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March 10, 2019

(Three), “with the mind”

(Three), “with the mind” at 22:30 on July 2014 Ri 36 points when their dignity will get more.    Sometimes I think: when their dignity, the others get is more despised; what are the side effects of it on the other side.    People, life, work; still have to learn mildly, flexible; want to be a perfect person is absolutely impossible.    He is no perfect person, the history of a man is according to his credit is greater than the fault evaluated.    When your achievements outweigh you are right.    Real life short remote communication can not always grasp and hold the faults of others, sometimes just because of a little thing on the downtown break off, leaving never in contact with, it is a misconception.    And people understand the feelings of a person, not half past one will be able to set up; requires long running.    Among friends because when a trifle of a dispute, this time should be put down your face.    Need is communication between friends, talked about, so there is no hatred can not be resolved.    No one is perfect, when people have no friends, that is one out of a soul.Youngest