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May 10, 2019

(Essay), “China’s dynastic history card: ancient coins” (a)

Because like the collection, occasionally dabbled in ancient coins, are gorgeous and profound Chinese Ancient Coins of heavy, fascinated, to extricate themselves. Ancient coins, bearing the heavy story of thousands of years of Chinese history and situation of the United States movement, remember the history, culture, character evolution and history of calligraphy of the Chinese nation, the Chinese dynastic history card. The history of China’s currency, up to four or five thousand years.In ancient times, our ancestors ignorant, vaguely exploring the dawn of civilization, in the way of barter exchange can not meet the needs of social life, began to use natural currency, commodity exchanges, such as Bei.Henan Yangshao shell ornaments unearthed, it is about this, about 7,000 years, since the loved baby, you’ve got the original meaning of money.With the frequent exchange of commodities, shells often in short supply, so have the different textures of stone shell, jade shell, bone, shell and other imitation shell money.Bronze shell money, it was the coin of development and representatives peak, opened the first of its kind of metal coins.Due to the size of the copper shell, quality, value more unified, and thus it has a natural Bei incomparable superiority, gradually recognized by society as a whole, traffic up.Later, the development trend of the evolution of currency, the evolution of the clutter shape to form a unified, unified by the Mint to the central place of disorder coins evolved from the era of the reign of the weight of the instrument, gold coins evolved from metal currency to paper money “to pay child “Evolution ‘pay money’ monetary, increasingly reveals the proper function, have completely matured. Chinese ancient regime, whether orthodox dynasty, or the mountains and the minority regime, whether separatist rebel warlord, was short-lived peasant rebel army, as a symbol of the founding, as a rule required, and thus demonstrate national prestige, imperial power and orthodoxy, both cast coins, almost without exception,.Chinese ancient coins varieties, vast, probably have several kinds of it, they are the original shell money, is the ancient Warring States Period cloth coins, knives coins, two semi-Qin Dynasty, Tang Dynasty and the Han Dynasty five baht of Kaiyuan, is complicated period of the Five Dynasties and ten Kingdoms frequent wars, rare yuan reign coins, there are precious relics Liao Jin Xixia coins minority regime. Ancient coins, because the amount of dynastic history of stable and survive in the world of time, and the dynasty was intentional and special circumstances, to survive in the world that is not the same.Yes, currently only found one, later also difficult for them to have, because at that time cast test samples; some may be more than ten million, because after several dynasties, casting long time.It contains a collection of coins, how much more in order to survive in the world of theory, this makes sense, the only significant precious little.However, the stock of the world’s precious ancient coins, after all, very few.These ancient coins, most people simply can not even see the need collections opportunity, even China Numismatic Museum Numismatic Museum and some specialized collections did not, in the auction market, the hundreds of millions, millions of dollars.They exist in the ancient Spring and Autumn Period, exists in the national Five Dynasties short, and short-lived dynasty Rare coins regime remains present in many minority rule, not even the history, not the record, not even unearthed Find.Many precious coins, since the national “occupies an especially important position in the history of the development of Chinese coins, particularly important value of ancient coins, Coin and banknote version of” relics grading standards for national-level cultural relics. Ancient coins, the solidification history, condensed dynastic history, the culture of an era microfilm, showing the ultimate Chinese calligraphy of a period when the idea of carrying historical figures.A small coin, in our eyes, is in our hands.We hand history, even with our history and historical figures, as the direct dialogue, appreciate the vicissitudes of history, perceived moment of history, review of historical figures heartbeat, look at the history of God with the king as the quality and. Money instrument body coin Chinese dynasties, we can say that the history of the evolution of Chinese characters and a Chinese calligraphy history.Quaint characters and the art of calligraphy on coins, and the latest incarnation is a direct evolution of the carrier at the time of the development of Chinese characters.Ancient coins calligraphy, distinct characteristics.Mint Western Han Wang Mang Qian, the use of “hanging needle seal,” Two Birds “goods cloth” coins, fonts narrow, neat strokes slender, needle hanging Zhuangruo, party-run quaint and strange .Northern and Southern Dynasties, Zhou generic “cloth spring”, “five large cloth” and “Wing nations’ coins, the” King of tendons Seal, “especially thick Ya Zhuopu, strokes deep and powerful, Wan round and smooth, ages recognized said France must work to seal.There Huizong of Song Yu Shu coins, sonorous skinny body strong, memorable people, Jin pregnant British Taihe party coin Seal of heavy and elegant, is the pinnacle of Chinese seal character of ancient coins, no one beyond backwards.Research, learning words, the art of calligraphy on ancient coins, for us to develop the art of calligraphy, has important reference.Mr. calligraphy everyone Shandong Jiangwei Song, is a leader in calligraphy inscriptions.We can intuitively feel the inscriptions on the cloth knife coins and currency, and that is our ancestors written in beautiful Seal, vigorous and effective, dash.You can also try to figure out two semi-Qin and Han five baht fine Xiaozhuan, that art really charming, it is the ultimate architecture and lines.There are official script atmosphere and Zhuopu, the book really dignified and rigorous, regular script delicate and specifications.Chinese characters, has been immersed in our blood, Chinese characters, is our thought, Chinese characters, is our own. That old coins cloth three holes, cast in disorder, late Warring States period melee endlessly around the 3rd century BC, special shapes, very dilute stock, specific shape, its two feet each have a header and a circular perforation obtained by mysterious name.That era, human evolutionary development or peak era of world thought, civilization highlighted, even insurmountable.Has a profound impact on our human thought, behavior of giant thought, such as the Lao Tzu, Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, there are many important thinkers in the history of the world, are living in a period that.The three-hole cloth, is the pre-Qin currencies legendary coin, oddly shaped, mysterious style.Has been found in three holes cloth, in addition to “Mou” word in about 10 money, the rest were less than 10, many of them only see the solitary value of its collection, will, over time, become more value-added.2010 Jia Dechun beat, a “Wu-Yang” back “two” three holes cloth, the price of 352.80,000 yuan; first half of 2013, net Chinese ancient spring, also auctioned a three-hole layout, but also solitary, the price is around 2.6 million.China Numismatic Society researcher Huang Xi whole, is an expert in terms of money cloth three holes, three-hole layout for more than a unique study.Solitary, is the only world. Precious knife coins, also on behalf of Chinese ancient coins.Qi knife, casting Qi Shandong native country, mainly in circulation today in Shandong Peninsula.Qilu, is now said on behalf of Shandong.Knife coins, Qi, Yan and Zhao Spring and Autumn Period, multi-casting, money thick body, beautiful, large and small, the basic shape is the first tip, the back arc, the end of a concave blade, knife ring there, face back with the text or Microhyla.Now been discovered and cataloging of Qi knife, the “amalgamation” and “Let the law” and “Anyang law” and “Toner Save the law” and “bamboo mat state law” and “Qijian Bang Chang-fa of “other.Qian “Toner Save”, “Anyang”, “Qi” and so are the names, “Toner” now the Shandong Jimo region, “Anyang” now the Shandong Cao County area, “Qi” refers to the capital Qi Linzi.Special needs is a law of the sixth Qijian Bang long knife coins, is China’s first commemorative coins, handed down very little, very precious, the price of one million.Qijian Bang Long method of coins, world coins originator, has allowed scholars to learn remembered World Coins.That era, many countries in the world, money is still in the Mongolian cultural shortage period, it is still barter trade, even writing had not been invented. Chinese cloth coins, thinking knife coins invention is evolved from the daily production tools and weapons of war made, a spade, a knife.Since that time, tool and cutter, is the fundamental guarantee of life, survival and triumph, the former circulation in the Spring and Autumn Period of Shanxi two weeks regions, the latter is Qi, Yan and Zhao territory.Many types, there are Qi knife, knife Jimo, Anyang knife, needle Knife, Sharp Knife, knife first round and clear cut, and many more have been cast more mature, thick strokes fat inscriptions.Spring and Autumn Period, because different production conditions in various regions of the natural environment, resulting in a different monetary system.Nations fragmented, self-contained economy, coins casting confusion, cloth coins, knives coins, money won and ant nose money in circulation each other, are not mutually exclusive.