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May 3, 2019


Stone of the Chinese nation, originated in the loess, developed in the land.Therefore, the agricultural economy in the history of Chinese civilization occupies an important position.Thereby forming a land plot of the land and the peasants are inseparable.Especially after experiencing numerous times in the history of famine and war, famine and the worst is displaced, so that farmers for land has almost worshiped like a pious.    So, around the land of farming, farmers often inexhaustible energy left to build ancillary facilities, is one stone.Its role, I thought nothing more than just a few: Sheng manure, care, and even live.Nongyan that flower crops, thanks to fecal headed.People can not do without food, it is inseparable from manure crops.Some might say, without manure, fertilizer use.I said, but a manure fertilizer, and is not a.Farmers plow spring, the manure is dry dressing.This is also the base fertilizer.Spring plow land, mostly barren.From after New Year began, the farmers began to dig, Yi Tangtang planing, the hard-working farmers farming season is not wasted, every mountain, incidentally always pick manure.Manure can not get wet, and laid stone house storage.This is perhaps the first stone of a role.Spring planting harvest mature crops, and precious treasure, it is necessary to protect from theft, but also guard against the beast ruined.Green Mountain in the past often bite and badger, eating special spring stick, the night someone must care.Perhaps this is the second use of stone.In ancient times, the poor people, many can not afford to cover the house, next to a mountain home, a cabin with a stone base, shelter for the time being, can be considered home.This is not another useless stone, I can not say, can only guess.    I see the mountains Huijia.Early autumn, slowly approached the stone eighteen cliff top and nervous.I harbored feelings of pilgrimage, closer observation.Next, millet is not yet mature, green valley leaves such as slender fingers, is offering a gold rich ears of corn, is bowed toward the stone.Standing in front of the old stone house, the corn can only be regarded junior.Pepper has been picked, only small pepper leaf, exudes fragrance, needle guard, accompanied by the owner of the tree.Hawthorn, it had grown magnitude of the result, but the color has not changed, mostly green.Only a few naughty restless mountain fruit, toward the sun has begun to beg for a little rouge, cast his cheek.    Vegetation shade of stone, quietly sitting in the weir wall to.Stone structure, all caused by stones pure, with no soil and an adhesive applicator.Circle on the lower stone, in particular a roof, a laminated sheet made from thin slabs, this cone structure, appears to be simple, compact but in reality, efforts to embody the ancient wisdom.From afar, the whole stone such as mushroom-shaped stand, solemn without fail show, simple and contains generous.    On the walls, opened the door.For convenience, usually on one side facing the door open land.Down into the house, they found the house structure, simple and plain.Although low, but reasonable design, layout fine.A square stone house majority, Jie three walls and some windows, and some only one side.Against the wall, they tend to have smooth stone, looking like a stone kang.I guess to look after the crops of farmers, live in temporary.In the end is not to look after the crops, or have other kinds of uses, I guess.    Looked up at the roof, stone layers of departments and regions, tilt and spin, a quantum leap in the room space, for some reason does not feel cramped room.But mottled stone, but Zhao revealed traces of the years.Stone face, I do not know how much it has gone through ups and downs, I do not know how witnessed the vicissitudes of change?Its age, a century or millennium?Who can name it.In front of it, but people seem insignificant.    I’ve heard stories about the stone, but also joy and sorrow intermingled.Farmers uphill work, often encountered wind and rain, the mountain of stone, often used as a shelter from the rain, and sometimes unfortunately will follow.One summer, thunder and lightning, the village sheep for the production team of people, in the stone rain, killed by lightning.Heard about, the whole village all grief-stricken.There once, my mother said that my father had to rest in the stone house quail Liu, and again the next day when the stone has collapsed.God bless the mother said, and quickly burned incense and bowed to show their gratitude.    Once the stone house, begin with practical, along with the terraced fields and weir, carrying negative vicissitudes of history, desultory, moss covered, to show the people back a long past.Now the stone has become a landscape.Waterfalls in Mindanao village tourist area, I just saw the newly built stone house.From a distance, look like stone but a closer look is new, the base plate was really neat being, but there is no sense of the vicissitudes of history.    It seems, time is the real master.