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August 4, 2018

Gelatin is good but these people do not eat (1)

  Who can not eat gelatin 1, digestive dysfunction crowd that is spleen crowd, although there is no provision spleen can not eat donkey-hide gelatin, gelatin viscous texture but easily hamper the spleen and stomach function, especially in patients with spleen qi stagnation eat less abdominal distension is not fit to eat。
  PS: not a day to produce gastrointestinal problems, but long-term bad habits caused, it is recommended to start from the diet, such as drink millet gruel, etc.。  2, Yang Yang and people taking the crowd, there will be loss of appetite, stomach fullness, digestive dysfunction and other symptoms。
  Recommendation: Angelica ginger mutton boiled extremely weak effect on women significantly。  3, the fire fell in love with the crowd of people fall in love with fire if only donkey-hide gelatin, there will be virtual free fill of the situation, the fire will grow。
  Recommendation: do not eat chili lit up, down as beneficial can eat food, such as: liver, lotus seeds, mung beans, etc.。  4, the wound population gelatin is the blood, so if there is a wound can not eat immediately, wound scarring and the like, eat, or is not wound up junction。
  Recommendation: First, there is the wound of the crowd, not infected, do not touch water; once again, to avoid spicy, like dessert cakes also eat, do not eat things like hair like parsley, of course, do not drink the wine。  5, the body weight of the dampness population can be expressed as dry mouth bitter sticky, fatigue, dizziness or confused head, stomach swelling, bad feces, the most important is thick greasy tongue, white or yellow or。
  Recommendation: To moisture evil, first of all should be cereal-based diet, weight, eat more fruits and vegetables and potatoes, can often drink red bean porridge barley spleen dampness; secondly, the more physical the more lazy to move, in order to facilitate eliminate the wet evil; again, in moderation sweating, damp evil in order to give a way out。
  6, the body there is congestion crowd dark dark complexion, pigmentation, easy bruising, dark lips, tongue, tongue or with petechia, sublingual collaterals dark purple or thickening, pulse astringent。Menstruation women often poor, usually delayed, blood clots, stomach ache, color black, short time to be in the body and so on!  Recommendation: a small amount of drinking some red wine can be blood circulation, the other can eat hawthorn, leeks, brown sugar, vinegar and the like。
Eat some mushrooms, small kumquat, black fungus, ginger, carrot, safflower, apricot, cinnamon, prunes and other salty, drink some E-Jiao Mei take note: First, when the general amount of pharmaceutical gelatin 3?9 grams, should be taken before meals, the specific amount to be determined according to the individual physical condition。
  Second, because the relatively peaceful nature of the donkey-hide gelatin, and food and medicine, a tonic for steady long-term use, "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" there are donkey-hide gelatin "Jiufu light Qi," saying, so long as taking after feeling no obvious discomfort, perennial taking gelatin product is a good health habits。  Third, pay attention when taking donkey-hide gelatin, not to take a cold, do not drink tea at the same time with water and red radish。
  Fourth, such as by taking the amount of change occurs stop taking or reduction taking women during menstruation, according to decide whether to take the changes。
  Fifth, when drugs traits changed to prohibit taking。
  Six pregnant women, high blood pressure, diabetes taken under the guidance of the physician。