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May 24, 2019

Who is the hardest of the twelve constellations?? Who is the softest?

The twelve constellations differ greatly in personality, some are strong and some are like soft persimmons.. So who is the softest of the twelve constellations?? Let’s have a look!   Top 12: Leo big lion’s violent temper is not soft at all. the lion’s temper is very hard. don’t think the lion is a good-natured master. if you accidentally offend Leo, the lion will not let you go easily..   TOP11: Aries is also an impetuous person. Any emotion will be shown directly and will not suppress his temper at all.. Once there is a conflict with Aries, Aries can say anything ugly..   Top 10: Scorpio in Scorpio Tsundere is not a troublesome person either. Everyone knows Scorpio people hold grudges, so be careful. If you do anything wrong to Scorpio, you must admit your mistake earlier, otherwise Scorpio will not let you go..   TOP9: Sagittarius Sagittarius has a good temper. He is careless and doesn’t take anything to heart. He is a kind of person who is easy to talk about. If he has anything to say, he will have no problem..   TOP8: Virgo’s temperament is very strong. Virgo often detours himself into a dead end, inside. When others want to take him out, he still cannot come out, as if the whole world is enemies with him..   TOP7: Gemini Gemini’s character is changeable, sometimes soft and sometimes hard, and his temper depends entirely on Gemini’s mood at that time. As long as Gemini is in a good mood, it is easy to talk. A bad mood is a time bomb..   TOP6: Aquarius is a relatively easy-going constellation. Most of them like to immerse themselves in their own world, inside. No matter what happens outside depoliticization, Aquarius does not bother to compete with anyone, because none of you can take it away, and it is useless not to rob you..   TOP5: Capricorn looks like a kind of person with a good temper and tolerable. Capricorn really knows how to control his emotions all the time, but Capricorn also has something he insists on, which cannot be compromised..   TOP4: Taurus honest Taurus has a bull temper, stubborn is a little stubborn, but usually small things are mainly soft, as long as you don’t take advantage of him, Taurus are easy to talk about, there will be no opinion.   TOP3: Libra belongs to the people of peace star, and its greatest wish is world peace. If there is any dispute or contradiction, Libra will only get things done hastily, and it doesn’t matter to eat some losses..   TOP2: Pisces Soft Pisces speaks softly, has a soft voice, and has a soft character. Pisces people are made of water. They are gentle like water and have a kind heart, just like a little angel..   TOP1: Cancer’s character is as soft as water. The universe is unbeatable and extremely accommodating. Cancer will help others when they are in trouble. Cancer will unconditionally forgive others for what they have done wrong.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.