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August 25, 2018

Asan summary April 2014

Remember that should be the start of a diary after graduating from college, behind the boss said to adhere to summarize, we continue to write, and then the back of her former do not like, I stopped six months later began.To write now, I feel have become accustomed to.    Every month, a lot can write, what to write it again in May?spring?summer?Like college entrance examination is coming.    First, father and mother, then I was an obedient child, also a disobedient child.Because the father is too strong, my mom was okay, super good heart.So my article would say that a child is old to fight, because my mom is counted in the state-owned enterprise, together with young people all day.  Because the father also had been hit, so do a lot of things I do not like to tell them that it will be cursed Oh.  So when I buy a house, but also to buy all that he says, because before that, I said to buy, Dad said, get married for two years to buy.So I bought Besides, it is also like this, the pressure will be great point, because certainly can not find help at home.  Buy a car, too, they are bought only with the father said, but because I was red, and said to my father painted in black.Certainly I can not spray, and eventually got depressed.But can not change back, they subsequently disappeared.  So, I mean, some things can not tell the family Do not try to tell the family, very different point of view.  In April last year, because something was stolen, four computers as well as mobile phone, about the loss of more than 20,000, is behind casual talk, the results worried father for a long time, do a good job they could not sleep for several nights, they I could not sleep even worse.  This year’s April, I was scolded by dad.Nothing, but also to tell them the things.For us it is very simple and very common, but in their father there, but like the event, said that we must come Fuzhou.  So a lot of times can not say or do not say, whether it is good or bad.Do it quietly, silently to bear.    Second, Vulgar and Elegant I have always felt, powerful people in the world is either a good person or a bad guy, but it must be the ultimate is to be the best.But to achieve the ultimate, a lot of things will become interlinked, the saying goes, it is a large custom Daya.  Vulgar mean, what you said to drink tea, he said, well, tea is tea.  Ya man in the beginning, and it is said that tea is tea, behind that tea is not just tea, then change back the Ya say, drinking tea really is a cup of tea, but most people do not understand.The same, with the second Vulgar is the same.  April home, chatting with cousin, a lot of people do not come to talk to him.But I was okay, because I always mess.  Is a word that man ten thousand, he did pay attention to depth, so his height is very high, we chat, a friend joked that my height to my cousin’s one of 10 points.I said, I have one on his very sad.  why?We are taking a different route, he is to take the Taiga line, I go Vulgar route.  The character with the relevant, also related with the pursuit of.But I know that he will be tired, but I should be a good point.  In fact, too many things, as long as we do the most simple, well then, we do think it will go even easier.  There are not found, this world, only two kinds of people doing the best.Must be the hardest thing to do, very, very difficult thing he was out research.But it must be the easiest thing to do, as long as the difficulties he will not, he would become a little difficult simply.    Third, Tibet is not enough sometimes I regret it, but I know that this must be among the growing pain.  A few days ago on the network saw a person in the marriage, say, who marries him immediately written to the house of a woman.Finished, and being miserable, very miserable, some people say he is evicted, some say he was revenge people, some people say, bragging.  Maybe he does have a house, maybe he really wanted to do it, some things can not say, but anyway, he says it is his wrong.Words will hurt, really like this, at this point, in fact I was not good enough.  I have always said that the article should avoid writing their own good, so do not write a lot, but still wrote.  Such as writing house, writing car and the like, but fortunately, there is no other more descriptive.  On the network every day to see some people say, how much money, making millions, perhaps a lot of people said he was rarely on the surface, but was scolded badly in the back.So Tibet is really important, a lot of time, and even then can not say.  Several times been accused of thinking about my father, that is too much to me, though have been doing, but really not doing enough.  Dear, what is it easiest.You do not want to write, say you work, you say open Taobao shop, so you say you send only a drill.He certainly will not ask you, and will not let you send Taobao shop.Perhaps, this way there will be true love.  But whether or not, people die, the less of their own, to be sure, a lot less trouble, a lot more happy.    Fourth, there is no human life committed peach fate of it, maybe it will be a lot of people do not think he believes that he is the boss, but there are still some people think.  Friend recently depressed, why, because he always wanted to get married, but just can not bear, and each will be back to fight in the end be abandoned.In April, he went to a fortune-telling, figured he discovered that his own life made peach ah.  Not to mention really, really fortune teller said very accurate, he later lost hope, thinking it is estimated that can not find a wife.  For fate, I believe, I prefer to explain from a scientific point of view, such as your strength up, destined only to find a more delicate, such as your fragile, as long as you want to make progress, you can find a doomed let you rely on.  But if you delicate, but also want to be the boss, but also looking for a strong stronger, and that basically cats and dogs.  In my world, for the fate of only one word, that is, Germany, simply, that there should be good to others.Perhaps others offer all kinds of bad for us, but we must be good to others.Because I believe that social commitment.  For example, a friend’s life committed peach, I believe that to do with his good family, with his eloquent, smart brain related, although many things can not be modified, but if these people put on good, even though he himself did not become final , will be very happy.  Of course, too many people are thinking about their own good, good to let others, helping them yourself, let others loyal.That would be big trouble.  Many people will feel that their life is not good, you can look up the network to change the fate of the book.The purpose is also a word, Germany.  I have always felt that no one’s life will be good for life, the key is how we do it the day after tomorrow, go carefully.    Five, not enough soil (Capriccio with the mind) has been, I think I wrote the text than with others is considered scattered, but still not enough loose, simply put, is not enough light to light to what extent, is to light to calm it as little ripples on the surface of the lake is enough.  Because I always believe that many things are not stressed, among people rely on the heart, by the emotional connection.  Look at other people’s articles is the same, those who have been pursuing the depth of the surface results in the end become so deliberately, people have deliberately changed the.For example, we had a simple life, he was chosen to keep learning a star, spray on a lot of things that should not spray.  April, I’ve been closer to this aspect, I have always felt that life is text, text life.  As long as we have a good life, a nice detail, it is one of the best characters.  Now think about it, I had previously been a nice pretty tired, because I like to sum up things, and sometimes deliberately, thinking about when you can sort out Yaojin three tricks out like this against the three tricks to conquer the world.But, once again tempted.  Because life is like this, you may feel today this domain is very good, tomorrow will find better.  And if we want to have liquidity, straight ahead, only thing to do is to fill the gap, those who Linghu, unassailable, etc., they good internal strength, and moves it does not matter, the most important thing they can fill the gap.  What does it mean to fill the gap, that is, no matter what, are naturally very natural, but Meiyi Zhao are lethal.    Right at the fifty-one, May where I go it will definitely play, look to the scenery outside, but not really thinking about where to go, as long as the heart, where there will be harvest, perhaps the bookstore, Maybe go to the lake, maybe go home.  Heart is beautiful, where it will be beautiful.  Was right in May, began to heat up, but the fear of what is it hot, air-conditioned.It is still a good time to do things.  Another month necessary to test, not everyone nervous?I now think of before, I was very nervous very nervous and could not put down.  Advance bless everyone I know to drink do not know, 五一节快乐.Eat well, play well, good life.    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