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November 2018

Ignition lamp

These days my heart is grey, and I have been in the office for ten years, and I am still a material worker in the office holding my nose.. What kind of promotion, evaluation, and evaluation of professional titles are good things that I can’t get along with. What is exasperating is that the leaders have to give me the materials of these people to polish them, saying that it is a bit like selling me and counting them with a smile..     The heavy fog wrapped the earth. I went to the morning shift and walked to the corner of the narrow alley. My bike suddenly bounced and I flipped over.. The glasses also fell off. I felt for half a day in the potholed ground and only felt the glasses frame. People are unlucky enough to drink cold water and plug their teeth! I had to take a leave to go to the hospital because I had to spend more than 100 yuan with a mirror.. Waiting, queuing, optometry, grinding lenses . Ah, I spent half a day in the hospital.     The sky is not beautiful, and the dark days for a long time finally shed tears. I went back to my office in the rain and buried myself in a computer. Dinner was dealt with with with two loaves of bread, and all the materials were not finished until 11 o’clock at night. It is not yet known whether they can pass smoothly in front of the leaders tomorrow.. After all, it will take me a few miles to go back by bike with an umbrella – to walk the narrow alley again. The alley is dark. Go to the corner. Hey, what’s the matter? What about the light that lights up every night? How did it happen that the rain was gone? I got off the bus. Suddenly the light in front of me lit up. No, it was a flashlight. The light swept towards me and followed the road in front of me all the time.. I wonder, then loudly ask, who is it? Children, be careful, the rain is deep in the corner, you don’t ride a bike. It was the voice of an old woman. Under the light, the potholes became a muddy sea.. Under the lights, I carried my car smoothly through the sea. I said gratefully, grandma, you go back to sleep! Where is the lamp on your window? The old woman waved the light, broke it and broke the cable. I took off my bike, granny, and I’ll set you an electric light tomorrow. The feeling is good, walk slowly! Children! Grandma’s voice was full of smiles.     At noon the next day, I came to grandma’s house. This is a few low-rise old houses, which are not in harmony with the tall buildings around them.. I knocked at the door, granny. I’m coming. Oh, come in! I haven’t bought a line yet! I have. Where is your switch? There! I followed the direction of grandma’s fingers and saw the switch box. I unscrewed the lid and soon secured the cable. I wanted to check all the old man’s wire switches, but I didn’t see the wires. Only a light bulb was installed on the window of the three rooms.. Grandma, why is there only one light bulb in your home? Son, I don’t need it. I’m blind! I just looked at granny: fold the faces of the buildings and the eyes are deeply sunken. Oh, the lamp on the window was lit by the old man for others. It was the old man’s heart lamp!     The old man told me that over the years she has sent away her wife, son and daughter – in – law, and now she and her granddaughter are the only ones in the family studying in Beijing.. I sincerely sigh with emotion, grandma, you are too unfortunate. Children, don’t say that. I have any difficulties with the government, and everyone has helped me solve them..My grandson is very filial and will soon take me to Beijing. I live happily.. People will always encounter some gullies and ridges when they live. You have to find a way to get past them! You said so, didn’t you?     In the evening, I passed the hutong again, and I saw the lamp far away. Come near, I’m standing under the light, grandma, do you see it? The light is on again! Hey, I drove it. Can I not see it? Children can see everything as long as their hearts are clear.     Yes, as long as my heart is clear, I can see everything. My heart suddenly brightens.

I made a firefly

The night gave me black eyes, but I used it to look for light. My life gave me a pair of eyes that can sense day and night. I will use it to sense everything around me, the sound of everything and the sound of everything’s heart. In the radiance of all things, purify your heart and be a pure person. I know it’s hard. Under the pure blue, it is an endless plateau, a cold and lonely plateau; My heart will be safely stationed, in a moment of block, let imagination gallop without limit.     Because of love, we are tolerant; Because of tolerance, we love. This covers all love, flooding, sweeping me. Standing in the young mood, it has collapsed, but I still stubbornly guard this corner of the sky, looking for a world to go back to. Sometimes tears fall, it’s not fragile, it’s stubborn; Later, I shook my head and couldn’t define the plot of deja vu in the world, which was fortunate and unfortunate..     In this world, our wings are given to the wind. It was born by the wind. Our will continues to inject vitality into it. Our wings are heavy in setbacks and our eyes are gloomy. When spring comes, all things change their decadent faces, and we also rise up at the historic moment.. In fact, life is just like the four seasons. It is full of joys and sorrows, gains and losses in adversity. They consume our lives and make life go on to an old age..     In this world of mortals, all the love I have received from me is the sunshine of my life. Those warm voices and words. Of course, I also know that people can’t just want to harvest, but also to cultivate, irrigate and dedicate.. And my personal strength is so small. My face is somewhat humble and even obscene. I am not a singer, but I want to sing. I have the feelings of a singer and the unyielding soul of a singer. This true color shows its glimmer in the world like a firefly.. Fluorescent. It’s also light. Even though he was small, he also flew tirelessly in the world. He had a shining heart. There is no powerful and unconstrained style, no wind, no fire, no boom; There is no energy to illuminate all things.


The blare of the blare whistle broke the quiet night of the coal town. In this bustling night market, several places are enjoying themselves? Several sorrows? Several trips? A few romantic places? The train from the direction of the capital raced into the platform, which will take me down the road to my hometown to bid farewell to this dark land and gray sky and bid farewell to this quiet night in April.. Don’t, all right! Don’t, all right! I don’t want to indulge in your rotten soft arms any more. Three years of rose-like youth here have been abandoned by Iraq.. I can’t forget to weave the dream of overpass again and again. I can’t forget the deep alleys of Chen Jiagang. I can’t forget the dog barking in the middle of the night in the alley. I can’t forget the funny scenes in the cinema. I can’t forget the morning when white shoe polish was used as toothpaste.. That’s the rotten part of my youth. It’s really fallen to its peak! What rich and precious knowledge, know a few professional terms, what gentle and beautiful girlfriend, even few heterosexual friends, take away lest only half a hundred books that have not been read in the luggage with heavy notes. Sitting in front of the beauty salon was a beautifully dressed morden girl with her legs crossed, unforgettable! Seeing her can arouse my strong sexual desire. White tender skin, red and fleshy lips, soft and open breasts, if they are closer, they seem to smell the plumes of fragrance evaporating from her nakedness. If she leans over and you stand on tiptoe again, you can see her heady cleavage, the big tits without bra.. My god! If you can give me such an Yifu as nakedness and flattery, so that her soul and body will be completely owned by me and I will die 18 times. No place to vent youth anguish in the cold and lonely bed so stored one, one, and another spring. Look at the decadent and old appearance in the mirror, what pure love, what burning sensual desires, that’s all! Just now! I love myself, I love myself!     Coming to see me off are L Jun, who has long curly hair and is quite artistic, and H Jun, who is addicted to the Internet all day long. Earlier, several classmates who insisted on giving me a ride were declined by me one by one. I don’t like the solemn and stirring separation, and I don’t want to indulge my clear tears in front of all the gentlemen.. On the bus, I took the luggage that L Jun and H Jun had brought to me in Midian, but it has not been put properly, and the car body has moved forward slowly in unconsciousness.. I ran to the window, but forgot that it was a dark night. Ladies and gentlemen, take good care of yourself! Wishing you all the best in your future life. I stacked my bags by a door that wouldn’t open at the end of the flash and looked inside along the trunk. There weren’t many people.. On the car chair, there were half – squinting people sitting, whole bodies lying down, some with bare fingers and feet, and a few empty places.. Sir, is there anyone here? ‘ I’m like a beggar begging along the street, hoping to get a favor from my master. Looking at the expression of my fellow countrymen dying and dying, listening to a’ yes’ word they squeezed out of their yellow teeth for half a day, I was really desperate like death. Sleeping compatriots, rest assured and sleep well! I will never burst your sweet Eden dream or the gold rush dream, in which you continue to say, ” Oh, yes.”! My baby, how nice! very good! ‘ I dragged my tired and floating body back to the sky of my own. On the other side of the door, there was a barking foreign dog crouching in front of the door. Oh, my God! The damned beast actually turned that into a toilet, and soon shook his tail despondently to find his faithful master.. The stench evaporated from the excrement of foreign dogs mixed with the foul smell flowing out of the toilet is the most effective emetic. I really want to apply for a patent in the Patent Office, maybe I can get a commendable royalty. ” Where is the fresh oxygen? Give me fresh oxygen! Dear compatriots! Compatriot! I owe all my misery to you now. Human civilization is manifested in you. Your noble qualities and sentiments have really reached the peak of the mountain.. Just now! Just now! I don’t think I will die before dawn.    From the half-open window, gusts of night wind blew in. The wind before dawn in April was still full of biting tenderness. Eyes against the wind, through the window, no mountain, no building, only a few stars faint lights outside. Suddenly, I wanted to be a scholar like Xu Zhimo and Yu Dafu and write some sober and gorgeous poems for this night. But what else can I write besides some sentences that have a deep and unwritten style? Just now! Just now! I don’t write to intimate lovers or close friends. I write to myself and myself.! Many years later, in the broken words, I was able to support a long bamboo pole and take a small boat to the Dream Garden to look for the old dream I had left when I was young.. Sitting on the luggage and leaning back on the car body, he fell asleep.     When I woke up, the car had reached the end and the sky was bright. Out of the station, hit the motorcycle, got on the China – Pakistan bus, got off the three rounds, and got home in the evening when it was getting dark.. The village woman who has been standing at the village gate for a long time is my mother who is over half a hundred years old.

Guishan Island View the Sea

Last year’s National Day holiday lasted several days in the south. The most impressive thing was watching the sea on Guishan Island..     On October 6, at 10: 00, we boarded the ship from Xiangzhou wharf to Guishan Island. The sea water in Xiangzhou District is a light grass green with yellow green, while when it is near Guishan Island, the sea water is clear, bluer and bluer, and the sea is closer to the color of blue sky.. The waves of the sea are vast and the endless momentum is shocking.     Soon Guishan Island arrived, which is very close to Macau in the west, Lantau Island in Hong Kong in the north and Shenzhen in the north, and is known as the intersection of ” one country, two systems”. The car passed through the streets of Guishan Town, climbed up the green mountain forest to the west, drove left and right for a while, and then stopped in front of a two-story building in the local barracks on the hillside, which was the hostel for the resident troops..     The soldiers who served us gave us a rest and then went to the seaside.. There are stone tables and benches in the courtyard of the hostel, and the green stones are polished smooth and smooth by the careful soldiers.. Standing here in the vast sea area, you can see everything in a glance, enjoy tea and watch the sea, and have a special interest.. My memory of the sea comes from the song I love the blue sea regulations from primary school to high school. Gorky’s participation in the song ” Haiyan” and ” Ba Jin’s participation in the sea sunrise regulations” were dismembered by the teacher, and my understanding of the sea is still vague.. For decades, I looked forward to the sea and dreamt about it more than once. This time, I really saw the sea. Her vast expanse and mysterious blue suddenly shocked me..     I stubbornly believe that a person should be close to the sea once in his life. Her boundless blue can make people feel their insignificance and ignorance and destroy the self-enclosed castle of consciousness in people’s hearts.. In addition, I would like to step on the coast and touch the sea at zero distance. I would like to personally feel what the ocean tide sound is and see how the waves roll around the rock. This time, I finally touch the sea at zero distance. Why not keep up with the new trend and ups and downs?! I feel vaguely that what I have been looking for on the journey of life may be such a sea.     The huge white rock on the green mountain ridge, half volleyed, and a Shan Ying held his head up as if he was not reposing, but enjoying the beautiful scenery of the coast. Does he also want to break through the bottleneck of life and look for the philosophical subject that troubles life as I do?? With such a fine seashore, life can be bold and romantic. Shan Ying turns a blind eye to the birds twittering in the sky above him..     From here, I can see clearly the Diaoteng Bay, the garbage tail island, the deep blue sea water, the impact of sea waves on rocks and the splashing of white water curtains.. The stones, large and small, are strewn at random, which the most brilliant gardener can’t create. Turning around Diaoteng Bay, there was a long artificial seawall in the distance. The fishing boats on the water in the dike stopped for several rows, with hundreds of boats, just like the fishermen basking in the fish on the dock, and placed neatly. There are fishing boats, merchant ships, coming and going, sirens, and huge sea ships at the farthest point, like a mountain, standing firmly on the sea, but it is white. We found out that it is a life-saving ship at sea, because the coastal defense forces guard it day and night, the fishermen are carefree and live and work in peace and contentment. Only then can we enjoy the beautiful natural picture of Guishan Island with ease and contentment.. If you’re sleepy, it’s also nice to sit in the camp hostel house near the window to see the sea. The window is like a view frame. You just have to move your eyes..     An hour later, under the leadership of the resident soldiers, we rode to the highest landing point of Guishan ship’s hero, Diaoteng Bay, and walked step by step from the hillside of Guishan to the beach of Diaoteng Bay on Junk Tail Island. The first scene was the Guishan Hero Monument.. I bowed deeply to the PLA soldiers who were buried here. Martyrs’ Cemetery is very small, a small monument, a half-body statue of the PLA hero, and the memorial site is just as big as the farm yard. However, the sea here is deep blue, with many strange rocks and steep slopes, and the terrain is very dangerous, indicating that the battle here was very fierce half a century ago.. The officers and soldiers in the compound cleaned up the area and dressed it solemnly, making people respect the heroes. From here, the stone steps winding down to the bottom of the sea are neat and beautiful. Iron pillars are installed on the rocks by the sea and connected by chains, which are the crystallization of the sweat of the officers and soldiers stationed there.. Through the winding coastal boulders and cliffs, let the waves come out of the crevices, lick my feet of the northwest landlubber, and listen to the wave after wave’ swish – swish – swish’ rushing through, the long-term worries and unhappiness that have settled in my heart are fading away.. The big and small stones by the sea are round edges and corners, not ferocious, not sharp. Standing or sitting on a huge rock in the bay is the sound of the tide striking the rock in a rhythmic way, except for the sound of a whistle or two coming and going from far to near.. Sometimes ships try quietly from the sea in front of you, just like kites flying in the blue sky. If you focus on the sound of the waves, then the boat that honks the flute seems to pass through your heart.. I suddenly thought of attending the wonderful sound of the ” Regulations” of the Puranas, the Sanskrit sound of the tides, and the sound of the world’ these words’. According to Buddhist scriptures, Guanyin Bodhisattva can observe the sounds of the world and save suffering, ” thousands of places pray for thousands of responses, and the sea of suffering is often used as a boat for crossing people”, hence the name of the wonderful sound, which is like the sound of the sea and can be heard everywhere. If the tide has a flood and responds to it, it is called the sound of the tides. ”. The tide sound has been given the message of truth. After all, what is her rhythmic tide sound venting to all sentient life for hundreds of millions of years? If these stones are placed in the mountains in northwest China and stand on the bank of Jinghe River, they may not be able to activate people’s thoughts and feelings, but here they become sentient and enchanting..     Those rocks with a unique posture are full of bright red poems and inscriptions by celebrities and painters.. The flame of thought shone brightly. There are ” eternal waves” and ” sea spirits” and ” fresh air” and huge pages with thousands of words.. Walking in the sound of the waves, walking through the pages of stone pages while listening to the tide, reading and reading those words, the stones are no longer stones, some of them are like soldiers holding guns, and they are mighty and inviolable. Some beautiful Jiangnan gifted scholars in Wanyang thought passionately before they saw Diaoteng Bay and went to Sea Ragwood Bay, stepping on the white waves in the sand and rushing in the waves..     The children of the same trade are the most happy. The front waves wet their trousers and just receded. Before people could move their feet, the back waves came again, reaching over their knees and dodging. People joined together with the rolling waves. Surrounded by the waves, people were just a spray. People left and the waves still pushed each other.. Standing at the height of Ngau Tau Island to watch the sea, the October sea was very calm, the sea was clear and smooth, the beach waves were gentle, the fishing boats in the inner bay were silent, and the pedestrians in the harbor were 3322, giving people a kind of serenity and serenity. This is a heart-nourishing bay..     The night in Guishan is quiet and the night sky is naturally dark, because the stars fall on the sea – that’s the light on the fishing boat in Guishan Town. Fishermen use colored lights to catch fish at night. The sea is more lively at night than during the day, and the sound of the ship’s horse chimes in.. From time to time there were insects singing in the grass beside the beach road, singing vividly, and setting off the night here with extra peace. All this seems to be no different from the quiet night in the mountain village in the mainland. Only the moist and fresh sea breeze makes me feel that the night here is different from the night I spent before..     After swimming the seawall, eating seafood from restaurants in the town, and returning to the hostel on the mountainside, I felt sleepy. I felt lethargic on such a refreshing, quiet and fresh island night, which was a bit of a waste of beautiful time.. There is a kind of thoughts from the bottom of my heart, rushing through the city for days. I was held by an indescribable thing, drifting in an inertia and feeling a little numb.. Only when I arrived in Zhuhai and Guishan did I regain my air, and my spirit began to increase, listening to the tides in the sea, stepping on the waves in the wind, and stepping on the sand to pick up seashells. I was full of pride again..     In Zhuhai, I was lucky enough to bathe in the sea like Guishan Island, and let my heart focus on the pure blue of the sea, rest assured that the vast expanse of the sea, let my beautiful thoughts pass through my heart and enjoy only the quiet, clear and clear beauty in my heart. Is this the wonderful sound of ” winning the world”?!

forty years old

The day before yesterday, I stayed up all night. As a result, I haven’t recovered from the two days.. When I went to cheer volleyball in the morning, I was breathless, dizzy, palpitations and panic in less than half an hour. Everyone said I was extremely pale.. Point of view, is really old, forty years old, later have to go easy!     Today, I began to face up to my 40 – year – old age. When this thought comes out, I feel melancholy and bitter in autumn.. Ziyun: forty won’t be confused. Forty true can not be confused? In my opinion, only Confucius and other thinkers can do it? I had also expected me to be broad-minded and elegant at the age of 40, steady and steady, and without doubt. Can everything decent, vision; No longer melancholy, no longer expect; Happiness is to be mature and insipid, and peace of mind is to be trivial and mediocre. Since then, we have lived a life of crystal clear, calm and calm, with no confusion … Ah, however, our little woman has reached the age of doubt, but she still sighs, laments and confuses a lot.!     The wrinkles that started to appear on my face remind me that I am middle – aged, and I understand that no matter how much confusion I feel, I have to be proud and cool, frustrated and calm. Whether or not you are overwhelmed by old or small responsibilities, you have to be full of ambition and confidence.. When you feel depressed, you should learn to laugh at it. When you are at war, you should learn to endure like a bystander.     Some people say that middle age is a kind of mood, enjoying peace and peace after experience, deep and profound, open-minded and mature. Some people say that middle age is a kind of feelings, close to life, walk into the heart, care for relatives and coordinate personnel. Some people say that middle age is a kind of self – restraint, magnanimous, self-discipline and self – restraint, with everything in the sea and everything in the river. Some people say that middle age is a kind of temperament, elegant and generous, natural and unrestrained and calm, broad-minded in the depth, calm in the reserve, self-cultivation in the aplomb and modesty in the boldness. Some people say that middle age is a kind of happiness, joy and stir in experience, love and pain in emotion, insipid and trivial in life, warmth and care in family, pursuit and struggle in career, expectation and heavy trust in society, work and experience, fame and benefit, relief from laughter and bitter taste have all become songs of life in the life of forty years old and become wealth of the soul..     Alas, whether it’s confusion or regrets, whether the past years have been ignorant or frivolous, I have already traveled on the way to know my destiny. I am used to spring flowers and autumn moon, sunrise and sunset. Looking down on the clouds, rolling clouds, ebbing tides and rising tides have deepened the hearts of the world and warmed Leng Qing. However, the boat of the soul is still bumping in the emotional wave. After all, the red lotus is still in full bloom and the castle peak is still not old!

Flower fall

The feeling of emptiness.   I used to like wandering, thinking it was a free life, thinking that I could start a new world in a strange place and how good I am.. Later, after so many times of tossing and turning, I discovered that I was so helpless.   After getting tired, I want to have a shoulder to lean on. Tired, can have a warm embrace; A group of friends were happy. If a person is wandering and wants to know so many people, it’s not bad to have too many friends, but it won’t be long before he wants to be separated. How can he really treat his friends who are not talkative??   Season after season. How many feelings are no longer so obvious. Very not easy to fall in love with a person who is good to oneself, so don’t want to let go. Very not easy to let oneself get used to different treatment, so love dearly. Very not easy, walk so long. How many more years will stand the burden of the heart, but it is better to get used to it?   Being a light person is so difficult. The complicated procedure of bearing, walking and stopping, stopping and walking, when can we truly be safe? The experience without turning point will not be understood. I don’t say anything about your life. I don’t say anything about my life. Everyone cried and everyone understood it.. There is no qualification to talk about who and who. Also have no qualification to complain, only blame yourself for not being well.   How I hope my parents will be healthy and safe, how I hope to have a loved one to accompany me for the rest of my life, how I hope to have a good friend to embrace me, and how I hope everyone can be safe and happy..   I love only one person all my life. I can always have a person to accompany me. No matter how far away, I won’t be lonely..   Flowers fall, water accompany wandering more safely; Flowers fall, so wither how quiet; Flowers fall, season after season, and so on until death. Not greedy, not extravagant, she regrets not having that heart, but I think she is so beautiful as that.   At this age, in addition to parents, no one has been accommodating to who, no one has been accompanying who. I don’t think that’s realistic. But have you ever thought that if you can accompany a person, feel young, old and true with him, share joys and sorrows like family members, have joys and sorrows, and have ups and downs, it is unusual and wonderful!   But . ah, the fallen petal is intentional and the flowing water is merciless.