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February 12, 2019

(Diary of two) how the word of a drunk

A diary of how two drunk a word of September 11.    Love worry depressive, how to say the king.I am not, nor awake after the lunch break, look at Mr. Ze thick “history”, and Dianqi “poetry anthology”, an overview of hundred lines, will not be able to find it because of the loss can not speak sorrowful.Fu to give up poetry, song, and then after Bin wine will remain at the time of writing, the hovering between guest bedroom, with no distraction, but no railing: “return to dream every wolf river, the river has been sound mashed ,,,,,, Ju Hong Lei Yuqing early, hide this Double Ninth day.Looking cool cloud evening leaf, dusk consider unlimited.”Last night at midnight does not rest, meditation countless dirty like blur, not some perception, the students speak versa boredom, anxiety and heart hate, but can not face weak swept forcing life” Phantom Magic Health.”Go to bed on the occasion, tossing and turning, as if a few set, I dreamed a dream, who are charged with murder sin; wake up and not wake, excited and nervous and frightened.Imagine a better suggestion, to appease the soul of the victim, to lead the Americans to call the situation between life in order to appease the best memories past, but always “sober place, is the willow shore, there are cold moon.”I am pessimistic injury Qi.    Such ups and downs of the struggle, in view of past memories of the morning, the recurring, about life and death, joy and sorrow concern, alternating infected me how life and nature?I am a patient of hysteria, or another pioneer?I sing poems and paid my dissolute and uninhibited, as well as quiet and Yue Ning, that even if we have thousands of customs, but talking with people and?    How can the tiles can be all day, the word of a drunk.    Heartbroken people in the horizon September 12 has also been “grass embankment, near the Mid-Autumn, a little wind but no color,” as if the poet in the journal, write poetry microblogging number first, and I feel strong, meaningful, infinitely touching; also been “my brother, late blessing ah, ah how fine you!”SMS, full of times past, fantasy Chuxiu, how much better, between the night, in the cups, comforted each other, but who knows sadness?And this morning, Yuning choke; sunny window, Autumn has been dyed, who is worthy mess?    From yesterday to say good face this state of mind and tragic; said yesterday must look good from poetry poetry, Su Shi Yi An Liuyong and Nalan, curtain westerly, thinner than flowers; now we say good meet, look each other in phase, sparkling stars, those who can not forget the night.Poor moment, no one understand the lonely mind, even his wife and children brothers, what railings, as well as the so-called confidante take over?Even Mother rebirth, Nirvana elegance, golden land, rain drop millet, Dongsheng Murakami, summer injustice Xuefei, how can the lotus thought, open your heart.    At this time, getting to the morning, some water sprinkled in several strains of plants and flowers on the balcony, whereby release doubts worry, storm drain junction section; be subjected in the field of wau size, can laugh.Status arrogant child sleep, let him calm feeling clean, as if Tori Nanshan, water springs, Westerly Road, Xuguang tomb grass, compassion and swagger of our lives my mother —–.My life, my mother, and so heartbroken people in the horizon, now at this time, but can not speak sorrowful smile and depressed, helpless.    Quefei positive energy, SORRY.