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August 2018

Charming Love, after years

Thoughts like a fly, light if the dream, lost in the fog, disconsolate dancing.Song all the way, all the way to chant: charming Love, who fell fingertips?Removed years, who’s confused eyes?    (A) a group of people that the sky seems to be long, long time ago, the hourglass of time has slowly lost yesterday’s story, people gradually learned to memory.  Memory, a group of people laugh heartless, wanton talk aimlessly running.We are like publicity child.But, years later, but unfortunately also a good time to throw off far, far away.Always thought, the youth is our greatest capital, have youth, we run became a banner in the wind.It is like closing ceremony will be staged in fantasy always distant horizon.So, for the reality, we are always casual.  How many broken-hearted when the literati ink with disabilities a sense of aphorisms, in my opinion, disease-free and always seemed to groan.Why, so sad, so fine?Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves, why not wander youth in happy, wipe away the youth in the text of moisture and rain?  Youth, so long, so long and wanted to rush forward grabbed the clothes of youth.After looking forward to a few years, a group of people, the light laugh, wine and song; looking at the footprints left behind, or sad or happy, or deep or shallow; look back once brilliant flowers, all the way to let us endless nostalgia.The day a group of people, one of the blue sky.Interlocking fingers, promised naive promises.    (B) a person who defined sharp edges, the end is polished by years to become not assertive, no noise.Once upon a time, I was already languishing.  Always like a person walking alone, under the warm afternoon sun; always like a person quietly listening to the throbbing of the heart, in after going to night classes under weak lights; always like a man imagination, in fanciful dreams.The afternoon sun, watching the pairs figure, looking at the throngs of people, occasionally, my heart will give birth to a sense of sad.A person, the original really lonely.Silent, do not tell, he is used to find a quiet place, looking for a soft grass, his hands clutching his knees to sit down, his head buried legs.This position is the safest way, but also our initial posture of the mother’s body.  Under weak lights, I grabbed plagioclase shadow of fear that they lost their way.Shadow told me that I am not a person walking, from beginning to end, in the shadow with me.Looking at the water generally slanting moonlight spilled on the ground, I seem to be able to clearly see a woman dressed wearing a veil, light and water in the central Manwu.Shadow told me that it was not my lonely lonely heart beating.  Abstract dream, to open the baggage of memories, my mind transitory man, struggling to ask: in the earth, there is no reincarnation millennium?Samsara, there is not a sad girl like me to wait?Unfortunately, no trace of her thousands of Baidu, when I look back, she does not dim the lights.    (C) a person, and song, and a line of people, tidy up all along the way, only to find that he really quiet.Time off is washed vanity sink into the bottom of my heart, there is only one person to chew, a person aftertaste.  Love scenery, the end is slipped fingertips; years removed, the end is confused eyes.Words, the story, too much has gone before.From a group of people to a man, my youth gradually passing away, my thoughts even more insolent.A person, group of people living definition.  A person, although all alone, however, the process of growing up, a person must be able to endure loneliness.  A man, Dead Poets Society, so messy thoughts into words, as the years exile in the sand; a man, take the provisional far, the youth chewing, the dream of flying in the blue sky.A person, I let the moment of lost youth awakens blurred in the future on the road, basking under a sun.

Butterfly catch every moment of the soul

The eleven green pots go outdoor, slight cloud, sounds of wind, the blades gently fibrillation, heart buffered at the moment.Easily finally Kenwan Proceedings of Zhejiang University scholar River Flow, “the text of the flesh,” although I read heavy, but very light at the moment, there is a long journey after.These two days I walk through the heart of the classic East and West, and to watch Liu Xie, Lu Ji, Du Fu, Zhou Muslim, ginger Whitehead, Hu Shi, Li Jianwu, Xu Zhimo, Wen Yiduo, Bian Zhilin, Qifang, Feng Zhi, Dai Wangshu, Mu Dan, Fei Ming…Look Kipling, Valery, Eliot, Lorca, Eluard, Rilke…I list them so patiently, because they are the stars shine in my mind at the moment.I do not revel in the comparison between Eastern and Western, but their work and soul make me more in awe, I can not do Du Fu words “water does not mind competing, cloud care about all late”, but that can live in the literature, but also What resentment What distressed it.    Originally thought decade sword, after all, to be an explanation, and who explain it, I wanted to prove himself, to whom prove ourselves.Each of yesterday are today’s past, yesterday careful about Ji Wenlin see the background and his way up, his father and warned his sister’s tears, those poor, those hard-working, those who pay are the river flows.So no matter where you are, when you are in, do not forget to pay a departure exhort parents and loved ones.So I wish to pray silently, all in the way you and I struggle, treasure, treasure.    And any child to the “Paladin” convergence of the TV series “Qi Tan,” I know this also from for the game, I still can not fully understand the child’s state of mind, nothing can stop me, this not just the generation gap, but I want to learn to accept Kind of reality.Not to say that there is reasonable?Although I do not like the stuff of fantasy, but I think there must also have a profound humanity.Children this age obsessed with fantasy just like when we fascination Qiong Yao Jin Yong and Gu Long and bar.    People are slowly growing, such as water in general, can only step by step, make the best use.Andy already beginning to look Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, she said, is to see the children, thinking she had so infatuated with them, I feel happy together, this is a quiet transfer, qing clouds: The sun it has legs ah, gently quietly edging away.He said that the passage of time is silent, every moment of the passage of time in the past, but we have not learned to ask yourself: Did I make the mind more full.    I still have Taoyuan and Zhongnan of the concept, but I am not going forward, and will not like Li Shutong Tiger Temple practice, I can only silent walk their own thoughts and feelings, even if thorns and distressed.Whether good times and bad, for you are the balance within the universe.Like now, I call out these plants, I began to let them breathe for a free wind.    ”The book sun and the moon long”, I think the writer Zhang Wei, and I because “you plateau,” and admire his voluminous grand masterpiece, but can not appreciate him, I even collection of essays, and even last year’s book fair to buy his “On the simple life.” We have not yet finished, it was said that he explored between humanity and divinity, even though he is a painstaking writer, even though he is a thinking type writer.But in my mind, at least for now, his influence on me is also not worth the “things on the earth” a reed shore.Faith is the beacon, it is the spirit and wisdom of crystallization in the works.    I wrote this, I went to see Andy play the zither, she played in “Qin Sang Song”, and the “war Typhoon” not the same genre, it’s sad sad sad melody, plaintive and moving it there power.I went to the Baidu search the next: “Qin Sang Song” is based on undistributed A poetry of Li Bai “Spring thinking”: “Yan grass as Bess, Qin Sang low Greenwood.When the king Huai return date, is heartbroken when concubine.Spring did not know, what is going into Luo Wei?”The content creation zither solo.Yan, the ancient names, including today’s northern Hebei Province and Liaoning Province in the southwest.Qin, also old names, the approximate location in this area of Shaanxi.Yan for Yukio location, Qin for Yukio home location.Yan to cold, warm Qin, Yan grass also like black hair in general, Qin Sang already have flourished the falls.This poem describes the contents of two couples ^ sub-offices in different places, although two different spring comes sooner or later, but Blanc is the real places alike.As long as a wife that her husband hit a breath of spring, think of returning home will have a eager mood.It is women hope so trust her husband, like her husband hope, so she does not even let the spring breeze blowing Luo Wei, because she never met and spring.Poem mean, you go where the grass was green like long black hair, like just take out of our home in the lush mulberry already have the falls.When you see the fields are green and feel the breath of spring miss their loved ones hope to go home, what I miss you and see Mulberry heartbroken when.Spring ah, you and I know, and what do you do to get into my account curtain “.    Writer of the contents of Li Bai’s poem demonstrates, using traditional techniques zither, the integration of local local music, and added innovative zither expression, describes a young and beautiful woman greatly missed distant husband, and her husband look forward to an early reunion eagerness.The entire song from the first person point of view, that is the perspective of women hope to deepen the theme music through the complete portray its image.Content “Qin Sang Song” can be used to summarize four poems: “Qin Jun Sang falls pondering, sleepless night of tears stained towel.Luo drapery floating into the spring, the suspect is the husband wiping away his tears mark.”Beautiful song melody, music vivid, Adagio endured, Beibeiqieqie, tear-jerking, Allegro intense, hastily honestly, fully demonstrated the women hope Siv looked forward to reunion mood.”I hope women Siv sad cut, a ‘Qin Sang’ tear million lines.”.The song since its inception welcomed by the masses, with a greater impact.The song has been identified as Chinese zither music, person to be elected “Chinese zither music meets West” and “Chinese zither Grading tutorial”, Zheng and accounted for as an excellent teaching repertoire, elected to the “Zheng approach”.    I know Andy can only pop it in the melody, but can not understand it outpouring of emotion, I do not want to communicate with her these, the total still need time to grow.The reason I put quotation on here, I think she grew up that day will know the art are interlinked, and it is able to express understanding of art in words, that she might be more calm in the face of their own spiritual Journey.    A few months ago Andy have the opportunity to make Shanghai Chinese Orchestra guzheng virtuoso He Xiaotong teacher guided the technique, her father was a master Mr. Zheng He Baoquan, a professor on the tone of this year has just passed away June 6, where the teacher is still in grief in children they kept the original zither artistic affection, which makes it is moved, an artist must be a mild-mannered fellow, full of love and distressed people, a persistent and industrious person, only this way can the arts go farther on.Study art but also to learn to be, no matter can not engage in the arts, as long as the heart, in the arts heritage, in any environment can ease off peace.    Andy looked at the focus of the play, I Taking stock silently, their memories once, almost a poverty-stricken childhood of their own, in addition to the woods goofed and listen to the birds without any artistic consciousness can attend, but fortunately that time the mountains are green, the water is clear, the air is fresh, which makes their own way adrift still maintained the original simple.Do what you can do, not ambitious, diligent work only land their souls.Mother likes to say, “alive dry, dead count.”.This is almost one of my motto, mother and those simple words revolutionaries say that life is more than endless struggle actually is a meaning.Slowly start thinking about life and death, will fear, will be fragile, but never thought to retreat and give up, the reading has been long established yourself a spiritual system, humble in victory by defeat, hard thinking, not like Hai Zi then pull off, then the index finger does not believe in the future as a slogan.I asked myself, go for so long, have not you tired?Tired, but I will not stay, I will not be waiting, just as his own heart hewn Dujiangyan water.    People in this life, is a bold state, is also a state of graceful, but no one is always only one form, more people hovering between bold and graceful.Andy recite a few days ago to let Yue Fei’s “Azolla” She gets one kind of vehement passion, today let her recite the Song Dynasty poet Weng volume of “Village of April”: former Green all over the mountain white full Sichuan, cuckoo sound in the rain to smoke.April little village idlers, only the sericulture and Rubus.Now the rainy season, so she alternately in both languages in the mood, she also hopes that one day she can understand that sentence Ye Jiaying: learning classical poetry biggest benefit is to let our hearts die.We travel needs indomitable spirit and courage as well as a buffer, such either dared not country, can Dan Bo Ming Envision.    This is not a design, but a possible efforts, the world is full of variables thing, but if they work hard, and success or failure is not so important, just like this morning of Belgium and Costa Rica, although they lost the battle, but they were enough pride, sometimes victory is not just you win, but you break yourself, make yourself better than ever.    Children now go to school zither and dance, and also take part in some Grading game, let her learn to sharpen their own, able to withstand the pressure and slowly fail.Slowly Zhang Qifan mind, so that the days of impressive young fast, so that in future when the voyage, it may be a little less fear.People in this life, if there is no oil peddler and Paodingjieniu life accomplishment like that, you want to get a winning easier said than done?    Returned to his reading and writing, if there is no concept of one thousand sword then know to operate your 1000 and then the sound of the dawn efforts, how can make your own text can pass through the mountains and across the water?

Blossoms wet with rain rouge

[A] busy reading poetry and literature, occasional Tu Fu “Lin spent the rain rouge wet, water Nymphoides led wind Tsui with a long” sentence, romantic chic, subtle and refined, in case of beauty, quality Exotic, feel distracted ecstatic, hoping to teach in the mouth, in her arms.My heart has long been a spring in February, full of a peach tree that flowers in the misty rain.    Heart like a lotus not stained dust, static sealing means, such as no waves.When the static force, when the movable actuator, a pen-down sections, two or three lines of text books, and send peach.Suddenly rumors Huaxinling, Jiao Hong juvenile green, this is my style.Heart like a mirror, as only the lower, when the air flow is a teenager, meditation is monk.    I’m not a poet, nor do the monks, only in this poem liquor Love Lane, comfortable opening defeat.Fences, grass track, breeze.Bridges, small waves, gate.Red fence small courtyard, a peach tree, like fire, bright pink bloom as.This is an elegant, in the mortal body, but also outside the Red.Zen, the Senate is a heart.In the non-dust to dust, do not dye in the dye, the most beautiful, is the most lonely.All I want is a brilliant lonely heart.    Daiwa expanse, the blue sky, a mountain, a river, a road leading to the outside world.I like to lie above the clouds, to sleep.Feel awake, peach to grow in the bone, but also with the taste of spring sunshine.The past is wet, it’s a tear, is the most beautiful, and that was the love.I like to put a flower into his mouth, chewing eat flowers Rui, it seems a bit cruel, but very cute.Love is a kind of self-abuse, eating flowers, love is like eating.    Curtain Dongfeng, if someone, I like to see those hands shutter of a lifetime, can not have a pair of soft hands, I want to touch, even for once.The kind of soft feel, kind of soft.If no one, I hope Dongfeng, intentionally or unintentionally, flipping it graceful curtains, there is also a “Nowata Unmanned horizontal” Zen Fun.    Lying on a chair on the balcony, holding a book, Yu, and did not see a word, on the abdomen, just for this scholarly, this taste.I do not like reading books, just like the book to hold sleep.Warm sun, I let myself be achieved without me, in this state, the sun can pass through the body, free access.Sleep quietly as if Perishable.I thought I was already dead, but the existence of a phantom, phantom better ah, a lot less to tie him down, the body can no longer imprisoned soul, and I was really comfortable in her.    In a dream to listen to the voices of flowers, listen to the sound of the leaves, listening to the breeze soft hair, the sun ethereal wings, raindrops quiver, soul dancing laughter.Quietly, listening to the birds, listen to the flowers, listening to music beautiful and sad nature.    Winter so short, not enough time to see, we must hurry to leave.Warm wind moving the curtains, garden vegetables soul, it has long been Splendor Orioles, Spring in February.    [Two] spring, wrapped in dough petals, to be approached, hand Qing Yang, in the air and drew a shallow arc, warm air, the fragrance, the drunk body, crisp heart, stagnant time.Eyes slightly together, listen carefully, hear me?River ice cracked clicking sound, the sound of frogs dens lazy yawn, the new green twigs in the passionate sound of marching.Warm season comes, thriving season is here, verdant season is here.Like fairy spring, come so amazing; like a spring urchin Xianlian, click on the jump to the front.Yesterday was still feeling some long winter, the snow was still lamenting some less, still Resentment time reminders old face, but now, my heart warm water, flower blossoms blossoms, clear air, a Xinxinran.Is spring, his hands clasped together, make a wish one by one, a string of blessing.    Poetic spring, leisurely approaching, listen, who crooned spring hymn, switchgrass is awake, or swallows of spring?Painting generally in the spring, slowly spreading, watching, who Huihaopomo outline the spring, the river is warm comfortable fish, or Smart kite in blue sky?    York Wind Comb incense, dressed in cheongsam, who was charming in spring.Lonely heart, always the most delicate, brilliant and lonely.Open into a flower, make a warm person, destined for the people, to carry a message of a branch of peach.Sprout, bud fight, to open itself as a spring, to give you.One after another, clusters, thin petals, thin core, a name called the flower of it, just waiting for you to put me in the mouth.    Spring most suitable for painting, the veteran cadres loneliness, new bonus thin, as you draw a plum it.Painting a peach or, if you prefer, there is snow only elegant plum, peach does not matter, a little frivolous, a little wave, which does not matter, I love these enchanting, youth has always been used to the fallen, is fallen to love extreme.    [Three] if rain can buy like, I buy a rain curtain, south of rain, gave the North a friend and earn a tenderness, as one lovestruck tears.Perhaps you will laugh at me..I always fantastic, in the final analysis, I am a romantic person, at least in the mind, it is a rambling man.There are always heterosexual friends to ask my age, I answer: forget.In fact, remember that age, is torment of his biggest.If you really want to ask the age, I am very sincere answer your emotional intelligence age 18, the age of 0 years old IQ.”South no all, talk presented Spray of Spring,” who I will give it spring?    Buy a curtain rain, rain and more style.A bow, spring circulation dark, wet slowly, as if a dream has just come out of buds in the misty rain.Time came from the window, sparse, scattered.I just listen to the rain the window, like.Spring should be smoking a brilliant lonely woman, dispensable smoke, optional rain, dispensable Xianchou.Rain flower, sell or spring.This is a soft afternoon, the sun is a little decadent, I will be in this a decadent out shoots.    Shortly after the beginning of spring, it is warm.If suddenly pushed open a heavy door, across the plain white, run red, Lily’s a pretty spring garden.This state of mind, and just right, very quiet, such as plain white paper, which can draw complicated season flowers in full bloom, and then complicated, is clean.This is the right of Zen.    ”There is no day, you and I, side by side enjoying the same one day.Trace of rain, tapped the umbrella; the sound of laughter, full of love.Heart jumping foot spray splashing; Feelings eye, pull the wet hair tip.Bluestone lanes, drifted away and disappeared in a cloud of edge.”Read of their own space to talk about this period, as if himself through time and space, with a man, holding hands, publicity, luxury sway youth, this is the spring bar, plenty of time, plenty of dreams.    Smell the flowers of spring, there is still breath grass, the smell of earth, I want to stand up, immediate action to grow their own in the spring.Rooting, budding, jointing, growth, open into a tree flowers, a poem, Yan Yan, cold.Painting with, not whom, just for this spring.    Wen: Sex Like chrysanthemum QQ: 171918223


Last month, willow, willow shadow among so ethereal, light falls hui gray stone on the road.Stone road before dark street lamp light, dark and light in the middle of the night vertical hui some melodious v..Insect sound and wind noise was very hot, weak voice echoed in the ears, straight into the heart.    Elegant bitterness, suddenly recalling landscapes corner of wooden flutes, should the shallow blowing a flute and blending this scene, do not is a Kiyomi!    He turned back to the house, to find a long absence, wooden flutes.Wooden flutes solitary larvae of reclined in the corner, a layer of dust stuck fast to the flute body, wooden flutes have been gathering dust a dash of cold, now I actually feel dejected.Wipe away those heavy dust, portable flute out.    For whistle blow, even a little rusty, but also failed to stop the drift beep, beep at four rhythmic jumping.    Moonlight quiet, soft starlight.Blowing wooden flutes, late at night looking at the distant Yousui.Qingchan flute hooked fragment past, fragments keep replaying those dull sadness.Sad played repeatedly in the segment, the sad singer just like a sad, sad song in a deep singing.    Recall the past.Memories indifferent eyes of each other; the memories of each other farewell sound chamber; parting memories back to each other; leaving only an uncomfortable pain.    Recall more than.Memories of rain and snow chaos; memories of raging wind SA; tears Yu Xiaoxiao memories; memories of pain is difficult to…    Tear beep, beep fly with tears.Memories so cold, people in pain sadness.Perhaps the pain to the extreme, can there be indifferent qualifications.Even ice tears still flow, it is also a very calm and tears.These tears, no ice, no heat, no temperature.    Hui soft, oblique spilled on me.Dressed in white “clothes”, I was still blowing whistle.    Wind fluttering sound, a burst of melody dancing.Chong Sheng low, silently crack wounded heart.    Beep pause, put down a wooden flute.I do not know how, perhaps because of the situation at this time is strong, actually sang Jay singing “East Wind Breaks”, “a sadness alone standing at the window who I pretend you did not go as revisit old ground behind the door.”The song hovered, accompanied by flute has not yet dissipated with flying until Trinidad.

Back to reality

The loneliness of the winter sun streaming into the house bright breezy mood touch my hand it felt warm realistic nor so beautiful I have some mixed feelings.People are always fascinated to the genius and beauty of drawing near, after reading to know inconstancy of human relationships, etc., can really have a period of a few people have a romantic plot?Share a dream after all, is a warm, touch broken, broken into appalling, broken Debu leaving any traces, waking only muttered Yin read “Where beauty?Trinidad moon “.Dreams are dreams, different from the reality, the dream is always good, the reality is not always better.    On the “life” of this stage, we all play different roles, frequently staged tragedy, comedy, farce.Tasting “real” glass of wine, taste the offer all kinds of taste, thousands of style.It was too persistent, persistent have to make yourself old, was so persistent worry about yourself, why not look for a secluded place, let the mind rest of it?Man with the outer space Yunjuanyunshu busy watching Pretrial blossom, then you will epiphany, will see the window frames the sky was edited into thin light blue small plaid, the horizon is still beautiful clouds, floating out of a Fan realm, the realm of the sky, but also the heart of the realm.Read bustling, see everything vicissitudes, years quietly slip through your fingers, leaving a trace of your reverie, you know, after all, in the past in the past reverie, only to suddenly see the reality of the beautiful and precious.Product puddle of water in the heart of reality, you will find that the heart is so clarity, that is the heart of the character, but in the past often been surrounded by emptiness, by the proliferation of dirty swallow.Retired from the hourglass of years, we could do nothing but watch it fade away, and then alone, heart-breaking, unable to retain the years, failed to keep the fingers like sand slipping.Sometimes dwell on the past, lose myself; sometimes fantasy in the future, Wang Yang ignorance.    Chinese oil burnout year, it was clear he would just run out of lives in hope, suffered pain in disappointment, wasted his life, almost sad!Let geese flying south to take away your cares and sorrows, the coming year Chunyan send along a letter for you, whispering “real struggle”.In the cracks of our time, just drop in the ocean, life is short, why play it to indulge in dreams?Wake up, do not be afraid reality, because you are you, that this style of live, live the charm!

Autumn Love

[REVIEW] like autumn, because it is a gentle season.Poignant silent leaves, Cecil strands of fragrance, everything will seem net US.In such a soft season, we can talk more quietly, quietly doing things peaceful night’s sleep..  Although you can swim in the summer, but in addition, I can not find another reason to love the summer.Leaving aside the hot weather, mosquitoes just that is enough to make you worry downright.    This fall seems to come earlier than in previous years, less than in October, has been clear and crisp, Delicate thin clouds, autumn abundant Though I’ve heard Indus rain, but rain, rain, wind, cool summer has declared all had to leave, fall sections from the Tage.    Like autumn, because this is a romantic season.The other half can pull the hand, do a lot of romantic things to go for a walk the night dim alley, go Across from the night market shopping, occasional autumn, standing or Xiang Wei Jie Yan, or embracing home run.In refreshing cold day, to see similar leaves, accompanied to spring products, dependent to see the sunrise and sunset, but also in the Mid-Autumn Festival night, climb the nearby hills, watching the autumn moon hanging empty, so that “there is yin month Partly moon, people have sorrow and joy, “the poem touched the hearts.    Like autumn, because it is a gentle season.Poignant silent leaves, Cecil strands of fragrance, everything will seem net US.In such a soft season, we can more calmly talking quietly do things quietly to sleep, gently say some sweet words of love, listen to some touching love songs, so summer Zaore core cooling, return to elegant manners, attitude and thought.    Like autumn, because her pure and simple, and the pursuit of spiritual fit, nourish open the Flower of Life, gorgeous and calm.[Editor · Yee children]

Asan summary April 2014

Remember that should be the start of a diary after graduating from college, behind the boss said to adhere to summarize, we continue to write, and then the back of her former do not like, I stopped six months later began.To write now, I feel have become accustomed to.    Every month, a lot can write, what to write it again in May?spring?summer?Like college entrance examination is coming.    First, father and mother, then I was an obedient child, also a disobedient child.Because the father is too strong, my mom was okay, super good heart.So my article would say that a child is old to fight, because my mom is counted in the state-owned enterprise, together with young people all day.  Because the father also had been hit, so do a lot of things I do not like to tell them that it will be cursed Oh.  So when I buy a house, but also to buy all that he says, because before that, I said to buy, Dad said, get married for two years to buy.So I bought Besides, it is also like this, the pressure will be great point, because certainly can not find help at home.  Buy a car, too, they are bought only with the father said, but because I was red, and said to my father painted in black.Certainly I can not spray, and eventually got depressed.But can not change back, they subsequently disappeared.  So, I mean, some things can not tell the family Do not try to tell the family, very different point of view.  In April last year, because something was stolen, four computers as well as mobile phone, about the loss of more than 20,000, is behind casual talk, the results worried father for a long time, do a good job they could not sleep for several nights, they I could not sleep even worse.  This year’s April, I was scolded by dad.Nothing, but also to tell them the things.For us it is very simple and very common, but in their father there, but like the event, said that we must come Fuzhou.  So a lot of times can not say or do not say, whether it is good or bad.Do it quietly, silently to bear.    Second, Vulgar and Elegant I have always felt, powerful people in the world is either a good person or a bad guy, but it must be the ultimate is to be the best.But to achieve the ultimate, a lot of things will become interlinked, the saying goes, it is a large custom Daya.  Vulgar mean, what you said to drink tea, he said, well, tea is tea.  Ya man in the beginning, and it is said that tea is tea, behind that tea is not just tea, then change back the Ya say, drinking tea really is a cup of tea, but most people do not understand.The same, with the second Vulgar is the same.  April home, chatting with cousin, a lot of people do not come to talk to him.But I was okay, because I always mess.  Is a word that man ten thousand, he did pay attention to depth, so his height is very high, we chat, a friend joked that my height to my cousin’s one of 10 points.I said, I have one on his very sad.  why?We are taking a different route, he is to take the Taiga line, I go Vulgar route.  The character with the relevant, also related with the pursuit of.But I know that he will be tired, but I should be a good point.  In fact, too many things, as long as we do the most simple, well then, we do think it will go even easier.  There are not found, this world, only two kinds of people doing the best.Must be the hardest thing to do, very, very difficult thing he was out research.But it must be the easiest thing to do, as long as the difficulties he will not, he would become a little difficult simply.    Third, Tibet is not enough sometimes I regret it, but I know that this must be among the growing pain.  A few days ago on the network saw a person in the marriage, say, who marries him immediately written to the house of a woman.Finished, and being miserable, very miserable, some people say he is evicted, some say he was revenge people, some people say, bragging.  Maybe he does have a house, maybe he really wanted to do it, some things can not say, but anyway, he says it is his wrong.Words will hurt, really like this, at this point, in fact I was not good enough.  I have always said that the article should avoid writing their own good, so do not write a lot, but still wrote.  Such as writing house, writing car and the like, but fortunately, there is no other more descriptive.  On the network every day to see some people say, how much money, making millions, perhaps a lot of people said he was rarely on the surface, but was scolded badly in the back.So Tibet is really important, a lot of time, and even then can not say.  Several times been accused of thinking about my father, that is too much to me, though have been doing, but really not doing enough.  Dear, what is it easiest.You do not want to write, say you work, you say open Taobao shop, so you say you send only a drill.He certainly will not ask you, and will not let you send Taobao shop.Perhaps, this way there will be true love.  But whether or not, people die, the less of their own, to be sure, a lot less trouble, a lot more happy.    Fourth, there is no human life committed peach fate of it, maybe it will be a lot of people do not think he believes that he is the boss, but there are still some people think.  Friend recently depressed, why, because he always wanted to get married, but just can not bear, and each will be back to fight in the end be abandoned.In April, he went to a fortune-telling, figured he discovered that his own life made peach ah.  Not to mention really, really fortune teller said very accurate, he later lost hope, thinking it is estimated that can not find a wife.  For fate, I believe, I prefer to explain from a scientific point of view, such as your strength up, destined only to find a more delicate, such as your fragile, as long as you want to make progress, you can find a doomed let you rely on.  But if you delicate, but also want to be the boss, but also looking for a strong stronger, and that basically cats and dogs.  In my world, for the fate of only one word, that is, Germany, simply, that there should be good to others.Perhaps others offer all kinds of bad for us, but we must be good to others.Because I believe that social commitment.  For example, a friend’s life committed peach, I believe that to do with his good family, with his eloquent, smart brain related, although many things can not be modified, but if these people put on good, even though he himself did not become final , will be very happy.  Of course, too many people are thinking about their own good, good to let others, helping them yourself, let others loyal.That would be big trouble.  Many people will feel that their life is not good, you can look up the network to change the fate of the book.The purpose is also a word, Germany.  I have always felt that no one’s life will be good for life, the key is how we do it the day after tomorrow, go carefully.    Five, not enough soil (Capriccio with the mind) has been, I think I wrote the text than with others is considered scattered, but still not enough loose, simply put, is not enough light to light to what extent, is to light to calm it as little ripples on the surface of the lake is enough.  Because I always believe that many things are not stressed, among people rely on the heart, by the emotional connection.  Look at other people’s articles is the same, those who have been pursuing the depth of the surface results in the end become so deliberately, people have deliberately changed the.For example, we had a simple life, he was chosen to keep learning a star, spray on a lot of things that should not spray.  April, I’ve been closer to this aspect, I have always felt that life is text, text life.  As long as we have a good life, a nice detail, it is one of the best characters.  Now think about it, I had previously been a nice pretty tired, because I like to sum up things, and sometimes deliberately, thinking about when you can sort out Yaojin three tricks out like this against the three tricks to conquer the world.But, once again tempted.  Because life is like this, you may feel today this domain is very good, tomorrow will find better.  And if we want to have liquidity, straight ahead, only thing to do is to fill the gap, those who Linghu, unassailable, etc., they good internal strength, and moves it does not matter, the most important thing they can fill the gap.  What does it mean to fill the gap, that is, no matter what, are naturally very natural, but Meiyi Zhao are lethal.    Right at the fifty-one, May where I go it will definitely play, look to the scenery outside, but not really thinking about where to go, as long as the heart, where there will be harvest, perhaps the bookstore, Maybe go to the lake, maybe go home.  Heart is beautiful, where it will be beautiful.  Was right in May, began to heat up, but the fear of what is it hot, air-conditioned.It is still a good time to do things.  Another month necessary to test, not everyone nervous?I now think of before, I was very nervous very nervous and could not put down.  Advance bless everyone I know to drink do not know, 五一节快乐.Eat well, play well, good life.    PS: The last thing to say oh, my article did not copyrighted, how we love how reprint reprint, modify how love how to modify or write their own also looked into the effect, but also to imitate or replicate elsewhere will do.You can write your contact information, do not leave me information.Because there we have the support right now I am not you, I certainly did not now the.  QQ: 838504315

And the line and thinking

Every day in their leisure time, I always want to write some words to the perception of life!    This may be one of their own habit of it?I did not want to live focussed on life.Because life is too cruel and harsh words.As long as we are a normal person will not escape, as we live in love, marriage and education, even once collisions oil, salt and soy sauce, are living.People learn to live, not live to control, there is a word in life is to enjoy; without the person’s life, it becomes the efforts of life, it can only be called livelihoods!A content livelihood that is part of life, at some point they belong to a way of life.    Since Into June, with the land of China ushered in a time of college entrance exam, final exam, etc., education is like a loud word appears in people’s lives, people also feel in my heart education to bring their own feelings.    Since time was, because his son participate in the examination of things and feeling very irritable.The face of high tension son, I always comfort him and encourage him.Examination is a brutal competition, if there is the slightest negligence in this exam, in terms of the current situation of a person’s life, a family will have a direct impact.So, to say that a ruthless examination of elimination can not be overemphasized.However, we must accept it!This is life.    When it comes to education, we will always have their own understanding.From the point of view of education intention is to allow a natural person from becoming a social person, it is a process of enlightenment of the people.However, when the imperial examination system to produce for our Chinese education, whether at home or a state and nation, have a direct impact on people’s thinking.Yes, we can not question a number of people, so long as the college entrance examination does not change, our Chinese-style education can not be changed!As an educator, how can we dare to be neglect?    Learning is a personal matter, but a person’s education is our common action and results.The family is part of education, family education can now completely out of tune, and even some families to send their children as a learning machine, completely ignored the self-development of a person’s personality, most children would have let this kind of become numb, indifferent, or even ruthless.As a result, some parents when they pay for their children’s memories will complain that our children grow up but do not know Thanksgiving, in fact, why such a responsibility to our children to bear?As a member of the family, in education, we want to truly understand their child’s demands, and even his emotions.Education for a family, is a process of growing, if from this point of understanding, our family education activities may be more exciting some of the.    After the test results were announced, I have tried to take the exam had contact with some of the parents, especially lower scores one class of family parents, they have several common characteristics: blame, blame themselves first, they simply neglect their children and themselves management; one is blaming the child they simply fun, and deserved today’s result; she then is to blame schools and teachers, schools loose tube, low levels of teacher.After complaining is memories, memories of his outstanding achievements in primary school, the color of life.After the recall, it is a dazed and helpless, as well as seek, as an educator, in the face of these conditions, the heart is pain.Because of the pain I can not solve these puzzles parents and children.Yes, no exams, what can we figure out a better way to open our window of education for thousands of years, and let the whole society of people whom happy, I am afraid that now can not be found.    Everyone does not want their children to lose at the starting line, but more like ours mood to bring pressure on our children, even more would undermine morale in the child’s learning some kind of spirit.So, I still have to speak out, the more current in this competitive era, the more we give our children burdens, our children learning and education as a kind of normal life, I think we are competitive in their children the growth of life will have more and more pressure-resistant, if we prematurely this pressure will give them, in their affordable range will collapse.Education is to help people to adapt to social development, education in the exam and do not let our children become overwhelmed by the last straw of life, it is worth thinking about things.    Education is a part of life, yet the ancients advocate entertaining, music in the knowledge, but why do we give so much pressure on our children?We worry about the future because children and deprived them of their childhood, this is what a terrible thing?    In the test results revealed the night before, I sat quietly in the yard for a long time, a very quiet night, and even his own heartbeat could hear the melody of real.Blinked at the stars in the sky, like a student makes a mistake in my eyes sneak peek.This is one sleepless night, for the family to take the exam for.My wife, my children, all this seems to choking atmosphere of waiting, because this score determines the direction of school children in the future.    Time in a single minute of walking, sometimes want it to go fast, but sometimes they want to stay forever where.To tell the truth, then, that night, his son has always been optimistic, I also suddenly a little shaken, because I was always too believe that all the results are good.But this is not deceiving yourself it?    However, as an educator, I first chose to believe his son, believe in yourself.This is what I want to say, as a child of parents, we need at a critical time as they rely on.Failure is not terrible, terrible thing is that we as human children can not become the most trusted and rely on their children, abandoned children last forever, I would say this is as an educator, then, and must concern.    Into our children in the way they grow, we have to do a real educator, this is a responsibility!    2015.7.27

Allure laugh (cool in summer and literature Cup)

Source 17 floor standing, a man quietly watching the windows of the building reflection.Shanghai has to fall when the leaves, the cool evening air with the pace slowly hit, the sun was going down hill, and the moon not yet out, leaving only a ten thousand rays of the day with a lid under it sensual pleasures the hustle and bustle, Jinan colder weather should be more of it, the source said to himself……    At that time, the day was very warm, Gregg said that we have time together to see the sea it.Bobo is like the sea, she said to Qingdao is to look at the sea.Followed by the source smiled to see the message, I thought, What a quirky child ah, always filled with a lot a lot of prose poem on the blog, sometimes with a touch of melancholy, like Lindsay’s words, calm and collected, but every word Allure.Source want to wave the sun, early in the morning rather than the afternoon sun, her heart full of desire and appearance, she said, at least, her pursuit of a happy life.Gregg said she liked bask in the warm sun, like to buy piles of goodies, like the laid-back live, like all people warm things moving…    Before understanding the wave, when I first came here to go through three big bridge opening, click, click on it after the train, on the road on both sides of the water is black, middle of the road but with the passage of stirring up a burst of motor vehicles and a burst of dust, looked at the source of no small with strange eyes, utterly destitute little nook, heart can not tell what it is, but the source song stood out loud hysterical, frantic outbreak it is only a source of sustenance, but also expel him this silly thread-free state of mind.Later met Po brother, Po brother said to adhere to a source very happy.    Small wind through rain here a little, Qingdao Coliseum, small View Park, rainy day evening, the cool sea breeze blowing quietly, source alone buy things, the treasure brother’s exhortations fall behind, a source very happy , a man quietly go quietly, the heart is very often the easy-going, perhaps, is to go after this has been struggling, body sever, go straight ahead, move forward.Original source has been very happy.    Meteors in July, August is not over.Li autumn season, in addition to Qingdao autumn clouds, the sky is always blue Zhanzhan.Bobo appears like a touch of cool in the hot summer, to the messy, high-temperature space adds a release and sublimation.Only one-sixth of the afternoon that day, saw the wave source, she just biting of lips, but eyeful smile, that transparent black eyes, hands full foot lift between youth pouring.Laughter is he never saw the kind, as in the early summer breeze, like a wave of laughter elegant dandelion, scattered a.After sources said it was Allure laugh, not when Gregg said with a smile, source thought: Mona Lisa smile is charming and mysterious, at your fingertips, then, is the wave of laughter in the cloudless blue sky horizon clouds, visible but intangible.    Painter Renoir said: as long as a little progress, and that is closer to death, Michelangelo in his later years, then is: things finally do so performance out of time, that is, death.Michelangelo source like the kind of heavy plastic marble building with the recent relief paintings, open the window, the sun shone peacefully and steadily, round after round of shadow, clean, quiet and lonely blurred, the more scattered clouds.Recognizing wave source began to become mature, often think about some trivial issues incredible.He was trying to get everything around, or people, or objects, or mood, or according to the early morning or evening Fai Hill Street.It has become something of the art of Reiki.Because, all art is the only way people are nothing more than the maturity of the bar.Your art, your mood, the mood is also a corner for everyone, and it is very real existence of.Sometimes a child with a source said, when I sleep until noon, get up, find out the sun well, I’ll regret it.Lovely children immediately propose that we go to the sun it!In fact, the source emphasized that regret, rather than the sun.Sometimes, the best is to convince people of the truth, the more wounding.Perhaps really as people say, “happiness becomes excessive sadness, grief had this fantasy of happiness.”.Sometimes she spoke with Bobo, the eyes of the lake quietly dug embankment, but the source of their own smile, everything in this world, the case of the more mature faster.In this world, there are a lot of things, we do not have to, then the discarded.There are some things that we have to, it would focus on the acquisition!Use too much thinking and too hard life in exchange for something of no practical value, always been very tired of life.Let alone humans, also have disappeared in the past days, some things need a lifetime to prove, but at the moment of the Spring and Autumn, like a formatted hard disk, remove the clean, there was none left, not a drop left.    Days later, the frog began to feel like chatting with source.Toad tall, Han Han smile like Van Gogh’s brush strokes, with movement and radiation, chasing source that empty mind with melancholy eyes.Source sometimes also followed laughed, doing the action in modern times, said, people in my entire life for money, money is the son of a bitch, yes ah, now in addition to money, everything is nothing.We worked hard to make money, to the time poor only money and full stomach cynical reasons, alone drove to a place far, far away, sitting there, watching the sun settling into the dark, conscious life perish, then pumping a lot of smoke, and then come back, will precipitate their own state of mind, the hurt and pain into words, to build our inner world into a utopia, where only fresh and pure, and thus, a person constantly wandered in different corners until it vanished.    Bobo and talk about ideals, talk about love, talk about the humanities, to talk about the topic we are interested in everything, from urban to rural, from domestic to foreign countries, all kinds of social picture, tenderness and sinister life of deceit, ideal decay and mutation.Talk tired source quietly up at 3:00 am, so head down to sit on the edge of the bed, quietly fantasy.Every look up the clock on the phone walked slowly began to hate myself a little change at all, remain in place, there is no soul left the body, mouth to reveal a mocking laugh.Sometimes the wave will sent a message that people in this world are the same, do not consider themselves frustration more than others, trying to put aside the distractions of life, I believe there will be a new side of life.I have read the parent body, quiet life, I am sure you will be happy.Source laughed, very happy, wave quietly Allure smiles gently reflection in the eyes of source.Sources say, in fact, I like you, I also like like.. Sometimes really imagine Annie like to find their own quiet life, a man himself, burdened with shadows and stories, lived quietly.All others to create their own, a lot more than the United States do not adapt.Just want to pamper yourself with doing their own thing, go its own way.Those who criticize Baby Anne always sentimental, they still did not understand, she is not just to convey a sense of pain and injury.    More than a way to go, we will always feel carry-on baggage, always better, remember that people will be less and less, eventually accompanying desire, it will only be one or two people, standing on the roadside , waiting for the snow season coming, waiting for you, go home……    Late at night, a huge Shanghai ditch began its banquet and neon, red and green, starry, countless blue-gray cloud fan, gently floating in the night sky of Shanghai.In addition to the night thing, what are asleep.Suddenly remembered that smile quietly tied between the source and finally spit out a cigarette, turned and looked at the still drinking buddies laughing, they cried source name, the source of his mouth for fear of not favored chill smiled quietly to them around.But their hearts are thought maybe wave already asleep right.    Source always written what is happening in the past, things may now happen is already far more than it now.Now and in the past, such as bipolar coins, although the nearest, but not to the end, where the distance for leisurely wandering the world, for the world to see the fireworks and pain, then they will feel happy for myself.Michelangelo marble building passion, but “I was finally freed from prison in marble out” has become his wisdom, source, wave, smile, have to give yourself relaxed, happy days selected stop, then start , refueling!    Give yourself relaxed, happy days selected stop, then start, refueling.

Alley Night “writer fifth election issue.”

About the author: Gu Zheng Yu, who Bijie, Bijie City National High School, graduated from high school, now studying PLA University of Technology.More than learning, like reading and writing, he has published essays on “Bijie Daily”, “Guizhou Nation” and other publications.   These days my heart was quite calm.Want to live in a new place, some time, and the nearby streets are wide, very clean.Few sunny face hit the dust, rain nor mud covered with a foot of.This day seems quiet a lot, some lazy life together.Think life is full of vitality, there bump, there are ripples of fireworks in the pieces, is splendid.    Suddenly become stiff pace, do not want to lift your feet forward, watching the sunset, almost dusk, the clouds from the horizon sneak out of the twilight, the sky on a recent mosaic, the most beautiful glow, some all the way, have a date with the city, gradually, gradually illuminate the dream.Quickly turn back in the past, toward the place previously lived, walked and walked.    Night quietly drenched streets, not far from you can still see a few can move shop, a few familiar selling snacks, is that several ladies, familiar faces.The alley is not very wide, but there are a lot of people out early, come back a day early, here is their homeland bridge to happiness.Some simply here to eat a bowl of dumplings or noodles, plus some Lucai RELISH, eat sweet.    A few steps, the faint light through the shop, the optical sight elongated landed on the high convex uneven gravel.Parked next several excavators, thoughts like me into a couple of days ago, there certainly vigorously split-off, those original facade bustling can not see, are hidden into the moonlight too busy to even touch the rocks.Moonlight here’ve been hiding for several days, perhaps the past people did not want to see too many passing under rubble.Night, everything is the same, all to be found in front of the light.    Perhaps God’s blessing, the clouds gradually sparse up, anxious corner began to stir, to polish the eyes of the stars, in straight sets down, fell this somewhat sad alley.Former potholes still, my feet in the night the tentative forward, but also to find the feeling of the past, stepping on the original beat, looked simple and happy smile, listening to the cries of selling, simple and true.I think tonight so looking, looking like dew non-exposed face of the moon, returning to hug and happy atmosphere alley.    Late at night tonight, there are several lights in the brightly lit, tomorrow it will be so busy?Whistling wind debris on the gravel, blowing Luanxiang tomorrow tree summer shade trees, might fall.Another glance, the first time I walked the streets, I feel warm too alley, give me encouragement through the streets, so that memories forever in my heart alley.Maybe, maybe one day, here is the high-rise buildings, however, there is also once in memory, erase warm.    The city of lights, the clouds seem to focus on the journey, among bare branches, Lang Lang streaks, no one is interested in lazy according to the wasteland, the alley seemed clearer, here’s dream is also in clear rivers and lakes stand up.