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May 31, 2019

The Five Constellation Men Who Die Most in Love

In love, your boyfriend besides IQ offline said drink more hot water, what is the act of death, love will be the most deadly five constellations male, see if your constellation male on the list?   Libra men in the hearts of Libra men, for each predecessor has left a small position, in the pursuit of his girlfriend routine said that he had sent his predecessor’s all kinds of packaging, soon found with his predecessor’s chat record and lovers ring, under the excuse that it is impossible to deal with every corner together for a long time, really die..   Pisces male Pisces male although romantic, romantic to romantic, mouth is still tide wait for no man, said his girlfriend is a small fat sister, round face, after suffering eye contact kill said his favorite girlfriend’s face round and little fat figure, once or twice it still works, in the long run just want to let his girlfriend shouted go to hell!   Idol, whom the Aries male girlfriend regards as a the god, has been devalued by the Aries male. Don’t you like it or not? I wonder if the Queen’s taste really wants her to replace you, Big Aries.?!   The lion man laughed at his girlfriend regardless of the occasion. from the driving technique to the driving route, his friends were present. the lion man talked more and more excitedly. he just couldn’t see his girlfriend’s black face and red face switching from side to side. he also felt that he was in an active atmosphere. oh, my god! wake up, lion man.   The Aquarius man and girlfriend put on makeup, thinking that The flaming lips was Trouble Every Day. Her face was powdered, her clothes were scantily clad, her skirt was knee-high and her face was plain school uniform. She said she couldn’t take it out. She looked gaunt and dark circles under her eyes fell to the ground. What kind of trouble was she going to make?? See if there is anything wrong with it, or if the water bottle is fine looking for abuse.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.