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August 15, 2018

Dawn campus

Wipe the morning sun pierced the first night of darkness, all living things on earth have opened his eyes bleary, lazy and enjoy the warmth after a night of it.  The sun slowly rising, campus enveloped in a golden world, there are silk mystery.  It is said that the campus is the soul of the Pure Land, where students who accept its baptism, the soul becomes beautiful, elegant become.  Mobile phone ring tones in the ears, soft music is brought irritable mood, what should get up, my dorm mates a sad atmosphere.  I hurriedly finished washing sieve, dark eyes mist that finally had some spirited day of the.  Holding books out of the dormitory, the sun pierce my body still remained lazy, given me angry.  People line by line, or walked quickly and go, live strolling the line, or look brilliant, or helpless in the next, or Wanshou the line, or unmatched walk, dawn of the campus, a harbinger of a busy day atmosphere.  Trail edge of the trees rustling, yet also seemed to talk, yet also seemed thin whisper.Xu breeze, its branches and leaves blowing in the wind, like an enchanting dancers, for the arrival of the sun enjoy dancing.  Unknowingly, in front of the classroom, I was early yet?The surrounding silence.  Put down the book, once again out of the classroom, to the stone bench next to the grass, want to sit down, however, it is covered with dust, a perfect white Shayi, even if modest, but it was dust on its mind about, or that it is dust destination.  I can not bear, could not bear to break this morning’s warm, could not bear to break the stone benches and dust love each other that the slightest affection.At that moment I left, micro-wind blowing, the dust will be gone with the wind, leaving only the stone benches, lonely stay there.  However, stone benches but not a trace of anger, because it knows, dust to go looking for a wider world.Dust did not look back, no nostalgia, because it believes that until the middle of the night cold, it will still put on a stone bench for the beautiful Shayi.  Once again, I opened across the pace, gradually, to reach the small lake that one Cuiliu.  Breeze to whisk, glowing shimmering lake Yingying is so gentle, so harmonious, gently swaying reflection Cui Liu, adding a touch of anger to the lake.  I picked up a pebble and gently fling, the lake will Dangqi a circle of ripples, but also broke the early morning silence, several flower wild willow small side, even in the absence of wealth peony, lotus is not noble also there is no fragrance, but they are still beautiful.  Although no one knew them, but they witnessed with their own strong and unyielding.  Time flows slowly, blink of an eye gone, now, the classroom should break the silence.  I started walking back, suddenly slipped and almost to a close contact and grass, looked down, turned out to be a smooth pebble.  I look forward to it, do not, then it is lonely?It has a reddish marks on the smooth surface, do not, this is the teardrop when it alone?  Gently stroking it, pick it up and put down, perhaps, this is it the place to stay, even though lonely, but years of turning rings, maybe one day it will own the recovered some trace.  Dawn campus, how quiet!

2014 Spring Snow Ramblings

Wen \ breeze Orchids a hope, mixing the whole winter.    Unspoken.This season frequented the haze, increasingly show off the snow stingy.    Cold wind, coerced mind one after another, constantly wandering in the streets of the city, shouting, rendering the copy or in darker thoughts, spread to the depths of people’s hearts.    Surprisingly, the “spring” of the season is over, a late snow will be waving to the!This Huang Wu, before the original of that field like non-rain rain, like fog non fog snow weather turned out to be a prelude to it, drizzling rain, the messenger is not the snow it?    Spring Snow, long overdue, but consistent quality, clean Trinidad, flawless.It is somewhere by a certain call, or the remnants of past life memories?It drift from the distant sky, singing all the way, searching, gentle Manwu from, Qi Wang found his soul to the ownership of the totem.    Snow into the mortal world, such as the Red Walk.A forgiving heart, inclusive of all things, the once beautiful.On the roof, grass, tree branches and even bloom Plum.It has its presence everywhere, much like the beautiful scenes together again, knowing bright, warm each other, even if only mortal hurry moment dies.    Snow Qing Yang, dancing lightly.It is light and agile poems, it is through the window overlooking the thoughts of people Fen Yang.Can not help but think of that story, “Shi” was recorded – Xie have encountered a poem a day heavy snow, Xie first chant: “What have the snow like?”The nephew Xie Lang Yin:” The difference may be intended air Salt.”The last chant niece Xie Tao Yun said:” If not because of the wind catkins.”This amazing match millennium, a time for his brother’s wife, and spread so far.Since then, the world remember the Jin Dynasty talented woman who vomit Lotus.    Throughout the ages, how much snow gives people inspiration, how many people due to snow hygiene conditions, as snow poems.Han Yu “Spring snow was too late, so wear Tingshu for fly.”Flash in the pan so that as spring snow romantic, beautiful and full of spirituality; Nalanrongruo of ‘do not have a bud, not human wealth to spend’ the high absolute talent, ideas, of course, a manifestation of the vicissitudes of it’s own.    Gentle scattered snow, sparsely lined with underground.Snow in size but the United States.    Disappeared the sun.Xue Wu of the sun, wandering Ruxu.This wandering, but also beautiful.The graceful beauty, to the United States reserved style, like “long-awaited, still holds partly concealed” born beauty.    This time, for holding a cup of weak tea, look at the crystal overlooking experience the quiet beauty of heaven and earth, either a light touch their hearts, thoughts cavity with a dash.I thought to myself, from time to time on the snow flew in front of the window pane, like in are constantly around, even for a moment it turned into a crystal drops, that is the essence of the soul of snow.Out the window, it has long been innocent child innocent laughter came, yes ah, between heaven and earth to witness this in a swirl of visual feast, who is not excited about it?Let alone children.    As night fell, under the lights in snow dance more joy.Suddenly For a moment, bustling about in the house’s hand stopped the action, a trace Qiannian driven involuntarily went to the window, Xianlian wait and see – wow!Scream disturbed the family.Looking out the window, the floor had a surprise!Deep snow, heavy joy.That was “powder makeup jade puzzle”, “snow” of, and even greater than the scenery outside the window?Any thing, only into the head, into the heart in order.Each snow days, always forget their age, childlike laughter, dance and snow, snow and song.Perhaps, deep down there will always be a complex, lingering in a love that is flawless pear-like, orchid-like elegance, there is no clear proud stained earth.This, which is the soul of the snow, right.    Heart, tinged fantasy, as if he is a snowflake, stretch the beautiful posture, light, comfortable, in between the vast world, graceful dance.