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May 25, 2019

How are the twelve constellations jealous?

How are the twelve constellations jealous? People who are more possessive are very jealous, and if they see their other half associate with other members of the opposite sex, they will be very unhappy.. Let’s look at the jealousy of the twelve constellations.?   Aries has the following content: direct anger Aries is very direct in mood. seeing what intimate contact her object has with other members of the opposite sex, she will get angry directly. it is possible to even hit people. Aries is really irritable in this respect..   Taurus: Taurus, who deliberately dates the opposite sex in Man show, will not show it directly even if he is upset when he is jealous. Instead, they will go on a date with the opposite sex to let you know and see how you perform..   Gemini: You are forbidden to associate with the opposite sex. Gemini is actually jealous of your other half. If Gemini sees you associate with the opposite sex, Gemini will directly ask you not to have another one or break up..   Cancer’s following: paranoid and sensitive cancer is psychologically prepared for this kind of thing, but it can’t help being paranoid. they can’t help doubting the other half. if there is evidence, they will start crying..   Leo: volcanic eruption Leo people are very possessive and jealous. they cannot accept their other half to associate with the opposite sex. if they see a volcanic eruption, they will have a big fight until they concede..   Virgo’s following content: Cold War Virgo is easy to think too much. Starting from a little thing, the brain fills up a lot of pictures. The more he thinks about it, the more horrible he is. He always feels that the other party has changed his mind, is unreliable, and his attitude has become cold. He even hides from meeting again..   Libra’s following content: Libra is not too concerned about being an experienced lover. Libra is always very open to emotional matters and will not be jealous for small things.. As long as you don’t encounter problems of principle, everything else is easy to say..   Scorpio has the following contents: Scorpio who has evidence and reason will not forget to leave evidence even when he is jealous. when the time comes, dump the evidence and see how you can explain it. if the explanation is reasonable, it can be discussed. if it cannot be explained, it can only be bye-bye..   Sagittarius has the following content: Hold on to an outburst. Although Sagittarius laughing heartily is jealous all day long, in fact, Sagittarius will not hold on to these things all day long. They will hold on to their anger and erupt together..   Capricorn’s Words Become Bitter and Sour If one day you find that his speech has become strange and he still doesn’t like Away from Her, then you must be jealous and angry. Capricorn won’t say it directly. At such times, you should apologize at once..   Aquarius: Aquarius in Tsundere will pretend as if nothing has happened when he is jealous, and even pretend to inquire about each other’s information. If he feels that he is not equal to himself, he will cut the Gordian knot if his opponent is strong..   The following is what Pisces says: Cry and make a fuss. Pisces’ feelings cannot tolerate any flaws. When jealous, they will cry and make a fuss, and even die and live. Making the other half feel distressed is the purpose of Pisces.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.