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May 2, 2019


In the northwest desert country, rapids, canyons, ravine, adult drought, the sun has scorched, raging winds of frost, but it can splendens lives in these formidable wild, barren place with lush grow in bunches, Li Ting clusters, branches Jian Ye soft, open a string of fine spikes of purple flowers seem beautiful and pure, like one neotenous children so adorable.It simply does not care about the growth in harsh environments, posture-soft swaying in the wind, I really like trained dancers, regardless of the length of their own lives, the bright green foliage dotted with secluded mountain wasteland, for food grass animal sacrifice a rich food.    In the ancient Gobi desert south of Xinjiang, in the north, a heart splendens, arm in arm, hand in hand, to grow luxuriantly, presented to the green wilderness, making it a piece of vitality oasis, which is natural pasture, pastoralists raise livestock and wild animals living in the park, however, the first human in our beautiful oasis, but was greedy people blindly reclamation into farmland, poor splendens is dig out the roots, it was on fire, was Tanabe pushed to the edge of a farm, the body buried deep in the earth, can not see the light of day.But the fearless splendens, before long, they must firmly grasp the root of the soil and sprout new seedlings sprout, then grow into Zhu Zhu, bunches lonely figure, still live so proudly, beautiful.It slender body anemia, although the loss of the same kind of pull guard, shivering in the gusts, but quietly endured the wilderness of purgatory.    It stared resolutely want to live a poor attitude about it and lovely style, so I think the desire of all creatures to survive, it is hard to come by in this life.Only experienced wind snow and rain, day and night of Uplifting, will have a calm, brilliant, it is no longer the desolate wilderness, silence.    Splendens being abandoned to the bad situation in which relentlessly tenacious struggle, which allow themselves to be a strong ideal suitor, let yourself become a wonderful and rare herbs in a dream, Razor be honored to dedicate a nature unique charm of romantic poetry.In the dream it when pondering the family together thriving, bustling, how it wants to be able to restore the original scene, do not abide by the old belief.    Life Cantabile.In that particular era ridiculous, I was forced to the border, and finally settled in an oasis south of the Tianshan Mountains, this oasis is almost entirely made up splendens, lush splendens that covers hundreds of square kilometers of natural pasture, into millions of cattle and sheep on the group to splendens staple food, but Biaofeitizhuang each of the animals, and I Mongolian friend riding a tall horse, come and go every day in the vast grazing splendens, I fell in love with that magnificent scenery.But now no longer see splendens not see into the film, only to see a bunch of East and West a slender splendens, I think it had a huge family here dominate, pondering its life experience, feel feel sorrowful , and felt infinite mystery.Splendens independent vast, windy lonely, lonely, has a profound meaning, and it put his precious truth of thick friendship dedicated to the world, it is noble to the United States, it is a hot spot for nostalgia’s paean to life.    In numerous, messy world of mortals, people why not a little less selfishness, greed, from a broader perspective to look at life?People should be as selfless as splendens themselves masters of their own destiny, to integrate themselves into nature, love ordinary life, cherish precious lives, ignite the passion of life, the release of their maximum energy, to create their own brilliant life!