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April 2019

Siege corner

When the autumn wind that stepped on my face, there is a feeling came into my mind, is not painful stimulation.Especially when it leaves with that group, such as resentment like weeping children that stopped to wave ripples in the lake, looked so real, like a late spring Fallen flowers lying in the water as spring fever, people Chang Huai a grateful heart.After all they had gone through all things pet, no matter how deep love sac had bound their souls, or in the future those who love the no looking back, would only be able to see those, too shredded without a trace, it will be considered to be an irresistible track, resentment worth mentioning hate worth mentioning, will remain in the memory of reincarnation.    If that burst of autumn winds, so affectionate way more than a compassion to follow, you can handle stretch into the inboard edges not feel the icy water, is not the Lotus was exposed sharp angle, then crumbled ding Dong, the also feel the same.Then pick the golden leaf willow far donated to the guests, it will be happy to give you a jump Family fun.You will feel looked at the elegant Beau looked Huang suddenly burst child, not at all like a dream of reason, will let you in circumstances sky was clear, enjoying a life of wonderful.Do not forget, when they are good enough for any action of your infection and her heartbeat, she let you use really appreciate the timely and appropriate for the touch, then my heart will be open flowers, such as The Story of Qiu chastity is so charming.    That day morning, for a long time have not had the kind of morning, sky blue so that everyone will feel excited, although not spring water but is also considered to be very clear (the edges of the city drenched, blue waves now say only “show “.), The wind also comfortable, the air is not so a long time.    I thought to myself elementary school situation out there, and today I can finally tell people do not want to say in his heart, a long absence, my beloved.Expert opinion is the expert, the cold air settled in their homes is to allow us to enjoy a rare back treatment.Chinese people have a habit of gifts, that is no way, when the thought of some blood let a little thing run smoothly, whether it is a good habit or bad habit, what I want to go against their own principles in life, who let cool all year round so thirty-two days to once and sustain such weather conditions, I am willing to come up with half of the monthly income to him, the commission if the check down, I can only assure accountability bribery, accepting not to pursue bribery.However, I know that this is a real fear of China Dream.    After all rare, this time to really enjoy the winding streets.There are men and women passing, that a woman reached out toward the lake refers to the man said: This child is man gentile.Sawed child is human gentile?Tree gentile, water gentile, aquatic organisms as children, or give the impression that all components gentile, is man gentile?It is too difficult, too complicated, but how do I does not fit, like a problem bothering me.    To say, this explanation is not unreasonable.We are the “people-oriented” for all the stress, phenomenon on Earth there is no fixed change does not embody the human mind and consciousness of it.How many members of the Earth’s ecology, we can not tell, in our perception, every man as a species and ecological effects of exerting influence.On the current situation, humans can dominate that changes in the ecological cycle of ecological environment.So, seeing all this is not unreasonable people gentile.I looked away figure awe.Accompanied psychology is: this man, ah really afraid of people, though there is such a huge insights.    I think Jiao, strange to say do not blame you, bring him a man gentile.He really really Communists, Jiao Jiao, also became a model and celebrity dead, this is the general practice of the Mao era, it can only be finalized after the death of.However, this approach should be right, because people’s strong plasticity, time can change awareness, environmental awareness can also change who can guarantee eat whole grains goes, it is not corrosive products made of special materials we think it.One So I think this is a great place to Chairman Mao.Now do not do that, there are a lot of celebrities do not hold chastity, the result became the people beneath contempt.This moment, many people are not so superstitious.To superstition, only superstition Buddhist God of the Bible or the main.    Jiao great range of children, the most important bit is to listen to others, which is what I seen from his management of the outcome, he is not environmental experts, but easy as let Lankao County, a changed state, so there is the rain into the river, there is sand sky, there is no income to food, beggar living on Lankao County became home suitable for human habitation.He said planting trees this a thing of it, he will know how paulownia this biome, what kind of state can lock the sand, you can build on brilliant in saline, the students can create suitable conditions for whole grains, allow the soil physical and chemical properties can be changed, allowing arrogant gentle, pleasant weather of it, is not adopted, then what forestry experts.    Jiao practice that was later said to be Paulownia intercropping, in many parts of the Central Plains to promote the kind of business model crop, resulting in a never had economic benefits, can be said is converted into one of the ecological effects, and later heard Paulownia has become a business climate, social and economic development make a positive contribution.How many benefits that fear is a bad calculation, calculation algorithm and then if there are fewer developers the ability to pay tax, must not be thirty-eight thousand million even able to calculate, it is impossible to support a parent Paulownia come, as the father of rice Yuan Longping as shocked the world, because then the revolution is the primary, but now really need to have one or more of what forest or wetland father, beating pressure pressure such as “Swallow”, such as North China “haze”, such as what urban waterlogging, such as the South drought, snowstorm like momentum, so that we do secure some of the Chinese dream.    If we have a few Jiao line, such as when climatic and geographical situation of Lankao County, Anxiang, the great country edition earth, should still there.    He said the media Three-North Shelterbelt appears unsatisfactory situation, and this is normal, from the current gentile people may have expected to know the outcome of this.There are picture stories, with patches of illegal logging and deforestation have to grow grain, there die of old age, die of old age in some forest too dense causes, experts explained that the plant is expected to die when the part, the results did not die, follow-up management I did not keep up, so with that kind of result, there seems to be so lonely, being dead in arid siege.After wooded say, should have self-protection and the ability to update the natural breeding, and why he died because it was too dense, natural forest where the density much, maybe plantations can only infer that we want to go, no expert go deep inside that maybe hard to say, this is the Chinese expert gentile society, the one real, the Fed outright, regardless of the mountain will not rain poured down immediately.    I heard, desert suitable Akiko pine growth, also heard of the assassination of a camel angustifolia and so forth, why not a native tree of it, because it is low economic slow to take effect, and now the economic benefits are high, but was stolen cutting a poor adaptability natural dead.Chinese history, the Great Wall to resist foreign aggression, it is a large national projects, favorable and unfavorable, Meng Jiang crying the Great Wall is a different view of folk sung.Three-North Shelterbelt environmental governance in China is also regarded as a well-known large projects, those trees, those places will not have to cry there laughing.Great Wall can now attract foreigners to come here to watch, it is not a small income, where Sedentary can make money.Three-North Shelterbelt how long, how many benefits it can give people bring.    I do not know who is not an exaggeration, I have to plead corn Swan, I know it definitely eat corn, we might as wine and meat through gut-off all day, until the gout, high blood viscosity, diabetes, and only thinking about the past that the United States What really feel the subtle and underhanded knife.I heard that one of French cuisine is featured foie gras, and only goose fat liver was memorable.Swan is wild, even if some of them had fatty liver, the French people can not see it, only geese in uncomfortable in sorrow, there is no economic value.People comfortable when the sun gentile special, we are now doing that kind of dream.

Outside the aquarium, aquarium

Living room coffee table placed in a fishbowl, three goldfish in a beautiful little girl enthusiastically travel outside inside, he saw the fish tank, happily straight smile, revealing two cute dimples.  The little girl to put a few grains of aquarium fish food to go.White Goldfish first discovered, turned towards swimming fish food, fish food Zhangkaixiaozui swallow.Red and yellow goldfish goldfish behind followed up, only to see empty water.The little girl has cast a fresh, two newcomers also have to eat, but then the first Eater to heart, so trailing behind with white fish, white fish is on the chase is crowded.Whitefish can not, can only be resorted to large market in the swimming pool trained Dafa, hard swim forward.Upon seeing the little girl, around tank clapping, shouting for my mother, my mother, my mother, Come, my weight loss exercise fish after cooking, they dance together!  Aquarium actually is conducting a struggle for survival.  The little girl’s mother took a wash of white stones, put them gently into the fish tank.Stones quickly sink to the bottom of the tank, to the monotonous world made a small beautification.Fish are seen, they try to open our mouths underwater arch stones, trying to give their own ability to find a suitable place to nest, put their eggs in the sand when the river’s fish breeding.They are so hard to find, the stones have come up with a sound.Mom heard, the little girl smiled and said the children you listen, the fish they will knock it Percussion.  Aquarium breeders but can not find a suitable for the spawning worry.  Weather suddenly hot up.The little girl’s father fishing some of the plants from the pond in the aquarium, the fish are said to be increased to increase oxygen.This little world is more beautiful, white stones, green plants, as well as three beautiful goldfish, pleasing.The family felt a goldfish tank in the living room is really the most beautiful embellishment.Tomorrow I depend on small goldfish dancing.At night, the little girl said to her mother before going to sleep to get enough.Okay, baby, goldfish swim will do to your dreams.  The little girl also remember sleep.The next morning, she ran to the living room, rushed to the edge of the tank, but “ah” uttered a cry.How a child.Mom and Dad anxiously ran to see what had happened, they found aquarium plants have to eat goldfish only had a few dry stalks, leaving only two aquarium goldfish, goldfish piece of white stiffly lying on the ground outside the living room fish tank, has died.

Liuyang River wine taste blue and white collection

National Day around the corner, a friend invited me to mention a bottle of wine to share, I saw “Liuyang River blue and white collection,” the words on this porcelain bottle and its logo, interested Dayton.After a few glasses, he opened his emotions freely, said alcohol on the road, try to describe the original intention and the intention of the planners of the brewer sales of wine, there are also resulting in this record summarized as follows: Name – humanistic tradition of pursuing “Liuyang River blue and white collection, “the name reflects the vision of the humanistic tradition brewer and marketer of.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, is a natural ecological Liuyang River to Heaven made her brewing, it is a long cultural history of forging her, so she has a unique spirit and endoplasmic.  Liuyang River local culture has given her mettle feature.Liuyang River in a beautiful story: Sun Ssu Tang Liuyang alchemy, to cure disease that dragon, dragon guide for the “Mo destroy mountains and pests, not to hurt the creatures nuisance” of training and charity foundation, creating side-possession to drink wine making The clean body treatment table, to rehabilitate dragon.Deen local people and bring benefit to be Dehua, wine party seeking to help people pass drug holiness St..Born seen its wine source “Germany” and called “de wine” also.  The traditional blue and white porcelain was her cherished cultural complex.Liuyang River possession fitted blue and white porcelain bottle wine collection, known as the “porcelain country” for the unique ancient Chinese, the English expression again, and “China” in English abbreviation “Chinese” wonderful God together.Westerners respected Chinese, began in earnest admiration for the blue and white porcelain culture.Chinese blue and white porcelain is also hidden in the soul of man-made Nuwa Tuan mystery stories.After the mud is said to Sky Goddess Tuan made man, found the lack of a spirit mortal beings, so that mining blue spiritual soul, attached to the clay glaze, firing into the fire.Nirvana rebirth of blue and white soul, passed through the ages, love eternal, immortal spirit of public life.Nirvana rebirth of blue and white porcelain, burned through the ages, hidden through the ages to become the feelings of Chinese people forever.So the wine known as “blue and white” wine.  Excellent red Hunan culture and cultural cast her enduring strength of character.”Pioneers”, “Times,” “seek truth from facts”, “inclusive” and “loyalty, play, and yes, strengthen the country,” the Hunan spirit is her innate gene.Wine of “Liuyang River” title and jointly associated with some extraordinary years and the situation “Liuyang River” song.That is a great man Mao Zedong, Chen YangKaiHui strong women’s, leaders of the Zhiyong Ren Bishi; there are strategizing Liu Shaoqi, Hengdao Yamaha Peng, the leader of the enemy crack bile tende far.Times pillars, running in Liuyang, Shu-toast, swept thousands of miles, creating a new life of ancient China magnum.So Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white and a ” ‘red’ (the spirit of red) wine” in the world.  Classic “and” the spirit of her eternal conservation.”Neutralize” as ethical behavior, offer as an example to Yao and Shun.The ancient moral philosophy that “in” is “day status” “Big”; “and” are “all things education” of the “Da Tao”.Foundations and bottles decorated Liuyang River blue and white collection wine embodies “and” spirit, its essence is the “elegant” Positioning ethical standards, “harmony” regulate life requirements in order to “blue and white” cultivate feelings, impetuous lavish world situation the Sound of Music in the spread of warmhearted.At this point, Liuyang River wine collection is the classic blue and white “wine culture”.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white infiltrated the history and culture, responsible for the cultural heritage, she is no longer a pure substance can only be used.She is a special responsibility and historical mission of business cards, a symbol of culture and the spirit of goodness.    Bottled – aesthetic Xingyi Xiangde blue and white collection of Liuyang River wine bottle art, in the traditional culture of ethics and aesthetics psychological effects can be “God-shaped one”, “things like the” artistic conception and aesthetic taste, and symbolism to convey his “fine”, “gas”, “God”.  In the visual arts, Liuyang River wine bottle collection of blue and white dress according to the “God-shaped one” aesthetic principle, based on the “radius” structure, the use of soft jade porcelain, soft Korea cobalt material, plain green color, composition bottle decorated with images.Bottle decorated with paintings, blue and white dotted quiet and refreshing, blue sky Extension wide reaching high, surging river lengthy small waves, “blue collection” reveals a strength of character.- harmonious and elegant atmosphere, the release of “feeling blue”.The well known at home and abroad famous painter, Wang Shu-sheng of the fifth-generation Sun Wangde water master, specially Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white brush of “Tao Song” calligraphy – “blue and white glaze into a fire and spent the glaze seeped from clear; good luck can participate in innate Miao, the origin of polar Tai Chi “, placed at the blank blue glaze, but the blue and white porcelain rendering collection and wine flavor, artistically culture, it ‘shape’ of the mood and blending purport Feng doubled concentrated and deep.  Liuyang River blue and white collection wine also radius configuration of meaning, penetrate into the wine Gan Shuang Mian alcohol, so that the “harmonious and elegant, blue feelings,” the mood and the pursuit, by taste, by people’s physical and psychological effects of wine, internalized into emotional and spiritual, produce such as “Return to Innocence, wash leather Magnificence,” “Founder personality, sophistication human” life comprehend.  In the sense of art, Liuyang River wine to create a collection of blue and white “things like the” aesthetic taste.”Images Beyond Image” refers to the subjective views of body image reconstruction feel the external image of the art and give birth by heart.People beyond “outside like” image where you can construct your ideal soul rest tired cabin.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white “things like the” taste reflected as: bottle decorated with art picture environment, such as recycling can lead to the viewer, “tsetse water, Peng-Peng Yuan-chun,” “flower plain white water, people sentenced quiet” personalized scene.Play with blue and white porcelain, taste wine collection, can be recycled as a “pouring do both, Zhang Li line of song”, “towel off the only solution, when you hear the birds,” the personality of the “I”.The “I” into the picturesque wine ecstatic, will produce “wine painting, painting in wine” feeling and emotion to communicate diversion – PIP also wine wine wine wine also painted painting; the concept of painting derived Fun wine tasting and Wu painting, so that will draw people to revel in wine.  In short, Liuyang River blue and white collection wine, traditional country put in porcelain, traditional country blue and white porcelain, blue and white porcelain collection of traditional country these classical art forms and aesthetic beauty aesthetics to present time, is a Yazheng items, a way to play with art, it is a far more modern treasures of the ancient Order of the value of the collection has come veins.    Icon – contains “radius” philosophy “radius” concept of traditional Chinese culture, ethics refers Life Wisdom of life and should work with the.Pipe “to the radius of the rules as to”, “Songs” and “He could circumferential radius of Xi, Cardiff Road, and what different Xiangan”, its elucidation ethics.The sophistication world situation, courteous, failing radius, informal and other details, the actual social practice through the ages, it is the practice of philosophy of life.Cultural content Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, contains the meaning of these two aspects is the exploration of the “radius” of the realm of philosophy.  Collection of blue and white wine Liuyang River “blue and white”, is “an area of” extreme.Its bottle decorated with flags – “radius” combination image composed of blue and white, reflecting the psychological effects of traditional Chinese “radius” philosophy.Blue and white porcelain attached to the tender jade is a symbol of the ancient abstinence.Jane blue and white to pale to the scene, is to clear to clear portrayal of life.Ancient nobles, literati, resulting in fatigue livelihoods of those, or the pursuit of elegance, heart rate or cultivation, or self-regulation, or back to nature, everyone is most satisfying in light colors.The bottle decorated with flags “hold parties on the inside, Zhang Yuan on the outside” combination, a more clear to the trail personality.Guzhi Ren also, however, modified by Zhuang, Confucianism, and other eclectic philosophy which influence its life also, all seeking “within the cylindrical side”, “the defender of circular”, “an area of intermediation” savoir-faire state.To “party” n-hexyl, Sacred Hearts, positive, is the moral life; to “circle” treat people doing things, leave it alone, adult succeed, is the wisdom of life.Look at people, observing the party of “being” available essence, circle the “wide” knower level.Blue and white “hold Zhang Yuan Fang,” Park seems flat, but in reality exquisite.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white “wine”, described as “an area of” Transformation.Water is the essence of wine, this wine is the water.Returning to the truth, raising the water “radius” Avenue, so have I “of charity,” the motto advised.Water lies in its “Three of the four Bade”.”Three” form, color taste i.e., water for “No” and “Yes”, produced Vientiane, implies Tao ‘Vitalizing Endlessly with Passion “of processing tact.”Four” of flexible and rigid permeable i.e. with: all soft, supple, just keep disposition, nature pass-through, with a suitable shape, it is possible to freely flow, changes intermediation.”Pate” that Shouzhuo, go with the flow, only at low CD; united, the same target, drip gather into a stream; perseverance, bone to soft, pleated Rao; broad, be tolerant to diversity, tolerance Vientiane; flexible, transparent rounded, with the appropriate technology; transparent, clear character, cricket; fair, good flat objects to be non-discriminatory; Chi Heng, flowing over the years, with no danger of unremitting.”Pate” normalization, is nothing more than “an area of”.Drinking and thinking, back to this truth, naturally can realize “radius” to reason.In particular drink blue and white collection Liuyang River wine – a wine with origins virtue, feelings and culture of blue and white, more people being infected with the radius of influence Boulevard Transformation.  ”Elegant and harmonious” Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, is “an area of” the essence of.Classic – honesty and moral character, words and deeds Zundao, work rules, have raised the quality, character and have made.Harmony – harmony with people, good cooperation, respect for different personality to play, benefit-sharing.Elegant and harmonious integration, the natural “and”.Core “and” Yes “radius”, the highest realm of classical ethics.”Book of Rites,” saying: “also were, the world of Big Ben, and also those of the world of road also.Chih-chung, day position Yan, Yu Yan things.”When the blend radius, to ‘neutralize’ time, the best of both worlds, pitch freely; sitting on a lotus volley, hand hibiscus; self-control, condescending; Shi with people, and Wyatt spring; no hard puzzled, not useless.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, the ultimate idea brewing and marketing positioning in the “harmonious and elegant, blue and white feelings”, is “an area and” promote the spirit, she sought to this ideal, “wine” mass public, cultivate life.    Drink – Character Ya Road ago that wine is the soul of the valley, the water fine, natural good fortune of spiritual things.From the day it was discovered Bacchus Yi Di, it is simply a wizard, outside the human body is a “self”.Xu Shen in the “Dictionary” in the trip said: “wine, it also, so it is human nature of good and evil.”Seen in this light, wine accommodate human nature, but there is no property in humanity, only ‘casual’, that is, with the nature of the shock, chasing love love Zhang.Good and evil, beauty and ugliness of human nature, like sad music, reason and impulse, it will be enlarged; veil and packaging, it will be elegant and vulgar simplicity.Therefore, since ancient times, people have been drinking are exploring the road, and strive to drink wine, drink good wine, a product of virtue, in order to enhance their taste.  ”Drinking wine” is to wholesome, high quality grades of wine.First, high-end wine quality of the US, second and Position.Liuyang River wine with blue and white collection, for example, due to the quality of its wine selection with glutinous rice, corn, wheat, sorghum and other grains, the use of “holy medicine” (Sun Ssu Tang) square pass into the modern tools fine brew.Hyaluronic run color, alcohol Gan soft cotton, years of experience, typical style.So the United States and quality, will benefit its body.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, its place of honor is that it has its own cultural identity.Liuyang River of good fortune gives it outstanding strength of character.The story Yaosheng brewery Dehua dragon creators square, features of Chinese classical culture, the traditional culture of Hunan, red culture, wine making meaning and value, far more than the material factors of history and become a business card, a kinds of national culture, Hunan spirit.Drink their wine, deep taste of culture is not only an elegant, but also a learning support a complex and spiritual.  Dignities of Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, but also in the artistic personality.Its bottle decorated, reflecting the classical Chinese wine Tibetan culture.In the history of civilization for thousands of years in China, the cellar of the device, is a very important cultural symbol and cultural heritage.High-grade wine, whether it is ceramic, vitreous, metal or other material quality, which is forging manufacturing process, carving art of calligraphy painting, embody the aesthetic and cultural quality and the level of civilization’s brewery, its taste when combined with high wines complement each other.Liuyang River wine collection with blue and white “porcelain country” – blue and white wine bottles, its jade tender and delicate white porcelain, hard and soft mellow glaze, fresh and elegant blue and white, simple and elegant trace, trace Eau scenery, it is can enjoy, play, art collection.  So, drink good wine, we should drink a model like blue and white collection Liuyang River wine wine, specialty wine.  ”Wine tasting good,” is to re wine road.Ancient and modern wine road, stressing that “regulation” and “Law”, “reason”.”Regulation” is a program that “law” is a method, “reason” is the reason.To sum up, we must follow the wine road wine selection determined, have a cup Arts, ordered the wine, pour well and do not have food and wine, have a drink, wine has resigned body, tasting the know.But the wine road of purpose, meaning, or core, which is the realm of high alcohol consumption, but express heart, bow, tasting, papers.  Product Liuyang River wine collection to express blue and white heart, “three cups pass road, a bucket With Nature,” inspired “wine and song, life geometry” feeling, awaken memories of the ups and downs, repair scars of life, the release of “wine thoracotomy gall and open, “the Zhuanghuai, catalytic slurry of life and the power of human nature, emotional tension radiates enthusiasm and ideals, life enter into the fairy tale of fantasy and ecstasy, the realm of the heart to be sublimated.  Product Liuyang River wine collection with blue and white bow, “I have Zhijiu to the heart of Penn Yan Yuejia”.King Cup Diocese to filial piety; almost a full house, in order to make Friends of the Road; Concert sit drink to make Chi Road; communicative Syria to drink, to enjoy the Road.Welcoming glass of welcome home; Fris glass Zhuanghang.Festival filial loyalty, inji Morrison, Pate cast charisma.The tree of friendship, a network of roots, watering and lush wines developed.  Liuyang River product collection blue and white wine to taste, playing its first bottle, “National porcelain” mystery will welcome you into the history of the tunnel, in the myth of Nuwa Tuan man-made flying soul’s mental state.Sober and elegant blue and white mood, which deliberately scored radius combination, and you will feel the influence of traditional culture in a quiet and refreshing, simple and elegant environment, your soul will be baptized in the elegant atmosphere of harmony.The contemporary painter, Wang ancient holy book of fifty five generations Sun Wangde water master specially Liuyang River wine brush blue and white collection of “Tao Song” calligraphy, its flamboyant legacy of the holy book, not only make you feel in this Yang Mu ancient tradition Everbright culture, but also more insight into the Liuyang River wine collection of precious blue and white hide.As for local cultural complex, Hunan Cultural Complex, red blue and white collection Cultural Complex Liuyang River wine, will make you more difficult to return the soul intoxicated infatuation.Yaosheng style, leadership style, Hunan spirit will be your life style.Here you can be on their own value proposition.  Wine products which then will open a bottle Yixiang, artistically linger; gaze light absorption, intestinal lung permeability aryl; taste to tongue, wines glycol; sip choking, grease and greasy run cool; drink which Shu Zhang blood Tongmai ; drink fragrance, long quiet Meaningful.Often drink their wine, tendons living bone strength.Benefits are raised in, the light of God Yang Yan.  Product Liuyang River wine collection with blue and white paper, “highbrow, low class”, tastes, wrong for ages, they are revelry.Such as the line “Drinking” is a thinking game, eloquence performances, literary talent show.Often classic and gimmicks will occur, accompanied by jokes and Compliments.Should the high-level text to naturally “Zhuojiu of poetry,” “pipa”.Wine and cultural compatibility, and compatibility altogether as one and said “wine culture” or “wine culture”, probably along with the wine culture and the line, the wine culture was born about watering.No water ancestors Wang Wang first “pipa” reception, there is no Liufangqiangu “Orchid Pavilion” born “Orchid Pavilion” and “Orchid Pavilion” the running script calligraphy.”Orchid Pavilion” running script calligraphy through the ages is a must, to his book, the “sage” shi.Essay Miaoshi since ancient times, have more in wine.Li Bai’s life alcoholics, he “wine into the intestinal Hao, seven led to the moon, as well as a third of Xiao Jian Qi, show a spit mouth is half the Tang Dynasty”.Ouyang Xiu is no unwritten wine, he left, “Drunkard Pavilion”, has intoxicating like wine.Tasting papers, temperament generous, imaginative agility, a flash of inspiration.So someone said, wine is the soul of poetry, the text of God.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white goods Germany to support, when the wine culture with its own load to Dehua, the spirit of harmony Athens perfusion wine, the pursuit of fame and blue feelings, explore secret “and” Road to the first minded leaders as a prime example of this sage.Not drink wine tasting, wine tasting is a science, a virtue.Satisfy only hobby tasting, wine does not know the channel, as cattle can drink canal.Wine tasting should be noted that “three-ring five decision” that quit drinking alcohol earlier, Doujiu seats and even wine; meat should be drinking wine, sitting wine, slow wine, is wine, wine festival.Do not dance, “a cup of refined style; two cups of men of letters; three cups of rhetoric; four cups outspoken; five cups true colors” in the past.Only good taste, conservation, know how to live, no publicity, no hustle and bustle of people, to get to enjoy the moral in the wine, spirit of joy.    Finally, I want to taste the wine collection of blue and white Liuyang River summarized in four words to grant drinking buddy: clear – elegant – cotton – cool clear: alcohol Bitou green color Mingxiu, quiet indifferent and soft; aromatic smoke into the air stream Shenxiang , chic and elegant rhyme faint.- Liquor natural nectar, turned into honest clarity of elegance, free and natural distribution of fresh breath ya: Virtue product stuffed in the side, bearing a model of quality arts-reliance; Gog years into the warm, Grace gentleman worthy of appreciation.  - Quality penetrate time and space, stretches elegant soften the Divine Comedy, cultivate tact sophistication of nature.  Cotton: a long drink choking smell, mouth hold in the mouth fragrant long linger; soft and never was holiness, meaning more than good-natured tolerance recall.  - Tage for the classic interpretation of the story of the history of deep, cool heritage harmonious and elegant ideal: strong bones moist organs, blood veins Shu-being; support Anna Accompanying Yuye and prolong the harvest blessing boundless.  - clear cool Yat style, publicity hearty pride, joy breed of elegance Recreation.

Hydrangea bloom butterfly

Hydrangea bloom butterfly to school typing pool, a pot of hydrangeas in full bloom butterfly appealing to the eye.Petals with purple powder, just as a side branch butterflies fly, flapping its beautiful wings, dancing.To the typing pool who praised it would open too complex, brilliant bloom, bloom of spring!    In fact, the envy of his colleagues in its beauty, but also an often bring home some of the transplanted carefully keep up, but hear is: I uploaded a long flowering not only leaves.Leaves grown very numerous, but they do not bloom!    I also went to spring transplanted a home reared, twigs bit monotonous, but it turned bright flowers bloom.    We’re talking about this with my family potted plant growing on common ancestry ancestors when flowers are talking about the question: Blooming plants are placed in a cold place.I know that the lower the temperature of the typing pool all year round, especially in winter, people stay where time is cold could not stay.My family is also growing on the winter, I place it in the shade on stage, Heating leading female table is a glass partition door, I almost gave it not a winter watering, bare of leaves Jiyu I want to provoke too it abandoned.Fortunately, I always see it, does not hinder people’s eyes, due to laziness, not to root it out yet.I did not expect when the warmth of spring, the top branches buds burst on the scene, I poured some water, removed the sticks and dry leaves, it is also the spirit of the day by day fade.Occasionally one day catches the eye of a cluster of butterfly-shaped flowers make me wonder, excitement!    So I move it to the sunny living room, it has plenty of light, the right temperature.A few days later, clusters of butterfly flower bloom, the foliage from time to time there are pregnant bud sporting power, brilliance open about the room, the guests came to our house was full of praise!    Butterflies Hydrangea flower experience has taught me awareness: To life bursting out of its tender and beautiful and brilliant, must undergo some suffering.SNSD no risk of want, extremely poor material life, is bound to make some people in the ordeal inspirational, against all odds, his life is set to push the peak bloom bright!


Horn Speaker, there are two, one is a small speaker, one is big horn.    Seventies of last century, these two items are very popular.    Small speaker is wired broadcasting.At that time everyone has.Usually commune units, telephone pole shelves radio lines, to every household cis.House speaker wire slipped from under the eaves, small speaker connected to the corner.Every day there is a such a voice: “little horn began to broadcast, tick tick.”Pay attention to the people, give small speakers coupled with a beautiful wooden box, paint brush, decorated very fine.The general people, be it directly on the wall.Anyway, listen.    Feel the best time to listen is to say the storytelling Liu Lanfang, “Yue Fei”.He said turned out, is not an exaggeration.6:30 pm, just head over to say, the next day at noon broadcast two times.Evening came back from school, just.A write-bags, standing on the kang, his ear listening.Not listening, not to eat.    Worst of all time, is the key to being heard, the speaker suddenly not clear, or there is a serious noise.Then they rush to tidy up the ground.The next speaker grew up on the ground, inserted into the ground.First dipped in saliva, if the result is not good, it pisses on the floor, the sound just fine.Of course, sometimes not effective.Because, get this works on the premise that, because the ground caused by bad job.    With this small speaker is, I know the weather forecast.Then he says, “Shandong Peninsula inland and in the mountains.”Do not understand the meaning, and asked his mother, did not know.Asked his father, he says that they notice the old Dragon King.The most familiar is the sound of the morning, “The East is Red, the sun rose.”Every day this music, you wake up crying.    Now the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, then often hear.Of course not see Arafat, but do not know his turban flower.Sihanouk said that most often, a loudspeaker broadcast, big people say: ” ‘eat and drink visitors’ again.”The most puzzling is the notice commune.”Please note that over the pan brigade”, I feel very strange, I do not commune called “over the pan,” the brigade ah?I asked a lot of small partners, do not know.Finally asked the teacher, the teacher is the result bears a meal, they would understand, they said that: “the relevant brigade.”When it comes to small speakers, can not fail to mention something interesting.At that time the commune has a radio station, then parent called Radio.Commune broadcast announcer began: “People’s Broadcasting Station rout.”So a local produce widespread Hom (twisters).Because the answer is too colloquial, meaning indecent, we can only sense the unspeakable.    If we add the point association, also known as the “little horn”, there is another meaning – “gossip”.Metaphor those willing to ask around, spread, spread the privacy of others woman.I do not like this man very.Really blind trumpet good name.    And the corresponding cable broadcasting is a radio, the radio is.At that time not many farmers at home, working families have.At that time, someone has a radio, it is a status symbol, its noble degree is inferior to the former Big Brother.    And is relatively small horn loudspeakers.Big Horn is not the old thing, but once earth-shattering.Vigorous cultural revolution, the highest overnight to convey instructions, must rely on big speakers.”Five elements” rich against bad right monsters, ready to open their struggle sessions, they have to stand loudspeakers.I want is that battle.    In mid-1976, Chairman Mao’s death.Big Horn release of funeral music, but also filled the country.The old lady Kudiehanniang.The village young and old to the Corps memorial.Put apples, pile into a tower under a great man, like, the people bowed and crying.No. September 18 memorial ceremony.Students lined up to go to the commune, in the cement bridge, the sky was raining, listening to loudspeakers shouting bowed three times, the masses in the rain silence.But a few days, big horn in notice again, four people attended the memorial service of the elderly, became the bad guy.How said Wang Hongwen, Zhang Chunqiao, Jiang Qing, Chairman Mao Yao Wenyuan persecution.At that time I was a child hairs, did not understand when his wife’s why it has persecuted his own man?    Now, there is a large speaker, but not the common.Sometimes the next notice is to collect the agricultural products.What we do is to collect the electricity.Whose responsibility or turn notify the fields to irrigate the land.    It seems, indeed a changed society.

Hometown of dead trees

Deep in my memory, as well as the home of the dead trees have withered, but also still standing.Always remember that time, I like a man quietly sitting in the window, silently looking at the dead tree, dead tree branches also draped on the nest.After a night of wind and rain, up the next morning, I saw the dead trees still standing, dead trees of life so I thought: not a breath of life, why also still standing tall and straight?    In those days no sun, I always to support those with strong life, ride one lonely and painful night.From that time also, I know that tears are weak, tears can only be painful to express, no power to stand strong, it can only lie down in tears, sometimes, while I shed tears, while working, because I know, not labor, tears can not create life.    Home of dead trees, so I learned to be strong, not breathing dead trees are still standing still, I live life, why not stand it?Whenever I was in the days of wind and rain, I have always thought of dead trees, do not give up standing posture.    Many years later, the dead trees also long gone, but my heart dead tree, still did not fall, which in the past stood in my heart, my mind is now also standing, and the future will always be in my heart station with, it is the pillar of my life, my heart tumbler.    Suffering, temper, will make people stronger, just like home, like dead trees, honed strong life in the rain, even if there is no breathing, it will not easily fall in the rain.Tonight hometown of dead trees, inspired me deeper, the rise of independent life, not only is life, standing dead still life, bone is hard Roots.

Gratitude sparrow

Morning, walking on the sidewalk, in front of full heard the sound of wings flap.In the absence of pedestrians, sparrows on freedom on the sidewalk or jumping, or chase, or catch the worm in the grass, hear the footsteps of people near, then the call is heard, wings left the place.This is the best hedge sparrow method, even if it is with you in a friendly, it will not hesitate to stay.Just when the sparrow a suddenly fly, there on the sidewalk clean tile leave the place a sparrow on the ground flap edge is injured, sparrow see me near it, his eyes showing panic look, flap a few on the ground, too even move a step away, my hand holding it, it is struggling Jiaoji Sheng, as if begging for me, it put his head twisted to the inside of the fence Kuan wide vegetable fields, which disappointed craned his neck, fear is this life can not get it there.Sparrow when the hands grip the hair slippery, warm.As a result, I thought of something interesting countryside hour.    Hours, next to my family big house has a small thatched house in full bloom tool.There is a chink in the wall where a sparrow nest, one day, a little hair has not grown sparrow fall to the ground, I looked forward, sparrow whole body is reddish, he tossed and turned in to the ground, chirp cried, it was little sparrows out of the nest, no wings how to return to their homes yet, when I want to grab his hand when a father stopped me and said: sparrow can not go hand caught, you grab his hand, and a large sparrow smell of human sweat, it does not recognize the child.Went on to say: we go away, is there a way of sparrows.I worry a long time, there will be little mouse to young sparrow to eat.At the moment we left, looking back, I saw, a large sparrow pose a walk around, to the ground, look at the little sparrow Diao back.Thanks to no hand to touch it, whether it is actually Sparrow took the staff, do not, have not been verified, but, once we hand touch it, a bit of a heavy hand, hurt her, it touches on the truth.    Originally matter how many days have passed, and I have gradually faded away.After a season when I was carrying a bag of fertilizer to fertilize the corn, the edge of a large tree was gone, my family’s land on the inside, away from the road where there are a hundred meters, buried edge of the block boundary marker but the field is the same bar, where to find the boundary marker, just as I do nothing, I am facing the front of a sparrow, chirp cried, and then jump in front of me, is it for me to lead the way?    I was hesitant, the little sparrow has not left in front of me, there is no better way compared to several kilograms of urea bag on his shoulder, blame the heavy, I rubbed his forehead with sweat, followed by a small sparrow go , sparrow led the way, from time to time to look back, I’m behind, walked, really went to my next piece of the familiar boundary marker, sparrow than twenty meters from me, the way I see the fertilizer the bag on the ground and seemed to put a heart, I want to chase forward, stroked its head to express gratitude, the little sparrow without looking, fly away.I felt strange, is not I pity the spring of that one, I love it, it comes back to repay it.It must have, in previous years, also this is the case, how there is no such thing?He has in the past several decades, but the sparrow lead the way things are still fresh in our memory, the same as happened yesterday.    Time flies, I’m certainly not in the hands of a few decades ago sparrow sparrow, but perhaps it is the sons of sparrows is life is in danger, help the people most in need of sympathy and affection.Looked at the hands of a small sparrow, I gradually let go, sparrow break out of my hand, happy to jump past the iron fence along the gap, into the grass, I believe that it companions heard its voice, We will try to rescue it.It is also in return, free after promising to hear the sparrows hopping figure, enough.

Eel pain

REVIEW mother gave birth to me when she could see the face of her children, she was arrested significantly less brutally taken away, without the mother’s care, many brothers and sisters to leave prematurely, with a natural gift the sun, I was able to rebirth.    Tonight, no rain, moonlight like quicksilver poured on the field.Faint moonlight, I could hear the distant hustle and bustle of the village, in front of me, a piece of green rice fields, glistening dew hanging on the tip of the green seedlings, sleepless worms, happily playing among the Miao, a single teardrop, splashes slight wave, what a wonderful night!But my heart was shrouded in lingering sadness, perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow, my life is doomed missed a night like this.    Last night, hunger and loneliness drove me out of the dark, dank home for the first time this year, the hole hidden in the narrow crevice in my heart many times but disgust deeply attached home.I gently wandering in the water, and constantly remind ourselves, can not go too far.Migration of insects, loach, all my taste, very strange, I only tasted the taste of a few bugs, and how can it fill his belly which?I was wondering, suddenly, I saw the belly of a drum Loach floating on the water, a surge of hungry stench and to.It was dead, evidently for several days, since the expression of pain, I know, it could be in the drug.This season, it is the farmers’ fertilizer spraying time.I continue to swim forward, a sight that shocked me, one, two, three, a large, moonlight turned up on their belly, white, dismal, there would only bullfrog legs in the air before his death, however painful it!    I think I have no longer able to bear the weight of the mood, then slowly return home.I did not encounter brothers and sisters, whether they are also getting?  I sat quietly in the door, gently flowing water evoke memories, memories like a little wave, a circle as they watch, farther and farther, gradually disappeared ,,,,,, mother gave birth to me, not in her when enough time to see the face of her children, was arrested significantly less brutally taken away, without the mother’s care, many prematurely departed brothers and sisters, with the natural gift of the sun, I was able to rebirth.Lonely life, gave me a strong will, from an inch to a foot long, day after day, year after year, ups and downs, I live to this day.How many times, I pass the poison, how many times, fishermen current will stun me, from a paddy field to another piece of paddy fields, many times I lived in the home.Body large and small scars, witnessed my growth, that I will never forget the pain.    Yes, I grew up, wounds more, but also conceal my beautiful body, yellowish skin, strong muscles, more important is the wise mind.I always believe that with wisdom, I can beat all those caught are significantly less.This is true, my home most hidden, and I built a number of channels, even if the temptation is filled with information of the opposite sex irresistible in the air, I can Zuohuaibuluan, I believe I’m cool, low-key lifestyle, in this dangerous environment, is to overcome all difficulties opponents.    Last year, I was arrested hook eel’s hooked on its own strength and wisdom, I am struggling, finally, my mouth in a contest of strength, the torn a long hole stained with blood of the house, who had to catch eel dejected, empty-handed.I also tortured pain and hunger, and for a long time did not dare to touch the mouth of the food.    One year later, I have the wounds to heal.I can live free, I am still cautious, low-key, when the impulse, mouth scars remind me: Be careful.Nocturnal life, even in this food is abundant summer, I often located under the poverty line, I’m hungry, hungry like a demon, drove me to take risks, drove me irrational, sometimes I can not control can not help myself, slipped out during the day will go to eat.    I often think: If no hooks, no seductive earthworms wriggling on the hook, no poison, no fishing, and no current terrible, my life would be like what?How many times I woke up the dream of the bloody scene will continue to do?    My pain, who can understand?My pain, who will comfort?My pain will ever do?

Dew glistening children

[Editor’s note] seedlings strong rain moisture, dew covered grass, swaying contentment, collections of dew shining on glittering grass, grass when swung slightly, wherein a dew inclined stand firm, homeopathic embrace the other one, slide down along Caojian.This observation carefully, describing vividly.[Edit] Butterflies recommended reading even the height of summer, early morning is cool.    Nestled earth moon night, the day accumulated transpiration, turned into a depressed moisture, enjoy the noise outside the vent, filled with.So, between heaven and earth dim gradually, the moonlight suddenly shy now suddenly hidden among dense fog, moonlight mountains and the earth was intermittent scan, houses are becoming increasingly blurred shadows.Only earth doing deep breathing, soulful essence bathed in moonlight, the quiet things in heaven and earth to absorb the aura.After enjoying the warm moonlight night, when the morning twilight to cool a little hit, will come to an end.When Venus told things in the world, the sun is about to rise up, then mist hurry avoid the dilution of their own, scattered fade.    Eastern gray dawn slowly emerged, nostalgia complained that the moon faded stature, put bright daylight, driving mist, cozy warmth began doing my.Whenever mist kissed the place, leaving little trace of it, moist forests, flowers and stained clothing, damp earth, prostrate on the ground the bottom of the grass, small stature, the most feared baked in the sun, cool leafless Chezhu the fog would not let go.Grass and fog in his skin, so, cold heat alternating feedback occurs, the drops of dew on the grass hanging body, glistening dew appeared.    ”Dew thick, red sun”, which is summed up Nongyan people, is scheduled morning glow of splendor, it is assured a sunny day.Taking advantage of the sun has not angry, all starting at the hot flashes.Dew covered grass, swaying with contentment, says the seedlings strong rain moisture, the grass is not the case it ever?The ‘rain’ for the time being put aside, there are ‘exposed’ is enough of.Brilliant dew on the grass shining crystal, a close look, dew big and small distribution, no one who squeeze.When the grass slightly swung, wherein a dew inclined stand firm, homeopathic embraced one another, swells the dew Zheke.With inertia, collision between the dew, the volume swell increasingly, slide down to the ground along Caojian.Asylum others can not bear to leave the grass, quietly fall dead on the grass smb.This is good luck natural crystal, which is evaporated to leave bear dropwise Qinglei.    Diligent farmers began the day sunrise, sucking fresh morning, looking at the bright rays, holding the beloved cattle, walking in possession of a small road in the grass.Servitude cattle farm people know, even today, the water network shoals machinery all over the role of terraced fields, deep in the mountains, the cattle are not be replaced.Experienced farmers all know, the dewy grass, cattle is the most favorite, heat relieve inflammation can play a role in increasing fat flesh.The same is the livestock of sheep, grass with dew, is absolutely not to eat, otherwise it will have the opposite effect, not impatient, cute sheep, can only wait until the sun rises the dew volatile dining.    Grass brushed against the rancher’s trousers, even for a moment it was hit dew wet.Four cow leg hair stick tight, dark color, it can regardless, greedy roll down the food covered with dew in the grass, chewing vigorously, some Grasshoppers cheerful out of the bushes, stunned cow blink a blink of an eye, and then restore calm.The sun rose higher and higher, the dew was quickly transpiration, facing the sun looked, some see through, and some misty vast white skyrocket, which is the dew of the soul fly to heaven.Rise overlooking the horizon there is a cloud, ray of vast white cloud flew straight toward.Tomorrow may rain in years, maybe there is dew soul in it, yes, there must be.It drops down dew, is not it crystal dew?Awareness of heaven to get it, accept the curse is back, back.[Editor: Butterflies]


REVIEW: each member, before death are almost the same, first frail to keep up with population then was outnumbered, and then is death, which is the final destination of life, but remember it is emotional animals, who then , all kinds of spectacular scenes, without leaving a shadow in the sky. Dawn color of the sky, was beginning to fade, nocturnal animals have been normalized slot.It also has been tired rhino.Lion, also woke up from a dream, he did not know to what happened in the end, in this turbulent prairie, fighting, killings, looting, everything can happen at any time, for several days, did not eat anything, and hunger He began to threaten the lives of a.Lion, think of it, before going to sleep he struggled to chase, had a bison.And failed, tried to Lion moved his body, he found, had stand up, his deep knowledge that has been close to death, everything can happen at any time, slowly, into a deep Lion memories, stories, of course, can only start with lions.Lion remembered, twenty years ago, lions siege scenes of bison, so that his most memorable. Bison that look before his death, to know that this herd, but the devil, he is so arrogant, he was under siege lions, gradually lost the ability to resist, when cattle king fell, unable to move, he lost the ability to resist, he could only with your eyes keeping a close eye, one by one, to his life lion in his eyes, contains, resentment, memories, sadness, relief, in his view, perhaps this is nature’s primitive, lives must die, people have hunted when, inevitably someone else kill you, it can not be changed, there is no eternal life, there is no eternal winner, is born short, death is eternal, Lion is now considered to understand the prevailing mood cattle king, to understand the complex expression of his eyes, and now to their own, and each member, before death are almost the same, first frail to keep up with population, then that is outnumbered, and then is death, which is the final destination of life, but remember it is an animal emotions, those at the time, all kinds of spectacle, without leaving a shadow in the sky Wang, thought of this, the heart, often even easy to calm, the flesh may be destroyed, or encroach spirit is forever.I believe that solitary lion, Xue Xiaochun, the next life, or so, earth-shattering, mighty to death hundreds, love lions, rebuilding Lion Spirit.[Editor: Tianshao Yu]