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August 31, 2018

Charming Love, after years

Thoughts like a fly, light if the dream, lost in the fog, disconsolate dancing.Song all the way, all the way to chant: charming Love, who fell fingertips?Removed years, who’s confused eyes?    (A) a group of people that the sky seems to be long, long time ago, the hourglass of time has slowly lost yesterday’s story, people gradually learned to memory.  Memory, a group of people laugh heartless, wanton talk aimlessly running.We are like publicity child.But, years later, but unfortunately also a good time to throw off far, far away.Always thought, the youth is our greatest capital, have youth, we run became a banner in the wind.It is like closing ceremony will be staged in fantasy always distant horizon.So, for the reality, we are always casual.  How many broken-hearted when the literati ink with disabilities a sense of aphorisms, in my opinion, disease-free and always seemed to groan.Why, so sad, so fine?Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves, why not wander youth in happy, wipe away the youth in the text of moisture and rain?  Youth, so long, so long and wanted to rush forward grabbed the clothes of youth.After looking forward to a few years, a group of people, the light laugh, wine and song; looking at the footprints left behind, or sad or happy, or deep or shallow; look back once brilliant flowers, all the way to let us endless nostalgia.The day a group of people, one of the blue sky.Interlocking fingers, promised naive promises.    (B) a person who defined sharp edges, the end is polished by years to become not assertive, no noise.Once upon a time, I was already languishing.  Always like a person walking alone, under the warm afternoon sun; always like a person quietly listening to the throbbing of the heart, in after going to night classes under weak lights; always like a man imagination, in fanciful dreams.The afternoon sun, watching the pairs figure, looking at the throngs of people, occasionally, my heart will give birth to a sense of sad.A person, the original really lonely.Silent, do not tell, he is used to find a quiet place, looking for a soft grass, his hands clutching his knees to sit down, his head buried legs.This position is the safest way, but also our initial posture of the mother’s body.  Under weak lights, I grabbed plagioclase shadow of fear that they lost their way.Shadow told me that I am not a person walking, from beginning to end, in the shadow with me.Looking at the water generally slanting moonlight spilled on the ground, I seem to be able to clearly see a woman dressed wearing a veil, light and water in the central Manwu.Shadow told me that it was not my lonely lonely heart beating.  Abstract dream, to open the baggage of memories, my mind transitory man, struggling to ask: in the earth, there is no reincarnation millennium?Samsara, there is not a sad girl like me to wait?Unfortunately, no trace of her thousands of Baidu, when I look back, she does not dim the lights.    (C) a person, and song, and a line of people, tidy up all along the way, only to find that he really quiet.Time off is washed vanity sink into the bottom of my heart, there is only one person to chew, a person aftertaste.  Love scenery, the end is slipped fingertips; years removed, the end is confused eyes.Words, the story, too much has gone before.From a group of people to a man, my youth gradually passing away, my thoughts even more insolent.A person, group of people living definition.  A person, although all alone, however, the process of growing up, a person must be able to endure loneliness.  A man, Dead Poets Society, so messy thoughts into words, as the years exile in the sand; a man, take the provisional far, the youth chewing, the dream of flying in the blue sky.A person, I let the moment of lost youth awakens blurred in the future on the road, basking under a sun.