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October 14, 2018

After the rain

The feeling of light summer rain is really good!   I didn’t have time to experience it carefully before. It happened that I wanted to run this Sunday morning, but there was a lot of water on the ground, so I had to walk and see the scenery with special charm.!     One grass, one flower, one leaf are all fresh colors. What kind of freshness is the same feeling as the clear water at the bottom! With cool, oily light lining the ground color and touching gently, it is a smooth hand.     The night’s rain reduced the scorching heat and brought the expected coolness. This is a joy from the bottom of my heart. The temperature has risen since the summer, and the spring is short, even before I could ponder it, the summer’s hurried pace has arrived. I can’t help but you’re not a little depressed.. Few people will really like the heat of summer, besides, they are really experiencing it, so they don’t want the spring festival to be full of fun.!     The night rain washed away the noisy air, just like Ming Che now, breathing feels much easier, and the joy of refreshing the heart and moistening the lungs cannot help praising the nature’s magic. People who get up in the morning are really lucky. Such enjoyment is rare! I haven’t seen the rain for a long time. I need water everywhere for such a long time. What a timely rain this is! Think about the joy of hearing thunder last night, and now I still feel the corners of the mouth smile is endless.     Looking around, the landscape trees in the square also seemed to have a lot of spirits, with the slight wind blowing, and the leaves flashing like smiling eyes: the branches of the trees on both sides drooped, and the wind passing through them was soft and washed with water.. Green spreads in the eyes. what kind of green is this? enter the eyes, follow one’s inclinations and stir up your spirit somewhere! That’s the color of life, the color of vitality!     Isn’t it, on such an early morning, these aren’t giving you a glow of youth??!