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May 17, 2019

“Flea Princess” making money Chen Tao

Six years ago, a 16-year-old from clouds of girls in rural areas, because to spend 50 yuan to buy a 900 yuan worth of MP3, discover business opportunities little girl decided to resign shop, selling used digital products Shimonoseki Newbridge farmers market six years later, she became a leading digital fashion flea Dali Princess, created the day to sell 23 notebook miracle.A second-hand MP3 she saw a new industry prospects Chen clouds from the next village to the next working off the Windy City that year only 16 years old, a happy little girl in rural areas, a waiter in the restaurant, to the furniture store promoters do, since earlier than roosters, sleep later than dogs, pigs and dogs eat the food, every month 300 ocean finally a support themselves!With little sisters own a work of its own MP3, wearing a pair of small ear, it all looks cool and fashionable.Chen Hong in a supermarket to see a Samsung digital MP3, the price of more than 900, an MP3 spend their own hard-earned money for three months, in spite of love, or not willing to Chen consumption.Then the new bridge (now called the United States Gordon Bridge) reconstruction, the opening day alone out to watch Chen Hong, inadvertently walked bridge, northbound to the flea market, Chen started to follow from secondhand MP3, and said it happened, Chen Hong really saw the money she has long been admired Samsung MP3, the other asking price star anise (Shimonoseki slang refers to 80 yuan), Chen thought it was 800 yuan, said the new and sold more than 900, boss laughed: more than 900 new aircraft I just want you 80 yuan you still Xiangui?Chen listened to feel very affordable, through bargaining, she spent the Pentagon (50 yuan) to buy this almost new Samsung MP3!The same is MP3, the sound quality that feel that, little sisters spend several hundred dollars to buy a new MP3 with Chen Honggang had to buy this one to throw away!Chen decided to start his own business!She quit her job promoters furniture store, only 6 square meters of shops flea market in the next room disk, digital products, specializing in selling second-hand.For bargains, she traveled almost all of the flea market in Yunnan once the right choice so that she became a star with frequent flea purchase, the biggest flea market in Yunnan – Kunming Zhangguanying flea market bosses have become Chen’s supplier, were much appreciated this little woman is not simple, they are scrambling to her supplier.In 2009, Zhangguanying Flea Market demolition, before the new owners of the store did not regard the inventory process to find consignment Chen, Chen took the opportunity to Dali flea market and set down a larger pavement.Kunming a computer company boss Wang Chen commented: This is a small woman business refined, shipped very often, in Kunming do we know this line of business profits are very thin with her, but we are willing to work with her, playing money is very timely, good faith, Yunnan flea market Liran Ran growing a rising star!People do not know this famous flea star of the secondary market in Kunming!Weekend, the author Chen Dali new northbound farmers market (folk called Dali flea market) Taobao stroll computer digital line, a couplet on the door attracted the author, the Alliance West batches of excellent dental armed Ku, the second line Hopkins Shield potbellied Hey, I see this kind of combination of Chinese and foreign couplet once, feeling very interesting.A look into the store, happened to meet an old friend of Dali photographer Luo, Luo said, he used a Nikon SLR digital camera Chen’s go for a used laptop, barter, what they need, and said that in recent years he and a friend introduced Chen to do with tens of thousands of dollars of business, which age is not a small woman, very fine business, second-hand high-end digital products she can buy almost here!By Luo teacher, author and Chen Hongcheng friends, on the same day at a price of 2,800 yuan in cash to buy a Luo down for SLR digital cameras, Luo said, this small number of his Nikon digital cameras due to son they have bought better SLR, just missing his own a laptop, it brought a change of.There are a good way of making money cheaper goods flea Princess Chen Chen of the red, according to the flea market business for many years Mr. Lee, Chen had a day to sell 23 second-hand laptop, reached a new record Dali flea market sales of notebook computers, I then Chen Xiao Yang, where the staff has been confirmed, so I was surprised.Chen said: If you identify what treasure, buy cheap, buy only those who are brain-dead cliches of it!In 2009, Kunming Zhangguanying Flea Market demolition had never been seen, where the owners sell digital products, digital products processing a lot to me, those digital fine they charge very low, due to the temporary pavement can not be found, are at a loss to deal with me, finally I definitely have to benefit consumers and the Dali!February 28, 2010, the weekend, to coincide with the Lunar New Year, Newbridge flea market surging poll, Chen busy in her Taobao digital computer line, the new and old customers to patronize from time to time, quipped: Chen the red!Chen smiled: I will always be happy to do a flea!