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February 1, 2019

Luo magistrate legend

Qianlong, Zhili magistrate surnamed Luo Jian County name Shide, the Romanian magistrate took office, collect money, such as life, he not only corrupt but also find ways to increase exactions, leaving hard times, complaining, people hated this corrupt.One day, an old monk came to the front of the county government, please magistrate master runners Tongbing To Meet.Luo magistrate know where years of practice monk old priest who was something uncommon, they put the old monk welcomed into the den, ordered brought tea.Then I asked the old monk said: The old pagoda in a temple abbot is not chanting, want to see the county does not have any lawsuit?The old monk said: tact old monk Buddhist name, in practice the Dharma Qingliangsi years, because of past life destined to adults, therefore come to pay a visit to Romania magistrate said: the county is the secular people, nobody knows reincarnation, but also look pointing elders.Yuantong Elder said: Laona tell adults to be adults understand it Yongpingfu East there is a bell cap mountain, the mountain there is a temple called Qingliangsi, but Jingdong temple temple.Yongzheng thirteen years tact is the elder presided over Qingliangsi, Qianlong Dynasty temple has fallen into ruin, tact elders issued ambition to rebuild the temple, and then plastic golden statue of Buddha.Thus, the old monk will be with the congregation apprentice four alms.After several years of collect alms, to raise enough money to build the temple, but the main hall was built but only a superbly timber is not found, then go to the old monk looking around.The old monk traveled thousands of miles but did not find ideal trees, this day, he came to the boundary of Shaanxi, was walking, suddenly found in front of a big cemetery, pines and cypresses crowded, every tree are tall and straight, it can be precisely on good timber hall!After asking, this cemetery is the local member of the rich Liu’s ancestral grave away from home, the old monk came to Liu alms.Members heard from outside the old Zhili Yongpingfu to an old monk, pine and cypress trees of his home to the tomb, of course, refused to agree, that pine tree is the tomb to feng shui, how can you cut down?Outside the old members he wanted to give more money to the old monk sent him away.But the old monk is not a cash register two, have to collect alms cemetery trees.Mr. Liu members outside think this old monk is certainly some backing and did not dare to offend, I found myself a gum tree.Deliberate repeatedly outside the old members, suddenly thought of Zhili Yongpingfu from Shaanxi journey so far, that promised to give him the trees, walked thousands of miles to how transport?Then, outside the old members said to the old monk: Presbyterian really use these trees to build temples or shipped off-site to sell?The old monk said indeed for the reconstruction of the main hall.Members outside the old saying: If this is the case is the Buddhism of my Ryu!Please elders to choose it.See Liu members outside the old monk agreed, they took Liu members outside the cemetery came face to face point clear of the number, and hit the mark in selected large pine tree.Then Liu members outside hands together to read aloud Amitabha!Departed.Liu members outside the mad monk think this is really ridiculous, so it did not take it to heart.Who wants the next morning to see the graves of people to panic messenger, he says those who sign marked trees are all gone overnight!Liu members outside suddenly surprised, the old monk to this really is not a human tact elders returned after Qingliangsi, he said to his disciples built the Main Hall of the timber has been shipped to.All the disciples say where the timber?The old monk said that from road transport to groundwater, are now at the foot of a well in.All the disciples to the well at the foot of the mountain and, sure enough wellhead exposed a thick wood.The disciples said: Master, this piece of wood enough how?The old monk said: You put this piece of wood and lift it.All the disciples had just pulled out of the wood well, the second piece of wood came out of the well and from the!In this way, more than a dozen disciples whole pulled a couple of days, did not put the well was finished wood timber in place, and how these thick lumber shipped to the mountains it?All the disciples screenwriters.Yuantong elders disciples to let the original temple put a mule train, pulled up one by one.Set of old car was originally a monastery the monks living services, mule was old and blind, on which a blind mule broken car can transport these large wood?Tact elders say: you try it.Pre monks were out of the car a road up the mountain, because the mountain slope steep turn is urgent, you can only pull a piece of wood.It was quite strange, that blind mule is very obedient, that is not holding people, and very Maili Qi!In this way, those thick timber one by one all transported to the mountain.Timber shipped over, blind mule also a child fell to the ground foaming at the mouth, burned to death the tact elders and monks are very grateful for this first blind mule, it puts a blind mule buried in the monastery next.Later, tact elders personally do every year for the dead mule Buddhist, pray for the afterlife mule talking about this, tact elders not without emotion, said Luo magistrate: adults, the other end blind mule is your past life, you were ever rebuilt Qingliangsi out vigorously, accumulate good fortune, and therefore have a life of Flor magistrate listened to some unhappy, said the old monk: What is with the elders said?Yuantong Elder said: adults, if not believe, look back on your saddle still spend four Indian magistrate Luo called off his shirt and runners who looks for, and she has four children clear of the saddle flower print!Luo magistrate was surprised, his face red, embarrassed, turned himself this dignified magistrate was actually the reincarnation of a blind mule tact elders smiled slightly: adults, do not think this is a shame, people have good and bad good and evil, beast also sub pros and cons.Dade exactly what you have been blessed this world!Past repair is not easy to be a real blessing, and then the adults would like to repair the afterlife of Germany!Do not corrupt official should be present and do not abuse, hunger and suffering compassionate Lebanon, mostly people seeking blessing that was good fortune the old monk listened to the remarks, the magistrate Luo hearts of their senses!Later, Luo became a magistrate does ethics and transparency in clean government, and do many good things for the people, by the people’s love.