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May 1, 2019

Sparrow perception

The frost.    A gust of wind blowing, the tree leaves flapping in the wind off the floor, the grass under the trees reluctantly supports the weight of the original high above the foliage, leaves increasing in number increasing in thick, gradually Earthly shocked eight of the grass Alice Cover up.The temperature difference between day and night, beyond the Great Wall is so large, only one night effort to put the remaining leaves quite cold, although the leaves still green, but the tree has the dubious.Another burst of wind hit Joseph, suddenly the leaves fall off sharply, with increasing intensity trunk of a clear outline of bare branches.    More desolate countryside.View of the way to see a sudden, without overlooking the masking extends to the peaks of the mountains alopecia areata.Full of red and yellow color.Land bare yellow, brown the bottom of the trash, farm uncut dry straw yellow, black and gray with touches thorns and branches of trees contrast with the sparse field of the same color, lightly rustic tranquility of the earth return.    A north-south ridge hundred meters long and two meters tall, stacked on top of the gravel Jitu date Gezhen covered with dense, a little dry yellow leaves of date, there are many dry red jujube hanging from a tree.You can see these varieties of jujube trees between child growing healthy and strong, is grafted off between home dates jujube.This soil ridge sunrise leeward, even in deep winter snow and very few remnants, each time through it, very far apart will hear the twitter of sound, a closer Xiqiao, jujube trees fell on top of the sub sparrow thousands.Slightly disturbed, dense mass of dancing, the sound of crashing off that sound really is a different kind of wilderness audiovisual.    Accustomed to seeing strange watching, do not know these sparrows come from, why the focus here, where they are feeding, nest at night to places where, for me, like the Four Seasons in country Liu Waner people who see every day there is a trace of a curious group of sparrows to explore this frolic rather, a pleasure to meet.    Remember, the grass prosperous, they saw flocks of sparrows nest in the grass naughty, wave off wave of land, each circulating alarmed countenance grass insect jump, you tend to catch my mutual benefit, small stuffed beak children full grasshopper Insects, of course, that’s sparrow breeding season.To the millet mature, farmers will plug a lot of dummies in the ground, colorful, it is to get something for nothing these scare sparrows.But Sparrow is not going to care about these bluff, then, to see some impatient drive farmers off firecrackers in the valley where the bird, but with little success.As the saying ‘good year birds are not afraid of bombs’ rhetoric, but also greedy mouth child Jiabu Zhu bird populations.As for the fall, the earth spilled food particles and seeds is enough to make them a living, the most difficult is when the winter snows, have seen flocks of sparrows away with the snow, struggling to fill its belly pecking roots.Snow white sprinkled with black dirt away with, and tender roots exposed, winged sparrow joy, this is no way to approach it is they depend for survival secrets.As their nest need not worry, the wild wells room, not far from the old building of farm stalls, all of them settle down the.    I could not help but think of the sparrows in the city.The neighborhood where there are a lot of sparrows, deliberately observed, most of these sparrows have got into the building reserved for people in air-conditioned Yaner.Practice makes perfect really, flew backwards body got into the hole, a gray head soil brain only get almost wiped out its own identity sparrow.Finch to breeding time is abnormal hard, only upright drill into, out of the back.Morning, early will be across the window glass twitter households, the nearest convenient stained black and white bird droppings left the household air conditioning dyed find any day.Say eating that nourish more than a wild sparrow.Street stalls early edge when the avenue is limited, sometimes beer stalls orders, the hotel side of the road iron sewer grate on the wide square mouth, flocks of sparrows flying to bouncing between them.Have personally appear, the avenue of trees down with sparrows, tree arrayed breakfast spread, saw a sparrow fall to the ground residue leftovers immediately flew down, people are not afraid to throw off the crop with fierce pecking, more daring who bounced dishwashing the water bucket edge, stall bombers, was bitterly of little interest to fly to a tree, a scene that ends harmony.    It seems that the little sparrow highly adaptive, no matter what the conditions are exploring their own survival Road.They may be pressing natural way to survive, you can also explore new living environment, natural selection, tolerance is a virtue, and perhaps realize what we can learn from the.