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January 27, 2019

Elopement Eve

The results need love, and sometimes not own a subjective act, but broke our hearts cruel reality —– 1.Girlfriend died suddenly near noon, Lin Fan and again handed over the resignation, the principal was a bit angry, look at him, did not answer.In the case of stalemate, Lin Fan’s phone suddenly rang hasty.Phone call from a brother Lim.  However, little brother you come home hurt her sister.  He stumbled and then went to Ye rented room, clawed through the crowd when he discovered that the forest can be positive trembling curled up in a corner, while his girlfriend has a small contingent face serenely away from him.  Lin Fan arm around the trembling forest can be, he would not understand, how can Ye however cruel it away from their own?  The police then arrived, the scene has been destroyed because people crowd, a policeman can not accurately judge the time is suicide or homicide.After careful survey the scene and understand the situation.The only clue is an ordinary bottle bedside charge of those few, which confirmed all sleeping pills.At that time, the room was electric Ye Ran live trip.Police from the face of the deceased and no signs of struggle point of view, there are three possible.Suicide, eating overdose of sleeping pills and cause death; eating a lot of sleeping pills, because the electricity suddenly the room that night trip, not feeling the Ye then took the pills in the dark, but she forgot these bottles are sleeping pills; homicide, someone is secretly put the bottle in the medicine for a.  Lin Fan squatting on the ground, some absent-minded inquiry and analysis of police, his whole person across, while the forest can still huddled in the side, scared pale skin, pale.  Subsequently, the police also found the deceased leaves small natural harbor has been three months pregnant.When asked about Lin Fan, Lin Fan suddenly stood up, his fists.It must be the beast of children.  2.The man Lin Fan mouth barbaric manager, who is it?  The man called Zhuo and Qi Ye’s company then general manager,.  Lin Fan said, because then the secretary Zhuo Qi Ye party, Zhuo Fang Qi has repeatedly harassed her in private.But Ye then neither overbearing nor always refused.To keep Lin Fan sad for her, she has not told it Lin Fan.Until one day, Qifang Li Zhuo with a chance to travel, then forcibly took possession of the Ye.Later, Ye then discovered she was pregnant last resort, she was told it the Lin Fan.Lin Fan angry, however, has found Zhuo and Qi theory, did not expect, but was beaten Zhuo and Qi face was swollen nose light.Later, however Ye resigned, Zhuo and Qi still would not let her, often called harassing phone calls.In desperation, Lin Fan Ye then letting her find a place to live now.After the move, some calm days, but one day, Lin Fan turn to intimidation or information from Zhuo and Qi Ye Ran phone.He clearly remembers the content of that information, say, one day, I’ll find you and kill you, you can not escape my palm.To this end, Ye then has been living in fear, and often insomnia.  Lin Fan said Qi Fang Zhuo must find a place to live in small contingent, had we intend to leave the city with it?How could she suddenly committed suicide it?Subsequently, Lin Fan took out two tickets.We are preparing to quietly leave it?  At this time, aside silent forest can suddenly ran up, snatched the ticket Lin Fan hands, torn to pieces, he looked at Lin Fan, an expression of pain.Brother, you are really ready to get out of here?what about me?It is how my parents died when you asked, so no matter where you have to take me, and you actually forgot all about it?  The police no longer continue to ask it, they quickly found Zhuo and Qi.Zhuo and Qi suit to a meeting, he heard the news of the death of Ye However, he said that for Ye course, I know I did wrong, but I definitely did not kill Ye Ran.  Qi Fang Zhuo debate again, and he said words Zaozao can find someone to testify, he has been working overtime last night in the unit.A policeman suddenly said, according to Ye then boyfriend said, Ye then pregnant with your child.Zhuo and Qi suddenly laughed: children?Can not, I have to prove infertility.Who knows that the child is not her father and then fucks Ye born out of?  3.Wretched stepfather night, at the police station, Ye Ran’s parents from the suburbs to drive over.Mom cried all the way, the eyes were badly swollen.The father, just head down.  However, Ye’s father died many years ago, she has followed her mother lives.Later, her mother remarried, he is the man in front of her stepfather.Old mother distraught daughter’s death, she repeatedly beat the men around him, his mouth kept talking about: If not you, then little will not go down this road to ruin.  Admittedly, the police discovered a big secret.That is, Ye then had been harassed stepfather, so always want to escape.After work, Ye Ran rarely home, and family relationships indifference.Her poor mother, but the mother hated the weakness she hated stepfather, but because his mother had to endure the torture of family.She wrote a diary, which records this painful memories, until she met a teacher Lin Fan, just get away from it all.  But marriage stepfather did not agree with Lin Fan Ye However, he did not interfere in the breath of five tripled to a poor teach.