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December 2018

Abba Valley.In fact, I love you Groundhog Day Winners

Abba Valley.In fact, I love the first time you see a word in the “Reader”, her father’s past life lover.So if you were reincarnated I want to be your daughter.This is the life I promise.Dear Abba Valley: I rarely call your father, I am really very little.Most of my photos are calling you boss or Abba Valley.A few days ago you promised me to accompany me to the future will be the Pamirs, make me laugh for a long time.About you, the two of us is the enemy.I had the knife means that you, not self-willed.I remember because the sheep run quickly led me to now running speed quickly.This will have the advantage every time you hit me after him, I ran a considerable speed in front of you always fail to recover in the back.It may only be limited to my childhood.In my eyes you are my God, you only junior high school when I was on the third day of every time I can not stand those damn math problems.Will you help me understand, though you will not solve the equation, but it will help me row equation.After high school, I go home once two weeks.You always pick me, one to the regiment, no matter how many people you’ll pick up my two turns.I was holding you, just like in the palm of your hand, like.I remember when I first learned to dance, you teach.I remember that we will always explore a lot of problems, because as we like.There are three people in this world call me baby, you, grandmother Valley, as well as sister.I know you are the only person in the world will not leave me.Your mother often quarreled, 19-year-old mother called me the night before, I hear you loud I’ve been crying at the other end.I called you on the phone, I cried and said I want you home.You say you can heartless mother, but you could not bear I cried and begged you.Sometimes think about it, I am very happy to have you.But I never said I love you for you.Every man who came to play, you drink to accompany them, but let me accompany them to drink more.On the third year, you know I feel bad.You always give me a message, but never punctuation, harm to myself every time I punctuate.But you will always be a touch of that many unfortunate people than I am, so I’m in a good state of mind to meet the college entrance examination.I tell you baby boys in our class I call him uncle, he always bully me.You smiled and said to me, you tell him next time he went to school bully you and me to pack him.Groundhog Day Winners And you still swagger said to me, you have to tell him your dad fight very powerful.You know I like the rain, the family hung his poster.Every one has heard from him you would say, your boyfriend came out of the baby Come.College, I alone in this.Groundhog Day Winners And you’re always afraid I do not take care of myself, so I feel bad for a person to get out.Tell you money, you give me.That day, you say baby I missed you.After you have finished with the phone kiss me.I find that you have no use for a long time your beard slag me.Your 40th birthday that year, I saved money to buy all of them for a long time charging razor.You took the box packaging, a luxury that I.But then my mother can tell you it baby.We are friends, you will see the boys and girls turned me then comment.Occasionally we have to discuss, and I’ve seen the bad guys is how to excel.You know I like Wu Dengyun, so you say you come with me to my home Pamirs.While you and I were born from my mother began to quarrel, fight.But one thing is the same as you, you love me.I asked you, I am your daughter you?You say which parents do not love their children.You give me growing sense, I always know.Finally, I said to myself Abba Valley, in fact, I really love you.Related Links:

8 big girl compulsory “in love scheming” Explode Your charm!

8 big girl compulsory in love scheming to detonate your charm!Smart woman knows, in order to enhance their charm, scheming woman will Dances.So as not to make their own trends in fashion, you can not find a personality of their own charm; and can make its own charm in the shortest possible time to get the biggest upgrade.Eight compulsory woman in love scheming to help you enhance the charm, to be a smart girl!1 person must find their own true love, not to find people who love their man to remember before and after marriage are two different worlds, he loves you now does not mean a lifetime love you.Many people hold an argument, clever woman find love themselves, not to find their loved ones.Reflect carefully, you find someone, he loves you, but you do not love him, you can really happy it?With a man who did not love live life, you can really happy it?Furthermore, said a man, he loves you now, we still love you so in the future it?In a general sense, man before and after marriage is a big difference, especially in some men chasing you, love eachother, so after the catch, 180-degree turn immediately attitude.So, before you accept a person who loves you, you make it clear.Of course, if you can find someone who wants to love each other, that is the most perfect, if not, recommend, to find their own true love, at least this way, you pay for him you do not regret.2 Do not expect reliable man, we must first find a reliable person who can not find their own true love, then at least to find a reliable person.What is a reliable person, in short, it is that you can rely on people.First, the character was decent, some girls do not care about this, special like playboy type, bad boy type.These people need to entrust his life, you have to be careful.These people simply do not fly, how you rely on?Reliable man easy to find, at least to find a fly.3 character is a necessary but not sufficient condition is critical, how to see how a person can not simply look at what he has done for you, it is important to see the essence of a person.Because, he is likely to do something in acting, putting on a show.But just because good people, this does not constitute make you reconsider the conditions of good character is a necessary, but not all,.4 Guizhongmiyou if not the whole letter simple little girls used to come across anything close friend seeking to find ideas, but the life of a major event to others, always wrong.Such a thing, however, is also the own mind.No matter how good your relationship with close friend, also can not represent you, because you always are two separate individuals, you aesthetically, it is customary, the inclination, the pursuit of.There will always be nuances such as.No matter how people say that he must have an idea.Even worse is that now a lot of boys chasing women well versed in the road, one of which is to get a close friend by your side, both hardware and software, plus confuse isolated, let you into submission in the confusion.5 ethereal romantic love will make the same ethereal little girls like romance, you’re right.Is a romantic mood, but also a feeling hard to come by, but not completely just love romantic, romantic love is only a small part.Emphasizes two people love each other, not just the sky gardens, a mirage, these ethereal romance is certainly beautiful, but still did not go far.If you as a little bit of romance to be touched, not to see the essence of the problem, will one day come to regret.6 to give up everything for love is not worth the girls love cherish very sacred vision.Yes, love is sacred, but it is sacred because it is sacred in love but your life more exciting, not because of love, to make your life more bleak.Because girls have a lot of love to give up the home, give up family, whether right or wrong, but you have to think about it, are you in the end worthwhile.And some girls for her boyfriend’s preferences, go to plastic surgery, after failing to disfigurement, abandoned by her boyfriend also abound.7 Do not take youth when the chips are a gift of God’s grace, it is to cherish, to taste, not for gambling chips.Many simple tasks themselves invincible youth girls, unruly behavior and therefore, arbitrary.But the era of youth, after all, immature, do not know how to cherish this period of time, to be youth is past and repentant.Youth is an accumulation of age, rather than the root causes of bold.8 do not think they suddenly realized the truth very mature one or two people, and suddenly from books or lectures to understand one or two seemingly very profound truth, they think they have matured.You know, you that in itself is very immature, real mature person, first of all have their own thinking people, they can calmly analyze other people’s words, analyze problems, social analysis.For others and not easily moved by one or two sentences on.Even many celebrities have said, when border migration, but also the careful analysis of the.A person without their own ideas, can not always be mature.A sign of maturity is that first of all do not be fooled people.Note 🙁 Benpian by finishing small series network, belongs to original author, if infringement, please contact me, I will take the first deletion process!)

[Buckle fingers hand hard knot]

[Hand] hard knot fingers clasp text: wandering frost on a photo of ancient and modern, ink Fu sadness sing millennium, blood soaked every word, sentence tears, how!Several people come to know their true meaning? By the window lift eye, look at the leaves wind volume, thin smoke emanation Sleeves about dip cold, dull looking north, actually prompting cheeks covered trickle dropwise lapel.- a lapel feelings to whom?At this time every night, two lines of nostalgia hanging Shuangsai, Unspoken, want to say no one come to know, this situation worries people were emaciated.Resentment Zhiyuan, hand printed hard fingers buckle, according to the perennial solitary exile floor.When Si Yi Sheng pole, have a cup with two square plot to eliminate the worry heart!    Long night, endure bitter dawn, shadow flickering candle, to accompany me on the West.Noisy noisy sound, such as boiling water to penetrate people’s eardrums, the bleary-eyed and slightly weary people now, once again driven out of that cast reinforced concrete pouring extra square.At this point, meaning the baby’s crying, laughter primary school students, adults of sound wrist and hurried footsteps, banging pots and pans, gas car horns, the cries breakfast, one after another, ears let the dust precipitation night, once again rising boil Yang. I also dragged the body tired, import the flow of people, for basic necessities, such as a module running in the annual law standard three-point line to go in labor.For this situation, I have looked very numb, no passion at all, let alone what love and fun, just to seek life tariff, we had to repeat the operation of such mechanical inertia.Because this life, there is no self at all, as long as you like computers, respect the others can be programmed management.Everything you do, others are in application to monitor and control settings, you only need to operate according to instructions, can not crash, but can not enter self operation and trouble-free standby mode, all the time must also be shielded variety strange viruses and spam to dip attack, otherwise, your movement will occur due to the negative crash type crash too much garbage! I dragged his exhausted empty shell, import flow of people coming and going in a hurry, toward the cage seek life tariff.Road, people look tired under the night to call home (B & B) in time, there has not been alleviated through the night to rest people sleepy, are rushing toward the destination streets away!Pupil of the eye into the scene, people within the pupil of the eye is full of dark colors, reflects the atmosphere people feel very dull and depressing, dull and even the air seemed thin, slightly difficult when people are breathing!Only small groups that kid actor who, carrying bags of different colors, different taste eating breakfast, chattering, laughing and joking with the frivolity to school.However, on this road like the dawn sun, that ripped the mask dark shades in front of my eyes, my mind went to swing the dull haze, let me focus Magic issued passion for life! Then there is the probe Tanqian snacks, street corner, bus stations, printed with both hands, fingers interlocking couples, all his face was glowing with the joy of happiness, or bounce walking to work, or from time to time Looking forward to waiting for the bus, or standing in both the selection of the breakfast snack Tanqian, no matter what the scene, they always infatuated love strong holding hands, fingers clasp knot.Clasp fingers, fingers buckle, interlocking fingers of one mind, to clasp to tie the knot of the vows, the future held hostage better vision and hope, happiness held hostage, held hostage unyielding of life, pain and held hostage to challenge the secular unwavering love. However, things change, the fortunes of dependency.In the corner, a couple holding fingers buckle, walking on the zebra crossing, was directly hit by a speeding car from Audi unconscious.Until rescue personnel arrived, they did not release the clasp fingers too, and even health care workers do not have the heart to separate them in Heart interlocking hands, both directly carried to an ambulance together!After oral colleague, Audi owners, because of the time with friends at night to drink too much, get up in the morning or until the unconscious, due to rush to work, had to bite the bullet and drove the company to catch up.That thought, that he was not sober, creating a direct others coma.Hey panoramic view heart is one kind of withdrawal Grilled rib-like bone pain, a sense of helplessness only after more than lament, saying that forever, track what Japan, longer, death only in the moment.Helpless, only silently pray, pray for the injured a speedy recovery, holding that coveted fingers buckle, the street people to come into the field of view again! Apart from meditation, you snap my fingers once again surfaced in my mind.When we double Flying resting place, after I wash off work, according to oblique implantation always like reading books, playing games or oblique according to the article code on the sofa.You are always in my sit, closely link with my left hand.At first, I really not used to, Johnson thought it was love, your hands are always Shuaikai.However, every time your baby stand up trouble.Slowly I got used interlocking fingers dependent, if not the day I grabbed your hands linked together, really makes my heart feel empty, it is not used, always feel like what was lacking, and he was not at ease. But said things change really unpredictable, original vow with interlocking fingers away, the heart of India two fingers never buckle, to today’s two difficult to pull the hand from across the sea.That sigh get good luck really helpless, I withhold your heart, but could not buckle your body, hard to force ruthless life will drag you in his hometown, the harsh reality of living my wandering exile forced on the ground on the cusp.Think your thoughts, every night I scrambled, often waving empty, apart awakened sigh softly! Deserted room to rent, very few people come to your hospitality, empty and lonely thoughts unusual activity, recalling the past thought the future, is very anxious people irritable.In order to dissipate boredom calm thoughts, I often a person walking alone in our interlocking fingers to wander through the streets, into the eye of the scenery has not changed, still the familiar layout, but less your company, mind always think empty the limbo land, so I can not always peaceful!   If life really began to take forever to stay in, there would be so many, the trip scattered and unpredictable Indian life to death to the pain, there will be more time and loved interlocking fingers printed form, regardless of leave, let him rotate sun and the moon and no sorrow!Affiliated with each other in accordance with, though he squandered the fleeting sun and the moon turn, but each accompanied overwhelmed in and watch the water floating leaves, fold a laugh red makeup Yan. If available, you look at my pear tree flower rain, wind load an elegant, but also a ray of Su Chen Xi Xianghun fall close to a basket, and research into light ink Fu verse, chorus on the mantle, Yu Zhi Lan, buckle live fingers heart of India.Even to, Xin wind screens add fun dance, drunk fans mind soul, Xiao Sheng Nianqi a blow, blowing wake Yilianyoumeng blame the wind is wrong, and wrong wind, the wind is wrong, missed the pear tree Shu sleeves, He missed the light ink to music singing, missed the first floor, in accordance with fingers interlocked.Acacia cheeks flow drops, drop two drops of dozens of drops, are to be cold cemented worry!Yangtianchangtan final mistake and missed! Missed the!QQ: 2651794183 (Yun Ningkang)