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October 12, 2018

A little bit in the journey of Bo Pu

What is the little happiness in the journey of Bo Pu? Happiness is a small surprise in life.    Unconsciously, today is my eighth day in Wuchuan. What I feel these days is’ pain and happiness’. The so-called’ pain’ is to go to bed late and get up early, and go to buy vegetables at 3pm in the sun. The so-called ” happiness” is, of course, the little happiness I feel here! Although it is hard to go to the countryside, happiness is always more than hard work! In fact, to be honest, this teaching is not hard, because the environment in our base and its vicinity is already very good compared with those in the backward small mountainous areas.. Ha ha, if someone asks me if I am tired of cooking and cooking every day, I will certainly not hesitate to say that I am tired, but I feel very happy because I am full of special motivation and joy for my work every day..    Every day there are many things that touch a little heart, and today is no exception. For me, the most happy thing that makes me feel today is when I am hungry, someone gives me something to eat. Someone will ask me in time whether I am hungry or not. In fact, I also admire myself very much. As a logistics team, I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone every day and cook dishes every day. I am actually hungry and really hungry..    When a person is hungry, the first thing he thinks of is food without exception.. Of course, so do I. whenever I am hungry, I especially want to eat. after getting up this morning, before breakfast is ready, I am already very hungry and especially want to eat. I asked my good roommate, Zhang Ran Duo, if he had anything to eat. I was very hungry. I didn’t expect her to say anything but ask me to go to her bed and get something to eat.. I said I ate her two buns and the rain would stop in a minute. I’m going to work on the logistics team.. As soon as I finished speaking to her on WeChat, I chewed steamed stuffed bun and went to work. I’ve been busy. I’m not free until noon today. At noon today, when I returned to the classroom where I was staying, I turned on my mobile phone to read WeChat. Wow, so moved, however, students left a message to me on WeChat: Eat, eat, don’t be hungry, there’s milk in that bag, you drink it with it, or you’ll get thirsty if you only eat bread..    Although this is a very simple thing, although it may not be worth mentioning in others’ eyes, it may be just a small and negligible thing, but it can touch me. Well moved, happiness is not far away. Happiness is right beside us. Happiness is to have something to eat when you are hungry.. Thank you, classmate Ran Duo. I’m so moved.    There are still many things that moved me during this period of teaching. For example, I’m afraid of the dark, and when I wash clothes at night, someone will accompany me and so on. I will cherish the drops I met, and thank you for meeting you!          Writing: Yao Huadi’s Review: Source of Qiu Min: Lingnan Normal University’s ” Dream Burning Together” Social Practice Team