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(Original) leaving no pass book (serial) 27

When [REVIEW] Pro on board, taking into account the ship’s food is certainly expensive (this time we are wrong), at a supermarket on the edge of the pier, we bought open sandwiches, Danish cakes, local produce multi-layer bread, and milk and Danish cheese.  Here actually saw the Chinese restaurant, he led us in to say hello, boss rest of my life is to soak in the Danish overseas Chinese, very enthusiastic, apparently Mr. King’s friend, good meat, good wine to entertain, not a few pleasantries, and ran into the busy kitchen cooking.Years of struggle, having been rich, or like a spinning gyro not stop.Chinese nation is actually a very politicized nation in the Greater China region, even if it was a taxi driver, is keen commentators political and economic topics, in the sea and guests can chat feel their talent, on the people concerned about national affairs and familiarity, far from being comparable to the other alien.The strange thing is overseas is another landscape line, some say, overseas Chinese ears do not hear out of the window, as one got into the money eyes, beneath this kind of evaluation, too harsh, but went abroad, overnight, not great vision, not a lofty ideal, not the ideology of right and wrong, no impassioned fight, became downright economic animals, hard at work, when small business owners to earn foreign exchange, the more the better, but it is a lot of people.In poor countries, mercenary fashion, in Grant Thornton’s society, became unholy stink of money, a same thing, in different time and space, it is very different.Overseas Chinese in Europe, evident social marginalization, alienation from mainstream society, is the highest level of various expatriate communities in the nation, in addition to language and cultural differences in skin color is related to deep-seated reason than this.Chinese people from one extreme to another, because in the end is the modern history of the disorder perennial war, successive years of modern history sociocracy toss movements, extremes meet overkill, or are there other reasons, this is to ask sociologists to study the talk.    Mr. King is the overseas Chinese in the alternative, in addition to his boss than keen political or Danish Social Democratic Party cadres in charge of immigration party headquarters area of Copenhagen, Denmark unique Chinese political party.Danish Social Democratic Party was founded in the eighteenth century, is the second largest political party, had long alone or in combination with other ruling parties, advocates for Migration Policy Development and the welfare system open, endorsed by the European integration and globalization, actively participate in international cooperation.Speaking of the Danish Social Democrats, but Mr. King opened the Round Table.    He told us that in Taiwan, he is an anarchist, a very political apathy.As a child gate, he had a promising career background, but also see through Huanhaichenfu therefore, great sorrow than disheartened.KMT corruption is very serious, it intensified, only to join the party naked utilitarian purpose, although no one had believed that decorate the Three People’s Principles became the flagship of the facade, to seek selfish interests under the package, become an open secret, ranking the temple unscrupulous, who complain the opposition, the latter once replaced, did not hesitate even further, beyond, so depraved social phenomenon, disheartening.    Speaking of rampant corruption scheme Taiwanese society, Mr. King absolutely the deep evil and pain.Denmark has the world’s most corrupt civil service, there is no soil corrupt officials on this issue, Mr. King had to ask a professor of political science in Denmark, the answer is for two reasons, first, the property declaration system, equal treatment for all, each citizen can have access to public funds record; the second is no corruption in Denmark’s national cultural and historical traditions, the Danes have anti-genetic blood, the professor stressed that the latter is the main reason.Kim told us that he heard here, can not help but harm self, the backbone behind a chill Are we born with this evil?    Ten years ago, Mr. Kim came to northern Europe, Denmark set foot on land, can not help but refreshing.Wind people here, whether it is to join religious organizations, social groups or political parties, must be ran from the concept of faith, but not entirely the kind of trickery Taiwan’s political parties.Mr. King at work Social Democrats are to fulfill their obligations, I do not get paid, it is inconceivable in Taiwan, but it is then common in Denmark, however, in addition to entering the cabinet, and elected members of the party members and cadres, and the rest are part-time general of.If the motive with career and fortune, political parties in Northern Europe ecology must be disappointed.In addition to engaging in political activity or dedication dedication, no water and gray income, so those who join must be driven by a sincere ideals, does not allow for hypocrisy.For the political elite standards of ethical conduct of public figures, is generally higher than the general public on the society, is the consensus of the Nordic society, Nordic politicians hailed clear view their own lives is not surprising.    Kim laughed, “I grew up in Taiwan, because there are tired of social and political environment, went to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale world, like in the Nordic madding crowd quiet place, wash and soothe the soul, did not think that here in the future, but it became a political activist foreign country, interested in social work, but did not expect.Many of the year missed my friends, is now emerging in Taiwan’s political arena, urged me to return to development, they think a great career than local.It seems that I let them down.”During their stay in Copenhagen, Mr. King repeatedly told us,” You are still young, long way to go, there is life is what matters.”In order for our physical and mental relaxation of tension, Mr. King and Ms. Wei took a stroll around us.Danish forest coverage is very broad, Mr. Kim drove with us to “Deer Park”, which is opening up the royal gardens, we were surprised to see hordes of stag, without others come and go between the trees, here there are free bikes, we ride around in a walk through the deer park, the company of cheerful deer.    Many national holidays in Denmark, especially concentrated in the spring and summer, came bursts of holiday.Scandinavian Peninsula, near the North Pole, spring and summer season is often late, and very short, as long as the sun appeared, dressed in summer men and women competing to come celebrate gold season, although there are some steep early spring cold Nordic street wear full Huaqun woman, a distance as small groups of butterflies fluttering.    Kim said, after a period of time in Copenhagen International Jazz Festival, one of the world’s most famous music festival.By the time people boating shuttle in the canal, colorful flags fluttering, thunderous applause, while drinking beer, while enjoying top jazz performers from all over the West, through the night, when Her Majesty the Queen of the royal family arrived at the scene, with the public, the whole city immersed in the ocean of music.    Newport is a bar street in Copenhagen tourist must dos, canal-side bar street can be seen Scandinavian-style colored houses, colorful street around the block from the bar.Canal boats moored a variety of styles, including navigation ship more than a century ago, variegated and multi-masted sailing ship still weathering, is simply a water craft museum.    March 12, 1987 in the afternoon, we left for Norway.Good weather, sky and sea, Denmark’s national bird soaring lark tits in the cloud, the locals considered a symbol of happiness lark wonderful good fortune, we caught up with auspicious day, this is a good sign.    Temporary board, taking into account the ship’s food is certainly expensive (this time we are wrong), at a supermarket on the edge of the pier, we bought open sandwiches, Danish cakes, local produce multi-layer bread, cheese and milk, as well as Denmark these things very fresh and cheap.We ate half, the other half as forage.Leaving no regular border controls in Denmark.Later learned, ineffective border controls between the Nordic countries, in fact, once inside one country, you can pass unimpeded in the other Nordic countries.    From Copenhagen to Oslo ride is named “Scandinavia Crystal Palace” cruise ship.3 pm, at the farewell crowd cheered and waved the ship left the Anderson home, we went to the edge of the ship, and happily take friends along, the crowd on the pier constantly waved goodbye and prosperous Kingdom of Denmark.[Editor: Can children]

(Original) footprints pass book (cont’d) 32

[REVIEW] with the support of India, East, West split, the original independent enclave Dongba to Bangladesh.Chairman Mao said, the enemy of my enemy is a friend!China and Pakistan to come together, this is the geopolitical needs and results.  Tian Shan, Pamirs, Karakoram Tash surrounded on three sides, the east is the vast expanse of the intake heartstrings of the Taklimakan Desert, just listen to these very wits names, we came to realize that it is the backbone of the world.Indomitable mountain glaciers directed at the sky, in a much hanging in the alpine lake between heaven and earth, against the background of the mysterious thrill of climbing towering wall of snow, otherworldly landscapes, people lamented the good fortune and the supernatural forces of the universe, human beings are so small and insignificant, the original test gone than God’s opinionated, it seems that people should not and can not be no awe.    At that time only one taxkorgan county road, in addition to an extremely poor supply and marketing cooperatives, no shopping malls, restaurants and pubs.Local farmers and mixed Tajiks almost no concept of business, centuries where people do not need commodities, and perhaps money is superfluous.Tajik Wrangler sheep rake grass firewood youth can not imagine, these Qingtian peers from south longing, and young people in Western countries who favored pretty laidback, the same can not understand Chinese youth into the world of impulse and motivation.There are also other Muslim minorities, such as Uighurs and Uzbeks living in Western cultures blend zone.Xinjiang is the largest Islamic mosque in Tasch, every Friday Muslims who came to listen to the imam’s preaching.    Owner with guests from Qingtian, take endemic carriage, from an altitude of more than three thousand meters of the town, moving to an altitude of nearly 5,000 meters Rapp red flag post, people began to breath, with altitude sickness.May to November each year, Khunjerab Pass switch traffic, the rest of the retreat.Tower county town line to the Pakistan border as well as over one hundred kilometers, here is the magnificent Pamirs, Karakoram scared of ghosts worry peaks, like the East Zeus stand between heaven and earth, desolate sparse, chilly no vegetation biomass, is a barren birds do not lay eggs in the world.    Kind of heads of troops, is a delightfully, two let’s take a look at the battle afar off nature, hope they can quit, and tell them, even to the other side of the border, it was just the Long March start, the other end of the natural environment and living conditions even worse.The face of endless rain timeless wilderness, due to strong ultraviolet radiation face dark border guards, have urged them not to take risks.    During their stay in Kashgar, though bored, but added experience the customs.Here is the Pamirs most densely populated towns, sparsely populated but still very few, since it is the grazing season from now until the fall, people are into mountain forests and vast prairies, young and old sick only left behind.The ancient adventurers who come and go from here, now no longer the slightest trace of the new generation will soon have to follow suit, but to a distant land to make a living, less senior swan.    Like pawns across the river, there is no room for retreat, they expressed determination to pull out all the stops, touched God, Mission staff to consult superiors, since there is a legal visa, the authorities will approve an exception to release.The date of departure, troops deliberately used cars to take guests to the border, and finally to the finish line of the Pamirs, here stands the famous Seven pillar, while the Chinese side is Pakistan.Retort girl later recalled the scene, not without emotion, said, “We have been worried that they will consult the Department of State, and if so would be finished.When we walked down off the military jeep, through the Pakistan border check points, only sigh of relief.”The Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the south of Asia, with India, Iran, Afghanistan, near the south Indian Ocean, northeast China, Xinjiang is.”Pakistan” as meaning “holy land” or “Muslim country”, its capital, Islamabad is the first goal of the group of three assault.Karakoram, Himalayas and Hindu Kush mountains three big mountains began to meet at the Pakistan border, forming a roof of the world.Enter the territory of Pakistan, get extremely dilapidated caravans, window SHIWANDASHAN year-round constant snow, and the Chinese side of the border compared to here more than a thousand yards cliffs, canyons seemed to be cut out, people can not help but sigh Mother nature.    A lot of red flags from Rapp border into Pakistan is the first leg of Soest (SOST), it is also the Karakoram highway traffic hub, away from the border customs border of Pakistan, is located in this ancient village, banks, restaurants and a post office not and will not, canyon yard humble mud hut, keeping the original appearance of thousands of years.Dilapidated caravan entered the yard, as if braving the caravan came to the shop carts.The only Pakistani border police, wearing greasy shiny uniforms, came as a pleasant surprise welcoming treasurer, said in Chinese: “Hello!”And politely expressed an entry visa exemption, the young people is the first taste of foreign guests of honor and privileges.    The reason why the good-neighborly friendship between China and Pakistan, India relations have been strained since the sixties because the border issue, the two countries have done a great battle the Chinese therefore bitterly learned in India; Pakistan and India, and not always, the two countries there are also inter-territorial dispute, such as the Kashmir dispute.India and Pakistan is one of the former, the British colonization ** defined below the belt out of the “partition of India.”.After the founding of Pakistan, whose territory is divided between east and west across the Indian two, Dongba and Seba land, more than two thousand kilometers away.With the support of India, East, West split, the original independent enclave Dongba to Bangladesh.Chairman Mao said, the enemy of my enemy is a friend!China and Pakistan to come together, this is the geopolitical needs and results.    Car to continue moving, to arrive before dark Hunza (HUNZA).From Soest to nearly four hours away Hunza, the year of the car along the Silk Road, the difficult driving forward.This article in today’s “China-Pakistan Friendship Highway”, from Rawalpindi in Pakistan to Kashgar in China, a total length of more than one thousand kilometers, gracefully across the Himalayas, Karakoram and Pamirs, is the world’s highest highway one.    Hunza Valley is actually the main vein of the Karakoram mountains, surrounded by the Himalayas, is the capital of 卡里玛巴德, located in the Hunza River, right bank, is the local administrative center.South through the city of Gilgit, capable of reaching the capital, Islamabad.Hunza is a small kingdom in the past, only a few bars along the cliff on the cliffs and the outside world, a bit like Ming had six year apprenticeship Qishan.Hunza people have their own customs and language, because it is white skin and blue eyes, said to be the ancestors of Alexander the Great’s soldiers settled here.For thousands of years, people in the Hunza Valley in farming, irrigation terraces with glacier snow and fruit trees, never in contact with the world.A time when the hills are covered with apricot, blooming in the lower peaks of the mountains, a high-spirited angry.    Hunza quiet simple life, as snow melt water in general here.Their ancestors once across battlefields, armored cavalry, facing a DDR, looking for a place cut off from the world, from farming aloof, home of ancient and modern life are interlinked, like astronomy collapsed stars horizon, here time is flowing so slowly that in the outside world seems like a general stagnation, so people here live longer abnormal, the region became the world’s longevity is not surprising region.Hefatongyan few centenarians, up the hill firewood Rulvpingdi have legs, they are naked, hungry, extreme poverty, but there is sunshine, snow-capped mountains, the world’s cleanest air, and the least contaminated water poor life heaven forbid, God is merciful providence.    Under the car, the guests from afar to rest and start looking, I ask where there are restaurants, cowboy Yao Zhi Heng Fa Chuen.    Hunza Karimabad town there is a paradise-like peaceful and quiet, and the valley at an altitude of 2000 meters peaks, rivers and the trees side by side.The original ecology of the natural scenery, like a lotus country girls, welcomes visitors from exotic.Although it said to have tens of thousands of people, but the feeling is still sparsely populated and extraordinary Juesu.

(Original) footprints pass book (cont’d) 18

REVIEW dawn, we struggled to a high-rise building, dragging a heavy body, take the elevator to the ninth floor automatically.We exhausted, install radiator building aisle nice and warm, he sat on the floor in the hallway, who shake off the snow four weeks..  Because it is hotel fees include breakfast the next morning we eat eat eat buffet restaurant is the two of us, empty, carry us away some bread eggs, to prepare against natural disasters, there is one kind of thief’s guilt, and although no one cares.At noon we train, went to the southern city of Freiburg, West Germany.We are going to visit the settlement where Professor Xia.    All Western European cities have rail links, it will become the network, the platform no staff between countries, cities and urban, but not the conductor compartment opening.Out of the station, on and off and even car doors are self.Try to save manpower, in addition to efficiency, but also the European labor expensive sake, but does not affect its effective and efficient.In Western Europe by train is a treat, very comfortable.The people here are so few, pets, bicycles, and no amount of baggage can be more than a car, or population factors.Fold in the train to the south of Stuttgart, Freiburg destination is already 23:00.    When we moved the luggage platform, outside dark sky is falling snow goose feather, already covered with a thick layer of snow on the ground.Waiting hall, empty, such a small city, even though there is public transport late at night must also suspended, and take a taxi, expensive, of course prohibitive Moreover, in the case without first informing the owner, midnight visit too rude.We decided to simply live a night at the station until dawn and then as a theory.Approximately two hundred square waiting room, the lights dim, warm and quiet, and the stormy outdoors compared undoubtedly safe temporary shelter.We moved to the corner of the luggage, sitting on the corner, Dacheng soon came bursts of snoring, although I have elective seats of the disease, but the bumps along the way, will soon fall into dreamland.    I do not know how long sleep, we wake up, the gloom seen standing in front of two West German policeman, and we are talking, but could not understand what.Come to a crossing, work in Alaska, home leave, speaks American English, translation Road, where only a small local station, the last train has passed, close to closing time, so you can not stay.The police asked us to do Freiburg?We answer, intend visiting professor so and so, I am afraid to disturb the night inconvenience.Enthusiastic people who want to address, immediately at the station payphone kiosks, professor of inquiries to help us a phone number, ask for a long time, OFTA hotline to answer can not be found.As a result, the police let us leave their luggage in the automatic luggage lockers, when we did not know coins can be cast immediately help us change a bit from place to taxi drivers.    Out of the station, we shudder, the police did not require the production of a passport, or there will be trouble, we twenty-four hours transit visa expiration date has passed.    We have a hotel for a map at the station side, the night shift of a middle-aged woman, patiently to the top marked where we’re going.Half a foot tall in the snow, one foot high kick continued to drop for an hour, cold and hungry, we got into a roadside bar, each for a cup of cappuccino, coffee cold at night, especially concentrated Yu mellow.Did not last long, not for a while, the waiter said, pubs out of business, we had to back on the journey, this time is the middle of the night two points, we can only like a ghost wandering in Freiburg until dawn.    Sign snow harder and harder, in addition to our footprints on the road, as if there is no other life activities.Freiburg fairy-tale beauty, full of the bride like a sunny house, quiet street full of parked cars of different colors, and continual snow, outline the contours and sharp geometric lines.We have the urge to drill into the car shelters, try this futile soon give up, door lock and key motionless.Pure and noble in this world, only to continue moving forward, otherwise there is a danger of freezing.In order to replenish the energy and strength of consumption, we often hid in a public telephone booth, eating a few mouthfuls of cold hard bread and eggs, which was brought from Munich.But must not stay too long, the phone booth is full field of transparent glass building, bright lights, ride all the way to the police will be able to find two tramps, very eye-catching.So, generally not more than five minutes, even so, is a bumbling call, another wolf hurry to avoid being suspected.On several occasions went to the outskirts of Freiburg is located in the famous scenic Black Forest, close to France and Switzerland, we are afraid strayed border, hurriedly turned back.In this way, a night traveled to every corner of Freiburg.    At dawn, we struggled to a high-rise building, dragging a heavy body, take the elevator to the ninth floor automatically.We exhausted, install radiator building aisle nice and warm, sat on the floor in the hallway, who shake off the snow around the spotless floor deceives wet, and no one wanted to stand up.At eight, we rang the bell, no response.It is also expected, the owner woke up, something always had to dress up before welcoming.Quite a while, the door opened, the emergence of a silver-haired woman in Germany, although the look of wrinkles, it is the spirit.She spoke German, I suddenly remembered Mrs. Professor Xia is of German origin.At this time, the hostess saw were two young Chinese, immediately switch to a very pure Chinese, kindly asked, “Are you just came from China do?”I will open the door, so we went into the living room.When we sat down on the sofa, Professor Xia pajamas, slippers Slop ran out of the bedroom, can not wait to see Chinese students from afar.    That we are “Chimes at Midnight to passenger cars, snow traces Freiburg,” the owner was surprised.They told us, OFTA is registered in the name of Mrs. Professor Xia, is not found in nature.Professor Xia immediately said, “Nothing That aside, is the first to solve the problem of hunger.”Ms. Xia put on his coat to go out to buy food, we both start with a professor in the busy open kitchen, storage room there is actually his sausages, Guangdong, China, West Germany, the family is generally used electric stove, coupled with the pan, use up really a bit awkward.Here’s a round-bottomed pot China is not useful here.[Editor: Can children]

(Orchids Qing Yun series of three) Spiritual longing elegant fresh fragrance

Quiet night, on children lovingly, he struck me long build emotions.This water, moon countenance, with a dream-like thin mist, once again into the blue, a different kind of taste of her beauty, whisper I love her eternity.Heart hazy, soft and poetic, exudes a soul looking for a follow, a blessing, a detached, and the penetration of the body Xinchan.Lan, one of China’s top ten flowers, which open in the Valley, aloof from the world, no reward but still only release their fragrance, is a flower gentleman.Lan to the highest mountains, with its noble character Yat course, people love.Lanna fragrance with the sultry and mysterious, clean and quiet, I would often obsessed with, let me reveries.That fragrance, from time to time, and disappeared the next, strong light, the time far past.Floating in the valley, free in this world, I feel fresh and pleasant.Sensory world of a soft, a beauty, a warm, a feeling, light, smell visual sensation, into the illusion of feeling.    Painting Lai Ying refers to the sky, a goodly dignified picturesque Cong.  Amidst the busy watching the Red thing, too narcissistic calm.    Lanting night hazy fog Man, Hong Yang Liu Suifeng brush off.  Glen floral listening to soft words, Penglai dream into poetry.    ”Knot over blue lapel.May shallow depth of lights, where can I find a dream clouds return?”I’m pleased to feel the beauty of the whole body.Unconsciously, my impetuous lightly filtered, so that the endless fragrance round my soul, wash my soul.I seem to have become a leaf lightweight boat, ferry, filled with the fruit of peace and harmony, swimming in poetic romantic drift of blue ocean, I’m happy weaving poems.    I do not like the hustle and bustle of the bustling city, people do not like the feeling of romance, I do not like the so-called world of swords.I only like you, end Zhuang Suya, endure loneliness, vivid products you high!You ethereal, elegant, Wyse, a sight to behold, it is a realm of unparalleled, a kind of beauty, eternal, only the United States.You make my heart eternal love to find you in the seasonal cycle, with tenderness.I think turned into a leaf, wrapped around you, habitat, quiet, detached, forget everything in life the pain and hard work, heavy work and Worry, to maintain a pure and true, casual and freedom of heart, dedication a love no regrets.This life, your mouth, my life, my love, my love, knowing each other in a dream.    Liujiang left a dream not dim, diffuse honestly ask deliberately playing piano.  Dark rhyme flow with the water to go, quiet secluded mountain valley and railing.    Wai Man wind blowing fragrance, is led by Susan Yee Lan.  Buju ravine earthly far, welcome home favorite flick ink.    Kicked off history, you, as if a young woman, light dance spearmint, gentle, graceful, long way, with ancient poems, lure and confuse my heart, you enjoy the elegant grace, charm and refined.Su Shi’s “Chunlan, such as beauty, not taken from silent shame.The most fragrant wind exposed when the wind is not deep Ai Peng.Dan and true color, to be mounted from Sao pass.As for the Lingjun, Yan did not dare to wear the crown.”Qu Yuan” Hu and Jiang from the provision of Chih Xi, Ren Qiu-lan that wear; warm warm when it will strike Come, knot orchids and delay queue; households with surplus clothes to Ai Xi, that orchids can not wear it; Lanzhi Fang Xi does not change, but as of Tsuen Wai Mao; “Kangxi” graceful flower posture Maple leaf long, hard hidden valley fragrant wind.”.I am drunk, drunk gentle, quiet drunk, drunk in your Shenpan, drunk in your poems in praise.Long for waves, heart relieved unique and wonderful feelings overflow to a brilliant smile, magnanimous face of life, quiet Zhiyuan.See the world with new eyes, the interpretation of your beauty, relying on life and rediscover long-lost cozy.Lan, you are my most beautiful encounter Sansei III.Smile transport breeze fragrance, Doujiu one hundred dance drunk Lan.  Law Yayun earth rang clear, mountain stream as Seoul shells.    Aria hazy hazy Italy, who lead Morrowind drunk Orchids.  Forest green charge people a song, poem fragrant long overflow Seitan.    Flying thoughts, through time and space, Chewu my confusion.Quan, listen to my simple and beautiful love, loneliness reread your vivid and Qing Fang, Shu Zhan my heart.Because of you, my sky is not lonely, because you, my heart beautiful picturesque garden.    Close your eyes, listen to “and orchids together,” admire your fresh fragrance and elegant, love your quiet atmosphere, and the heart of Hong stealing, ink meter to fill the gap as it notes, bubbling flow.

(New year, Shen do smoke)

(New year, Shen do smoke) leave ◆ according to La Suoni please leave my hair to go according to La Prairie Tanggula there way to help me look at the sun and the moon fall to the ground, do not forget to pick up on the holding in when your hands close to your chest ablated is your heart still anxious scenery intoxicating me with the sun to make a telephone appointment with me tell you run you have put on color yarn from the sea and floated out of the bath full of vigor we were doing sit together handle ups you glowing red smile lit up my eyes very warm hail hail is formed by grinding lover’s tears do not believe you on the palms look spray on the ground exposed sweet smile is sent to a lover do I stand in the rain any rain wet kiss scratch trouble trousers that I teach basketball skills who is my lover do his eyes hail eyes smile spray is transparent hierarchical hear things across the sea in front of the man smoking a cigarette in the back straight do not turn around in a hurry hand I would wander back uncomfortable so I am going to go back several decades remains the same tenderness stay with years of each other has been put on hold Samuume proud across the mind listening to the sea when suddenly a memorable look back Touch memory quietly sink sitting on the couch watching the lights shining star Snooze residue spilled all over the floor with a lazy body holding her book sad covered with hand ladder unattainable ideal of light with the stars in your eyes in Xinghai dropped in that period of sadness can salvage it back Kua basket finishing touch of this memory mounted in the years read it slowly in

(New Year special) Spring Festival

A year on the occasion of spring, spring fortune particularly optimistic about this year drew to a close – the crowd, such as weaving, surging under the bright sun or wind Yin Yu started falling, the spring weave depicting beautiful, beauty picture.Festive atmosphere, it was constantly picked on earth this festive rendered strong fragrance.    Spa people eager to go home, all participated in the spring, to embrace the spring tide, bathing season.Happy home is a piece of mind of habitat has not changed and the accent wrapped around wrapped around the family, always involve your body and mind living on rivers and lakes attributed to peace.All the lintel, are available at “always new replace the old character” in a new life, shiny; all the faces, all in the hope of recovery may sound sound, full of confidence.    Coachman owners have big boom throttle heart, seize the golden season of the year, as far as possible pockets bulging round.The car, still can not meet the needs of customers exchanges.Watching the surging waves of the crowd, they give birth to superhuman powers anxious overnight, buy a few one hundred thousand horsepower luxury bus, making a fortune in a few days.To us to “Happy Encounter” moments, we will not hesitate to “revolutionary capital”, the passenger finally in sight, the smell of sweat eat cocky taste spittle.Neck ache also purchase tickets vain, legs and feet soft still not back field.After all, our small place, people have private cars are rare.    But before the New Year’s Eve, we were granted a decree must hurry home.Fortunately, we met a driver, he returned to the camp as a difficult proud like a fugitive to save the group, as we engage in a three fare ticket, let us be grateful family of three.We are lucky enough to hit the road, you feel the taste of the year in the window – also see out the window some “Labo” who, because of bad human side of the road is still dawdle.They are scattered locks of a landscape, not a vehicle carrying away taste, but put up loosely straightened natural step frame.They are determined to catch the “bicycle”, the road to go around in small groups, or invite solicitation stroll about the country road, safe and all the way to the spring tour.Their faces showing joy, because in no way obstruct the road to stop walking ahead of.Their love of family, friends and relatives of friendship, of a spring intoxicated at the vast Sky, sleepy enough to withstand the physical and emotional burnout.    Outside the car has such a moving scene: the mother to bring her son into the city, the brakes may place some distance away from them.The two young men carrying the old man leaning on chasing the past, saw the car already overcrowded.Daughter-in-law had stopped in her tracks, they gave up the ride.At this time, the old man has been out of breath.I saw the son wiping the sweat two, then crouch down to the old man accidentally back up, step by step to go in the direction the county.Daughter while guarding the side of the mother’s back, while all the parcels on their shoulders.Stooped old man’s body up a little, as far as possible to save some power-law.Membership of the vigor and vitality of spring, warm and peaceful holiday, someone playing the “joy of making money” idea.They danced dragon, lion screw around with lights, lights bull playing, singing flower lantern, said Ji Lizi highway invited to discuss cross-section of the vehicle to pass.”Light weight Choi Choi went to” put your heart itch, you can remain indifferent to it?Even if you hate crowds of people that Bobo’s making trouble, but you dare not open curse or say no good thing – because you are descendants of the Chinese nation broad and profound body of flowing blood simple yet profound, long bones peace and prosperity is always good luck!Folklore Ji Lizi exactly is your intimate posted lung comfort, you have to have patience and pretend to be generous point, spend a small fortune turned away to the other side.We make a fortune Well, think about it, as long as you a safe journey home so what what will, what is not worth it?In addition to these people grabbed virtuous people, vehicles and pedestrians hold, they will jump from the countryside into the cities, from the start of each store, find Kuanye money bitch bleeding, and even some units to congratulate the New Year.The cruel when they are cruel, they let go when the TIPS.A month down, their business is booming surprise, it became generous, envy the human eye, really easy to have fun flies moisture!

(New Year special) New Year’s Eve celebration of childhood

Each season has its own unique flavor, the taste of the most unique winter than the “festive”.Mention “New Year” festive childhood always quickly filled nose, accidentally, actually seems to dip too thick mouthful that are full of firecrackers taste and smell of candy between breathing.Dim, as if returned to those years.Childhood, the year’s most anticipated is the Chinese New Year.About a month ago, the big people to begin preparation stocking, especially busy every day after the twelfth lunar month, “Twenty-three children Tanggua stick; XXIV sweep room day; XXV, fried tofu; XXVI, stewed white meat; xxvii, slaughtered rooster; xxviii, the surface hair; XXIX steamed buns; .”Eldest row full to the brim, but these days of celebration in the minds of children is far less than the New Year’s Eve that day important.Because there was a children’s festival that night – “free wine”.    To a New Year’s Eve, I am always kept urging them behind their parents ass from the red couplets posted as soon as possible, as soon as possible in order to allow the mother to me carefully freshen up, then great joy can not wait to dig from the bottom put out early on New Year bought clothes.In front of the mirror around and looked smug after a while my grandfather went to let the baby out of the closet to find a small jug and small jug is very simple, it is an empty bottle, but a lot smaller than the average, very delicate.Drilling an extra hole on the cap, to insert the straw a straw when.Only once a year at New Year’s Eve night, just became my entire childhood treasures.Small jug ready, I put my father specifically for this “festival” to buy liquor poured in, filling the full.He began contentedly waiting for partners to call my departure.    Custom home is the first fireworks night before New Year’s Eve to eat dumplings, dumplings.After the mother cooked dumplings, my father would go to the yard to put a long string of firecrackers, crackling, festivity surrounded by the sound of firecrackers out of a place in the red auspicious weather, the release of the new year strong taste.At the same time, the village clear, crisp sound of firecrackers will be heard, bustling!This is a signal to let the kids cheered, the more excited firecrackers explained more people cooked dumplings, eating dumplings can go, “free wine” of the!Festival finally kicked off, the happiest moment of the year is coming, and finally to the!After a few small partner appointment to complete the set, “send wine army” will joyfully off.    We began to send first from the village, everyone rushed into the house after the bounce to their small jug Pengdao host and hostess of mouth, “Uncle, aunt, we come to you to send wine!”Regardless Shu Shen really sucked his wine, his eyes began to search the table of candy, waiting for us to distribute aunt.A child likes to buy clothes bought in a large cloth bag, the reason is that the time to send wine can hold more candy too, and often carry additional installed a big, heavy bag.Wait until the cloth bag filled with good clothes on the “victories” transfer in, transfer and this activity will quietly in the corner of the door, because we see people worried about the big pocket full of candy will give us a little more fitted, so always make a “cash-strapped” look.Now think of it is very heart-warming thing is whether rich or poor, every household will put delicious all out to put on a plate full basket full of wine to send the children to prepare.We will enter every house gets two or three pieces of candy and twelve peanut seeds, and some will give home made cake sugar bun and even some particularly rare delicious, rarity these children always makes us happy to jump, “carried away”.Little friends would go door to door delivery, never miss a chance to get candy.Along the way will encounter different people to send wine to dial out a few teams, we will happily exchange about “fighting”.Hit the naughty boys, they always throw quickly cover your ears quickly ran away after a few rejection gun, hid in a distance girl joke.New Year’s Eve often snowy night, we wear new shoes to step on the snow, it creaked, like a merry tune after another.Carefully occasionally smoke a few mouthfuls of wine or a partner’s own wine, spicy tongue out.    Wait until the last one sent out of the wine, it was found running all night long face red with cold, numb with cold feet.Then there is the last of the processes – than candy.Partners put their candy all out to see who’s the most total, most children who rarity.This is the most worthy of showing off childhood victories.Finally, we are happily back home, and start looking forward to the next New Year’s Eve.This time send wine to get candy can open the river to eat goose.    Growing up, whenever I hear the footsteps of the New Year, I always think of those New Year’s Eve to send the wine, the taste of that candy aftertaste.

(March mood) so to get by

The sun shines on the idle windows, to be severely blocked outside the curtain.Perhaps the room a mess, chaos settled nowhere, perhaps very clean, clean, could not bear to be settled.Day, two days, many days, a month.    Cold sting of a cool afternoon each, I hid indoors, do not go out, but it seems to have been this cold sting, reluctant to move.Actually, I should not be ignored out of the sun, I sometimes blame themselves, but never thought to put it in, illuminating the entire house.    Class less and less, a lot of time in the afternoon the air out, I do not want to give all sleep, but do not know what to do.I think probably a lot of busy to go to school friends envy us, you can simply release it, but too long to release the blind, the future has become very slim.Do not want to go on like this, so he slowly began to worry, look for some very common thing, working is a full day; also find a mood, quietly spend the day in recollection and thinking; and if holding a book, It is also a day.I do not know how many this day gone without warning.He says less and less likely to go out do not know how to communicate with others.Holding a cell phone, turned over the phone book carefully turned over and over again, but do not know who to call.Others are too busy, all right, I really do not know who is available after another because of boredom dial phone, then looked at Duo Anni baby write something, except I do not know who she described’s lonely there a text this description is lonely.    I do not like this life, but can only survive so.I want to be busy, so I was happy, fulfilling.Come practice it, to break the conventions, do not want to live in such a wasted day, one day, I spent the life and dreams.Dream a little devoid of, I do not want to stay only hope there is a little bit gone.

(Lyrics) My North

My North – North has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, here’s the Great Northern Wilderness spring neck so short ye here ye that long winter here it’s rainy day children ye so much snow here so ye ah la la thief my bright northern North has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, my Great Northern Wilderness north – north has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, ah ye plains of the Great Northern Wilderness here so extensive here rice child gnaw fragrant specialty here so that ye are so many mechanized so here is a quick thief la rang my northern North has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness, the Great Northern Wilderness, ah, my Great Northern Wilderness north – north there is a loud name is called great Northern Wilderness, the great Northern Wilderness, ah, we have the first northern great Northern Wilderness rice northern North East has a large modern agriculture we have our big barn northern mountains around the world have let my urban and rural areas north – north has a famous name is called Great Northern Wilderness Great Northern Wilderness ah, the Great Northern Wilderness my North, my plain of the Great Northern Wilderness


I would like to dedicate this post: graduating towards the posts society who xiaonianqing.<活>How a live Zile.You will live it?Do you know how to live it?Do you know what it is to live?.Wants to live must live, these words do you understand me?.Because live so live, phrase it; you can understand?.That survival activities, Life is flexible.There are live live live live there.Those are the words, the meaning of the different.Though you alive, but you really live it?Carefully taste it.Live, covering all things.Live, namely; sensitive, understanding, modifications, perception, knowledge of the time in a harmony.Someone said: regret in life is that (insisted should adhere to; to give up should not give up), who listened to this sentence is very classic, very reasonable; but the problem is, who can tell you how to confirm What is the stick, which is the abandoned; this is the essence, that is,<活>The soul.Sometimes stick when young dream, grew up after that is so ignorant.Want to live, you must be flexible.The results are struggles and dreams of a happy life, but the road is not the only one; you have to constantly track amendment of life, to change the original half-baked ideas; find a shortcut to success, there may be a direction to success; it You do not have to come in a black trail.Visionary, determined course and grasp the current, apply their knowledge, learn by analogy, pragmatic innovation; you can be happy living in the moment.Again, in order to live – must live.