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August 3, 2018

US police shot dead a mad open 20 people found each other not to take the gun (video)

  Overseas Network March 22 – U.S. police on Wednesday (21) night announced for a law enforcement video recorder captured, led to a public controversy。 Video is recorded on Sunday (18th) evening, police Sacramento, California United States saw a 23-year-old black man, Stephen Clarke (StephanClark) holds an object in the hands, then opened 20 gun mad to fight in the backyard of his home dead found in his hand not holding the gun, but the phone。
  According to "Washington Post" reported that, when two police officers received a 911 call that someone broke the window。 According to law enforcement video recorder Sacramento Police Department released, police took the police to track a flashlight on the dark streets in Clark, Clark is seen approaching a house。
Police running and shouting, raised his hand to。
To stop!To stop!When the police close to the corner of the house, Clark found hiding under a covered terrace。 Infrared camera above the helicopter was lost at this time Clark's whereabouts。   A policeman shouted, raised his hand to!gun!Immediately after the wall and hid。
Helicopter footage showed a policeman obviously trying to seize the companion masking。
Clark a step or two closer to the police。
After police ordered the wall continues, he raised his hand to!Then call immediately, gun, gun, gun!Two policemen rapid fire, bullets burst of sparks to form a white light in the infrared camera in helicopters。   According to reports, hiding from the police first saw Clark terrace, to play the first rounds of ammunition, the entire process just over 6 seconds。 The police never show their police identity, Clark died on the spot。 The picture shows Clark grandmother recalls with horror grandson was killed by police in the backyard。 (Source: AP) Sacramento Police on Monday (19) said they believed the man broke the window is to be shot on the spot of people-intensive bullet。 Police have not yet confirmed whether the suspect or victim Clark。 But Clark said the family, broke the window of someone else, Clark just the wrong time in the backyard。 His family to a local newspaper said, when the doorbell is broken, the family was knocking back window, call someone to open the garage door。
Clark was pending in their grandmother's house, the old man shot the night terrified。
  His grandmother said, I only heard a banging sound, and then I fell to the ground。
Later, police say someone died in her backyard, she suspected that the deceased was her family。 She said, I told the police, you guys are murderers, murderers!You put him away from the children。 The Associated Press reported that the deceased had two young sons, and one fiancee。   According to statement released by the local police, on Sunday (18 May) evening at 9 am, the helicopter found one of the suspects picked up a tool to break a window to enter homes。 Local media reported that a neighbor was broken sliding glass door。
Police said the suspects fled and locked in a car。
Subsequently, the police helicopter ground command into the front yard Clark grandmother's house, when Clark is entering from the back yard, the two sides meet in the middle。
  It is not clear how much Clark gun body, the details pending further investigation。
Sacramento police detective said that as of Wednesday (21 May) that they are not yet known when the police use of weapons of specific models, as well as 10 rounds per person if their load all the bullets amount。 The police is currently in someone's paid leave in。
  According to reports, police on Monday (19), said after the incident about five minutes, the collusion of police arrived on the scene, handcuffed to Clark and first aid。 But the relevant time line is not accurate。 Law enforcement records show, shot from the police to put on handcuffs, after 5 minutes and 16 seconds during this period, then spent another few seconds, the scene before anyone began chest compressions。
  It reported that police related regulations and requirements, while ensuring the safety of the police to deal with the injured first time to provide relief。
There are many factors that may affect the police rescue, such as resistance or other weapons held by the police that the other side。 However, in the instant case, Clark does not move after the fall, on-site police did not show fear and other emotions。
And one of the officers, in apparently unnecessarily spent one and a half time reloading bullets。
  Sacramento Mayor 斯泰因伯格 (DarrellSteinberg) on Wednesday (21) night released a statement expressing condolences to the Clark family。
He said it had carefully watched the video, saying the video itself, I can not question the decision only moment of our police, I would not do that。 But the question raised by the community and members of parliament is reasonable, you must be answered in the survey。
  Police said before the announcement video, the review has allowed Clark family video。
Clark's aunt questioned, the police just call 'em up immediately opened fire fall。
Local clergy and community activists also believe that, even if he really did what the police claimed, this does not mean that you can take away his life。   According to reports, the United States last year, a total of 987 people were killed by police, 68 of them are not armed。
Among them, 30 were white, 20 were black, 13 were Hispanic, and five others unidentified。 (Compiler / Jiang Shu overseas online translation)。