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January 2019

Love, quiet, if only snow; such as Hong Mei Xin (original author: misty clouds)

Love, quiet, if only snow; such as Hong Mei Xin original author: misty clouds QQ 1660469412 individual micro letter GYR197927 * pick a fleeting shadow over the broken wheel flipped Juyi Peng snow glimmering white illuminate the thoughts of sleep * hundred thousand turn back the dream ah you faint now snow white wins now holding a flute, personable me in Rainy time of journeying journeying to watch you * you are my life the most beautiful page in colorful bright colors and I want it binding make it into a book is not old by the time of the transfer * along the trail quietly, quietly read you read you that a ray of warmth lingering Yin you that I, talented Smirnov * so quietly quietly hide you in mind the softest place to cherish for life and never forget themselves * miss Shiba filled Mouguang Oh my tears fell just drop it all through the life of a read like that * still recite the brightest stars at the zenith affectionate poems month child leaning on the arms of clouds lingering infatuation * winter night, the quiet silence silence silence is an elegant mood is a passion of love * love, quiet, if only the snow so quietly and quietly make love to float in the air so quietly, quiet Let love * love flying, such as Hong Mei Xin so quietly, quietly bloom so quietly, quietly fragrance * (misty clouds original)

Love is the greatest motivation: a college student entrepreneurship, emotional experience

Inscription: This article is a bit long, but if you have time, then recommend that you look at, I believe this article will give you a deep feeling emotionally and career, and can you imagine what will happen attract.  To Shanghai for five years, and has been a rapid leap in their careers, the bitterness of life had a section of.However, looking back now it seems, the past five years also this is the ultimate opportunity to become upset me going, so I have a pretty good living conditions currently.7 million worth of some brothers who may be trivial, but I think most of my friends has not reached this state may be temporarily.Not the slightest meant to brag, I know a lot of my friends will be successful, so much stronger than I would be interested in my experience, I decided to settle down, to write a good character, hope it will not let friends down.  Today my heart have a clearer idea, and that is: love, only love, is one of the best power successful man, the most appropriate power.And certainly not their own vanity, or so-called ambition.As a man, the first thing that you need to have your true love.It will be like an atomic bomb, like the ability to inspire you, make you break out the infinite power, God will move you.Such a state is everyone’s dream state.  My friends, maybe you do not agree with me, let’s not busy arguing, you look at my experience and see if it makes sense.  1, 1999 in Shanghai, I quit my job just distribution of state organs, from Xinjiang to Shanghai.I was smug, I think on its own efforts and will be able to gain a firm foothold in this metropolis, setting their own piece of the sky.  I majored in economics and management, was not sensible, since, as the high, to Shanghai I was stupid: Such people simply do business, they want people who have certain skills, one can Officers, like me the actual work is not done people have the chance to provide training.Classmates and friends have found a working, as far as I underachievement, seeing the money brought slowly to the bottom, which grew more and more anxious, I do not really here comes yet?  Three months later, I finally found yourself a temporary job satisfaction, but far from your profession.I am the person many interests, but also full of energy, the university dabbled in many fields, ideas and more, writing skills can.Exactly one advertising company planning to recruit copywriter, I feel can do it, try a result, the company interviewer that although I have not done, but the ideas and skills is also good, say a good reputation for graduate school, leaving me now I still very grateful to the older generation, the latter work also proved his vision.Monthly salary of 3500, better life issue temporary solution.  Soon my life into a working state, I feel very happy.After two months, something to make me unprepared happened, I did not expect starts, my life had such a big change.  2, after work I met extremely warmly for the work, but also very hard, a couple of months after I had done the three cases, and customers are more satisfied with the boss bosses’.I was an organ is just out, bent on doing good work, two newspaper companies want the employer to know people well, do something that is spare no effort, but also humble and willing to learn, experience after another because organs, life on the road and generous, often ask my colleagues to eat and drink, they are also willing to help me, so get started soon become the backbone sector.Up to now I still advise young friends, work should be put into the heart and soul that this investment from the financial point of saying to anyone who would not lose money.Oh, but, during that time deposits 0.  One day I came to work the next morning drizzle person, from a place to live where the company car to fight, to multi-car, the car can not reach.Just when I’m going to turn on the car, a girl rushed up from the roadside, already soaked with outrageous hair, opened the back door to get on the car.I turned around and was about to ask her to get off the exit, take a look at her drenched as I say let a girl said I really do not go out, she seems to be really no other way, he looked at me and blushed.I smiled to her, back out.  The next morning, we met in the same place.It was a sunny day, we are waiting for the bus, she saw me take the initiative to apologize I responded with a smile, I pointed Come bus smiled and said: You do not have this car right away?She Oh laughed and said: to give you today!.  In this way, we know.  3, love her name is Yun, from Hunan.She is not only beautiful and gentle Hunan sister, but also the Hunan Women’s pungent and understanding.She also arrived in Shanghai, working in a trading company.  We quickly understanding, knowing each other, then love.Before knowing each other and perhaps still in love.I still can not quite understand, why all of a sudden love mess.Perhaps arrived in a strange place, just out of the existential threat, maybe I used to work has been laughing and joking, suddenly there appeared a good girl, but also with real feelings I disarmed.  Because we live in the past, after work all together, Yun said that every day the first time I hug her, she can not do without me, she said I appreciate her immense fascination.I love the feeling when my energy is infinite, to accompany my daily Yun to 23:12 points inspiration came also to the company to work overtime, that time is also high work efficiency.My friends say my eyes shining.As every day we see Sanqiu.When I looked into her eyes will forget hunger, a lot of times I was jumping bumper back home, suddenly found himself hungry can not stand, Oh.  One time I went to Chongming with the project, because the boat trips stopped late come back, so give her a call back to say no.We even pass a night more than 50 phone, not her fight over what I played in the past.The next morning I was out of the boat, actually found on the pier of the Yun I want to know where the taxi have one hour of road, she said in tears all night, early in the morning to wait for me.We cried together, happiness abnormal.  Soon we both think the other is the other half of their future family.The end of the year, Yun said let me go to her home to meet her family.I was nervous, but very happy, began to prepare gift.Oh, we all love the idea of that time carried away, there is no saving money.Fortunately, my salary rose to 5500, she also has 2500, we have enough to spend.  But not long after, a message put my feelings into a hell.  4, bride price to the end of the year, my gift is also almost ready, probably spent a total of more than 4,000.More than six months, I have become the company’s go-getters, the boss is also more optimistic about me.Because I have been the Northwest’s character, forthright but yet wise, never mind working overtime, what grants.More than the end boss made a lot of gifts on hand has bought 10,000, and feel that they have money, they simply did not think about money.  This time she’s a cousin came from her home, he said he came to see.I think largely because of her family to let her look at my son-not-to-door.She had said to me, her mother her home city boss, decide all matters.We dare not neglect, to have fun with her cousin again in Shanghai.Finally, I feel that she is quite satisfied with my cousin, my heart down the.  Went to a few days ago, Yun suddenly told me that the door may be more formal, somewhat evasive language.I do not quite understand, thought her mother might have been preliminary investigation by the bar.One day, the three of us at the time, like her cousin jokingly said to her sister, you are such a good condition, bride price can not be less ah!Aunt said, the talk of the town home the girl to be a man of Front Street 80000 it, we must not be less than 150,000.I spoke also to see.  God, I look like the power play, transfixed.To be honest, I grew up in Xinjiang grew up, very open-minded atmosphere, there is money to marry the man but in general 4?50000 great, but also explain to the child.When contacting the concept of bride price only read novels before, I never imagined that one day will be to his head.Her family now say this, there is absolutely serious, talking all the way to master the skills of so much.what should I do?Let her marry the idea of changing the approach?Save it!Why?I know the family foundation, must not reach out to the what should I do now?I smiled to see Yun and her cousin, Yun little nervous, my heart could not bear the.Ha ha!It seems that I want to show sincerity.I smiled and noncommittal answer.  what should I do?I go back and think about it over and over again.  This is a painful three days, I almost did not how to sleep.Yun saw it, she did not dare touch me carefully.I was very hold fire: how confused with her daughters married sell his daughter as?Sometimes I think altogether blow well, but the thought of us to be separated, and my heart like a knife, like involuntary tears down.The house has been a poor family, my brother was in college, it is impossible to reach out to the family; their wages?God, I now feel enough money to spend, only 1 million dollars on hand, but also to prepare to go to the bleeding, to say I’m saving money, but also for us to get married to buy a house to prepare ah, 150,000 to her house, we how do the future?  Over the years, I know about myself is that I like the style all their own.I think three days, I have a way to set the heart.Yun looked at me sometimes, overwhelmed.She knows my temper, his family and economic situation, but she also knew she could not change her mother’s idea, but the key is that she is a bride price is also a little thought should be given the.I told her, do not worry, I have a solution.  Soon, to her home, meet, handed him a gift, her mother nice chat and smart, steady and loving father.Soon two days later, we have to go, then that should also come to the.The Last Supper, her mother spoke: small d, you have two days with us, and we are quite satisfied with your.You’re a nice kid.If there is no accident, I hope you can this year (New Year) to set the marriage.You see when the courtesy to do?You talk about, but also your family and discuss it, please.?Yes, we’re in the custom you might not know, I do not know Ah Yun told you not to Satsuki.  I immediately caught the topic, smiled and said: Thank you, aunt, uncle, and I said Satsuki.Then I saw the tense Ah Yun’s face changed, and looked at me scared to death.Yes, ah, do not screw up the last paragraph.I smiled and assured her.  Aunt, uncle, I understand your feelings I, raising her daughter is not easy, to say only one daughter, and I think that if Bibi 150,000 investment, not that much, even not enough.We should give this money home.  I think the situation Ah Yun also told Erweilaoren my family, and I thought, is not necessarily the right, you two to hear.  150,000 should be given.But I feel that since I worked, I was earning a living, but I married Yun Ah, but you also feel like I’m fit, then the 150,000 should come to me instead of my house to.  Ah Yun fancy you and people should not only need 150,000 home, but also have the ability, the ability to give life in the future Ah Yun brings happiness.I think I have the ability.I only have 150,000, and should prove to you that I have the ability to Ayun Xing Fu.  I have only one request, is to me a short time, for two years now.We are still very small (Ah Yun 2 years younger than me), it does not matter come later married.Two years later, I would come up with 150,000, and will prove it to you, I and A Yun happy life ability.  In fact, that night my language far more exciting than my words, because there is love in my heart, and I touched her house everyone, Ah Yun’s face flushed.We take the time, his family is very happy, of course, maybe just the surface is, but at least his mother acquiesced to my request.Of course since then, I feel there is a huge mountain pressure in my heart, my life changed.After returning to Shanghai, my mood is not depressed, but a kind of war comes the calm and excitement.I was secretly determined, for my wife, my future happiness, I have to pay several times harder than others to realize my promise.I wholeheartedly desire to do so, and believe they will be successful.  Yun but very worried, and she said to me or we moved in together, you can save some life, she and I together to save money.I turned her down.Although we already had intimate relations, but I do not want to let her family know, so bad for her.And I do not want to let her save money together, after all, I said, this is my thing.I know a girl, living, clothes, cosmetics and so on, but also how to say it takes a month or so of 2000.I said, Yun this time I could not give you buy a lot of clothes and cosmetics, and she nodded solemnly.I do not know if I would later regret this decision as.  I started looking for other companies in the market.But reality soon let me down, to get a monthly salary of more than million in one year is impossible.How to do?I decided to resign.  8.Since it has been hard to prove that being the case, then left to go is a waste of time.I’m running out of time.And I think that if he resigned, there are chunks of time, be able to reach more deeper social opportunities correspondingly more.Ah Yun does not agree, she said too unstable.I could not convince her, she did not convince me.This is something I still do, I know, only the most drastic.  Before leaving the boss deep and talk time, please forgive him.Also part of my situation and told him.We had a good talk.The boss is very sorry, so I’ll likely come back to work, and I am reluctant to leave, but I have no escape route.  I started roaming around on the beach experience, riding a broken bike turn around in Shanghai, to find that a limited acquaintance, asked whether or not the project to do.I have around 10002 thousand dollars, that can support half a year.I think that six months if there is planning to do the project, I was hard point, to do everything themselves, and should be able to earn a 2-30000, a few more projects to work better than the.Oh, if my friends who I like the idea of that time, today I must advise you do not!Hindsight, I was too confident too anxious, really should look for opportunities while working, the time is ripe to do it again, otherwise 99% of the sea drowned.So I go through rain and wind, ran two months, did not go to a list, coupled with a lost bag, a loss of more than 1,000 dollars and a mobile phone.Accommodation, meals, transportation spent 3500 dollars, more than 7,000 dollars a left side.But that is no sign of a turnaround appeared.  9, the opportunity at this time, a unbelievable, there was a very good opportunity.I find a customer before me, that was one of his friends to do in Shanghai Jiading mayor of a town over there, they are in town three months later to do a Water emotions of activities, mainly to attract Hong Kong and Taiwan and foreigners investment funds.They want me to draw up the idea of a large-scale event planning book, the price is 40,000 yuan.The customer said before in our company and I worked, I feel I have the ability, but also to get the company to do the planning, prices generally go to more than 80,000.Our greater cooperation in space, and if done well planned book, event organization and production we have a chance.I am very happy, understand that he wanted to make some himself, and immediately gave him 2,000 yuan commissions.I do not know this habit have no effect on me, and now I have a chance to think we must invest, rather than most people think not rabbits not spread eagle.  Sleepless nights I worked more than 20 days, every night till 2:00, manuscript changed four times.And then himself posted more than 400 dollars produced three sample.To that friend, he very much appreciated, he kept saying to do good, it seems behind the production is also no problem, within a week I was waiting to get money now.I also put my heart sigh no white cast, quickly put the good news to Yun, she is very happy.After all, this is my first income ah!And still a lot of money.  10, cheated I never imagined that this actually looks good opportunity to actually run into a cheater.The customer got my program after unexpectedly disappeared!I could not wait a week later, this guy is not life and death and I contacted.I called, the phone has been shut down, he went to look for his original company, the company said that I was not their client’s people, but he let the company contracted to plan part of his book, and he had just the money the company has settled.I know the situation, they expressed sympathy, but no way: now they can not find people, to settle the money.  This time I blow is fatal, make my situation worse.I’ve spent a lot of energy do not say, the rest of the original 7000 dollars have been spent more than half my, leaving more than 3,000 of.Even more frightening is my time and spent more than a month.  11, discouraged extremely frustrating situation I told Yun, telling her when I clearly heard a beautiful bubble at the sound of breaking her heart.She did not say anything on the surface, but I knew she was extremely disappointed.We hugged speechless, I can only get a hint of warmth and comfort from her here.She said, you do not worry, it does not matter, we start all over again.But, my love, you know, this fight even let me look at their back, doubt their own: a northerner like me, is not suitable for working hard in Shanghai?  Despite the extreme loss and disappointment, but I can not let my girl for me down.The next day I said to Jiangdajingshen Ah Yun I want to start again.I thought all night, because I have no money, can not rent the original house, and I have to go to a private house to live, a month can save 700?800 yuan.But this can not and Yun as before from so close up.I said I can not stop, time is running out.Yun crying, holding me, I must be more to see her, she would want me, I have to come to her financial difficulties.I laughed and said, you have financial difficulties have come to me ah.  12, I moved to a residence waking of a private houses, it is that farmers built their own house, inside the house hot summer cold winter, and only 10 cottage size.I’ve been very satisfied, where only 200 yuan a month rent, than before I had saved up 800 dollars.  Later moved here, I have a long period of time not knowing what to do.I think this is a load of people had fallen a common problem, I believe had a similar experience of friends will feel the same.But do not do what my heart and anxiety.This contradictory feeling really let my mind every day are having a hard.  Instant be over a month, the month I was basically bread and pickles, stomach lack of water is really bad.I decided to buy some cooked meat greedy self.The houses around me have changed several new cell, because relatively far from the city, basically some of the city’s relocation of households moved here, really here to buy a house people who have no money, but such a person many in Shanghai, the area outside the popular or good.There are street between cells, but a lot of people, mostly elderly men wandering children.Cooked meat shop business does not seem very good, I want some meat bought a bottle of beer at the table next to the store easy to sit down and eat.  Years later I recall that moment, or think that God has given me in a desperate opportunity.Just then, suddenly someone and deli owner to speak, to say the boss, you will not do business ah!Yes ah, the boss said, I busy next week, ready to go home, do not do.That said, how do you store it?The boss said, turn the chanting, the past six months did not make any money, might as well do something else.Suddenly I had a feeling of waking, I find money everywhere, but ambitious, ignoring the opportunity this side, shall he has not seen?I’ll stand up, let the boss to give me a little beef, then casually asked him transfer case store.  But ten minutes, I will be clear: this shop also about 10 square feet, 1200 monthly rent, the rent paid him more than two months.His transfer fee is less demanding, no loss on the line, with a little simple facilities, 20,000 dollars now.I said I wanted to take over, but the price is too high, he dropped to 10,008.I said 10,005 today I would, he and his wife went back the following discussion, agreed.I immediately took me back to the room the only remaining 3000 dollars as a deposit to pay him, and then set a transfer books that night, of course, he agreed to pay the balance within 7 days.  13, I’m trying to find the previous owner of the company, asked him to lend me the money.I also brought my share of planning to do a book, I say I gave the company.Boss how much I heard things, he understood my situation in detail, said nothing lent me 15,000 dollars.I laughed and said: Boss, I bet you right here ID?, The boss smiled and said: Do you want my ID, 10005 I bet you there?Actually, now I have been admired my boss.His career is now doing very well, the family owned more than 30 million.  How can I store business is a big difference too?First of all, I recalled the previous congee shop, think Shanghai people love to eat chicken, especially sliced cold chicken, and duck, to determine the appropriate changes in the business varieties; In addition, the catering industry is the most important health (health permit to do a year, has been With), I decided to completely clean the store the day the store opened again posted signs, another bought a second-hand sterilizer, deliberately placed on the table to allow customers to see the process of disinfection facilities; then, I found a master craftsman to Shanghai guide the production process (retired rehired, very cheap), find the two sister diligent in Sichuan to help, promised to give them a performance of 5% commission, but I will not do substitutions; and so on more than 20 measures about it, but I was filled with two-page, all done has been nearly 10 days.Finally, I bought some firecrackers, Pilipala a place, I was immediately attracted to the popularity of the.Oh, that day till 23:00, inventory turnover actually has a more than 500!  14, dawn done business friends all know, opened the day after the business has been good business not necessarily be good.Since the beginning of the customer is curious, give it a try, especially once the attractiveness of what is not, they will immediately forget you.And you will again attract their attention much more difficult.  I understand this, so the next day to pull people to talk non-stop in front of the shop, ask how to taste, then without any explanation to send them some cooked food.Shanghai people inside and outside the points very clear, they will never be white things to other people, the vast majority have to pay some money, of course, they would not give somebody something white.Of course, I understand that business is the key to my goods to fit the customer’s taste.Slowly I shop there popularity.I also asked people to put up our store advertising in several district, also asked people to deliberately carry our duck walking in crowded places several cells, each containing between noise, subtly attract attention.By many such methods, one month after my shop daily turnover can reach $ 800, but also rising in.Oh, I had knowledge of planning in it with all the.  I was so busy from dawn to dusk, it probably dry 14,5 hours a day, complete the mind flutter in the store.Made after the first month of business, I count a bit, I earned a total of 9000 yuan; second month I earned 12,000.After the debts still out, I have no money.But I feel that my life has come a long absence dawn.To be honest, this feeling is really wonderful.  I’m just running his own shop, and after a time 3?4 months.During busy I slept five or six hours a day, a lay unconscious on the way.I and A Yun by phone several times, she is busy, because she was promoted to a senior business.We met a few times, she let me have a good rest, I smile and say, you say it back to marry.She said that you earn money by Menlian?I smiled, a few months after the decision to give her a surprise.  Four months later, I had saved up 50,000 dollars, but also approaching the end.I calculate the time only a little more than 13 months.Possibility if allowed to develop according to this pattern now, I accomplished the goal is firmly 150,000.I’m just a month to maintain the current state, then a year later I should use 18?200,000, the money is enough, you can also do a decent wedding.If you do not then the landlord rent collection event, I think I will continue to think so.  After the landlord to collect a few monthly, on the end of the year.One day the landlord suddenly appeared and that is to sign a rental contract for next year, but the price twice as expensive.So angry I almost fell out, this is clearly jealous watching my business is good thing!But I know that people under the eaves, can not bow their heads ah.I say that now, but the problem can not be.He and I Haoshuodaishuo, and gave him some cooked food, the landlord still subject to my 1000 dollars per month.  It made me realize that the crisis has revealed.Well done the business after the first landlord will rent prices, can no longer decline in value, all costs will rise; second, competitors will emerge soon after emergence and my shop is the same size, the customer is bound to split.So this kind of money the state will not last long.If I do not action, the end result I want to figure that out: the shop a few months back to the point where subsistence.So how can I do it?I did not sleep all night, trying to come up countermeasures.  The next morning, I made up my mind, decided to gamble, take a big risk!  16, adventurous My plan is this: first, in the area near the deli to open several such.As long as I have lots and lots of stores now almost on the line, but not too close, and then use the same decoration, the same name, the same as planning instruments, and establish a brand image area residents in mind, so the purchase price will be much cheaper, but also latecomers may be forced to increase investment.The implementation of the plan as quickly as possible.The second step, I think the retail price is not high, more than 2,000 to pay rent as I buy it.Shanghai’s friends all know, only 2,000 of Shanghai suburbs house prices by the end of 2000, more than 3,000 shops only.This step must be implemented steadily, one by one.But I’m so now I have to put all 50,000 dollars, if once failed, my time, my money invested may make completely objective can not be achieved.But I thought, I do not do it, someone else put their hopes in the business do not rob, I do, I hope in my own body.Compared to what I am willing to pin their hopes on himself.  But I’ve thought of Yun gave me a surprise plan only delayed.I said to myself, for her, to come up with all your strength, right!It was very difficult month.One shop I not only want to take care of business, but also the location for the store II, III shop, selection, buy facilities, store layout, etc..Later, I improved a commission percentage One store clerk, and him as the manager, told him a month after the store’s turnover fell more than 5% if, immediately change manager.So I devoted myself to the opening of new stores.After a month, my number two stores, III shops have opened, I still can not idle, began a planned rally as before, and began preparations for the 4th shop.  A month later, my number one store profitability is good, reached 12,000 yuan, 5000 yuan shop II, No. 3 store actually has 10,000 yuan!To know that this is the first month, people still unfamiliar with it!I found the reason is a very talented girl clerk to do business, customers will recruit gaze, I said nothing to her salary doubled, directly promoted to manager.  The end of scheduled arrival, Yun and I just spent together for a long time, we will have a busy with their own storefront.Yun want to go home, I can not go, the goal did not complete her family how I see it?But me and her mother through a phone call, her mother said with a smile: small d, we know you are a good kind of child, we are expecting you to marry me take it home Among the early!I know the meaning of these words in, also smiled and replied: I will, thank you trust aunt and uncle.  Years of the end of two months, because the Chinese New Year, holiday and more, my business is good mess.Fourth store also opened in time for the Spring Festival.This January, two months each store on average earn cash 15000,2 months after I reached around 120,000.I gradually began to talk about the East Room of the individual and to purchase the pavement, if they do not sell, I’ll find another landlord to talk about, when many houses are the property of, get better.And then low prices, and I give a slightly higher price, the previous three all talk very well, priced at about 3700 a square bar, a total of 130,000, give me all the cash.Fourth to 50,000, I have no money, but the pledge in front of a shop as 30,000 sign a letter of intent, until one month after the capital return, and cobble together the money to put down the shop took.  This time is already the end of March, and I left eight months.Business seems to be steadily, as if the goal is getting closer.But I did not think I hit hard enough to destroy a getting closer.To this day I recall my memories of this time period, but also feel eyes wet with tears.  17, hit Time and after three and a half months, going up to July 10, and the reason I remember this day because this is Yun’s birthday.I decided to save enough before this date 150,000, and the news as a birthday gift for her.Think she got this gift of time happy, my heart felt extremely excited.This store also disappointing months, each store will be able to reach more than 10,000 of profit, which is more than I shop because the low cost of the purchase, but do not pay the rent, there is a main reason is that I used a good manager Xiaocheng.  Xiaocheng is in front of me exceptional promotion to manager of the girl.This girl is from Zhejiang came only 19 years old, who long handsome beautiful (because you want to attract customers, which is a more important factor, to recruit people when I pay special attention to find comfortable looking at girls).Because most of the girls from outside is not generally come in Zhejiang, so I pay special attention to her.I did not expect this girl is really talented in terms of doing business, she has been very happy the way, never seen her tired too, will speak, sweet people, very good customer edge.And she is very mind, opened a few days to put the names of all the regulars memorize, and also advised me, hot weather, store in point with vegetables, beer, buy some simple tables and chairs, to allow customers to eat and enjoy the cool air at night.She also several hotels around the phone got, the hotel business also pulled in.Later we deli business hotel actually purchase accounted for 30%!  But she is also a little bad, if the body is too thin, can not do the effort to live long too tired to face pale, sweating.Store business is good, it is also quite affected.I thought for a few days, decided to Jan length, to avoid its short, in the store and recruited a robust young man to her along the way, told her just to attract customers, management accounting.  This time one of my friends call me.It turned out he does not know where I learned a few shops opened, doing okay, but he is doing real estate sales, a proxy villa plate, I have to go and see.Shanghai’s friends all know, in 2001 when the Shanghai property not far from hot, real estate sales, especially sales of hard to do Gaojiefang.He represents that there are more than 180 square feet of room villa, surrounded by matching is not perfect, to say the total price up to 800,000, I do not want to buy, tell him not so much money.He said, you look at it, certainly looked like, say things much easier to handle money, loans on the line.I would also like to say that the down payment it, I have no down payment.He said okay, he can do hands and feet in the contract, let me zero down payment, the total loan.I have no option but to go and see, I did not expect after reading the following particularly fond of the villa’s garden, because I remember Yun once told me that her dream is to live above the garden, open the windows every morning you can smell the fragrance of flowers.Friends look at me deliberately, desperately encouraged me to buy a house this offer, the free, as long as a month to pay more than 6,000 on it.I was a little hesitant to say I do not want to go to the bank every month.He said, I can help you do, automatically transfer money every month, you do not have to worry about.I do not pick up again, think on the set set.But then know that this kid is playing an ambush, some exaggeration: he said the window is not double, parking is not free, Oh.  July 9, I took a share of $ 150,000 passbook cards, excitedly holding a bouquet of flowers, carrying a bottle of red wine product (cake tomorrow, send for) rushed to the residence Yun.Before, I had to give her mother a telephone call, say hello to her parents.At the same time tell them that I have 5 months to achieve the promise, will soon marry her daughter home.I decided to give Yun a surprise, then stay with her here tonight.I deliberately catch one o’clock before she arrived from work, ready suddenly appeared, scared she cried out in joy.  But let me unexpected thing happened, not a man to get off when Yun, but a boy with.Hand in hand they seem very intimate.I look silly, do not know how to run, they went into the community, I foolishly followed.In light shade, the young man also grabbed and kissed Yun.H’s what my head, can not stand.I shouted the name of Yun, Yun rushed forward grabbed, then we would hit the man.Yun was shocked, I pulled desperately for the man said brisk walking, you go first, I explained to him.Men gone, Yun was pulled me tightly, called me to explain what?Explain what?While tears down fast.Yun looked at me, very calm, cool, we did not recognize.She said sorry to me, I should have told.But I was too calm today, she wants me to calm down, and now we can not talk about the atmosphere.I can not calm, I said no, today you have to give me an explanation.She was no way I was entangled, said to me, d, I have always thought highly of your qualities, you will like this today, I’m disappointed.I stopped, looked at her, tears streaming down slowly. Finally, she said, well, I go tomorrow to talk.Out of the area and found flowers and wine was still in the hands of a put them in the trash.  I Yiyewumian night, staring out in a daze, how also do not understand how things will be to the point where.The next morning I was waiting downstairs Yun.Under Yun for us to find a place to go.We went to a tea room, I sat down blankly, waiting for her to explain.She said a lot that day, I can not remember some.She said that, in fact, we rarely go away together.She knows me very hard, very hard, but experience so many twists and turns, really doubt I was not able to realize the promise of 150,000.Her heart began afraid, but not any opportunity and I said.I do not pressure her to share.In Shanghai for so long, she, like me, are also not very hard to do the feeling of belonging, feel very tired.This time her boss, that is, the boy appeared at her side, the boy is from Shanghai, older than her 4-year-old, a good position in the company, Ye Hao home conditions.Yun said with him, she will feel very at ease, very stable, very insecure, like me, although feeling was very warm, but do not always know where our future.She said I’m sorry, really sorry.I am excited to whole body trembled chaos, unable to speak.With great difficulty a little calmer, I told her that I now have 150,000, you still love me?She said, I’m sorry, I feel very good now, I can not sorry for him, we will not be together, I hope your future happiness.When I found out the boy, and my heart felt the sting.About here, they must be the result of consultation.  18, suspect that this is really a great irony.All along, I was struggling with her power, but wait for me to struggle in front of goal, only to find the target suddenly disappeared.I remember that time, I began to sleep, want to quickly go to sleep, then dream Yun.But I never once dreamed of her, it touches me awake have never stop thinking about her.I often feel a little tingling, tingling scalp.All along, I so carefully put her heart into me the warmest, softest place, I did not think the most painful blow was generated by here.  During that time I had doubts about her past actions, I do it in the end what is the point?If the company I was working, there is still time every day, the situation is not so.If I do not move, things will not be so.If I do not shop, there is time to accompany her, the situation could not have been.Is the shop, and if I do not open branches, but also have time to see her, she should be able to prevent the situation changed.Every day I thought this mess filled my mind, I simply can not afford to put business interest.  Store employees saw it, I did not dare touch them carefully.Several very competent manager, for fear that things will shop attracted me furious.Especially small achievements, she took the initiative to find me that she came to the store inventory various every day, to keep me busy my own thing.I am very grateful to her, I believe her ability to tell a few stores later by her shop to check.I know this state if hard to let me go, not non-accident.Xiaocheng with great finesse, but also have the ability to do more to check the store two hours a day, she quickly let other people instill obedience.Fortunately, there are small achievements and their help, no impact my business.  But I know that I have lost the way forward.I do not know how to find this direction.  19, lost when he was tired of working at home stressful times very hard, I do not think so.I think a person lost in the most painful time, because you do not know what to do, all the time in this state deeply remind you every day, but nothing is a zombie.At that time it is when I lost.I’m like a clock pendulum is take away the spring, but is driven by the inertia in my swing every day.I do not know when it will shut down.Perhaps in the depths of my heart still secretly hope that shut down time.  Yun’s mother gave me a phone, she received a phone call to know, my heart really do not know what it’s like.Her mother said to me, child, aunt know you are very sad.You young people really do not know how to engage.But aunt told you, you’re a good boy.Your future is still a long way big.Ah Yun can not be with you, she is not a blessing.Well, we wish you all the family.Hearing this, my tears stayed.I used to think she was so stubborn and forces, how her words felt so warm today.I was finally able to really stand on a parent’s point of view it bride price, it is ah, that is to make his daughter happy future life as much as possible to catch the feeling of the hands of.  Here I would like to thank one of my college classmates Feng, if not he happened to come to Shanghai, asked me to accompany it, I do not know how long this state to continue.Feng came to Shanghai to play, I’ll specify, but said that was not immediately to accompany all buddy called and said I did not Shanghai.I Qiangdajingshen, maple or be aware of.Feng saw me say, your kid how to lose weight reduction is so obvious, No, no, we can not photograph together, otherwise the class flower saw the photo, I did a little asking for too much.He is such, that amused me happy a few days.Leave when Feng said, Tell me, how the.I knew, he had seen that I have something, it always makes me happy.Since Yun change of heart, I never had to talk to people.After maple heard, he did not speak for a long time.Later, an opening that one: good!This is a good thing!I was stunned to hear.  Feng went on to explain, and I now am start Yun good thing.Because now is not separated, sooner or later we have to separate.Because we are not the way people.When the kind of contented heart Yun who can not stand the turmoil, separate time depends mainly on fluctuations in intensity I may be; and I am not the kind of law-abiding people, the more negative, the more difficult, the more excited My ability.I survive in the appropriate variables in development.And I do not really care about the matter, so the feeling is very pure, most of the girls want to get married to a critical moment, the reality of life and upbringing of offspring they have to make this matter up.This can not say no.This is why he is not opposed to the original reason Yun bride price.He said that people like me, only to a level of material life, the girls will have a secure contact feel, now is not enough.But you should thank Yun, she inspired you, she put your lucky you are, otherwise you are together, Yun will be your shackles.He also said that your struggle is her power?What about your family, friends do?What about us?Your former boss of it?Your employees do?We always thought you National Cheng Kung University, for us this trust, you should not give up.And, to be honest, this is your family business is also very small, accidentally, soon lost the battle.  He also told me to pay attention to small achievements, this little girl too smart.I was too slow for the only woman planted somersault.After absolutely can not let her sole charge of financial power, I have to take a grip of her.Finally, he patted me, brother, wake up now, the outside world is very cruel, very exciting, but definitely not for the appearance of your preparation.  20, because the mind subtlety comfort that a straight from the heart talk and maple, I finally began to slowly get rid of the shadow of lost love.I’ve come to the family a telephone call to his brother, also a telephone call, but also have contact with friends and classmates, went to visit the former boss, they are happy for me to struggle status and income in Shanghai.The reason I do this is to remind myself that my world is still, still in my life, I want to take the initiative to let them take me back to my world.Their love for me will be my motivation, which is more endless, longer-lasting power.  I also listened to the Maple proposal, to reclaim the financial management authority and permission store.I put the small achievements and swap another manager position, then carefully inquired recent accounts, but also quietly privately and others talked about the side we asked their views on small achievements, we did not say anything valuable, then, in addition to One store manager, his oldest.One manager said small achievements are too domineering, too disrespectful, anything set their own, and not the boss to discuss, let alone other people.Daily financial accounts, cash all her tube, never let others to intervene, do not know how she thinks.Because I do not handle anything found in small achievements, we can only comfort him, did not do what action.  This time No. 4 Xiao Xu store (he is my trick for the small achievements along the way folks) to find me, want to change the requirements of local, small achievements he will want to go to a store, or to resign.I started very strange, and later came to understand, to understand Xiao Xu’s mind: Xiao Xu had been in love with the small achievements.I agree with small Xu requirements, but also more vigilant, because the company has a pair of words, easy to form small groups, and they easily quit together, become my new competitors.I had secretly more carefully and Xiao Xu Xiaocheng.  21, love my mind gradually returned to the business.Have to admit, a set of small achievements.She summed up some hospitality management practices and methods useful.Her practice finer than I practice, I am more inclined to plan a number of activities and approaches, more obvious short-term effects, but the long-term development still needs refinement of management.Business is still developing slowly, we basically half-yearly profit increase by 20% this regard because the management of refinement, familiar staff; on the other hand is still here thanks to the popularity of getting busy up.This went on for years, to April 2002, I already had on hand more than 500,000 funds.After talking to small achievements and learn about a lot of her thoughts, yet when I think I can not do without small achievements.This time I found a small pair Xiao Xu is faint, their relationship does not seem to get close up.  Because the care of small achievements, I found more and more details Xiaocheng body: she lived, love clean, love to laugh, love reading, very cold, especially fear of cold, not like cats and dogs, etc..Because the sake of business, communication and I Xiaocheng more and more, there is a growing understanding of her wise and capable.Sometimes I think, so smart girl because of family reasons can not go to college really a pity!And then I thought, is college so what?I am not that students do?I have seen it even less?The original psychological readiness can also make people pay attention to such a person.  One day I went to check the shop and found that small achievements did not come to work, and asked for a moment, a staff said she was not feeling well, do not come today.Small achievements did not come, Xiao Xu did not come, I think anyway, am nothing, should see small achievements are not very ill, they asked them to address, out to buy some fruit, a taxi to live Xiaocheng place rush.  Xiaocheng place to live I did not come to the cell door, I found a more upscale area, where one bedroom house a month to 1000, and I think while walking, while very puzzled why the small achievements will less than half of the monthly income for rent, in particular, ask yourself just moved out of private houses in the near future, and now the house is merely 1,000 yuan.Is cranky, Xiao Xu suddenly found out from a doorway, hurried look, I quickly to avoid the side, he looked toward Xiao Xu step onto a bike store rush.  Xiao Xu suddenly saw here a moment, my heart had a very strange taste.One kind of uncomfortable, as if my heart is sour feeling jealous, and felt a rush of chagrin.This feeling without reason, seems to be entirely natural produce, but a moment later, I suddenly burst of shocked Do I care so much about small achievements?Do I have unknowingly fallen in love with her?This is an even I was surprised to find, for long ago lost love, I always feel like I have not love, not love, and sometimes I come into contact with some of the girls, but I can not mention feeling.Unexpectedly, I love the feeling will recover in small achievements here?Xiaocheng but I have been wary of people ah!  Between the moment, my mind surging, 10,000 kinds of thinking seems to have been activated at the same time: I lost Yun, the small achievements as a replacement for emotional yet?No, Xiaocheng together and feel completely different and Yun, we communicate more peaceful, and therefore more integration, and I feel more relaxed.Yun together and completely submerged passions and impulses, mental and spiritual aspects of our exchanges seem less if more, then, it will not have that kind of result; I pity because she was ill and she do?No, I was capable of distinguishing between compassion and love, and now my heart is sad but clearly there is a sweet feeling; is it to see the man instinctively Xiaoxu due to dissatisfaction with heterosexual exclusivity?Nor is it because I clearly know that I will not be around all the girls are a lover of Lover’s you as you, you have experienced painful feelings, so you have to distinguish, this is your true feelings, your true love it?You do not bring your own or someone else’s pain groggy!  But the more I think, the more clear Xiaocheng smile, we exchange words and scenes and so on impression, the more I think Xiaocheng is really suitable for my girl.She’s cheerful, she’s calm, she’s smart and capable, her understanding, as well as her efforts for my career and success, of course, her lovely, arouses pity the way which I have not previously obvious I feel, but today I feel for me, is as indispensable as the air!  Love seedlings once ground-breaking, the pace of growth is amazing!After I stood downstairs less than 30 minutes, I have felt my mind began surging can not afford it, she must want to talk to in order to ease.But I’m not an expert language to express love, especially now this exciting time, I think I’m excited let alone speak, can not even breath exhaled smoothly.I was uneasy, but she decided to speak out at once, right now!  She knocked on the door, her face pale, but her eyes so calm, gentle, not surprised.I would be more panic, no matter, I must say that I, I am you, you, you’re sick I find that I can not do without you!I found that I love you!Xiaocheng, you listen to me, I love you.I like you.I want to give you, I can not do without you.!  That day I said a lot of it?I do not know, remember.But the result I remember, I refused Xiaocheng.  22, in the emotional reasons, I am a thin skinned man.After quietly listening to small achievements express my incoherent, head down, quietly shook his head can not accept, I do not know how to do it.why?Because you and Xiao Xu?I ask.She shook her head, did not speak, but I saw she had tears shed.Stay for a while, I do not know how to do, it has been panic and confusion to confusion.Finally, I left her residence.To see small achievements, is two days after the.She came to work, and so I went to the store, a distant figure to see her, my heart pounding non-stop, but saw her face and I do not know what to say words.She saw me as if blushed a little, and I speak it since.To be honest, I think she likes me, especially recalls the kind of dedication and volunteered her time to help me before, I more and more think so, but why does she refuse me?I do not understand, hey, I really do not understand the mind of a girl ah.She does her work was organized as a high efficiency.I do not want to bother, go to the other store.  To four, in May, the weather was a bit hot, because just over the years, business is off-season.We wish to hotter, so people are willing to come out to dinner; but because of the heat, the food industry is very risky, absolutely can not appear bad food, otherwise damage to the business is great.At this time we usually step up and contact the hotel, because the hotel to capacity, and predictable, this small risk.Because this area has been in charge of small achievements, so now but she’ll be busy off-season, I also quite at ease.Unexpectedly, shortly Xiaocheng suddenly out of things, she was tired fainted in the store.  At that time I received a phone call rapid rushed to the store, Xiao Xu has helped the small achievements sitting on a chair, she is giving advice given medicines based on small achievements.Xiaocheng strongly disagreed go to the hospital, Xiao Xu is no way they saw me coming, they are seen as savior.I am without any explanation, to Xiao Xu said: you go out and take a taxi, the two of us took her to the hospital!Xiao Xu went out, I threw away Xiaocheng.  To the hospital for tests, we waited outside, Xiao Xu has not talk to me.I mean, he probably feels out of small achievements, he was a bit alert bar.After about a few minutes of it, the doctor came out and whispered: as **, colleagues or family members?We all stood up, blame the doctors told us that small achievements with congenital heart disease, can not work tired, excited, not cold.Her heart is bigger than the average person because a child is no surgery, and now the possibility of surgery is very small, only resting.  This time my mind as a split in general, understand why she was a bit tired paled; why she can not do physical work; why she was cold, not cold; why she lived so close to the house because the hospital; even, I also understand why she rejected me.Xiao Xu obviously do not know the truth, he froze for a moment some loss in the side.I was the first to burst into the emergency room, small achievements saw me, she apparently heard the doctor told us.Her eyes calm, gentle, and look forward to.I walked around the small achievements, grabbed her hand, she said softly: I know.You should have told me.I’m with you, we face together, okay?She said, holding the hand attached to his face, Xiaocheng brush the tears down.At this time, Xiao Xu came just to see.The nurse said anxiously, she could not excited, you go out!Out!  I finally got the small achievements recognized.She later told me that, in fact, she began to feel that I am falling out of love, very poor, willing to help me to do something, then slowly in love with me; but then she found me in the anti-her, so she is very sad; she I refused partly because the girl’s revenge, she also has; on the other hand, she knew her illness, I do not want to drag.Finally, she leaned on my bedside, shining with tears, she said to me: you know?A girl on the outside, often tiring ah.I fainted when thought, really go, nothing else, is a good regret ah, you and I should love a ah.I was not good selfish?I really can not be reconciled.I did not say anything, just put her tightly in his arms.  Xiaocheng also told me that she was born with the disease, and his parents have been in business, the family is not really short of money.  Family let her reading for high school and university entrance exam have been admitted, but worry far no one to take care of, would not let her go on life and death.Xiaocheng very reluctant to become a burden to the family that he ran out to work, determined to support herself.She had on family and monasteries, so business is very good at.I just put her trick came.She said Xiao Xu has been very good to her, she stayed with Xiao Xu overtime, but she knew they could not.  Xiaocheng insisted was discharged a few days later, she said, lived how many times a hospital, or at home, comfortable, not that you convalesce.We moved in together.This is my insistence, I said I have to take good care of you.Xiao Xu to resign, I said nothing agreed.  Finally, I ate dinner with him.He deeply sad to say, she did not expect to have less severe disease, I was stunned for a while, hey, you start and go.Later, a drink, he said, you have the money than me, she certainly vote for you.I usually grab him, and said unto him, nonsense, not small achievements that people value money.As for money, Xiao Xu, work hard, you’re young, you will have money, perhaps more than I have money.Maybe by then you will understand Xiaocheng.  23, Xiaocheng lack technique and my relationship set the future, we will often lengthy conversation.She read a lot, especially like ancient poetry.We have a lot of things to talk about with relish, you can talk for hours on an event.Now I wonder, love love, say it makes sense to talk about.Sometimes she would wake up from a dream, silently watching me for a long time.I asked her why, she said she was happy, not sleep.Sometimes she would cry, saying it was homesick.I want to contact her family, she did not allow.I will not let her check the shop, took her to see every day on the line.But she was restless, said to me, I want to idle at home Hao Zhao, run this doing here?  I have no idea.This business would want such a trend continues, we will not worry about the future about the money.But this time the business was suddenly something unexpected thing affected.  After a few months, we are here to be heard to the road, the main road to open up and connect.Because we have two stores are part of a temporary room will certainly be torn down.Temporary business house demolished, the council make a little money, but for us it is not worthwhile, because the pavement near the already prices, customers are familiar with.I thought for a long time, there is no way.To keep Xiaocheng know worry, I’m not in front of her performance a lot of pressure.  I also secretly pay attention to the condition of small achievements, I feel like more and more serious.I also find the reason for her everywhere this disease, treatment and precautions.The doctor said to me was right, this disease usually can not get married, but prohibit birth, because her heart will not stand.Generally resolved surgery infancy, adult postoperative success rate is very low.With the exception of resting, not tired, especially not cold.In addition, there is no better cure.I think the barriers are formidable than any I had encountered difficulties, there is a helpless feeling.  24, maybe a lot of friends farewell complex emotional experience than I do, but I have always thought my destiny to be unfair, I have been also asked God: Why do not you give me a little longer true love, like life.Until recently, I did not untie this knot.  Xiaocheng himself feeling.Sometimes she would hug me, I really do not want to hand you over to another person, I let her nonsense.Sometimes she would say, I’m gone, you must find a good.You see, she was in constant contradiction.I think she really ordinary person, an ordinary girl’s thoughts and ideas she has, it is these so I think she made me a very pity people.Her heart beat faster and faster, not the rule.I will not let her go to the store with me, but also to find an aunt to take care of her.One day, she told me, no, I can help you earn so much money, never did feel housewife, you should pay out the money, I want to control the money, doing housewife.I smiled passbook, passwords, social security, are handed over to her real estate license.What it can not?Which I believe I can earn back lost.  In the fall, cold, small achievements seem more bad.Her face is not good, fast heart beat, I sent her to the hospital.I felt called to take her family.This time she did not refuse, but she said her family first and make a phone call, let me hear.Phone less than two days, her parents rushed to the scene.I do not know her and what her parents said, her parents met my special pro, he kept in front of me in tears, and said the child was too stubborn temper.When the three of us, her parents would like my own parents, I kept my attention the body, eat more, and more wear some.  I really do not want to remember that day, No. December 21, she was admitted to the hospital two months and a half months time.In fact, she went, the heart has been great.The doctor said that this disease usually is the heart suddenly stops, sudden death, like her less, she also belongs to the more serious.I keep hearing tears in her bed last words were: uncomfortable, stuffy chest good.Thank you.  25, I bid farewell to the small achievements gift.I do not know how to describe the feelings I was distraught.Because I can not show it in front of her parents, or her mother, there is no way to control their feelings.Think in front of a friend asked me if all my net worth in exchange for love, how I would choose?I think I can answer here: friends, if you want to leave you with one hand, the cost of all your net worth, what would you choose?If you have hesitation, the answer is very simple and it’s not your true love.I felt my heart was no longer complete the.  In her belongings to her before I found the book, but has less of a real estate license real estate license in my villa.  Of course, I also found a letter.In fact, I knew she was Xieyi Shu, in his heart just could not bear to admit it.She’s so smart girl will think of these.  Suicide note said: I’m sorry, I can not go on together, and you busy.Do not be sad, after that you should always think I.Nice to meet you, I was scared so senselessly gone, and now know my life than I had thought a lot better, so I do not regret.That will bring you and my parents the pain you have to be strong, hold on, you have to go a long way right.I have to sell your villa, you give it to buy another girl, right?I call the shots, you will blame me?Because our deli not a permanent solution, you will not be willing to butcher a lifetime, is not it?I went to set up a shop, with a down payment of money to sell the villa, the remaining two stores, sell it, as well as the demolition of the store, to get compensation, and we (me with us, you like it?) Before the money, a lot of it, Freeze flower.Then go to my house, and my dad share what you might be able to find opportunities.He will help you. I have told you.You should have a greater cause.  If you call the shots for me, really made money, even if I left you a gift.Loss, just when I had to sacrifice their lives for you busy, I deserve the money I took.Oh, I do not want money, just you had a happier, it depends on your own efforts 26, after the transformation of the things small achievements, my business once was, and may also be related to my mood.End of January 2003, I sold my two shops.It took another three months, I got the municipal grant funds.Plus the money in my hand, a total of 109.50000.My villa, Xiaocheng to sell the unit price of around 8500, with around 800,000 down payment made to buy a 300 square shops around, but four months later to be submitted.The local shops, nearly a year after I hire to 7 yuan per square every day, a month to recover in December 2003, when more than 60,000 yuan, after deducting my monthly repayments can remaining 40,000 dollars.It has basically the equivalent of one month’s earnings I had four stores, and earlier this year, I let the appraiser estimates about the price, has come to about 19,000 per square up.Xiaocheng, let me see you again your intelligence.  Think before small achievements every day so happy, so full look, now I understand: in fact, she has been in at any time to stop the shadow of life, so her attitude towards life but so open-minded, cheerful, and busy fulfilling.This is the life should have some attitude.I should live like this.And I can not rent living alone.I started thinking about a new career, I decided as Xiaocheng said, went to her house once.I contacted her parents and little, they are very enthusiastic, so I can always go.Although I have more than 100 million in cash than before, but my heart is not easy, because this time I was faced with the transition from catering to other industries, it is actually a start over.  In April 2003, I went to a small married.Xiaocheng parents doing leather business, they have been providing customized for foreign cars and furniture leather seats and cushion bag.I did not expect them to do great business.And they are workshops where every family, every household factories, Zhejiang really let me experience the power of the private economy.And communicate with their parents after her, I knew what the 100 million in cash was not enough to do in this regard.Her family said to me, could provide financial help, and they plied I can do, I am willing to stay and will do.But I refused.I have a feeling this is not the business I’m looking for, and I was willing to own struggle.Her parents recognized my son is doing, I walked that day, in her house for dinner, I was drunk.Her mother cried.  27, I finally did not accept attempts to Xiaocheng parents good intentions, not far from the kingdom of heaven Xiaocheng know I know this choice is satisfied or not satisfied.I think she understood me, and I have been so independent, always thought their own things to do.Although her parents did not do that industry, but her parents said, leaving the sentence when it touches on so I think for a long time.Her parents said that their products are now slowly the domestic automobile manufacturers have begun to goods, which is not saying that there are still great opportunities in this industry it?  In 2003 I returned to Shanghai after the end of April, 70% of the total price Youyi 700,000 loan to buy a house, after all, also have to live, pay rent is better to pay loans.Then I consider the main direction for the next step.I no longer consider the catering industry, the reason may be a bit sad in there.I want a new career, a new me.I also think the IT industry is not good, because I saw this young man a few years to start a company around 80% of selected IT industry, competition is fierce, and the operating conditions are not ideal, I estimate will take at least a few years out of this industry will be normal.Electronic processing, service or something, I have considered.After much deliberation relatively long time, I decided to try to do the agents of foreign brands and high-end automobile engine oil lubricants.I think Xiaocheng parents gave me the inspiration was some truth: the domestic auto market is only just beginning, there will be 10 years of rapid development, the industry is like the computer industry 10 years ago to do the same, It is worthy of my investment.  My habit is: The idea has been decided, will not hesitate to act.In early May, I find a good office space, began to recruit people; the end of May, office furniture and staff approach; June, I got a business license and invoice.I became familiar with this market channels, customers, products.At that time I almost every day to go Wuzhong, check the internet all day, write e-mail asking product performance, pricing, and so forth every day to ask for samples abroad.By August, when the company finally set up a full-fledged agent and an agent of 4 products.Then I began to constantly run around the city in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, looking, visiting agents and retailers, as well as negotiate with them.I think so, to my current strength torn hole in this industry Shanghai’s too hard, I should start with surrounding start.I started to open car, and later in October, when I sold a Mazda Familia loans.I cash my opinion or should keep company with development.  Although the second half of 2003. I do very hard, but to the end of a count, I did not make money in this company, but a loss of 120,000.The average monthly loss of 20,000.Some friends will ask, the automotive industry in 2003 was the hottest, and how do you lose out?The loss I just did not have the heartache and accidents, partly because I have experienced a lot of wind and rain on business, but more importantly because it is in my expected within.  There are many business, some people are a long accumulation of skills, experience, relationships and channels to make money; this is the time for space; some people is a fresh recruit, eat days, which is a monopoly or to technical victory; there are people with money exchange skills, experience, relationships, and business flow channel, which is space for time; what I do.I just entered this industry, experience, relationships, customer base and channels will not work, come in to make money is unlikely.But not to be afraid to spend money and stop the pace, business must go out, the development process can not be stopped.The past six months, although not much I ship, far from feed companies, but first, I organized a team, familiar with the team, exercise the strength of the team; the second is established sales channels, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces we have developed more than 70 lower-level agents, we let them try to open the market, but also familiar with competitors, customers public relations and so on, it’s all going well.In 2003 car sales are hot, but I think this one belongs to our automotive maintenance and repair class there will be a lag.Our performance at the end of 2003 has been much better than in August.For the upcoming 2004 years, I confidently.  28, the company’s actual home business really is as I expected development.In mid-January 2004, our sales volume to get a breakthrough, we have a slight profit.February because of the holidays, business is down 5 percent from January.March a substantial growth of 30%, so we have a net profit 40000.I stepped up efforts to motivate my team ambition rainbow, one by one declared end of the year than doubled sales in March.I know that this is possible.Because we take the platform early on can carry the full sales 70?100 scale of lower-level agents, each agent’s sales reached 8,000 per month?10,000 yuan is not difficult.  My company recruited several girls Shanghai.I rarely had to deal with girls and Shanghai, in fact, I rarely deal and girls, only small achievements and A Yun.But by our company and the Shanghai girl communication, cooperation, after the familiar, they let the girl I used to think of Shanghai greatly changed my heart used to be a biased.At first glance they dress fashionable and able to speak fast and neat, his mind clearly not dragging its feet, is very sensitive to price, do you think they care about is money forces.Yes, ordinary people are the strangers.But exchanges for a long time, I think they always work overtime due diligence requirements of their own, their own things done; do things very responsible for the company’s property, as well as water and electricity to their homes exactly like the same; heavy our feelings have more than one girl to her boyfriend, the students paid the money, time, and even families complain.Perhaps outsiders misconceptions about them just because we do things different ways nothing, after all, one is more important is the heart and mind.  But my love life is still empty.I think now I can no longer develop a relationship, nor did it leave in my heart the moment Xiaocheng.Every day I see Xiaocheng give me that letter, that letter actually written very long.I always felt she looked after, not far from me, my heart feel very warm.Xiaocheng, your heart and mind from the fetters of the flesh, should fly faster and farther it.This time due to the small achievements of leave, then I work hard every day to go home, you will feel the loss of the sense of belonging.Sometimes I would suddenly think, I’m doing here?Where do I belong?I work hard, try to earn money, earn a lot of money so what?  This is the first time I think about it what money means to me.Before the pressure of survival and career, as well as one by one blow and I always attend to sharpen this topic has ultimate meaning.Yes ah, although I am not very rich, but I have money in the future how to do?Before China’s traditional spirit only talked about: Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way.But if there is to how to get it?Forgive my humble school, I did not see explained in this regard.Many Chinese people have money later, extravagant life, great pomp, will depressed, to squander the money, many also lost the power of life, many people insist upon poor self-cultivation, pay the price for justice, wealth comes vanished.A few more people to donate money to charity and helping others, I want it all and also about our traditional culture.I was determined not to such a life.But why Westerners have so many rich people donate it to charity?And some of the poor they have to donate money to a charity used to it?  By chance I saw the “Matthew Bible”, which describes let me wake up.Which said that, although the rich because God-given ability and opportunity to obtain wealth, but that wealth is not the rich, but because God saw wealth due to the appreciation in the hands of the rich and let the rich who take custody, if there is needs, wealth should be returned to the owner.That’s why I am looking for.So I eagerly look at the “Bible” every day, and that the text inside to get my quiet, stability and peace of mind.In it, I found my mind in tune benevolence, compassion, humility and mission center.  I further understand that the time of ignorance before I have no faith, or faith in their own, self-righteous, arrogant and complacent.Friends, maybe you and I have different beliefs, please do not dispute the merits and demerits here.Perhaps only that everyone is only thinking very hard and heavy experience honed in order to be close to what you think is the truth.I finally found a home here, also find the answers to your questions.  I was baptized in Xujiahui church, become the master of the believers.After the baptism, I have to go sit in church every week.I know that small achievements will be an angel, a certain Lord will guide me.I used to think love is my motivation, love this word, I realized broader and more ambitious sense today.It has become my mission.  29, 2005 questions in January, I was in the vicinity of Xujiahui, on a large piece of open space Caoxi roadside parked the car came out, suddenly surprised to find Yun and her boyfriend is now her husband should it, because they are holding in her hand the size of a 2-year-old child.They apparently found me, but apparently the two sides are a bit wrong-e.I would like to say hello, smiled and said, This is your child ah?it’s beautiful!We look harmonious atmosphere between the.Conversation I learned that they were married by the end of 2001, with the end of 2002 adorable daughter.Their life is good, buy a car is something in mid-2004.I sincerely wish them.  They asked me, I told them, I also got their blessing.We also made an appointment the next dinner.  I used to think, if I see Yun, I will never remain calm, even I do not know how to see her.But I did it, I did not only calm, but also do usual exchange, but did absolutely sincerely wish them, understand them.Gone through so much, seen so much, I lost so much, and I get so much.Pierced the wall, my heart get more space and flying arena.  Our business is to September 2004 has been able to maintain turnover of around 700,000 a month, about 12 million profit a.10,11,12 three months we in the original basis to develop about 30 retail stores, basically to achieve about 15 million profit each month.The end of the year, plus the money in my hand shops and rental income, the company’s original capital and profits, has reached 1.8 million.I do a specialized investment firm friends that a small company like ours, as long as I can maintain the profitability of the company for 36 months, then the value of the company in general is the sum of the profits of the company 60 months.He said with a smile, calculate the value of your company four to five million now, if you maintain the current profitability.  My heart did not believe the status quo of this sentence, previous experience often illustrate this point: no one can maintain the status quo.  Only change the status quo to remain unbeaten.But after my rough count, heart doubts.Because I want to upgrade the current operating level, it is bound to re-create a larger and more rapid business platform management to a new level, but also for stricter and more systematic marketing plan I call it the rebirth plan.The rough plan I figured, asked me to invest about 300 million in funding.I was lost in thought: the risk of such a plan is too large?If it fails, I will lose all existing corporate earnings and funds on hand, as well as part of my estate.Then I should maintain the status quo, this is no good, so there are always other competitors do first, then I’ll wait and see Incident it?If I’m reborn implementation plan, complete play if 100% of the results, I 9?10 months to recover the cost, then the company should also have greater development.If you play 70% of the effect, I 15?18 months to recover the cost.If you play less than 50% effect, it is a failure.  But this kind of thing has to struggle into my blood, into my genes.I really can not bear to do nothing and lose the chance to become the top few in their field.Mainly for small achievements, for me, for all my friends and family, and my staff, I decided to let go of a Bo.I bought real estate (now prices, and a 1.5 million) and cars made two mortgage loans 120 million in funding, so I have money in the hands of the three million.  2004 at 23 o’clock on December 21, I finally completed the planned 170,000-word report a detailed plan of rebirth.I did not forget this day, I have to finish the report on this day.  From the middle of the night I drove down the main road, I used to shop and small achievements III site here she is in love with me, I am also here to fall in love with her.Everything here has been past and present Phoebe, never see a temporary room side of the road, all the wide streets and sidewalks, who would no longer care about what happened here in the.I stopped the car, got out relying car Lighting a cigarette.Looking at the horizon half full moon, I clearly saw the smiling face of Yan Yan Xiaocheng.I smiled, but his face had filled with tears streaming.  Friends, I struggle in the years Shanghai’s over yet?No, I knew, everything has just begun!  30, experience (finale) Here is my own perception and my experience, the right for reference: 1, life is the life of the investment and income.If you have money, you invest money; if you do not have money, but have the experience and ability, experience and ability to put on; if you have neither the money nor the experience and ability, but you have passion, hard work and effort put into it enthusiasm, hard work and effort.If you have neither the money nor the experience and ability, even enthusiasm, hard work and effort did not, I would not even think about that.  2, is more important than making money is to find your own money power; 3, more important than money is time, time is more important than timing, timing is more important than you should seize the opportunity of determination, motivation and preparation!  4, do not aim too high, opportunities are generally hidden in obscure corner you see; 5, willing to invest; 6, decide what action to be fast; 7, always ready resources as far as possible, ready to seize the opportunity, to be fast!  8, treat people with sincerity, to people with good.Sometimes, the opportunity is given by others; 9, to others looking for a little more than others (this is my copy of Li Ka-shing, I really like); 10, money has a general rule: do, do quickly, brains changing the pattern to do, is do not follow other people to do the same.  11, rational planning of the money the day after, and you will go farther; 12, have faith, principled, loving

Li Laizi Prodigal

Transfer instructions between Dynasty, Jiangxi Xinchang poor man named Li Jinwen scholar.His parents died early, come down, life is very shabby.  In this twelfth lunar month, seeing the Spring Festival approaching day by day, after some nagging wife Hu sighed: a few days is the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year if there is more than okay kilograms of pork!Yes ah, Li Jinwen nodded, meditation can be a thought, now home penniless, his neighbors on credit difficult to expect, only the cheek to go to their uncle opened a butcher’s shop to try to see if credit several kilograms of pork to the Chinese New Year.  New Year’s Eve this day, Li Jinwen bite the bullet and went to his uncle’s butcher shop, unfortunately uncle went out to close debts.Store folks struggling to stand up to his plea, because of the sensibilities 2 pounds pork chop let him take away.After his uncle back to the shop, listening to the matter said the barman, furious anger, angry nephew went home, after being insulted and called pot meal of meat forced to put back.Hu Seeing desolate scene, could not help but burst into tears, crying.Li Jinwen not angry, grinning, holding his wife’s hand to comfort the genteel way: A good wife does not have to tears Lian Lian, no meat soup Chinese New Year.One day during the operation, every moment is the New Year.Then, he braved the snow filled out the door.  Lijin Wen came to the south of the Temple, first, in order to hide debt, and second, to find prey.He first placed toward the temple of the Buddha one by one the size of worship, pray to Buddha bless himself turned the corner, grabbing power and money.After the prayer, he saw God on stage enshrines fruit cakes, suddenly put green eyes, could not help but hungry, see no one around, they arrested devour.After eating, so think of themselves embarrassment, can not help but smile shaking his head very sentimental, hopes of finding a charcoal, a little meditation, on a wall in the main hall of whizzing write a jingle: oil, salt and leading a poor sauce, vinegar, tea, everything in someone’s home.Although my house shall, swept away the snow to see the plum blossom.Finished the day after it was dark, he was general malaise, leaning against the corner short break, soon drowsiness slowly hit, unknowingly actually drowsy and fell asleep in his sleep, a vicious claiming to be a big kind Yan Wangye Duodao front of him, saying that he wrote a poem just read, although he praised the destitute, but open-minded, lofty realm, commendable.Told him not sad, lucky ghost secretly helped set the future, to keep him best of luck and enjoy the wealth and status the next day is the first day, the magistrate riding sedan chair with servants came to Temple, bow down and pay his respects finished, he looked up and saw a wall verse on, it was very interesting.Was about the emotions, suddenly found the corner there is a delicate features, but his face sallow young man curled up asleep, his servant to wake Li Jinwen.Questioning the situation, we know that he wrote this poem, his face not help revealing surprise color.After some conversation, the magistrate found him extraordinary ability and insight, a sudden and devastating love and affection.Back Yamen, the police immediately sent grain clothing, and arranged for him to co-host a number of county government official copy writing, not later when the aid to be.Li Jinwen family life slowly well up.  The next year, Li Jinwen participate in examinations, in the Scholars, the official in the capital.Because of his impartial, honest and upright, and soon promoted.A few years later, he went to court to reuse any of Chief Secretary governor of Yunnan Province.  Li Jinwen came to Yunnan office, in charge of the province’s taxation power, seen and heard at all levels of official corruption and bribery, extortion.Doubts nothing, afraid of the poor state of mind, he slowly becomes corrupt, began wantonly plundered money to retire and enjoy time in the future.  Li Zicheng uprising that year, Li Jinwen escorted several vessels should be turned over to the province’s tax tribute to Beijing, the Ming Dying way that, in the face of gold and silver boxes of his lust, greed big time, ordered the boat turned around against the current by Gan River along the Jinjiang River and then yeah, put a few gold and silver vessels of all shipped to the home.He bought a lot of land, forests, these gold and silver property, also to usury victims.He did not donate a penny for home construction, for poor villagers stingy.Not only that, he also Caimixinqiao, willow extreme, with gold and silver cast into a gold and a silver Buddha Buddha, not to worship, but occasionally ferocious beating, scolding them showed their baby lump too late.Li Jinwen beat Buddha’s voice shocked the palace of hell.Yan Wangye see so commit a sin, very angry that lucky ghost has helped him have money to burn, enjoy endless blessing, he is not only insatiable, but so blasphemous, really nasty, I decided to take his punishment.  Li Jinwen old age baby boy, the couple loved darling, named money, the meaning is obvious.Unfortunately, Lee born to money long haired bald head, though heavily chemists, still can not be cured.Villagers secretly called him Li Laizai.  Li Laizai very strange birth on the night crying, despite Hu and wet nurse to hold and coax and tease, are not silent, hired a doctor is not effective.Li Laizai fast one year old, one day house the guests, servants during the tea break inadvertently missed a fine cup, Li Jinwen was about to rap, but this time Li Laizi dancing in the arms of the wet nurse laughed.On another occasion, I invited a tailor made clothes, tailor with an iron ironing time, too easy, expensive fabrics in smoky iron, Li Laizi saw and laughing.Thereafter, whenever the home destroyed property damage, Li Laizai on laughing, a very happy look.Li Jinwen find a particular interest in his son, not sad, but had his servant from time to time to tear crack silk satin, smashing porcelain bowl fell to laugh son.  Li Laizai began to grow.For pleasure, he sprouted a weird, invited craftsmen, the gold bars, ingots labeled foil, it is carried on the wind turbine outside the top of the hill, a large amount of gold and silver foil piece in blow-down from the wind turbine.I saw glistening, shining white gold and silver foil piece danced, very bright, prompting Laiqiao with curious villagers scramble, beaten.Li Laizai looked at this piece of lively scene, clapping and laughing, Zhirang call: fun!Fun!  Li Jinwen see his son so nonsense, I began to worry.Even at home have Jinshan Silver Sea, so naughty continues, will soon complete toss.Seeing his son could not restrain the family business, the couple after a discussion Trustee matchmaker, married for Li Laizi a shrewd wife, hoping she can take control of his son, a good future in charge of the family business.Who knows Li Laizai vicious die hard, make a group of fair-weather friends, eat, drink all day.These people are insincere flattery Li Laizai, all sorts of instigating, Li Laizai persuade them to not listen to the wife of one, quick punches thrown, it was not fair-weather friends are encouraged to listen to a piece of paper off the book took her out of the house.Since then, despite Li Jinwen couple then how Trustee matchmaking, no one is willing to have his daughter when.  Li Jinwen to give her son does not suffer in the future, juggling, with huge amounts of money to buy a street in the provincial capital, there are 365 shops on the street.He entrusted a honest and reliable family, asked to say: we were later died, the family property if the money lost all light, you have to take him to the provincial capital 365 Main Street shop, a shop every day to live and eat, take turns working again It can be over a year.They live, long-term worries.Family mouthful promised to hear.  Two years later, Li Jinwen husband and wife have died.Li Laizai no one bundle, more boldly visit a prostitute gambling Happy, big spenders, no money to spend to sell land, sell land, sell mountain, sellers, less than three years time, enormously wealthy man really lost our shirts.The family had to tell him there are 365 shops in the provincial capital of thing, Li Laizai heard that there are large amounts of property, endless joy.  Accompanied Li Laizai family to the provincial capital, it turns accommodation in this 365 shop.Small club to visit, shop owner is naturally respectful reception.Some employers seek to profit, in addition to sweet talk touted Li Laizai in order to win favor, but also hosted a dinner Restaurant, into the theater to watch a movie, arrange Guangyao Zi Li Laizi momentary pleasure is often a whim, big Shi Ende, a generous gift to the shop giving.After the other boss know each other to emulate, Li Laizai on eleven gift shop.Bitter family persuasion, Li Laizai just ignore it, and two years later the shop was full while stocks.Family helpless, had sadly back to their home.  Li Laizai alone helpless, begging all the way back to the county.Home houses no longer had the bridge in Qiaoting Simon’s shelter, begging for a living.Soon, a serious illness paralyzed in Qiaoting, despite dying, but a few days may not expire.Villagers saw, talking, estimated him there must be something not lost light, a closer look, and sure enough on bad clothes also tied with a brass buttons.That day at midnight, a shadow drifted down.This is Yan Wangye sent pressing others.After the meal fumble it trembled in Li Laizi body, touch the brass buttons ripped forced into the river fling.Only to hear a pop sound, and Li Laizi screamed, feet Yi Deng, instant Qijueshenwang


Afternoon, I called Joe Smith.I said: I have to see you.Joe Smith asked: Why?I said: your wife came to see me he heard these words, anger got up, interrupted me to say: she was looking for you?This is me and her, you do not blending.I said: I do not want to tube, but she was my junior sister apprentice, you said I was in charge no matter?Joe Smith did not then, and later said: That line, in the evening meeting to speak.University, Joe Smith is a two-time high of our wit, we have to take him as an idol.He later married junior sister apprentice, we all feel good enough for his junior sister apprentice, but who did not dare say, junior sister apprentice goes mouth, much like a knife.City, everyone busy with their own, married, and from even less, until the day before junior sister apprentice suddenly came to me, I know, their marriage went wrong.Junior sister apprentice said, two months Joe Smith like a changed man, her sarcastic, forcing tight, but also Gengzhuobozi, clamoring to divorce.I say: Stay out of the chanting, the society I did not finish, junior sister apprentice took me kicking.Later, I promised to find Joe Smith to talk.In the evening, we met in the street a small hotel.Joe Smith some changes, with less hair than before, and looks a lot older.We drink together, talk about the students used to know, so who married a wealthy, so who gave birth to children, happy to talk, I forgot to why.In fact, I too embarrassed to ask for junior sister apprentice Why did Joe Smith.Junior sister apprentice temper, nothing seriously love to see Joe Smith like this, I guess the problem is the junior sister apprentice.Drank too much, then I would more.I asked: Joe Smith, you are not lovers of?Joe Smith laughed and asked: how do you think so?I said: guess chant.He smiled, did not speak, just shook his head.I am a little anxious, he said: do not install!You see you, talented, attractive, and money, and now the woman not to value these do?These are the truth, but say it feels a bit sour.He looked at me, put that glass, said: You do not quote, but then he looked up, deliberately elongated sound, and said: You are right, I really had so little idea of small.Joe Smith finished, staring at me: I can tell you, but you have to swear not to tell junior sister apprentice.I drank too much wine kept up, forthright and said: OK!As long as you tell the truth, I’m sure for you privacy.Joe Smith said, there was something a woman loved him dead, although he never bought her clothes, did not take her outside travel, holidays and even she had no way to accompany together since a few years ago when a Joe Smith after sales regional manager, his life is only one word: busy.Alcohol let Joe Smith more and more excited, he said: One time I went to Thailand on business, came back, the plane was delayed.And so we came down, before we know the front plane skidded off the runway, fire.At that time on the apron full of fire engines, that battle really scary.Waiting for me out of the airport, could not find her, I thought she did not come to something, go back to his taxi.On the road, she called me, I answer the phone she would howl Joe Smith looked at me and said: You say she was stupid not stupid, do not ask, I thought that aircraft accident aircraft.Joe Smith paused and said: I am also crazy that day, turn around and go out into the airport run, saw her, no matter how many people around, suddenly hugged her, and then did not want to let go.The next day, junior sister apprentice called me and asked me.I said: away from it, he was on the outside.Junior sister apprentice was on the phone crying out loud.I advise a few, forbearance and tolerance, not only the woman told her things.I say to junior sister apprentice: his heart with someone, you do not pay attention, and instead of this fight and trouble, as quickly divided.Junior sister apprentice scolded me, saying: How can you do, and advised people to divorce!I’m too lazy to say, holding a phone to listen to her anger reprove.The scenery outside the window is October, ginkgo leaves yellow, off the floor.To the spring, junior sister apprentice suddenly came to me.Before junior sister apprentice with me several times by phone, simply say divorce marriage from the very simply, Joe Smith cleanse the family.Junior sister apprentice came, I was in a meeting.From out of the venue, I saw a black junior sister apprentice, lined with plain white face haggard, swollen eyes, like a peach.I was surprised and asked her how she was.Junior sister apprentice hesitated for quite a while: he died.Her words made my body froze, I stammered: Joe Smith?When?Junior sister apprentice’s eyes were red, said: the day before yesterday.After I leaned against the hallway wall, shock is the body’s sense of powerlessness.Ear heard junior sister apprentice Q: That you see him, he said he did not get sick with something you do?I shook my head, junior sister apprentice asked: Really did not say?I said: really did not say.I turned to look at junior sister apprentice, her face full of doubts.I thought, and still do not have the heart to tell her that a woman.I said: that drink, he told me that he had only once a business trip, the aircraft encountered an accident at the airport like a plane on fire.Junior sister apprentice thought, nodded and said: Yes, I remember that accident, I was in the airport, began to think that he’s plane on fire junior sister apprentice sighed and said: Then, how much we love is ah.

Elopement Eve

The results need love, and sometimes not own a subjective act, but broke our hearts cruel reality —– 1.Girlfriend died suddenly near noon, Lin Fan and again handed over the resignation, the principal was a bit angry, look at him, did not answer.In the case of stalemate, Lin Fan’s phone suddenly rang hasty.Phone call from a brother Lim.  However, little brother you come home hurt her sister.  He stumbled and then went to Ye rented room, clawed through the crowd when he discovered that the forest can be positive trembling curled up in a corner, while his girlfriend has a small contingent face serenely away from him.  Lin Fan arm around the trembling forest can be, he would not understand, how can Ye however cruel it away from their own?  The police then arrived, the scene has been destroyed because people crowd, a policeman can not accurately judge the time is suicide or homicide.After careful survey the scene and understand the situation.The only clue is an ordinary bottle bedside charge of those few, which confirmed all sleeping pills.At that time, the room was electric Ye Ran live trip.Police from the face of the deceased and no signs of struggle point of view, there are three possible.Suicide, eating overdose of sleeping pills and cause death; eating a lot of sleeping pills, because the electricity suddenly the room that night trip, not feeling the Ye then took the pills in the dark, but she forgot these bottles are sleeping pills; homicide, someone is secretly put the bottle in the medicine for a.  Lin Fan squatting on the ground, some absent-minded inquiry and analysis of police, his whole person across, while the forest can still huddled in the side, scared pale skin, pale.  Subsequently, the police also found the deceased leaves small natural harbor has been three months pregnant.When asked about Lin Fan, Lin Fan suddenly stood up, his fists.It must be the beast of children.  2.The man Lin Fan mouth barbaric manager, who is it?  The man called Zhuo and Qi Ye’s company then general manager,.  Lin Fan said, because then the secretary Zhuo Qi Ye party, Zhuo Fang Qi has repeatedly harassed her in private.But Ye then neither overbearing nor always refused.To keep Lin Fan sad for her, she has not told it Lin Fan.Until one day, Qifang Li Zhuo with a chance to travel, then forcibly took possession of the Ye.Later, Ye then discovered she was pregnant last resort, she was told it the Lin Fan.Lin Fan angry, however, has found Zhuo and Qi theory, did not expect, but was beaten Zhuo and Qi face was swollen nose light.Later, however Ye resigned, Zhuo and Qi still would not let her, often called harassing phone calls.In desperation, Lin Fan Ye then letting her find a place to live now.After the move, some calm days, but one day, Lin Fan turn to intimidation or information from Zhuo and Qi Ye Ran phone.He clearly remembers the content of that information, say, one day, I’ll find you and kill you, you can not escape my palm.To this end, Ye then has been living in fear, and often insomnia.  Lin Fan said Qi Fang Zhuo must find a place to live in small contingent, had we intend to leave the city with it?How could she suddenly committed suicide it?Subsequently, Lin Fan took out two tickets.We are preparing to quietly leave it?  At this time, aside silent forest can suddenly ran up, snatched the ticket Lin Fan hands, torn to pieces, he looked at Lin Fan, an expression of pain.Brother, you are really ready to get out of here?what about me?It is how my parents died when you asked, so no matter where you have to take me, and you actually forgot all about it?  The police no longer continue to ask it, they quickly found Zhuo and Qi.Zhuo and Qi suit to a meeting, he heard the news of the death of Ye However, he said that for Ye course, I know I did wrong, but I definitely did not kill Ye Ran.  Qi Fang Zhuo debate again, and he said words Zaozao can find someone to testify, he has been working overtime last night in the unit.A policeman suddenly said, according to Ye then boyfriend said, Ye then pregnant with your child.Zhuo and Qi suddenly laughed: children?Can not, I have to prove infertility.Who knows that the child is not her father and then fucks Ye born out of?  3.Wretched stepfather night, at the police station, Ye Ran’s parents from the suburbs to drive over.Mom cried all the way, the eyes were badly swollen.The father, just head down.  However, Ye’s father died many years ago, she has followed her mother lives.Later, her mother remarried, he is the man in front of her stepfather.Old mother distraught daughter’s death, she repeatedly beat the men around him, his mouth kept talking about: If not you, then little will not go down this road to ruin.  Admittedly, the police discovered a big secret.That is, Ye then had been harassed stepfather, so always want to escape.After work, Ye Ran rarely home, and family relationships indifference.Her poor mother, but the mother hated the weakness she hated stepfather, but because his mother had to endure the torture of family.She wrote a diary, which records this painful memories, until she met a teacher Lin Fan, just get away from it all.  But marriage stepfather did not agree with Lin Fan Ye However, he did not interfere in the breath of five tripled to a poor teach.

Couplet provoked by the tragedy of the bridal chamber

Ming Jiajing, Funing County, Jiangsu Province, north chenzhuang have a last name Chen old scholar, often because the test does not give in career blocked, coupled with poor farming, life is very poor, thirty-five just married wife.However, even the rain leaking every boat broke and had met with head winds, wife of the door soon suffer from heart disease, died in less than six months after the rule is not to give him a daughter.More than old scholar grief, day night to do a father mother, devoted themselves to raising her daughter.The girl, named his blessing children, daughter hope everything is good luck, happy life, so unlike their own ill-fated miserable.In order not to let his daughter wronged, then he did not remarry, and in the home run from the private school, earn some money to put her daughter to eat well.Days spent in day by day toil old scholar’s daughter grew up in the care of the old scholar’s day by day, and shortly eighteen summers past, her daughter come out as flowers, coupled born intelligent, they have old missionary scholar, Fuqin painting , stonewalls omnipotent, a time fame, many rich families sent the media door, wants to marry his daughter refused, were old scholar, he saw his star pupil Liu Ming.Liu Ming Liu, who lives forty miles outside the village, because of the distance involved, the inconvenience to come and go, let the old scholar, who lives in self-reading.Liu Ming family originally regarded as well-off well-off, because suddenly the year before the fire, burned not only consist in run-down houses, and parents both died in the fire.Originally Liu Ming is no money to continue studying, the old scholar to see him extremely intelligent and studious is a good block of material, could not bear to let him halfway abandoned, they let him free on-campus.Seeing Liu Ming grow fast day, the old scholar determined to move his wife’s family, they put a mind to say to his daughter, his daughter without hesitation they agreed, because she has long love for Liu Ming.Liu Ming said the old scholar but also to find and intention, Liu Ming listening that is promised, because he also has long been admired for blessing children, just ashamed not afford to dream.  Ye love, flower intentionally, the old scholar overjoyed, immediately fix a day for them, married.  Wedding night, to individual seats, drum music interest rate convergence, a pair of daily life, but gracious mutual friend Mu-long love new people in the bridal chamber intended to cut cotton, embracing language.However, when Liu Ming Fu children undress urge to sleep, to say the blessing children to look at the moon tonight outside the plane-tree is not to celebrate the marriage and brighter They.Sentence caught Liu Mingxing cause infinite, immediately carrying blessing child’s hand out of the door.Outside, bright, clean bright as a mirror, they moved a chair against the Indus look up to the moon, hearts Dangqi happy ripples.Suddenly, blessing children smiled and said: Liu brother, you see, so bright tonight on children, indicating that we were originally marry God, little sister moved by the occasion, come up with a joint, I wonder if you would be willing to second line?Liu Ming confident: willing.Fu children laughed: not on how to do?Liu Ming asked: how do you say?Fu children say: do not you are not allowed on Jin Dongfang, when to feed on when, how?Liu Ming thought and said: Well, you out with it.Fu children blurted out: move with chair leaning Tong month view.When he finished, got up and ran laughing Jin Dongfang, snapped shut the door, the door says: You have to pair up, I open the door.Liu Ming smiles confidently: Well, you wait.Then they use their brains wondering second line.However, I kept thinking, Liu Ming will feel this together is not so simple and easy way, because homonym with the Department in this together is very clever, but also a lot of action linked, like a long time should have failed to come up with a satisfactory second line.Seeing the bride in the room waiting for him, Liu Ming was so anxious, but can not throw in the towel, the case must resolve to a second line, he paced side edge thinking, unknowingly came to live in their original houses.This room is between a Chase, the old scholar dedicated to cover up for auditorium use, but then another student Liu Ming and Qin East because the way is to stay away, the old scholar will take the attic in the house, let them live at the top.At this point, Qin Donggang lights asleep, listening to the footsteps outside the door, asked: Who?Liu Ming quickly replied: I.Qin East exceedingly strange, and asked him: today is a good day to you, not to accompany the bride and the bridal chamber, on here doing?Liu Ming and Qin East with the division and school, with room door, from morning till evening, love as brothers, they hide from the Qin East, said: You open the door, I met a problem.Qin East will be lit at the attic door, Liu Ming climb the attic bride put him out with things against us the truth.Qin Dong laughed: children is really a blessing, this time also thinking trouble funny, childish.He also moving from the brain to help Liu Ming, also holding the book to rummage lamp, Liu Ming also followed the book to reveal.At this point, Liu Ming had an idea, blurted out: move with chair leaning Tong Guan Yue, lighting kicking Court attack each book, the second line is this!Is this!Qin East contemplate a little one, immediately applauded: every word relative, and words of interlocking, perfect match, with good!Good of!As he applauded, while urging Liu Jin Dongfang see bright bride.Liu Ming Qin Dong Bring to have to drink to celebrate him, and said to the second line of his mind at this time of joy has been better than recent marriage.Qin East can not, out of the bed begins wine (They usually always drink and poetry), both me a glass cup you, have unwittingly drunk, then fell asleep each.To be woke up, Liu Ming found himself not in the bridal chamber, the bride immediately think of something out of it, and quickly returned to the attic and down the bridal chamber.Bridal chamber door ajar, the bride had fallen asleep, he went to the bed in the dark, the bride leaned ear: blessing children, I’m back, I’m out of your pair of second line.The bride surprised to wake up, asked him: What did you say?Liu Ming said: I am your pair of the second line: the shift chair leaning with Tong Guan Yue, lighting kicking attack each book Club.The bride sat up steeply: fishes you out, just came back?He said: I have returned.The bride said: You did not lie to me?He said: I do not lie to you, really, I slept in Qindong there, do not believe you asked him tomorrow.That just the bride paused, silently lie down.Liu Ming hurriedly asked: blessing children, how are you, my second line right or wrong?The bride say: you very well, yes, I am a little uncomfortable.Liu Ming distressed and said: That you go to sleep, I sleep.Having said fell down to sleep.The next morning, Liu Ming woke up, did not see the bed blessing children, was surprised to find his pillow with a letterhead, won a look, shocked.It turned out that the letter is a blessing child wrote: Liu brother, sister sorry for you, I should not give you the wedding night out with unseated against you, I regret closing soon, and tell you that you have not opened the door parasol tree , closing doors and so you have to.Who knows bad guys advantage of the loophole, he Chenxi forward, and learn your voice and remembered second line: lighting pedal House attack each book, go to bed around my.I was at that time you will be forced to leave, the hearts of guilt, inconvenience to say, everything will be according to his brother Liu, the young girl I’m sorry you, little sister go first, take care of hope.  Liu Ming as lightning top, and quickly find out, just go on the plane-tree stunned, blessing children had been hanged in a tree Indus, Liu Ming of tears.It was quickly told that the old scholar, the old scholar came hastily, seeing this, despair pole, crashed into a sycamore tree, suddenly crack into the brains to go along with daughter.


First, the Ming Dynasty Jingtai years, eunuch regime inone.Eunuch Liu is the Emperor ordered Baiguan, strongly exclusionary.He kangaroo criminal court twelve pits, each seat pits were placed in a variety of brutal rats, snakes, scorpions, mad dog, wolf and other animals.These animals had hemophagocytic nature, DPRK officials to talk about its mere mention, feel insecure.  More people are times of hardship, displacement, haze enveloped the entire next big tomorrow.  Second, at the time, there are two juggling team, Cao Song classes and classes in the capital on the ground.Cao Cao squad headed by the boss, he relied on a dozen of the pole and only then pull the uncle, Liu Liu Gonggong, he was ill, evil bully female male hegemony.Cao boss Song class as the thorn in the flesh, can not wait to head at the beginning of the Song class Songjahak, get hold of mutilated bodies hate in my heart to pieces Party Solutions.Helpless as good as others, could not find an excuse.  There were two men Songjahak early Christians yuan less and Yuen Wah, their young and fit, able to meet the master of life and death to complete the exclusive turntable tricks.This is life and death, but the turntable Song class exclusive secrets, finale.Competition every year when Cao boss is lost in it.  On several occasions, Cao boss want to spend the high prices they dug up, however, few Chinese yuan and the dollar are in love with the daughter of Song Mei Songjahak beginning, no one wanted to leave their infighting, which makes Cao boss helpless.  Right now the current situation as chaotic, everywhere hungry refugees, who also thought to look at these things?Songjahak beginning also feel old, bloated, he closed thank-you, ready to open the Temple Chuan bowl.He set a Zuxun: in six months, who are highly skilled, do Song class head, and with the promise to his daughter.  From that point, early on Songjahak yuan less esoteric and Yuen Wah skills, they are more sleepless nights, practiced.Suddenly, six months passed quickly, after appraisal, Yuen Wah slightly inferior, less dollars riding on a very smooth head.Songjahak early decision, and so after a while, let them marry.  Yuen Wah not convinced, he felt better than anywhere yuan less poor.Master certainly eccentric, which makes him very angry, soak all day to drink down the pub, drunk and disorderly behavior, which makes Song Ban foul, despite the early Songjahak all sorts of persuasion does not help, reluctantly forced his deportation door division.  Cao boss see chance and find Yuen Wah straight to the point: Song Yanzhuo boss, you do not know the people, he did not even have a bowl of water end injustice, how do you master with?You just told me immediately is the underboss, the popular hot drink, and enjoy the endless wealth and status.  Yuen Wah said dismissively: our class thing, not for you to say mouth.I am here to thank you so honor me, respect me, but I have no interest in it when improper head.  Cao boss a Ming Bai Yuanhua What do you mean, there are people he wants.Cao boss boldly said: You just told me, help me off the Song class, I guarantee your little junior sister apprentice to time, will obediently into your arms.  Yuen Wah surprise: how?You have to dare hurt my master, I’ll get you.Cao secretive boss said: I want you to help me, but not hurt, you just tell me what the secret of life and death turntable on the line.Yuen Wah understand, as long as the secret once you say it, the Song class will no foothold.  In fact, this is the Yuen Wah want, even if Cao boss does not come to him, he would seek refuge in him, Cao boss is much backing, but his heart knows best the.Cao boss can only helped themselves to get rid of dollars less, to when they could Outrageous.  In this way, Yuan Hua Cao boss would like to take the hands off the Song class; Yuan Hua Cao boss would like to take forces to exterminate yuan less, they are dishonest, mercenary come together.  Huawei yuan a little table sincerity, a clean breast of his secret life and death turntable, Cao boss to hear a good laugh.He has not kept his word, really let Yuen Wah got into the top spot underboss.  Two of them act in collusion, conspiracy to kill two birds with one stone out of the deadly trap, ready to be implemented in time to participate in Liu An Shouchen.Liu Gonggong they want through the hands of the Song class in out.  Three to Liu An Shouchen this day, Cao Song classes and classes in previous years have received the invitation, they dare not neglect invited to.However, Song class early Songjahak infirmity did not participate, and only a few dollars with a few Young Song Mei.  Liu out of the entire house is heavily guarded, kings and ministers come to send gifts of countless, in front of busy.Inside the government is may sound, floating banners, the capital of the major famous male troupe, juggling have been invited over, bustling.  Liu Happy sit high above the chair stays on, put on a majestic look.Stage right opposite him, he looked domineering program.  Cao Song class and another class sang a rival show, they are almost the same as the previous program.First birthday celebration lions, fairy offer peach, and finally come up with their own housekeeping skills.Cao boss is played through the ring of fire around the ring studded with sharp knife, he stripped to the waist, leap on drilling in the past from the middle of the circle and win a lot of applause.  Song class play is life and death turntable, Song Mei saw standing on the same height and turntable, tied the limbs, then people turn the dial.Yuan less stood ten paces away, holding four shining darts.  Yuan will be a good location less carefully, memorizing the number of turns.Finally, he was blindfolded, he began throwing darts.They are breathless, heart in his throat.  I saw the yuan less robustly standing on the stage, holding the hands of darts, seize the opportunity to decisively threw out three darts impartial, inserted in the Song Mei’s side, but was not hurt.We have kept cheering, cries already overwhelm Cao team.

All dreams will blossom

All dreams are flowering text / Lin Ke Yi Miaonv she is a native of Hunan.Because his family was poor, can not afford the tuition, up to high school, they drop out came to Shenzhen, a waitress at the hotel along with cousin.  Holding a junior high school diploma, four hundred thirty-seven dollars, several sets of clothes, a pair of leather shoes, more than a dozen books.In addition, she had nothing.  Sick, standing in the doorway of the hospital, but did not dare go in; on the bus, when the bus telephone IC card IC card but do not draw money; drool looking at snack in the supermarket; walk from the East Gate to Huaqiang North , just to save two dollars away.Even at a young age girls love beauty, she never bought a more than one hundred yuan of clothes, all clothes Amoy two thirty in the stalls.Cosmetics can not afford it instead of soap cleanser with the exception of mites, after washing, the orange juice when squeezed in your hand lotion pat.  Distress than substance, more frightening is that dignity is trampled.Because engaged in the service industry, so be sure to deal with all sorts of people and.She was not high quality of some of the people picked through thorn even he has been wronged someone else had stolen diamond ring.She has had many such gas, more to herself did not want to remember, do not want to say, do not want to cry any more.She finally realized that complaining will not change the world, but since it can not change the world, only to change their.  She no skills, and no diploma is concerned, to change the fate of a minimum threshold of only writing this road.  At that time she lived in a dormitory eight people, because inconsistent work time, so the dorm is always someone sleeping or talking.At that time the computer is very extravagant things, attendants are not, are they dare she thought about owning a computer.She did not desk, only a communal table, piled on top of food and daily necessities, want to write only climb on his bed, pulled down the curtains open on a small table lamp yourself sitting there writing.  And she still can not make the same quarters knew what he was doing, because it must be laughed at.At the time, she had appeared in magazines stall, saw some magazines theft of her article, is to buy back his colleagues on the bed, but she did not say she was afraid people would think she was crazy.  Because she had been subjected to such humiliation.She often took a small book, as long as free, even if it is at work in the lobby, she will write something on it.Because of her work every day to stand full nine hours, as well as the edge of colleagues.But she insisted to write thousands of words a day.There are ideas, there is a sentence, there is description.Gradually, more and more of her little book, many years later, she is still a small yard material accumulated knowledge and writing these.  She quietly persisted.Every day after work, she would go black bars in the village, the idea of a day to write articles breath.  Because at that time she was very poor, if typing a little unhappy, wasted network costs, so a thousand words thirty-four article, she was only an hour to finish the.  In fact, just the beginning of writing, she’s very general level, typos talk, no rhetoric, no skills, no main line.  But she did not have no mortal perseverance.Is one such cafe writing, she wrote wrote five or six years.All her time is spent on writing.When people playing the game when she was writing; when people fall in love, she was writing; when people visit shopping street, her writing; when people chat on QQ chat network was in full swing when she writing; when people travel in her writing; when people live in a time of negative complaints, she had about five years in the writing, the writing she did not earn a penny before, but she has been doing this one thing.  Many talented people than she, had excited the network literature who ultimately do not write, and quietly withdrew.And she has persevered.Because she knew qualification flat, there is no elegant aid, the only rely on only their tireless efforts and hard work.  When she finally wrote fame on the network, and there are many editors asked him to when she made the decision to resign, to buy a computer, back home full-time writing.  From a network of self-transformation to text can be replaced royalties magazine article, she took great pains.  Text because the market never had any contact, in order to write the magazine, she was riding a bike every day to go to the library, read a magazine copy magazine.Sit for one day bring their own lunch to eat at noon.She looked about three months, a copy of Big Ben a few notes on what is known about the magazine article for what clearly.  So watch and write, because a good foundation, but also willing to listen to the words of editor, editor unconditionally any amendments put forward, after six months, have been able to draft Each magazine.She often got writing to be edited when it is put a big pigeon editing, editing writing quickly find people to immediately write this column.Edit middle of the night wake deadlines, blankets around him, his eyes half-amused start typing.Because of her faith, and gradually we have the reputation and contacts in circles.Naturally, many people have begun to help her.  Finally, in mid-2006 her first novel was published.Get the book the day happens to be her 24th birthday.  Since then, she at an annual average rate of four novel book.Each novel, there is the traditional version, as well as several foreign version.For such a result, but it is her own evaluation I have nothing to do ah, that is very attentive to write something every day.  For her achievements, many people have expressed envy.But she says, to this day, I still think they are not good enough, not good enough, a lot of people are very good, so I have to work harder.I’m not a capable woman, I just mark their choice with a single line, persistence and hard work.  Her name is Yao Di, pseudonym red lady, known as the Queen thriller.Her seven-color horror fiction, the reader China has become must reading horror fiction.Works “black hair” listed in the 2008 top ten suspense novels, 16 essays so far has published novels, a collection of seven.His works are exported to Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam.  Her story is very inspirational, as she puts it: the city, there are many industries, I think, as long as people specialization like to pay a lot, there will always return.May every city a striver Do not be discouraged, many people do not know where you are and what you like efforts, all your dreams will blossom. Even a stone can blossom can fly again humble dream will bloom all efforts blossom you do not know the success of text / Zhang Jianzhong Gary Dahl was originally the name of advertising agency executives.April 1975, he was with friends in a bar when the party occasionally hear people complain about their pets.He was friends say, should be the perfect pet rock, no feeding, no bath, not sick, not dead.  Initially it was just a joke, but Dahl was excited about their ideas, and then I decided to put into practice their ideas, which came into pet rock.Like a real pet in general, mounted on a stone pet pets paper box, accompanied by a pet training guide.To ensure a comfortable pet rock, the carton also placed straw with vent openings.  Each pet rock priced 3.$ 95 net profit of $ 3.The first half was only put into the market, pet stone will bring $ 15 million in revenue for Darfur.  Gates is known as the second Mark Zuckerberg launched his first exclusive yearbook when the Facebook virtual, some people told him that this stuff is too weird, and useless.Surprisingly, Facebook just opened on a blockbuster, within a few weeks, more than half of Harvard students are enrolled member, the initiative to provide their most intimate personal data such as name, address, hobbies and photos.The students take advantage of this free platform to grasp the latest developments friend, talking with friends, search for new friends.  Soon, Facebook will be extended to major US college campuses, young people across North America, including Canada, have interest on this site.Now, in the university campus Britain, Australia and other countries are also popular.According to estimates of Yahoo, Facebook to mid-2015 registered users in the US will reach 52.5 million, 60% of students and young people will use Facebook, far higher than 8% in 2005 and 18% last year.Yahoo is expected that by 2015, revenue is expected to reach 18 Facebook.$ 600 million, most advertising revenue from ads, Facebook could reach 10 billion US dollars is huge.  Jeff Bezos on July 16, 1995 the creation of Amazon, its basic nature is an online bookstore.Bezos saw the potential and characteristics of the network.Many people want a virtual bookstore, if you are at home wearing pajamas can bookstore, who will go to the outside?  Amazon’s original plan was originally developed after 4-5 years began to profit, the 2000 dot-com bubble resulted in Amazon steady growth, becoming the stories unique, there are quite a few Internet companies rapid growth in the 1990s, when the shareholders of Amazon’s stop complaining about Bezos business strategy is too conservative and slow, and the Internet bubble, those who fast-growing Internet companies have close of business, only the Amazon there are profits.The fourth quarter of 2002, Amazon’s net profit of about 500 million US dollars.In mid-2004 to grow to more than 300 million US dollars.  Colonel Sanders after retirement, relying on meager pensions to live thrifty life.One day, he whim, holding a delicate fried chicken recipe to a restaurant every lobbied cooperation developed this recipe, but when he knocked on every door in a restaurant almost all of them mocking tone I told him: that age, and there would be no big act, not to mention the restaurant would not accompany him to the adventure, however, Colonel Sanders was not discouraged, so basically he has traveled all over every small town a restaurant, he tells everyone he meets his idea, and finally tell after almost a thousand times, someone took his idea to the people of Colonel Sanders, try holding the attitude and cooperation of Colonel Sanders opened a chicken restaurant, which is now all over the world Kentucky fried chicken store, and Colonel Sanders has become a millionaire.  In the long history of enterprise development, many startups are exciting project from the start, and some creative ideas quite crazy, but after arduous efforts, attempts, there have been many of them winners.If you have a strange idea, can not be understood by others, please do not be afraid, we must adhere to, confident.God everyone is equal, Mark Zuckerberg, Sanders, Jeff Bezos, before these people succeed, but also experienced many failures, but they stuck with it, have been working hard, so they were successful.We’re looking at the same time they succeed, we must also see failures they have experienced, the only way you will truly understand the meaning of success. Insights on life: that you do not know the event that you do not know your life has quietly changed the event at that time, I do not know how much suffering they abduct is curved so that dream realized on paper / Kong Xiangfeng June 2014, a microblogging Polish cleaning woman turned professional model of news caused a particular concern of the majority of users in just a few hours, this microblogging is forwarded to twenty thousand times, people are very curious about this in the end is how Cinderella gorgeous turn of the counter-attack.  2013, 26-year-old Alexandra graduated from a vocational college in Poland, although she received a master’s degree in education, you can easily find a job related to education, but because they have always had a dream: to be a model, on the stage enjoy showing their beauty, so after graduation, Alexandra turned down the invitation of a number of schools, carries the dream of celibacy to become a supermodel Bristol City.  Let she did not expect was that she ran a lot of home model company, and shows various models stills public activities at school, or no one willing to receive her modeling agency.After hitting the wall several times, her life in trouble, even the basic room and board have become a problem.Finally, she came only a local services company, looking for a teacher working families can food, accommodation, room and board to solve the problem of.  A few days later, she called to let the afternoon services company to sign a contract, said there are several families very satisfied with her condition, she was willing to hire.That afternoon, she was more than an hour to advance, as she carefully watching several employer information when a man rushed in from the outside, come in, it is anxious to let the staff immediately to help him find a evening will be able to work cleaners.  When the staff to explain to him to find the cleaners need to make reservations ahead of time, the man is more anxious, he round and round the room, Alexandra can not help but curiously looked at him, she suddenly found this man a little familiar, as if what Seen.As she puzzled, then he whispered in the man himself: Charlotte home tomorrow morning, tonight if people can not find how to do it can clean up?  Charlotte?Poland famous fashion designer!She suddenly remembered that this person is Charlotte’s agent.  In man disappointed intend to leave, Alexandra forward to stop him, she said he is willing to do cleaning, and go now, and make sure to put good tonight Cleaning Service.Men’s ecstatic to hear, aside services company staff listened Mangquan her and said cleaners do a week salary is only 250 pounds, which is not only much lower wages than her tutor when, but also much hard.Who knows Alexandra smiled and did not say much on the man signed a contract and.  Alexandra with their diligence and careful quickly gained recognition and trust Charlotte, finished cleaning every day, she secretly practicing walking in the room.If you encounter a model company for visiting and some supermodel, she would stay quietly in the living room and listened to their conversation and Charlotte, slowly, her understanding and knowledge of a lot of their own did not know before about the walk?Taiwan and a model of knowledge.  One night, she finished cleaning, Charlotte found slouched on the couch, out of courtesy, but because she and Charlotte usually a good relationship, she came up care to ask how the Charlotte, there is no they can help.Charlotte told her chagrin, their own specially designed as a supermodel recently a series of summer clothing, I did not expect the final, the supermodel but because the pay issue and the organizers in a conflict, the unilateral breach of contract, do not want to participate in the next day fashion show.  That sets the dress Alexandra read, many times Charlotte was not at home, she also secretly touch too, if you can imagine yourself wearing these clothes took?Taiwan be nice.Alexandra bold enough to say that they had previously participated in costume model contest at school, can you let her try.After listening to her words, Charlotte opened wide his eyes, he kept saying this fashion show success NO, is directly related to their ability to quickly open the clothing market, the model of which plays an important role, not downtown a play.  Alexandra was not discouraged, she agreed to Charlotte to be worried, but after all, now is not the right person, can you give yourself a chance, and now look at him go again.() Charlotte Alexandra looked skeptical, and finally nodded and promised.  A few minutes later, when Charlotte Alexandra wearing that sets pay for several months of work effort, walked the catwalk standard came out, Charlotte could not believe my eyes, because not only those clothes Alexandra who like to wear tailored in the same.Alexandra typhoons and walking with professional models are not any different from.Although there are some small flaws, but with a little guidance of fully qualified for the fashion show.  The next day, Charlotte Alexandra excited to recommend to the organizers, as the last time when Alexandra finale appearance, the audience everyone was shocked by her charm, after whispering to each other but found no one knew the same good, short hair, height 1.8-meter model.After the conference, it was learned that her identity turned out to be a cleaner.  A cleaner became a model, became the biggest news of the day, a number of model companies thrown an olive branch to her, she eventually chose London-based modeling agency.Alexandra currently has become a series of advertising and catwalk star, appearance fees of up to £ 2000. Do not let this discourage you four things the youth realize their dreams is to struggle, the ideal is to achieve a dream or have, in case it achieved?

After 90 of us emotional and social networks prose article

We have 90 and 90 after the society, what could have been a famous name, a group of youth power, but now it has become the object of social reviled.I want to make 90 innocence, not that we destroy the social atmosphere, the social atmosphere is ruined us, but in the end all the responsibility even all the blame to us who said 90 no, 90 funeral scum who said that Mao was 90 , 1893, Zhou Enlai was 90, in 1898, this figure it is not all good?Some might say that the reason I find too far-fetched, but it is understandable: after 90 really is an important force in the construction of the motherland after 90 seems to be done many wrong things, but how many people know why?Nobody cares about other people only know the chatter in our time getting into the act, really care about our people psychologically I never saw sex, this is a once let me see you blush word now is nothing but a lot of people’s child’s play.We do not know, not at all, the emotional power of articles and essays net curiosity should not be overlooked, so one by one to defy the law, it is ironic that we finally became the trend of the first two days of school already, the school also requested topic on people , that is a preliminary understanding thereafter did not know more about!Wanfeng teacher said: sex education should start with children, teach the sooner the better!I think yes!Many people just do not know because, as we understand, will not be so impulsive, can not go wrong if after 90 is a forest, then some people only see a dead tree, and stared and hold a big fuss, he said: this piece of wood can not be saved!How sad, because a dead tree to put out the forest I refused to accept negative!Not at all!I admit that after 90 is wrong, but that’s not all wrong, and who are responsible for the wrong cause, do not just pass the buck at the crucial moment, should be thinking about how to save after 90, we have to remember that he is young power!Can not make it so confusedly fallen hat buckle in our heads, we have to use their own actions to prove, so time to explain: we are still the best!After 90 of us emotional and social networks prose articles Related links: