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March 2019

Bloody Magic

Midnight theater magic show is being broadcast, wearing a dark tuxedo magician performing on stage, beginning after the great changes in living, a man walked into the cabinet, said the magician: Look cabinet!I saw the chest slowly rising, slowly falling, the heavy door was hard to pull two assistants, who disappeared!Standing ovation!But who would have no.  He later found in the background, he was holding a wire, back of the head was blunt attacks, cause of death was strangulation wire police after careful consideration did not result, ready to commit suicide concluded, may at this time, Detective phoneshine came to the scene and launched survey.  Mr. ^ h magician said: In fact, there are bodies on the floor, so it can be changed from the cabinet to go back when magic.  L boss said: Most people can not go back, only I, magicians, visit Mr. X and Mr. gaffer v Theater.  Detective phoneshine asked about the incident at the time (around 00:45) What are they doing.  ^ H said: I am performing magic ah!The audience of several hundred people can testify for me.  L: I have a show at the urging of performers as I can testify.  X: I go to the bathroom at the time of the incident, no one can testify, but I’m really not a murderer.  Five: I’m me, I’m in tune light ah.  The boss said: Our work specific process we are all aware of each other, it is a good show but smooth magic to be kept confidential.  poneshine smiled and said: We have been cheated of his illusion, the murderer is what you said, pointing with his hand to ask: Who is the murderer?He fooled everyone what way?  (Please find the answer in this period) period Yaya detective agency answer: the killer is a magician.L have witnesses, X can not be free and out of the background, and finally the suspects left and v?.The boss said that magic should be kept confidential, gaffer v impossible to know the magic process, so only familiar with the Magic have a chance to start the process of magic.Modus operandi, the deceased went into the cupboard, open floor organs into the underground passage, but was pre-arranged murderer good wire wrapped neck.Then rising cabinet, cabinet lighting to follow the move, so when the audience can only see cabinet.Magic took the opportunity to enter the underground passage, the wire is hanging unconscious from behind struggling dead, strangled him and then carried to the background, and from the underground passage back on stage.

Bloody love triangle

Feng Juan, a pharmaceutical company in the provincial capital to work, because the Feng Juan who is beautiful, the company has a lot of boys are chasing Feng Juan, Ma Tao Feng Juan is one of chasing boys, Ma Tao Feng Juan than three years older, MA Tao is in charge of the company’s business, it usually helps Feng Juan, Ma Tao Feng Juan sometimes invited to dinner and a movie, but often are rejected Feng Juan.  On this day, about Ma Tao Feng Juan shopping together, the two came to a mobile phone shop, Feng Juan, one on the phase of a high-end mobile phones, Feng Juan said to Ma Tao spoiled: Marco Yeah, I fancy that phone, can you buy me down?Look Ma Tao a phone prices nearly 10,000, suddenly too expensive, Ma Tao said: I will buy you one, but this store is a little high, I met an acquaintance of mine was selling mobile phones, and another day I get you a.Feng Juan a bad music.  Ma Tao home after figuring out how to give yourself goddess Feng Juan bought the part of high-end mobile phones, much deliberation, Ma Tao had an idea, Ma Tao often shop online, so, Ma Tao will open the online store, pick a company to buy high-end mobile phone shop, Ma Tao in this shop ordered that part of the high-end mobile phones to Feng Juan, Ma Tao to fill in their own identity information when writing are false, Ma Tao has deliberately chosen cash on delivery, then, Ma Tao and online with the money to buy a high-simulation model of mobile phone.  Soon, Ma Tao received a phone model that models high simulation online ordering, Ma Tao took a look himself: to do with the real thing, really like!  On this day, the courier Ma Tao online ordering of that section of high-end mobile phones sent, the phone is cash on delivery, Ma Tao picked up the first express parcel carefully check up, check the package while Ma Tao eyes are always stare the courier, the courier when Ma Tao saw bow call when Ma Tao quickly put this phone really wrap themselves already prepared and simulation package swapped phone, courier who did not find the courier see Ma Tao looked for a long time and said: brother, you have not finished checking, if no problem, then you pay it.Ma Tao pretend touched his trouser say: Oh, I forgot any money.Courier said: You do not live in this house right upstairs, go back and get it, I’ll wait for you for a while.Ma Tao shook his head and said: I also forgot the keys at home, either way you put the package to get back, give me another day.In this way, without the knowledge of courier parcels that took part in the simulation cell phone taken back, Ma Tao is with this phone really happily home.  Since the high-end smart phone that Ma Tao through with this stuff get to the Feng Juan, Feng Juan to see their favorite phone is simply thrilled bad, Ma Tao Feng Juan like to take this opportunity to marry him, Feng Juan Ma Tao said yes without thinking.  Soon, you and Ma Tao Feng Juan registration of marriage, and Ma Tao finally catch up with their goddess, heart felt extremely excited, but after marriage, but also a real problem after another, and that is the problem of the house, and Feng Juan Ma Tao can not buy a house.Feng Juan’s mother-in-law has urged Ma Tao hurry to buy a house in the provincial capital, but now the economic conditions of the two people, buy a house is simply a myth.  On this day, Ma Tao suddenly felt stomach pain, Feng Juan and quickly helped Ma Tao came to a nearby hospital for an examination, Ma Tao turned out to be a problem cecum, appendix surgery needs to be done right away, one on the right Feng Juan Ma Tao He said: her husband, the provincial capital of Hospitals we do it, I hear it is the best of medical conditions.Ma Tao said: Well, you heard.  In this way, Feng Juan let his mother stay with Ma Tao to the provincial capital Third Hospital, Feng Juan and he did not go, that day, was lying in bed waiting for surgery Hospitals Ma Tao Feng Juan’s wife received a phone Feng Juan on the phone said: her husband Yeah, you are certain requirements to be a surgery called surgical director Rowan surgeon to you, my friend is a surgeon Rowan did appendectomy surgery, the surgery was very successful.Ma Tao said one: his wife, or do you care about me, I heard you.In this way, Ma Tao to the hospital for surgery the surgeon himself personally Rowan, Rowan does not feel strange, because there are many patients know their reputation, so Rowan did not hesitate to give Ma Tao, chief surgeon to do surgery to remove appendix.  Ma Tao soon recovered and were discharged, on this day, Feng Juan suddenly said Ma Tao: My husband Yeah, do you want to buy a house right away.Ma Tao one is surprised a moment, he said: certainly want to, and his wife do not you have a way.Feng Juan near Ma Tao said: My husband and I have a good idea, so that we can have money to buy a house right away.Ma Tao a hurry to ask: What way, you quickly say!Juan Feng said: You have to suffer the pain points!Ma Tao said: No problem, in order to buy a house, what pain I can endure!Juan Feng said: You put a medical needle swallowed the stomach, and then we will tell that hospital, he said, is to give you the surgeon who called Rowan surgeon, forget to remove the needle falls on your belly years, to the time we can get a lot of damages, which belong to medical malpractice, I think in time that is called Rowan gave his reputation will certainly be reluctant to choose compounding!Ma Tao a suddenly to the spirit, Ma Tao did not expect his wife also plan this hand, Ma Tao also boast Wife: You’re Zhuge Liang, well this way, we’ll be able to buy a house!

Bloody literati (a)

All along, the writers of this title in my mind occupy an extraordinary position, it can become a real scholar, but also my goal and dream for many years.Came Loudi, my soul and still insist on the continuation of this wonderful afar.Loudi approached, two literati image in my mind gradually became clear, they sway the vehement sum in the history of history, but also let Loudi City, Hunan small number of this full a bit of fantasy.Throughout the ages, the sacred land will certainly nurtured outstanding talent, and outstanding talent comes out of the moral ideal and glory, in turn enhance this land of heritage and boldness, gives it a unique heavy sense of history.This is the most ideal man and the land dependent state.Loudi course of history, our memory does not need to travel too far, when we stop to look a little empire in the nineteenth century Ji Daqing, you will find pregnant with beauty and outstanding reputation in Loudi head does not seem out of place.Zeng, Chen Tianhua, the two native man Loudi, Loudi they bring glory enough to make it to get enough respect.19th century Chinese nation is also the author’s bloody two Loudi rendered unusually bright.    Zeng’s life is inseparable with the suppression of the Taiping Rebellion.The most prominent military commanders late Qing Confucian “self regulating the family ﹑﹑﹑ rule the world,” the doctrine of interpretation to the extreme.But my first impression of Zeng has come from a junior high school history textbook illustrations, Tseng’s Hunan Ground is defeated in Hukou, angrily jumping into a river to commit suicide Zeng want to be followers desperately pulling.This illustration irony is self-evident, Zeng poor shape to do the painting phase, utterly shameless, hilarious endless.If this abort my studies, so I left the impression that Zeng probably similar to the junior high school textbooks – the defenders of the landlord class, the feudal rule minions.Imagine, like me, had been misled history books, and a minority of people.Admittedly, Zeng is indeed a political opportunist under a particular regime, relying on years of studying hard towards this literati officialdom, eager to practice the local armed forces, he served as a ruthless suppression of the Taiping Rebellion of the executioner, which he left to history most can not be denied excuse.But thin elegant up, Hong Xiuquan Taiping impact of the Qing regime is not advanced, “the emperor turns sitting”, and in the past, like the peasant uprising, the Taiping Rebellion ultimate ideal of no more than that.Hong Xiuquan, imperial abjection, Centered Around and not, this has become the most direct his power against the Qing rule.If Xianfeng also awarded him a Hanlin, I’m afraid he will be like Kong Shangren, “the student experience, consciously presumptuous; pleasures repay, not all of the teeth”, the same feel grateful to the Qing rulers.”When I opened myself to take the world Section disabilities”, “heaven and earth rage right hand,” occupy everything “He is the Yushi,” “I have owned the world Wanbao” and so on, these early outspoken ambition, also shows the Hong Xiuquan “took the revolutionary road” in mind.In the case of foreign aggression constant, Hong set off civil strife undoubtedly contributed to the arrogance of the Western invaders.Hong insurgency, counter-insurgency Zeng, if the survival of the nation as a balance, I tend to Zeng.    Despite the Taiping Rebellion, we can really recognize this particular historical figure Zeng.Zeng had written a lot, but “Zeng Letter” most widespread and influential.Open “Zeng Letter”, between the lines flowing of virtue notes, it makes you yearn for Health issued a home in the quiet of the night, think fondly of their loved ones, you can feel more deeply a scholar, wandering soul deep at moderate, generosity.In this serene atmosphere, you will forget all his rage air, savor its shining light of humanity.As Konglao saint, Zeng can be described as the world Jesus Christ, his disciples such as Li, Zuo, etc. are useful to our late Qing Dynasty; Liangren Gong called “modern Qiwei, cover not ever see of twelve adults also; Qiwei China, the suppression of the world does not see the twelve adults has “such praise, extraordinary; even one pair of lovers of modern society life and death of Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek, there are different ways to his respected.Later the great man so respected Tseng is not unfounded, he’s on the road of scholarship by holding tutoring son of the surgery, the battlefield of competing fighting skills, life skills to make friends, self-cultivation tactics, making it a near-perfect.Ancient and modern saints, is difficult to practice life was so “full”, mostly Western sages somewhat lacking in terms of both their own lives and families, Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Byron, Van Gogh, Rembrandt , Rodin and so on in their daily lives have varying degrees of defects, or family disharmony, or self-will too depressed or too extreme ideology can not achieve inner peace.Zeng Bo and its whole meaning of life and character of ancient and modern makes it the connotation of the few “perfect”.    In many quality Zeng, I most appreciate his spiritual reading.”Old and three years of fine Bi, five nights solitary eye evergreen”, his rich knowledge derived not a day, but after a long accumulation is made, it is very ordinary sense, but really we could do that a few people?Contemporary youth is most lacking this quality, what are the taste is just encountered a little setback will be daunting, so higher education is also the emergence of a common impulsiveness, this time, gentle honest Zeng whether as a this textbook Midas touch it?There is no absolute golden rule in this world, but there will never fade brilliant mind and thought.    I want Zeng biggest regret in this life is not achieved, “Qin little far,” the ambition, and “destroy hair twist” make him leave the scorn.He hated foreigners, but also has the determination to resist foreign humiliation.He actively learn from the West, look for the wealthy and powerful way.But history does not fulfill his long-cherished wish, he died Tongzhi 11 years (1872), the following decades, the Chinese nation after another beating, disaster deepened, so look quite different, is not it more meaningful history Zeng and pay homage to one kind of miss it?    Tso on Tseng’s elegiac couplet wrote: Zhirenzhiming, seeking country loyalty, shame yuan secondary; if concentric gold, stone work if wrong, no negative phase of his life.Zeng’s life is glorious, and he did a lot of ancient Chinese literati did not do the things he’s honest and gentle soul, clearly exudes a spirit, a bloody cavity.It shares the author’s hero of the gas, not only enriches the era belong to him, but will last forever shine.

Bloody lessons once white slope falls elementary school accident

White school lesson slope of a fall in blood accident July 19 in the morning, there was a white slope falls elementary school accident.According to the causes of conversations with “Student Dream” practice team members know what happened in.7:40 am in the second grade in elementary school classrooms white slope, a student outside the school with three school sophomore put together a school sophomore boys lifted and then fell off, causing injuries that boys.When team members arrived at the practice, the boys have been injured lying on the ground, weeping, shouting.According to the injured after the boy’s parents to say, when it was the boys fell, he cried himself invisible, but other students thought he was pretending, no matter, continue slapstick.When students recruited teachers, things have been more serious, even the boys are sitting Zuobu Qi, only lying down, moving about are sore; other students aware of the seriousness of the matter, but can only stand by and watch , cried.Practice team members came after, but also understand the seriousness of the matter, two players crouched beside the boy, a boy who helped check the injury, a man comforting a boy; a player rushed to inform the boy’s parents; three players in control of things the other four participating students; the rest of the team responsible for the evacuation of students, student settle.Parents rushed to the scene rushed the boy after the boy sent to the People’s Hospital of Xuwen County.Captain and leader of the security group practice team rushed to contact parents and school principals of four things participants, informing them of school or come directly to the hospital, the other volunteer teachers responsible for student settled, continue their lessons.As for the temporary treatment that four students are: foreign students is to get home, three of our students will continue to attend class.Soon, a matter of participating students and parents came to the school principal, the parents of two students is directly go to the hospital, but there can not contact the parents of a student.In consideration of the seriousness of the situation, while the captain decided to continue to contact the parents, while sitting president’s car go to the hospital.9:48, captain, security team leader, principals, parents and a crew of a newsgroup from the president’s home to Xuwen People’s Hospital.Period, the captain confessed in detail to the principal causes of things, after, after listening to the president, but also understand the serious things, pointed out the “Student Dream” team practice prior ill-prepared, ill-considered, the most important point is the lack of experience; recommended practices team in the morning at 7:30 to open the door, and increase morning Reading morning exercises or.Conversation was also informed that the practice team responsible for primary school teachers will arrive in 23 white slope, coaching players, teams and practice of research group to study the town publicity.10:13 arrived at the hospital, the boy was lying on a hospital bed, ready to do CT (MRI) examination.The boy went in, several people sitting in the examination room door worried, anxious waiting, the parents are more restless.While, the boy was sent out that afternoon to get to the inspection report.Then the boy sent to the 13th floor of the orthopedic ward, the mother holding a child’s hand has been during other people is also a look of sad.”Student Dream” practice team members who have returned to school, the captain decided to go to the hospital tomorrow to accompany their children, while asking the child’s situation.Tonight practice team also met on the handling of the issue of child.Writer / Photography Zhang / Zhang Jing Contributed by: Student Dream Team of practice: Zhang Jing

Bloody handprints

Jason is a driver for a construction company owner Mark drive.Jason’s wife Jane is a kind of beautiful woman, but she was very unfortunate that people think.Because Jason is a narrow-minded, sensitive, suspicious man, especially in recent years, he always suspected his wife was having an affair and owner Mark, often drunk wife beating.  One day, Jason came home from work and told Jane that he keep boss Mark to travel west a month, so she did not have contact with his.Jenny asked, why go out for so long?  Jason sneer up: Who knows, maybe Mark will be a lover, perhaps is a commercial secret, I can not ask.How, who worried about you?  Jenny knew his temper, did not contradict him, quietly walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner.Suddenly, Jenny heard Jason said to himself: This always feel something is wrong, like a walk to come back, I went to buy their own insurance policy tomorrow.Jenny heard, back again in an inexplicable chill.  Jason had gone, Jenny felt life a lot easier.She can do their own favorite dishes are free, free to go out for a walk with his girlfriend, to learn cooking, flower arrangement, no longer endure her husband’s verbal abuse and beatings.Her husband is not the day, she seemed back to the carefree adolescent.  Instant weeks later.One morning, the postman delivered a newspaper.Jenny sat on the sofa, sipping tea, while flipping through the newspaper.Suddenly, a news greet the eye: early this morning, the West took place car explosion case, difficult to identify the dead, according to ID the deceased named Mark, forty years old, is a construction company owner.Preliminary investigation, is a vicious one case because of commercial disputes arising.  Jenny poured out of the hands of tea, she recognized the picture bike seriously damaged car is Jason opened the car.But the news said, only one dead, boss Mark, Jason do so?He is dead or alive, why does he not in the car?Is this related cases and Jason?Jenny felt a chill, although Jason himself poor, but after all, is her husband, but now live but not dead but not dead.  Jenny was unable to do anything, she suddenly received a phone call from the police station in western.Call the police officer told Jane, her husband Jason and now security.According to Jason memories, what has happened is this: After coming west, owner Mark Jason ordered to stay in a small hotel, just not allowed to go out, while he drives his own car to move around, but also not allowed to say in their own Jason whereabouts.The day before yesterday, Mark car accident while small hotel bombings also occurred, apparently good plan might be to cure Mark’s enemies to kill him, not sparing even the driver Jason.Fortunately, Jason was outside, so just suffered facial abrasions, throat being hit by explosion debris, do a little surgery, can go home soon.  Jenny relieved at the same time, but also some sense of loss in my heart.Jason is about to come back, she will return to life in the dark.Jenny thought of Mark, was slightly shocked, and a little sad.She had seen several times Mark, Mark and her husband the same age, it is also tall, but he is a gentleman, polite, and see Jenny when the eyes has to do with some kind of affair.This is also the reason Jason jealous, he finds that owner Mark seduce his wife, so it several times to his wife violence.Jane lit a white candle for Mark went to heaven to pray.  Soon, Jason is back.His face more than a few scars, looks a little twisted terrible, throat still wrapped in gauze, his voice was hoarse.His voice thick with Janet said: Honey, I’m home.After listening to Jenny, actually oozing eyes with tears, how many years did not have Jason said to himself these three words of the beloved.  Probably experienced a narrow escape, Jason towards his wife became a gentle.It makes Jenny very pleasant surprise.Jason said, Mark’s company owes a lot of debt, but he died, these accounts become bad debts, deal with the aftermath of company these days, few days going bankrupt.And Jason few days but also for the company’s services, unemployment will be looking for another job.Jenny soothe husband said, as long as good people, you can find other work.  Night, Jason said: Come dear, lying in my arms.Jenny first reaction is fear, fear of Jason as before, he grabbed his head hit the bed toward the bar.But Jason was reaching over to hug his wife, his hand gently stroking her hair.Jenny felt the warmth and security of a long absence, she unwittingly relaxed mood, enjoying the gentle husband.  Jason said softly: Jenny, I asked you a question, please?  Jenny nodded.  Jason said: Mark is dead, what do you feel?  Jenny whole body taut nerves were suddenly, she lifted her body from the arms of Jason, he watched in horror.Jason’s face was very relaxed, with a trace of a smile, he raised his wife’s chin, eyes shining with light: how jealousy I will do with a dead man, tell me that you love him?He died a very sad you are not?Ok?  Jenny looked at her husband’s face scars, it does not seem to know him like.Suddenly, like a flash of light, Jenny heart out of a terrible idea, chill Qinru bone marrow, her trembling Q: You’re not Jason, it is not?who are you?  Jason smiled slightly and stared at Jenny’s eyes and said: What are you talking?I am not Jason, you want to who I am?  After a few seconds, the neighbors heard the shrill screams of fear Jenny, is particularly harsh in the quiet of the night.But they know that Jason regularly beaten his wife, and only shook his head, sighed.  The next day, Jenny crazy.Jason Jenny put away the.He looked sadly told the president, his wife’s lover died, she could not stand to stimulate insane.He left a sum of money and said he would not normally look at Jenny, enough money spent her treatment.Dean felt sorry for what happened to him, hugging his shoulders, he said he understood the pain.  Construction company liquidation also coming to an end, Jason services for the company as long as another day, he would restore the freedom of the body.  Night, Jason returned to the room, lying comfortably on the couch, poured himself a glass of cocktail.A long while, he went into the bathroom, enjoying his face in the mirror.He touched it with a finger with a few scars face, he said to himself: You’re amazing, Mark!When he finished, he sent a hysterical laughter.What a thrilling perfect plan!  Jason, no, the fact is that Mark, proudly recall the course of events.The man standing in front of a mirror, look at Jason, Mark is wrapped body and soul, to be precise, he is cosmetic to Jason Mark.  It turned out that a year ago, mark the start of construction companies owe a huge debt, Mark began to imagine how to climb down.One day, he found the driver Jason and his own appearance and stature are similar, had a wonderful plan.His first huge property secretly transferred to foreign banks, but losses within the company.He let himself go with Jason sparsely populated western trip a month, avoid the eyes and ears of everyone.After arrived, he ordered Jason to stay in a small hotel stand by, while they had to contact a good private surgeons and threw their whole became Jason.After a successful plastic surgery, he called Jason, let him go to a place to work.The car had good cloth identification of explosives and Mark.Explosion Houjie Sen completely different, completely unable to identify who is, according to police evidence in the car, Mark is found dead.In order to deceive the public, in a small inn Mark also planted explosives, it exploded, disguised himself slightly injured Jason.Since throat surgery done, so the sound has changed, so have no doubt Jenny.

Bloody Daze

Daze towering mountains, surging river gum.In Pingdu this glorious tradition and received through the baptism of blood and fire red land, had the famous battle of liberation Pingdu City, Jiao River Battle, etc. happen, it happened Yang tragedy, Mage Zhuang massacre, New River a dozen bridge massacre massacre, etc..Red blood of the martyrs of this land, there have been 5016 martyrs for the benefit of the people of the motherland and the bloody battlefield.There are survivors of wars, they also went to the battlefield, heroic enemy, saved his narrow escape in this life in.The war veterans are nearly 90 years old now, in order to save the red gene, City Lao Ganju visited war veterans organized activities, I was fortunate to participate, marching this piece of land stained with blood, villages and households, interviewed war veterans, their shaking, ZZZZZZZZZ heroic feat deeply touched me, to write this text.  Shrapnel left in his head for 70 years war veterans SUN training 88-year-old, his head a piece of shrapnel scored 1947 and has yet to be taken out, has resided 70 years in his head the.Speaking of the old piece of shrapnel to do, he can not help but brought back memories of the past.  July 3, 1928, SUN Xun was born in the town of Pingdu Katherine Chia Hui village of a poor peasant family.In mid-1938, after the Japanese invasion of roughness, near his village Liujiazhuang, Da Nang have set up a stronghold in the local migrant kidnapping, robbery, sparked a deep-seated hatred of juvenile SUN training, he was determined to join the army and defend the motherland.To be able to go to the army, SUN training since childhood adults learn to fight soil guns, young age, he learned first-hand good marksmanship, is by virtue of this hand good marksmanship in 1943, just 15 years old, SUN training, has become a “Little Eight “three camps in Communist China Sea Command, first as a bodyguard to the battalion commander, and soon served as a squad leader communication.  Anti-Japanese War, the Eighth Route Army in the northern and southern parts of roughness has created Dazeshan base and the river sets of bases, SUN training camp where three sets of base areas in the river, in seven, eight, nine three companies, SUN training with troops battle of the liberation of the city of Pingdu, Jimo also participated in combat support, and high-density plastic County anti-Japanese armed.He recalled: “hit the big battle encounter, every day there are small battle.”Speaking to fight the Japanese devils, now 88-year-old SUN motto boldly proudly say:” I was trained in good marksmanship is, a shot to fight the Japanese devils, killing Japs less there are eight or ten of.”Mid-autumn 1944, a battle supported the anti-Japanese armed glue County, let him unforgettable.  Once, military commanders command three battalions to support the anti-Japanese armed SUN glue county where the training must be rushed back to the County glue down before dawn ambush a dam, blocking the Japanese troops attack.Battalion arrived on standby.To the morning, we found the enemy.The battalion commander: no command, not allowed to shoot.Other Japanese puppet troops approached, battalion commander “pit, pit” Robbery, then shouted: “Comrades, fight!”Join hands Japanese troops opened fire, the two sides played very intense.This time, SUN training has been a communications squad and communications, often braving enemy gunfire running around, very dangerous, SUN training with accurate marksmanship, killed four Japs.Being played inextricably, and coming from the southeast direction of the Japanese troops reinforcements, has set up three machine guns began to fire, a stronger enemy, the enemy hit more, outnumbered, our weapons would not work, simply play live.Battalion commander saw not, the command immediately: the cover of the Nine, Seven, Eighth retreat.The campaign, Nine made tremendous sacrifices, only one person survive.After the battle, loss of soldiers off three camps in southern Dazeshan once again suffered a pioneer of the Japanese attack, Eighth and losses, only one survived correspondent and deputy commander.Sun Hong Xun participated in and witnessed the fierce fighting and heavy, said: “I had thought the war would come back alive, watched three people even got left a company, really Cana!”Three days of the first lunar month in mid-1946, SUN training with combat troops to participate in Jimo East Cape, Xu Shiyou sent two army field artillery, field artillery toward the two bunkers Kuomintang troops and equipment in the fire here, a one shot, put the bunker overthrown, SUN training and his comrades in the vicinity concealed, watching the enemy where to go, where to punch it, chasing play.SUN Training recalled: “About midnight, suddenly, the enemy cannonball fight over, can not see anything, and I fumbled, when the finger has been knocked out two, did not feel pain, had already hurt numb.”He pointed his right hand had been knocked out of the empty ring finger, he said:” It was right here, left a light skin, and all of a sudden I put that down to earn attached to the skin, and then fainted, do not know anything up, wake up, it is found to be swarmed down from the battlefield.”In this battle is fierce, SUN training was interrupted by the right middle finger, ring finger, the other fingers curled together, has been stretched straight, inseparable, also was shot on the left arm, head and right a forehead side and have been injured and an elastic piece is left in the skull.SUN wounded after training, was sent to a village called Village of water and recuperate after a member of the complex from the army, it was assessed as Grade 2B and disability.In this way, SUN training hands with disability, with a shrapnel head back home.He went to the PLA eighty-nine Branch and other major hospitals have been to try to remove the shrapnel experts, because of life-threatening dared to take, so this piece of shrapnel has been left in the inside of the skull SUN training.  When the SUN training for the elderly participated in the war, was wounded, the blood flows through, not ever stand over power, received awards, and asked what his medal, he said that only a “70 anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army Victory Medal,” he said: “At that time just want to fight the Japanese devils, no meritorious service spectrum fight, no fight alive spectrum.”He still is the case until later, when back to the village branch secretary for seven years, in the spirit of the war continue to follow him, he is so personal: to maintain the spirit of war.Life regrets, willing unsung heroes and see the true nature of a war veteran from him.  At the end of the interview, SUN training our oral history interviews with elderly members of the group to the door, solemnly raised his right hand to his disability would only salute us, we accept the veterans of war Zhuang Yanjun Li, filled with admiration, grief, more exciting!  In an interview with veteran Fan Fan Shun Shun years, when really feel, the 89-year-old war veteran is “carry a gun Anti-Japanese War, the liberation war to fight Chiang Kai-shek, the Korean transport rations,” the old man.He has served as logistics soldiers during the war years, she is now deaf, walking instability, but the mind is still clear, talking about his war experiences to a rich, full flight, from him seem to see the famous “Three shadow of a great war “.  February 12, 1927, Fan Shun was born in Pingdu Cui town Xifan village of a poor peasant family, his father was dying, when Japanese troops beaten, told Fan Shun years brother Sa: “You have to go to three be a soldier.”Then, he closed his eyes, Fan Shun years this scene to heart.In order to revenge for his father, in March 1944, Fan Shun years to follow his brother to join the Eighth Route Army, first to the head of the Polygonum 10 squadron when correspondent, with Japanese troops guerrilla side, constantly deal.Fan Shun years recalled: “At that time my brother took me, in a team, the team is a small branch, a total of 60 people, weapons and it is not, in Polygonum area and Japan ghosts, guerrilla traitor, traitor beat, Japan ghost, then, my brother in the back Cui Du Village is set Japs killed, I said goodbye to my brother, a person continue to fight, to avenge his father, brother.”Fan Shun years and participated in the battle to fight the battle of liberation of the city of Pingdu Polygonum Lan.  In mid-1946, in the liberation war, Fan Shun years, first he took part in the establishment of Polygonum “Ping County independent battalion,” the KMT military operations.Fan Shun years vividly recalled: “It was under the command of the Kuomintang, the eight thrust into the East China Sea to drink sea water.We were forced to move to the next stationed Mountain, would like to battle with the KMT after the Mountain, did not fight.Later, the night arrived Haiyang, deal with the KMT, this has been a guerrilla Zhou Xuan, did not play a major battle.”Fan Shun years has served as armorer, wood grain member, as a logistical soldiers, he was always the first to troops fought in Shandong country, fought in roughness, Mountain, Haiyang, Laiyang other places, and the KMT war.May 1948, Fan Shun years with the South China Sea, an independent group prepared for the Shandong Military frontline command belongs 6th Division, 1945, in late August, compiled for the East China Field Army 13th column, in October, and with the Shandong Military Region in Green (Island), that is, (ink) regional blockades and monitoring the Kuomintang army.In December, retaliated against Qingdao, Jimo a committed Nationalist army, a group that most of the F.February 1949, the Central Military Commission in accordance with uniform numbers, 6th Division Fan Shun years where adapted for the People’s Liberation Army 32 Army 94 division, under the Shandong Military Region.In late April, while in the battles of Qingdao, Jimo region Kuomintang army attack, wiped out more than 2200 people, also he served as a guard mission in Qingdao.May 11, 1950 began the liberation of Dongshan Island.Fan Shun years, he said: “also played a large Kinmen and Little Kinmen, did not play down the emergency troops to withdraw to the north, then thought better of Shandong ingredients, come back to defend Chairman Mao, to know to participate in the Korean Tai’an.  In November 1950, Fan Shun years where 32 Army 94 division redeploy the 27th Army establishment, participated in the Korean War, the US military.Speaking of wars he experienced, the 89-year-old is still as excited about the vicissitudes of his face filled with pride, then, Fan Shun years hard about his experiences in the Korean War: “The entry into the time was in November in Changping, the wearing of coats and the people’s Army are the same, then the ears are particularly cold, was frozen raw so stiff with cold, and later frozen numb.Across the river when approaching minus 20 degrees, are icy, only the middle of the river due to urgent water, no ice, dripping with water in the past, over, shoes, socks froze feet, almost frozen, and also not dug snow cave, not an ambush during the day and can not move in such a difficult hostile environment, I even hit a row of a US military attack are not down.Later, the five-day rations to eat clean, and was surrounded blocked off, like a rain of shells like the US call, a dozen is a few hundred doors, we made shells not useful, we managed to escape the US the fire blocked, transferred to the east of the mountains, only temporarily to fight the.”Fan Shun years recalled the scene vividly, revealing the true feelings of the person to hear such territory.  Fan Shun years also recalled: “to participate in the Korean War a year and a half, spank, North Korea is small, a white light, through the gun hit, the aircraft also deep-fried, and very dangerous.So, when military commanders afraid to expose, not to play during the day, take advantage of a surprise attack at night.Combat is also extremely difficult time in Changping in the ravine, the road is very narrow, in some places even the roads are not, our anti-aircraft guns very long, can not pull in, then jammed into the ravine, but also blocked the march route, which when the destination is still far away, no way, asked the commander Peng, how do?Peng command said the car advancing the ravine, but also make the road out of the way.When the troops arrived at the mountain to the south, has not yet begun to fight, it was the US military discovered, and then go out into rounds here, we have no time to consult on the counterattack, the anti-aircraft guns also play, that also hit, 17 anti-aircraft guns laid 13 aircraft, US military aircraft can not outcrop, and saw our anti-aircraft guns got away with it, this battle played really happy.”To the wartime on regardless logistics soldiers not logistics soldiers, and Fan Shun annual deliveries of ammunition, food at the same time, also participated in the battle, his life has undergone several well-known war, in January 1949, the East China military awarded him” Huaihai battle Memorial “badge; in April 1949, he was awarded the ‘cross the river victory badge’; in October 1953, Chinese people DPRK goodwill mission to give him ‘the Korean War Memorial’ badge; his honor as well as a box “Sino-Japanese War victory 70th anniversary of People’s Liberation Army” badge.  After the Korean War, Fan Shun years back home, worked as instruments, secretary, president of the Korean War, and, behold, the smoke of the battlefield test of experienced veterans, but also experienced a smokeless “War in the” Cultural Revolution ” “the test, to be labeled as ‘those in power’, suffer criticism, but his stubborn character, still as warriors on the battlefield, so he looked down, he was determined not to low, so that he pleaded guilty, he was determined not to recognize, strong enough from the” Cultural Revolution “the ordeal came out, out of the way of life perfect.  Fan Shun-year war veterans is not only war veterans, veterans of the liberation war, the Korean War veterans, or veterans overcome social hardships, the veteran always unyielding that chest bulging.Firm and unyielding, unyielding upright!  Picking up a life of Wang Xuetai November 1944, Pingdu White River village street Zhong Gezhuang poor peasant child Wang Xuetai just turned 17 years old, joined the Eighth Route Army in Pingdu County Battalion when correspondent, during the Liberation War, the South China Sea in Shandong army partition independent group re-elected messenger spy, communications platoon leader; after participating in the Korean war, the 27 army 81 division 241 group four with three rows of the 2nd battalion platoon leader.Had participated in Jimo, Sanheshan, the liberation of Pingdu City, Zhang Zhou, Wei County, Jinan, Menglianggu, Huaihai, cross the river, Shanghai, Korea and other emerging dozen times in battle, fighting hundreds of times the size participate, where he group became known as the “hero Wei County group”, he awarded a third-class military exploits, and glorious wounded in battle emerging in North Korea.  Anti-Japanese War, Wang Xuetai participated in the fight, Da Nang, Pingdu City and other liberation battle, he recalled: “When liberation Pingdu City, lived in Pingdu City is the big traitor Wang Jingwei troops live a brigade commander called phase Tie.We, as local forces, combined with the play, at that time, our troops are five brigades Thirteen Regiment of the first open Simon, South China Sea, an independent group plus a spy camp and then open the East Gate, very difficult to open the gates roughness battle had been fought fight very tragic, casualties on both sides are great.”Speaking of the war experience, Wang Xuetai recalled some story caught the devils officer:” The mid-spring of 1945, one night before eight in the village lived in Pingdu, dawn, Pingdu City Devils found out, pull out troops a focus on the riverside, then our weapons can not, county brigade only 200 light machine gun rounds, did not dare to fight a long time, playing for a while, beat the Japanese, quickly evacuated.Once in incense shop, troops gone, he was a judge in the back, holding dogs, four people chasing him, yelling: “caught alive.”He looked bad, the dogs throw, throw handle holsters, I thought he threw the gun, or else grabbed him, at this critical time delay.”Wang Xuetai said this, his face seems to reveal a little sorry.  During the liberation war, in 1948, the battle against Shandong Wei County, where 27 troops Wangxue Tai Army 81 division 241 regiment, the first breakthrough in the West, to wipe out the enemy troops, to seize victory in the battle to make an important contribution to the battle to fight because Weihsien well, the same year on May 8, won the East China Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the East China Field army awarded the “Wei County group” title, becoming one of the “ten Tigers group” army.Memories of the war after, Wang Xuetai mostly forgotten, but he did remember the experience in the army when correspondent, he recalled: “Every campaign are braving the enemy’s gunfire, running around, roll, climb, to avoid the foot of the wall, through the blockade, send information to convey the head of the command.Only to be bold, but also witty, when you hear of intense enemy fire, on the first stop enemy when changing the shuttle quickly through the past, and even then, also suffered several life-threatening bullet “whizzing” in close contact with the scalp fly, any time of danger, really narrow escape ah!”It has been 90-year-old Wang Xuetai can still clearly remember that year ordered him to convey: ‘notice of the second battalion, immediately attack; notice a camp, the machine attack, attack not too far away.’His voice still convey orders altogether loud and clear, as the current year, also seems to be with the smell of gunpowder war, asked him to participate in major battles, he vividly recite them: “South hemp, Linqu, Sanheshan, up and down first by , salty son Bay. “Wang Xuetai recalled:” Korean War in October 1950, I went very early, train troops to Anton, opened cadres, said the four sentences: the first sentence: Comrades, we have to send troops; the second sentence: Chairman Mao all arrangements have been made, please rest assured; the third sentence: the cap badge, collar close up; the fourth sentence: Caqiang back, wiping the gun, ready to fight.”Wang Xuetai loud talking four sentences, Exposure to this, such as visit the battlefield general.  Because Wang Xuetai where troops are a main force, specifically to fight US and coalition troops ace elite troops, in North Korea 90 years into the evening, ready to hit the “Anglo-Australian Tour 27” is the co-editor of the British and Australian Army Brigade 27 , is an elite troops arrived there rushed to empty, scared away the enemy.North Korea’s troops then returns along the East China Sea along the south to fight emerging, the US military stationed here Marine division, was well-known during World War II.Fighting started the day 21:00, the next day morning organizations to break out big things down a ravine rushed to the emerging, the cover of the infantry with tanks break through.Wangxue Tai said: “I was wounded there, I was a second battalion of 241 group four with three rows of long lines, when to break out, I found a black American soldier out reconnaissance, then he hid in rock crevices, I after kneeling on one leg, standing on one leg toward that grenade, due to low-lying north, knees hit favorable, I threw five or six grenades, he did not look at the name, he suddenly did not know where to emerge from the ‘bang’ bang, I hit the shot, all right, just rub some skin, and then they hit a shot, hit my legs would not move, and I west I looked, tanks, soldiers cover from the west came up again, to quickly get on the ground, face down and play dead, then, enemy tanks and soldiers on the cover of the past from the side, really dangerous.Until about 21:00 was discovered, lift down, the Korean people with a sledge took me to the rescue forces hospitals, has been insisting that the 11 hours in the snow, then a long time, there is no fate.”Wang Xuetai said, still lying in the hands infer about 10 cm thick snow blanket, he said in the Korean War is really picking up a life.  Wang Xuetai experienced and narrow escape, made a great sacrifice, the Party and the people did not forget him, awarded him “to commemorate the Huaihai Campaign” badge, “cross the river Victory” badge, “Korean War Memorial” badge, “Chinese people People’s Liberation Army to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory “badge.  After down from the battlefield, Wang Xuetai was sent to “Shandong demobilized troops crash school” learning, work distribution Juxian grain management for eight years, he asked to return home to build a new countryside, became a secretary for six years, and has been for the party the cause of the people work diligently with.Chenzi Zhen Chen Zizhen year war disability 87 years old, hale and hearty, the body is still in good health, just limp, he asked his Tuiji I discovered that, although not on the battlefield enemy was beaten, but Information is sent to the harsh elements were left disabled in the war, his disability has been accompanied by a full 69 years.Pull the experience he took part in the war which limped in from Chen Zizhen.  February 7, 1929, Chen Zizhen was born in the town Cui Chen Village a poor peasant family, he was very young, they heard and saw the Japanese devils in the vicinity of Polygonum, Tingkou, Tacitus slope area shot plunder the people of the atrocities, he was very angry.So, to mid-June 1944, just turned 15-year-old Chen Zizhen joined the Eighth Route Army, pick squadron River in Pingnan when correspondent.Chen Zizhen recalled: “I was 16 years old to participate in the war, was a ‘small eight-way’, they followed the Great Wall Dagui Zi Ji ‘glue on a flat road Fab Five will be’ one of Hanyang day carrying a German-made rifle, two hand grenade, played Tingkou, Polygonum, Tacitus slope, Jiang Chong Wai.At that time, the Japanese devils, traitors all repair Wai, we hit Wai.I remember playing Tacitus slope around midnight, I was still very young, also followed the child to climb around the city, our class only seven or eight soldiers, around the house there is a traitor entrenched even, because we are raid, quickly opened the curtain most traitor was eliminated, only a few escaped.”Chen Zizhen said this, it seems also reveals a sense of elan year.  Chen Zizhen war time, every day is relying on two legs, walked on foot to go to war, so after the battle go, night stay at the people at home the next day and then walked on foot to go to war, that area of Chen Temple, Wang, covered, Yin Temple villages have traveled, but also a hot topic, a small battle to fight every day, turns to hit the big battle.Are very tired every day, but the thought of playing a traitor, and he was in high spirits.  Chen Zizhen asked how the legs are left disabled, he Oh cry, and then said again: “In early 1947, Pingnan county government located in the white port, the squadron area where I have tens of miles away from where Lu Yuan. One day, instructor Chen Fengming suddenly Jihan me, let me go to Pingnan county sent an urgent intelligence, I said nothing, get information on the departure, because of the distance involved, rushed to the county when it is too tired to die, then put down the information and then back in time, faced with such a long way, too tired even adults, let alone a teenager, he walked about to fall asleep, halfway when the step is not not move, and then plunged into the damp ground, then get some sleep before you go, can lie down to sleep, a sleep on until dawn, woke up, I felt two legs to lose control, it seems not his own, and already can not stand up, but fortunately was discovered in time, push back home, was in the vicinity of the clinics can not find even one, has been paralyzed for a year, after making inquiries, finally found a hospital , the doctor said, because in those days serious floods, caused by the excessive moisture, after a period of treatment, supported by a leg barely able to walk, you can leave a leg disability, I have to go squadron instructor Chen Fengming, said I want to return , Chen Fengming replied, and other leg is completely healed, write evidence, you can back to his unit, but this leg has not been recovered, and nothing I will go.”In this way, Chen Zizhen with disability retired from the army, and a lifetime of disability dragging legs struggling to live, even so, the elderly have no regrets, always holding a party utter devotion.  When asked about the elderly still remember the year when the songs do not remember the war, he said, just remember the “sword to cut off the head of the Japanese devils” and “Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention”; When asked what the old man shout the slogan year war?He replied without hesitation: Down with Japanese imperialism!I asked the old man: It was just a teenager, afraid to fight?The old man replied: time on the battlefield, what do not want, not afraid of anything, there is no want to come back alive, just know to follow to go forward, do not go back in time, nor been defeated, because the rear of the support of the people.  Chen Zizhen retired after the brigade has served as custodian, until retirement.Period, he also looked for relevant departments to apply for the pension, can wait until 1981 before accomplishing, then 8 dollars per month to receive subsidies.Listening to the old man’s grief narrative, asked the old man now living, the old man said with emotion: “It had a very good, pensions also increased, a person lived six houses, also installed air conditioning.”Watching Chen Zizhen elderly live the life, the family, finishing clean and tidy, and in a small courtyard planted with vegetables, mostly exposed buds, which makes clear his later life incomparably beautiful.  The interview is about to end, Chen Zizhen old man stretched out his right hand, prepared on good props in Lao Ganju, press on the red, clear fingerprints, look at these hands, is no longer the age of 16 that young hands , calloused hands recorded the vicissitudes of history, carved deep veins mottled years, it is this pair of mottled vicissitudes hands, thrown grenades, holding a gun, fought the Japanese devils, this is the countless pairs hand and China step by step toward victory, toward a better tomorrow!  Chen Zizhen and the elderly farewell, he reluctantly, step by step on crutches us out the door, to the car, which was a 87-year-old war veterans watched the earnest expectation of future generations.Lee Jin-young pioneers party’s underground rock 90 years old, deaf ears, the eyes can not see, walking is also shaky, to participate in the experience of the war has not remember, all the medals that year could not find.The only way to prove that he was in the military is a historical archives.And we found an unexpected gain from this archive in: Li Jin Shi was the party’s underground Young Pioneers.  In mid-1926, Li Jin Shi was born in Pingdu White River Street office Lee stockade village of a poor peasant family.1938 –1939, Li into the stone in the neighboring village Zhong stockade Murakami hours, taught by our Party underground party Comrade Zhao Trinidad in 1939, 13-year-old Lee Jin-stone in the introduction Zhao thousands of miles away, secretly joined the party’s underground Young Pioneers.In mobilize guide Zhao thousands of miles away, Li Jin stone from an early age began to accept the revolutionary education and actively fight against Japanese invaders, secret participate in the Young Pioneers meeting, by Comrade Zhao miles commissioned him as a student as a cover, do the party’s underground organization some communication links work his young age, disregarding personal safety of life, often went to Da Nang, and Li Zhong stockade stockade Township, village, escaped the secret surveillance of the enemy, messengers to the underground party members, send information, met with German body clock , Zhong Chuan Bao, Zhong Chuanxin, Lida Xiang, Liu Chengxian and so on more than a dozen underground party members to get in touch and establish a united front, growing underground organization, has made an important contribution to the party’s underground work.Li Jin Shi recalled: “I was out very early, very small when it joined the revolution at that time when very few of eight, I was responsible for the underground party members sent messengers with intelligence.”At the time of Li Jin stone or children are attending school, he had a great mind to participate in the initiation of the war.  February 1944, Li Jin Shi With deep-seated hatred of the Japanese invaders, the 18-year-old joined the Eighth Route Army in the South China Sea when a group of messengers, often through enemy lines, braving the enemy’s gunfire, the transmission of information to convey the head of the combat command , do not head in the waistband, at any time may sacrifice.In the play, Da Nang, the liberation campaign in Pingdu City, Li Shi served nine groups into the machine gun squad leader.He said: “to fight the Japanese devils, I is a good time, then good marksmanship, always in the forefront pursuit, had killed three or four Japanese ghost, traitor.”I say those words, his face filled with pride.  In the liberation war, Li Jin Shi served as a machine gun squad leader, platoon sergeant, at the time of the attack the battle Sanheshan, Li Jin Shi recalled: “When the attack Sanheshan, the Kuomintang troops Moriyama, we attack the mountain, I was as deputy platoon leader, sometimes brothers led several small shuttle in a hail of bullets send information, sometimes also involved in the fighting, the battle that killed more than a dozen enemy.”1949?In June, Li Jin Shi also took part in the battle that is green, this is a major battle in the Shandong Military Region and East China Field Army Central Military Commission’s command, in Qingdao, Jimo area carried out.When attack Jimo City, Li Jin Shi responsible for transporting explosives, and once, explosive, powerful explosives him explode into the water, the local people found all thought he was dead, fortunately, he was in a coma for a week and then woke up over, after three months of treatment in Qingzhou Army hospital because of serious brain injury, it left its mark.  After the liberation, Li Jin Ping Shi worked in the East District, the three District, eleven District, nine District work, continue to carry forward the fighting style of the war years, work diligently for the party.During the “Cultural Revolution”, Li Jin stone has been treated unfairly, but he has always been convinced that the leadership of the Communist Party, the party have a firm conviction, insisted survived from the extremely difficult.He served as deputy head of Da Nang rehabilitated area, guest houses in the city after work to retirement.  Speaking of happy life, Li Jin old stone meet, he said: “organization treatment given to retired and now food to eat, clothes to wear, the family are taken care of the organization, thanks to the Communist Party, thanked the President Xi!”Talking about the support the party’s leader, Li Jin Shi said excitedly:” The best of the Communist Party, the party of us who have a special feeling, no matter what, should firmly support the leadership of the Communist Party.”Going from Li Jin Shi elderly, there is also always a spirit touched, and that is the spirit of war, rousing spirit, the elderly from 13 years old to join the underground Young Pioneers, they planted red seeds in the young mind; to participate in the war, resolutely against the Japanese invaders; participated in the liberation war, the Chinese usher in a new dawn; into place, work diligently for the party; the more commendable is that he has been treated unfairly in the “Cultural Revolution”, still no grudges regret, convinced that the party’s leadership, this is a great mind war veterans, retired cadres!  There are many stories of war veterans, many here do not see them here, these few veterans of the war story has deeply touched me, interviewed them, I have always been struck by their spiritual war!They then left their homes and defending the country, with blood and lives of our happy life today.I was also impressed by their dedication!Them down from the battlefield, and some physical disability, never to party conditions to credit; some returned to the countryside, in the quiet rural life, no regrets, do unsung heroes.What kind of spirit?What kind of state?From war veterans who I see a lot, and I think a lot, I learned a lot, a lot.Qiaoxian De

— Poly electroluminescent edge thereto a single community friend

[REVIEW] today you and I, though never met, but also just met.But you my true already exist, the Pledge mind, dream in mind, blessing in mind.Hold a grip each other’s hand, began with this taste, geo-all.Indifferent smile, not laugh, do not laugh, only this article, dedicated to my love of you —– Huakaihuaxie, the origin of edge off.Inadvertently, because a photograph, because the desire to find the edge, Oh, not wanted to be good from the virtual edge of the pull of friends called Mohan their reality, so, I started to enter a group in order to find the edge of desire We have friends in the story.Into this piece of heaven and earth, suddenly a cheerful.Joy when they saw the group chat, you know that at the moment they really pain and happiness, like me,.I do not love that, just occasionally say hello, favorite quietly watching, listening to them and sky fly chat, Oh, a ride, an uproar, and saw them, my heart relaxation.In fact, everyone I know in my heart are in possession of a dream, I know, we all want to laugh in a short period of loneliness, ridicule light scattered mind share of unique sad, because the share of failure, because litter unique emotional and melancholy, although each have their own misfortune, each have their own story, but only in my heart, so just laughing and joking with each other to bring happiness, bring a relaxed, bring temporary vent.This is a group love life, desire happiness of friends, which also includes me, though I rarely say, just come in, but I understand them, but also their love.We edge together here, really is a coincidence, but also a lucky.They saw a group for happiness, for joy and togetherness in this photo that captures the love life of the moment, then suddenly between different song singing, Zhang goes on overflowing brilliant smile, was very upset myself too late.    However, lucky, because after all accidental, because coincidentally, broke into this world, they are cute, they are sincere, they are hard to love life, where the sky was bright, transparent and clear, I love this atmosphere.Life is short, we should cherish this reason, I would like to have more, hopes of finding their own happiness or will one kind of relieved easily, also assured there will always be some friends will find a good margin of their own here.If not, it is also a lucky, because here, eager to have a happy and healthy and happy group of friends, where you can indulged, flying dreams, thoughts Unfolding.I believe we all even no, nil, do not step on each other’s pain.Because the people we are hurt, have chewed the feeling of pain.Oh, injured friends, edge together here, we will be happy; edge together here, we are no different no tears; edge together here, we develop their flying it.Because the good old days favors the joy of friends.Poly edge thereto, without complaint.    Today, you and I, though never met, but also just met.But you my true already exist, the Pledge mind, dream in mind, blessing in mind.Hold a grip each other’s hand, began with this taste, geo-all.Indifferent smile, not laugh, do not laugh, only this article, dedicated to my love of pain and pleasure you —– group of friends!    Eiko on the evening of October 26, 2010 and poetry [Editor: Can children]

Bloody Cross

Recent everywhere homicide occurred in succession, four people were brutally murdered.  And by-case analysis, high Interpol team captain Caroline conclude the case is the same person or the same group of committed, because this four cases strikingly similar: surgeon killed all the city hospitals, and the like are the scalpel class of weapon killed and postmortem field.  For a time the doctor of the city on edge, do not know the day the nightmare will come to his head.  One thing the tall hill is very puzzling, is the scene in the wilderness inaccessible.The doctor who killed Why would obediently went to the field with the murderer?Crime scene no signs of struggle, why not against doctors?It is enchanted?  Speaking of doctors, high hill there is little goodwill.A year ago, his wife pain in the lower abdomen suddenly felt a cold night, but this time high hill was away pursuit of criminals, his wife had their teeth alone to the hospital.  Who would have thought that the doctor on duty was busy in an online chat with the opposite sex, give her a shot analgesics hastily after busy on the Internet, the result of his wife and the pain very tough battle.  When the doctor found something wrong, it was too late, and the final autopsy results are: the wife is only perforated appendix.  At noon home, he pushed his son Gao’s room and saw his son not at home, Recently, difficult to see the shadow of his son.There is a photo on the desk, Gao tall and handsome in the photo, athletic, and his face was exceptionally gloomy, whereas previously son is how bright and sunny.  A closer look at his photos, the son lips with hairy mustache, and even have the Adam’s apple, a strong sense of strangeness suddenly hit, and when his son grow up?Large even I do not recognize it.  Alas, months and years busy with the case, investigators or overnight travel has become commonplace in the office, he said it is not a father and son how long the?Even this year’s festival with no time to accompany his son to his mother’s grave, remember son was cast a glance over the implied meaning high hill resentment heavy heart, but also readily son looking through the books on the shelves, they discovered that there are a lot homicide detective like, my heart suddenly surprised to see him do these books?  While inadvertently drawn a map from the shelves, high hill suddenly wide like a pair of eyes as big as eggs.  It was a city map, you can see his son carefully painted red pen several laps, Hill instantly recognizable to those high circles it is worked out of the hospital, and then his son and red pen to circle those all together, red as a result became cross blood crooked!  High Hill heart suddenly tightening up, like a hand yank down a handful.  Are these cases is the son of a dry?Son has long been planned well, to all doctors on the cross on track to start?  High Hill suddenly thought of something, leaned closer look, finally found the end of the most bloody cross within a circle there is no murder had occurred, and this hospital is the wife of the tragic death of his son that the hospital is far sure of a serial killer, he wanted his mother caused the tragic death of the doctor left to the last kill!  Mom makes son’s tragic death is heart pain, but also because they can not communicate often and father, can not resolve the pain inside, and finally cardiac drastic change, this had the doctor’s idea of revenge!  High Hill mind a time set off a storm, the entire people have almost collapsed, suddenly found a map on one side there is a line of small print, were written: 1,2l, 42,64.  What does it mean?High Hill frowned, pondering for a long time, suddenly open minded, busy to write down the date that the murder occurred everywhere on paper, if the first time since the murder as the first day, then three cases is just behind 21 days, 42 days, 64 days, and this in turn four numbers separated by 20 days, 21 days, 22 days!  The fourth day of the murder from happening today just 23 days, that is the fifth murder happened today!  You must immediately stop the son of a continuing offense!High Hill to call his son’s mobile phone with trembling hands, pass, but after only a cry rang off, call back, but could not.Why did he shut down?Is busy start it?  High Hill shortness of breath, immediately called the hospital, the command: a matter of life and death, immediately check if there is a doctor just out of the hospital!  Soon the outcome: 10 minutes ago, the doctor said there was something out, has yet to come back, not on the phone.  Hearing the doctor’s name, high-Hill understand everything, is the reason that Internet chat doctors misdiagnosed his wife!  The doctor must have been taken away by his son, how can he be willing to go with his son?Did not you hear the doctor murder case series?  High Hill a time cold hands and feet, which doctors hateful, crime can not die, and now time is life, you must find his son immediately to stop this cruel revenge killings!Where can it son?  Just then, his cell phone rang, and was actually the son of a text message: you want to know the final result?Speed to the west of the dugout, date is not waiting!  The son of a strange tone, terribly cold, chill run up a high hill from the back, which is the son of the police is to openly challenge him!  He was back in the past, but the phone off.  He called the bureau phone, quickly jumped in the car after a brief report on the case, to the west of the dugout like maneuvering away.  The air-raid shelter had abandoned, desolate terrible, it is a great place to kill a charnel.  In the dugout mouth, high-Hill jumped into it without hesitation drill.  I do not know how far away, in front suddenly sounded intense sound of fighting, turned the corner, he saw his son and a skinny but full strength as people fight to the death.Blink of an eye, tall and robust son prevailed, shining coldness of the hands of a knife stab Zuoshi Yu, it is a two-edged knife sharp scalpel!  Bang of a gunshot, and a high hill in the hands of gun smoke, huge deafening gunfire in the dugout, his eyes like a sharp sword, no one knows his heart in the blood.  Son is his father’s arm to hold a knife to open shooting the positive, you know high hill is the city’s public security system one of the best sharpshooter.  Great pain makes him yell crashing to the ground, that had almost become a ghost of the sword of the doctor stunned, and then react immediately, picked up the knife fall to the ground.  High Hill pains, go step by step in the past, has come next to his son, at this moment, he saw there a man.  Because the view is obstructed, just did not see the man wearing a white lab coat, she is terrified lying on the cold ground, bound hand and foot mouth blocked, who was full of blood, how is this going?  Son fell to the ground in pain clutching his bleeding arm, cried: Dad, you have the wrong, he is the serial killer!  High Hill surprised a moment, just to react, too late, that does not squeak loudly doctor suddenly a knife stab, a flash, the doctor’s grim countenance nearby!  Is a gunshot, doctors look of disbelief was knocked to the ground, turned off the high hill, is his comrades arrived, a sniper opened fire moments hairbreadth.  In the hospital, his son put all that out: So, I heard that after the murder of a doctor this series, already have a strong interest in Holmes he decided to be a supernumerary Interpol.  He has been silent attention, analysis, and finally one day the inspiration came, opened a two mystery killer committed the crime: First regular time, were separated by 20 days, 21 days, 22 days; the second is to bring the perpetrators of the crime in hospital after marked on the map, just form a cross shape.As a result, he concluded that the next target and time murderer to commit crimes.  Son want this result tell Dad, can also feel speechless with their father.  The tragic death of their loved ones so that the two men restrained estrangement of the community, has always been proud of my father certainly say that he was a child, so he was determined to do it yourself Xingaoqiao catch criminals, to show off in front of a good father to prove himself, this With today’s desperate struggle.  As for the scalpel, the Son of grab from the hands of the murderer came, as to why not take his father’s phone, because when he was tracking the killer, I am afraid to be aware of the killer.  High Hill confirmed the arrest of the killer mouth from injuries all this, this guy’s son was ill surgery, but he did not know the rules give red envelopes, intentionally or unintentionally, the result of disgruntled doctors sided blade, causing severe disability of his son, but this of serious malpractice and finally nothing, because the records have been tampered with.  He unassisted being blocked over time and eventually became a psycho killer.He is a belief in God, and once inadvertently, he found that some hospitals in the city actually constitute a crooked cross when connected into line, I believe this is God’s will for him that God wanted him to evil slayer!  High Hill murderer last question: Why do doctors who will obediently follow him?  A murderer, eyes full of angry contempt of light, said: This is too simple, I make a phone call to them, I say family members of patients, ask them to look out, my car waiting for them at the door, to give red envelopes the meaning of meaning, and they invariably come out.Drove to a secluded spot, I was drugged with a handkerchief sprinkled their uniforms, to the wild way he has applied Bishen solve them with a scalpel!  The trial was also informed that the last murder murderer reason that the doctor caused the tragic death of his wife high hill, just because that hospital in the last position it high Bloody Cross Hill and son chatted with, so they are not a long time, high-Hill said: Son, Dad extended leave, and these days I’m not going anywhere, just to do two things: first of all, with your mother’s grave, I want her to worry, you grow up, she raised a good son, is indeed the son of the police no, my father is also worse than his police.Secondly, we find a father and son scenic look good fun, good?Son, gunshot wounds still hurt you?Blame my father, but who told you look like on the picture too much like the murderer, and is called a cold.  Perfectionist son grinned, a flash ward was full of the smell of sun, he said: it is not called apathy, and what is cool!

— motherland written on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of

Flag October sun’s rays to dump everything in its power across the mountains across the river at its brightest Republic every inch of the land side of the flag fluttering in the wind flapping in the wind in the east of the world enjoy spreading the five thousand years of trials and vicissitudes of five hearts cohesion into a national totem shine bright sky republic after the wind after the rain after the injury experienced too much pain after suffering the vicissitudes of China has finally embarked on a road side stand in the world and that the banner of the East regardless of blood in the fire no matter in the water the ice are a common belief has never been down that side when the vast suffering and cry in the years to penetrate the edge of life and death through the fluttering banner fluttering in the wind picking up through the hail of bullets you fall I fought in casually looking on the ancient land of the Republic of a local firm can be inserted down a nation of faith flag flags your spine straight whistling in the Orient stands looking into a nation of highly October when the sun shines through your youthful style I use make life blood oath forever and ever and you watch National anthem sang the song for the first time in my life the first singing She is a teacher in a charity that rustic cabins face the vicissitudes of history just like the old man’s eyes and his determination to lead the singing enthusiasm we indulge in “with our flesh and blood of our new Great Wall…”Sonorous melody Endeavor notes surging my teenage feelings from this is not the old song has been loud and clear course I was growing up over and over again the passion of singing, I know that a national anthem is a national concentration of historical note is that a nation bitter blood and tears so I’ve been singing the same melody and because of this it inspiring horn deep love for the old country anthem a majestic melody through five thousand years of vicissitudes regardless of where and when Chinese people are due to this sonorous notes of five thousand years of wind and rain infiltration straight spine pain What kind What kind of pain for the nation has five thousand years of culture thick and 9.6 million square broad mind to stand up after the fall play wave goodbye to the pain of yesterday’s beating the drums of war levy reminder century full of pride embark on a new Long march forward forward into.      Emblem October autumn winds from the Republic of plump slowly blowing across the land recently harvested fields breath of fresh food filled with happiness and joy grain rice and wheat farmers to leave the warmth of sickle thousands of years, chinking sound has been busy with fireworks and rice-head this land of their low volt head shining sun shine in China’s east or north or smoke?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / plus / Search.PHP?kwtype = 0 & keyword = +% C1% F4 ‘target = “_ blank’> Tartar reluctant Chennai?Br /> as the food they are fed with simple and solid nature of a nation’s strength of character so when they look in a height onto the bright parts of the republic from the world’s eyes will be deeply traction [Editor this totem landscape : Butterflies]

Bloody cross-stitch

When the top of the mall electronic clock clock point to eleven, a factory night bus stopped at the time of parking spots have been gathering in front of night shift workers, people silently filed into the room, like all the people who work late at night looked listless.Because not yet reached the time to drive the car in people’s silence, quietly parked in the dim light from afar like a giant reptile.With a sudden burst of rapid footsteps, a slender white figure flash into the car, it was a beautiful young girl, I saw her rapid panting, fear and vacant eyes looked out four.Suddenly, like to see the rare animals, car brush all eyes focused on the girl who grew up in the mouths of people stunned, because this woman actually naked naked, glistening naked body without shelter in the eyes of the crowd.Not so the reaction from the stunned crowd came in, followed by a man came up, the faint light can be seen in his face the color of panic.When he found a nude, cold eyes showed a trace of a smile, he walked quickly jumped up and grabbed the arm Nude.Ah sound sharp cry of horror from the mouth Nude pierced the silence of the night sky, saw the naked women as men struggling like hell, he kept his mouth issued a few screams of terror.Witnessed all the crowd began to stir up the first few energetic young man indignation came up, one of which looks very strong young man after a pull, with no doubt the tone: you first let go of her.Ranging from opening man, his face suspiciously asks: Who are you her?How she met you like a ghost-like?Wait for the man explained that several women chattering too Coushang, while they fuss around the woman rushes, while his coat off to put naked women, naked women can be at the moment as silly as not saying a word, just horror staring at the man could not shake.Upon seeing the man quickly explained the name haha: This is my sister, because her boyfriend dumped her, she suffered a stimulating mental disorders, often at night naked run out if not finished was playing a worker exclaimed broken.blood!Nude original to wear clothes of women found nude belly swollen eye of a needle full of dense, little blood was oozing, its painful to behold.Too cruel!Alarm, can not let this man run.People angry, pairs of eyes staring at the man puffing anger, shouting want man to the police station.Men began to cheeky color panic, the crowd tried to push bailing.Then several police do not know who would have turned heaven quietly called 110.Li Yong, vice squad captain received a phone call, with his wife at the computer typing bamboo said loudly, then rushed to the bureau.After listening to his duty to report the police, was a major case, quickly dressed and went nude in front of asked about the situation, but unfortunately Nude insane, she just stared at a place of horror, does not issue a few times when people Shen screech.It is clear from the face and scars Nude point of view, she has been a certain disorders before inhuman torture, with professional sensitivity Li Yong think there must be a major behind Nude.Will there be a relationship with the girl’s disappearance nearly two years it?The past two years frequently received the bureau reported the girl missing, many young girls in the mysterious disappearance of the city’s major entertainment.PUC task force had been set up, but because very few clues to the case, resulting in the case has not broken.See Li Yong captain could not get any clues from the nude body, arranged for people sent her to a psychiatric hospital after the start of the man arraigned.Man is very cunning, he claimed Wang Huai, with naked girls did not know, but came across when wandering on the road late last night doing nothing, and sometimes move broken heart, fear of night shift workers to see through the car after the morning train reason fooled them.Li Yong to ask anything else, he remained silent, without speaking a.Li Yong know, cunning criminal suspects apparently with Interpol are time-consuming, because everyone knows that in the absence of any evidence, suspects detained generally not more than 24 hours, claiming to be Wang Huai man just drag this tomorrow night time, Interpol will have to let him go.A trial two hours still no progress, Li Yong captain had announced tomorrow retrial.Li Yong preoccupied when one o’clock in the morning at home, see also bamboo leaves lying in front of the computer typing.Bamboo is a writer, she wrote especially good reasoning detection of novel, psychological novel nuanced description, reasoning with great accuracy, often give readers real to the enemy.Li Yong wife is an avid reader, he often inspired from bamboo novel, for which has also uncovered a lot of unsolved, famous in the small city of Interpol.Bamboo often get material from the case of her husband, so the couple a regular exchange with each other, learn from each other.This is no exception, Li Yong these strange pieces Nude Night Flight case about listening to bamboo, bamboo stand up thoughtfully hear from the front of the computer and began to pace back and forth in the house began to imagine her reasoning : obviously, insanity Nude certainly was due to the inhuman torture actions, the man is not a murderer is also a minimum of insiders, then looked at himself in the contemplation of bamboo, Li Yong captain nodded echoed: I think so, with professional sensitivity, I always felt that the man with the recent years ‘girl disappearances’ have a direct relationship, but there is no evidence, the only witness of naked women and insane, hey bamboo heard Lee Yong girl talked about in recent years, disappearances, heard some heart moving, she looked at the frowning Li Yong murmured: that is a good subject you first go to sleep, I want to catch tonight draft articles.Having aroused again sitting at a computer.The night even more quiet, to sleep after Li Yong, Zhu Ye Jingjing waited at the computer next to the machine hit the text, just to find that more than two in the morning the.Then gradually because bamboo brow twisted into thinking obstruction of a big lump, followed by waves of drowsiness hit her, her consciousness began to blur.Suddenly, the computer found that bamboo leaves something wrong, it seems to have a life like self-running, running faster and faster, simply ignore the command of bamboo.It is rapidly one after another through the website, messy display a variety of numbers, words flash across in front of bamboo leaves, when the letters on the keyboard to start rolling back and forth automatically ordered, on screen into a a silver-gray.Just bamboo stunned, helpless, the emergence of such scenes documentary of the same image on the silver-screen.Noisy ballroom, beautiful girl, a well-dressed man in the ballroom flashing of the lights, staring greedy eyes looking for prey.A simple girl he cheated with extremely attractive lies a ballroom, their car came to a small courtyard, overgrown with weeds hospital, was extremely bleak and gloomy.Girls start cheeky fear of the color, turned to an attempt to escape.Gentle man may have also been ferocious pouncing, the girl struggled a few did not move, men take cover in the open mouth girl’s hand, ominous tone emitted’s creepy grinning when the girl woke up again, she has tied to a wooden massage table resembles.Perverted man’s face appears in the gray display abnormal hideous, he was out one by one, shining coldness of needles girl died from a suitcase, died in agony and terror.Under peach men, as the specter of a man, the girl buried in flowers over the branches of the tree, there have been a bunch of dense bones, the man burying the strange metamorphosis girl smiled and went on repeating the tragedy of a girl on a girl bamboo look creepy, Jiyu up and turn off the computer, you can hand like like to struggle with loss of consciousness.So he followed a bamboo watched as a bud-like girl was devastated perverted man to death, and finally anger instead of terror.Then a flash of silver on display, it gradually becomes gorgeous, charming a blossoming peach from the center of the screen, and slowly by a blood-red dots gradually increases until it fills the entire screen, the number of bamboo a total of ten the number of.Peach abnormal beautiful, because they are not usually too pink, but Yan Yan’s red, very rich ruby red, the color of blood.At this corner of the display a line of small print: bamboo Hello, we finally found you.Bamboo hesitated a moment, with a somewhat puzzled and asked: Who are you?