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May 8, 2019

Winds sing the song of life

Life breeze singing songs Wang Shangtong the middle of winter, cold.Snow filled the air like a butterfly-like dance.Suddenly, the northwest wind just blew the Assembly in general, to roll like an avalanche, between heaven and earth Shashi snowing and fog, a great “launched into Yulong three million, Zhou Tian Han Toru upsets” of the situation.Xieguo cold wind blowing snow patches of thorn forest, snow tired and fell on thorns thorn trees, piece by piece, gradually turned into a flower, blossoming snow, like white flowers, decorated full of thorns, comfortably located branches and never looked as partners with the wind, feel the suffering of the displaced, while the wind was brave enough to cross the thorns, listen sharp whistle sounded triumphant roaring, flaunt life Smart and vitality.Life wind, life Cantabile.This is an ancient metaphor.Look at the cold wind blowing, easy come, easy go, Not a trace.Only clear to wind, regardless of the body with a tear fractured bone pain, desperate through barbed thorns Lin.Remember Dickinson to portray life inside and outside the fence, we have layer after layer climb.In fact, this fence encrusted layers of thorns, when we pass, often black and blue, both physically and mentally destroyed.At this point, you see, I am one thousand Ying pleated in the wall, gamely roaring past, the air condenses at the spectacular traces.The face of fierce winds blowing more, understanding the true meaning of life like the wind.Thoreau said: “Here you can hear the noise of the sound of the river.Those who have lost the ancient name of the wind, blowing our whispering woods.”Do not ask immemorial down to find a life wind answers yet?Su saw the wind.The once-great writer because Huangzhou poem begins abjection, living on the Quartet and, after no security.Chibi moonlight, he saw “the breeze on the river, mountains of the moon”, such as the cold wind blowing in the face of frustration, hear the wind whistling in the mountains, circled through the thorn forest pleasure.Suddenly, pent-up despair anguish wind and scattered.Frustration, pain, only to forget.Life on the run in the journey of life, hesitant in the rough, where Nirvana in frustration, sadness strapped to the body, a pain to float in the air.The face of the storm, in the face Feishazoudan, although the body scars, still as cold as, rushed through the patches of thorny jungle.Our time, the emergence of many heroes, with their lives, write a one after another like wind Cantabile gorgeous music.The most beautiful mother Wu Juping, face falls girl, bravely stretched out his arms to save young lives; driver Wu Bin hero at the last moment of life, for the life of a car, the bus safely parked in the street; aviation serve the country the model worker Luo Yang, to achieve a clank oath “born fighter, died as a fighter,” and the life forever left on his favorite carrier-based aircraft, scientists Huang Danian, the father of “eye in the sky” south of benevolence East, these heroes with their lives and blood interpretation of the life of the wind, the true meaning of life Cantabile.Listen to the wind passing clumps of thorn forest silence, watching curled up in snow on branches.That was blocked thorns wind roar emitted angry.Break through resistance, courage forward, despite all its branches cut swagger body.We sincerely praise: for the Warriors cold, snow is a coward.Boundless, mortal beings, to learn from heroes.Like the wind as life and enjoy singing, encourages life with the wind whistling.Contempt for all frustration, make the pain disappear, so happy life journey speckled!