scrutiny and careful protection is not built El sold drugs Botox is not a competitor to steal – although Botox is worth protecting, Botox last year sales of $ 2.8 billion。
Take a variety of security measures because, for many years the young drug happens to be one of the most toxic substances known by the scientific community are made by people to get rid of wrinkles。   Botulinum toxin is extracted from botulinum toxin。 Botox thriving breeding in poorly stored canned foods。 Botox is very toxic, will be able to make a little due to respiratory muscle paralysis and suffocation, is considered one of the most deadly potential bioterrorism agents around the world, the US CDC as a possible cause of public, animal and plant health a serious threat to the height of the controlled substances。
So even if these Botox missing a little bit, Al build must explain to the United States Center for Disease Control。
When it was built to Al manufacturing facilities in Ireland, the journey reminiscent of action to defend the president's Secret Service, but less public attention。   Like so many baby aspirin dose of botulinum toxin that sufficient global supply botulinum year。
This toxin extracted from a larger source, lock somewhere in the United States, leading the list of governments and companies in a well-protected only row of people know exactly where children。
Occasionally (Al build will not say how often) some of botulinum toxin (Al built will not say how many) secretly transported to the laboratory studies Irvine。
Even more rare it is to take a private jet with botulinum toxin by a security escort to the factory in Ireland。
  Scientists need to cause massive damage to what dose of botulinum toxin disagree。 Almost no data in this regard。
But in 2001, "Journal of the American Medicine," the research article said that if one gram crystalline form of botulinum toxin uniformly dispersed and inhaled will cause more than 100 deaths。 What conditions need experts disputed the actual weaponization of Botox, Botox but the possibility of manufacturing bombs mere presence on the US government in perpetuity。 Al built thus in striking position。 The US government stepped up vigilance Al build their own secret, under the joint action of the two, almost unbreakable get Botox quasi-monopoly position。 Al Construction said botulinum neurotoxin accounted for 90% of the medical market, 75% of the US medical market。   Only the United States alone will be hundreds of botulism occur each year, a number of deaths。
Earlier this year it was in a gas station on the outskirts of Sacramento after eating bad shortbread death, the culprit is contaminated cheese sauce。   1820 years ago, a German doctor, poet Kenner (JustinusKerner) first announced what he called "sauce poisoning" an accurate description of the symptoms: drooping eyelids, accompanied by difficulty swallowing and breathing。
In the late 19th century, a team playing at the funeral musicians appear importance and muscle paralysis after eating a ham at least three deaths。
Belgium microbiology professor EmileVanErmengem discovered botox from this tragedy。
Ermengem this pathogen is considered to be named, he named according to their sausage (sausage) Latin name botulus。   The US government worried that weapons of Clostridium botulinum are not unfounded。 In urging the UN prosecutors, a large number of Al- Hussein Iraq admitted purified botulinum toxin for chemical and biological weapons warheads 25 years ago in 1991 the use of。
Earlier, the era of Nazi Germany reserve concerns Botox led coalition to develop vaccines and vaccination preparations before the Normandy landing, but the German intelligence ruled out the use of Botox weapons, so vaccination is not implemented。
Also during World War II, the United States began to study Botox own manufacturing biological weapons, this work indirectly leads to Botox。
  Botox is basically Scott (AlanScott) Monk Mainz (EdSchantz) of the invention, the use of botulinum two scientists distinct purposes。 20 1960s and 1970s, ophthalmologist Scott exploring methods of treatment in patients with strabismus, still more concerned about the military rather than medical Heights。
Mainz purified botulinum toxin is still in Mali Frederick, Maryland Chemical Corps, then went to University of Wisconsin complete purification process。
After a colleague introduced two ties still to Mainz supply of Botox Scott。
  At that time control of Botox basically does not exist。 Mainz is still the meat toxin contained in a metal tube inside, then put a metal pipe sent through the US Postal Scott。
Scott is the meat toxin into drugs, then around his own breakthrough company founded a company called Oculinum。
  The drug, also known as Oculinum, 1989 Nian approved for the treatment of strabismus and blepharospasm。 Al built first obtain permission from Scott in the hands of the drug, and then in 1991 bought directly (the following year changed its name to Clostridium botulinum)。
El build the outset treated with great caution botulinum know if misused may produce serious harm。
  Al built Botox Chief Scientific Officer Breen (MitchellBrin) almost from start to finish played a key role in the drug development process in。 1980 Bollinger Columbia University neuroscientist specializing in movement disorders。 Brin and his colleagues get Botox supply from Scott there, and Brin has been the role of medication approved by the US regulatory authorities to assess its human botulism。
Brin began on the face, chin, neck, limbs, severe muscle atrophy of patients testing Botox。
He diminished the effectiveness of botulinum toxin in awe, still like to show the former spasm patients before and after being cured of botulinum contrast Videos。 Brin's office is like a Botox museum, stood memorabilia collected over the years, including a set of Russian dolls get Botox when introduced to Russia。 Botox is the Brin's life, his California license plate number is BOTOX。
  Botulinum efficacy as follows: human muscle control by the motor nerve, motor nerve to release a chemical command muscle contraction。 Botox is hindering the release of chemical substances。
Today, Botox is approved for nine kinds of medical uses – including treatment of chronic migraine, overactive bladder and severe muscle spasms, the person being botulinum toxin to treat depression treatment trials and studies of atrial fibrillation。 US doctors use Botox is also expanding: The next area is a square jaw and neck beauty。
Herbert said, was built in the Al acquisition of Botox, Botox he believes sales of $ 10 million or。 Today, Botox sales expected in 2020 to nearly $ 4 billion。
  Al built neurotoxin never intended to become a large company。
The company was founded in the 1950s, it was a Los Angeles family run pharmaceutical company, Allergan production known as anti-allergy nasal drops。 Old co-founder Herbert (GavinHerbertSr。) Also try to develop drugs to thumb-sucking addiction without success。 A friend had recommended the development of El build the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis eye drops, so old Herbert developed the first American antihistamine eye drops。 This is the first big success was built Ayr。   Small Herbert took over the company in mid-1957, the company moved to an old theater。
Screening room is used as aseptic filling area, a balcony and a stage used as a storage area。
To the 1970s, Al has become a listed company to build a flourishing production of contact lenses and eye drops and looking to expand。
It was at that time little Herbert discovered Westport Ireland。
  Ireland's northwest coast was in deep economic trouble, Westport unemployment rate up to 30%。 A local politician to convince Westport industrial factory establish a committee aimed at attracting American companies settled。
The plant has been vacant, until the emergence of small Herbert。
It is tax relief incentives to attract small first came to Westport Herbert, when he was looking at a second site to make contact lenses。   Westport is a town of only 6,000 people, 10 years ago, the subject of a Broadway musical。
Westport who depend on agriculture and fishing, and now relies on two other resources。
One is tourism, Westport has been issued by the Irish government's coveted "fashion town" (TidyTown) title。 Another resource is Botox。   And sold drugs common situation, as Botox is completely accidental discovery。 A doctor couple, Vancouver ophthalmologist Carruthers (JeanCarruthers) and her husband, dermatologist Alastair (AlastairCarruthers) inadvertently found botulinum anti-aging properties。 Carruthers in 2012 at the TED lecture recalls that she was being treated for an eye spasm of female patient。
Once this patient did not complain of her eyebrows shot at, saying injections in that part of her beautiful。
Meanwhile Alastair looking for better treatments to eliminate frown lines。 They were investigated forehead wrinkle cooperation with botulinum toxin。
The couple receptionist to be their first patient。
As Carruthers said, a few days time the receptionist's forehead smooth and more youthful glow。 But to find someone willing to accept the facial Botox injections are not easy subjects。 So Carruthers decided to experiment on himself, and soon there is no shortage of subjects problem。
  According to research firm SSR, Botox priced at about $ 60 a usually at full price rather than discount sales。
By revenue, about 55% of the botulinum medical, and the remaining 45% for insurance does not reimburse medical cosmetic。 These people pay the full price of Botox, plus the cost of medical doctors prescribing Botox cosmetic。   Some large global pharmaceutical companies have tried to develop its own neurotoxin drugs but without success。
In 2009, spent $ 1.1 billion acquisition of development is also extracted from Clostridium botulinum experimental drug PurTox mentor。
Five years after Johnson stopped PurTox R & D。 After a potential competitor to the US Food and Drug Administration to encourage the development of botulinum biosimilar drugs。 However, there is no drug Botox and rival。
As an attempt to develop biosimilar drug Botox one of the most powerful strength of the company, Mylan company told investors in March this year, interest in this area, but not go all out。
  Botox Empire unbreakable partly because the drug is extremely complex。   Al Actavis was built in 2015 for about $ 66 billion acquisition of。
Actavis reservations Al build name, description, Botox strong brand strength。 There is a new company its own problems。
A year ago, CEO Sanders (BrentSaunders) with a friendly face an enlightened big pharmaceutical companies appear committed to limit drug prices rise。 This image of the end of October this year, when Al build a payment hold its second largest drugs to an American Indian tribe, the treatment of dry eye RESTASIS intellectual property rights。 Indian tribes in the United States enjoy sovereign immunity, a move designed to thwart Al build a form of patent litigation。
Critics fierce criticism Ayer built。 Bloomberg said Al build the practice dirty shameless and totally wrong。   Maybe Al Botox is built from somewhere in the suburbs of Irvine, departed for Westport。 Al botulinum toxin build will not disclose where or how landing ship from landing in Ireland Westport。 Al built Westport, general manager of the factory Coffey (PaulCoffey) said delivery of botulinum toxin never left El-built control, only a handful of people know the delivery status。
Botox and delivery is also very common, the middle interval may be one or more years。   Coffey said that despite the current world is all kinds of crazy behavior, but do not worry about Al build their security processes。 As to whether Sanders visited the heavily guarded Westport production area, or whether he is entitled to enter, Coffey replied "absolutely not."。   If you are trying to enter the factory Sanders Westport, several roads out of the city he wants in a corner, looking printed with the name of a construction company Al brown small logo in Westport。 This points to identify a narrow path, then a long winding road。 Botox will be shipped in along this road, through meadows and splendid gardens, passing security 24 hours on duty in a small house。 After the park is a beautiful ground shows old Herbert love of gardening。 (Old Herbert retired in mid-1995, now 85 years old, is now the owner of Newport Beach, California, a family of nursery Roger'sGardens。
) Kofi like to security than in a factory to make layers of the onion, purified botulinum toxin will be stored in the onion。
Botox storage room to install more surveillance cameras, these cameras in addition to protecting the greatest assets of Al build, but also to help engineers to remotely diagnose equipment problems。 Allowed to enter the room staff are few and must be put on civilian clothes took off his clothes before entering a full surgery。
  Botox onions from the heavily guarded center began processing into the market, Westport busy factories employ more than 800 people。
Botox is the first step in making salt water mixed with tiny purified botulinum toxin。
The mixture flows through a series of pipes into the aseptic filling room。 Temperature between filling, humidity, pressure, inert particles closely monitored indicators。
Is there a bacterial Ayer built in the sterile room to take a month to extract Jovan samples tested in air。 Even if there is a bacillus, will be investigated。
  Botulinum manufacturing process is essentially an automated process, the manufacturing apparatus installed on microscopic camera tracking。 The final step is the production of botulinum toxin injection vials salt solution, however Tempered powder。 These bottles one by one boxing, into the hands of doctors around the world。 One of the substances on the planet's most feared is now basically harmless, a very precious thing, to be injected into wrinkled brow or sweaty palms。 No more chartered by a security escort, but by delivery。 (Lemon Nan / compiler)。

Folliculitis of the onset of symptoms, what does?What is the performance of early folliculitis?

Folliculitis is a relatively common skin disease in daily life disease, mostly due to the early onset of pruritus caused, mainly in the scalp, limbs and other parts, not only affects the appearance of the patient, for the patient's daily life also have an impact。
So, folliculitis specific initial symptoms, what does we take a brief look。
Folliculitis folliculitis early onset symptoms when the disease mostly occur in batches, it manifested as red papules enrichment, after the rapid development into a papular abscess, which shows dry skin lesion scab, scab off after but not leaving no trace。
General disease 5?7 days can be dissipated cure, but some patients tend to stretch the course of several weeks to several months, or even longer some。
Specific features of the disease: 1, local lesions redness, swelling, heat, pain summary, a circular cone, the continued development of inflammation, nodules increases, increased pain。
2, there will be a future incidence abscess, induration softened, pain relief, most self-rupture central pus, pus discharge, inflammation subsided and recovery。
3, if the patient's blood flow occurred in the rich area, and when the body resistance weakened, can cause discomfort, chills, fever, headache and anorexia and other symptoms of sepsis。
4, the part will appear serious facial swelling, may be associated with chills, fever, headache and other infectious cavernous sinus thrombosis。
Notes 1 scalp folliculitis, try to wash with water activity hair, dirt and water pressure will make the hair follicle squeezed out, and must be completely clean, do not leave sticky substance。2, do not like hair conditioner to the scalp, try to cut touch, containing moist on dry hair used, the shape of goods, commodities must identify scalp care and hair care goods。3, if there is pain and itching of the scalp pustule that inflammation of hair follicles performance, remember not hand to scratch。
Measures have to co-ordinate treatment table, a number of topical anti-inflammatory ointment to the affected area, a thin layer can, connotation adhere to light diet, do not eat a heavy emphasis on taste things may be appropriate to make up for some vitamins。related suggestion。

Deutsche Bank: US housing market over the next few quarters will be significantly warming

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, April 22 news, recent US housing data is far from satisfactory, although the last week in April builders index has improved, but weakness in March housing starts and building permits new performance。On Wednesday, the United States will announce two real estate data: February and March data rate of existing home sales data; Thursday, US new home sales data will be released in March。  With the recent signing of second-hand housing sales data modestly higher, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) is expected in March to improve the weak home sales, estimated at 5 million, slightly higher than the 4.88 million in February。But for Thursday's new home sales data, Deutsche Bank expected to be weaker, because the housing supply in the market is very small。  Last month, the US supply of new homes available for sale was 210,000, only slightly higher than in 2012 14.40000 historic lows, well below the previous 30-year average of about 320,000。  However, the result is a shortage of supply, "Once the recovery in demand, residential construction will be accelerated," Deutsche Bank said the case report。  In fact, Deutsche Bank view, although the US housing recovery has been very slow, but the next few quarters may significantly warmer。  First, the US 30-year mortgage rates about 60 basis points lower than last year at this time, means that the purchasing power of buyers has increased the US。Deutsche Bank noted that while housing affordability slightly lower than the historical peak in January 2013 record, but still higher than at any point in the past five periods。  Second, banks continue to ease lending standards in the mortgage。Last quarter, residential real estate loans held by banks at an annual rate increase of 3.9% before January 2013 three months to achieve an annual rate of growth of 4.Best performance after a 0%。  Indeed, after 2005 years ago, the US mortgage lending standards more stringent still, at the same time for many American families, to accumulate the down payment is not an easy thing。However, Deutsche Bank believes oil prices fell last year for consumers to save about $ 100 billion in energy costs。  Deutsche Bank noted that although the savings in energy costs and other expenses but did not translate into savings up, the savings rate rose for the future of the property market would be a good。  Deutsche Bank is the final conclusion: "In summary, the US housing activity appears now conditions are ripe for a substantial rebound。"(Shofu compilation)

Despite international creditors against the Greek parliament to force through "pro-poor bill"

Remittance Network March 19 hearing – Greek lawmakers on Wednesday (March 18) by a "pro-poor bill", the country intends to grant more aid low-income funds, though, this bill and related expenses It is not recognized by the international creditors。This also means that the country After further negotiations with international creditors on matters recipient will face more twists and turns。  Congress 300 seats in the vast majority of lawmakers voted in favor of the bill, which is also the country's left-wing government came to power since the election period by 1 header bill。The bill provides free electricity and "food stamps" to low-income families to offset the impact of 240 billion euros to rescue Greece ($ 254) debt imposed by austerity measures to bring。  The policy is expected to cost 200 million euros, while the Greek government said this part of the money will be cut each sector spending and adopt a more transparent system of government procurement contracts to fill。  Greece has ordered all departments accounting cost savings, but the new award of the procurement contract system is still in the revised system of government which, at present does not determine how much cost savings can be achieved expenditure。  At present, the international creditor "troika", namely the European Central Bank [microblogging] (ECB) and International Monetary Fund [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]) and representatives of the European Commission, the progress of the Greek aid program under review。Previously, the "troika" of Greece to hold all the voting bill alleged financial issues in order to assess the proportion of their share of the budget。  In his speech before the vote, Prime Minister Qipulasi (Alex bars) announced to lawmakers, the bill represents the interests of the entire country, Greece will continue to advance other initiatives it is not approved by international creditors, including the reopening of the national broadcaster。Mr Tsipras said that this was the first five years, "but not from the people giving back to people," the bill。  In order to find a political solution, after the EU summit in Brussels, Mr Tsipras will meet on Thursday (March 19) later, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel), French President Hollande (Olang Germany), European Central Bank President Mario Draghi (Mario Draghi), and President of the European Commission (Xigu Ke) and the Eurogroup main Xidiseer Bloom (Jereon Dijsselbloem)。

What Bawei Bawei Magnolia pill prescription pills Magnolia

What is Ba Weiwan, Bawei Magnolia pill is a very famous traditional Chinese medicine, you can treat a wide variety, but many people do not know, what Bawei Magnolia pill was a small series and to see Magnolia Bawei What pill is introduced it!What Bawei Magnolia pill is [prescription] Magnolia (to bark, ginger Sunburn make purple) 2 2, Chen orange peel (soup dip to white, baking) 1 two, blame Lile (for meat, students use) 1 two, Gui (to rough skin, take the meat) 1 two, aconite (guns crack, peeled navel) 1 two, ginger (gun) 1 two, (to black) 1 two (Sunburn) two 1。
[Method] of the fine, so that uniform mixing, refining honey pills, such as large Firmianae。
[Indications] appetizer eating。 Main stomach empty, air-conditioning upside mediastinoscopy, triple burner is not adjusted, not eating, and eating Needless, less lean muscle force。
What Bawei Wan Bawei Magnolia pill is [prescription] dry (to black) 5 money, dogwood (wine mixed with moist, steamed soft to the core, take the meat drying) 5 money, (Jiuxi, drying) 5 money, (honey coated Sunburn Sunburn can Jiujin) 4 money, Cyathula (Jiuxi, baking) 4 money, moutan (to the heart, washing) 3 money, Poria (peeled) 3 money, Alisma 2 money。 [Method] on the drug file, baking, grind fine, refined honey pills, such as large Maren。
[Indications] deficiency in children endowment, kidney weakness, bone marrow depletion, the bulk of the skull seam irregularities, lean body language late, line step and more difficult, slow tooth Health。