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August 29, 2018

Blossoms wet with rain rouge

[A] busy reading poetry and literature, occasional Tu Fu “Lin spent the rain rouge wet, water Nymphoides led wind Tsui with a long” sentence, romantic chic, subtle and refined, in case of beauty, quality Exotic, feel distracted ecstatic, hoping to teach in the mouth, in her arms.My heart has long been a spring in February, full of a peach tree that flowers in the misty rain.    Heart like a lotus not stained dust, static sealing means, such as no waves.When the static force, when the movable actuator, a pen-down sections, two or three lines of text books, and send peach.Suddenly rumors Huaxinling, Jiao Hong juvenile green, this is my style.Heart like a mirror, as only the lower, when the air flow is a teenager, meditation is monk.    I’m not a poet, nor do the monks, only in this poem liquor Love Lane, comfortable opening defeat.Fences, grass track, breeze.Bridges, small waves, gate.Red fence small courtyard, a peach tree, like fire, bright pink bloom as.This is an elegant, in the mortal body, but also outside the Red.Zen, the Senate is a heart.In the non-dust to dust, do not dye in the dye, the most beautiful, is the most lonely.All I want is a brilliant lonely heart.    Daiwa expanse, the blue sky, a mountain, a river, a road leading to the outside world.I like to lie above the clouds, to sleep.Feel awake, peach to grow in the bone, but also with the taste of spring sunshine.The past is wet, it’s a tear, is the most beautiful, and that was the love.I like to put a flower into his mouth, chewing eat flowers Rui, it seems a bit cruel, but very cute.Love is a kind of self-abuse, eating flowers, love is like eating.    Curtain Dongfeng, if someone, I like to see those hands shutter of a lifetime, can not have a pair of soft hands, I want to touch, even for once.The kind of soft feel, kind of soft.If no one, I hope Dongfeng, intentionally or unintentionally, flipping it graceful curtains, there is also a “Nowata Unmanned horizontal” Zen Fun.    Lying on a chair on the balcony, holding a book, Yu, and did not see a word, on the abdomen, just for this scholarly, this taste.I do not like reading books, just like the book to hold sleep.Warm sun, I let myself be achieved without me, in this state, the sun can pass through the body, free access.Sleep quietly as if Perishable.I thought I was already dead, but the existence of a phantom, phantom better ah, a lot less to tie him down, the body can no longer imprisoned soul, and I was really comfortable in her.    In a dream to listen to the voices of flowers, listen to the sound of the leaves, listening to the breeze soft hair, the sun ethereal wings, raindrops quiver, soul dancing laughter.Quietly, listening to the birds, listen to the flowers, listening to music beautiful and sad nature.    Winter so short, not enough time to see, we must hurry to leave.Warm wind moving the curtains, garden vegetables soul, it has long been Splendor Orioles, Spring in February.    [Two] spring, wrapped in dough petals, to be approached, hand Qing Yang, in the air and drew a shallow arc, warm air, the fragrance, the drunk body, crisp heart, stagnant time.Eyes slightly together, listen carefully, hear me?River ice cracked clicking sound, the sound of frogs dens lazy yawn, the new green twigs in the passionate sound of marching.Warm season comes, thriving season is here, verdant season is here.Like fairy spring, come so amazing; like a spring urchin Xianlian, click on the jump to the front.Yesterday was still feeling some long winter, the snow was still lamenting some less, still Resentment time reminders old face, but now, my heart warm water, flower blossoms blossoms, clear air, a Xinxinran.Is spring, his hands clasped together, make a wish one by one, a string of blessing.    Poetic spring, leisurely approaching, listen, who crooned spring hymn, switchgrass is awake, or swallows of spring?Painting generally in the spring, slowly spreading, watching, who Huihaopomo outline the spring, the river is warm comfortable fish, or Smart kite in blue sky?    York Wind Comb incense, dressed in cheongsam, who was charming in spring.Lonely heart, always the most delicate, brilliant and lonely.Open into a flower, make a warm person, destined for the people, to carry a message of a branch of peach.Sprout, bud fight, to open itself as a spring, to give you.One after another, clusters, thin petals, thin core, a name called the flower of it, just waiting for you to put me in the mouth.    Spring most suitable for painting, the veteran cadres loneliness, new bonus thin, as you draw a plum it.Painting a peach or, if you prefer, there is snow only elegant plum, peach does not matter, a little frivolous, a little wave, which does not matter, I love these enchanting, youth has always been used to the fallen, is fallen to love extreme.    [Three] if rain can buy like, I buy a rain curtain, south of rain, gave the North a friend and earn a tenderness, as one lovestruck tears.Perhaps you will laugh at me..I always fantastic, in the final analysis, I am a romantic person, at least in the mind, it is a rambling man.There are always heterosexual friends to ask my age, I answer: forget.In fact, remember that age, is torment of his biggest.If you really want to ask the age, I am very sincere answer your emotional intelligence age 18, the age of 0 years old IQ.”South no all, talk presented Spray of Spring,” who I will give it spring?    Buy a curtain rain, rain and more style.A bow, spring circulation dark, wet slowly, as if a dream has just come out of buds in the misty rain.Time came from the window, sparse, scattered.I just listen to the rain the window, like.Spring should be smoking a brilliant lonely woman, dispensable smoke, optional rain, dispensable Xianchou.Rain flower, sell or spring.This is a soft afternoon, the sun is a little decadent, I will be in this a decadent out shoots.    Shortly after the beginning of spring, it is warm.If suddenly pushed open a heavy door, across the plain white, run red, Lily’s a pretty spring garden.This state of mind, and just right, very quiet, such as plain white paper, which can draw complicated season flowers in full bloom, and then complicated, is clean.This is the right of Zen.    ”There is no day, you and I, side by side enjoying the same one day.Trace of rain, tapped the umbrella; the sound of laughter, full of love.Heart jumping foot spray splashing; Feelings eye, pull the wet hair tip.Bluestone lanes, drifted away and disappeared in a cloud of edge.”Read of their own space to talk about this period, as if himself through time and space, with a man, holding hands, publicity, luxury sway youth, this is the spring bar, plenty of time, plenty of dreams.    Smell the flowers of spring, there is still breath grass, the smell of earth, I want to stand up, immediate action to grow their own in the spring.Rooting, budding, jointing, growth, open into a tree flowers, a poem, Yan Yan, cold.Painting with, not whom, just for this spring.    Wen: Sex Like chrysanthemum QQ: 171918223