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May 5, 2019

Wall highway

It is a belt of mountains, those intermittent holes or whether the window is on the belt of a flower corsage.    This is my hello ladder to board the visual impression it stood on the mountain opposite generated, hanging in the mountainside transparent window that allows you to breed a wide variety of imagination, you can think of it as an inter-mountain Meidai a mole, or think of it as unfathomable cave, but if you do not know in advance, either you how fanciful reverie, are not linked to the highway, but the miracle often overturned the people’s subjective, as it hung road on the cliffs.    Its appearance is a miracle!Those who have never been out of the mountains Pushan Min-sun of wisdom and perseverance of crystallization, it is the witness of mankind over nature, it is the most vivid interpretation of the spirit of the Foolish Old Man.    Nature with its ghost ax Shen Dao colorful carved to the earth, such as flat Sichuan, convex mound, strange stone forest, meandering circling mountains, towering cliffs more.    Nature is great!It is greater than the natural person!    This Pingshun Jing by the end of the village in Shanxi Pingshun hanging wall of the road leading to it in the end how long, I do not know; it is standing on top of the hill opposite, my eyes can not measure the length of it.I know its width, it is able to pass two cars in the distance.Repair it for fifteen years, I know.As for how much cost, how much the crowd how much sweat, I figured that in mind, it is impossible to calculate the weight.Mountain people are looking forward position, eager eyes are burning parked over in my mind.The bustling abandoned lonely, lonely intercepted by civilization, as well as frogs yearning for the vast sky, I know.These are spawned it appears, from this point of view, it appears inevitable.Foolish Old Man relies on help boast E’s two God could remove the “literal-minded and out of the” red tape, and cloud volley fly drive this road did not depend on God cents every now and then just in the clouds, say that it is a miracle.    Wall highway has given me many firsts: the first Qinling its Fang-ming, the first witness its presence, first pro road riding it for the first time to breed a different kind of feeling to walk.    ”Wall Road” is just the name itself you can make it dangerous to touch, it is natural to put it with the “Tin Road”, “Ladder” These words are tied to a far from Earth, in the air would imagine would walk What a feeling, that one can not help but think of cars were wrapped in mountain shuttle which inevitably less but the wind and rain, the mountain is bound to taste infected, or it itself is a picturesque scene, flow the United States is now hidden when those through the window, causing hazy beauty visual.    It is not smooth and symmetrical tunnels, although there are similarities in form, such as dome-shaped or cave-like.Tunnel regardless of the length or width, all symmetrical quite satisfactory, but it adherent and hanging, the mountain side, cutting large and small side windows in the layer of transparent space more aesthetic, but also obviates the many lights.Speaking of dome-shaped wall, potholes, the ups and downs of the skin of the mountain, the mountain makes it easier to think of their power and heavy mountain.Hand to touch, not smooth to the touch, rough, or even put your slender fingers tenderness, but not modified has always been the character of the mountains, unspoiled mountain bare what makes you feel the nature up close, the body in which he is compatible with the mountain, the mountain became part of.Head out the window, looking upward: blue sky surprisingly, it is not part of the color of downtown, close to the cloud on your head a flower wandering the earth, even as the eye can distinguish the texture of its petals.No name group of a group of birds flying over your eyes, the string of a string of crisp sent to your ears.Man is on the nose breath of mountain wave upon wave of taste trees, fragrant flowers, grass astringent, sense of smell can not tell, but know their common name fresh.Distance: Hill Hill, the wall against the wall, winding stretches, the level of scattered vegetation, sometimes lush, sometimes Xixishushu, time is now hidden in the mist shrouded body down the mountain, this time to become a shy girl, deeply moved since your unlimited imagination.Bow: bottomless, curved ditch with the mountain, the mountain ridge with the extension, he wanted those covered with a piece of green ditch the vegetable garden or a farm crops, farmhouse just can not see, can not see hoe the line silhouette, more invisible flocks of sheep.The tunnel through a mountain and over with its hanging wall was built, the decision on the length of the gap between them.Inspired by the long road, wrong wrong yo hand on the mountain in foggy channeling shuttle, this feeling, I am afraid only the gods will have, now let me genuineness experience a return, that would be nice from the eyes to the heart.Along with the long winding mountain road hanging wall walk, stop, look, do not worry about time, regardless of miscellaneous things, then walk, walk, really want to time it so slow down.    It is no asphalt road flat, smooth, but less than the broad highway.Without them it’s fun, even lonely, lonely existence but really this was sketched became quiet.Its unique structure, it’s a different kind of fall back on that shuttle in the clouds, winds in the mountainside,.In this sense, it appears not only in the form of road.What also seems to be a little, as to what those who hope in their eyes the mountains to understand, understand the meaning of its name people understand, it stepped on the road of people understand, seen as a barrier to those who understand the cliffs.    I think now I understand.    Mr. Lu said: no way in this world, people walk more, they will become a road.But I think: There is some road Or appear not need to stop and then walk so simple, in the eyes of ordinary people is ridiculous, but everything can not ultimately as possible forms, say that this is a miracle, and to create this miracle are those honest not much ink mountain.At this point, I really understand, “Nothing is impossible, only the unexpected” meaning.    Leave it at that moment, I look back at it again, I seem to see Yingying sweat shining light of wisdom.