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May 11, 2019

(Essay), “China’s dynastic history card: ancient coins” (under)

Qin, the Chinese nation is a relatively unified country first.After the First Emperor unified the implementation of the “book with the text” policy, coins text also “book with the text,” the range, the whole country Xiaozhuan common culture, shellfish, knife, cloth and other original currency shall be abolished.Qin Chaocheng phase, statesman, calligrapher Li Si, with a writing style slender body Xiaozhuan, Emotion powerful “two half” and “two steroids” Qian coins, creating a calligraphy writing Qian precedent, so we are now able to get a glimpse of two thousand years ago Reese calligraphy, it can be a valuable. Qin half two coins, a coin circular square hole, the performance of our simple ancestors of the universe, and that is the doctrine of the hemispherical dome.Two half money as a milestone in the history of coins, this coin marking the velvet glove, in the shape from fixed, and for the ancient lineage, until the Qing Dynasty.Thereafter, prosperity, money system commercial activities of the Han Dynasty has also been significant reforms.Emperoryuan hunting for five years, that is, 118 years BC, began casting five baht money, coins severity appropriate, its size, shape, has been used to Sui.Five baht money and coins of the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan reign of the invention is pioneering China, and the world monetary history of his country’s national time being, has not completely civilized, coins culture, yet perfect.Monetary system was abolished two baht, coins began Po Man era, is a concept of a leap, because of the emergence Po Man coin, is the prototype of the kind of credit currency.Jiaozi, is the originator of modern paper money, one that began in the Tang Dynasty of the flying money, the line in the first year of North Song day Saint (1023), as well as Wang Jin Hailing Wanyanliang Zhenyuan years (1154) notes a similar post. Coin Wang Mang period, is exquisite, full of imagination, the casting of one gold coin wrongly, the knife coins above plus a square hole circle of money, money on a round gold inlaid “sword” word, the blade cast of “level five thousand” in the name, for special shapes, like today we use the key, also known as wrongly Han dynasties love for people. Zhang Heng “Four worry Poetry,” said: “Beauty gives me the wrong knife, why the British newspaper Qiong Yao.”Well known, that at least is a beautiful love story, let us more than a daydream.Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, also has its praise “the wrong bag only Hope, silver Hujiu and easy credit,” the poem. Historically frequent wars, political turmoil of the period and dynasties, often born of some rare precious coins today, because the warlord, regime change frequently, such as fleeting dynasty, had eyes that is dead.For example, Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period, the size of the country, there are dozens of political power, there is some short-lived dynasty of only a few years, the line is often unsustainable cast coins, or even just try casting, has been devoid of dynasty.The famous Dayan reign, reign Qi big, big Shu Tong Bao Tong Bao coin and Qingtai, are diluted Jane coins, or even survive in the world only twelve, is the rare Chinese ancient coins products, precious anomaly. Song is a Chinese coin casting peak, a huge number, variety, sophisticated technology, magnificent calligraphy.Taizong Yushu money, and money reign of money to open the book and institutionalized, there are future achievements.China Taiping reign official script there is heavy coins Monetary History of the important Outline of coins, Schumann elegance and aestheticism amplifier architecture, the solitary and peaceful reign grade large treasure of ancient coins Seal, there Dunhua ingot, numerous Shido gold coins gorgeous trisomy , colorful.There Ren-day trip towards San ingot casting, Ming ingot, ingot and Edwin Wong Song reign, are true, Seal of money, harmony and symmetry, so far addictive.Grand Huizong reign of Yu Shu, iron picture hooks of silver, handsome Plaza show, erythema unique patina, a unique feast for the eyes, sing the perfect unity of Chinese calligraphy art and coins, it is the peak of the art world party empty coin. Yuanyou reign Ancestor Yuanyou Between casting line is also beautiful Yiping, especially coins money instruments law, for the culmination.It is involved in the famous cultural, literary giants in Chinese history are inseparable, and this complement each other, each other against the background glow.It was some of the history of China’s famous politician, writer and calligrapher, are we still familiar, durable memorable people, such as light and Sima Sushi masterpiece.I have a collection of Yuanyou reign coins, paper money spin to read, but money instrument body, even “Yuanyou” running script, “Bao” is the Seal!A coin two books body, unheard Zhennai!”Yuanyou” word, as Su Shi body of the book, cloud water line, or flutter Zongyue, vigorous and diverse; and “reign” is the word Seal, who do not know the book, but soothing and elegant, beautiful soft.Sima Guang and calligraphy, the atmosphere is so thick, density decent, full of a sense of Enron, there are rock solid momentum.Sima Guang, but a peak Chinese culture and history, he presided over the compilation of China’s first chronological history “Mirror”, who do not know, who does not read.As well as its personality, the charm of humanity, has brilliant flashes, Wenliang Qian Gong, upright, called a model under Confucianism in traditional Chinese culture.There are chic, bold Sushi, knowledgeable, extremely talented, poetry and painting are fine, famous wit scholar on Chinese history.Its culture, sea of unrestrained, and Ouyang Xiu saying O’Sullivan, as “one of the Tang and Song”; his poems, fresh-ho, make good use of rhetoric, Su Huang and Huang Ting saying; its words, Pentium uninhibited, have on future generations a huge impact, with Jinan and said Su Xin Xin; calligraphy, good line, Kai, create their own new, separate faction, and Huang Tingjian, Mi Fu, Cai Xiang, adding that four Song.The world is another who does not know the “three Su” mean?Three Cao and three Su, is no longer there exist ancient. Jin Dynasty coins, almost all fine, originated in the Central Plains, the implementation of the northern half of China, is dedicated to the wonderful world Jurchen ethnic culture of coins.That fine cast, that’s totally natural layout, Darby rhyme full text of the money, telling the harmony of culture and civilization.Tianjuan reign really the book money, Jinxi Zong Tianjuan years (1138 AD — 1141) casting line, casting its exquisite, handsome calligraphy, its regular flawless, second to none.Gold coins were all reign, it is also absolutely gorgeous show, Ming Chang gold coins regular script, regular script calligraphy Emotion, suspected Gold were pregnant or Party of the British book, calligraphy attainments, not lost in the history of the Chinese people in any one regular script.Seal ingot Ming Chang, who do not know the book, suspected pregnant British Party brush, Juan Yong Su, charming and elegant, delicate strokes, such as the subtle beauty like Kinds.There were heavy and elegant chapter Taihe coins, Seal Qian, a famous calligrapher Jin was pregnant with Britain Party of the book, there is a sense of Majestic, reveals a deep sense of old-fashioned, is still learning seal script calligraphy copy of this mold and post . Gold were Wan Yan Jing, pass the Han descent, grew up in the golden age of King Sejong the ruling “Dading Governance”, a child of military expertise grandfather slightly monasteries, combined with mastery of Confucian culture, Daxing County School, advocated Confucianism, Law book Huizong skinny body, almost like genuine, high attainments.During the reign of the Han further use of ceremonial dress, promote Jurchen and Han intermarriage, to promote the integration of the Chinese nation.Jin Dynasty coins Dading reign, Sejong imitation Zhao Ji is a skinny body of the book, concise style, elegant appearance, exquisite level comparable to Grand reign, unique style. There Liao coin unique style and unique character, with national grasslands rough, unrestrained and sloppy, with eight characters, pens unadorned, although a small number, but there are varieties of accommodating thousands of coins, it is China a bonanza of ancient coins, to be further explored. Nationalities in China since ancient times to live together in this vast land, flesh and blood, harmony.Mongolian, are our brothers, descendants of Liao nation; Manchu, are our brothers, descendants of the Jurchen.Moreover, because of hard work, because the heroic, because the Bing Biao heroes through the ages, have historically been dominant over the country and the Chinese dynasties, governance Excellence.The casting of ancient coins, learn from each other because each has its advantages, and the gorgeous infinity, then came together to form the mainstream of Chinese coins culture. Ancient coins, itself a historical memory and the presence of fragments, remains of a Chinese dynastic history, business cards tangible and material.If you love Chinese ancient coins, you will never betray, even obsessed difficult to return.